Fais-moi plaisir! (Please, Please Me!) (2009) Movie Script

Please please me
What time is it?
Wake me in an hour.
In one hour.
Only 30% of men know this zone,
yet it's the most irresistible.
Make less noise, please!
Are you waking up?
- Wait...
- Don't you want to?
I can't do a thing
till I've had coffee.
Any coffee let?
Have you looked?
We're out.
I put it on the list.
Never mind. Ill go to the cafe.
Not drinking it?
It's too hot.
Want me to blow on it?
No, it's ok.
- Ive nearly finished!
- Finish later.
No, I've only got 3 pages let.
Please... be nice.
- Finished?
- Yes.
What's wrong?
I kiss you
and nothing's happening.
Im sorry. It's that story.
The ending is awful.
I wasn't expecting it.
I can't get it out of my head.
Oh, no, I've been waiting for ages.
You shouldn't have told me to wait.
I didn't know
the book would put me in this state.
It's Saturday.
You were tired all week.
It's not my fault
if I'm overwhelmed.
Sorry, I'm sensitive enough to empathize
with the characters' anguish.
I witnessed a tragedy.
A woman discovers
As she is dying
that she was cheated on, her whole life.
And you expect me to be carefree!
Look, it's not true.
It's a made-Up story.
So? People are desperate in real life.
That's not what I meant.
But you're working tonight.
Tomorrow, we're seeing your grandpa.
This is the only time for us.
And every night, you say
you're a morning person.
For once, we have a free morning...
but it's not possible now.
Im in the wrong frame of mind.
I won't give in
to the dictatorship of your urges.
Is that how you see my loving urges?
Are they loving?
I should know, they're my urges.
If you let them overcome you,
you'd see.
Im already overcome.
How can you overcome what's overcome?
What's wrong?
Novels have more effect on you
than I do now.
I don't know what to do.
Im distraught.
- Wait a while.
- I have!
- Since 7 am.
- 7!
Since Monday, in fact.
Your impatience oppresses me.
We're done for.
We're caught in a vicious circle.
Why is that?
The wait will increase my desire
and that will oppress you more.
- I see no way out.
- Come here.
- What?
- Come here.
May I?
My door or yours?
I guess it's mine.
Sorry to disturb you.
Im Gregoire Levieux.
Im moving in.
Hello. Well, goodbye.
I apologize for the disturbance
that my move
Will cause.
- Phone.
- Who is it?
- "Private".
- Must be jean-Paul. Ill call him back.
Well, there's no problem.
Ill be moving rather early.
- As it's Sunday...
- No problem. Bye.
Ill put him on.
It's not jean-Paul.
Yes... hello.
It's just that...
- I can't really talk now.
- Not really!
But I'll... let you know.
He'll let you know!
Who was it?
A woman who...
a woman!
She just wanted some info.
How do you know her, honey?
She's a woman I met...
I came across...
I don't know...
in an office, I think.
Do my questions bother you?
No, not at all.
You're not thinking about that girl
I barely know?
Look, jean-Jacques...
It's better to tell me the truth now
Than for me to find it out later.
Don't be melodramatic.
If I tell you the truth,
you won't want to hear it.
How so?
If I told you, you'd distort it,
Magnify it,
make it more serious than it is.
It's serious?
There! I knew it!
You're making a big thing of it,
but it's insignificant.
By saying nothing,
it remained insignificant.
All this mystery worries me.
I just want to protect you.
Tell me. Please tell me.
Ill consider it all insignificant.
- You won't. I know you.
- I will, I swear.
- You swear?
- Yes.
- Then, we can carry on?
- Yes.
the other day, Jean-Paul and I
Were leaving work
When we met an old friend of his.
We go for a coffee and then...
he tells us, since his divorce
He has a new girlfriend every week.
So, Jean-Paul asks him
how he seduces a new girl every week.
He tells us
he has perfected a technique.
A technique he discovered
a few years ago,
Quite by chance.
One day,
When he was traveling,
moved by the discreet charm
Of a woman sitting nearby,
But not knowing how to talk to her,
He decided to write her a note.
That day,
His hand wrote all by itself
And composed turns of phrase
he didn't know he was capable of.
He came up with charming words
To describe the turmoil
this woman stirred in him.
And as he was finishing the note,
He had a stroke of genius.
He suggested a sort of game.
He would stand
between two cars on the train
And wait ten minutes.
Ten minutes, he wrote
Waiting for maybe
the most magical moment in his life.
If she came, he promised
not to try to restrain her.
He wouldn't ask her any questions.
He would merely savor
this unique moment.
He now uses the same note
for each encounter.
He showed us a copy.
He always has one on him
just in case.
Then, he hurried of on a date.
Jean-Paul was going his way, too.
I found myself on my own,
Thinking about what I'd just heard.
And just then...
without meaning to,
Despite myself, my gaze
Landed on someone.
As I had doubts about this technique,
I wanted to check it.
In the note, I said
I'd wait for her in the billiards room
Intending to hide
to see if she'd join me.
But in the end
after due consideration
I thought it was ridiculous
and I decided to leave.
Im very sorry.
You said the billiards room.
The thing is... actually, I...
I'm in a hurry, but...
It was her phone number.
Nothing else happened.
I resisted.
You know, you should be proud of me.
It wasnt my fault.
I didn't go to the billiards room.
It was her initiative.
It's not my fault, I was raped.
The surprise was too great for me
to concentrate on my feelings.
I didn't appreciate it.
I remained impassive.
You called her back.
she has your number.
Yes, I did call her back
But only to be polite.
I kept her waiting for 4 days...
It didn't seem right
to leave her with no news.
Really? And what did you say?
She wanted to invite me...
to some party tonight.
Tonight - How convenient!
Im working and you're free.
I didn't say I'd go.
Once we've finished what we started
Ill call her and end it.
Ok now?
Don't you like my kisses anymore?
- They've changed.
- No!
Yes, they have.
How can you want to kiss another
without your kisses changing?
It's like saying a drop of lemon
didn't change water.
Im sorry. When you kiss me,
I sense her presence.
You taste different.
Yes, but that tiny droplet
has evaporated now.
Well, I can still taste it.
I think it's too unfair.
Yes, that girl was sublime.
Yes, she was attracted to me.
What did I do?
Who did I sacrifice myself for?
What is it?
If it's a sacrifice to stay with me,
there's no point staying together.
A week ago, we were talking
about having a baby.
It's so sad.
I was a fool
to think we were happy.
But nothing happened!
I didn't sleep with her.
It makes no difference
whether you did or not!
You mean if I had slept with her,
it wouldn't be any worse?
No. On the contrary.
It would've been
over and done with.
Now it's ahead of us - That's worse.
What do you mean?
Nothing will happen.
Because nothing will happen,
you'll fantasize about her.
I fantasize about you, not her.
Why would I want you
if I fantasized about her?
Because your subconscious
is transferring onto me.
What do you know about that?
Well, I know a little.
I don't have to justify
how I know things.
Ariane, my love!
You mustn't be sad.
You're lucky to be
with a man as honest as me.
My friends would've kept quiet.
Jean-Jacques, I've thought it over.
Ive given it a lot of thought.
Are you listening?
It's normal
you're attracted to another woman.
In fact, the opposite
would be worrying.
It happens to all couples
who've been together for a while.
It's like that
in every civilization.
Why would it be different for us?
No, we have to face facts.
Man is
by his very nature, unfaithful.
He can't help it. It's genetic.
To tell you the truth,
I'd hoped it wasn't true.
Well, not true of you.
But I see
it's a little girl's naive dream
That the prince
has but one princess.
No, for our couple to survive,
we must be...
That's why you must go
sleep with that woman.
That's right.
It's better to anticipate things.
You wouldn't really be cheating on me,
because I'd know beforehand.
But I don't want to.
Yes, you do,
but you can't admit it to me.
I know it's hard to say.
I don't blame you.
Do you realize what you're asking?
Yes, to turn us
into a powerfully progressive couple.
I won't go and sleep with her
just to please you.
Can't you see
I'm making an effort?
You could make an effort too.
But I won't go.
I have to go.
See you tomorrow, my love.
I... won't go.
I won't go.
Actually, I was
just about to call you back.
Ive thought it over...
the thing is...
well, I can't stay very long.
Cross the street, please.
Which floor do you wish to go to?
Which floor do you wish to go to?
Please repeat.
I didn't understand your answer.
Please repeat.
I didn't understand your answer.
I wish to go to the 4th floor.
Excuse me. Im looking
for Elizabeths apartment.
I don't know her last name.
- Jean-Jacques?
- Yes.
- Can I see some ID, please?
- Yes.
Ill return it when you leave.
Can you spread
your arms and legs?
Can I see what's in your pocket?
Can you hold the bottle of wine?
Can you tell me what this is?
An invention of mine.
I can show you if you like.
Rub it with your finger. Right here.
It stays on.
Now watch.
Not a trace on my face...
or on the cloth.
That's black.
It doesn't work
as well as the blue one.
Very good.
- You may go in.
- Thanks.
Have a good evening, sir.
Good evening.
- Will you follow me?
- Yes.
- Can I take those of you?
- Uh, yes.
- Would you like a drink, sir?
- No, thanks.
Do you like it?
One of David Finder's latest creations.
I just bought it.
Im so glad you're here.
I hoped we'd be alone
before the guests come,
But I've lost Lazare, my snake.
He strays sometimes,
but he's been away since yesterday.
I have to see my father.
He'll help me find him.
Will you come with me?
He really wants to meet you.
- Really?
- Yes. Follow me.
I was so afraid you wouldn't come.
I organized this party
just to have an excuse to call you.
Isnt that ridiculous?
I mean no!
I nearly forgot!
- I have a gift for you.
- For me?
Well, thanks.
- I brought wine.
- Thanks.
It's a Coteaux de Pierre-Vert.
I see.
When I saw it in the store
I thought of you.
It's wonderful.
It's too much.
You do smoke, I hope.
No, but I was thinking of starting.
Let's go.
Where are we going?
To my father's. This is a shortcut.
I came with Jean-Jacques.
Im delighted to meet you.
Ive heard a lot about you.
Good evening, sir.
Call me Antoine.
Any friend of Elizabeths
is a friend of mine.
I hope I'll get to know you better.
Im having a party tonight.
Come over.
Im afraid I can't.
I have a dinner with
the Japanese pm, his ambassador...
you're not a journalist?
No, not at all.
I can speak freely.
Im furious.
They're canceling a major agreement.
What do you work in?
Im... an inventor.
Do you work for a group?
Im actually independent.
Are you specialized
in a particular field?
If you have a few seconds...
I can show you something
I made myself.
Please do. I adore inventions.
They're the future of the nation.
Care to rub it?
See? It doesn't come off.
Now watch.
All gone!
It didn't work?
It's 'cause I used the black one.
It doesn't work
as well as the blue one.
There. And now...
I rub it and rub it...
and rub it and rub it...
there! Not a trace of it let!
Either on my face or the cloth.
Bravo. Congratulations.
Have you thought of any applications?
Im more specialized in inventions
than applications.
I see.
Well, if I have an idea, I'll call you.
- Thanks.
- Net month
Im representing French innovation
in India. Like to come?
Well, I'd love to.
I have to ask...
you could come, too.
Yes, great!
Let's see to Lazare.
- Let's go see the gardener.
- Ok.
Be right back. Wait here.
See you soon, Jean-Jacques.
See you soon, sir.
Good evening. Im Aki Yamagata,
the Japanese ambassador in Paris
And this is our secretary of state,
Koyt Ishida.
My name is Jean-Jacques Dupuis.
Im a friend
of the president's daughter.
He says he is
Very honored to meet you.
tell him
I'm delighted to meet him, too.
And tell him
I don't know your country,
but I'd love to visit it.
He would be very happy to invite you.
Thank you.
I can't say when yet, but...
I'd be delighted.
He wants to know if you need any help.
We can see in the mirror
you have a little problem.
It's just that I got my finger
caught in the vase.
I don't know how I did it.
I put my finger in it and...
Give me the vase. Ill pull.
Good evening, Mr. president.
We're so embarrassed.
It was a gift
from alexander to napoleon
When they signed
the treaty of Tilsit in 1807.
We don't know
how we can make it up to you.
Don't worry, we are here to talk.
Ill show the children out
then I'm all yours.
It's a copy.
The original is in the Louvre.
Of you go.
What did you think of my father?
Very pleasant.
I didn't think he'd be so pleasant.
Not that I didn't think he'd be nice.
On the contrary.
He really liked you.
- Really?
- Oh, yes.
He did suggest
you joining him on a trip.
You'll see, it's fascinating.
I can't wait to meet your parents.
We're very late.
The guests must've arrived.
Your moustache.
Tania, director of Niedermayer's
merchant bank in Spain.
Pleased to meet you.
Franois, vice-President of Adexo.
Gabriel, manager at Peugeot sport.
Jean-Jacques - Gabriel.
Franck - Jean-Jacques.
Ive got all your albums.
Im a huge fan.
Im sorry.
Sorry to disturb you. I...
It's just that I know someone
who really likes you...
If I could have your autograph,
that'd be...
ok, pal, no problem.
Ill do it later.
Thank you so much.
Sorry I disturbed you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Do you know where I can find the...
the bathroom?
Yes, cross the living room,
right-Hand door,
Then second let, then third right.
Do you want me to go with you?
No, thanks. Ill manage.
This is Thomas.
I set up my gallery with him.
Good evening.
Are you alright?
Ill be right back.
Feel alright?
You're very pale.
Want to sit down?
Should I call your mum?
Hello. This is Jean-Jacques.
Im busy right now.
Please leave a message.
Yes, Jean-Jacques, it's me.
I just wanted to talk to you.
Well, call me back.
Sir... would you like one?
No, thanks.
Hey, pal, have you got a light?
Elizabeth said you did.
Oh, yes.
No, thanks.
Are you ok there?
Yes. It's just that
I want curtains at homes.
Im seeing how they're made.
Do you want that autograph now?
Come on.
No, as I've seen you in real life,
That's enough.
Ok, no problem.
That's when I realized
I had a problem with alcohol.
I decided to consult a specialist.
Just pretend I'm not here.
Im not listening.
Everything alright?
Im not looking after you.
You know no-One.
Don't worry about me.
Im observing people. I love it.
They're going soon.
I told them I'm tired.
- You're tired?
- Not at all.
It's to be with you more quickly.
Be right with you.
Won't you come with me?
No, thanks, I'm fine here.
Be right back.
Thanks. Come over very soon.
Of course. Ill show you out.
How silly I was,
organizing this party.
I should've told you the truth.
I so wanted to be alone with you.
I was afraid you'd leave.
I thought you were bored.
Oh, no.
Im glad you stayed.
Are you ok?
Would you massage my skull?
Well, if you like.
Your hands are extraordinary!
I adore it!
You have a great technique,
Oh, no, I don't.
Do you like being massaged?
I don't really know.
I don't often get the opportunity.
Come, I'll massage you.
- Now?
- Yes.
In my room. Come on.
What if, before the massage,
We relaxed a bit?
What's with the cushion?
It's just that...
you really are surprising!
Could you undo my dress?
- Ok?
- Just seeing how it works.
There's a little clip.
Im nearly there.
Im not sure I can...
ah, there we are!
Coming, Jean-Jacques?
Sorry. I have a problem
with my zipper.
I won't be a second.
Can I see?
It's ok, I'll manage.
Show me.
Strange. Looks like
there's fabric stuck in it.
How did you do that?
I don't know. I don't understand it.
Sit down.
Give me your legs.
Ill be right back.
Will you let Aneth take a look?
Don't be childish.
May I?
I think I can unpick it.
This will relax you.
Ill see to your back.
It's all knotted up.
Thank you, Aneth.
Who's that?
My fianc.
I mean my ex-Fianc.
One day we're together,
next we're through.
But it's all over now.
We broke up for good a week ago.
Are you ok?
I mean, it wasn't too hard?
Oh, no. On the contrary.
It's a liberation.
It's weird though.
We'd been together for 2 years.
It was the longest
I'd been with someone.
But it was just too complicated.
He's adorable, very gentle, but...
he's also pathologically jealous.
He's so impulsive.
He can fight over the slightest thing.
How did he accept the break-Up?
He hasn't accepted it!
He thinks we're still together.
You can imagine what he's like.
That's why meeting you
felt like a breath of fresh air.
You're so different.
The more I look at you...
the more I like looking at you.
The deeper I look into your eyes,
The more mysterious you seem.
Do you know who wrote that?
I did!
This afternoon, while thinking of you.
Don't you believe me?
Oh, I do.
See? Im not lying.
I didn't have time
to write a letter as good as yours.
Do you like it?
Yes, very much.
It's yours, then.
Thank you.
I never received anything like this.
Ill tell you something.
I dreamed
of meeting someone like you.
I always knew I'd meet
the man of my dreams like that.
There's one thing I didn't like.
Oh, really? What?
You say, we'll never meet again
To make our time together
even more unique.
That's stupid.
If it's unique,
why not enjoy it for a lifetime?
Well, actually, it's because...
don't try to justify yourself.
I don't blame you.
Just kiss me.
Ill be right back. Ill be quick.
Im sorry.
Come in.
I was bringing Lazare
back to Elizabeth.
Is she in her room?
It's ok, I'll take him back to her.
- She's asleep.
- Asleep?
- Yes.
- No!
Take a chair.
Sit down.
Im very glad. She was an insomniac
before she met you.
Well, now there's just us two men,
You must promise me something.
She told me about her feelings for you.
So, you're to protect her now.
I entrust her to you.
You must promise
to take care of her.
"I promise
to take care of her. "
I promise
to take care of her.
- Thank you.
- Bye, sir.
See you soon. Call me Antoine.
She's breathing. Her heart's beating.
Let's put her on the bed.
Who's that?
Ill go.
Mr. Rudolf is here.
I didn't let him in
like miss said
But he won't leave.
So, I wanted to ask what I should do.
She's asleep.
She doesn't want him to come in.
What did she say?
She didn't say anything.
She's asleep.
Asleep! She's an insomniac!
Don't mess with me!
Look, sir, it's nothing to do with me.
Im not to let you in.
Im following orders.
Sure you're telling the truth?
You're not very nice to me.
- Is there someone with her?
- No.
- There is! Let me in!
- I can't let you in, sir.
I just can't.
If that's how it's to be...
sir, there's closed-Circuit TV...
If they see me let you in, I've had it.
You see?
- Don't worry, I won't hurt you.
- Thanks.
Here's the bouquet.
I might damage it as I fall.
Are you ready?
Is this him?
Your things, quick!
Your shoes.
'Evening, Aneth.
Good evening, sir.
Who are you?
He came to help out.
He's Romanian. He can't say much.
Miss had a party,
so he was helping me.
Im sorry, sir.
It won't happen again.
We got carried away. Miss is asleep.
Yes, sir.
- Really?
- I assure you, sir.
Sure there's no-One?
No, sir.
Not that I know of.
what are you doing here?
You brought Lazare back!
Where did you find him?
He was at my place...
on the balcony.
I am sorry.
Do you want a drink?
No, it's ok, thanks.
Do you want a lit home?
That's kind of you, but it's not nearby.
Want me to change stations?
It's ok.
It's green.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
If you like...
I can repair your trousers now.
I have spare zippers.
It'll take me 5 minutes.
Don't bother, it's ok.
Can you go home like that?
She'll ask you questions.
Sit down.
Do you collect them?
It's Gregoire, not me.
If your boyfriend is asleep,
I don't want to wake him up.
He's not my boyfriend -
He's my roommate.
I often get home late.
Don't worry, he's sound asleep.
It's all I have.
Can I have your trousers?
Ill be right back.
Look, it works fine.
It's... great.
Ill just...
Thank you.
Im sorry about your room mates.
I think I woke them.
No, I'm sorry.
My sisters are very nosy.
They wanted to see you.
Hello. Is Aneth there, please?
She's in the shower.
Ive lost my car keys.
I think they fell out of my trousers.
- Yes, I know.
- Really?
These are the ones, right?
Wait. We're so pleased you're here.
It'd be a pity to go now.
sorry to bother you, but...
I let my keys here.
Maybe they fell out of your trousers
when you took them of.
No, they're not there.
They're not here, either.
Where can they be?
They must be here somewhere.
Maybe you lost them elsewhere.
I definitely lost them here.
Im convinced they're in the bedroom.
But I looked. They're not.
Think. What did you do?
You checked your pockets?
Several times. I wouldn't have
disturbed you otherwise. Look.
Im sorry.
I don't understand it.
You must think
I did it on purpose.
It doesn't matter.
You mean...
if I had done it on purpose...
you wouldn't mind?
And let's imagine that
Purely by chance...
I took your hand in mine...
would you be angry?
And if...
still purely by chance...
I kissed you...
would you be annoyed?
I don't understand. It's only 3 am.
- I know him.
- Gregoire?
He's my new neighbor.
He lives next door to you.
Isn't that incredible?
He mustn't see me.
I don't live alone. If he sees me...
hey, Gregoire.
Why are you up so early?
I have to take my brother
his car back by 9 am.
They're off to the country.
- His things are outside the door.
- What'll I do?
- You can go out the window.
- What?
It's ok, we're on the second floor.
I did it once when I was locked in.
There's no window.
There is in the living room.
If we do as we said
I'm sure it'll work.
- There's no other way out?
- No.
Are you ready?
Ok, goodbye.
Gregoire, I'll help.
No, it's ok, really.
Im sure you've let
some stuff in your room.
- This book, say?
- That can stay.
- This too.
- No...
yes, I remember...
what about this key?
Are you keeping it?
I don't know.
But I need to take this.
What about this?
Wasn't this my book?
Please help! Im gonna die!
- What were you doing?
- I was at friends'.
And you leave like that?
We'll ask your friends.
Please don't.
- What's this?
- A gift.
A gift?
It's a DuPont. Champagne series.
It's worth nearly 10 grand.
Who gave it to you?
- You won't believe me.
- Try me!
Im broad-Minded.
I don't know what to say...
we're so sorry.
You're free to go.
We just received this message.
We do apologize.
"We'll never meet again
To make our time together
even more unique.
Adieu. "
Are you ok?
Im ok. And you?
You got of early?
Weren't you on duty till 10 am?
Yes, but I didn't work in the end.
Why's that?
I tried to call you,
but you didn't answer.
That's because...
my phone doesn't work anymore.
- Nothing serious?
- No.
Nothing serious.
Let's walk.
I had a strange day today.
A really strange day.
All afternoon, I thought
about what happened this morning.
I thought
maybe we'd gone a bit too far.
I so wanted to be with you,
I found someone to replace me.
So, I called you,
but I got your message.
As you didnt call me back,
And to get my mind of it all,
I called Marianne.
She met me in a very nice cafe
near her place.
We talked about her love life.
I didnt want to talk about us.
Then, her phone rang.
It was her new lover
a married man.
He'd managed to get away.
She apologized
and she went to see him.
And when she got up to go,
The waiter brought the two mojitos
we'd ordered before her phone rang.
So, I stayed in the cafe,
just me and my mojitos.
I was so sad
you didnt call me back.
I was about to go home,
but the waiter brought me something.
I thought it was the check.
But it was a note.
A note for me
written by a man at another table.
What was he like physically?
Normal. Not particularly handsome.
Pretty small?
- A bit fat?
- L guess.
- Tousled hair?
- Yes, trendy.
- It's him.
- He was charming.
It can't be him, then.
What did the note say?
More or less what you told me.
It was very well written.
Im sure it's him.
I wasn't fooled.
I knew it was a number.
But it is very effective.
- Was it on you?
- No.
But it could have had an effect on me.
But it didn't?
Are you answering your own questions
or what?
Tell me more.
So, I finish reading the note.
He wants to meet me outside the cafe.
I see him get up and leave
without looking at me.
I down my two mojitos
- And join him.
- What?
- You join him?
- Yes.
I wanted to give him
a piece of my mind.
Know what? I did.
I said his note was impersonal.
Any girl could see herself in it.
If girls sleep with him
just because of his fine words,
It was pathetic.
I even said his behavior
revealed how misogynous he was.
I ended by saying
all this revealed
A pathology that required treatment.
Id have loved to see his face!
Well, then, I was... amazed.
I thought he'd be ashamed,
embarrassed, or angry at me.
How was he?
Very calm.
He said I wasn't wrong
and offered me a drink.
He offered you a drink?
After all you'd said?
I suppose you didn't accept.
He was so sweet, I couldn't refuse.
I was surprised to discover
someone very different.
I mean it.
Someone who's very open to criticism.
He said it did him good
at long last to meet someone different
He could talk to someone
who looks at things constructively.
It was so good to talk.
He's an intelligent man, you know.
He saw where I was coming rom.
We didn't agree on everything,
but we had fun.
He's so funny
and has so many tales to tell.
After a while, the waiter told us
it was closing time.
Then, what did you do?
we went outside.
We decided to share a taxi
because his place was on the way.
And on a Saturday night,
taxis are hard to find.
And it let us split the cost.
But we were in mid-Discussion
when the taxi reached his place.
He asked me...
to go up...
to continue our conversation
and have another drink.
I thought it was silly
to part like that.
So, I went up.
And what?
What did you do?
The same thing you did.
The same thing I did?
Let's not talk about it anymore.
Let's go home.