Faasle (1985) Movie Script

-Chandni, come. Come.
-How was your morning?
And the riding?
Riding? Absolutely, first class!
-Has the horse been behaving?
-Perfectly. Just like a horse.
It takes a horse behaving like a horse
and a rider behaving like a gentleman
to make the world go around.
No, you don't love me
as much as I love you.
-How could you say that?
-Do you remember, you were supposed
-to take me to the horse show.
-Yes! Give me five minutes. Five minutes.
No, I'll give you quarter to five minutes.
I think they are good. Do you like them?
They are good. But I want a better horse.
-I want to gift it to my daughter.
-And I have only one daughter.
-Let's go look at those.
-Let's go.
Give her a salute.
What a lovely journey! Lovely weather...
What a lovely...
What happened?
What's happening?
What's the matter?
Something wrong with the car?
No. The road is blocked.
-Can I do anything to help you?
-You're a wizard?
I was just wondering if
you could do something to help me.
-By the way, my name is Vijay.
-I am Sanjay.
Now that the introductions are done,
let's think ahead.
One way out would be to spend
the rest of the night in the jeep.
I could inform your family to come
and rescue you tomorrow morning.
Thank you so much,
for this valuable advice.
After you convey my regards
to my folks at home,
tell them to bring
an ambulance tomorrow morning.
I don't think I'll be fit enough
to use any other mode of transport.
The second way out would be for me
to give you a lift you home.
Usually an enemy is given a lift home.
It's an old tradition.
We will change the tradition for tonight.
-Tonight a friend will give you a lift.
-And what happens to my poor car?
-No one is going to take her.
In this valley, you'll find lots
waiting to steal a heart,
-no one will steal a car.
Tell me, on a stormy night like this,
are you out taking a shower?
No, I just thought I'd meet you.
I like your style.
-What about me?
-I like you too.
From this day, we're friends.
Bosom friends.
That's a quick decision.
You seem like a very clear hearted person.
My heart has taken several cleaning-outs.
-Shall we?
-Come on. Give me your hand.
I hope your horse doesn't mind.
Victory to Lord Hanuman!
-Let's go.
-What a lovely journey! Lovely weather.
The exercise must've done a world
of good for your horse's back.
You've a brilliant sense of humor, Sanjay.
Because of this humor,
no one takes me seriously.
The girls I've tried to romance
have deserted me with a laugh.
-Sometimes, this humor makes me weep.
-I'd never forget the girl
-who'd deserted me for my humor.
-You are very brave. I can never do that.
But yes, I can treat you to coffee.
Would you like coffee?
-Can anybody give us coffee?
Anybody home? Is everybody angry?
Making coffee isn't that tough.
Why are you screaming?
Could two poor souls have some coffee?
What do you think?
How will we get coffee,
if you keep standing here?
Go in and scream, whistle at the servants
to make us some coffee.
Hey, man...
Chandni, what are you staring at?
He isn't a ghost.
He's my friend, Vijay. We just met.
But I feel, I've known him for years.
Brother, it takes all of one meeting,
to be friends?
In friendship and love, who needs
a meeting? First sight is enough,
to make hearts blossom,
to kindle the kindred fires of passion.
and a relationship is born.
But nurturing a relationship isn't easy.
It takes fortitude. Not everyone's
cup of tea. And when in love--
What in love?
Now what was I saying?
I think I am needlessly becoming serious.
Never mind, Chandni.
Hurry up and send us coffee.
Run! It shouldn't take more than a minute.
Hurry up.
Coffee's coming. Come, sit down.
I just was just sketching you.
You were smiling in your sleep.
Were you dreaming of something nice?
Sheetal, am I asleep or am I awake?
I'll tell you.
So I am awake. I've been daydreaming.
A lovely morning,
and there's music in the air.
A strange light fragrance fills the air.
The breeze carries a fragrance,
a message, from someone.
Throw open the windows,
let the curtains part.
Do not stop the fragrance.
Let the message come to me.
My destiny's been
waiting for me all night.
-Where are you running off to?
-Nowhere, Dad.
If you go away, who will bring me
my glass of fresh lime juice?
Excuse me today. Let Nandu serve you.
Nandu, fresh lime for Dad.
Forget Nandu. He's mad.
There's no knowing what he might give me.
Dad, please let me go.
-Where to?
-I've got to meet someone.
The tree.
-Yes, it's waiting for me.
-A tree? Waiting for you?
-Yes. It has waited all night.
-All night?
-Yes, it wants to tell me something.
Chandni, might you be going--
Sir, fresh lime.
-Mr. Nandkishore?
-Yes, sir?
-Is this fresh lime juice?
-Yes, sir.
Yes, sir?
No! Oh, no. No. Lime, no.
Chandni, what did--
In silence
My heart listens
To the rhythm
The cadence
With bated breath
-In silence
-In silence
-My heart listens
-My heart listens
-To the rhythm, the cadence
-To the rhythm, the cadence
-With bated breath
-With bated breath
Take a look at life again
More wonderful than it was
More beautiful than it was
You and I had to meet
Now we've met
What skies are those?
What land is this?
When I look at you
I can barely breathe
-In silence
-In silence
-My heart listens
-My heart listens
-To the rhythm, the cadence
-To the rhythm, the cadence
-With bated breath
-With bated breath
What our lips cannot speak
Let our eyes speak
Let lips feel
In the lap of fragrant blossoms
Let us pick our flowers
Weave our dreams
And think no more
Oh, I can barely breathe
-In silence
-In silence
-My heart listens
-My heart listens
-To the rhythm, the cadence
-To the rhythm, the cadence
-With bated breath
-With bated breath
-I've found a horse for your daughter.
I haven't seen a better one in this area.
-Then why don't you buy it?
-The owner isn't ready to sell.
Remember this, Shankar.
In this world of business,
everything is for sale.
-The price should be right.
-Why don't you take a look tomorrow?
Fabulous horse!
Where did you buy it?
My father bought him
for me when I was a boy.
You have taken really good care of it.
Yes, I've reared him lovingly.
Would you sell him?
No sir.
You can buy another one.
You could buy another one too.
I really like this one.
I couldn't take a price for him.
He is my childhood companion.
We grew up together.
He's a friend, more than a friend.
So much love? For an animal?
Maybe an animal for you.
To me, as dear as a brother.
I want to gift it to my daughter.
Just name the price.
You are a very rich man.
You think you can bid for everything?
What isn't for sale
In this bazaar, everything sells.
Could you buy love,
friendship and humanity?
Yes, I can buy everything.
If I want, you as well.
Proud of your money?
The arrogance of wealth?
Your daughter, that you love so much.
Would you sell her
if someone makes an offer?
Mention my daughter, and I'll rip your
tongue out! I'll kill you!
Just because I'm polite,
you think you can boss me around?
What's up? Why are you screaming?
Nothing, he wants to buy Chetak.
Wants to buy? Let him try to touch Chetak.
I'll rip him apart.
Forget it. I've explained it to him.
Let me do the rest of the explaining.
What are you doing?
Sir, forget them, they're lowly scum.
No point talking to them.
-He came asking to buy the horse.
-What does he think of himself?
Then the mountains will ask you,
"How high do you want to climb?".
Chandni, perform the rituals.
Sheetal, ward off the evil eye.
-What for, brother?
-What foolish girls, asking me why?
I am going mountaineering with Sheila,
that is no easy task.
I've to put body and soul in it.
It takes one with a lion's heart.
Lion's heart? In a mouse?
Just put those shoes on,
you son of a mouse!
-So what was I saying?
-That you will break a leg.
And this poor thing
will have to tend to it.
-Don't speak of ominous things!
-It takes you ten steps to start panting.
And he wants to scale a mountain.
Girls, With a determined heart
and a confident mind,
and climbing shoes and rappelling cords,
you deserve a kicking, you son of a gun!
-Don't listen to him.
-There's a limit to foolishness.
You learn riding for a girl,
and she ditches you.
and you're still learning
the piano for that other one.
And now going scaling hills for the third.
Which regrettably, is the tragedy.
These days are void of romance.
When the legendary lover Farhad,
dug up a hill,
no one said anything.
I go climbing a hill
and here people are poking fun at me.
-What about music?
-A matter of appreciation.
Girls are like music.
As many kinds of girls as there's music.
Over time, music changes.
So do your choice of girls.
-But you haven't changed.
-Thanks to your prayers.
Hold it there. Don't move.
-Close your eyes and make a wish.
-Will it come true?
Whatever you wish for, it will come true.
Open your eyes. Blow on this.
What did you wish for?
That you get everything you wish for.
-That's your loss.
I wish that,
you are always lost in my thoughts,
that you love only me,
and your dreams, are only of me.
Every heartbeat of yours says my name.
If that's what you want, then so be it.
From now on, Chandni, you will be my life.
-Is that a photo album? Show me.
-It's nothing, Chandni.
Oh, come on. I'm your friend.
Why hide anything from me?
Are you missing your dad?
Tell me, Sheetal,
are you unhappy in this house?
Have I done something to hurt you?
Or has Dad?
No, Chandni, don't talk like that.
To me, you are more than a sister.
And Uncle has given me so much love,
I've forgotten my father.
Yet, I think of him sometimes.
I don't even remember my mother.
Dad died so suddenly, in that accident.
I was sitting at home waiting for him.
-I am waiting till now.
-We're here for you. Why worry?
Dad's there, my brother is there.
Your Dad and my Dad were close friends.
This house is yours, Sheetal.
Come on, friend!
he, Sanjay isn't here yet.
Could he have really met
-the maiden of the mountain?
-Don't say that.
-How was your mountaineering?
-Aren't you back a bit early?
Isn't that right, Chandni?
After deep thought,
I've arrived to a conclusion.
No girl is worth climbing a mountain for.
-No, you can't say that.
-Is this your final decision?
Every decision of mine is final.
I've decided that
music is the passion of life.
I will spend my whole life
in pursuit of music.
This is my final decision.
Here's an ode to your home-coming. May I?
Go on.
Love, you have never known me.
Love, you have never known me.
Girls, they never come near me.
By tomorrow morning,
I will have composed this song.
No, Shankar...
I don't want to cut down this forest.
I want to build some cottages in here.
-Very well, sir.
-And let this road go up to the lake.
-Get to work immediately.
-Very well, sir.
Get down, and I'll teach you a lesson.
Sorry, can't do you that favor today.
I'm in a hurry. Someone's waiting for me.
He is a mannerless boy.
What more can you expect
from such lowly scum?
Come, Chandni.
-Vijay, will you teach me riding?
-Yes, why not? Right away.
Let's go.
It's my birthday today.
You'll come, won't you?
There will be so many people there.
What if I see you all alone?
So? So, I'll come a hundred times over.
You're looking very beautiful.
Come to me.
Closer. Let no distance separate us.
I stood solitary, distanced from life.
With you, the distance is no more.
And the solitude has ended.
Chandni, you have all the happiness,
you can ask for today.
What can I give you, besides love?
Listen to this...
The touch of your lips
and even Thumbs Up tastes like whiskey.
Sir, Mr. Shivraj Gupta is here.
-Good of you to have come.
-I promised I would.
-And I never break my promises.
-Let me introduce you to Chandni.
-Take something. Yes, sir?
-Where's Chandni?
-She was here. Wait, I'll call her.
Come, come.
Meet Shivraj Gupta.
He owns the Gupta Estates.
My daughter, Chandni.
A birthday gift from me. Please accept it.
Dad, it must be expensive.
And I don't even know him.
Isn't it enough that your Dad knows me?
Accept it, dear.
Nazim, come, come.
Now that you have accepted it,
it's even more valuable.
Now that I notice it,
you have lovely hair.
Has no one complimented your hair?
-That's so mean.
Allow me to tell you,
how lovely your hair is!
-Please go on!
-Sure! You see--
-Sanjay, your dad is calling you?
-Who me?
At this time?
Dad's sense of timing is great.
-Don't go. I'll be back.
-Come back soon.
Have some.
It's bugging me,
that we haven't me before.
I am wondering,
why did we meet?
-You are very proud of your beauty?
-I should be.
Beauty doesn't last forever.
Enough for a lifetime.
If you are allowed to live as you want.
That's good education.
Your words fill my heart with hope.
It is a very bad habit,
including yourself in everything.
Now that I'm included,
what do you propose we do?
And how can someone not want to be
in a conversation with you?
Now that I see it, you have lovely eyes!
Has no one complimented you on your eyes?
-How mean of them.
Allow me to tell you
how lovely your eyes are.
-Please go on!
-Sure! Let me take a closer look.
-What are you doing?
-What's wrong, Sanjay?
Nothing more than your heel
digging into my toes.
-You were saying?
-Who knows what I was saying?
Some other time. I'm sick right now.
Your name is written on this glass.
Honor this lifeless thing
by touching it with your lips.
Excuse me, I do not drink.
No glass with your name written on it
shall touch another's lips.
Now that I notice it,
you have lovely lips!
You have lovely hair!
And you have lovely eyes!
I could never find all three
in one woman, could I?
If I could make friends with
all three of you, it'd make my life.
Why don't you have some drinks?
This upsets my life!
Everything's ruined.
Great job, Sheetal!
Chandni's birthday party was a success.
First class!
Sanjay, you were trying your best
with the girls.
Any luck?
Would I be sitting here having coffee
had I any luck?
Flopped, as usual.
I'm thinking about Chandni's marriage.
We ought to do it soon.
Chandni's marriage?
Dad, I don't like your attitude.
With me, your treatment
is quite step-fatherly.
-How come?
-I'm your own son!
And I'm older than Chandni.
I should be the one to marry first.
You're always harping about
Chandni's marriage.
Don't laugh. This is a serious issue.
What happened to your last romance?
Whatever happens to all my romances.
She ditched me.
Despite being my Dad, you aren't
doing anything to help.
How could I? Have you ever introduced
me to any of your girls?
And risk seeing her walking off with you?
Girls these days,
would die for a mature older man.
Besides, you're handsome to the point
of giving me a complex.
But Sanjay, you shouldn't lose heart.
In romance, it always happens.
And the tougher the competition,
the merrier.
I'll start
looking for a good girl for you.
I hear there was a big bash
on Chandni's birthday.
-Who told you?
-I have my sources.
News always gets to me. I also hear you
flirted to your heart's content.
Only flirting.
Romance isn't my cup of tea.
I can't understand how men can stay with
one woman all their lives.
I like all girls.
Some have nice hair, some have great eyes.
Some lips, voices.
What to choose, and what not to?
That means you haven't been in love?
Never. Have you ever been in love?
Why hide it from a friend? Yes.
Tell me,
what's this about falling in love?
God above, and my lover on earth.
There's only one thing on the mind,
one obsession,
Love. Only love.
I want to meet her. I also want to see.
I will.
I'll introduce you.
But it's all a matter of your luck
whether or not you get to see her.
Anyway, I'll introduce you.
You lovers are really confusing.
-See you.
-See you at the festival.
-A friend wants to meet you.
-Who is it?
You told my brother?
How long can I keep this a secret?
Ever since I kissed these lips,
one name has been resonating
throughout my entire being. Chandni.
Chandni, your lips are like
the fresh morning breeze,
that carry into my body a new feeling
and all day, I am lost in this feeling.
My heart beats with every breath you take.
And carries to me a message of love.
You are like a beautiful dream,
that lingers on...
speaks, laughs with me.
Never to leave me.
No more! Else the joy will drive me mad.
-Should I leave?
-Go away.
Let me stay here, Chandni.
I want to feel your love. I want to
feel the fragrance of your breath.
How did it catch fire?
I was lost in thought.
-So deeply?
Why are you smiling?
You love someone
more than your life.
How do you know such deep secrets
at such a young age?
I see. We're riding the same boat.
You are very beautiful.
Now, what do I say to that?
That wasn't a question, was it?
No, it wasn't.
But I liked what I heard.
-What's your name?
I'll remember your name.
We aren't strangers anymore.
You're my friend.
-Won't you come inside?
-Some other time.
-Why not now?
-It was a pleasure meeting you.
-For now, I want to relish the feeling.
-I see.
Where have you been?
I've been waiting for so long.
The curtains on the boat caught fire.
-A young man saved my life.
-Are you all right?
-Are you hurt?
-Don't worry. I'm perfectly all right
I've brought myself back from death.
For your sake.
Shall I say something?
Whenever I think of death,
I start loving you more than life.
Things like these kill me.
But at times, I feel like a criminal.
So my love has made a criminal out of you!
The choicest of words
and phrases can't make the truth
look any less stark.
Maya, you have given me love,
company in my time of loneliness.
As a friend, you have shared
my joys and my sorrows.
That there is happiness in life,
you have led me to believe.
And what have I given you? Nothing.
-It's nice to be flattered.
-I'm not joking.
Would you like to know,
what you have given me?
I have only one word for it,
So simple a word to speak,
I know that you fell deeply about
not being able to marry me,
But I ask you, what is a relationship?
As with marriage,
friendship is a relationship too.
Friendship is pure, if you believe.
Marriage is impure, if you don't believe.
To me, you have given life,
the love of life.
What more can I ask for?
Your friend seems to not have turned up?
-Does he ditch you always?
-Does he have the guts to?
The next time I see him,
I'll teach him a lesson!
Right attitude! How can a man ditch
someone as pretty as you?
I know I shouldn't be asking your name.
But my name is Sanjay.
I'm Madhu Sharma.
What a sweet name.
Ms. Madhu, there's something in your hair.
It'll be wrong of me to ask
for your telephone number
at the first meeting.
I'd rather give you mine.
You're the first woman in my life,
who has given me both her name
and her telephone number
at the first meeting.
-Now you can give me a drink.
-What happened?
-Did she fall for it?
-She jumped.
All girls need is one look at me,
and they are floored.
I think I'm going to need a diary
to keep track of dates.
Messed up dates are such a problem,
you know. Now let's have a drink.
Spare him.
-Leave me alone, Sanjay!
-Are you going to kill him?
-Let him go.
-How did he dare to do that?
I'll gouge his eyes out!
Vijay! Let him go!
Dad missed the fight.
Had Dad been around--
Where have you been?
Would you sell your daughter
if someone makes an offer?
Dad, meet Vijay. He's a great friend.
How long have you known him?
-Who needs time to strike up a friendship?
-You have to be smart to make friends.
Dad, I know him very well.
Get this clear.
I know this fellow very well.
From now on none of you meets him.
If I see any of you with him,
I am going to be really angry.
Water, please.
Now that I notice it,
you are very beautiful.
Large, pretty eyes. Beautiful long hair.
That wheatish complexion.
A poet once said, those with a wheatish
complexion are called God.
Has no one ever been in love with you?
Have you never been in love?
Why are you crying?
Look at me.
And I was trying to flatter her.
Have I said something wrong, Sheetal?
-Sharma, Madhu is here.
-A lady, I mean. Madhu Sharma.
-Tell her to go.
-No. Tell her, I'm coming. Go.
-Very well.
This is my latest romance.
Would you like to meet her? No.
Stay here. I'll take care of her.
Ms. Madhu, ever since he met you,
Mr. Sanjay has been talking about you.
You've got him spellbound! Here he is.
I got flowers for you.
Flower is very closely related to fool.
Flowers for a fool?
-You must be joking!
All last night, I couldn't sleep.
I was thinking about you.
What would you like? Coffee, tea?
-Fresh lime juice.
-Make it fast.
-I'm in love with you.
-You will start losing sleep.
Sleeping is important for your health.
-Why don't we go out, Sanjay?
-Somewhere far away.
-Where nobody is around?
-I understand.
-Only you and I.
Sanjay and Madhu.
-First, I have to take permission.
This is Sheetal, my wife. And this is...
what's her name? Madhu Sharma.
She has suddenly fallen in love with me.
And nowadays,
she has a problem falling asleep.
Won't you leave the flowers?
That's really sad.
Fresh lime?
Whatever you said just now,
did you mean it?
God be my witness. I mean it.
Sheetal, will you forgive me?
What a fool, what a joker,
I've been, not to understand you!
And besides hurting you, I fooled myself.
Will you forgive me, Sheetal?
-I love you.
Are you angry with me?
Why don't you speak?
Vijay, what's on your mind?
Chandni, would you have the courage?
-Courage to do what?
-Defy your father.
If I didn't have courage,
I wouldn't be here.
One day is not a lifetime.
For that, I must first ask Dad.
-That's what I'm thinking about.
-Dad loves me very much.
Maybe he hates me as much as he loves you.
What are you saying?
There's a fine line
between love and hate.
You don't know my Dad.
He will do anything
for the sake of my happiness.
-Whose voice is that?
-I told you about this friend.
She's beautiful, and sings really well.
Come, let me introduce you.
Let's go.
For the sake of seeing each other
We have met so many times
Yet between us
There is a distance
For what small moments
I have you
I have so much to grudge against life
Only a few memories
For my loneliness
Yet, for loving
This is enough
Why did you turn the boat around?
Are you taking me to see her?
She's with a friend of hers
I don't want to disturb her.
You are with a friend as well.
-Now, let me row.
-Go on.
Look into the mirror
Of my eyes
You will see love blossoming
What happened?
All of a sudden, your face looks pale.
Tell me,
if your Dad opposes our marriage,
what will you do?
That can never be,
because my Dad loves me very much.
That's just what I am afraid of.
Now, what's the matter? Tell me.
Tell me, why isn't your father
getting married again.
Because of me and Sanjay.
Chandni, I want to tell you something.
But I don't know whether or not,
I should tell you.
Not even me?
Especially you.
Besides, why should I say something
that will bring unhappiness
to the ones who love us?
You, me, your Dad.
And that friend of mine,
who is totally innocent in this story.
May you live a hundred years.
May you even live my years.
And who would I live for?
To our love.
Listen, you're looking gorgeous tonight.
It's your birthday.
And I love you very much.
No, this is cheating!
Cheating? Oh, all right,
you can do whatever you want.
I'd even hang for it.
I know, I can share only
a very few moments of your life.
What little time you can spare
is all the time I can have.
I also know that
everyone at home is expecting you.
But for tonight, keep no reservations.
Hold nothing back.
Give me some more.
While you are with me, forget your
relationships with the world outside.
Tonight you are Maya's only.
Just think of that.
Let's try and remember where we met first,
how we met.
-Please forgive me.
-No problem.
These children are very naughty.
They're mine, that's why.
What are you doing? No, not snowballs!
We can't take photos
if the camera is damaged.
I am telling you...
Now that I have you,
I feel I've reached a goal.
Touch me with your lips and see...
Am I dreaming? Or, am I awake?
There's whispers
in the sparkle of the snow.
Hear what it says?
It speaks of you and me
and if we can come...
all this space and distance
will be no more.
Maya, this evening is a gift
that you have given to me.
In this journey through life,
you are my co-traveler.
In you I have found love.
What a lucky man I am!
Enough! Now you should be leaving.
I think I'm tipsy.
-Will you be able to make it home?
Want me to drop you?
With you for company I'll never get there.
Go home, now.
The children must be waiting for you.
The mention of the children
hit me like a sledgehammer.
Where's my shirt? My sweater?
My shoes, my socks, my watch?
Everyone's fast asleep.
-Come on, you too.
-Happy birthday, sir.
I was thinking about you,
thought I'd pay you a visit.
Very good. Come, come.
Welcome! I had a premonition you'd come!
I only started having my premonition.
Looking for something?
I don't see Ms. Chandni?
For lifetimes to come my love
May I live in your breath
Let us never stop
Before we are get to our destination
Let us come freely as the rains
For our hearts are parched
This moment of ecstasy
We shall not let pass
Never shall we separate
Together, we shall be at every step
Let the world change if it will
Our love will never diminish
Never in this lifetime
We can forget this promise
Dad! All dressed to kill? Who will it be?
Have you ever let me in on
one of your secrets? Why should I?
No, this is wrong, totally wrong.
Chandni, what have you done to yourself?
Go up and change. Go on.
Romantic as rains are, the problem is
you end up with your clothes wet,
unless you're carrying an umbrella.
-Am I talking too much?
-Keep quiet, will you?
You are an interesting person.
I'm like that,
I say whatever comes to mind.
-And I'm exactly opposite.
-And you look it, too.
-Sanjay, what price for your silence?
-A wife! Just get me married.
You promised, remember?
He promised, remember?
She remembers!
Give me answer. Where have you been?
Do you know what you were looking like?
Wet, wild and wacko. Shameless!
Why don't you say who it was?
Whom did you go out with?
I was with Vijay, Dad.
Who is this Vijay?
I am in love with him.
Who is this Vijay? Where does he live?
What does he do?
-I'll introduce him.
-You'll do it right now!
Did you ask for me, sir?
You're ill-mannered and you're wayward.
That much I know.
-Do you anything more to say?
-Sir, you have called me here.
I haven't come here of my own volition.
Let me tell you that
I'm not here to be insulted.
What else do you expect?
Why are you seducing my daughter?
To grab the opportunity?
-Dad! Listen to me.
-You will remain silent.
-Now tell me about yourself.
-To this tone of questioning,
I refuse to respond.
I am not your slave, sir.
All I have to say is, I love Chandni.
Do not say words you don't understand.
I don't wish to hear you
speak in those terms.
Are you casting aspersions on love?
You? Really?
You pauper! Where is she going to stay?
-What will you feed her?
-I'm not going to keep her hungry.
-Surely two proper meals a day.
-Two proper meals!
My daughter is not a trade union activist
nor is she a social worker.
She is my daughter! Mine!
And as long as I'm alive,
I won't let her live in hell.
Don't you try to see her again.
Who are you to make decisions
about Chandni's future?
Just because you are her father?
Oh, but that's mere chance, accident.
-Hold your tongue!
-Nothing can stop us now.
No barrier is enough. Our love for
each other will overcome everything.
Your love will break all these barriers.
But it cannot bring happiness to Chandni.
You are a merchant.
You have a habit of buying everything.
You don't want to make Chandni happy.
Happiness, is what you want to buy.
But you cannot make a transaction
out of our love.
-What are you doing, Vijay?
-Come with me, Chandni.
Let go of Chandni's hand.
Vijay, listen to me!
Have you become insane?
Let go my hand. Please, Vijay.
Look, Chandni, it's you and I
who have to take the decision.
To fall in love is easy.
To make it work, is tough.
I'm waiting outside for you.
And listen, I won't wait too long.
now you have to decide.
If you want to leave, you may.
The door is open.
But get this clear.
I will have nothing to do with you.
The relationship will be over.
All my life, all my happiness,
I have sacrificed for you.
I've given you a father's care,
a mother's love.
Now you don't need me anymore.
You are grown up. You are mature.
I have no right to stop you.
You may do whatever you wish.
The dream I once dreamt lies shattered.
Brief moments of togetherness
ends in separation.
A separation so long
it may never come to end
But the heart still keeps remembering you
Clutching on to hope against hope.
Seeking you on unknown paths.
Striving to meet you.
How naive.
Not even to realize
how compulsive the circumstance is.
But dreams are just dreams.
Why trust dreams?
The distance cannot be bridged.
How much will I tell myself?
Not to think of you, not to miss you.
But does heart heed words?
Why are you so disturbed?
What is the matter?
Only you can help me.
Please, do me a favor.
Please tell him that hatred is no good.
I love Chandni with my heart and soul.
Without her, I'm going to die.
So what if he were to die?
I hate him, his name, his class.
Take every right I have.
But get this clear
Don't ever say anything to me about Vijay.
I will not listen to you.
Sir, I want to tell you something.
Back again? How dare you come here?
I've come to apologize to you.
Please forgive me for what I've said,
inadvertently or otherwise.
I was in love. I could not control myself.
I was helpless.
For what I have said,
I'm willing to suffer any punishment.
I am ready to pay for every word.
Punish me as you like for my insolence.
But don't take Chandni away from me.
I love her very much.
For me, she is life.
Without her, I won't be able to live.
I'll die. I'll die.
Are you done?
Or do you want to say something more?
I know, whatever you're doing
is for Chandni's sake.
True, I don't have wealth.
But I will love her very much.
I will never let her be unhappy
I will always protect her.
For her sake,
I'm ready to sacrifice all my happiness.
But please don't take my Chandni
away from me.
Don't take Chandni away from me.
Now listen carefully to what I'm saying.
I know you I am quite aware
of what you are.
Just remember one thing,
I will not let you cast a shadow
on my daughter.
Leave now.
Yes, Dad.
I want to get Chandni married off
as soon as possible.
I won't get married.
Chandni, what are you saying?
I am in love with Vijay.
If I ever get married, it will be him.
Yes, my dear. Whatever you wish.
Did I give you all the love
of a mother and a father so that,
one day, you would hold me to ransom?
Yes, you are an adult.
You can decide for yourself.
You can even choose to forget
my love for you.
But I have never forgotten that day
when you were two years,
the day when our house went up in flames.
I never told you about this
because I did not want you
to suffer as I do.
Even when I think of it today,
I am horrified.
I ran into the inferno to save
you and your mother,
I picked you up in my arms.
I could've saved only one of you.
When I went back, your mother
had been consumed by the flames.
From that day,
I have held you close to my heart.
All so that one day,
you would insult me?
Hurt me?
the doors are open.
Go, if you want to.
No one will stop you.
But remember one thing,
the day you marry that fellow
as far as you are concerned, I am dead.
Dad! Promise me never to do that!
Come on, tell me what do you want?
Playing the jilted lover is no use.
You want to marry that girl,
don't you? Then come with me.
Let's abduct her.
We will see, who will stand in our way.
Shut up!
Don't you see how sad the poor boy is?
What do you know about
the matters of the heart?
All you know is how to
show off your stick.
Listen to me. When Dad died,
this stick is the legacy he left me.
We are blessed because of this stick.
Vijay, don't you worry.
There are plenty of other girls.
I'll find you a girl myself.
A girl as pretty as the moon.
Tell me, did she invite you
to the wedding or not?
I am yours! Only yours!
you will never leave me, will you?
The blossom her father nurtured
Now she leaves her mother
For her husband's house
Her dear brother weeps
Her friends weep
The house that was once
Full of love is now empty
Our boy is home with his bride
The friends have been singing all night
Say something
Drop your veil
We're dying to take a look
She is walking carefully
It's a pretense
She is stealing glances at our boy
On the sly
My lover won't listen to me
All night he pesters me
His hands tease me
Oh, that flattery of my beauty
All night
Chandni, where are you?
For your sake
Such dreams I once dreamt
Tell me
Tell me why
Why did all this happen?
You have always lived in my heart
In my heart you will always live
That I ever forget you
Can never come to be
I can do nothing
I will see you again
My heart tells me
Please protect Vijay!
Wherever he is, please protect him.
Here, take the offerings.
Your brother has taken ill suddenly.
I'm coming.
Let's go.
So late at night?
Your wife was saying that
you have taken ill.
Did she tell you that?
Your brother was there too.
No, I'm perfectly all right.
Go now.
Forgive me for disturbing you.
I'm the one who should be apologizing.
I believe everything assuming its fate.
Tell you the truth,
I'm ashamed of my life!
Go. Go.
Where have you been?
I was looking for you.
Where did you go looking?
To your brother.
-But he said--
-He's perfectly all right.
-Yes, that's what he said.
-Who asked you to go there?
I didn't know that I'm supposed to ask
for permission to meet anybody.
You talk too much!
This is not your father's house.
Remember that. This house is mine.
In here, no one does anything
without my permission. Get it?
Did you ask for me?
Yes. The jeweler is here.
I thought you'd like to choose
-some jewelry for yourself.
-I am not interested in jewelry.
You should develop an interest.
I'll tell you something. In this house,
there are certain traditions.
The newly-wedded bride is given
a grand welcome in this house.
She is even worshiped.
But that day
is the last day of her dignity too.
Then onwards, she is treated
like an expensive antique.
That's why I'm telling you,
if not jewelry,
then take an interest in fashion.
How else are you going to live
through this miserable life?
You can go now.
When I came to this house,
I was just like you.
Without a care for jewelry
or for fashionable clothes,
and look at me now.
All day, I doll myself up.
I stare at myself and compliment myself.
Because there is
nobody else to look at me.
Most of the time, he is away in Calcutta.
He was here during your wedding,
for a couple of days.
He runs a business worth millions.
I hear, in Calcutta,
he has a mistress,
for his comfort.
He even has a son with her.
I hear he loves her.
He takes good care of me as well.
Every time he comes,
he always stays for a few days.
And then he gives me so much.
You should find yourself a hobby.
May the bride shine forever
like the full moon.
May she have marital bliss forever.
May she bathe in milk.
May her womb blossom.
Do not wish so many good things.
I can't bear so much joy.
I wish, whatever you wish will come true.
Your love will blossom like the Spring.
Love is worship.
Lovers are priests.
Lovers are fakirs.
Lovers are close to God.
Hey, we just connected
to God through our hotline.
Happiness will be yours forever.
Life will seek happiness from you.
Wherever you go, you will spread smiles.
Wherever you are, Spring will follow.
The path you tread upon,
will be turned into heaven.
Everywhere you look it'll be morning.
You will have seven sons.
No, do not wish me so well. It scares me.
I will not be able to bear this much joy.
Vijay, go away from here, for my sake.
Yours, and only yours, Chandni.
Show me your love letter.
You have been married into this family.
You carry our honor, our prestige.
It is a very old tradition of our family.
If you ever set foot out of this house,
I'll rip you apart.
And I'll kill that son of a bitch.
Bash up this bastard.
It's your death that has dragged you here.
But I'm not going to let you die easily.
I'm going to torture you, bastard.
How dare you go for married women?
I'll kill you like a dog.
Take him away.
-Is anybody home?
Is everybody lost?
Where is everybody?
Where are you, Chandni?
Where's my little sister?
Goodness, I'd burst my lungs
screaming inside this huge house,
and no one listens to me. Is anybody home?
-Hello, there!
What are you reading? Newsweek?
You know, you should have
a reception counter in this house.
Why are you looking so distraught?
You've lost weight.
Aren't you feeding my sister?
Are you starving her?
Why don't you ask her yourself?
What are these marks on your face?
Let me take a look.
What's the matter, Chandni?
Why are you so gloomy?
I'm fine.
Do you have any problems?
Why don't you tell me? I'm your brother.
Why hide things from me?
You have been five minutes,
and already asking me million questions.
Remember one thing, Chandni.
If you are unhappy
-all our lives are a waste.
-Nothing's wrong with me.
Tell me, what brings you here?
I've been missing you.
So I thought I'd get married.
Nice excuse for seeing you.
So just get ready and come with me.
-I cannot go.
-Can't go?
-I just told Dad--
-It isn't Dad's wedding.
It's my wedding.
This crazy fool's wedding.
You don't have to come
for Dad's wedding. Now get ready.
-Why don't you understand?
-My darling sister,
you're the only sister I have
in this whole wide world.
You're coming with me,
and you're singing at my wedding.
You have to help me dress for the wedding.
And poor Sheetal, she has no one but you.
Won't you come for my wedding?
Oh, brother!
Remember that you're going there
only to attend your brother's wedding.
-And don't you even think
that I am away.
If you as much as try to meet Vijay,
I'm going to kill both of you.
Come, look who is here.
Let me inform Dad.
You have completely forgotten us.
Everyone gets married,
but no one forgets friends.
Look at how empty
this house feels without you.
Now, this is your house.
I'm a stranger.
Don't you even miss us?
Here, everyone misses you.
Do you know what state your father is in?
He doesn't go riding in the mornings.
He hates fresh lime juice.
Let me take a good look at you.
-You look a tad thinner and depressed.
-It's nothing, Dad.
Tell me,
are you happy now that you're married?
Happy? Very happy.
That's good enough for me.
Just remember one thing, my child.
Come what may
and whatever the price,
I want to see you happy.
I will never be able to
forgive myself otherwise.
Don't worry about me, Dad.
I'm very happy. Very happy.
But you know Chandni, for someone in love
once that love is requited,
life is so dear.
And if love goes unrequited,
the very sky hangs heavy.
It's so asphyxiating.
Chandni, I think
you haven't forgotten someone.
Can anybody forget how their heart beats?
Now tell me about yourself. How's life?
Have you ever heard the sounds of silence?
Have you ever spoken to the walls?
Have you ever walked into doors?
Can the chasm born of loss and pain
ever be bridged?
Have you ever heard yourself speak?
Have you ever felt time stand still?
Chandni, can I tell you something?
He hasn't forgotten you.
He still follows the trail
of your footsteps,
the fragrance of your breath.
He stands there for hours,
like he is in prayer.
Chandni, you are fortunate
to be loved so much.
Do you hear the wind calling you?
Does it carry a message from someone?
It wants to say something.
Come, let the breeze touch you.
don't open that window.
The breeze will make me cry.
No, it won't.
No, Chandni. Not anymore.
Why are you gloomy?
I was thinking...
I'm yours. Yet, I'm a stranger.
What do you mean?
I couldn't attend Chandni's wedding.
I hear she is here.
I don't even know whether she is happy.
Maya, how come you feel so distanced?
You created this distance.
-Are you unhappy with me?
-Can't I be unhappy?
I've made you very unhappy, haven't I?
You've made me realize that
I am a woman...
And you are a man.
For me, you are the one
who etched the limitations.
I can be with you and you alone.
But I can never be a part
of your family, your home.
In my bedroom, in my drawing room,
I am your equal.
But outside the doors of this house,
I stand nowhere.
Today I know how different
a wife is from a mistress.
Don't use that word. I hate that word.
Don't disrespect me with that one word.
I've tried to pretend
that this word doesn't exist.
But this is the very word
that echoes inside my head.
And it's all your doing...
You've put up walls all around me.
Wall of rules, wall of trust,
wall of fear, wall of respect.
And now, the wall of children.
Never again will I complain, Vikram.
I am in love with you.
That's why I live.
The only reason to live.
Forgive me, Maya.
Forgive me for being narrow-minded.
Can I tell you something, Vikram?
You have been unfair with
Chandni and Vijay.
You loved Chandni less than
you hated Vijay.
What do I do, Vijay? What do I do?
What are you doing to yourself?
In this world of business
nobody gets love.
I am happy with my luck.
Very happy.
Can I be of no help to you?
No help at all?
You're being great help.
You are talking to me about Chandni.
Discussing Chandni with you...
for me, spending my time like this...
is this any the less?
Vijay, I can understand your anguish.
But mark my words,
life doesn't end with anyone.
Are you telling me this?
For the traveler, the name
the face,
is the destination.
For me, she is my destiny.
Do you miss Chandni a lot?
Could I ever forget her?
But Vijay.
Now she is married.
You have to live your own life.
Is it not possible
for a man to live for love?
And maybe...
Even die for love?
What are you thinking?
I am thinking about us.
I want to give a name to our relationship.
It already has a name.
I don't want to keep seeing you secretly.
I want to tell the world
that you are mine.
Do you know what you are saying?
I have fulfilled all my responsibilities.
Chandni is married.
In a few days, Sanjay and Sheetal
are going to be married too.
I want to tell them...
about you.
I don't know why, but I'm afraid.
What if,
the little time that belongs to me,
the moments that are mine,
are lost?
Our relationship isn't so weak.
I seek nothing from you, Vikram.
I'm very happy the way I am.
The little time that you give me,
I am happy with that.
No Maya.
I must talk to them.
Just remember
till you come back
I will be waiting
impatiently for your reply.
When your mother died,
you both were very young.
I never got married again,
because I didn't want you to be unhappy.
And I never let you miss your mother.
You were the purpose of my life.
The start of my life,
and the end.
Then one day,
like a coincidence,
like an accident...
she came into my life.
I had no desires, no intentions.
But for your happiness,
I kept her in the shadows,
away from you.
Today, you are grown-up.
You can understand.
I feel like I can tell you everything now.
I just want to be with Maya,
to give her what is rightfully hers.
A chance to live a life with dignity,
by giving a name to this relationship.
Vikram, I held Chandni to my bosom today.
I looked in her eyes.
In her eyes, I have seen pain.
Chandni is unhappy.
You have been a good father.
You gave your children lots of love.
But you don't have the heart of a woman.
You don't know Chandni one bit.
My daughter is unhappy.
And I don't know about it?
For the sake of your love for her,
she sacrificed her own love.
She married the man you chose.
Chandni is a woman. She will suffer,
yet she will make compromises.
But what about Vijay?
He hasn't been able to forget Chandni.
You are telling me to forget?
You, the one,
I took as the very purpose of my life?
Days, nights on end, I've waited for you.
In solitude I pined for you.
I spoke to myself when you weren't around.
And you ask me to forget?
You are just talking about yourself.
You didn't think about me.
Only I know how I spent every minute
without you. Only I know!
But I can bear it no longer.
Without you, I'm going to die.
Why do you always talk of dying?
Why not talk of living life?
And what will you die for?
For the sake of quaint tradition?
For that false prestige? For the sake
of those who don't care for you?
To hell with a life like this.
Gather courage, be a little daring.
-They're going to kill us, Vijay.
-We might as well die.
Death would be better than this life.
It's better than living a miserable life.
Let's live for a few moments,
let us live for love.
Then take me away from here. Far away.
I want to live with you.
I want to die with you.
Let the world hear this
Love is nothing to be ashamed of
I want to dance tonight
I will dance
My heart tells me to dance
Let the world hear this
Love is nothing to be ashamed of
I want to dance tonight
I will dance
My heart tells me to dance
As the flowers blossom
Let no desire be left unseated
Let us come close to each other
We wanted to be with each other
we will be requited
My heart's sure he will come close
on the path of my memories
The happy jingle of anklets
Brings tears to my eyes
My heart tells me to dance tonight
My heart tells me to dance tonight
Even if the world laughs at us
Even if they say we're crazy
Even if we have to die
Let's fulfill the promises we made
Let's break free of tradition
For the sake of life
This is a day for hope
A hope for life
My heart tells me to dance tonight
My heart tells me to dance tonight
Let the world hear this
Love is nothing to be ashamed of
I want to dance tonight
My heart tells me to dance tonight
How dare you? Such defiance?
You have started flying!
You've forgotten that
you are married into this family!
You've even forgotten the man you married!
But don't you forget that I,
only I have a right to your body.
And don't think you can
do anything just because
you're in your father's house.
No! You are mine! Only mine!
For you, no one else matters!
Not your father, not your brother,
not your friends. No one! Get it?
Don't you touch me. I hate you!
You hate me?
And is he the one you love?
I'm going to disgrace you
till you hate yourself.
I'll damage you
and you won't be able to face anybody.
Not even yourself.
You will despise yourself!
-Chandni, let's go home.
-I won't.
How can you refuse? You are my wife.
Sanjay, I don't want to go.
Don't think you can do whatever
you want to my sister
-just because you've married her.
-I'll do what I feel like.
-She belongs to my family.
One word against my sister,
and I'm going to kill you!
Don't you dare touch Chandni.
Let's go.
Shivraj, go to your room.
We'll discuss this when Vikram is here.
Let me take Chandni away.
Or It won't be good.
Get this clear. She was married to you.
Not sold to you.
She isn't helpless. She is not weak.
She is our daughter.
She no one's daughter, no one's sister,
no one's girlfriend. She's my wife.
Let's see who dares to stop me.
Let me see who can touch her.
Who are you to stop me?
Her mother.
Or, her father's mistress?
Don't! Vijay don't!
-Don't force me, Chandni.
-Step forward if you want to die.
Don't! For the sake of our love!
Shivraj, let Chandni go.
Why are you playing with an innocent girl?
She has no right to
bring dishonor to our family name.
What family? What honor?
Do you know what those words mean?
You have said enough. Now shut up.
-Or else, I'll shoot you.
-You'll be doing me a favor.
I am not afraid of death.
Dying is better than living like this.
But remember one thing.
Chandni's father isn't weak.
If he comes to know, what you've
been up to, he's going to kill you.
Chandni! I'm here.
If you want to live, get out of here.
Or else, I'll shoot you.
Those who love,
they aren't afraid of dying.
If I have come here,
I will leave only with Chandni.
Chandni is my wife.
No one will take her away from here.
Chandni was mine,
she is mine and she will stay mine.
Listen, I'm going to burn your house down!
This house of sin, I'll burn it to ashes.
Your death brought you here.
Don't try to scare me with death.
I don't fear death,
and now I'm taking Chandni away.
Yes. Your sister-in-law.
Let Chandni go.
What are you saying?
What I should have said a long time ago.
But how can I let her go? She is my wife.
-She is my family's honor.
-I've heard enough of that.
Don't say those big words.
Coming from you, they are just lies.
I've seen this innocent girl
being tortured.
I won't let you ruin her life. Let her go
I'm going to shoot you otherwise.
You want to shoot me?
Are you out of your mind?
Your ancestors hunted lions and tigers.
With their trophies they decorated
this drawing room.
But you and your brother
have raped your women.
The living dead are the live trophies
that you hold caged in this house.
But I'm not going to
let this happen anymore.
I'm not going to let you have
another live trophy.
Go away, go somewhere far away.
What are you saying? He assaulted Maya?
For your hatred of Vijay
you sacrificed Chandni's love.
The wounds on her body, you might see
but the wound in her bleeding heart,
you will never know.
Don't say anything else.
I am the one who has hurt Chandni.
I, her father, never even heard
what she had in her heart.
My mistake!
And I am the one who will set it right.
Did you think Chandni is yours now?
Now love embraces death.
You will die together.
The day you assaulted Chandni
you sealed your fate.
You will pay for every tear
that Chandni shed.
Come, Vijay.
Come, my child.
Maya, I have--
Don't say anything. Don't say anything.
Your eyes have told me everything.
I have waited for you so long.
And I'll keep waiting forever.
Maybe we are only destined to wait.