Facing Windows (2003) Movie Script

You've been weird since we
left the market. What's wrong?
Does there have to be
something wrong?
We've been out for an hour,
and you haven't said a word.
We got the groceries,
came downtown, and you're silent.
If you're mad at me, say so.
Stop wearing that face.
I'm not making a face.
You're the one who's always pissed off.
Let's go over there.
If I'm mad, I don't shut up
and hold it in like you.
Oh, sure.
You're always right, I forgot.
I'm not always right,
but I am this time.
Come on, you like to fight.
You could stick up for me just once.
You made a scene
because she cut into the line.
- But she was ahead of us.
- When I tried to apologize...
...she jumped on me like a maniac,
and you kept quiet!
What was I supposed to do?
You don't see the face you make
when I talk to people.
- You're ashamed of me.
- What are you talking about?
You were screaming.
Even the cashier said you were wrong.
Did you see how she pointed
that pencil at me?
Yes, but you didn't need
to tell her where to shove it.
Okay, maybe I went too far.
Then she asked the Romanian
if she had enough money to pay.
What a racist.
Listen, put that money away.
There are people around.
He's lost.
He can't remember his own name.
Maybe he's got ID.
Do you have an identity card?
No, not money, identification.
- What about in his pockets?
- What, should I frisk him?
I'm very confused.
I don't remember anything.
Put your money in your pocket.
Give it a minute. You'll remember.
- We can't just leave him.
- What can we do about him?
He's following us.
He's not following us.
Yes he is.
Don't worry.
We'll take you to the police station
near our house.
They'll know what to do.
You know how many people get lost?
A whole lot, right?
There's a game on TV tonight.
What team do you like?
- Okay, so you don't like soccer.
- Stop it now.
Hey, can you give me a hand?
No, you stay in the car.
I'll get it.
- Ma, Martina broke my Game Boy.
- It's not true. Microbe did it.
- Hurry up, don't stop to chat.
- Hi, kids.
- I'll help, Mama, give me one.
- Martina, you're in my way.
- Who's that man?
- I have no idea. He's lost.
You know Filippo
and how he can complicate life.
- Where did you find him?
- Downtown.
- Just what you need.
- Wait, don't pull me.
Microbe, stop yelling on the stairs.
- Where's Papa?
- Go watch TV with him.
- Who was that man?
- I'm in no mood, Martina. Go.
I don't feel like watching TV.
Detergent on the left,
all spray bottles on the right.
This kid is getting
more obsessive than you are.
Order makes life easier
and doesn't make you waste time.
You're the one
making me waste time.
I told you, go inside
and watch television.
Martina, can you hear me?
I told you,
I don't feel like watching TV.
Was she born that way,
or did she grow into it?
I don't know.
- Giovanna, he's undressing.
- Get away from there!
He's almost naked.
Come before he closes the shades.
Will you stop that?
Okay, enough already.
Open up, Vittorio!
Leave Luciana alone!
I'll call the cops this time!
- Open the door right now!
- Busybody.
I told you, I don't want you involved.
Go away!
Mind your own fucking business,
bitch, or I'll call the cops!
I'll have you and that illegal immigrant
who fucks you arrested!
Get out of here!
He was kidding.
- Giambo!
- What is it?
Vittorio called me a bitch.
- He called you a dirty nigger.
- I'll take care of it.
- He didn't say that.
- He thought it. Be quiet.
Open the door, asshole!
- It's about time.
- The game started?
- Papa's home.
- Hi, Papa.
Will you eat with us
or take your plate next door?
Good evening.
- Filippo.
- I'll take him after the game.
I don't believe it.
You brought him here?
There were too many people.
We waited an hour.
They want to know how I found him
and bullshit like that.
- There, only one point.
- What an imbecile.
- Would you like some more?
- Yes.
- Mama?
- Why are you awake?
Maybe Simone is dead.
- Simone?
- The man in there.
- How do you know his name?
- He told me.
He got his memory back.
He told your daughter
that his name is Simone.
He's asleep from overexertion.
Did he just tell you,
or did you ask him?
Why are you whispering?
So I don't wake him up.
If you let him sleep,
will you carry him out of here?
You have to wake up.
We have to go, wake up.
No, Filippo.
You're not leaving him here.
- He could be a maniac.
- You're exaggerating.
He'll sleep near the kids.
You're crazier than he is!
Stop yelling.
I'll yell when I want to.
Watch how he wakes up now.
Great, he made himself
comfortable now.
- You resolve this situation!
- Look. You made him cry.
Stop that tone,
or I'll smack you one!
And I'll report you to a cop.
Are you coming to bed?
He's sleeping.
I put Mama's blanket on him.
Turn out the light, I'm coming.
- Go to sleep.
- I'd go to sleep...
...but this guy's awake.
- I don't feel like it.
We sleep together once a week,
and you don't feel like it?
No, leave it open.
I don't trust that man in there.
- No, he'll hear us this way.
- We'll do it with a silencer.
- I really don't feel like it.
- Come on, sure you do.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Why didn't you wake me up?
- You were sleeping so nicely.
Look, Mama, Simone made breakfast.
- Where is he now?
- He's in there.
He made a mess with the eggs.
Sure he's better, right?
Have a crepe.
- No, I don't want anything.
- I helped him, you didn't.
Martina, go do your notebook.
- Martina.
- Yeah, and do Marco's too.
Remember, they get out
of school at 2 today.
- What time do you start?
- At 7, like always.
- Haven't they changed the shifts?
- Sure they have.
It's just that they gave me
the night shift again.
You always get cheated.
I was the last guy hired.
I have to hurry now.
I hate doing things in a rush.
He's in there.
He's going today.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry, I promise.
What's wrong?
- Have you seen Chen Suilan?
- Why?
- Have you seen her?
- Sure, don't you see her too?
- That's not her.
- What's the difference?
What happened to Chen Suilan?
She works two jobs, her sister replaces
her, and she has no working papers.
The bosses know this trick of using the
same name for relatives who come.
- It doesn't work anymore.
- What are you, an SS officer?
- They asked me to investigate.
- You tell them it's not your job.
You do the accounting.
What does that mean?
You count people.
How can I say no to them?
With your mouth.
- Hi.
- Hi, Mama, look what we got.
- What's all this?
- Wait, or I'll crash.
- What have you done?
- I'll explain later.
How about explaining now?
Are you happy now?
- No, I'm playing!
- Let Marco play too.
No, he doesn't know how to play.
I didn't buy it, okay?
- You took money from that man?
- No, he gave it to me.
You know what that's called?
Exploiting the vulnerable!
Don't yell, he'll hear you.
He'll hear me?
Why the fuck didn't you bring him
to the police today?
I did, and I made a report.
I just couldn't leave him there.
- How much did you take?
- They'll call and let us know.
I didn't take his money.
Are you crazy? He came with me...
...to get the kids from school.
He wanted to buy them a gift.
He told Martina to pick one.
You know how grand she is.
You've really lost the plot.
I can't sleep with him here.
Take him to the pub, and leave him
at the station on the way.
This way, I'm always the one
who's the shit.
They're not for us. I sell them.
Are you a pastry maker?
To earn some extra money.
I make them twice a week
for my friend who owns a pub.
But I would have liked that.
I would have liked
to open a pastry shop.
Why didn't you?
I didn't have the money.
You could work in a pastry shop
if you like it that much.
Sure, at 29 years old with two kids,
I'd be an apprentice...
...with a husband who gets himself
fired all the time.
I know it's hard to quit,
but at least...
...when you bake,
you shouldn't smoke.
You used tap water,
and you didn't even taste it...
...to make sure there wasn't
too much chlorine.
Pardon me.
I'll use mineral water next time.
Have a favorite brand to suggest?
You'll find the right one.
Try it when it's cold...
...and when it's heated.
The water must always be clear,
have no smell...
...be pleasant to the taste...
...and be absolutely low in alkaline.
How do you know all this?
Maybe I knew someone...
...who knew how to bake very well.
Then you must remember something.
If I'm late at the police station...
...would you put my kids
to bed after yours?
- Want Giambo to go with you?
- He is just what I need.
I'll take two minutes.
Wait for me here.
No, you could have brought them
a little later for closing time.
Sorry, I'll bring them early next time.
Life is a mess at home.
Send your husband if you're in a mess,
or don't you trust him?
It's you I don't trust.
He works nights anyway, so...
Excuses, excuses. If I had the chance,
I'd show him a good time.
Do it. You'd get him
off my back then.
- Trouble is, he'd never do it.
- Oh, yes, he would.
- Isn't Giorgio enough for you?
- Still?
After 15 years, it's incest now.
- Irene, the cash register.
- I'm coming.
I can't, I'm in a rush.
Relax a bit, or your brain
will blow up, honey.
By the way, the pies
aren't selling very well.
What can I do for you, then?
That's my favorite question.
Make sure it's good.
Be serious, tell me what you want.
How should I know?
Invent something, shock me.
Make something new.
You think that's easy.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Pardon me, I think your grandfather
isn't feeling well.
I was standing by him, and he
was saying some strange things.
- Then he walked off.
- He's not my grandfather.
Sorry, it's just that I saw him
with you before.
I live in the building
across from you.
I don't know who he is.
We found him in the street.
The police said they'd inform us
if they find out anything.
Where did he go now?
I met him there in front of my car.
You took him to the police,
and they left him in your care?
- Impossible, right?
- It seems a bit strange to me.
You're right. I wasn't the one
who brought him anyway.
Well, he can't be too far.
He's not well.
- What's wrong with him?
- His memory is gone.
What's the name?
I'm Lorenzo.
But I meant his name.
I should have taken him to the
police before going to the pub.
Now what can I do with him?
I can't chase him around all night.
You've been very kind...
...but I'd better go home now.
Simone, what are you doing?
Why did you get out of the car?
My life is already a mess.
You are just what I need.
Come back to the car.
I'll take you where you want.
We can go ask again. Maybe they've
found out where you live.
I'll take you there.
- No, thanks anyway.
- My car is right here.
Two people are better than one.
I'm sorry. I'm taking up
so much of your time.
Don't worry about it.
I'm not working tomorrow.
- They're coming.
- Who's coming?
Simone, don't get upset.
- Let me out. I have to get out!
- No! What are you doing?
Simone, wait!
- I'll go with him.
- Okay, I'll catch up.
No, please! Let me go!
Lorenzo! He's not feeling well.
...what's wrong?
I just need to sit down for a bit.
Good evening, Mario.
I'll have the usual, please.
Sorry, I'm not Mario.
- Then have Mario come.
- No one named Mario works here.
- What do you usually have?
- Vermouth.
- I'll have a beer, please.
- Make that two.
Who are you?
Lorenzo. We were in the car
together just now.
We met in front of the pub,
What kind of work do you do?
I work in a bank.
Do you like it?
I guess so.
I'm about to become
a branch manager.
Your wife will be pleased.
Well, I'm not married.
You're not married at your age?
Why not?
I don't know.
Maybe I haven't found
the right person yet.
What about you?
- What about me?
- Do you like your job?
- Do you like chicken?
- Yes, it's all right.
I work in a chicken factory.
I'm in accounting.
And I don't like it.
I like your cakes very much.
The ones you bring to the pub.
How do you know I make them?
I've seen you quite often,
and I go to the pub a lot.
And like I told you,
I live across from you.
You've never seen me?
Maybe I have.
Maybe in the neighborhood.
Or maybe from my window.
I don't know, what with
everything I have to do.
- Sir?
- Oh, excuse me.
Have you seen Sara?
They're even taking babies away.
Please help me find her, please!
Help me find her.
Remember to take the money
out of your jacket.
These are Filippo's.
They might be small for you.
I just need time to wash
your things. Put them here.
I don't like the sweater.
You haven't even tried it on.
I don't like the color.
All right, I'll get another one for you.
This robe is for you.
It's blue.
I'll take your clothes
to the cleaners tomorrow.
Do you understand?
- Hello?
- Giovanna? It's Lorenzo.
Sorry to call so late,
but I looked up your number...
... and I saw you were still awake.
After I left you at your car,
I lost you...
... and I just wanted to know
if he's all right.
Yes, he's taking a shower.
I couldn't...
I couldn't tell you before...
... what he said to me
when he stopped me.
So here we are.
My friends had gone,
and I was getting into my car.
At a certain point,
he was almost on top of me.
He spoke to me as if
he were talking to someone else.
He... It was actually as if
he were declaring his love.
I don't remember
the words exactly now.
"I'll always love you."
More or less, that's what he said.
And then?
"We have to
love each other secretly...
...because no one...
No one will forgive our love."
- What did you answer?
- I didn't know what to say.
It was a bit embarrassing too.
Then he just stopped.
He looked me in the eyes.
"I don't want to give up our love.
Do you?"
- He really said that?
- Yes.
For a moment, I was...
I tried to give him an answer.
Any answer.
I don't know how he took it.
You didn't understand
who he was talking to?
No, but he was convinced he was
talking to the person he loved.
So he wasn't talking about me...
I mean, about her.
About the woman that he couldn't love.
What was he thinking about?
Who knows how it ended...
Take him to the police tomorrow.
Yes, I have to take the kids
to school and shop, but...
You can always call
if you need a hand.
I'll give you my mobile number.
All right.
Is everything all right?
Is everything all right?
Listen, I'm coming in.
What are you doing?
You couldn't sleep?
You couldn't either.
Did the children stay
with your friend?
sleep here often too.
I like the way your husband
plays with his children.
- Yes, Filippo is a good father.
- Have you known him long?
We've been married for nine years,
but were together before that.
It was different
in the beginning. Then...
Then the worries, the children,
like everyone else, I guess.
It must be beautiful
to watch love grow...
...that started only as passion...
...and to help it change, to protect it
from the passage of time.
Well, that's not always easy.
Do you like to dance?
- I haven't danced for years.
- It's been longer for me.
- Martina, hurry up.
- We'll be ready in two minutes.
- What time is it?
- Too early for you.
I'll take the kids to school
I swear I'll leave him
at the police station today.
No, I have to take his clothes
to the cleaners later.
All right, just don't complain later.
I took him to the pub last night.
I almost lost him,
but thank God I got help.
You know, that guy that...
All right, I'll tell you some other time.
You be quiet, I'll talk to her.
Comb your brother's hair.
It's sticking up.
It took me an hour to get it like this.
Don't yell, you'll wake him up.
She doesn't understand.
She's an old lady.
He doesn't care about the old man.
He wants to do you.
Come on, he hasn't even
thought about that.
Don't you think I'd have noticed?
He spied on you,
just like you spied on him.
I didn't spy on him.
You've been acting out
a soap opera for months.
- For this afternoon, please.
- This will take three days.
Please, it's really urgent.
It's Saturday. We're closed
this afternoon. No way, sweetie.
It's a human issue.
If someone begs you,
there must be a reason.
Come on, it's important to her.
Pass by later
and knock on the grate.
Just this once, got that?
Nice suit, very fine fabric.
- Whose is it?
- What's it to you?
He's hitting on you. He even knows
how you like your coffee.
These were in the pocket.
- What's he doing with rocks?
- He throws them at busybodies.
Oh, hello.
Right now?
I don't know. How can I do that?
Yes, that's a good idea.
All right, the same coffee bar.
"The same coffee bar."
Do you two have your song yet?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
Would you like something?
A coffee?
- Yes, a coffee, thank you.
- Two, please.
How is Simone?
He was asleep when I left.
I had to wash him last night.
I saw numbers on his arm.
- From a concentration camp?
- Yes.
He took us here
to the Jewish neighborhood.
I wanted to tell you. I called
a policewoman friend of mine.
She said there's been no report
of anyone finding an old man.
- They know nothing about this.
- That's what I thought.
She'll let me know if anyone
reports a missing person.
I see you're getting involved.
Yes, a bit.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Milk?
- Yes, a drop.
No, I don't take sugar.
I can't stay here long.
All right, we'll hurry.
How is it that someone like you...
...took a stranger home?
It wasn't me. It was
my softhearted husband.
He goes overboard
when it comes to helping someone.
In fact, it seemed odd...
...with your kids in the house.
What do the kids
have to do with this?
No, I only meant that
it seemed rather strange...
What did you think strange?
What do you know about me?
It's true.
I hardly know anything about you.
I only know
that you take your children...
...to school at 8 every morning.
Your friend, who has black children,
is always with you.
I know that every night
after you wash the dishes...
...you stay in the kitchen
to smoke a cigarette.
You put out your cigarette
under the tap water.
I know you often wander
around the house at night.
You go to the window
and look outside.
But I don't know what you see.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I'd like some information.
- Certainly. What is it?
Would you happen to know
an elderly gentleman called Simone?
- Simone?
- Yes.
No one comes to mind.
He's lost. He remembers nothing.
He's staying with her for now.
I think he's a
concentration-camp survivor.
How can you say that?
He had those numbers on his arm.
He stopped here
in front of your shop last night.
He knocked on the grating
as if he knew this place very well.
He may be one of your customers.
Are you sure his name is Simone?
It's the only thing he remembers.
- Did you make a police report?
- Yes, but there's no response.
Listen, I've worked here
for a very long time.
Maybe if you brought him here
I'd recognize him.
I'm sorry.
We're not looking
for any missing persons here.
It seemed the name Simone
meant something to you a minute ago.
It struck me because this lady's
brother was named Simone.
But it can't be him.
Simone died many years ago...
...in a concentration camp.
Excuse me, where is your car parked?
- Along the river.
- Mine is the other way.
- Why was your cell phone off?
- It wasn't. I was at the bar.
Maybe it didn't receive there.
Look, it's on.
I never turned it off.
If you say so.
Didn't Simone go out
with you this morning?
Sure, I took him shopping with me.
- He wasn't here when I woke up.
- Where is he now?
- You said you'd stay with him.
- What did I say?
I said I was going to the cleaners,
you stupid shit!
- You're really a ball-buster!
- I can never trust you!
I know you didn't make
a police report! I'm sick of this!
- It makes me sicker!
- Then do something!
Take some initiative! Just one thing!
What am I saying?
You can't even get on the day shift.
Give me time, for fuck's sake!
It's a new job!
Do you call checking the gas
on trucks a job?
- Fuck you!
- Is it my fault?
You forget I lost
the auto-shop job to a relative.
If it wasn't for the kids, I wouldn't
be breathing gas fumes all night.
You could stop breathing
for what they pay you.
Are you throwing money
in my face now?
I've always had a job!
Who gave you this house?!
If I'm correct, if your mother
hadn't passed you the lease...
At least I had parents who helped us.
True, I didn't have any.
But I'm not like you.
At least I'm not like you.
What am I?
Go on, say it. What am I to you?
I'm a failure? Am I a failure? Right?
You're a real bitch.
"My dear Simone.
After you, red is no longer red.
The blue of the sky is no longer blue.
The trees are no longer green.
After you, I have to search for colors
in the yearning I have for us.
After you, I miss even the pain
that made our love timid and secret.
I regret the waiting,
the relinquishing...
... the coded messages...
... our stolen glances
in a world full of blind people...
... who didn't want to see.
Because if they'd seen us,
we'd have been their shame...
... their hatred...
... their cruelty.
I regret I haven't yet had the courage
to ask your forgiveness.
And that is why I can no longer
even look inside your window.
That is where I always saw you...
... when I didn't even
know your name...
... and you dreamed of a better world.
A world where a tree
was not forbidden to be a tree...
... or for blue to become the sky.
I don't know if this is a better world...
... now that no one
calls me 'Davide' anymore...
... now that everyone calls me
only 'Mr. Veroli.'
How can I say this is a better world?
How can I say that without you?"
I have to leave in a few days.
I'm being transferred...
...to the Ischia branch.
It must be a beautiful island.
But not now.
It's always like this.
I'm never good
at guessing the right timing.
A few days ago, I thought
this promotion would save me.
It's the last thing I want right now.
It seems I always get what I want
at the wrong time.
Everything's fine as long
as I'm dreaming of something...
...but then when I try
to make that become reality...
I don't know how to explain it.
Sorry, I know, but...
It's just that I...
I'd stay sitting on this bench forever...
...even though I know it would
never be possible...
Just look at how you're dressed.
You have to be cleaner, more polite,
better than other kids.
That's easy if everybody else
is like you.
Martina, say you're sorry right now.
You weaned this kid on viper's milk.
Hello, may I please speak
to Mr. Veroli? Mr. Davide Veroli?
- Who is this?
- You wouldn't know my name.
You don't know me.
Tell him I'm Simone's friend.
- Simone?
- Yes.
Just a moment.
Mr. Veroli is sleeping now.
Please call back later.
You may also leave me
your telephone number.
We spoke yesterday. I have
an appointment with Mr. Davide Veroli.
Come in.
You're not bringing bad news,
are you?
Why bad news?
You never know.
I expect just about anything from life.
Davide shouldn't be seeing you.
However, don't agitate him.
Diabetes, heart, depression.
His problems are worse
than other people's. Understand?
- I'm sorry.
- You're telling me.
Just the effort it takes
for me to give him a pill...
There's nothing worse than someone
who refuses to take care of himself.
Stop putting on a show, Sara.
Why don't you go
make us some coffee.
"What is your name?
What is your name?"
Martina constantly asked me.
The only name I had
fixed in my head was Simone's.
I read it. I'm sorry.
I thought it would help me
to find you.
In fact, you found me.
Simone never read this letter.
When you found me that morning...
...I was on my way
to our meeting place.
Simone and I
had a secret meeting place.
We left our messages there.
Everything we couldn't say
in front of anyone else...
...or on the telephone, we wrote.
We hid the messages
between the stones of the fountain.
- I made you worry, didn't I?
- Yes.
Everything is ready.
I don't taste things as I once did.
Come here. Taste this chocolate.
Did it break immediately?
- I didn't notice, it's melting.
- Quickly?
- Yes.
- It's the grain.
It must have an almost
imperceptible graininess.
Then once it's melted,
it must leave a sweet sensation...
...that lasts for just a moment...
...and then the thing
that counts is the bitterness.
Yes, that's what it tastes like.
Do you taste the perfume
of the vanilla?
Yes, but distantly.
Yes, distantly.
You've transformed your passion
into a hobby.
You shouldn't treat
your talent that way.
Do you know the pastry shop
on Via Giustini?
- Veroli's?
- Davide Veroli. It was his.
He was a great pastry chef,
an artist famous all over Europe.
- Have you known him long?
- A lifetime.
I owe him my life.
He was the one who saved me
on October 16, 1943.
You don't know
what I'm talking about, do you?
No, I'm sorry.
The Nazis began at dawn...
...and continued all day...
...to load entire families
onto their trucks.
Men, women, old people, babies.
Not only in the ghetto,
but in all of Rome.
Davide did everything to warn
as many people as he could.
He saved a lot of children that day.
That's why he was given
medals and honors.
For what it was worth...
- What did you do for him?
- Why?
You don't know
how truly privileged you are.
He's never allowed anyone
to make pastry with him...
...much less give them
his baking tools.
Are you a pastry chef too?
I don't know, maybe it was
all the love in the letter...
...that never made me think
they were two men.
I didn't realize it either.
But then...
Only after
I thought about it again...
- I'm on the telephone.
- It's been an hour!
The second time he has to go home,
why isn't Tom Thumb...
...able to find the bread crumbs?
- I don't remember.
The birds ate them.
The birds. The birds ate them.
Wasn't it pebbles
he left along the road?
Everyone remembers fairy tales
in their own way.
Do you still have
a lot of packing to do?
I guess so.
He's a dead end.
Look, he wants to sleep with you,
and then he'll take off.
Anyway, he'll be in Ischia,
and you'll be here.
All right, but would he spy on me
for months just for a fuck?
Then tell him you're leaving
everything to run off with him...
...to live your dreams of love...
...on the island.
Watch how fast he disappears.
I'm working overtime.
Will you wait for me?
No, I'll take the bus.
Fuck him.
Yes, have yourself a good fuck.
It's the only way
to get him out of your head.
Go home, make yourself pretty...
...leave the kids to sleep at my house...
...and that's the end of it.
Don't make that face.
It's not a tragedy.
Look, if you do it well,
do it very well.
Come in.
I tried to give the place
some atmosphere.
Maybe I went overboard.
I'll put them out if you like.
No, it's very nice.
If you knew for how long
I imagined this...
And now you're here.
And I can kiss you.
I can kiss your mouth...
...your face...
...your eyes.
You never stop,
did you know that?
You're always moving.
Day after day, I watched you.
You became an obsession for me.
I came home early just to watch you.
I hid behind the curtains.
I waited for you to go out
to see where you went.
It was enough to know
that you were there.
And there were times I couldn't
tear myself from the window...
...in the hope that I'd see you
for one more instant.
From that window?
With this transfer,
you'll have a lot of responsibilities.
Your life will change completely.
A new place, a new job, new friends.
- It'll be hard at first, but...
- I'm not asking you to come.
I can give you
all the time you want.
Why do we have to give this up?
I know it's difficult for you.
It's difficult for you to be with me.
But it's even more difficult for me
to leave you.
I owe you 13 Euros.
I'll give it to you
at the end of the month.
Hello. I've brought back his suit.
Giovanna, come in, please. Hurry.
But I came only to give him his suit.
No, please come inside.
Has something happened?
The air is too humid.
It's no good for pastries.
It makes it harder
to knead the dough.
You didn't tell me
if the children liked...
...the cake we made together.
I'm sorry, they liked it very much.
That woman should go crazy
with a good diet.
Today is not the day
to make pastries.
They're turning out badly.
Are you sure he told you
the truth?
It wasn't easy.
He didn't want to talk.
But when I aimed the gun
at the baby, he told me everything.
He made a list
of everyone still hiding valuables.
You can't go wrong.
I'm not leaving.
- Is everything ready?
- Yes, the German troops are here.
In half an hour,
we'll surround the ghetto.
What about that Jew who works
with you? Will he warn anyone?
Who? That queer?
No, he's harmless.
I'll keep an eye on him.
If he dares to leave here...
I believe you.
I'm going, but keep an eye on him.
I saved many people that night.
The same people who laughed at me...
...who didn't believe
in my sentiments...
...who wouldn't accept
that I could love Simone.
And to save them...
...I lost him.
I was at a crossroads,
can you understand that?
But instead of running to Simone...
...I chose to warn the others first.
I had to show
that I was worthy of them...
...to save them first would be...
...my redemption.
Where did you leave the children?
You mustn't trust anyone!
Every neighbor
could be an informer, a spy!
- They're not in danger.
- Yes, they are!
Run, go home, hide them,
take them as far away as you can!
Calm down, Davide.
Nothing's happened!
There's no time to lose.
They'll be here any minute!
- The children are safe.
- Oh, the indifference.
That's your disease.
You're blind and deaf.
They've stupefied all of you
with their propaganda!
You must...
You must run and warn everyone
you know, Giovanna.
Before it's too late!
All right, Davide, I will.
Just calm down now.
We're here with you.
Nothing can happen.
I'm not afraid for myself.
I can't do anything now.
But you...
You still have a choice.
You can change, Giovanna.
Don't be content to merely survive.
You must demand...
...to live in a better world...
...not just dream about it.
I didn't do that.
Are you awake already?
I never went to sleep.
Has something happened?
I've decided to quit my job.
In two hours,
I'll take the kids to school...
...and then I'll go to work
and give them my resignation.
Why? What's the reason?
I'm sorry.
I thought something happened
to you at work.
That you were forced to do this.
This was my choice.
I should have done it sooner,
but I don't think it's too late.
What will we do now?
What will you do?
I want to work in a pastry shop.
Help me, Filippo.
Help me.
- Here they are.
- Where's my other bag?
I'll go get it.
- That's very well done.
- I know.
Then why did you want me
to check it?
To show you how smart I am.
I've never had a doubt.
It's me!
Did you find a job?
I had some interviews,
but I'm too old to apprentice.
Did you make these for the pub?
- No, they're for us.
- They're not fattening, right?
- No.
- lf you get any fatter...
You little...
He's downstairs. He's moving out.
Should I put raisins or almonds
in the cookies?
- We're done.
- Good. You lock up.
My dear Davide.
Since you left us forever,
Martina asks me of you often.
She still calls you Simone.
I'll tell her your story soon.
Yesterday at work,
for the first time, I was asked...
... to make a cake by myself.
Guess which one I made.
The head pastry chef
didn't comment, but it was added...
... to the list of cakes
to be made for Sundays.
I think that's a good sign.
Filippo was able
to get on the day shift.
It seemed as if he'd won
the lottery, he was so happy.
And I understood that I can't
ask more of him right now.
You know, when I think of Lorenzo...
... I'm afraid I'm already beginning
to forget his face...
... that I can't remember
his voice anymore.
What is he doing right now?
Who is he smiling at?
I still need your advice, Davide.
One of your glances,
one of your gestures.
But then suddenly...
... I'll feel your gestures in mine...
... and I recognize you when I speak.
Does everyone who leaves you...
... always leave part of themselves
with you?
Is this the secret
of having memories?
If that's true...
... I feel much safer...
... because I know I'll never be alone.