Face/Off (1997) Movie Script

- Have you eaten anything?
- No.
Hey, look, what is this, a picnic?
Come on. Let's go, man.
We got ten minutes to go.
- Punch me out, man.
- You got it.
Any word from the LAPD intelligence,
if there is such a thing?
- Not yet, sir.
- Of course not.
Because we're a covert
anti-terrorism team that is so secret...
that when we snap our fingers
nothin' happens!
Sheriff's department?
Airport police?
Still waiting. But lnterpol
insists he's in Tripoli.
Yeah, well, you-you trust-- You trust
that billion-dollar satellite, okay?
l'll trust a ten-dollar snitch
at this point.
- Sean, look--
- What?
Why don't you just give 'em
a little break, okay?
We'll take a break
when the case breaks, okay?
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
For the Lord God
Omnipotent reigneth
Hallelu-- Hallelu--
For the Lord God
Omnipotent reigneth
Hallelu-- Hallelu--
Hallelu-- Hallelu-- Hallelujah
For the Lord God
Omnipotent reigneth
- And he shall reign for ever and ever
- l never really enjoyed The Messiah.
- ln fact, l think it's fucking boring.
- And he shall reign for ever and ever
But your voice makes even a hack
like Handel seem like a genius.
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Victor-- When we--
When we put this thing to bed,
y-you can brand
the Fourth Amendment on my butt.
- Thank you.
- Sir, excuse me.
Your wife is on line one.
Sean! A jet was just chartered.
Anderson Airfield.
Guess who paid the bill in cash?
Pollux Troy.
- Put one of our people on that plane.
- Wait! We still got no sign of Castor!
Pollux doesn't fly without
Big Brother. Now come on!
You're 26 minutes late.
The casing didn't fit, right?
Yeah, l told you goddam Dietrich
would try to pawn off some...
cheap-shit North Korean plastic.
Casing fit like a condom.
You didn't deviate
from the plan, did you, Pollux?
Well, how long did you want me
to sit here twiddling my thumbs?
l paid for the jet.
Save us some time.
That's what the boys are for,
to hide our famous faces.
lf l didn't love you so damn
much, l'd have to kill you, bro.
l hate it when you
call me bro.
You guys are paid
to protect him from everybody,
including himself.
And stay away from downtown on the 18th.
lt's gonna be a little, um, smoggy.
Okay, my passengers are here.
l gotta go.
Let's go. Let's go.
l'm bored. Let's go.
- Here you go.
- Bravo.
Would you like anything else
once we're airborne?
Oh, a peach.
Sit. Come here.
You know, l can, uh,
eat a peach for hours.
Um, come here.
lf l were to send you flowers,
where would l, uh--
No, wait. Let me rephrase.
lf l were to let you
suck my tongue,
would you be grateful?
There's someone on the runway.
Get off of me!
- Archer.
- FBl!
This is a very big gun.
Fly the fuckin' plane!
Come on. That's it.
- Come on. Let's go!
- Goddam it. Don't play chicken
with a goddam jet!
Come on.
- He's got Winters! Goddam it!
- Damn it, Sean!
All units, pin 'em in!
Close in on 'em!
One of yours, Sean?
Out. Come on. Go, go!
Goddam it, Sean!
Take off now.
- Fly!
- l can't!
Fly, bitch!
All units, locked and ready.
Follow Archer's lead.
What the fuck are you doing?
There's an engine out.
We gotta stop.
- Move, move, move!
- Get back! Back up!
- Cas!
- Get over here.
Back him to me.
Back him to me. He's mine!
Secure the hangar.
Berkley, down!
Give up, Castor. Your time's up.
Well, you better hit me, Sean,
'cause you only got one bullet left.
So do you.
Wow. We've got
something in common.
We both know our guns.
What we don't have in common is that
l don't care if l live, and you do.
Sean, that hurts.
You're not having
any fun, are you, Sean?
Why don't you come with us?
Try terrorism for hire?
- We'll blow some shit up.
lt's more fun.
- Shut the fuck up.
You watch your fuckin' mouth!
l'm about to unleash
the biblical plague "Hell-A" deserves,
but l'll give this shithole
a break if my brother and l walk.
- Bullshit.
- Oh-Oh no, l-l see, l see.
Y-You think l'm bluffing.
Maybe l am.
But, then, maybe l'm not.
More importantly, what would
you do with me locked up?
You'd drive your wife
and kid crazy.
Say, how is your daughter,
anyway? ls she ripening by now?
Your-- Your darling Janie,
your little peach?
ls she ripe?
Policeman, don't shoot me.
l'm scared, Seanie!
Well, l think you better pull
the trigger,
because l don't give a fuck!
l'm ready
Ready for the big ride, baby
Well, Sean, looks like
Elvis done left the buildin'.
lt wasn't my fault.
Why won't you ever be on my side?
l am always on your side,
but you have to give me a chance--
Now what?
She was suspended again. Some kid
made a crack about her clothes--
- She started a fight.
- That's right, Dad.
Don't even ask me what happened.
Okay. What happened?
- Ah, l see.
- Not like you would believe me anyway.
Jamie, look,
it-it-it's not easy, okay?
l mean, loo-- You change the way
you look every week.
And-And the way you act.
Who are you supposed to be now?
l'm supposed to be me.
Not like you have a clue
who l am anyway.
l have to work tonight.
l called to tell you,
but l was on hold for ten minutes,
and l couldn't wait any longer.
l got him, Eve.
lt's over.
lt's over.
Oh, Sean.
l'll make it up to you
and Jamie. l promise.
l'll put in for a desk job--
Well, l'll-- l'll do counselling,
sit down, talk about Mike--
l'll do it, anything you want.
l just want you.
Well, good, 'cause that's
what you're gonna get.
You happy?
Yes. Yeah.
What is all this?
Sir, the ClA sent this over.
l didn't know they catered.
Send it back.
No, wait.
How about, uh--
What about to Anderson,
Pincus, Gianelli, Winters--
How's Loomis?
Uh, he's gonna need
a little surgery, but, uh,
he'll be okay.
- What's up?
- Special ops. They want a word.
Aw, forget it.
l don't have the time.
Better make time, Sean.
Recovered from the jet wreckage.
Found in Pollux Troy's
Porcelain casing.
Thermal cloak.
Nerve gas
and biological payload.
lt's enough to flatten
a square mile.
Then depending on
the prevailing winds,
the fallout'll be a tad worse
than Gulf War syndrome.
A biblical--
A biblical plague to LA.
Where is he?
Where is Pollux Troy?
Why draw the schematic if you're
not gonna build the bomb?
What, is it now a crime
in this country to exercise the mind?
- l'm interested in bomb--
- l won't say another word
until l see my brother.
Any progress?
- l need about ten minutes alone
with this guy.
- Ah, give it a rest.
You got Castor. Just go home.
Look, we're not gonna evacuate
the city on your hunch.
Look, l know Castor too well
for this to be a hunch.
You know what, just-just run
the goddam bureau any way you like.
l could put an agent in his cell.
Maybe Pollux will let it slip.
Oh, come on.
He's a paranoid sociopath.
The only person he'd talk to about
that bomb is his brother, and he's dead.
There is one other possibility.
Oh, God.
You're keeping him alive.
Relax, Archer. He's a turnip.
What if you could walk
into Erewhon Prison...
and give Pollux a nice, big
brotherly hug as Castor Troy?
l have no idea
what you're talking about.
Let me try. Malcolm Walsh.
- l run the bio-cover unit
for special ops.
- l know who you are.
- But you don't know what l can do.
- Uh--
Physical alteration.
Dr Walsh can alter the likeness,
even the voice of a government witness.
l think you'll recognize
this patient.
We had to build your friend Loomis
a whole new ear from scratch.
What we're suggesting for you, Archer,
isn't a permanent transplant like that,
just a temporary trade.
Come here.
With the new anti-inflammatories,
healing takes days, not weeks.
Your blood types won't match,
but Pollux won't know that.
Height difference is negligible.
Skin pigment, eye pigment:
both almost identical.
We'll use laser shears for the hairline,
microplugs for body hair.
We'll do an abdominoplasti--
take care of those, uh, love handles.
But all that's the easy part.
Here's the real science.
This is a state-of-the-art,
morphogenetic template.
The inside is modeled
on your skull,
the outside exactly like Troy's.
Then we fit his face on top.
Not a replica, but the real thing.
Then we simply connect the muscles,
tear ducts and nerve endings.
- So, you wanna take his face and mine--
- Borrow.
The procedure's
completely reversible.
Y-You think that l want
to do this?
- No. No.
- There's no one else, Sean.
- No!
- You have lived and breathed
Castor Troy for years.
l'll get his gang to talk.
That's what l do.
What if you can't? The bomb will blow,
and Castor Troy will win.
Get out. Go ahead.
Wipe your ass.
Damn, what the hell is
that smell?
He shit in his pants.
Where's Dietrich?
Hello, Sasha. When was the last
time you saw Castor Troy?
- Who cares? He's dead.
- Answer the question.
l know my rights. l don't have
to answer shit.
You're right, but know this:
You're a convicted felon on probation
for harbouring Castor Troy.
One phone call from me, and your son
will end up in a foster home.
l understand why
you would use such a threat.
But you try to take him away
from me, l swear to you--
l haven't seen him for years.
This reeks of you. lt's got
your signature all over it.
Maybe, but you ain't got nothin'
on me and you know it.
Maybe so, but l can keep you
within city limits,
or l can talk
to your sister again.
She's right outside.
Only this time l'll be nice.
Hey, Sean,
how's your dead son?
l don't know any--
Okay, okay, l heard somethin'
about the 18th, but that's all l know.
Great. So we got a date.
Now where the hell's the damn bomb?
Only Pollux Troy'll know that.
lt's your call, Sean.
- Does Lazarro know your plan?
- No, this is a black bag operation.
Strictly off the books. You can't tell
Lazarro, and you can't tell your wife.
Oh, God.
What are you asking me to do?
Okay, let's see.
You're asking me to--
to break the law,
risk my neck.
And you're asking me to put
in the dark all the people...
that love me...
and trust me.
l'll do it.
Sorry l woke you.
l'm glad it's you that woke me.
And not a phone call telling me
you won't be coming home.
But that's a fear l can
finally let go of, huh?
Oh, it's all right, Sean.
lt's okay.
l keep--
l keep wanting to move this...
over here, you know?
lf it had only been an--
an inch to the left,
Mikey'd be alive.
And you wouldn't be.
Sean, things are gonna get
better now that you're home.
The scar won't move,
but it will heal if you let it.
Everything will be better
now that he is forever out of our lives.
Eve, if l told you
that l realize that--
that this thing
won't fully end...
u-until l did one last thing--
Eve, something vital.
Okay-- l-- You're going
back on assignment again.
This one last time.
Come on, Eve.
"l'm going anywhere,"
that's what you told me.
You don't need me to tell you
what to do, Sean. You never have. So go.
But go now.
Sean, l changed my mind.
This is a suicide mission.
Yeah, l know, l know.
You know, maybe this, uh--
this doctor-- if he-- if he--
lf he can do even half
of what he says he can do,
maybe it'll work, l don't know.
l'd become Castor Troy,
be in control.
That's the part that scares me.
Doctor, l have, uh, something--
l have this scar-- that-- that--
that if you can p-put this back
after, after all this is over--
lt-- lt's important to me.
lt's-- lt's like a reminder.
Tito, please,
hold this for me. Please.
Okay. Let's go.
Oh, G--
Oh, my God.
Hey, you okay? Come on.
Talk to me, Sean.
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
- Sean! Sean!
- Fuck you!
Sean, come on. Sit down.
Sit down. Sit down.
Sean! Sean! Archer!
You're Sean Archer.
Sean Archer. Sean Archer.
When this is over,
l want you to take this face...
and burn it.
Hey. l still
sound like me.
l've implanted a microchip
on your larynx. lt's fantastic,
but you'll have to be careful.
Pressure, sharp blow,
even a violent sneeze could dislodge it.
- Just repeat what you hear.
- Peach. l can eat a peach for hours.
Peach. l can eat a peach
for hours.
There's a scratchy tickle.
Peach. l can eat a peach
for hours.
Peach. l can eat a peach
for hours.
- Once again.
- Peach. l can eat a peach for hours.
- Perfect.
- Now, Sean, six days until the 18th.
The clock's ticking,
and so is the bomb.
You got two days
to get Pollux to talk.
Either way, Miller comes in,
pulls you out. You got me?
- What's the matter?
- Face itches.
You all right?
Come on. Let's go.
Archer's gonna be pissed when he comes
back from his training op and finds out.
The guy is knee-deep
in Georgia swamp.
You are now the property
of Erewhon Prison,
a citizen of nowhere.
The Geneva Convention
is void here.
Amnesty lnternational
doesn't know we exist.
When l say
your ass belongs to me,
l mean exactly that.
This entire prison's
one big magnetic field.
The boots tell us where you are.
H-H-Hey, what's the matter, pal?
Don't you remember the little people?
- Burke Hicks.
- Oh, yeah.
l bust--
believe Sean Archer busted you
for stalkin' the UN Secretary General.
Oh, no. Archer framed me.
l ain't had nothin' to do with that.
No-- Word was you got wasted.
You wanna see what wasted
looks like, little man?
Out of the way. Central,
there's a disturbance in the population.
- Go to lockdown.
- Hold that lockdown.
Come on, you pussy!
You watch your fuckin' mouth.
You watch your fuckin' mouth!
'Cause l'm Castor Troy! Yeah!
l'm Castor Troy!
- Castor! Castor!
- l'm Castor Troy!
Yeah! Yeah!
Lock 'em down.
l stop the fights, not you.
That's two strikes for you, Dubov.
One more, you know where you're goin'.
- When l get out of here--
- lf you get out of here--
l'm gonna have you fired.
Lars, it's me.
Believe it.
They took-- switched my-- wh--
F-- Some fucking--
But it's cool.
We're gonna deal with it.
Oh, yes, we're gonna deal
with it.
- What's this about?
- Dr Walsh.
l was just, uh, enjoying some
of your greatest hits here.
Oh-Oh, l hope you don't mind.
l-l, uh, l partook...
of your groovy, uh--
your groovy painkillers.
You know, this is fabulous work.
This is-- This is-- Oh, bravo.
Oh, God. This is excellent.
- Bravo.
- What do you want?
Take one goddam guess.
l wish they'd play some of those
salmon spawning scenes again.
l found them intensely erotic.
Fuckin' nature channel.
One more waterfall,
l'm gonna foam at the mouth.
lt's like
they're begging us to riot.
Excuse me.
Not feeling very coordinated
lately, are you?
Look, bro, you gotta help me.
l am so fried.
lf the psychos in here
find out l'm misfiring,
we're both gonna be dead meat.
Shock treatment?
What's the matter with you?
Did they operate?
l was in a coma. Jesus, you're
still so fuckin' paranoid.
Aren't they giving you
your medication in here?
What was my medication?
Pollux, l hand-fed you
those pills for years.
Vivex. l haven't forgotten that.
lt's just everything else.
senses, my reflexes, my memory.
lt's like a tab of bad Quantrex.
l don't even know why that fucking Yeti
jumped me yesterday.
You had a sex sandwich with his wife and
his sister the night he was sent here.
l guess that explains
why he's so upset.
We're gonna blow up LA, bro.
Ain't it cool?
Oh, right. Rub my nose
in it, why don't you?
$10 million design, and now those
militia nutjobs get to keep their cash.
lt's so fucking unfair.
That bomb you built
does deserve an audience.
lt's a work of art.
lt belongs in the Louvre.
Yes, it does. Oh, well.
l guess the LA Convention
Centre'll have to do.
- What?
- Thank you.
For what?
You are so fucking pathetic.
You got a visitor.
Ooh-wee, you good-lookin'.
You're hot!
lt's like looking
in a mirror, only not.
- Troy?
- Now that is between us, okay?
- But you were--
- ln a coma?
Nothing like having your face
cut off to disturb your sleep.
Read the newspaper lately?
- You killed them?
- Well, beats paying the bill, huh?
Come on. l mean, uh, if
a face-lift costs five grand--
See anything you like?
l torched all the evidence
that proves you're you, okay?
So, wow, looks like you're gonna be
in here for the next hundred years!
Now, l have got to go.
l've got a government job to
abuse and a lonely wife to fuck.
Oh, did l say that?
Oh, l'm sorry. l didn't say that.
Make love to.
Oh, God, l miss that face.
- Sorry, Agent Archer.
- No, don't you worry about it,
Mr Walton.
Clearly he's, uh, had
a traumatic childhood,
and, uh, thank you.
What's givin' you the will
to live is lookin' for revenge
Look at this place. l'm in hell.
l may never get
a hard-on again.
Don't lose your head
Oh, yes.
There we go.
Well, l suppose it was only a matter of
time before you forgot where we lived.
Come on. Give me a break.
Every house in this block looks
the same. Then l spotted you.
My one and only Eve.
So how was your
vital assignment?
Which one was that?
How should l know, Sean?
Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, yes. The, um--
the out of body experience.
Yes. That one.
- Where you goin'?
- To the hospital.
- No. No. What's the matter?
- Sean, come on.
- Oh, what?
- Quit teasing me. Stop it.
l'm still really hurt, okay?
- There are leftovers in the fridge.
- No, no.
l want to stay hungry
for you, my peach.
- Give me that tongue.
- Sean, come on.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- What does Evie want?
Eve, l hate to see you go,
but l love to watch you leave.
"Date night fizzled again.
We haven't made love
in two months."
What a loser.
Come here, sister
- Papa's in the swing
- Got your E-mail, Karl.
- The poem you sent me was pretty kinky.
- He ain't too hip
About that new-breed babe
- The plot thickens.
- He ain't no drag
- Papa's got a brand new bag
- Hang on a second.
- Come here, Mama
- l'll have to call you back.
- And dig this crazy scene
- You're not respecting my boundaries.
- l'm coming in, Janie.
- He's not too fancy
- Janie?
- But this line is pretty clean
- l don't think you heard me, Jamie.
- He ain't no drag
- You got something that l crave.
Papa's got a brand new bag
He's doin' the jerk
He's doin' the fly
- Don't play him cheap
'cause you know he ain't shy
- Clarissa left those here.
- Well, l won't tell Mom
if you don't.
- He's doin' the Monkey
- The Mashed Potato, Jump-back Jack
- When did you start smoking?
- See you later, alligator
- You'll be seeing a lot
of changes around here.
- Papa's in the swing
- Papa's got a brand new bag. Ow!
He ain't too hip now
- But l can dig that new breed
- l can do the j-- do the s--
He's doin' the twist
just like this
Bye, bro.
Drop me a line sometime.
Gonna be kind of lonely
with Pollux gone, huh?
Po-- Pollux what?
That big-shit cop, Archer, cut him
a deal for turnin' state's evidence.
Your brother's been released.
l'm Sean Archer. There is a bomb
at the LA Convention Centre.
l'm Sean Archer and-- Ow!
Tiramisu, tiramisu
- Sir, we just wanted you to know--
- We're all really sorry about Tito.
Oh, hey, shit happens, you know?
So is our star witness talking?
Yeah. About what kind of mustard
he likes on his tongue sandwiches.
lf that bomb is out there,
we're almost out of time.
You made the deal with Pollux Troy.
That isn't like you.
Well, when all else fails,
fresh tactics.
Fresh? Well, let me tell you
my fresh tactic.
From now on everything to do with
this case goes through me, understood?
Good. Thanks.
You're supposed to be snitching
and making me look good.
- Look good?
- Mm-hmm.
Seeing that face on you makes me afraid
my tiramisu might come back up.
Well, think about me. This nose.
This hair. This ridiculous chin.
Brother, we're going straight.
Oh, my goodness. Did you
exchange brains as well?
The first thing l need you to confess to
is the location of the bomb.
What about our $10 million?
What about when l become
an American hero for defusing
the bomb? What's that worth?
Know that. Thank you.
Next question.
- You're not the only one
in the family with brains.
- No.
- Although now l am
the only one with the looks.
- Touche.
This is an emergency evacuation.
This is an emergency evacuation.
Let's go. Police. Go! Go!
- Any ideas?
- Yeah, run.
Sir, it's protected by a tamper switch,
and it'll take us hours to bypass.
- Evacuate your team, Captain.
- No, but, sir, we can't--
we can't disarm.
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Ha-Ha. Ha, ha, ha.
Oh, baby. Oh--
That was the scene
at the LA Convention Centre,
where an FBl agent became
a city saviour.
Sean Archer disarmed a massive bomb just
one second before it was set to blow.
The apparent targets were
three Supreme Court justices
scheduled to speak here today...
and anyone unlucky enough to be
within a mile of the scene.
We asked Agent Archer if the FBl had
any leads on who planted the device.
Well, that is, uh,
classified information.
But if he-- lf he's listening,
l wouldn't mind giving him a message:
lnterception. Now our side's got
the ball. Sorry.
Wanda? Everybody.
Hey, look, l--
l wanna thank you for, uh,
enduring all these years
that l was an insufferable bore.
Sir, did you just have
a surgical procedure?
- What do you mean?
- Well, was the stick...
successfully removed
from your ass?
Sir. The White House on one.
lt's the president.
Oh, and your wife on line two.
- Well, you tell the president to hold.
- Okay.
- l got it.
- Sean, you scared the hell out of me.
- lt's date night.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, congratulations.
Oh, big deal.
Okay, l said, uh,
"Mr President,
"l want the authority...
"and l want the funds
and the personnel...
to take over the whole gamut
of global terrorism," right?
And he said, "The next name
on my calling list is Lazarro,
and l'm telling him that Sean Archer
writes his own ticket," okay?
What's the matter?
l-- l don't know, Sean.
You just--
You just seem so different.
l mean, what is th-- all this about?
What-- This intimate
candlelight dinner? Huh?
And l'm supposed to forget
all the promises 'cause
you're going back into the fray?
lf the top cop in this country
can't come home...
every night to his wife,
then the hell with the country.
Because the only place
l'm going is upstairs with you.
Exercise. One hour.
How can l get out of here?
You can't.
How can l get these boots off?
They only take 'em off
in the clinic.
Right before
they fry your skull.
- l'm out of cigarettes.
- Get back in line, Troy.
l said l'm out of cigarettes.
Kick his ass!
Hey, what the hell!
That's not right!
l need a light! l need a light!
- Anybody got a light?
- All right!
Anybody got a light?
Got a light?
You better bring the bastard down
before he chokes himself to death.
Well, happy day,
it's Castor Troy.
Wait. H-Hold it, hold it.
Can l, uh-- Can l have a light?
You know, those things'll kill you.
Get his boots, Walton.
Dubov, l didn't touch your wife.
And l didn't touch your sister.
But l know your wife loves you,
is waiting for you.
So let's get out of here.
You're more brain-dead than Dubov.
- Out.
- Out.
- Get him!
- Grab his arms!
Look out!
Shots have been fired.
We have men down in C-4.
- l got 'em.
- Throw 'em down!
Get down!
Dubov! No!
Get out.
Now, give me your hand.
Come on.
You can do it.
No. No.
Sean! Wait!
- What are you doing?
- Uh, l'm sorry.
- Have a nice day.
- Have a nice day?
What is with you? ls this your way
of just not dealing with this morning?
Yeah. Yeah, maybe.
Sean! Sean!
l know it's hard for you, but it's hard
for me too, and we still have to go.
Happy birthday, Mikey.
He took our baby, Sean.
He took our little boy.
You turned your beeper off.
Yes, well-- my son's birthday.
Well, uh, here's
some poetic justice, sir.
- Castor Troy is dead.
- He got killed trying to escape
from Erewhon.
Where's his body?
l-l wanna see his body.
- lt hasn't been recovered yet.
- lt hasn't been recovered yet?
Get the LAPD on this!
Even if he is alive, Castor isn't
stupid enough to come back to the city.
You must-- You must trust me.
He's already here.
County General.
How may l direct your call?
Dr Archer, please.
lt's an emergency.
- May l say who's calling?
- Her husband.
Dr Archer, call on line three.
l know this sounds crazy,
but-- Shit!
- Sean?
- Eve, listen carefully.
The man you think is
your husband isn't.
- Who is this?
- Please, just listen.
Take Jamie. Go to your mother's. Don't
tell him where you're going, just go.
Uh, whoever you are,
don't call again.
- Operations.
- l need Victor Lazarro immediately.
- Regarding?
- l have information about Castor Troy.
l'll transfer you, sir.
Sean Archer here. Who's calling?
Well, if you're Sean Archer,
l guess l'm Castor Troy.
Ah, yes.
This escaped convict is
considered extremely dangerous.
lf you have any information concerning
the whereabouts of Castor Troy--
You goddam right. Yeah!
This shit's so good,
gonna make your dick hard.
Huh? Cheryl? Cheryl's a liar.
So you're still selling hops
and drugs to Cheryl and Phil Roy.
Castor fucking Troy!
Aw, man. You scared me, man!
All right. All right.
You know, l never should've sold
you those bombs. lt's my curse.
l can't say no to a friend.
- You can't say no to money.
- Yeah, that's my other curse.
- You drug dealer.
- What's the matter?
- What?
- You look like you just fucked
your mother. Come on.
Let's go relax, huh?
- Hey, Castor.
- Oh, Castor Troy!
l don't believe this.
Castor Troy!
What are you doing?
Wanna hit?
Hey, baby. Remember me?
l'm your favourite peach.
Oh, l thought
l was your favourite.
- You make me crazy
- Look at this guy.
You know, you look pretty good
for a dead guy.
- Mescal.
- Two?
- Yeah.
So what do you wanna do?
You wanna get out
of the country?
l'm not going anywhere.
l'm gonna get Sean Archer.
With your help.
Welcome home, baby.
How we supposed to do that?
He's vulnerable at home.
No. l mean, this is
Sean Archer we're talkin' about.
- This isn't just some Boy Scout.
- Fitch.
No. Besides, his house is
probably alarmed up the wazoo.
The code is 10-19-86.
That's his dead son's birthday.
Don't it just break your heart?
- That's brilliant.
- That's sick.
How is it that you know
so much about Sean Archer?
Uh-- l, uh--
sleep with his wife.
This is gra-- This is great.
So, once we kidnap supercop,
then what?
l'd like to take his--
his face--
Now, if you'll excuse me,
l have to use
the little boy's wee-wee room.
You wanna take his face--
Yes. His face off.
Nose. Skin.
lt's coming off.
The face...
No more drugs
for that man.
l'm not me.
l'm me.
Not me.
Castor Archer.
Castor Archer.
l thought you were dead.
l'm not dead.
l'm me.
No, no, no. Look. What l-- What
l'm trying to tell you, brother,
Pollux, is once we get the
full protection and resources...
of the government to help us
get rid of our rivals, right?
Then we'll be set.
Then maybe, just maybe, l'll
get my frickin' face back.
Then l'll just have one jag-off
to take care of.
- Hey, where ya goin'? Where ya goin'?
- Karl, stop it.
- Maybe two. Hold on.
- Karl, stop it!
- Calm down, would ya? Calm down.
- Karl!
Karl, my dad's home!
Let go!
- Happy hunting. l'll catch ya later.
- Stop it!
Yeah, like Mr Fuckin' lnvisible
gives a shit about you anyway.
So fuckin' hold still.
Calm down!
- Okay, say you're sorry.
- l'm sorry.
- l didn't hear it.
- l'm sorry!
- Mean it.
- l'm so sorry!
Dress up like Halloween and
ghouls will try to get in your pants.
Typical, Dad. Some guy tries
to rape me, and l'm to blame?
This isn't you.
Now you haven't been the same
since Mike died.
Hiding behind
someone else's face.
Hoping you wouldn't
feel the pain.
While we're talking,
do you have protection?
What? You mean
like condoms?
Next time, let Karl
take his pants down.
Slip this in his thigh, twist
it so the wound won't close.
Now go on.
Get outta here.
l am the king.
Jesus, Cas!
lt's me!
lt's me.
Cas. Shh.
Come on.
lt's me. Jesus.
Come on.
- Don't you wanna talk?
- The only talk l ever heard
from you is...
"Suck my tongue," "l love
your ass," and "See ya,"
and "Take the filthy shit off,"
"Put this on and get outta here."
- No, l'm not goin' anywhere.
- Oh, really?
What do you-- What do you
expect me, after all this time--
Just to-- Just to
jump on you?
- That's not what l--
- ls that what you expect?
- That's not what l meant.
- What did you mean?
- l meant--
- Huh? ls this what you meant?
That? That? How about this?
ls that good? Huh?
- Sean Archer.
- Bro.
Well, l figured he might drop in
on some of our old friends.
And if my eyes don't deceive,
l think this fellow's
beginning to enjoy being you.
Look, look, look. Okay.
L-Look, Sasha.
What l meant is, uh, that
l'm not going anywhere...
until your brother
helps me, uh, first.
Cas. lf the FBl finds out
that you were here,
l'll lose my son.
Please, Cas,
you just gotta go.
l've said and done some things
that have made your life harder.
- l know.
- How would you?
When you left,
you never looked back.
l-- l just know.
Look, Sasha, l'm not
the same person you remember.
And for what it's worth,
l'm sorry.
- They're nice-looking clothes.
- Yeah, of course. They're yours.
Look, l know, l--
just like 'em.
That's a nice-lookin' kid too.
Yeah. Of course.
He's yours too.
- How old is he?
- Five.
Nobody knows he's yours.
l was...
scared someone would try
to hurt him just to hurt you.
Adam. Adam.
Don't want you playing with those
things. They are very, very dangerous.
Okay? Now come on, sweetie.
l want you to meet
your father.
Look at him.
lt's okay. Say hi.
- Michael. Michael?
- Cas.
- Cas. Cas, you're scaring him.
- Michael?
Let him go.
What is the matter
with you?
Get down!
Okay, Red Team!
Red Team, break off!
How'd you get to be so brave?
How'd you get to be so brave?
- Come out now with your hands up!
- Put these on.
Okay. That's a good idea,
baby. Listen to your music.
- Come on.
- Come out now!
- Go! Go! Go!
- We have a warrant for your arrest!
l hate cops.
Come on, kid.
- Move! Move!
- Go left, left!
First door to the right!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Someday l'll wish
upon a star
- And wake up--
- Let's get outta here! Come on.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Damn, my place
is gettin' fucked up.
Take him.
Cas! Cas,
give me the boy!
Really? Really?
Come on! Shit!
Come on, come on!
Let's go! Go, go, go!
Cas, be careful
with him!
- Don't be scared, All right? All right?
- Somewhere
Over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams
That you dared to dream
Really do come true
Someday l'll wish
upon a star
And wake up
where the clouds
- Are far behind
- Adam!
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh, why
Can't l
Adam! Adam!
Get him out back!
Go, go, go!
Put the boy down.
Honey, sweetie,
don't touch that.
lt isn't nice!
l don't ever
wanna see you do that.
They're like cockroaches!
Hey. Drop it.
That's it.
Told him
not to fuck with me.
Take the boy
and get outta here.
- Are you all right?
- Go!
Hurry up.
Hey, man.
We had some good times,
didn't we?
l don't know what l hate
wearing worse:
your face or your body.
l mean, l enjoy
boning your wife,
but, uh, well,
let's face it.
We both like it better
the other way, yes?
So why don't we just
trade back.
You can't give back
what you've taken from me.
Oh, well.
Plan "B."
Let's just kill each other.
Sir, why are you
so upset?
lt's just Pollux Troy.
Sir, look. You're
on the cover of Time.
Listen. "ln a single week,
Agent Sean Archer...
"has ordered a stunning series
of blitzkrieg-style raids...
"on the hideouts, staging grounds and
safe houses of our nation's assassins.
Car bombs--"
Sean. Look we're friends,
so l'm gonna tell you face to face.
l don't give a damn if you are
Time's Man of the Year.
After last night's bloodbath,
l'm terminatin' your war on terrorists.
ls that, uh, because l'm getting
all the kudos and you're not?
Jesus Christ. l don't know where
you're gettin' your intelligence.
lt's not from field agents.
Sometimes l think you know too much.
starting to worry.
Justice wants a hearing.
They're concerned
about the constitutionality
of your gestapo tactics!
And frankly,
so am l! l'm--
Uh, okay, Victor,
l'll give the, uh,
taxpayers a break.
But, um,
l have something, uh,
l want to confess.
And l don't think
you're gonna like it.
l am Castor Troy.
- Kimmy. Kim?
- Yes, sir.
Call the paramedics. Victor
Lazarro's had a heart attack.
- Oh, God. Right away.
- Thank you.
No. Honey, please,
please don't scream.
Don't scream.
l'm not gonna hurt you.
Okay, just don't,
don't, don't, don't.
Just don't--
don't look at my face.
And the voice.
Don't listen.
- Just--
- l know who you are!
You killed our son!
l did not kill our son.
l'm Sean.
The last time l saw you...
was in this room.
We had a fight when l said
l had to go away again.
And l spent the night
in Mike's old bed.
l'm tired, Eve.
The assignment was to enter
a federal prison as Castor Troy.
lt's just fucking insane.
And it's-- A special ops
surgeon, uh, gave me, uh,
Castor's face!
Then, uh-- And then, somehow,
Castor came out of his, uh,
his-his coma, and
he killed everybody...
who knew about the mission.
But, but not before
transforming into me.
l know you don't believe a word
l'm saying. Well, here's proof, Doctor.
Your husband, me, my,
Sean's blood type is O-negative.
Castor's is AB.
And l love you.
Get some backup.
What a day.
You look tense.
l know l've been acting
different lately. Strange.
l've got a confession
to make, Eve.
You're not gonna like it.
Oh, Eve. l feel--
l feel so close to you.
l read your diary. l know
l shouldn't have. l'm ashamed.
But l did.
l just wanna be the man
that you deserve--
passionate, tender.
Victor Lazarro died today.
He had a heart seizure.
My mentor, gone.
First Tito, then Victor.
So what?
l hope this doesn't mean
l'm losing you.
Of course not.
You're the only family
l've got.
Oh, God.
- Oh, God.
- l was hoping you'd come here.
Thank you for trusting me.
Right now,
l don't trust anyone.
Eve, wh-where'd
you get that gun?
l took it
from my fake husband.
Put it down.
You know l'm Sean.
Do l? Maybe Sean's
already dead, huh?
l'm moving very slowly.
l was thinking
the other day, l--
l remember...
l once took a date out...
for surf and turf,
not knowing she was
a vegetarian.
So she ate bread.
And, uh, and broke her tooth
on a rye seed.
And we, we drove around
all night,
uh, looking for a--
for a all-night dentist.
And, and he, uh--
He was so drunk,
he fixed the wrong tooth.
And it-- When l
finally brought her home--
Even though it must have
hurt like hell,
you, you, you kissed me.
that man--
You know we've been living
together as man and wife for a week.
Yeah, l--
l know.
Eve. Eve.
l put you
in that position and, and--
l-l-l can never
make it up to you.
Well, you're damn well
gonna try.
Let me take a look at that wound
before you bleed to death.
With Lazarro out of the way,
Castor's the new acting director
of the Bureau.
- He's untouchable.
- Not tomorrow.
Tomorrow he'll
be at Victor's service.
That will be the day.
l want you and Jamie away from
there. Give him a good excuse.
l can cover for Jamie,
but if l'm not coming he's
gonna know that something's up.
And besides, l'm the only one
who can try and explain the truth.
Excuse me, Mr Archer.
May l help you?
Dr Levine to X Ray.
Sean, what are you
doing here?
Sorry, darling, it--
l just get so,
so jealous, l--
l mean, wh-wh-what is a guy
to think when his, uh,
his wife runs off
in the middle of the night?
That l'm a doctor that's on call,
so please let me get back to work, okay?
Lies, distrust,
mixed messages.
This is turning
into a real marriage.
How's Adam?
l took him over to my cousin's
until this whole thing blows over.
- Where's Jamie?
- That's what l'd like to know.
She stole $50 from my purse
and took off.
- So what's the next move?
- This isn't your fight.
Oh, come on. You're surprised?
Our daughter won't even
visit Michael's grave.
You think she gives a damn
about your boss?
He killed my brother. l'm not
gonna let him take you too.
Whatever happens,
l promise...
Sean Archer is
off your back for good.
My dear friends, we are here
to celebrate the life of Victor Lazarro.
Somebody back there asked me
to give this to you.
ln peace now, let us take
our brother Victor...
to his place of rest.
lsn't this religious?
Ah, yes. The eternal battle
between good and evil,
saint and sinner.
But you're still
not having any fun!
Honey? Honey?
Come here.
And guess what.
Your daughter's on the way.
History repeats itself.
This is between us.
Leave them out of it.
No, you should've
left them out of it.
Your son was an accident.
l wanted to kill you.
But you took it
so personally.
Why didn't you just
kill yourself or let it go?
- No father could.
- No brother could either.
Neither could a sister.
Hey, baby.
Sasha, what the fuck
are you doing here?
Gee, Archer, l guess
l'm crashing.
- You okay, baby?
- Yeah. Thanks.
Sasha, baby.
l'm Castor.
That's Archer.
And l'm bored.
- Put the fucking gun down.
- Why don't you put your guns down?
What a predicament!
Take care of our boy.
You love him so much.
Don't let him grow up
to be like us, promise?
- Yeah.
- Say yeah.
Jamie, don't!
Hello, Wanda?
Wanda, this is Eve Archer.
l have something
crazy to tell you.
lt's a capital crime to try to kill
the next big boss of the FBl, yes?
- Yes.
- Ah, yes.
- The penalty--
- What?
The penalty is death!
Die. Please, God, die.
Hold it!
Good girl, Jamie!
Shoot him!
Honey, don't listen to him,
honey! He's not your father!
Hear my voice. l'm your father!
Use your eyes, Jamie.
Shoot him!
Don't listen to him!
Don't shoot! Just, just--
This scumbag-- This scumbag shot
your brother, Jamie! Kill him!
No daughter of mine
would shoot so wide.
Dad, put the gun down.
Put it down.
Dad, put it down.
Now we're gonna find out
what's in Papa's bag. Peaches.
Say goodbye to Papa.
Jamie! Jamie! Jamie,
are you all right? Oh, my God.
Sir, are you okay?
Please, someone please tell me
what planet l'm on?
Get down!
Stop! This is the police!
Stop immediately or we'll
be forced to open fire!
Fire! Fire!
You're right, Sean.
l've misbehaved.
l need to be punished.
But remember,
every time...
you look in the mirror,
you'll see my face.
Ready for the big ride
Off of Pico in the middle
of the street.
You okay, Archer?
- What did you call me?
- He called you Archer, sir.
Sean, they're bringing in
their top surgical team from DC.
You're going to be okay.
When you wake up,
everything will be restored...
just the way it was.
My scar.
The one near my heart.
This old bullet wound.
- l won't need it any more.
- Okay.
l'm sorry l shot you.
l've got something
l have to ask both of you.
This is, um, Adam.
And he needs
a place to live.
Hi. My name's Jamie.
l'm Adam.
Why don't you show Adam
his new room?
Come on.