F2: Fun and Frustration (2019) Movie Script

[church bell rings]
One Indian guy is missing, catch him...
You go surround this way
and let's conner him.
[engine starts]
[tires screeching]
[car vroom]
[tires screeching]
-You need to come fast.
-Okay! Come on.
[tires screeching]
Cover the entire perimeter.
No matter what, don't lose him.
I am on my way.
[bike engine revving]
[tires screeching]
[bike vrooms]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
We got him.
You can't escape, brother.
You can't escape without my support.
You want to fight?
Hey, I'm here... Hello!
-Hey! You...
-Hey let me fight...
Hey! Hello...
See now...
-Stop it... Stop it...
-What? Brother...
-What's this man? Stop the fight.
Go back...
You came in a bike,
did few thrills and saved me.
It's okay.
And then the buildup, okay...
Come on,
is it you to fight with these again?
Won't you give me even a single chance?
Shouldn't I bash up atleast one guy?
-You should respect seniors, man.
-Please brother... Please brother.
You come out of the dream first.
-No... I won't come brother.
-Come out, come out of it
Come out.
-Please brother. Please...
-Hey Cobra!
Come out of the dream man...
-Hey! Hey...
-Hey! Get up!
What bro, you disturbed me
when I was in a great dream.
What are those fights and chases?
Will you suppress me and
hype up your heroism?
My dream and I'll have it as I like.
I'm the hero in my dreams brother.
If you want,
have your own dream and hype yourself.
What do I hype?
Tell the real fact to the audience.
You go surround this
way and let's corner him.
I don't know anything.
That Venky did everything. Encounter him.
-Please leave me.
-Brother you?
What man, what do you get by killing me?
Brother the cops...
Oh my god!
-Ah... A bike... Come on, let's go.
-Hey bike! Okay brother.
-Hey... Hey...
-Bro... bro... bro...
What's this man?
Oh no bro...
It's very heavy and I won't carry.
You won't carry?
What's this weight for your size bro?
You went up,
down did skids in dream and said nothing.
That's dupe brother.
What, a dupe even in the dream?
-Brother we escaped nicely.
-I can smell police...
-...however far they are?
-Brother we are trapped.
Brother, everyone surrounded
us. Please give any idea.
Three on the right...
Super brother...
Four more on the left.
Super plan brother, carry on.
You take the lead first.
Keeping you as a bait on the left,
I'll attack from right.
Come on...
Ah... Oh god!
These fellows are hitting hard bro!
You hit, rascals?
Listen, I'll say a plan such
that each would go crazy.
You say fast brother.
-Hey, take four steps back.
-I did...
-Raise your hands up.
-Raised them...
Not like that...
Not after you are beaten, like this.
Bend your knees down.
-Kneel down man.
Kneel down.
-We're surrendering boys.
-Knelt down.
We'll sit and talk, please.
Come on... beg them boy.
I went for a dream as
original was unbearable bro.
Alex was very funny...
[tires screeching]
How much do we wait here brother?
Viswanath, from Indian Embassy.
-I came here to interrogate you.
-Hey, Telugu person...
Are you from Telangana, sir?
Maybe from Andhra.
From Yanam.
Oh, a Union Territory!
-Liquor is very cheap there, boss.
-Is that required now?
[metal chair clinks]
Sorry brother.
Being Telugu guys, you
harass two Telugu girls...
Are you not ashamed?
One from them is my wife.
Another one is my fiancee.
-Your wife.
-Your fiancee.
Why'd they file a case on you?
What exactly happened?
To narrate about a history,
we say before Christ and after Christ.
To say about a man, it's before
marriage and after the marriage sir.
They say marriages are made in heaven.
But my marriage was
made in a marriage bureau.
You know whose
marriage are we setting today?
Venky, who is depending on
our bureau since past two years
and Harika for whom no bureau is
able to set a marriage from two years.
We are going to fix their marriage.
Even the normal looking girls
are easily getting married.
What's does this girl lack sir?
She's got everything in high doses.
The girl is a Software Engineer.
Her father is a bank manager and
has taken a Voluntary Retirement.
They say smart girls are less in brains.
This girl is high on that too, man.
Congrats Harika,
you completed the project successfully.
Keep it up.
I don't need your compliments.
First give me a salary hike.
If not,
I'll look for another job by next month.
She's very calculative sir.
-Is it?
See here, again.
Umm... the coffee is very good Lakshmi.
I don't need your compliment,
but I need a hike.
Increase my salary,
if not I'll look for another house.
Let's take off the washing
machine and you wash.
Let's take off the vacuum
cleaner and you sweep.
Save the power like that
and I'll increase a hundred bucks.
No need madam, what's now is enough.
Very convenient sir,
typical Indian woman psychology.
Family is more typical.
-Let's see that directly.
Unable to bear the
torture of these oldies,
I thought to give up supplying milk.
There are two grannies inside, be careful.
Why is he scaring us as
if there are two dogs inside?
-Hey oldie...
-The house's gone dull, why don't you die?
Whole house would get happening
with the relatives gathering around.
You ask me to die?
That's why,
your husband has died committed suicide.
Your husband died
jumping into the river Ganga.
-She's always lamenting...
-Stop your mess mother-in-law.
What did I say dear,
your mom is asking me to die.
Mom... Who are you?
From the marriage bureau madam,
we came regarding your girl's match.
Please come...
Whatever we say about the boy
would be less. He is the MLA's PA.
Then PA would've earned
more than the MLA, right?
-Why don't you talk anything?
-Thats right! Right!
Well... They say there isn't an auspicious
time after some days, so if we could hurry
What's the big deal?
Let's talk and fix once daughter is back.
-Why don't you talk anything?
-Thats right! Right!
I think the decision lies this side.
Please call the girl, madam.
I'm on my way. Inform everyone.
-Okay. I'm coming.
-Dear Harika...
They are from marriage bureau.
-She is my daughter.
-Hello Madam.
Hello Madam.
Mom, how many times have I said you,
not to have such during the working days?
It's marriage mom, it's about life.
We shouldn't take decision in a jiffy.
Didn't we wait for two years?
Plan it in the weekends and
we shall discuss in detail.
Your opinion will change by
listening about this match.
What's so special?
There are no ladies to dominate you.
I mean, the boy has no sisters.
Whatever you say and decide is
final at your in-law's house
There are no in-laws and
the boy is an orphan.
[Ninnu Chudagane song from
the film Attarintiki Daredi]
What shall we do mom?
Having good wealth is enough to
become Ambani's daughter in law.
But you really have to be lucky to
become daughter in law of such a house.
Mom, order sweets in Swiggy.
One to two parlor, two to three
power nap, marriage fixing at four
and the marriage should
be done within four days.
Sometimes, we can take
a decision about marriage in a jiffy.
Can that boy bear with such a girl?
The boy is innocent.
[Namo Venkatesha song from album
Ghantasala - Ashtapadis 1970]
You were along with us.
You bought a costly house than
that MLA being with him, Venky.
What can I tell you sister?
We should better ourselves
while there's a chance, right?
It's just the wedding that's pending.
If God permits you, which type of
wife do you prefer among us, Venky?
Do I need god's permission? No, no...
I've got high expectations, not you...
Whom would you give the chit fund here?
Say at least that.
-I won't give
She took the money for
the necklace last month.
and then she took for the
education of her kids.
Looks like my marriage is on cards,
so I'll take the money.
If you can wait a bit,
I'll get my daughter married to you,
after her education son.
Hey... What's she is studying sister?
About to pass her ninth
and is coming to tenth.
Oh! It's already so late, I can't wait.
[phone rings]
Hello! Nothing,
just came to pickup our MLA sir's PA.
Will this happen anywhere in the history?
Why don't you go and inform at TV9 office?
Sir, I'll go have biscuits and come.
Didn't you just have breakfast?
I have sugar sir,
I should eat something every hour.
What if someone kills me meanwhile?
At least give me those chit
fund money the next month.
Sir... sir...
You are superb Venky, you brought down
four rupees a kilo using your MLA's name.
I'll get you discount at Narsingi for
your blouses and falls by using his name.
Thank you Venky.
-Okay Venky, bye.
-Okay, bye.
-Oh sir, when did you come?
I came when you were talking about
discounts on blouses and falls...
Right then.
Ladies Sir, ten votes per family
and there are elections soon.
Is it... you analyse well, Venky.
But this isn't our constituency you know?
Hey, come on...
I'm the MLA, Venky.
Enough of this...
You said some shopping mall opening?
-I'll just go, get ready and come.
-Okay go.
Why did you have such a man
instead of removing him from job sir?
-Who are you?
-The driver.
You're giving me advices
and why didn't I remove you?
Yes sir, why didn't you?
They won't fire drivers and
PAs in the houses of great people.
Why sir?
Because you know about all our loopholes.
Go and start the vehicle.
Okay sir.
Sir, they called you as chief
guest as you are the MLA.
There don't have a chain in the
neck or rings on the fingers.
Please wear something sir...
Actually, I fear they may
steal as there's a huge crowd.
Come on sir, am I not wearing?
-You also have a gun man.
Hey, give those chains
given by my mother-in-law.
What, even they have invited
heroine for the opening?
Theese film people would
dominate us, Venky.
No way sir.
-Okay, come on let's go.
-Madam is here.
Oh god! Venky...
[instinctive voices]
Hey gun man, where are you rascal?
-Oh no, are you okay sir?
Will a man let go of
humanity seeing a lady, Venky?
Won't they see that a
human is under their feet?
What's this blood on your neck sir?
You gave two thick chains, right?
They stole them.
-Hey, I'm an MLA.
-So what?
-Where are you from, idiot?
-Why will I say?
Strange people.
You haven't noticed, but someone
stole the chain even from your neck.
I took care and put it inside
myself when the public came.
Thank God, my chain is safe.
Reporting sir.
Where did you go?
I have a low BP right sir?
As it was suffocating in the crowd,
I went in and sat in the AC room.
-You appointed him right?
-He has some family problems.
-Come on, let's go for the opening
-What to open now?
-What's wrong?
-Look there.
You don't feel bad sir, mall opening...
-I will leave.
I've got a great match.
The match making is at 4'o clock
in the evening. Don't just come alone.
Bring some old fellow for talking
on behalf of you as an elder.
I got it.
Will you give me the
space to change my dress?
Dear, saree isn't rumple right?
Either a man or the sari should go
crushed after a lady has it on right?
I'm the MLA dear.
Who else do I have than you, sir?
Whatever you say is final but this
match shouldn't go missed out.
Why to bring in a trouble with three
knots? Is this marriage needed now?
I'm not like you.
I know how to control my wife very well.
-Is it Venky?
Come on, say it again.
I know how to control my wife very well.
Very good, move on.
-The boy... PA!
And PA sir's MLA.
Being an MLA, you came for the
match making os your PA,
Oh my! You aren't an ordinary PA.
You keep talking and I'll bring the girl.
Thats right! Right!
Who's he? Looks like the rubber
stamp on my office table.
The boy's height, weight and age...
Silence, you shouldn't ask such things.
Let's see how he talks and sings...
Come on sing a song dear.
You're clearing the throat,
will you sing now or what?
Why should we singing
being from the groom side?
Why are you bothered if he doesn't mind?
Dirty faced rascal is commenting.
-I'm the MLA madam.
-So, what?
Who is this OLX pieces?
Come on, they're old people and they
keep asking. We shall adjust, right?
It's okay.
-What's this background music Venky?
-I won't get the song without lead.
[Balapam Patti song from
the film Bobbili Raja]
Venky, sit.
Oh no, she's so beautiful.
Hey baby...
Hey baby...
-Please be seated.
-Venky, be gentle.
You shouldn't wipe like that.
She'd sit, you come and be seated.
We're the groom side,
we should be stubborn.
We have just two girls.
The elder one is working.
As the two old ladies would disturb,
we joined the younger one in a hostel.
Then ain't it them who should
be going to an old age home?
Ask the girl anything if you want to son.
Who else do I have than you?
Whatever you say is final, ask her...
They say your working...
No idea how my timings
would be with the boy.
So, it's better you give
up your job after the marriage.
Oh no, I'll handle it
Why do you bother about job?
We'll take care after the marriage,
that's the self
respect matter of the girl.
Who else do I have than you?
Whatever you say is final, ask her...
I'll ask.
Do you know to cook or...
Oh no, I'll talk...
We'll order in Swiggy if she doesn't
know cooking or go to a restaurant.
Which generation's questions are these?
Is an umpire needed for a
match thats fixed already?
Who else do I have than you?
Whatever you say.
Ask the elders something.
What'll you give the boy?
We ordered Laddu and also
prepared Tamarind rice already.
Laddu and Tamarind...
Sir, better you avoid tamarind
as I have a gastric problem.
-Hey, will you please get out?
-Okay sir.
Huh! Laddu it seems!
Not for eating, but we are
asking about the presents.
Come on, we just have two girls
and everything we have is for them.
-What do you have?
-Whatever we have...
Look elder son in law,
my anklets are for you...
Even my ear rings are for you.
You can't bear with these brains.
Let's leave Venky.
-And Before everyone...
-Oh no!
Being an MLA, if you ask for dowry they'd
put you behind bars under section 498.
I like the girl. If she wants
to ask me anything, let her ask.
I'm already sitting on the marriage stage
and searching out for
the rings in the tumbler.
And I won in that.
Hey, the same!
I too have got the seat for our
kid at the corporate school.
MLA Sir has said to give one
Lakh for the donation too.
Are you using me for
the next generation too?
"Like the heaven slipped on to the earth"
"Like the stars dropped into the hands"
"Like flowers showered in the heart"
"So much fun..."
"So much fun..."
"Like teaching songs to the Peacock..
Like the Cuckoo danced on the branches."
"Like the new tunes are born"
"So much fun..."
"So much fun..."
"Is it Kalidasa's book and
the song of Tyagaraja..."
"Are mixed and sung ant once by the heart"
"Beautiful thoughts and
never ending hopes..."
"Are like jumped all around"
"So much fun..."
"So much fun..."
Finally smile and tie the knot son.
Tie the knot with a smile son.
Why did I hear it differently?
[camera captures]
Hey, I need a solo photo.
Everybody, please go down...
Hey, photographer! Take off brother
in law and capture just two of us.
What's this?
Maybe she didn't like
you. I liked you, right?
You're not the range of honey,
right? Honey is the best.
[camera captures]
I thought you'd come in a
saree for the first night.
-This dress?
-This is comfort Venky.
Oh, if you're comfortable then it's fine.
Please take your seat.
Seat belt! We'll fly off.
Fly off yeah... Yeah!
"The naughty mirror counting
a bindi every day..."
"Is throwing a mischievous smile"
"The sweet kiss you give
at the time I go out"
"Is enhancing my life time"
"Fragrance of jasmines reminding
about the time to go home"
"Filling new celebration in the eyes of
naughty girl waiting outside the house"
"So much fun..."
"So much fun..."
-Eat son...
-Son, fish is fresh.
-Have the fish.
-I have cooked everything freshly for you.
-Eat this dish son.
Eat without hesitation
don't leave anything.
God you are great man.
Watch the film, Venky...
You watch and I'll watch you.
With the overdose of love we
show in the first days marriage,
wives will sit high on the Everest.
We are casually at the bottom.
They would neither come
down and we can't climb up.
In this gap,
a few new rights too start in them on us.
How's it Venky?
Yeah, it's good.
Yuck! It's so bad.
Why not say bad when it isn't good?
Be open Venky,
this is the only thing I expect from you.
Oh, okay.
How's it Venky?
It's too oily and salty.
Why do you say so rudely?
I prepared for you working hard.
Why not say fine with some concern?
This is the only thing I expect from you.
How many times shall I say not to
put the towel on bed after bath?
-You left on the used socks on the couch.
-On the couch.
-You don't off the lights, fans.
-You don't off the lights, fans.
-Won't you have this much of discipline?
-Won't you have this much of discipline?
-This is the only thing I expect from you.
-This is the only thing I expect from you.
Past digging!
Comparing past with the present,
they say you've changed
and play football with us.
Hi Harika...
You said movie at 6'o clock
and came at 9'o clock.
I was a bit busy at office.
You'd have reminded me at 4'o clock?
I never reminded till now.
Why are you digging past things now?
Did you get Surf Excel?
Oh damn...
Hey, no problem.
I have a very important
meeting tomorrow at office.
My Saree isn't ready. Thanks
Okay, have you brought at least Jasmines?
You won't remember my movie or Surf Excel
but never miss out bringing Jasmines...
Venky, you've changed.
Earlier in a movie,
you used to watch only me
but now you're watching the film.
Venky, you've changed.
Earlier, you used to be in the kitchen
with me. But now you aren't.
Venky, you've changed.
-For everything you...
-At least Surf Excel...
Ladies own up something very much
from all the fights taken place.
They apply that in every
fight, like this Surf Excel.
Changes do come in
respect too after a few days.
Harika, all are in the fridge.
Why not heat them up and keep outside.
Come on, adjust a bit for today hubby.
You used to serve everything
fresh when newly married
and it's all stocked food now.
Fresh it seems!
Are you fresh like back then or what?
To escape myself from this frustration,
I invented an excercise myself
and that is Venky's excercise.
-Do we need to to roam in MLA's car?
-I made him buy the car for us, to roam.
Won't you wish the new neighbours?
I think you won't take
good care of your wife.
-How do you know?
As you are making your wife
carry the entire luggage...
I carried it all through the shopping,
she's just carrying while getting down.
Look at me, I'm carrying the entire load.
Wives man, follow me...
See, that's called love and caring.
-Come in, I'will teach you the lesson.
-Who is he? a new frustration.
-Why do you care when he said something?
-Are you caring about me? You've changed.
You go to the office and...
If they get angry,
they throw the things around them on us...
But it's enough if we just
raise our hand in anger...
They use an atomic weapon on us.
You will hit and kill me?
What? It's you who threw the knives and
all. I just raised my hand. That's it.
You know where is that
sound of weeping heard?
-Not that Harika...
-Harika said everything to me.
-Please listen once to me also.
-It's all my daughter's fate.
-Not that mother-in-law...
-We kept our dearest baby in your hands...
You're torturing at your
will making her innocent.
As a Psychiatrist what I feel,
ladies are very sensitive at heart...
Either they irritate us or torture,
[phone rings]
should treat them with love,
and with patience...
[phone rings]
Even after disconnecting many times...
Why the hell do you call so many times?
Are you any dying?
How many times did I say not to
call when there's the client?
Should I cook rice or Chapati for lunch?
My hands will pain. I won't make
Chapati but will prepare rice.
Why did you call me after
taking the decision yourself?
I'll kill you...
Don't call me when I'm in working, okay?
Sir... Sir... Sir...
-No problem. This isn't for me, have it
-Venky, where were we?
-As a psychiatrist what I feel...
-Come on, let's leave.
-Ladies are very soft hearted...
-I'll kill you rascal...
My life took another
U-turn with this cab's entry.
Sister! I'm here...
Honey, hi...
Why did she come in with the suitcase?
The food at the hostel isn't good,
so she'll stay in our house from now.
She said brother in law doesn't
suit my pride and Honey is the best!
Then, why did she come to my house?
Sister, is this brother in
law's house and not yours?
Oh no, why are you looking like that?
[music mutes voice]
Honey is the best!
Younger one is more dangerous
than the elder sister.
Wonder what happens to the
guy who's going to marry her.
I'm that unlucky guy...
-I'll narrate my own story.
-Go on.
To narrate a history, it's like before
Telangana and after Telangana...
Hey brother, why discuss on that now?
Come on brother,
you have got great knowledge
and say a lot like
before and after Christ.
But I just know only this.
Now opening up at Borabanda...
Kantakka's son Varun Yadav
in Borabanda is a blast...
He works a lot,
eats and roams around with friends...
Sleeps late and wakes up
late in the morning...
Life was going very playful...
[phone rings]
Oh no, what are these ladies seeing?
They are staring like to eat us away.
Huh, get inside.
Oh god! What's this?
She wrote a love letter or what.
[Jabardasth SOAP running on TV]
Mom, why are you laughing so loud
early in the morning like Nagababu?
I am watching Jabardasth program
recap, son... it is so funny.
What's the status of our
restaurant's new branch?
That food Inspector is torturing,
It'll be done if we get
a letter from MLA sir.
Okay, where's dad?
I asked him to cut onions,
no idea where he's gone.
If you put spices in the beans
and cook, it tastes good.
-Do you know how to?
Then, why don't you cook and show me?
My son is calling me, I'll just be back.
Dad! Mom asked you to cut onions
and you are peeling beans here
for the neighbour aunty?
Come on, walk in.
-He's troubling a lot sir...
-Who's that idiot, show?
-You do something.
-He's the guy.
-We shall finish him.
-We shall finish him.
-What's your problem, man?
-How many times do we tell you?
Shut up!
What man, should we be in the house
or go away selling it because of you?
What are these dirty
deeds in a family locality?
Wait... Wait...
What's wrong uncle, why are you so angry?
When you're sleeping on the bungalow,
it seems your lungi is coming off
and is turning into a nuisance.
All from the colony are complaining.
Come on...
Tap isn't working, drainage isn't clean
and when called to participate in Swatch
Bharat, none turned out from the colony
And now all of them came
about my lungi matter...
Come on, isn't it a nuisance when you
take off your lungi before ladies?
Oh no, what if Lungi is coming off
uncle? There is an inner ware right?
Look sir... See, how's he exposing in
short dresses in front of the ladies.
-Should have some shame.
-Look aunty...
it isn't me wearing short dress.
Look at your daughter there.
That is said as short dress
My house, my roof and my son!
He would sleep or do whatever...
If you make nonsense,
I'll bash up each and everyone.
Nuisance in the morning, move...
Move man... Hey uncle, move.
-See, how she supports
-What dude?
Hi dude...
What's their nuisance
early in the morning?
They came for a fight saying my lungi
came off when I slept on the roof.
Lungi came off?
What's wrong,
you have the boxer inside, right?
-I've been saying the same from then
-Oh no...
Bad time.
I gave a Police complaint just for opening
it once and you're opening it repeatedly.
I'm your husband.
What are you watching sir?
Hey move, walk.
Hello sir, I'll tell you a truth.
I'm the only macho in this colony and
thus all the girls are sighting me.
-What man, are you trying to fool me?
-Aren't you believing me?
You come.
Come on uncle, I'll show you.
-What's this?
-Come on, read.
-My daughter's writing.
-Read the matter.
My dad is leaving to Khammam in the night.
We shall enjoy if you
come onto the terrace.
What enjoyment mean?
You go tonight and I'll let
you know in the morning.
Are you leaving to Khammam, then?
I won't step out even from my door.
Let this matter not go out, please.
All of them should be
cleared in five minutes.
Just keep watching.
-Discussion with him going to a side?
-Oh no!
Rascal, why did you lift up and
tie your lungi before the ladies?
Why did you hit our man sir?
You rascal, what's this
sleeveless vest in front of ladies?
Sir, you took something from that guy.
[indistinct voices]
Shut up! Move... Move...
[indistinct voices]
If you come again on to the house,
I'll break your bones.
Have you seen Akka Mogudu
daily soap yesterday night?
-Yes, it was great.
Hello, Father!
Have you shifted to this wall again?
What chatting do you carry
out at the walls always?
What more will he have than the ladies
matters, except watching TV serials,
and discussing about them here.
[phone rings]
Hello Honey!
Varun, they aren't permitting me
to take part in the cultural fest.
They are saying to bring
whomever I can. Come fast...
Honey, my heartbeat. We're
in love from the past one year.
She always said Honey is the best
and after so long got the
luck to see her talent.
Hey idiots, who is blocking the talent of
my girl? I'll peel their skins, rascals.
Hey, Honey what's wrong dear?
See Varun,
they aren't letting me participate.
Hey, Honey dear your dress is so nice.
Honey is the best.
-By the way, who stopped you?
-Who is that?
-Song after dance...
You asked to bring whoever I
want right? Here comes my man.
Hey, if you want to stamp down
go home and pedal the bicycle.
Why are you stamping
down my girl's talent down?
She's the super talented, Brother.
She's super talented?
Damn sure...
Before watching her talent,
let's watch the real talent.
Dear Sasikala.
[classical vocal]
What is this?
Stop it... Stop it...
-Bad singing Varun...
-Is it?
Ga in SAREGAMA should go down and
-PA should rise up.
-Stop it.
Every guy gives judgment like a
Balu Sir from Paduta Teeyaga show.
-Go and sing.
-I'll play foot ball with SAREGAMA.
-Go dear.
-Hey, move... move... move...
-Why are they running dude?
Hey, all are overacting here.
-I feel something wrong.
-Come on, man.
See, my babe will do a blast.
-Is she doing any black magic?
-Come on, it's a warm up.
Then, what's this?
Hot water... to clear the throat.
[classical vocals sang bad]
She sounds like the old
scooter of your dad.
[classical vocals sang bad]
Is she begging?
[classical vocals sang bad]
Is she catching hens?
[classical vocals sang bad]
[classical vocals sang bad]
Why are you beating up like that?
I feel like dying to her without this sir.
Samaga... samaga... samosa...
Samaga... samaga... samosa...
Sir, she feels music is Samosa
and Jack fruits we eat sir.
Oh my god!
[classical vocals sang bad]
[classical vocals sang bad]
Stop it!
Didn't you like it, Varun?
Fantastic, you rocked it.
Honey is the best!
What will we do now, sir?
-Why do you ask me sir?
-Okay, what about a dance?
Do you still have hope? Okay!
Let's watch even that horrible thing too.
Moon walk!
[Michael Jackson - They don?t care song]
This isn't like Moon walk dance,
but is like a old lady's dance.
Tiger dance!
[Michael Jackson - They don?t care song]
What dude, I feel itchy all over my body
and feel like hitting
myself with a belt?
-Sir, belt.
Veena step, Veena step...
-Oh my God!
-No Honey dear, you step down.
Come down... Come.
Why you stopped me,
I was doing fine right?
Not that, I thought some practice and...
You crazy,
I've been practicing from 15 years.
Hey, you stay calm idiot.
Hitting like Pothuraju from
the celebration at village.
not now but for the next Anniversary...
You too are stamping down my talent.
I hate you. I don't love you.
-I'm breaking up with you. That's it.
Honey dear, You don't get
worried for such a small thing.
I'll make you get onto the
stage and see who stops.
Who made her get onto the stage, idiot?
I'm almost getting a stroke even
when sitting in the staff room.
-Principal sir, how are you?
-Greetings sir.
Hey Varun, what are you doing here?
Sir, she's our girl and a bit for
the Anniversary and that stage...
Come on man, it's the matter of
lives of so many kids and parents.
Okay sir.
-When you wrote a letter to Sarala madam.
-Even for Jyothi madam also.
-When her husband came to hit you...
-Stop it!
Will we let such things come open or what?
Let it be so for now...
Sir, how can it happen like that?
If she gets onto the stage I'll
commit suicide hanging myself.
Hey, I'll dance in front of
your corpse when you die.
Raise the curtains.
Raise the curtains.
[singing 'Maroon 5 - Girls Like You' song]
Hey everyone clap, sir you too...
"Oh my God! There isn't so
much of talent on the earth"
"Oh my God!
None has seen this for so long"
"Oh my God! There isn't so
much of talent on the earth"
"Oh my God!
None has seen this for so long"
"When you sing the tune,
won't even the nightingale go vanishing?"
"When you start dancing,"
"Won't the Peacock get
out from the village?"
"Honey is the best! Honey is the best!"
"Honey is the best
either for dance or song"
"Honey is the best! Honey is the best!"
"Honey is the best encourage
by whistling and patting her"
"When you play the Cricket,
yours is the game to break the wicket"
"When you play the football game
Yours is the style to make a self goal"
"When you're put into the running
race You'd change the winning number"
"If you're sent for Chess game"
"You'd jump over the board taking
that as the jumping grid game"
"Honey is the best! Honey is the best!"
"Honey is the best
either for game or fame"
"Honey is the best! Honey is the best!"
"Honey is the best encourage
by whistling and patting her"
"Honey is the best! Honey is the best!"
"Honey is the best either
for home or to cook"
"Honey is the best! Honey is the best!"
"Honey is the best encourage
by whistling and patting her"
Stop... This is my house.
Varun, we shouldn't stop this here.
We've the nationals next month at Delhi
Take me even there and we'll try, okay?
Whatever happens to the
world, you'll live up dear.
Crazy man, you don't
understand what you speak in happiness.
Say Honey is the best, for once.
Leave me for now..
-Honey is the best.
-Honey is the best.
Thank you.
See you, bye...
-Bye Honey, good night.
Yes, I got you.
Come, I'll teach you the lesson now.
-See how many cups have I won.
-Oh my God! Honey show me.
-I'm so happy.
Not about the cups but say
about the mistakes you did.
Who was that boyfriend who
dropped you home on the bike?
What boyfriend, brother in law?
He was the Ola bike guy.
Is it! We give money to the Ola
bike guy but do we give hugs, dear?
I think he have seen me...
See sister, you said not
possible for you to see my program
and brother-in-law would come, right?
He hasn't come, you know he
never cares about your word.
Oh no...
You never care about my word, right?
I had a small work at office.
When my Surf Excel was...
Huh, stop your Surf Excel
nuisance like some coffee and snacks.
She got down with some
boyfriend and what's your nuisance now?
Yes, mine is a nuisance.
Not that, some boyfriend dropped her.
-Are you any mad?
-Yes, I'm mad.
Oh no, why do you let go the
important matters and hang on to the tail?
You don't have a head.
-Yes, I married you right? No head.
-She is hanging again to the tail.
Okay brother-in-law, arrange
the cups and I'm going to sleep.
You diverted the whole topic
and ask me to arrange the cups?
You dirty cups...
Oh no! Please no dear...
Siren... Family... Finish... Please no!
You don't cry, they'd come again...
Oh no, She's come. Oh no, even these too.
-Hey broked my cups.
-Why are you torturing my daughter?
Are these any fools to
torture? They are criminals.
You're drying down the juicy babe.
Instead of making her cry so,
why not bless her with a baby?
When you're in my house here 24/7,
how would I bless with a baby? My foot!
When he's not considering the age while
talking, why don't you talk hubby?
It's right, correct? It's right, correct?
Should I scold you,
beat you or should feel pity...
Here, he comes
My wife...
When she asked just for ice cream,
I'm getting it all the way from Charminar.
Should you get into my house and say that?
Just like that...
They're wives man, I thought you'd follow.
I have no luck even for Surf
Excel and ice cream again?
-Oh god! It's all my bad luck.
-You're happy now, right?
Dirty idiot...
No need of following
so much, you carry on.
Enough for today.
Brother-in-law doesn't like
me to stay in his house, mom.
Crazy girl, this isn't brother in
law's house but is of your sister.
Yes, our house...
You have good calculations in this,
but won't talk about her mistakes.
What mistakes, son?
She's going to the college and
roaming around with some boyfriend.
She stays in my house and don't
I have the responsibility?
Son-in-law, if you doubt my daughter
it's like doubting my whole dynasty.
Yes, our dynasty is like fire.
Yes, thus you put my house on fire.
Ok son,
prove that my daughter has a boyfriend
and then I, my daughter and
whole family would be at your feet.
Tell again mother-in-law...
If you prove it I, my daughter and entire
family would be at your feet. That's it.
Stand on the same word mother-in-law.
Note the date on the calendar.
I'll prove that your younger daughter
has a boyfriend in the next two days,
I'll put your elder daughter in control
and will be the boss
for your whole family.
Promise... Promise... Promise...
Honey, we have committed.
You don't have a boyfriend, right?
- No.
Thank God.
[indistinct chatter]
-Yes, show a bit to the left.
-Hi dear...
-Did you eat dear?
-Show a bit to the left.
Life would be so in the
early days of marriage,
and would become like this
after that. Look into the work.
Camera is on the backside sir,
he cannot be seen.
You may escape from the camera
but can't escape from my eye.
-MLA sir...
-Who are you, sir?
I should MLA sir for the hotel permission.
Do you have the PA permission?
Hey, you know what this is?
Recommendation letter
from Corporator Yadagiri sir.
-Who is the PA now? Move.
-Move without making nuisance.
No respect at the wife at
home and this fellow again now...
Hello, stop.
-Where are you going and who are you?
-I need to meet MLA sir.
To meet the MLA you need PA's
permission and I've no mood.
Are you kidding?
-Are you my co-brother to make fun?
-Who knows, I may become if time permits.
Why are you laying hands man?
If I make one phone call gangs come
from every street and break your bones.
Hey... Hey... Hey...
Bring as many as you can.
Any centre, any time, single hand...
Dude, he said Venky's dialogue from
Ganesh movie and you say PK dialogue.
Look my dear PA,
not when to win but we
should know when to be subtle.
Then I'll win and you get subtle, come on.
Not a sentiment dialogue man,
you shall say the action dialogue.
I remembered this now, dude.
Why's he getting frustrated so?
Does he have any wife's torture at home?
Hey! Why do you talk about wife, idiot?
Hey! Don't mess with me.
-With me too.
-I have high BP.
I too have BP.
Hey, why this nuisance
dude? Show that letter
-Corporator Yadagiri sir recommendation.
-What Corporator Yadagiri, my foot.
[phone rings]
My decision is final here.
-Hey, I will kill you.
Where is Varun?
[glass breaks]
He's into a fight here at MLA's house.
You know, I'm gold belt in Karate.
Share the location and I'm coming.
-Kara... Gold belt in Karate...
-I will peel your skin.
Hold on... What's happening here Venky?
-We're fighting.
-We're fighting.
Are you fighting?
If you fight your limbs should break
but why's my furniture being damaged?
What's the problem Venky?
It seems he'd meet you
without my permission.
Your permission to meet me?
What's your problem, man?
He tore away Corporator Yadagiri
bro's recommendation letter.
That idiot has no entry inside the gate
and a recommendation letter from him?
On duty sir.
Hey, when such a mess was
on here where did you go?
I have piles, right Sir?
I went to drink coconut water.
tell me a disease which you don't have.
I don't have Seizures sir
but am expecting soon.
Oh, you wish to be alive till then?
Why does he feel diseases are some awards?
Yes, I'm the MLA and should
do public service often.
-Okay, you carry on man.
-That is.
you do it all without informing right?
Hey, call the press sitting outside.
-I'll open up his entire history.
-Hey Venky, no, no...
I said in the market, right?
About our loop holes.
Correct sir...
It goes so having such guys on job.
-What are you talking again?
You catch my collar again...
-What are you talking about rules?
-Hey, I am an MLA man...
Hey! You may have seen girlfriends
who make their boyfriend spend.
But you may haven't seen a girlfriend like
me who gets angry when he is in trouble.
If I see you, you will go to ICU.
I've heard this voice somewhere...
Hey, show up your face.
Hey dear, I have heard this voice
somewhere. Show me your face.
Show me your face.
We won't show our face to
you. Maintain some distance sir.
You come on, Varun...
We're Thugs of Hindustan,
Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam.
I'll get MP's recommendation next time.
What Honey,
why did you drag me out so from inside?
It's my brother-in-law inside.
He saw you dropping me at home
in the night and made a big mess.
That means, he is become an obstacle for
both my personal and professional life?
I'll teach him a lesson.
Come on, give his number.
[phone rings]
Hello Cobra.
Cobra... Why are you scolding, idiot?
Hey, Cobra isn't filthy language,
but means co-brother.
I'm your sister-in-law's lover.
Hey, where are you?
What man,
it seems you challenged to catch us?
Hey, I'll slip like Mercury
if you try to catch us.
I'll slip into the burrow.
Hey, I'll fly away over the seas.
-Where'd you fly away, Cobra?
-Where ever...
-Hello, my foot! I'll beat you up.
You both together cheat me inside?
When you shout loud at
their compound near their gate,
won't they listen to that, dude?
If you really are such a
great hero to give warning,
go to Borabanda circle and give it.
It seems would fly on the
seas and slip into the burrow.
You and your dirty old villain dialogues.
Why are you staring so angrily, sir?
I'm after all a side kick friend sir.
Look there sir.
Bye brother-in-law.
-Hey Cobra, stop...
-He is coming dear run...
-Stop rascal...
-He is coming, move.
Honey... come fast...
Come in...
We are safe now...
Come on, move...
Hey stop, stop... Hey!
Hi Cobra, there's dog in this house.
If that sees, none till date
escaped without getting bit by that.
Once take a look to you back side.
[dog growls]
Oh man!
Enjoy Cobra...
Hey, come fast man.
You leave, I'll take care.
You think it's so easy to deal with dogs,
You too are a male dog, right?
As a man,
listen to the troubles of this man.
It's been six months since I'm married
Hey no, why did you sit?
[intense music mutes voice]
[intense music mutes voice]
[intense music mutes voice]
[intense music mutes voice]
[intense music mutes voice]
Not just humans but you make
even the dogs cry with sentiment.
You're great.
[intense music mutes voice]
[dog groans]
Whose dog and how greatly
are you playing with it man!
-Yes, this one.
-Hey Honey...
Why did you bring me to your house?
Sister is busy at office and
brother-in-law is busy with dog.
Let's talk happily for some time.
-Talking means...
-Come on...
Hey Honey wait...
-Where is the bedroom? Where is it?
What's this?
You said we shall talk, right?
Not so loud, but a bit softly.
Come, hug me and kiss me.
Now you're booked.
[camera captures]
To catch you,
I attached the CC cameras to this phone.
Please brother-in-law,
don't tell to sister.
-Oh no, what an acting?
-Please brother-in-law.
Okay brother,
we should overlook at all such things.
See you, Honey dear. I am leaving sir.
Hey bro, where will you go?
I have a lot of work with you.
You played badly bro.
You make me run? Get me caught to the dog?
I'll get you caught to her family,
dangerous than the Dog
Come on, nothing happened and you get
me caught to the family just for this sir?
We shall settle in
between us if there's anything.
What bro, Do you think am I
watchman at Indira Park to settle?
Just this footage is enough.
Revenge on you, avenge on him,
frustration over your mom and sister...
All will be gone...
One shot and all birds die...
With family.
you said your sister had no boyfriend.
Come on, see this.
I caught red handed
when they were kissing.
Hello Grannies...
See, you said your dynasty is fire,
pickle and rust...
I'll crush down you...
Mother-in-law, do you remember?
You said whole family will be
at my feet if I prove, right?
I'm the King from today
and all are the slaves.
Bonded slaves.
Hey Harika,
shoes from now will be on the bed
and socks will be on
the sofa in this house.
They will be everywhere
and in any position.
Take out the servants
in the house from today.
Your mom and this OLX
batch is here, right?
Authority and decision are
mine in this house from today
I'll peel the skins if
you cross your limits.
What say father-in-law?
Thats right! Right!
-Isn't it right?
Why did she btrap up this way?
Looking at son-in-law's flow, he's
like playing football lifelong with us.
What shall we do now?
Let's cover it up saying
we know this before itself.
-Mom, it's wrong.
-No way..
What are the dumb signals?
Hey Cobra, they've gone dumb
with the shock I've given.
What's there to go dumb in this?
We know about this long back.
Why so much mess?
We know long back that my
sister has a boyfriend.
You cooked up this story just now as you
may have to lead lives at my feet, right?
Why cook up stories?
We called the boy for introducing
him to you. Promise on my Husband.
Thats right! Right!
Harika, I'm your husband and I've lost.
I'll be at your feet
but need just one truth.
When you knew Honey had a
boyfriend, why did you challenge with me?
Just like that, Venky. We tested
to see whether you'd catch or not.
Oh God...
Won't you ever give a chance for
a husband to win over the wife?
It's wrong dude,
too much injustice is going on.
Leave about what our son in law says,
-Are your mom and dad at home dear?
-Yes Aunty.
Oh, do you have?
What's that?
I mean, we shall call them for
engagement if they're there.
Varun come...
-Bless me aunty.
-Please bless us.
What's this Cobra?
You torture such a such a kind family?
I didn't like and it's no way good.
He's so always, Varun.
-Even that Surf Excel matter...
-Hey, stop.
Yes, all have come along and
only I am an outsider now.
Enjoy and I'll go out.
Bring cool drinks and sweets
for all, while you returning.
Come in... I will teach you.
I'll inform brother-in-law
that you just came to know.
-No... No.
-No... No.
Cool! Cool...
Cobra, I was worrying how to
settle this inter caste marriage.
You helped me a lot.
Love you Cobra... Love you!
-Hey, though an enemy, you are a man.
-Is it?
That cute smile is very good in your face.
But it won't remain so after marriage.
Listen to me and say no to marriage.
Cobra, please see to that cool drinks
are chilled and more ghee in the sweets.
I'll go and discuss about marriage.
-Come fast
Hey, Honey...
He's gone in and he has it now.
They would chew him away,
stamp him down, eat him up.
Now fun for me and frustration for him.
-Greetings, go in...
-Greetings MLA sir...
Yours is fine but even
for your sister-in-law?
Am I the MLA for this
constituency or for your family?
[tires screeching]
Greetings aunty.
My mom and my dad.
-I am his friend.
You just agreed without any second thought
after knowing that your boy is in love,
You aren't a normal guy.
What is she saying son?
Same timing.
Elder daughter and elder son-in-law.
PA and PA's MLA.
-Come inside.
-Same flow
Brother, think once again.
Do you need this marriage?
I'm not like you, I have
capacity to keep my wife in control.
-Shoot the video.
Come on say it again.
I'm not like you and have capacity
to keep my wife in control.
-How did I say, dude?
Keep is safe.
-Now he has it inside.
-Yes, he has it.
Elder son-in-law, go that way and sit.
Sit that side. Go man...
Younger son-in-law sit here.
Sit there son...
Old son-in-law is become
cheap once the new one is in.
-Are you watching serials?
-Hey, father.
You have started serial chats even here?
We came here for match fixing father.
-Even here!
-What is he, Mom?
Whole house is lighted up after
younger son-in-law is entered.
He'd get ruined just in the next 6 months.
Why to mess with those OLXs, Venky?
Aunty, Honey's exams are done.
Now we've decided to get her married.
We brought her with great pampering
and now putting her in your hands.
It's just me talking
and why don't you talk?
Thats right! Right!
Huh! Oh no! Why have I become like this?
Why did you too become a rubber
stamp like that fellow, Venky?
I too am into the same shock sir.
-Stay like that...
Cool... Cool...
Mom, if you have something to ask, go on.
Whatever you say is final for me.
Look, our food is not full without
non vegetarian. You cook well, right?
I will manage.
won't you cook if it is your daughter?
-What have I said?
-Leave about that cooking.
Whatever you say is final.
Look, you should be
traditional like this after marriage
and that Jeans,
T-shirt won't work with me.
Hey, Honey dear...
I'll manage.
Hey, how is the trend these days and
which generation questions are these?
Same formula...
Same screenplay and in
fact same genre too...
-I'm seeing me in her.
-I'm seeing me in him.
Talk to the elders if you have anything.
What will you give to the boy?
Almond Halwa, Cashew nut sweet
and we got even Biryani prepared.
What is this, son?
They improved the menu, right?
I came to know that I have
even ulcer recently sir.
What shall we have in place of Biryani?
Take some poison and I'll get freed.
-Get out, idiot.
-Okay sir.
Not to eat, but am asking about the gifts?
I'll say about that aunty.
They just have two daughters.
Where'd everything go,
it's all for them both.
-What's there?
-Whatever is there.
They don't reveal that!
Nothing less in looks.
Younger son-in-law, my anklets are yours.
My ear rings are yours.
Oh no!
Rings and anklets have gone that way,
Come on sir, are they any
ornaments of Anantha Padmanbha?
They're wearing from 60 years.
They would have been worn
out to half a gram by now.
Yes, logic.
Varun, what are so many questions?
I'm multi talented and
haven't you informed your mom?
Honey is the best.
Sing one song dear.
Hey, I'll die if she sings that again.
I can't bear and am leaving.
Hey, don't go anywhere.
At least you say her to sing, son.
It's better that you're at
the wall than to be here.
Shall I go, then?
Shut up and sit.
-Hey, Honey dear...
Wait! You wait...
Come on, let her sing bro. I wanted
to witness her talent from long back.
-I too love songs.
You sing dear...
Come on, should she sing right today?
There's Marriage and Sangeeth ahead...
Hey priest, there's a common
dialogue for you in such scenes and
why are you not saying that?
The time is here, exchange the offerings.
Same Vasthu, I too stood right there.
You'll soon be back to the pavilion.
[camera captures]
I arranged a great party in
the engagement happiness.
Cobra, come...
-Great toddy milk have it.
-No, I don't need.
What, you need your wife's
permission for this too?
Hey, what are you talking?
Wife's permission for me,
what are you saying man?
Bro, wife is like the
controlling ropes on the horse.
It should be on the
hand, you let it go brother.
-What, me?
Hey, Harika...
Why is she not coming?
Hey Harika!
Why doesn't she reply even when
you're screaming so much brother?
-Why is there no sound?
-You left it off brother.
Where did I leave?
Hey, you stupid... Where are you?
Hey Harika, why don't you respond
when I'm calling from so long?
Oh no! Are you drunk or what?
-We just...
-Tried that.
-You tried... Oh no!
-They just have tried that's it.
What's wrong in that brother?
They are ladies brother.
Bro, high class people drink in josh
and the low class drink when happy.
What did our middle class do, brother?
Brother, it's toddy and our culture.
Sister-in-law, Honey... Go on...
Go on?
"The brain is revolving round..."
"Hey go on, go on..."
"Hey go on, go on..."
"It's on high pace..."
"It's on high pace..."
"Earth down is on the
top and sky up is down"
-"They had drink and lost their ways"
-"Their way..."
"With a difference are dancing for
a song being behind each other"
"My mind is blown and
could see the stars..."
"The brain is revolving round."
"Shall we blow the balloon?"
"It's like my body is floating in the air"
"Size zero feels so,"
"Oh my beautiful lady"
"It's like I'm taking a horse,"
"The centre of the heart beats with speed"
"Do the ride"
"Where did the Sun go
in the sky at night?"
"He gave VISA to our
privacy and went on USA tour"
"Why did he shine bright from the window?"
"Indra is taking a photograph of you"
"The brain is revolving round"
"Shall we blow the balloon?"
"My words have been rolling"
"Let's make full noise
and rock n roll today"
"My glass is saying cheers"
"Even that's into romance
seeing you with glass eyes"
"I'm going left or right,
though am standing steadily"
"I'm standing ready and will
you a lift, come on dear"
"Though am feeling shy from
top and feeling thrilled within"
"What've you seen, there's lot more"
"The brain is revolving round"
"Shall we blow the balloon?"
"Shall we blow the balloon?"
-Why haven't they come still?
-What do I know.
They said to come in 10 minutes.
-No time sense, nothing.
-They have started early.
-They would be here mom.
Care about you opposite
house people too, man.
Wow, so many sarees.
Is there any occasion?
Any idiot would buy for occasion
and this is just like that.
I bought as I received salary.
-Have you ever bought a saree in salary?
-He's overacting and...
-They're wives, follow me...
-I know.
You come.
To hell with him and his suggestions.
Sorry sister-in-law,
traffic is too high in our area.
-No problem, please come.
-Come in...
Here's mom.
Shop freely and buy what everyone needs.
See our guy's management sir, wow.
We may make two enemies
get along taking to a bar,
but two ladies taken to
a saree shop... no way...
Oh no, there is no such scene.
-Yeah! Let's see.
What range shall I show madam?
For aunty, right?
Show in a very high range.
Mom, did you listen?
See this madam.
Not good.
-See this colour.
-It's good... Good...
It is looking good right?
-Not good at all.
-Isn't good right.
-Isn't this looking nice?
-This is latest madam
-Will take this one dear.
-Oh no, green colour...
This won't suit at all for you.
More, further more...
This is not good.
-Oh my God! Wow.
-Too good aunty.
-This is beautiful aunty.
-This one?
But this isn't of the range you asked
for, madam. The rate is too less.
Forget about the rate man.
This saree will be so good for her colour.
What is this son? Buying low price
saree She is talking about my colour?
And you are sitting quiet?
-Mother wait, I'll talk.
-Will you talk to her or not?
That's just the beginning and see now...
Aunty, mom's saree is of so less price...
They aren't the saris
to wear forever right?
They are worn rarely and put
back in the almirahs, right?
-Man... Pack this one.
-Madam? Okay madam.
Aunty, now you choose for us
-Have you seen Panipat war?
-No sir.
See Kanchi silk war now.
What range do I show now, madam?
Show from the range they have taken.
See this madam.
It's very good.
Already I have the same colour saree.
This is good.
-Already I have the same colour, aunty.
-Already I have the same pattern, aunty.
-This looks great.
-Already I have this model.
They say so till they take what they like.
Hey, this is superb.
already I have this same border saree.
How do we know what you have
or not? Take whatever you want.
Look there... That is, that is my family.
It's Okay...
she is my daughter in law, right.
What's this son? 5000 Rupees saree for
me and they are buying so costly ones?
If we don't ask, they keep
commanding. Ask and don't be calm.
-See now... I will talk them.
-You have to ask.
He's gone angrily now, right?
He'll come back getting compromised.
-Thats right! Right!
-What a timing uncle.
-It's looking nice right?
-Very nice...
What's this sister-in-law?
Okay for the bride but mom is feeling
even if you bought in such high prices.
What's this Varun?
You always give the card and
leave and now what's this new habit?
Is it your mom's training? You've changed.
It isn't that we have never
seen such saree's Varun.
When she asked with love, we are taking.
They aren't the saree's regularly
worn, we wear them very rarely.
-So cheaply for the saris... I can't...
It's all the bad luck of my daughter.
Why bad luck mother-in-law?
You go on happily with the shopping.
What did I say? What did I say?
when there's a good thing to happen...
We should take them along and move on...
You got the wife now,
right? You've changed.
What are you into that
nuisance chats? Move on.
Mom, come upstairs.
I won't come, son.
I can't bear with your
mother-in-law and your sister-in-law...
I'll pay the bill and leave. You go...
Mom says can't come, you carry on.
It's wrong Varun.
All would feel like we
kept you in our grip.
It's never there in our families
to keep husbands in our grip.
Correct, right? Correct, right?
Mom, come please...
Hey, go man. Even if I come,
they take only what they like.
-Come on, don't torture me.
-What should I do coming there.
They will take whatever you like.
Come on aunty, we liked two sets
and you select what you like.
These uncuts look good.
-Diamonds are better for my colour, aunty?
What did I say, son?
They take what they like and
why me in the middle again?
Sister-in-law, what's this
nuisance again after mom has come?
-Take what has mom selected.
-Okay, pack the uncuts.
Why are you
compromising? Diamonds are good.
-Good, right?
Pack the diamonds.
-Sir... Sir...
-What if they are diamonds or uncuts?
My money my marriage why do you care?
We're dealing with our problem?
-Why do you interfere in between?
-Hello Cobra, show your face.
Here, this side...
Hello, this way... Come on, yes...
That's the frustration on your
face, right? Frustration...
What's your nuisance in between again?
I had no love before
marriage and had six months edge
and for you...
No way Added a family as the bonus.
Three 'F's will soon go
missing from your life.
Friends, family and freedom.
And just one thing will be left
behind with you, frustration...
That's it. Okay...
Okay boy...
Hello, what?
You came this way early in the morning?
My sister is getting married.
Great people like you should
come surely for this marriage.
Just the card and no gifts?
How could we come without the gift?
Your second wife and your second son.
You always came to my house and said my
wife, ice cream and follow and I followed.
I never expected you'd follow so closely.
Go and say hello to daddy. Go... please go
Wow, the frame is beautiful and
same dress. Where did you buy it?
R. S. Brothers.
Wow, the same shop...
See now and play.
Give me.
Your frustration will now start.
-Cheers dude.
Hey, why does that Cobra say so?
He says friends would get cut.
How you can get cut for me?
You're my childhood friend dude.
[phone rings]
Phone from Honey, dude.
Leave it.
Hey, come on lift it please dude.
I won't lift at all.
[phone rings]
She's called again
Let's answer.
-No need...
Look, the queen is here.
-Honey dear...
You cut Honey's call enjoying
with this waste fellow?
You've changed Varun.
Hey! Give it to me...
Honey dear, when I was about to lift
your call, this idiot didn't allow me.
Where is this fellow?
Either love or marriage,
is it the friends to be scape goats?
Honey is the best.
Hey Darshi, said it right? Friend
will be cut and the first F is gone.
You said it perfectly sir.
-See, my son.
-Named the restaurant with my name.
-Hey Honey!
What son,
you replaced my name with her name?
-Okay, you do the opening...
-Oh god! How good it is...
-Huh, let me at least do the opening.
-She kept her huisband in her command.
Oh my god!
[indistintive voices]
What is this son?
You replaced my name with her name
and now she's cut even the ribbon.
Hello Cobra, I said right?
Second F is cut... Family is cut...
-Wait for third F...
-Yes you were right.
Freedom gone, all gone...
What's this son? You aren't yet
married and listen to your wife?
Didn't you remember your mom?
You've changed Varun, you didn't
take me for wedding card selection.
You're for sure a Mamma's boy.
you forget mom after getting the wife.
You don't remember about mom being here
and you always keep
talking to her on the phone.
Let's shift to separate house after
marriage. I can't be with your mom.
You do as your wish, idiot
What you're doing I've no...
-Kill us, rascal... Kill us...
[indistinct voices]
[screaming loud]
What's that drinking like
you're in a scarcity?
I'm not like you. I know well
about how to keep wife under control.
Wow, what a performance bro?
What an expression, come on please repeat.
Once again, for my sake...
I'm not like you. I know well
about how to keep wife under control.
You said to know how to
control wife and what happened?
What happened man?
-Say, what dear?
I feel to melt down in your
tight hug like a chick, Cobra...
Hey what is he saying chick
and all, I don't understand.
That is,
the boy needs you to console him sir..
You mean consoling?
-Hey come man, come bro.
I'm here right?
-Hey relax, no...
-Tell me, what happened?
-How did you bear for six months?
-Leave the past man...
Cobra... I'm going mad just in six days.
How was I? When said my lungi
came off, I gave them all a shock.
I was like a bomb and now am out Cobra.
Cobra, I am getting frustration...
-I am getting frustration
-No... No frustration.
It's very dangerous.
It's very dangerous. Relax... Relax...
-I've a temporary medicine.
-Give it here Cobra.
-No... no man. No man!
-Give it here...
It isn't a drug but it's Venky Asan...
Venky Asan.
Okay, all frustrated boys listen here.
All Venky fans, Mega fans
and other fans... Get up.
Hello you, you and you from
the audience come on get up...
Come on do this, follow me.
-How is it Cobra?
-Cobra! It's great.
Yes, that's a great relief.
What, what's your problem?
Rice or Chapati, prepare something
idiot. Is that any national issue?
When I came to this pub to have a
peg peacefully, what are these calls?
What, isn't the maid come?
So, you want me to come and sweep?
To hell with my life.
-Ladies are very soft hearted... Not that.
-Cobra, what is this wild frustration?
-It's better he visits some Psychiatrist.
He is Albert Narayan Das man...
-A famous Psychiatrist.
-Is it?
What happens to this city, Cobra...
Brother, it's an interesting
topic. Come on, sit down.
You see Cobra, I studied a lot
about the ladies mindset in YouTube.
This is a man's brain...
It is like a Chess board into boxes.
If suppose issue is at mom,
we be right in mom's box.
Thinking about mom...
For example, if we go into the office box,
we stay right there messing with the Boss.
-Okay, that's all.
-Yes, right.
But if it is a lady's brain.
-Will even that be like a Chess board?
-No, no!
That's where you are
mistaken. Crazy brain!
Wait, I'll tell you exactly.
It's like a big circle.
No boxes, it's only this.
What's that brother it's like a jungle?
It would be like a jungle and
that's why it is a woman's brain.
Suppose, we talk mom's matter
being in the box right?
And these jump from mom to
office, from office to home,
from here to there,
there to there and so on...
-I am getting frustration Cobra...
-Oh no...
-Use Venky Asan...
Come on...
You've been smoothly
continuing your family...
...even such a messy atmosphere means.
-Hey men... You're machos...
-Hats off brothers
Cobra... You analysed greatly.
I don't need all this,
put me out from this.
No, I can't. I just write the reviews.
Positives, negatives and bottom line...
But we need a cunning
brain for our problems.
Are you still alive?
They almost had tried killing me.
I mix poison in the milk
I mixed rat poison in the juice.
We decided to kill you
right here on the spot.
You would happily be gone if we kill so,
-That's we both together.
Decided to show you a hell for lifelong.
We with just one wife
and you with two wives...
Oh God, what a plan and what a sketch...
That's why I gave up
going home for three days.
Hundred calls from SIM 1 and
Two hundred calls from SIM 2.
I understood one point here.
Wives have a need with the husbands.
-I understood another point there.
I am going to Europe for three months.
Oh no, what's my situation now?
Oh no, what happens to my husband now?
Thinking what would be their life now,
wives would come to our feet.
Brother, this idea seems good.
Will this formula work out even for us?
Once, we get into the flight...
Smile is ours and they'll
be left with weeping.
Kick is ours and they'll have trouble.
Fun is ours and frustration is theirs...
[wedding percussions]
Harika, son-in-laws haven't come
yet and their phones are switched off.
I'm frightened and you come.
[aeroplane whizzing]
Oh, is he the guide who misguided you?
If you put a chair even for me,
we can continue the rest of the story.
Yes, continue... What happened then?
What to continue, sir?
Take of these shackles first.
You listen my entire
story for free of cost.
Have you given at least a cup of tea?
Head is aching because of hunger sir.
We need a break... We all need a break.
Hello frustrated husbands,
Go and buy cool drinks,
pop corn and ice creams for your wives.
But go doing my Asan while going,
go while doing...
Everyone has come.
What happened after
you came off to Europe?
We gone crazy in frustration
have gone high coming to Europe.
"It's like the cricket ball is got rest"
"It's like experiencing
1947 August 15th today"
"It's like the mixer on is got a rest"
"It's been so long seeing a
new life going away from wife"
"Freedom we missed long
back is like back in hands"
"Heaven is owned like the
troubles are gone away"
"Let's go high brother
weather is great without wife"
"Let's go high brother start
the life again as bachelor"
"Let's go high brother
weather is great without wife"
"Let's go high brother start
the life again as bachelor"
"Cell phone repeatedly rings
saying hello every time..."
"We die with their doubts asking
where and with whom we are"
"We got to tell the cause for being
late. We have to catch the legs at night"
"Look pierces and it is searching app...
We got to change the phone's password"
"See man, laser, scanner and X-ray
came as one and are born as wife"
"They start weeping for everything and
won't use bigger weapons than that"
"Let's go high brother
weather is great without wife"
"Let's go high brother start
the life again as bachelor"
"Say bye for the food at home and
show a new taste to the mouth"
"Get a Thai massage for the body,
heated up brains with wife's scolding"
"Let the throat which was into
argument cool down with a peg"
"See the babe in front and
let the body and eyes relax"
"You are the cleaner, owner and
driver, increase the vehicle's speed"
"It's an island with no wife
and control, enjoy as the King"
"Let's go high brother"
"Weather is great without wife"
"Let's go high brother"
"Start the life again as bachelor"
"Let's go high brother"
"Weather is great without wife"
"Let's go high brother"
"Start the life again as bachelor"
Superb bro, this what enjoyment is...
Yes bro, we are enjoying great in life.
Look brother,
when we are in the fun mood there are...
...your wife and my girlfriend
in frustration in the day dream.
-Yes, I too am having the same dream.
-Yes bro.
Oh no, I too am seeing them.
You idiot,
how will our wives come into your dream?
Hey, what are these dirty deeds?
Hello, take off your goggles and see.
Oh no, what the...
Dude! Give some idea to escape.
Urgently take some covering and escape.
-Thank you...
-Thank you.
When I said something, you pull off mine?
-Run, faster brother...
-Venky stop!
-Hey Venky!
Oh... Damn!
Where were you Venky?
There wasn't any phone or message.
Where do we search for you?
Finally Varun's friend
informed that you were here.
How did you feel like running
away from the marriage, Varun?
Didn't you remember me at
least once all these days?
Past is past...
Come on now and let's
be happy like before.
All these days, we didn't know
your importance in your absence.
Now after seeing you,
we came to know the mistake we've done.
Brother, mine too is the same content.
You framed it well and
I'm compromising brother.
Why are you still here saying compromise
brother? Let's patch up with a nice hug.
-Come Honey dear.
-Okay brother...
[laughing mockingly]
-You believed it?
-You too believed it, right?
The visual in mind is different.
I thought you'd come running
from far, fall on my feet,
-Wash my feet with few tears.
Sprinkle some on your brow and thought you
would say to be at my feet for life long.
Visual didn't match at all.
-Bro, even my visual didn't match at all.
-Haven't matched?
I felt to make her come around Europe when
she holds my legs and I pull her away.
You came all the way to Europe from India
and can't you come here from so near?
Can't you?
-Hey, how do you doing?
-Hey girls...
Everything fine.
Are they yours?
-Zandu Balm.
-Tiger Balm.
Your wives?
-Oh, nice guess!
-What a guess.
-What a judgement girl...
Okay, see you bye.
-This is our life.
-We are having fun.
So, match to our visual and come okay?
Venky, there's a very important,
-At least listen to that.
-Oh no brother.
I'm into shivers...
She's showing fingers, right?
What's this man,
your sister-in-law is frightening.
-What is this brother?
-Oh my god!
Will she twist us like Kamal
Hassan from Bharatiyudu film?
You made us cry so much, right?
God exists.
You'll get ruined.
-You'll get ruined.
-You'll get ruined.
-God exists and will punish you.
-He'll punish you.
I thought you'd melt down but
you gave a great shock, man.
Why are they cursing us?
Curses from wives won't work.
Both my wives keep cursing
me hundred times a day...
saying I'll be ruined in the
hands of the same woman I cheated.
-What happened?
-But she said God and all.
80% of the Gods are men and 50% from
those are like me with two wives.
Added we are in foreign and
what will Indian Gods do?
Don't think God can't do
anything if we are in foreign.
He may come in any form.
He may punish you coming as me.
Correct sir
Thank you.
Give me that offering.
What is this sir,
why are you offering coffee to God sir?
we humans drink so many coffees get a head
ache after meeting just a few members.
He's God and how much
head ache should he get...
...when 700 crores people ask for so much
and how many coffees should he drink?
Has anyone offered him at
least one cup of coffee?
I gave.
What's God drinking coffee, sir?
is he eating what all you offer him daily?
If he eats all that,
he'd even be drinking the coffee I offer.
I offer even soups and cool
drinks as per the weather.
I've my own beliefs...
You aren't any ordinary person Sir.
To interview you is really our...
Hello, this interview is
just a trailer that's it.
Bio-picks would be done
about me and my life.
Hail the Lord
Coffee for my God.
I will drink... give me my suit.
-Come on, let me introduce to the family.
-Okay sir.
The women who is nail
polishing there is my wife.
Beside her who is feeding
her is my sister-in-law.
They are so affectionate
even being co-sisters means,
it isn't any normal fact sir.
They aren't just co-sisters,
but own sisters and you underline that.
Good morning brother.
[phone rings]
He's my brother.
[phone rings]
Three of our guys are squeezed
down falling under the Lorry.
What is he saying...?
About lorry accident.
Not that brother...
As the Lorry tire was so big, three bent
and saw what's underneath and are gone.
-Oh, that's it? Why does he say so, then?
-He's like that, you go and be seated.
Take him away.
My brother.
Why did you say such a
dreaded thing so smoothly sir?
My brother needs to be said
shocking news a bit soft.
There's a hole in his heart.
Oh no, a hole...
It isn't something as big as a manhole,
Just small like that made by a needle
Oh, that's it?
Coffee sir.
Keep it there and die, idiot.
I kept it and am dying now sir.
Hey... you Idiot.
Hey, stop...
Hey, stop...
[glass breaks]
Hey, crazy fellow.
Is he out?
This fellow...
Hey, get up and sit.
Forgive me sir, I couldn't
die. Shall I die again?
If I give you one....
Why did he jump like that sir?
They have been working with me
from the age of their grandfathers.
It seems it's their tradition
to do whatever the boss says.
Hey, get up slowly and go.
Hey, go fast.
Your family is so different sir
Without seeing my heirs still?
-Good morning daddy.
-Good morning father.
This habit hasn't gone
even after coming abroad
They aren't coming for that.
Sorry sir...
Hey, why on him?
Won't they sprinkle if
from the God, daddy?
You're our God, dad.
Is it craze or love?
Crazy love! And this is my family.
Face the camera.
[camera captures]
Oh! I love Italian girls.
-Hey! Who are you?
-Who are you?
-Hey you!
Foreign ice cream would be great.
-Oh, you people are here?
-Hey! What happened?
What happened?
-I kissed a guy's wife there.
-What kissing wife when husband is there?
Are you gone mad?
He had turned to the other side.
-Oh no, that guy is coming.
-Oh God.
-Come on, run.
-Stop there!
-He's coming, run.
Should he get so angry by
kissing his wife? Come on run.
All these are normal in foreign, right?
What's this bro,
all are moving around in 1960 getups?
I'm Mr. Dora swami Naidu's sister
I came here for some project
work. I'll leave after Marriage.
You're like a healthy Telugu pickle.
-What? I'm married.
-I'm married twice.
Brother, what's this setup and
getup? Is it any theme party?
Many parties as such can be
celebrated having loads of money.
Welcome everyone...
Thank you... Thank you for coming.
Few fool coming here for new...
Think I'm doing such concept
parties as I have loads of money.
-Has he heard?
-I too feel the same.
Gundamma Katha is a film for you...
And life for us.
Oh! Is it?
Seeing Savitri and
Jamuna's affection in this film,
my father got us
brothers married to sisters.
They've taken care of us from 25 years
not to get into any fights in between us.
-Good, good.
-That's good.
And so, with the same inspiration
for the happiness of both my sons,
I'm thinking to get
them married to sisters.
Hey, is it fine for you right?
Hey, bring two dogs from out house.
Why dogs son?
Shall we tie the knot to them, daddy?
Did we ever go away from your word, dad?
Okay, you got your sons married so even
last year holding a party as such, right?
-Hey, who is that idiot?
-Hey who is that?
Hey, stop...
You are right, gentleman.
Last time I announced to
get them married to sisters.
But once the elder one got married,
sister escaped saying not
to marry the younger one.
So, as per agreement we
sent back the elder sister.
So, what did you understand from this?
We understood that yours is a mad family.
Not mad people.
-Brother... has he heard again or what?
-That's what.
But the clever people understanding the
facts of life stated by Gundamma Katha.
Okay, okay.
Now I'll introduce
daughters-in-law without any delay.
Let's welcome the two
beautiful princesses.
He's SVR and those coming
in are Jamuna and Savitri!
-I'm getting to laughing brother.
-We'll see there funny faces brother.
We will see brother.
-What dear?
-Look there.
Oh no, oh god!
-Whole family is come down brother.
-I am getting frustration...
My elder daughter-in-law to be, Harika...
A rascal has cheated with this girl...
-Without feeling pity...
-Hold on Cobra...
Married her and left within six months.
Younger girl Honey...
See how cute is she.
A dirty guy with this girl...
He was six feet it seems, but no use.
He should have a brain right?
This six feet dirty rascal
got influenced by that cheater
and listening to another waste fellow...
He has run away from the
marriage hall, it seems.
-Brother, he's pointing at us.
-Better for us to change the place.
So what, great
daughter-in-laws are coming to my house.
It's all because of
these unlucky fellows right?
What's he brother,
pointing at us wherever we go?
Girls of our house and
daughter-in-laws of his house?
-Yes, we shall question.
-Yes, we will.
Yes, will we stay quiet if you question?
It seems they are moving around here
in Europe. I have a licensed gun.
Take it out and shoot...
-Oh no... Brother...
-Oh no big brother shooting means...
Shoot means the kids during Diwali.
Oh, it's just that?
Let's come to the point.
Engagement in a week days
and marriage in ten days.
Let's enjoy the party.
Hello... Hello... Hello...
Darling, buffet is ready. Come on...
He's like a buffalo and a buffet for him?
Who is that fellow?
My husband!
That fellow for you? Shall we kill him?
Shall we kill your husband for fun?
-Half saree is so good, right?
-You're actually Jamuna, right?
What? Leave me!
Why are you here?
Harika, what's this engagement and
marriage? We don't understand anything.
Come on, we shall sit and
solve when there's an issue.
Instead you marry like this?
past is past. Let's be happy like before.
Oh no! Why couldn't you say this earlier?
What answer do I give now to uncle?
Sister please, Varun is
changed. See his face, sister.
I want Varun, please sister please
Okay! I'll talk something with uncle.
-Wow Harika.
-Gods must be crazy man.
-Thank God.
You believed?
-You too believed, right?
You know what my real visual is?
Keeping your ago aside,
I thought you'll keep a sympathy face
and say you'd listen as I say
and be at your feet for lifelong
by banging over your
chest and weeping tears.
But, my visual didn't match at all.
even my visual didn't match at all.
I thought this fellow would come and say,
madam I'll bow at your feet,
-Lifelong like a dog.
But no.
What, a revenge?
You leave us once you find someone richer?
We left you?
Who left whom?
You left wife and he
left her in the marriage.
You know what happened after you left us?
We made so many calls
and put many messages,
there wasn't any response from you.
We didn't know on whom we shall
show the anger, depression and stress.
They won't be calm if we show that
on colleagues and managers, right?
Even the job I feel as
self respect is gone.
My sister doesn't have the courage I have.
Poor girl, attempted suicide.
What are these crazy things dear?
Why don't you tell me?
Do one thing, come down to Europe with us.
There'd be a change there.
Dora Swami uncle is the
childhood friend of my dad.
He came to India after so many years
and said to get us
married to his sons if we like.
We said him no and came to you
knowing that you were in Europe.
But what have you done?
Deciding not to be with you in
life time for what you've done,
we agreed for this marriage.
Hey Honey dear,
how will you marry that fellow?
Come on, Honey is the best. How
am I and how is that fellow?
However he maybe, but wouldn't
leave me in the marriage and go.
Hey, we too shall see how
does this marriage go on.
-Oh no, Oh God!
-Oh no, Oh God!
We too shall see how you
would stop this marriage.
You've seen uncle, right?
We shall put down that uncle, his sons...
-And stamp them down.
-What man?
-We'll do and show what we can?
-What'll you do?
[instinctive voices]
Ask him to come here for once.
What's that discussion
with unknown persons, dear?
Oh no, unknown persons?
The bad luck isn't left us
even when we came so far.
Huh, they came like idiots here.
-Hey oldies!
They are doing too much dude...
Oh no brother cool down... no bro.
Let's look into that matter later.
All the best.
Honey is the best.
I'll teach you a lesson.
I feel pity seeing you guys.
Give some idea to be in the house.
-I'll say something if you don't feel bad.
-Say, what's that.
She's his sister and I
tried flirting with her.
She said would set something
for me to stay in this house.
-Please set for even us to be here.
Who are you?
What's that idiot brother?
We are into this situation because
of that idiot. Look at him now brother.
Don't worry brother, God is there
We are into such a mess means what
about that idiot with two wives?
-He should get punished.
-You're out... You will have it.
What I liked in you is your courage.
I plead you , please let me go.
I'll run away to my place.
Don't panic dear, what did you say?
Shall we kill him?
Shall we kill your husband for fun?
-I just said in fun.
-I took it seriously.
I'm thinking to get rid of
that idiot from long back.
You came correctly... Here...
-Not so many like this. Just one time.
-Oh no, it gets cut.
-Added, I have two wives madam.
-Hey darling...
Why are you holding a
knife early in the morning?
To cut an apple.
Thank God,
I thought for cutting my throat.
I cut a joke.
Come on, let's have breakfast.
To hell with your joke.
-Come, come.
- Good morning dear.
-Good morning.
-Good morning uncle.
-Sit down.
-We're here.
Come, come...
What dear, is he your project partner?
Don't go down, just kill it.
Looks like the whole
family is on the same job.
I'm going to give
surprise news to you all.
To give a turn to my life...
Two messengers have come.
Younger brother, is it death messengers?
Did I say death messengers?
Brother, you don't write your own script.
Please relax.
Oh, that's it?
From now, how you are treating me,
you should treat them as same.
In one word, they are same as my sons.
Let's welcome the most
important people in my life.
No way brother.
-He'll agree brother.
-No way brother.
-Come on, he'll agree.
-Is Doraswami any mad to agree?
-They are saying you mad, sir.
-Hey! Who are you man?
My Boss.
Who are you?
We're upcoming writers.
What are you doing here?
These days,
the biopic trend is running right sir?
-Hollywood, Tollywood.
-To write that, we came here to Europe.
What are you doing here?
By mistake we came into your
party and heard to your biography sir.
What a story sir, what an epic!
Making that into a cinema
and given to the Telugu audiences,
so many generation will see the movie sir.
-I'm saying he won't agree.
-And me saying he would agree.
-It's okay sir.
-I will fight.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you,
if you both don't write my biopic.
-Brother he agreed to...
Chanti and Banti...
-Hey, who is Chanti & Banti? He's calling.
-I am calling you only.
Oh, it's us right sir. Sorry
You be right in my house.
Give me the luck to get
my biopic written by you.
-Thank you Sir.
-Thank you so much.
-Having the coffee I gave.
-To the coffee.
I never expected that
God to bless me so fast.
-Yes Sir, we too didn't know.
-God is great.
My soul mates coming so to write
my biopic, Chanti and Banti.
You'll be right here till
the marriage is over, right?
-Yes, right.
-Yes, right.
-Be careful and write down the pic.
-Be careful and write down the pic.
We squeeze down great
on your roles, right?
For our trial to be successful,
make your to be
daughters-in-laws write 'OM' sir.
What a sentiment?
-Come on, write dear.
Write OM wishing for our success.
That hand writing... Great lines
and a beautiful daughter-in-law.
Very good! Chanti and Banti,
please join us for the breakfast.
What's hot coffee in bear hands?
You asked to bring coffee
with my hands, right?
Coffee is gone cool,
shall I bring it again?
-Go inside.
-Sir, in general why do you get angry?
-I mean, how?
-That is...
Like saying I go any far and do
anything... Anger as such sir.
That is... My mom likes music very much.
So, when someone sings false music
and ruin the tunes I go mad in anger.
-Oh no!
-Is it?
My reactions then would be very violent.
Oh brother, crap... Crap brother,
how can I forget this brother...
What happened brother?
Morning, when I'd been for jogging,
this girl singing, very beautiful voice.
-Mind blowing, mind blowing brother.
-Oh, that voice.
Yeah! This girl.
I too heard in the morning while trimming.
-Her voice is like Lata Mangeshkar sir.
-This girls.
-You much listen to her voice.
-Lata Mangeshkar sir.
You didn't say that your
daughter was a singer?
That is brother...
-They might be mistaken.
-Madam, I beg you.
Please don't suppress a talent.
I saw with these eyes and
heard with these ears.
Let her sing just one song.
-Wonders will take place.
-Wonders will take place.
Why are they saying so great, dear?
Oh! After practicing for a day or two...
Come on, is she any bad singer to
practice? She's a Gana Gandharvi.
Bro, what's that?
Gana Gandharvi.
At any cost, you got to listen
to this Gana Gandharvi's voice.
Gana gandharvi,
I have to listen to your voice.
Whole setup looks good,
but something is missing.
What's that brother?
Brother, this man.
-Yes, you please come.
-Bring that chair here.
-It's good that you sit in the front.
-Come on old man sit here.
why this heart patient in the front?
Rocks melt down with music and won't
the hole get filled up in the heart?
-It's music therapy ma'am.
-Yes, true.
Yes, I heard music has
that power and you sit brother.
It will be good for you.
Hey, Brother...
Call for at least the Ambulance.
He won't live till the
Ambulance arrives, right?
Yes, right? Yes, right?
Yes, right? Yes, right?
Honey is the best.
[classical vocal]
"Give me Promise..."
"Hey Lord Siva, don't think on it"
"With half moon in the hairs and
the poisonous snakes in the neck"
"Ruling over Ganges with no stability"
"Why don't you throw a look
at me with no discrepancies?"
"I'll worship the Lord"
"Give me Promise..."
Come on, Kill him.
-How, there isn't a knife right?
-Take it.
Oh no, a gun?
Hey... sit down... there is even more.
Yes, super right daddy?
What's in the song sir?
See the dance and it'd be a blast
See, they're dancing right?
"The charm of marriage is on baby..."
"The palanquin is arrived baby..."
"Come on dear, let's get ready fast"
"There's great band, come on..."
"Great tune is on, come on..."
"The stage is calling, come on..."
"It's time to be a couple, come on..."
Thank you... thank you.
You made me know that my
daughter-in-law is a bank of arts.
Add all these into my story...
Thank you.
Enough of looking, come on move.
Anyone learns art with passion.
But she learnt it all in 30
days with revenge over you.
In 30 days...
Do you have so much revenge on me?
Actually, I thought to inform
uncle about who you are.
But, seeing this frustration on
your faces... we enjoying alot.
-You know? Come with more ideas.
-More fun... Come and entertain us.
-Come on.
-Evil eyes...
Come on girls I'll
drive the bad sight away.
What more have you got to do here?
Go to that corner and blow...
I'll pluck out the eyes of these oldies...
-Blow the heat.
-This is too much dude.
My condition is further horrible.
I'll go back to my place
if my passport is given.
-Who are you sir?
-Who are you sir?
Can they be so inhuman?
Isn't there anybody who
gives a twist to this story?
These two entered into Dorai Swami
Naidu for writing his autobiography.
Just his soul would be left by the
time his autobiography is finished.
This is my Pinky promise.
Put that saucer down dude,
beard is getting wet.
I kept this for a feel.
But, it's quiet uncomfortable.
What's our plan of action now, dude?
Our plan would be based on their action.
What's the revenge over that Dorai
Swami Naidu and what's this den?
I'm your friend, dude. Share it with me.
No! No! Never!
I'm John Stro King of the north...
North... North
This is my revenge is mine,
just mine alone.
Even my shadow shouldn't know about that.
Even to my shadow...
Lights off.
[switches clicked off]
Why did you put the lights off dude?
You said even your shadow shouldn't know,
We don't have much time, we should
any how cancel the engagement brother.
I'm unable to see my girl with that idiot.
Yesterday it went so when Junior planned.
Now, senior will plan, you know what?
What is that brother?
Please have it.
Harika, let's also go to Goa
once and in that beach like that...
[glass breaks]
I have clarity on how to be
at home and when outside.
If you say beaches and bikini once again,
I'll give you divorce.
When I being husband asked,
she said to give divorce.
And now, if I make these idiots
ask, marriage will be out.
-Super brother.
-Come on...
You told it greatly.
-I get to laugh seeing brothers.
-Yes brother.
Hey, who are brothers?
We're just two sons to my father.
Why are you laughing?
While writing your dad's
biopic, your roles in that...
-Say what?
A bit weak in ladies handling matter.
I too feel the same brother.
If not, you are here and they are there.
-They are your fiance, right?
-That's it, then.
Won't they get into the pool with you?
are we strong if they come into the pool?
You mean,
they come as and when you call them?
Ask man.
If you don't mind,
can you join us for a swim?
You mean bikini.
You asking directly?
-She'd now go to Dora Swami and get fire.
-Yes brother.
-Marriage is cancelled now.
-They will now kick them.
-That is the senior's idea man.
-You are super brother.
Why that change in your face man,
you should be more happier.
-What, what happened?
-Brother, look that side.
Oh no!
-Oh no... What is this?
They've happily dressed
up and are reading books.
You said senior's plan and did this.
I thought to see this
alone after marriage.
But, you've shown this to the whole world.
[camera captures]
Why are you smoking?
Is heat produced after seeing us so hot?
-Don't touch.
We know that all this is your plan.
That's why we gave a retort like this.
Sister, their frustration levels
are going to peaks day by day.
Frustration for them and fun for us...
What's this like you got fits when
the other ladies are taking bath?
-No shame at all...
-Cool brother, cool.
Instead of sipping
coconut sitting like buffalos,
why don't you stop when ladies
are going in wearing bikinis?
It's foreign and what's
wrong in being bold?
If you talk more, we too will wear Bikini.
-Oh no!
Where are you?
-Oh no, brother this is too much?
-Sorry brother. I got tempted.
Is this the ladies magic or
the weakness of men, brother?
Whatever but home food
is always the home food.
You were lucky and enjoyed
home food for six months.
You snatched away the
food from my mouth too.
-No, I need it brother, I need it.
-Hey, you stop it.
You know what's the best
communication with ladies?
-Airtel, Nasa?
-Jio, Pio... No.
If we fill the gap in between them and us,
they stick to us.
Come on,
let's have some fun with the girls.
-Yes brother, let's go.
His eyes wide open madam, how?
He sleeps opening his eyes.
Here, the heart is here
and just one stab... Fasak!
When the blood spills so on the face...
Go on, stab him.
I feel more frightened
seeing you than that fellow.
Okay, shall we take him on to the
terrace and push him down from there?
I feel this is somewhat better.
Why did you make us
dress like ladies brother?
It's midnight and we can
cover up if someone sees us.
Yes, I will narrate my childhood
love story to that writers...
[electricity crackles]
Hello, who are you both dear?
-Your daughter-in-laws... Harika!
Harika, Honey....
-Honey, how did you grow so tall?
-It's dark, right father-in-law?
[electricity crackles]
Oh no, the light...
Anybody would fear darkness,
why do you fear for light?
-We fear darkness in the day.
-And light in dark.
[electricity crackles]
-Thank god.. darkness.
-Thank god.
your voice is also changed due to fear.
-Go carefully.
-Okay father-in-law.
Sweet dreams... Have a nice night.
Why this is tripping so many times today.
Hey, wait.
Where are you going at this time?
Sir, she planned to cruelly push
him down from terrace and kill.
What's that idiotic thing dear?
Will anybody die pushing from the terrace?
There is a tank in
upstairs, push him from there.
Joking in the midnight, go.
Is it a joke when said
to be killing a man?
Hey move, I'm excited. Come on, Fasak
-To hell with your excitement.
-Come on.
Oh my Harika, this night among the stars,
beautiful than the Paradise...
Why are you struggling bro?
I mean, even the Hindi dialogue
isn't framing in the excitement.
Not the dialogue but just the action now.
Harika... Oh no, sorry dear this is yours.
It's a mistake and you go.
-You go that side.
Brother, maybe they'd hit if we touch.
There'd be the sensitive
nerve for ladies at their neck.
-Yes, Jugla...
When pressed for two seconds,
they go into trance and surrender to us.
-Let's do it now.
Brother, it's working.
-Should I press?
Jugla, press, trance and
surrender... Where brother?
-Some idea...
-What are you doing here?
Honey... Harika...
[door knocks]
-Please, don't.
-Don't tell them.
-Okay, hide behind the curtain.
-Come on let's hide.
Dear, what happened?
-What happened?
-What happened?
-What's wrong dear? I heard some screams.
We too heard it uncle.
-Even you both heard that?
-It was a loud sound uncle.
-From where?
-Uncle, it came from there.
Uncle, curtain is moving.
-Check it.
-Check it please.
-Brother, they both cheated us.
-Who is that?
Who's there?
Who's there rascals?
-They'd have ruined lives of the girls.
-Yes, right?
-Call the Police.
-Get them hang.
You decide something uncle.
Hey, when I came to share
a great idea with you.
Why did you hide behind the
curtain in my daughter-in-law's room?
I said sir, not behind the curtain
but we shall hide under the bed.
He didn't listen and always does so.
Sir, hiding under the bed legs
will be seen for his length.
-We will get caught, right sir?
-I didn't remembered this.
Why does he talk so sir, crazy fellow?
Yes it's correct that bed is small...
Don't confuse me.
Why were you behind the curtain
in my in-law's room at this time?
-Come on tell.
Come on tell it.
Come on say guys.
You tell.
- You tell bro
-You tell.
-You tell brother.
-You tell.
-You tell brother.
-You tell brother...
-You tell brother.
-You tell brother...
-You tell brother.
Hey Chanti and Banti.
-Hey Chanti and Banti, sir is calling.
-Who's that?
I'm calling you.
Yes, it's us right?
You aren't any kids, man.
Behave a bit matured.
Brother... Brother...
Why did all these come into in-law's room?
Nothing brother!
They made them write 'OM' yesterday right?
It seems that's gone and came to
get that written again, that's all.
Oh... is it.
Hey, tell me now.
-We came to get 'OM' written sir.
Why did you come in the midnight?
We are writers, right sir?
We get mood only at nights.
Why ladies getup for that mood?
That is... It isn't good for
men to go into ladies room sir.
Okay you came and why did
you hide behind that curtain?
We were waiting for
them to wake up from sleep.
Why not do that waiting outside?
We won't know whether they
woke up in or not, right sir?
Ok, get that written
Two minutes sir.
Hey... Where are you going?
-For the book.
-Book sir.
-To get the book sir.
-To get the book sir.
Didn't you get the book
to get 'OM' written?
Come on sir,
we shall get the book only when they
say to write after waking up right?
Will you answer in the same flow
if ask you 10 more questions?
100 percent sir.
-Even the Biopic should be the same.
-200 percent sir.
Go and write.
-We're hurt sir.
It isn't correct to make such a big
mess when we came to get 'OM' written sir.
-It's over, right?
-Is it right sir? No, no...
-What's this sir?
-Leave it man.
We are creaters...
[indistinct voices]
If you will come in correct time
they too will co-operate with you.
-Please listen and cooperate.
-Pacify them.
-Go and write.
-We shall leave sir.
-Come on brother...
-Everyone move.
They've come to get 'OM' written, go.
No madam... No madam.
Listen to me for just this time please...
We got to push after coming
so far. Fasak, come on.
-Oh God, no please.
-We got to push.
-Oh no, he'll fall madam...
-Come on push.
-No please.
Oh God!
Oh no, who committed suicide
at this time brother?
Who might be that
brother? Pull him out brother.
-Hey! Our friend.
-Oh he?
Hey, what's committing
suicide at this time man?
Is that a matter to ask in smiles, idiot?
Have you ever listened as
and when I tried saying?
I said God is great, right bro?
-He had it good now.
-This should happened to you.
I'll return back to India
if you give me my passport.
-We won't give...
-We won't give...
You told that curse kept by the wives
won't work right? Now you enjoy.
you look very funny with these leaves.
Oh no, curses from wives are working.
[lens adjustment wheel creaks]
They are trying very hard
to stop this marriage.
But it isn't working out.
[rifle ticks empty]
I think bullets are jammed.
I can feel it.
That marriage should stop and
that Dora Swamy Naidu must die.
And my revenge...
[gun shots]
Bullets got released, dude.
I can feel it.
I'm your friend, dude.
Say what's your revenge at least now.
No! I' John Stro, King of the North.
No, I can't.
I won't say even to my shadow...
[switch clicked off]
Dirty shadow, let it listen but
don't switch off the lights dude.
This is good, right?
Which is good?
Why should we struggle,
uncle? Ask the creators.
You're right.
Hey Chanti and Banti, select one.
Why Sir, you select something.
Won't you select if they
were for your own sisters?
-Why sister for such a small matter, sir?
-That blue colour is better sir.
we both are selected the same card.
Superb. This is selected, take
Someone stated to see how
the marriage would go on.
They said to see as they
can't do anything, sister.
Frustration is reaching to peaks, Cobra.
-Last weapon, the master weapon.
-What's that?
Let's directly,
-Attack on Gundamma Katha concept.
-How bro?
Look to your right.
Let's say false words and
ignite a fire amongst the sisters.
you think they'd believe in our words?
Ladies would easily
believe in false complaints.
-That dry leaf...
Your sister is saying bad about you there.
It seems the total
property belongs to them
and you are just sitting
idle and eating that out.
No way, my sister never says so.
It seems your husband is for for nothing?
It seems,
he just sits idle and eat like hell.
-Why'd my sister lie so?
-Really aunty, why would I lie?
You cut the leafs here...
[grinder whizzing]
This marriage shouldn't happen.
As I did so much bonded labor treating
you as sister, you taught a good lesson.
You ate as you had no source and
worked as you had no support.
Why do you say me for that?
I can't backstab like you.
Brother in law, forget all this and
just give us our share in writing
and we'll leave to India.
Brother... what!
She is asking us to separate.
You wait brother...
What dear,
seeing your affection as sisters...
What sisters still?
Listen to me and cancel this marriage.
This is what you need, right man?
-Oh no... Sorry.
-Aunty, please.
These dirty people are trying to separate
our family by saying all fake complaints.
Why did you both come
and what are you doing?
Yesterday, you went into the
girl's room at midnight wearing sarees
And now this...
What guys, how far did the biopic reach?
We wrote 'Sriram' under 'OM' sir.
We'll write Sairam in the
evening and start it, sir
When would you write, the end?
The end...
We still didn't get any new idea and...
Hey, I mean about this family...
and are you trying to separate that?
Why did you do so?
- Come on Tell.
Tell guys.
-Come on speak up
Six pack Salman Khan still bachelor. Who
is the responsibility in the Bollywood?
Bahubali collected 2000 Crores,
500 and 1000 rupees are banned,
Vijaya Malya gone... What is going on?
What did he say?
A flower is a flower
and a stone is a stone...
Flower won't be a stone and
a stone won't be a flower
Flower should be a flower and
a stone should be a stone.
Flower is a flower and stone is a stone.
Get the gun, guys.
Why gun for this, sir?
Here is 2000 and you won.
Why do you trap me after getting caught?
I don't need this money.
-Hey, no... What bet did we have?
You said this family never gets
separated by whatever is done.
-Did I say so?
-I said it will.
Yes, you said.
-So, you won.
-Yes, I won and a party in the evening.
Hey, I pray you guys.
Please don't put prestige of our family
at stake so cheap for 500 and 2000.
-Till this marriage is over...
I'm frightened seeing all these brother.
Shall we push that engagement a bit ahead?
Yes uncle.
Tomorrow is the engagement.
"Like make up was done and wiped out..."
"And like WhatsApp DP is changed"
"How'd you let go me, hey Harika?"
"If you don't stop the engagement..."
"Taking an oath on the full bottle"
"See, we shall put a tent
here and ruin the house"
"Don't leave made in India
believing in a China piece"
"Don't break the marriage,
hasn't your mummy said?"
"Harika, have some patience"
"Harika, have some patience"
"Don't forget first love,
listen to me my dear..."
"You'll become the second
hand, stop that online Rummy"
"Hey Honey, don't kill the love"
"Hey Honey, don't kill the love"
"When the celebration is
on, I can't take Venky Asan"
"How to control my frustration?"
"Our tension is growing
and can't watch any more"
"We'll protest and the
junction would get jammed"
"Hey dhan dhanadhan,"
"I'll make you play Temple Run"
"We've full fun"
"And you have the frustration"
"They used to stop even Yama for
the sake of husband, those days"
"Wives were coming either
to the forest or the fight"
"Harika, come fast now"
"You're the man pushing me
out saying me to go to hell"
"How do I come back again when
you weep asking to come home now?"
"My dear, don't put a flower to me"
"All the marriages are
made in heaven in advance"
"How do you wipe out
the fate using an eraser?"
"Hey Honey, don't kill the love"
"You went away kicking the
stools with your left leg"
"Why are you begging
catching my feet now in a corner?"
"Is so much arrogance for your fair skin?"
"Won't anyone else give us a girl now?"
"If you go high being head strong,"
"You can never be back to reality"
"Hey Dhan dhanadhan,"
"I'll make you play Temple Run"
"We've full fun"
"And you have the frustration"
Huh, what's that idiot
controlling our ladies brother?
Let's break bones of
everyone and bring them back.
Yes Cobra!
My anger tonight...
His blood...
My fire...
-My bla bla bla...
-What's it bro, you're struggling?
I mean bro that frustration dialogue
isn't coming out in that emotion.
Frustration is more important than
creation for the emotion we're in now.
Hey Dora Swamy Naidu, come out rascal!
It should be finalized
today in between you and us.
Come idiot!
Dad, see them... Dad, look at those.
Dad, they are saying like that to you...
Either go and beat them... or stand back.
What now?
We're now going to give
you a dangerous twist.
Your heart would shiver heavily.
Brother, nothing to shock...
They aren't any writers at all.
The guys who cheated and ran
away from my to be daughter-in-laws.
Maybe they are drunk and came
back to take them. That's it.
-Oh, that's all?
Damn... What kind of elder person you are?
They are drunk, came with a plan,
gave a bang and tried to give a shock,
Do you say so simple to a heart patient?
Where is the impact? Where is the impact?
Enough or need more?
It's more than enough.
Looks like you're discussing some
family matter and why me here?
Mine is down,
you too come back after yours is down.
-Move rascal.
-Understood, right?
The girls said everything to
me in the night. What now?
Don't drag till it breaks, move.
Why should we come with you?
-We have love on you, right?
-Yes, there's great love.
That day we came
crying at the beach to you.
There wasn't love there.
After coming into the house you
challenged to stop the marriage.
There wasn't a love even there.
Even today, you're into making a nuisance
after coming in a drunken position.
There wasn't a love even here.
We used to get angry and
frustrated seeing you till now,
but we feel hatred seeing you now.
For sure this isn't the way to
win the hearts of ladies Venky.
It's over
[tires screeching]
-Hey Honey...
Honey dear...
-Hey Honey...
Your interrogation is over.
-Hey brother, it's completed it seems.
-We're happily shifting to another jail.
What's this sir?
Do you hang just for
drinking and making a mess?
What's this sir?
You should show sympathy
after listening to the story,
-But you look at us like terrorists?
-Oh no, my passport...
Hey, stay calm idiot.
Rules here are very strict.
Move on, move on
-Sir... Sir... Sir.
-Sir, please...
Why did you bring here, sir?
House is the jail for
married guy and wife is the jailor.
Welcome to the grand prison.
Raji, guests arrived. Is the lunch ready?
Will food be ready if you call 10
minutes back and ask to prepare?
I forgot engaging in talks with them, why
couldn't at least you call at lunch time?
Should I get strained for your amnesia?
What, your voice is raising?
-So, what will you say?
-What more to say?
It's all my mistake, sorry dear.
Okay, I'll make it ready in 10
minutes. Come and be seated.
Sorry, sorry...
Sorry guys for keeping you in waiting.
[chair creaks]
After listening to all your
stories, I understood one thing.
Total mistake was of your wife.
Not just your wives, but it's a
mistake from every wife in this world.
Because, we have friends for happiness,
IPL for entertainment,
brothers to share, bar when we go sad,
colleagues for joking...
We have so many options.
But for them...
Either in pain, happiness, buying a
saree, listening to the chat of neighbour,
news or a nuisance, shock or a surprise...
They have only one option.
They're giving this first
priority to us, right?
That's the mistake they are doing.
You did a great mistake by leaving them
and disturbing their life just
for the minute problems you had.
It's a grave mistake, you know?
When some nasty idiots call, you talk
saying hi bro, what's happening...
And talk for hours together to have
done this and that, here and there.
But when your wife calls you...
You hang the phone saying,
sorry, I'm busy and will call later.?
I wanted to say.
You don't give them
time, not listening to them
and they should get frustration in real.
I don't understand why the
hell you get frustrated.
Every guy getting married says
freedom is gone getting married
and that bachelor life is the best.
And the same guy when it gets darker,
wears a lungi, ties jasmines around
the hand and gets into the bed room.
I bet...
There won't be any husband
and wife who never fight.
Because men are from Mars
and women are from Venus.
Their thoughts would never come along.
Men think with logic and
the women think emotionally.
Suppose if you come an
hour late from office,
their emotion why you haven't
come an hour early for them.
I was late having a work is your logic
This emotion and logic
never match with each other.
They fight over that for days together.
No husband deals emotionally...
...saying to go out for two hours
in fun as he came an hour late.
Do they?
Our logic is it's enough to give
a tablet when they are in fever.
Their emotion is why not
sit beside with love.
As and when men come out from
logic and think emotionally,
then there would be no
problems in a family.
I'll vouch for that.
It's very easy to handle women.
One kiss on the forehead with
love while leaving for office,
one phone call during lunch time in
the noon asking whether she had food...
One smile for the sari we wear and
a compliment for the food we serve.
It's enough that you
just spend an hour with us...
...keeping everything aside
after you return from office.
We think there isn't any
great person than you.
It's enough to say a few words
loyally for any relationship to be strong.
I love you when we feel to
be happy because of them.
And I'm sorry when they
feel hurt because of us.
What your wife said is correct.
This isn't the way to win ladies heart.
You somehow stop the
marriage and try once with love.
Though you look like a old scientist,
you've repaired our brains very well sir.
I'll put aside the ego of being a man
and try with the
responsibility of being the husband, sir.
Okay, you're free from this jail.
Yes, before having lunch...
What's that frustration Asan?
-What is that?
-Why do you need that Asan sir?
Don't I have a wife.
-Won't I get frustrated.
-You are doing so much...
Okay, all you have to do is.
That's it sir...
You see I had mentioned
before in agreement.
If there is no sister
marriage will be cancelled.
Whatever you do... I ready to face
it, I'll never change my decesion.
The North remembers...
The North remembers...
Winter is coming...
Listen, every guest is important.
"Small commercial break."
"Put your left leg in the
centre and enter hey brother."
"Wearing the silk lungi high and
buttoning the dazzling shirt."
"With Jasmines round the wrist
and spraying Charminar scent."
"We've come, we arrived..
We've come, we arrived."
"We've come, we arrived..
We've come, we arrived."
"Opening the Soda bottle
and with arrack in hands."
"Praying to Gandi Maisamma and
catching Borabanda vehicle..."
"We've come,
we arrived We've come, we arrived"
We've come,
we arrived We've come, we arrived
Both of us with band in hands
and singing a great song.
We shall catch hold of
the flown away birds.
This is an item song by us for the babes.
This is an item song by us for the babes.
Dora Swamy Naidu,
the great with his crazy sentiment,
Has driven away elder sister
within three months of marriage...
...blaming that younger sister
hasn't agreed for the marriage.
Now, when that girl enters see
how bad would her frustration be.
Put your left leg in the
centre and enter my dear.
I with a bindi on cheeks and with
sounding anklets in the leg...
To step out of the house
burning out so many hopes.
What've you done idiot, what've you done?
What've you done idiot, what've you done?
Making rounds with Gundamma Katha
and cooking up stories yourself.
Linking up sisters and having
the agreement in between.
You did a mistake, you did a mistake.
You did a mistake, you did a mistake.
Stepping in between the
marriage and holding your neck.
We've come to teach you a lesson.
This is an item song by us for the babes.
This is an item song by us for the babes.
Here's your agreement
and here's my sister.
Though I said to convince my sister,
you pushed me out from the
house without listening to me.
My sister is convinced now for
the marriage. What do you say now?
The ladies...
Your life...
Their curses...
What bro,
isn't the dialogue framing in the
happiness that this marriage is cancelled?
Hey Dora Swamy, what do you know
the value of their tears and our pain?
Do you know what a lady's value is?
-Where the women...
-Hey, stop...
Enough that the story reaches a climax
and every guy starts taking classes.
We'll take care of our
problem and you wait
few believe in horoscope and few in Vastu.
And I believe that family would be good
by getting married to sisters like this.
Please forgive me.
Hey, is your meeting done?
Who are you rascal, you came to my
house and are calling me an idiot?
We're the kidnappers...
Oh no! What is this?
Dad... Dad...
Brother... Harika!
-Where's dad?
Where are they?
-Dad, Daddy...
-Where is my brother?
[tires screeching]
Boys, bring them.
Hey, you're Anasuya's brother right?
Why did you kidnap us?
You think I'll stay calm after you
push my sisters out of the house...
...and now comfortably carry on
with marriage of these with your sons?
Hey, your sister has come, we realised
and are even going to do the marriage.
What kidnap now dude?
Then, why did you kidnap, Nutan idiot?
You said not to stop
kidnap at any cost right?
Why do you say the
terms and conditions now?
[cement crackling]
Hey, which dirty rascal,
-Has kidnapped my Harika?
-Who is that idiot kidnapped my girl?
-I did!
-You idiots...
I'm a Don.
You kidnap my girl, rascal?
-I have nothing to do.
-Thanks dear.
Is this tension needed for me?
Where were you for so long, brother?
Are there anyone still left behind?
Ask even those drivers
and cleaners also to come.
We took great pain and stopped
the marriage. Come on, let's go.
Come on Honey, move.
You think we'll come with you
as this marriage is stopped?
We would never come with you.
Oh no, what's this twist?
Come on,
please listen to us for five minutes.
We won't listen.
-Harika please.
-Okay guys bye.
-Hello Dora Swamy...
-Hey Dora Swamy...
Please help us man.
Our problem is solved
and don't involve me.
Hey Goddesses!
If you really exist, none
should go crossing this bridge.
The bridge should collapse!
[cement crackling]
How can you ask this type of wish to God?
What's this bro, why did you wish so?
Oh no...
Bridge is in weak condition.
Vehicles are prohibited?
This should be placed at starting
of the bridge why this is here?
Hey idiot, didn't you get
anything other than this bridge?
Sir, I'm king of the North and this
is South bridge, How would I know?
[indistinct voices]
[cement crackling]
Harika... go back.
Harika, careful. Go...
Harika... go back.
Save me, save me please.
It's falling even on
this side bro. Run now.
Move back...
Come on... come on... back.
Come on run.
There is no bridge this side also.
Somebody help him.
I can't anymore, my God
Bro, no way that we go
back and move forward only.
For this bridge to balance,
someone from us should go down.
Looks like this guy is ready.
Hey... No!
No sir!
I'm not even in a position to
raise my hands and salute sir.
I'm John Stro sir, King of the North.
Just one needs to go down, right?
- Yes
I love you John Stro sir.
Robert I love you too.
Don't worry, I'll adopt
your wife. Thank you.
Okay sir?
Anyway we are dying... let's enjoy.
-Mom, hold this rope.
-Mom, dad come on.
Come on, come on
Oh, even now you need only your family?
-We're going to hijack the total bridge.
Not even a guy will go
from here to that side now.
You should listen to what we
say and accept us, that's all.
-Oh no!
-If you don't accept even now...
-We'll collapse this bridge
-Yes, we'll collapse.
Well said.
Correct decision,
if gone we'll all go in a crowd.
There won't be any of these
killing and getting killed.
You die however you wish to,
but we will never listen to what you say.
Bro... When all these come
down like that along with us
-And when their souls fly high like that.
-I'm getting goose bumps brother...
-Yes brother goose bumps...
Let's break the bridge.
[Gunna Gunna Mamidi song
from the film Raja The Great]
Hey please stop this guys.
Hey idiots, I am at the edge and
you are dancing at this time stupids!
Hey guys stop it.
Please stop this bullshit!
Hey stop guys, stop and I'll talk to them.
Dear, mom and dad are here.
I, your uncle is also here.
Just listen to what they say.
Okay, Tell...
-How is you look down so?
-You should know the emotion, right?
You should stare into eyes in 90 degrees.
Bridge is in 180 degrees and
is this 90 required now?
What, isn't it possible?
-Brother, start.
-Yes, start that's it.
[Gunna Gunna Mamidi song
from the film Raja The Great]
[floor rumbles]
Hey, stop it guys, stop it!
Dear, even if not 90 degrees look
in small of at least 30 degrees.
Mom, dad and everyone is here right?
-Harika, listen once to me.
-Not that Honey dear.
I'll say bro
- You wait and I need to say bro.
Come on, I'm saying to talk right?
-Someone from you, please talk man
They're talking right?
-I don't understand why do you involve?
-My Boss will talk only.
-Hey, someone please take the decision.
-Hey, you shut up and someone will talk
-Hey, someone please talk.
-Shut up!
No idiot has the common sense that there
are old people and heart patients here.
When to talk and when to be calm...
You lived for so long right?
What did you learn, rascals?
If any sound now comes out from the
throat, I'll peel off your skins.
Brother, you have a hole in the heart.
My foot!
who cares whether I live or die?
If someone speaks out till they talk...
-Careful sir.
-Sit down...
Why is he getting so angry?
Sir, can I get some water please?
Go down and drink... so much there.
Sir, I'm John Stro... Oh no!
I thought to put wife in control.
Are you any machine to put in
control? You are half of me.
I feared about school as
a kid and stopped going.
Mom hit me and sent me back to school.
Now, I fear marriage and ran away.
You too hit me and will
anyone let go just for this?
I felt its fun without you and
frustration with you, Harika.
But, I came to know that life is
complete only when those two exist.
We did a mistake coming away from home.
We did another mistake to win over
you without realizing that mistake.
Not to win over you but now we
learnt that to win you is important.
I'll respect your advices,
bear your anger and love your likes.
Hey bro, why egos even now.
We'll be like dogs lifelong at your feet.
For any relation to stand,
it's enough to say two things
loyally placing the hands on heart.
I love you when I'm happy because of you
and I'm sorry when you
feel bad because of me.
I'm sorry Harika
I'm sorry Honey.
We said in words to be having
so much love to die for you.
If you still don't believe
we shall show in action.
Hey, watch out
Hey, move idiot
- Go to a side man, go.
-Don't you have mercy?
-Let's jump a bit carefully, okay?
You keep joking on wife at
every Tom, Dick and Harry...
...that wife is a
frustration, this and that, right?
But no wife would ever talk low
about her husband before anybody.
We keep you here and take care.
How did you think we'd let you go Varun?
You think to have stopped this marriage?
Anasuya came to you
because we told her to go.
Venky, who would join our junior
in Corporate school if you jump?
Who would take me to
Nationals if you jump?
-Honey dear.
Thank God, they agreed.
-Hey! They got convinced...
-You started this again?
[floor rumbles]
Do you dance for any emotion, idiots?
-Mummy... Daddy...
Show this happiness
after crossing to that side.
-Hey, all of you come fast... Come on...
-Everyone come fast.
Go fast.
-Oh Harika my love.
Honey dear
[indistinct voices]
Hey I am first.
-I will go first.
-Don't fight like that... you idiots.
Our bad luck is no body will
be in unity in the right time.
If we had patience for five minutes,
then everyone had been went to that side.
Me... me... me... now go and jump.
You are in fun,
but what about our frustration?
-I have an Asan for frustration right?
-Venky Asan.
Yes, like that.
Do the same until the rescue team arrives.
-Let's have some fun.
-Yeah! Brother.
-Hey... there is chopper.
-Yeah, we are saved.
[snake hisses]
Damn! Have you seen my situation?
Go... Stop...
See for someone happy and
relaxed and then get over him.
Get lost!
-I taught him a lesson.
-Yes, he changed.
Hello Fasak, are you good?
Oh no, why is she here?
She's our Facebook friend.
We planned like this to set your right.
Hello, be careful with facebook.
our guys understood how to manage wives.
-It's wrong on a festival day brother.
-No... no.
It's not right.
Because, whatever it is...
-We should spend time right here?
What happened?
-No, nothing, it's just.
-Come on say.
It's Sankranthi and friends are calling
by saying there are cock fights and all.
We said no
I said I'm newly married and should
stay with wife on the festival day.
Being with you during the festival,
that happy moments, it's so beautiful
and I don't want to miss it.
-You go.
-Go and enjoy.
Are you sure?
You said we are important for
you and that's enough for us.
Honey dear, sure?
Sure, go.
They have agreed right brother? Come on...
-You solved the problem very easily.
-Hello bro...
-The place is famous for hen fights.
You know where am I?
What is this nuisance on the festival day?
Should I get tamarind?
I came for the chit amount collections.
Tamarind now?
-Listen to me... Should I listen to you?
-What is his frustration brother?
Ok, say
You talk, come on talk
- Hello, what's the problem man?
Wife sir... You'll know about
frustration if you had the wife.
-Frustration of wives?
Oh, you're telling us?
Look man... There's a
technique about how to deal with wife.
-What is that, sir?
-I'll tell you.
From the morning to evening,
whatever they ask, say... Just one answer.
-Yes, right?
-Yes, right?
-Yes, right?
-Yes, right?
You should move on shaking
your head saying so
And life will be very wonderful.
I'm saying right? This is true.
Hello sisters, go,
go and look after your husbands
-Thats right! Right!
-Thats right! Right!
-Thats right! Right!
-Thats right! Right!