Eyewitness (1981) Movie Script

The winds are coming at you from the west
at about three miles an hour.
The barometer is steady,
and it looks like more of the same
for your Memorial Day weekend.
Remember, if you're going to be
out on the roads, folks, drive carefully.
The life you save may be mine.
Er, excuse me.
Could I have a word with Mr Long?
It won't take a minute,
it's kind of important.
- Hi.
- So?
It's about Aldo, Mr Long. Alan Mercer.
I hate to bother you again but, you see,
I think maybe you just misunderstood.
He was not very nice.
He gave an insult.
And that I do not tolerate.
Have a nice Memorial Day.
Do not work too hard.
Got off!
Let go! Let go!
Watch my glasses, Ralph. Watch 'em.
Quiet, pipe down. My glasses!
I'm tired tonight.
C'mon. Get up there.
Lie down.
Lie down!
What'd I tell you? Leave me alone.
Ralph! Ralph.
Get back, go on.
Get back on the sofa. Ralph!
The trouble with the Knicks is
that too many of the players
have Madison Avenue on their minds,
and too few, Madison Square Garden.
Until that changes, the most
we can expect from them
is nothing, John.
All right, Bill. And what can we expect from
Broadway? A new musical opened tonight,
and here substituting for Terry Randall
is our very own Tony, Tony Sokolow,
to tell us all about it.
The musical is called Robin.
Robin being Robin Hood.
And if you think the Knicks are incompetent,
you should see these merry men.
In the great tradition of taking
from the rich and giving to the poor,
the producers of Robin did likewise.
They took from their rich backers
and gave to the poor.
The poor in this case are
the lyricist, very poor,
the book writer, extremely poor,
and the poorest of them all,
their composer.
The cast, like the Sherwood forest,
were made of solid cardboard.
The orchestra wisely stayed in the pits,
where the whole show belonged.
- John.
- All right, thanks Tony.
That's our report for the night,
from all of us here at Channel 5 News.
I'm John Rollin, thanks for being with us.
We'll see you again tomorrow night.
Not really bad at all.
Bravo. Bravo.
Er, shortly after the Hungarian uprising.
That was beautiful.
In the 1956 Olympic Games,
the Hungarian water polo team
defeated the Russian team.
Khrushchev sent the Hungarians a telegram:
"Congratulations on
your splendid victory, stop.
"We are proud of you, stop.
"Sugar, stop. Wheat, stop. Credit, stop."
can't stop.
Now, every time you see me
I'm asking you for money.
- This time...
- Will be no exception.
money today
buys freedom.
And, as long as there are Jews
who are held in bondage.
And, as long as we
can do something about it,
we cannot stop.
It is the irony of our time
that we people without a country
for so long
have come to have so many countries.
Russia gave us life.
America gave us hope.
And Israel
gave us a reason to live.
We are here to day to welcome
Shlomo Kuprin.
A Jew from Odessa
on his way to Jerusalem
through the city of New York.
His plight is ours.
His salvation is our salvation.
And there are others...
waiting at this very moment.
The work must continue.
We can be disappointed if we fail.
But we'll be doomed
if we don't try.
welcome to freedom.
# Hevenu Shalom Alechem
# Hevenu Shalom Alechem
# Hevenu Shalom Alechem
# Hevenu Shalom Shalom Shalom Alechem
# Hevenu Shalom Alechem
# Hevenu Shalom Alechem
# Hevenu Shalom Alechem
# Hevenu Shalom Shalom Shalom Alechem #
There was a young woman
at the concert at my parents' house.
Do you remember her?
- Huh?
- A little.
What about her?
I've never seen anyone so calm.
It's like she had one decision to make,
and that she had made it.
I like cars.
We never took that trip across
the country we talked about, did we?
There's plenty of time.
What would happen if we
just went right now, huh?
You would miss your plane,
and I would miss my deadline.
Would you really miss it?
I guess we'll never know.
Shame, huh, for two such
smart people like you and me,
never to know what it's like to run away?
Why so worried?
You've been called back before.
I just don't want to go this time.
Can't you get out of it, then?
I could, but I can't.
I wish I could.
You're keeping something from me.
A little.
You're right behind me.
- You're not supposed to be here.
- Nobody saw me.
Hey, bad day today, Daryll?
You know what it's like
around here on Fridays.
Huh, yeah!
Hey, er...
- Hey, by the way.
- Yeah?
Er, did you get a...?
You get a chance to talk to Mr Long?
I tried.
His mind's made up.
He says you insulted him.
I insulted him?
Is that what he said, I insulted him?
Hey, c'mon, he flung the
trash cans at my feet.
He threw them down.
The stuff spilled all over the floor.
Maybe it was an accident.
Yeah, well, maybe it was an accident that
I kicked the shit back into his office.
Slant-eyed little mother...
Well, I tell you, man,
it's some country that we're living in.
Huh? Getting fired over a gook like that.
- He's a tenant, Aldo.
- Isn't that the shit?
I'm asking you, man,
for two years in Vietnam
we clean up, we mop up after them.
We come back to our own fucking country
and they're here again.
Huh, I'm asking ya,
isn't that the goddam shit?
You know what? It is.
You know what else?
It's just the way it is.
Well, what the hell did I
shoot the Cong for?
Hey, the Cong are all right.
Least they stayed in their own country.
It's our allies from the south.
Hey, did you read the papers?
You know that the old mayor of Saigon
has opened a pizza parlour in the US, huh?
Hey, a pizza parlour!
Huh? I'm askin' ya.
- Hey.
- What?
You think he's still here?
Mr Long?
Yeah. He's working late again, as usual.
- I'll talk to him again...
- No, no!
To hell with it.
I can't bring myself to apologise.
I'm not about to ask a buddy
to do my dirty work. Okay?
"Buddy", nothin'.
Brother-in-law, huh?
Man, Linda is crazy about you.
She's some girl, huh?
- Sure.
- And our deal is still on, right?
All right.
I have to lock up now.
Mr Long?
Oh, no!
Mr Long worked late most of the time.
Not this late, however.
When I left the building I thought...
What time was that?
One a.m., as always.
I assumed the building was empty.
You didn't hear anything?
Yeah, get the door, will ya...?
Nothing, sir.
My name is Lieutenant Black.
That should be easy to remember, huh?
You a vet?
Do you know Alan Mercer?
Aldo, sure.
We met in Vietnam
and we've been buddies ever since.
Both of you Marines?
No, ex-Marines.
Did you know Long when, er,
you were in Vietnam?
No, but I did know of him.
Everybody did.
Both sides thought
he was working for them.
He bought and sold everything,
including information.
And got paid by everybody involved.
Even the Russians were paying him to
snoop on their own allies.
At least, that's how the rumour went.
I'd think if that were true
you'd have a grudge a mile long.
I would think you would, too.
It wasn't just my country, was it?
Why was Aldo fired?
Did he ever show up here
after he was dismissed?
Not that I know of.
Are you working tonight?
Yeah, I expect to.
Well, you better go home
and get some sleep.
Looks like you
didn't sleep much last night.
It was hot.
It's gonna get hotter, they say.
Alan Mercer?
Lieutenant Jacobs.
Lieutenant Black.
Should be pretty easy to remember.
Er, Lieutenant Black told me
I'm supposed to talk to reporters.
And I guess you're it.
I'm the night janitor
in the building here.
We'll meet you on the
north side of the building. Okay?
We're gonna film this.
You don't mind the camera, do you?
- This good?
- Yeah, that's great.
You work the night shift you said?
Yeah, I'm the night...
Murphy, give me a two shot
and then it gets interesting, you know.
You're beautiful.
- Thank you.
- That's okay.
We're here with a man who works the
night shift as a maintainance supervisor...
I'm really just a janitor.
In the building
where Nien Long was killed.
What's your name?
Erm, my name is Daryll Deever.
I've had this job for about two years.
It's a nice job, it's quiet.
Nobody to push me around.
I'm on my own, I like that.
Erm, I'm thirty years old,
I have a dog, a motorcycle
and a pretty nice apartment.
I can do most things except dance.
I cannot dance, because of
what happened to me at the prom...
Thanks for that
rather lengthy introduction.
I cut it short, actually.
There's a lot more to me.
- Well, some other time, perhaps.
- How about tomorrow?
What do you know
about the murder of Mr Long?
Nothing. I just found out about it.
Then why are we having this interview?
Since you asked me, I'll tell you. I have
had a crush on you for about two years.
I haven't been faithful to you, but
I doubt that you've been faithful to me.
All that can change.
- Cut.
- That it?
- Yes, unless you left something out.
- I did.
Wait a minute. Wait, wait.
Are you rolling? Okay.
- Are you ready?
- Yes
I would really like to see you again.
I would just love it.
Look, I'm really busy, and
since you don't seem to know anything...
What if I did?
All right, what?
Tell me.
Tell me.
Maybe I'll see you again.
Hey, Daryll.
You killed the bastard, huh Daryll?
It was you, right?
- Don't, all right.
- Somebody got him, man.
And whoever it was deserves a medal.
A medal.
It's a good thing
I was at Linda's last night.
They thought it was me, the cops.
That Mr Black one, especially.
Long is an international figure,
is the FBI being called in?
Not by me.
- Do you suspect revenge...?
- No comment.
Will there be a press conference?
He was robbed. He was killed.
That's all we know.
- When are you gonna make a statement?
- This was it.
Come on,
aren't you sort of glad he got it, huh?
Sort of? Just a little bit, huh?
Oh, by the way, there's
a big poker game at Harry's tonight.
Think you could lend me fifty?
I'm feeling real lucky today.
I'm feeling real lucky.
Does that mean 'yes'?
- This means 'yes'.
- Yes.
- All right.
- Fifty...
I would love to see you again.
I would really love it.
Look, I'm really busy, and since
you don't seem to know anything...
What if I did?
Maybe I...
I think you're right.
He's hiding something. And I know
just the girl to get it out of him
- I, er...
- Do you wanna lift?
No, no, a cab is bound to come along.
Say, your floors need buffing, or...
I'm real good.
A pro.
First, I strip the old wax.
Then I lay down an even, smooth coat.
Then I buff it and buff it.
Till it beams.
Any time.
I'm not much for housekeeping.
I'm a reporter.
My story comes first.
What comes second?
Mmm, that depends how good the story is.
The curse of being Irish,
women just love me for my stories.
You got any free time?
- "Free"?
- Some time?
Well, Thursdays.
No, I go horseback riding Thursdays.
I guess not.
Look, we're serious.
Sports are real big, Mr Deever,
they got what's called growth potential.
Yeah, but you guys don't.
What you guys got is a lot of bullshit.
- No!
- Yeah.
Look, look...
You and Daryll, you're gonna
open up a sporting goods store.
What kinda bullshit is that?
You guys can't open a Christmas present.
Hey, sure we will.
I even quit my job to look for a good spot.
Yeah, OK, now all we need to do
is find some money and bingo.
You got spots in your head, Aldo.
- I got spots in my head!
- All you need is money,
- what kind of bullshit is that?
- Ah, come on, Dad.
Hey, don't "come on" me, Four-eyes, huh.
If you're so smart,
you got something out of that war.
Gets his eyes screwed up,
and get paid for it.
Huh, all it would've taken was some form,
he could now be getting his disability.
I'm not disabled, Dad. Do you mind?
I just think you're going through a phase,
Mr Deever. Male menopause is just...
- Ah, bullshit!
- Linda!
I can't take that.
I simply cannot take that
kind of language anymore.
What, no dessert?
I don't need your help.
And I keep losing everything.
- You got the key to my place?
- Sure.
Mine was in my wallet.
I lost my wallet!
I'll give you back your keys. Calm down.
If I could calm down
I wouldn't be losing everything.
You know, I read in this book
it's very Freudian when you lose stuff.
Maybe I'm going through
a goddamn Freudian phase.
Oh shit, I don't know,
maybe it's something stupid
like a vitamin deficiency or something...
Aldo wasn't with me
that night the guy got killed.
I had to talk to these cops and
tell them that he was, but he wasn't.
Where was he?
I don't know.
It's just that you covered for him.
He was probably just out walking around.
He just looks like the perfect suspect.
Aldo couldn't kill anybody.
Even in the war he didn't do it.
He's got all of this money
all of a sudden, and...
He said that he won it at Harry's.
Oh, God, I hate to lie.
Man, I really hate to lie.
Yeah, I know. Me too.
Woah, hey!
Don't let it drop.
You're gonna snap that thing.
Wait, hold it, hold it. You got it?
You know, you always
think the guy in the glasses did it.
And you always
think the weird one's guilty.
I looked at the weird one's war record.
It's good for you out here.
Aldo was court-marshalled.
The case was dropped.
They didn't want cowards in that war.
Why does a weird coward
make a good suspect?
A hero's got nothing to prove.
Deever was a decorated hero.
Whoever killed Long is a hero in my book.
My son died in that war, my good son.
- You still got Bernie.
- Bernie?
Yeah, Bernie is Bernie.
At least you got one.
It must be Thursday.
What a coincidence.
Come on!
You got me there, lady, I can't do that.
Does this count as a real date?
No. It has to be a movie,
theatre, dinner or dancing.
Oh, yes, you do everything but dance.
I could teach you.
I tried once.
The war in Vietnam was nothing
compared to my first sock hop.
It took me an hour, but I finally
worked up enough nerve to ask this girl,
Eleanora Zoldas,
to dance.
We start. In about ten seconds she stops.
"Why did you ask me to dance
if you don't know how?"
Well, I just died.
Remember how we used to "just die"?
I went outside,
I walked around for an hour.
When I got back, the dance was over,
and the gymn was closed.
My shoes were inside.
It started raining.
I walked home in my socks, in the rain,
cursing my life.
I get in the house,
my Dad roars from the bedroom,
"So, you're finally home.
All you think about is having fun."
Watch out, he bites.
Oh, yeah?
You don't know who you're talking to.
Come here.
Wanna lie down? Wanna take a nap?
D'you wanna take a nap?
Come on, come on, come on, come on Ralph.
You certainly have a way with horses.
Animals and kids adore me.
That just leaves the rest of the world.
You were in the building
when Long was killed, weren't you?
Let's say I told you.
Let's say you did.
What happens then?
Never can tell.
People, they say, are brought closer
together by the secrets they share.
I just don't know why it's not
good enough that I'm crazy about you.
I am, you know.
I've watched you, six days a week,
for over six months.
I've seen more of you
than I have my family.
I really like you.
Isn't that enough?
Say "yes".
It would be if I could believe you.
How can I make you believe me?
By trusting me.
Until then...
My number.
Don't you want my number?
Oh, I've got your number, Mr Deever.
You were in the building
when Long was killed, weren't you?
Let's say I told you.
Let's say you did.
What happens then?
Never can tell.
People, they say, are brought
closer together by the sec...
Hi, this is Tony Sokolow.
I'm out at the moment,
but if you leave a message...
Er, hello, Antonia.
First things first, I miss you. Erm...
Although my job as a janitor is very
satisfying, somehow it's not enough.
Let's get together. I'll tell you
some things you wanna know.
I was there when it happened.
And you know what?
I'm still crazy about you.
I've been talking to your parents.
And they tell me...
that you've become a specialist in murder.
First, you murder a Broadway musical,
and now you're investigating a murder.
It's just a story.
Ah-ha! You're keeping something from me.
"A little."
American women never forget.
Do you feel more at home
with Isreali women?
But I did feel more at home, at home.
It was wonderful to have a faith and cause
in a world where, supposedly,
neither exists.
My mother used to
give me lectures like that.
Your mother loves you very much.
I love you, too.
Has anybody ever
answered that question well?
Let's see that again.
...had a knife on me, y'know.
- And then, y'know, he pulls...
- I want to go from the knife
to the talking head.
I think that would work better.
...had a knife. Knife's over there.
I'm not even gonna touch it 'cause,
you know, the cops, maybe they need a...
It's ridiculous, you know,
I come out here to sell belts or whatever
and you get assaulted like this
in your own neighbourhood, you know.
I mean, I'm gonna try
some other place I think,
'cause this is the second time
this has happened to me
in about a month. I mean,
I didn't get cut last time or anything
- but, y'know...
- He cut you? Where?
Right here, you know, it's bleeding.
Somebody'll fix it up for me...
Hello, Daryll?
I got your message.
Can you meet me tonight?
- Miss Sokolow?
- Yes.
We would like to talk to you.
Yes? What about?
Please, come with us.
- All we want is some information.
- What is this? Who are you?
After you answer our questions,
we will answer yours.
- You sure you got the right Sokolow?
- Please.
Ralph, Ralph, not tonight.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
- I'm sorry
- That's okay.
Ralph, get over there. Get over there!
- I can do that.
- I know.
But I want to.
I'm sorry.
They said they wanted some information.
Everybody wants something from somebody.
What do you want from me?
Anything you got, Antonia.
I've had apartments
since I was eighteen years old,
and this is the first time I've had
exactly the woman I want in one of them,
the very one.
Boy, am I in love.
You just come right out
and say the corniest things, don't you?
Sure do. What's worse is that I mean then.
I'm afraid if I blink you might go away.
Will you?
Want some coffee?
Is that coffee to go, or to stay?
Thank you.
I hope you take it black,
'cause I don't have any milk.
Black is fine.
The luck of the Irish.
I tell you right now,
it's going to be wonderful.
What do you do
when you're not doing stories?
I, er...
I make up stuff.
I'll interview some fat lady
with a whole bunch of kids.
A lottery winner.
Then I'll go home and think how
nice it would be to be fat and sloppy
and have a whole bunch of kids
who adore me.
And then, I'll do a story
on somebody who...
devotes his whole life
to helping others. And I...
I wonder...
what it would be like to have a cause.
A calling.
The rich daydream, too.
You are rich, aren't you?
- Very.
- Hmm.
The rich always marry the rich.
Why is that?
That's the only people they know
But what if this rich lady
met this real nice guy? I mean...
He's not poor, but....
What happens then?
Then the rich lady would have to decide.
I'm tired of following the schmuck around,
let's get him.
We got nothin' on him.
Except that he's weird.
What are you so nervous about?
My retirement's coming up. I don't know...
I'd like to get out without
killing anyone. It's on my mind.
I found a place, they got everything.
The stock, you know.
They're these old guys, they're retiring,
and we get to keep the stock.
It's a nice location,
and the cream deal of all times.
How much?
They said they'll carry us.
Look, we put down, like,
you know, a down payment
and make monthly instalments
to them, right?
At only fifteen per cent.
That's great, you know, fifteen per cent.
How much is the down payment?
Fifty thousand.
And you got fifty?
Yeah, man, I told you I won big
I talked to Harry, Aldo,
he say he hasn't seen you in ages.
He's lying.
- You know Harry, he lies.
- Oh, Aldo.
Hey, I told Linda about the store.
Man, she is thrilled.
That girl cannot wait
to become Mrs Deever.
- Cannot wait!
- She's awfully young, Aldo.
What're you talkin' about, "young"?
Young's good, man.
Everybody wants 'em young.
What're you talkin' about?
I don't wanna marry Linda, Aldo.
That's not the point, anyway.
The point is you're in a lot of trouble.
Listen, don't tell me
what the fuckin' point is.
Who you got, huh?
I suppose you got somebody else.
Is that it?
I'm asking you, man, is that it?
I was there when Long was killed, Aldo,
I saw you.
You traitor.
First, you lead her on.
Then, you lead me on.
You're not watching the ball, Aldo,
you're in a lot of trouble.
You think I fucking don't know that?
I wanna know who you got.
Is it that TV woman?
Is that who you got,
the old TV personality?
- I didn't tell her anything.
- You think she cares about you?
Is that what you think?
She's just using you.
You're a janitor, you asshole!
You think a woman like that is...
Oh, shit!
And after all the plans we made.
Huh, brother-in-law?
You know what your problem is?
You can't be trusted.
Goddamn you, Aldo!
Did you really kill Long?
Aldo, come here!
When he was a kid, Aldo must have wanted
to have been a suspect when he grew up.
Don't tell anyone, but we're out of gas.
Don't do that to me.
That's the second time today.
- Sorry.
- Aldo burst in here like a madman.
Do you know where he is now?
He burst in, he burst out.
He didn't say where he was going?
He never says where he's going.
Does he have any friends
I don't know about?
You're it.
He thinks you're
the most wonderful, talented...
All right, all right.
Why did he come here? What did he want?
- He asked me stuff.
- What kind of stuff?
- Stuff, you know.
- Oh, stuff the stuff!
- Linda, tell me. It's important.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
But, it's hard, you know.
I don't know anything, you're
telling me nothing, you know, you know.
Well, you know,
he wanted to know, you know,
the same old stuff, you know.
"Hey, Linda, you crazy about him?
I'm askin' ya."
Wanted to know if I love you.
So I told him.
I said...
I said, "No."
And then he got all weird,
started ranting around here and everything.
Telling me it's all my fault.
Oh God, I had to say "no".
I gotta start being an honest person.
I can't marry you, Daryll.
I can't.
It's all right.
I can't marry you, either.
God, I'm really sorry,
'cause you're so nice.
Oh, God, Aldo had all these plans.
You know.
I don't know.
I just don't love you.
It's all right, I don't love you either.
Oh, no, come on, you're just
saying that to make me feel better.
I swear, I really don't love you.
Is that really true?
I've never loved you.
I've never loved you, either.
So, you see.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, thank God!
We don't have to be
crazy about each other anymore.
Linda, I've gotta go.
If you see or hear from Aldo,
tell him to stay put...
- Yeah.
- ...and call me...
- Yeah.
- ...you hear?
- Is he in a lot of trouble?
- Yes, over his head.
- What if I did?
- We didn't believe it, it's so...
Maybe I...
What's the story on this old lady
getting kicked out of her building?
They came and said,
"Get out in a week, and take your things."
We're under tonight.
We need about one, one-and-a-half minutes
If the Yankees win,
we'll probably run some footage on 'em.
If they lose...
Well, I'll prepare a one-and-a-half
minute version and a one minute version.
Anything new on that Deever guy?
The landlord came and told us...
- Are you ready?
- ...that they were demolishing...
I would love to see you again.
I would really love it.
It's like being a little girl again. The two
of you talking in your own language.
It is your language, too,
but you would not learn it.
I guess I used to like imagining
what it was you were saying, Mother.
I imagined wonderful things.
Answer my question, Antonia.
You were with that janitor.
You spent the night with him.
I was following a story.
He knows who the killer is and...
- And did he tell you?
- No, he did not.
He's taking advantage of you.
He knows nothing.
It is dangerous this kind of work
you're doing. You should stop.
you have an uncanny ability of asking me
to do something I was going to do myself.
The very things I wanted to do for you
out of love, you turned into commands.
Our timing has been off by split seconds.
I came here to tell you
I'm quitting my job.
I'm going to marry Joseph.
- That's wonderful news.
- Oh, Tony!
You're all we have. You must understand.
We only want what is best for you.
I want what is best for me, too, Mother.
I wish you hadn't had me followed.
That hurts.
We did not.
Then, how did you know where I was?
What the fuck were you doing in there?
What the fuck do you think?!
What the fuck are you doing in here?
Ah, Jesus, it was habit!
I saw the machine open,
I pressed the button, it was habit.
Okay? You okay?
You coulda fucking killed me.
Coulda broken my glasses, too.
I have been looking for you everywhere.
I'm in a lot of trouble, Daryll.
I told you, damn it! Didn't I tell you?
Yeah, I thought I'd hide out here. Okay?
You know, I mean, like... See nobody'd
think of looking for me here. Right?
Daryll, I'm in a lot of trouble.
Nothing's working out.
I wanted...
You and Linda to get married.
You know, I wanted, like, a family.
A place to go at Thanksgiving
and Christmas, you know.
Open the door...
"Hey, here's Aldo!"
You know, everybody glad to see me.
For once!
Yeah, but Aldo, goddammit...
You don't kill a man for that.
I didn't kill him.
Come on, Aldo, it's too late for that!
I appreciate you thinking I did.
But I didn't.
I couldn't.
Then where'd you get the money?
Loan sharks.
I got twenty-five grand from these
Italian kinda guys, y'know, from Brooklyn.
And then I got another twenty-five grand
from some other Italian guys in Jersey.
And now they're after me.
Why the hell did you let me think
that you'd killed Long?
I don't know.
You know.
I was always such a coward.
Everybody knows I was a coward, so...
But it's you knowing it that hurt me.
That really hurt me.
So help me God, Daryll,
I wish I had killed that bastard.
So help me, I wish I had done it.
These loan sharks,
just give 'em back the money.
I bought the store.
You're giving me a migraine, Aldo.
I'm going home.
Stay here, do you understand?
Right here.
What the hell's Aldo doing
in that building?
We could get him for trespassing.
What's with you today?
Me and Julie...
We're giving up.
Gonna adopt.
Well, they say you learn to love them
like your own, you know.
Yeah, I know Julie will.
I hope I do.
I'm sure you will.
This looks like one of those
'there's another guy' scenes.
It is. There is.
And is he handsome, charming and rich?
Very, very and very.
Then you've nothing to worry about,
this is America.
A guy like that cannot possibly lose.
And if he does, it must mean
I've got something, too.
Let's go somewhere.
All right.
I'm sorry about your friend.
You should probably call the police.
I can't.
He looked so damned guilty, he might
even say he did it just... I don't know.
He's terrified of oriental people,
but he lives in Chinatown just to show me.
Not tonight, Ralph!
He's still shy of you, I guess.
Coffee coming up.
It's all right. I told you
he likes to play around like this.
Okay, okay. We will do you a show.
Come here, Ralph. Come on.
Ralph, stay. Stay!
What's the matter with you? Ralph?
Ralph, stay! Stay!
There's something wrong with him.
Get the leash.
It's on the bench.
Get it!
Give it to me.
Give it to me, right here.
Come on.
Don't get near him!
Let go of it.
What is it?
Oh, no.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Somebody fed him some junk.
Had something in that made him crazy.
Crazy enough to wanna kill me.
What is it?
Did you see him?
- Did you see him?
- Yes.
It was dark.
I saw enough!
Whoever that was, that's who killed Long.
Why should he want to kill you?
I don't know.
He probably thought I knew
more than I did.
Whose fault is that?
If you didn't go around pretending
you knew more than you did...
Only did it with you.
- I better call the police.
- No!
What are you do...?
You're in danger, Daryll.
Can't you go away somewhere?
This is my home.
It was easier in the case of Long,
he had contacts with the Russians,
we channelled the money through him.
He paid off the officials and
they issued exit papers to the Jews.
He wanted more money, we gave him more.
And then his demands
became impossibly exorbitant.
He threatened to
expose the whole operation.
He was an evil man.
But he had his revenge,
he made a murderer out of me.
He also left a vacuum.
There are six people who have
committed themselves to escaping.
They're known.
I need time to get the money
to the Soviet officials.
I'm the only contact they know.
I have to go there myself.
If the money doesn't reach them
in two days, those six will perish.
Surely that cannot happen, Joseph.
But you have to know what that means.
The... The janitor...
Saw me.
No, let's, let's call him by his name.
Daryll Deever saw me, in the building.
He has to die?
"Has to die" sounds like
something he must do himself.
Fact is, I'll have to kill him.
We cannot allow that, Joseph. We cannot.
What if you and your family
were over there?
I would not.
And those six,
would surely not want
an innocent man's blood
stamped on their passports.
But how do you know that
you escaped without paying such a price?
Don't plant that thought in my head,
Joseph, I beg you.
Maybe we can talk to Mr Deever.
Yes, we'll explain.
We'll give him money, anything.
There is no other way?
There is not?
This is so painful.
Well, thank God it's so painful.
I would almost prefer another war
to this kind of peace.
The lines were drawn clearer then.
He is an innocent man, Joseph.
You think I could forget that
if you didn't keep reminding me?
Let us
talk to him, Joseph.
Let us try.
I insist.
All right.
Let's try
and talk to him.
What the hell are you doing here?
I come to town to get laid.
It's the fourth of July.
How'd you get here?
I swear to you, Daryll.
A couple of kids come along
in a yellow VW bus.
Can we come in?
How much do you know?
He killed a man, Mother.
And he almost killed Daryll.
I used to carry you like this.
- Remember?
- No.
- I guess I was too young.
- I did, I did.
Just like...
Oh, my boy.
Don't cry, Dad.
I'm not. Why not, huh?
I didn't come here to laugh.
I came here to fucking cry.
- I thought you came to get laid.
- Me? That's a laugh.
We just want to talk to him to explain.
To ask him to forgive if he can.
And to beg him to keep silent.
I'm frightened.
Of me, Tony?
Of both of you.
- Your mother hates me.
- She doesn't.
I don't blame her.
She won't make love to me.
That's 'cause you have to get drunk
every time you want to.
I gotta get drunk. I gotta get drunk!
If I'm sober I think about these!
She used to adore me.
Not 'like'.
Not 'love'. 'Adore'.
Marriage counsellor says we could...
Could learn to love each other again.
And I... I ask him, "What about 'Adore'?"
And then he looks at me like he's
never heard the word before in his life.
Oh, Antonia.
My parents would like to see you.
Er, something like that.
It's all set up.
I better call Joseph and
tell him everything is going to be fine.
Why didn't Joseph come here?
I think he's too ashamed
to look you in the eyes.
Yes. That's excellent.
Yeah, I'm sure he'll understand.
Er, tell Tony...
- Mr Deever?
- Yeah.
- This is Tony's father.
- Oh, hi. Erm...
I'm looking forward to tonight.
I'm afraid, er,
I have conflicting appointments
so it would be much more convenient
if we were to meet somewhere else.
At, er, 200 West 89th Street
Pen, pen, pen.
Er, could you repeat that number
just once for me, please?
200 West 89th Street.
"West 89th Street." Great.
I guess I should warn you,
I'm really crazy about your daughter.
Thank you.
Good night.
Hey, mister, wanna buy some firecrackers?
Sure, what you got?
He just had to take off for a bit, Eunice.
I don't think that marriage counsellor's
doing us a bit of good.
Any guy who sucks on a pipe
the way he does...
Hold on a second.
- Daryll.
- Hold it, hold it. I'm coming.
It's Tony, let me in.
- Where's Daryll?
- What the hell?
He's supposed to come to my house.
Where the hell's Daryll?
He left! There, there, on the pad.
"200 West 89th Street."
Oh, my God.
Hello, police?
I'll unclip this for you.
Okay, okay.
That was some chase, Aldo.
I never want to see that building again.
- Hey, I didn't do nothing.
- Yeah, but you did it all over the city.
We're tired of following you around,
tired of waiting for you.
# Tired of you, Ald-oo #
Central to car 164.
We received a call, your suspect is at
200 West 89th, possibly armed.
Use caution.
Request any additional units if needed.
- Ten-four.
- That's us? All right!
Freeze. Police.
He seemed to be going for a gun.