Failan (2001) Movie Script

Hey, mister
Get up if you're not playing
What the hell you hit me for?
How dare you wake me up?
Have you no fear, you little twit?
Don't you know who I am?
Well, do you or not?
How could I?
Oh. You don't! Great!
Give me a cigarette
You're dead if you sit here
Are you deaf?
You want me to make
this place like before?
Okay, okay
I will put these coins over there
Hope Employment Agency
Please meet me, sir...
That fucking cop hung up on me! Fuck!
Open the window when I smoke, you idiot!
They are all fucking idiots
Huh? Stop the car
Bite! Bite! Bite. Fuck!
Good afternoon, sir!
When did you get out?
In... in the morning, sir
Then why are you showing up now?
What's that?
This? A toaster, sir
So you go to a Game Room
after such a fuss?
You idiot don't know the situation
Kangjae! Kangjae! You fucking idiot!
You should think
Think, I said!
Why the fuck is it closed so early?
Shitheads! And how they work!
Oh my god!
You fucked?
Oh, no
Don't give me shit
You think this is a hotel?
In my store of all places...
Now. I manage this shop
What? You manage what?
Who authorized it?
Yongsik did
He ordered me to manage this place
And never to let you,
Mr. Idiot, come near here
What did you just call me?
Mr. Idiot?
What a fucking bastard!
Have you no respect for your senior?
Leave it there. You bitch!
When you were suckling on your mama.
I made the foundations to this gang with
a knife in my bloody mouth
Don't you have any respect?
You bastard!
Fuck you!
Don't shout at me
Go complain to Yongsik
Stop it!
All right.
You mother fucker!
I'm gonna ask Yongsik right away
If he says otherwise,
it'll be your last day
You fuckin' shit!
Is it okay to treat him like that?
He's not worth my respect
You bastard. Take this!
Hey, Kyungsu! The cops are here!
Hide those things. Quick!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Thought you could fool me again?
What? Fuck me?
Is that how you treat me when
I just got out of prison?
Is that how you treat me when
I just got out of prison?
You are a real son of a bitch,
you know that?
Hey. Mongrel!
Shame on you!
Porn tapes to teenagers!
You'd already be dead cold without me
See whose clothes you're wearing
So what?
Shit. These really stink like hell!
Shut up and bring me some beer
There's no beer left
Then go and buy some
No way! It's damn cold so you go!
Besides, looks like you've already drunk
What? I'm gonna break your neck
Okay, okay. I do have some
Just wait
That's better
Here you go! Take this!
By the way, I met Yongsik today
He was mad as hell
Is he PMS-ing or what?
Tell me about it! It's red alert
While you were in prison
caught for illegally immigrating Chinese
The whole city was a mess!
Even our agency was shut down
Besides, the D's kids are trying
to eat up our club now
So Yongsik's in the pits. I bet
And they call this a gang
Wouldn't take it even
if they call me boss!
When you met Yongsik,
didn't he tell you anything?
Tell me what?
He wants you to be a bouncer at the club
You know what a bouncer is, right?
Humiliating, huh?
Tell him you want to be a waiter
Unless you want to get frostbitten
Put it away. You bastard!
That bastard!
Nothing's left
What's rat!
U-hm! The latest version
That dirty bastard!
Never washes the dishes!
This bastard tries real
hard to bait chicks
You bitch! Do you think with your tits?
You should've worked harder
when the sales dropped in half
How dare you take two days off work
Just to hang around D's club?
You guys heard her bitching, right?
This is why we're in the shits right now
There are reasons why D's kids eat
in our area
You idiots!
Now look!
Look, I said!
Look at it, shitheads!
Can any of you put these
pieces back together?
No one can! When it's broken,
it's too late
You understand?
While I'm gone to piss,
think about it hard!
And you, bitch!
Today's your last day of your life
Where is Yongsik?
I've got something to tell you, sir.
What is it?
I'd do better as a waiter than a bouncer
Kangjae, you bastard!
That's exactly you
You know nothing but to talk
When I tell you something,
do as you're told
What an idiot...
What a parasite
Who put that idiot in?
They should get rid of him
Because of that bastard
Just eat your noodles
If Cha Bum-gun was young again,
he would never play like that!
You are a real noodles!
Cha is a coach, not a player
You fool! You don't know a thing
When Cha was young, he scored three goals
in the last 5 minutes
Oh, yeah? Then do you know Bae Dong-sung
in short tracks?
Then, do you know Pro wrestler Kim-i1?
How about Yeo Gun-bu?
The legendary Yeo!
You'll never know
Pro wrestling is only for show!
As for wrestling,
Shim Kwon-ho is the best!
Here's the uniform!
Wow. Yours is fucking big!
Are you talking about wrestling?
Give me a parterre position
Parterre? Okay. Parterre!
Don't hold it. You idiot
Take this!
Hey, it's rotting?
Shit! No more!
Do it again!
You idiot, are you ready?
A whistle! You bastard
How's this
Oh. You're tough
You can't beat me! No!
You bastards, freeze there!
You don't bow to me?
Who's in the offices?
Go check yourself
Hey, if you have any problem,
ask me for help
Ey, Kangjae! We've got a real problem
Can you help us?
This is too much
The interest has doubled the original sum
I can't give you any more
So you're saying you won't pay us back?
Auntie, this is Kangjae
Look at me. You should listen to me
Don't make excuses
Do whatever you want!
You shouldn't do this to me
Remember what I've done for you
when you were hungry
I fed you noodles and bought you drinks
I don't remember anything
Stop babbling and get to the point
Are you going to give it or not?
You ungrateful bastard!
Is she a Yakuza or what?
Are you paying back with violence?
Give me few more days. I beg you!
What the fuck!
Hey, sit down!
Watch your mouth to your auntie
We should respect the elders
Auntie, please come over there
Please give me a break. Will you?
So you're saying you want a couple
more days, right?
Yes. Yes
But how can we?
We'll be going to the
States tomorrow for good
You motherfucking bitch
How can you call me like that?
Don't you have parents
to teach you manners?
No. I don't! I'm an orphan!
So what you gonna do about it, you bitch
Hey! Hey! Get out and wait
Get out of my way
Pour it around
I like it!
Hey, auntie
Your last chance
You want me to drop this
Just do it, huh?
Bye! Thanks for the noodle
How humiliating this is!
Be careful not to become like him
What are you talking about?
You seem to have a fun life
You can't even handle that old bitch
Are you going out with her?
Why are you so soft on her?
If you have no guts,
just shut your fucking mouth
What did you say, you bastard
Fuck! How can I call this scum my senior?
Go away. Just go
Let's go
What did he say?
I don't know
He can do nothing but talk
Stop it!
Little shitheads. How dare...
Stand upright! Upright!
Upright! Upright!
I did nothing, sir
Don't make excuses
Come closer. Closer!
Stand up!
Stand up, idiot! Up, up!
I'm sorry, sir
Get out of my sight!
Right now!
Why are you still here?
Get lost! I don't want to see you
You're not even a human
Even if I was born four-legged,
I wouldn't live like you
You should mind your own business
Why did you go with the kids and fuck up?
But the auntie treated us...
I told you not to talk
about the past, didn't I?
You're shit! I'll finish you today
Just take it with one hand
That's all right, sir
Hey, call me by my name when we're alone
I'm your friend
Bottoms up! At one go!
Have some more
Kangjae, isn't it a fucking world?
I know how you feel
We started out together
And I became the boss
and you're still a minion
You know why?
That's because you're not made for this
You have the tiniest guts and
you're so weak at heart
And you're not responsible enough to
carry out your duties
fishing with your brother
You talked big about
going back with a boat?
You that you talked big about
going back with a boat?
Please take my glass, sir
You bastard...
Drink it
What the hell are those
bastards doing here?
Think this is their home or what?
Call the kids... No.
I'll take care of it myself
Hey, you son of a bitch
How dare you come into my area?
So what? You fucker...
What? You're dead!
So the bastard wants to die!
Die you fucking bastard! Die!
Die! Die!
Hey, get up! Hey, you!
Get up, you bastard!
Have you heard the news?
That bastard rose to the surface
We should've hung
something heavier on him
What should we do now?
There's got to be a way out, surely
If we work together,
there's nothing we can't do
Would you save me, I mean, us?
I'm not trying to put the blame on you
But if I go in now,
it'll be the end of everything
You know what I mean?
I'm begging you now on my knees
If only you would do this for me, then...
You said you want to
go home with a fishing boat
I'll buy it for you
This is the first and last favor I ask
of you as a friend. Kangjae!
I need some time to think about it
Actually, you're partly responsible too
Since you're cleaner than me...
If you turn yourself in,
it won't be longer than 10 years
But for me, it'll be at least 20 years
and then my life's over
I can't die alone
My hometown must be bustling with squid
and shrimp fishing now
Driving me crazy...
Why? You want to go back?
Every time you get drunk...
Go back if you have the nerve
I'll definitely go
With a small fishing boat...
Yeah... a hundred years later
You think I can't do it?
Buying a boat is a piece of cake to me
This shithead thinks I can't afford it
Hey, give it to me!
Give it to me!
I'm gonna show you that I can!
Give you what?
Your cell phone, you idiot!
Then what?
It's me. Kangjae
Yeah. It's Kangjae who you beat up
real bad yesterday
Yeah. I'm drunk
How can I not drink after getting beaten
up like that?
I'll get to the point
Were you serious about what you said
the other day?
Yeah. I will go in. Yeah!
Instead of you...
Instead of you...
Only on one condition
Give me the money first
Yeah, send it to my bank account
If not, you will be fucked up
You think I'm nothing
Hey. Yongsik! Keep your promise
Give me the money first
Will you?
Are you Mr. Lee Kangjae?
Well. I was just about to...
Ms. Kang Failan is your wife, right?
I'm sorry but she died yesterday
It's been over a year
since they moved to Canada
Haven't you contacted
them before coming here?
They're my only relatives
Do you have their phone number?
No. I am sorry about that
Go back to China
It's hard to live here
without any connections
There's no one there either
Come on in! Relax!
That's too bad
How can I help you?
I'd like to earn some money
But how?
I studied Korean in China
I'm confident that I can do anything
But there is a problem
You can't stay here longer than allowed
If you don't get a visa,
you'd get arrested
There is a way
Could you untie your hair, please?
It's okay
What style!
Look at this red scarf. How embarrassing!
Shut your mouth and give me the money
Okay. Okay!
Here it is... deducting my fee
Are you ripping me off?
Am I crazy to do this for nothing?
Give me your documents
Is there all that we need?
Sure. Sayonara!
Your wife is inside. Wanna see her?
Come on. Just have a look at her
That's your wife, there
Over there. Wanna do her?
That little chick?
Why. Not your taste?
You do her yourself
Where are you going?
To the turf
Going there again?
What is it?
Give it to the little chick
Caring for your wife already?
You said red looks embarrassing.
Didn't you?
Don't worry
I'm not gonna hurt you
Thank you!
We have his picture here.
would you like to have a look?
Maybe it's all for the better
Why don't you go cool off your head?
Let's finish our deal when you're back
You haven't changed your mind. Have you?
Give it to Kyungsu
He's at the station
He first took the girl there
Have some fun with this
No. I have money
Take it with you
No thanks
Just take it
You'll keep the promise?
Of course I will
Hey, you don't bow to your senior?
You don't bow to me. You asshole
Kang Failan. 781011-2454311
Kang Fai. Right? Fai?
Kang Failan. 781011-2454...
Hey, look at the snow there
You really hate using your brain
Her hometown?
How can you smile when your wife's dead?
Should I cry then?
Why did that bitch die
to hassle me like this?
And when was it that you were overjoyed
at getting money for it
You have to memorize this
What if the cops ask you about her?
What kind of a husband doesn't know
about his wife. Huh?
How many guys memorize their wife's
social security number?
I just think that's over the line
Did you see her at the agency?
You didn't, right?
Here is her picture
I don't want to see it
You should know her
face not to be suspicious
Isn't she pretty? Even better in person
Does she get to you?
She's pretty
Hey, hurry up! Hurry!
Come on in
It stinks... Come on in
Just relax. It's all right
Sit down
What the hell is this?
Hey. Isn't she great?
Shut up and give me a minute
She's perfect
Have a seat
Not bad. Quite good
Yeah? You should pay a lot
Oh. That bastard!
Whenever he gets drunk...
Come here, you bitch
What is it?
Leave me alone, you bastard!
What the fuck is that?
Just sit down
You bitch. You...
Let me go. Shit!
Who's the guy?
I don't know
Whenever he gets drunk,
he's crazy like that
It runs in his family to be like that
What's taking her so
long in the bathroom?
What if she took off?
Here she comes
Say hello to your boss
Hey, what the fuck is that?
Is this how you do your business?
No, it's not like that
I almost got fucked up
Do you think this is a
blood donation center?
No, please have a seat
Don't give me shit!
Hey! Hey, please!
What do you want me to do now?
She's sick!
She coughed up blood
I don't know... looks like some
contagious disease
Shit. I'm really out of luck
It wouldn't have mattered if she
coughed it up after the deal
But she did it right in front of him
How could I cheat on him right then?
What? Which agency?
Okay, give them a call first. All right?
You don't know how hard laundry is
How such a fragile girl can do the work?
I guarantee it
You can't find anyone like this girl
You're really lucky, lady
In the past I washed many clothes.
I am good at riding bicycle
What did she say?
See? She says she was
a pro laundress in China
She can ride a bicycle too
But we can't even communicate
You don't need much talk
After I left home, I will work very hard
She'll do whatever you
order. You are so lucky!
Work hard. Don't slack off
Lady, don't give her a break
Don't say that
Good bye
Good bye
It's cold. Come on in
Thank you for your present
What did she say?
Thank you for the scarf
Hey, tell her that it's a wedding present
from her husband
This scarf is given to you by your
husband. You should thank him
You speak Chinese well
When I was young, I had a business there
She has a disease or something, right?
It's small but good for one person
And tell me if you need anything
What can I tell her? This is frustrating
Good morning
Uh. Hi!
Oh my god! You're a walking
washing machine
How could you wash all these with
such a thin body?
Good. Welcome!
Ha ha... Thank you!
"Thank you!"
Ha ha... Did you have dinner?
Did yi o dinor?
Ha ha ha... I can't help it!
Did you have dinner?
Did yio dinor?
How can I have her work?
I can't do this any more. I quit
Thank you!
Why'd she come here?
Her dying mom gave her a note to find
her aunt here
But her aunt has gone to Canada
She has no one there
What could she do?
Fucked up so she decided
to earn money here
Her writing is a total mess unlike her
pretty face
To Lee Kangjae?
It looks like she really took you for
her husband
Dear Mr. Kangjae
Thank you for marrying me
Thank you
Because you married me,
I am able to work here
Everyone's kind to me
I want to keep working here
Everybody's kind,
but you're the kindest of all
Because you married me
I sincerely thank you
Where should we go first?
To the job agency
We need some information about her
Pull over, please
Even though it's all fake,
I can't go there like this
Why? Am I wrong?
Oh my god!
Thanks to you two.
Now I can be rest assured
Let's have a drink
Because of that bitch,
I'm in this trouble now
I should've helped her then
Have some more
No, thanks
Well. That bitch came to me a month
before she died
Do you know what she said?
She said that she was sick
She looked all right to me
As you know, I'm no doctor
And besides, she owes me lots of money
How could she be sick
without my permission?
It's cold
Isn't he a fucking bastard?
If it was his own daughter,
could he still talk that way?
There are so many bastards in the world
Hey, he looks exactly like you.
You know that?
You're like brothers
Shit. Stop it!
Born in 1978... Let's see
She's only 23, 24 years old
What a pity at such a young age!
Thank you for marrying me
You're the kindest of all
Good night
You're really making this hard for me
It's warm in here
The cell is so damn cold
Husband. Lee Kangjae.
Occupation. A real hoodlum
A kind idiot who goes
to prison for his friend
Wife is a dead bitch
who died so pitifully...
You are pathetic and I am too!
What a perfect match we are...
Why are you hassling her?
I'm just checking if she's
legally married or not. That's all.
Your husband's name?
Lee Kangjae... Lee Kangjae
What's his occupation?
He's in Inchon
He's a sailor
So he's busy
Even if he's that busy.
What kind of a husband
never visits his wife?
They're all bastards who make life hard
for their wives
She is a hard-working girl
Just leave her alone
Go on. Now!
Husband LEE Kangjae
Wife KANG Failan
The mountain is beautiful
The sea is beautiful, too
I want to see
Dear Mr. Kangjae
It's me. Don't you remember me?
Now you can speak Korean well
Failan, aren't you sick any more?
You've got a bit thin
She's really making you work hard, huh?
She's kind. Everyone's kind
I thank Mr. Kangjae
Why should you thank
Kangjae? For marrying you?
Well he thanks you too
He wants to see you
He wants to see me?
Yeah. He fucking misses you a lot
Fucking means... It means...
Anyway, he fucking misses you
Oh, shit! That bastard...
Hey, I'll come back later
Let's do some art together at the beach!
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep...
Why do we get off here?
Let's get some air here
Shit! Fucking crazy...
It's freezing cold. Fuck!
Now what?
Hey! Isn't it good? Wow!
Don't go in there! It's dangerous!
The ice will break
Come on, you chicken!
What did I tell you? Hey, man! Hey!
That's not how you skate
You don't know a thing
Watch me now!
Ready! Go!
Oh. Home, sweet home!
Hurry up! Will you?
There won't be any problem, right?
When your wife's dead
why would they look you up let alone
consoling you?
Are you a criminal?
You always feel uncomfortable
with cops, right?
Hey... You go in alone
Am I Failan's husband? Why should I?
Do I have to cry?
That's a bit exaggerating but
you should look sad
Hurry up!
All right! Wait!
I'm freezing!
Let's go in!
Who's the husband?
I am
Do you have your ID?
I forgot to bring it in such a hurry
But I brought this instead
Her social security number is...
You even memorize your wife's number?
Husband LEE Kangjae
Wife KANG Failan
She died the day before yesterday, right?
Since we were apart for a long time
I didn't know she was ill so...
If she had told me, I could...
That'll be all.
That's all? Can we go now?
What do you mean?
Let's go
What do you mean by that?
Hey, let's go
I meant that the process is over
so you can go now
Okay. I see
But wait!
Why is it that simple when
a person had just died?
Isn't it strange?
What do you think you're doing?
I'm not doing anything, but...
What the hell is he doing? Hey!
We're sorry
What did you say?
Is she your wife or what?
It's over. Just get out of here!
I don't want to stay here either
He's just very upset. Sorry, sir
Ah, am I a criminal or what?
Hey, who the hell do you
think you are, huh?
Why are you so pissed off?
Is she really your wife?
Legally, yes
Jesus, you're really losing your mind
Anyway, I don't know what the
hell's got into Yongsik
He asked me to say hello to you
Anything else?
Just give him a call
Take this!
You should move this
Don't touch
How may I help you?
What is it?
I can tell who's the loser
Do it quickly
I'm sick
I'm very sick
What? You're sick?
I will work very hard
I can recover. I'll try hard
You don't look sick to me!
If I don't get your money in time,
my toes are sick too
I can't wait even a month
You can put it here
Leave it there
You're always smiling
Do you know how scared I am right now?
I might die
To Inchon
It's so funny!
I'll take this
Only that?
Get it back quickly
You're going to High School
next year, right?
Grow up, kid! Want to see
something really cool?
It's cheaper there
Then go rent it there!
Well, it's spooky to see
a dead body. Isn't it?
Do you know who I am? I'm KANG Failan
Do you know who I am? I'm KANG Failan
Stay away!
Search high and low!
Hey officer, give me a break
You hopeless bum. Let's go!
Get in
Wait. Wait
Get in. Bastard
Is she really dead?
It's okay now
Hey! If you overdo it...
What is the matter?
You fucking bastard!
Who? Me?
Of course, it's you. You fucking bastard
Who else is here besides you?
What about me?
You're such shit!
Why are you eating that?
Are you hungry? Or is it for your health?
Fuck! What is the matter with you?
Eat all you want. You bastard
Even your kinds need to stuff his
stomach to live
But I hate that!
Hey. What do you live for?
What bullshit!
Yours is more fucked up than mine
Shut up!
I can see your whole life
You're exactly Kangjae Jr.
That's enough!
I hate to tell you this
But if my life were like yours,
I'd rather die
Yeah, you're right
I'm always fucked up
I'm the most fucked up in the world
But did you see her?
That bitch lying dead
in the hospital said
I'm the kindest person in the world
Bullshit! So what?
What shall I do now that she's dead?
Do I have to live with
the dead body, huh?
Okay. I got it. Stand up please
Do I have to live with the dead body?
Lee Kangjae! Okay, okay. Sit down. Fuck!
Watch your mouth, you shithead!
Are you my father?
You little piece of shit
Shut up and just drink. Mister!
Yeah. Okay, you motherfucker!
You are an actor!
Everyone would take you
for her real husband!
It's all over now. Let's go
Whom do I get her debt from?
Are you crazy?
What's wrong? Hey!
What are you going
to do with the remains?
I don't know
Let's scatter them in the sea here
I think that would be best
Hello! Ah. Yes, sir!
Wait a second
Yes. Right
Everything's done
I'll go back soon
See you then
What did he say?
Nothing much
Who's there?
Are you the husband?
How could you show up now?
How could you!
You don't know how much Failan had
waited for you
How could you... How could you...?
She'd waited so long
She worked so hard waiting for you
Poor girl, I feel so sorry for her
Hey! Wait!
Failan told me to give you this
when you come here
I almost forgot
She must've had lots to tell you
Aren't you going to read it?
Dear Mr. Kangjae
I didn't mail this
Because I wasn't sure
that you'd receive it
If you see this, then
you've come to see me
Thank you
But I am dying
Thank you for your kindness though for
a short while
I know a lot about you
While I saw your picture not to
forget you, I came to like you
And after that,
it became even harder for me
Being alone made it so difficult to bear
I'm sorry
You're always smiling in the picture
Everyone here is kind but
you are the kindest of all
Because you've married me
I have a favor to ask you
Would you come to see me when I am dead?
Would it be all right
to die as your wife?
Sorry for asking this
But it is the only favor
I have to ask of you
I am sorry I have nothing to give you
I love you more than
anyone else in the world
Mr. Kangjae. Good bye
The police are investigating
gangsters over the dead body
Which was found at the harbor on the 18th
Inchon Bus Terminal
- It's cold!
- Now, you are back!
What a gambling! Look at the bet!
I'm happy to see you!
You idiots! Don't eat Chinese food
in the office!
Have a seat
The investigation is narrowing down
Let's finish our deal now
I kept my promise
Now it's your turn
Don't be. It's me who should be sorry
I'm not going in
I'm going back home
Thank you for everything
Are you really going back?
I don't know whether
it's better for you or not
Hey, how about a last wrestle?
You never beat me!
Why are you standing there like that?
Did you say that I never beat you?
Come on. For the last time, huh?
Wear it! You'll get a bruise
Let's do it!
Are you ready? Go!
Idiot. I was joking
Don't go before I come back
Where are you going?
Just wait! Okay?
Failan at the spring beach
Hello? Yeah? Yes, sir
Fucking Yongsik always send me on errands
when I'm busy!
Wonderful sea. What an art!
Say something to your husband
Mr. Kangjae, thank you
No, say something else
Say you love him
Okay. How about some singing?
I can't sing
Just try
Hey, once again
Just once
Hey, come here. Will you?
I'm gonna show it to your husband
Ready. Go!
Hey Failan! You sing great!
Your husband will love it