Fairy Tail: The Movie - Dragon Cry (2017) Movie Script

What am I doing here?
What is happening?
I have no strength!
Eh you, dirty bird!
Do you know who I am!?
I am...
a wizard...
of Fairy Tail!
Who's there!?
This temple is under the protection
of the kingdom of Fiore!
Don't approach!
Are you deaf?
With guards as shabby as you
the greatest mystery of the empire
can't be well protected.
As expected: here is the pride of Fiore,
the unity of white tigers.
So what?
Which one of you
is the strongest?
Is it you?
Would not you be Zash,
the one who betrayed Fiore?
This is an ancient story.
I have forgotten it
for a long time.
But I have to say that for elite soldiers like you,
to be parked as far away from everything,
it's really bad luck.
But it's even less fortunate
to have me as an opponent!
Commander, what are you doing!?
Why... do we fight...
against each other?
You can control people,
so why make them suffer?
I hate them.
These people who stand together,
the "comrades".
Sonya-sama, can you tell me the location of the stick?
Zash-sama, don't you hear
the lament of souls?
This is the least of my worries.
Help me!
A dog, Natsu!
He's looking at me!
Thanks, Natsu!
Come on, It was nothing!
You're exaggerating! Why do that to this cute little dog?
Did you see what he did to him?
I was only looking at him.
Happy, you don't like dogs?
Plue is a dog too.
But he doesn't look like a dog.
Besides, what is it? An insect?
If it was a fish, it would dribble... Great, right?
Plue is a celestial spirit!
Besides it looks like
a dog in everyway.
Your eyes are good, right?
You're pretty close
What do I look like?
You look like Natsu...
Natsu! Lucy!
I didn't see anything!
No! Don't get it wrong, Wendy!
Carla! I just met a terrifying dog!
Is that so?
Ice Make:
it will hold up until we arrive to the capital.
it will be enough.
You're a great ice wizard, Gray.
The capital... It's been a long time.
I am bored!
So read a book.
Nowadays, knowledge is power.
What? You're studying Gajeel?
It's just a dictionary about cats!
This is a very important subject!
What is my adorable Gray doing?
It's really delicious, Lucy!
Can you rub my back?
And why no the front too?
Sing a lullaby for me.
Lucky little girl...
Make less noise!
Hey, Gajeel!
Do you want to go on a mission?
It's far, but it pays well.
What a man! I'm coming too!
We must empty the apartment.
Bring me a souvenir!
Juvia is coming too!
That way, I can make my adorable Gray a little jealous.
Gajeel, your firm and icy chest is marvelous...
Well, it's steel...
Lily! You're as soft as a stuffed toy.
Let me go, otherwise you'll burn your fingers.
Levy, you're so cute and petite...
We can't, Juvia.
The dragon cemetery.
Some of you have seen it
during the great magical games.
It's under the arena
where lies the bones of the ancient dragons.
This was the last home
of the dragons who once rose
against Acnologia, the black dragon
who they fought and lost.
My ancestors examined this
cemetery several times.
In the end, they built the arena
in memory of the dragons.
A hundred years ago, a stick
was discovered in the cemetery of the dragons.
A stick?
It was a cane that helped
an old dragon to walk?
No, he belonged to men.
This stick has absorbed the anger
and the sadness of the dragons.
And, because of the accumulated power,
it has become deformed
and lost his original form.
The name of that stick is...
the Dragon Cry!
This stick has the power
to annihilate an entire empire.
A few days ago, it was stolen by the old
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Fiore.
His name is Zash Caine.
This man is a follower
of black magic.
He had planned to reverse
the royal family, but failed.
But before being arrested,
he managed to escape
with the help of his comrades.
Once exiled and safe in the
kingdom of Stella, he sowed death.
He killed his subordinates,
as an offering to the kingdom of Stella.
He killed his comrades?
Afterwards, he climbed the ladder
and rose to the rank of minister of Stella
thanks to his spies and his brutality.
He is a horrible man!
This dangerous man has seized
a no less dangerous object.
Collect the stick
before he misuses it.
Count on us.
Say, where is
the kingdom of Stella?
It is southeast of Ishgar.
This island surrounded by cliffs
is totally cut off of the
other countries.
An island?
It means that
we need to take a boat?
Stella's main ressource is
an ore harder than diamond,
the stellanium.
It absorbs the light of the
stars and shines intensely.
It's so romantic!
This is the most beautiful part of the island.
The sea must also be very beautiful!
There must be a lot
of good fish to eat.
We still have not arrived?
Why do I have to do that?
Stop complaining.
It fits you well.
It is said that Zash
keep his treasures
in a castle tower.
To enter,
we need his ring
He may be bad, but
he remains the minister of this country.
If we take it by force,
an international conflict will be created.
So we're going to steal the ring
in this bar where he often comes!
Neither seen nor known!
Lucy, draw the attention.
The operation begins.
Make a copy.
It will only take me a second.
I will return it to him.
Happy, Carla.
We'll bring it to Natsu and Wendy.
Count on us!
Lets go!
Good luck!
What is it, Lily?
I felt the presence
of Carla and Happy.
In this island far from everything?
Natsu, what are you doing?
How did you recognize me?
Wendy is not discreet either.
I told you
that we would be spotted, Natsu.
Let's go right now!
Take action quickly!
There are two guards.
I'll take care of it!
Let's hurry!
Its good!
Quick, search!
I feel a great magical
power coming from there.
So that's it...
the Dragon Cry.
What is it?
A trap?
A magic circle that activates
when we remove the stick!
Crap! We need to go!
Enemies in sight!
have seized the treasure!
Kill them all!
Parry the magic cannons!
Now, the rifles! Fire!
We can't stay in the air!
Hum... Sir...
You're so cute.
You're making me feel uncomfortable...
Why is that?
I'm going to marry you!
Can you not harass
the dancers of this bar.
Zash-sama, the stick!
It was stolen!
Natsu, you've been spotted, you moron!
Who are you?
It is forbidden
to smoke in the bar.
This way. Let's go.
People from Fiore?
They are boring!
I'm going to burn them!
No! These soldiers
have done nothing wrong!
All those who hurt
my friends
are my enemies!
Wendy, take care of the stick!
Wendy, and your injury?
It's nothing at all.
The stick is more important!
The stick!
Wendy, here!
Your turn!
Sorry guys.
Gate of the Scorpion, I open thee: Scorpio!
Hirake Tenkatsukyuu no Tobira: Scorpio!
Sand Buster!
Watch out!
How did you enter
the treasure room?
The door should not
be able to open without my ring.
Drop it, I won.
You know why I was charged
of the protection of this kingdom?
Because I am the strongest
man of the kingdom!
What's happening to them?
I'll go trough!
Stop! They are normal citizens
that he forces to fight!
They're being controlled!
It's disgusting!
Be nice and give me the stick!
It's not yours!
Fiore does not have a clue
of his true power!
Hang on!
See ya!
It's really bad luck
to have me for an enemy.
Zash, you disappoint me a lot.
Don't worry, your Highness.
We will find their position thanks
to the power of Sonya-sama...
Sonya belongs to me.
I will not put her in danger
because of your incompetence.
But we don't have
a lot of time.
We must use
the power of Sonya.
The Three Stars
will accompany you!
When Sonya uses her power,
she must be in perfect security.
She must not be hurt.
You still appear
without making any noise...
I'm a wizard after all.
This kingdom is short in time.
I have to recover
the Cry Dragon at all costs.
We got the stick.
Now, remains to know
how to bring it back to Fiore.
If we were spotted,
it's because of Natsu.
It was not my fault!
There was a trap!
I didn't notice it.
In any cas,
this stick contains
incredible power.
Pass it to me!
I don't feel any magic.
Stop playing with it!
But when we were in that room, Natsu...
Huh? Yeah...
I don't get it!
Anyway, a stick capable
to destroy a kingdom is dangerous.
It must be manipulated
with caution.
You come from abroad,
This guy too?
Baby, oh my darling!
Sir, please stop!
What is it Juvia?
My special Gray radar
panic in this city.
What's happening to you, Gray?
Nothing, I just had a thrill.
And you despise ice?
You don't wear any clothes!
When did that happen?
We are in altitude
compared to Fiore.
The temperature is cooler.
Besides, the air is exquisite!
I'm sorry, I just pooped.
Stella offers a breathtaking view of the stars,
so we call him the land of stars.
I can't help it if it's cloudy.
As a constellationist, I always
wanted to see the glittering stars of Stella.
Someone's coming.
How did they find us?
Get ready!
Taste my wonderful legs!
My beautiful kick!
It's your turn,
Franoise and Catherine.
It burns!
Good, Franoise and Catherine.
Who are they?
Too slow!
Faster! Faster!
Francoise, well done!
Catherine, you are beautiful too.
Do you like my legs?
I got the stick.
You jerk!
Wait, Natsu...
What is wrong with you?
What's up, Natsu?
You're really slow.
Good job, the Three Stars.
Kill them.
You already got the stick.
Why kill them?
Sonya-sama, they rebelled
against our kingdom.
If we don't punish them,
we don't show the example to our citizens.
I refuse to hear
the lamentation of their souls...
If you hurt Sonya-sama,
the king will be furious.
It's true.
Franoise, Catherine,
your work is finished.
Then we lock them up
in the nest of the bird!
Except her, she belongs to me.
It's coming back...
It's all my fault!
I need to save them!
Crap! Sorry everyone!
Lucy isn't here!
Here neither!
Why is Lucy not here?
Oh no...
I know.
We'll find her.
Wait for us, Lucy!
Where is the stick?
takes care of protecting it
until the ritual of tomorrow.
Why doesn't he bring it to me?
Your Highness...
We don't have time anymore.
Bring me the Dragon Cry.
Where am I?
Poor one.
A new girl...
in hell on earth.
What are those wounds?
You? What does it mean?
Follow me.
Go there.
Raise your arms.
Do you know what is
about to happen to you?
I will take you blood
You will have scars,
but don't worry, I will not kill you.
My black magic requires
a lot of pure blood.
Pleasure me with your screams.
Give us Lucy back!
A... Dragon Slayer?
You alright?
Natsu, hurry!
There are more and more soldiers.
We made ourselves too noticeable.
You escaped from
the nest of the bird?
How did you get here?
I have a nose.
The smell of my friends
is special!
Stop it, Natsu!
You son of a...!
Zash-sama, please! Not that
All who dare
oppose me will disappear.
Magic of protection!
Is everyone okay?
More or less...
Thank you for rushing
to my rescue.
In fact, it's Natsu's fault.
Who is that?
Oh, that's right!
Who are you?
Where are you,
you measly thieves?
There is a secret passage,
follow me!
We have to get the stick!
Better retreat for now.
As long as we don't find the weak point
of his magic, we will not be able to beat him!
This way.
You know the soldiers location?
It's my magic power.
So that's why
they can't find us.
You should be safe.
But who are you?
I am Sonya,
the confidante of King Animus.
And why are you helping us escape?
There must be a reason.
I don't want to see people die anymore.
I'm friends with King Animus
since childhood.
He was a good man.
But since Zash-sama
told him about the Dragon Cry,
he is under the influence of that stick.
For my kingdom's sake,
I did participated when he stole it.
For your kingdom?
Do you know what stellanium is?
A mineral from this island, right?
The more it absorbs starlight,
the more it shines and becomes a precious metal.
But stellanium is a problem
for several years.
When it absorbs too much
of starlight, it sometimes becomes unstable.
What does it mean?
The stellanium gorged with starlight
has a magic force.
But if this strength
had to break free at once,
the whole kingdom
would be completely destroyed.
It is to prevent this disaster
that we need the power of the Dragon Cry.
We intend to use the Dragon Cry
which can counter any light.
Tomorrow night we will celebrate a ritual
in the temple northwest of the city
to suppress the light.
But if we do that to him, this kingdom...
Even though stellanium
must disappear,
it's the only way
to save this place.
That's why we can't
give you the stick!
But that stick belongs
to our kingdom.
Even if it is...
Only the power of that stick
can save this country...
It will not work
with that stick!
When I got it in my hands,
I felt anger,
pain and suffering
from dragons.
The power of that stick
must not be released!
You mean it's okay if
this kingdom will perished?
I will prevent it!
I will destroyed all of the stellanium!
Give us the stick back!
It's impossible...
I told you not to
put Sonya in danger.
You dared to use the stick
and blow her with the enemies...
I apologies terribly...
I had lost control...
Tomorrow will take place
to our important ceremony.
They will come, that's for sure.
Then you will kill them.
And for good this time.
I'll kill them.
And then, it will be your turn.
It's so beautiful here!
What's those fruits on the trees?
Don't eat that!
We'll spend the night here.
Let's hope they don't attack.
We must organize
Yeah, good idea.
I take the first turn.
To sleep?
They want to use the Dragon Cry
to get rid of the brilliance of the stellanium.
Is it really possible?
If they succeed,
it will be the economic
death of this kingdom.
In any case, they can't
use the power of the stick.
She said that a ritual will take
place tomorrow.
We have to get the stick
back before that.
I'll do my best.
Hey, what are you eating?
How are you, Lucy?
You can't sleep?
It's my turn.
But you're daydreaming.
I know that our mission
is to recover the stick,
but this kingdom could
well disappear...
Go up here.
No way, I'm in a skirt!
Come on, come on!
What do you want from me?
Hold on! It's still far away?
Come on, grab my hand.
Stella's stars!
It's so beautiful!
You wanted to see them.
So don't be depressed!
What is going on?
There are a lot of soldiers.
Something happened?
They all look as
venerable as Gray-sama.
Hey, this emblem!
It's them, they're
from Fairy Tail!
Huh? What did we do?
What does that mean?
It means that trouble is coming.
Kill them!
I will give them
a good reason...
Bring yourselves!
I go get some information!
Something is going
on over there.
I'll take a look!
Be careful!
It looks like they were waiting for us.
I'm taking care of it!
Go to the temple!
Let's go!
Aye, sir!
Happy, why you red?
Because of the fruit I ate!?
I was waiting for you, the redhead girl!
The one with the legs!
The one with the beautiful legs.
What are you doing here?
My special Gray radar
was not wrong!
Would you have a special Juvia radar too?
I don't care!
Franoise, Catherine,
to work!
Why all this turmoil?
There was a lot of stuff.
Start by helping me.
With pleasure!
Too slow!
I will stop him.
Go forward!
You too?
I am stronger than you!
We leave it to you, Wendy et Carla!
But I...
You will not escape me!
That was near.
I'll quickly free the girls
from the cellars of the castle.
Will you manage, alone?
I'm not alone.
My celestial spirits are there!
Happy, we're going
to stop the ritual!
Aye, sir!
When I had it in my
hands, I felt anger,
the pain and suffering
of the dragons.
The power of this stick
must not be released!
Come on, give me the Dragon Cry.
His strength leads
people into misfortune.
I can't give it to you.
Girls, run away as
much as you can!
Quickly, before he comes here!
Thank you... so much...
Hurry up!
Where's the stick?
Zash is here!
What are you doing here?
Leave quickly!
Don't play with me!
Gate of the Goat, I open thee: Capricorn!
Hirake Makatsukyuu no Tobira: Capricorn!
Gate of the Goat, I open thee: Capricorn!
Hirake Makatsukyuu no Tobira: Capricorn!
A goat? You're kidding?
It looks like your magic does not
work when you protect your eyes.
Smart, Lucy-sama.
I am impressed.
Go! Go to the exit!
I will help you escape.
It looks like it's not the moment.
Red Knife, we're leaving!
It seems I was unfortunate.
Where is he going?
Let us follow him.
Franoise, Catherine.
Ice can't do anything against me!
He's destroying his own city!
Watch out!
Good work, Catherine.
Nice shot.
We're using a speed spell
and even so...
He's too fast for us.
Come on! I see you!
Wendy, I got an idea.
This time, your lives
are coming to an end!
Carla, he's catching us!
We need to be well synchronized!
One, two...
And here you go!
Ice that the heat of Franoise
and Catherine does not melt?
It's the ice of an exorcist wizard.
It's good.
It seems that your dolls are demonic.
Do you make fun of my children?
Franoise, Catherine!
Love rivals!
Reach him! Wings of love!
Gray-sama, Maxi Love!
Not bad!
Franoise, Catherine
Juvia, are you okay?
Yes, Gray-
Grand Fouette!
Grand Whipping!
Impossible! When did you do that?
When I saw your
pretty round legs,
I thought I could do the same.
Dirty bitch!
No way!
But my blows enchant men!
I don't need to enchant men!
Suffer the punishment of the seven stars...
Grand Chariot!
What is wrong with you?
Give me the Dragon Cry quickly.
Give us the stick back!
Give it back!
Where is the king?
Why are you holding
the stick, Sonya?
To give it to the
king who was there...
Give us the stick!
No... It's... Impossible...
You can't give him the stick.
We don't have time anymore.
Bring me the Dragon Cry.
Tomorrow will be our
important ceremony.
Why does he not bring it to me?
They will come, for sure.
Then you will kill them.
And for good, this time.
The king...
is me?
You understand now, Sonya?
Your Highness...
You and me...
are one and the same person.
Who... who are you?
I am Animus.
I am in the body of Sonya.
I am a dragon.
A dragon?
What do you want?
Didn't you want to prevent the
stellanium from exploding with that stick?
This little Sonya...
Ready to believe everything you tell her.
What an obedient girl.
My goal is to get out of
this disgusting human body.
Igneel managed to do it alone.
You know Igneel?
Igneel hid inside
a dragon slayer.
He had found the ideal body.
I did not have the
leisure to choose.
Sonya was dying and nearby.
And since then, I was waiting.
I could not go out
by my own will.
But now, I hold the Dragon Cry!
This stick strengthens
the power of a dragon.
I will be free!
No way!
No, Igneel and you...
Natsu, take the stick!
Stop it, Sonya!
I'm taking the Dragon Cry!
A... a dog!
Animus? No, you must be Sonya...
As a king, you gave me orders,
and as Sonya, you obeyed me.
I'm tired of this little game.
What... do you plan to do... with the stick?
I'll use it to get my revenge on Fiore!
The Dragon Cry is composed of
highly concentrated Ethernano.
If I free him,
I will be able to handle a power ten times
greater than that of the Etherion!
I will destroy Fiore who despised
my black magic and exiled me!
With my hands!
Red Knife!
The meal is served.
I will not let you
hurt Natsu and Sonya.
I'm Happy the red!
You don't scare me.
It was great, Happy!
Oh, Lucy!
Zash! That bastard!
No... Who are you?
I will never forgive you!
A dragon!
Take care of Happy and Sonya.
Come on, Your Highness!
Be more careful with the
heritage of your kingdom.
Give me the stick, Zash!
Did you really want to take
that form or not?
Have you reached your goal?
This form is not perfect.
This is not the freedom
to which I aspire!
I'll give you some freedom.
Your Highness, you are lucky.
Be mad all you want,
now that you are free.
It looks like there are still
several Fairies alive.
I should use what I secretly
developed for such a situation...
Wake up, Quartum Army!
Who are these guys?
They... they are quite a few!
What strength!
Quartum Army, occupy Fairy
Tail and save me some time!
Who are they?
The Quartum Army.
The 4th generation
of dragon slayers.
The 4th generation?
Dragon's Lacrima were implanted
in these artificial soldiers.
Gate of the Archer, I open thee: Sagittarius!
Hirake Jinbakyuu no Tobira: Sagittarius!
Gate of the Archer, I open thee: Sagittarius!
Hirake Jinbakyuu no Tobira: Sagittarius!
We don't spare any!
The stick is up there?
Dragon Cry,
show me your real strength!
Father, it's
The Dragon Cry.
Hisui, evacuate all the
inhabitants of the kingdom!
We must hurry.
Anger and hatred of
dragons will fall on us!
What is going on?
In my opinion, it sucks!
It is time!
You, dead dragons,
turn your hate into
a steel hammer...
and hit hard!
I'm taking you up here!
I gladly accept!
Aye, sir!
I feel it!
The whole continent
is a magic circle!
Disappear, Fio...
What is it?
What's this?
The Dragon Cry!
Natsu, he lost control, that's obvious!
We need to stop him!
The stick is mine!
Give it to me!
Surely not!
So you are indeed
a dragon slayer!
Yeah, so what?
Because of guys like
you, the dragons are gone!
You stole our freedom!
This time, I'll show you...
what taste the wrath of dragons!
Na... Natsu!
Dragon Cry, grant
me all my power!
The fight between dragons
and dragon slayers
is now over.
Today is the advent
of the dragon era!
Stop, Your Highness!
Move out of the way!
No I can't!
I will not let you
hurt these people!
Their souls are closely related.
They shine like the
stars of this world!
But you,
your soul has lost its luster.
It is in the darkness.
You were so friendly before...
Get up!
Get up, Natsu!
You are still alive,
creature who lives only
to destroy the dragons?
I... don't fight...
to destroy the dragons...
But for my friends...
To protect them...
That's why...
I'm fighting...
here and now!
Disgusting little man...
You are also a dragon?
I recognized your true form!
You are not human!
You are the being who will destroy everything!
What am I
does not matter!
I devoted my whole
life to my friends!
Blood, flesh, bones...
I don't need it!
The sky is normal again!
So you succeeded... Fairy Tail.
do I look like?
You look like Natsu.
My body...
is disappearing...
Your highness...
Thank you for everything.
You raised me...
Sonya, It's the first time
that I see it...
I also see for the first time,
the tears...
of a dragon.
Look, the Dragon Cry!
A ribbon?
It was his original form?
He disappeared.
The king...
He deceived us, the
citizens and me.
He lied to himself.
And, his egoism has caused this situation.
He hurt a lot of people.
He was a bad person.
he was a bit of my family.
Even if he used me,
I was happy to have
him by my side.
I would have wanted things to be different
and that we support each other,
and be able to help him.
A bit like you.
The guild is our family, right?
It's true.
Donna toki datte kimi wa kimi nanda
Whenever it is you will always be you
kurayami wo sotto terasu you are a star
which lights the darkness, you are a star
Asu wa doko kako mo kesenai makkura na sekai de
Tomorrow is unknown, I can't erase the past in a dark world
Atatakaku tsutsumikomu you na hikari wo mitsuketta
I found the warm light as it seemed wrap me tightly
Daijoubu dayou sono koe ga boku no mune ni hibiitanda
"You will be all right", your voice echoed inside my chest
Donna kimi datte shinjitainda
Whatever you are, I want to believe
donna michi datte kimi no tonari de
no matter what the path, if it's beside you
Zutto arukitai wish on a star mitsukeyou
I want to get through it by wish on a star
mitsukedasou tada hitotsu no hikari
I will definitely find it, the only light
Sakurairo shita yuugure ga hitomi ni utsutta
The color of the evening sun is visible in my eyes
Kanashii wake demo nai no ni namida ga koboreta
I don't feel sad, but my tears still fell on my cheeks
Kirei na mono hodo hakanai to dareka ga itteita keredo
Someone told me that "beauty is not gonna last forever"
Donna kyou datte imi ga arunda
Whatever happens today must be meaningful
donna toki datte kimi no tonari de
whenever it is, if it's beside you
Gyutto sono te wo nigitteru yo tsutaeyou
While we tightly holding hands, let's spell out
tsutaeaou mune ni himeta omoi
our feelings hidden in the chest
You are a star
You are a star
Boku wa nandatte kimi ga toikakeru
"What am I?" You suddenly ask me
kimi wa kimi datte boku wa kotaeyou
"You are you", that's my reply to you
Sou yatte tashikame aeba ii
We should make sure together
kagayaku hoshitachi ni negai wo takushite
and entrust our wishes to the shining stars
Donna toki datte kimi wa kimi nanda
Whenever it is, you will always be you
kurayami wo sotto terashiteiru no wa
someone which lights the darkness
Sousa boku dake no superstar
Yes, you are my personal superstar
tsudzuiteku kono michi wo terasu superstar
the superstar that always illuminates this path
You are a star
Help! Help!
This little girl will suit us.
I am Acnologia, the
dragon slayer.
I'll exterminate you, dirty dragons.
I'm sorry I could not save you.
I will exterminate all the dragons.
I refuse to die...
Not yet
This girl... is still alive...
Girl, tell me your name.
If you do, we can
probably both survive.
It's Acnologia.
Our enemy.
The fight has begun,