Fair Play (2014) Movie Script

MAGIC BOX presents
You're listening to Radio Free Europe.
Looking at permeability of borders
in Western Europe, the chances to travel,
to read yesterday's London newspaper
in Sicily, one must getjealous.
- Anna, what time are you coming?
- I don't know.
Dressed up so lightly you'll catch a cold.
Last week you had a sore throat.
You won't be able to train.
Are you listening at all?
Anna, your mum sent you jogging
this morning once again, didn't she?
How many times do I have to tell you?
Tell her I have my own training plan
so she'd better stop messing with it.
No one looks as good with a bucket as you do.
True, isn't it? Thas why
I actually chose this job.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
- How are you?
- I remember better times.
I wanted to ask you for a favour.
I need you to copy some text.
Marek, Anna has just got enrolled
in the National Sports Centre.
Wait, has she? Thas amazing.
It is. But I can't afford
to get into any troubles now.
Got it.
Well then m screwed.
I can't keep this at home,
they search my house all the time.
And I don't want to give it to someone unreliable.
You never really liked it anyway.
Thas not true.
Ls not that. I did like it, but...
- Hello.
- Hello. - Hello.
Irena, do it for me, please.
But it will take me really long.
ve lost the knack.
Go now.
ll call you soon. And thanks a lot.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- It felt stupid to say no.
- So he shows up and you can't say no?
As if he hasn't put you through enough.
ve made an exception.
And Marek is cautious.
No one will find out.
Plus I like doing it.
The boy from the tram invited me to a concert tonight.
Thas nice of him. But I don't think
this is the right time for dating.
You also managed to train
and date my dad at the same time.
But I played tennis, it was different.
The trainings were different, too.
Plus your dad was my coach.
You mean you'd rather see me
dating my coach? Bohdan?
Are you in love already or what?
m sure your dad would have
told you not to rush into that.
Fortunately my dad is too far away to interfere.
On a tram or somewhere on the road
he might dare to say a soft hello
Hello, hello, hello,
how are you
Hello, hello, hello
m not too blue
Hello, hello, are you in a rush?
Hello, hello, hello
not too much
So they say
So they say
So they say
their hellos.
I could take you home
on my motorcycle. Alright?
Thanks for the invitation.
Thanks for coming.
I have to go.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Speed up! C'mon, les go!
Last 10 meters!
55,3. Thas alright.
It coulve been better.
58,4. Why so sloppy, Martina?
Les check your pulses, girls.
Come here.
- Stop. 29. You?
- 30.
Les do it once again, ok?
- No, not anymore.
- Shut up and go.
Add some joy in your dying.
Something wrong with your arm?
- They're doing well.
- Are they?
They're my girls.
The coach was awful today.
Was it this hard last summer?
Ls your first day, you'll get used to it.
Hi girls.
Comrade, we enrolled you in a program
which helps our athletes develop their skills
by means of modern medicine.
At our department we chose those
who can prove socialist athletes
are the best in the world.
Dr Pavelka will supervise your health.
We suppose your performance will improve
rapidly within the specialized care.
It is a big chance for you.
What is the specialized care?
Each athlete uses different harmless supporting means
within his or her health program.
Each program is built individually.
And me, in particular?
You'll stop taking the vitamine B
and start taking Stromba.
What is it?
Stromba supports growth of muscle
tissue and speeds regeneration.
We're starting today.
Now I want you to sign the agreement.
Naturally, it stays among us.
The second document is a pledge of secrecy.
But why is it secret?
Because the headquarters have made this decision.
Break your leg.
Comrade, can I talk to you?
m not sure about that girl.
Even the headquarters questioned
her as a proper candidate.
But comrade, Anna won the championship without difficulty.
200 meters in 23,82 seconds, thas incredible time.
Naturals like her come once in 20 years.
Anna is really good, comrade.
She could bring us medals.
We hope so otherwise we would
never enroll her in our program.
But any misconduct of hers would upset the Union for sure.
You're in the Centre on trial yourself.
Next time keep your mouth shut.
I promised you'd be good.
I got scolded by Kracik.
What have I done to him?
Ls not you but everyone remembers
what your mum was doing in 1968
so you'd better be good.
Whas all the fuss about signing?
Not everyone got enrolled. Think.
You are the lucky one.
Lie down, ll give you the injection and no more talking.
How often will you give it to me?
Once a day for two weeks, then
two weeks off, then another two weeks.
Too shy? With me?
Come on, lie down.
Good night.
- Give me the Stromba,
my mum will do it for me. - What?
My mum could give me the Stromba injections.
No, is my responsibility.
She gives me the B and no one minds.
Ls not the same. I signed a deal
to keep this under my control.
You know me, coach.
And you know my mum too. Please.
They don't care if you do it or someone else does.
Well, let your mother look after your ass for all I care.
But if you start messing about
ll get back in charge, clear?
I wish I experienced this myself.
You will.
Once I dreamt I was standing there
and I forgot the anthem lyrics.
Awful, I wanted to sing but I didn't know what.
I would always dream about ending up last.
It must be so cool.
I don't know. There was
no instruction inside, nothing.
They say it helps muscles grow,
is like the B but stronger.
They're so secretive about it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I didn't know about your dad.
Sorry about that.
If he could see you today he would find you attractive.
I haven't copied the text for you yet.
It takes longer than I thought.
You don't like it? Is it stupid?
No, is just that I haven't typed for years.
And I type when Anna is away from home.
I see. I brought you a sequel today.
Listen, you don't have to, if you don't want to.
No, m happy to help you out.
And the text is beautiful.
- How is Anna?
- She trains a lot.
She is doing great.
I hope she'll get to race in the West.
I want her to stay there.
I see.
I hate it here.
And I know she'll hate it here just as much as I do now.
Fine, but does she want to emigrate?
I don't know. I haven't
talked to her about it yet.
But I hope she'll agree.
Shall we go?
- But you'll stay here all alone.
- Do I have a choice?
Besides I must look after my parents'
grave, too. Give me the text.
You want to sleep here today?
What are you doing?
Can't you see?
My legs got real hairy, too.
You probably took after your dad.
I can see I inherited the best I could.
Come on now.
- What?
- Nothing. m ashamed.
- Of what?
- Of my body.
- I just don't like it.
- Why?
Everyone is watching me as if
I was nothing but muscles and weight.
I mustn't be too thin, too fat,
must have average bum, average breasts.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Come. Show me your muscles.
- How are things with Tomas?
- Wonderful.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- How about Igor?
- Awesome.
Everything feels awesome lately.
Two, one, enough.
She has never been in such a great shape.
Lately she's been doing pretty well.
She must take relaxants to avoid
getting stiff. Daily before dinner.
And a larger dose of Stromba.
One for morning, one for evening.
Every day until...
Until January 10.
Then she'll take a break to cleanse properly.
And after the indoor races we'll start again.
ll wait for you outside.
- Could I ask you something?
- Thas what m here for.
- But you won't tell the coach.
- Sure. We keep medical secrets.
- Can the tests show if m pregnant?
- They can.
But don't worry, you're not.
- My perios two weeks late.
- That happens when you're on Stromba.
Still you should take precautions.
- Here are the urine sample results.
- Thank you. Is that all? - Yes.
You're overstrained but your organism
is young, it must be able to cope.
Did you hear him well?
One injection in the morning, one in the evening.
- Where is Martina?
- At a sampling.
You actually shouldn't be aware of her coming here too.
See you tomorrow.
So you haven't seen your dad since he emigrated?
They never allowed me to go.
I mean to the West.
- ve been to the West. With my dad.
- Your dad can travel to the West?
He's a biologist.
He goes to conferences all the time.
Come, ll show you something.
A little surprise.
What is it?
Just a moment.
- Now.
- Now?
Come here.
You can block the slot with a coin
and make a call even to the West.
Incredible, right?
- Do you have your das number?
- I do but... He might not be at home.
- Come on. This is a unique opportunity.
- We almost never call each other.
Why not? Christmas is coming.
Don't you want to hear him?
Whas Christmas got to do with it?
Do you want to call him or not?
I don't know.
God, I thought it would make you happy.
Alright then.
You can dial now.
- Ja, bitte.
- Dad? Ls me, Anna.
- Hello? Who is it?
- Anna.
Anna Moravcova.
- Is it you?
- Yeah. m calling from a booth.
Is there anything wrong?
No, nothing.
How are you? What about
your mum? Everything all right?
- Long time no hear, right?
- Yeah.
I hope to see you some time.
How is your training going?
What are your results?
- So?
- We were cut off.
- You want to call again?
- No.
Speed up! Keep it up!
Anna, you're too low. Knees higher!
Are you dancing or running?
Martina, watch your shoulders!
Watch your arms, Anna!
Anna, you were running bent forward, work those knees!
- Straighten your back when running.
- Coach, I feel sick.
- I hope your boyfriend plays it safe.
- What?
I don't want some ruptured rubber to screw it all up.
- Les do this once again.
- Coach, is Christmas tomorrow.
- There's never anyone but us here.
- We said we'd train until tomorrow.
Then you'll have two days off.
How else can you reach the time limit?
In the line.
- What is this?
- Are you alright?
- ve never seen this before. What is it?
- I feel really sick.
What is this play-acting about? In a month
you're going to the indoor races.
- Go back in the line.
- I can't.
Well fuck off then and go home.
Come, Martina, les go. Once more.
My God, whas wrong with you?
- Anna, talk to me.
- I feel so sick.
Mrs Moravcova!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Your daughter is totally exhausted.
She said she's a top-level athlete,
looked after by a sports doctor.
But I don't get it.
I had her liver tested.
She was all yellow.
The results came out strange.
Could it be because of the Stromba?
She is on Stromba?
Why didn't you tell me?
m not supposed to talk about it.
You know what? We'll keep you here
overnight, then you'll see your doctor.
This is not in my authority.
I have nothing to do with it.
- Why is that?
- Ask your daughter's doctor.
I wish you good night.
Good night, Anna.
Excuse me, could her collapse
have something to do with Stromba?
I don't know and I don't want to know.
Now please go, there are many ill people waiting for me.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Tomas, m in the hospital.
I was taken here by an ambulance.
Could you ask your parents
about the injections m getting?
Yeah. Ls called Stromba.
Good job, Martina.
Faster ankles and keep bent lower.
- And work those arms.
- Bohdan?
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Do some stretching, ll be right back.
- Bye!
Hi. Where is Anna?
- She got sick yesterday.
- I saw that. These things happen.
- I asked you not to come here anymore.
- We had to go to the hospital.
I doubt that was necessary.
As if you never trained yourself.
This is a physically demanding phase.
We're about to go to the races.
Back in my times we were never forced to take anything.
What is this Stromba?
Itjust helps muscles grow.
If it were to hurt her I don't want you to give it to her.
Relax. Ls under medical supervision.
Everybody takes it nowadays.
Where do you think the East Germans
and Russians have their results from?
Anna must reach the time limit.
No Stromba, no way.
Martina, come, les go.
Don't let it spoil our evening.
Tomas's parents say
is strong anabolic. It can kill you.
Bohdan says you're
under medical supervision. I don't know.
Enjoy the meal.
He wouldn't mean to hurt you.
He's trying to help you.
What about those who never get
any help? Tough luck, right?
Are you not going to eat?
m going to train and prove them
I can perform even without that stuff.
Do you know what is your position at the Centre?
As far as I know Bohdan, he'd rather
expel you than get into a trouble.
So what am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
We'll pretend you keep taking it.
- They'll find out at the first check-up.
- Perhaps they won't.
Mum, the carp is burning!
Jesus. Open it up for me.
Anna, speed up!
Move it!
Anna, come on, what are you doing?
Keep going, don't be so sloppy!
Come on!
Whas wrong with you?
What are you doing?
Pulse check. Steady.
- 30. - 34.
- What?
Ls too high.
Besides you started early.
- Cheating like a little girl.
- Thas not true. - Yes, it is.
You know I hate swindling. Look at
Martina here. How much better is she?
So les do this once again.
Les go. Buzz off!
I don't know how about you but I hate Bohdan's bullshit.
Honesty, yeah right.
I heard this Stromba is doping.
- Haven't you heard that?
- Even a child knows is the juice.
Wait, how can you be so calm?
There are doping controls.
If they find out, you're done.
Ls a cheat. Ls banned.
Don't take it if is banned then.
What is it?
A letter from your dad.
Really? Why so sudden?
- Is it because I spoke to him?
- You did? When? And how?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't feel like it.
I see.
He writes he'd like to see you.
You might apply for a travel permission.
He's doing much better now.
You know what his conditions were.
They won't grant it to us anyway.
Not to me... but you're
in the national team now.
Ls worth trying.
Good old B12.
- Are you asleep?
- No.
Even if I did go to Hamburg I don't think we'd get along.
Why? He's your dad.
- He likes you.
- I don't know.
We talk once in a blue moon.
Last year he forgot about my birthday.
These things happen.
It was so selfish of him
to run away and leave us here alone.
Well, is not like he left us here alone, in fact.
We had a deal that d take you
and come to him when he's settled.
But I wasn't sure if going there
was the right thing to do.
Didn't you love him anymore?
Ls hard to say, I don't know. I...
I wasn't sure
if I still loved him,
if I could live abroad.
I didn't feel like leaving it all here behind.
I also believed things would change here.
Now m sure that it was the biggest mistake of my life.
Women's 200m race is about to start.
Anna, mind the knees!
23,09! Excellent, Martina!
You're just a few figures away
from the limit. Greatjob!
- She sucked today.
- I know.
I feel like Anna refuses to cooperate with me.
She's changed somehow.
- Is it because of her boyfriend?
- No, not that.
So what is it? I don't recognize her.
She was always so persistent. Lately
Martina has been doing much better.
I won't be able to keep Anna
in the Centre if she doesn't deliver.
She stopped taking Stromba.
- When?
- On Christmas.
Why the fuck would she do that?
Now ll be in a trouble.
They'll kick her out of the Centre
and she won't pass her next check-up.
- Did you make her do that?
- For Christ sake, no.
- Why didn't you tell me right away?
- Because she wouldn't listen.
She'd rather get expelled than take it.
- Do you still give her the B?
- Yeah.
From now on you'll give her
Stromba instead of the B, clear?
- I can't do that, Bohdan.
- We must pull together.
We both want the same thing.
You want her to go to the Olympics.
Then she must make the limit in April.
Anna can do that but only with Stromba.
ll call you. Bye.
Anna, shouldn't you reconsider the Stromba?
Martina is so far ahead of you.
Can't you see it?
None of us made the limit.
Anna, I know is wrong but...
Why don't you take it only
until the Olympics. It would be fine.
I hear everyone does that.
Ls as if you said that those who
want to achieve mustjoin the Party.
There are certain borderlines.
You should know better.
Have you forgotten it drove me to the hospital?
- Yes?
- Hello.
She didn't even say hello.
Sign here.
You see, my daughter is an athlete,
she is in the national team...
Madam, your application for travel
permission has been rejected.
I can't help you anyway. Sign here.
- Can we appeal against it?
- No.
She hasn't seen her dad for 15 years.
Listen, if Mr Moravec hadn't emigrated
your daughter could see him more often.
But Mr Moravec did emigrate.
Thas not my daughter's fault.
Neither is mine. Bye.
All goes according to plan.
She gets injections as you prescribed.
- I know but the results are zilch.
- I did give them to her as you ordered.
You didn't exert yourself today.
At the races you didn't shine too.
Wait outside.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
She's the only one unaffected.
Her figures have not changed since October.
She had some troubles with her boyfriend.
Thas psychological not physiological.
It is true but...
She just lost her interest in training.
But she has come to her senses.
Here you are.
Tell your mum this is the next round.
Three weeks of Stromba this time
and then a week off. Starting tonight.
- Hi.
- Hi.
There's Stromba in the box marked with a
cross. She must take it for three weeks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Yeah, the training went well.
How about you?
- Shit.
- Mum, I can't hear.
Dad brought you a gift from Vienna.
A beautiful pink Adidas sweatsuit.
Thas so nice of him. Thanks.
Mum, are you alright?
m fine.
I know you. You were pounding
into the typewriter like crazy.
You were just imagining it.
ll go prepare the B for you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What kept you so long?
ll be late for work.
Sorry, I thought they're following me
so I took the long way round.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Here you go.
- Thanks a lot.
I met this French guy from the embassy.
He's willing to marry someone
and help her get out of here.
I thought you might be interested.
Thas great.
If Anna really left it would be great.
It would.
You know d rather have you here.
But this will be better for you two.
Come on! Go, go, go!
Greatjob, Martina.
Come on!
What are you doing, losing again.
Are you giving it your best at all?
Les go again.
Anna, speed up!
Good, Martina. And again.
So you met him in the building where you work by accident?
And in the dock also by accident?
- You used to be a couple, right?
- Yes.
But it was a long time ago and it is my private business.
Relationship with a dissident
is way beyond privacy. You know that.
So what will you tell us about Mr Kriz?
How often do you meet?
Very rarely.
We think you meet pretty often.
Wouldn't you like to have a job you'd enjoy?
You could work as a coach.
Telling us something about Kriz
every now and then would suffice.
He is the one we're after.
I inquired about your daughter.
She graduated with decent results
but was not accepted to the university.
However she did get enrolled
into the National Sports Centre.
But I heard they hesitated.
Mrs Moravcova, if you don't start cooperating
your daughter's sport career is over.
Do you want to ruin it?
Be reasonable and sign the cooperation.
We would be glad.
Could I think it over?
How much time do you need?
I don't know.
Ok, we'll give you some time.
What was it like when you quit playing tennis?
Why are you asking?
Did you miss it?
They forbade me to play.
I knew I mustn't feel sorry.
There are other things in the world, notjust sport.
I think they'll expel me from the Centre.
- Did Bohdan say anything?
- No, but m at a standstill.
Sooner or later they'll find out why.
I have no clue what I would do.
If I were to quit running it would...
It would feel as if someone cut off my legs.
You can run regardless of the Centre.
Yeah, run. But you can't race.
m going to sleep.
We forgot the B.
Knees, knees.
Anna, speed up!
Work your arms. Come on!
If you keep dawdling like this
you'll get beaten in Germany!
Come on!
The vest must contain the Olympic gold or what.
9 kilos of weight set.
You look splendid, girls.
And I have another surprise for you.
This is instead of alpine training.
- Here you go.
- You can't mean this.
Why shouldn't I?
Anna, speed up!
Don't try to piss me off!
Speed up!
Work the arms, come on!
Hello Mrs Moravcova.
We summoned you for yesterday.
Why didn't you come?
I wasn't feeling well.
You look quite fine today.
ve brought you the agreement of cooperation.
I guess you've had enough time to make up your mind.
Sorry but my daughter is preparing
for a very important race
and is all we can think about now.
How long will you need to think about it?
Give me a month please.
I won't have any time for Mr Kriz by then anyway.
See you.
Thank you.
We'll send her for a chest X-ray.
- Martina, whas wrong with you?
- The Achilles tendon is killing me.
- Aren't you making it up?
- What?
I don't want to see your results
in Germany. Do some rehab ex.
Anna, excellentjob.
If you keep on working like this
m sure you'll make the limit.
Do some jogging and then home.
Mum, I thought I should go and see some normal doctor.
Why? Don't you feel well?
I haven't had my period back yet.
Ls weird, isn't it?
It used to happen to me too when I trained
hard. Don't worry. Anna, do it properly!
Jesus Christ.
Still the period worries me.
Martina said Stromba makes women infertile.
What does Martina know about it?
You just train too much, thas all.
I would hate to be caught now when m back in shape.
m really glad we decided that I would quit taking it.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Are you waiting for an X-ray?
- No.
Go in and strip to the waist.
Mrs Moravcova, take off your bra.
Come closer.
Now press your chest against the X-ray.
When the red light goes on,
you'll hold your breath for 5 seconds.
Urine sample results.
Excellent. Really excellent.
It all works perfectly well.
One more box before the races
and then you'll have a pause.
Can you hear me, Anna?
Get dressed and wait outside.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How did the check-up go?
The tests? Well, the results are great.
This is not the B, is it?
What have you been giving me?
How long have you been doing it?
Since when?
Since February.
I thought it was worth it
if it helped you get to the Olympics.
But you knew I didn't want it.
Ls been awful for me too, you know?
But I do it for your own good.
- You must live a different life.
- Different? What would change?
What are you talking about?
Anna, I want you to emigrate.
I meant to tell you when the time is right.
How could you think d agree?
m not staying here with you anymore.
All I want is to let you live a normal free life,
study, train under better conditions.
And mostly to prevent you from
being forced into taking this shit.
Marek found a Frenchman whom
I could marry and then I would join you.
- So you've planned it thoroughly!
- Of course I have!
- Anna, you can't stay in this country.
- Thas what you say! Not me.
Don't you see that Stromba is just one
of those things? It could be anything!
You might end up like me,
a cleaning lady, or even in the jail!
Mum, you've lied to me giving
me that shit! You're just like them!
At least try to understand!
Annie, m sorry!
You did the right thing, Anna.
You heard my parents. They agree.
Is it ok with them if I sleep here?
They said you can stay until you find your own place.
Ls nice of them.
Dad understands because he knows
what this Stromba can do to you.
I really can't go to Karl-Marx-Stadt.
- Why?
- m completely doped up.
Nonsense. You must go there.
You can't give up now.
I want to be proud of you.
You have to win.
Good evening.
Anna doesn't want to talk to you.
Could you tell her to come back home, please?
Well done, girls.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Tomas, please.
- Whas going on here?
Nothing. We're decorating next week.
You should have told me.
I could help you.
Thas ok, we can manage ourselves.
This is for aunt.
No, thanks. Just leave it.
Has anything happened?
Ls just that...
Mum has been a nervous wreck lately.
She hates to have me here, right?
There are some things you can do nothing about.
I understand.
m going to miss you.
Very, very much.
ll send you a postcard. Even though
I will be back before it arrives.
I love you.
I love you too.
So we'll meet at the reception,
the training starts at 4, ok?
My dearest Annie, my parents
decided to immigrate to Austria.
Don't be angry with me, I wasn't
allowed to tell you. I love you so much.
- Anna, are you there?
- I am.
Hurry up, we're waiting for you.
I can't go now. I feel too bad.
Whas wrong? Should I call the doctor?
No. I want to be alone.
Mind your manners. Open up now!
Coach, please, ll be fine tomorrow
but leave me alone now.
The race is tomorrow. Come on,
you have to do at least some jogging.
m not running today. Go away!
There will be consequences!
Anna, bravo, awesome, great! 22,81!
We're going to the Olympics! You did it!
We did it!
ve brought a lot of laundry.
And m not taking the shit anymore.
- But I do agree with you.
- On what?
On that plan of yours.
Anna, whas wrong with you?
You look tired.
Mum, Tomas has emigrated.
Jesus Christ.
You can thank us for being in such a great shape.
No, doctor Pavelka is justjoking.
Anna can thank only herself.
If you could see her during a training.
She runs like a wind. ve never
seen anything like this before.
Now you must not rest on your laurels.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Listen, she's to take a double dose
for a week. Then a pause
and off we go to the Olympics.
I wish you could come with us.
Also, we must celebrate it some time.
Ok, but only after the Olympics so we don'tjinx it.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.
- Perhaps you'll see him again.
- Perhaps. m not sure if I want to.
- Moravcova speaking.
- Hi, is Marek. - Hi.
Sorry, I need you to copy something for
me. Ls urgent. m outside your house.
Ok. m coming. Bye.
I got cramps in my hand.
Shall I help you?
- Write?
- Yeah.
Ok, start from here:
"...the repressive intervention..."
Thank you.
- m going downstairs.
- Now?
Police! Open the door!
House search!
Excuse me. Thank you.
Good morning, this is a house search.
Mrs Moravcova, we are usually the ones who ask questions.
But if you want to know,
we're looking for subversive materials.
When we find them, you'll go to jail.
Or you can sign the agreement.
You still have time.
Thanks for your offer.
I have made up my mind. Please.
Can you give me back my postcard?
- Why not?
- Because I have confiscated it.
We'll meet again.
Excuse me.
Do you have the keys to the mangling room?
You know very well how the materials came to you.
If you don't tell me forget about the Olympics.
Did Marek Kriz give them to your mum?
Do they meet often?
I don't know.
ve been up and about since 4am
and my patience is running thin.
Comrade Kracik? Novotny speaking.
We've met in matters of young
Moravcova. I need you to come over.
- Right now? To the headquarters?
- Yes.
This is a propagation of subversive texts.
If you don't sign the cooperation
Anna is not going to the Olympics.
- But she has already qualified.
- She's not going anywhere
and you're going to jail.
We know is from Kriz anyway.
If I were you d cooperate.
Could I get a lawyer?
Yes but he won't save you.
You yourself are of no value for us.
Then perhaps is better if you
arrest someone who is of no value.
- Hello.
- Hi, come on.
You can thank comrade Kracik
for getting you out of this mess.
- What will happen to my mom?
- Look, I can't make miracles.
Be glad I helped you. As comrade
investigator said is only up to you.
I told him I don't know anything.
Sleep on it and tomorrow you'll tell them what they need.
Look, the socialist system has invested
tens of thousands into your training.
The others can only dream about the advantages you have.
Am I supposed to be grateful to you
for stuffing me with anabolics?
Anna, mind your words.
If you act stupid your coach will pay
then me and then those above me.
Heads will roll because of you.
The decision is notjust yours, ok?
You don't want to betray your country.
You want to go to the Olympics, right?
No, I don't.
m not going to the Olympics and thas that.
- What kind of bullshit is this?
- m not representing this system.
What are you talking about?
It means you're done with racing.
You're done with everything.
You'll become a nobody.
The accused Irena Moravcova
has been found guilty of subversion
in accordance with Section 98 par. 1
of the Criminal Code No141l1961
when out of animosity to the socialist
state system of the republic
she committed subversive acts
based on illegal producing and copying
material hostile to socialist system
and thus she is sentenced in accordance
with Section 98 Paragraph 2
to 18 months of imprisonment.
In accordance with Section 39a)
Paragraph 1a of the Criminal Code
the defendant shall serve her sentence
in correctional facility, category A.
This is the Czechoslovakian station of Radio Free Europe.
This morning a plenary session of
the Czechoslovakian Olympic Committee
succumbed to the Moscow pressure
and decided that Czechoslovakian athletes
wouldn't attend the 23rd
Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
Communist officials claim this is to protect the athletes.
They say America is not a safe place.
Reactionary circles of the U.S.
Use the Olympics preparations
to enforce their political goals
and they allegedly make teams from socialist countries
a target of hatred in Los Angeles.