Faith Like Potatoes (2006) Movie Script

What have I done?
You are mad.
Move back... move back...
Hey, boys, hit, man!
Hey, these boys...
...there we go.
This is it!
Thank you, girl.
Hey, Isaiah...
There's a new white man
at the Dixon place.
We must go see
if he can give us some work.
This is it!
These boys...
Hey, boys, be firm!
Go down, go down!
I'm asking if you have
some work for me?
No, I only speak Zulu, sir.
I will do a good job.
I know farm work.
Well, can you drive one of those?
So, what can you do, man?
No, Nkosana, you can't live
in a toy house, it's not right.
No, man, slower, man. Slower.
I know very little Zulu.
Don't speak too fast.
I can show you how to build a house.
The little tin house on wheels...'s not good for your family.
Nkosana thinks that it will take...
...a long time... to build a house.
He says... he'll get a builder to do it.
No, no, tell him not to worry.
I'm a strong man.
I've got other strong men
and women who can help us.
We'll build a beautiful house
in a few weeks.
This is my old friend Isaiah.
He's come here to help me.
He also wants to work here
with us on the farm.
Good day, Nkosana.
Hey. What's wrong?
What's wrong?
There's a big problem.
What big problem?
Speak up, Bhengu!
There's a big accident.
Well, show me.
Nkosana, I let... Simeon drive...
No, no... you're not putting it right!
I let you drive...
Come back!
It's fine.
Come back.
After work.
I don't have money for a mechanic.
For no extra pay.
Do you understand?
It's right, Nkosana. We will do that.
You're right.
There's a breeze... eh...
There's a breeze...
- You mean a little bit?
- Yes.
- You mean a small bit?
- A little bit.
There's a bit of breeze
but we should be fine.
Yes! You got it!
Yes, the grass,
the bushes are a little green still.
It will not burn too fast.
Hey, Simeon,
what do you know about Jesus?
No, wait a minute.
Do you know him?
All I know is that
he's the white man's God.
No, man.
What do you know about him?
The women go to his church
on Sundays...
...and us men drink and sleep.
We've done enough on that side.
We can start...
No. Hey.
Call the others!
Quickly, quickly.
I have to get help!
Simeon, we have to...
...keep the fire away from...
...Lion Match's trees!
We must pray for rain now!
There will be no rain.
The rain season is not here yet.
We must pray for rain now!
There will be no rain!
The rain season is not here yet.
What's wrong?
Some women
have been struck by lightning.
- One of them is dead!
- I'm coming now.
What's going on there?
They're too scared to go inside.
Our sister Portia is dead.
She's dead in there.
The other one is burnt.
You told us your God is powerful.
You pray.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Lift up your hands to God!
God raised you.
You understand that?
It is the power of God.
It's not me who did this, Mama.
It's not me who did this, Mama.
Stand up, stand up, Mama.
It's God himself who gives her life.
Listen to me! Listen to me.
It's the power of God
that works here.
God gives life.
Thank you, God.
Is it true, Nkosana?
Is she alive again?
God answered our prayer, Simeon.
I was ready to bring her children
to your orphanage.
Thank you, God!
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Come, listen up.
Thank you for your hard work today.
Tomorrow, as you know,
I leave for the land of my forefathers,
look after Jill and my children.
Simeon, you're my induna.
Look after the farm, please.
Steyn will manage the farm.
Yes, Nkosana.
We will protect Mother
and the little ones.
Thank you, Simeon.
Thank you.
- Good evening, Mama.
- Good evening, Simeon.
I've come to make sure you
and the little ones are safe.
Is everything fine?
All is well, thank you.
What is that bird?
It's the rain bird...
...the slow, black bird
that we Zulus catch easily...
...but we cannot eat.
Because we can become
like that stupid bird.
It's the bird that calls the rain.
May I ask you...
...when is Nkosana getting back
from his homeland?
He's been gone for so long.
He's coming back next week.
That's good!
Sleep well.
And the children. You'll be safe.
You see...
Nilale kalhe, my friend.
If you say so, sister.
Hey, that's my problem.
I leave you for a few months
and now you're the expert here!
Scotland is beautiful.
It is cold and very wet there.
Hey, Nkosana.
I don't understand.
If Scotland is so beautiful...
...and the people so friendly...
...and your forefathers
mean so much to you...
...then why do you stay in Africa?
Are there no farms there?
Why do you live with the Zulus?
In Zululand?
Don't get me wrong,
I don't disrespect you.
I can see this habit... white people
like to be in both places.
One foot
is up somewhere in the north...
...and the other one here in my land!
Isn't it?
You are right to ask that question,
I know that I have a white skin...
...but I belong to...
...a white tribe of Africans.
God wants me here.
Even if I'm a brother
who has many faults.
Let it come in.
What is your Zulu name?
...which means
"busy and nervous one."
Not everyone uses that name.
You can use that name "Gidli"
if you like.
Thank you, my brother.
Open the gate.
Push it. Let it come.
What's wrong?
The tractor's stuck in the field.
We can pull it out with this one.
What's happening?
I'll show you, you're taking too long.
We'll show you how the Zulus do it.
It's easy. Let's tie it around.
Tie a knot there!
God has provided for us in the past,
He'll do it again.
Baba, it is time.
Time to harvest.
Should I dig up a row
to see what is there?
Gidli, my friend
Tell the workers we should meet
at sunrise to pray.
This will be the best ever harvest!
Potatoes! Big potatoes!
Potatoes! Big potatoes from God!
Heita, Simeon.
Big potatoes. Potatoes.