Faithful (1996) Movie Script

May her husband
put his trust in her...
...and recognize she is
his equal... a life of grace.
May he always honor her
and love her... Christ loves His bride,
the church.
Father, keep them true to
your commands.
Keep them faithful in marriage...
...and let them be a living
example of Christian life.
Bless them with children.
And after a happy old age...
...grant them fullness
of life with the saints.
"The bride feeds the groom
The bride feeds the groom.
Hi-ho the dairy-o
The bride feeds the groom.
The groom feeds the bride
The groom feeds the bride.
Hi-ho the dairy-o
The groom feeds the bride.
And we all want a piece
We all want a piece
Hi-ho the daiiy-o
We all want a piece"
Can I help you?
Can I help you?
Tour the harbor? Please.
You like to have a
tour of the harbor?
Nice to meet you.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Sir? Open tours.
Miss? Lady? Would you like
a tour of the harbor?
- Come on, hurry up!
- Hey!
Hurry, hurry.
Nero gonna be late.
I'm sorry. Sorry! Hey!
Hey, my bag.
Hey, come on!
Nice Rolls.
- Beautiful. Incredible.
- See the line?
It's incredibly beautiful,
I wonder what it coast?
- More than we could ever afford.
- Yeah, wow, wouldn't it be great?
Have a car like this?
Totally awesome.
It won't make you happy.
- What?
- This car.
It won't make you happy.
- I'll look happy, though.
- Yeah. Let's help her out.
I think we should help her.
You all right?
You need some help?
Look, I just have twenties.
I just went to the cash machine.
- Give her some money.
- It's all that I have.
Look, don't...
Oh, man, come on.
You owe me twenty bucks.
I don't give a dmn
what the workers think.
- I hired him to be the foreman.
- Here you go.
They should listen to him as if it
were me. I'll tell them myself.
Now, now.
I'm leaving now.
- Make sure it's on time.
- Jack, your wife's on line three.
Thanks, Jerry.
- Arrowwood.
- Got you.
- Hey.
- Hello?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm sorry I left this morning
without saying good-bye.
- I didn't want to wake you.
- It's okay.
- How's your day been?
- It's good. I made twenty bucks.
- What?
- Nothing. I...
- When are you coming home?
- Very late.
I gotta go to Connecticut.
They got problems with...
...this new guy up there
the foreman. I promised...
- I'd straighten it out, okay?
- But honey.
Hey, listen. It's our anniversary.
I know this. And I promised... take you out and I will.
But I gotta do this first.
I know. But, honey, can't you
just do it another time?
It has to be done tonight,
all right?
I'll tell you what, I'll call
you back and explain it.
These need to be signed.
Not now, all right? Not now.
I gotta go to Connecticut.
Jack, I think we should talk.
I can't. I got a lot on my mind,
all right? Come on.
When do you think it
would be a good time to talk?
- Anytime but now, all right?
- Okay, when?
Mister O'Connor?
Mister O'Connor.
Where were you?
Your mind was someplace else.
I was thinking.
Beautiful, isn't it?
It's very beautiful.
My wife will love it.
I'll take it.
It's our anniversary.
Twenty years.
Come on, pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone. Where are you?
Pick up the phone.
Come on, honey.
- Hello?
- Hello.
Boy the phone was ringin' a while.
You're home, huh?
I was in the bath.
What is it?
Listen, I'm sorry I was short
before. Things are crazy.
It's okay.
I worry about you. I want you to
take it easy with that medication.
I'll be fine.
- You alone?
- Yes, I'm alone.
I thought we would spend
time alone on our anniversary.
- I know, I know. I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I't doesn't make
any difference anymore.
- Well, what does that mean?
- It doesn't mean anything.
- I don't want to fight.
- All right.
I'll make it up to you,
I promise.
- I'm sure you will.
- Twenty years. I love you.
Yeah, I love you, too.
Shut up, btch. Put your hands
behind your back. Come on!
Put your hands in the rope!
Here. Come on.
If a guy's married,
but he's ugly...
...and he can't get
anybody else...
...does that really
make him faithful?
If a woman's afraid to
cheat on her husband...
...because she knows he'll kill
her if he finds out...
...does that really make
her faithful? No.
Faithful is when you got more
to lose than gain.
You think about doin' it,
but you don't cheat.
It's unnatural to be with
one person the rest of your life.
You know my uncle got divorced
after forty-seven years?
Forty-seven years.
I asked him one day why he did it.
I'll never forget it.
He was sitting in the kitchen.
I walked over to him and I said,
"Uncle Vinnie, why?'
"After forty-seven years
you're finally getting a divorce."
He took a sip of coffee,
put the cup down...
...looked me square in
the eyes and said...
..."Because I fckin' hate her."
Forty-seven years,
and now he hates her.
He took off his watch
and he gave it to me.
He said, "You see this watch?
It's cracked."
Here, look at the crystal, huh?
See it?
Here, come on, look it.
It's been cracked. See? See?
He said, "It's been cracked
for twenty years."
"You know how I cracked it?"
I said, "How?"
He threw a punch at my aunt
and hit the refrigerator.
But he never got it fixed.
Because everytime he looks
at his watch during the day...
...he wants it to remind him of
how much he fckin' hates her!
- What's your name?
- None of your business.
- You're afraid, aren't you?
- I'm not afraid of nothin'.
- No, you're afraid.
- Hey, Tony. My name's Tony.
It doesn't matter anyway,
'cause you're gonna be dead soon.
Your name is Tony and you're
probably in the Mafia...
...and you're a hit man.
How common. Okay, okay.
You should've been faithful.
What the hell are you
talking about?
I've never done
anything in my life.
My husband's the one
that's been unfaithful, okay?
My busband's been cheating
on me for ten years.
- And you never did nothin'?
- No.
Well, I went to dinner with
a guy once.
- Now the truth comes out.
- No, I mean. Look, okay, I...
...I wanted to have an affair
with him, but I couldn't, okay?
I couldn't even kiss him.
My husband cheats for 10 years...
...I can't even do it once.
You're stupid.
Ten years he's been
doin' it to you...
...and you had a shot to do it
and didn't? Bad move.
Well, obviously you've
never been in love.
- I've been in love.
- What happened?
- It didn't work out.
- Why?
I had to kill her father.
Well, I can see
why it didn't work out.
- I was honest with her.
- Yeah, but were you faithful?
Kind of.
What do you mean, "Kind of"? mean,
either you are or you aren't.
I was faithful for six weeks.
- Six weeks?
- Yeah, to me that's a long time.
Wait a minute when I was married,
I was faithful for two years.
That's pretty good.
That's good.
I was faithful for two years.
Not counting blow jobs.
...I would get blowed by other
women. But blow jobs don't count.
Blow jobs like oral sex blow jobs
don't count?
Absolutely not.
Have you ever really been in love?
I mean, like, you know...
...the kind where you really
can't wait to see the person...
...and you get this warm feeling
when you think about them...
...and all that kind of stuff?
Have you ever...
- What?
- All right, never mind.
Did you and your husband
get married in church?
I cannot understand how two
people get married before God...
...then one hires
someone to kill the other.
- Did you get married in church?
- Yeah.
And did you take an
oath before God?
All right, well, then let me
ask you something, okay?
When you were married, if your
wife met some guy on the street...
...and she blew him, that wouldn't
classify as cheating?
I mean, like... You just said
blow jobs don't count.
You're really hung up on this
blow lob thing, aren't you?
Are you comin' on to me, baby?
Are you?
Cause if you are, forget it.
I was paid good money to kill you.
- How much?
- A lot!
I can pay you a great
deal more money not to kill me.
- What? What are you saying to me?
- I said I can pay you...
...a great deal more money
not to kill me.
Forget it.
A deal's a deal.
I never go back on my word.
A hundred thousand dollars.
No. Your husband hired me
because I'm the best.
I have a reputation of a man
who gets the job done...
...and never goes back on
his word.
I can't let you go.
- My husband hired you?
- Yeah.
All right,
you don't have to let me go.
You could still kill me.
But just...
Look. I have a lot of money
in that safe...
...and I'll give you
the combination.
Just tell me that when I die, that
bstard will go right after me.
Well, how do you know I won't take
the money after you're dead...
- ...and not kill him?
- Well, I don't know it.
I don't know. But you seem like
a man of your word.
- I am.
- Well, then...
...just give me your word then,
Just tell me,
just tell me you'll do it.
A hundred and fifty thousand
dollars. All right?
Just think about it.
You know, sun, fun...
...and all the blow jobs
that you could ever possibly want.
I'll think about it.
- Are you getting nervous?
- I'm just waitin' for a call.
- From who?
- Your husband.
My husband's gonna call you here?
Well, I wanna talk to him!
Well, he doesn't wanna
talk to you.
And right now he's getting
himself a nice alibi.
And when he gets far enough away,
he's gonna call...
...and signal me by letting
that phone ring twice.
And that's when you die, Maggie.
This is three seventy five
Chestnut Drive, right?
- That's your name, right?
- Yes, but... father's the only person
that ever called me Maggie...
...because I'm named
after his mother...
...but he never liked
the name Margaret.
That's weird. My mother's the only
one who ever call me Anthony.
She always said Tony sounded
like a hoodlum's name.
Is your mother alive?
Hey, what do you want from me?
Stop with all these questions now!
Come on,
you sound like my shrink!
You're in therapy?
I'm not ashamed to say
I got problems like anybody else.
Well, I'm not trying to
insult you.
It's just, I mean,
I've got problems, too.
I've been going to a therapist
for five years.
But you're a hired killer.
- Its a job.
- No.
A job is selling real estate.
I mean, you...
you take human life.
- You got no ice.
- In the kitchen.
You know, what does your therapist
have to say about this?
- I'd be interested to know that.
- What's, whats he gonna say?
I don't know, you know,
"It's not nice."
"Well-adjusted people
don't kill other people."
Aren't you afraid
he's gonna tell the police?
A shrink can't tell anything that
goes on between him and a patient.
- It's strictly confidential.
- No. No.
Not when it comes to murder.
You're wrong.
What's he gonna say? I'll fckin'
kill him if he opens his mouth.
How long have you been
seeing this therapist?
Three years.
It hasn't cost me a dime.
- Why not?
- I needed that.
My shrink's a degenerate gambler.
I set him up with my cousin
who's a bookmaker.
I like this place.
The doctor's a born loser.
He couldn't pick
his own birthday.
I see him three times a week,
on the house.
It's the barter system.
Your doctor sounds like a real
reputable person.
- You making fun of him?
- No.
Yes, you are.
Hey, everyone has problems baby.
Look at you. You got
all the money in the world.
It didn't make you happy.
You see, money takes away
all your problems.
Then you got no choice
but to look inside yourself...
...and see how fcked up you are.
Money changes people,
usually for the worse.
Money made my husband worse,
but he's always been unfaithful.
It's impossible for a man to be
faithful to a woman today.
That's not true, OK?
My father was faithful to
my mother all his life.
I'll teach you something
about marriage.
Many, many years ago,
when this thing called...
...marriage was invented... was easy for a man to be
faithful to one woman.
Because men only lived to be
forty years old.
It was easier back then.
Wait, so what you're saying is
that men can't be faithful to... woman because
they live longer today?
- No.
- Well, then, what?
There are too many cocktail
waitresses today.
You know, you need help.
No, baby.
You got it wrong.
You're the one who needs help!
You're the one who's been
good all these years.
Don't you see what's happening?
I was sent here by
your husband to kill you.
To leave you dead and bleeding
like some fcking animal.
I was told to make it look like
a rape and a murder.
You know, there's a five million
dollar life insurance...
- ...policy on you?
- Yeah, I know that.
But my husband wouldn't
kill me for the money alone.
No? People die for a lot less.
Yeah well, he wouldn't kill me
for the money alone.
- Yeah? Then what is it?
- Debbie.
- Who the fck is Debbie?
- She works for my husband.
She's his personal assistant.
Same old story.
How'd you find out?
Easy guess. No brains, fake.
My husband's always been
a sucker for a beautiful woman.
You know, there should be
a law against...
...twentyfour year old blondes
with big tits named Debbie.
And I'm so stupid,
I thought he always love me.
Well, maybe he loves you
but he's not in love with you.
What, what's so funny?
I don't know.
Some broad told me that once.
"I love you,
but I'm not in love with you."
That's a nice way of telling
someone to go fck themseif.
- She must've hurt you, huh?
- Yeah.
I caught her in bed
with my best friend.
They were fcking
when I walked in.
It hurt me.
But I got my revenge.
- You killed 'em?
- No. I let her marry him.
Now they're making
each other miserable.
What does it
feel like to kill someone?
Thinking about killing someone?
No. I, couldn't kill anybody.
Oh, yeah. Anybody can
kill under the right conditions.
Even you.
Me, I kill for money.
Yeah. The people I kill are
mostly killers themselves.
I don't wanna know
nothing about them.
All I wanna know is their name
and where they live.
I wait by their house.
I watch every move they make.
What time they leave,
what time they come back.
Good evening.
Did you watch me?
I go into a trance.
I get inside their heads.
I see the whole killing in
my mind before it happens.
Taking out my gun.
Squeezing the trigger just
an eighth of an inch. Yeah.
I watch their life just disappear
in front of me.
I collect my money
and I wait for the next job.
You know,
my shrink told me that...
Sht, that reminds me,
I gotta call him.
I gotta call him.
- You gotta do what?
- My shrink.
I got to call him. Hey, listen,
your husbands gonna call...
- Do you have call waiting?
- Excuse me?
Call waiting! You know, if
your husband calls, I'll hear it.
- Yeah, we have it. I hate it.
- I hate it, too.
You pay five dollars a month
to get fcking interrupted.
It makes no sense.
I never killed anybody
before where I had to wait for...
...a phone call.
- Hello?
- Doc? Yeah, hi, Doc.
Yeah, it's Tony. Listen!
I need a session right now.
All right! Tony! I've got
20 minutes. You're on the clock.
All right, listen Doc,
don't get mad. I took that job.
- That's a terrible mistake.
- What the fck do you know, huh?
You've been making
real breakthroughs.
You know I was making
breakthroughs. Youre right.
- This is a setback.
- I know it's a setback, but...
I gotta pay them back the money or
I'm dead. They're gonna kill me.
You hear me?
This is all because of your Maria.
Just shut the fck up
about my sist...
My sister was pure.
You hear what I said?
My sister never did nothing
to nobody, you hear me?
- You just shut up about my sister.
- You can't talk to me like that.
I've always been there for you.
Whenever you needed me...
...Doctor Howard Susskind
has been there.
I know. You have been there.
I know, I know.
But it's just that
this job is different, Doc.
This time it's a woman, and she's
standing right in front of me.
I never whacked a woman out, Doc.
And, you know, her husband...
I'm supposed to wait for
this phone call. I don't know.
What phone call?
Her husband's gonna call
and let the phone ring twice.
That's what I'm supposed to do.
Would you believe this?
Tony, listen to me.
You get outta there right now.
Let the woman alone.
This is wrong. You can't do it.
You don't understand. Listen her
husband's gonna call any minute.
- Lemme help you, Tony.
- I gotta go, Doc.
Don't hang up. Don't hang up.
Give me the number.
Give me the number.
I'll Call you back.
I can't. I'm not gonna give you
no number, Doc.
Tony this is Doctor
Susskind talking. Calm down.
The number's...
look, look...
...when you call me,
you gotta let the phone ring once.
Then hang up, call back so
I know it's you, okay?
Ring once, hang up, and
you'll know it's me. Okay, Tony.
All right, Doc,
the number here is...
It's 555-4516.
- 1-5.
- Thanks.
1-1-1-5. I'm sorry.
- We were making such progress.
- I know we're making progress.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
What was the number?
The number is 555-4515.
I don't believe it. 515.
The last three numbers.
- What about it, Doc?
- May is the 5th month.
- The 15th is my birthday.
- So what, Doc?
5-1-5. Have your cousin play
all week. It's my lucky number.
- Just call me back.
- Call your cousin.
Does your mother know
what you do for a living?
Well, she wouldn't like it.
My mother and father
are both dead.
They died in a car accident
when I was ten years old.
I try not to think about it.
So you're all alone?
Everybody's alone.
You die in your own arms.
Remember that.
What about your sister?
- What do you know about my sister?
- I don't know anything.
I heard you talking to
the doctor about that...
Well, next time you mind
your business about my sister.
My sister was dating some young
wise guy who got outta line.
Just like you. Certain people
decided to have him killed.
My sister got in the way.
It was just business.
So they killed your sister, too?
I'm sorry.
- Could you give me a cigarette?
- No.
Because that secondhand
smoke'll kill you!
That sht'll kill you.
They can prove it!
You're going to kill me.
At least give me a cigarette.
- I said no!
- I have to go to the bathroom.
- You're worse than a kid.
- I have to pee.
- Which way's the bathroom?
- Down the hallway.
Go ahead. Go to the bathroom.
You know, this is ridiculous.
I'm gonna untie you.
But if you try anything,
I'm gonna kill you right here.
I'm not gonna wait for
no phone call. You hear me?
You hear what I said?
I'll kill you right here.
You gotta go to the bathroom,
you want a cigarette.
- You're very compl...
- Shut up!
I don't wanna hear
your mouth right now.
- Come on.
- All right.
All right, I can handle it
by myself from here.
I'm not leaving you alone!
I can't pee with you
standing in the room!
I'm not a pervert or nothing.
I'm gonna be right out here.
Just keep talking.
Just a minute ago
you told me to shut up.
Never mind what I said.
I wanna make sure...'re not trying anything.
Just keep talking.
I'm not...
All right.
But I don't know what to talk to
you about...
...because you're really
touchy about so many...
You're giving me headache,
you know?
I don't know what to say.
I'm thinking!
All right.
Is it... it different killing a,
a woman than it is killing a man?
I don't know.
I never killed a woman before.
Well, I mean, why me?
I stood up for a guy who
turned out to be a piece of sht.
I gotta pay them back the money
or I'm dead.
Your husband gave me
a lot of money to do this.
I'm sorry it had to be you.
You know what?
You're not sorry, okay?
You're selfish and
you don't care anything about me.
You just care about the money.
Big tough guy, gonna kill a woman.
That's right.
Because fifty years from now
when I'm dead and buried...
...and somebody throws that last
piece of sod on my face... know, and they say,
"Let's break for lunch,"...
...who's really gonna care?
Who's really gonna give a sht?
Faithful, it's all bullsht.
Do you think I'm pretty?
- What?
- I said, do you think ni pretty?
Yeah, you're all right.
You know, when I was in high school
there was this girl in my class...
...and she was really beautiful.
She had, long blond hair and
blue eyes and black eyelashes.
And she had this gorgeous body.
And men just wanted to be
near her.
I mean, they just wanted to be
close to her.
Not because she was sincere
or intelligent or even nice.
Just because she was beautiful.
Every guy in my school was
after this girl, except for one.
And he liked me.
And we had no money and he drove
around in this awful old car.
But we were so happy
just being together.
And then one day,
I caught this girl looking at us...
...out of the corner of her eye.
And I could tell it really
bothered her that we were happy.
And she started coming around she
was flirting with my boyfriend.
And she wore low-cut blouses
and really tight skirts.
And then one day he called me and
he said that they were in love.
That she loved him,
that he loved her.
And I said, "You know what?
She doesn't love you. I love you."
Anyway, I was heartbroken.
And a few weeks later, she left
him and he came back to me...
...and it was never the same.
You know, because you'll do
anything for someone you love...
...except love them again.
What the fck does that story
have to do with anything?
Why're you telling me this?
Who cares?
You're right about one thing.
A man will do anything for
a beautiful woman.
And the more beautiful the woman,
the more he'll do.
But if you spoke to every con
in the joint right now...
...the reason they're behind bars
is because of a woman.
And dogs.
- Dogs?
- Yeah, dogs.
I almost killed
my next door neighbor...
...because his dog kept shtting
in my yard.
Dogs cause a lot of fights, too.
So you're saying,
that aside from dogs...
...everything bad that happens to
a man is a woman's fault?
That's right.
Well, what was my mistake?
We don't own a dog.
You know, I never did
anything to my husband.
I loved him more than
anybody possibly could.
Well, that was your mistake, babe.
You loved him too much.
I'd rather be in heavy
"like" than love.
Love has no middle ground. Heavy
"like" just stays the way it is...
...never gets any better, never
gets any worse. It's a safer bet.
You know, Tony, if you talk to me,
I think I could help you.
Help me? Hey, you're the one
who's tied up!
I'm the one with the gun!
You're the one who's been
good all these years...
...and what did you get for it?
Don't you see? People don't stay
together because of love.
They stay together because they're
scared sht of being alone.
Not now, Doc!
Why aren't you afraid to die?
- Go look on my desk.
- What?
On my desk there's a note.
Read it.
I'm not going anyplace.
"To my husband:...
...I know that you've
been unfaithful to me.
I've known that for a long time.
"But now I know there's
someone special in your life...
...someone you really
care about.
I'm sorry that I was unable to
give you children...
...but you knew that when
you married me.
"Maybe she can give you children.
I cant live like this any longer.
That's why I decided to take... life." What is this?
You were gonna kill yourself?
Did you see the bottle of pills
on the table?
Very fast, very painless.
Before you came in the
room and tied me up.
I was gonna take the whole
bottle. You stopped me.
You've saved my life,
now you're gonna kill me.
You know what?
You're just doing me a favor.
So, why don't you just do it,
Why don't you just get it
over with?
Why don't you just do it,
big shot?
- Not yet.
- That's right, I forgot.
You gotta wait for the telephone
call, right?
Beause you're the best.
Isn't that right, Mister
Tony who's in the Mafia...
...who's a hit man who never
killed a woman before?
- Isn't that right?
- You better stop pushin' me.
I told you how you're gonna die.
It ain't gonna be that easy.
I'm gonna have to tear
your clothes off.
And then I'm gonna have to
rape you.
And then I'm gonna have to put
a bullet in the back of your head.
Does that sound like fun, baby?
- What?
- Why did you hang up on me?
I'm sorry I hung up on you.
You didn't hurt that woman,
did you?
- No, I didn't hurt her.
- Excellent.
All right. Tony I'm gonna ask
you a question...
...and I want you answer me
as truthful as possible.
- Okay, go 'head.
- You think less of me...
...because I gamble?
No, I don't think less of you
because you gamble.
- You trust me?
- Of course I trust you.
Then let that woman go, Tony.
Prove something to yourself.
I gotta do it, Doc.
You don't have to do anything
but die and pay taxes.
Well, thats a mistake. You should
always carry that book with you.
You stop yelling at me.
Okay, I'm sorry... mind lately!
Stop breaking my balls!
This doctor's driving me crazy!
He's driving me crazy,
you hear me?
He bought me this book
for my birthday.
"The Road Less Traveled." He said,
"Read the book, read the book.
But read the first line. Don't
forget to read the first line."
I open up the book,
I read the first line.
"Life is difficult."
That's it!
I threw the book in the garbage!
Because you write a book doesn't
mean you're smart, you know?
- Usually not.
- That's right.
Get somethin' to eat.
I'm hungry.
- Where's the bread?
- In the refrigerator.
Is white.
The bread, it's white.
You people make
a million dollars a year... don't know how to
eat right.
Lemme tell you something.
I been into health food long
before everybody else was into it.
People thought I was crazy.
Now they look at me differently.
Is there a knife around here.
In that drawer right in
front of you.
Make myself a nice peanut butter
and jelly sandwich, you know?
Lemme tell you something.
One of the healthiest things you
could eat peanut butter and jelly.
My mother used to
gimme this when I...
I like the creamy,
you got the crunchy.
No, see, they had to
mess with it.
Peanut butter's been
around a hundred years.
They had to fck with it
and put crunches in it!
Can't leave well enough alone,
you know?
Very good.
It's good.
I'm hungry.
Here, you can have half my peanut
butter and jelly sandwich.
Knock yourself out.
Go 'head.
Well, how am I supposed to
eat this?
- That's your problem, baby.
- Well, untie me.
Forget it. You're not gonna
trick me.
Well, if you're not gonna untie me
then you're gonna have to feed me.
All right. Want me to feed you?
I'll feed you.
You know, that was
a really mean thing to do.
Come on, it was a joke.
I'm sorry, all right?
I want you to know something.
It's okay.
- What's okay?
- To kill me.
I know you got a lot of trouble,
and I know you need the money...
...and I just want you to know
that I understand and it's okay.
- And I'm still hungry.
- Go ahead.
You know, I bet you could be
a pretty nice guy...
...when you're not working.
I'm okay.
You got any kids?
What were you like when you were
little? I bet you were cute.
All right, hey, hey, come on!
Stop the bullsht, okay?
Just stop.
'Cause I know
what you're tryin' to do.
- I'm not trying to do anything.
- No, no, no. Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
I mean, you couldn't have...
...wanted to grow up to be
a hit man, okay?
You must've had some sort
of dreams when you were little.
- Dreams?
- Yeah.
I mean, like what did you dream
you wanted to be?
I wanted to be one
of the little kings.
What's a little king?
Every Sunday my mother
and father would take me...
...and my sister to church,
you know?
And we would see all of them
standing on the corner...
...playing cards shooting
the breeze.
Everybody respected these guys.
They had it all.
The money the clothes,
the cars, everything.
My father would say
hello to them you know.
He didn't like them too much.
And I would say, "Daddy,
I wanna be like one of them.
Everybody treats them like kings.
My father said, "No, Anthony.
Only in this neighborhood do
the little kings mean anything.
Outside this neighborhood,
they're nobodies."
He was right.
I miss my father.
He sounds like a good man.
Yes, he was.
You like me.
No, you do.
If you weren't here on business,
you would like me.
If you were my husband, would you
leave me alone for four months...
...and never touch me,
never make love to me?
- Would you do that?
- No, I wouldn't.
- Would you like to?
- I can't.
Can't get it up?
I have no problem with that.
Well, then why don't you
untie me...
...and take me up to
the bedroom and let's just do it?
I can't untie you.
Well, then leave me tied up.
It might be fun.
- I said I can't do it.
- Well, why not?
You told me you've got to rape me.
Why couldn't it be fun
for both of us?
- That's not the way I work.
- Well, how do you work?
That's enough!
You wanna know the way
my husband works?
He does it once. And then
he rolls over and he dies.
All the lights have to be
shut off.
He doesn't make a noise, okay?
Not a moan, not nothing.
I feel like I'm fcking
a dead man.
Well, there's making love
and then there's fcking.
There's two different things.
And a man will say and
do anything before he comes.
But once he comes, he wants out.
If he says different,
he's lying.
I know, but it makes me
feel like a hooker.
- Did you ever go with a hooker?
- I only go with hookers.
Why? You're not a bad-looking guy.
You give them money,
they give you what you want.
It cuts all the bullsht.
- Let's do it.
- Do what?
- Fck.
- No.
Come on. Tony, I think I could be
good with the right person.
When you, when you fck,
do you talk?
Boy, you're really something else.
Well, I thought if
we were gonna do it...
...we might as well get
to know one and other.
And I know that there's a time
problem here, so do you talk?
Yeah. Yeah, I talk. A lot.
Great. I love it.
I always wanted to be with a man
who talked dirty to me in bed.
Are you gentle or are you rough?
- I'm a little bit of both.
- Kind of gentle-rough?
- That's me.
- That's me, too.
I'm not doing anything.
You see, we're really
communicating here now.
- Do you like to cuddle?
- Do I what?
Afterwards. After you make love,
do you like to cuddle?
No. By the time a woman
wants to cuddle with me...
...I got my key in the car door.
All right, untie me. I promise
you don't have to cuddle.
- Just untie me. I...
- No.
- Tony, I'll do anything you want.
- No, I can't do it.
Look at me.
Anything you want.
I know what you like.
Anything. Anything.
- Anything I want?
- Anything you want.
Blow jobs, yes.
Anything, anything, anything.
- Anything you want.
- You fcking slut!
Don't laugh at me,
you fcking slut!
You should've been faithful!
You deserve to die!
Do you know what's happening here?
Do you have any idea?
You've been made a fool of, okay?
My husband didn't hire you. I did.
Stop it.
You're trying to trick me.
Trick you?
Did you ever meet my husband?
- No.
- Do you know what he looks like?
- No.
- Then how do you know...
- ...he hired you?
- 'Cause a man gave me half...
- ...the money up front.
- It wasn't my husband?
No, but that doesn't matter.
That's the way it's always done.
Then how do you know it was my
husband and not me that hired you?
Because why would you
hire somebody to kill you?
Because I didn't have
the guts to do it myself.
Go and look at the monitors,
- What are you talking about?
- Go look at the monitors.
I can see everything that comes
in and goes out of this house.
Nothing gets by me.
I saw you climb over the wall and
walk towards the side window.
- I watched you.
- You're fcking lying to me!
I could've stopped you any time.
I didn't want to.
I was happy to see you! Now
the deal's off, so just untie me!
You're twisting everything around!
One more word and I swear I'll...
You're gonna what?
You're gonna kill me?
No, you won't. 'Member,
you've never killed a woman?
That's something you'd never do.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, we'll find out
right now, btch.
This hanging up on me
has gotta stop.
- Doc, I need a session right now.
- So now you need me.
Yes, I need you.
Could you talk to me, please?
- You're gonna be nice?
- Yes, I'm gonna be nice.
You call your cousin?
Put my bet in?
Yes, yes, I called my cousin.
I put the bet in.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
- You're on the clock.
- Listen.
She watched me.
You hear what I said?
She watched me climb over the
wall. She saw me on the monitors.
She told me she hired me.
Tony, I told you not to do this.
I told you is wrong.
Yeah, I know, but I...
- Tony you cannot kill that woman.
- But the, but the money.
The hell with the money.
You get outta the house right now.
- But I gave my word.
- Listen to me, Tony.
- I'm a doctor.
- A doctor, a degenerate gambler?
What kind of doctor are you?
A doctor with problems, yes.
I'll admit to that.
But I graduated with honors.
I graduated magna cum fcking
Laude, and don't you forget that.
I know you did good in school.
I know.
- This is all because of Maria.
- Stop blaming my sister!
You know what happens to me
when you mention my sister's name!
You can't mention my sister!
On and on with my sister!
It wasn't her fault!
Tony, the mind is like
a big toilet bowl.
It gets filled with all this,
this sht.
And if you don't flush it,
it overflows.
Everyday more and more sht
gets into it. You gotta flush it.
- Flush it. Flush what?
- Your mind.
- Well, how do I do that?
- You need a plumber.
- A plumber?
- I'm the plumber Tony.
Let me help you get rid
of all that sht.
- What sht?
- Sht, guilt, it's the same thing!
Doc, I don't know what
the fck you're talking about!
All I know is, if I don't pay
them back the money...
...they're gonna kill me.
If you had read the book, Tony,
this never would have happened.
The book has been on the
bestseller list for years.
- I'm trying to help you.
- Stop it with the book, Doc!
I can't hear it anymore!
I didn't bring the book!
I don't wanna read the book!
I don't give a f.uck about
the book!
Read "The Celestine Prophecy"
You really want your husband
dead, Maggie, huh?
Then how 'bout if I take
the hundred fifty thousand...
...and leave you the gun?
You think you could do it?
I could teach you.
All you have to do is squeeze
this little trigger here.
Just an eighth of an inch.
Well. I'm, glad we were able to
straighten everything out.
And no matter how much money
he thinks he's got... matter how tough
he thinks he is... matter what he accomplished
in his whole life means nothing...
...if you squeeze this.
You can do it.
I can't.
Yes, you can, Maggie.
Anybody can kill.
You're telling me that you would
rather die than kill him?
You know what your
problem is, huh?
You're not mad enough, Maggie.
I don't care what you
think my problem is!
Think about it!
Five million dollars.
You know how much fun he's
gonna have with all that money?
I can't do it!
It doesn't bother you
that after you're dead...
...he's gonna be enjoying
life with his new girlfriend.
I can't do it!
They're not even gonna
remember you!
Come on! They're gonna make
babies together, Maggie!
Fck you! Fck you!
Fck you!
You're too pure, Maggie
My sister was pure like you.
And the real world swallowed
her up.
I know what happened to
your sister!
Shut up about my sister.
You killed her.
Mind your business
about my sister.
- You killed her.
- I didn't do anything.
You killed your own
flesh and blood.
That's enough!
I warned my sister to stay away
from him, but she didn't listen.
She said that they were in love
and they were gonna get married.
And they were gonna live
happily ever fcking after.
Just like you did.
I can still see her face
right in front of me.
What dress?
You're gonna let me
wear that dress?
I'm gonna let you wear it...
My sister was pure.
She was the only thing
I had left in the world.
I'm not gonna put a pin.
But you really bought it for me?
He knew there was
a contract out on him.
That's why he kept her with him
every minute of the day.
He knew I couldn't touch
him with her around.
So I went to his apartment
and I waited in the darkness.
And I said a prayer to myself
that he would be alone...
...when he walked
through that door.
But when I heard the keys
and them laughing, I knew.
I knew my prayers
weren't answered.
Don't move, asshole.
- Tony, please don't hurt him.
- Get away from him, Maria.
- Stay by my side, baby.
- Tony, please don't hurt him.
- You fcked a lot of people.
- Hey, Tony, it was business, man.
You stole money from people
that trusted you.
- Hey, that's their problem.
- Tony, you can't hurt him!
Now it's my problem. I gotta pay
them back the money or I'm dead!
- Tony, please don't kill him.
- Maria, get away from him.
My die, she die!
- Please. Please.
- Put the gun down.
It's time.
- No.
- You should've taken my offer.
- I don't wanna die now.
- I got no choice.
- Tony I don't warina die now!
- I got no fcking choice.
Tony, please.
I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna die, Tony,
please. I don't wa...
Please. Please.
- Come here, you.
- Please.
- Tony!
- Goahead!
- Come on. Move!
- Please Tony!
Come on goahead!
Please. Please.
Don't do this.
Tony, please don't do this.
I gotta kill you.
Put the gun down or you're
fcking dead. You hear me?
- Goahead, kill me.
- Tony, please, please.
You're fcking dead! Maria!
- Tony, you have to listen to me!
- Stop it! Get away from her!
- Please don't, don't...
- Maria! Maria, get down!
- Maria, get away!
- Go 'head, kill her, you prick.
- Let's go.
- Maria!
- Come on!
- Maria!
I had to do it.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me. I had no choice.
I had to do it.
It was my fault. I...
If I would've left the apartment,
my sister would be alive now.
You killed her?
When I shot him, he pulled
the trigger on my sister.
It wasn't your fault.
You didn't mean to hurt her.
- It wasn't your fault.
- No, I had no choice.
- Just like now, I got no choice.
- No.
You do. You do have a choice.
You have a choice.
Tony, you have a choice.
- You do.
- How?
We could do this thing together.
Look, I don't care about
the money.
I don't give a sht about
the money.
I'll open the safe for you. You
can have all of it. I don't care.
- I never wanted to hurt you.
- I know that.
I know that. I know.
I know you didn't want to.
We've both been hurt.
We could help each other.
Let me help you, Tony.
- Let me help you.
- Help me?
Just let me get close to you.
I could help you.
I could help you, Tony.
Help me.
I could help you.
I could help you.
I could help you, Tony.
- Margaret.
- Jack.
- Why aren't you asleep?
- Sweetheart, what happened?
That mess with the new foreman
took forever to clear up.
I ended up having to take
him to a bar...
...get him a couple of drinks...
Sweetheart, I thought something
had happened to you.
I was worried to death.
I told him he had
my full support.
I was so late,
I was gonna stay over...
Why are you so dressed up?
- It's our anniversary, honey.
- Yeah, I know.
That's why I decided to come back.
I have your gift.
- Jack.
- Happy anniversary.
My God, Jack. It's beautiful.
Here, put it on me.
I haven't seen you dressed up in
a long time. You look sensational.
Thank you.
I know things haven't been
right between us.
But maybe we can start over and
make them like they were before.
- I hope so.
- I brought some champagne.
I'll get some glasses.
- How was your day?
- I had a terrific day.
Yeah? What was so terrific
about it?
Did you ever have one of those
days where everything goes right?
Today was a disaster for me.
To twenty years.
- Twenty years. Twenty years.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, Just thinking.
- About what?
I don't know.
Twenty years.
It seems like a lifetime ago.
- But you look sad.
- No, I'm not.
I'm, just glad you're here.
Twenty years. wow.
Twenty years.
It seems like yesterday.
Sweetheart, sweetheart... you remember those long
walks down Bainbridge Avenue?
And you were there with
your short skirts...
...and the cars were beepin'
their horns?
Hey, baby, where're you goin'?
They don't beep much anymore,
though, do they?
You're as beautiful
as the day I met you.
- Do you think so?
- Would I lie to you?
...did you ever go with a hooker?
- What?
- A prostitute.
Why do you ask me
somethin' like that?
Well, honey. come on, did you ever
pay a woman to have sex with you?
- No.
Never? Never, Jack?
Come on, I know those
guys you used to hang out with.
- You're telling me never?
- Okay, once...
...when I was a kid at a bachelor
party, yeah.
- Did you like it?
- I don't remember.
Did you get kinky, Jack?
What's gotten into you?
Well for the past four months,
Look, I'm sorry that we haven't
made love in a...
What's that?
This is my anniversary gift
for you, Jack. It's kinky.
Come on, put your hands out.
I'm gonna tie you up.
- It turns me on.
- Since when?
- Today.
- Why today?
- You've been a bad boy, Jackie.
I have? Wbat've I done?
- It's what you tried to do.
- Well, what did I try to do?
- You know what you' tried to do.
- No, I don't.
Yes, you do. Come on, do me.
- Do what?
- Right here on the floor.
- Do what on the floor?
- Fck.
- On the floor?
- Yes.
- I can't.
- Don't I turn you on?
- Please.
- Come on then, Jackie. Do me.
Right here on the floor.
Come on, I'm ready.
Have you been taking
your medication?
Don't you wanna
fck your wife, Jack?
You need to see your shrink.
- What the hell is going on?
- What? I'll get it.
Is this 555-4515?
- Yes, it is.
- You're alive!
Yes, I am.
Yes, I'd like to speak to Tony.
This is Doctor Howard.
- I'm terribly sorry.
- Jesus Christ!
Take me to a hospital!
A hospital!
Well, that's not possible. But,
you know, I can call you tomorrow.
We can discuss my appointment
then, okay? Thank you. Bye.
I need a cigarette.
Why do we have to go outside?
...I found out that secondhand
smoke is very dangerous...
...and I care about you.
What are you talking about?
Who was that on the phone?
- A therapist.
- You already have a therapist.
I know that. But Linda Fisher
came over for lunch yesterday.
And she told me about this guy.
She recommends him highly...
...she tninks he's fabulous. Also,
she thinks I've been going to... therapist for five years.
I need a change.
And you know what else
she told me?
She thinks Bob's cheating on her.
What makes her think that?
- A woman knows, Jack.
- Yeah.
- What do you mean, a woman knows?
- He hasn't touched her for months.
Well, you know, but they been
married for, what, fifteen years.
- That happens.
- Jack...
- ...I saw him with another woman.
- When?
What difference does it make when?
- Well, maybe it was just a friend.
- No.
They were sitting,
at a table, candlelight...
...and he had his tongue down
her throat. I don't think so.
- Did you tell Linda?
- No, should I have?
No, it's better you mind
your own business.
- Jack?
- Yeah?
- Can one woman make a man happy?
- Yeah sure, the one he can't have.
I'm not talking about myself.
But a lot of men feel that way.
- She knows he's cheating.
- Yeah, you've told her.
Come on, don't bullsht me.
Did you tell her or not?
- Bob's a good friend of mine.
- I said I didn't tell her.
I wish I had. You shoud've seen
her in the house. She was crying.
Her life is shattered now
because your good friend.
Bob, told her he's in love
with another woman.
Hold it. Bob's a good guy.
He's just got problems like
anybody else, okay?
Besides, he told me, he just
fell out of love with Linda.
And he's met somebody
that he really cares about.
- How old is she?
- She's twent four.
But don't, don't jump to
any conclusions. I know you.
Bob doesn't support her.
She's got her own job.
- What does she do?
- She's a cocktail waitress.
I'm starving.
Jack, is it possible for a man
to be faithful today?
Why is it always the man?
Women cheat, too, you know?
Maybe someday you'll be
unfaithful to me. You hungry?
All I know is Bob told me
he had been faithful to...
...Linda for fifteen years. That
ought to count for something.
Count for what? What he's building
good points, so now he can cheat?
You don't know the pressure
Bob was under.
What pressure? What?
That mid-life crisis crap that
you guys use as an excuse to...
...act like teenagers
for the rest of your lives?
Women are born with a parachute
on their back.
All they have to do is
pull the rip cord and get married.
- That's bulisht and you know it.
- No, it's not bullsht.
In the eyes of the world,
a woman can't be a failure.
The worst that she can be
is a housewife.
I'm a housewife, Jack.
Is that the worst I could be?
- Listen...
- No, you listen to me, okay.
Mister Success?
When my father died
and left me the business... was my idea to sell
the house and buy more trucks.
Don't you throw that up
in my face.
And another thing. When we got
married, Jack, we had nothing.
Where was my parachute then?
The business is in trouble
because of your ego.
You're overextended
and you know it, Jack. Okay?
Those cars, this house.
Look at the size of this house,
There's only two of us.
We didn't need it.
I wanted a family.
I deal with that
every day of my life.
You really hurts me, Jack?
Is the fact that you've got
someone that you care about...
...and you're not even man
enough to admit it.
That's not true.
I know about your little five-day
excursion to Puerto Rico, okay?
Your fcking travel agent called
me to confirm the reservations.
And Jack, I know about your little
personal assistant, Debbie.
- Debbie? Debbie works for me.
- No, Jack, Debbie works on you.
- That's enough.
- The business is in my name.
If we get divorced, you get
nothing, and you know it.
- You're not divorcing me.
- I am. I am.
I am leaving you with Debbie
and her lake his.
Her tits are not fake.
Don't get smart with me, Jack.
Just admit that you've been
cheating on me...
...and that you're in love
with Debbie.
I love you.
Jack, just be a man
and answer the question.
Hey, I came home to be with you.
You understand?
I could've slept over.
I was tired.
But I came home to be with you,
to give you your gift.
It's our anniversary.
Why are you doing this?
You know, our anniversary,
that's a good point, Jack.
What kind of a marriage do
you think this is?
You know, why don't you take
one of your pills?
I don't want one of my pills,
- I want some answers!
- What answers?
- What answers do you want?
I wanna hear it from your lips...
- Have you been faithful to me?
- No.
Good, that's a start.
Now tell me why.
- I don't know.
- Well, you know what?
That's not good enough.
I deserve some answers.
When was the last time
we made love?
- I don't remember.
- Yeah, well, I do.
Let me refresh your memory. Jack.
It was four months ago.
Listen, I work hard every day.
I come home, you've taken...
Wait! Okay? You're lying.
You're lying again.
You are lying again. You just
admitted that...'ve been unfaithful.
Now just tell me: Do you love her?
Jack, please, tell me.
If you've ever told the truth in
your life, please tell me now.
All right? You said you wanted
to start over again.
We gotta clear the air, Jack.
Please. Just tell me.
If you tell me the truth,
I could forgive you. All right?
But you gotta tell
the truth or I can't...
...I can't trust you again, Jack.
Please tell me.
I swear I wilt not get upset.
I swear to God.
Just tell me. Do you love Debbie?
- Yes.
- You piece of sht!
- Don't talk to me like that.
- You lowlife fck.
If you think that I'm gonna rool
over and play dead so that you...
...and Debbie and her fake tits...
...can walk off into the sunset
together, you're nuts.
I'm leaving you with nothing.
You're not leaving me,
you're my wife.
Yeah, no, you have
your new love, Debbie.
It's just a phase
I'm going through.
A phase?
Do you think that
she loves you, Jack?
- Please.
- No, answer the question.
- Do you think she loves you?
- Yes.
Have you looked in
the mirror lately?
The mirror. Have you looked
in the mirror lately?
Fck you.
Tell me something, Jack.
Where was Debbie twenty years ago?
- Okay, when you were broke.
- But I'm not broke anymore.
- No, but you will be.
- I'm getting your pills.
No. Okay, you are not
getting my pills!
- I don't want my fcking pills!
- Hey, I am warning you!
What? What are you gonna
do to me? You're gonna punch me?
Are you gonna hurt me?
Do you know what, Jack?
You've hurt me as much as you can.
What is wrong with you?
It was my money that started
the business, okay? My money!
Are we gonna talk about
the money again?
How many times you gonna tell me
about the money?
Okay, you're right. It was your
money that got us started.
But its me who's been running
the business...
...for the last fifteen years!
Don't forget we started
with two trucks. We got fifty.
We're one of the biggest
independent trucking companies...
- New York!
- You know what...
...I don't want that sales pitch.
Do you feel things like a,
like a normal person, Jack?
Why, of course I do.
Do you know what it's like
to feel worthless?
Yeah. I do. I remember
when we got married...
...we didn't have two nickels
we could rub together. Remember?
I had that stilt car.
We, anywhere we went,
we had to park it two blocks away.
I had that sht job.
I took orders from a mook...
...who didn't know his
ass from his elbow.
Do you have any idea
what it's like to feel like... could be somebody
if they'd just give you a shot?
I felt like
I had greatness in me...
...except I was the only
one who knew it.
I knew it.
Yeah, and I'm grateful to you,
too. I appreciate it.
But why are you trying to hurt me?
You know what you did.
I don't have to tell you.
- What? What did I do?
- You cheated on me.
You cheated on me.
I put you in a castle on a hill.
Anything in the world that you
wanted, all you had to do was ask.
You know what I am?
I am a possession.
And you keep me in this house
and you take me out...
...and you dust me off
every once in a while... one of
your other trophies!
- Did you fck him?
- What about Debbie?
Did you fck him?
Yeah, I knew you did.
I knew you fcked him.
You know, it's...
You've cheated on me
your entire life.
I do it once and I'm a whore?
What difference does it make
if it was once or a hundred times?
If I asked you right now
if you've been faithful to me.
Your answer wouldn't be
any different than mine.
Besides, it was more than once,
wasn't it?
No, it was... I don't...
I went to dinner with him,
like, four or five times...
- ...and we did it once.
- Was it for the sex?
No. Sometimes we would just
lay down together and talk.
How romantic.
I needed someone to make me
feel like I was alive again, Jack.
- Did he do that for you?
- Yeah, temporarily.
And when it was over, it just made
you feel worse, didn't it?
And is your lover coming
to rescue you?
No. He doesn't love me.
You love him?
I don't know what love
is anymore, Jack.
Yeah, well,
I wouldn't worry about it.
I mean, he's not bringin'
much to the table, is he?
He's just a working stiff
who lives in a dump...
...and drives a sht car.
How do you know that?
Did you follow me?
No people talked.
You made me look bad.
You followed me?
No, I didn't follow you.
I hired somebody.
- He's been watching you.
- You did what?
- He's been watching you.
- What's his name?
- Forget it. What's done is done.
- What does he look like?
Forget it!
Jack why did you look so surprised
when you walked in here tonight?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yeah, you do.
Jack, I know what's going on.
- You know?
- Yes.
I didn't wanna hurt you.
When I came home tonight
I was really scared.
When you gonna tell her, Jack?
I'm gonna tell her.
She's ben sick.
Yeah, well,
I'm sorry she's sick, Jack.
But I'm gettin' real tired...
...real tired of bein' treated
like a utensil. You hear me?
Hey, let me tell you somethin'.
I take you places.
I get you things.
We went to Puerto Rico.
You lie to me and
you never wanted to marry me.
Listen, you don't have enough
guts to tell your wife?
I'll tell her, Jack.
I'll tell her tonight.
- Hey. Debbie...
- I swear to God.
Don't do this.
Take your hands oft me, Jack.
She said she was gonna come here
tonight and tell you everything.
So, that's why I... had that look
on my face when I came in.
Do you love me, Jack?
Of course I do.
Then how could
you wanna hurt me?
I'm sorry about Debbie.
Yeah, I'm the only person
who believed in you.
You know, I'm your wife, Jack.
We took an oath before God.
I don't know what you're saying.
- Did you hire someone to kill me?
- What?
Did you hire a man to kill me?
Of course not.
I hired somebody to watch you.
No more lies, Jack.
I don't know what the hell
you're saying.
I can't take it. Okay?
I want the truth.
Listen, I'm your husband.
I wouldn't do anything to
hurt you.
I need the truth!
I'm telling you the t...
- Where'd you get that?
- A friend.
Or should I say your friend?
You know, I don't know
what you're talking about?
- Put the, put the gun down.
- You know what?
He made the same
mistake you did, Jack.
He thought with that thing
between his legs.
And now you're gonna
end up just like him. Dead,
Dead? You've killed somebody?
What the hell's wrong with you?
Just admit that
you hired him to kill me.
Hey, you need help.
Now let me help you.
- Go on upstairs. Move.
- I'm not moving.
Then I'll kill you right here.
Listen, Margaret, you got nobody.
You got nobody but me.
She's got me, Jack.
- Who are you?
- You should've been faithful.
Hey, what's going on here?
This is my friend, Tony.
Tony, this is my husband, Jack.
You're leaving me
for another man?
- He's very good.
- Jack, he's never gonna admit it.
Admit what?
I come home, I find another man
in my house with my wife!
How should I feel? Don't you think
I'm entitled to an explanation?
- Look who wants an explanation.
- He's very good.
I'm gonna give you ten seconds
to get outta my house...
...or I'm gonna throw your
ass out.
Jack, there are people in this
life that you could fck with...
...and some you can't.
I'm the "can't".
Gimme the gun.
Come on. Downstairs.
Come on, move.
- Move! Come on! Move!
- Margaret, what's goin' on here?
- Did you hire this man to kill me?
- My God, no!
- Yes you did.
- I would n...
I've never seen this man
before in my life!
You cheap bstard, you offered me
twenty-five thousand.
You got hundreds of thousands
in the safe?
The safe?
You told him about the safe?
This man's a thief.
He wants our money!
Never mind about the money, okay?
Did you hire him to kill me?
- I told you he did.
- I wanna hear it from his lips.
- Well, you heard it from my lips.
- I wanna hear it from his lips!
I swear to God
I've never seen him before!
Why did you tell him about
the safe?
- Just admit it and be a man!
- Why, do you think you...
You're gonna trust a guy with
a gun who comes into our house?
I'm trying to save your life!
Jack, he told me you gave him
money. Now tell me.
- Did you give him money?
- When? Where?
- Where'd we ever meet, Mister?
- No, I never met you.
No, you never.
Call the cops, please.
You gave it to someone to
give to me.
- Who? What's his name?
- I don't give names.
- You don't? He's a fake!
- Who gave it to you, Tony?
- Who, who gave you the money?
- I said I don't give names.
- Well, why not?
- Because I said so.
Well, Tony, are you telling me
the truth?
All right, you want it this way.
Admit to your wife that
you hired me, you hear me?
Listen, I think he's a liar!
Say it! Tell her!
You're dead, you hear me?
Come on, talk to her!
Talk! Say it! Tell her! Come on!
Don't hurt him! Don't hurt him!
What the hell's the matter
with you? We had a deal!
Now do you want him dead?
Yes or no?
I don't know.
I knew you would never hurt me.
I'm sorry about Debbie.
You hurt me, Jack.
The way I feel right now, I wanna
kill both of you for nothing.
You two deserve each other.
Okay, you want your husband alive?
Then I want my money!
Come on, where's the safe?
- In the game room.
- There.
Then get it. Now!
Let's go!
How could you let this happen? How
could you trust a man with a gun?
He tricked me, okay? He told me
that you hired him to kill me...
Well, next time, believe
your husband, will you?
Come on! Now!
I don't know if I remember
the combination.
Well, you better remember
'cause I'm gonna put a bullet... the back of your husband's
- Please don't kill me.
- I said open it!
I'm trying to. It's no...
It just... I'm trying.
Cut the bulisht.
I want my money or he's dead!
I'm doing it right. It won't open.
I don't understand.
- It won't open it.
- Come on, and say good-bye, Jack.
- Don't, don't do it. Don't.
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
- I'm doing it right.
- Say good-bye, Jack!
No, don't!
I changed the combination.
- You what?
- You what?
- I changed the combination.
- Why?
This I wanna hear.
You haven't been acting
yourself lately!
It thought you might
do something stupid.
- Like what?
- Yeah, like what?
- Honey, listen!
- Don't "honey" me.
- Don't honey her.
- Why did you change...
- ...the combination, Jack?
- I was afraid!
- Afraid of what?
- That you'd wake up one day...
...and take all the money
and leave me.
You've been lying to me
from the beginning, Jack.
- Margaret, I tried...
- Never mind that!
- Come on, open that safe, Jack.
- I'm not giving you my money.
- Then I guess you're gonna die.
- No, you can't kill me.
I'm the only one that can
open up the safe.
Margaret, I'm gonna teach you
a little something about business.
There's a lot of money in
that safe. Do you want it?
- Yes.
- Then you kill her.
So help me God, I'll kill you.
Now open that safe!
You're gonna kill me
and end up with nothing?
Tony, we had a deal.
There's a lot of money in there,
man. It's all yours.
It's kickback. I can't go to
the police if I wanted to.
Tony, the deal.
You're a businessman,
just like me.
Tony, you promised me. You said
you'd help. You promised.
He promised you.
He promised you.
And what are promises to
men like us?
There's a lot of money in there.
A lot.
I'm sorry.
I'm in too deep, Maggie.
Tony, you gave me your word.
Take her upstairs.
I don't wanna see this.
Jack you piece of sht. I hope you
burn in hell, you son of a btch.
- You should've been faithful.
- Get my money ready!
- Tony, we had a deal.
- The deal's off.
- Tony, we had a deal!
- The deal's off! Come on!
Tony, we had a deal!
Tony, how can you do
this after what happened?
She's dead.
- You didn't fck her.
- What?
Well, you know the plan.
It's gotta look like
a rape and a murder.
So you are the one.
Let's get it over with.
You don't have to fck her.
Just pay me.
You know,
I really shouldn't pay you.
You and my wife
were planning to kill me.
I went to such precautions to
find the right guy for this job.
They told me you were
a man of your word.
They just forgot to tell me
that you were greedy.
- It wasn't the money.
- No? What was it?
Was it love?
Did you fall in love with her?
Did you know your wife
was gonna kill herself...
...before I got here tonight?
I saved her life.
Why do you think I hired you
to kill her in the first place?
You saved me
five million dollars...
...I couldn't afford for
her to kill herself.
- Well, how do you know she's dead?
- I heard the shots.
Why don't you go up upstairs
and make sure?
Go 'head.
'Fraid to get up close?
'Fraid to get in there?
Got no guts, Jack?
I mean, men like us, we're not
afraid of nothing, right?
- I'm not like you.
- That's right you're not like me.
You never kept your word
in your life.
You suck the life out of
everything that comes near you.
Who are you to judge me?
I'm the man with the gun.
And the one with the gun makes
the rules.
Hi, Jack.
What's the matter, honey?
You're not happy to see me?
You knew all the time
I changed the combination.
Yes, I knew.
I tried to open the safe earlier.
When it didn't open, I knew
Tony was tellin' me the truth.
- You scared me.
- Sorry.
- You're very good.
- Thanks. So are you.
What're you gonna do, kill me?
I'll tell you what
we're gonna do to you.
Yes, this is
Doctor Howard Susskind.
I'd like to speak to Tony.
Once. You were supposed to
let it ring once and then hang up.
- Who was that on the phone?
- Shut up, Jack.
- What'd you do to her?
- I woke her up.
It's over, Jack.
You're back where
you started from. With nothing.
Wait a minute, I was wrong.
You still got Debbie.
- And her fake tits.
- They're not fake.
- Gimme the gun.
- Take it easy.
- Gimme the fcking gun.
- Maggie. take it easy.
Look, you shut up.
I know what I'm doing.
I don't think so.
Look, Tony, you got
your money, okay?
So just go. I know what I'm doing.
It's gonna be okay.
Hey, look nobody's dead yet. Okay?
It doesn't have to end this way.
No, yeah, it does.
You're just a little crazy
right now.
I'm not crazy, okay?
I'm not crazy.
- Come on. I can't let you do this!
- Tony, get away from him.
You don't deserve it,
but I'm gonna do you a favor Jack.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- You never killed anybody before.
- So what?
- Listen to him.
Shoot him in the back of
the head. He'll die faster.
- Thanks.
- So long, Maggie.
Put the gun down, Margaret.
I'm your husband.
You're not gonna kill me.
I know Tony put you up to this.
He's very good.
Now put the gun down.
All right, all right, I'm sorry
for what I did. Okay?
Put the gun down.
I talked to your shrink.
He says you're a very sick woman
and that you need help.
Now, why don't you
let me help you?
You know what he told me, Jack?
He said there's this thing called
fusion where two people...
...lock into each other. But they
stay in an infantile state.
A symbiosis of feeding off of one
another. It's a sickness.
And they never grow up
and they never really commit... one another.
And that's us, Jack.
Yeah. That's what
I pay your shrink for... fill your head full of sht?
Come on.
You're not gonna kill me.
You need me. And I need a drink.
Why don't, why don't you get me a
drink? Or should I get it myself?
Yeah, I'll get it myself.
Jesus! Are you crazy?
The marriage is over
and you're gonna get nothing.
Who's gonna run the business, you?
I'll worry about that
when the time comes, Jack.
All I know is right now
I want you outta this house.
Well, I'm not leaving.
And I also want the keys
to the Ferrari.
You're making a big mistake.
I don't think so.
You know I'll survive.
So will I.
You piece of sht.
I knew she wouldn't kill you.
You got your money.
Fck off!
Now you listen to me.
And you listen to me good!
You ever come back here
and touch her in any way... hurt her...
...and next time you see me,
you won't see me.
- Understood?
- Yeah, I understand.
Now you get the fck outta here.
You know she took
the keys to my car.
Want me to give you a lift, Jack?
I'll take you for a ride.
And this one's on me.
No, thanks. I think I'll walk.
Come on.
What're you doing here?
I thought you were gone.
I just thought I'd hang around
a while in case you might need me.
Were you aiming
at those monitors?
You saw me?
I saw everything.
I was in the back.
- It was very good.
- Thank you.
Well, where're you gonna go?
What're you gonna do?
Well, I'm gonna go to
my lawyer's and I'm just gonna... know,
try to get my life together.
You know... know, what happened
between us when we were alone... the bedroom.
It's been a long time since
I been with a woman like that.
Yeah. And it was free.
It was nice.
You know, maybe...
...when things settle down, maybe
you and I, we can go out...
...and have a cup of coffee
or something. You know.
- I'd like that.
- Yeah, me, too.
- I'll see you around.
- See you.