Fair Play (2023) Movie Script

I love to love you, baby
I love to love you, baby
I love to love you, baby
I love to love you, baby
I love to love you, baby
When you're laying so close to me
There's no place I'd rather you be
Than with me, me, oh
I love to love you, baby
I love to love you, baby
I love to love you, baby
Do it to me again and again
You put me in such a awful spin
In a spin, in... uh
There you are.
Stop hiding.
Come back in, I want to introduce you.
- Come here.
- Okay.
Uncle J, this is the woman
I can't stop talking about.
- Emily, a pleasure to meet you.
- The pleasure is all mine.
Open bar. I'm buying.
- Nice.
- Oh.
So, Mister Ivy League has
the best-looking girl in the room.
- She's got other things going for her.
- Just one or two.
If this guy gives you any kind of trouble,
just let me know, I'll sort him out...
- I will keep that in mind.
- Really?
Lock it in before she loses interest.
Wow, you're so romantic, Theo.
Well, romance wears off.
Says the guy on his wedding day.
Go find your bride and kiss her
before she realizes
she fucked her whole life up.
Stop hassling your brother. Get over here.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hey prettiest-girl-in-the-room,
- you wanna dance?
- I do.
You got the title.
- Oh, God, not her.
- What?
Let's go dance with her.
No, let's please not.
What? You sure you don't want to?
- No.
- Come here. Come here.
Are you gonna say anything
or you just gonna stare?
- Just, just stare.
- Okay.
And kiss you.
And then stare.
Lock the door.
I promise, I'll be quick.
- What?
- Oh, fuck.
- What?
- Um...
Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ.
It looks like you slaughtered a chicken.
How did that happen?
What were you doing in here?
Oh, shit. Okay.
Do you think your mom has a tampon? Fuck.
We have to take the photos still.
Do you think this is a problem?
Oh, my God!
I mean, now my family will
really get to know you, you know.
What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is what?
Marry me?
I'm serious.
You're drunk.
Yeah, but I was sober when I bought it.
I fucking love you so fucking much.
I mean it.
You're everything to me.
And I promise...
if we do this,
we'll do it right, okay?
What do you think?
Oh, my God.
You know, just the rest of your life.
- Okay.
- Okay?
You asshole.
- You are fucking crazy.
- You're crazy.
You're fucking crazy.
- I love you.
- I love you.
That's the wrong finger.
- Oh, shit.
- Yeah.
- Oh, shit, my shoe.
- You couldn't walk in them anyway.
Come on.
We look like we're fleeing
the scene of a murder.
I hope we don't get arrested.
Okay, sorry.
Breakfast burrito.
Cheese. Egg.
- Please, somebody!
- Hey!
We're getting married.
We're getting married.
Hi, Mom.
The political pressure
is not only to help those most in need...
- I wish we could tell the whole world.
- Mm.
...whose votes are important
and strongly contested...
- You want anything from the corner?
- I'm good.
- Okay. Bye.
- See you later.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
How was your weekend, Dax?
- It's good.
- Okay. Emily?
Not bad. Yours?
I didn't do much.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- You lock in those box seats?
- Garden.
How much do I owe you?
Don't worry about it.
Just bring the blonde.
Can't work out if I'm attracted
or repulsed by her.
- For one night, who cares?
- Jesus, man.
- How we doing?
- Just emailed you.
- Luke?
- Moments away, Cap'n.
Pretty good mood for a Monday.
You cut loose this weekend?
Something like that.
Look, Rory,
I think it's undervalued by 20%.
People are going off the hype
of the competing line
but no one's watching Congress.
If this new law passes,
it'll squeeze Vent's position overseas,
leave a nice opening for Sonic,
who sacrificed
the last few months to get up to code.
- A quarter monopoly for new businesses.
- In the fastest growing markets.
- I say we increase by 15%.
- Easy, cowboy.
They struck gold
with the new product line.
They beat everybody. There were lines
around the block on the release date.
What about TOC?
I think the CEO's overstating
what he thinks they'll earn.
I think they miss their figures. Look...
Word is they've got two empty suits
that won't make it till Christmas.
Plus, they dropped the ball
on their launch date last spring.
Not bad.
Crest Capital, this is Jackie.
You fucked me with that stock.
Let's hope earnings save your ass
or I'll be looking for a new analyst.
What is that, old takeout?
Clean that shit up.
Barron called again.
I've scheduled drinks for Thursday, 5 p.m.
And the L.A. meeting is at three.
Our goal is to create
a safer workplace through education.
Today, we are going to focus
on topics such as
diversity and inclusion,
sexual harassment awareness,
conflict resolution,
substance abuse awareness,
and violence prevention.
Fuck you!
Fuck this!
Fuck! Fuck!
- Fuck!
- Fuck me.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Should we pause or...?
Fuck! Fuck! You fucking bastards!
While every new chapter
can be difficult...
And for what,
to make me your fucking lapdog?
Lick your fucking ass?
The first examples
will tackle tone and demeanor.
In this situation, we will see Kevin,
who works for Phil.
Phil is not happy with Kevin.
No! Fuck you!
Get your fucking hands off me!
You fuck off! Get off me!
The fuck you looking at?
Think you'll last another week?
Fuck you all!
Fuck you all!
See you on the other side, motherfuckers!
Fuck you all!
Thought he was gonna jump.
Crest Capital, how may I direct your call?
I cut some fat today, so that
should boost my capital allocation.
Christmas come early now.
I said, Christmas... No, we're not waiting
till fucking Christmas, man.
Third monitor
they've replaced this year.
- You think they'll sue?
- It's not worth the headache.
You never want to get to litigation
and have embarrassing info leak.
- Wall Street Journal test.
- Yeah, fair enough.
Ils vont srement
faire appel un chasseur de tte.
What a fucking day.
Yeah, I know. Shit.
Quinn's office
is like a fucking tornado.
Fuck Quinn,
he always dropped the ball.
Who's gonna step up?
I overheard Big Man on a call.
- No shit.
- Yeah.
He's gonna make PM.
Uh, I think they underestimated the costs
for this one.
I hear
you're taking over for Quinn.
- What?
- Yeah, the guys overheard it on a call.
Probably best to sell now.
- What about my towel?
- Fuck the towel.
- I just washed the sheets.
- I'll wash them again.
Oh, shit, it's my mom again.
Sorry, Mom, can't talk now.
I'm about to get the daylights
fucked outta me.
No, really.
I wasn't making fun of you.
Come on.
Fine, okay.
Jesus Christ.
How did I get so fucking lucky?
Are you talking about me
or your job?
- You're not jealous, are you?
- Stop.
What? Well, that wasn't a no.
Of course it's a no.
If I had to choose between you
and the promotion...
- You'd choose the promotion.
- No, no.
I would sit and think about it,
and probably still choose the promotion.
Just kidding. I'm kidding.
When the fuck are we getting married?
I gotta mark my territory.
Piss on my tree. You're the tree.
We're gonna have to tell them
sooner than later.
Yeah, but, you know.
Till we both have that "fuck you" status,
they're just gonna judge us.
Yeah, but they'll judge me more.
Exactly. You think it's the right time
to admit we're breaking policy?
Just I'd rather tell 'em
before someone finds out.
Now you're afraid of danger?
- It used to turn you on.
- I'm serious.
- I'm serious, too. Once you move up...
- If I move up.
Once you move up,
and we both are at that level,
we can tell everybody
to go fuck themselves.
All right?
No more work talk.
When they
Tell you
That I don't love you
Pay no attention
When they
Tell you
That I don't care
Pay no attention
Em, your phone.
- Fuck.
- What?
It's Rory.
- It can wait till tomorrow.
- Well, he called six times.
Fucking finally.
Sorry I missed your calls.
I was sleeping.
Fuck sleeping. Come on, get up.
Meet me at the Gold Room.
No, next Tuesday afternoon.
Don't go.
- I have to.
- No, you don't.
- Is, uh...? Is Rory...?
- Gone home.
What are you drinking?
Diet Coke.
Um, Macallan 25. Neat. Thanks.
Waiting on my translator.
- You speak Japanese?
- No.
So, Long Island.
Yeah, that's right. Lynbrook.
That's not an easy hole to crawl out of.
Who wants it easy?
It didn't take you long.
Scholarship helped.
Harvard, then Citi.
Your family must be proud.
Well, it's not about them.
- How long have you been with us?
- Two years.
Two whole years.
Do you know how many make it to three?
"Those who are privy to the inner workings
of building a great company
have long understood
that success takes more
than a great idea and a bucket of sweat."
"In fact,
the most entrepreneurial successes
are contingent upon learning the rules
and navigating within one particular box."
I don't know many 17-year-olds
published by The Wall Street Journal.
You're not just navigating the box.
You're running circles around it.
And Rory?
He can't keep up.
You made half the big calls
last quarter alone.
It must be exhausting
for a bird to have to run a mile.
I've gotten used to it.
Well, don't.
So? What'd Rory want?
He wasn't there.
I, uh, I... I met Campbell.
You met Campbell?
At two in the morning?
Did he try anything?
No. No, it's not...
- If he touched you...
- No, he didn't touch me, Luke.
Okay. Well then, just tell me
what the fuck is going on here.
He's promoting me to PM.
I'm... I'm taking over for Quinn.
That's amazing.
I'm sorry.
Why? Don't... You don't... Come on.
I'm so happy for you.
Come here.
I was scared.
Hey, congratulations.
I always knew you'd get here.
And if I've ever been tough on you,
it's only 'cause I care.
I appreciate that.
All right.
Well, I'm always here if you need.
Thanks, Rory.
Makes you wonder
how she got the fast pass.
- What do you think?
- I wouldn't rule it out.
Well, should I just get a sex change?
Yeah, man. I'm just glad
I'm not her fucking analyst.
Reporting to her? Fuck.
- Traded down to 15.
- What happened?
A PR fuck-up.
What makes you think it won't sink to ten?
People are getting it wrong.
It'll be a little rocky for the next
few weeks, but it's not worth trimming.
DFA keeps going up,
against all fucking odds.
Called it.
Nobody called it, not even God.
And Outrite?
Quinn bought it at 26.
Fucking Quinn.
We should sell now and buy in on YData.
The market doesn't understand the stock.
The actual value is clouded
by some drama going on with the CEO,
but it has strong government contracts
and is moving into commercial analytics.
Revenue is up 45%, year-over-year,
and trades at a low multiple
to my forward sales projections.
Do it.
- Where are you with Foster?
- Finishing labor costs.
- Henry, talk to me.
- It's up 3%.
Let's start with Dryft, Throe, and Shor.
Don't want to jump the gun
until we weigh all three.
And you can table
the companies Quinn gave you.
Got it. We should have their earnings
in the next hour.
- Mom.
- Finally!
I've been calling and calling
trying to congratulate you.
I know. Sorry, I'm busy with work.
Work can wait, it's not everyday
you get engaged. Get down!
I hope you didn't tell anyone,
we have to be careful.
Jesus, Em, how much longer
are you gonna hide?
I don't know.
Promise you won't say anything.
Like my orthopedic surgeon's
gonna tell your fucking boss.
Can you do me a favor
and not tell your surgeon?
Consider it an early wedding present.
Don't be so paranoid.
No one gives a shit what you do.
Mom, you don't know
what these guys are like.
They just promoted me.
If they found out I'm dating my analyst...
Wait, what? You got promoted?
Down, I just fed you.
- Yes.
- That's unbelievable.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Well, I've been meaning to.
Well, shit, what a wonderful week
of exciting news!
Gary, get over here
and congratulate your daughter.
Stop it!
I know, get on the phone.
Hi, you've reached Luke.
Leave a message.
Baby, please don't go
You're low on fuel.
Can I buy you another?
Now that you're making more money than me?
Oh, it's like that.
I'm kidding. I'm joking.
Come here.
Let's celebrate.
I'm so fucking proud of you.
You know that, right?
Um, could I get another round
and a vodka soda for the lady?
How you feeling? You okay? Feeling good?
Yeah, you know, I'm still processing it.
Embrace it. It's really exciting.
Campbell didn't...?
He didn't try anything, right?
- I would've told you if he did.
- I know. I know. I know. I know. I know.
I know. I'm sorry.
- Jesus.
- What?
My mom is already planning
the fucking wedding.
Your parents been harassing you?
I haven't told them yet.
Can I get a glass of water?
And one for her.
You know what? I'm gonna just
settle up and get the check, actually.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
I'm gonna help you get the next promotion.
I'm okay. Don't worry about me.
I'm serious.
Who knows
when the next one's gonna be.
I do.
The way Campbell was talking about Rory,
it seems like he's on the chopping block.
If we play our cards right,
I can help you take his spot.
Hey, hey, I appreciate that.
I'll make it on my own.
I know, but it doesn't mean
that I can't help.
Look, this situation isn't what
we expected, but it shouldn't be for long.
I really think
that we can turn this in our favor
and find a way to move you up
at the next opportunity.
You don't have to, like...
I want to. I'll highlight your trade recs
to Campbell.
I'll give you credit
where Quinn never has.
He's a great investor, sure,
but he's fucking disorganized
and he's got no time-management skills.
I don't know how he survived
being an analyst.
How much of the float
does management own?
And how much are they buying back?
Let me dig in. I'll call you later. Bye.
Look into this,
let me know what you think.
I'm still working on the three
from before.
Okay. Make this one the priority.
Do you still want 'em
by the end of the day?
Do you want this or not?
You were right to flag it. They could see
a pretty decent return next week.
There's a couple potential bumps
from other developers but no red flags.
Hey, we're gonna go grab a drink.
Do you wanna join?
Have you heard of Miro? Sequoia backed.
It went public last month.
Some say it's an overhyped unicorn
but Luke sourced it, ran the numbers
and thinks it can reel in sizable returns.
- For an overhyped unicorn.
- When they announced their plans...
Do you know how much
Luke's last unicorn cost us?
Fifteen million.
Put it under a microscope
before you move.
Of course.
But he's here to support your vision,
not steer it.
You coming or not?
- First round's on me.
- Nice answer.
The moron puts in
the wrong number of shares.
It cost him 38 million.
Griffin made the guy write
the correct number on the wall
every hour for the next six weeks.
We didn't finish our conversation earlier.
- About?
- Luke.
I'm sure Quinn never told you,
but he shorted Brick last month,
making up three times for that one loss.
He's made great progress
analyzing performance.
He's sharp, he works hard.
So does my gardener.
- He was a favor.
- A favor?
A friend of mine
pushed him on me.
It'll just make it easier
when he quits on his own.
Well, he's... he's valuable to me.
So is my gardener.
He's got good instincts and made us
some money, but he's not you.
He'll get the message.
They all do.
Everyone has their own rules
guided by their own narrative.
You can let other people
dictate your narrative
or you can choose one that you own.
You have to know
that everybody has the ability
to be convinced of a different truth.
So, how do you turn a decided mind, right?
Somebody who is just so set
on their own version of reality.
How do you get them to not only...
I don't think my key's working.
Em, you're using the wrong one.
Oh, fuck.
- Cocktails were, like, $40 each.
- Mm.
Three sips and you were done.
If we ever want to get out of finance,
we should open a bar like that.
I am starving.
Were these from last week?
I don't know.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry Campbell cut you down like that.
- It's fine.
- No, it's not.
The loss was Quinn's call, not mine,
but I know it's not personal.
It's just his, you know,
tough love approach.
It's a lot of money for a pat on the back.
You already know a lot.
Not necessarily.
Guy's an asshole.
But you don't get far by being nice,
you know.
You're right, that's probably a waste.
You know you have sauce
all over your face?
Well then, be a gentleman, lick it off.
It's late.
Come on, I'll do all the work.
Well then, I guess I'll just have
to lie here and fuck myself.
Okay. Good night.
A squeeze on consumption
that has hit their target
ahead of schedule,
tightening its grip on the market...
At One Crest Capital,
we need to stay ahead of the curve
and in front of every other firm.
Please welcome TJ Sampson,
who will take us through the latest stats.
Now, prior to the crisis,
many economists
suspected that the application
of zero interest-rate policy,
or ZIRP, abbreviated for brevity...
...not necessarily one of my strengths,
in combination
with quantitative easing, or QE,
would lead to market extortion
and runaway inflation.
I got a table at La Mer at eight.
- How?
- Campbell gave me his reservation.
Money isn't as fun
unless you spend it on people you love.
You sure we should risk
being seen in a place like that?
Well, I'm allowed
to buy my analyst dinner.
Discuss investments.
I still have three statements to get
through that I put aside to focus on Miro.
Well, can't you do it tomorrow?
Put more on my plate?
I have to step things up after last night.
Sorry. I thought it would help.
I know, but it didn't.
And now I'm, you know, behind, so.
My lips are sealed.
- What?
- I've seen the way you look at him.
You want to fuck him. I won't tell a soul.
I don't shit where I eat.
Everybody has the ability
to be convinced of a different truth.
So, how do you turn a decided mind?
How do you get them to not only believe
your narrative, your agenda,
your truth, but depend on it?
Make your rules the rules to live by?
I brought you some dessert.
It's bittersweet, just like you.
How was it?
Delicious. Want a bite?
No, I'm okay. Thanks.
Decided to buy in after all.
Yeah, he gives a 10% discount
when you get the whole package.
After spending three grand.
I thought you were a numbers guy.
You know,
it actually would be good for you.
You've always had issues
asserting yourself.
Excuse me?
It wasn't meant to be an attack.
I'm serious,
there's a lot of good tips in here.
I just read a section on appearance and...
Well... Oh, yeah, right.
Okay, never mind.
No, no, finish your thought.
No, that's okay. Just fine. Forget it.
Appearance. Oh, appearance.
"Appearance will heavily influence
someone's opinion
of a business leader's
personality, competence
and capability."
"A person's wardrobe
will help you know your power
and project that power
on to your colleagues."
Is there something wrong
with the way that I dress?
No, there's nothing wrong with it.
Why'd you mention it?
Why...? Why did you mention it?
You know presentation is everything.
- Right?
- And?
How do you expect people
to take you seriously when you dress
like a fucking cupcake?
- Fuck me?
- Correct.
Fuck you, too.
That's why
they don't call you the Oracle.
- Seriously, man?
- Cause.
Expansion costs, weather delays.
But as soon as construction's finished,
we'll be back to...
I think expectations are way out of whack.
Based on...?
Well, industry performance, for one.
I talked to a supplier
and prices are sliding.
I think we should sit tight.
Look to Grove to fill the holes.
Uh, Grove?
Yeah. Sister to Baxter,
but in a zone not disrupted by weather.
I haven't gone
through a complete analysis,
but my gut feeling is to move
to a long position
before others catch wind.
And what if I told you
they were about to get sued?
Pushing back their launch date
till fuck knows when.
How would that align
with your gut feeling?
Or did you just have a bad dream?
Well, L&E's ripping.
Benchmark's a hundred basis points higher...
...new data platform that helps
computer vision teams process work faster.
Not sure they'll last.
Hard to compete with Source and Green.
They're more user friendly,
got excellent sponsorship,
they're trading at a lower multiple of
consensus revenue than both competitors.
- Finish the analysis.
- We should go long.
- Finish the analysis.
- I'm telling you, we should go long.
You're gonna be kicking yourself
for not going in
and then praying for a pullback
that'll never come.
This'll be a good deal
for both of us, okay?
Uh, where the fuck were you?
Buying cigarettes. Why?
Ask your analyst.
25 million?
What the fuck happened?
Everyone thought it was gonna take off.
The technology is cutting edge.
Did you understand the technology
before pushing it?
They completely missed their numbers
right after the close.
I told you twice to finish the analysis
before we made a move.
Every firm was jumping on it.
Millennium, BlackRock, Avenue.
Yeah, well, we're not fucking sheep, Luke.
- Come on, give me a break.
- Got it.
- I'll make it up.
- What'd I tell you?
- I know.
- What did I tell you?
- That you could handle a rug burn.
- This is more than a rug burn.
- I'll fix it.
- Dumb fucking bitch.
Yeah. Yeah, you heard that right.
Want me to say it again?
Dumb fucking bitch!
How's that? All right? Good?
Fuck. Okay.
- Fuck.
- Fuck.
I know.
Look, I need a big win. I gotta move fast.
- Josh, what do you think about M2B?
- Does this trade have any legs?
Yeah, but they rallied from that
countless times.
Okay. Yeah. Fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Come on. Okay.
This is funny?
Is this funny to you?
This is funny?
Yeah, fucking hilarious. Good luck, man.
Hey, Ben. How's it going?
It's Luke from Crest. How are you?
Look, there's a lot of people
talking a lot of shit about your head guy,
and I'm just wondering if, you know,
just between us, you know.
I'm not asking you to do something
you're not comfortable with.
I could help you if I had a better,
uh, more accurate, understanding
of what was going on.
Somebody's gonna hold my hand
Somebody's gonna understand
Somebody's gonna treat me right
And give me lovin' till midnight
Hello, beautiful.
You've got the kinda thing
That I've been thinking of
Uh, can I get a Maker's on the rocks?
You want another?
It's the least you can do.
One wrong move and I'm a fucking joke.
Paul lost 30 million with Square
last month.
- But he made up for it with Blink.
- Yeah. Well, so will we.
- Do you remember Ben from Goldman?
- Barely.
So, he works at Icon now.
I came across a rumor.
I called him to find out if it was true
and he gave me a fucking guarantee.
The CEO is about to step down.
If we short 50,
we can make up for the 15%, at least.
That is not how I want
to make up the funds.
Don't worry, there's enough talk online.
It's basically public knowledge.
I don't care.
I'm not playing with fire after today.
How else do you expect us
to make up for it?
I don't know yet,
I was looking into shorting Spear.
They have a London ruling coming up soon.
- It's twice as risky.
- At least it's not illegal.
They can't prove it if it's everywhere.
Check the forums.
Everybody's talking about it.
this is my fuck-up.
I fucked up.
Let me fix it, please.
You are here beside me
Beside me
I was reading that.
We need to fuck.
- I want to finish my chapter.
- No, too bad.
- Emily.
- What?
- I'm not in the mood.
- I don't give a shit.
Oh, come on.
Look, we haven't even had a chance
to celebrate our engagement.
We need to fuck the shit
out of each other, right now.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just stay with me. Okay?
Come here.
I love you.
I love you.
Tell me how you want me.
Tell me what you want to do to me.
Tell me.
Are you going to fuck the shit out of me?
I want you to fuck me so hard.
I need you to fuck the shit out of me.
What's wrong?
Here, let me.
No, just... Damn it.
- Don't answer.
- I have to.
- It's 12 a.m.
- Campbell.
Thirty seconds.
I'm moving to a short position on Spear
when London opens.
ISDA ruled this was a non-issue.
Yes, but the creditors took them
to a local court in London
and that ruling comes tomorrow.
And the Street?
They're bullish on the stock,
but the debt holders are litigious.
They picked a good jurisdiction.
That court has ruled
in favor of creditors in the past.
How many times?
Pulling a Hail Mary, huh?
I told you not to.
- Look, I'm confident in this one.
- Yeah?
Let's see if it pays off.
And they didn't side
with the British people.
So, how can they keep the company afloat?
In other news,
Neem has opened doors in Singapore,
while OX Global has laid off
more than 2,000 employees.
And in the case of Spear CVS...
...decision will determine whether or not
a debt payment was missed.
The judge, while acknowledging
that proper drafting of the documentation
would have averted this outcome,
has determined that ISDA must adhere
to the letter of the documentation
and is not in position
to exercise discretion over the matter.
We will continue to see
other Spear creditors
consider cross-default provisions,
which will be...
- You did it.
- ...an interesting story.
In the meantime, YB2 announced
$20 million in profits
and the Labour Party is very clear...
Here she is.
I, uh... I should take back
my comment from the other day.
You mean the "dumb fucking bitch" one?
Did I say it like that?
He hopes you'll accept his apology,
and the commission is to your liking.
Hey. Day is done,
so we are taking you for a drink.
- Not tonight.
- Yeah, tonight.
You had a huge day.
Took a big punch, came up shining.
We're gonna celebrate.
Where do you want to go? Nest? Sophie's?
- How about Pumps?
- Fuck off.
- It's funny, I'm being ironic.
- He said fuck off.
Okay. So, nobody has
a sense of humor anymore.
Fine. Next time,
I'll keep my jokes to myself.
You know what? Fuck it.
Pumps sounds great.
Yeah. Is that a problem?
To the ATM I go.
During hazing week at Duke,
the seniors used to bring in
all these chicks to the locker room
and put bags on their heads.
Then they'd bring the freshmen
that just made the hockey team.
They'd match the guys with a girl,
then have 'em fuck 'em in a line.
No, no, it gets better.
So, after this one freshman, he finishes,
pulls the bag off the head
of this chick he just railed...
It's his fucking sister.
- Shut the fuck up.
- It's his fucking sister!
- Swear to fucking God.
- It's fucking sick.
Fuck me.
- Lighten up. It's a dumb story.
- She gets it, she's cool.
- What happened to the sister fucker?
- Left the fucking school.
Left the earth and killed himself.
It reminds me
of these twins at Brown.
- Uh-oh.
- God.
The guy used the Doritos bag
as a condom.
She couldn't even
tell the difference.
How fucking drunk
can you be?
- Were the chips in the bag?
- Jesus!
No. Serious fucking question, man.
Well, at least she was getting fucked.
- Whoa, Jesus.
- Well. Okay.
Enough with the bedtime stories
that are boring me.
somebody switched the light on.
Yeah, all right. Let's go.
Hey. Over here.
Let's get some fucking ass.
There she is!
- Woo!
- Yeah, all right!
- Yeah.
- My God.
- Hello.
- Hey, what's your name?
- Come closer, I won't bite.
- Woo! All right.
No. Don't stop. Make it hurt.
- Got a little candy there.
- Anybody peckish?
Cheers, cheers.
Did you know there's a vegan strip club
in Portland?
Do they serve carrots
with a side of pussy?
No, you just don't eat the pussy.
Just stick to the carrots.
I eat carrots,
they're good for your eyes.
You're using the wrong key again.
All of these keys look the same.
I don't even know where they're from.
Like, why are all these fucking keys
hanging off my fucking ring?
I stopped to get a slice,
and then I pass this taco stand,
and then I didn't know
if I wanted pizza or tacos.
And then this guy was eating a falafel
and I thought,
"Fuck, how great is New York?"
I mean, you can have whatever you want,
all the time.
What is all this shit in my purse?
I had a bite, but if you want some,
it's really fucking delicious.
Rory was telling this scandal
from college.
He said that the seniors
of the hockey team
would line up these girls
in the locker room,
put bags over their heads,
and bring in the freshmen
that had just made the team.
They'd match each of the guys
to a different girl
and they'd make them fuck them,
all in a line.
- I'm gonna go back to bed.
- Wait, wait.
You haven't heard the punch line yet.
After this freshman finished,
he pulls off the bag
and he sees that it's his sister.
He's been fucking his sister.
Oh, my God.
What the...?
Christ, have a sense of humor.
Jesus, you're so stiff.
Speaking of stiff...
- Don't. Emily.
- Come on. What?
- Not now, okay?
- I want it.
- Are you gonna make me beg?
- Don't. Emily, stop.
I promise to help your career
if you eat my pussy.
Jesus Christ.
You're drunk.
You're... You're pathetic, so...
What'd you say to me?
What the fuck did you just say to me?
- I didn't mean...
- You're fucking pathetic.
Prancing around
like the newest member of Beta Phi?
Drinking like there's no tomorrow?
Does that make you feel good? Powerful?
Like one of the boys?
Because I'll tell you something,
you don't look like one of the boys.
You look like the hooker they paid
to keep them company.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear...
The outlook calls for low growth
and rising labor
and materials input costs.
Too much pressure on margins.
We should dump it.
Everyone is selling in a panic.
It's time to fucking buy, Dax.
- Fuck.
- What?
My head's fucking killing me.
I got home at three last night.
Hope I didn't fuck myself
buying B&O this morning.
Hey, speaking of which,
check out these photos.
- Shit. Is that Emily?
- Right?
- Oh, my God.
- She was on one last night.
Girl dropped like five or six grand.
- She's a freak.
- She's such a fucking freak.
A fucking freak.
I fucking told you she's an animal.
All right, tell them
I'll be in a minute. Thank you.
Yo, check out Rory.
Oh, fuck.
Did you see this coming?
Nobody's seen this fucking coming.
The fucking golden boy?
Fucking get the napkins.
Oh no, it's coming.
It's a good-looking office,
- Once they wipe the tears away.
- Yeah, yeah.
They had a rough start.
They didn't exactly hit it out the gate.
Even the slogan became a meme.
And the marketing department
fucked up the launch.
But I think their earnings
will fall far less than people expect.
- A pleasant surprise will lift the stock.
- You need to pitch Campbell.
- I'm sorry?
- Sell him on me.
It needs to happen now.
You want me to pitch
to Campbell directly?
- I'm sorry. Can we call you back in ten?
- Sure, but I should get moving.
- What was that?
- Campbell needs to hear from you.
- Okay...
- It needs to happen now.
How about an apology
before you ask for a favor?
The hooker comment
didn't sit well last night.
- This is time-sensitive.
- So are my feelings.
Are you gonna pitch him or not?
- I don't think it's a good idea.
- Why?
He's not in that headspace.
- Put him in it.
- How?
I don't know. You must have
some influence, you made him your buddy.
- He's not my buddy, he's my boss.
- That's hard to tell.
- You know it's just a game.
- Mm-hm. You play it very well.
- That doesn't sound like a compliment.
- This thing was your idea.
Yes, and I've tried,
but Campbell won't budge, okay?
- You've got a target on your back.
- The fuck does that mean?
- But Avenue is taking resumes.
- Are you fucking serious?
- Luke.
- I'm not quitting.
We both can't keep working here.
- It's killing us.
- If it bothers you, you can leave.
Are you serious,
I'm the one with something to lose.
And I'm not?
Cutting your losses
isn't the same as giving up.
This is our only way out.
There are other firms you can go to.
I don't give a shit. I want this firm.
Maybe this firm doesn't want you.
Like fuck it doesn't.
- Sixty seconds.
- When I'm done.
Nope. Now.
I'll call you back.
Sixty. Go.
April 6th, 2009.
Spring semester at Yale.
You came in
and gave a 40-minute presentation.
No sugarcoating, no aspirational bullshit,
you just laid it all out.
First level thinking, second level
thinking, the traps, the hacks.
You taught me more about finance
in 40 minutes
than I learned in two years at Goldman.
I never knew what I wanted to do
until I met you.
The minute you finished,
I went straight to my counselor,
changed my courses,
my diet, my wardrobe.
I did everything I could
to follow in your footsteps
because all I've ever wanted
is to work for you, learn from you,
and one day, become you.
I never believed in anything growing up.
This firm has become my religion.
You have become my God.
I promise, you give me this opportunity,
I will give you everything I got.
Take this as my oath, my loyalty.
Fuck, if I had a knife,
I would sacrifice my own blood.
Sorry for interrupting.
The, uh, Foster guys are good for seven.
I take it you haven't met Derek.
He's our new PM.
I just poached him from 3G.
He brought them 90 million last year.
- That was a quarter?
- Correct.
Are we all done down there?
Is there anything else
you need to get off your chest?
Tell you
That I don't love you
Pay no attention
When they
Tell you that I don't care
You okay?
Pay no attention
Disbelieve them
Look, I know this is hard.
As for me it could only be one way
I got a heart full of love
A heart full of love
For you
We'll figure it out. I still think
that if I send your resume to Avenue...
- Fuck.
- What?
I'm sorry,
but if you just take an interview...
What to do, ooh
- Fuck. Emily.
- Just ignore her.
It's the fifth time.
We can't talk right now.
Would you stop calling?
Keep Friday night open, okay?
Don't make any plans.
What? Why?
Your father and I are throwing you
a little engagement party.
- I didn't ask you.
- Fuck!
It was supposed to be a surprise.
We're not ready to celebrate yet, Mom.
What do you mean?
Why would you get engaged?
I hate to ruin the surprise,
but your work schedule is crazy.
It's all set, 7 p.m. at Frankie's.
Luke hasn't even told
his fucking parents yet.
What the hell are you talking about?
We just booked the train
and Grandma Lola is flying in.
- Jesus, Mom!
- What?
Don't punish me
'cause you're in a shitty mood.
- I'm trying to do something nice for you.
- Mom.
- Fuck's sake.
- If you had answered my calls...
- What are you doing?
- Have you seen my notes?
- What notes?
- My fucking notes from my book!
No, I haven't.
- Did you clean?
- A little.
- Did you throw 'em away?
- I don't know.
I already took it out.
- Fuck!
- I'm sorry, I guess it looked like trash.
Trash? It's not fucking trash.
It's important to me.
You might as well be throwing away
my career.
This is insane. I know you're upset,
but this stuff is bullshit.
- And it's messing with your head.
- Easy for you to say.
- You had it handed to you.
- I didn't get anything handed to me.
I worked my fucking ass off.
Sure you did.
- Don't answer.
- It's Campbell.
- Mm-mm.
- What the fuck are you doing?
It's fucking late. Establish boundaries.
Set rules to live by
or they'll become his rules to die by!
- Who are you?
- Who am I?
Who the fuck are you?
You're the one catering to an old man
every night.
Do you think he would ask Paul or Tom
to talk until two in the morning? No!
He asked you because he knows
you can't say no, that makes you weak.
Every time you answer,
you're letting him walk all over you.
The only man
I let walk all over me is you.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I have been nothing but supportive.
- I've given you advice.
- Advice I never fucking asked for!
What am I supposed to do?
How am I supposed to act? Okay?
I'm handling everything pretty well,
given the circumstances.
Are you serious?
- You stole my fucking job!
- No, I fucking didn't!
- You said it was me!
- It was just a rumor.
- How do you know?
- Campbell told me!
He didn't want to promote you,
he wanted to fire you
because you're the one who's weak!
Don't know
What to do
Keep telling myself
As for me it could be no one else
'Cause I got a heart full of love
Luke's under the weather.
Fill in for him today?
Hi, you've reached Luke.
Leave a message.
Would you call me back?
I'm trying to cover for you.
Please, Mom, I can't.
What do you want me to do?
Our train arrives at 5:45 tomorrow.
We're gonna check in at the hotel
and head over to Frankie's at seven.
I don't want to be late.
Do you know what you're gonna wear?
- No, I don't.
- Wear something nice. That blue dress.
- Stop! Please, just stop!
- What the fuck did I do?
- Why are you so angry?
- I'm not.
You tell me you're engaged,
then you ignore me.
That's not what I'm saying.
I put in all this effort for what?
What do you want me to do?
Tell Connie and Phil it's because
of some reason you won't tell me about?
- You told his parents?
- Somebody had to.
It should really be their own son,
but he doesn't call his parents.
Hi, you've reached Luke.
Leave a message.
I'm so sorry. You were right.
This promotion has made me stressed
and scared.
I'm not asserting myself, like you said.
I appreciate all of your support.
And I didn't mean
to come off so ungrateful.
I realize how hard this must be for you.
Look, um,
our parents have put a lot of effort
into this party tomorrow night.
So, can you please, just call me back?
We can talk this out.
Hey. Have you heard from Luke?
I've sent him five fucking emails.
- Still under the weather.
- Hit an IV and push through.
I got a fuckton of statements on my desk.
We have
the deepest possible understanding
of the global economy
and financial markets
and translate that understanding
into strong risk adjusted returns
for our clients.
Our five to ten year
track record is in the top 1%,
with a 15-year annualized return
that no other firm
comes close to matching.
Now, Emily will take you
through a play-by-play
and address how we achieve
those magical returns.
Let me just grab my wand.
Depending on your investment horizon
and risk tolerance,
we have a number of target portfolios.
We use various strategies
which focus on fundamental,
technical, and macro approaches
to investing
in the equity markets.
Our active management philosophy
consistently outperforms
the passive equity strategies.
We think very carefully
about the construction of the portfolio,
and employ our proprietary hedge...
I'd never act on anything
I wouldn't do with my own money,
because we treat each client like family.
- We're in a meeting.
- I need coffee.
- There's the machine in the kitchen.
- I prefer this one.
What the fuck are you doing?
Well, our experienced team
have developed a diversified set
of alpha signals...
I don't think they plugged it in.
A thousand-dollar machine
and it doesn't even suck your dick.
- Okay. Why don't I take you on a tour?
- Shit!
- Security.
- Oh, my God. I am so sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm the one who spilled
all over myself. Disgusting.
- Security, please.
- What are you doing? Fuck.
Who the fuck are you to judge me?
To think I'm nothing?
You're fucking nothing.
You think you fell
into one successful company,
that gives you the right to step on people
and treat 'em like shit?
- Luke, stop this.
- You crossed the line.
No, no, no, no! No! No!
You did!
You can only kick a dog
so many times before it bites back!
- Forget security, call the fucking cops!
- Is the shark afraid of the doggy?
You think I need you to get ahead,
to make something of myself?
I don't need you people.
I'm gonna make it on my own skill
and my own merit,
and when I do, I'm gonna run
your fucking company into the ground!
Jesus Christ.
You act like you've got it all
under control.
You can't keep
your own fucking house in order.
You think your employees respect you?
You think fear cultivates respect?
They don't respect you,
they fucking hate you!
Right? Right, everybody? They lie to you!
In fact, your rising star
is the biggest liar of them all!
Did you know she's been breaking
company policy for the last two years
by fucking her analyst?
Don't worry,
it wasn't always a casting couch.
She did promise to promote me
if I ate her fucking pussy!
Oh, security.
- Come on. Let's go.
- I'm leaving.
Thank you. Fuck you.
Hi, you've reached Luke.
Leave a message.
Have you lost your fucking mind?
You want to sabotage your career?
Go ahead.
But you won't drag me down with you.
Hi, you've reached Luke.
Leave a message.
Are you really gonna hide
on the night
of our fucking engagement party?
You know, if you want to break up,
then do it to my face,
you fucking coward!
- Can I call you back?
- Have you heard from Luke?
- Yeah, he left 20 minutes ago.
- Where'd he go?
- That was a question!
- To your engagement party.
Where the fuck do you expect him to go,
fucking Disneyland?
He said he was still going?
What do you mean? He came by to change.
- Wait, are you fucking with me?
- Fuck.
- Em? Are you good?
- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Hey, what's the problem?
Problem? The problem?
The problem is that your brother
is a fucking psychopath!
There she is.
Jesus, Emily.
I got a photographer.
The least you could do is comb your hair.
- Where's Luke?
- The end of the bar.
Take my lipstick and go to the bathroom.
Emily, you look like shit.
- So happy for both of you.
- Congratulations.
Emily, finally!
Now, let me take your coat
and get you a drink.
What are you doing?
Having a drink. What are you doing?
Is this a sick joke?
I thought it'd be rude. Your mom went to
all this trouble, and not show up?
- Can I get another beer?
- Don't you fucking dare.
Are you out of your mind?
Is this how you're gonna end our
relationship, by setting off a bomb?
Boom! People are watching.
Oh, okay. Now you care what people think.
Now you're embarrassed.
- I assumed you were gonna tell 'em.
- Oh! Okay.
So, you want me to play the bad guy?
Fuck that! And fuck you!
Now that we're breaking up, I think
you should be the one to announce it.
Tell everyone why.
- Why?
- Go on. Tell them.
Tell them that this isn't
our fucking engagement party,
it's our fucking farewell party.
- Come on, everyone, let's raise a glass.
- Cheers.
Welcome to the Edmonds family, pumpkin.
I am so happy for the two of you.
And for your career.
I heard about your promotion.
And Luke's promotion.
Can someone say "power couple"?
- I'm sorry, what promotion?
- At your firm.
He said the two of you are working as PMs.
Oh, no, he's not working with me,
he's working for me.
Or... Or he was until I fired him.
Not everybody
gets to fuck their way to the top.
- Luke! What's going on?
- Don't get involved.
Is that what you think?
I don't know.
Late night calls, late night drinks.
I can't say for certain it didn't happen.
Hard working people
don't always get what they deserve.
Maybe you had to do
a little extra convincing.
- Luke, stop!
- Jesus!
She wanted to go there,
let's go there.
Admit it. Admit that's why
he gave you the promotion,
because he thinks you're hot,
he wants to fuck you.
Now, the question is, did you let him?
- Knock it off.
- Enough!
Why else would he ask to meet
in the middle of the night?
Maybe he came on to you
and you didn't know what to do.
Or maybe you capitalized
by getting on your knees,
unzipping his pants, opening your mouth
and sucking his fucking cock!
Oh, fuck!
- Sweetheart!
- Oh, my God.
- Sweetheart!
- Jesus.
- Luke?
- Emily!
- Let him go. Just leave them.
- Where are you going?
Emily! Where are you going?
You think you earned your job?
Really? You think you earned your job?
It had nothing to do with you.
They needed a fucking woman to look good.
I got the job because I sucked some dick
or because I checked a fucking box?
Have you completely lost it?
Do you even recognize yourself?
- Look in the fucking mirror.
- No, no. You look at yourself.
You act like some
big fucking swinging dick?
For what, making the rich richer?
- You think that makes you a fucking hero?
- I never went into this to be a hero.
And neither did you, so don't judge me for
working a system you can't fucking hack!
I never got the shot!
Do you have any idea what that feels like?
To be treated as so irrelevant,
like a fucking cord waiting to get cut?
- If you were in my position...
- I was in your position!
And I fucked you on the night
that we thought it was yours!
- You weren't jealous?
- I wasn't threatened!
- You don't get it.
- No. No, you don't get it.
Why is it so hard to accept
that I was doing better?
Why is it so hard to accept
that I deserved that job?
Why can't that just be okay?
Why does everything have to depend
on whether you make it to number one?
- Get out of my face.
- No, you're a fucking coward.
You're a fucking coward, Luke.
And I'm a fucking idiot
for trying to save you from yourself.
Is that how you want to prove me wrong?
Can't beat me at the office.
So, go on.
Go on.
Show me what you need to.
Prove what kind of man you think you are.
Get off me!
I hate you! I hate you!
I fucking hate you!
I hate you.
I hate you.
Oh, fuck!
Luke, that hurts.
Luke. Luke, stop!
Luke. Fuck.
I looked for you
All over town
All over town
I'm gonna start from the beginning.
And I want to be completely honest.
I think it's important
that you know everything.
He's been stalking me for months.
And I've rejected him over and over,
not just because it's against policy,
but because I've never had
any feelings for him.
But he's never been able to accept that.
It started with some flirting,
suggestive comments.
And before I knew it,
he was following me to work,
showing up at bars and parties.
Making up these stories,
telling people we were in love,
that we had this whole life together.
It's sick.
I wanted to report him, but...
I was afraid of how unstable he was.
I thought he might try
to hurt himself or...
hurt me.
We all do filthy things.
Disgusting things. We all...
We all step in shit.
But we leave it there.
You don't trek it back into the office.
All the money in the world...
All our clients want is a clean floor.
You let Human Resources mop it up.
You let them worry about the story.
You got more important things to focus on.
No firm will touch him
after the stunt he just pulled.
He's done.
It's all irrelevant.
Let it go.
Move on.
It's imperative
you begin to look at everything
as a potential catalyst
for investment opportunity.
I can help you mold that way of thinking.
But it will always be up to you to show us
your ambition and your initiative.
If you adapt to that way of thinking,
the world will be your oyster.
Have a seat here. This'll be your spot.
Put in the password
they gave you downstairs.
I'll come check on you
in a little while. Welcome.
So, I spoke to Jane, um...
She's willing to break the lease.
Theo said I could crash with him
until the end of the month.
Uh, so...
You can stay here
until you find another place.
I bought the dining table,
the cabinets and the bookshelves.
I know the coffee table and the...
dresser are yours.
I scheduled the moving company.
I'll pay them to pack up
the rest of my belongings.
If they have any questions,
they can call me, I, uh...
I have a flight in the morning, but...
I'm going to SF to meet
with my brother's boss.
He's interested in giving me
some seed money to start my own company.
Why waste my time climbing the ladder
when I can just start my own firm?
He thinks his partner might be interested
in investing too, which...
You think I give a fuck?
Why aren't you apologizing?
Why aren't you begging for forgiveness?
Have you seen my face?
- Emily...
- No.
- No, take... take a good look.
- You weren't an innocent bystander.
I seem to recall you smashing
a beer bottle over my head.
And you slammed my face into a sink
and raped me.
Raped you?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Then how did I get this?
And that?
And, uh, this?
I told you to stop, and you kept going.
Okay, look,
we both got carried away that night.
Let's leave it at that. All right?
Let's not.
You... You sit here,
suddenly acting normal...
after terrorizing me.
- What are you doing?
- After cutting me down,
day after day?
And you think that I'm just gonna let you
walk out that door like nothing happened?
- Okay, just stop!
- You tried to ruin my job, my reputation.
What do you want me to say?
I want you to get on your fucking knees
and beg for mercy.
Ow! Fuck!
- Fuck!
- Say, "Emily, please."
- Say it! Say, "Emily, please."
- Emily, please.
- Say, "Emily, I'm sorry."
- Emily, I'm sorry.
Now cry.
- What?
- Cry!
'Cause if I can't make you cry,
I'm gonna make you bleed.
Ow! Fuck!
- Cry!
- Fuck!
What the fuck?
- Say, "I'm sorry I hurt you."
- I'm sorry I hurt you.
- "I'm sorry that I raped you."
- I'm sorry I raped you.
Say, "I'm nothing."
I'm nothing.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, I fucked up.
I fucked up so bad.
I don't know what happened.
It wasn't me, I swear.
You know it wasn't me.
I'll do anything.
Tell me what I can do to make it okay.
I'm so sorry.
I will do anything
to make it okay for you.
Now, wipe the blood off my floor
and get out.
I'm done with you now.
There is love
When a baby first cries
Then there's love
That can light up the sky
And there is love
Like my love for you
Oh forever so true
- That no one
- No one
- No one
- No one
On this earth could undo
And there is love
That you see on the movie screen
And then there is love
That's just in between
Then there is love
Like my love for you
Oh forever so true
- That no one
- No one
- No one
- No one
On this earth could undo
There are many loves
That lives on in history
But the love of all time is yours
And what it does to me
There is love
And among us, tender care
And then there's love
Like the kind I hear
In my love's prayer
And there is love
Like my love for you
Oh forever so true
- That no one
- No one
- No one
- No one
On this earth
Could undo
- I said that no one
- No one
- No one
- No one
On this earth
Could undo