Ezhamathe Varavu (2013) Movie Script

'Coming for the seventh time'
Bit more to the left.
Look, here.
That's enough.
Now put here.
There should not be any scandal
that we have wasted UNESCO's...
...fund. The publicity should be,
only after getting some findings.
The journalists are on with a good
title 'research extended to the forest'
No journalist will reach here sir.
On telling the old 'Chaerra' capital
was on this forest people may ask you
- Which is the best place suited for
you, is it Koothiravattom or...
...Oollenpara? (Both mental hospitals)
Sir, you are the first one
who hinted this theory.
This will help at least to
ascertain that it is a myth.
Let it proceed.
Let a debate get over.
Prasad what about the
arrangements on your accommodation?
Have written to the forest people
they might have arranged that.
Tie, tie it fast.
Sir, little further it seems there
is a temple on digging there...
...might find something.
After all isn't it a temple surrounding?
During the invasion of 'Tipu' people had...
...foregone everything and fled!
There might be
something under the earth.
So, Raman Nair also have
started the research is it not?
No, nothing when
heard what people said.
Let them go after marking the area.
Then you come to the ranger's office.
I'm Dr. Prasad coming from Delhi.
I know conservator had
made a special mention of it.
Sir, shall I go and
come after taking tea?
Must come fast.
May take your seat. Tea.
Nothing is required.
Have you arranged the room
at T.B? (Tourist Bungalow)
Our T.B is dismantled
on account of repair works.
It has been 2 years since
the amount is sanctioned.
The conservator has arranged
another estate owner's bungalow.
It would be fine if it were a
government guest house.
There, on a temporary basis it is
made as an office of wild life fund.
All the facilities are being made at
the estate owner's bungalow.
Will that be a burden for them?
They are not using it, will give to
some guests for staying like this.
Earlier it was the estate of the
English men. There is watch man...
...he will prepare the food and all.
But still..
Sir, for your work that is comfortable.
Do you know Gopinatha Menon?
He is the close friend of
conservator. Very decent...
...will just drop in and go.
He is a must meet person.
It is about 700 acres, it was all
forest. Sir, place where you are...
...going to conduct research.
There is yet another 500 acres.
But will move freely
with everyone. Come.
He is a real hunter
interested in sports and all.
Due to his efforts we are
conducting a tournament this year.
Please sit.
Just try calling planters club,
sometimes will be there.
Mrs. of Gopinatha Menon.
He is the person who was
told that will come from Delhi.
I..We know earlier.
We've seen before
during the time of studies.
On seeing the letter of the
conservator, mentioned a doubt that...
...it will be someone from North lndia.
I just visited the range office.
The guess work that he
might be a U.P guy went wrong.
He also knows sir's Mrs.
While discussing.
You know Banu how is that?
Can tell we were college mates.
I studied in Maharajas.(One
of the oldest colleges in Kerala)
Which year?
Was my junior.
Is it so?
I passed out in 06.
I'm also an old Maharajas.
But later on, have come to
that ground for playing foot ball.
The college magazine during
that time had a full page photo of mine.
Have you seen it?
I was the only one who got the
selection at the university team.
Have not checked in detail, l
was aloof from sports and games.
Foot ball was my craze when
father purchased this estate and...
...exiled me from native
place then that was over.
So shall I take leave?
Lot of papers to be send to D.F.O.
Sit man take a small and go!
No need now, whatever
you need can directly tell him.
'The excavating earth
research' is it not the right word?
Tell D.F.O I have taken
the charge of it.
Okay then.
Banu..She used to boast that she
was a creative person and the...
...Ieader of the girls in
the college. Is it true?
I was not an active student.
I was not an active student.
Aren't you meeting for the first time
after the college? She has not...
...changed much has she?
Did you recognize
him when you saw?
Was the chair man
of the college union.
During those times we girls also
have shouted a lot, vote for...
During the election were
you supporter or rival?
Lot of girls had signed and they
had launched a preface for me.
Have signed on that.
May be in peace. So the
old rivalry is not there is it not?
A get together of
three Maharajas products.
Tea or coffee what do you prefer?
Both are not required, take
some nibble. Which is your brand?
Some amount of
gin also will be there.
Hey Gopala!
Nothing of that sort
is required now..Time!
Someone has told, boozing by
looking at the clock and calendar is...
...really weird
is it not? Some famous
person. Is it Church Hill?
Don't know.
You go and take
the Whisky, scotch.
For the locals on giving
the arrack(Liquor)...
...By adding
color they will be happy.
It is a rare occasion that a guest
comes here having the privilege...
...to serve scotch.
Hunting was the only hobby out
here now because of the...
...government law.
There is no chance for that.
The life out here is really boring.
It is a great relief for us
if there are some visitors.
Sometimes some will come.
Last week the forest minister came
for lunch it was arranged here.
Though the ministers will
never become good company.
Come will sit upstairs. Actually l
should have gone for a foreign tour.
Scheduled to start yesterday.
After the send off by the planters
club, received a message that...
...delegate program
had been postponed.
The governmental
activities are like that.
Sit. Do you want to go
to bathroom or wash?
Nothing is needed.
I'm on my way back
from work place.
You give that to me
and you go to kitchen.
Anything special is
required for lunch?
Will tell.
Tea was fine for me.
Here no one is served with tea.
What a coincidence is it not?
I didn't know you were here.
Thanks a lot that you
remembered about notice.
From the newspaper bearing the
news and photos about the...
...doctorate, the address was a
guess work had send a note of...
...congratulations. Did you get that?
Have you compared the stories
of the old college mates? Sit.
The biggest problem is she
doesn't have a company here.
No company for me also.
On Sundays to play the cards and to
drink usual four or five people will come.
That is also getting bored.
Where is your native place?
Near to your native.
Prasad was not seen
in your albums and all. Is it?
May be there in the group photo.
Then there is one in the photo of drama.
The one in which your hair loosened
and you standing like a lunatic...
...is it that one?
In that is it not a guy with a beard?
The old styled 'sorrowful lover'.
Isn't it the proper word for that?
Have acted some foolish characters
like that during those times.
No need.
No need of acting when we are all
alone! After all Prasad is not a stranger.
Occasionally for the
company it is all allowed.
Pure water to drink, to have some
vegetarian food some 'tee totters'
also comes here some times.
At that time she has got a uniform
a 'mark with sandal wood paste'...
...'dressed in traditional style'.
I'll also change my attire, when they
leave we'll slowly open the bottle.
Then you didn't tell
what is this project?
The conservator had
told that you are going...
...to dig up something in the forest.
Sorry for calling 'you'
I don't like formalities.
You are very slow.
What will you get on digging there?
There, on the 7th century there
was a community and a kingdom.
Some are claiming they
have the proof of that.
What in that forest?
It is a theory.
On those regions I have
gone for hunting several times.
I have not seen anything.
There is a dilapidated
well and also a temple.
It might have gone under the
earth when covered by forest.
There are histories where the
forest had swallowed big cities.
It can happen like that.
Forest swallows!
There are proofs and documents
for that. The temple at the Ankkoorkaute...
...which was partly
swallowed by trees
Haven't you heard of
The forest had completely destroyed
a capital of a kingdom at Cambodia.
I have that book with me if you
are interested can refer that.
And what do you plan to do there?
If when some remains are found
can do the recording of it's age.
When you find something,
what is the use of it?
Helpful for the history students.
Personally for you?
For me can write a
book and publish it.
Only that?
For me that is more than enough.
I didn't understand. What does
it mean forest swallowing?
Is it that, forest is
covering the city like this?
While talking it may seem to be silly
the trees will grow abundantly...
...then the roots will destroy the
foundations, over the centuries
Without our knowledge
the forest that is around...
...and then tangled to death
and then slowly swallowing.
The boredom that is received in a
place like this place, where there...
...are no people and men.
She is really nervous of lately.
Two times had
consulted the psychiatrist.
I'm Nagu.
Take that luggage.
Don't take that, it
belongs to Raman Nair.
The worker who was send by the
owner said that will reach in the morning.
Some more workers will be required.
As there is no farming work will
get as much as people wanted.
Does people live in these areas?
Immigrant population is rather few in
these areas. Mostly there are hill natives.
Nagu, do you belong to this area?
Came here and settled sir. Earlier all
this areas belonged to royal family.
When a verdict came on a case lot
of property was received by the...
...owner's father.
There were lot of teak-wood and
rose wood. I came here as cook for...
...the carpenters.
That is almost 26 years now. The
forest was kept in possession...
...which was an offense.
Later the rules became
in support for them.
Nagu, also might have
possessed lot of places, have you?
No, nothing like that but in a
small area there is cultivation.
That can be now told own property.
Is there food for driver
and Raman Nair?
Somewhere for them to sleep?
Sir that will be arranged.
Where is Nagu staying?
Here only, just behind this.
Take that flask, take
some hot water to drink...
...and after that Nagu can go.
What time can the tea be made?
Sir on what time do you need?
Where is Nagu?
Having food.
Are you his daughter?
There is cow to milk at any
time the tea can be made.
At around 7 it will be okay.
Is the digging at the forest started?
Should start.
Will not get anything on digging.
Why is that?
The treasure which was there was
dug out by 'Kellumuthan' long back.
I didn't know that.
Then what did this Kellumuthan
do with the treasure?
Mustn't take the treasure of
goddesses took only one sovereign...
...became mad.
Even forgot the place where
it was buried in the forest.
Who is this character? No that,
where is this Kellumuthan?
Died by becoming mad.
Have Mala seen him?
No, have heard everyone telling.
Sometimes if we see that again?
No one will see that
even if you find that treasure...
...must handover to
government is it not?
I'm the government, you also try
searching and those who finds it...
...government will give a portion
of it to them. That is also a rule.
Sir the north west quadrant is
already one meter depth...
...how many foot more
do we have to dig?
On digging one more meter might
reach the natural soil Raman Nair...
...don't you worry.
That they will do it, you can go.
No job now, it is hunger in the forest
it became a great help for the people.
Did you grind the wheat girl?
I will grind it.
Started telling that from the morning,
the girl is interested only to play around.
Dig, dig it seems one
more meter still more to go.
Are you with the family in Delhi?
There is no one like that.
Where is Nagu's place?
It was near Palaghat, ran away sir.
At that time everyone was there...
...have not gone there after that.
Will the daughter have the desire
to see father's native place?
Somebody will be there,
that cannot be otherwise.
One lady hailing from here was with
me, her mother as I was about to die...
...due to typhoid she was
the one to help me.
If anyone is present there, will
anyone accept her on knowing she
is the daughter of a tribal?
After some time find out a good
bridegroom and send her married.
Sir, that is also not easy, couldn't
teach, taught a little bit.
What is education in this forest?
On knowing it is the tribal
our people will not come.
As she was the daughter of a slut,
nobody wants her among them.
No time to hurry there are also
young men among them.
Modern men, many are
-studying in higher classes is it not?
That is all there as long
as I'm alive no problem, then...
Let it come as it may be destined.
No don't step on it,
that is a itching plant.
There are few people residing
over there do not disturb.
Father. Mother.
Two children.
Looks like it is wild forest cat.
May be wood squirrel.
Wild forest cat will build nest.
Do you want to see? Come. Look
through these with both eyes.
Can't you see?
How close?
Look mother is biting the child.
Don't know whether it is
the mother or the father.
Who would beat you? Is it the
mother or the father during childhood?
No one was there.
Might have got from mother little bit.
I don't remember mother.
Died when I was 2 years old.
What kind of a bird is that?
That is that Nennjans girl Paru.
Hey girl come here.
Don't be afraid, this is the
sir who came to our place.
She knows the panacea.
I don't know.
Sir will show some people on the trees.
I'm afraid.
What is going on there?
Madhu's marriage.
Till morn there will be
drumming and singing.
Is it nearby?
It is in that direction
where you find the light.
"The glass bangles,
bangles made of shell"
"The fisher men
bangles at the market"
"The glass bangles,
bangles made of shell"
"The fisher men
bangles at the market"
"The stone bangles will
glitter like glass bangles"
"The bride is possessed
with a golden bangle"
"Golden bangle
with the jingling noise"
"The stone bangles
will glitter like glass bangles"
"The bride is possessed
with a golden bangle"
"Golden bangle
with the jingling noise"
"The glass bangles,
bangles made of shell"
"The fisher men
bangles at the market"
"Hand full of bangles
Got the ear ornaments also"
"Hand full of bangles"
"Got the ear ornaments also"
"On the chest there is
chain made of beads"
"The girl is also pretty"
"On the chest there
is chain made of beads"
"The girl is also pretty"
"The glass bangles,
bangles made of shell"
"The stone bangles will
glitter like glass bangles"
"The bride is possessed
with a golden bangle"
"A good golden bangle"
"The glass bangles,
bangles made of shell"
"The stone bangles
will glitter like glass bangles"
Stop the dance!
Oh! Tribal head my child was taken.
I don't have anyone
left how can I bear this?
Someone go and check in the
forest my daughter was taken.
Don't cry.
Someone go and check.
Let them go and find.
Caught by leopard.
When? From where?
Nearby, was coming for the
marriage from the eastern hills.
Chief the man hunter
has come, one was taken.
It was a forest where there was no
danger, even the small children...
...could walk without fear.
Are you not scared?
Don't be scared those gone to find,
will sometimes shoot the leopard?
No one will see it.
Why is that?
That is Thondachan.
That means..Is leopard a ghost?
Don't laugh.
Who is Thondachan?
Was a guru.
When came impersonated as a
leopard the ladies had shut the door...
...had changed the form as the
wife told will open the door in...
...whichever form he takes.
That lady betrayed she
did not open the door.
Then what happened?
To get back the human form,
should beat with a broom dipped in...
...cow dung water.
Looks like that slut
lady had forgotten that.
Yes, who knows what is inside her?
Then what?
The leopard screamed
and headed to the forest.
From then on the Gurukkal
was destined to be a leopard.
Isn't it an old story? Leopard would
have died at a long time back itself?
Will not die once after 7
years will come for the hunt.
After eating 7 ladies will
again fade in to the forest.
No one will see and
no one will get to shoot.
So there is a story like that is it not?
Don't make fun of it.
On making fun where ever one is
Thondachan will come to know that.
But this leopard has come from the
Mysore forest. Sometimes tomorrow
you can see that being
hunted down by hunters.
Only a short distance we will run.
On running will come to
know fast, shouldn't move.
They have searched the entire
forest, it is not there in its old den.
Not able to find any marks?
It is all filled with dried leaves is it
not? The foot prints cannot be seen.
Sir have you gone to
the other side of that hill?
That is part of the
Gopi's area is it not?
Yes there is a temple over there.
The hunter is the main deity...
...everything is all dilapidated.
The rituals were stopped during
the times of royal families.
It is a powerful deity and big boss
has agreed to do something for it.
There is no use in
telling to present person.
He might have thought there is no
use of renovating an old temple in...
...the forest.
Miss-fortunes! Again there
will be miss-fortunes.
Nagu's daughter's interpretation is
that, it is some cast off heroes ghost.
Even if it is a hero or a deity all this
will be cleared once a good hunter...
Sir I have seen with this eyes, while
thinking will only die by catching...
...with fever.
Carpenters went as they wished. I
was only one in the dining hall.
Dogs barking at night.
When I opened the
eyes and saw my god!
There were the
hunting dogs which flew...
...without touching the ground.
In the front with the slings and
arrows, by leaping the forests...
...and mountains.
The way in which it goes.
Not a dream but
was fully conscious.
Feeling of horripilation all over.
Only after that became unconscious.
Don't break it!
Sir clay pot.
Broken became two pieces.
No problem with that.
This decorative patterns.
Raman Nair should clean
this very well, should see that...
...it doesn't bear any scratches.
Don't play with that you give that
to me. Simply will whack you.
Did you give coffee to sir?
Then you go.
Thought will clean the
gun will not allow that also.
Don't break that you
don't know the value of that.
When someone was buried
might have broken the pots.
May be do you know when it was?
Will tell you.
Must be around 1000-1,500
years back. Sometimes will get...
...the treasure also.
A very long time back there
was a city in this forest.
Yes here itself.
Not a story but for real, all out here
there were buildings in the middle...
...a palace.
Do you have any doubts?
Was there a king in the palace?
King, queen
sometimes princess also.
King and queen will be
making the rice in pots is it not?
When king became poor, might
have pawned all golden plates...
...to traders.
'King and queen will
be making the rice in pots'.
'When king became poor, might
have pawned all golden plates...
...to traders'.
Do you know to sing?
I don't know.
Hey wait!
Just hum even if you don't
know after going from here
I can still hear your song.
When will you go?
On finding the palace will
stay here for some more time.
Or else will leave the place
with the pieces of utensils.
Then will you not come here again?
Will come some times.
Who is going to come in this
forest? No one will come.
Will come, many will come. Some
one will come searching for you.
Don't want to hear.
A good guy will
come ask your father.
Eh! Make it fast will you not sing?
Just sing any song learned in school.
"Forest has blossomed"
"Dream has blossomed"
"Forest has blossomed"
"Dream has blossomed"
"Brook in the wood has blossomed"
"Forest has blossomed"
"Dream has blossomed"
"Brook in the wood has blossomed"
"Jasmine in the heart blossomed"
"The river shore in the woods
where children of woods swim"
"The river shore in the woods
where children of woods swim"
"The shores where
the birds built nests"
"Long to hide in the woods
where there are young stags"
"Long to lie down in the green
bushes with the smell of..."
"...palla tree(Alstonia Schlaris)"
"Long to see a dream"
"A desire.."
"Forest has blossomed"
"Dream has blossomed"
"Brook in the wood has blossomed"
"Jasmine in the heart blossomed"
Is it gold?
No, if you like gold so much this is
the only one left shall I give a...
...piece from it?
I have not asked anything.
"The 'palla trees' are fanning the
whisk in the seven colored soil"
"The 'palla trees' are fanning the
whisk in the seven colored soil"
"ln the month of Karthika(Third
Constellation) as the folk dances are..."
"...staged in temples"
"Long to light thousand lamps"
"Long to hear the tribal
songs of tribal girls"
"Long to sing and dance along"
"A desire.."
"Forest has blossomed"
"Dream has blossomed"
"Brook in the wood has blossomed"
"Jasmine in the heart blossomed"
It's me, Raman Nair.
What is it?
Some kind of uneasy noises.
Did you also hear that?
Just called to see whether sir has slept.
I was made to wake.
Doubts whether it is
creeping in these areas.
We'll sleep in a corner here.
Okay then.
Sir, you sleep without fear, by
locking the door as we are inside.
Sir did you hear anything?
So it's not a dream.
Lie down..Lie down!
Look here there are two foot prints!
Let me see where this guy
has gone? Can't find also.
Seems like, came here
and returned back.
Luckily did not enter inside
the compound of bungalow.
The cattle shed is not strong
enough, did not take the cow...
...the same place where
there was child also kept.
The cow didn't shed the milk today.
Child it is like that when
the cow gets scared.
Why all of them?
Wait, wait all of you don't say.
What is it? What had happened?
Today early morning Paru's
mother was also taken.
My god.
When? From where?
Was going for the estate work by
the time was able to scream...
...snatched and took her.
His people have
seen the leopard clearly.
The stripped one.
That girl still now has not
recovered from unconsciousness.
I'll tell one thing you have cleared
all the woods, they have got no...
...place to catch the prey.
So they will come to place where
the humans live that is what...
...had happened.
Paru's mother!
You must take the jeep and go must
give it directly to the ranger itself.
Tell that I have told.
Here I'm not that much essential
as I'm going till that place could...
I just visit my home?
For that Raman Nair's house..
That is very near to that sir.
Is Mattanchery very near to Waynad?
When you tell lies it shouldn't differ
-from what you told earlier..
To me. Okay go fast.
Today workers are very few in
numbers the rest of the men...
...will come after the funeral.
What the hell is this? The
gun men had not reached so far.
They will come no reason
that they won't turn up.
Is it true that leopard
will snatch only the females?
The one who was taken was all
ladies. You don't go to forest...
...to fetch wood.
Then shall I tell one thing? In this
forest when they started to dig...
...the treasure only then leopard had
started to hunt. Do you know that?
Who had told that?
All this compatriots are
telling like that. No I just...
...Did the danger
again occur at night?
That lady was all alone when she
came back from the shop after...
...buying the rice and the stuffs. At
that time the leopard got hold of her.
Now it's five!
The ranger and the forest men
will come. Told that they will...
...come at the earliest.
Think it is them.
Hey Nagu! Where is that rascal?
I came to know only yesterday.
The debate is not over...
...whether it's a private
forest or a government forest.
Then should declare it's a man
eater, that is all governmental activities.
Should have phoned me.
The moment when the
first killing was reported.
Didn't inform as the
hunting was against the law.
What law?
Hey you! Have you again
confiscated my property and...
...started cultivation in my land?
Boss can come and see that.
When was the latest kill?
Yesterday at the dusk.
Then there will be some
marks let me check hey you!
You also come with me.
Get in fast.
Who is that?
He is your boss is it
not? Haven't you seen?
Now there is nothing to worry when
the leopard comes to know that...
...this guy has reached.
Will flee to some foreign countries!
A real hunter!
Not joking boss has got the skin
of 5 or 6 of them in his house...
...which was hunted down.
Here from here.
From here, one mile from here
only it jumped, the body of the old...
...Iady was found there.
Horrifying! Sir, was
trembling on seeing it!
When did it occur?
Yesterday at dusk.
Have heard that at night again
will come to the killed one.
That is when it is some
cow or buffalo.
Move to that side.
All of you go I say! Nagu!
Where are you going?
Hey you come!
Should be careful might
attack all of a sudden!
Get lost all of you,
his knowledge and all.
Have spoiled all the foot marks.
And the way they talk like great
hunters, as if they know the...
...nook and corner of the forest.
Idiotic fools! Get some
good water and two glass.
One foot mark I saw clearly not
tiger but a leopard for sure if I see...
...4 foot marks.
I'll tell the height and the
length I will not go wrong.
Pour man!
No need now.
Got as much as stock
can take bottle to the room.
How are the things going
on digging out the forest?
Can the teachers teach
the new history?
Not yet ready to say.
So found something and all.
The ladies will not understand,
thinks that hunting trip is a picnic.
There are 10 to 15 workers to look
after the jobs both inside and outside.
And another army for the estate
work. And still fears to sit alone.
Mentioning the matter
of the college mate.
I'll be on the other side.
Why is this..?
To tie this at the forest during the
night, the boss will be on guard.
On telling nothing will happen. The
daughter starts crying and weeping.
Is the young cow ready?
Have brought it.
Load all the stuffs in the jeep.
Take this also.
In the room.
It's also thrilling to be on guard at
night in the forest. One experience.
It is interesting to hear the sound
of the forest, a kind of music.
What music?
All this fellows drumming and
blowing the horns is it not?
That is not what I meant. Small
small noises, sounds of crickets...
hawks, murmur of winds.
A symphony when that
is all tuned up together.
Several nights I have stayed in the
forest there will be movement...
...in the woods. But I haven't
seen any symphony in that.
Then must imagine
something and create
That will turn to nervous
trouble, Banu's disease!
Are you not coming?
Not interested.
Can I tell which is the music
I like the most in the woods?
Can you guess?
The sound of bullet
when it hits the target!
For the hunter it is true.
There is time left, you will have a full
quiz program of mine, will tell you.
In many of the parties I have
made the people to get stunned.
Tell the answer to this.
Which is the best music that
should be heard in the bedroom?
Must tell after guessing.
No, all that is not the one. The sound
of un-zipping the nighty! Isn't it true?
Oh! You have not got married
haven't you? But true is it not?
The balance after wards.
If you are destined like
that let it take you and eat.
Not yet woken up?
Really boring.
Did you see it?
Then our child cow
might have got relief.
Indeed a man hunter!
Really checked the spots, near
that area, was easy get the cow.
Hadn't touched it.
That guy needs only human beings!
On getting old as it cannot get the
prey is it at that time the leopard...
...kills the humans?
Are you Jim Corbet or Kennath
Anderson? Is it only the knowledge...
...written in the books by foreigners?
After reading all that and when l
went to forest. Came to know that...
...it's all pure hum-bug!
Who is she?
Nagu's daughter.
Stop wash this and
keep it in the next room.
Has she grown up so fast?
Good doctor saab! If the
arrangements are like this, that...
...means I'll also join to dig the history.
Not bad!
Poor girl, she is a problem for Nagu.
The wife was a tribal is it not?
Dead, she is the daughter
in that, that's the problem also.
Oh! Inter mixed cultures! Is
the word right?
Child..It was hidden
from my sight is it not?
Did you see this? Cheara coins.
Did you see that emblem?
Sir is it gold?
Not gold it's copper.
Check in that area
there will be some more.
Hey check carefully.
Now all of you go and work.
Got. The olden days
money. Take a look.
Let me see.
Are you busy?
The time is not
moving tried sleeping.
Shall we play?
Only for name sake.
I don't know.
The old 29.
A wonder,will there be youngsters
who doesn't know to play cards?
Or at least have company on this.
No need.
My friends hiding place will be
somewhere near that eastern side.
He will come in front of me.
The hill natives believe
that it's not a leopard but a ghost.
When the leopard snatches the
humans then ghost stories will start...
...to rumor in the town.
That is not followed now
right from the olden days.
Another version you dug up the
history and took the remains of...
...God or Goddess.
The leopard leaped out at
that time!No one will see it.
The vehicle of the Goddesses.
Who told?
No one has told all this, make them
tell. On telling the doubt to one...
...fellow then all will believe.
You can be packed
immediately! Want to see that?
Just joking man! That is the
physiology of these men.
Let me get going for our duty.
Aren't you coming?
Nothing to fear I have
not missed it till now.
For that will the leopard come?
Will try.
If it fails today I have
yet another scheme.
Let me see.
Within three days I'll put
this in the verandah over here.
Do you want to make a bet?
Can bet how much you want.
You are very clever on
fixing the bet you will fail.
You know that.
It seems he has
identified a leopard den.
Will go and see and come.
Then what about our young cow?
Hey you! Where is it?
It is nearby.
Is this a leopard den?
Returned fast?
It's a fox den by seeing a
bone piece made to walk.
Good for nothing fellow.
Don't get angry on telling a joke.
On sensing that you have reached
-leopard might have
gone to some zoo in the city.
Lord there is one more den on the
other mountain if necessary will go...
...and check that.
Get lost you!
Lord don't do anything.
It is that girl Nagu's daughter!
Move back man!
What are you doing?
I'll just wash my face and come.
It's not a big deal only
a matter of ten rupees!
Nagu shouldn't hear
this. Will chop you off!
What Nagu doesn't
know me or what?
Why had you come here?
Simply. What a drive the
road is pathetic full of potholes.
Are you mad to come
with Benz on the forest tracks?
There is no jeep.
Even if it's there I can't drive that.
You don't know there is no
clearance on the road...
...what happens when the
crank case get hit?
Now started with your automobile
knowledge. I don't want to hear.
How is the research going?
Going on.
Have you seen any remains of the
old town? Not yet to say anything.
Put it in Gopiatten's room.
This cold and fog will not be
good for you. That is why I told.
The woolen cloths which are for
European tour it must be taken...
...out once is it not?
If it is not Europe then
it's the forest nearby.
Here there are no much facilities.
Will do with the facilities that is
disposed here, it is not for any...
...permanent residence.
There is thrill in waiting for
something to happen is it not?
Is it in this forest that a
big thing will happen?
Why not? The leopard making
a mistake and be in front of...
...you will that be a big event?
That will be epic event for you
to boast all through your life.
Might find the old
town one day is it not?
One thing will not happen, it's good
that forest creeps and swallows...
...all of us.
But that won't happen.
The forest is perished all
owners have chopped it down.
It seems that you will become mad.
For you as well as the leopard.
Are you at work?
You shouldn't have come.
To this room or to this forest?
The historical documents.
Can be interpreted like that also.
It is there the story of Ankoorkaute.
Can take it when you
feel like reading it.
No need I know the story
of forest swallowing one life.
Without the help of the book.
Do you have the time to hear that?
The Shiva temple on the sandy tops
during the rainy nights the song of...
...the river.
It was from there I was transplanted
to the forest compound.
It's not mere forest a dynasty.
With lot of subjects is it
not an enjoyment to rule?
At the bungalow the
Doberman dog also has to rule.
A cage with teak-wood, good
food medicines, good exercise.
Happy really happy!
On the night when you came
checked the old suitcase.
Three group photos
one excursion picture.
It was lying decayed, just went
through the old autograph of mine.
No news of several ones,
do you see anyone?
While reading what several
have written felt humor in it.
Those were the days when
everyone was the prince and...
...princess in their minds is it not?
Will write foolishness.
Many..One have written with care.
Without taking the first page that
was kept blank, taken the last page.
All foolishness!
No..One who had written that the
words are like the golden coins...
...of a miser. The one who reminded
the opponent at the platform...
...Will he write foolishness?
Never! Do you remember that?
A note in the last page. It is
where to put an end..Blessings.
Is it not what was written?
I don't remember exactly.
I remembered..Always!
I also began hearing the news at
that time felt that it was correct.
I shouldn't be a
hurdle for the decisions.
Happy that I got the telegram on
time. The postal department did a joke.
Along with the letters of wishes in
one of them there was a only a number.
Number 9 Prasad!
That is l..
Understood, to reduce the cost
someone had told that, had...
...given the code number.
Brother found out that 9 is
the code of happy married life.
At that time also
stinginess for the words!
After giving the address have
arranged to send the telegram.
On saying no: 9 first
will think of the room no: 9.
The room no: 9 of the hostel
having window to the main road.
The one and only room having the
facility to murmur to one who is...
...on the outside.
The foolishness during those times
what is the use of thinking now?
On growing old only the old
foolishness will be left behind.
The asset in the memories.
Outside there is good
moon light shall we walk?
Why not getting married?
Had not thought about it.
When the studies were over,
research then got one fellowship.
Then on getting the job.
Or is it because thinking marriage
is also a foolishness and did you...
...postpone forever?
Do you remember
Prof. Malathy's words?
Are you people serious
then I'm not saying anything.
At that time telling it's serious
told sorry to the professor.
Will that be also
included as foolishness?
One request, enough of old stories.
The leader among the students
acting like an intellectual to...
...be the pet of the professors.
Just let there be a love of a girl
along with that, as a decoration.
The picture was really made good
and then with a word just fled...
...without hesitation.
Go and have some food.
Go on, go head let
me sit alone for some time.
Have you not heard what Gopiatten
has told for me it's the beginning...
...of madness?
"ln the moonlight,lingers
the pain of love"
"ln the moonlight, lingers
the pain of love"
"Beloved in your smile
..Beloved in your smile..."
"...Raptures the
sweetness of love song"
"ln the moonlight, lingers
the pain of love"
"Tickle of your bangles create
the resonances in my heart"
"ln my memories
colors began to rain down"
"Have started to weave the dreams
and slept in your love shores"
"You are always my desire,
you are always my poem"
"ln the moonlight, lingers
the pain of love"
"Beloved in your smile..Beloved in
your smile..Raptures the sweetness..."
"...of love song"
"ln the moonlight, lingers
the pain of love"
"Your anklets with beads creates
a rhythms of love inside me"
"As the imagination rises
in your feathery touch"
"ln your smiles the silence
became over spoken"
"You are always my desire,
you are always my poem"
"ln the moonlight, lingers
the pain of love"
No need to advice me.
Don't try to correct me also.
How come so early?
Morning when the
Gopiatten came woke up.
Then when he started the accounts
of heroism at night I gave up the sleep.
Have you started to
search the history so early?
No will just walk, leaves
and flowers drenched in the sand.
To know the smell of the
woods must walk in the morning.
What is it? Don't hesitate, can tell.
No, when saw you in the
morning you had again changed.
Haven't you been present at the
class of Prabakaran Nabiar sir?
Variety is fine but don't try
to be like Cleopatra.
Shall we walk?
Mala, Mala come.
Have you come searching for me?
Mala knows lot of stories.
A hero still destined to live as a
leopard because of the mistake...
...of the wife.
What was his name?
Who knows.
Father told only till afternoon
there will be workers.
Why is that?
Theyyam Kaettu (A temple ritual)
Oh! I forgot that.
Now you don't have much chance
with this leopard will leave the forest.
If they really want to learn
something, now the leopard...
...should kill someone.
That will take place.
Really boring let me go
and sleep. Are you coming?
You go and sleep.
It will be staged till morning.
This act of mockery.
Are you planning to sit here till that?
Let me see this.
Without knowing that I'll be here
you got trapped in here is it not?
Happy to meet again but..
Thought that will write a line
to me may be some other time.
At least one line.
Had written but not
one line but several lines.
Had written in detail two times.
There was no email
and all hardly a cell phone.
I liked to write in my hand writing.
Simply telling.
Had written later came
to know you didn't get it.
Your father's reply came for the
second letter, hereafter don't...
...write to daughter.
Father had listed the property details
of bridegroom Gopinathan also.
May be thought to
compare it with myself.
Called to the hostel on the
day when the seniors were leaving.
By the time had left.
Was scared to write letters to
home also was scared what that...
...person will write
who had already underlined?
In the letter what was send to
the university I begged in that...
...at that time the date was not fixed,
the invitation was not printed.
There, no chance of that
you failed to get it.
Got it!
You start I will be waiting for you. If
you had written a line like that.
Without anybody's notice l
would have got on the vehicle.
Thought you are going
to gain something more.
Then when the time of taking a
decision came the cowardice!
Say like that itself!
Will you accept it is not my fault?
But, had thought that everything
was for good, at that time.
What about now? Afterwards
have you never thought of me?
Tried to forget but
honestly I couldn't.
That's enough that is
all I wanted to know.
Don't cry.
Come will walk.
On the way must meet someone,
most wanted family, come.
Look over there!
Take a look!
Can't you see?
Now can you see?
Yes, yes I saw.
Head is gone it's a
female the male escaped.
Give this to Nagu it's a good meat.
Madam do you still want to
enjoy the beauty of forest?
Is it not the right word?
Are you planning to stay and
hear the poems of doctor?
Don't be scared child it's me.
Don't be scared.
Don't cry.
Don't say anything to
anyone. Not even to father.
There is no use of telling it to
father no use if father shouts also.
For you..
For you only a bad
name that will be left behind.
Should not tell to
anyone promise me.
Look nothing had taken place. Just
think that you saw a frightening dream...
...you try to forget that. Walk.
Paru was a good
child she was also taken.
The ladies who were present told fell
on her and immediately snatched her.
Hey man where were you?
All the stuff is finished. Go and buy.
Daughter has got fever.
No one to help also.
Then send that driver.
When are you returning?
Not yet decided.
Must return at the earliest.
Are you listening?
Must return at the earliest.
Get up and sit!
What is it?
Nothing how long we will be here?
Will tell you.
Here nothing is
perfect as it may seem.
You walk to the work spot I'll come.
What is it Nagu?
The daughter has got high
fever. Might have got scared by...
...seeing something.
Not saying anything on asking.
Sir you may sit let me make
some porridge for the daughter.
Paru has also left. Now
those who are dead is 6!
Who is going to be the 7th one?
Before that the leopard
will be gunned down the...
...government men had reached.
Lie without thinking anything.
Where were you?
Yesterday where that girl was
caught my friend is there in...
...that same area.
There are people who
had seen it at day time.
There I had identified a good spot.
On getting scared you can come
here and sleep at any time you want.
You don't worry I invited the 'antique
researcher' is the word correct?
Have asked for a black tea.
I'll cover these three areas you
take care of areas in the behind.
This is an experiment young
cow is not a bait for him.
He is coming by sniffing
the smell of humans.
That is why thought of standing
here. I myself is the bait. Now we both!
Do you have fear?
Will have one more cigar
after that no more smoking...
...the wind direction is to that side.
Let the owner keep it!
It is worth of
Rs 25,000 19 caret gold.
Thought that girl might have got it.
You don't try to be a detective
agent, special agent.
I was about to tell even otherwise.
The entire body was bitten
and scratched! Beast!
The day had started with a bad
omen morning itself a rustic breakfast.
Now it is easy for you.
An in born human outburst!
Is it the correct word?
There is nothing wrong in hugging
the other man's wife is it not you?
By mistake this gun might fire, a
bullet can pierce in the heart...
..By mistake!
In hunting sometimes
a routine mistake!
Showing the vengeance to
her is after reaching home...
...it was good..Good acting!
Oh! Both of you have
acted a lot is it not? Get up!
Were you both in deep love?
Digging a town in the forest.
Oh! Its like this is it not?
Now I realize what fool am l?
At the time when I'm abroad
the right time you had come.
Kindly pardon me for
not going my lover boy!
Accidental arrival and accidentally
meeting of old college mate.
Today night here also
one accident will take place.
Kill, kill me!
There is nothing like
that she is innocent.
Earlier also, deep and divine love!
Is it platonic or a kind of touching...
...in which category does it belong?
My mistake, I curse myself!
You curse, at evening who
goes out and buys vegetables...
...she ought to have
a teacher like that.
Is it not?
She was ready to come anywhere
along with me. Even after knowing the...
...owner's property list,
you go and ask.
Hear this! Several times she was
with in my hands, she was innocent.
Not to confess to you, I controlled
myself so that she may not feel guilty.
For that should I thank you?
Do you want to see again she
coming with me disdaining thousand...
...acre estate and bungalow?
Do you want to
see she coming now?
You go, look there
is a bait for leopard.
The human flesh with
the smell of the blood!
Go run!
Don't talk in between you
can mourn that is good.
No one might have done a beautiful
hunt better than this, even in history.
I'll decide later should I untie after
eating a part of the prey or not!
Depending on the
suitability of the aim.
Is it not a thrill to wait
for something to happen?
Can enjoy the beauty of the nature.
Can listen to the music the
symphony of the woods!
Is it the correct word?
Don't come here!
Go back!
Go back!
Go back!
You have not seen anything nor
did see anything when they ask...
...you don't know anything.
Do you understand what I say?
You understand?