Faith of Our Fathers (2015) Movie Script

John Paul?
It's me.
Sweetie, I didn't
know you were coming over.
Well, I thought I'd make
dinner for us tonight.
Did your mom
throw away anything?
Uh, no.
Wait, did you say dinner?
Because you cooked dinner
for us 2 nights ago,
and you know, I was just
gonna order a pizza.
I know, my lasagna
was a disaster,
but I'm redeeming myself.
By the time we're married
next month and I move in here,
I'll have perfected ten meals.
And tonight, I'm cooking
a perfect turkey.
Oh, the perfect turkey.
But what about
the perfect pizza,
made perfectly for you,
delivered right to your door?
John Paul, you cannot
eat out this much.
And that's why you have me!
Come on, I insist.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's in the box?
I don't know.
Still going through
Mom's old stuff.
You know,
I'm thankful for the house,
but a lot of this stuff
just screams yard sale.
But this box said "Keep" on it,
so I figured I'd check it out.
Anything else out in the car?
No, no, no.
Go through the box.
I'm gonna cook dinner.
Hey, you know what's
really good is asparagus pizza.
No pizza.
No. Stop.
No pizza.
So what's inside?
Look at this.
What is it?
It's my dad's military stuff.
Dog tags.
There's a letter.
Look at this photo.
This is my dad.
Oh, so handsome.
You know, my mom never talked
about him before she died.
I always wondered
what really happened, though.
That must have been
painful for her.
Look at them.
They're so young.
They had their whole lives
in front of 'em.
And then he's gone.
You know, I have no idea
how my dad died.
I don't really know
much about him.
Who's Eddie Adams?
I have no idea.
Well, why don't you
try to contact him?
Maybe he can
fill in some blanks.
You know I don't like
talking to strangers.
You're supposed
to like strangers.
You're a postman.
Yeah, but I don't like dogs.
Hi, I'm looking for
an Edward J. Adams, please.
Edward James Adams.
Oh, wrong number, sorry.
Hi, my name is John Paul George.
I'm looking for an Ed...
Yeah, I can call back.
No problem.
Hi, I'm looking for
an Eddie Adams please.
Oh, I'm sorry, my condolences.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, hello, I'm looking for
an Edward Adams.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry-
I'm looking for
an Edward J. Adams, please.
Uh, okay.
Edward Jeffrey Adams?
Well, I don't know him.
He would've known my father.
Is this Edward?
How old are you?
Have a good day.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no!
What happened?
I can't believe this.
I know.
I'm sorry, John.
I didn't know it
would burn that easily.
No, I mean trying to find
this Edward Adams guy.
I'm striking out at every turn.
Dinner is perfect.
Honey, nobody can
order a pizza like you.
Stop it.
How many names do you
have left on that list?
One, and I'm expecting
to hit a brick wall,
but let's give it a shot.
Anyone there?
State your business.
My name is John Paul George.
Like the Beatles?
Yeah, like the Beatles.
The Beatles broke up.
What did he say?
"The Beatles broke up."
Here, let me try.
Hi, we're looking for
a Mr. Edward Adams.
He's a friend of my-
Wrong number, Miss Manners.
Are you always this rude?
Do you know a Steven George
that was in Vietnam?
That's a name I
haven't heard in a longtime.
Who's asking?
Steven George's son.
That man knew my father.
He says 25,000 troops
will be withdrawn by September.
I mean, do you believe
a word that guy says?
Hey preacher boy.
What are we, at church?
Always with that Bible.
Just finding
some comfort in a place
that's not really comfortable.
What are you, scared out here?
Yeah, I'm scared.
And you know what?
This makes me feel better.
Here, read this.
4:13, it's underlined.
All fight, listen up, boys.
"I can do all things through
Christ which strengthens me."
Amen, amen.
Hey, what are you,
a preacher boy?
You're going to Mississippi?
Just for a couple of nights.
Just for the weekend.
Tomorrow, 10 am,
meeting with 2 photographers.
At 1, we finalize the catering,
and at 6,
we meet with the minister.
How am I supposed to
explain that?
Is it cold in Mississippi?
John Paul.
But I am painting this room
while you're gone.
Yeah, it's late in the night
and I look in the mirror
Oh, but every ones a story
of how grace appeared
And carried me
through the day
I woke up in America
for the love of God
I woke up in America for
something bigger than myself
More than fireworks
and fanfare
More than
a star-spangled banner
You're still beautiful,
America N'
Hold it right there.
What did I say?
My name is John Paul George.
I'm from California.
We spoke on the phone
the other day?
Never heard of you.
We spoke 2 days ago.
Go away.
Now, you don't-look,
you don't have to shoot at me.
I'm sorry. What?
I think you know something
about my father.
I don't know
anything about your daddy.
Look, I'm gonna sit here
and wait until we talk.
You can sit there
10 years for ab' I care.
I'll just sit here and wait.
Come on m. Suppers on.
I'm Wayne, EddieAdams' son.
John Paul.
I know who you are.
Can I use your bathroom?
Hey, where are you?
Well, I found the guy.
Only, it's his son, Wayne,
and it looks like they lived
in this same old house forever.
Oh great! So, you?!
be home tomorrow?
Cause! really want you
to meet the videographer.
Ooh, I like.
What are these?
Mom, you like?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Honey, I'll be home,
but I don't-
What? I can't hear you.
Look, I can't talk now.
I just-
John Paul, can you
call me in an hour or something
when you get better reception?
I'll have some flowers for you
to pick from then anyway.
Okay? 1 love you.
Love you too.
Looks good.
Killed it myself.
Do you mind if I say grace?
Father, we thank you
for this food
and we ask that you
strengthen us with it.
And would you
bless our time together
as we learn more
about our fathers.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Listen, we sort of got off
on a bad foot out there.
And I wanted to tell you why
I called you and came out here
was to see your dad
about my dad,
because my dad said that he
and your dad were best friends.
Whose dad?
Your dad and my dad.
Well, you're a funny guy, Ringo.
Why did you make me
wait out there all day?
See how serious you were
about talking.
And me flying out here
didn't prove anything to you?
Flying's easy.
Sitting in the hot
Mississippi sun ain't.
Wait here.
I'm going to bed.
I gotta get up early.
Wait a minute.
I came out here
to talk about our fathers.
We'll talk in the morning.
Sounds like someone
made contact.
How far away?
Don't know.
A few clicks.
I wouldn't worry about it.
When we go out tonight,
should I keep my eyes on you,
the jungle, or the ground?
You know, in case trip wires.
All three, Stevie.
Should I ever look back
or should I just
keep looking forward?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You're packing too much stuff.
Just take absolutely
what's necessary.
Remember to
keep yourself hydrated.
As I'll ever be.
Hey, everything okay?
That last phone call was kinda-
Oh yeah, no, it's fine.
It's different.
But you know, I think
I'm gonna stay the night, so-
Oh, so you
must be getting along web'.
Well, actually, you know,
he's kinda creepy and weird.
Like, haunted house
type of-
You want some coffee?
It helps me sleep.
Um honey, Wayne's making coffee.
I'll call you in the morning.
Get the roof!
What are you doing?!
I'm sawing off the roof!
I see that!
You can't go on a road trip
without a convertible, Ringo.
What road trip?
No need to be yelling.
You'll wake my neighbors.
What road trip?
Don't drop the roof.
Get your bag.
I'm already packed.
Don't worry about locking up.
I'm not so worried
about locking up
as I am about
why you're sawing-
I'm not reading my
daddy's letters in that house.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What letters?
Letters about Vietnam
which talk about your daddy.
Can I see 'em?
They're $500 a piece.
What are you talking about?
You wanna read 'em,
they're $500 a piece.
Now we're going to The Wall.
What wall?
Vietnam Wall.
- In D.C.?
- That's the one.
No, no, no, no, no.
lam not going to The Wall.
I'm getting married in 3 weeks.
I'm not going to The Wall.
Well, congratulations.
All right, gentlemen, listen up.
Last night at 2300,
one of our 047s went down
behind enemy lines.
There were no survivors.
We got picked for the mission to
go in and retrieve the bodies.
They're located
within a square mile
somewhere in the Mekong Delta.
It's not reachable by air,
so we're gonna have to
hump it all the way in.
The hump alone is 72 hours,
so stay alert
and do what! say.
And we will go in there
and find our boys
before the enemy
and bring them home.
Any questions?
No, Sarge.
Adams, George, take us out.
Saddle up.
Lock and load, boys.
I can't believe you're
making me pay to read these letters.
All right, I'll make you a deal.
I'll let you read one.
You like it, we move on.
Deal stands.
I can't begin to tell you
"how much I miss you and Wayne.
"It's only been a few weeks,
but it feels like an eternity.
"I can't wait to get home.
"1 met a guy from California.
"His name is Steven George.
"He's kind of religious.
He's gonna be a preacher or
something but he's a good guy."
My dad was gonna be a preacher.
I didn't know that.
That's why they're worth
500 bucks a piece.
"His wife back home
just had a little boy.
"That's all he talks about.
"He's naming the boy
after the Beatles.
"It makes me think of Wayne.
I miss you.
Eddie. "
Why do we have to go to The We?
Why can't we just
read the letters here?
I don't need to see
my father's name on a wall
to find the answers
I'm looking for.
'Cause the answers
you're looking for
and the answers
I'm looking for are in D.C.,
but they're not names on a wall.
We've gotta fall back!
We gotta fall back!
I've got you covered.
Honey, it's
a 2- or 3-day drive.
I'll fly out of D.C.
or something.
I've already called work.
No, honey, of course I haven't
forgotten about the wedding.
You know, this is just
something I need to do.
I don't care about the flowers.
You pick the flowers.
White lilacs are fine.
They're fine because
they're not traditional.
Yes, yes, you are very
traditional, honey, so in that-
Hi, Cynthia?
This is Wayne Adams.
How you doing?
I understand how all this
must seem inopportune,
but I want you to know that
I asked John to accompany me
to the Vietnam Wall for closure.
It's been psychologically
taxing on us over the years,
which is difficult
for anyone to comprehend.
But let me tell you,
you are all he goes on about.
He just went to the restroom, so
he's gonna call you fightback.
That's how you talk to 'em.
You tell 'em
what they wanna hear.
It's 34 bucks.
She's gonna think
I didn't wanna talk to her.
Sounds to me like she
was doing all the talking.
That's how she is, Wayne.
She likes to talk.
She likes to control you.
I'm traveling
with a psychologist.
The 365's coming up.
We need to take the next exit
so we can go straight up
through the state.
This is it.
You gotta get off fight here.
What are you-get off!
Take the exit!
Get off!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Still can't drive through 'bama.
Wayne, this is ridiculous.
It's gonna take us
6 extra hours to get there.
You in a hurry?
Yeah, yeah, I kinda am, you see,
because I gotta
get back to California.
I got a wedding to plan.
You're not planning a wedding.
Excuse me?
Your girlfriend
is planning the wedding.
You're just nodding your
head yes to everything she says
'cause you can't say no.
You're afraid of her.
And you've come
to that conclusion
after knowing me for 12 hours,
having never met her,
and hearing one side
of one phone conversation?
It's impressive, isn't it?
Why can't you drive
through Alabama?
Oh no, no, no.
Don't change the subject on me.
Oh, no, no.
Tell me
you're not afraid of her.
I'm not afraid of her.
It's just easier to let her have
her way than to argue about it.
What's wrong with that?
That's gonna be
that way your whole life.
She's always gonna
tell you what to do.
No it's not.
And she doesn't
tell me what to do.
I just choose
to serve her needs.
By being here fight now?
If I were you, I would-
Okay web', you know what, Wayne?
You're not me.
You're not me.
And I would smack her!
I don't need-
I don't need relationship advice
from someone-
Smack her! I don't need
relationship advice from someone-
Smack her!
- Some backwoods hillbilly
whose never probably
even been in a relationship.
That's what I don't need.
You don't know
anything about me.
You're right, Wayne, I don't.
Why can't you drive
through Alabama?
Don't worry about it.
Not worried, just curious.
Why can't you drive
through Alabama, Wayne?
Told you I'm not gonna talk
about it, so quit asking me.
Why can't you
drive through Alabama?
Don't worry about it.
Why can't you drive
through Alabama, Wayne?
I told you to stop asking me!
Get that through your thick
little skull and quit asking me!
You're like a little Woodpecker,
just pecking at me!
Pecking! Pecking!
Why can't you
drive through Alabama?
You okay?
You know,
I got your back, Stevie.
Nothing is gonna happen to you.
You okay?
I just wanna make
things right in my life.
I messed up a lot.
You know, I got a son too.
I just wanna get home.
With this mission, I don't know.
I know.
I wrote my just-in-case letter
before we left.
I had one of those feelings too.
You're more than welcome
to read my Bible.
It might make you feel better.
Not right now.
We move in 1 hour.
Hey, George.
You ever consider
the possibility
that Private Adams over there
is beyond the powers
of redemption?
Thank you, Sarge.
I don't think that's something
to be joking about, sir.
Now why's that, soldier?
Because that's a serious matter
between Eddie and God.
You having some kind of a
funny feeling over there, Eddie?
No, Sarge.
You sure?
Yes, Sarge.
George and I were
just talking about stuff.
On your feet, George.
You wouldn't be
preparing my men for death,
now would you, soldier?
No, Sarge.
Absolutely not.
'Cause I've been hearing you
talk to them about God,
and the Bible, and all that,
and you realize
that's not your job.
Yes, Sarge.
As you were.
Just came in.
All right,
we got the location now.
Two clicks north from the fork
on the Giang River.
Thank you.
That's right here, Sarge.
AH right, let's go.
Take 'em out.
All fight.
AN fight, guys, grab your gear.
You're not a Jesus freak,
are you?
What do you mean?
A freaky Bible guy.
Quoting Scriptures all daylong,
trying to convert people.
So, do you believe in God?
I knew it.
Knew what?
I'm not gonna do this with you.
Do what?
Play these games.
What games?
These beat-around-the-bush games
asking me questions about God,
so you can eventually
Bible bash me to death,
and tell me
I'm a terrible person,
and I'm going to hell,
all so you can feel like
you done your saintly duty
by destroying one of
Satan's minions,
all so you can secure yourself
a nice little place in heaven.
Did you memorize that?
Look honey, it's gonna
take a little bit longer
'cause we can't
drive through Alabama.
Why can't you drive
through Alabama?
I don't know.
I'll be home Tuesday
at the latest.
John Paul,
this is not acceptable.
Hi, Cynthia!
I gotta go before
he breaks his leash.
What have you gotten into?
I can't talk now; honey.
Seriously, I need to go,
but I'll call you later.
I love you.
I love you, bye!
Forty-two bucks.
She was thirsty.
So, you got this one.
Uh, what do you mean?
Well, chronologically,
I got the last tank,
so that would mean
that you have this one.
you're about to owe me $500.
Heh, heh, little girls.
What are you looking at?
Big dumb hillbilly
with very little hygiene.
That looks like
that feminine ride of yours
ain't got no hygiene.
Hey Jethro,
this ain't no trash can.
You wanna take that out?
Why don't you make me?
Evening, sir.
Could I interest you in
a couple of bags of beef jerky?
Hey, this stuff is so good,
you'll punch your mama.
That's okay.
What about some iced tea
for the road?
Three dollars change.
You sure you don't
wanna buy any of this?
Uh-oh, somebody just
got punched in the face.
Yeah hey, it's me
down at the gas station.
Look, hey, send me
three or four deputies.
I got a brawl going again.
Hey look, you might wanna roll
the ambulance with them, okay,
'cause these boys are serious
and somebody's gonna get hurt.
Ooh! I mean, he's putting
a whooping on this boy
like you ain't seen lately.
Uh-oh, you're not
gonna believe this.
Okay, the yuppie
just took down Goliath, okay,
with an oil can to the head.
Ringo, we gotta go!
Cops are coming!
Why were we fighting those guys?
'Cause they was rude to me, man.
Nobody talks to me like that.
Oh, What? What?!
You got a problem with that now?
Yeah, I do.
I just-l can't believe-
That's just the way things
are around here, city boy.
You owe me a letter.
A letter?
All right.
You know, I can't.
I can't... I feel like
you're taking advantage of me.
You show up at my house
and you think
I'm taking advantage of you?
I'm trying to help you!
I just helped you.
That's right, you did.
You found some courage in
that weak little body of yours
and you went all in.
Okay, I went all in
to try to stop it.
You went all in, Ringo.
I'm proud of you.
I'm sorry, okay.
I didn't mean to get you
into the whole thing.
I just-you know,
I didn't expect-
Boys, it took y'all long enough
to get here.
Hey look, y'all,
one bunch of 'em went
towards the interstate, right?
The other bunch, hey,
they went toward
the old highway over here.
A big country redneck
and then a yuppie.
Big redneck driving
a pickup truck, okay.
He's bigger than you are.
And then a yuppie.
He was driving some little rig.
I don't know what it was.
Oh, did he ever put a whooping
on that big redneck.
One of 'em went that way,
one of 'em went that way.
May even be a tooth or two
out there.
I don't know.
Look, you boys need to get
you some of this beef jerky.
But when they first
pulled up, okay, look,
they went to war
with each other.
I don't know who's who.
It took y'all
too long to get here.
Look, but you don't wanna
try to punch my mama, okay,
'cause she's like homely.
She don't play that.
You know,
you'll be swallowing teeth.
That's all I know.
They left when they heard
y'all pulling up with sirens.
But hey,
that's my report on the fight.
Y'all boys want some beef jerky?
What's going on?
What do you got, Adams?
Path just ended, Sarge.
Right here, sir.
Big Dragon, this is Little Elf.
Big Dragon, be advised,
Little Elf has followed
designated route
to grid coordinates.
Route ends, please advise.
Big Dragon, be advised
Little Elf has rechecked map
and grid coordinates
are correct.
How current is your information?
Could you recommend an alt-
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?!
Oh, now I'm crazy now too, huh?
I don't know, Wayne.
They seemed to be
doing just fine.
What's your problem?
I don't know.
Maybe it's just a Ted Bundy
son of thing.
Well, just wave
your holy book at them.
Oh, okay.
- Where you headed?
- New York City, mate.
DC. if you want it.
Fair dinkum, we want it.
Thanks, mate.
This car's gorgeous.
What year is this bird anyway?
What's your name?
His name is Ted.
Is that a funny name, mate?
Hey, pipe down, Cowboy Ted.
How 'bout you?
Oh, I'm Annie.
Look at that.
I'm John Paul George,
and this is...
Ted, it's not nice
to make fun of someone's name.
He's sensitive.
Sorry mate.
No, that's okay.
I'll go check on the rooms.
I'll go with you.
Stay put.
Are you guys brothers?
We're just friends.
He treats you like
a kid brother, you know.
So, Why are you guys
going to D.C.?
It's a long story.
It's a long ride.
That it is.
Wham you going?
Making sure I get my own room.
Tell him
I'm gonna sleep outside.
Does he really think
he's a cowboy?
How long you known him?
One long month on the road.
We're cousins, you know,
sol think he feels this
obligation to look after me.
I've known Wayne 2 days.
We're driving to D.C.
to see our fathers' names
on the Vietnam Wall.
How many rooms, male?
Scoot over, Annie.
We're under the stars tonight.
They didn't have any rooms?
Some stupid boy scout jamboree,
all booked up for the night.
Ugh, where are we gonna sleep?
Well, so at least
it's not raining, no?
I think I have scoliosis.
There's a rock lodged
between my third
and fourth vertebrae.
Isn't this backwards?
Shouldn't the boy scouts
be sleeping outside,
working on their
camping merit badges,
or weaving a basket,
or something?
Yeah, is there some, like,
ultra-comfortable, super dry,
hotel room merit badge
that I'm missing?
Look, everybody/just stop
your complaining, okay?
It's good for you
to sleep outside.
It gets you closer to nature.
I like it out here, Wayne.
And I like you.
So, tel! us more about why
you guys are going to The Wall.
This guy shows up
on my doorstep.
Here we are.
John Paul told me
about the letters.
Can I read one?
You ever gonna read that thing?
You paid for it.
You might as well read it.
Paid for it?
Long story.
"Dear Eleanor."
Who's that?
That's my mama.
Where's she?
Pretty name.
Dear Eleanor and Wayne,
it's been raining here
for 12 days straight."
Not much to say, I guess.
Just wondering
how you all are doing.
I've been looking at things
a little differently
thanks to this guy,
Steven George.
He's a good man.
He doesn't judge me
and I can open up to him.
He's small.
He's not a great soldier,
but he's bigger
than any man out here.
I've written eight times.
I haven't heard from you.
I'd like to know how
Wayne's doing in preschool.
Okay, I love you.
Where is everyone?
You hungry?
I'm starving.
Annie needs coffee.
That's good.
Who's got the coffee?
Need the coffee.
Why don't I wake him up
and then the four of us
will go get something.
Yeah, sure, mate.
Okay, cool.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Maybe I'll just let them do it.
You know,
maybe we oughta just wait.
He's a little-
Well, mate,
I'm not waiting anymore.
I saw a store about
a mile back last night.
Come on Annie, let's go.
I can wait.
Look, you
guys, it's just not-
All right, look,
I'm sorry, okay?
I just get all cranked out
when I don't get good sleep,
all fight?
So, how about the three of us
go get some coffee
and some breakfast stuff
with the car,
come back and get Wayne
when he gets up?
How 'bout that?
I don't know, you guys.
Well, then Annie
and I'll go get it.
I don't know.
No, it'll be fine, mate.
We'll just take the car.
Yeah, we'll be fight back.
With coffee.
She's a beauty.
Not a scratch, mate.
It's not that big of a deal.
I can just try to
wake him up one more time.
Oh boy.
Ringo, where's my car?
Tell me you didn't
let them take my car.
They said they'd be fight back.
How could you
let him take my car?
They said they'd be fight back.
No, you moron!
They stole my car!
Don't call me names.
Stop calling me that.
If you call me moron
one more time-
Oh, what? What are you
gonna do about it, huh?
Wait here.
Oh, tell me
you're not considering
the services of this car.
I'll take care of it.
Nice move, Grace.
Oh, why hello.
What's your name?
Um, look, we-
that car that's out there,
the one with the "for safe"
sign, I wanna buy it.
Twelve hundred dollars firm,
cash only.
I have $600.
Excellent handling.
Little girl?
We'll take it.
He's got the money.
You have $600?
Well, you handled that
really well, didn't you.
And I'm out $600.
No you're not.
You're only out $100.
And you know what, Wayne?
I really don't care,
because I did the deal
and the deal's done.
So, you could show
a little more gratitude.
Hey Ringo, guess what?
I'm not showing any gratitude,
'cause I'm driving
a 1984 VW Rabbit
when I should be driving
my 1965 Ford Thunderbird!
What are you doing?
Let's see what
this little baby can do.
Slow down!
I was wrong about this car.
Truck! Truck!
Truck! Truck! The truck!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
No, no, no, no, no!
Stop the car, Wayne!
Look, I have
a suspended license,
a few warrants, and no ID.
My name is Edward Brisko.
You got it?
Drivel; slowly
step out of the vehicle.
Place your hands on the hood.
put your hands on the dash.
Okay officer,
but this isn't my oar.
Don't move.
This your cal?
Yes sir.
Step out of the vehicle, please.
Driver's license, registration,
proof of insurance.
You see, we were
just test driving it
'cause we just
bought it, you know.
No, we weren't test driving it
because we did just buy it.
And I don't have insurance
'cause I'm from
California, officer.
John Paul George?
Three first names?
That's what I said, too, sir.
Where's yours?
Well, I don't have mine on me.
See, I was just driving
the car up the hill
'cause he can't drive a stick.
That makes two of you.
What's your name?
Eddie Brisko.
This your friend?
Yes sir.
That his name?
No, it's Wayne Adams.
Put your hands
on top of your head.
Interlock your fingers.
You got 2 minutes.
Hey Cynthia, it's me.
I'm on my way home,
but I may need bail.
Bail? For jail?
Who are you fight now?
Calm down!
No, don't tell me to calm down.
Okay, I can't take this.
I don't know where you are
or who you're with.
No, Jonathan, I am serious.
If you don't come home
fight now...
I can't come home
fight now, I'm in jail.
This is why we need dads.
So, you gonna
make a call or anything,
'cause I hear
the guys in D-Block
are planning an escape
at midnight.
This funny to you, Ringo?
Yeah, Wayne, it is.
It's one big joke.
So, what'd you do?
'Bama ain't the only state
I can't drive through.
'Cause this ain't the
first time I made this trip.
Came to The Wall 16 years ago.
My mama wanted to see it.
I never made it.
Got hit by a drunk driver.
Crashed our car into the bridge.
Mama died.
So S was scared
and I just hid
'til the ambulance came
and took her away.
I just ran.
Like a stupid kid, I ran.
I needed money to get home,
so I robbed
the first gas station I saw.
I didn't hurt anybody.
So just relax, Ringo.
You'll be out of here
in the morning.
Jesus, forgive me.
What am I doing?
I'm so sorry.
I ask this for Wayne's sake.
Be a dad to him.
All right, I need a perimeter.
How long do you think it's
been since they were here?
I don't know, hard to tell.
Probably a few hours.
Fire's still going.
What's that smell?
Don't touch that, Stevie.
Check that tent there, Shears.
It's clear.
I'm afraid
it's pretty clear, Sarge.
What's wrong, sir?
I don't know.
Blood trail.
Al! right, boys.
Take five, cover, and conceal.
Which one of
y'all is John Wayne?
I'm John, that's Wayne.
John Paul George?
Yeah, that's me.
Like the Beatles.
Three first names.
That's what I said.
Free to go.
Check out at the desk
for your belongings.
What, do you like it in here?
Let's go, scoot. Come on.
Wayne Richard Adams.
Free to go.
Check out at the desk
for your belongings.
Let's go, come on.
I don't got all day.
Morning boys.
Sign there.
That car was reported stolen.
They dumped it into
the yard 2 days ago.
Sent one of the boys out
to check things out last night
and apparently that little girl
put that sign on the car
just before you two showed up.
Say that makes you a pretty
smart little twig, wouldn't you?
Go on, get out of here.
Get down!
They let you go.
You're free.
They'll realize
their mistake soon enough.
I'm not going back.
Wayne, I really think
God's protecting us.
I mean, I've been praying about
it, and look what just happened.
Oh, you prayed.
Oh good. Thanks, man.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
Hm: much money
you got left?
You want the last letter?
I don't have any money.
You have all my money.
Why, you giving up?
You want the last letter?
Wayne, I don't have any money.
I have just enough
for a bus ticket home
and that's it.
I'll get you the money.
Let me see it.
I don't have it on me.
Of course.
See you later.
Lime Eh' to Big Dragon.
We are at checkpoint alpha.
Be advised we do not
have a visual on our plane.
Do you read me, over.
you keep working that radio
'til we find our plane.
I'm on it, Sarge.
Do you have a piece of paper?
I'll give you
a piece of my Bible.
Why, you feel like
writing something?
Say, "Dear Wayne.
"I'm in a lot of trouble.
Don't be like me."
I'm not writing that.
He should be so lucky.
I don't know what to write.
Just speak from the heart.
You know, I...
I always struggled
with my belief in God.
Lately, We been thinking
about, thinking about it.
You know, there's a verse
in here and it says,
"If you seek, you will find."
You know what you'll find?
He can heal every hurt, every
ounce of pain that you feel,
every wrung act
that you ever did.
He died on the cross
just for you, Eddie.
Why would he do that?
Why me?
He loves you, selflessly.
He wants to spend
an eternity with you
in a place where
there is no more pain,
no more fighting, no separation.
He loves you
as much as you love Wayne,
and he died for you,
just like you would die
for Wayne.
I don't wanna
die out here, Stevie.
The things that he's seen me do,
I don't think
he could forgive me.
We, that's the
beauty of our Father.
If you confess your sins,
Jesus will be faithful and just
to forgive us of our sins
and offer us
an eternal life in heaven.
Will you be there?
And so can you.
You and me here, it's temporary.
But paradise with him
is eternity.
Hello, this is Big Dragon, over.
Big Dragon? We
are at checkpoint alpha.
We are about to
proceed to target.
Can you read me?
I love you, John Paul George.
I'm sorry that
I gave you an ultimatum.
Will you forgive me.
I would be mad at me too.
This trip, you know-
Listen, you are so
much more important to me
than this wedding.
I want you to take
as much time as you need.
How did I get so lucky?
You know,
I was just on my way-
Are you okay?
Are you there?
Honey, I gotta go.
I love you. I gotta go.
Stop the bus!
Put your hands
on the counter, old timer.
This is my store.
It's not a company franchise.
Just open the drawer.
Wayne Adams, put the gun down
and your hands on your head.
Don't move.
You just keep selling me out,
huh Ringo?
On your knees.
Get on your knees, now.
Plastic gun, huh?
Up, nice and slow.
Get in the car, son.
What, me?
It's funny, you know.
You even sound like your dad.
What'd you just say?
When I heard the
ca about two young men
in possession
of a stolen vehicle
on the way to the Vietnam Wall
to visit their dead fathers,
I didn't think much of it,
until I heard your names.
Wayne Adams
and John Paul George.
I was your dads' sergeant
in the 25th.
Well, once I recognized
the names, sure.
See, your dads talked about
the two of you an awful lot,
the things they wanted to do
when you boys got older.
It was those
kind of good thoughts
that helped them
survive during combat.
I wanted to meet you guys,
too, one day.
What do you know, here we are.
What'd you know
about your dad, Wayne?
I don't know. Just been
reading his letters and stuff.
He was a tough man, like you.
Pain in my butt, I'll tell ya.
Picked a lot of fights,
but he won most of 'em.
So, what happens now?
You know, the store.
Don't worry about all that.
Chuck's a friend of mine.
We go to church together.
I'll talk to him.
He'll do what I say.
It's a good thing
that gun wasn't real
or you'd be looking
at armed robbery.
Now, your dad, John, all he did
was talk about God all the time.
Made me crazy.
I wanted to get him
kicked off my squad.
Bet you didn't know that.
No sir.
H! tell you something,
I learned a lot from him,
things that changed my life.
See, most men think
that their life only matters
while they're alive.
But some of the
greatest men I've ever known
are already gone.
Your dads are two of 'em.
I never thought
too much about God.
I wanted what I wanted
out this life
and pretty much
got it all on my own.
But We Earned that,
at some point,
each and every man
figures out that there's a void
deep down inside their soul.
There's nothing in this
world that can fill it.
About 10 years ago,
I hit that point.
My wife passed away
and that deep void came,
and I questioned God.
Everything in my life
seemed like sand.
And then the words of your dad,
John, came roaring back to me.
I remember him saying,
"It's the foolish man
"that builds
his castle on the sand
and the wise man
that builds it on the rock."
I'll never forget that.
I learned that a man doesn't
have to die when he dies.
Steven George taught me that.
See, I'd heard about Jesus,
but I didn't know him.
It wasn't until I started
to understand all that
that my life changed.
Thank God.
You two come with me.
I wanna show you something.
Now, this, gentlemen,
is some of the treasure
that I've stored up
here on earth.
Hopefully the good Lord
will forgive me.
I'm sure he will.
You like that?
Yes sir.
Here, take it.
No way.
Mr. Mansfield,
I'm not sure what...
Be sure, son.
Why are you two here?
What'd you set out to do?
We set out to go to The Wall.
A gift.
Sometimes one of
the hardest things to do
is just simply accept it.
Take it before I change my mind.
I accept it.
Mr. Mansfield,
how did my dad die?
We were on the
fast night of a mission
We were on the
fast night of a mission
to recover a downed
American flight crew.
Beth your dads
were on point together.
What's the plan here,
Sergeant Mansfield?
You boys stay here.
I'm gonna go in.
Let me go, Sarge.
You sure, Adams?
Yes, Sarge.
I got your back.
No, you're staying
right here, Stevie.
Not a chance.
Boys, be careful now.
Yes sir, Sarge.
Will you hold this
for me, Sarge?
You got it.
Stay to my left.
Stay alert.
Stay alert.
Thank you, Sarge.
All right,
I'm going in there, Stevie.
You cover me.
Okay, I got you.
Eddie, how's it look?
Oh no.
Get back.
Eddie, that's
attached to claymores.
I'm gonna get some bamboo
and prop that wire.
Don't move.
- Henderson?
- Sarge?
I'm going in.
You stay on that radio.
Got it, Sarge.
All right,
I'm coming in behind you.
Hold still.
Here we go.
Adams, gel out of there now!
That's an order.
Stevie, we gotta go, man.
You're gonna make it.
Come on, come on!
Hang on.
Stevie, get on your feet.
Come on, let's go!
Stay low, I'll be back.
Hey man, you still there?
You take that for me?
No man, I slipped.
Hey, do you...
Do you think I still have time
to make that choice?
You think Jesus won't
think I cheated on him?
When Jesus died on the cross, a
thief asked him the same thing.
What did he say?
"On this day, you will
be with me in paradise."
Forgive me, Jesus.
Hi see you in paradise, Steve.
Your fathers died bravely,
serving their country.
When t got back to the States,
K catted your mother, John.
Let her know
I had Steven's last letter.
She asked me to hold onto it
until she was ready.
I guess it was just
a little too emotional for her.
Then I'd teamed she passed,
so after awhile I thought
it'd be all right to open it up.
That's when I learned
it wasn't written to her.
It was written to you.
Dear John Paul,
I may seem far away from you,
but I think about you every day.
I wanted to tel! you not to
be afraid of life's journey.
'(nu w! have
both good times and bad,
but know that God is there
through them all.
He loves you more than
1 ever could, John Paul,
and! love you
with all my heart.
I'm already so proud of you.
I'm proud that God gave you
to me and your mom.
And know that you've got
my biggest Messing
to be who God intends you to be.
No matter what, son,
know that I love you
and that Jesus loves you.
You can trust him
with your heart, John Pam,
I can't wait to see you again.
Until then.
Love, Dad.
Wm Dem/berry and Staci Frenes
performing "Who I Am?
The winds have changed I
I think I'm headed for
a breakthrough in my life
The weather's clearing I
And God knows
We been haunted
By this lingering storm I
Afraid of coming undone I
It's been a long, long time
Since We Soaked inside I
Do I really
wanna see myself?
Do I?!'
What is this?
This rearranging desires I
Unraveling these wires I
It takes a long, long time I
To see what's inside I
It's your last letter.
Free of charge.
Who I, who I
Who I am am? H'
No, ifs addressed to you.
You should read it.
"Dear Wayne, this is your dad.
"I don't really know
what to say.
"I've always struggled
with my belief in God.
"But I'm thinking about
thinking about it.
There's a verse that my friend
Steven keeps telling me about."
Your dad got my dad
to read the Bible?
"If you confess your sins,
"Jesus is faithful and just
to forgive us our sins
"and to cleanse us
from all unrighteousness.
"Ain't that something?
"Because he loves you,
"he loves you
as much as I love you
"and he died for you just like
I would die for you, Wayne.
"I asked Stevie what's next,
and he told me
"that's exactly
what God is waiting for.
"What will I choose next?
"There's a lot more I want to
say, but now's not the time.
"I love you, Wayne,
and I miss you.
I love you too, Daddy.
This is my father's Bible.
May I?
Of course.
At some
point in fife, everyone struggles
to understand
who they really are.
For me, it started with
wondering who my dad was.
Oh this journey
I teamed that he loved me,
and his example
gave me a glimpse
of something far greater.
I have a heavenly Father
who loves me
more than an earthly father
ever could.
That's what my dad taught me
oh the way to The Watt.