Faceless (1987) Movie Script

20 Santa Clauses on the Champs-lyses
but you're the handsomest
one of all, Frank.
I really love Paris at Christmas time.
How old do
you think Santa Claus is?
You know, Frank, you should really
offer him a nip and tuck job.
Dr. Flamand?
Do you remember me, Doctor?
Not really.
So you've lost your memory, too.
You operated on me a year ago.
You can see the results now for yourself.
Frank, let's forget it.
It was my only failure.
Well, I've got a surprise for you.
Oh, my darling sister.
I swear to God, I will
restore your beauty to you.
It's been a year now, I can't, I can't.
I promise.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
And try to have a nice rest.
I came to stay late.
I'm a monster, aren't I?
Of course you're not.
You're still very beautiful.
Give me a mirror.
If you want but why?
You'll try to hurt yourself.
Hurry up and throw your
head back when you walk.
Wash your hair again!
It looks just like a mop.
You girls, if I weren't here,
you'd look like washer women.
Oh, so Barbara!
Barbara, come on sweetie.
Come on, get ready.
And don't forget the watch.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Love you.
Oh, it's too hot in here.
Put the fan on!
Hi, have you got any?
Yeah, in the car.
Follow me.
Come on, where is it?
Okay, girls, everybody's ready, set...
And Barbara?
Where the hell is Barbara?
Why, she's gone out.
Gone out?
But where's the little bitch gone out to?
I don't know, she left with a blonde.
She's crazy!
She takes off in the middle of a shoot
with one of the most
expensive jewels in the world!
She's gonna kill me!
Ah, Mrs. Sherman, come on now,
I'll take you back to your room.
What if I don't want to?
Just what are you doing here?
You'll know soon enough.
Come now, Mrs. Sherman.
weird's going on around here.
She'll be perfect
for what you have in mind.
She's still very beautiful.
Don't you think so?
Yes, darling.
Is she on drugs?
- Oh, let me out!
- Apparently not.
You can bleed her right
down to the very last drop.
Oh please, let me out!
- Ah, let me out!
- After that, finish her off.
I need her blood to
complete the baroness' cure.
Then please let me have her tonight.
If you promise to be very nice to me.
She is perfect to remake
the face of Ingrid.
Kill her.
Madame Francois.
How are you?
- Doctor.
- Please.
You are a miracle worker.
You know, when I look in the mirror,
it's as if I'm 20 years younger.
What is the secret of this miracle?
The capsules I gave you
contain hormones, glands
and bone marrow from virgins
sacrificed at night by me.
When the moon is full.
And you can believe me,
finding a virgin these days in Paris
is getting harder and harder.
Oh, stop it.
Oh, Doctor,
you are really a genius.
And don't forget,
your body is a temple.
Come in.
Good morning, Madame Lebard.
How do you feel this morning?
Oh, fine.
Your clinic is like a paradise on earth.
Thank you.
Your compliments go straight to my heart.
Although, my patients rarely admit it.
They're content.
Please excuse me now.
I must leave.
See you tomorrow.
Doctor, how old is the baroness?
I don't know but she looks much older.
Come in.
Buon giorno.
My miracle worker.
As soon as you enter my room,
I want to be thin again.
Young and beautiful.
You are beautiful.
You will be more beautiful
after the treatment.
Gonna be the most beautiful in the world.
Oh dear doctor,
you make my head swim.
So, you're a magician.
Don't you agree with Madame Franois?
I hate you.
Come on, you know
very well it's not true.
I don't see you anymore,
you just leave me in the
hands of these clumsy nurses.
They're so boring.
In a few days, we'll
take your bandages off.
And in a few days, you leave
us and you'll go dancing again.
You won't need my care anymore.
I bet you could use mine.
I know more about what's
going on in this clinic
than you do.
What do you mean by that?
I've been strapped down to
this chair for two months now.
And I've spent my time watching.
I can't be any clearer.
Come to my room as soon as possible.
I want you to know certain things.
I'm sure you'll find it rewarding.
Are you blackmailing me?
Don't listen to her, Doctor, she's...
Yes, mad.
Mad about you, and she's not the only one.
I wheeled her to her room.
Double the dose and
make sure she takes it.
Very well, Doctor.
A man who looks like
some kind of a young mafioso
wishes to see you, Mr. Hallen.
He says his name is Sam Morgan.
Well, send him in,
and Ms. Jenny Peabody,
watch out for your women's intuition.
He's not a gangster, he's a private eye.
What's the difference?
Sam Morgan.
Long time, no see.
Well you've come a
long way since Saigon.
Oh yeah, you know after
Saigon I worked a lot.
I mean, a hell of a lot.
And then I came into an inheritance.
You know, family, tankers like that, you?
No, no, no, no.
No more tobacco in my place.
Quit two weeks ago.
No more coke either?
You haven't changed a lick.
Big mouth Morgan, always the diplomat.
Now look, Barbara had nothing
to do with that drug deal.
You know it as well as I
do that she's innocent.
Yeah, I know that.
What's up Terry, hit another
snag with your daughter?
Whatever the snags are
between me and my daughter,
she's my daughter and my only daughter.
And now she's missing.
She's disappeared!
Where from this time?
she went to Paris with
Models International.
She did a few photo sessions
and then she just vanished into thin air.
And hasn't been back to
the hotel in not a week.
No, no, no, no, no
ransom demands, no nothing.
You talk to the Paris police?
They can't make heads or tails of it.
And that's why I want you to go over there
and bring her back.
Here, a Brian Wallace,
he's with the American Embassy in Paris,
he will be in touch with you.
Here, round trip Air France
Concorde leaving at 11 AM.
20 thousand dollars in advance
and three times that amount if you bring
Barbara back to me alive.
You know, I'd do it for nothing, Terry.
Now look, a room as been booked for you
at the Hotel Concorde Lafayette.
That is Barbara's hotel.
My secretary will give you
my number, private number,
and it's connected to
an answering machine.
Call 24 hours a day, day or night.
you must being her back to me, okay?
No matter how much it costs.
If you have to turn Paris upside-down,
even if you have to dirty your hands.
Since Vietnam,
the dirt doesn't show.
My name's Sam Morgan, you
have a room reserved for me.
Yes, sir, your reservation
was made in New York.
The room 274.
Have a nice day, Mr. Morgan.
Still no news from Barbara Hallen?
No, the luggage is still in her room.
Here is her mail.
Let me have it.
I'm sorry, sir.
But our client's mail is confidential.
Sir, where do you think you are?
You're in France and...
All right.
Sir, I forgot,
somebody's waiting for you.
Sam Morgan.
Brian Wallace, Attach at
the American Embassy in Paris.
Nice to see you.
Terry Hallen told me about your arrival.
Did you put together a
report on Barbara Hallen?
Oh yes, I did.
Well actually,
I got what the French cops
were willing to give me anyway.
Here you go.
Hey, before you check it out,
I made an appointment for you.
Something you should
find very interesting.
Why don't you follow me?
Let's go.
Here's your client, Chief.
We found her yesterday morning
in a dump in the suburbs.
That makes three in two months.
She's got a piece missing.
Yeah, I know.
The head.
Which makes identification a
hell of a lot more difficult.
As for the broad, I guess
she doesn't care now.
What are you doing?
It's not Barbara Hallen.
Are you sure?
Barbara has a discretely placed mole.
Should I tip him?
It says in the guide book,
you always tip in France.
You know, Morgan,
it is only because I
got orders from upstairs
after Mr. Wallace stepped in
that I am giving you some of my time.
We don't like your kind
of people, who chew gum
and only take their hands
out of their pockets
to walk over the suspect's face.
You might think yourself a Bogey,
but you don't even have
a trench coat or a hat.
I'm not Bogey.
And you're not McCrea,
but I'll find Barbara.
I bet she comes back by herself,
just like she did last year.
When she ran away from home with a gigolo.
Another Inspector Clouseau.
Madame Sherman.
You tried to drug me last night.
Does that mean you
didn't take your medicine?
Not a single drop.
There's some odd things
going on in this clinic
and I'm beginning to
think you know about them.
We'll talk about this later.
This is urgent, Doctor.
Come to my room tonight.
I'll try to be on time.
This is your last chance, Doctor.
Otherwise, you'll have a lot
to explain to the police.
Madame Sherman,
what do you really know?
Mrs. Sherman!
I told you not to leave your room!
I'm sorry, Doctor.
See you tonight, Doctor.
I was certain she was
resting in her room.
Please, Angela, keep an eye on her.
She could be the one to
bring your face back.
Who is she?
She's a model from the states.
I need your trust and your patience.
You must give me some more time.
Time always passes too slowly for me.
Please, Frank, before it's too late.
I have a new solution.
Pleas go on.
He knows it won't work.
Don't be silly.
Even the greatest surgeons in the world
didn't want to operate on me.
Why doesn't he try himself?
You've gotta trust him.
He's working on it.
Is something bothering you?
I can't operate on her.
The only person who can
help is Professor Orloff.
I'm Dr. Flamand.
Dr. Orloff is expecting you.
Flamand, it's good to see you.
Nice to see you.
Would you please come along with me?
A total face graft using
the facial skin of a corpse
cannot succeed with today's methods.
Do sit down, please.
It will be rejected 100 percent.
But in one of your articles you said...
Yes, the fact is that I once
observed a total face graft
but that was in Germany during the war.
What's the difference, Professor?
I said during the war, mademoiselle,
and war means all kinds
of risks to be taken
without having to answer to anyone.
I'll never forget that pilot
whose face was completely burned.
And who performed the graft?
A very young S.S. surgeon.
It was in Dachau.
Were you an S.S. surgeon's assistant?
Rather, his prisoner.
What happened to him, actually?
After the defeat of the Nazis,
he managed to escape to Switzerland
with the help of some
religious organization.
He was sentenced to death
in absentia, Nuremberg,
for experimenting on living human beings.
He changed his name, his nationality
and now lives as free as a bird in Spain.
His name now is Karl Moser.
Do you think he would agree
to give my sister a new face?
If you offer him a lot of money,
a new passport allowing
him to return to Austria
and, last but not least,
the possibility
to experiment on human
beings again, why not?
Where can I find Mr. Moser?
If he accepts your offer,
he will be able to come here
very quickly, I can handle it.
Thank you.
why haven't you ever operated
since your return to Germany?
Skeletons in the closet
are better left undisturbed, mademoiselle.
My wife.
45 years ago.
You met her at the door.
My finest piece of work.
My finest and my last.
What're you doing?
What're you doing to me?
Get off me!
You animal!
You, get off me!
You pig!
Get off me!
You're an animal!
That's what you are!
You're a pig!
Get off!
Have a look at Barbara.
She's been attacked,
Gordon must've raped her.
Oh my God.
The worst thing is that
her skin is damaged.
If Dr. Moser comes here too soon,
he won't be able to use her skin.
I'm going to punish him.
Gordon, come here!
Hurry up!
You've done it again, haven't you?
You couldn't control
yourself, you son of a bitch!
I couldn't care less
if you raped her or not
but you damaged her face!
You brainless, dumb bastard.
Go to Ingrid's room
and do everything she wants.
Does Ingrid know we're watching?
Of course.
That's what she gets off on.
Open it!
Nice, yeah.
Yes, may I help you?
Get Dr. Flamand immediately!
I know he's at home.
Yes, hello?
Mrs. Sherman
would like to speak to you.
Okay, put her through.
It's Mrs. Sherman who
wants to speak with me.
Hello, Mrs. Sherman.
I want to see you right now!
What in God's name do you want from me?
I thought you were an
honorable man, Doctor,
a real scientist.
I thought you were unaware
of the atrocious crimes going on here.
But now I think you
masterminded all these crimes.
If you don't come right now,
I'll call the police immediately!
Calm down, Mrs. Sherman.
I'll be right over.
What can we do?
She knows everything.
She's very dangerous.
Do you want me to take care of her?
I don't want to hear
another thing from her.
Dr. Flamand?
I was expecting Dr. Flamand.
I know.
Don't worry, he's coming soon.
I've just come for your shot.
What shot?
I've not a shot for 15 days!
Just relax.
It's a new treatment.
Everything will be all right.
- No!
- Don't be afraid.
I believe in
reincarnation, don't you?
Poor Mrs. Sherman.
So unexpected.
Let's go.
And what have you heard from Dr. Moser?
Is he really willing to come?
Thank you so much, Professor Orloff.
Dr. Moser's arriving tomorrow night
and he wants to operate
as soon as possible.
We can't use Barbara.
Well then we have to
find a quick substitute.
Knowing your efficiency,
it shouldn't be very difficult for you.
Let's see.
This one.
Tomorrow or at the end of the afternoon?
Wait a second, let me look.
Yes, I can free myself, how long?
Of course I can stay, all night.
It's just a simple question of money.
Yeah, I prefer I decide on it beforehand,
it's so much more romantic that way.
Okay, all right.
You'll come and pick me up at midnight?
Did you hear that, Rachid?
A whole night, it's probably an orgy.
Pretty soon now I will be
able to buy you a new car.
Sam Morgan, I'm here about Barbara.
Please, do come in.
I told you on the phone,
I don't want to hear any
more about that girl.
Thanks, don't mind if I do.
If you're a cop, all you need to do
is read the statement I made.
No, I'm no cop.
Then leave me alone.
I'd like to get my hands on the bitch!
Watch your mouth
when you talk about her!
Now tell it from the top.
Oh, my shirt!
My shirt from Malta!
My beautiful shirt!
He's out of his mind!
Stark raving...
She vanished from the
Hotel Creole with a broad.
With the most expensive piece of jewelry.
Vacheron's Black Panther.
Gold watch.
Set with diamonds and rubies, a real gem.
Oh Barbara.
I can't believe that I trusted her.
Barbara doesn't need to steal!
When you snort coke like she does,
you never have enough dough.
Tell me, what about
the broad she left with?
Do you know her?
Some dyed blonde.
I never saw her before.
What's more,
Barbara changes friends
as often as I change shirts.
She fucks everybody.
Nothing phases her.
No color, no sex.
if you're the fianc,
you're gonna have trouble
getting through the doorways in Paris.
She's putting horns on you.
Bigger than any steer on those
stinking ranches of yours,
I'm not your sweetheart.
Oh no!
Oh no!
Ah, my Liling!
My Ming!
Not my Ming, please!
Come on!
Come on!
Oh no, please!
No, not my Ming!
Oh, not my Ming!
Doudou, please!
Don't move.
Let him go.
Doudou, please put this on the console.
Oh no!
Dr. Flamand, I thought I was
going to spend a wild night
and here I am with the doctor
who treated me last year.
Oh, without your glasses, I recognize you.
You're the head of the clinic.
But you paid me for the night.
Well, now I get it.
Doctors are entitled
to have a little fun too.
No scar.
No marks are left.
You remember I was so afraid
I'd have it for my whole
life, you were fantastic.
What happened to the
sadist you beat you up?
Well now we live together.
Judging by your glowing appearance,
he doesn't seem to be beating you anymore.
Or else it's good for you.
You've suddenly blossomed.
You've taught him to be a gentleman.
By the looks of
things, you're blossoming too.
You do have what it takes to seduce me.
But I've got work to finish.
I'll join you later.
I'll be back to check if you still have
that small butterfly
tattooed on your left thigh.
And now have fun.
I have a surprise for you.
A very special surprise.
Terry, Barbara disappeared
from a shooting session
and no one's seen her since.
What about the French police?
They're dancing with me.
But I think I've got a lead.
She left with a very expensive watch.
Well, she's been whoring around in Paris.
Scandal mongers.
They're easier to find.
You shouldn't drink so much, darling.
Karl Moser.
Good evening.
Dr. Flamand, please.
- Come in, he's expecting you.
- Thank you.
Dr. Moser.
Karl Heinz Moser.
I'm very honored to meet
you and I'm very grateful to...
Let us not waste time
on compliments, please.
May I introduce you to Nathalie?
My closest collaborator
and she runs the clinic.
May I see the patient now?
Nathalie, would you be so kind
as to accompany Dr. Moser to Ingrid.
Thank you.
Very nice.
Thank you.
Here she is.
Leave me alone with her.
Hello, I am Dr. Moser.
Hello, Doctor.
We shall fix this.
Soon there will be no
more than a bad memory.
I heard that before.
You must have confidence.
It's the only way we'll succeed.
You know, I always believed in myself.
Thank you, Doctor.
Don't be sad, my friend.
I'll give her back all her beauty.
I promise you that.
I've not returned to France since the war.
You still have the best
wines in the world.
And I raise my glass to our success.
I've waited for so long to
continue to work once more.
You know, at the outset,
some thought I was
a kind of genius.
Before working Dachau,
I spent several months at
Auschwitz with Mengele.
He did not believe in me.
It was in Dachau that I met Orloff.
With him, I pursued my experiments
in order to show Mengele, and
the other absentia doctors
from the Nazi party, that I was the best.
And I would have.
it was the end of the Third Reich.
I had succeeded in making
some total face transplants
on burnt pilots.
Orloff has told us about them.
Ah, yes.
But Orloff forbode it a mistake then.
He can play the wise man
and the devout today,
but without the experience
he obtained at my side,
he would never have become
the great Professor Orloff.
he was lacking something.
He was afraid to operate on living flesh.
Living flesh?
You're shocked?
You French are a strange people.
You're very sentimental
over trivial things.
On the one hand, you
protect the baby seals,
on the other, France, the
country of human rights,
has become the third largest
arms dealer in the world
behind Russia and the United States.
This industry of death
earned your country,
a land of refuge,
four thousand billion dollars a year.
You operated on my a year ago.
You can see the result for yourself!
Do you remember me, Doctor?
So, you lost your memory too.
I've got a surprise for you!
Did you have that
nightmare again, darling?
It's horrible.
It's just horrible.
Every single night I
can see Ingrid that way.
It's all right, darling.
Be calm.
It's all over now.
I'm not so sure.
I can feel the police watching us.
No, darling.
The police will never suspect anything.
The day we decided to apply
your rejuvenation methods,
we knew how dangerous it could be.
Yes, I know.
But I never thought that Ingrid
could be a victim of them.
Ingrid, she's all you ever think about!
I'm doing everything I can to save her.
I'm never afraid to go and
capture the most beautiful girls!
Come here.
You got a little bit of
a kick out of it too.
But that's why you love me.
We are so much alike, you and I.
All of these analysis are perfect
but totally useless.
This information is essential for us
to be able to make your grafts.
But when I operated in Dachau,
I had already gone beyond this stage.
Any donor will do,
as long as the skin is
suitable, of course.
I need only change the hormonal component.
You're amazing, Doctor.
And so different.
I know my hands can
still be for miracles
but they are as nervous as a
pianist's before a concert.
I'm sure your hands are still magical.
You're an exceptional woman.
And a very beautiful one too.
I envy Dr. Flamand.
I would have liked to
have known you before.
We must make the incision
as low as possible,
for it's the only skin
reserve available to us.
We're now going to detach the termic mask.
Starting with the forehead.
Her flesh is...
The flesh is too flexible!
Oh my God.
Compress, quick, quick, quick, quick!
Schiesse schiesse.
My God.
We've used to much Pentothal.
It's ruined.
The operation is ruined.
I'm sorry, Ingrid,
but I promise we'll try again very soon.
Your sister's had an emotional
shock after this new failure.
She will say it's my fault again.
It's up to you to
help her to get over it.
You two seem very close.
Tell her the truth.
The best thing you can do.
It's the abuse of Pentothal
that should be blamed.
I should have thought of that.
The donor's fear and panic
are the best muscular stimulants.
Their faces remain stretched tight.
With this, an additional
guarantee of success.
When do you think you can operate again?
The sooner, the better, your
sister's in a very bad state.
Any girl can do if the
skin is young and healthy.
I'll go and find the girl.
I'll come too.
Do you want a drink?
Yeah, champagne.
Two champagnes, please.
Isn't that Florence Guerin, the actress?
Of course it is.
Actresses are all the same.
They'll do anything to get
famous and once they are,
they wear dark glasses so
nobody recognizes them.
Florence, come on over and sit with us.
Well, you weren't such a snob last night.
Champagne, please.
Oh, I'm sorry, I feel so stupid.
Let me do that.
Aren't you Florence Guerin?
I loved you in "With a Kick."
Thank you, you're very kind.
May I buy you another drink?
Will I be forgiven
if I ask you to dance?
Do you mind?
Go ahead, he's all yours.
Will you hold this, darling?
Your wife is charming.
That's why she's my wife.
I've never thought I would see you here.
Oh, I hope you don't
think I'm a regular.
I'm with some friends
and it's only by chance
that we're here tonight.
We're not regulars either.
Oh, too bad.
I was beginning to get ideas.
One should always stick to one's ideas,
even the outrageous.
Do you believe in omens?
I do.
Our meeting is an omen.
You're much, much more
beautiful than in the movies.
Even in the front row at the movies,
you can't feel the warmth of
the body or smell its perfume.
I would like Nathalie
to smell your perfume
and feel the warmth of your body.
Why don't you invite her to dance?
Is he going?
Don't worry, he'll wait.
Let's make him suffer a bit.
Let him wait.
Not too long, just long enough.
Slow down.
Hey, hey, calm down.
Sit down here.
What about a drink?
Wait, I'll prepare
something very special.
I hope Nathalie's gonna join us.
Whatever you're mixing better be good.
It's taking ages.
I'll be right there.
I'm preparing a nice cocktail.
You'll remember this one.
There is always a
moment when you get stuck
and when you get stuck, what do you do?
You come to the French police.
No, no, no, no, not here.
But, as you don't dare
come directly to see Detective Legris,
you get your embassy to step in,
who calls the prefect, who
calls the commissioner,
who calls the superintendent,
who, need it be said,
calls me to ask me to let you consult
the Barbara Hallen file.
And do you really think I
am going to give it to you
after all that?
You bet I am!
I am going to give it to you
because I am going to retire
in one year!
And I don't give a shit anymore!
You've got two minutes
to consult it, Sheriff.
But I have never seen you before.
- File from this morning, sir.
- Yeah.
You never said anything about a blonde
that was with Barbara
at the photo session.
Oh, listen, in Paris there are
at least two million blondes,
not counting the bleached ones.
Since this morning,
we've had a new headless
woman on our hands.
This time, you won't need
to feel up the corpse
to know it's not your client.
She's been identified
by means of a tattoo.
A butterfly on her left thigh.
Betty Mallor, the call
girls, alias, "Melissa."
Suspected as acting as
diva for her boyfriend.
A certain Rachid.
And she, too, was seen for the last time
in the company of a blonde.
You've got two extra minutes.
That's my Christmas present.
I can't take it anymore.
Why are you keeping me prisoner here?
Listen to me, Barbara.
I can help you to get out of here.
That's my credit card.
Tell me the code and I'll help you.
I'll check it.
If you're lying to me,
you're gonna regret it.
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
Oh God, no.
An actress, a call girl,
I almost got the skin of a
model if Gordon hadn't blown it.
They have one point in common.
They have the same profession.
They're paid to show themselves.
They live by means of
their body and their looks.
And for money,
they do anything.
I'm so alone.
I'm always alone.
I need love, to be loved,
to be touched.
Your nightmare will soon be over.
I remember the night the
three of us spent together.
And now I repulse you.
I mean it.
I swear you're wrong.
Ingrid, you don't have the
right to talk that way.
Prove to me that you're still my friend.
Ask me anything.
I need a man.
A man, fine.
Leave it to me.
It's easier for me to
find a man than a woman.
With this face, I can't even imagine it.
Don't worry about it.
Take this, it will be easier.
Keep your money, I don't need it.
See you later tonight.
Slow down, Gordon.
Stop here.
Call him.
He's not bad.
It's for a girlfriend.
Why doesn't she do the cruising?
She wants to stay incognito.
But you can't know where you're going.
I'm going to blindfold
you but you can refuse.
I hope she's an heiress.
And I hope your girlfriend
is as beautiful as you are.
You'd be surprised.
Get undressed.
You're gonna love it.
Uh-uh, over there.
Come closer.
Take them off.
Your skin is so soft.
Why are you wearing a mask?
I can't let myself be recognized.
Mysteries always excite me.
But I'm even happier
when I can see who I'm screwing.
Scotch on the rocks.
Coming right up, hun.
You work here alone?
Too long, if you ask me.
You know Melissa?
Never set eyes on her before.
People come and go here.
You know, you can't
remember everyone's face.
Now for the big money.
Do you know Rachid?
Nope, doesn't mean a thing to me.
Looking for me?
Wrong answer.
What do you want, man?
I don't talk to cops
without my lawyer, man.
You're in luck.
I'm not a cop.
Then get lost!
Come here!
Let me go!
Now you're wrong.
When I don't get answers, I break things.
Now where is Melissa?
How should I know?
She's my lady.
I want her to come back.
I'm looking for her too.
She's been gone over a week.
That's all I know about it.
Back off, little man.
I got a new lead on Barbara from her bank.
Apparently she used her credit card
from a little town called Saint-Cloud.
Well that's great, it
means she's still alive.
And also that your
investigation will be a short one.
You should find her
within the next 24 hours.
Look, I'll be gone for a couple of days.
Any message, you leave it
on the answering machine.
Yeah, thanks Terry.
"Clinic Mimosa, Doctor Flamand."
Come on.
Oh, come on.
Can I help you?
My name's Sam Morgan, I'd
like to see Dr. Flamand.
Do you have an appointment?
It'll just take a minute.
One of his patients has disappeared.
Oh, I'll call him.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, come to me.
That's it.
Come on.
No smoking here.
Can I help you?
A woman named Barbara Hallen disappeared
from a fashion show in Paris
and I'm trying to find her.
I understand she spent some time here.
Barbara Hallen?
I remember her, a very pretty girl.
Yes, she was a former client here
but I haven't seen her since.
You said she disappeared.
Did you inform the police?
Thanks, I've done that.
And what did they say?
I'm more interested
in what you have to say.
Come on.
Come on.
Come to me.
Come on.
I want you.
Oh, that's it.
That's it.
Since the first time you made love to me,
you must've known how much I wanted you.
Why didn't you come back?
Why don't you untie me?
I want to caress you, I wanna touch you.
You must know how much I want you.
Come on, that's it.
You're not afraid of me, are you?
You're not afraid.
That's it.
Oh, that's better.
Do it quickly.
I want you so badly.
It's gonna be so good.
Barbara Hallen has
been here for five days.
Last fall.
She had a nose surgery.
She took too much cocaine.
Barbara used her credit
card yesterday in Saint-Cloud.
I'm sorry, what does that mean?
I thought she would've
stopped in for old times sake.
Maybe she still has some drug problems.
That might be it.
If Barbara Hallen has decided
to go to a drug abuse center...
Well there are two or three
centers for drug abuse.
Very efficient and very discreet.
You bastard!
Tie her up!
Thanks for your time, Doctor.
If Miss Hallen's in one of the centers,
it justifies her disappearance
and the use of her credit card.
What about this woman?
Has she been here?
No, never seen her.
I don't have this kind
of clients in my clinic.
Can I do something to help you?
Oh, Nathalie.
This is Nathalie, my collaborator.
Mr. Morgan's looking for a
former patient, Barbara Hallen.
But he's about to leave now.
Have you used Barbara's credit card?
What does it matter to you?
So I offer myself little
presents every now and then.
If I don't steal, I'm bored.
Have you gone out of your mind?
Don't you understand that
you're the head of the clinic?
Why do you amuse yourself
by taking stupid chances playing a klepto?
If you loved me a little more,
I'd steal less.
Help me!
For God sake, help!
Open it, please open it!
Open it!
Please, open it!
Let me out, oh for God's sake!
Oh, let me out!
What're you going to do?
Please, please, let me go!
It's an honor for her to serve science.
In any case, old age would
have only to seek out her.
I speed up the course of time.
I only help nature.
Where am I?
Don't try to move.
And don't be afraid.
But, but who are you?
You don't feel anything, do you?
But what're you doing?
You're crazy.
Watch her carefully.
She might well ruin the whole operation.
Now stop screaming!
Be quiet.
Inject a paralyzing shot into her throat.
Stops her screaming.
Go and get your sister ready.
She'll accept the pain, I know.
It's for her own good.
Everything is going
to be fine, my darling sister.
Dr. Moser is going to
make you beautiful again.
Don't leave me alone
with him, he scares me.
Calm down, I'm
going to give you a shot.
Look at how beautiful she's going to be.
This is going
to be your new face.
Come on!
Barbara, it's Sam, I've
come to take you home.
Sam, oh God, oh!
Oh my God.
Barbara, let go!
Okay, open the door.
You're in enough trouble already.
You help us, I'll talk
to the police for you.
You hear me, open the door!
Open the damn door right now!
You dirty bitch!
When I get out of here,
I'll tear your heart out!
Open the door!
Do you hear me, open this
door, I'm talking to you!
Where you going?
You come back here!
Open this door!
Open the damn door, you hear me?
This time, I'm sure of success.
We won an impossible battle
against nature and destiny.
Thank you, Doctor.
As for us, we're not at
the end of our troubles.
There are too many corpses in this clinic.
And there's Barbara and
that American detective.
I know it's troublesome
and you no longer have
Gordon to get rid of them.
But I have a solution.
Not too difficult.
I made do with something during the war,
when the Red Cross visited us,
and certain army officers
were a bit too particular.
What did you do?
They're building a wall.
This is gonna be our tomb..
The scars have healed in 15 days.
Your desire to get better
has made all the difference.
This is perfect.
I feel like the father who sees his child
for the very first time.
Thank you, Doctor.
You make me weep.
Deep down, I'm a real sentimentalist.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
To you, Doctor.
And to the three of you.
And thank you for giving me
the opportunity to work again.
And to Ingrid's newly formed beauty.
And to our happiness.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Terry, Sam Morgan.
I traced Barbara to the
Mimosa Clinic in Saint-Cloud.
I'm going in tonight, covert,
to locate and extract.
You don't hear from me, you
don't hear from us in 12 hours,
you send in the Marines.
Bye, bye, oh, Merry Christmas.
put me on the next flight
to Paris.