Faith's Song (2017) Movie Script

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- Is everything okay?
- Go ahead and get dressed,
I'll be right back.
Ooo yeah
Ooo oo oooh
Today I give glory to the Lord
Today I will
praise him, oh yes
Today's a day my
life begins anew
And I will thank him
for the blessings that he
brings me each and every day
- You have
some pancakes for me?
- Yes, I do.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Each and every way
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Let's pray.
Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord and Savior,
thank you for your love.
Thank you for the
blessings of this day.
Thank you for this family,
in Jesus' name, Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Today, I'll celebrate my Lord
Today, I will honor him
I'll lift my
voice in joyful song
His gift of grace
that makes me strong
Today, I'll give
glory to the Lord
Today, I will praise, oh yes
Today's a day my
life begins anew
And I will thank him for the
blessings that he brings me
Each and every day
Each and every way, yeah
- How are you today?
Brother Greg, how
you doing, man?
Good seeing you today.
Sister Carol, how are you doing?
- I'm doing well, thank you.
- Awesome, awesome.
Sister Faith, God bless you.
- Thank you.
- Gimme five.
- Please turn with me
to the Book of Romans,
Chapter Three, beginning
with Verse 20, says,
"Therefore by the
deeds of the law,
"no flesh will be
justified in his sight
"for by the law is
the knowledge of sin."
You see in this passage,
Paul had to first understand
that it wasn't his good works
that was going to earn
him a spot into heaven.
The Bible tells us in
the 23rd verse here
that all have sinned and come
short of the glory of God.
You and I, every one of
us that are here today,
we confess that we've sinned
and while we can't earn
our way, praise the Lord
that by his amazing grace,
we have been justified.
You see, the word
tells us in Verse 24,
says, "Being justified
freely by his grace,
"through the redemption
that is in Christ Jesus."
You see, what good
news to know that
even though you and I couldn't
earn our way into heaven
and even though we've all
sinned and in spite of all that,
that we have been given
this divine gift of grace.
This amazing grace has
justified you and I
and made us right with God.
It's through the events that
happened at Calvary's Hill
where the blood of our only
begotten savior was shed
that made a way for you and I.
What glorious good
news today to know that
even though we couldn't
earn our way into heaven
that he's already
given freely access
to heaven by his son,
Jesus Christ, Amen?
- Amen.
- Well, you need to
get this handled.
How does this quarter
match up to the last?
- Daddy?
- Okay, I'll take a look
at the numbers tomorrow
and see what's not matching up.
What is it, Jade?
I'm in a hurry.
- It's important.
- What is it then?
- I, I'm pregnant.
- What?
- I'm pregnant.
- You're 15 years old,
what were you thinking?
- I'm sorry.
- Do you know what this
will do to my business?
What will people say
when they find out
I have a 15 year old
pregnant daughter?
- Daddy, I'm sorry.
- You know, you're
just like your mother.
- Daddy, please.
- I'm done with you.
As far as I'm concerned,
I have no daughter.
- You can't make me leave.
- Get out of here.
- Thank you.
May God bless you.
How are you guys?
- Hi, very well.
- You look awfully
pretty this day.
- Thank
you, Pastor Mark.
- You guys been doing well?
- Good, Pastor.
We wanted to invite you
over to dinner next week.
- Only if you're cooking
that fried chicken.
- Just the way you like it.
- We'll be there.
- Alright.
- Good to see you guys.
- Bye-bye.
- That sure was a nice
service today, wasn't it?
- It sure was.
Hey, why don't you guys
go ahead and wash up
while I get lunch ready, okay?
- Yes, ma'am.
Let's pray.
God, our Father,
Lord and Savior,
we thank you for
your many blessings
and ask that you bless this food
to the nourishment of our bodies
and our bodies into
your great service.
In your holy name,
we pray, Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Oh, happy anniversary,
by the way.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, thanks sweetheart.
- What are you
guys doing tonight?
- Well, actually we were
thinking about staying in,
having our daughter
cook us a good meal
and then maybe rub our feet.
- Huh, funny, Dad.
- That actually sounds
like a really great idea.
- Luckily, I have choir
practice tonight, no feet there.
- Well, I guess that just means
I'll have to take your Mom
to one of those fancy
restaurants again this year.
- Do you have a ride to choir
practice tonight, honey?
- Yes ma'am,
Samantha's coming by.
- Alright, well you tell
her to drive safe, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh my gosh.
- Yeah, I know.
He told me to get out, so I did.
- No, I mean, you're pregnant.
- Yeah I know, trust me.
- What are you going to do?
Does Chris know?
- No, I'm scared to tell him.
- But you have to.
- I know, hey, do you think
maybe I could stay with
you for a few nights?
- Oh, I umm, I don't
think that's a good idea.
It's a school night, so...
- Chrissy please, I
have nowhere else to go.
- I don't, hello?
- Hello?
- Hello?
- This wireless
account has been canceled.
- There she is, hurry up,
Faith, you're so late.
- Nevaeh] Mom made me bring her.
- I made Mom tell
you to bring me.
- You dork, why do you
always have to come with me?
- She loves you, Nevaeh.
- I love to
make you miserable.
- We're gonna be late.
I hope they hold our table.
- They will, Jack would
never give up our table.
We've going there
for almost 20 years.
- I hope you're right.
- Alright, everybody ready?
Three, Four,
Amazing grace,
how sweet the sound
- Here we go, hurry
up, hope she's not too mad.
- Hello, wait for me.
- Uh, oopsy, she's your sister.
I once was lost
but now I'm found
Was blind but now I see
- Hurry girls, you're late.
- Sorry, Ms. Martin.
- Hey, it's Faith.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, she just called to
wish us a happy anniversary.
Can't believe she's
growing up so fast.
- It's hard to believe
our little girl
will be 16 next week.
- Hurry Faith, you're up.
I've always come
in second place
I always dreamed
I'd see the day
I could know a love
that really cared
Now here you are
in all your grace
You make my heart
a better place
You're breaking chains
that I have so tightly tied
And now that I'm alive
I'll realize
Everything I do and
everything I'm not
Make it true, I want so much
Another tortured
dream in a movie scene
Can you accept me
Lord hear my prayer
Lord hear my prayer
Yeah everything I do
and everything I'm not
Everything I'm not
Everything I do and
everything I'm not
Everything I'm not
Everything I do and
everything I'm not
Everything I'm not, yeah
Everything I do and
everything I'm not
Everything I'm not
- Yes, can I help you?
- Can I speak
to Chris, please?
- Chris, there's some
girl at the door for you.
You know I don't like
people here this late.
Just take care of this.
- Alright.
Jade, what are you doing here?
- Chris, I'm pregnant.
- What do you expect me to do?
It's not my responsibility.
You can take care of it.
You guys got a lot of money.
- What?
- I got too much on the
line to deal with this.
Just go, get outta
here, just go.
- I have
nowhere else to go.
Wait, please, wait.
Please come back, I have
nowhere else to go, please?
- I'll see you
all Sunday morning
where we'll worship together
and remember, God is good
- All the time.
- All the time,
- God is good.
- I really did have
a nice night tonight.
Thank you for dinner.
- You know, you and Faith
really mean the world to me.
- We love you, too.
- How have you put up
with me all these years?
- I guess I'm a saint.
- Greg, Greg, are you okay?
Greg, are you okay?
- Get her out of there.
Careful, pull up, okay?
- I really like the
songs you have planned.
I've never heard
some of them before
but I'm sure they're gonna be
a really bit hit with everyone.
- The choir's excited.
Just trying to keep it fresh.
Can't sing the same
songs week after week.
- You'd be surprised, we've
sang the same five songs
every Sunday and Wednesday
for three months straight.
- That's why you hired me
as the new music minister.
- Have you guys started
on that math homework yet
because I'm completely lost.
- I was hoping
you'd help me out.
- Math is easy.
I got an A on my last math test.
- Okay, smart one, do you
even know what algebra is?
- No, but from the sound of
it, neither do any of you.
She's got a point.
- Hey, neighbor.
- Hey.
I have some horrible news.
Greg and Carol, they've been
in a horrific car crash.
Are they okay?
- Carol, she's in
serious condition
but Greg, I'm afraid
he didn't make it.
- Oh my God, Faith.
- Hey, this is Pastor Mark.
What, when?
Oh my gosh, yeah, I'll
be there right away.
Oh God, please help this family.
- What is it?
- It's Greg and Carol,
there's been an accident.
- Alright, tell me what we got.
- Female, mid-40s,
internal bleeding,
BP, 85 over 60, heart
rate is weak and running.
She's lost a lot of blood.
We've already given her
two liters of fluid.
- Gotcha, we got it from here.
Let's get her to O.R. now.
- Hi, is there any word
on Carol Bolin yet?
- No sir, she's
still in surgery.
If you'd like to take a
seat at the waiting area,
we'll notify you when
there's any updates on her.
- Okay, thank you.
- Bolin Family?
- Oftentimes, we feel
as though we're entitled
to a certain number of days
or years on this Earth.
This is part of what makes
Greg and Carol's death
so much more difficult to bear.
One thing I need to
remind you, though,
is the Bible makes
no such promise.
As a matter of fact,
the Book of James,
in the fourth chapter,
tells us that our life
is just a vapor that's here
today and gone tomorrow.
Psalms Verse Nine and 12
teach us to number our days
so that we may gain
a heart of wisdom.
Death is always near us,
walking beside each of us
as a constant companion and
many of you that are here today,
you know that all too well.
You realize that the only
reason you're still here today
is because of God's
grace and mercy,
where he saved you
from a situation
that you shouldn't
have walked away from
because it was
part of God's plan.
The Bible tells us in
Matthew Chapter 29,
that not one sparrow
falls from the sky
without the will of God
and he goes on to tell us
that you are much more
valuable than many sparrows.
As tragic as it is to see
the death of Greg and Carol,
I wanna remind you
and comfort you
that this, too, is
part of God's plan.
- I don't understand.
Why can't you just
come live with us?
I don't want you
to leave, Faith.
- I'm gonna
miss you so much.
- I know, I'm gonna
miss you both.
I'll never have friends
like you ever again.
- Hey, that's not true.
You'll always have
friends like us
because we're always
gonna be here for you.
- And I mean, I know no
one can compare to us
but let's face it,
you're amazing.
You're gonna find amazing
people who wanna be with you.
- Come here, take my hand.
Dear Daddy Jesus,
thank you so much
for my best friend, Faith.
I love her so much and she
is such an amazing person
but right now, she's going
through a really hard time
and she's hurting a lot
and I know all I wanna do is
have her stay here with me
so I can give her a big hug
and make all of her
problems go away.
I know I can't do that.
So God, even though it's
really hard, today I let her go
so you can come and put
your arms around her
'cause I know only in your arms
can she truly
start to be healed.
And God, I also pray that
you would bring new friends
into Faith's life
that will love her
and lead her down
the right path.
We trust you, Jesus.
You're the only reason
we can look to the future
and have hope.
In your mighty, loving
name we pray, Amen.
- Pastor Mark, can I talk
with you for a minute?
- Yeah, absolutely, come on in.
- I don't know if Faith
can cope with all of this.
She just lost her parents,
has to move to a new city,
leave behind all her friends
and move in with family
she hardly knows.
- Jay, she's gonna be alright
and I know this is tough but
her name is Faith for a reason.
You know, it's easy to say
that God has a plan for our
life but it's times like this,
we really have to have
faith and know that he does.
The word reminds us that
God works all things
to the good of
those that love him
and are the called
according to his purposes.
God really does have a
plan for Faith's life
and as tough as this
may be, I promise you
that God's gonna use
this to mold her life
in ways that you and I
could never even imagine.
- I know, but my job
is to help these kids
any way that I can and I've
never experienced anything
like this before.
Greg and Carol
were good friends.
I feel like I'm failing them.
I feel like I'm failing Faith.
- No Jay, you're
not failing them
and you're certainly
not failing Faith.
Greg and Carol were
some of the best people
I've ever had the
privilege of knowing
and this doesn't
just affect you.
This has affected
our entire church
and it's really shaken
the entire community.
This loss at the
center of all of it
is this innocent young
girl who's lost her parents
and she's hurting, Jay, and
she just needs us right now.
She needs our prayers
more than anything.
She doesn't think for one
second that you're failing her.
Matter of fact, just
you being here right now
shows how much you really
do care about her, Jay.
She's gonna be alright.
God's gonna take care
of her, I promise.
- I hope you're
right, Pastor Mark.
- I know I am.
- What do I do?
How can I live without you?
Why would God take
you away from me?
I've always worshiped
him and praised him.
What did I do wrong?
Why would he do this to me?
I just don't understand.
- Faith, I'm sorry but we
need to get on the road.
We've got a long
drive ahead of us.
- I love you, Mom and Dad.
I'm gonna miss you both so much.
- Yeah, I played golf
with the mayor yesterday.
He said everything's okay.
I think we got the
problem ironed down.
That's right, I
had to let Ted go.
He just couldn't
get the job done.
I feel bad for
him and his family
but, you know, it is what it is.
That's right.
Okay, that sounds good.
We'll wrap it up tomorrow.
Okay, bye.
Hello, this is Frank.
I need you to send me the
Jacobson contracts by tomorrow.
Hey, I need to call you back.
Hello, this is Frank.
Yes, Mr. Johnson.
We're gonna have everything
to you by tomorrow.
That's right.
- Roger, what are you doing?
- What does it look
like I'm doing?
I'm working on my truck.
- Faith's on the way and
she's been through a lot
and I want you to be
on your best behavior.
- That's your family, not mine.
- Here she comes,
I mean it, Roger.
Hey, sweetie, you
have a good trip?
- It was okay.
- Okay, well come on.
We'll take you up to
see your room, okay?
- Hi, I'm Pastor Jay.
- You can take those on inside.
- Okay.
Alright now, Faith.
Remember, keep your namesake,
I'm only a call away.
- Thank you, Pastor Jay.
Thank you for everything.
- You're welcome,
I'll talk to you soon.
- Hey.
- How's it going
over there so far?
- I guess okay.
I don't really think
Uncle Roger wants me here.
- Come on, I'm sure
that's not true.
You know I miss you
so much already.
I wish you could come
back and live with us.
- I know, I miss you, too.
I start at my new
school tomorrow.
- Well, I'm sure you'll
meet plenty of new people.
Just be your old happy
self and you'll be fine.
- I don't know if
I can be right now.
- How long is she
gonna be here anyway?
- As long as she
needs to be here.
We're the only
family she has left.
- No, you're the only
family she has left.
- Why do you keep saying that?
Roger, you married
into this family.
- But it's still not mine.
No matter how hard you
try, it never will be.
- Roger, this is our chance.
This is our chance to move
forward after all these years.
- After all these years.
- Morning, sweetie.
- Morning.
- Made you
some breakfast.
Hope you like scrambled eggs.
- Yes, ma'am.
Lord, thank you for this food.
Please bless it to the
nourishment in my body, Amen.
- Just lost my appetite.
Hey, hun, I'm just gonna grab
something on my way to work.
- Okay.
- Faith, hurry,
we're gonna be late.
- I'm coming.
- Dogwood's pretty
this time of year.
- Faith, where you going?
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Here, I'll get that for you.
- Well, thank you, sweetie.
Thank you.
Oh my, you look like an angel.
- Come on, Faith, we're late.
- That's your name, Faith?
Yes, ma'am.
- Don't let 'em change you.
- Well, have a blessed day.
- Thank you,
you too, darling.
- I'm gonna be late.
Um, do you think that you
could register yourself?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Just try
to fit in, okay?
And have a good day, alright?
And I'll pick you up, just go.
- Watch it, freak.
- Sorry.
- You better be.
- God, please keep Faith
strong in your word.
I know that you are
our Father in heaven,
that you can provide
for all things
and that you alone are
our strongest tower,
our strength and our way.
Help her to face these
giants before her.
Help her to understand that
even the smallest stone
can vanquish the
tallest of them.
My trust is given
to you, Father.
Though she has lost
those who have loved
and guided her thus
far, help her to endure.
Let her see the way,
the only way, your way.
In your son's
name, I pray, Amen.
- Hey check it out, a new girl.
They always say
modest is hottest
but I think she took
that way too seriously.
- Well, it's a
nice change of pace
from what we usually
see around here.
Come on, let's get to class.
- Sorry I'm late.
- It's no problem, why
don't you take a seat?
- I can't wait
that long, though.
- Hey, Michael.
- Hey, Katie.
Think we're having pizza.
- Hey dude, check
out her bookbag.
- What is she, a nun?
- Caleb and Jacob,
see me after class.
I have some extra
homework for you two.
Now class, let's give
our new classmate
a proper Central High welcome.
Would you stand up and tell
us a little about yourself?
- My name is Faith.
- Of course it is.
- I just moved to this city
to live with my aunt and uncle
and that's pretty much it.
- Cool story, tell it again.
- Thank you, Faith.
Now class, we're
going to pick up
where we left off yesterday.
If you'll please
take out your books
and turn to page 375.
- Hey, do you need some help?
- That's okay, I'll
just go to the office.
- You don't have to
do that, I'll get it for you.
There you go.
- Thanks.
- By the way, my name's Michael.
- Faith.
- Yeah, I was just
in class with you.
- Oh, yeah.
- Don't worry about it.
New school, you're
allowed to be nervous.
- Come on, let's go.
- Alright, well I gotta
go, see you around, Faith.
- Here, let me get that.
- Ah, you are too kind.
- It's no problem.
Here, let me walk
you to your house.
- You don't have to do that.
- I want to.
- You have such a giving heart.
- Faith, what are you doing?
- It will just take a
second, I'll be right there.
- You're such a
blessing to me, Faith.
Do you know the Lord?
- Yes, ma'am.
- I believe he's got some
big plans for you, sweetie.
Do you mind if I ask why
you're living next door?
- It's a long story.
Well, I need to get going.
- Thank you so
much for your help.
- I can pick up
your paper for you
in the morning before
I head to school.
- Oh, you don't have
to do that, sweetie.
- No, I want to.
- Well, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Bu bye.
- Bye.
Somehow I started over again
Somehow I knew there'd
be no more chances
I've got to move
on and cut my losses
Letting go of heavy crosses
That bring me down to my knees
Til I have to say
I give up, take it all
I'm letting go and
trusting that you'll catch me
When I fall,
catch me when I fall
Open hands, broken heart
I'm leaving it to you to prove
A hope can come from heart
A hope can come from the heart
Somehow the morning
shatters the night
Somehow I know I'm so
close to being all right
I've trusted in way
too many shallow authors
Listened to so many scoffers
That poisoned my
mind and taken my soul
All this time, oh no
I give up, take it all
I'm letting go and trusting
that you'll catch
me when I fall
You'll catch me when I fall
Open hands, broken heart
I'm leaving it to you
To prove a hope
can come from heart
A hope can come
I'm loosening my grip
And I am opening my hands
Giving you all I've ever loved
And all that I
know that I lack
So take it Lord
as you well please
I know well there's
no looking back
I'll trust you with my
prized and precious things
Yeah all of my precious things
I give up, take it all
I'm letting go and trusting
That you'll catch
me when I fall
Oh you catch me when I fall
Open hands, broken heart
I'm leaving it to you
To prove a hope
can come from heart
- Hey, I'm gonna go to
Bailey's for a drink.
Maybe it'll be quieter there.
- Don't be home late.
- So, how's your niece doing?
- If her parents hadn't left
us a butt-load of money,
she'd be out on the street.
- Yeah right, that's
your niece, man.
- No, it's Pam's niece.
No member of my family
ever even mentioned God.
Hey Brian, bring me that 10
millimeter wrench, would ya?
- So, you mean to tell me you
don't believe in God at all?
- I'm telling you, churches
are just a legal way
to steal people's
money and brainwash 'em
to thinking if they
do good and don't sin,
they'll have eternal life.
Well let me tell ya, when
you die, you're dead.
There's no afterlife.
- Well man, I hope you're wrong.
- Show me a real miracle,
then I'll believe.
- Hey Mrs. Bell,
I got your mail for you.
- Faith, you are so kind.
Be careful.
- I'll be okay.
- I'll be praying for you.
- Hey, let me ask you something,
now that we're family and all.
When you're praying
and talking to God,
you ever ask him why
he killed your parents?
- I hate it here,
I wanna go home.
I just don't understand
why God would let
me go through this.
What did I do wrong?
- Faith, you didn't
do anything wrong.
I wish I could explain why
this is happening to you
but I can't.
Just know that God
hasn't forsaken you
and he's gonna be with you
through this entire thing.
Just please don't
give up, Faith.
Continue to be in
prayer with the Lord
and ask him for guidance.
He'll show you the way.
- But when?
How long do I have
to go through this?
- I don't know but I do know
that God will be with you
every step of they way.
Something good will
come out of this.
- I'm trying so
hard to believe that
but I miss Mom and Dad.
I miss my friends.
- I know, Faith, I know.
- Who does she think she is,
thinking she could
take him from me?
And Michael keeps staring
at her, it's disgusting.
She thinks she's such
a good Christian like,
"Oh, look at me, I'm so
much better than everyone."
Give me a break, I mean, I know
what she really wants here.
Hannah, did you hear the real
reason why she moved here?
- Katie, shh, stop.
- Huh, what do you want
me to do, apologize?
God, I don't know
what I did wrong.
I don't know why
everyone hates me.
I'm trying so hard.
I just wanna fit in.
I don't wanna be
lonely anymore, God.
Please, please, God, I
don't know what to do.
He saved me from
my afflictions
You've heard me
through all the noise
Filled me up once
again with a song
And I'll raise my
voice to praise you
Oh what an honor to praise you
For the rest of my
life, I'll praise you
Over and over,
I'll praise you, Lord
Because of your love,
because of your grace
Because of the joy I
have seeking your face
I'll lift you up
and tell of your fame
Shout it out loud so
the world knows your name
I'll praise you, oh what
an honor to praise you
For the rest of my
life, I'll praise you
Over and over,
I'll praise you, Lord
I'll praise you, oh what
an honor to praise you
It's the reason I
live, to praise you
Over and over,
I'll praise you, Lord
- That was awesome,
you have such a gift.
Wait, I'm sorry, I
just heard you singing.
Did you write that?
- I've gotta go.
Hey boss?
Congratulations on getting
that Murphy contract.
- Yeah, thanks.
We really need to
ramp up production
if we're gonna
meet the deadlines.
- How's Jade, by the way?
- Don't forget, I need
that McKinley file
by the end of the day.
- Yes sir, you'll have
it by the end of the day.
- God, why is this so hard?
I've always tried
to do your will.
Your word says that
you'll never forsake me
but I feel so alone.
I feel like I'm lost, somewhere
I've never been before
and I can't find my way out.
Please help me understand.
- Is there something
I can help you with?
Seems like something's
troubling you.
- I just don't understand
what God wants from me.
- I know that feeling well.
Did something happen that
brought these feelings out?
- I recently lost
both my parents
and had to move to live
with my aunt and uncle.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
You know, losing a loved
one is a terrible thing.
Did they happen to have a
relationship with Jesus Christ?
- Yes sir, they were
both Christians.
- Well then, you have
the comfort in knowing
that they were in
covenant with God
through his son, Jesus Christ
and they will have eternal life.
- I know, I just
miss them so much.
- It's okay to miss them
and even a mourning
period is needed
but when the time comes,
will you praise and thank God
for the time you had
with your parents
or will you be bitter?
Always questioning
his reasoning?
You see, the answers are
not always easy to find.
Sometimes, we've got to
rely strictly on God's word.
I'm sure you're familiar with
2 Corinthians Five and Seven.
- For you walk by
faith, not by sight.
- Keep the faith and
God'll see you through.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, why
don't you come and join us
for Sunday service,
we'd love to have you.
- Hello?
- Hey, is this Faith?
- Yes.
- This is
Michael from school.
- Oh, hey.
- Listen, I
just wanted to apologize
for walking in on
you the other day.
I heard you from the hall
and I don't know
what I was thinking.
- It's fine, really,
don't worry about it.
It's just, that was
the first time I sang
in front of anybody
since my parents died.
- I'm
sorry, I had no idea.
Can I make it up to you?
Maybe I can take you
to dinner sometime?
- Yeah, I'd like that.
K, well I'll talk to you later.
- Bye.
- Wow, you must be hungry.
- Actually, I was hoping
I could bring this food
to a girl I've seen in the park.
She looks hungry.
She looks like she needs help.
- There's no stopping your
kindness is there, Faith?
Just go ahead and
get what you need.
- Thanks, Aunt Pam.
- Bye.
Carol, you raised a
wonderful daughter.
- Let's go Caleb!
- Oh my God, go Caleb!
- That's a good
book you're reading.
- Yes, sir.
Has a lot of great
stories in it.
Fearless leaders,
courageous triumphs,
and selfless acts, but most
of all, it's about hope,
salvation, and
unconditional love.
- Yes sir, it is.
- Do you mind if I share
my testimony with you?
- Sure.
- I was once a college
football player
with a promising pro career.
Then my sophomore year,
I tore my knee up.
I worked hard and
I prayed to God
to give me the strength to
come back and play again.
He did but less
than a year later,
I blew out my other knee even
worse than the first time.
You know, I started
to ask god why?
Why would he let me work so hard
to come back from
the first knee injury
just to let it happen again?
- I'm so sorry.
- Thanks, but I knew God
had greater plans for me,
plans that I was not aware of,
plans even greater than
playing the game of football.
So, let God lead you
towards his plans for you.
- I will, thanks.
- Hey Rev, I didn't
see you up there.
How you doing?
- What's up, how you doing?
Hey coach, how's
my nephew doing?
- Man, he's really knocking
the cover off the ball.
- Well, how's his
fielding going?
- He's having a great year.
- That's good.
- You have a wonderful day.
- You, too.
You really need to
cut Faith some slack.
She's been through a lot
and she doesn't deserve you
always being mean to her.
- Come on, I'm doing
that girl a favor.
Sooner she forgets
all this God nonsense,
the sooner she can fit in.
You remember when we met?
You were so full
of that God stuff.
Good thing you got that
out of your system, huh?
- Shut up, Roger.
- So when they had
eaten breakfast,
Jesus said to Simon Peter,
"Simon, son of Jonah, do you
love me more than these?"
He said, "Yes Lord, you
know that I love you."
Jesus says to him, "Feed my
sheep," three different times
and what did Jesus mean
when he said over and over
for Peter to tend
and feed his sheep?
You know, most of us
think of feeding an animal
to be food of some sort but
what Jesus was saying to Peter
was that he would be charged
with overseeing the church
and he would be charged
with overseeing the church
as well as to ensure
that the word of God
and his sheep, you and
I, would be fed the word.
The disciples, at the
time, did not realize
that Jesus would
have to go and die
for your sins and mine
and they would be charged
with spreading the
gospel to the world.
- Amen.
- Well, we have a
special guest today with us
that's gonna be
singing a song for us.
Faith, would you come on up?
When I'm scared, let
your grace fall down
When I'm lost, in
you I will be found
Like the waves that
crash upon the sand
Will you cover me, cover
me with your mighty hand
Cover me with
your grace and love
Cover me with
your steadfast love
Cover me, let your
arms surround me
Cover me with your love
Cover me with your love
Cover me with
your grace and love
Cover me with
your steadfast love
Cover me, let your
arms surround me
Cover me with your love
Cover me with your love
Cover me with your love, yeah
Cover me with your love
- Aunt Pam,
I'm so glad you came.
- Me too, sweetie,
you did a great job.
- Thank you.
- Hey Faith, wait up.
- Hey, Michael.
- I wanna introduce
you to my parents.
- Hi Faith, I'm Rachel and
this is my husband, Mike.
- Hi Faith, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- I can see why Michael
talks about you all the time.
You are a very pretty girl.
Thank you.
- Come on, Mom, sorry Faith.
I'll see you at school tomorrow.
- Okay.
- How can I help you, dear?
- I need to see a doctor.
- What about?
- Pregnancy.
- Okay, right, if you
could just fill this out
as best as you can,
we'll send you on back.
- Well, looks like it's
for sure, you're pregnant.
- How am I supposed
to take care of it?
- With love and compassion.
- What if I don't want it?
- I'm sorry but we
don't do that here.
Listen, what I can do for you
is write you a prescription
so you have the right medicine
and you and your baby
are healthy throughout
the pregnancy.
And I can tell you that every
child is a gift from God.
Jade, wait, your medication.
- Do you wanna go
get something to eat?
- Sure.
- Alright, let's go.
- Uh, you know, we played
baseball for a while, so...
- Dear Lord, thank you
for your blessings.
Thank you for the
food you provide.
Please bless it to the
nourishment of our bodies, Amen.
- Amen.
So, I have a game on
Friday, are you gonna come?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
Well, I hope you do.
Have you decided on what you
wanna do with your music?
- I don't know, I mean,
growing up I always thought
I'd be doing something to
worship God with my music
but now, after all that's
happened, I'm just not sure.
I'm not entirely sure I
even wanna keep singing.
- But Faith, you have
such an amazing gift.
I don't think you realize how
your music affects people.
- I love God but I'm just not
sure that people care anymore.
So many have pulled away,
all the awful things I've
seen these past few weeks.
- But that's a reason why to
use your God-given talent.
- I don't know.
- I have an idea, why
don't you grab some friends
and put a concert
on at the school?
- A Jesus concert,
who would come?
- I'll take care of that,
you just get ready to sing.
- God, it's been a while.
I hardly know what to say.
I need your help.
God, I'm sorry for
all that I've done.
I tried to do everything right.
Look what it's got me.
I lost my wife, my daughter,
and now I'm here all alone.
All I have is my job.
Please help me, God.
Please help me find
my daughter, please.
- Roger, I thought you
were coming home hours ago.
- Chill out, I'll be home later.
- No, you're coming home now.
- I said I'll be home
later, don't piss me off.
- I'm not living
like this anymore.
It's either this or it's us
and I'm praying you choose us.
I'm going home.
- You're doing what?
- Putting on a
concert at school.
- Who put you up to that?
- Oh, some guy.
- Oh, a boyfriend?
- No, not a boyfriend.
- Sounds like you're doing
pretty well for yourself,
new school, new boyfriend.
- Anyways, we're
planning this concert
and I was wondering,
do you guys want in?
- I'm in.
- Faith, you know I'll be there.
- I'll be there too, Faith.
- Have you been
there the whole time?
- Hush, Nevaeh.
Now Faith, what's this
boyfriend I hear about?
- Give it back.
- Does he have
a little brother?
- God, please help me.
I have nowhere to go
and no one wants me.
- I'm home.
- Roger, what are you doing?
You told me to come home.
- That was hours
ago, you're drunk.
- Ah, here comes the priest.
You here to tell me
I'm going to hell?
- Roger, that's enough.
- I say when it's enough.
You know, there is no God.
You know how I know?
Because I got you instead
of my own baby girl
and if there is
a God, he's cruel
because now you're here,
living in my house,
eating my food, trying
to change my life.
- I didn't try to
change anything.
- Take my wife to church,
messing with the
old bag next door.
- I was just trying to help.
- Stop trying,
you're not helping.
Every day that I
have to see your face
reminds me of the
daughter I lost.
That's how I know
there's no God.
- I don't know what
you want from me.
- Get out of my house!
- Roger!
- Go!
- Wait!
Listen, I don't know what
you've been going through
but this isn't the answer.
- You don't know me.
- I've seen you around, I've
been wanting to help you
and my Mom used to
tell me before she died
that one small
gesture or kind word
can change someone's life.
I know you may
feel lost right now
but there's a God
and he loves you.
He's the one that
directed me to help you.
It's because of his love for you
that led me here tonight.
- You really believe that?
- Yes, I do.
And even though we don't
understand it sometimes,
God is at work in
our lives every day
to sow his plan
that he has for us.
You must be hungry.
How about we grab something
to eat and talk, my treat.
- Sure.
The flood of your spirit
Rushes me deeper
than waters wild
Come by the river
Showers of mercy that
wash over me, over me
All that I long for
and all that I need
Is hands of glory
All that I hope for,
all my heart desires, Lord
Is just one moment
A glimpse of glory
- Hello?
- Hey, Dad.
- Jade, where are you?
I've been looking
all over for you.
- You've been looking for me?
- I haven't been a real
good father to you.
When your mother left, that's
when you needed me most
and I wasn't there for you.
I'm sorry, Jade, I love you.
- You still love me?
- Baby girl, I love you,
it's just you and me
and we're gonna get
through this together.
All that I hope for,
all my heart desires,
Lord, is just one moment
A glimpse of glory
- Bye.
- Bye.
- I shouldn't have
let you go like that.
- Wait.
Here's your Bible back.
- No, I want you to have it.
- Thank you.
All that I long for
and all that I need
Is a glimpse of glory
All that I hope for,
all my heart desires
Lord, is just one
moment, a glimpse of glory
All that I long for
And all that I need
And all that I long for
Glimpse of glory
Glimpse of glory
Glimpse of glory
Glimpse of glory
- Thank you, God.
Thank you for Jade.
If it means saving her life,
coming to this
city was worth it.
And thank you for my friends,
Samantha and Nevaeh, they're
always there when I need them,
even if they're hours away.
And Michael, thank you for him.
He's given me hope
that I thought I lost.
And lastly, thank
you for my parents.
Thank you for the time I
got to spend with them.
Thank you for the lessons
I learned from them
that help me, even
now that they're gone.
Thank you for
helping me understand
that they're always with me.
Tell them I love them.
Just tell them for me.
Thank you for never
leaving me, God.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry I took
so long to get you.
Roger, I was trying
to calm him down.
- How is he?
- He's passed out on the couch.
He will feel it
tomorrow, though.
- What was he talking about?
He said he lost his baby girl.
- Your mother had a hard time
getting pregnant with you.
- I've heard that.
- I had problems, too.
And finally, after what
seemed like forever of trying,
I got pregnant and two weeks
later, Carol got pregnant, too.
- I didn't know that.
- Me and your mother thought
it was the best thing
that could ever happen.
For the kids to grow
up and be best friends,
just like we were but our
little daughter didn't make it.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's not your fault
and as much as Roger
says it is, it's not.
It's just hard to look at you
and think of what
could have been.
That's why Roger is
the man he is today
and the woman I am.
We never let it go
and we blamed God
for the loss of our daughter.
I wasn't sure
about you moving in
but when I saw you
help our neighbor
and you took food to
the girl in the park,
you didn't stop living but
we did, we stopped living.
- It's not too late, Aunt Pam.
- I can't apologize to Carol.
And Roger, he's so far gone.
I don't think I'll
ever get him back.
- You have to have faith.
- I have Faith,
she's right here.
- Pam?
- Hey Caleb, what are
you doing this weeekend?
- I don't know, me and the
boys might go to the mall.
- That sounds fun,
you wanna go, too?
- Yeah, we should totally go.
- I think we should.
- I might hit y'all up.
But I'll catch you all later.
- Alright.
- Bye.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Wait, I heard you
sing in the music hall.
It was fantastic.
- You were the one
that sang at church
the other week, right?
You did really good.
- Yeah, you should join
the music club here.
We could really use your talent.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I don't know what
I'm doing here.
I don't even know what to do.
- Roger?
Is that you?
- Ah, I was just leaving.
- Well if you came in here,
there must be a reason.
- I don't know
what I'm doing here.
- Some people come for guidance.
Roger, I've lived next
door to you for years
and I've never seen you
come in here before.
You seem so upset.
Do you wanna talk about it?
- I think I lost my wife.
I messed up bad.
- And you want forgiveness.
- It's too late for that.
- It's never too late
for forgiveness, Roger.
That's what the love and the
grace of God is all about.
- I don't even know
if I believe in God.
- So, you came in here,
set down in this pew,
in this sanctuary,
trying to convince me
to convince you otherwise?
No, Roger, God is
all about forgiveness
and I think that's
why you came in here.
This is the perfect
place to find it.
May I pray for you
and your family?
- I'm so sorry, I can change.
I promise you, I will change.
- Hey, you should
come to the concert.
Y'all should come
to the concert.
- Oh no, we are
not going to this.
- What are you doing
this weekend, Michael?
- I don't know--
- Hey, you should come
to the concert, you too.
- This place is huge.
- Yeah, do you think we should
have tried someplace smaller?
- Michael took care of it.
This is the first time
I've seen it, too.
- Do you guys think we'll
be singing to an empty room?
- If that's what we have to do.
- How much longer?
- Just a few more minutes.
- Remember, we do this for
his praise, not theirs.
We glorify him with our songs,
regardless of how
many people show up.
Well, let's pray.
Dear God, thank you
for your goodness,
your mercy, and your grace.
Help us carry these wonderful
gifts in our own hearts.
May your will be done, even
if we can't see your plans.
Lead us, even if we don't
understand where we're going.
Thank you for bringing
us where we stand today,
here on this stage.
We will glorify
you with our songs.
We will sing our
heart's desires.
In your name, we pray, Amen.
When I think about the Lord,
How he saved me,
how he raised me,
How he filled me
with the holy ghost,
How he healed
me to the utmost,
When I think about the Lord,
How he picked me up
and turned me around,
How he placed my
feet on solid ground,
When I think about the Lord,
How he saved me,
how he raised me,
How he filled me
with the holy ghost,
How he healed me to the utmost
When I think about the Lord,
How he picked me up
and turned me around,
How he placed my
feet on solid ground,
It makes me wanna shout
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus,
Lord, you're worthy
of all of the glory
And all of the honor
and all of the praise
It makes me wanna shout
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus,
Lord, you're worthy
of all of the glory
And all of the honor
and all of the praise
When I think about the Lord,
How he saved me,
how he raised me,
How he filled me
with the holy ghost,
How he healed
me to the utmost,
When I think about the Lord,
How he picked me up
and turned me around,
How he placed my
feet on solid ground,
It makes me wanna shout
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus,
Lord you're worthy
of all of the glory
And all of the honor
and all of the praise,
It makes me wanna shout,
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus,
Lord you're worthy
of all of the glory
And all of the honor
and all of the praise
It makes me wanna shout
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus,
Lord you're worthy
of all of the glory
And all of the honor
and all of the praise,
It makes me wanna shout,
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus,
Lord, you're worthy
of all of the glory
And all of the honor
and all of the praise
It makes me wanna shout
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus,
Lord, you're worthy
of all of the glory
And all of the honor
and all of the praise
It makes me wanna shout
To be so close to you, I
can feel your heart beating
To be so close to you, I
can hear your voice speaking,
To be caught up in you, to
be found where you're moving,
There's one thing I ask,
Father, to bring me closer
Oh, how the Earth
cries out for you
- Hey, sweetie, it's
been a long time.
I'm so sorry about
that, please forgive me.
- We love you so much and
we'll always miss you.
- Well, you're up
there waiting for us.
I'm gonna see you again
someday, I know that
because of your cousin, Faith.
- I look forward to
meeting you one day.
I'm sure you probably
already met my Mom and Dad.
Tell them I love
them and don't worry,
I'll keep an eye on
your parents for you.
Oh, how the Earth
cries out for you
We can't describe
just how great you are
If we stop singing,
the mountains will shout
Hallelujah, oh, Hallelujah
To be caught up in you, to
be found where you're moving,
There's one thing I ask,
Father, bring me closer
Oh, how the Earth
cries out for you
We can't describe
just how great you are
If we stop singing,
the mountains will shout