F3: Fun and Frustration (2022) Movie Script

For his status, the minister
himself would fly down here.
-Should we go to Vizag to meet him?
-What am I here for?
You are his right-hand man.
-What is your role here?
-In charge of this palace.
Do only that, please.
Sir, you didn't extend your support to
that minister in the previous elections.
Do you think he will grant us this favor?
Why aren't you saying anything?
It's Ilaiyaraaja's song.
Please increase the volume.
I am very pleased that the minister
has come to our village.
The minister has organized many welfare
programs in our village...
Why is Mr. Anand Prasad here?
...hospitals, schools and community
development programs.
Mr. Anand Prasad!
What brings you here, sir?
I need a small help.
In our factory...
You didn't have to come all the way here.
Sharma! Don't you have any sense?
-You should've called me.
-I wanted to meet with you formally.
Sir, there's no formality between us.
I'll come and meet you.
-Stop here.
We are in the middle of the town.
Why stop here?
Sambayya's shop here serves good coffee.
Sharma, my chest hurts.
Take me to the hospital.
Oh, no! Sir, what happened?
Hurry up, go fast.
There is a doctor that I know nearby.
-You'll be fine.
-I'll die from your shouting.
-It's Ilaiyaraaja's song again.
-Sir, please, sir.
-Increase the volume.
-Sir, please.
Thank you.
Why did the minister get down from the
stage to meet me as soon as he saw me?
You are the great Mr. Anand Prasad.
It must be because of
the wealth I possess.
Why did the people stop their work
and come running towards me
as soon as I stopped the car
in the middle of the road?
It's because you are Mr. Anand Prasad;
a very good man.
It's because of the money I spent on them.
How did I get a stent surgery
done within an hour?
It's because you are Mr. Anand Prasad;
you have a strong heart.
Not at all.
It's because of the money
I spent for my heart.
People keep asking if money grows
on trees.
It's because they wish
it would grow on trees.
They want to pluck money from the tree,
just as they breathe the air
that trees provide for free.
Why would everyone think
the same way, sir?
There are some people like me
who set aside the money
and work because
of admiration and respect.
You have taken a salary for 25 years while
working for me, Sharma.
From next month onwards,
work for me without taking a salary,
just out of your admiration
and respect for me.
Sir, food, money, fees, salary?
The world knows only five elements.
There is a sixth element too.
That is money.
The one who has money has fun...
and the one who doesn't have
money is left with frustration.
There are so many people in this house.
But there isn't a single
washing machine in here!
Instead, let's go to the opposite
apartments and steal washing machines.
What a horrid married life!
I am annoyed by these washing chores!
Please recharge your account
Money! Crores...
Let it rain money.
I want to be drenched in it.
Forget about earning crores of rupees
in your dreams. Get up, get up!
The sun has long been up
and you are still sleeping.
There are grocery bills
and cable bills to be paid.
If you sleep like an indolent,
who is going to pay for all of them?
If I was your biological mother you'd have
gotten up and taken care of everything.
Just because I am your stepmother,
you do this.
The rooster crows in
everyone's home every morning.
But in our home, it's the difficulties
that start crowing early in the morning.
Look at how they've come, like people
from a famished and drought-ridden place!
Go on, keep insulting me.
Just because I am your stepmother
you keep insulting me.
You woke me up by throwing dirty water at
my face with which you washed the laundry.
Why don't you tell me whether you are my
biological mother or my stepmother?
There, there it is!
You called me stepmother.
Weren't you the one who repeated that
many times over in a few minutes?
My in-laws haven't taken me home
because they weren't given dowry.
Please try to make it happen for me,
If you enroll me in an acting institute,
I will become a heroine, Brother.
You? A heroine?
They told me not to come to
school if I don't pay the fee, Brother.
This stupid phone is
making my life difficult.
I mean, it's difficult to listen to online
classes over such a phone, Brother.
I just want an iPhone.
I miss you, Mother.
Do you want me to make you some breakfast?
What is the need?
You've laid down all the problems
like one sets a South Indian thali.
-I am already full.
-You've called me stepmother once again.
I said South Indian thali.
Good morning, Father.
Good morning, son.
-What are you doing?
-I am having coffee, son.
You are enjoying your coffee instead of
mourning the death of my mother?
I love your mother a lot.
Then why did you remarry?
Do you know what your mother said
when she was dying?
What did she say?
I hope you'll make sure our son
doesn't miss his mother.
I will do that.
You will make sure
he doesn't miss me, right?
-I will make sure, Parvati.
-You will, won't you?
For sure. Parvati!
You romantic old fellow!
She meant for you to raise me
like a mother would.
She didn't mean for you
to get married again
and to have four more kids and push me
into shouldering their responsibilities!
Is that because you are
going to have a fifth child?
No, no! Nothing of that sort!
You retired old fellow!
I had three serves of fried piece
I haven't been able to digest it yet.
Thank God!
I was sleeping.
Or else she would have eaten me as well!
What is it, Father?
While coming back from the office,
could you get some jasmines?
To decorate your mother's photograph.
And along with that,
half a pint of alcohol too.
Half a pint is not enough to deal with
such issues. I'll get an entire bottle.
Let's drink together!
I got you a rich real estate client.
They want a fancy number.
The difficulties at home keep piling on.
Let's make 25 to 50 grand.
Let's go.
-I will get you that very number.
-Sir, meet Venky.
-I want all nines.
-I will get it done in half an hour, sir.
The young man is quite sharp.
He will be quite useful.
-Let's be friends with him.
-You will be utterly ruined.
Down in the gutters!
Who the hell are you?
He helped me get
the fancy number of all nines...
I was impressed by him and befriended him.
I started a finance business with
the ten lakhs that my wife got as dowry.
I lent that money out on interest
and turned that money into 50 lakhs.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You used the money your wife got as dowry
and turned that into 50 lakhs in 10 years.
If you give me that money, I will
turn it into 10 crores in five months.
How is that possible, Venky?
He then introduced me to a cunning family.
We are back.
Cunning grandmas!
Over-smart mother!
Vivacious daughter
who works in a jewelry store.
Manga Tiffin Center.
He told me that it is a very popular
eatery that serves delicious food...
If partnering with these people
and establishing a good restaurant
would turn my lakhs
into crores of rupees.
He made such a master plan.
We invested my wife's money, 50 lakhs,
and Venky's 10 lakhs.
Usually, food business guarantees a 90%
success rate, right?
Shouldn't the restaurant be doing well?
The restaurant would have done good
business if it was named Manga Tiffin.
Well then, what did they name it?
-Manga Chinese Restaurant!
As a marketing strategy, we called
a food inspector for the opening.
What do those who usually cook South
Indian cuisine know about Chinese?
They wanted to save on money and used
impure oil to cook food in.
The food inspector who was
the guest should have stopped
at eating merely a spoonful or two of
the food to kick start the restaurant.
Instead, he ate plates and plates
of food and fell sick with food poisoning.
The opening day became a closing day.
All of our money was
wiped out in a single day.
Where is he?
Where did he go?
Who is going to stand here
and listen to your stupid stories?
-I've lost 20 grand because of you.
-I lost 60 lakhs, Venky.
-I lost 10 lakhs of my money there.
-My investment was 50 lakhs, Venky.
Even though we asked those Manga Tiffin
owners for the money,
they used ten lakhs
and bought themselves a car.
Our hopes are our wealth.
Such a brand-new car has a scratch on it.
The insurance will take care of it.
Will the insurance take care
of such a small scratch?
Well then, let's break the mirror.
I don't know if we can claim insurance
for the broken mirror.
-Let's break the engine.
-Let's break the boot.
Madam, invoice and key.
What's this?
Why did you break a brand-new car?
A tree branch fell on it accidentally.
Why would you say we broke it?
I don't believe you.
Why would we need you to believe it?
File for an insurance
and get a brand-new car... Go!
You've used your stupid brains for this.
But the car is not insured
until it's registered.
What's the delay?
I will call someone who handles old stuff.
You can hand it over to them.
What do you think we look like?
We are going to look for good people
and sell them this car.
Who is going to buy this?
Two people who even pay EMIs
for bad fortune will come by.
No matter what, we should snatch
that new car from them.
How can the both of us share this one car,
Let's make money by
giving it on rent to Ola.
You get all the good ideas.
Watch out! Looks like the pancake
fell from the stove into the fire!
Oh, my God!
You cruel Chambal robber family!
What? A new car!
You sucked out all our money like leeches.
And now, you've used 10 lakhs from our
money and bought yourselves a car?
Where is our money?
Take it out!
Every time you come around,
it's always about money.
You know well that there are two old
women in the house.
Couldn't you have gotten
a basket of fruits for us?
You could have got us some sweets as well,
couldn't you?
You've stolen lakhs of rupees
from a young man
and are now enjoying
yourselves with luxuries
such as TVs, fridges, etc.,
without repaying any of the loans.
You even bought yourself a car!
Dear, that man is yelling at us
and yet you don't say a word.
She is right. She is right.
Was he given the same dialogue
in the sequel as well?
That's right. That's right.
60 lakh rupees.
You don't pay us the money.
Where did you get the money to buy this?
Who did you cheat?
Which family did you ruin?
Why would we need to cheat anyone at all?
We just sold the furniture in the shop
that you helped establish.
We bought a car with the money
we got from that sale.
You mean, you even sold the furniture!
Listen, waive off ten lakhs
from that hotel investment...
Harika, give them the keys.
Here are the keys.
These are the documents.
Sign here stating that we have repaid
ten lakhs in the investment.
Sign. Come on, sign.
We will buy your new, damaged things.
New things?
looks like nature is giving us a sign.
It would be better for us
to take a look at the car once.
If we give them even a little opportunity,
they will surely commit a lot of scams.
-Let's go.
-Let's sign.
Such a sweet thing.
I will be the first to sign.
Yes, go ahead and sign.
Is it brand new?
-It is, sign first.
-I'll sign.
Thank you.
Thank you very much!
Remove those curtains with your right hand
and take a look at your car.
Shall we see it once?
What? This is the car?
We will purchase parts
from a brand new Swift car.
Oh, Lord!
If you remove your old things from here,
we will get busy making food.
You have cheated us and now you are
going to get busy with food preparations?
I challenge you and am warning you!
Until now, we've been requesting you.
But now, he is warning you.
Why are you still snickering?
That young man looks cute
even when he is angry.
He has such a young-looking face.
If you laugh,
I will pluck out your dentures!
I will tear down this shed!
-I will drag you to the roads.
-Venky, don't you want money?
-Come, I'll give you the money.
Wait, I'll get the money.
Hold on. Do you really think that
they would give you the money?
They are great manipulators
and a family of cheaters.
If they are a family of cheaters,
then I am from the Daggubati family.
I won't leave them alone.
I will collect my money.
Whenever you come home, I get the feeling
that my son-in-law is visiting me.
Aunty, don't call me your son-in-law.
As soon as I hear that, I begin to
recollect the past and get frustrated.
Please give me my money back.
I will leave.
-What do you mean by money?
-Why did you call me in then?
You must have gotten a bad
headache with all that shouting.
I wanted my daughter
to give you a head massage.
You are someone who is destined
to settle down in this house.
-Please don't!
No, no.
No, no! Sastri Balm.
-I don't want any money... Let me go.
You always keep saying that you want
to leave. You can leave later.
I shall take my leave.
I will give you a massage. Sit down.
This family is yours, is it not?
Yes, it is.
Don't you feel any sort of
responsibility towards them?
Yes, I do.
-You know how much debt we have.
No... Harika!
-This month's cable bill?
-I will pay it off.
What about rent and electricity?
I will pay them off.
What about the money for other
miscellaneous expenses?
I will provide you with them.
Daughter, how do we give these blouses
at Sayyid's shop for measurement?
Venky will drop them there
on his way out.
He will get the money.
He will, for sure.
Did they give you the money?
Why did you bring blouses, Venky?
I need to give these
for measurement at Sayyid's shop.
I wonder how many other unfortunate
people are going to be cheated by them.
It's really a great honor for all of us
to announce that Mr. Varun Yadav
stood as the best businessman of India.
KCR sir and Jagan sir.
25 thousand crores for each of you.
Keep it with you.
Use it for the betterment of the society.
Yesterday Modi sir called me.
I am sending one lakh crores rupees.
It's not a big deal for me.
Nephew, these are coconut shells.
-I am in a meeting... don't disturb me.
-This is our breakfast, nephew.
Kerala breakfast.
Uncle! I was having a rich
breakfast with the Chief Minister.
It is a daydream!
This is how misfortune looks like.
We need to speak to the person who
pushed us into this misfortune.
Uncle, let's go.
Step aside.
-Move. Step aside.
-Oh, no.
You came here like it's your own house.
You lock your houses, but...
do you come inside our house
because it is open?
I need to speak to my daddy personally.
Oh, Lord!
Why is he calling God his daddy?
Lord Shiva!
What are orphans called?
-God's children.
-There's the God and that's his child.
-Hey! How much money do you have?
-5 crores.
-How much money do you have?
-10 crores.
You give money to idiots
like these fellows here.
And yet, you don't have the heart
to provide your own son with money.
What's this in between?
My buddy stammers.
He just manages the situation
using such behavior.
Daddy, I am going to work.
Please bless me and help me
make a lot of money.
Nephew, ask your father for pocket money.
What? You ask dad for pocket money?
This is our money.
This is...
This is our wealth.
Let's go.
Uncle, Katthi Srinu.
Alias Gaddalakonda Ganesh.
But now Ganesh without a beard.
Nephew, you have encroached upon
the land and put it under my name.
If the land owner is a big goon,
I am not going to be at risk, am I?
Stop it. I inquired
in great detail about this land.
The owner is... a proper...
a proper middle-class man.
He has a government job.
He goes to the movies for fun.
If he is scared, he goes to the temple.
I've already arranged
junior artistes for support.
You just frighten them.
I will take care of the rest.
I will blow them away with my performance.
They are going to stay in awe.
-Did you see their faces?
-Our land.
They got scared!
I am going to drench them in blood.
I will talk to them.
-Hello, come here.
We've saved this land up
for my daughter's wedding.
We heard that someone encroached upon it.
That's Katthi Srinu.
Did you see how he stabbed?
Listen, I've already arranged everything.
If you give them ten lakhs,
they will let go of your land.
I beg you.
We don't have ten lakhs.
We've saved that land
for our daughter's wedding.
What are you guys discussing over there,
Listen, Uncle.
To make sure he doesn't stab you,
get all the money you have with you ready.
-And he will leave you alone.
-I will get it. I'll get whatever I can.
-Hurry up and get the suitcase.
-I will, dear.
Looks like he's going to kill us if we
don't give him the money.
Nephew, I am going to act furious.
He is going to pee his pants.
Hurry up and take it out.
Take it out! Money...
No, no.
Oh, dear! It's heavy.
Can't carry it.
This is perfect for your height.
You will be able to handle it well.
-Where is the tall one?
-Let's deal with him later.
Let's first take care of the matter
in hand. Let's go, husband.
Hail Lord Anjaneya!
Stab and get lost!
Stab and get lost!
Stab and get lost!
Why did you dab yourself in blood
even before I stabbed you?
That's going overboard.
Katti Uncle...
Don't stop me, nephew.
Stab and go!
Stab and go!
-Katti Uncle...
-Stab and go!
What is it, nephew?
It's my daughter's wedding.
It's our land.
It's our land.
It's my daughter's wedding.
Oh, God! Great actor.
It's my daughter's wedding.
It's our land.
You are a woman.
How could you encourage
something like this?
Take it away... take it away.
Remove the knife.
It's our land.
We've saved this land up for our
daughter's wedding.
Goodness! How painful!
You didn't listen to me.
We should have gotten the ax.
The ax is quite heavy.
I am not sure if it struck deep.
Nephew, don't leave them.
He has such a personality.
And yet, he keeps hitting with stones.
Yes, it struck deep.
Let's go.
Yes, let's go. Let's go.
Oh, God! Katti Uncle.
When he was bringing the knife,
you could've warned me at least!
I did call you
"Katti uncle" three times.
Instead of saying, "Knife Uncle",
you should have said, "Uncle... Knife!"
There should at least be
a gap between words, nephew.
-What are you doing, sir?
I am thinking of stabbing you
with this and burying you right here.
This is our land.
Uncle, I will wait for you at
the hospital. You come there.
Nephew, I will be the one waiting
for you at the hospital. Come by.
Money is like heartbeat!
I wonder who discovered this
Life without money is miserable
But for a life that's filled with money
The entire world is a dance club
Money! Money! Money!
Money is like heartbeat!
I wonder who discovered this
If you are wearing glasses
Lift them up and see
If you don't have a penny to your name
Your life is going to be miserable
If you have money in your pockets
The entire world around you will cower
We can live our life to the fullest
My dear wise man
If you have money in your wallet
The entire world will be in your hands
And it will bow down to your wishes
Listen, my good man
Money is chiming like anklets
Money gives out a great fragrance
That even a perfume could never give you
Money will turn a white cloud dark
And turn it into rain
Doesn't a loaded purse give you
A loaded gun and fills you with guts?
Money is like heartbeat!
I wonder who discovered this
Life without money is miserable
But for a life that's filled with money
The entire world is a dance club
Money! Money! Money!
How long are you going to manage deceiving
people with your night blindness?
Let's tell your family members at least.
I don't know what sins you have committed
and I'm cursed with this night blindness.
To top it, I have gotten old. Who would
allow me to marry their daughter?
Please don't tell anyone
that I have this weakness.
With this outfit and look, I must
snatch at least one lakh rupees.
You guys look innocent.
I am sure you would definitely be paid.
Hey, what are you doing here?
-Well, what I meant was...
-Ask the Sub-Inspector.
-Hey! Stop him.
-Bro... You've become a police officer?
It's all about scam!
I've hired junior artistes.
I snatched one lakh rupees for an hour.
I've helped you get so many fake licenses.
Is this how you repay your friends?
Won't you make me a partner
in these endeavors?
-Venky, please include me.
-Stop it!
If I chance upon a jackpot of an
opportunity, I will make you my partner.
Oh, my goodness, bro!
That side... keep it on that side.
-That one goes this side.
-What's all this?
Money plants...
You don't give us money.
At least if I grow them,
they might bring me some financial luck.
And you think they'll give you money?
Plant a money plant in your yard
And when you shake it
Money should fall off it
You should tie up with hackers
Make as much as you can online
We should deceive anyone in any way
Make money illegally if possible
It doesn't matter if you
Leave scams in your wake
Make sure you settle down
In a single shot
If there is cash in your hand
Your face will glow
All the things of the past
Become history, my wise fellow
If the green back is with us
We would be emboldened
Even the ant won't bite us
Listen, buddy
Money is like heartbeat
I wonder who discovered this
Life without money is miserable
But for a life that's filled with money
The entire world is a dance club
Come! Come down
I'll pack you up in sacks
Cover you under clothes to hide you
Come rushing towards me
Come! Come down
You will suffocate and sweat
If you don't breathe
Jump over the walls of Swiss Bank
Break out from the secret lockers
Of those rich people
The one who will give you
A lease of life is here
Get on the Bullet bike and come to me
Come. Come down...
Come. Come down...
Come. Come down...
Come. Come down...
If you call for her so violently,
why would she come?
That's true... That's true.
we should take a serious note on this.
For the past five years, all our
companies have been at the top position.
Except for this toy factory.
If the effect of this toy factory falls
on the rest of our factories,
our sales from these factories
will begin to decline.
It would be better to shut
this factory down, sir.
You told me it was an important meeting.
-But you got me to a useless meeting.
-Well, sir...
Do you consider a meeting to discuss...
the closure
of a loss-making factory to be useless?
It's a useless factory?
If that factory did not exist,
you and I, and the companies
that you were talking about,
and discussions on growth and development
would not exist.
A rundown factory?
A tree might look beautiful because of
the beautiful branches it grew.
But all its strength
lies in the roots below.
That toy factory is the root
of this J.K. Industries.
If possible, turn it around.
You are drawing lakhs of rupees in salary.
Don't turn it down.
To get rid of the stress that these people
gave me, I need to listen to Raja's songs.
C.I. Nagaraju has caught the culprits that
are responsible for illegally transporting
enormous amounts of money on account
of the by-elections.
The entire amount of money seized
has not been determined yet.
It's a total of 2 crores.
Let's all split the amount
to 10 lakhs each.
I will kill you, you bugger!
Ethics and honesty were born first,
and this Nagaraju was born later.
Every rupee from these 2 crores
should go to the government.
Sir, the press is here.
I called them.
Sir, the commissioner is here.
I called him as well.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
What's going on, Nagaraj?
You've nabbed the illegal money
on the very day that you joined your post.
Should I praise you here
or in front of the press?
Obviously in front of the press.
-Nagaraj! Two crore rupees!
-Sir, the MLA is on the line.
He said, if you insist, you can take
one crore and let the rest of it go, sir.
Ask your MLA to purchase votes with money.
Forget about buying the police.
-Great, sir.
-Two crores into government account.
What do I tell you about Nagaraj?
No matter what city he goes to,
he turns into a brand name in that city.
Take photos here.
Sometimes I feel ashamed
of being his superior.
I always feel small and wonder
how I am not his subordinate.
How much is the amount, sir?
Hurry up and disclose it.
It's a mind-blowing number.
It's a magical number.
The illegal election fund
that Nagaraj had caught is two...
-Sir, it was...
-I am still speaking, right?
What? You called a press meet for a mere
two lakh rupees?
What do I know?
That is the number that I was told inside.
A mere two lakh rupees?
It must be a huge amount.
Nagaraju must have siphoned off the money.
Two crores.
-Sir... this is unjust.
Nagaraju, I usually deal with
such matters in my guesthouse.
You are well aware of it.
A forest in the back, a glass in one of
my hands and a gun in my other hand.
If anyone misbehaves like you...
Take these two lakhs and hand them
over to the government carefully.
-Alright, sir.
-Send the rest of it to my guesthouse.
Okay, sir.
Sometimes luck favors not just those who
work hard, but also those who are lazy.
For example, if a useless fellow
marries a girl from a rich family...
it means luck favored him, right?
He is correct!
I wonder when she will enter my life.
My Goddess of wealth!
Nephew, where are you headed?
Uncle! There she is.
This is Dr. Shyam!
Show me the jewelry that's worth exactly
what Queen Elizabeth wears.
I want a diamond necklace of that sort.
Sorry, ma'am... We don't have
jewelry in that price range.
And that jewelry must be
worth 30 or 40 crores.
So what?
I am willing to spend even hundred crores.
Honey is rich.
-Yes, ma'am... Hi, madam.
-How much is your costliest watch worth?
-Two lakhs, ma'am.
I am not asking you about the cheapest.
I am talking about your costliest.
Get a watch with a price tag
of two or three crores.
Honey is rich.
-We narrowly missed, nephew.
-Let's go.
Okay, let's go.
Wow! Wow! Wow!
What a palace!
My princess ought to be in this palace.
Oh, my goodness!
Is this a house or a hotel?
There are so many dishes to do!
I asked you to get a new one.
Couldn't you have gotten one?
I gifted you four pairs of my daughter's
clothes. Wear those and go about town.
When you are at my home, you are a maid.
Be and behave like one.
Alright, madam.
Hurry up and do the dishes,
and then sweep the house!
I have decided.
This is going to be my house.
I won't let it go.
It's going to be my mother-in-law's place.
They seem to be very rich.
It's impossible.
I am going to pretend to be a super-rich
man and impress the girl.
It's going to cost a lot.
We don't have that kind of money.
Why don't I smear a little bit of my luck
on to Venky bro?
Let's make him invest.
I am really hungry.
What the hell is this?
Why does it taste like this?
This is money plant biryani,
money plant stew and money plant fry.
What? You prepared the food with this?
There's no avoiding it.
We need to make a lot of money.
-Eat well and earn well.
-No... no, my stomach is totally ruined.
Something smells fragrant... jasmines?
This smell will stop me
from being nauseous.
To hell with this night blindness.
Everything seems blurred.
FM radio,
play a good song, buddy.
Go on... There it is!
Aren't you ashamed?
How dare you! You wrap jasmine around
your wrist and flirt with my wife!
-I was flirting with your wife? What?
-Don't you have any shame?
How can he see your wife?
He can't see after...
Are you even my real father?
I saw him.
What do you mean after that?
I will see whenever I want to.
-I saw Venkata Rao's wife.
-What happened, Brother?
Come, Brother. They are suspecting me.
I saw Venkata Rao's wife.
Why aren't you saying anything
when he's been blabbering aggressively?
Are you really his mother?
No, I am not.
I am his stepmother.
There! She's started!
I've been watching him
for the past ten years.
He keeps searching for
something at night.
-Something must be wrong with his sight.
-Aunt Subbaiayyma.
-Not here, that way.
-Even you suspect me?
I am someone who ought to be getting
married soon... And yet, suspecting me.
I saw Venkata Rao's wife.
I would go to any lengths for my sight.
Call all the media people that you know.
-I know them, Brother, TV5 and TV9.
-Stop it!
Venky, we live right in front of you.
Do you think it's possible
to not see each other ever?
Even his wife roams around in front
of our house at least 10 times a day.
And don't I see her?
I mean, as an onlooker.
And just for that, is it really necessary
to publicize this in the media?
-Go. Go away.
-All of you leave!
Goodness! You're trying really hard to
get to know my weakness.
Bro, there is an awesome offer!
Sounds like someone selling toilet
cleaners in the middle of the night!
-Who the hell are you?
-Bro, I am your friend Varun.
Hey, Varun, how are you, man?
is there a problem with your eyes?
Don't say anything about my eyes.
I just saw Venkata Rao's wife...
If you want, ask him.
Bro, I have a brilliant idea.
I saw a very wealthy girl.
If I get her to fall in love with me,
my life is set.
-Who is the girl, Bro?
-She is a very rich girl.
She comes from a wealthy family.
-Remove those.
If the girl has an elder sister,
you can be rich too.
The younger sister is for you,
the older sister is for me.
What should I do?
-Pack the chutney.
Bro, the girl is quite smart.
She looks like she has the world
in her palms.
Oh, you naughty fellow!
You are an expert at packing things.
Honey is the best!
I am going to pretend that
I am from a rich family,
and make her fall in love with me...
get married to her immediately
and grab her property.
You pretend to be a rich guy...
marry her and the wealth worth
crores is going to be in your pocket.
-The plan is brilliant, Bro.
-Look at the girl's photo.
Super! Extraordinary! Out of this world.
-I didn't show you the photo yet, Bro.
-Well then, show it to me now.
Did you show it?
Super! Extraordinary! Out of the world.
-There's something wrong with your eyes.
-Stop it!
Bro, it's going to cost a lot
to pretend to be a rich person.
If I eke out all the money that I have,
it would amount to ten lakh rupees.
-If you could arrange for 20 lakhs...
-I can only arrange for ten lakhs.
I have my wife's gold, Venky.
Hey, soul mate... my partner.
Have you come?
Venky, it would be better if I looked
at the girl's photo as well.
Why do you have to?
-Aren't we friends?
To get rich, you should be the person
who is directing the entire script.
-C-Call for action.
I am a Porsche car driver.
The rent for each of these
cars is 50 grand.
Wrap it up fast, please.
Where is he?
Where is our Varun?
The son of a prominent industrialist,
the heir to millions.
Young man, you are here!
What's wrong with you all? He is Varun,
the son of a prominent industrialist.
He's had a tiff with his family
and now is an orphan.
-And you don't even mind him?
-Who is that prominent industrialist?
I told you already, didn't I?
His father is a prominent industrialist.
Is there a fair-hearted lady who can
persuade my master to go back home?
What's this, Varun?
-Why don't you listen to your father?
-Shut up! How did you get here?
On my scooter.
You came here on a scooter and are now
planning to rob my master's wealth?
Get lost!
Bloody witch... Get lost!
You look like you are
from a wealthy family.
Why don't you come and persuade him?
Isn't she rich?
-You are wealthy, aren't you?
-Yes, yes. Honey is rich.
Come, come.
Sit down and persuade him.
Why can't you go home?
I am sure your father is very upset.
You don't know about my father.
He always forces things upon me.
My education, my settlements, my...
He's got a foothold.
...even my marriage.
Wow! What a style! What an attitude!
You keep pausing and stuttering...
You sound like a Hollywood hero.
You're amazing, you know?
She mistook it.
He is like a Hollywood hero.
And even his attitude.
Tell me, what happened?
What about your wedding?
He wants me to marry the girl
that he picked out for me.
I will marry a wealthy girl.
-But I want someone cute like you...
-Honey is beautiful, is she not?
-Is it done?
Can we return those cars?
He keeps going on about the cars.
Please hurry up, nephew.
Why is your driver calling you his nephew?
I am sure you know about
the difficulties that rich people face.
When parents are busy with
making and managing money,
the drivers and servants are
the ones who end up raising us.
Isn't that the reason, nephew?
You are exactly right, nephew.
Madam wanted you to bring her a coffee...
but what's taking you
so long, you idiotic girl?
Why is your driver scolding you?
I am sure you know the problems
faced by wealthy people.
When parents are busy making
and managing money,
the drivers and servants are the ones
who end up raising us.
It's because he helped raise me
and we are close.
-What? He takes such liberty with her.
-And with a girl?
Master Varun, there's Benz,
Audi and Porsche around.
Tell me, which one do you want to ride in?
Driver, inform my father that I won't
come in a car, I will walk.
Sir! You are going to walk all the way?
-You are very wealthy, aren't you?
-Yes, yes.
-Why don't you give him a lift?
-Okay, come.
Please do.
Varun, if you don't mind,
may I give you a lift?
What? You are going to offer him a lift?
What is your problem?
You keep coming back here
all the time on your scooter?
You look like a maid!
I am not talking about you. Get lost!
You look like someone who packs
food at an eatery. Get lost!
why did you scold that girl so harshly?
Why are you pitying her?
She rides a scooter.
This one here is an heiress
to crores of rupees.
How long are you going to take?
Hurry up and come, you idiotic girl!
-Come on, hurry up!
-It's our driver uncle.
Driver uncle?
They must be quite close to each other.
Yes, yes. It looks like that.
But it seems a bit excessive.
Please don't scold me so harshly.
I get the feeling that I am going
to end up marrying a rich guy.
-Please try and cooperate with me.
-What's in it for me?
You are a driver now.
But I will help you own a car.
-I will buy you a nice car.
Mr. Varun, come on.
I will drop you in my car.
Hold this water bottle.
-We are gonna be rich.
I can crash into anything.
Who will stop me?
Come on, run over me.
-Bro... Bro...
-Venky... Venky...
Bro, looks like your ego's inflated with
dreams of the money you would get.
If you had stayed a bit longer,
that truck would have hit us!
Brother, I am sure there is
something wrong with your eyes...
Who the hell is talking
about my sight again?
I saw Venkata Rao's wife last night.
Bro, she believes that I am
a wealthy man.
he believes that you are a wealthy woman.
I am going to immediately
confess my love for him.
You fool! What if he doesn't
agree to a marriage later on?
Let's keep the pretense of being in love
and fleece them of 20 or 30 lakhs.
So what if it's 20 or 30 lakhs?!
It doesn't matter if we lose 50 lakhs.
We should make sure that their wealth
gets into our hands.
After we get rich, I am sure Venky is
going to screw up his face in frustration.
After we get rich, let's get a Proclaimers
and get rid of Manga tiffin center.
My dear girl,
even though you are so young,
you've taken on such a huge
responsibility for the sake of our family.
Even though we were not
born of the same mother...
I really appreciate the lengths
you go to help me, Bro.
Please call me your brother once.
Won't you? Come on. Is that so?
Ego, right?
Even I have my ego to maintain.
Wait, I'll show you.
I won't be part of this plan.
Go and beg on the streets like an orphan.
Stop it, sir.
He is trying.
He has a stammering problem.
Bro, come here.
You stammer?
-You have a weakness?
Thank God, I am safe.
Bro, we are going to the next level
according to the plan...
we need more funds,
we must borrow from someone.
There's someone from the old city
who lends money on interest.
Venky, I am not sure about Varun's plans.
We are even mortgaging our house.
If anything goes wrong...
Oh, no!
Who the hell is he?
He is Pala baby!
He has a lot of respect for women.
He even feels that the maids in
the house are incarnations of divinity...
and ends up prostrating
to them in reverence.
Although you are my servants,
you are ladies. I respect ladies.
Lady means woman.
Woman means women.
Venky, how are you?
Brother Baby, these are
the property papers of the house.
If you could lend us 25 lakhs...
these are the property papers of my house.
You should pay back on time.
We will try and make sure we pay off
as early as possible, Brother.
Give him the money.
These lakhs will turn
into crores tomorrow.
our money celebrations are going to start.
Sky, land, fire, water, air are
The five essential elements of life
They will teach a lesson to mankind.
I love this!
-Varun! I want this.
-This one, right?
No, I want this one.
The ladder which we lay
To become rich overnight
You will be left to beg on
The streets if you fall off it
While you deserve a goose
Which lays golden eggs
You tend to ruin your luck with greed
Idli batter... wheat flour.
I am okay with TV and refrigerator.
What's with these pulses and wheat flour
and grocery stuff?
This seems like some tiffin shop stuff.
Do you think they are going to eat snakes
and frogs like Chinese?
Don't rich people eat South Indian
breakfast like Idli and Poori?
-Yes, they do.
-Negative fellow! Negative fellow!
If you keep suspecting everything,
you are going to end up with convulsions!
The ladder which we lay
To become rich overnight...
You will be left to beg on
The streets if you fall off it.
Go with the flow and tell him
it's your birthday. We can loot more.
But my birthday is already over.
What's wrong with celebrating
your birthday once again...
when you can get so much money?
For her birthday, she wants...
She must have asked for a cake
and a bouquet, go on and write it down.
She asked for 25 lakhs in cash.
What? 25 lakhs in cash?
These people seem like scammers, Venky.
She must have fought with her father
over her birthday party.
So, we need 25 lakhs.
Seem like fake documents.
Please don't say such things
in front of women.
Yes! Yes!
Give it to him.
-Here, sir.
-Thank you, Pala Baby.
25 lakhs! We should turn these
into 50 lakhs by tomorrow night.
We should invest in shares.
they put up a post about us on Facebook.
What is it?
They say that the paint
that you put on the wall,
and the money that you spend
of women don't ever come back.
You negative person.
You will die of tremors.
Hi, Varun!
Goodness! She is back!
Who is she?
Varun met her at a coffee shop.
She is poor.
Oh, I hate that sort of poverty.
Varun, I need to speak to you personally.
-I'm coming.
-No, Bro. Hold on.
Women and families have
very good impression of me.
Don't make me spoil it.
-Please, sir...
-Go! Go! Go!
I really love Varun.
Even though the girl is poor,
she has the face of the Goddess of wealth.
As if you know how to face-read people.
That girl reeks of poverty.
In another few days, we are
going to see lots of wealth and yet,
you will still remain the same.
Just accept your fate.
Apparently, my neighbor needs a maid.
Do you want to work for them?
In a few months,
I am going to inherit crores of rupees.
It will be your turn
to start working for me.
Venky, that night, did you really take
a good look at the photo?
I saw her.
I could see her very well.
I saw Venkata Rao's wife
that night as well.
I want this.
This head piece.
I want this also.
Diamond! I want this.
Why is she behaving like Chandramukhi?
When women see gold,
they turn into psychos.
Sky, land, fire, water, air are
The five essential elements of life
They will teach a lesson to mankind
The ladder which we lay
To become rich overnight
You will be left to beg
On the streets if you fall off it
It has come to our attention that
Nagaraju is in possession of diamonds.
A good 75 diamonds.
The last time around,
we missed getting the money.
At least this time around, let's split
the diamonds equally between us, sir.
I will kill you once again.
-Law and ethics were born before me...
-Sir, the press is here.
I didn't call them.
Sir, the commissioner is here.
I didn't call him either.
Mr. Nagaraju,
I heard that you caught diamond smugglers.
How many diamonds did you seize?
By some fortune, I seized 75 of them.
And the press is here.
Let's do it here this time.
Tell us, how many diamonds did you seize?
It's a magical number.
It's a mind-blowing number.
It's a terrific number.
Is it five or ten diamonds?
Just as you've imagined, I seized two.
Last time I felt guilty that I took away
two crores of cash.
This time I thought, I should record
the confiscation of at least 10 diamonds.
You stole money then,
and now diamonds...
What a jerk!
We are going to get our hands on crores
and crores of rupees.
Right, Bro.
Hey, we are close to crores of rupees!
Yeah, at the end,
we are going to turn out to be fools.
-Negative mind.
Intelligent plan.
Tell her that your father isn't
agreeing to this alliance.
Ask her to elope with you
and get married to you.
After you get married to her,
get her in your complete control.
And then,
you can settle down as their son-in-law.
It's true.
-It's her.
-Talk to her.
Hello, Honey.
Varun, my dad is opposed to the idea
of us getting married.
Shall we elope and get married?
Bro! Her father also...
Come on.. tell...
Opposed the marriage.
She came up with the same plan, asked me
to elope with her and get married to her.
Venky, if they designed the same plan,
they certainly are a bunch of scammers.
-Open your eyes.
-Negative mind!
if they came up with the same idea as me,
it must surely mean that
they are very smart people.
We are going to get you
married tomorrow at the temple.
I am your rich brother
and he is your rich father.
What about the wealth?
-If we file a case in the court...
-The court will make us wealthy.
-Are you guys sure about this?
-So be it.
-Lord Govinda, we hail You!
-Bro, where is the princess of wealth?
Where is our good fortune?
Where is she?
Oh! She is here.
Bro, there she is.
Come, let's see it together.
First, let's pray to the God.
We sell medicines to help
overcome fainting spells.
Venky! It's our God.
The nature is giving us a signal again.
Why are you looking there, Bro?
Look there.
Where, bro?
-You mean the one in black?
-No, the one before the one in yellow.
Not there, Bro.
Before her.
-In pink, shining brilliantly.
-Shining? Where?
Hey, what the hell!
-I'll just get it.
-Hey! Hey!
Here, hold on tight.
Hold on tight.
-Venky, what happened?
-Cool, Bro.
We sell medicines to help
overcome fainting spells.
God has been warning us.
We are the ones who were
not listening to Him.
Looks like you fell unconscious because
of my girl's beauty.
When you get to know of her wealth,
her businesses, bungalows and her Sta...
Star hotels.
What is going to happen to you?
He is ridiculing us, Venky.
Stop being shocked, Bro.
It's almost time for my wedding. Let's go.
Shouldn't people look and laugh at you
until their tummies hurt?
How many times have I told you, Venky?
I told you when she was purchasing
wheat flour.
You said that I would
end up having tremors.
What is this, Bro?
By this time, I would have gotten
married and would've been rich.
You stopped the wedding and brought me
dishonorably to this cheap place, Bro.
That woman who packs parcels is here.
-Let her go in.
-Yeah, she is here.
Where is the son-in-law?
Didn't he get married to you?
No, Sister. I waited for a long time
and yet, he didn't come.
Why would you address him
so disrespectfully? He is a rich man...
he must be busy with some meetings.
Let's go.
How much longer, Bro?
I am hungry.
You asked me this at the right time, Bro.
How much money are we really left with?
30 rupees.
Go inside and get 2 plates of fritters
and fried snacks.
What the hell!
We are people who are supposed
to be dining at five-star hotels.
This damn hotel...
It's going to be filled with cheap people.
No, Bro. Consider this tiffin shop
as the tree of enlightenment.
You are going to be enlightened.
This is such low-class thinking.
You will never grow, Bro.
You are going to stay the same.
Girl, pack two plates
of fritters and fried snacks.
Put 30 rupees down.
Look at her... disgusting.
They are such cheap local girls.
-Ask for some extra chutney.
-Girl, pack some extra chutney.
Extra chutney?
You dare ask Honey for extra chutney...
Venky! Venky!
I didn't know you had
a sadistic side to you.
They are our friends.
We lost our money too.
-Let's go and lock up.
-Oh, no! Bro... Bro...
Here... hold it... hold.
-Venky, you are all in on this?
-Easy, Bro.
-Varun, aren't you a rich man?
-It's okay.
Aren't you the son of
a prominent industrialist?
You have a fritter shop.
He doesn't even have that.
You look like someone who packs
parcels in a hotel. Get lost!
Hi, Varun.
Do you recognize me?
No matter how wealthy you were,
you stay modest, just like me.
And that is what I liked about you.
Hey, are you wealthy?
How much are you worth?
According to what my dad mentioned,
it should be around a thousand crores.
-Thousand crores.
-Hold it tight.
-Hold it tight.
-What is your father's name, dear?
He is the prominent businessman,
Vishal Mitthal.
Even a lock is unable to subdue the spam!
What kind of shocking news is this?
I'll come with you now.
Come, let's go get married.
It's too late, Varun.
This is my wedding card.
I tried hard.
Some people beside you didn't even
let me get close to you.
I miss you, Varun.
Bad luck came to us on a flight.
And good luck came to us on a bike.
-What can we do?
-We can't do a single thing.
It's time for us to start cooking food.
Please be on your way out.
Oh, God! What a family!
Honey is rich, huh?
I'll smack you.
You've scammed us out of lakhs
and lakhs of rupees and are...
cooking food? We want our money back.
What do you mean, money?
We've taken the money and our jewelry
and invested them in shares to double it.
-Everything is gone.
Just as all the rivers, with due respect,
meet in the ocean,
why is all our money reaching their house,
Won't we ever change, Venky?
Why should we change?
Do you think I'll leave them alone if they
cheat us of our money?
-I will wring them alive.
-What do you mean we cheated you?
Didn't you cheat my sister by claiming
to be a very wealthy man?
The thieves of Manga. Even if we did
cheat you, where are your losses?
Your sister scammed him of all his money.
Utterly scammed him.
What happened, dear?
Are you unwell?
Why are you shouting?
Is your head aching?
-I am talking, right?
-That's right.
-Go now.
Well done, Bro.
I figured it all out after watching
the chemistry between the both of you.
That night when I showed you
that girl's photo,
you deliberately went ahead and made
this plan and executed it, right?
Super! Extraordinary!
She is awesome!
You mean to say you already knew
that she's someone who packs parcels?
-Tell me. Why did you cheat us?
-How much is your commission?
You cheat!
You traitor!
Stop it, fool.
Bro, I cannot see after 6 p.m.
I have night blindness.
Who would be willing to give you
their daughter's hand in marriage?
Yeah, like you would ever get married!
-I am going to torture the both of you.
I told you...
that I had this, didn't I, Bro?
I told you that I suffer
from diabetes and piles?
I have ulcer.
You all seem like the patients who
have come here from Gandhi Hospital.
Come here, guys.
Why do we have to go to them?
If they don't give us our money back,
I will tear them a new one
and pick all their bones apart.
You told my fellow here that
he has a child-like face.
But he looks like a muscular man.
Why do you still look at him and laugh?
He did grow tall but he is
still way behind.
They are treating you like an infant.
Varun, you want money, right?
Come in then.
-Go in.
Money! I'll bring our money back.
Listen to me, Bro.
Don't go in.
This is a cunning family.
If they are a back-stabbing family,
I am from... the Mega family.
Hey... Hey... Hey!
All the best.
Go in.
They must have arranged a chair.
Sastri Balm must have been taken out.
The massage must have started.
Isn't this your family?
It's mine.
Of course, it's mine.
Aren't you a responsible person?
Yes... Yes, I am.
Good boy.
Now, he is going to get out of there
with a cover in his hand.
Goodness, such a huge cover.
Does it contain 500-rupee notes?
What are these saris?
I have to give them at Sayyid's shop
and get the lining and other work done.
Where is Sayyid's shop?
I will tell you, Bro.
Go straight and turn right.
You will find Sayyid shop.
-I don't know what it is, Venky.
Though we came to this place a lot
of times, we never saw this poster.
-Where is it?
It's very important, sir.
My boss is not going to meet anyone
nor talk to anyone today.
Hey, where are you off to?
-I am bringing food for the boss.
-Are you new at work?
Don't you know that the boss doesn't
consume anything at all on this day?
Don't stress me out.
Go away.
-Yes, Sharma.
-How long will you keep doing this?
Isn't forgetting
the solution to every painful experience?
I could have forgotten about it
if what I lost was an object or wealth.
It's my blood.
My son.
Brother, Venky and Varun
are not picking up our calls.
What about our money?
Oh, God!
Though our family is in such difficulties,
you don't spend a penny at all.
And you spend lakhs of rupees in court
and flirt with girls?
Easy, Bro... easy.
How could you mortgage the house
that my parents gave as dowry?
Listen, if you lay your hands on
this house, I will hang myself.
Please forgive me.
Dear, I am leaving.
Will you make sure that my children never
miss their mother?
I will make it happen, Tulasi.
I will do it, Tulasi.
Goodness, you mean you are going to
get married again?
Don't you ever understand
the pain this mother is in?
Why are you torturing your own mother?
If she really was my mother,
why would I cause her pain?
She is my stepmother.
So what if she is your birth mother
or your stepmother?
-A woman means?
-A woman.
-A woman means?
-A woman.
Very good.
I don't want your house...
Please take it back.
Thanks, good fellow.
Keep this money plant with you.
Come on, get inside.
We have a lot of work to do.
Keep moving.
Go on.
I know how to collect
the money that I am owed.
Extract his heart.
Extract his kidney.
And then, remove his liver.
And next...
Name a part that I can remove?
Pluck out his eyes, sir,
he stares at his wife every night.
-You watch women in the dark?
-Yes, I do.
I can see them in the dark.
I saw Venkata Rao's wife...
Let's go.
-Your eyes!
-Women are torturing women.
We've been scammed out of
lakhs of rupees by women.
-If you really have the guts,
get those women to pay us back
and show us what you are made of.
If you want, take an extra ten lakhs
from the entire amount.
Cheated by women?
I do not believe.
If you meet those women, you are sure to
have a better idea of their capabilities.
-No... no... no.
-I respect ladies.
-They are scammers.
-They are scammers.
Call the thieves...
No, no. Ladies!
No, don't.
I feel blessed.
-Brother, what is he doing?
Did you call these ladies crooks?
-Ladies are none other than...
-Aurat means...
I feel like all of them are Goddesses.
In the beginning, you would have feelings.
But later, you would get fits.
This is the body of Hulk,
developed with milk.
I won't ever have fits,
and never due to ladies.
Don't mess with these idiots.
Ladies are
the personification of sacrifice.
Give back their money.
We have agreed to a settlement
because we know you well.
We have two girls and whatever we have,
everything belongs to them.
We shall repay the debt
after selling all those assets.
-How much do they have?
-Whatever they have.
You wretch! Again the same dialogue
and the same loop.
I shall...
I shall kill you with this chair!
How can you kill them in front of me?
-Tell us what you have...
-Wait, I'll tell you.
There are two acres of land in the name
of our daughters in our village.
Sit. Sit.
Whenever you ask them, they give
the same answer, "it is what it is"!
You marry one daughter each,
take one acre of land each
and repay the debt.
Welcome to...
Lovely, beautiful, Manga family.
This is not Manga family...
A family of thieves!
You must sacrifice something for them
I'm there for you.
Hey, if you agree to this marriage,
I would offer to waiver my loan.
Super offer, Venky.
Once we sell those two acres,
we can save something for ourselves.
As a bonus,
we will be clear of his loan as well.
Accept it.
How can a man with my range
marry a girl that runs a tiffin center?
Your range? What is your age?
-Moreover, you have night blindness.
He is color blind...
I don't have any flaws.
-This lag isn't enough?
-More than enough!
Agreed. They have agreed to the marriage.
Madam Padma... Padma.
What are you doing here?
-Who is he?
-You told me to look for good matches.
There is a prospective match for your
daughters which is worth 100 crores.
They were spellbound
by your beautiful daughters...
and agreed to the marriage
without any expectations of dowry.
-Oh, God!
-Sister, chase him away.
We have already agreed to another match.
I will beat the heck out of you...
Which match is fixed?
Look at him!
You seem to be having
a matchmaking meeting.
These are no prospects at all.
One can't see and another can't talk.
The one over there looks like
someone who arranges matchmaking.
He is no better than an ordinary broker.
Venky! Put the keys in his hands.
-Hold these keys!
-Baby bro...
-Baby... Baby... Baby?
-Be cool.
But there is a small condition...
the groom's father wishes that their sons
earn everything on their own,
so he won't pass on any
of his wealth to them.
I'll beat the living shit out of you...
What a useless match that is!
Get lost from here.
Anyway, we already have a brilliant match
right in front of us.
On one hand, we have a Golden boy,
and on the other, we have a Diamond boy.
-And in the middle, we have?
-The pride of women--
Our brother, Baby!
Will you kill him?
Stop it... he is going to die.
We have developed antibodies against
your overacting but he is yet to.
What happened, Baby?
Take me to that bald fellow.
If you are still alive even
after all these years
of living with these women,
you must be the "real man".
I can't deal with this anymore,
call the ladies.
Did you call us?
No. No.
Call the police.
Hey, control.
So, after hearing your stories...
-Dad, phone...
-Dad, phone...
Don't worry.
They are my children.
The video is buffering due to
slow internet connection.
Nowadays, kids behave as kids only when
they have mobiles in their hands.
Otherwise they turn into zombie-kids.
Coming to the point,
they owe them.
Yes, sir.
-They have to pay him.
-Yes, sir.
Give me my money and keep
the remaining share to yourselves.
Shut up!
Do you know about my character?
The remaining? I want the whole
but I'll give out a little share to you.
Nagaraju is ready to strike.
That's why I told you, Brother,
not to take this to the police.
Hey, Police. You take whatever you want
and give me my share.
Take me out!
Come on, guys.
He used to respect women a lot.
But now...
You want money and so do I...
But before that, you must know who I am.
My wife left me as I didn't earn enough
due to my honest attitude.
The commissioner stole all the money
and diamonds that I had seized.
Now, he thinks that I will cause
a problem for him in the future.
So, he has bribed the minister
to oust me from my job.
What good has honesty done to me?
I will bribe the minister with one crore
rupees and send the commissioner home.
you and I have the same agenda.
The commissioner is
leaving for Delhi tomorrow.
Before he returns,
we have to steal all the money
and diamonds from his guesthouse.
That commissioner is known to be
an encounter specialist!
He will...
kill all of us.
Only if we get caught.
I am a policeman
and it's been planned by me.
Moreover, the money and diamonds
have no official records...
they are worth crores of rupees, guys!
One for the family
and single-sharing for that one.
I should manage somehow without
Nagaraj knowing about my night blindness.
-I can see.
-Did anyone ask you?
-Follow me, I can see rather very well.
-Nagaraj sir?
-Why are you holding me?
There are stairs ahead.
I have the sharpest eye amongst all of us.
I know. Now, move.
Oh, God!
-Two crores!
-I can see it. Nagaraj sir, can you see?
Bro, diamonds!
Diamonds. I can see it.
Can you as well?
Don't look at it twice,
it'll hurt your eyes.
-We did it.
-Yes! Success.
Stop... stop it.
Bro, police checking.
-Check every vehicle.
-Bro, they are checking vehicles.
Nagaraju sir, I can see the police.
Can you as well?
What is the checking about?
A little girl has been kidnapped,
hence they are stopping everyone
and checking every vehicle.
Let's not risk it with the police.
There is a scrap yard nearby.
Let's hide the bag over there and tomorrow
morning, we shall split it among us.
Watch your step, Mr. Nagaraju.
I eat carrots regularly,
so I can see very well.
You must eat it too, you will have
better eyesight as well.
Here is the car.
We shall hide it in this.
Yellow color, 786.
I can see it, can you as well?
I've been observing you since
the beginning of the robbery.
Why are you guiding me as if I am blind?
Do you have night blindness?
Did you expose me?
You ratted yourself out
with your blabbering, Venky.
-Goddess Lakshmi!
-What if someone steals this?
The money heist will go in vain.
-I have a brilliant idea.
-Tell us.
These are original diamonds
and authentic cash.
Super idea! Even if someone steals it,
they'll be confused and leave it behind.
Good idea!
-We'll meet tomorrow.
-Okay, okay.
Let's go.. move
What's that sound?
I hear some noise in the car.
It's a girl's voice.
Noise? In the car?
A little girl?
Girl! Girl!
Baby, get up.
Open your eyes.
Who is there?
You have divided the shares equally, sir.
But what if the commissioner finds out
about us stealing his money?
I shall then book you guys
and escape myself.
-Just kidding.
-Nice sense of humor!
Oh, God. Encounter!
What happened, Nagaraj?
Why are you dancing like a snake?
I am very glad to see you.
There is a surge of adrenaline rush
all over my body.
-Now it's gone, sir.
-Who are they?
Why are they shivering as if
they have committed a crime?
They are ordinary people who came here
regarding a petty case.
They are seeing a man in power for the
first time, it's quite obvious to shiver.
Get out while shivering. Go.
-Side, please.
What shall we do now, nephew?
I suspect the commissioner.
Then let's peek in and find out
what is happening inside.
Nagaraj. Do you think I'm a fool?
While I was out of town,
all the money and my diamonds were...
Sir! Forgive me, sir.
I have committed a robbery
for the first time in my life.
I have no idea what clues I have left
and how you caught me,
but all your money
and diamonds are with me, sir.
Do something, Bro.
Uncle, lip-read...
I am not involved in this.
Those five people stole
your money and diamonds.
Let me go, sir.
We are done for, Bro.
He ratted us out.
Bro, let's surrender ourselves.
I was saying that someone stole
my money and diamonds.
What is this performance in the meanwhile,
I know very well about your honesty.
Stop this drama, Nagaraj.
I was just kidding.
Just kidding.
I thought, if I shared this with you
in a friendly way, you might console me.
-Consoling is just..
-Sir... sir.. sir...
Don't trust him, sir.
We saw everything from the window.
-Hey, Venky. What happened?
-Stop it.
He is not Nagaraj, sir.
He is a venomous snake.
We fed him but he struck back at us.
Since you stole his diamonds and money...
he planned a heist in your guesthouse
to steal them back.
Look at me for once.
We won't.
I warned them before...
You will shoot all of us.
But he didn't care about us.
-Will he shoot us?
-Move away.
Sir's face has no change of expression.
-He doesn't believe us.
We should make him believe.
We must do something.
Just for once, look at me.
We won't.
Hey, while we were stealing, I took
a selfie without anyone's knowledge.
Uncle! Show it. Show it.
Look at me.
A selfie while jumping the wall,
a selfie while climbing stairs,
a selfie while packing the money.
Why did you click so many photos
as if we were on a tour?
We are not involved in this.
We just followed his orders.
Look at me at least now.
Okay, we saw. Now what?
He never knew that we
conducted a heist in his house.
-Where is the car?
-It was supposed to be here.
Try to remember. What's the point of
having eyes? Please tell me where it was.
Yellow car. 786.
It's not here either.
-Hey, where is it?
-We kept it here.
-Where is it?
-Yellow car, where are you?
Hello, 786-yellow car.
Where are you?
-Where is it?
-Hey, we kept it right here.
-Why are you asking me?
I can't see anything at night.
Hey, why are you repeating
what I am saying?
What happened? Can't find the car
in which you hid the money and diamonds?
You are right, sir.
That's why you became the commissioner.
-You are very sharp, sir.
-Super, sir.
You stole it and you hid it somewhere.
Now, you say it's missing.
What do you take me for?
Tell him, who stole it?
-No, you.
-No, you.
Don't kill us, sir... leave us.
We don't know anything.
If you don't get me the diamonds and
money, nobody will see the next dawn.
I hope you know about me.
I will hunt you down.
We are done.
We will be killed before we see the dawn.
A life without money is useless. Instead
of getting murdered, let's kill ourselves.
I imagined a luxurious life
with cars and bungalows, bro.
I'll come along with you, bro.
Come out. Come out.
Come out at least in my dying moments.
I thought I would wear 100 kg of gold
at least for one day in my life.
I'll die as well.
I have decided to kill myself as well.
Venky, Venky.
Nephew! Nephew!
You need not die any more.
Hey, what the hell are you doing there?
-Call that commissioner...
-And ask him to take our Sastri balm.
Venky, you need not die any more.
We have another chance
at becoming millionaires.
-Here's how.
You have all the success in the world
but I sense something missing.
Nothing's missing, there is pain.
The pain of losing my son.
Watch this video.
When he was 10 years old,
I reprimanded him for a small mistake
and he left me in a fit of rage.
I have crores worth of assets
but no one to share it with.
See this video.
Son, come back home
before your father breathes his last.
It's your birthday tomorrow.
Like always, I'll be waiting for you.
Please come back, son.
I'll act as his son
and take away his wealth.
I will go to Vijayanagaram...
Uncle! I'll act his son and
s-steal his wealth.
Mum! I will live...
I won't die. I won't die.
I will go to Vijayanagaram
and steal the wealth.
I will go to Vijayanagaram
and steal the wealth.
I will live...
-Oh, no!
My daughter!
I won't die.
I won't die.
Oh, God! I swallowed that.
Oh, no!
Thank God, I'm alive.
Lucky fellow,
You have conquered death.
Only one in a million is as lucky as you.
I'm alive for those millions possibly.
He left home at 10 years of age because
I reprimanded him for a small mistake.
It's been twenty years now,
and I have no idea where he is.
Son, come home before this old man
takes his last breath.
It's your birthday tomorrow.
Like always, I'll be waiting for you.
The son who never returned to
you in twenty years,
will he come back listening
to this bit on TV?
The last twenty years, I was hoping
that he would come back.
But this time, I believe
that he will return.
-Start the preparations.
-Okay, sir.
I strongly feel that my
son is on his way back.
Hello, will you not let us in during
the second half as well?
Should we not be informed about his
son who ran away twenty years ago?
We shall feel enlightened
that he has a son as well.
Okay, you may feel it now.
Oh! So he has a son?
He is here!
Sir! Your son is here!
How could you stay away
from your father for so long?
Sorry, Dad.
Sorry is a small word.
I will never hurt you.
I won't ever leave you.
And who is he?
The one who ran away can't grow
up on his own, can he?
Someone had to raise him.
I'm that someone.
-Where were you all this while?
-What did you do?
-Why didn't you return all these years?
-Why are you here now?
You have treated me well, Dad.
Your son has returned home after 20 years
and he is being bombarded with questions.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
He is the true father.
When I came to him,
he didn't question me,
why did you come back or
where did you come from.
He took me under his wings.
Papa, my lovely papa!
But you, you and you...
As if I'm a broker from the RTO office...
As if I'm here for the money.
Venky stop! He is listening.
You are revealing the truth.
Okay, okay.
So many questions?
I'm declaring it to everyone.
If anyone questions me again,
I'll run away.
He is back after so many years.
Why are you disturbing him, Sharma?
I'm glad that he is finally back home.
Tell them, Dad.
Tell everyone that I'm your son.
Son of Anand Prasad.
The heir to this estate.
Sir! There is another son here.
-There is another one?
Oh, no!
Has the original son returned?
I worry about the same, Venky.
-Why is he here?
-He must have watched the same video.
He too has the tattoo.
Same to same.
Mum, forgive me.
You hurt him by leaving this world.
But I hurt him even more
by leaving this house.
The old man seems to believe him.
I won't leave dad ever, Mum.
-We missed a trick, Venky.
He utilized the mother sentiment
to his advantage.
Sorry, Dad.
For the past twenty years,
you went through so much
You kept wondering and waiting
for me to come to you.
Is it necessary to speak in rhyme
with this stuttering disability?
This is an emotion!
Mr. Anand Prasad's didn't have
any stammering problems while he was here.
That is the right question.
Poor kid, he was raised on the
platforms after running away from here.
-Due to malnutrition.
-I started stammering, Dad.
Venky, his negative turned into positive.
It's better if you gain some
sympathy points for yourself.
Daddy, earlier I said that he is
a good papa. He is a bad papa.
An idiot papa.
He never fed me well.
That's why I got night blindness
due to malnutrition.
If you could give me your hand.
Sir! There is a third son.
Mother is a shiny cloud...
What? The whole Manga family is here.
Father is like the blue sky...
The oldies.
Who is he?
Mother is like the shiny
Cloud and the falling rain
Father is the blue sky that never bows
He is the lamp of hope that
Burns for hundred years
You are dear to our lives
You are our star and light
You are the flower that we use in prayers
I'm here, Dad. I will never leave you.
Why does his voice sound effeminate?
Good. That was a good question.
The voice sounds meek, it seems.
Answer him.
She ran away... I mean, after running
away he was raised at a food corner.
Growing up eating leftovers,
do you think he'd go...
What do you expect?
A bass voice like Sai Kumar?
-Do you mean malnutrition?
Sir! Fourth son.
How many more are there, Sharma?
Bro... He is here as well, bro.
Father, an emotion that
always lingers with me.
With love, to my father...
Ask him to stop singing and come in.
Hey, come in.
-Shake them with your performance.
-Take off your hand.
Pan India Junior artist, card no. 007.
Just watch how I demand answers from him.
-There's your father.
Do you call yourself a father? You rogue!
For nine minutes of pleasure on the bed,
you acted to be gracious.
-Sir? Is he a junior artist?
-Pan India.
For the mother who delivered me after nine
months of pain, you turned cold-hearted?
This big guy raised me.
If you demand Kashmir, I will kill you.
My leg!
Legs... of your father.
Fall at his feet.
Should I repeat the same dialogue now?
Your son has grown up
to be a junior artist.
Oh! So he is the father.
Are you a father?
For nine minutes of pleasure on the bed,
you acted to be gracious.
-Let's go.
-Okay, sir.
Sir! Sir!
Sir? What shall we do now?
If I knew I would have informed
you there itself, Sharma.
I was expecting my son to return to me
but this turned out to be a circus.
I feel like one of them is my son.
Make arrangements for their stay.
Okay, sir.
Well done! Well done!
You are all shameless rogues.
You saw his video and came running
to steal his wealth, right?
Then why are you here, bro?
To paint the p... pa... palace?
Stop it. Why are you creating
a ruckus in our palace?
He looked at Harika as if she was his son.
Yes, that old man looked
at us differently.
Don't mistake me.
-He looked at us with kindness...
-And compassion.
One looks at your family with...
disgust and embarrassment.
Venky! What if the old man falls
into his trap like us?
-Manga foods, hot fritters!
-Three for Rs. 10. Three for Rs. 10.
No! We must save the old man from them.
-Let's tell him the truth.
-Yes, let's go.
If you rat us out, we will reveal to
the commissioner that you are here.
Don't fight with each other.
All our agendas are the same.
We are all duplicates.
Let's play it individually.
Before the real heir appears,
let's clean out his wealth.
Are you a nutcase? This is top-secret
and you are shouting your lungs out.
What if the ones who hear this have
the same idea as us?
What if they kill him
frame us for it, trap us in litigation
and steal all his wealth?
This is a brilliant idea.
By the way, who stole the car with money
and diamonds?
It's me!
You buy vintage cars by spending crores
of rupees on them, don't you?
You need to check this.
This is fresh out of the excavation.
Just one crore for it.
-This is an assembled version.
Like China phones,
they are assembled using duplicate parts.
Sir, just get me Rs. 2,000.
It'll at least fetch me petrol.
-Hey! Get lost.
-At least 10 or 20 bucks for tea?
Damn! I hate you. Shit!
Money! Crores!
Oh my God!
This is original money.
These are real diamonds.
If they are specifically
mentioning it to be original
then they must surely be duplicate ones.
Dummy car, dummy notes
and dummy diamonds.
I won't be fooled by duplicate notes
and colored stones. I will sell them.
Why did you bring me here?
-Will you kill the old man?
-Why would I kill him?
He is the right candidate
to assassinate him.
He is the biggest
rowdy in this area.
If you kill the old man and somehow blame
it on the four buffoons,
we will be super rich.
Crores? He is speaking of crores, dude.
Hey! I will tell you the plan.
Get us into the palace as workers.
With an extraordinary plan,
I will kill the old man.
This is the glass which contains
all of their fingerprints.
We shall mix poison in the milk and
give it to him in this glass.
Didn't you tell,
that it would be an extraordinary plan?
This routine plan has been done to death.
Why are you hitting him?
Ouch! Ouch!
Bro, you are no more a rowdy.
You are a worker at their place.
The rowdy in me sometimes comes out,
you guys must take care of it.
Don't worry about it,
I'll take care of that.
Who are you now?
-I am a worker.
Bro, don't let anybody suspect you.
Who is this new guy?
Since more people are living in this
palace now, I have appointed him.
-What's the milk for?
-It's for him.
Don't you know that he won't have
milk during dinner?
I will drink it.
Why are you staring at me?
Oh, no! Oh, God!
He doesn't seem like a worker,
he looks like a rowdy.
Did you feel that? One minute.
We are workers, not rowdies.
What are you starting at?
-We are beating him as he is a worker.
-Let's repeat it, come on.
-Is this the glass?
-Yes, it is.
Goodness, I can't see a thing.
Everything looks blurred.
It's been 20 years since we got here.
We must eat along with our father.
-Yes, let's wait for the father.
-Yes, you are right.
The son who has been away
from his father for twenty years
won't have this much of a bonding
with his father.
Don't try to overact,
you will get us in trouble.
-Let's eat first, serve it to me.
-Let's eat.
Leg piece! Leg piece!
Everyone is eating, Venky.
Where are you going, bro?
I miss my home, bro...
Poor guy,
he is good at heart but a bit sensitive.
Dad! Dad!
Where are you?
-Did you eat?
A son who was away from his father for 20
years would have food with his father,
unlike these pigs who have started
eating before you arrived.
I'm your son, Dad.
I have your values.
Help me sit down, Dad.
Come on, Son, sit.
Everybody seems to be burned to bits.
Let me continue.
You have gained a positive impression,
leave it.
Shut up.
It's a sweet.
Have this sweet, Dad.
-No, Son.
-Please have one for me, Dad.
I don't have sweets, son.
Venky, you can't see his expressions,
leave it.
Get lost. You are after
all a duplicate father.
What do you know about father's
emotions? Mad Papa. Idiot Papa.
-Dad, sweet?
Didn't I say no?
Don't you know that
your father is diabetic?
Isn't that cured yet?
Diabetes doesn't get cured that easily.
Don't stretch it until it's broken.
Let me throw one in this flow.
No... he is in a bad mood.
This is not the right time.
A son doesn't have to eat with his father.
It should be in the genes.
He is eating from his left hand and I am
using my left hand as well.
-Left... left.
-Change it... Change it.
Left hand.
He has hurt his right hand.
So the doctor has advised him
to use his left hand for a few days.
Basically, he is right-handed.
He is a righty.
Right hand.
Your mother is a lefty but she used to eat
using her right hand.
Master was also a lefty but
he turned into a righty.
Master, you were talking about genes
but you seem confused.
There is no confusion, I'm a righty.
Food is a form of the Creator.
One must not lie while eating.
Tell me who my real son is,
and the rest of you, please leave.
Hello? Shall we leave?
I will tell the truth!
I might not have proofs,
but I made memories
worth a lifetime with you,
the ones that none of them know.
-Oh no!
-She has done her research, nephew.
Tell me, son.
What are those memories?
Whenever I cried inconsolably,
you used to carry me around
and sing lullabies to me.
Do you remember, Dad?
When I didn't want to go to
school and started crying,
you got me chocolate.
You, cheat. Also, tell him how he changed
diapers and cleaned your ass.
Great memories, he claimed!
Every father and son in this
world has the same memories.
Everybody is performing.
You too do something.
What performance?
What do you expect from me?
Those two multi-stars
have already given a hit.
That Tiger Shroff has delivered a dud.
What am I supposed to do?
You come here and do it.
Aren't you the great artist?
Come, do it.
Let's put a tattoo
on his hand as well.
Get me a sketch pen.
He is behaving just like our master,
with the same naivety and childishness.
Same temperament as well.
Yes, sir. You are correct, sir.
He is your son, sir.
Announce it immediately.
Announce immediately.
What an extraordinary performance!
-Mind blowing performance.
-Thank you.
Who is the father of this great actor,
I'm the proud son of
senior-most junior artist,
Gudivada Gurunatham,
House no. 53113/2, Proddatur.
He acted in 250 films, 25 close-ups
and said two dialogues.
Shh! Shh!
What shh?
Is the life of a son who can't speak
about his own father, worth living?
This dialogue is from Puri Jagannath's
film in which you were a junior artist.
You just forgot.
He is your real father!
I'm the proud son of Anand Prasad,
house number...
I don't know the house number,
check for yourself.
The old man must have had BP along
with sugar. He stormed out.
He has not left yet, Venky.
He is still here.
Oh no! Sorry, Dad.
I'm not like him, Dad.
I am...
I don't think you can finish it.
Leave it, you can say it
when he comes here tomorrow.
It's been so long since I've seen you.
You are my childhood friend
just for the namesake.
You didn't contact me when
you became a millionaire,
you didn't contact me even
when your son ran away,
and neither did you contact
me when he returned.
Keep that aside.
First, tell me, why did you come here
all the way from America?
Nothing much, brother. Our daughter
wants to marry only an Indian.
-Hello, Uncle.
-Hi, dear.
I was thinking why search elsewhere,
let's get her married to your son.
In that case,
you have to get her married four times.
My lone son ran away but now four
have returned as my sons.
What's the big deal!
Let's find your real son among them
and get her married to him.
Let's turn this situation in our favor.
-But how, Venky?
-I'll tell you.
I should impress father and
take all the wealth into our hands.
-Hand me some weapons, soon!
-Bro! Bro...
-What happened?
-Look there.
That girl wants to marry my dad,
but her cruel father is
opposing that marriage.
I'll eliminate them and get my
dad married for the second time.
-Thus proving that I'm his true son.
-I'll prove the same.
We shall do the same.
We shall wait and watch.
You, scoundrel.
What's lacking in my father?
See... He's gone.
Your daughter wants to
marry my father
with such kind-heartedness.
He's gone.
-Damn you!
-What are you doing, son?
You stay calm, father.
-What's lacking in my father?
-Listen to me, son.
You go... come on... go.
Watch me.
You go away
Love is energy... Love is well-being
Someone secretly carries
Rich love in his eyes
Stop it!
Are you in your sane mind?
Don't you have any common sense?
Scold him more. Come on!
She's the daughter of my childhood friend,
how can I possibly marry her?
Who told you that?
Sir, milk.
Mix a spoon of poison in it.
We have already mixed
four spoons in it, sir.
If he is kidding, you must not make
counter punches.
Behave like a servant.
-I want to throw you away, right now.
-No, Papa.
The day you announce me as your son,
I'll throw all of them out with my
own hands. I shall do that, Papa.
Aunt Padma? Uncle Surendra?
How are you?
Do you still remember Uncle?
I'm your real son, dad.
Those minute details.
Childhood memories.
Is it so?
He is my real son.
Dad... Why do you need a stick
while your son is here?
Give it here.
Put your hand on my shoulder.
Daddy! From now on, I'll handle
you and your wealth.
When you pour
cow's ghee in fire...
It produces
a lot more fire.
I said it. You can leave that.
Venky, given what happened yesterday,
I suspect that Varun is up to something.
We shouldn't fall for it.
I'm not dumb. I know it very well.
-My brain is very sharp.
-They are here...
-Do you think I am as dumb as you?
-I didn't mean that.
Hey, Varun.
What are you doing in the old man's room?
-Nothing... Nothing.
-What is that diary?
-Uncle, come.
-Nothing... Nothing.
Old man's room. Diary.
Something fishy.
Uncle, do you think anybody followed us?
No... no.
They are behind us.
Here... Father's diary.
My heartfelt thoughts.
Son, once you come back,
I want to have local liquor
and fried fish with you while
watching the recording dance together.
I'll fulfill his desire
and become the best son!
I'll become the best son before you!
He fell for it! He fell for it!
That older man is quite rich.
Isn't it demeaning to be
indulging in dances such as these?
Nonsense! Rich people have a soft spot
for indulgences like this.
Even before he can, I would impress
father and be in his good graces again.
-I hope you are sure about this.
Alright, fine.
Sir, milk.
-Thank you.
-Have it.
Did you find your real son?
How would I know?
Don't you see?
Then my daughter's marriage?
Fate will decide.
It's not like that..
Bloody marriage, it can be done any time.
For once, he is about to drink milk
and you are irritating him.
Won't you let him drink?
You drink it and die, sir.
Please drink it, sir.
-Damn it!
Dad, I am coming.
Who gave milk to my dad?
-Don't open your mouth. Close it.
-There is poison in that milk.
You will die even if you swallow one drop.
Come, let's wash it.
You are not a kid to have milk.
Here is the liquor.
-He is finished.
-Fried fish, chicken and prawns.
All these items, just for you.
-Son, I don't...
-Don't talk. I'll hit you, now.
You think you can keep it a secret?
You naughty...
You don't understand. I don't...
Don't let me scold you now!
Naughty, Papa.
You have a third desire as well, right?
Recording dance!
Oh Gosh! Oh Gosh!
This is for you only...
Oh Gosh! Oh Gosh!
DJ! Venky...
This Boy, dear God!
Has set me on fire
This boy here...
Has enticed me
This Boy, dear God!
Has set me on fire
This boy here...
Has enticed me
This girl, dear God!
She is a beauty
This pretty girl here...
I shall appease her
This girl, dear God!
She is a beauty
This pretty girl here...
I shall appease her
The departure of sulkiness
The arrival of romance
Will drive the cold, my dear!
Your smooth neck is like
The cream of the moon
The sweetness of this
Friendship is like sugarcane
This Boy, dear God!
Has set me on fire
This boy here...
Has enticed me
This girl, dear God!
She is a beauty
This pretty girl here...
I shall appease her
-Stop it!
-Who is that?
Papa! Father?
What is with this liquor,
these arrangements and recording dance?
-Is this my house or a club?
-Oh no! Please.
I feel disgusted by you. You, your father
and his damned upbringing!
Venky, you happy, right?
Yesterday I thought you were my real son.
And today you have lost
my respect for you.
You had written all this in your
diary and now you are scolding me!
Which idiot told you that I have a habit
of writing a diary?
This girl, dear God!
She is a beauty
This pretty girl here...
I shall appease her
Throw this scoundrel
out of this house, Sharma.
No, Father.
The day you announce me as your son
I would personally throw all of them,
most importantly him.
I'll grab him by his neck...
out of this house.
Dad... Why all this fuss?
Take your medicine... you will be calm.
Sorry, son. I scolded you yesterday.
Don't feel bad about that.
I felt bad, that you just scolded me
and did not hit me.
-Hit me.
-He is overacting.
We are no longer friends.
No longer friends.
I don't know what's going on, Sharma.
Everything is quite confusing.
At times I feel like this one is my son.
-And later I feel like that one is my son.
-I am the one, Father.
Sometimes this one seems right.
At times,
I feel like this mad man is my son.
A mad man?
Are you crazy to call me crazy?
How dare you insult me?
My proud father
Gudivada Gurunatham used to call me...
Oh no! Oh god!
But never did he call me crazy.
You couldn't find your son amongst
the four of us, you are the crazy one.
Patience! Patience!
I am not being paid here
and you preach patience!
He is abusing me by calling me crazy.
-You get abused if you want.
-Oh no!
Get lost.
The heatwave has corrupted his mind,
mental fellow.
Mental is okay with me.
No matter how many crazy things they do,
the hope that one amongst them
might be my son is stopping me.
-But these crazy people...
Sharma, take me away from all this
mess for just one whole day.
Let's go, sir.
I have booked the tickets for the
evening flight. Shall we leave?
You can go, Dad.
I'm not coming with you.
I like one of them.
All the mobile numbers
are not working, sir.
Alright! Open that file.
Hold it... hold it.
-Nagaraj's second number is in use.
-Tell me the number.
1,2,3. Wow!
3 colored stones for 500 rupees.
They look very real.
Initially, even I got confused.
Take one extra as complimentary.
Thank you.
Answer the call! Come on... answer!
-Answer the phone.
Hello, sir..
You thought they were diamonds?
No, just colored stones.
Sir, looking at your face I get a sense
that you have lost something valuable
and in search of that you have gone
crazy and become shabby.
Just Rs. 500 for you, sir. I had
duplicate notes worth two crores as well.
Do you know who I am?
I know, sir. Police.
But you too are a criminal.
Only one thief recognizes another thief.
Hey, get lost.
Colored stones that look like diamonds.
Duplicate diamonds.
-Phone! Phone!
-Phone! Phone!
Who called me on this number?
Here, play with this.
Oh, God. It's the commissioner's number.
-Don't answer it. Do not answer it.
-You answered it.
This is how you answer and
this is how you disconnect.
Do you think you can steal
my money and diamonds
and simply escape to another
state and I wouldn't find out?
Sir? How do you know that
we are in Vijayanagar?
How come you give yourself away
every time, Nagaraj?
So you are in Vijayanagar, are you?
Where are the others?
-Don't say. Don't say.
-They are with me as well, sir.
If you don't give me my
money and diamonds...
I'll come down to Vijayanagar
and encounter all of you!
Sir, we are scheming a theft
worth thousands of crores.
We will give you ten times
the money we owe you.
-Just give another week's time, sir.
-Please, sir.
I will kill you all if you
don't give it back in a week.
Why are you telling him that we are
here to steal all this wealth?
What if someone...
overhears us?
She heard. We are so done!
He screwed us, bro.
So all of you are duplicates?
Madam, please don't expose us.
Please, madam.
Don't worry. I won't tell anything
about you to Uncle.
Because I like one of you.
-Tell us, madam. Who is that?
-Who is that?
Oh yeah!
Me? Yes... yes.
There you go. They are having seizures.
He is the real man!
His walk, style,
and manliness are full of macho!
I will live and die only with you.
I want to marry you and
give birth to a dozen kids.
-Shut up, wretch!
-He is already engaged to another girl.
If you piss me off like this,
I will rat you all out to Uncle.
-Madam, don't. Please.
-So, be careful.
My man should be in my room
in the next five minutes.
You tortured us all these years, no?
You got what you deserve!
What shall we do now?
If you must hide our identity,
we must send her to her room.
Looking at your thick mustache
The way to tweak them
Looking at your manly looks,
my heart starts to moonwalk
You have a strong body
Like an F1 race car
It's assaulting me in my dreams
I can't get my temperature down
Pounce on me like a lady Singham
I am ready
Everybody put your body
On the floor and say
Ooh! Aah! Aha aha!
Everybody put your body
On the floor and say
Ooh! Aah! Aha aha!
Your skin tone is like French wine
You seem like a twin to Cupid
Hey, my chilled diet coke
Don't hide your beauty in the tin
I shall melt you slowly like a candle
And make you play Candy Crush
along with me
You are my milk pudding,
I'll dip you in Gin...
Taste you and take a big bite of you
Everybody put your body
On the floor and say
Ooh! Aah! Aha aha!
Everybody put your body
On the floor and say
Ooh! Aah! Aha aha!
Your touch is similar to being
Showered by a ton of flowers
As if I'm being shot with a stun gun
My eyes bowled a spinning bowl...
and your narrow hips are batting to it
Starting from? A?
A to Z,
I'll read everything in you
My zero figure that you will see tonight
You will give a cent per cent to it
Come to the room now!
Everybody put your body
On the floor and say
Ooh! Aah! Aha aha!
Everybody put your body
On the floor and say
Ooh! Aah! Aha aha!
Ooh! Aah! Aha aha!
Sir, if you opt for a DNA test,
you can easily identify your son.
Then the mess happening at home
would become fodder to the media.
Is that any good?
The world doesn't need to know
that my heir has returned after 20 years.
Only this old heart needs to realize it.
Can't you find the culprits among
the guys claiming to be my heirs
by running a few tests?
Good idea, sir.
We shall get on that job.
Make sure that the tests
are extremely difficult.
Only the true heir should
be able to withstand them.
And the duplicates should flee from here.
All four of you are very lucky.
Mr. Anand Prasad believes
that one of you is his true son.
-It's me...
-That is my nephew.
The young master did many daring stunts
even at 10 years of age.
We have selected a few of them
to conduct tests on you.
What could a 10-year-old do?
-I mean, what would I have done?
-At the most, hopscotch, hide and seek...
-Duck duck goose, tug of war. That's it!
Painting, please!
Our brave master could tame an enraged
bull and bring it to its knees.
Oh, God!
Tomorrow, we shall get
an enraged bull to enter the arena.
Oh, God!
He has no patience but is full of anger.
He is not romantic, he is a fighter.
Who will go first?
-You go.
-No, you.
You go first.
Hey! Let them go first.
After you assess its mood and
movements, you can take your turn.
What kind of a mentor are you?
If you don't trust me then what's
the point of me doing this character?
You better kill me.
You bloody Sharma! I am not your master.
I am a pan-India junior artist.
You can find me in Baahubali as well.
My master used to say, "You bloody
Sharma", whenever he got angry.
You are my master.
Announce it, sir.
Announce it immediately.
What announcement?
I don't want any sympathy votes.
I shall show the power of a pan-India
junior artist to these heroes.
How is he so confident, bro?
I know how to tame a wild bull.
You didn't expect that from me, did you?
Start dancing.
Why did he take that out?
What happened?
The previous trainer of Chittibabu
tortured him a lot.
Since then, he gets mad when
he hears the sound of a Clarinet.
If he doesn't stop playing it,
he'll live to regret it.
He's so gone!
I can't breathe! I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
One wicket down!
Nephew, take my advice,
grab it by the horns and bend it. Go!
Young master, all the best.
Chittibabu, another one is here. Attack!
Go on, Chittibabu.
Come on.
You are the winner.
He likes bananas very much.
You caught our Chittibabu's weakness.
The idea is mine.
Oh no!
What happened?
If you feed him without peeling it,
he gets enraged.
He will peel your skin!
He's going to beat you to pulp.
-What should I do now?
-Ask for forgiveness.
-Mom, I'm scared.
Why do you fear? We have our family deity,
Sastri balm, with us.
Its massage shakes up human beings
and that one is after all, a bull.
Bro is the best!
You have to do this.
I have full faith in you.
Okay, come on... go.
I shall massage you and like Venky,
you should enjoy it. Understood?
What a shot!
It's hell. You will experience worse.
Young master, you are next.
-Go on. Stop at nothing.
-Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Oh Rose, my tender rose!
The rose that echoes notes
Why did it stop?
You are very fortunate!
You were raised by rich people and
have grown into a big fat bull.
But me? I'm a lean poor man.
Listen up!
My frustration of not having money...
Oh Rose, my tender rose!
The rose that echoes notes
The life that dwells in me
Should reach you in the form of a song
That's why you have a huge following
in the families!
You can make a lady cry, a man cry...
you can even make dogs and bulls cry.
We have reached level 2.
Every morning, he'd have us put
chilli powder in his eyes...
And get his hands burned.
The proud son of Gudivada Gurunatham
doesn't give up...
The duplicate ones can reveal
themselves at least now.
He would eat fresh grass for breakfast.
This is what it means to even eat
wild grass for the sake of money.
Nice quote!
Buy one before they're all sold out, sir.
Crazy man... sell them to someone.
You promised to pay me back in one week.
Where are they?
-Give us another three days, sir.
-Three more days, sir.
The duplicates can reveal
their identity at least now.
-I'm the real one.
-No, it's me.
Shut up, you junior artist.
Tiger Shroff, shut up.
Anyone apart from our young master
would have run away from these tests.
But they are very adamant.
You must take things in your hands, sir.
In order to drive the
duplicate ones away...
We tested you with some of the most
extremely difficult tasks.
Now with a belief that my heir
would definitely withstand it...
I am putting you through
a final test myself.
This factory is my first
step to my success.
It is like my mother.
This factory is the sole reason behind
the success of JK group of industries.
Just like me, this factory is in darkness
too and is awaiting to see light again.
400 workers,
employees taking millions as salary,
creative teams, marketing people, nobody
could do that one job but one man,
my son would do it, that's my belief.
The one who gets this factory
to the number one position...
He will be my son,
the true heir to my wealth.
If we try individually, we can't take
this factory to the first place.
But we can together make it number one.
That's a fantastic idea, bro.
But there can only be one heir.
How will everyone get his wealth?
We shall together make
this factory number one.
We shall credit the success to one of us.
He would be deemed as heir and would
take care of all of us.
Great idea. Let's do that.
-We are okay with it.
-Us too.
Us too.
Me too. But first,
give an idea to make it number one.
-Venky, how about one plus one offer.
-People are not buying one doll as well.
-How about a Sunny Leone's photo on them?
These toys are only for kids.
The idea should be...
Ah! The signal is lost!
Phone! Phone! Phone! Phone!
Hey, you scientists!
Stop your excursions to the moon and mars.
if you are qualified enough, I dare you to
take these phones away from the children.
Mr. Nagaraju, what did you just say?
I said, invent something that could
separate children and the phones.
Yes! Mr. Nagaraju!
What an idea!
I have a brilliant idea,
this problem is not specific to
your house, but in every household.
-That's our target.
The market has seen only toys
which could entertain children.
What if we had toys which could
talk to them and educate them?
-Toys that could talk and educate them?
The voice of the doll must be very crazy
when it talks to the children.
So we need a good--
-You are a junior artist, right?
-Get us a mimicry artist.
Kids are crazy about mobiles.
So we shall design our dolls to have
a screen and wi-fi to engage them.
The screen of the toy
attracts children, OK.
But, how do you plan to detach
the kids from the mobiles?
Let's set a timer.
After 20 mins of playing, automatically
the screen should turn off.
As we press the command
button on the remote...
the toy would communicate
back to the kids.
Immediately it would divert
them and make them study.
Kids don't listen to their
parents when it comes to studies.
-Do you think they would listen to toys?
-They would.
Kids love to have their toys beside
them even while sleeping.
If we go by kids' psychology, they
would listen to a friendly talking doll.
If we make our toys like the characters
that have a lot of influence on children?
How about them being a look-alike
of their favorite heroes?
Mahendra Baahubali!
All the best, Baahubali! You can do it.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Close the screen.
Phone. Phone. Phone...
Wait, wait.
When do you study?
Will you always watch YouTube videos
and play games?
Where are the studies?
Will you always harass your parents
by being a mischief-maker?
Where are the studies?
Your friend Amarendra Baahubali is
speaking to you.
-Who would get the books?
-Who would study?
Who would secure the first rank?
This idea is a success.
The toys would become blockbusters.
What a demand! These F3 toy-makers
are following the current trend.
We don't follow the trend. We set it.
-Don't you have any discounts?
-I don't believe in bargaining, dear.
Shreyu, get up and start studying.
Mom, not now.
Let me play for a while, please.
Mom is calling. Go!
Hail Chittibabu!
How long should we beat around the bushes?
Let's destroy the main castle, come.
What do you say?
Bloody, won't bow down to anyone!
Kids forgot the phones and are
very much focused on studies.
Thanks to F3 toys.
F3 toys are making our kids focus
on studies. We are very happy.
Now there is a balance between their
playing and studying because of F3 toys.
Our kids spend time with
mobiles for 4 to 5 hours daily
now they're very much focused
on studies because of F3 toys.
Thanks to F3 toys.
Thanks to F3 toys.
Thanks to F3 toys!
Sir, our toy factory has beaten all other
factories and reached the top position.
Chairman! Life should be like this
Money in your hands
And a bottle at your mouth
Salsa with the lady and
Fun all through the night
Here comes Pooja,
A rose with no thorns
Open the door and
Take me to the party
Opening the door, sitting in my car
Shifting the gears,
I shall take you to heaven
Throw a lasso towards the sky,
Break a part of the cloud
And make the moon a blob on my forehead
Chairman! Life should be like this
Chairman! Life should be like this
The chit-chat around the low wall
Let's reiterate it on the China wall
While having a glass of wine
Let's keep aside the regular
Tea at the Ayyangar cafe
And have an iced tea
Over the Eiffel Tower
I'll cover the Taj Mahal in colors and
Gift it to my lady on Valentine's day
While playing the DJ, I'll make
My baby play slide on the Pyramids
Chairman! Life should be like this
Chairman! Life should be like this
Let's dig out all the gold in this world,
Make a swimming pool out of it and swim
Let's get all the snow from Switzerland
In a ship to Rajasthan and skate over it
In the one-day match at Sharjah ground,
Let's play marbles
Let's decorate the London bridge
And have the Bonalu fair over it
Chairman! Life should be like this
Life s-should be l-like this!
Thank you. Thank you.
Forgive us, sir.
We three lied to you that we were
your son. We have deceived you.
He is the true heir
and your true son, sir.
He is the one responsible for all the
ideas that made your factory successful.
He contains every quality of yours, sir.
Announce it, sir. Announce it.
-We shall take your leave.
-Where are you going?
Did I do it all alone?
You all too put it in equal effort.
Let me make it clear,
you are all equal to me in this house.
You said it, bro.
But your father has been silent.
My word is my father's word as well.
What do you say, Dad?
Yes, son.
No father would refuse
the wishes of his son.
It's true that I have a son.
But him being alive is a lie.
15 years ago, I was a small
toy-seller who hoped
he would make at least
10 thousand a month.
The only asset that I passed on to my
son is studies.
But that was not enough for him.
I believed in hard work and honesty.
He believed in shortcuts and smartness.
We were always at loggerheads
regarding how we make money.
His anger toward me made him walk out
of this house to win over me and money.
He then started multiple businesses
with his friends
and using his shortcut methods earned
crores of rupees within a short period.
Dad, how long will you craft these toys?
We are well-settled.
Why don't you come with us?
Tell me how you earned so much in such a
short span of time and I'll come with you.
Where there is no honesty
there is no answer, no money.
When his cheating came to light, he
became the culprit in many police cases.
He was so embarrassed that
he couldn't ever face me again.
He along with his family
ended up committing suicide.
In the moment of terrible loss,
God gave a sliver of happiness.
He saved my granddaughter.
Hi, Uncles.
-Sir, we met the girl somewhere before.
-You saved her.
Once I was in Hyderabad
on an official trip
when my granddaughter was
kidnapped by someone.
Where is my baby?
Where is she?
Bro, scrapyard.
I came searching for those who
saved my granddaughter
and I wanted to help them as a way
to show my gratitude.
We took all crooked paths to make money.
Now we stand exposed.
I understood that you are all
going to be like my son.
That's when I thought that you don't
need help, you need a new life.
That's why we shot a
video with a fake story
that my son has run away
and sent that to you.
In order to make you believe it,
we created those nonsensical tests.
We turned your weakness, per Se money,
into your strength.
With the greed for money,
you used all your hidden talents
and executed them
with a lot of dedication.
A lot of dedication which resulted
in you turning company in loss
into the top-most company
in the whole JK group of industries.
A change in a man
is like a rebirth for him.
That's why I made you go through
all the pains and struggles of labor.
Life gives us a second chance
to make our wrongs into rights,
to turn our failures into success.
And we must be alive to be
at the receiving end of that chance.
You don't have to take
crooked paths to make money.
You might find people
with empty pockets
but you would never find
a person with an empty brain.
Bill Gates is not the only billionaire
in this world,
we have several Bill Gates around us
who have used this
small brain to achieve insurmountable
success but have not been in the news.
I started with a similar thought
15 years ago and today it's you.
No amount of money can buy you
a night of peaceful sleep.
Only an honest man can experience that.
Money takes lives, gives lives,
brings pride, strips off dignity,
makes us cry, makes us smile
and does good as well as bad.
A small colored note brings out all the
colors inside a human into the open.
The world knows only about five essential
elements but man created a sixth element.
The fear and respect we pay towards nature
should be the same towards money as well.
Everybody should learn to respect money.
You can have all the money
that you have earned.
We don't want that money, sir.
You gave us the confidence that we can
achieve anything, that's enough for us.
We shall restart our lives, sir.
They are all your sons...
Announce that they are not.
Announce it.
Hello. Don't be in a hurry to move
out thinking that the story is over.
The climax is pending.
Huge Climax!
Sensational Climax!
Mother-in-law, don't worry.
Even if you don't have
money, I would marry your son.
Look at her!
Madam, madam?
Careful. Be careful while lifting.
Yes. We are on the way, sir.
What happened?
I am back!
Sir, we ate your Aashirvad salt and
back-stabbed you by kidnapping you.
Please bless us, sir.
Why are so many coming here
as if there is an event organized?
Open the suitcase and show us the money.
Wow! Money!
Hundred crores!
Send the suitcase this side
and we will send the old man to that side.
Hey! Send him to this side and then...
we shall send the suitcase to that side.
Bloody hell!
Even after so many kidnaps won't there
be any change in this exchange offer?
We knew this would happen.
That's why we planned a huge climax.
Sensational climax.
Pan-India climax.
What shall we do, bro?
Do you know their language?
How would we know their language?
We booked them via mediators.
Do they know our language?
How will they know? Are you out of
your senses? How will they know?
Bro, she has brilliant
communication skills.
Let's use all that we learned through
OTTs in these last two years.
Bro, they want to take all your money
and hand you all over to the police.
Bro, they want to take all your money
and hand you all over to the police.
Oh, wow!
Hey, they'll betray you...
Kill them.
-How can they speak so many languages?
-OTT effect.
Squid game!
You take care of him...
We will take the bags and come. Come on!
What did they tell them?
And what did they understand?
They said you won't pay us and
hand us over to the police.
Do you guys know Telugu?
We saw Telugu movies on OTT.
Why don't you write? Sit here and
write stories for Telugu movies.
Meanwhile, they are
taking our suitcase away.
Come on... take these bags.
Power star, Ram Charan, Mahesh Babu.
I shall sell all our Tollywood
actors, in the black market.
Hey, stop right there.
Sir? Did you come here as well?
Hey, Baby... Rambo.
How dare you cheat me?
Hey, no... no...
That is an MI-4 gun...
Hey stop it... stop.
Komaram Bheem's spear.
Pan-India climax!
Lucky fellow.
Even though we were stabbed
hard we are still alive...
That means God has given
us a second chance.
-Let's change for good.
-Let's run away from here.
-Let's survive.
-Hey, Nagaraj.
Sir, is it you?
Tell me the truth.
Where are my money and diamonds?
Sir, we kept all the money and diamonds
in a car and wrote, "these are
real money and real diamonds".
Yet someone stole that, sir.
Sir? I am the one who stole that car.
That means, like a stupid,
I sold diamonds as colored stones
and cash as fake cash.
If I am stupid, what are you?
I tried hard to sell the cash
and diamonds to you. But you...
-What is this, bro?
-Once more...
-Once more...
Hey, leave it... leave.
Hey, grab it.
What he can do?
Exactly. It is what it is.
Do something...
What will he do coming here? He will say,
"Exactly. Yeah, exactly". Am I right?
Henpecked husband!
This is the power of every man who has
been a henpecked husband for 30 years and
has been replying to his wife with
a response of, "Exactly. Yes, exactly."
He is very dangerous.
Do you know karate?
Are you a black belt?
Yes, exactly.
Hands up! Hands up.
Father is an emotion that chases me.
Do you know who this man is?
The great senior most junior artist.
Gudivada Gurunatham.
That's him?
Did you come here to play
the role of a fighter, Daddy?
When I am in a character,
why would you call me Daddy, huh?
I play the role of someone
who is going to rob the suitcase.
And you play the role of someone
who is protecting the suitcase.
Then see now...
Thank goodness!
My role is to protect the suitcase
and I've done justice to that role.
Bro, bro... they are here.
Bro... Bro... Bro...
-What's this get-up, bro?
We have released it only on OTT,
it hasn't been released in theaters.
Fans would enjoy it.
Bro, PK... Vakeel Saab.
When it was in the peak,
there was a lock-down.
OTT was there anyway. So, now we
have decided to cheer up the fans.
PK... Come on!
I want that suitcase.
I know to argue within the court and even
know how to fight outside the court.
Objection. Objection.
I want that suitcase.
Bro, this is way too much.
We gave them a glimpse, didn't we?
If we prolong this,
the audience would be bored.
-Let's go.
-Let's change our costumes.
Come, sir. You arrived at the right time.
Telugu cinema has attained its past glory!
Without us, the police, there wouldn't
have been a single climax.
In the name of routine, reality,
naturality, logic and all other nonsense,
you kept us away for so many years.
What kind of frustration is this?
We are back now!
Tell us what we should do.
Don't move!
You are all under arrest!
Come, sir.
Take us all to the police station.
Are you insane?
Can't you see? This is a spear.
The end credits are already rolling
and the audience has started to leave.
-Sir, take us to a nearby hospital.
Take them into custody
and give them counseling.
We did do our roles a great justice,
did we not?
They gave me a car
and an MLA sticker as well.
I have become an MLA.
I'll go to the assembly
and exclaim, "Speaker!"
He stole my money and diamonds.
He sold them, assuming them
to be colored stones.
Now all those buyers have voted for him
and made him an MLA.
Goa! Goa! Goa!
Who changed the route?
It's me.
-Oh, Anil Ravipudi.
-Oh, my director!
Our next destination is not Goa.
I will not leave you all.