Fairytale: The Haunting of Helena (2012) Movie Script

See this insect?
It's an anopheles mosquito,
vector of an infectious disease
known as malaria, which still
today causes 2 million deaths a
The female carries the parasite,
and while searching for blood
to nourish her eggs, she bites
humans and infects them.
The disease involves high fevers
and damage to the kidneys,
liver, spleen, and brain,
causing death in a matter of Days.
For over 50,000 years, this
mosquito was the undisputed
queen of Italy's
pontine marshes, an inaccessible
area inhabited only by wild
animals and outlaws.
In 1929,
dictator Benito mussolini,
founder of the fascist party,
decided to undertake a venture
that had eluded even the ancient
He wanted to reclaim the
marshes, eradicate malaria, and
transform that area into
It was an enormous undertaking,
which required thousands of
desperate workers from Italy's
poorest areas.
They worked nonstop, night and
day, to present the duce with
littoria, the first fascist new
But how many workers lost their
lives in the marshes?
Hundreds, thousands.
it remains an unsolved mystery,
since the fascist regime
concealed all documentation.
Helena! Please wait!
Buongiorno. Both: Buongiorno.
Buongiorno. Both:
Buongiorno. Helena!
(Phone rings) Ah, si,
questo va in cucina. (Beep)
and to what do I owe this pleasure?
Hey, how's the move going?
How are things in Cancun?
Having fun on the beach with
your new girlfriend?
Come on, Sofia, please.
I just asked, "how is the move going?
I feel better now that I'm out
of your house.
Remember it was our house.
Plus, uh, nobody forced you to leave.
And you're gonna be paying more
expenses now.
You just worry about sending
the money for Helena.
I'll take care of the rest.
Dad's on Skype!
He wants to speak to you!
I don't feel like it right now!
You heard her.
Yes, I heard her.
Just try and have her call me
I'll try, but I can't promise
later. I'll try, but I
can't promise you anything.
Sofia, I understand you're
upset with me, but don't turn
Helena against me, okay?
I never said anything bad
about you to her.
Helena just misses her father.
it's been almost a year since
she last saw you.
Let's not start this again.
Robert, what is that on your
Oh, you mean this here?
This is a diamond.
You like it?
All musicians got it.
But you're not a musician.
Well, listen, I got to go.
Um, have her call me later,
Mum! Come here!
I like that closet!
Can I have it?
Yeah, but...When did you see it?
Helena, come on, baby, get up.
Come on.
Helena, up.
I'll be late for work again.
Helena, come on!
Mum, my tooth is loose.
Show me.
Does it hurt much?
yes, a little bit.
Darling, it's nothing
It's just your baby teeth coming
out, that's all.
Come on.
(Rapid footfall)
Helena, wait!
Come on.
Mummy, scrooge!
(Door buzzes, opens)
(Door shuts)
At the end of the road, turn
I think, pretty soon, you'll
be toothless.
But I don't want a mouth full
of missing teeth.
I want a beautiful smile like
Of course, you will.
New teeth will replace the old
ones, and they'll be even more
beautiful. And for every tooth that comes
out, you put it under your
pillow, and the tooth fairy will
replace it with a lot of money.
Follow Franklin boulevard
for 4.2 kilometers.
Can we call dad and tell him?
Tell him?
About what?
My tooth.
(Crackling over monitor)
it's 2:00 in the morning
in Cancun, Helena.
If he's still there.
Follow Franklin boulevard.
Mummy, is the tooth fairy scary?
Why should she be scary?
(Sighs) Helena!
Uh-uh-uh. Still.
You're daughter's fine.
Where is she?
She's just in the next room.
We gave her a cat scan, and
everything looks fine.
You were both very lucky.
I want to see my daughter.
(Thunder rumbling)
I'm so sorry.
I got distracted.
My tooth fell out.
My tooth fell out.
Where? In the car.
When we had the accident.
All right.
We'll look for it tomorrow.
Go get it.
Helena, I don't even know
where they've taken the car.
I want my tooth.
I want my tooth.
Go find it.
Helena, please.
I want my tooth!
Hear me?
Mum! What is it, darling?
Another one is loose.
Close your eyes a moment.
Show me.
What is it, mum? (Sighs)
Nothing, darling. Nothing.
Close your eyes.
Nice and wide.
Okay, it's just gonna hurt a
little bit, okay?
Let's go.
(Zipper zips)
Do you feel better? Yes, mum.
Why don't we go home,
put it under your pillow and wait for the fairy?
What are you doing here?
I was just checking if the tooth was in
place, darling,
and seeing if the tooth fairy had come yet.
But it already came.
The tooth isn't there anymore.
The tooth fairy already took it.
I see.
Come on.
I'll tell
you all about the tooth fairy.
Right now, I'm going back to
sleep, okay?
Hey. Did you find any
money under your pillow?
Yes, I found it under my
glass of milk.
Thanks, mum.
And why would you be thanking me?
Well, because I know you were
the one who put it there.
Mm. Mm.
What are you drawing?
The tooth fairy.
She also gave me money.
Baby, where did you find this?
She gave it to me.
The tooth fairy brought it.
Please take a seat. Thank you.
Excuse me for calling you in, madam.
Helena's never been in trouble before.
She's a very sweet girl.
Please, just tell me what my
daughter has done.
Well, she bought these from
some of the other children.
I don't know why.
Yes, with this money.
Are you a collector of old
So where did you find
the money?
Can you at least tell me what
You intend to do with these... With
these teeth?
They're for the fairy. Helena, please.
Now she's angry with my teacher.
She wants her teeth.
So how long has Helena been
displaying this sort of behavior?
Or should we say disorder?
Since she lost her first tooth.
And this fairy supposedly
lives in her closet, does she?
Well, children do tend to
have very vivid imaginations.
I mean, I remember when I was a
kid, I was totally convinced I
had a ghost under my bed.
believe me, this is different.
My daughter's behavior is
completely out of character.
She's obsessed with this fairy
and...These teeth.
I mean, I don't know.
Could it be a head injury from
the accident?
Well, nothing came up on the
cat scan, but, uh, if it would
make you feel better, we can
scan her again.
Thank you, doctor.
May I show these to a
colleague of mine?
Of course.
Oh, just one thing.
Helena's never suffered from
hallucinations, has she?
Have you?
anyone in your family?
No, absolutely not.
Well, I really wouldn't worry about anything.
It's probably much less serious
than you think.
She may have heard a scary story
from one of her friends or seen
something on TV.
We'll be in touch.
(Closes, locks
door) Ma'am. Yes?
Is this your daughter's?
You speak English?
I learned it from the
from the American soldiers many years ago.
Your daughter draws well.
Thanks. I'll tell her.
She calls me scrooge, doesn't she?
Oh, please don't be offended.
Helena loves giving people
I know.
I was a child once too.
Certain things scare children.
Yes, of course.
Well, good night, and thanks
You must leave this house
before it is too late.
And why must we leave?
Leave now.
I won't be able to help you
Thanks, but we don't need
anyone's help.
(Clattering) You can come out now.
Come on, darling.
Let's try to be on time today.
I'm not going
to school today.
And why is that, miss, hmm?
Why aren't you going to school?
Because miss cavendish is
That's not funny, Helena.
Now, come on, get up.
One minute.
When did this happen?
Thank you for calling. And let
me know when the funeral is.
It was the fairy, mum.
The fairy in the closet.
Hello, this is Dr. Patrick
Do you remember me?
Hello, doctor.
Of course, I do.
Yes, I just wanted to let you
know that my colleague
Professor fabiano has looked
at Helena's drawings and would
like to see you as soon as
Where should I go?
It's number 32, via del mare.
Thank you, doctor.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Okay, bye-bye.
Helena! Helena,
is everything okay?
My colleague tells me that your daughter's
unusual behavior is quite recent.
Yes, since she lost her first
Well, children can be very
susceptible to suggestion.
There is one thing, though,
that does try me about all this.
Your address.
Sorry, what?
Is there any chance someone
may have told your daughter what
happened in your house many
years ago?
Sorry, what?
What happened in my house?
before the war,
when the city had just been built,
that house was the scene of
a crime of passion,
of jealousy actually.
The killer's name was
Battista Greco,
an army officer at the time.
One day he saw his wife smiling
at another man, and so he
decided to punish her...
And ripped out her teeth...
One by one.
Then, when he finished his dreadful work...
He locked her in a closet...
And just left her to die
Slowly. (Slow banging on door)
Mr. ferri?
(Door hinge creaking)
Mr. ferri. Mr. ferri!
Mr. ferri. Mr. ferri!
(Phone clicking)
Anyone here?
(Door creaks open) Mr.
ferri. (Button clicking)
(Banging) Get up! Get
up! Get up! Come on!
(Grunts) Come
here. (Grunts)
Come here.
(Grunts) (Panting)
(Screams) Run! Oh!
(Screams) Run!
Oh! (Screaming)
Oh! (Screaming)
Run! (Screams)
Run! (Screams)
Run! Run!
(Screams) Run!
Run! (Grunting)
Run! Run!
(Grunting) Run! Run!
(Grunting) Run!
Run! (Grunting)
Run! Run!
(Grunting) Run!
(Grunting) Run!
Helena, run!
Run! Helena,
run! Run!
Helena, run!
Run! (Grunting)
Run! (Grunting)
Run! Run!
(Grunting) Run!
Run! (Screaming)
Hey. How's it going?
Same as
yesterday. Same as two days ago.
Same as it's been for almost two
Actually, that's...
That's what I wanted to talk
to you about.
I'm thinking of taking Helena
with me.
I think it might be a good
I hope you're kidding.
No, I mean, she's been here
for a while now and hasn't been
I think it might be the
right solution.
I mean, she hasn't spoken for
the last 18 months.
And where would you take her?
To Mexico?
Yes, yes, Mexico.
Why not?
And what medical center would
you take her to?
Or would you just take her to
some resort?
No medical center.
Listen, I want to get her out of
I think Helena needs a change.
Yeah, you know what?
I can't believe this.
You come back to Italy after how
many years, Robert?
How many? Say it.
Almost four years.
You left me and Helena, saying
you needed to find yourself.
Truth was, you were chasing
after one of my students, even
even though I pretend still not
to know.
Sofia, this is not about the
two of us.
This is about our daughter.
That's my point!
For years, you've acted as
though she's only my daughter.
And now you're telling me what's
And now you're telling me what's best for her.
Look, whatever it is, I don't
want her hanging around these
loonies here.
Maybe you're used to this, but
this is not what I want for my daughter.
Got it?
After all these years, I'd
forgotten what an asshole you were.
you know what?
I'd rather be an asshole than
be crazy.
Thanks, I'll be right there.
What's over there in that building?
Over there.
Oh, nothing.
It used to be the mental unit.
Thank you.
(Thunder rumbles)
Tell me what you see.
I see my ex-husband.
I want to know what he told you.
that your mother was schizophrenic
and committed suicide in a
mental hospital.
Can I ask you why you didn't tell me this?
Because I don't want my past
being used as a reason for
Helena to be taken away from me.
I know what it's like to grow up
without a mother.
Isn't that reason enough?
Sofia, I'm a doctor.
I need to be able to assess
If you withhold information...
For months we've been trying to
get into Helena's head.
You know, when she first came
here, she was obsessed with this
fairy, this fairy that wanted
to take her away, that wanted to
take her away, that wanted to harm her.
What are you trying to say?
That I might be the fairy?
You know, schizophrenia and
home environment are often
closely connected.
Look, I'm gonna ask you again,
and I'd like you to be truthful
this time, for Helena's sake.
Have you ever suffered from any
form of mental disorder?
Or have you ever had any
Helena's ready to go out
with her mum.
I have to go out with Helena now.
Okay, we can talk about this later
Hello, Helena.
You go and have a nice stroll
and get your mum to buy you an
ice cream, all right?
The land was predominantly populated by
world war I
veterans and their
families who had left their homes
to come to agro pontino, in the middle of
nowhere, in the hope of
creating a better future for
their children.
someone touch my photo file?
No, it's the same as always.
No reason. Never mind.
She's back, mum.
What did you say, baby?
She's back.
No, darling.
That's not true.
We left her house.
We're safe here now.
She's mad at me.
Why would she be mad at you?
You haven't done anything to her
Because those weren't her teeth.
She wants her teeth.
(Whispering) But he hid 'em
in a secret place.
(Mechanical whirring)
(Computer keys clicking)
Everything looks fine.
what exactly did you talk about?
She said, um, that she had fun on our
She enjoyed the ice cream. Hmm.
(Computer keys clicking)
Well, that's a good sign.
Yes, indeed.
A good sign.
I'll be right back.
Everything's all right.
mummy's here with you now.
There's a little girl in
the mirror.
is it really?
Mummy will take a look.
Do you want me to send her away?
There's nobody here, baby.
She's gone.
The doctor said that Helena never had such an
attack before.
You know, epilepsy would explain a lot.
But the tests were inconclusive...
As always.
(Sobbing) Shh, shh.
I don't know what to do anymore, Robert.
I don't know how to help her.
Listen, if they can't figure
it out here, you know, we'll
find some other doctors.
But what if it's not a medical problem?
Do you remember that apartment
that I moved into after we split up
Yes, and then you didn't like
it, then you moved out again.
In 1938, a murder took place
in that apartment.
A man tortured and killed his wife there.
He ripped out all of her teeth.
And you told Helena the story?
Please, just listen.
I know I may sound crazy,
but believe me, I'm not.
I didn't know about it.
Helena didn't know about it.
But then she started saying that that woman,
the woman that was killed,
lived in her room
and wanted her teeth back.
Look, if you didn't say anything about that,
then maybe somebody else did,
and, you know, it just got to her.
That's what I thought too.
At first.
And then?
And then, uh...And then,
I started seeing her too and her
husband and their little girl.
I'm not crazy.
You know me!
I'm a professional.
I've always had a rational mind,
but there's something about that house.
It followed us, and it's making
our daughter lose her mind.
Is this little girl sitting here
right beside me?
Is she--is she there beside the
the Jesus figure, talking to him?
And, tell me, is the mother here
Please, Robert, I beg you--
-- maybe we can find a way to save Helena.
We can do it together.
Helena has started speaking again.
She's trying to communicate with us.
She's asking for help.
You are Helena's problems.
No, I'm not.
And I'm gonna put a stop to that.
No, you don't understand.
Oh, yes, I do understand,
And I'm calling the judge
in the morning because Helena
is coming with me.
Hey, pumpkin. I'm sorry.
Daddy's sorry.
Daddy's gonna get you out of here.
And then we're gonna take care of mummy.
Do you want something to eat?
They won't take me away from you,
right, mum?
What makes you think that?
I don't know where her teeth are.
I told her, but she doesn't believe me.
Why does she want them from you?
How are you supposed to know?
Why won't she just leave you alone?
Hear me?
Leave my daughter alone, you witch.
Leave her alone!
(Banging on door)
is okay? Do you need anything?
No, we're fine. Thank
you. (Door shuts)
Stay here.
Thank you.
how's Helena?
Yeah, she seemed--she seemed
We put her in another room.
I don't think she understood what happened.
She understands much more
than you might think.
Are you sure those were Robert's teeth?
I don't know.
I don't know anything anymore.
I'm not sure of anything.
Do you see him too?
Do you see him too?
We can't both be having the same
Anyone there?
Aah! Sofia. I saw the light on.
Do you need anything?
Actually, yes.
I need to view this.
Can you help me?
Where did you put them?
Where'd you put them?
Where'd you hide them?
God damn you.
But he hid 'em in a
secret place. (Deep breath)
Aah! (Both
grunting) (Screams)
The wolf doesn't eat children.
(Crying) (Sobs)
I gave you back what you wanted.
Now leave Helena alone.
(Chuckles) I still can't believe it.
Helena's progress is remarkable.
When do you think I should
tell her about her father?
I'd wait a little longer.
You're going home tomorrow, and
that in itself is already
a great result, right?
Yes, it is.
I'm going home with my mum now.
Here, you keep it.
When I was afraid at night,
I held her close.
But I'm not afraid anymore.
The fairy's gone.
Arrivederci, professoressa.
Arrivederci. See you tomorrow.
So will you come out with us tonight?
You can't keep saying no.
Yes, all right.
I'll come.
By the way, I transferred the
the old film for you.
Do you want to see it?
What film?
The one that you gave me.
Do you remember?
have you seen Helena?
Yes, she's upstairs.
The ogre has teeth again and
can now eat children.
Sofia, need anything?