Fairfield Road (2010) Movie Script

(Gulls cawing)
So how old are you?
Thirty-two, sir.
good for you.
Did you know
there are 365 steps
leading up
to the Capitol Building?
One for each day
of the year.
I didn't
know that, sir.
Now, I understand you're good
at getting the job done.
This ain't
the kids' table.
So I'm sure
you'll understand
when I ask you
the question,
why, Noah McManus,
do you want this job?
When I was 8 years old,
my parents took me
to see the Liberty Bell.
On July 8, 1776,
people gathered to hear
the first reading
of the Declaration
of Independence,
spoke of the injuries,
the deprivations,
the neglect
people had suffered
a corrupt system.
And the men
who forged it,
they put everything on the line
to defend their fellow man.
They fought for
a better way of life.
Senator Hayden,
I've seen you fight too.
I've seen you fight
for the disenfranchised,
the forgotten,
the destitute.
I know that you strive
to make the difference.
And as the current chief
of staff to the mayor of Boston,
I strive too,
every single day.
But I know, senator,
that it is your office
that has the power to affect
lives throughout the country.
And I believe
that every person
has the right
to be served,
no matter
who they are.
And I believe that
you feel the same way.
And that--
That is why I want
to work for you, sir.
(Phone ringing)
We'll be right down.
they're ready
for the vote.
to meet you, Noah.
And you, sir.
We appreciate
you coming in.
We'll be
in touch, okay?
Sure, thanks.
The senator had
one more question.
Can you start
next Thursday?
Of course.
All right.
(Mouthing words)
Schedule the movers.
You got it?
Wendy, it was crazy.
I was sitting there
and I don't know
what came over
me, you know?
but all of a sudden--
When do you start?
Next week.
I still can't
believe it.
Anyway, if we
leave Monday,
drive down and start looking
for a place we could--
Noah, I thought you understood
the ramifications of this, Noah.
And could you not say my
name twice in a sentence?
It kind
of freaks me out.
Noah, listen to me.
Live-in girlfriend is
not a prestigious title.
And by the way,
I already own it.
Moving requires more.
Fianc, wife,
those are titles, Noah.
Noah, my parents are expecting
an announcement soon,
and quite frankly, so am I.
Can't I just enjoy this moment,
you know, without this moment?
Sweetie, enjoy it all you want,
but while you're in it,
celebrating all alone,
just know that if we
are not married,
that is what you're
entire life will be like.
Nice, Wendy.
I'll see you tonight.
Can't wait.
I got to go.
No way.
You want to bet?
I can't believe this!
What was it like?
What am I asking what it was like for?
You got the job.
It was amazing.
God, this is crazy.
Yeah, yeah.
And you know what else is crazy?
What's that?
I think I'm going
to propose to Wendy.
Noah, you're about to start
the job of a lifetime,
a job you've
wanted forever,
move to a city
you've never lived in,
and simultaneously you want
to start planning a wedding?
You're going
to ask her now?
This is not sounding
like a good idea.
I just want you to know that
as a friend, your best friend.
You're being negative.
No, I'm just stating
the facts and my opinion,
which is that
you're totally nuts.
Come on, just support me even
though you don't agree with me.
Best friends do that
for each other sometimes.
Yeah, I know, and I've
never understood that.
You going to be able to survive
around here without me?
The Red Sox might
missy you, but I won't.
All right.
No, no, no, wait.
I was just joking.
I was just joking.
It was crazy, man.
"Mayor Grantt and District
Attorney Perkins in dead heat."
"Grantt's lead vanishes."
If everyone isn't aware by now,
I'm an incumbent mayor.
The election is in three weeks,
and I've lost my lead.
Mayor Grantt,
looking at the polls,
it seems that
the voters feel
that you're out of touch
with their daily lives.
You and Mr. Grantt enjoy
two lovely
multi-million-dollar homes,
one in Beacon Hill
and one in Nantucket.
Wave your salary
for the term,
and in exchange
for your services,
you will accept
a fee of $1.
I should work for nothing?
It's a buck.
Better be something else.
Offer discounted
to all city residents
on election day.
That way we encourage
every registered voter
to access their
polling place.
Small business
is at the heart
of this commonwealth's
And for over three weeks,
the Small Business
Owners' Association
has been trying to meet
with you to discuss their needs.
And consistently you've
denied their request.
They have a wide reach.
Call them. Just get
their endorsement, Noah.
Just do anything.
Just make them happy.
What they want
is to talk to you.
Does it look like
I have time for this?
I don't want to be
any later than what I am.
Now just make them happy,
Noah. Just do it.
Mayor, I won't.
Excuse me?
You asked me to make
them happy; I won't.
As in "will not"?
That's your job!
When I first ran
your campaign,
you listened
to the voters,
you looked for solutions
to their problems.
But somewhere, at some point,
you stopped caring.
You stopped listening.
You stopped being
the person that you were.
Mayor, it is with
deep regret that I--
Drive this car!
Do you even know where
I had to go to get these?
So the ring will be
shipped overnight,
and I'll pick it up
when I get there?
Okay, thank you.
I just bought
an engagement ring.
Over the phone,
that you found online?
That's romantic.
Hey, it will be.
Look, I'm going
to bring Wendy here.
It's in Cape Cod.
And we're going
to move to DC.
Wow, it sounds perfect.
Anyway, we only
got 20 minutes.
Grantt's on her way back,
so if you want me
to do anything, or--
I know you have a life here,
friends, a routine,
but it's going to be even
better where we're going.
You're going to love it.
I promise.
So what do you think?
You with me?
Wow, not going
to miss the golden door.
That's for sure.
Have you thought at all
about what we discussed?
Have you?
Because I am left
with no other choice.
Noah, do you think I want
to give you an ultimatum?
Noah, do you?
Because I follow
actions, not words.
And so far, I seen nothing.
Noah, you and I, we have
talked and talked and talked
and talked and talked,
and I haven't seen you--
I was going to do
this the right way, but...
Marry me.
Will you marry
me, please?
Marry me?
The ring.
The ring is on
its way to Cape Cod,
and so are we,
as soon as you say yes.
Yes, yes, yes!
Noah, yes!
Yes, yes, yes.
Wait, I have
to phone my mother.
She's been waiting
for this call her whole life.
(Phone buttons beeping)
I sent a message
to Cherie and Scott.
They were thrilled.
Oh, they want to know
what took you so long.
Where is my phone?
Uh... Oh, and I spoke
to Jeffrey and Katie.
They want to go
to Maestro's to celebrate.
(Phone chiming)
Of course, I said yes.
Hey, look what your
fianc just...found.
Great, I owe you one.
(Imitating kiss)
Call you after
the deposition.
Oh, I know, we should go
to Devino's tonight.
How long were you
planning on keeping this up?
it's nothing, Noah.
Stop saying
my name.
Let me explain
what happened.
I just read
the explanation.
I got it.
It's pretty clear. Thanks.
Listen, you have
to believe me.
It was nothing.
W-w-what was nothing?
Because that definitely
appears to be something.
Look, don't do
this, okay?
We are getting married.
Trust me
when I tell you
that we are not.
But I love you.
I do. Noah,
I really do.
No, Wendy,
you don't.
You just want to get
married to someone.
But it's not
going to be me.
Come on,
Arlo, get in.
What's up, buddy?
Hey, cheer up.
It's going
to be okay.
(Phone ringing)
Oh, jeez.
Man, I am so sorry.
I can't believe it.
How did you know?
Well, it's all
over the news.
No comment!
NOAH: My break-up with
Wendy is all over the news?
Well, what are
you talking about?
What are you
talking about?
I broke up with
Wendy this morning.
Oh, man, I'm sorry.
Wait, where are you?
I'm in the car,
on my way to DC.
Why are you calling me?
What's going on?
Noah, turn on
the news now.
As we've been reporting all morning,
the breaking news
out of Washington DC
involves Senator
William Hayden,
who has admitted to accepting
illegal campaign contributions.
No, no, no, no, no!
What are you
going to do?
What am I going to do?
ANNOUNCER: Authorized business
contracts within his state
for several
companies that directly...
The ring.
The ring.
I'm going to go
get the ring.
Yeah, good, get the ring.
You're going to need
the money. That's for sure.
(Mouthing words)
You okay?
I'll talk
to you later.
(Phone beeping)
Excuse me.
I was wondering
if you could tell me
how I could find
the Landing Inn.
Well, hah,
my dad is from
My dad's dad
was from Harpswell.
My dad's dad's dad
is from Harpswell.
So if I don't know
where the Landing Inn is,
I should probably
change my last name.
Which is Kipperman.
Oh, oh, right, sorry.
It's right
on Fairfield Road.
You're right where
you need to be.
Thanks a lot.
All right.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, hey,
sit. Sit.
Stay right there, okay?
I'm just going
to be a minute.
I'm get what we came for,
and I'll be right out.
Good afternoon.
Are you checking in?
Well, see,
I'm not supposed
to be here
today alone.
My friend Elliot,
he warned me.
He told me
I shouldn't do it.
But of course I did.
I decided to be bold.
So I made the arrangements, the
reservations, the whole deal.
You know, I even bought a ring
and had it shipped here.
You know, and from the picture,
it was forever, right?
I spent a lot of my savings
on that ring, which was okay,
because, after all,
it was my future.
You know, my career
was going really well.
And I had this
amazing new job,
which I couldn't believe
that I actually got.
I was really going to make
a difference, but first,
I was just going to take
a few days, which I never do,
and one
of those romantic,
"you'll remember it for
the rest of your life" weekends
with my fiance.
Honey, the ring
hasn't arrived.
What? It was supposed
to be delivered today,
under my name,
Noah McManus.
but I'm sure of it.
And if it's not
here by now,
it's not coming today.
That old drawbridge
could be so finicky.
I was just on it.
Just got a call
on the radio.
Mm-hm, sometimes that bridge
goes up for those boats,
and it just doesn't feel
like coming back down.
But they'll
fix it tonight.
And I'm confident your package
will be here tomorrow.
Mr. McManus,
you've already paid
for your reservation
for this weekend.
I'm happy
to refund your money,
but why don't
you just spend the night?
I can't.
If you don't
mind me saying so,
it looks like you
could use the rest.
My-- My dog,
he's outside.
he's right there.
Guess he found the backdoor.
We welcome
all guests.
So what do you say?
Thank you.
Is there someplace
I can get something to eat?
There's not much open now
that tourist season's over.
But I've got
a good idea.
Why don't you
join us tonight
for my Preservation
Council dinner?
It's right here.
Everyone's invited.
Even Sam's coming.
That's okay.
No, thanks.
It's the only
meal in town.
I'm sure it is.
Thanks again.
Dinner's at 5:30.
Mm, this is good.
(Man laughing)
Hi, you made it.
(Speaking indistinctly)
Noah McManus.
Nice spread, huh?
Could I have
one more, please?
Why don't you finish that one
first, and then come on back?
You're going to make
me get back in line
for another half
of a baked potato?
I didn't even have
the corn or the coleslaw,
although I know
it's good for me.
Come on, look, I've had, like,
the worst day you could imagine.
I've been
driving for hours.
All I've had
is chips and water all day.
Do you know who I am?
I was the chief of staff
to the mayor of Boston.
Now, I think that deserves
another baked potato.
Do you know who I am?
I am the person who
serves the potatoes,
and I believe that every person
has the right to be served,
no matter who they are.
Thank you.
Hi, thanks,
sweetheart. Ooh.
So you guys
do this often?
All year around.
Tonight we're supposed
to be here discussing
the new crosswalk
for Main Street.
This year we're voting
for new town manager,
so I think this dinner
is a chance for everybody
to be friendly before things
get, well, unfriendly.
(Sam clearing throat)
In a few days, there will
be a town-hall meeting
to hear the candidates'
This year we got ourselves two
people running for town manager.
Ahem, Randall Richardson.
Randal's family has been
here as long as anyone's.
Randall managed to build
himself a small fortune
by buying up real
estate in different places
and turning it
into strip malls.
I think he wants to do
the same thing here.
Randall wants to build
an outlet shopping center
and a movie complex.
We're all in bed by 9:00.
Who's going to go
there, anyway?
You know, I just don't
get why Harpswell
has to try to be all
things to all people.
What's wrong with being
a small town in a big world?
Anyway, in a few weeks,
someone's going
to be elected.
So who's
the other candidate?
I guess when you're old,
people think you really know,
plus nobody else wanted
to go up against him.
Well, look at that.
Randall, is nothing
sacred to you?
This is our
Preservation dinner.
We are having some
community time here.
You agreed
not to campaign.
Lillian's right. We're just here
for a nice neighborly dinner.
You can't buy our
votes, Randall.
And no one wants your
shopping center either.
Well, I think some
people do, right?
And in a short time,
we'll know just how many.
Now, look, can
we just calm down?
He's right.
Randall's plan will open a lot
of doors for a town like this.
Now, lay off
of him.
Well, maybe some of us
don't want to calm down.
Am I right?
I mean, let's hear
from everyone.
Am I right?
Why not?
Well, I hear you.
You know, I understand
your concerns.
Shopping center
would probably mean,
you know,
more attention, you know?
Which would mean
more traffic.
You know, crowded roads
and littering.
Littering could
be a concern.
But on the other
hand, you know,
this project could mean
more spending, you know?
Which could mean
more income,
which in turn could benefit
the housing sector
and the employment sector
and eventually increasing
teachers' salaries.
You know, thereby allowing you
to attract better teachers
and therefore,
more families.
You know,
before you know it, this--
This town could
really blossom.
Look, Arlo and I
have only been here
for 2 hours
and 14 minutes, you know?
And Harpswell seems like
a pretty incredible place.
I mean, you have a really
special hotel here,
Sam, Lillian.
And really great food.
I mean, this was
the first home-cooked meal
I've had in a long time,
and it was really,
really good.
(Patting stomach)
I'm-- I'm stuffed.
You know, and I
probably shouldn't be
you know, giving my
opinion or talking,
because I'm not
really sure
even what I'm talking
about anymore.
So, you know, I'm--
I'm exhausted.
So I'm going
to sit down.
I'm sorry.
Oh, all right.
Well, good.
I didn't want
to be mean.
I'm really sorry for what
just happened in there.
Oh, yeah?
Which part?
I was just trying
to get people to see
that things aren't always
what they appear to be.
Sometimes there are some
benefits to change.
You may know a lot about how
things work in a big city.
But you don't know
anything about us.
Have a nice
trip home, chief.
Actually, it's--
It's Noah.
I like your bike.
That went well.
Oh, you must be Noah.
I heard about what you said
last night at the dinner.
Oh, Mrs. Potiker
is the name.
Say, do you
like my hat?
Uh, yeah, yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Good day, Noah.
Good morning.
Good morning, Noah.
Good morning.
(Horn honking)
You got a second?
I-- I got a thing.
Look, look, look,
I thought what you said last
night was, well, stimulating.
I mean, clearly
you understand
the essence of my interest
here in Harpswell.
And, well, I overheard
what you told Hailey
about your background.
So after researching
your bio--
My bio?
Oh, it didn't
take a lot.
online, right?
Yeah, anyway, the point
is I was wondering
if you would consider
working with me.
Working with you?
like an aide
on my campaign,
you know?
I'll make it worth
your while, okay?
I just think you'd
be very helpful to me.
I mean, you have
the experience of someone
who can help change
people's minds.
You've got
the credentials.
Look, I'm going to be the next
town manager, okay?
So I would love
to be able to thank you
for helping me
to get there.
I spoke out
of turn, okay?
I shouldn't have
said anything.
Look, Randall, thanks,
but it's not
going to happen.
I'm done with politics.
Sorry to hear that.
Look, if you change
your mind, call me.
This place is so
nice, you know?
It will be a shame when
Sam can no longer run it.
Well, he can't
do this forever.
He's not getting
any younger.
Goodbye, Randall.
It arrived.
Must be the ring.
I'm sorry
it didn't work out.
Don't be.
She didn't love me.
Well, then it worked out
the way it was supposed to.
What if, um-- ?
Could I-- ? Could I
stay another night?
Sure, it's just Sam
and me right now anyway.
The boys
are staying.
Hey, Sam.
You got
to beat that guy.
You're better
than he is.
I'm trying.
Oh, I-- I met
someone last night.
Is it that obvious?
(Sam and Lillian chuckling)
You know where
I could find her?
Oh, just a second.
Hi, can I help...you?
Is there something
you'd like?
Yeah, I'd like
to apologize
for being thoughtless.
And rude and--
Wait, what
else did I do?
Nope, thoughtless and rude
just about covers it.
I know, I was bad.
I shouldn't have
said anything.
It was just, you know, I don't
think that what Randall wants
is necessarily the worst
thing in the world.
I think he probably thinks
it's good for all of you.
I mean, don't you want more
people to come to your store?
No, and I don't want
to be replaced by a chain
or some franchise, and that's
exactly what will happen.
You know that.
I was just trying
to emphasize
that sometimes
it's important
to see things
from the other side.
What other side?
The other side.
The other side?
The other side.
Let me
show you
the other side.
You coming?
Get in.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, seriously?
Just to be clear,
I'm not going
to be much help here.
You know, I don't really know
anything about this stuff.
Besides, I'm not even
that good of a swimmer.
You know, I kind
of doggie paddle.
I've been doing this
my whole life.
I'm not counting
on you for anything.
Just get in.
I want you
to see what I see.
All right.
MAN: I've got your bow line,
Okay, Ralphie,
we're leaving.
Thanks, Harry.
here we are.
It's beautiful.
In the 1600s,
American Indians
were the only
people living here.
They farmed,
hunted, fished,
making the most
of what was here.
And then 50 years later,
William Nickerson arrived from
England with his wife and kids.
They settled over there,
Old Harbor Road.
The whole town is filled
with Nickerson descendants now.
Nickersons, huh?
I know.
And over there, my mom
taught me how to swim.
I was 5.
She practically
had to bribe me to get in.
The water was so cold.
She was pretty
so the town grew.
And finally
they built that,
the harbor light.
Wow, that's--
That's beautiful.
See, the thing is, we've
always been a reserved town,
a place where people
didn't mind working hard.
More than anything,
we've always given people
what they want the most,
a community.
I think we're really
close to losing that.
Come on.
This is it.
This is where Randall wants
to build a shopping mall.
Everything here I can
see will be concrete.
You sure he's
allowed to to do that?
Well, not now, but I
know Randall Richardson.
He has a way of always
getting what he wants.
He's persistent.
He's tough as tough gets,
and he doesn't give up.
That's it.
That's it?
But we didn't
even go over there?
You want more?
I want more
time with you.
Look, I know this isn't exactly
the right time to ask,
but I'm not really sure
I'll get another chance.
Can I see
you tonight?
I'll tell you what.
If you can make
a bowline knot, I'll go.
A what?
A bowline knot.
"The bowline knot is
a widely used all-purpose loop
"that can be
tied quickly
using one
of two methods."
All right.
Shouldn't be
too tough.
Ah, jeez!
County Ordinances."
"Hunting and Fishing Codes,"
"Fair and Free Elections."
"Fair Elections."
Come on, Arlo!
(Phone ringing)
Man, you got
to get back here.
We've only got 19 days
until the election,
and every hour Grantt's
numbers are dropping.
It's never been
this bad before.
Well, what's
the problem?
What do you mean? It's the same
thing it's always been.
People think she's stopped
caring about them.
And she's too concerned
about her image.
I mean, she won't even face
Perkins for a debate
without a written speech.
(Glass breaking)
Daddy's going to be in
in a minute, honey bears!
(Children screaming)
Come on, Arlo.
Come on.
I can't get her
to stick to our strategy.
What should we do?
What should we do?
She's got to be
with her constituents.
You know, you got to show
that she is of the people,
you know, that she does exactly
the same things that they do.
That she cares about
the things that they care about.
Heck, have her
throw a clam bake!
Clam bake?
You know, have her serve the
people dinner at Faneuil Hall.
Yeah, and let her
go to the phone banks
and make the calls.
Tell her to stop
going negative.
Yeah, and make sure
she takes that meeting
with the small
business owners.
Let her convince the people
why they should vote for her.
A clam bake at Faneuil Hall?
Dad, come on, I need help!
Almost done, pookie!
Faith, no candies!
Candies off the wall!
God, what's with
you guys and food?
I got to get going
before the kids try
to give the cat a bath.
Listen, Noah, please,
will you do me a favor?
Will you think about
coming back, please?
She needs you.
It's not going
to happen, Elliot.
she hates me.
She'd never
take me back.
She doesn't
hate you.
Elliot, I just quit in
the middle of her campaign.
Trust me, she hates me.
Who's the one that
got her elected
in the first place,
huh, huh?
Yeah, it was you.
If you can get her re-elected,
she'll actually love you.
Look, I know you could
put us over the top.
And the truth is
she knows it too.
(Door opening)
Dad, we have to go.
Guys, guys, I'm on--
All right, I got
to call you back.
Give the kids
a kiss for me.
Come on, Arlo!
Come on! Come on!
(Brakes screeching)
Are you out
of your mind?
I forgot they put
a crosswalk here.
Yeah, there is
a crosswalk here.
And I was in it.
You see, Randall,
this is what's
going to happen
when more and more
people come here.
You know, they're going
to be speeding off
to get the new hot
handbag at 50% off.
Maybe even 70.
what's your problem?
You know, why are you
trying to make this place
a whole other place?
It's great.
People love it
just the way it is.
And a lot of people
are ready for more.
This town can be
whatever it wants to be.
And I want it to grow.
A lot of people do.
Sam doesn't.
I don't.
Well, it doesn't
really matter
what you think,
now, does it?
I mean, you,
Noah McManus, are a tourist.
Sam's going to lose, and, well,
you're going to be gone.
You see her?
She comes in here
every night.
She always orders
the same drink,
and she always tells
him the same stories.
I think it's kind
of fascinating.
In order for you
to know that,
that would mean that
you're here every night.
No, he's my cousin.
The bartender?
Bar owner.
Jesse, he's been telling me
about her for years.
Ah, well, then, yeah,
that is fascinating.
What she doesn't know
is that Jesse is the best
when you have a problem
but the worst
at keeping secrets.
I thought it was, like, an
unspoken rule among bartenders.
You know, someone comes up
to you, spills their guts,
tells you something
deeply personal,
and it's like this bond
that you have forever.
Yeah, well,
not Jesse.
So does all your family
live in Harpswell?
My mother, she is in--
She passed away
five years ago.
I'm sorry.
I miss her a lot.
Anyway, my father
is a fisherman.
He pretty much lives
every moment at sea.
He always has.
The thing is, I always
wanted to go with him.
For as long as I can remember,
I would go on Dad's boat,
and I would never
want to leave.
And when I finished school and I
was finally old enough to go,
my mom wasn't well.
And so I wanted
to stay here.
And then she passed away,
and I told my dad that I was
ready to go and work with him.
I thought that it was,
like, the only way
that I could really
get to know him better.
But he thought that
it was too dangerous.
So one day he surprised me
and bought me a present.
Captain Jack's.
That was a present?
Wait, so your dad is-- ?
Captain Jack.
That's so cool.
I know.
I love my home.
And I really
love the store.
I love my
life here.
Noah, if Randall
succeeds, this place will--
Well, it will
be different.
What happened between
you two, you and Randall?
I saw you talking
the other night.
Yeah, he wanted me
to go out with him again.
Yeah, we dated
for a while
until we just wanted
different things.
Hey, how's my
favorite cousin?
How you doing?
I'm good.
This is Noah.
Hey, Noah.
How you doing?
Hey, Sam told me about you.
Said you were
a good kid.
Yeah, I am
a good kid.
Listen, anything you need while
you're here, you let me know.
Great, thanks.
Be nice.
Hailey here tells
me everything.
Everything, huh?
So that was it.
I just told her I
was leaving, and I did.
I mean, hours earlier I
thought I was going to spend
the rest of my life
with this person.
And I guess I was
just too busy to realize
we shouldn't even have been
together in the first place.
Let me give you
some pointers.
First, you have
address the ball.
All right, take aim.
Like this?
Nice and steady.
nice shot.
Wait a second here.
Any more pointers?
I think we're
good for today.
You know
the amazing thing?
How little I've thought
about her since I've got here.
I mean, she probably hasn't
thought about me either.
You know, this just isn't how
I thought my life would end up.
And I planned out
everything so precisely.
Now I have no
idea what's next.
It's like sailing.
You never know what your
wake is going to look like.
The path that you leave
as you move through life.
You never know
what may happen.
Well, it's your shot.
Right, okay.
What are you,
a hustler?
(Door closing)
Well, that was--
That was nice.
Wait, hang on.
I haven't read
him since college.
"It's not until
we are lost
do we begin
to understand ourselves."
I thought you might
find that interesting.
He was a pretty
amazing guy.
Yeah, yeah,
he was.
Keep it.
Great, thanks.
Well, I should
probably go.
Good night.
Good night.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Hey, Sam,
you know Randall?
I think he's going to do
whatever it takes to win.
I've seen it all
in races like this.
Nothing would
surprise me anymore.
I mean, this guy,
he really wants it.
I know.
Which is why you
have to make sure
that people come out
and vote for you.
You know, maybe you
should take the day off.
Go talk
to people, you know?
Gather support.
The inn will be fine.
I'm like the only
person left here.
Noah, I'm not the kind
of guy to do the hard sell.
I'm just not
that good at it.
Oh, come on.
Heck, I don't even like
talking out loud that much.
I just don't
get why Randall
wants this job
in the first place.
He's got
a business to run.
He's always flying off
to some faraway place.
He doesn't
want this job.
Just a big
joke to him.
Also he's on
the Preservation Council,
and he's always tried to ensure
that no roads or beaches
in front of his house
should be accessible
to the general public.
Apparently, he has no regard
for anyone or anything else.
I just want this town
to live on as it always has.
I hear you, Sam.
I better get going.
Lillian's going to wonder
what happened to me.
Good morning, Doug.
Oh, nice.
Don't touch.
What are you
doing today?
I'm not
doing anything.
You better brush up.
They're going
to be here any minute.
It all started
with Christopher
Columbus, okay?
Christopher Columbus
was an adventurous,
young Italian,
you know?
And he wanted to go
and visit India.
So he goes
to Princess Isabella. He says,
(Italian accent) "Hey, Princess
Isabella, I need a couple ships."
You know,
and Princess Isabella says,
(High-pitch voice) "Oh, Columbus,
I will give you three ships,
the Nia, the Pinta
and the Santa Maria."
"Oh, thank you
very much, my queen."
"Oh, you're very
welcome, Christopher."
Who here has
been on a boat?
All of you?
Let's play
They loved you.
Aw, go on.
Hey, that's mine.
But I don't have anymore.
Trade you some
of my milk.
I don't want your milk.
I want my cookie.
"I don't want your milk.
I want my cookie."
Oh, oh, here, fine.
There you go.
Thank you.
That's very generous of you.
(Arlo whimpering)
I know, I know.
You want to take your romantic
walk on the beach with me.
Hang on, buddy.
(Arlo barking)
Come on, Arlo.
WENDY: So they go on a beach
walking hand in hand, huh?
I mean it.
Enjoying it?
Yes, it's delicious.
Lillian is a genius at making cocoa.
Always has been.
I can tell.
Noah, you're back.
Lillian, would you mind bringing
Arlo up to the room, please?
Not at all.
Thank you
for the cocoa.
So delicious.
Come on.
Boy, is there anything
around here I don't do?
Good night, Sam.
You drive carefully.
I will.
You were right.
We would have loved
being here together.
Look, Noah,
I am so hoping
that now that we've
had some time apart,
that we can move on.
Move past
this hiccup.
This hiccup?
We can even go to counseling
if you feel you need it.
Or we can
just start over.
Noah, I don't even care
that you lost the job in DC.
Let me be perfectly
clear with you.
I didn't lose
You're not going
to believe this,
but my parents
called this morning.
They will buy us the house
in Cambridge that we love.
The house you
love in Cambridge.
Noah, we're supposed
to be together.
we couldn't
be more over.
Tell me that you don't
still have feelings for me.
(Hailey clearing throat)
Your jacket.
You forgot
your jacket.
Could you
excuse us, please?
I'd like some
time with my fianc.
I am not your fianc!
I'm sorry
to bother you.
Hailey, wait.
Why is she so upset?
Go home!
Look, I don't know if
there's anything here for me,
but I do know there's
nothing here for you.
No, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
Did you do this?
You did, didn't you?
Where is it, Arlo?
Tell me!
Did you bury it?
What did I
tell you, Arlo?
Sticks, rocks, bones:
these are the things
that you bury!
(Door slamming)
There you go.
All right, bye.
It sucks.
We're out of the playoffs.
back to normal.
Hey, hey,
Jesse, remember me?
I'm Noah, you know,
Hailey's friend, the good kid?
Yeah, well, look,
I got a situation,
and I really need
your help, okay?
Look, I bought this ring,
this engagement ring.
I was going
to propose.
That's why I came
to Harpswell.
Anyway, I'm
at the Landing Inn,
and I was up in my
room last night,
and I was about
to take the dog for a walk.
And, you know,
he likes the walks on the beach.
And I think he had
the ring in his mouth.
And, you know,
he likes to bury things,
so I think he was, like,
digging in the sand.
All right,
everybody, come here!
Bring it in.
Come on.
What do you need?
Tell them what's what.
Well, I--
I lost an engagement ring.
What do you got?
I found it.
MAN: Hey.
Jesse found it.
Oh, my God,
thank you, Jesse!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Arlo, Arlo.
You guys were great.
Thank you so much.
Mrs. Potiker,
that is the best hat yet.
Have a good day, Noah.
You as well,
Mrs. Potiker.
Thank you so much
for your help.
You're a lifesaver.
Good morning, Doug.
How you feeling?
You ready for
this town meeting?
I think.
But I'm not much for
making speeches and such.
I know you'll do well.
You just state your case.
That's all
you need to do.
And when someone asks
you a question, be direct.
When someone asks
me a question?
Yeah, you know,
about the town.
There's a big old pothole
in front of my shop.
Visit or call
the Public Works office,
and if there's any
concern for safety,
it will be addressed
My grandmother needs
care that I can't give her.
Work with
the Council on Aging.
They're there to help
you and your family.
I can't afford
a fishing permit this year.
Can you help me out?
That's easy.
Go to the Coast Resources
Permit Department,
and they'll
give you a map
of where permits aren't
required for fishing.
Why should
I vote for you?
Because I am
going to make sure
that this town
retains its heart
and its soul.
But don't you think
there's an opportunity
for growth under
the Randall plan?
Excellent question
but I have an answer.
Look at all small towns that
have welcomed big business.
All the stores
look the same.
Nobody has time
to know your name
or ask you
how you're doing.
They're all too busy
restocking the shelves.
You know,
and then the highway
is going
to overflow with cars.
And you're not going to want
to go to Main Street
because you're not going to be
able to find a place to park.
You know, so, yeah, you know,
I see it as an opportunity,
an opportunity to change
everything for the worse.
How was that?
You're it!
You are it.
You should be town manager.
You're joking.
You're just a natural.
Really, I'm flattered,
really, but that's nuts.
You're the one running.
I'm just here
supporting you.
If you say so.
Look, I'm really
sorry, okay?
I had no idea Wendy
was coming here.
Noah, you don't
owe me anything.
In fact, I don't even
want to know anything,
so let's just
forget it, okay?
You owe me something.
Excuse me?
I've been waiting here
for you for four hours, okay?
Right here.
So the least
you could do
is just give me a little
bit of your time.
All right?
I came here
to tell you
that I don't know
what I'm doing here
in this town,
at this point.
I mean, I could absolutely
leave right this minute.
You know, but this
is the first time in my life
where I have
no purpose.
And I'm actually
okay with it.
You know?
Just existing.
I mean, yeah,
you know,
I got to figure out
what's next and I will.
But for right now,
I'm totally
just being
here with you.
And I'm grateful
for that.
So you-- You have
any thoughts on that?
Anything at all?
I caught a fish.
You did?
Let me see.
You don't
believe me.
I just want
to see the fish.
Ugh, that's horrible!
It's a grouper.
It's disgusting.
It's delicious.
You know, you really should
throw this thing back.
I'm going
to eat it.
Bury it.
I think it deserves
a proper burial.
I'm going
to fry it up.
It's going to be delicious.
Have you seen this?
Yeah, I talked
to the reporter about that.
She didn't get
the story straight.
Yeah, well,
straight or not,
people believe
what they read.
And they're saying that
my campaign is suffering,
that voters are uncertain
about my effectiveness,
that I may not be
"of the people" enough
to represent them.
So what now, Elliot, hm?
Noah had plans for my
campaign. What do you have?
We're doing
everything we can.
No, that's not
good enough.
I don't think
you have what it takes
to put me over the top.
I need a new line-up.
I'm sorry, Elliot,
but that's it.
What if I can get
Noah to come back?
You don't have time
to bring in a new team.
Please, let me
just get Noah.
I can do that.
You and I both know
that's what you want.
You just won't say it.
Then do it.
And as I've indicated,
the flow of traffic
will in no way interfere
with the school buses during
afternoon dismissal, okay?
I don't want those people
parking in front of my property.
Now, Mrs. Potiker,
I can guarantee that
that's not going to happen.
Yeah, right.
Sam, aren't you
going to say anything?
Of course her property is going
to be impacted by this project.
RANDALL: Look, we're going to
have arcades for the kids.
We're going to have reasonably
priced restaurants.
He's just trying to distract
people from the issues.
What about
the restaurants in town?
Aren't those good
enough for him?
Come on, Sam,
say something.
What about Sole's
Hobby Shop?
If that scrapbook store,
that sports store
and that candle shop move in,
what is he left with?
Yeah, what about that?
These stores are going
to bring in more people,
more customers
and more money for everybody.
It's a win-win.
This guy is unbelievable.
Are you just going
to sit there, Sam?
When are you going to stop
telling everybody else
what to do
and just do it yourself?
Great, well, to conclude,
I'd just like to reiterate--
I can't let you go on.
It's not true
and you know it.
Noah, sit down, okay?
Of course the stores
on Main Street
are going to be affected.
I mean, this mall is going
to affect every business.
But, Randall,
you're running for town
manager, not developer.
Does anyone
have a question
about how to acquire
fishing permits?
Or where to go if you need help
with an elderly family member?
Or what to do if you have a
pothole in front of your house?
And tell us, Randall,
what would you suggest
to your fellow neighbors
who are experiencing
these situations, huh?
Well, uh, since
you know so much,
why don't you run
for town manager?
What in the world?
Could I just-- ?
Sorry, sorry.
What's going on?
Why'd you come all
the way out here?
I need you.
I'm desperate.
Grantt is about
to fire me,
and you're the only thing
that's going to save me.
Please come back.
If you don't come
back, I'm out.
Please, don't make me
work for my father-in-law.
Please, I'm begging you.
Look, I'm on my knees.
W-w-what are you doing?
Would you-- ?
Get up.
Look, Elliot,
she'd never let me.
Let you?
She needs you.
She wants you.
Look, she'll even
tell you herself.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no,
I don't want to talk to her.
It's all right.
Don't worry.
Hey, it's Elliot.
Would you put Grantt
on the line?
This will be good.
Yeah, hang on.
He's right here.
(Mouthing words)
Mayor Grantt.
Yeah, yeah, I heard.
(Mouthing words)
Guys, come on.
Give them some
privacy. Go, go, go.
Who's watching the store?
I got the best friend
in the whole world right here!
Yeah, you do.
All right.
You know I don't
want to go.
Right now I just think we
should be supporting Sam.
Well, I guess
I should get going.
Now, if there's
anything you forgot,
you just call us,
and we'll get it to you.
Thanks, Lillian.
Thanks for everything.
And we're going
to miss you, little guy.
I'm going to be
checking in.
I know you're going
to do well, Sam.
Well, we'll see.
You take care, Noah.
You too.
Come on, Arlo.
Arlo, you got
to get in.
Don't look
at me like that.
Come on, go.
(Lillian chuckling)
(Engine starting)
I wanted to see you
before I left.
Yeah, I was just
about to come to you.
Um, baked you cookies.
I was going
to take one of those,
didn't want you
yelling at me.
But they're for you.
For me?
You made these?
Wow, well, that's--
That's, like, the nicest thing
anyone's ever done for me.
And these are for Arlo.
You made those too?
But save them for the road.
Will do but I think
Arlo's probably going
to eat his immediately.
I know.
He's allowed.
Um, you should go.
You're going to hit traffic.
I'll be back.
(Door opening)
(Door closing)
Bye, Doug.
Wait up, Noah.
Be careful.
The paint's still wet.
The Small Business Owners' Association
is very important
to Mayor Grantt.
I know she's really
looking forward
to this meeting,
Mr. Greenwood.
Thank you so much
for coming in.
And there she is now.
Right this way.
Robert, it's so
wonderful to see you.
Thank you,
Mayor Grantt.
How's your son?
Fine, thank you.
Is he enjoying...
(Door closing)
Robert, I am so honored
by your endorsement.
I truly look forward
to working with you.
Good luck, mayor.
Thanks again,
Mr. Greenwood.
That went well.
Good job.
I have you to thank.
You helped me
to remember
the kind of people
who got me here.
I know
what you're capable of.
We've come this far.
The election is right
around the corner.
If we win, you can have
any job you want
in the new
Noah, there's no limit
to what you can do.
Who knows?
You might even go
further than me.
Thank you.
(Phones ringing)
MAN: Mayor Grantt for mayor?
TV ANNOUNCER: Preliminary results
suggest Mayor Grantt is now leading
in 16 of the 22 precincts,
a surprise rebound
after recent weeks
of less than
promising poll numbers.
to Grantt's turnaround
are the recent
surprise appearances
at the city's landmarks,
such as Faneuil Hall
and her volunteer
within the Boston
School System.
The mayor has been
unusually active and visible,
which, experts say,
have led
to one of the most astonishing
revivals in political fortune
in recent
Boston history.
(Phone ringing)
Lillian, it's Noah.
how you
doing today?
I'm fine, thanks.
And you?
Hanging in in there.
You know, I wanted
to come back sooner,
but I didn't
want to leave
until I knew how things were
going to work out here.
Now I think the mayor
may actually win.
Good for you.
Good thing you stayed.
Well, I was calling
to check in on Sam.
I know today
is his big day.
He must be
really excited.
Actually, he's taking
a little nap right now.
This has been
hard on him.
He's not
a youngster, you know?
In fact-- He'd
never tell you this.
But last night he
talked about conceding,
telling Randall
that he's out.
ELLIOT: Man, we are going to
have a serious victory party.
I think he's
just tired.
You know what I mean?
Lillian, don't let
Sam do anything, okay? Nothing.
Okay, Noah.
Another thing,
I don't think it's fair
that she's going
to let you pick
any job you want.
You've already got
the best gig here,
so it's potentially like
you got two jobs already.
Elliot, I can't
have two jobs, okay?
I can only have one...job,
because that
wouldn't be fair.
You're the best friend
in the whole world.
Can you and the kids watch
Arlo for me for a few days?
Watch Arlo? They're not going
to want to give him back!
(Phone ringing)
Yeah, I'm almost
done with these.
Sam, it's Noah.
Oh, Noah, we're just
about to get started here.
How are things
where you are?
They'd be a lot better
if I could get
over this bridge?
You're here
at the bridge, in Cape Cod?
Yes, look, Sam, I really
want to be there.
I just have no way
of getting to you.
Oh, yes, you do.
Noah, get yourself
down to the old dock,
and sit tight,
just sit tight.
Hailey! Hailey!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, here,
tie a bowline knot.
Uh, Hailey, I didn't
make the knot, okay?
I tried. I did but I asked
Pete at the gas station.
Just get in.
Um, here, we should go.
Yeah, we should hurry.
I need
to get that book.
What book?
(Gavel banging)
I hereby call this
meeting to order.
We will caucus
in approximately 15 minutes
to select
the new town manager.
Please take your seats.
Thank you.
Your candidates
are Sam Putnam.
Thank you.
And Randall
MAN 1: Randall!
MAN 2:
Now, if you'll be
voting for Sam,
you'll make your way
to the left of the podium.
If you'll be
voting for Randall,
you will make your way
to the right of the podium.
In accordance with
the laws of the commonwealth
and the Book of Ordinances
of Harpswell County,
we will now proceed
with the election
for new town manager.
Remember, for Sam,
to the left.
For Randall,
to the right.
You now have
10 minutes to proceed.
I told you
I was coming back.
What's happening here?
How did this room
get so divided.
Noah, I think maybe we've
just been outnumbered.
It seems more people
than I thought
think Randall's ideas are,
well, better than mine.
But they're not.
I think he's winning.
No, he can't.
Noah, give it up.
You and I don't
get along so well.
Therefore, I don't think this
is the most appropriate time
to start talking to me.
SAM: It's okay.
going to be okay.
No, Sam,
it won't.
Hey, can you stop
the clock for me?
Yeah, for you
I can do anything.
Do you guys even know
what you have here?
Sam Putnam,
he's your best friend.
He loves this town
and the people that make
this town what it is.
He's got integrity.
He's been a pillar of this
community for over five decades.
And he's dedicated his life
to serving this community
and to welcoming people,
so that nobody feels
like a stranger here.
Like me.
Nobody knows what
visitors come to Harpswell for
better than Sam.
They don't come here
for another shopping mall.
You know, they come here
to visit Betty's Bakery.
Best banana nut bread
I've ever had.
You know, and to see
Hailey's bookstore.
She can actually suggest
the right book for you.
She's read them all.
And they come here to see
the harbor lighthouse.
Have you seen that thing
all lit up at night?
It's beautiful.
And they come here to see
the cottages and the gardens,
like yours,
Mrs. Potiker.
And they come here to see where
a tribe of Native Americans
first settled this land
and where William Nickerson came
with his wife and children
to find freedom from
religious persecution.
Sam and Lillian care
about everybody in this room.
And Sam's as
forward-thinking as anybody.
You know, he wants
to shepherd this town
the times ahead,
but he can only do
that with your votes.
Look, I've been
in politics for a long time.
I've worked
for a mayor.
I've worked
for council people,
clerked for a judge
and I nearly
worked for a senator.
Now, I've seen
them all.
And not one of those people
is as trustworthy
as the man standing
right here before you.
Sam's one of the best
things about this town.
Too little,
too late for this.
We've already
heard the speeches.
I'm prepared
to vote for Randall.
Oh, my God.
Who here is with me?
Hey, it's not a speech!
It's from his heart!
Let the kid talk!
(Mouthing words)
Thank you, Pete.
You need a town manager that
will ensure that your family,
your business,
your dreams are possible
here in Harpswell.
Yeah, Randall can bring
a few stores here.
But at what cost
to you and your families?
All of us,
as a community,
have got to tell him that
he can't use this land
as a foundation
for his own bank account!
You've got to really
think about this.
Who do you want
to be your town manager.
I vote for him!
PETE: Yeah!
MAN 3: Yeah.
Do it, Noah.
Stay here.
Work for these people.
These are the people
who need you.
Okay, personally,
I've had about enough of this.
Noah, you've got
what it takes.
You've got experience.
You've got drive.
You've got time.
Look at me.
I'm not spring chicken.
I only got
into this thing
because I wanted
to make sure
that the town
was in safe hands.
But with you,
I know it will be.
Sam, I don't know if I'm
prepared to do this.
You are.
You just didn't
expect it.
Noah, you love being
in the middle of things.
You like figuring out why
things work or why they don't.
You like helping people.
You like figuring out
what people need.
You're tireless
and you're dedicated
to things
that you believe.
And I think that you are
the perfect candidate.
Are you out
of your mind?
This guys doesn't
even live here.
He's not even
registered to vote.
I don't want
him to vote.
I want
him to win.
That he can do.
Okay, everybody,
there are two candidates here.
There's Sam
and there's me.
And that's it, okay?
Actually, Randall,
no person serving
in a council position--
I mean, you are on the
Preservation Council,
aren't you?
No person shall challenge
a run for office
of this town's
without abdicating their former
officer position first,
which means, Randall,
you're not allowed
to run for town manager,
because you're already
holding another job here.
That's bogus.
Oh, really?
Chapter 53, section 83.
Read it.
Look, even
if that's true,
and I'm not even
sure that it is--
It is.
don't you people want
a representative?
You know, someone
who actually lives here?
Come on.
(Coins clinking)
would you take this ring
as a deposit
on a room?
Well, now,
that depends.
How long are you
planning on staying?
I do.
Are you sure
you're up to this?
it's what I've--
It's what
I've always wanted.
My name is Noah McManus,
and I want to run
for town manager!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Wait, wait.
I have a question.
How are you going
to assure these people
that you're not just
going to leave again?
Because I'm home.
I'm for Noah!
I'm for Noah!
WOMAN: Me too!
MAN 4: Yeah, Noah!
I'm for Noah.
Thank you.
I'm for Noah!
I'm for Noah!
Thank you.
I'm for Noah!
I'm for Noah!
check-in is at noon.
I'm for Noah!
Thank you
for caring about us.
No, thank you for giving me
something to care about.
I got something!
I got something!
Oh! Okay.
What do I do?
Keep reeling!
Keep reeling! Keep it up!
Keep it up!
Oh, my God, this thing's huge.
It's the big one!
(Both screaming)
It got away.
Always the big one
that got away.
I'm not going
to let you get away.