Faith of My Fathers (2005) Movie Script

We're going after the thermal power plant
in the middle of Hanoi...
with an attack heading of 090.
Be alert to the warning tones.
Missile tracking. Missile lock.
You may have to lose altitude
to get the SAM out of phase...
and if you do, you're going to D-Cell.
They're going to want to bleed you down
to parade rest...
and then slam you with AAA.
Attack formation will be combat speed,
rolling in at 6,000 feet.
From there, you're on government time.
Study your aim points.
Designated aircrafts will engage
in diversionary maneuvers...
Twenty-two mission bombing truck stops
in Haiphong.
Think you're ready for the show?
Been ready
since I buzzed my first cow in an A-1.
You're most exposed when you roll off...
Livestock don't shoot back.
you can't defend against what you can't see.
Smoke on the ground
means possible launch.
You lose sight, you lose the fight.
Now I want to see all of your ugly faces
back here for chow at 1700 hours.
Red Crown, Saints dry and inbound.
Switching Blue 5. Buster to target.
- Go blow something up.
- Roger.
Keep it loose. This is Fox.
This is 02. I got strobes. Eyes out.
Lot of flak at 12:00. Heads up!
All right, let's get in and out.
They've lit it up here.
Missile lock! Where the hell is he?
02, SAM at 7:00.
I'm hit!
- 2:00!
- Got it!
- Easy!
- 04, break off!
Target in 10.
Release and head on your 50 to the pond.
- I see it.
- Missile launch. Smoke on the ground.
- I'm going in!
- SAM at 4:00.
- Break off, 08!
- Less than five to release.
- McCain.
- It's Tom.
Yes, sir?
Apparently John was on a mission
over Hanoi, and he was shot down.
Did anyone see him eject?
No, but we got a report,
his plane took a hit from an SA-2.
Thank you, sir.
- Is there anything we can do?
- No, we will be fine.
We would appreciate
any status reports of consequence.
- I'm really sorry about this, Jack.
- Thank you, sir.
Johnny was hit over Hanoi.
His plane exploded.
There was no sighting of a chute.
- Night-night, sweetheart.
- Night-night, Mommy.
- Come on.
- Move over.
Quick, hide!
Boys, get under the covers right now!
Carol, it's Jack and Roberta.
I've got some bad news I'm afraid.
Johnny was shot down over Hanoi.
We're trying to figure out
whether or not he's been located.
- Are the kids still up?
- No, the children are all in bed.
- We're doing everything we can.
- Yes, I'm sure.
Are you okay? One of us could fly out there.
I'll be all right.
As soon as we've heard anything,
we'll call you.
My leg!
Thank you.
I shoot down plane you fly.
The names of your squadron.
Go piss up a tree.
I do not think that's the answer I'm wanting.
The names of your squadron.
I said, go piss up a tree.
Starr, Gregg...
McGee, Davis...
Adderley, Brown, Ringo, Wood.
Ten points, McCain.
Ray Nitschke, our C.O.
Thank you, Mr. McCain. Get some rest.
The '62 Green Bay Packers.
16-7 over the Giants in Yankee Stadium...
for the championship.
Your C.O. Recovered two fumbles.
Deflected a pass for an interception, too.
I'm John, John McCain. What's your name?
What's your name?
Come on, Johnny!
Yeah. Watch it!
Get up, Johnny.
- Can I offer you some coffee, Capt. McCain?
- No, thank you.
- You wanted to see me regarding my son.
- Yes.
John is walking a very dangerous line.
His grades place him
near the bottom of his class...
and I see him on a regular basis
for disciplinary matters.
My concern is that
his appointment to the Naval Academy...
is highly unlikely.
He won't make the grade.
My suggestion is
that you apply to some other colleges.
Just cover your bases, so to speak.
- Has he broken the Honor Code?
- Excuse me?
Has he lied, cheated, or stolen anything?
We have one of the oldest Honor Code
traditions in the country, Captain.
- I know what it means.
- Good.
Then I would appreciate it
if you would call me if he breaks it.
Thank you.
- What happened?
- He die.
Where are you taking him?
Morning, McCain.
What is the name of that soldier?
- Too many. I don't know.
- His name?
- How could you let him die?
- We did not invite him here.
We did not invite you here.
You have a visitor.
A French journalist, Mr. Chalais,
to interview you.
You will say how grateful you are
to the Vietnamese people...
and how sorry you are for your crimes.
If you do not cooperate,
your cast will be removed...
you will be sent back to your cell.
Your limbs will rot, and you, too, will die.
Hello. How are you being treated?
I'm grateful...
for the medical aid I've received
and for the operation...
the doctors have promised to perform
on my leg.
Are they feeding you well?
It's not Paris, but I eat it.
You have revealed information
about your military unit.
The names of the men in your squadron.
Can you repeat them for us?
That would be okay, I guess.
Starr, Gregg...
McGee, Davis, Adderley...
Brown, Ringo...
Wood, Nitschke.
That's fine.
Is there anything
you would like to say to your family?
I would just like to say...
to my wife...
that I will get well...
and that I love her.
And I hope to see her soon.
Thank you.
- McCain, more. We need more.
- I have enough, thank you.
- McCain!
- The interview is over.
Well, we put out the fire...
but the leak in the conning tower
flooded the pump room...
and grounded out
the air-compressor, air-conditioning unit.
At 300 feet below the surface,
we turned off all auxiliary engines...
to minimize the noise
while the destroyer circled above us.
The temperature hit 120, humidity was 100%.
We stayed there for 18 hours.
We were pretty much inhaling
our own breath...
when I gave the crew a choice:
Surface and fight,
or surface the sub and scuttle her.
- What did you do?
- It was unanimous. Fight.
- So what happened?
- Well, I'm here, aren't I?
- The destroyer. Where was the destroyer?
- About 3,000 feet from us...
going in the opposite direction.
Yeah, I figured if we'd started our ascent
five minutes earlier...
we'd have bumped right into its hull.
- You never told me that story before.
- It wasn't your first day at Annapolis before.
- You scared?
- No.
Yes, you are. Everybody is.
And you should be.
This place is no vacation.
And you've got a lot to live up to.
Both me and your grandfather
were close to last in academics...
and first in demerits.
You and Slew did okay since.
- I guess we fooled them?
- Yeah.
- You think I'm gonna like this place?
- You're not supposed to like it.
Sir, Midshipman Second Class Witt.
May I be of assistance, sir?
Thank you, Witt.
I'll leave my son in your capable hands.
Aye, aye, sir.
It's all about character, son.
That's what it's always been about
in the end.
You didn't think I was gonna unpack it, too,
did you, plebe?
Do you think you do as you please here?
Do you not know
your bombs kill our families?
You do not hear the screams of them
above the clouds.
This is my prison and you will pay
for your crimes just like all the others.
When I ask, you will do as I say!
Who's the officer of the watch? Sound off!
I said, who is the officer of the watch?
The officer of the watch is Cmdr. Burns,
Company B, Midshipman Witt.
- The proper address is "sir. "
- Sir!
What's the mission of the Academy?
Sir, the mission of the Academy is...
to develop midshipmen mentally,
physically, and morally...
and to imbue them
with the highest ideals of duty, honor...
Next Army-Navy game?
Sir, the next Army-Navy game
is in precisely 112 days, sir!
Precisely 111, dummy.
What's the next meal?
Sir, to the best of my knowledge,
the next meal is tuna salad sandwiches...
pickled buffalo chips,
milk with lemon wedges...
and a yummy slice
of Lady Witt layer cake, sir.
You think you can talk to me like that?
You think
your daddy's gonna cover your ass in here?
Sir, I don't need him to, sir.
- You're lower than whale crap, McCain.
- Sir! I love the ocean, sir.
- Stop and drop, McCain!
- Happy to oblige, sir!
One, sir.
Two, sir. Three, sir. Four, sir.
Good morning to the Marine Fifth Division
in the Central Highlands.
We will be attacking you today
in celebration of Ho Chi Minh's birthday.
So stop your beer drinking
and get ready to die.
Now for your entertainment,
here's a song I know you will like.
Hey, how you doing, partner? I'm Bud Day.
This sorry excuse for a human being
is Norris Overly.
Welcome to the Hilton.
John McCain.
I think we just found the point guard
for our basketball team.
- What do you think, Norris?
- No question about it.
Damn quacks severed my ligaments.
That's a sorry-ass excuse
if I ever heard one.
You gotta play through the pain, soldier.
Annapolis country day finishing school.
Let's go take you for a tour.
Up we go. I got you.
- Outstanding.
- Yeah.
McCain, over here,
you got your living room...
- and kitchen down the hall.
- Galley.
Galley. Sorry, it's galley to you.
I'm gonna put you down. Easy.
We ain't gonna let you die on us, McCain.
You got that?
- I got it.
- I can't hear that.
- Got it.
- Good.
Good. Yeah.
What's the Admiral doing, sir?
That could be a minefield out there.
He knows that. He's got a son up north,
this is as close as he can get to him.
- I got you.
- I got it.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
You save his ass, too?
He's the toughest son of a bitch
I've ever met.
Broke his arm in three places like you,
and knee torn all to hell.
After his capture near the DMZ, he escaped.
He was less than a click away
from an American airfield...
when he was recaptured.
They dragged him 150 miles north of here...
tortured him every time
they made a pit stop.
Then, to celebrate their arrival here,
they tied his wrists behind his back...
and hung him by them.
Tore his shoulders apart.
And all they got out of him was his name,
rank, and serial number.
He didn't need saving.
He decided to live just to spite them.
Pretty big mess?
Hey, get back here, Mac.
We gotta clean this place up
before the dance tonight.
I'd like to report
that our room has been vandalized, sir.
Step back eight paces
and knock on my door, sailor.
- Permission to speak to you, sir.
- Denied.
Our room has been vandalized
by midshipmen, sir.
I said permission to speak denied, McCain.
To deny:
To refuse to recognize or acknowledge.
To decline to grant or allow.
To shut your hole in my presence.
Midshipmen did not vandalize your room.
I did.
It did not meet minimal standards.
It was a disgrace to the floor,
to the class, and to the Academy.
It was, however,
consistent with your insolent attitude...
and your general disregard
for military protocol.
The next time I see you
without a high and tight, son...
I'm going to shave your head myself.
What is that?
Is that what they call
one of those ducktails?
You're an embarrassment to this institution,
and you will bilge out.
And I cannot wait to see that day.
I will not "bilge" out, sir.
You don't have what it takes.
You're just too arrogant and stupid
to recognize it.
547 out of 552.
I can't believe there are five students here
more ignorant than you are.
Report to Tecumseh Court, 2100 hours,
with your M1 for PT.
- Missing the dance, McCain?
- My choice, sir.
Wonderful night to be out
in the elements, sir.
All the way down, McCain.
My father was just a chief petty officer...
but I'd take him
over a lazy-ass captain any day.
You don't know anything about me
or my family, Witt.
Get the hell off me, McCain.
You don't know anything about me, Witt.
Let me hear it.
- Let me hear it!
- I don't know anything about you!
You're pathetic, McCain.
I can't believe you passed the physical
to get in here.
- You having fun?
- A ball.
As your brigade commander
and newly-elected class president...
I order you inside
for repast and entertainment.
- Are you sure?
- You questioning my authority, mister?
Give me 50. Now!
- What's for dessert?
- Lady Witt layer cake.
Got it.
My back.
Easy, boy.
- Stop it! Mommy!
- Let's get her.
Settle down.
Ladies and gentlemen...
allow me to introduce
our honored guest tonight.
While we've been partaking in beverages
and Beef Wellington...
Midshipman McCain
has been touring the campus...
in search of a better understanding
of military etiquette and protocol.
It's this sense of dedication and willingness
to go beyond the call of duty...
that he is awarded the first dance tonight.
- May I have this dance?
- Yes, you may.
Your dress sweats?
The best I could do
under the circumstances, ma'am.
- Ma'am?
- Miss.
Do you always keep such a distance
between you and your partner?
Or is that a military thing, too?
- Willing to make the adjustment, miss.
- Carol.
You, come.
Sam Johnson, Bill Lawrence...
Norris Overly, Jim...
Jim, Jimmy?
Try just the last names.
You have to know this.
If you get out,
you have to tell them who was left behind.
We all have to be accounted for.
Coffee. Coker. Day.
Dramesi. Denton. Dunn.
- How'd it go?
- Okay.
Same old questions?
They offered me amnesty.
What'd you tell them?
I told them I'd think about it.
The Code of Conduct says
we are released in chronological order.
- First captured, first to go home.
- I know what it says, Bud.
- What'd they want from you?
- The usual crap.
Did you make any propaganda statement,
or did you say anything you'd regret later?
- No.
- Are you sure?
Yes, God damn it!
Major, you will see your family soon.
A present.
Thanks, Norris.
You saved my life.
Do you have the names?
Yes, I do.
Go home? You happy?
They just released three more prisoners, sir.
He's not one of them. Sorry, sir.
I thought
you might want to look at their files.
- Would you like to talk to any of them, sir?
- No.
- When do you think he'll be released?
- When it's his turn, Richard.
No like?
- Where?
- No question. Bring stuff.
- What's going on?
- Moving day.
Why? Why are they doing this?
Why are you doing this?
Because they can.
Solo now. Long time.
- You keep the faith, all right?
- You, too.
No talk! No more!
Bill Lawrence. George McKnight.
Norris Overly.
Bill Lawrence. George McKnight.
Robbie Riesner. Howie Rutledge.
Orson Swindle.
Neal Jones.
Help me.
Help me.
- Use your cup.
- What?
Wrap your towel around your cup
and talk into it.
Who's there?
Bob Craner, Air Force. You're McCain, right?
They just moved me over here.
When were you killed?
December '67.
October '67.
I made my hundredth mission
and asked for another tour.
I thought 100 was the limit in the Air Force?
It is.
I just stayed on their case till they said
the hell with it to get me off their backs.
I was killed on my 102nd.
I got my wish?
I'm Navy.
Yeah, I know.
I hear you've been giving them a hard time.
Talk to you soon!
My darling John:
Candies are Sidney's favorite,
especially the heart-shaped ones.
She keeps wanting
to send you marshmallows...
but I didn't think they would make the trip.
We miss you,
and we all pray for your safe return.
The boys are doing well,
under the circumstances.
They tell everyone at school
that their daddy is a war hero.
All our love, Carol.
Batted 352, 32 home runs, 114 ribbies.
You're on the honor system, Craner.
I have no way of checking this.
Trust me. I know my Teddy Ballgame.
Try me.
346, 24, and 82.
It's an off year.
- What did Musial do?
- Who cares?
Stan Musial couldn't hold
William's jock strap.
Stan the Man was pretty good.
Did you ever fall in love at first sight?
Yeah. Me, too, once.
Great-looking girl. Loads of personality.
We go out on our first date,
she finds out I'm a baseball fan.
Turns out she is, too.
Then she started to talk about Stan Musial.
Wouldn't stop.
And you wound up marrying her?
No, that was it right there.
Never saw her again.
To Stan Musial.
Yeah, I thought he was overrated myself.
Back when you were a seagull,
did you ever pull duty at Pensacola?
Sure did.
Trader Jon's.
You remember this one?
After the engine quit, the only place
I could dump it was in the bay.
Unfortunately, I hit it a little hard.
- He misjudged his angle of attack.
- No, don't listen to him.
It was only through precise calculations
and lightning reactions...
that I was able to forestall disaster.
The A-1 is a tricky plane to fly.
There were casualties.
He took out a school of tuna.
I was knocked unconscious,
but I came to when I hit the bottom.
- So, how deep was it?
- It was a couple 100 feet.
I took a deep breath,
popped off the canopy with my forearms...
and pushed off the bottom...
having to decompress at every 20 feet,
of course.
So how long did it take you
to get to the surface?
- Three to four minutes.
- Wow.
Four minutes.
When you push the envelope...
you have to be prepared
to accept the consequences.
That's what I call a wet dream.
That's my girl.
Another fish story.
You forget about the time
you ran out of fuel at 4,000 feet?
- That doesn't count.
- Why the hell not?
- The gauge malfunctioned.
- And the power lines in Spain?
Faulty intelligence.
- Right.
- Okay, so who's driving?
I thought you were gonna be going home
with your girlfriend?
No. I mean between you two.
You're both in the tank.
- Hi, Chuck.
- Hi, Natalie.
- I loved the performance tonight.
- Why, thank you. I try my best.
- Don't I, dear?
- Yes, you do.
Maybe it was only 100 feet.
Give me the keys.
What the hell are you guys doing here?
American Gls,
don't fight in this illegal and immoral war.
Even your fellow countrymen and women
are against it.
They are marching in the streets
protesting in all your cities.
You are losing the battle at home,
just as you are losing the battle here.
Now, here's some more
of our country's music for you.
Come on, you son of a bitch. Details.
A sailor never kisses and tells.
You're killing me.
I did see something else
that I wanted to talk to you about.
I saw two POWs by themselves.
It was like they were on vacation.
They were. Sold out a long time ago.
Maybe they were brainwashed.
No more than us. You stay away from them.
They turned people in,
had some of them killed.
Why the hell don't they just go?
Right. Go where?
"Under the broad and starry sky
Dig the grave and let me lie
"Here did I live and gladly die
"And I lay me down with a will
"Here be the verse you 'grave for me
"Here lies where he longed to be
"Home is the sailor home from the sea
"and the hunter home from the hill"
To my father, John Sidney McCain.
The most honest and principled man
I have ever met.
He was my friend, my teacher, my hero.
And he destroyed 6,000 Jap planes
and sunk 2 million tons of their ships.
- Forty-eight ships in one day.
- Forty-nine.
- To Slew!
- To Slew!
"Home is the sailor home from the sea
"and the hunter home from the hill"
Have a seat, McCain.
Help yourself. That's what they're for.
No, thanks.
You may not know,
but your father has been made...
Commander of the Pacific of your military.
I know that he enjoys them.
I've seen pictures.
My father never lit them up.
I've been running prison camps
since the French.
A necessary job...
but one that does not give me
great pleasure.
But today...
I have good news, make me very happy.
You're free to go home.
Amnesty has been granted
by our government.
You can go home to your wife and children.
Soldiers are often surprised at the news.
It is hard to believe, I understand.
I have to think about it.
Very well.
If you will excuse me, Lieutenant,
I have work to do.
Ginger snaps.
There were some
that looked like macaroons.
They would have bought me off
with a cup of coffee.
No, they wouldn't.
You don't know if you can survive this.
The seriously injured can go home.
That supersedes the Code of Conduct.
I think I can make it.
They told me I won't.
But if I was really in such bad shape...
they would have at least sent a doctor
to check on me.
But you can't be sure you're up to this.
What did they want in return?
They didn't say.
If it's not too much, you take it.
Hey, Bob?
What is your decision?
I will remain here
and wait for my proper turn.
Maj. Overly and the others left with honor.
Things will get worse now, McCain.
You may not get a turn at all.
- Do you realize that?
- Yes.
Does your family realize that?
This is yours.
My darling John:
Candies are Sidney's favorite,
especially the heart-shaped ones.
She keeps wanting
to send you marshmallows...
but I didn't think they would make the trip.
We miss you,
and we all pray for your safe return.
The boys are doing well,
under the circumstances.
They tell everyone at school
that their daddy is a war hero.
All our love, Carol.
Where are my candies?
Candies? What candies, McCain?
They came with the letter.
Some of them shaped like hearts.
You misjudge the situation, McCain.
I want my candies.
Confess to your war crimes.
Express gratitude to Vietnamese people
for saving your life.
I want my candies.
You will confess your war crimes.
You'll express gratitude
to Vietnamese people for saving...
I want my candies!
I'm not interested
in recording your scream, McCain.
You talk now, McCain?
Up, McCain!
Good, McCain.
Read it.
Out loud, McCain.
"I am a black criminal,
and I have performed deeds of an air pirate.
"I have bombed schools.
"I almost died,
and the Vietnamese people saved my life...
"and the doctors gave me an operation
that I did not deserve. "
Good. Now write it and sign it.
Yes, sir.
"I am a black criminal,
and I have performed deeds of an air pirate.
"I have bombed schools. "
Read it.
"I am a black criminal
who has performed deeds of an air pirate.
"I have bombed schools. "
If I become a prisoner of war...
I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners.
When questioned...
I am required to give name, rank,
service number, and date of birth.
Did you make any propaganda statement?
I will evade answering
any further questions.
Did you say anything
that you would regret later?
Your grandfather was a man of principles.
Have a seat, soldier.
Principles and honor.
To the utmost of my ability.
It looks like you could use a break
from the routine around here.
What do you say?
Your grandfather was a man of principles.
I will make no oral or written statements.
Did you make any propaganda statement?
He always told me.
Disloyal to my country...
Or say anything that you would regret later?
A man without honor is nothing.
I am a black criminal...
and I have performed deeds of an air pirate.
I have bombed schools.
I almost died,
and the Vietnamese people saved my life...
and the doctors gave me an operation
that I did not deserve.
I am a black criminal...
and I have performed deeds of an air pirate.
Your buckets!
Let's go!
He turned it down, sir.
I heard at least three times.
I'm sure it was a tough thing to do.
They offered him a ticket out of there,
and he turned it down.
He was very respected.
How was his health?
He was pretty banged up in the beginning.
But by the time they let me go,
he was doing okay.
It says here you fell overboard
in the Gulf of Tonkin...
and picked up by fishermen
in international waters.
Turned over to the North Vietnamese.
Sir, that's correct.
- Welcome back, sailor.
- Thank you, sir. It's good to be back.
- Carry on.
- Thank you, sir.
I am...
I am a black criminal...
and I have performed deeds of an air pirate.
I have bombed schools.
It has been revealed that secret peace talks
have been taking place on and off...
between the United States
and North Vietnam since 1970.
Formal negotiations are now underway.
Pressure from the anti-war movement
at home...
and heavy casualties on the battlefield...
have resulted in a commitment
by the administration...
to bring an end to the conflict.
Humane treatment of the American POWs
is of utmost priority.
POWs and the missing-in-action personnel
are believed to number well over 3,000.
How long have you been in solitary?
I went down in the sewer
about a year-and-a-half ago.
It makes this place seem like a vacation.
You're a lot uglier than I imagined.
There's been something
I've been meaning to tell you all these years.
Stan Musial...
is the greatest ballplayer
ever to play the game.
Hell of a sight.
You think we're out of here?
I'm not packing my bags.
Me, neither.
You know, you could have been
out of here a long time ago.
You had the go-ahead from all of us.
Sure as hell would have tempted me.
I don't know.
I guess I was getting used to the company.
It's the best way I can think of...
to get the North Vietnamese
back to the bargaining table...
and keep them there
till a deal's hammered out.
The last two months,
they've walked away four times.
B-52s from 35,000 feet
aren't very discriminate, sir.
That's the whole point.
Carpet-bombing the hell out of Hanoi
ought to be a pretty effective wake-up call.
I'm thinking about our personnel
on the ground.
You mean the POWs?
They're dead square
in the middle of the city.
Johnny'd be all over my ass
if I didn't do it.
- Attention on deck!
- Carry on.
"The Vietnamese people's
fundamental national rights.
"Article One:
The United States and all other countries...
"respect the independence,
sovereignty, unity...
"and territorial integrity of Vietnam...
"as recognized by
the 1954 Geneva agreement on Vietnam.
"Article Two: The United States of America
pledges to cease hostilities.
"Total withdrawal is to be completed
in 60 days.
"A four-power joint military commission
will oversea ceasefire and troop...
"and advisory withdrawal to be completed
within 60 days.
"Return of all captured military personnel
and foreign civilians...
"will be within 60 days
beginning immediately.
"Lt. Everett Alvarez,
United States Navy. August 5, 1964.
"Rear Admiral James B. Stockdale,
United States Navy...
"September 9, 1965.
"Capt. Murphy N. Jones,
United States Air Force...
"June 29, 1966.
"Maj. George E. Day, August 26, 1967.
"Lt. Cmdr. John S. McCain,
October 26, 1967.
"Maj. Robert R. Craner,
United States Air Force, December 12...
"Maj. Jim Kessler, United States Air Force...
"August 8, 1966.
"Maj. Robinson Risner,
United States Air Force, September, 1965.
"Capt. Orson Swindle,
United States Marine Corps...
"November 11, 1965.
"Capt. George McKnight,
United States Air Force, November 6, 1965.
"Cmdr. Howard Rutledge,
United States Navy, November 28, 1965.
"Cmdr. Jeremiah Denton,
United States Navy, July 18, 1965."
Let's give them a minute together.
I forgot what you looked like, Daddy.
Hi, again.
- May I have this dance?
- Yes, you may.
Do you always keep such a distance
between you and your partner?
Or is that a military thing, too?
Willing to make the adjustment, miss.
I'm real glad one of our boys didn't drop
a 500-pounder in your compound up there.
Me, too.
Sure had the guards nervous, though.
Dad, I'm sorry about...
the statement.
I guess I didn't want to believe I did it.
I tried thinking back...
and maybe in some ways
I didn't want to know.
And I didn't know
until Bob Craner told me on the plane.
- I'm really sorry.
- What was his opinion of your actions?
He said, "Everyone is broken eventually...
"but in other ways, no one is broken.
"We all fought in our own ways.
"We all walked out of there
with our heads high. "
There you have it.
Son, look at me.
I was on the bottom of the ocean
for 18 hours.
You were in your hellhole for 1,968 days.
You didn't leave anything back there
you have to regret.
Slew would be proud of you.
And I am, too.
And it's just about the best damn feeling
I ever had.
"And I lay me down with a will
"This be the verse you 'grave for me
"Here he lies where he longed to be
"Home is the sailor home from the sea
"and the hunter home from the hill"
How often do you think of him?
Just every day.