Fair Game (1995) Movie Script

Warner Bros.
[tires screech]
Recording: You have reached
gold coast savings and loan.
If you're calling
about a checking account,
Press 1.
For a savings account,
press 2.
For an automobile
or home loan...
You're still on hold?
20 minutes.
Is it a felony
to shoot a computer?
Only in California.
Ha ha ha.
Thanks for holding.
It's still
in the computer.
You're trying to tell me
That some TRW computer
says I bounced a check
For, what, $26
7 years ago,
And now you're not
giving me the loan?
This is actually stopping me
from getting my condo.
Operator: The check
is marked unpaid.
I paid the check!
Operator: Hold, please.
I don't believe it.
They put me back on hold.
Cheer up.
You have a visitor.
This is your mail
Because it's got
your name on it, OK?
My mail is sometimes
addressed to "occupant"
Because, Max,
I am the fucking occupant
of my place.
You, on the other hand,
Are no longer
an occupant.
Is this sinking in?
Get your shit out
of my place!
Rita, please don't
do this to me here, OK?
Excuse me, Max.
Um, sorry if I'm
disturbing you guys,
But...Do I look like
a warehouse, huh?
Because this guy here,
he thinks I do.
He won't get his stuff
out of my place.
You should look at some
of the shit he holds onto.
Come here.
Give me a break, OK?
Just cut me some slack
on some storage space.
No. You're out
of slacks, Max.
No more slacks for you.
Shh! Shh.
Don't you shh!
I'm not one
of your goddamn buddies.
I'm sick of you
treating me this way.
Get down! Get down!
Ay, Max!
Don't move!
Put the gun down
or he's dead!
Hey, put that fucking
gun down, man!
Don't be the hero!
Put that gun down!
Max, que pasa, Max?
Get the fuck
out of the way.
Take it easy, man.
I'm just trying to resolve
A little problem
with my girlfriend,
And you're interrupting.
So why don't you take
the .357,
Shove it up your ass,
And blow your fucking
brains out?
What are you
talking about, man?
That was
probably stupid.
Yeah, well, somebody
had to get the gun out
Of the schmuck's ear,
didn't they? Come on.
Got him?
So, computer is good for
something after all, huh?
Ay, dios mio.
Ay, dios mio.
Ay, Santa Maria...
Are you OK, Rita?
Don't touch me, Max.
I don't need this shit
in my life, you know?
You know, Max,
I think it is
really beautiful
The way you two
have stayed so close.
[speaking Spanish]
Next time,
shoot him.
The next detective
Who allows an armed
bail bondsman in here
Does traffic
for 2 months!
I'm dead serious!
Way to go, sly.
Now that you're all
warmed up,
How about room 4?
It's, uh...
She's a jogger.
She caught a stray bullet
on ocean drive--
Kathryn McQuean.
Ocean drive?
Nobody gets shot
on ocean drive.
Too ritzy.
Ah, you caught me.
I'm lying because
I like to make shit up.
Come on. Room 4.
She's waiting.
No, no, no.
Whatever you do,
Do not let Hollenbach
out of that office.
Order him something
to eat.
He'd stay in
a burning building
For a free meal.
I'll be back in about
30 minutes, OK?
I have to go now. Bye.
Miss McQuean?
Why don't you
take a seat?
I'm detective Kirkpatrick,
metro Dade homicide.
Need to ask you
a few questions
About this shooting.
I'd like
to help you,
But I can't even
tell you
If there was
a shooting.
[telephone rings]
[ring ring]
[ring ring]
Hold on, please.
It's for you.
Hello? Amy?
I need my notes on
the Juantorena settlement
Typed up for my meeting
with Hollenbach.
You did it already?
Thank you.
You are a lifesaver.
Can you hold on
a second?
Would you mind
not smoking that?
Can you just
send them over,
And I'll proof them
OK. Bye.
So, um...Ahem.
Miss McQuean,
I'm a little bit
My report here
Indicates that there were
several witnesses--
All I know
is a window broke,
And I got cut
by flying glass.
I saw a car zoom away,
if that's any help.
[telephone rings]
Hey, who's on this line?
Who's this?
Man: This is
the records department.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
It's the fax machine.
Sorry for all
the interruptions--
Phones ringing,
faxes coming in.
It's, um...
For you...
Can I borrow your pen?
So, what did you do here,
move in?
I've been waiting here
for over an hour.
I can't just put
my life on hold
For your red tape.
My red tape?
That's a laugh,
Considering your people
invented red tape.
My people?
It says right here
you're a lawyer, right?
Is that a problem?
Only if you like seeing
criminals put behind bars.
You're right.
It would be
so much easier
If we could just
lock people up
Without a trial,
Wouldn't it?
Did I say that?
You people
all say that.
Maybe it's because
You people work
for the bad guys.
I do civil law,
not criminal law.
But if you're looking
for bad guys,
We could start
right here.
What's that
supposed to mean?
Just that Florida
law enforcement
Has set
a world record
In bribery
and corruption.
A world record, huh?
Know what they call
a Florida cop
In a 3-piece suit?
The defendant.
Do you know what
they call 50 lawyers
At the bottom
of the ocean?
A good start.
You know that one.
If you're done
with your report,
Can I go now?
You stay here
one more minute,
I'm going to start
charging you rent.
If you keep me
another minute,
I start billing you
for my time.
Wouldn't surprise me.
[ring ring]
[ring ring]
Woman: Is Kate McQuean
still there?
She's not here.
Do you know
where she went?
Why don't you try
the bottom of the ocean?
Oh, Maria,
I'll be with you soon, OK?
Oh, OK sure.
Good morning, Lisa.
How are you?
You made
some friends today?
Hollenbach's waiting
in your office.
It's about time.
I had to cancel my lunch
with Donny Trump.
Sorry. I got hung up
at police headquarters
For almost 2 hours.
Why don't you do
what I do?
Plead the fifth,
You're out of there
in 5 minutes.
Thanks for the tip.
No charge.
Counselor, why are
we confining ourselves
To this
very stuffy office
When we could be
at the beach
in our bikinis,
Or in your case,
a thong?
I believe we wrapped up
the Juantorena case
A fortnight ago.
Well, it just
got unwrapped...
Last week...
When I learned that
you helped your client
Hide some
community property
That I can claim
for my client.
I have no idea what
you're referring to.
I'm talking about
the aspen ski house you hid
With your
client's brother...
And the coral gables condo
you hid with his sister...
And the plane you hid
with his mother.
Counselor, there
is no ski house,
There is no condo,
And his mother
borrowed the plane.
His mother's senile.
That's it.
She forgot
to come back.
these charges
Are scurrilous
and baseless,
And may I say
between us,
That this would take
A minimum of 2 years
to prove,
And he would
transfer title
To new relatives.
As far as this humble
counselor's concerned,
The most I would receive
Is a $200 slap
on the wrist.
You're right.
I'm not going
to waste our time
Dragging us
into family court.
Yeah, that's...
But, uh,
maritime court?
Federal maritime court?
That's another story.
Maritime court?
Doesn't that have
something to do
With cruise ships,
Actually, it has to do
with all ships...
Like this one.
Never heard
of the Tortuga.
I didn't say the name.
Lucky guess?
Listen, Hollenbach,
the law of the sea
Is simple--and federal.
I don't care if you hid
the registry of this vessel
In Panama or Podunk.
I want the title signed over
to my client in 48 hours,
Or you're gonna end up
in a federal prison so deep
That by the time
you get out,
You're gonna need a walker
to chase ambulances.
Are we clear?
You know, counselor...
You're very unattractive
when you're threatening.
What's our status?
We just crossed over
the underwater cable line.
How long?
Hard to say.
36 hours, maybe 48.
We have to search
For a junction box
down there.
What about
our Miami problem?
I'll take care
of it myself.
Ah, yes.
Ilya Kazak,
The mighty KGB,
Who missed a hit
On a lousy
divorce lawyer.
No wonder
your country folded.
I'll show you
how it's done.
Get out of the way. Go.
Let someone who
doesn't eat borscht
Show you how
to use a computer.
Give me the grid.
Take it down.
Dade county.
Bully and search for target.
There. You see?
She'll be dead by dinner.
Max, um,
there's something
I really think
you should see.
What's going on?
Make a hole.
Let him in.
There you go.
Take a peek.
Is that your stuff?
I guess so.
I think
you pissed her off, Max.
Definitely pissed her off.
in Spanish]
It amazes me
How much shit
a man can accumulate.
You fucked up.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
Rub it in, why don't you?
Not that.
You forgot to get
the lawyer lady
To sign
her statement.
She left her pager,
Come on. I'm off duty.
You work my shift,
it's like the toilet--
It ain't over till
the paperwork's done.
I've dealt with enough
crazy women for one day.
You obviously
got me confused
With someone
who gives a rat's ass.
Signed statement
on my desk, by tonight.
You want to watch
headline news with me?
No? It's not going to
kill you.
Oh, my god.
Out of my way! Move!
It's OK. I got you.
I got you.
I want it straight,
and I want it now.
Hitman: The girl,
she's still alive.
She's alive?
You sure?
So, Juantorena,
Miss McQuean
is still alive.
I'm getting
a little bored
With your petty
Fuck what you think.
You tap phones
for a living.
I tap banks.
Without me,
You'd still be
stuck in Havana
Pulling bananas
out of your ass.
You think you can
do this by yourself?
What are you going
to do, shoot me?
Hey, you.
Do you know how
to do everything he did?
I want the land team
ready and armed
To move out
in 10 minutes.
Yes, sir.
It's Nancy,
What have you got,
So far, all I got
is a blast pattern
And a strong smell
of marzipan.
Marzipan? Jesus.
Or c-4.
The blast was shaped in
a military configuration
To blow through
the apartment
And kill anything
in its path.
These guys are not
fooling around, Max.
Hey, who'd we draw
for detail?
You got b and g.
Why don't you go
back to the station
And see what's
going on?
Man: Hi, Max.
Whoo! You smell like
you fell in a sewer.
Check it out yet?
No. We just
got here, too.
Top of the stairs
on the right.
I want you
to keep her away
from the windows.
I'm going to go
stash the jeep
And check
the back door.
Be back in a minute.
Have you downloaded
The background information
on the target?
I can tell you
What size pantyhose
she wears.
We know more about her
than she does.
Any food?
Pop tarts
and beef jerky.
It's Max's fault
that we got night duty.
That's right.
I say he springs
for the domino's.
He's definitely
I'm not springing.
I got about $10
to my name.
Hey, guys,
I'll buy the pizza.
Call Caffe Romano
over on ocean.
I have an account there.
Yeah, why not?
All right, you two guys,
I need 2 eyes on the front,
You on the back, bean.
Lights out
on the back porch.
Got it.
So...How do you feel?
Like my life
just exploded.
What is this place,
motel hell?
Well, it used to be
a crack house
Until the county
took it over.
Now we use it
for witness protection.
You mean targets?
I didn't say that.
No. Forensics did,
on the radio.
What is Semtex,
It's a plastic explosive...
Used mostly
by the military
And some...
I'll tell you this, Kate,
Whoever's after you,
They're real pros.
I suppose
I should take that
as a compliment.
It would be
To be killed
by an amateur.
I got you some
dry clothes here.
right behind you
If you want
to clean up.
You get some rest.
So what happens
in the morning?
We figure out
who's trying to kill you.
20 minutes, OK?
Yeah. All right.
To go--pepperonis
with everything,
Extra cheese, four times!
Under Kate McQuean account.
How does she eat so much
and stay so skinny?
we've got her.
She just used
her credit card.
It's a delivery
going to...
and explosions on TV]
Hey, man,
move your car!
My pizzas
are getting cold.
Da, and so are you.
[imitating trumpet]
Hey, babe,
If you were domino's,
I'd get a discount.
If I were domino's,
you'd still be alive.
The door's open.
How many in there?
There are 3 more targets.
One on the ground floor
at the back....
One on the second...
And one
at the end of the hall.
Where is target one?
He's in a small room
by the stairs.
Now would be a good time
to catch him.
That's better.
What did you do?
To the heat sensor?
Kazak: One of them
just disappeared.
OK, you mook,
you better not be
my frigging pizza.
Oh, shit!
Kazak: Wait.
Target 3 is moving.
Bean, g, talk to me.
G, answer me.
Bean, what the hell's
going on?
[turns hair dryer on]
Farm boy:
Where is the target?
Stand by, I'm scanning.
Where is he?
He's in front of you!
Come on. Let's go!
Oh, god!
Come on, quick.
Kazak: Come back.
The police will be here
any minute.
out of there.
When did she
become a they?
She's with a cop,
and he's very good.
He killed our whole
goddamn team.
Those are police cars.
We'll be safe with them.
That was supposed
to be a safe house.
Only cops
know about it.
Are you saying
we can't trust the cops?
We can only trust
the cops that I know.
And right now,
I don't know how many
of them are left alive.
Kirkpatrick. Line 2.
I got it!
Tell me you got
the woman, Max.
What the hell
is going on?
What's going on?
Bean and g are dead.
Where the hell
are you?
Not on the phone.
What are you saying?
Somebody knows
every move we make.
I ain't saying shit till
I know who I can trust.
You listen up, Max.
I'm not fucking around!
You're bringing her in now!
You should
call the suits.
We don't need
the goddamn suits,
Got it.
Nice Irish name
for our cop.
Let's see what
he's made of.
Ah, here we go.
One life
about to end.
If there's a chance
anybody's dirty,
We need to call in
the feds.
Who said anything
about dirty cops?
Max, give us
an hour.
Where I used to go
on Friday nights.
This is bullshit!
If you live through this,
Max, you're fucking fired!
You just make sure
you bring the feds,
You understand, Louis?
Don't worry,
Watch your 6.
How long
to police headquarters?
5 minutes.
Go south.
[telephone rings]
Jodi, it's Max.
don fucking Johnson.
I need a favor,
I never lend money
to family.
I need a make
on a shell.
Like I need
my beauty sleep.
What do you got?
Center fire shell,
Copper wash
with a brass primer
And a red surround.
Looks like a 12-gauge,
but it's marked "33."
Ever heard of a "33"?
No such number.
There's no such zone.
You got a phantom
cartridge there, cuz.
Well, a phantom cartridge
blew away 2 of my crew.
I-I'm sorry, Max.
Uh, look,
The arms world's like
the jersey shore.
It throws up
new shit every day.
I'll run it right now.
Call me in an hour?
Where are you taking me?
My partner used
to moonlight here
As a security guard.
Hey, don't worry.
Everything's going
to be all right.
I wish I could
believe that.
Lieutenant Meyerson.
Baker. FBI.
This is detective Aragon.
He'll be taking you
to the pickup point.
[speaking Spanish]
[shouting in Spanish]
Come on.
The word for tonight
is "inconspicuous,"
All right?
[tires screeching]
Where the hell
are you taking us?
I'll tell you
when we get there.
Just have your guy
stay close.
You OK?
This the guy?
Agent baker.
Where's the woman?
Show me your I.D.
Y'all don't have
to screw with me, son.
Your partner's
taken care of all that.
Let me
see the badge.
Now, where is she?
Cruise the perimeter.
Make sure this is
the only way in and out.
Howdy, ma'am.
Are you OK?
I'm with the FBI.
You're safe now.
It's OK.
Detective Aragon,
ride in the other car.
Louis: I'll be right
behind you, Max.
Why don't you just
put that thing out?
Seat belts
for safety.
Hold the wheel,
will you?
[cursing in Russian]
Oh, shit!
Come on! Let's go!
Come on, come on!
Stay down!
If it wasn't for you,
I'd remember
where I parked my c--
What the hell just happened
back there?
I got my best friend
killed, that's what.
How is it your fault?
I'm the one
who called in the FBI,
And that wasn't
the FBI.
Who were they, then?
I don't know.
I did everything I could.
I checked their I.D.'s.
These guys are perfect.
[speaking Russian]
Kazak: Fail again,
I'll kill you myself.
Now get in.
You got any cash?
I have a credit card.
This is a good place
to hole up.
Looks big and busy,
And they won't
remember faces.
Stay right here.
Idiots. They use
a credit card again.
Typical Americans.
You got them?
Raleigh Hotel.
1775 Collins avenue.
10 minutes from here,
It's me. Listen.
What if this 33
on the bullet
Isn't numbers?
What if it's
alphabet letters,
Like Greek or Hebrew?
You're not as stupid
as you look.
Give me some time.
I'll call you back.
Great. They gave us
the wrong goddamn key!
It doesn't need brawn.
[beep beep]
Oh, no, you don't.
No time for rest.
I need some answers.
Come on, did you
hear me? Get up.
I need your help.
We got to figure
this out.
All right, listen.
You're a lawyer, right?
You got a lot
of clients?
A lot of cases?
This has to be connected
to one of your cases, right?
It's possible.
Maybe you sent somebody away
who's back for revenge.
Max, I don't do
criminal law.
I do civil law.
Small claims,
green cards,
grocery stores.
Nobody gets killed
over that.
Oh, no?
3 of my friends were
just killed over "that,"
That's 3 families
wake up tomorrow
a goddamn father!
And I have to live
with that.
So do I.
So, genius,
You ever piss off
the KGB?
Look, the Russian letter
for "z" looks like a "3,"
So "33" is "zz,"
Which means
zapedny zahvoet.
It means
"death to the west."
They were based in Cuba
to strike western targets--
They being
KGB "away" teams.
Go on.
They were the navy s.E.A.L.S.
Of the spy world--
Wet works, black bag jobs,
Electronic surveillance.
Very versatile.
If it was bad,
they did it.
Fuck "did."
they're doing.
And they're
right on my ass.
Avoid leaving any
electronic footprints.
They can reach into your home
and pick your nose for you.
Remember the Russian spy ships
we used to read about?
These guys
used to work on them.
They are heavy into
electronic surveillance.
That's why their federal
I.D.'s were so perfect.
They must've done it
with computers.
Look, never mind, Max.
You got family here.
If you need a hand,
Most of us are armed
and dangerous.
Thanks, cuz.
You're a lifesaver,
Even without
the artillery.
They found the safe house.
How the hell did they find
the safe house?
The phone lines.
Quarter of a million...
For the girl.
Never fucking happen.
Half a million.
Just walk away.
Kate, come on!
We got to get moving!
These bastards are
on the phone lines!
Phone lines...
Eeny meeny miny moe.
Let's see if you have
your ears on now,
You son of a bitch.
He's using
the hotel phone.
I'll trace it back
to the other party.
I know you're out
there listening,
You motherfucker.
Fuck you calling
You'll never get the girl,
you understand?
I already got
your girl, earl.
I fucked her
last night,
And she was good!
Big fucking mistake,
killing my crew.
Big fucking mistake.
Want to know why?
'cause I'm going
to come back
And get
every last one of you.
That's an empty threat,
Mr. Kirkpatrick.
You have no idea
who we are.
Why not drop the bullshit
American accent then?
I...Beg your pardon?
Man, fuck you,
Fuck whoever else
on the line.
Bring your ass here.
Do svedanya, asshole.
Dos for what?
Do svedanya,
Dos for--
man, fuck you!
Clever bastard!
You in?
I've isolated
the floor security,
Not the room.
Well, do them all!
Come on, let's go.
What's going on?
Get back.
Fuck finesse.
2 more blocks,
we're there.
He said, "do svedanya,
He knows about
the Russian connection.
I wonder what else
that scumbag knows.
Locate that woman.
What's that smell?
Pig shit.
Trailer over there
is hauling hogs.
Be right back.
[oink oink]
[rapid beeping]
They've activated
their cell phone.
It's like painting
a bull's-eye
On their ass.
I've triangulated
their position.
They're on route 1,
heading north.
We'll have them
by midnight.
Ha ha!
Pig shit's sure gonna
hit the fan, huh?
Ha ha ha ha!
I know you've been
looking out for me,
And somewhere
in there
I forgot to say
So thank you.
All right,
gomer, wake up!
Open the truck!
Come on, hurry up!
Let's go!
All right. OK.
Don't push!
Hello, pigs.
Where the hell
are they?
Where the hell
are who?
The cop
and the girl!
[off-the-hook beeping]
Good morning.
How'd you sleep?
Never better.
Hey, listen.
Do you have
any Russian clients?
'cause this here's
a Russian shell.
You got
any Russian cases?
No. Cuban, Hispanic--
Cuban sounds Russian
to me.
I'd have to get into
my office PC
And run a list.
Forget about that.
We're not going back
to Miami.
Maybe we don't have to.
Colonel, we just
hit the jackpot.
Kirkpatrick is
a satisfied customer
Of car trac, u.S.A.
Car trac?
Vehicle tracking system
for paranoid consumers.
The police locate
missing cars with it.
Can we access it?
It's an encrypted system
on a national satellite.
It'll take
a little while.
Then do it.
You got 5 minutes,
then we're out of here.
You'll move the IBMs.
Uh, yeah. I thought
there was--
You're not paid to think,
You're paid
to do what I say.
May I help you?
Actually, I was
in yesterday, and...
Adam was helping me.
I--I was?
OK. Fair enough.
I'll be over
in the diner, Adam.
I thought I'd be
in better hands with you.
Oh, yeah.
So, what are you
doing over there?
Just fiddling
with my joystick.
with your joystick?
[pencils clatter]
Do any of these have
a communications package?
Yes, uh,
this unit here
Has a hayes-compatible
28-baud fax...
Do you--uh,
Are you interested
in hardware?
Or is it
more software?
I was hoping
to demo your unit.
I'd have
to boot up first.
Well, why don't you?
[radio chatter in Russian]
Colonel Kazak,
We've just located
the junction box.
The divers are
in the water now.
Good. With any luck,
By tonight the targets
will all be dead,
And we'll all be rich.
she's using a modem
To download files
from her office machine.
If she stays on
long enough,
I can trace it back
to her current location.
You're not going to buy
anything here, are you?
No. I'm sorry.
I'm just using you.
Th-that's OK.
We got to go.
I've got one minute.
You got anything?
Do you have something
or not?
Wait a minute.
This could be it.
This guy--
Emilio Juantorena.
This thing fax?
Yeah, you bet.
Jodi can run
this guy's name
To see if he's got
a rap sheet.
Come on.
We're out of here.
Thanks, Adam.
You're the best.
So who is
this Cuban guy?
He slammed his wife
into a brick wall
And kept a dental
surgeon busy
For a year.
He get charged?
Yes, but he found
a bargaining chip.
The s & l he owned
ran a major wire fraud.
He and his lawyer,
Rolled over
and took immunity.
What's his beef with you?
He didn't buy immunity
from divorce
Or a fair property
He's got it all
in some boat I've--
Wait. What's
the boat worth?
200,000. Why?
Why, Max?
The guy on the phone,
back at the hotel?
He offered me half a million
just to give you up.
It was him! Adam!
What the hell
is that?
It's the radiator.
Well, well.
I believe
we've found the bastard
Who's been helping
those idiots
Put 2 and 2 together.
It's the radiator.
I don't know.
It blew.
It must've
Could you get
out here right now?
There's an extra 50
in it for you
If you can get
out here sooner.
I'm into
the car trac system.
Got him!
They're stopped on
the inland waterway.
Thank you, car trac.
OK, we'll split up.
Get after them.
Take them out!
I have my own little
subtraction to do.
Pull over.
We are splitting up.
Tow truck's coming.
Is this you?
Yes, that's me--
The one with
the funny haircut.
Hey, if you need a clean
t-shirt or something,
You better do it now.
You guys look like a bunch
of juvenile delinquents.
We were 17.
Kids...In jersey.
I tell you,
You got that much
And that little idea
what to do with it...
Looking like a hood works
till you figure it out.
So how'd you get from there
to being a cop?
Well, my father
was a cop,
a cop...
My cousin Jodi's
a cop.
Family business.
[door buzzer]
Internal affairs.
Open the door.
What's the problem?
Open the friggin' door,
detective. OK?
Something punctured
your radiator there.
What the fu--
Oh, shit!
They could've been using
car trac to catch us.
We got to go.
Come on.
Let's go!
pay up front.
Just fucking drive.
I'm serious.
$100, pay up front.
$50, pay later!
Drive! Drive!
I always hated
stick shift.
Max! Aah!
Keep your head down!
If you let him get even again,
we're fuckin' dead!
Faster, Kate!
Shoot him!
What are you doing?
I'm losing the jeep.
It's slowing us down!
Shoot that son of a bitch!
Kate, they zig, you zag!
Don't let them
get ahead of us!
[truck horn honking]
Look out for that truck!
It's just the woman
driving the car!
Shoot her!
God damn it!
They're behind you!
Floor it!
It's going to blow!
Get ahead of them!
Now cut them off!
Nail the brakes
on 3!
Hit it!
Jesus Christ.
It worked.
Where the hell
are you going?
Away! Out!
Gone! I'm gone!
I'm getting away
from this.
No. We stay
We stay calm.
There's no "we" here,
It's me they want.
See this car?
Get in it.
You can't make me.
Oh, yeah? Watch me.
OK? You happy?
Get in the car.
Max, you're stealing
somebody's car.
Would you shut up?
Take these things off!
I'm calm now.
I'd love to,
except the key
Is on the key ring
in the ignition.
Of the wagoneer?
[train horn blowing]
[train horn blowing]
What are you doing?
Max, don't be so stubborn!
Let me go!
Max, what are you doing?
You're going to hit
the pole!
You're gonna get killed!
That was
the dumbest thing
I've ever seen!
No, you running off
alone was dumber!
Who the fuck
elected you
My knight
in shining armor?
Maybe it was whoever made you
such a royal pain in the ass.
Back up!
Or what?
I'll take your
goddamn head off!
Ha ha. That was
a good right, Kate.
Had enough?
Give me your best shot.
I'm waiting.
They're not on
the interstate.
Either they took
the coast road
Or ditched the car
and jumped the train.
What train?
I've got
a thermal reading.
Rosa and I will
work towards the center!
You go back there!
Stay down!
I see them now.
Move! Move!
Let me go! Max!
Let's go!
Let's go!
[man speaking Russian
on radio]
Kazak to away team.
Report in now.
We got the girl.
The woman?
What about the cop?
He fell off the train.
He's probably dead.
Kazak: Whatever you do,
don't harm her...For now.
We need to interrogate her
And find out if anyone else
knows our situation.
Bring her to me at once.
Yes, sir.
Where are you,
relative to the Tortuga?
About 40 minutes
due east of Downs Bay.
Good. Then you should
be back shortly.
You're coming with me.
[telephone rings]
Recording of Kazak: Hello.
You've reached the workplace
Of detective Kirkpatrick's
meddling relative.
Cousin Jodi cannot
come to the phone right now,
But if you'd like
to leave a message,
your nearest psychic.
Do svedanya to you,
[Russian radio chatter]
Ahh, miss McQuean!
We haven't been
formally introduced.
to the Tortuga.
When I ran the KGB
out of Cuba,
I helped some very politically
incorrect characters
Hide billions of dollars
In various free-world banks,
But I kept
the account numbers.
Magic numbers.
All I had to do
Was break the bank codes
Used for wire transfers...
And help myself!
"Downs Bay."
Numbers are so beautiful,
Don't you think so,
miss McQuean?
Your client's husband,
may he rest in peace,
Knew about banks.
I know about
tapping into
The secrets
of phone lines.
A match...
Made in heaven.
You came along
and fucked it up.
I don't give
a shit about you
Or the goddamn
All I wanted
was the boat.
Yes, but you would've
brought a marshal
With the
repossession orders.
I couldn't afford
the intrusion.
But don't worry.
You can have
the boat back,
Only it will be
in little pieces,
With yourself in it.
We're in.
Final decryption
in process.
Start transferring
the money.
This is the Cayman Islands
international bank.
To deposit funds, press 1.
Enter your international
secured pin number now.
[speaking Russian]
This is like taking
candy from a baby,
Only there's less
screaming and tears.
Max: Hey, Kazak,
you listening?
It's the cop.
I know what
you're doing.
I doubt it.
How tough could it be
to figure out?
The Tortuga,
Emilio Juantorena,
The Cubans...
I know it all.
Who have you told?
Nobody yet.
I just want the girl.
Why not trade her
for me?
But I don't want you.
Stay out of my business
For the next 4 hours,
And I'll, uh, leave her
Just where she is.
I don't believe that.
I'm a businessman.
My word is my bond.
How do we find him?
These radios have
a 10-mile range.
to our calculations,
The only land mass
within that radius
Is Downs Bay.
Take the zodiac
And get rid of him.
[Russian radio chatter]
[bell clangs]
Oh, that hurt?
Poor little baby.
Let mommy kick it
And make it better.
This is the Cayman Islands
international bank.
We are now processing
your transaction.
You are withdrawing
100...50 dollars
And zero cents.
Go. Help them
with the boat.
I'm going to call
the colonel
And tell him
he can kill the woman.
Get the fucker?
It's him.
Obviously. Go get him.
You killed my crew?
My partner?
You have no fucking
conscience, do you?
I can't afford the luxury
of a conscience.
Kill him.
[alarm buzzers]
Your withdrawal
will be complete
When you enter
the appropriate currency.
For British pounds,
press 1.
For French francs,
For American dollars,
Please wait for the first
available operator.
It's all right.
It's over.
Not quite, officer.
You just sank
my client's boat.
There's going to be
one hell of a lawsuit.
Sounds terrible.
What do I have to do
to get out of it?
Warner Bros.
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the National Captioning
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