Ezra (2017) Movie Script

'Moshi Robonovich passed away
earlier this morning'
'With Moshi Robonovich's demise,
the centuries old Jewish history of Kerala'
'will become a memory'
'Even when the rest of the Jews returned
to their homeland many years ago,'
'Robonovich decided to
continue living here'
'Robonovich, who belonged to the younger
generation of expatriate Jews,'
'will rest in peace in our land with
the honour of being the last Jew in Kerala'
The who's who of social &
cultural fields have reached here
to pay their last
respects to Robonovich
We have been informed that the funeral
procession to the Jewish cemetery
will commence very soon
- Ya, tell me
- Hey Shamsu
- Where are you?
- I'm on my way
It's okay
Take your time
Moosakka hasn't left yet
That loser hasn't left yet?
- Did you get the stuff fortoday?
- Yes
I didn't get brandy
Got rum instead
Whatever bring it fast!
Coming, lkka!
Hey, call me once you tie the boat
I'll keep the door open
Here! Go start the car
Okay, lkka
Why did you call me, lkka?
Move the stuff
that's lying in the west corner
What about the stuff
that's lying over there?
- Move it somewhere else!
- Where?
There are a lot of antiques &
stuff at the Jew's house, man!
Before his relatives come,
we have to fix a price for all
that stuff and bring it here
Will they sell it, Moosakka?
Why wouldn't they?
Who doesn't fall for
the temptation of money?
Be it a Jain or a Jew...
Lock the place
I'm leaving
Hey Shamsu,
- Aren't you coming?
- I'm almost there 2 minutes!
- Hey.
- Yes, Sir
- Pack this as well
- Yes, Sir
- All done?
- Yes, Sir
Done, Sir
- I'll leave now
- You didn't leave yet?
You'll miss the train
Leave quickly
And call me when you reach there
I'll send a car
Where's Priya?
She's at the balcony
Last night in your favorite city, know?
Please, Ranjan
You can take the girl out of Mumbai...
...but never Mumbai out of the girl
It's not just because
it's Mum bai, Ranjan
Everyone who's pan of
my close circle is here
Leaving all that all of a sudden...
that too, to a place which is
not at all familiar to me
You won't understand
all that, Ranjan!
The anxiety of leaving
your hometown...
It's not like I don't
understand that...
I didn't ask for this transfer
It's a company posting
Not just that,
It's a transfer with promotion
After 2 years,
we will be coming back here
And Kochi is not such a bad city
I'm not comparing
Kochi & Mumbai
I have a secured feeling here
- Dad & Mom live close by
- Yea right!
Dad & Mom!
It's been 15 years
since we got married
And how often have your dad & mom
come here in these 15 years?
They are still holding the grudge of their
only daughter eloping with a Christian guy
Don't be upset, dear
Once we settle down in Kochi,
and have a baby,
your parents would
come flying there
Their grudge towards us can be solved
within 2 hours air distance
- Yes, Ummachan!
- 'Dude, haven't you left?'
No, I'm just about to leave
Come soon, man!
Happy Hours have begun here
Priya, come
"The city is singing our favourite
tunes, with an unfading smile"
"The heart is searching for new
shores with a never-ending desire"
"The twinkling lights far away from
the horizon, are like the dreams we saw
"0 Lilac flower!"
"Will you bloom again,"
"on the door of this night
which is departing"
no deaf sky"
"will you shower over these
branches of love, today?"
"Your every pause embraced the stone-cold
layers of my heart, like rainfall"
"We meet while roaming
the courtyard of the day as sunshine"
"Your fingers caress me like
waves of beautiful memories"
"In this never-ending journey
which we are traveling together"
"0 Lilac flower!"
"Will you bloom again,"
"on the door of this night
which is departing?"
"The city is singing our favourite
tunes, with an unfading smile"
"The heart is searching for new
shores with a never-ending desire"
"The twinkling lights far away from
the horizon, are like the dreams we saw
"0 Lilac flower!"
"Will you bloom again,"
"on the door of this night
which is departing?"
no deaf sky"
"will you shower over these
branches of love, today?"
Dude, Shamsu...
By the way.
The stuff that Moosakka slyly
stole from the Jew's house,
are not ordinary stuff!
Is there anything suitable for us?
Yes, there's one such thing
Come fast, buddy!
It's about to rain
I'll call you once I tie the boat
- Okay, buddy
- Okay!
Move! Move away!
Sir, do you have any more
information regarding this death?
Sir, I lock the room & leave
around 9:30 every night
He cooks his dinner &
sleeps here itself
That's the routine
It was the same even yesterday
So Moosa, only you can enter
the room from outside, right?
- Sir!
- What do you think?
There are no signs of
a robbery attempt
The backside door was
locked from inside
And the shop's key was with Moosakka
Who are Sebastian's friends?
He didn't have any
such company, Sir
He used to eat &
sleep here itself
For the past 8-9 years,
he has been with me
'The newlnternational
Trans-Shipment terminal'
'is a game-changer as far as
our shipping industry is concerned'
The age-old formulas of small players
won't work here anymore
One needs to dream big
And act big
And our new project is
a classic example of that
A project which many had second
thoughts about considering
One which needs an investment
of bravery more than money
Yes Sanjay, I got a brief from Mumbai
Yes, please
The three Nuclear power
plants of South India,
and the recent one in Koodankulam
We have received the order to transport
the nuclear waste from these three plants
The interim storage of this waste
would be here, in this Kochi hub
Because Kochi is almost equidistant
from these three power stations
'Now, let's talk about the raw
materials we will be handling'
'Deadly mix!'
'Amurderous blend of
Uranium & Plutonium!'
'Low level, Intermediate...'
'...and the most dangerous
high level ones too'
'We will handle these three types
of waste from the reactors'
'And you know how dangerous it is'
We will pack it into
special containers,
and send it to International
disposal sites
Our responsibility is until the ship which
carries it crosses International waters
Even a minor mistake,
can wipe out this
entire city forever
So we can't afford to
take even 1% risk
We have multi-layer
security measures here
For internal security, we have
highly sophisticated equipments,
and qualified security experts
And outside, we have 2417
surveillance by the CISF
100% full force
The access to this storage hub,
will belong to just one person
And he is the key
Apart from a smart card,
You can open it only if you pass 3
phases of biometric access levels
Voice recognition
Ranjan Mathew
ID 7116
And finally
Face recognition
In short, the key to the hub is you Ranjan
In a way, this is a service
we are doing for our country
But to make the people
understand that,
that's the biggest problem
The townsmen have already
started protesting
I had seen it, on my way here
Something like a protest or
strike, in front of the gate
You know the situation
in Kerala, right Ranjan?
There is just one industry here
which can be easily operated,
And that's a Strike!
Many have gone on hunger
strike saying that
they won't allow us to turn Kerala
into a Nagasaki See!
Actually, they should be protesting
against nuclear reactors, rig ht?
We are the ones who
make this place safe
But they don't understand that
There are people here who protest even
against the Green Revolution
Malayalis have much more
radio-activity than Uranium!
This company & our government
who are their ass-kissers,
are trying to create
a generation of disabled people
who will be affected by
the radiations from nuclear waste
This should never be
allowed, comrades!
It won't happen
We won't let it happen
Long Live the Revolution!
First, we have to
solve these problems, Ranjan
And, have you settled down?
Howis, Priya?
Is she joining you?
We came together
For the time being, we're staying
in the company guest house
We've found a villa
Have to shift there soon
Hello Shafeer?
- How are you?
- Fine, Sanjay
Are you in the office?
No, we just left
And I'll leave tomorrow morning
Ranjan will be here
- Okay?
" Okay
- Bye
- Bye
That was the ACP of this
city, Shafeer Ahmed
He has promised help
from the police's side
You please co-ordinate with him
You're the last person
to call Sebastian
And his last call
was to your number
Tell me the truth
'Answer him!'
After work,
we used to drink there
without Moosa's knowledge
He steals some stuff from
there & gives me sometimes
I sell it at Broadway,
and we split the money
between ourselves
I went there on that night
because he called me
'It was raining heavily with
lightning &thunder'
'And there was no power as well'
Dude, open the door
I'm here
Where is this guy?
This loser is not picking up
his phone also
Since I couldn't find him,
I left immediately, Sir
And I came to know
only the next day...
that he was dead!
Sir, he...
Leave him
Okay, sir!
- Have a great day, sir
- Thanks
Maushi, it's made of glass
Be careful
Don't worry, Sir
I'll take care of everything
I'm there, right?
You just want to listen to music
after shifting to the new house?
Arrange all the stuff properly
You've come to God's Own Country,
after marrying a good looking girl...
Look at me, man!
I'm looking at you now!
Tell me!
I was thinking...
Shall we re-design
the interiors of this house?
Like...we have to the change
the colours of all the rooms
And some antique furniture
And we have to change the curtains &
lam p-shades of our bedroom
And then?
Sorry, It's tough to
catch up with him
Are you new here?
I haven't seen you earlier
Yes, I am Ranjan
That's my wife
I am Priya
Hi I am Nambiar
Where are you staying?
We're living in the house on
the right side of 2nd cross street
Then we are neighbours!
I stay in the first house
after that turning
Oh That's nice
Uncle, what's his name?
He's really mischievous
Come, let's go
How long have you been here?
I roamed all around India, and
came here after retirement
It's been 8 years now
Ah You reached, Papa?
The school bus left
You'll have to drop him Go!
This is Rama
- Hi
- Hello
What's your name, dear?
Are you going to school, Ammu?
Do you want to drop in?
I'll make coffee
Oops I have a review meeting today
Another day?
Okay uncle!
Come, dear
Let's go
When will this work
get done, Thankachan?
It will take a couple
more days, Father
It's been so long
Hurry up & finish it fast!
- Okay, Father
- When is that bricks guy coming?
He hasn't come
He is bedridden
Ranjan, son...
I was about to call you
How's your stay
in the new house?
Going good, Father Sam
By the way, take care of
it like your own house
That Gujarati Sait wasn't very
interested in renting it out
But then, I convinced
him somehow
if Priya cannot handle it alone,
call someone else for help
We have someone already
The same old lady from Mumbai
That Marathi woman
Be it Marathi or whatever
Just see to it that
the house is well maintained
You don't have to be
tensed about that at all
Interior designer Priya Raghuram
is back with a bang!
She's exploring every single antique
store in Kochi already
By the way, when are you
coming here, Father Sam?
Don't you want to see my wife?
I want to come, son I haven't
met Priya yet, right?
Let this renovation work get done
I'll come next week!
Okay, Father
300 years old
Single wood carving
Ancient metal an
Fully from bronze, madam
It impressed me
Priya, I am home
Can't you respond when I
call you, Priya?
You scared me!
Turn on the emergency lamp
I was searching for it
Ranjan, freshen up
I'll serve dinner
Give it here
You're already so late
Hello, madam!
How can you sleep like this?
I called you so many times!
And since I was getting
late, I went alone
Don't scare me!
I swear! I called
you several times!
Priya, don't act weird
Don't you want me to drop you?
Come & get ready quickly!
Many are looking for breaking
news every single hour
And the newspapers have
it on the front page now
What do I tell them if they ask me
about the case and its progress?
Sir, you also saw
the forensic report, right?
But if you say that there is
not even a single suspect?
What about the spare
key of the store?
It has just one key
But that will always
be with Moosa
But Shafeer, who will have
the key to this mystery?
Isn't that Priya?
Stop the car
- Fort Kochi?
- I can't come to Fort Kochi
Going home, right?
Get in
Shall we go?
Thank you, uncle
It's really difficult
to get an auto here
Looks like you've done
a lot of shopping?
Oh Those are some bed
linen & curtains!
She's always shopping &jogging!
And not bothered about
poor neighbours like us
That's right, Papa!
It's been 3 weeks since
you shifted there
And you both haven't
even come home once!
Sorry, chechi!
We have finally settled only now
We'll come this Sunday for sure
Thanks, uncle
Bye, chechi
- Don't forget about Sunday!
- Sure!
What happened?
Your wife is waiting
in the car outside
- Who permitted her inside the hub?
- When she said it was urgent...
What else did you see
apart from that girl?
Please believe me
I'm telling the truth
I saw her with my own eyes
One look at these eyes of yours
reveals your problem
You have dark circles, Priya
When you shift to a new place,
everyone will have such thoughts
It's not just a thought, Ranjan!
How do I make you understand?
You know the reason for it as well
Coming here suddenly leaving
your Mumbai apartment life;
that huge house;
You need to give yourself time
to get used to all these
It will be more than enough
if you realize that
And don't be scared
Am I not there with you?
But most of the time I'm
alone in that house, Ranjan!
Let's go for a drive
That Dhaba on the highway,
let's have dinner there today
What say?
Come, dear
It was just an illusion
That's all
There aren't any fractures
on your leg, right?
Did you hear the sound from here?
I heard footsteps
That's when I went & checked
Sir, please
- Sir?
- No
- Madam
- Get lost!
Did you hear that sound?
I was fast asleep
The attic's doorwas
locked from inside
Roof tiles are also in place
It's an old house, right?
Must be a bat or civet
Anyway, be careful hereafter
Inform me if anything comes up
And there are no strikes
or protests now, rig ht?
No, they have calmed down now
How is Sanjay doing?
- Isn't he coming back?
- He will be there for some more time
Father Sam, give it to me
The car is over there
This is a better place
to live, right?
That's true, Father
We fully realize that only when we
stay away from here for a long time
Has Priya adapted well to
the house & surroundings?
She has turned it into
a heritage hotel now
By the way, how are Priya's parents?
They are fine
She calls her mom on
the phone at times
But her Papa is still...
Can't you try talking
to them once more?
Father, you know
how things are...
It will be like that only...
You went away with their
only daughter, right?
Aha! Now you're taking
their side?
You were the one who
asked me to go get her
The letters you wrote to me about that
are my emotional archive, even now
In the excitement to meet you,
someone's waiting there
after some special cooking
How is your Marathi maid?
She came along with us
Maushi is fine
there are some other
problems, Father
Come in, Father
Father Sam!
You carry on!
I'll join you
Where has she gone?
There's nothing to worry
It's black-out that occurred
due to over-exhaustion
We'll do a detailed
check-up tomorrow
And I'll give some
sleeping tablets as well
You can leave once
this drip is over
The incidents that occurred here
according to what you've told me,
I think I have found its origin
Who opened that box?
What is it, Father Sam?
That's a Dybbuk
'An restless malicious spirit of a Jew,
dislocated from his body'
'is known as a Dybbuk'
'Like we refer to it as a ghost,'
'the Jews refer to it as 'Ruchin'
'Long ago.'
'such restless spirits used
to be contained in boxes,'
'and preserved with utmost care'
'There were some particular
purposes for that as well'
'This box must not be opened
under any circumstance'
'In case it is opened,'
'the Dybbuk contained
within that box'
'might posses another
living person's body'
Did the soul posses Priya
when she opened the box,
or did it possess
the whole house itself?
I don't know, Ranjan!
Father Sam,
shall we throw it away?
The problem won't be solved
Once the spirit has possessed
someone else after it's opened,
it won't have any
association with this box
There are no other solutions?
If we have to do something,
we have to find out
what is written on it first!
Give me ten minutes
I'll translate & send it
I've sent the translated attachment
connecting the dots between what you
said &the sentence on the box,
I think there might be
some complications
'If you need any help,'
'I have sent a friend's address also
along with the mail'
'He is a Jew'
'He is in Bombay now'
'The spirit of Abraham Ezra,
dislocated from his body' 1941 AD
I think this is something
beyond our limits
Only a Jewish priest can
do something about this
That too,
I don't know how
practical it would be
If you also talk like this,
what do I...
You do one thing
Go to Mumbai, and meet
that Jewish priest
He said the priest was
his classmate, right?
He will definitely help you
And, tell Priya that this
is an official trip
What did you say his name was?
Rabbi Benyamin
The horror of the night & the torture of
the morning will not hunt you anymore
Plagues and enemies will not
come your way anymore
Someone called Ranjan
has come to meet you
Call him
That's enough for today
Tomorrow, we shall learn in
detail about Messianic Jews
Marquez is here
- Let's play ball
- Come!
I have no other option
You are my only and last option
Dybbuk is just an imaginary
concept in Jewish folklore
It can be considered as a myth
Young men like you,
how do you even
believe in all this?
But what about all that
happened over there?
Please come along with me!
Among the Jews in Kerala,
I haven't even heard
about such a thing
I was the priest of the Jewish
church in Kochi for a long time
Even if someone has
made a Dybbuk,
it won't possess someone
else so easily
It can only conquer people whose minds
and bodies are not in co-ordination
Marquez, give us the ball!
Rabbi, Marquez is not giving us the ball
He is always like this
Stop fooling around, Marquez
He is Rabbi Marquez
My son
He was also with me in Kochi,
until he was 10 years old
What I was saying is that,
you don't have to be
scared about this Dybbuk
This is not because of that
It's something else
it would be better to
approach someone else
How long have I
been calling you?
I have some good news
Shall I say it?
We gonna start a family
You're going to become a father
This is great news
Of course!
We'll celebrate this
- When are you coming back?
- Today itself!
Just give me 10 minutes
I'll call you back
It was my wife
She is pregnant
What did you just say?
She is pregnant
Oh God!
Finally you reached!
Can't you respond to my calls?
What Ranjan?
Aren't you excited?
Everything is happening
like we planned
Even if someone has
made a Dybbuk,
it won't possess someone
else so easily
It can only conquer people whose brains
and bodies are not in co-ordination
For example, people who have mental
instabilities like 'Fear Psychosis'
Or else, babies
It will take a few years
after their birth
for their minds & bodies
to have co-ordination
In your case, both are invalid
What did you just say?
Nowl think, what you
suspected was rig ht
We are really late
The Dybbuk has possessed
your yet-to-be-born baby
I don't think I can
do anything now
The Rabbi who is sent
to perform exorcism...
...will be that spirit's
biggest enemy
And then, Ranjan...
What did the Rabbi say?
Maybe because he
understood my situation,
He asked me to go
to the Kabat house
What came out of the box,
will leave only after
destroying everything, Ranjan
Isn't there some solution, Marquez?
lfl abort my child...
...will Priya survive?
If you do that, it will be Priya's
life which will be in danger first
Now it is not your child,
it's an evil spirit
Whatever Priya hears or sees,
is according to its will
It needs the mother to
be safe until it is born
It is the door for
the spirit to enter this world
Carrier of this spirit
I'm referring to
the child as 'it' because...
we don't know if the child
is a boy or a girl yet
If we want to know
the Dybbuk's true purpose,
we should know
the child's gender
Until then, we must wait!
What do I...
What do I do now, Marquez?
Can you come along
with me, please?
I will come
But not right now
Ranjan, we have only one chance
Before that, I need to
make some preparations
This is a 'Khamsa locket'
It is an amulet which
Jews believe in
It will protect you
up to an extent
And, remove all
the mirrors in the house
Spirit activities usually increase
where there are reflections
Father Sam,
What do I tell Priya?
I'm seeing her feeling so happy,
after so many days
But now...
I really don't know
She shouldn't know anything now
You shouldn't let her know
When it is time, she will
understand everything herself
I know that it is not that easy
But you have to be
strong, Ranjan!
What have you done?
All the mirrors are
broken or painted!
What's wrong with you?
Well, that...
Didn't you say that you got scared
seeing some reflection on the mirror?
I'm not scared
You're here, right?
Let it be
But your safety is
more important to me now
Safety? Why? Is this
some haunted house?
If so, Father could've sent us
to some other house, right?
Now don't start off
with that, Priya!
Ensuring a safe landing
for junior Ranjan,
is the senior's responsibility
"0' night with a never-ending darkness"
"Why is dawn so far away?"
"Who is that with you,
like a shadow?"
"While all the smiles vanish"
"Who is causing that slow pain,
which is rotting inside your heart?"
"Nameless thoughts
charioting the heart"
"Which is consumed by the magic
of mysteries rooted in fear"
"Do we have time by our side
to gamble with destiny?"
"0' night with a never-ending darkness"
"Why is dawn so far away?"
"Who is that with you,
like a shadow?"
Mummy said that she'll come
before the next scanning
You'll be free, rig ht?
There's one more week for
the next scanning, right?
Do you want some coffee?
I haven't seen you
both in a long time!
Seems you're really busy
We don't take this
route that often
Where's uncle?
Papa is crazy!
He has gone for some meeting
for 'One rank, One pension'
Czar, stay calm!
Hey Stay calm!
Why are you so tired, Priya?
Aren't you doing your
check-ups regularly?
Isn't she your friend?
Why are you creating a fuss?
What has gotten into him?
Shall we leave then?
Did you see,Priya?
What happened?
Who are you?
Didn't you hear me?
Who are you?
Abraham Ezra
What do you want?
You shouldn't be here
It's nothing, Ranjan
Just a slight fluctuation
in BP, that's all!
I have given her a sedative
Let her sleep
We'll do a detailed check-up
at the hospital tomorrow, okay?
Ranjan, for someone
like her, I think...
especially during pregnancy,
it's very important to
have a female support
I thought her mom was coming
We've called her
She'll be here in 2 days
Shall I leave then?
Let her to sleep
She'll be fine
Sure, thank you, doctor
'The Dybbuk will try to destroy
everything that tries to stop it'
'It is not so easy to capture something
that is bent on taking revenge'
Abraham Ezra
We have to enquire about him
Who is he?
What happened to him?
Do you know a place
called Chennamangalam?
- I've heard of it
- How far is it?
May be...
...one or one and half an hour
I have to meet someone there
I don't know if he's still alive
Mr Joshua Yahudi
He is an old friend of my father's
I don't know his phone
number or address
Shall we go tomorrow morning?
On the way, we shall
go via your office
I can see it as well
do you know where Joshua
Yahudi's house is?
Go straight and then rig ht
m 1964,
I was expelled from Judaism
Offense - Love
Elsie was a Christian girl
To check the caste & horoscopes
before falling in love,
it wasn't like today's
times back then
The problems started back then
When they asked me if I wanted
my religion or my girl;
instead of replying, I took
her hand and came here
Now, only my name
has 'Yahudi' (Jew)
I am not a Jew
Are you alone here now?
It was a Jewish settlement
here, long back
All of them went back to
Israel one by one
I think it was in 1975, when
the last Jew left this town
I've heard from my father that your father
had written a book about Jews in Kerala
The last text written in Hebrew
My father used to say often that
he wanted to get it published
But the others didn't allow him
They didn't want the outside
world to know their secrets
Every religion stands firm
upon buried truths, isn't it?
That book...Can we see it?
'It must be somewhere
in that shelf'
'No one has come here
asking for it so far'
'To be frank, even I had
forgotten about it'
Dybbuk beyond Jewish folklore
Kunjan, keep this inside
It's time for me to leave
Don't waste time
You can go!
Why are you going to
Kochi, leaving me alone?
I'm going for both of us, right?
Will you forget me if you meet
some Jewish girl there, Ezra?
Shut up! Is this the first time
I'm going to Kochi?
I have to make money by staying
with my father for some time
After that, we'll get married
When I come back from Kochi this time,
I will be bringing a gift for you
Leave before someone notices us
'Everything began with...'
'the romance between the Jewish boy Abraham
Ezra &the Christian village girl Rosy'
'Yakub Ezra who was also
known as Jew Maplai,'
'was one among the descendants of
the Jews who had migrated to Kerala'
'It was the time when he kept
expanding his business empire'
'by establishing relations
with many foreign traders'
lam sure you'll trade with new customers
who will value good quality
Did you get cinnamon balsam, Ezra?
Yes, father
Please sit
- We'll work it out
- Thank you
- Don't worry
- Sure
You stay here till Saturday
We shall go together
in the motor car
Okay, father
'Apart from being a businessman,'
'the Jew Maplai who was also a master of
the Jewish black magic called 'Kabbalah';
'firmly believed that this was
the main reason behind his success'
'Jew Maplai was a supporter
of the Zionist movement'
'which promised the re-establishment
of a Jewish homeland'
'He knew that his life
here was temporary,'
'and anticipated that he could return to
his motherland with his family someday'
Why are you so late?
I had to come hiding
from everyone, right?
What is in that packet?
Didn't I tell you that
I'll bring a gift?
Open it & see
What is this?
This is what a bride wears
for a Jewish wedding
It's for you to wear,
for our wedding!
Very pretty, right?
"May the fasting for
the Lord protect you"
"You should be adorned
with ornaments"
"Wearing beautiful clothes"
"With a hip-chain on your waist"
'She finally realized that Ezra's
child was growing in her womb'
'She was afraid whether she would be able
to marry Ezra who was from another religion'
'and that was troubling her mind'
Swear upon the cross that
you will marry me, Ezra!
I swear upon the golden cross,
I will marry you!
Shall I leave?
As soon as I reach Kochi,
I'll talk to my father about us
Rosy, where were you
all this while?
That too, when you
have so much work here
How dare you!
A girl from another religion?
Listen to me, father...
Turning water into wine
was a long time ago...
Now water is water,
and wine is wine
They both don't match
Do you know what happened to people
who were expelled from the religion?
Haven't I told you?
We have to leave this place someday
We have to achieve a lot more
In the future, this world
will be ruled by us Jews
That thought should always be there
in your mind &your actions!
"The hips where the bunch
of keys dangled in unison"
"Earrings in your ears and
chain on your chest"
"Strands of hair full of flowers"
"And anklets for dancing"
"0' fragrant Kasturi flower,
dancing in rose water"
'Rosy searched for Ezra in every
boat that reached ashore,'
'and returned in disappointment'
"You should be adorned
with ornaments"
"Wearing beautiful clothes"
Tell me the truth
Who is it?
Spoiling the family's honour!
Tell us at least now
Tell us who it is!
You won't say?
Come here!
Come here, I said!
Stay there! I won't even give
you a drop of water!
However much they forced her,
she didn't take Ezra's name
Weeks and months went by
Ezra sent this
- Shall I leave?
- Okay
'I love you'
'But we don't have the good
fortune of living together'
'You should forget me'
"May the fasting for
the Lord protect you"
"You should be adorned
with ornaments"
"Wearing beautiful clothes"
'The villagers came to know what
the real reason behind Rosy's suicide was'
'Ezra's letter which was
found from her room,'
'and a confession from Kunjan,'
'became evidences that pointed
fingers towards Abraham Ezra'
'Jew Maplai went to the village
once a week without taking Ezra,'
'met his family and returned'
'With the anticipation that
Ezra would come to his house,'
'to see his ailing
mother at least once;'
'the villagers were waiting for him'
Send him out!
Tell Ezra to get down
The children made a mistake
And they got punished
for that as well
We can sit and have a talk
about things if you want to
Jew Maplai.
I want to talk to Ezra
Send him out
I won't leave without
talking to him
Can't you understand what I said?
I know that you're standing here
because they are supporting you
You know me well, right?
Stan the car!
Stan the car!
Stop them!
Stop the car!
'What happened after that...'
'...was justice served
by the angry mob'
'Jew Maplai had to watch his son
being attacked inch-by-inch'
My dear son Ezra!
'Saint Joseph Hospital'
'Ezra had suffered fatal
blows to his internal organs'
'The doctors confirmed that a return to
normal life was impossible for him'
'Jew Maplai, who understood that Ezra's
spirit will soon leave his body;'
'turned towards black magic'
'He embarked on a mission'
'to contain that spirit into
a wine box and create a Dybbuk'
'He wanted to take revenge on
the race which destroyed his only son,'
'by using his son's own life'
'Jew Maplai wasn't ready to leave Ezra to
live the rest of his life as a vegetable'
'Jew Maplai turned to black magic rituals
to contain Ezra's spirit in a wine box'
'and create a Dybbuk'
'That Jewish black magician
envisioned the Dybbuk in a way that,'
'after the last Jew in
this land is dead,'
'it would possess a body which
would be fit to take revenge,'
'and cause the complete
destruction of this land'
'To create a Dybbuk,'
'the corpse cannot be buried or
cremated, according to the rules'
'After the black magic rituals,'
'the Jew Maplai disposed his son's
corpse in the Arabian Sea'
'Nobody realized that a wooden
effigy was buried in the cemetery,'
'instead of Ezra's corpse'
'The Dybbuk was envisioned
in such a way that,'
'when the last Jew
in this land is dead,'
'it will possess a body
which is fit for revenge,'
and cause the complete
destruction of this land'
Where are they, Father?
She met her Mummy after
such a long time, right?
She would be enjoying that
Are there any problems in this world which
can't be solved by talking face-to-face?
There are some of that remain
unsolved in spite of that, Father
Papa is still angry
with us, right Mummy?
After you called, his ego
has calmed down a bit
You know how many offerings I made to
the temple for everything to become alright?
Why is the next shipment
getting so delayed?
That container from Koodankulam,
won't it reach soon?
Will you have space over there?
We have the storage space to
accommodate that as well, Sanjay
Yeah, good
But this time, it's high level
rad io-active waste which is coming
You go to be very careful
I know
I'll handle it
Bye, SanjaV
It'll be difficult for him to handle
both his office & this house
Your Papa is least interested
in settling down here in Kerala
If that was the case, we could have been
here with all the temples & festivals!
Oh God!
The temple priest has asked us to go
to the Thrikkavil temple tomorrow
That's in the evening, right?
You can go with Ranjan
The baby is perfectly all right
See, is moving
Father, you know that disclosing the gender
of the child is against medical ethics!
And illegal too
But I'm giving this is to you,
because it is such a special case
Here you go
Scan report
- Please keep it confidentially
- Thank you
sir you?
He is here, Sir
He is inside
Shall I call him?
What is happening here?
Nothing, Sir
I was searching for
the other pair of this anklet
I don't know where it's gone
We'll sit upstairs
Bring some coffee
Connecting all the events that have been
happening here for the past few days,
I have some...
Like a picture that becomes clearer
when the dots are connected...
The box from the antique
store that's over here;
The footsteps you heard that night;
Priya's missing anklet;
And Colonel Nambiar's complaint
Are you hiding
something from me?
You go downstairs
They are calling you
It was only afterl came here,
that even he could understand
the seriousness of the situation
We wanted to tell this to you
in the beginning itself
how can we make someone believe in
supernatural phenomenon which are
way beyond logical explanations?
According to what you have said,
Sebastian must be
its first victim
So...what's next, Father?
Yes, dear...
Shall we leave?
We have to reach the temple
before the evening Pooja
Exorcism is the only option
And we have to do it at the earliest
Before that, to know whether
the things mentioned in the book is true;
we have to break open Abraham Ezra's
coffin at the Jew cemetery & check it
That cemetery is a protected
heritage site, Marquez
It's because we have
no other option
ls the heritage of this land more
important than the land itself?
Ezra's body was
disposed in the sea
Everything in the book was true
I'll try to get
the Synagogue, Marquez
It's under the archeology
department now
To complete the exorcism,
we would need ten Jews
But ten Jews, at this hour...
The Jew rituals are performed only
in the presence of 10 believers
And after everything is
over, before the sunrise;
we have to dispose
the Dybbuk box in the sea
At the same place where Abraham
Ezra's body was disposed
The exorcism would be
complete only then
What happened?
Where's my daughter?
Maushi, what happened?
What happened?'
'Who is there?'
'Father Sam!'
We don't have time, Ranjan
We are already late
There is an emergency
Within one hour, I need the caretaker
of that Synagogue with the keys!
It's unofficial
And find out where Jew
tourists are staying in Kochi
Hotels, home stays, everything
Search everywhere
Shafeer, no
What's happening, Marquez
Father Sam!
Why am I...
Say something, Priya
It's you Ranjan
Abraham Ezra is within you!
Abraham Ezra will be able to take revenge
forYakub Ezra only through you
The key to the destruction
of this land,
is you, Ranjan!
That night, it was
a trap laid for you
Who are you?
Didn't you hear me?
Who are you?
Abraham Ezra
What do you want?
You shouldn't be here
I suspected some danger from the access
card in Ranjan's hand during that hour,
and reached
the radio-active hub
It was while I was searching for the reason
why the Dybbuk might have possessed Ranjan,
who carries the secret codes towards
a major destruction on his fingertips;
I had a chance to read about
Ezra and Yakub Ezra's revenge
It's on Ranjan, Father
Ranjan is the target
Abraham Ezra's spirit which was
freed when the box was opened,
possessed Priya's baby
Gradually, Priya came
under its control
It made Priya do whatever it wanted
The spirit whose aim was
the destruction of this land,
found an easy way
To enter the radio-active hub,
destroy it,
and see the people dying
through nuclear radiation
That was possible
only through Ranjan
But I still had one doubt, Father
Only the people whose minds &
bodies are not in co-ordination,
can be conquered by the Dybbuk
For example, people who have mental
instabilities like 'Fear Psychosis'
Father, does Ranjan have
something of that son?
'His parents died in
an accident on the highway'
'That incident deeply
affected his mind'
'More than losing
my sister & her husband,'
'I was worried about
Ranjan's sudden loneliness'
'He started being increasingly
restless after that'
'Gradually, all of it was gone'
'He became the old Ranjan'
'I enrolled him in
the Church's boarding school'
'He finished his schooling
with great marks,'
'and went to Mumbai
for higher studies'
'Then we can be sure, Father'
Ranjan, who is in a mental distress
again after seeing Priya's condition;
is the Dybbuk's target
'If Abraham Ezra's spirit's
target is a male,'
'the carrier baby
should also be a male'
'When it was confirmed that it was
a male baby in the medical report,'
'I confirmed that
the Dybbuk was inside Ranjan'
'But if Ranjan's conscious
mind had known this,'
'maybe even the exorcism
would've been impossible'
'So, we decided to maintain the impression
that the Dybbuk was still in Priya'
Priya became ready for it
Don't try to stop me
I will leave only after
destroying everything!
I have come to take
revenge for my father
If you don't want to
get killed, move away!
Put all the things that connect
you to Ranjan in this box
Ranjan's mind should badly want
to out the spirit within him
The success of the exorcism will depend
upon the gravity of that desire
These are Jew tourists who
know the Hebrew language
I've told them everything
Father, please
Priya, you should stay back
Do not stop chanting prayers
The Dybbuk would try his best to scare you
But don't be afraid
I will make sure
that you are safe
There isn't much time left
Shall we go?
Is it here, Marquez?
There's a happy news
Got it
I'll be coming there soon
to meet junior Ranjan
You should come
I'll wait for you
Bye, Marquez
Esho, all these buildings would be ours
We will rule this Bombay city!
Are you done?
Get lost, man!
This is Bombay!
There's no point in talking here!
We have to do great work here!
We need our tools to work here, or else
we'll have to go work in some tea shop!
What can we do by sitting
here & staring at this beach?
We should get a good job, bro!
Don't make me sad!
When our time is rig ht, we
will get all that we wanted!
And when would that be?
It will come soon!
What is it?
Check out that thing!
Over there!
Dude, it's a box!
Hey! Careful!
Bro, I'll help you!
- See!
- Bro, what is this?
How do I know?
Anyway, the box looks rich
And it's really heavy too!
Will it be some treasure?
Shall we open it?
You fool!
Over here?