Faith, Love & Chocolate (2018) Movie Script

(lighthearted music)
- Today is the
culmination of four years
of 8 a.m. classes, 4
a.m. study sessions,
boring teachers,
and 35 term papers,
all written on a program
designed by a college dropout,
typed on a computer created
by another college dropout,
and all my posts and
tweets were on sites
created by, you guessed
it, college dropouts.
But somehow I'm supposed
to be more prepared
for the real world than any of
the aforementioned dropouts.
So they say.
That's one of my
best friends, Emily.
She loves the simple
things in life
and has the biggest
heart of anyone I know.
And she's getting married
to a great guy, Chris.
They're one of those
couples that you just know
are supposed to be together.
Ashley is the
smartest one of us.
4.0 GPA, class president,
crazy confident.
She knows exactly what she wants
and won't let anyone
stand in her way,
especially college boys.
I'm pretty sure she'll
be a CEO one day.
And then there's me.
How would I describe myself?
Uh, I just wanna be happy.
This is my Josh.
He's 6 foot 2,
with big blue eyes,
a beautiful smile,
and a bright future.
These are my girls
and we're standing
on the launchpad
of life together.
Dad, what are you doing?
- Oh hey!
- I was looking for you.
- Ah, I just don't like crowds.
- Well look at you in your suit.
All those moms were
totally checking you out.
- Yeah, spiffy, huh?
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
And I'm so proud of you.
Your mom would be too.
She'd be the one up there
screaming her head off
when they called your name,
blowing one of those
obnoxious air horns.
- I miss her too.
- [Friends] Jessica!
Let's go!
- Hey, go.
Go be with your friends.
- No, I'm staying here with you.
- Go on, I'll be fine.
- You sure?
Well I'll see you
tomorrow at lunch, yeah?
- You have a deal.
I love you.
- I love you too.
(upbeat music)
- The best four
years of our lives,
may there be many more!
And to the best friends
anyone could ask for.
I love you guys.
- [Group] Cheers.
- Incredible four years,
I'll never forget.
- Me either.
- Well that's because you
two are sentimental saps.
- Well better a
sap than a cynic.
- You are the one that wanted
me to sing the class song.
- I can't wait to
get outta here.
- Ashley, come on.
Admit it, you're gonna miss
this just a little bit.
- Not a bit.
- I mean, all she ever
really did was study.
- And intimate all the boys.
- And my work here is done.
- Hey Chris, let's
go get a drink.
- What?
- [Josh] Come on.
- Okay.
- Well we know
what that is about.
- What is the word, ladies?
A new chapter begins!
Did you take that
job in Lexington?
- Winestone Marketing.
- Ooh, the big leagues.
Are you excited?
- Of course!
It's the job of a lifetime.
- Do you wanna dance?
- I don't dance.
- I'll be back.
- What?
- Ashley!
- What is your deal?
- Shut up!
- You like him.
- Nuh-huh.
- Yes.
- I think he's kinda cute.
- He's weird.
- And you're not?
- I didn't come to
college to find a guy.
It's good for you
guys, just not for me.
- What does that mean?
- We all got what we
wanted out of college.
I landed the perfect job,
you got the perfect fiance,
and you got into the
perfect grad school.
- And found a great guy.
- Yeah, well, whatever.
- Ashley, why
don't you like him?
- I like him, I just
don't like him for you.
- Okay.
- What does that mean?
- Let's not talk about that.
- Well, we all know you're
getting a ring tonight.
- We don't know that.
- I am so excited for you.
- Congrats, Jess.
If you're happy, I'm happy.
- Thank you.
- Here he comes.
So, after the female mates
with the male, she eats him.
- Hey Jess, can we take a walk?
- Sure.
- Really?
- Preying mantis.
- Yeah, I got it.
- You know how I feel about you.
We've been together for--
- Three years.
- Yeah.
You're such an awesome girl.
There's, there's so
much that I wanna say,
that I should say,
but I've thought about
this for a long time.
I think we should
take some time apart.
- What?
- [Josh] I just need
some time for me.
- I don't understand.
Did I do something wrong?
- No, you didn't do anything.
Look, Bo and Mark
and some other people
are backpacking across
Europe this summer
and they invited me to come.
- But why didn't you
tell me about this?
- I'm telling you now.
- When are you coming back?
- I don't know.
At the end of summer.
It depends.
- Depends on what, Josh?
- Depends on when we're ready.
This is not about you, it's me.
I can't breathe.
- You can't breathe?
What does that mean?
- Maybe there's something else
he needs to focus on right now.
- Like what?
- His job, career?
- Career.
He's working for his rich daddy.
It's another girl.
- Really?
- No!
Hey, hey, hey.
It's probably something that
has nothing to do with you.
- Really?
- He's breaking up with you.
- We're not breaking up.
- Come on!
I can't breathe means
there's another girl.
- Really?
- He's a coward.
- It's, maybe this
is a good thing.
- How is this good?
- You can focus on yourself.
- I don't wanna focus on myself.
- You're a strong,
independent woman,
and the second you get to Baylor
you're gonna forget
all about him.
You're gonna see
all the cute guys,
and the beautiful campus,
and you're gonna get
all the classes you want, and
everything's gonna be perfect,
am I right?
You didn't.
- I told Baylor I
wasn't coming last week.
- Are you kidding?
- What were you thinking?
- I was thinking I was gonna
be home planning a wedding,
that's what I was thinking.
- You gave up your
future for a guy!
- I know, okay!
I know!
I know!
I know!
(muffled speaking)
I gave up my future for guy.
- Okay, stop, just stop.
I can't watch you anymore.
- I know what you're gonna do.
You're gonna stay with us.
After the wedding
you can have my room.
It's perfect, really.
- I'm gonna need a
roommate anyways.
- Yeah, what do you say?
- You can't do that, guys.
- You can help plan my wedding.
- I can't, I have to go home.
- [Emily] Come on, it'll be fun.
- You're moving in with us
and you're getting
your life together.
And that is enough
chocolate for you.
- Now what?
- I don't know.
Well, Emily and Ashley, they
said I can move in with them,
so I was thinking--
- No, I think you need
to come back home, see.
Regroup yourself,
find your footing.
- I can't.
- Well you can't stay
here waitin' on that boy.
- Dad, he's not
even gonna be here!
- He's an idiot!
Just come on home, you
can save some money.
- I can't.
It'd be like admitting defeat.
- It's not defeat to regroup.
Look, we can work out
the grad school thing.
Okay, you have to make
your own decisions.
- Thank you.
- Just don't go
chasin' that boy!
- Dad, I'm not.
Now are you gonna give me my
graduation present or not?
- Changing the subject, hmm.
Wrapping's a little rough.
- Looks great, I love it.
(paper crinkling)
- I had the stone from your
momma's ring reset for you.
Go ahead, put it on.
- Dad.
(soft music)
- Somethin' else.
- Dad, you did not have
to get me anything else,
The necklace is, it's
more than enough.
- Well, it's not from me.
It's from your mom.
She wrapped it, put it in
the back of the closet,
and she told me
to give it to you
when you graduated
from college, so.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
So you gonna open it?
- I don't know.
- Get over here!
(girls screaming)
You have to open it,
it's from your mom.
- So, what do you think's in it?
- I have no idea.
- What are you afraid of?
- I don't know,
I remember my mom
in a very specific way.
I don't want that to change.
- I guess I'd be a
little nervous too.
- Okay, but what if
what's in the box
makes all the memories better?
I mean, look at that sunset!
Oh come on, you have to open it!
- I'm not ready.
- It's not Pandora's
box, it's your mom.
- What if whatever's in
that box changes everything?
(soft music)
Dog walker.
- You know 73% of
college grads can't find
a job in their field of study.
- We're supposed to
be encouraging her!
- That is encouraging, for her!
- There's nothing in the paper.
- Keep looking,
you'll find something.
- [Ashley] Try a temp agency.
It's a good place to get a job
when you aren't
qualified for anything.
- Thanks.
- Really, that's not a bad idea.
- Okay, let me see.
Oh, look, look.
Here's something.
Job Factory.
Search and interview for your
next job at the Job Factory.
We list hundreds of new
specialized jobs each day.
No experience necessary.
- Perfect!
- Your one stop job search
and interview resource.
Start working here today.
- Okay, close the computer.
You're gonna need to
know how to interview,
and I'm gonna teach you.
It is a science.
I may not know
anything about dating,
but I know everything
about business.
- I just need a job.
- I don't want you
making the same mistakes
that most people make.
- Like what?
- People are chatty, so
try not to talk too much.
And you're gonna wanna
lean forward slightly
and keep eye contact
at all times.
- What?
- Keep eye contact!
Very important.
Shows your confidence
and your power.
- Yeah, and that you
could be a serial killer.
- Alright, let's just try it,
just like you're
being interviewed.
- What do you want me to do?
- Well sit up.
Sit up!
And move your hands.
And lean in, just
a little, stop.
Okay, now when they ask
you a question, you, hey!
You always respond with,
that's a very interesting
question, yeah?
Now relax!
You're a woman,
you're confident.
Yeah, but sit up, look me in
the eye, and lean forward.
Hey! (fingers snapping)
Eye contact.
Now when they ask you
a question you always
repeat the question
before you respond.
Shows your a good
listener and gives
you time to respond
Okay, let's try it.
Hey! (fingers snapping)
Focus, eye contact!
Now, what are your thoughts
on women in leadership?
- What are my--
- No!
That's a very
interesting question.
- That's a very
interesting question.
What are my thoughts
on women in leadership?
- Well you have to
answer the question!
- Okay, that's enough.
You're gonna make
her more nervous.
- Look, I know what
I'm talking about.
- Just be yourself,
you'll be fine.
(phone chiming)
- What, what's wrong?
- Chris' mom wants me to
meet her at her florist.
- Ugh.
- Can somebody
please go with me?
- Emily, when are you
going to stand up to her?
- I already have.
- [Ashley] Mmhmm.
- Wait, where's Chris?
Why can't he go?
- He's going, but I need
one of you guys to go too.
- No, this is your wedding and
you have to stand up to her.
- She plays mind tricks, okay?
She makes me believe
it's what I want.
- Flowers, you want?
My florist you must go.
- No, really, I'm serious.
- No, look, you have
to stand up to her
or she is going to walk
all over you forever.
- I know.
- She is your mother-in-law,
you cannot be afraid of her.
- That is easier said than done.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
- First timer?
- Yeah.
- It's nothing to worry about.
It's super easy and awesome.
Just go over the computers,
you pick out the job
that you want, you go in
for the interview, and bam!
You get a job.
- Hmm.
- Like yesterday, I was working
inspecting coffins, right?
I laid down in like
100 of those things
throughout the day, you know?
And at five bucks a pop,
that's more than minimum
wage for a week, right?
Or like last week, I was
working down at the aquarium,
I was helping them separate
the live fish from
the dead fish.
The smell was terrible, but
the pay was fantastic, right?
I was really gettin'
into it too, it was nuts.
I was slingin' those dead
fish into their bucket.
All the other guys, they
were in there going whoa,
slow down man!
This guy's a beast!
A beast.
- So, um, do they list
any normal jobs or just--
- Oh yeah, I have a degree in
theoretical nuclear physics,
I got a couple of those jobs.
But the best part is
it's the adventure
of never knowing what
you're gonna find, you know?
- Mr. Winklehiemer?
There's a computer
ready for you.
- It's my turn.
You get a job.
- Ashley, I'm so sorry
to keep you waiting.
It's so good to see you again.
We're so glad to have
you join our team.
- Well I cannot
wait to get started.
- Good, that's what
I like to hear.
This is Diane.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Hello.
- Have a seat.
I was telling Diane last week
how lucky was are to
have snatched you up.
- Oh.
- I told her that you
remind me of me at your age.
- Thank you, Ma'am.
This is my dream job
and I just wanna learn
about the business
and work my way up
as quickly as possible.
- Perfect.
Diane, you better watch out.
This one's a real go-getter.
- Yes, I know.
- Did I tell you that she
was first in her class?
- Yes ma'am, I believe you did.
- Well, okay.
Ashley, you'll be
working with Diane.
She will show you the ropes
and take very good care of you.
Unfortunately, we
have a client call
that both she and
I need to jump on,
but Diane will show you around
once we get finished
with the call.
- Sounds great.
- Would you like
to look at a pitch
presentation while
you're waiting?
- Yes!
Thank you, this is amazing.
Thank you.
- Fantastic.
- Thank you, so much,
again for this opportunity.
- The pleasure is ours,
and if you need anything,
my door is always open.
- Yes ma'am, follow me.
- That's why I'm leaning
towards the orchids.
You just don't see
these every day.
- That seems like
a lot of orchids.
They probably couldn't
find that many.
- Of course.
Uh, Tiffy, do you
think that we could do
the whole church in orchids?
- Oh, honey, if
that's what you want,
we will make it happen.
Even if we have to
bring in the orchids
from all over the country.
- That sounds expensive.
- Well, you got
expensive tastes, dear.
- Let's do this one.
- Excellent choice,
I'll work it up.
- Great, thank you.
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
- Hi, hi.
- Good to see you.
So did you all
make some progress?
- Absolutely.
- Great, did you
talk to the caterer?
- Oh yes.
Pierre, he's going to deliver
a spectacular sit down dinner
and our guests will
have plenty of choices.
Fully staffed, of course.
- Great.
- And he's got the
date available,
which means it's a miracle.
- We really just
wanted a little buffet.
- And the flowers, Tiffy's gonna
take care of the flowers, okay?
So she says the orchids are
gonna be absolutely fabulous.
- Chris and I want
things to be simple.
- Of course you do.
She's just so
practical and so smart.
- This is just too much.
- Well, of course.
I understand.
- Thank you, Beverly.
- But I just can't help myself!
So Leonard and I are
gonna pay for everything!
- Really?
Mom, are you sure?
- Absolutely, it
would be our pleasure.
- We can't let you do that.
- That's it, there's no
more discussion about it.
It's settled.
Tiffy's gonna do the flowers
and Pierre's got that
spectacular menu.
- [Chris] Great.
- I promise, it'll be perfect.
- Miss Miller, what
jobs were you interested
in looking at today?
- Oh, um, McMillan and Schneid.
- Oh, McMillan and Schneid.
Now, I'm going to ask
you a series of questions
and I want you to look
right here into the camera
and I want you to answer
as honestly as possible.
Now, if you were a tree, what
kind of tree would you be?
- That's an
interesting question.
If I were a tree, what
type of tree would I be?
Hmm, okay, I'm sorry.
Is this for the filing job, I--
- Yes, yes it is.
You know, any kind
of tree at all.
Oak, apple, maple, maybe?
Moving on.
- Sorry.
- If you were a cheeseburger,
what part of the
cheeseburger would you be?
- That's another
interesting question.
Thank you for asking.
If I were part of a cheeseburger,
I'd be the lettuce.
- The lettuce?
- [Jessica] Yes.
- Why would you be the lettuce?
- Why?
Um, because the lettuce...
You know, I'm not
quite sure what
the purpose of the lettuce is.
It doesn't really
have much taste.
It's green, and I love green.
I think we should all go green.
- Miss Miller...
- What?
- You seem like a very
nice girl, very sweet girl.
But you're not ready for
all of this, you know.
Maybe you can come back again
and aim a little bit lower.
- Well, what happened
to everybody gets a job?
- New jobs every day, new
opportunities every day.
So come back again tomorrow.
- Ready?
- Oh, absolutely.
(hopeful music)
- This is the file room.
All the contracts,
invoices, deal memos,
pitch plans, everything
from 2001 to 2010
is contained in these boxes.
We need to convert everything
from paper to digital files.
So your assignment is to
manage that conversion.
- Oh, great, how do I do that?
- You open the file, take
out every piece of paper
and scan it to the server.
- You said I was
managing the conversion.
Who am I going to
be working with?
- No one.
- I think Miss
Brockman wanted me--
- She said that you work for me.
This is the assignment.
Do we have a problem?
- No.
- [Diane] Good, start with 2001.
- Gracie, Jessica!
- Chocolate, it's
good for the soul.
- Hi, um, I think you must
have grabbed my
drink by accident.
- There are no accidents,
honey, only the Lord's will.
Uh, would you care to join me?
- Um, I'm actually looking at
papers and stuff right now.
- Tough job market, huh?
- Yeah.
- Did you just graduate?
- Is it that obvious?
- You've got that
panicky look that I see
in a lot of young
people nowadays.
Would you please sit?
Just for a moment,
just for a moment.
- Okay.
- I'm Gracie.
- Hi, I'm--
- Jessica.
- Thanks.
- So, what kind of job
are you looking for?
- I don't know.
I'm not really qualified
for anything, so.
- That's nonsense!
Getting your college degree
is a wonderful thing.
It shows that you
have commitment
and that you can see
things through to the end.
- I guess.
- As luck would have it, I
am in need of an assistant.
Now, it wouldn't be
anything long term,
but it would give you something
while you're looking
for a permanent job.
- That's really sweet
of you, but um--
- And you'd be helping
out a crazy old woman.
- You're not that old, surely.
- So you're saying
that I'm crazy?
- No, that's not
what I'm saying.
- I know, I'm just kidding.
- Okay.
- (chuckling) I'm just kidding.
Oh, and this is my son, Tyler.
Tyler, this is Jessica.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Did you renew my tags?
- Yes, Mama, I did.
But I don't know why you
wanna pay that money,
you don't even drive.
- No, I don't drive anymore.
However, I do like
having my own car.
One never knows when one
might have need of it.
- Alright, well I
gotta get you home
and get back to work.
- Jessica, here's my phone
number and my address.
Why don't you stop by
tomorrow maybe around nine
and just take a look around.
If you like it,
you've got a job.
And if you don't,
I'll send you home
with a good cup of coffee.
- It was nice to meet you.
- You too, thank you.
- [Tyler] Let's go.
(soft music)
- Oh, hey, how'd it
go with Chris' mom?
That good, huh?
- Jess, this place is a wreck.
- I bombed my interviews,
thanks for asking.
(soft melancholy music)
- The beautiful queen
and her princess daughter
were inside the
magnificent palace
baking cookies together
and singing songs,
like best friends do.
The queen turned to
the princess and said,
one day a handsome
prince will come along
and offer to make you his queen.
Then you will travel
to a far away land
and be the caretaker
of a great people.
The princess looked
at the queen and said,
I don't believe I can do it.
The queen smiled her
special smile and said,
of course you can, my darling.
You are just like me.
No mother, said the princess,
I could never leave you.
We will be together forever.
The queen looked at her
with a happy smile and said,
we will always be
together in our hearts.
The queen hugged her like
she would never let her go.
You don't like it?
- I love you.
You are such a beautiful writer.
- You like it?
- I love it.
(soft melancholy music)
(phone ringing)
- [Josh] Hey, this is Josh.
If it's a dire emergency,
leave a message.
If not, just leave.
(voicemail beeping)
- Hi, it's me.
Um, yeah, you must have
fallen asleep last night.
That's fine.
You're probably on
the plane right now.
I just wanted to say I
hope you have a safe flight
and you can text
me when you land.
I love you.
- Give him some time.
He'll come around.
- He doesn't deserve you.
- What is that?
- What do you think?
- I think Hillary Clinton
wants her suit back.
- Whatever.
I'm trying to make a statement.
I'm a professional woman.
- Mission accomplished.
- Thank you.
I wasn't ranked first in
my class to be copy girl.
- Ew!
Who made this?
- I did.
- I thought you said you
knew how to make coffee?
- How hard can it be?
- Whatever.
Don't let Chris' mother
walk all over you.
Remember, this is your wedding.
- Right.
- And you.
Get out of this funk!
I want my best friend back.
- We're still on
for lunch, right?
- [Ashley] I'll be there.
- Me too.
(soft hopeful music)
(knocking on door)
- Well hello, young lady.
You're not quittin'
already, are ya?
- Uh, no ma'am.
- Oh no, let's not
start with that
yes ma'am or no ma'am nonsense.
Just Gracie.
Come on in.
(camera clicking and buzzing)
My son's idea.
I seem to forget
things sometimes.
Oh, that's a good one, look!
Put it right there.
Who are you?
- Oh, um--
- Just kidding.
Not really, sometimes I may
actually do that to you.
What was your major?
- Uh, ancient languages.
- [Gracie] What would
you do with that?
- Uh, well, um--
- [Gracie] Hey, how 'bout
let's have some coffee, huh?
Come on.
- Okay.
- You're a beautiful
young woman.
I'll bet you take
after your mother.
- I don't know.
I like to think so.
- Do you spend a lot
of time with her?
- No, um, my mom died
when I was nine, actually.
- Oh, honey, oh, I'm so sorry.
It's a horrible age
to lose your mom.
I lost mine too when I
was a very young girl.
There's nothing like
a mother's love.
- No ma'am.
I mean, Gracie.
- For I know the plans I
have for you, says the Lord.
Plans to prosper you
and not to harm you.
Plans to give you hope
and build a future.
Jeremiah 29:11.
Can't hear too much
of that, nowadays.
God watches over his children.
You've got the job,
if you want it.
- I do, thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
You don't know what it is.
Are you comin'?
- Yeah!
- It's filthy up here.
- I love old attics.
- Yeah, there's a lot
of memories up here.
Ton of memories.
- Sure looks like it.
- I've lived in this
house for 45 years.
The last 10 has been by myself
since my Richard passed.
But I've got to get
this place organized.
Now there's some clothing
that's scattered about
that I wanna get
boxed up for Goodwill.
- Okay.
No problem.
- And I'm looking for
something in the house,
but I believe it's up here.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
It was something that my son
gave to me a long time ago,
but for the life of me I
can't remember what it was.
But, it sounds crazy,
but I've got to find it.
But I just can't get up and
down in here the way I used to.
So, can you start tomorrow.
- Yes.
- Good.
Tomorrow then.
- So, what's the big surprise?
- I got a job.
- What?
That's great!
- I told you, eye
contact is the secret.
What is it?
- I'm helping this lady
organize her house.
- Nice.
- Yeah, she's this
really sweet lady,
she has an awesome
spirit about her.
I really like her.
- Well, at least one
of us likes our job.
I spent all morning in a cave
feeding documents
into a scanner.
- You're just paying your dues.
- This woman, Diane,
she's my supervisor.
She's just intimidated by me.
- Maybe you should talk to her.
- [Emily] Maybe they're
just testing you.
- No, the owner
likes me and knows
that I know what
I'm talking about.
- Take her a gift.
- Maybe you should
just do the job.
- Wait, what'd you say?
- Like a gift,
take her something.
- What, flowers?
That's weird.
- Well, I, Mrs. Brockman
gave me the presentation
for this Hawaiian travel
site and I tried pitching
my ideas do Diane, and
she's just threatened by me.
- Why don't you take her
Macadamia nuts, yeah?
Like Hawaii, Macadamia nuts?
- No.
- Yeah.
- (laughing) That's
not professional.
- I don't know,
might be worth a try.
- Well, I have to
get back to work.
- Wait, who's gonna
help me with Chris' mom?
She's meeting me here
to talk about cakes.
- [Jessica] I thought your
mom was making the cake?
- Exactly.
- The Bluegrass Baking Company.
It is fabulous!
They do all the biggest
events in the city.
Look, three tiers
on either side,
with bridges and a fountain.
Ooh, and look at this.
- Wow, that's actually--
- Elegant, but oh,
just as fabulous.
- That's actually
really incredible.
- Beverly, my mom agreed
to have the wedding here
instead of at home, but she
really wants to make the cake.
She's an amazing cook.
- Oh, honey, we don't
wanna burden her with that.
I'm sure we can find something
just as special right here.
And don't you worry
about the cost.
- Is this even real?
Is that real?
- I mean honestly.
- That looks, it looks fake.
- It is, it's so terrific.
- I am totally
using this place--
- But making the cake is my
mom's way of being a part of it.
She can't do more.
- Oh, I know, sweetie,
and we are just
so fortunate to be
able to help you,
and we're happy to do it.
And I know your mother wants
the very best for you and Chris.
So do I.
- [Jessica] I've just never
seen anything so beautiful.
- Isn't it incredible?
Look, this was at the
governor's birthday.
Oh, and then there's
another one right here
that you can, just
imagine this--
- [Jessica] I'm going
to use this place.
I'm going to.
- [Beverly] Isn't it great?
- [Jessica] It's beautiful,
it's art, this is art.
- [Beverly] Fabulous.
(playful music)
- Knock knock.
- Oh, Ashley.
- I was hoping we could talk
for a minute if you have time?
See, I think we got
off on the wrong foot.
- How do you mean?
- I know converting the
documents is really important,
but I was just hoping, maybe,
we could work together
on the Hawaii project?
I've been churning
some ideas that I think
would supplement
yours really well,
and so as a peace
offering and in a spirit
of collaboration,
I got you a gift.
Macadamia nuts from Hawaii.
- Is this a joke?
- No.
- I'm allergic to nuts.
I would go into
anaphylactic shock
if I even touched
one of those things.
Your assignment is to
complete the scanning.
That is the job.
Unless you want me
to tell Ms. Brockman
that you are refusing to do
the task assigned to you,
I suggest that you
get that off my desk,
march back downstairs,
and get back to work.
- Yes ma'am.
I wasn't refusing--
- The only sound I want to hear
is your footsteps walking away.
(birds chirping faintly)
(happy music)
- You look gorgeous!
- Gorgeous, darling.
(imitates kissing)
- [Gracie] Jessica,
it's time for a break!
- Um, okay!
I'll be right there.
I hear some beauty
I see some light
I feel it's my duty
on St. Valentine
You fall at the first chance
With stardust in your eyes
It's best when
you're grateful
You might survive
The knife edge
and the laughter
Gonna split your side
I only love what I've lost
With stardust in your eyes
- This was my Richard's
favorite spot.
I still come here to sit,
to remember, to pray.
- It's beautiful.
- Mhmm.
So, Miss Jessica, what are
you doing working for me?
- I'm helping you get organized.
- But what are you waiting for?
- What do you mean?
- Life, life isn't
something that stops
if things don't go your way.
It doesn't wait for you
to catch your breath,
it goes on, it continues
on with or without us.
And all the problems,
all the issues,
all the hardships,
they're not stop signs.
They're guidelines.
It's time for you to wake up
and live the life that God
planned for you, today.
- What does that even mean?
- I know that one day soon
I won't remember who I am.
I will forget all
of my loved ones.
I won't remember the freshness
or a promise of a spring day.
I won't even remember
what my son's hair
smelled like after
his first bath,
and I won't remember
Richard's kisses on my cheek.
And I'm at peace with that.
I'm at peace because, I'm
at peace with my creator
because I know how
the story ends.
- Yeah.
- I know that my
life has a purpose,
and that that purpose
will be fulfilled.
Just like God had a purpose
for your mother's life,
and he has one for yours.
- I wish my purpose
was more clear.
- Mom, you are gonna be late
for your doctor's appointment.
- Oh, Dr. McClaine can
wait on me for a change.
- Where are you goin'?
- I'm goin' to get my sweater.
It's always cold in that office.
- Hey, hey, hey, I'll get it.
- I'm not dead yet,
I can get it myself.
- She's quite a woman.
- Ah, yes she is.
She likes to keep
you off balanced.
- I noticed.
- Yeah.
How's she doin' with you?
- She's good.
- Good, good.
Um, you know, she
tries to hide it,
but she knows she's
getting worse.
- She seems good with me.
She talks about you a lot.
- This is hard.
If she ever has a
spell, give me a call.
My number's on the refrigerator
in big red letters.
- I saw it.
I will.
- Thank you.
- Come on, don't wanna be late.
(soft music)
- Thank you, Jerry,
you will not be sorry.
- Miss Brockman.
- Yes, Angie.
- Uh, Ashley, ma'am.
- Yes, of course, Ashley.
Is everything going
well with you?
- That's actually what I
wanted to talk to you about.
- I am late for a client dinner.
- Of course, could I maybe
talk to you tomorrow then?
- Have Sara my assistant
set something up.
What is this about?
- Diane and what
she has me doing.
- Tell Sara I want to
meet with both of you
in my office at the end
of the day tomorrow.
- Oh, but I...
- She just wants everything
to be nice, you know, for us.
Her heart's in the right place.
- You need to talk to her.
- I know, I'll try.
- You've been trying,
I need you to do it.
- Okay, we have to get
past all this craziness
so we can start
our life together.
- This craziness
is important to me.
- I know, I know.
I'm just saying
I'm excited to get
to the part that really
matters, you know?
- This matters.
Our wedding matters!
- I know, I know
that it matters.
- You standing up to
your mother matters!
- I know.
- You are marrying
me, not your mother!
- Come on, Em.
- Suddenly I've
lost my appetite.
- Emily.
- Did you forget something?
- Nope.
- Did Chris have to
run to his mommy?
Emily, you--
- Don't.
What do you know
about relationships?
Please, tell me.
- Relationships
are negotiations.
I know that you can't be
weak when negotiating.
- Ashley, leave her alone.
- You stay out of
it, Miss Piggy!
- Excuse me?
- Well can you clean
some of this up?
- Alright, boss,
whatever you say!
Gosh guys, everybody
just needs to relax!
(upbeat music)
Wake up, wake up,
it's time to leave
Creepin' around
like we was thieves
Make all the
noise you have to
Please get goin'
More hurt in here
than you believe
The jokes on us,
I will concede
What doesn't kill can
only make us stronger
As soon as you waken up here
As soon as you waken up here
- Mom?
What's going on?
Why are you crying,
where's Mommy?
Where's Mommy?
What am I doing here
What are we doing here
What are we doing here
- Thanks.
- Jess!
- Jeremy!
- Hey girl!
- What are you doin'?
- Oh, I just had a few
minutes to grab some coffee
before meeting up with a
client and ran into you.
- Well, how have you been?
- Oh, I am delightful.
- Good.
- How's uh, how's Ashley?
- Ashley's good.
Why don't you call her?
- Yeah, that's a,
that's a dead end.
- Can't hurt to try.
- Yeah?
- I don't know.
- Well I ran into
Josh yesterday.
- Really?
- You didn't know he was back?
- Um, No, I knew,
I knew he was back.
I'm sure he told
you all about it..
They had a great time, yeah.
- You didn't know, did you?
- No, I didn't, but
you know he's probably
hanging out with his
family and stuff.
It makes total
sense, it's whatever.
But I'm sure we'll
talk, we'll talk soon.
- Hey, he is an absolute idiot
if he messes things up with you.
- Thanks.
- I gotta go.
- Yeah.
- It was really good to see you.
- It was so good to see you.
- And I'll see you
at the wedding.
- Yeah, and call Ashley, okay?
- Yeah.
- I asked Ashley to handle
the conversion of the files
from paper to digital, I
showed her how to do it,
I explained that the board
of directors requires it,
and she has fought me on
it every step of the way.
- Why are the two of you
in my office about this?
- Exactly.
- Miss Brockman, I didn't
fight her on this at all.
I've been working on
it for at least a month
and nearly finished
all the files for 2005.
I simply asked her if I
could work on something else
at least part of the time.
I explained that I have
more to offer this company
than sitting and running
copies through a scanner.
- I have things to do,
clients to keep happy.
- I guess I just
came to you because
I didn't get a
response from Diane.
- She got a response from me.
The job needs to be done.
It wasn't the answer
she wanted to hear
so she came to you
with a complaint.
- It's not a complaint.
- I stuck my neck out for you.
I said let's hire the local girl
because she'll connect
well with clients.
- You were right!
- I'm not so sure!
- I'm not going to
spend my day babysitting
somebody who refuses
to do the task
that's been assigned to her
because she wants to
do something else.
This is the thing
we need you to do.
Did I make a mistake
in hiring you?
- I didn't go to
college for four years
to be stuck in a
basement making copies.
I quit.
(dramatic music)
(soft music)
(keys clanking)
- Oh no, no, no, no!
(phone thumping)
Come on, come on.
- [Josh] Jessica?
- Oh, Josh!
Josh, hi.
I dropped my keys
inside your house,
and then I was
trying to get my keys
and I dropped my phone too.
Who's she?
- Jessica, this is Monica.
- Monica, you're middle
school girlfriend?
- I'm now his fiance.
- I was gonna call you.
- Josh, get my keys.
- Jessica.
- Get my keys, Josh!
- [Monica] What's that?
- It doesn't matter.
Like a bug, you dug
your way to my brain
I wasn't prepared
for the pain
I didn't realize
that the story of us
Was on the very last page
My skies are turning gray
My heart was
crumblin' into dust
I tried to get
you off my mind
But you come back every time
You left me hypnotized, baby
Deep inside I'm still
in love with you
Now I'm askin' myself
why I let his lie
Blind me like a fool
You left me hypnotized, baby
Deep inside I'm still
in love with you
Now I'm asking myself
why I let his lie
Blind me like a fool
(car alarm beeping)
I'm, I'm hypnotized
I'm, I'm hypnotized
I'm, I'm hypnotized
I'm, I'm hypnotized
- Tell her that we are
going to make the decisions.
- I...
All she wants is for us
to have a nice wedding.
She's trying to help.
Why can't we just
let her help, I--
- So that's it, then?
(melancholy music)
I can't do this.
- Emily, Emily, wait a
second, wait a second.
Emily, Em.
- He's getting married!
- Who's he gonna marry?
- Not me!
- Well, I quit.
Don't wanna talk about
it, so don't ask.
(agitated crosstalk)
I can't stay in that place
and make copies anymore.
What is this?
- Josh is getting married!
- And I'm not!
- What, to who?
- Monica!
- Who's Monica?
- Are you listening?
- Em, what happened?
- Beverly!
- Oh, if I hear that woman's
name one more time I swear!
Why can't you just do
something about it?
- Oh, cause that worked
out great for you!
You just quit your dream job!
- Well Jess told me to
go take her some nuts
and I almost kill my supervisor.
- Why would you listen to
me, I don't even have a job?
- I can't come back from that.
- It's not my fault!
- You told her to do it.
- And we told you
to stop whining
and take control of
your life for once.
- You stabbed me in the back!
- Yeah, that was low, Jessica.
- All these cakes are
beautiful, Beverly.
I wanna have them at my wedding.
- Oh, wait a minute,
it is not my fault
that you are too weak
to control your man.
- Oh, that is rich
coming from you.
Your man just proposed
to somebody else.
- You two are ridiculous.
- Ever since you moved in--
- Nothing has gone right.
- This is not working!
- Maybe it was a mistake!
- Maybe I should leave!
- Maybe you should!
(dramatic music)
(door thudding)
(knocking on door)
(knocking on door)
- Gracie?
Hey, Tyler, do you
know where Gracie is?
No, she's not at the house.
Okay, do you know
where she might be?
Okay, hey, I think I know.
I have an idea, I think I
know where she might be.
(suspenseful music)
Hey, Tyler, I thought
I knew where she was
but she's not here
and I can't find her--
- [Gracie] Richard, Richard!
- I found her.
- [Gracie] Richard,
where are you!
- Gracie.
- Tyler and I are waiting.
We're ready to go to
the fair, Richard.
- Gracie, Gracie.
- Richard, ow!
- Hey.
- Oh, you frightened me.
- Sorry, hey Gracie--
- I'm waiting for
my husband, Richard.
He's in here.
- Gracie.
Gracie, I'm gonna take you home.
Come on.
- Richard!
Where are you, Richard?
- Tyler's waiting
for you, your son.
- Tyler, he's waiting?
- Yeah, he's at home.
- Is Richard with him?
- Let's go home.
I'll take you home.
- No, Richard,
Richard is in here.
Richard, he's my husband!
- It's Jessica,
please come with me.
- No.
- Gracie, I need you
to come with me, come.
- Richard.
- I'll take you home.
I've got you, let's go.
- Gonna take me
to see my Richard?
- I'm gonna take you home.
Tyler, Tyler's home, your son.
- Tyler?
- Yeah.
- Is Richard with Tyler?
I've got to get my
husband Richard,
he's gonna take Tyler and...
Do you know who Tyler is?
- Yes, he's your
son, he's at home.
- Richard!
Yoohoo, Richard!
Angels and hades are buying
supplies to build a hurricane
They say the savior
will be a Capricorn
Cancer's a killer
And they both are lions
that run around the globe
Around the globe
Side by side
They can't cross
wires or go inside
Either you are who
you say you are
- I give up, okay?
You win!
What am I supposed to do?
Are you there?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
And they put shame to
the woman who led me here
Who gave birth to the
child who is bearing
The stork right
behind his ear
And they'll be praying for
wolves to give up their sheep
Folding their hands
and grinding their
- Sweetie, you have
to wake up now.
You have someplace you can go?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
Side to side
You can't embrace
or recognize
Either you are who
you say you are
Or you're crazy
and you're crazy
And so am I
So am I
They would have
stoned us then
Like they stone us now
Delivered us up
to a lion's mouth
And you'd hide me in a
basket and lower it down
To elude the searching
knives of the glory days
(peaceful music)
- My sweet, beautiful daughter.
As I'm watching you
sleep, I'm reminded
of all the beautiful
moments we've had together.
Inside this box
there's a few things
I hope will help you to
understand how much I love you,
and how sorry that I
am that I will miss
so many more moments with you.
I've left you all my journals.
Don't let your dad read 'em.
His ego is too fragile.
I also made a DVD for you.
I figured it out by
myself, can you believe it?
I love you, Mom.
(peaceful music)
There we go.
I am so proud of you
and I love you so much.
You're my joy and my happiness,
and you're the best
part of me and your dad.
I wish that I could see you grow
into the beautiful woman
that I know you are today.
But I am so thankful to God
that I was able to spend
this time with you.
I want to share
some things that God
has taught me
through my illness.
faith in God, faith in
people, faith in yourself.
Life can really wear on you
and make you
question your faith.
There's gonna be
things in this life
that you have no control over,
and there's gonna be times that
you feel like you're alone,
like God has abandoned
you, but He never will.
Sometimes He is so close
that we just can't see Him.
Love God, love people,
and love the person
that God created you to be.
You have to love with
reckless abandon.
Work hard on being the
best version of yourself
so then someday God's gonna
send somebody to love you,
somebody to build a life with,
and someone you can
be yourself with,
and that's how you
know it's love.
And finally, chocolate.
It's good for the soul.
It's good for the hurt.
It's good for the pain.
And sometimes, it's
just plain good.
To live a life full of what
God has in store for you,
find the chocolate.
And I love you.
- Find the chocolate.
- Jessica?
- I know what she's looking for!
- Sweetheart, what
are you doing here?
- Uh, I came over
last night, Mama.
- Well is everything okay?
Oh, did I, did I--
- You did, Mama.
Jessica found you.
- Chocolate is
good for the soul.
Is this what you've
been looking for?
- Oh!
A kiss for Mama.
- I forgot about that thing.
My friends, they still
laugh at me because of that.
- And your daddy would say?
- If they laugh at you, you
look them straight in the eye
and you say, don't
you love your mama?
- Don't you love your mama?
Memories that God gives us
are our most
precious possessions.
Thank you.
No matter, I will never forget.
I will never forget you.
I love you.
- [Jessica Voiceover]
Somebody once said
one joy can scatter
a hundred griefs.
I think that's what my mom
wanted me to understand.
- There you are!
We've been out looking
for you all night.
- We called the
hospitals, the police,
the fire department, everyone.
- I'm sorry.
- You opened the box?
- Are you okay?
- Yes, it's great.
- We're sorry about last night.
- You have to stay.
- I'm sorry too,
I don't wanna go.
- Good, cause you're
not going anywhere.
- Oh, she gave you her journals?
- Yes, and a video.
- What?
- Can we watch?
- Do you guys really want to?
- Of course!
- We wanna see the woman
that made our best friend.
- Okay.
- Is this the letter?
- Yeah.
- Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!
- It's really great.
- Oh, she looks beautiful.
- [Julie] Okay, there we go.
You've got headband on
I've got my Lennon shades
We've got a car
with enough gas
- [Jessica Voiceover]
Every day is a gift
that should be treasured
and filled with
as much love and joy
as humanly possible.
- By the power invested in me,
I now pronounce
you man and wife.
- [Groomsmen] Oh!
- Oh, you may kiss the bride.
(finger snapping)
- Look at her.
- Things have a
way of working out.
Just have to have
a little faith.
- Dance with me.
- You look great.
Did you want to get
together after this?
- What happened to Monica?
- Monica was a mistake.
- Yes, yes she was.
- It's not easy stepping
into anything new,
whether it's high school,
college, or the real world.
No matter how much
you prepare yourself,
so many things happen that
are out of your control.
It's easy to become paralyzed
with fear of the unknown,
it's easy to get lost.
Fear and faith are two
sides of the same coin,
whichever one you
focus on is the one
that will dominate your life.
So walk with your
eyes wide open.
Walk in faith and be who
God created you to be.
Love with reckless abandon.
Oh, and don't forget
the chocolate.
Always find the chocolate.
(audience applauding)
(upbeat music)
I like the sun 'cause
It smiles on everyone
But I love you more for
Being the one I adore
Ooh ooh, you got
me feeling like
Ooh ooh, you got
me laughing like
Ooh ooh, you got
me loving like
It's gonna be good,
yeah, it's gonna be great
With you the stars are
Still high but not that far
With you I do believe
That I can do anything
Ooh ooh, you got
me feeling like
Ooh ooh, you got
me laughing like
Ooh ooh, you got
me loving like
It's gonna be good,
yeah, it's gonna be great
It's gonna be good,
yeah, it's gonna be great
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh, you got
me feeling like
Ooh ooh, you got
me laughing like
Ooh ooh, you got
me loving like
It's gonna be good,
yeah, it's gonna be great
It's gonna be good,
yeah, it's gonna be great
(lighthearted music)