Fair Wind to Java (1953) Movie Script

'This is a story of the East Indies
in 1883.
'When, in the calm
and beautiful Java seas,
'there occurred the most
terrifying spectacle
'nature has ever presented
to the sight of man.
'The islands were accustomed
to volcanoes,
'but not to anything like Krakatoa.
'That island - 3,000 feet high -
blew in half,
'exploding with a report heard
5,000 miles away.
'And set up a tidal wave which drowned
50,000 people on nearby islands.
'About three weeks
before that terrible event,
'an American ship
was sailing the Java seas.
'She was the Gerrymander, commanded
by a Captain Boll of Boston. '
Mr Flint!
Break out the royals. In this wind,
sir? Break out the royals!
I'm responsible to Culver & Adams
for the safety of their ship.
If the masts carry away,
that pirate will have us.
If we don't set the royals,
he'll have us anyway.
You're first mate on this ship.
Now, pass the word. Aye, sir.
Break out the main royal!
The main royal!
The old man's really piling it on.
I hope she holds together. It's
better than being caught by pirates.
The schooner's getting mighty close.
O'Brien, when you've done that,
come aft.
We'll set up our signal guns
with cannon balls. Aye, sir.
Get the signal cannon on deck.
Aye, sir.
We'll give Mr Pulo Besar
a taste of his own medicine.
That fire-water spoils your aim,
Mr Wilson.
Elevate the muzzle.
More! More! Secure it.
Steady as she goes, Mr Reader.
That'll slow him up.
Set a course sou' by sou'west
for Surabaya. Sou' by sou'west!
A great man!
A great man has to have a heart.
He's got a big heart!
He'd never give up.
Not when there's money involved!
Or his ship, Mr Wilson.
You wouldn't strike the bosun. It's
mutiny. Against the laws of the sea.
Well, Mr Flint? Just this, Captain.
Why was Pulo Besar on our trail?
For the usual reason, I imagine.
A pirate wanting to gather
some loot Is that all?
Yes, that was all.
If you weren't an agent for
Culver & Adams, I'd throw you off!
Since I am an agent for Culver & Adams,
you'll tolerate me. You can leave now.
Remember that unless you show a
profit from this ship in six weeks,
you'll be without a ship.
And you'll be Captain?
I wouldn't object if I were.
It'd almost be worth it
to see you struggling.
You're too new to know it, but the Dutch East
Indies is not encouraging to non-Dutch traders.
An American has to be a genius to show a
profit. Nevertheless, Culver & Adams expect one.
Your boat's ready, sir.
Where's he going
this time of night?
It has to do with a letter
he got from Macassa.
You got my message? Yeah.
I must speak quickly.
Tuan, this is part of the
Peterson treasure. Here, take it.
It is one of the 10,000 diamonds.
You can see from the size.
Tuan, since you saved my life
from sharks three years ago...
Get on with it, Gusty.
What about the diamonds?
Yes, Tuan.
You give me present - my life.
Now I give you present.
The ring will help you find
hidden diamonds.
They follow me, Tuan... Sshh.
Who follows you?
Men from Ebenezer the Saint.
Go to harbour. Find Chinese unk.
Chinese captain, Ha-Patu.
Double-sized man.
Buy secret cargo.
He will sell for big price.
Secret cargo give clue you seek.
I must go now.
It is death to be seen with me.
So the traitor waits for his death
in fear and trembling.
Very appropriate for a traitor.
He's making too much use of his
breath. Squeeze the rest out of him.
You killed him.
I wouldn't use that, Captain Boll.
I have a little influence
with the Dutch. It would be murder.
It'd be your word against mine,
and I'm a respected trader here.
You'd never trade again in the Dutch
East Indies, and you might hang.
You seem to be forgetting, Captain,
you are a foreigner here.
The dead man is only a native.
Yeah. He's only a native.
Now, I'd like to give you
some advice.
I don't know how much
he had told you,
but you'd be wise to forget
the Peterson diamonds.
And I warn you, that
if you cross my trail again,
you'll end up as your friend did.
I'll cross your trail again,
Ebenezer, then you'll pay for this.
Ha-Patu? Me Ha-Patu.
I've come to trade.
Late night for trading.
I understand
you have a secret cargo.
Secret? Nothing secret. Who are you?
I'm Cpt Boll of the Gerrymander.
I know a man named Gusty.
That's the secret cargo? Yes.
There's a law here against slavery.
Who shall know about girl?
What would I do with a...?
How much?
Very high value. Dancer.
Sultan's palace.
100 guilders.
Crazy man! Absolute no less 700!
I cut my neck and Kim Kim too first!
Before I sell Kim Kim 400,
I cut neck. I finish. I finish!
Go ahead. Cut her throat.
450. No more.
Crazy man. Stealing. Robbery.
All right.
I get chest to carry Kim Kim.
Man to help. Chang!
Take to Dutch gunboat.
Give to sentry. Say nothing.
Jess, give us a hand here.
Careful with it, lads.
It's a souvenir from Surabaya.
Pretty heavy, ain't it?
Yeah. Probably a dancing girl
for the captain!
Put it over there in the corner.
That's all, boys.
Come on.
Put them on.
Mala hangan dulan hangan?
Hm... Dulan hangan?
What does it mean?
It's not Malay, is it?
So you spoke English all the time.
Yes. My father was white.
A slave-girl speaking English!
I am not a slave girl!
I was a dancer.
You buy me because you like me?
Sure. Sure I like you.
That bracelet...
It's a volcano, isn't it?
What does it mean?
Only a design. A volcano.
Kim Kim, have you heard
of a Dutch ship called the Peterson?
It sunk 200 years ago
with diamonds on board.
Many times I have heard
of the Peterson.
Everyone knows in Bali
where I was a small girl.
Have you ever heard of an Australian
called Saint Ebenezer?
Saint Ebenezer?
No, Tuan.
Tuan! It's an earthquake.
It can't harm us on board.
Yes? Captain,
about the earthquake... I know.
Just a minute, Captain.
What about the Peterson diamonds?
Sounds interesting.
You were listening?
The shipping line would like
to hear, so would the authorities.
Slavery being a crime round here.
Come out here.
Mr Flint, I ought to throw you
in the brig. But you won't.
You wouldn't do that to a partner.
A partner?
All right.
Our next stop is Bali, as soon as we
load cargo. The girl came from Bali.
Maybe we'll find something there.
Break out the topsails. Aye, sir.
Haul around the headyards.
Break out the topsails!
Dutch ship of war
puttng out after us, sir.
Looks like they're going
to board us. Yes, sir.
Back the mainyards, Mr Flint.
Mr Wilson, mainyards to back!
Is our "cargo" all secure?
Don't worry, Mr Flint. It will be.
Captain Boll?
Yes. We're bound for Bali.
I have a warrant to search the ship.
Search away, Lieutenant.
Search ship!
No luck? No. Why do you think you'll
find a runaway dancing girl here?
Or do the Dutch always
suspect Yankee traders?
We cannot disclose our sources, or discuss
the policies of the Netherlands East Indies.
I'll save you time. You won't find the
girl. Thank you, we must search anyway.
Very well, Captain.
We found no trace of the girl.
We are sorry we have detained you.
What did you do?
Throw her overboard?
No, but I still hope
she doesn't drown.
We'll find out as soon as possible.
Did she drown?
I've got her in a half-filled
water cask on deck.
Hasn't she made a sound? Not yet.
I spoke too soon.
Look what we've got here!
Let's divide her up.
Not so fast. What's happening here?
Ahab and I
saw the cask move, sir.
Yes, sir.
It was jumping about
So we opened it, and there she is.
Stowaway, huh?
The Dutchies were looking for her.
We'll treat her like a human being.
Put her ashore, Captain. The boys
may want to play cribbage with her!
This girl is our passenger to Bali.
She'll take your quarters, Wilson.
Show her, Flint. Aye, sir.
See she gets some dry clothes.
And you men...
If any of you lays a hand on her,
you'll answer to me, understand?
A likely story he's telling us.
Stowaway, huh? I say he knew
she was in there all the time.
Stop picking on the lad like that!
Or your noggins will be knocking
on the deck like a heathen drum.
I'm telling you
what he says is gospel truth.
Besides, he wouldn't be fooling with
a woman on his own blinking ship.
Aye, there's no money
to be got from women!
A shape like Venus de Milo.
Ahab? Do you think
we brought her aboard in the chest?
Well, I'll be damned,
maybe so!
It's too bad.
What is?
Just like I read in a book -
"chercez la femme. "
It means look out for the lady.
She'll get him in trouble.
He's right. Cherchez la femme.
# The anchor is weighed
and the sails they are set
# Away! Heave ho!
# The girls we are leaving,
we'll never forget,
# And we're bound for the open sea
# Away, love, away
# Away! Heave-ho!
# So fare thee well
to my pretty young girls
# And we're bound
for the open sea. #
Here. This'll warm your inside.
# Away! Heave ho! #
Don't worry about the men.
They won't bother you.
As long as you stay below.
I don't worry about the men on deck.
You got me wrong.
Being Captain is a job to me.
When I'm on board, I work at it.
When I'm on leave... it's different.
You drink like the men on deck.
I only drink on special occasions.
You're a beautiful girl, Kim Kim.
You'd better go to your cabin.
Stay off the deck.
Come on.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Well, Captain?
Did you get any information?
No, it'll take time.
Perhaps you just like her company.
It's trouble when a pretty woman
comes aboard, but it's necessary.
There's a secret in her head.
And we want to get it. Yes, sir.
#.. Oh, my darling!
# I was sitting by the river... #
What's this rotgut made out of?
Hot coals?
You big bozo. You just
don't appreciate good hooch.
That's made out of beautiful
palm trees, my good man.
Beautiful, like Bali dames.
Hey, don't go wasting good liquor!
#.. In my old New England home
# Where I whiled
many happy hours away... #
Sir! Kim Kim's on deck.
Mr Reader is...
On the quarterdeck!
Rig a bosun's chair.
Put him under ten times.
Don't drown him or let
the sharks get him. Aye, sir.
I told you to stay off the deck.
I'm the captain
and you'll do as I say!
Get to your cabin and stay there!
Who is it?
Captain Boll. Come in.
The sarong is very beautiful.
Thank you, Tuan.
When I got them in the casbah, I
never thought you'd be wearing them.
Looks good on you.
We stand in at Bali
the day after tomorrow.
We'll do some trading
with the Rajah Plankan.
The Rajah...?
Oh, he mustn't see me.
He's a very bad man. I will
stay on the ship and hide. Why?
I was a dancing girl in his court.
Dancing the gong.
After the men killed my father...
He brought me from Sanua,
where I was born.
But my mother took me
and we ran away.
After that, you went to Banjamass?
Yes. In a village.
The Sultan saw me dance and wanted
me to dance in his court.
One night, Mother went out..
and never came back.
No-one knew about it,
the Sultan said.
He came to see me and...
I ran away from him.
But the Chinese man caught me
and made me a slave.
They beat me and sold me!
Why do I have to tell you this?
You don't have to.
Just one thing, Kim Kim...
Did the Sultan ever mention
the Peterson diamonds?
Peterson diamonds!
No, he never did!
You always ask me -
Peterson diamonds!
You don't like me!
You have a cold heart like ice!
Get out! Wait a minute... Get out!
She's a hot-tempered devil.
Maybe you're not doing it right.
I don't know
what she was angry about
She's from Sanua in Southern Bali.
Perhaps we'll find something there.
Come in.
It's a fine day. Do you want to go
on deck and get some fresh air?
Yes, but.. It's all right.
I'll stay by you.
It is a beautiful day, isn't it?
Kim Kim?
I don't want to ask questions now,
but I've got to know this.
This ring.
It's mine.
It's yours?
They took it from me.
Where did you get it?
Never mind where I got it.
Here. You've got it back.
Thank you, Tuan.
That's a volcano, isn't it?
The same as your ankle bracelet.
Yes. What does it mean?
I don't know.
All I remember is my mother gave it
to me in the temple on the mountain.
A temple on a mountain? Where?
I was a little girl then.
How can I remember?
Try to think!
You, Captain... you only think
of the Peterson diamonds.
So you can get money.
Yes, I want money.
I'll tell you why. I went to sea
as a cabin boy when I was ten.
I was raised with the lash
and the whip.
At 16, I was an able-bodied seaman,
pulley-hauling on a slippery deck
and clawing canvas on a boom.
I lived on hard tack
and slept on a wet bunk.
Then I was a ship's officer, making
men move by will and bare knuckles.
And drove some learning into myself.
Then I had command of my own ship,
except she isn't really mine.
All my life I've dreamed
of owning a ship like this,
and now I've got a chance to do it.
I'm not going to miss it!
I will try to help you, Tuan.
I will try to remember.
Get a chair for Miss Kim Kim
from my cabin.
Stand by and see she's all right.
Anything new from the girl? Not yet.
What if the Dutch board us again?
It's worth the risk.
Don't let personal feelings mar your
judgment. Let me handle this, Flint.
I know it is very important to you,
About the Peterson diamonds.
Captain, I have remembered something
about the ring and the bracelet.
My mother gave them to me
on the island where there
is a temple to Vishnu, the fire god.
She told me Vishnu was given
the Peterson diamonds to keep.
Diamonds are sun and fire -
the same as Vishnu.
His island is the fire island.
The big volcano!
Men are afraid to go there.
The high priest took the diamonds
there as an offering.
My father took the high priest
to the island on his ship.
Later, the pirates
caught my father...
.. tried to make him tell.
He wouldn't.
They hurt him too much...
till he died.
I'm sorry.
This island with the volcano?
Where is it?
We sailed between two big islands
to go to the small island,
where the temple is.
Where there any towns near there?
Like Surabaya or Batavia?
I do not remember.
But I do remember...
a big light on a tall house.
Near the fire island. A big light?
Kim Kim, did the light flash
on and off?
Was it a lighthouse, maybe?
Yes. Lighthouse.
Tall, like the cliff at Zanor.
Maybe white like the moon.
I remember... a big cross on top.
A cross?
That sounds like Sunda Light.
I'll get a drawing
in the chart house.
What is this, Mr Flint?
A readjustment, Captain.
A readjustment? Looks like mutiny.
When a captain becomes mentally
unbalanced and unfit for command,
the First Officer may replace him.
Get out, unless
you want to end up on a rope.
The owners of the line
will stand by me.
You wouldn't have the guts
to use that, even with a reason.
Oh, wouldn't I?
As for reason, your insanity about
this girl will do. Kidnapping her.
Exposing us to the penalties
for slavery. With good reason.
Good reason? A scheme to find
some sunken treasure.
You told the men about the diamonds?
I told them your trumped-up yarn.
About the girl having information
about imaginary diamonds.
Mr Blue, conduct Captain Boll
to the brig. Just a minute.
The crew should know the diamonds
are not imaginary.
The girl just confirmed they exist.
And gave me the location. Nonsense!
Mr Blue. Perhaps the captain...
No treachery here. Come, Captain.
None of your tricks. No tricks. Only
to offer the crew half the treasure.
The half that would have been yours.
Hear that, lads!
Get Flint out of here.
Throw him in the brig. Aye, sir.
You heard me correctly. I'll forget
this and give you half the bounty.
We're with you, Captain. All right.
Mr Blue, you're First Mate.
Good officers are scarce
in these parts.
Mr O'Brien will be bosun.
Mr Wilson, as of now,
you're an able-bodied seaman.
Live up to the name.
The girl remembers the island
where the diamonds are.
It's between Java and Sumatra
near Sunda Light.
With her help, we'll get there.
Back to your watches. Mr Blue,
set nor'west by nor'. Aye, sir.
I'm afraid. There's nothing
to be afraid of now.
The fire god...
The diamonds belong to him.
I don't think the fire god
will get angry, not with you.
No, I...
I fear for you.
The fire god, he may kill you.
I love you.
Starboard bow!
Pirates. It's Pulo Besar again.
The black flag.
It's him all right - Pulo.
Put all sail on her.
You take her forward.
Mr O'Brien get that signal gun fast.
We'll show Mr Pulo.
Helmsman, keep her on full!
We won't make it. Get back to your
job. Get some forward canvas on.
- The captain's in the wreckage!
- Get him out
They'll cut us to ribbons if we
don't heave to. Strike the colours.
Are you all right, sir? Yeah.
The mizzen's gone, sir.
We can still make it.
Who struck the colours? I did, sir.
Run them up again!
Too late, sir, pirates alongside.
Get off me!
Don't touch me!
Get off me!
You offered little resistance,
Last time you did well
with the signal cannon.
You must have been asleep.
We have no cargo to interest you.
You have a cargo which interests me
exceedingly. Or rather, a passenger.
A seagull or a ray?
A dancer named Kim Kim.
Do not try to protect her.
My men will find her.
The Dutch Navy will be after you.
The Dutch Navy doesn't know where
my capital city is. I do as I wish.
Come out from behind that mask...!
Silence, dog!
I'd kill you in a moment,
and all your crew.
I need some information first.
I won't tell you anything, Pulo!
Your insolence will cause you pain.
So, you had no passengers?
Now, you men! We did not kill you or your
captain because I intend to question you.
But we will kill you
if you try to escape.
So you will quietly do
as you are told.
You will sail this ship,
under guard, to my harbour.
I think we're coming
into Pulo Town.
The Dutch have a reward to find this
place. Can we remember where it is?
He may understand our lingo.
I'll check him.
You very stupid, huh?
Ya... stupid!
Let's see what we can...
if we get out alive.
Rargh! Rargh!
Mr Blue has been very co-operative.
So has Flint, the man in your jail.
I'm not surprised. I'm going to
let you bring the ship to anchor.
I'm sure you don't
want anything to happen to it.
Do you think they'll kill us?
You want to live all your life?
Don't worry, we'll get out of it.
Bring him.
Gentlemen, please be seated.
There will be dancing and arak
for my new friends,
who have so wisely decided
to join Pulo Besar.
Mr Blue, I bet you wish
you had your other eye.
Confidentially, Mr Wilson,
this is exactly
the kind of place I lost it in.
Release her.
Savage! You will pay for this.
Kung, take her. As her where the
Peterson diamonds are. Question her!
Girl, you will answer him
or you will bleed for it.
Tie her.
You say where diamonds are. No!
Captain Boll will have the diamonds.
Then you bleed.
Now you tell, eh?
Idiot! You've killed her.
No, Tuan, she live.
She no tell about diamonds.
As usual, you overdid it. I wanted
you to teach her respect for me.
Your methods didn't work with
the mother either. Take her down.
Bring her upstairs. I have more
intelligent ways of handling her.
You seem surprised
by the wealth of my surroundings.
I happen to enjoy
living in the utmost luxury.
It is my privilege and my right.
Where's the girl? Confinement has
not broken your resistance... yet.
Where's the girl?
I suppose you're wondering
why I didn't send for you sooner.
I thought I'd need some information
about the diamonds,
but that will not be necessary.
The Balinese dancer, with
treatment, has been co-operative.
What do you mean?
I simply threatened to kill you...
.. and the girl told me about the diamonds, and
promised to lead me to them if I let you live.
With this leverage, I'm sure
she will remember the rest.
Such is the power of love.
I'd forgotten what power it had.
I'm glad she reminded me.
You are a strong, resourceful man,
but love, passion is a weak spot
in your armour.
I want to see what's behind this!
No! No!
You might have been killed for that.
There's a little honour
even among hypocrites -
of which
I am an outstanding example.
I promised the girl I wouldn't
kill you, so I won't,
but I'm going to be hypocritical
about it.
Since you know who I am,
I should kill you,
but I have my hypocritical promise,
so I'll keep you in prison instead.
You've got it all figured out Yes.
If you should fall sick and die
during your captivity,
that won't be my responsibility.
I shall keep my promise.
And Kim Kim will do what you want.
Don't worry. I'll be gentle.
I learned this with another member
of her family, her mother, Bin-tang.
Once, she was a beautiful woman,
but I wanted the secret she knew -
the secret of the diamonds.
I was too impetuous.
Madness came first.
You're lower than I thought.
And you're more emotional.
You see, I've learned my lesson
with regard to force with women.
I've had success with Kim
by being gentle.
I don't want to hear!
I'm disappointed.
I thought you had more self-control.
Incidentally, Mr Wilson, Mr Blue
and Mr Flint are joining me.
They will sail the Gerrymander
under my flag. Snake!
Captain Badala. Everything ready?
Reasonably so.
We should sail before sundown.
How about the girl? She's depressed.
Perhaps seeing her mother
has upset her.
The Americans? They are on the prow.
Kung, guard the girl carefully. Stay
with her at all times. Yes, Tuan.
Stand by her door till we sail.
I don't know how
to fight like this.
Good. There'll
be more interest.
Here comes one of the guards.
Good boy! That's what I call boxing!
Come on, lads! Come on!
Good work, lads!
Let's get to the ship!
I'll get the girl first.
Hey, Captain, look!
Have you got the telescope?
Captain, they've got the girl.
We'd better get back to the ship.
You two stay with me,
the rest of you get to the boats.
Sounds like trouble at the boats.
Get down there.
Man the boats, everybody!
Man the boats!
Come on.
Head for the stern! We'll climb
the wreckage of the rigging.
Throw him overboard!
Ahab, search the ship.
See if any more are aboard.
Secure this mizzen rigging.
Mr O'Brien.
You're now my First Mate. Aye, sir.
Reader, take the forward watch
and set the headsail. Aye.
Captain, more of them coming!
Grab a rifle. We'll hold them off.
Chop that line and set the sail!
That did it. They're turning back.
Mr O'Brien, stand by to haul anchor.
Aye, sir.
Keep firing, in case
they change their minds.
Good work, lads.
How's your ammunition? A few rounds
left. We may need it later. Sir?
Did you see that fort? I saw it
on that point of land as we came in.
Yes. We'll have to pass under its
guns. They may not know we escaped.
Ahab and I watched closely
as we came in, we can help. Good.
You stand by the helmsman.
Tell Ahab to stand by. Aye, sir.
Signal from the bow, Mr O'Brien.
Turn two points to starboard.
Two points to starboard, it is.
I hope.
Will the fort fire, Captain?
Maybe not Chances are they haven't
had word from the village.
I hope the messengers are tired,
sir. Yeah.
He's a cool one.
Who, the captain? Yeah.
Aye. Except when it comes
to that skirt.
He only used her to get information
about the diamonds. Maybe.
He's a tough one. But I still think
he'll be grabbing that dame back.
Only if he needs more information,
Mr O'Brien. Haagh!
We showed them a clean pair
of heels, lads!
Mr O'Brien?
Set a nor'west by west.
For Batavia, Captain?
Is it more trading,
now the girl has gone?
Not Batavia, Sunda Strait.
We'll catch Mr Pulo
and then go after the diamonds.
Oh, no!
I mean, aye-aye, sir. Mr O'Brien!
Put a work party on the mizzen. Get
all the sail out of her you can.
May saints preserve us!
16 knots, sir. Good.
The mizzen will hold, Mr O'Brien?
Just like new, sir, if not better.
The barometer's been falling.
Might be a storm.
That's when we gain time -
in a blow. We'll make the ship, sir.
The mizzen might carry away, sir.
It'll hold all right, Mr O'Brien.
He drives this ship, eh?
I'm wondering about one thing. What?
When we catch Pulo, what are we
going to do? He's got cannons.
The captain will figure it out
He will at that!
If the ship will last that long!
Reckoning fixed on Sunda Light.
I can see it, but no sign of Pulo.
It's Pulo, all right. Shorten
canvas, Mr O'Brien.
We'll lie out of cannon range, and
let him lead us to the diamonds.
Reader! Send your boys up
to take down the rolling sails.
Watch out there! Haul in the sails!
Haul in the sails!
Come here, girl
Don't be afraid. Give me
your ankle-bracelet, please.
The Krakatoa kali. No!
Captain Boll is still a prisoner
at my palace.
He will suffer if you don't obey me.
Gerrymander off the starboard.
Kung, get the girl below.
It's Boll.
We can attend to him with cannons.
Captain Badala, you know better
than that.
He won't come within cannon range.
He'll follow us. We won't catch him.
His broken sail's all restored.
Clever work. He must have flown
to get here so quickly.
Well, Mr Blue, what do you suggest?
You know him.
If we can't catch him or outrun him,
let's lose him after dark.
He doesn't know the way.
Only as far as Sunda Light.
He doesn't know the island the girl
talks about - Krakatitoe.
I can rig a spinnaker
out of your extra mainsail.
Give her a few more knots and we
can give him the slip. Good idea.
Tell Kung to keep the girl
below decks.
Seems a capable man - Mr Blue.
But utterly untrustworthy.
He's useful for the moment, unlike the
others. Wilson's too fond of alcoholic spirits.
Would you propose
to lose them overboard? Exactly.
Ah, Mr Wilson.
We were just speaking of you.
I have a message from Mr Blue.
Where are the extra mainsails,
your honour, St Ebenezer...?
Sir Pulo?
Sometimes I just don't know
who you are!
The sails are in the forward locker.
Forward locker.
Aye, sir.
I don't think he overheard
our plans for him.
Krakatoa. What a curious name
for a volcanic island.
It almost sounds
like a volcano going off.
Let's go to the chart room
and map out our course.
Pulo has some canvas on his deck.
He's going to rig an extra sail.
They'll never sail as fast as Boll.
They'll probably try to lose us
after dark. There's no moon.
We can't go in close enough
to see him.
Not without getting blown up!
Right! We'll follow with a longboat.
Paint the sail black,
so it won't show.
I'll carry a lantern shaded on
one side and signal you. Aye, sir.
That'll be all right.
Lower it down and secure it.
It's about ready, Captain.
It's a funeral boat you've got
I hope not I need a crew of two.
You, Jess and you, Ahab -
you've got sharp eyes. Yes, sir!
Look sharp for that lantern tonight,
Mr O'Brien.
We shove off in five minutes.
Otherwise it'll get so dark,
we'll lose them.
The light's moving to starboard.
Give it one more point to starboard.
What's that? Huh?
Sounds like somebody swimming.
Heave to! It's me! Wilson!
Keep your eye on the ship, Jess.
You don't have to follow Pulo.
I know where he's going.
If this is a trick...
It's no trick. I swear it.
Quickly now. Where is this place?
Krakatoa. That's the name. Krakatoa.
The girl says the diamonds are
there, but she can't remember where.
Pulo thinks she'll remember.
"Krakatoa, a small volcanic island.
Also known as Fire Island.
"The volcano has been dormant for
100 years, but earthquakes occur.
"This explosive type of volcano
is dangerous. "
The girl talked about a fire god
guarding the diamonds - the volcano.
Mr O'Brien, set course for Krakatoa.
Pile on all the canvas she'll take.
We'll make her fly like a bird!
If you've lied to me about this,
I'll choke the life out of you!
Sir, the American, Wilson,
has disappeared. Disappeared?
Have you searched the ship? Yes.
Well, perhaps
he slipped off the deck.
It's better. Saves us the trouble
of pushing him over.
The horizon to the rear is empty.
No sign of Captain Boll
or the Gerrymander.
How long before we reach Krakatoa?
We should be in sight of it.
Except for the morning mist.
We'll see Krakatoa from a distance
if the volcano is active.
A pillar of smoke.
It's not really dangerous?
It's not REALLY dangerous,
but it cannot be guaranteed.
I trust our good luck continues.
Take a look with this.
See if you remember anything.
Is the temple on the peak
the temple of the fire god?
Yes, I remember. The fire god peak.
Good, Kim, good.
The Gerrymander! That devil Boll!
We can hold him off with cannons,
while we go ashore.
Stay on board with a gun crew.
I'll take Blue and Flint ashore.
I'll take the girl. I will not go on
the island with you! Yes, you will!
The next volley will be closer.
We'll pull away, then sneak back in.
Stand by to come about!
Round up all the rifles
and ammunition. Aye, sir.
Well, Mr Blue. So the great Captain
Boll turns tail under gunfire.
Well, that isn't the first time.
Are you sure that's the temple?
Yes. The diamonds are there.
The fire god. He's angry with us.
He will kill us.
Mere superstition. All active
volcanoes make that sound.
Kung, stay here with the girl.
Yes, sir.
The volcano looks dangerous. Maybe.
But there's more important things.
All right. Cast off!
Come on!
The diamonds must be in the temple.
This way.
Back to the boat!
Jess, take Kim Kim to her cabin.
Mr O'Brien, up anchor and set all
sails. Up anchor and set sail!
Mr O'Brien, swing the bow
toward the island.
Take all sail off her and rig
a sea anchor. A sea anchor?
Yes. When that blows
there'll be a tidal wave,
and I want to be heading into it.
Aye, sir.
Sir! She's going to try
to outrun it. It'll sink her.
Hang onto something!
Hang on!
Kim Kim, I've been thinking.
Remember you said once about women
being able to live on a ship?
Yes, I remember.
Well, I've been thinking...
You don't have any family left now.
Like you said,
I suppose women could...
Kim Kim, go and put on
your silver sarong and come up.
Assemble the men on the main deck.
Aye-aye, sir.
We lost the diamonds,
but saved our lives.
There's still a big bounty for us.
Pulo Besar's town and his pirates
are still there,
and the Dutch are offering
a 100,000 guilder reward.
There's one more thing, I...
I'm getting married.
Mr O'Brien?
Aye-aye, sir.
We are gathered together in
the sight of God and this company,
to join together this man
and this woman in holy matrimony.