Fall Girls (2019) Movie Script

The morning after
Our storm collides
Rain on my parade
And that ain't right
You got issues, child
And I'm not your pastor
Go find the remedy
For your problem
Oh God, 11:00 a.m.?
How late did
we party last night?
Oh, damn.
Oh, God.
Oh, damn it!
Oh, my bad, Simone.
All this time I thought
that was your real hair.
That's a bomb lace
front. [laughing]
I'll see you.
Wait a second.
How did you lose your
lace front anyways?
Oh, we must have
been late last night.
Simone, wake up. Girl,
stop playing. Eh.
Wake up.
Boss lady, eh.
This is not funny. [laughing]
Boss lady.
This is not funny. Simone.
I don't like this. Boss lady.
Simone! Oh my God.
This is not funny.
Eh, come on.
Girl, why are you acting so
confused? What's wrong?
I think she's dead.
-[in Spanish] My God.
-You think she's what?
I think we killed our boss.
Take a risk and then
You're homeward bound
Just don't look over
It's a long way down
Don't need to look
No farther
'Cause I'm knocking
At your door
Just got to look over
Baby, we can take the floor
And you know you
Need to be awake
And see some major look
If you try
If you try
To notice me
[Linda] Ladies and gentlemen, it
is my honor to introduce to you
the woman who has made
all of this possible.
Let's give a round of applause
for this year's recipient
of the Woman of the Year award
for the third time in a row,
Miss Simone Wellington.
[crowd cheering]
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Linda.
[clears throat] You know,
you can choose any life you want
as long as you take control
and you tell yourself
"I can do it."
Let me hear you all
say that with me.
I can do it.
[woman] I can do it.
And yes you can.
I would like to announce that my
third best-selling motivational
program entitled "Don't Quit"
has just sold...
-twenty million
copies digitally.
-[woman gasps]
[woman] Whoo! Yeah!
I'd also like to announce
that Wellington Tech
has just completed our new
Intel processor software chip
that will be in every laptop
computer across the world
in just a short time
and that is thanks to my lead
programmer Tyra Johnson.
Hey, that's my wife.
I just wanted to--
[woman] Yeah!
She invented the program
and we could not do any
of this without you.
Thank you so much, Tyra.
And of course the woman
who brought Tyra to us,
Miss Paige Davis.
But I cannot even begin
to take all of the credit.
Linda, you have been
there since day one
and I could not have
accomplished any
of this without you.
[mouthing] Thank you.
Is my team amazing or what?
[woman] Yeah!
You guys give me two
hundred percent every day.
So at this time
I would like to announce
my new President
of Sales, Paige Davis.
[all cheering]
[women] Whoa!
You have been my number one
salesperson for a year straight
and your hard work
does not go unnoticed.
So thank you for that,
Madam President.
Baby, are you crying? You okay?
No, it's just my
allergies kicking in.
Baby, you don't--
you don't have allergies.
Well I do tonight.
So this night is
a little bittersweet.
Wellington is
at the top of its game
and I would like
to keep it that way,
which is why it saddens
me to announce
that I will be selling
Wellington Tech and retiring.
Wait, what?
I want to thank all of you
for being so supportive
throughout my career
but it's time we reach
the new level and you
all carry on my legacy.
My staff,
my employees, my colleagues,
you will continue the work
and Wellington will be the
greatest company that it can be.
Thank you. And enjoy
the evening.
It's a party, come on!
Dinner is served! Thank you!
Good night!
[soft jazz music]
-Paige, right?
Thank you. I'm sorry,
have we met?
I've seen you around.
President of Sales, right?
That's big shoes to fill.
Yes. And I will do everything in
my power to make my team proud.
I just think it's so wonderful
how our company is quick
to give the little guy a chance.
Keep up the good work.
We love ones like you,
so eager to move up.
Yes. Well maybe in a few
years I'll be a partner. Yes.
Wow, what a dreamer.
I admire that.
I was like you once
and now look at me,
partner of Wellington Tech
in just two months.
Wow! Really? In just two months?
That's-- that's crazy, huh.
I mean, well if that's the case,
I should be partner.
I didn't know that they were
passing out the position.
President of Sales
is not partner material.
And technically, I was
brought in at a much higher
position than you already,
so it's not as crazy
as it sounds.
So I guess you work for me now.
[laughs] This should be fun.
Hey, hey, I'm Tyra. I work on
the second floor programming.
Alexa Sims, I see you
every day on the elevator.
I'm a huge fan.
-I'm flattered, Nina.
-No, I'm Tyra.
I work on the second
floor programming.
I'll see you around, Paige.
Oh, Simone.
That woman is my hero.
Girl, shut up. She didn't
even know your name.
How could she be your hero?
She's only been here two months.
I should be your hero.
No, you're not my hero.
Girl, you're my best friend.
That's my hero.
I just don't understand
how they brought her
in here out of nowhere
and she's already partner.
That woman's the best.
They brought her in from the
biggest competitor corporation.
You should be happy
she's on our team.
Whatever. She's
not even all that.
Let's go talk to Simone too.
Oh no, no. We-- we're going
to the restroom, remember?
Oh yeah, right, restroom.
Okay, but let's just go fast
so that we can come back
and talk to Simone too.
It was a good event
tonight. I'm so excited.
-Wellington Tech.
-Spectacular evening, isn't it?
Yes. I kind of don't want
this night to end.
You two are my stars.
I am so proud of both of you.
Paige, so glad that
you're finally getting
what you deserve.
When this company sells,
you two ladies are going
to be taken care of,
let me tell you that.
Oh, thank you. But you decided
to sell the company. Why now?
It's our highest profit year.
Why not?
I've been doing this
my entire life.
I'm tired of working so hard.
I want to spend time
with my husband.
Besides, I have a lot of money.
I'm thinking of buying
an island in the Bahamas
next year.
Ooh. I want to be just like
you when I grow up.
Me too. And retire with class.
Hey, I have an idea.
I am giving a farewell speech
in San Francisco this weekend.
Why don't the two of you
join me? All expenses paid.
Think of it like a company trip.
Leave the husbands at home.
It'll be just us girls.
What do you think? We'll
have the time of our lives.
well, we would be honored,
Mrs. Wellington.
-We can't say no.
-No, you really can't.
-I'll have Jackie
send you the details.
-Thank you.
-Yes, thank you.
Cheers to that.
-My pleasure.
-She is a rich--
-She's going to pay
for everything.
--ass bitch.
You're rich...
[soft music]
Babe, babe, you're forgetting
your lunch.
I was in there working
hard over the stove.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
Look at this, wearing
all my red lipstick.
Now what time is this
flight taking off?
Flight's at 3:00 p.m.
You know I can't take
your sister with us.
This is a work trip.
But it's just for the weekend.
And this is a great opportunity
for her to finally get her mind
off losing her job.
And she really,
really looks up to you.
I know, I know, but you
know what happened
the last time I tried to take
her with us somewhere.
She embarrassed me in
front of the entire family.
It was a long time ago.
Well, I'm going
to miss you, babe.
I'm going to miss you too.
Then don't leave. Stay with me.
-I'm just playing.
Or I can just go with you.
No. You know my boss invited me
personally with all the girls.
Babe, you can't go this time.
You went to three
company trips already.
This is a great opportunity
for you girls to bond
and go on a girls trip, right?
Yeah, but your sister really
isn't one of the girls.
Damn. I've done
favor after favor for you.
You can at least
do this one for me.
Just go have a good time
and make sure you call
me when you land
so I know you made it safe.
Baby, I will, okay? I love you.
-You know I can't
say no to that face.
-Okay, okay. I'll take her.
Best hubby in the world.
I got to be. There's a lot
of men out there trying
to get my woman.
God, I don't want you to go.
[weeping] I don't
want you to go.
[Tyra laughing]
I have to call my assistant's
boss first to see if it's
okay for me to take her.
I can't just show up
with a tag-along.
-Thank you.
I knew you'd say yes
so I gave her the information.
She'll see you at the airport.
-[Paige gasping]
Can I get a kiss?
I emailed your schedule for the
weekend so you're all set. Yeah.
And if there's nothing else, I'm
going to head home and spend
the weekend with my husband.
I am going to close
the deal and I'm going
to try to have fun.
-See you Monday.
-Alright. See you Monday.
-Hey, hey.
-Hey, how are you?
-Hey, hey.
-Hey lady.
You ready to go, old-timer?
-Oh, who are you
calling "old-timer"?
Oh, it's me.
I'm just ready
as I'll ever be.
I really haven't had a chance to
tell you how exciting this is.
I mean selling
the company, that is big!
Look how far we've come.
Yeah, we did this.
Yes, we did.
I got to tell you though,
I kind of miss the old days.
You and me in the basement.
-Not so much.
[sighs] Linda, you got a lot
of good years left in you.
I'm getting older.
I want to spend some quality
time with that hot husband
of mine while I still can.
As you should.
-Prime of my life.
-Let's go close the deal.
And then promise me we're going
to try to have a little fun.
-A last hurrah?
-I am all in.
-See you soon.
-Alright. See you on the jet.
[plane landing]
Take a shot
Into the fall line
Celebrate because I made it
If you all want
to dance with us
Fall back like me
We're in the Matrix
See you in the crowd
Dancing out of style
Flexing with your money
I'm just laughing out loud
Hold your drinks up
Then drink up
[Paige] Thank you.
Oh, this is so gorgeous.
We'll bring that right
up to your room.
[Keke] But this is
gorgeous so I'll--
Good afternoon, welcome to The
Summit. My name is Samantha.
How may I help you?
Yes, there should be a
reservation for Paige Davis.
Okay, let me look that right up.
-Oh, you're Mrs. Wellington's
guest. Why didn't you say so?
She's Mrs. Willington's guest.
-Oh, hello! Welcome!
Come this way. We're
going to get your luggage
and we'll put it on a cart
and then we'll get your
villas ready. Are these
your guests as well?
-Ladies, follow me, please.
-They're guests
of Mrs. Wellington.
-You're always--
-Thank you so much for coming.
-Thank you. This
place is very nice.
[Tyra] I like it.
-[Tyra] Oh!
-[Paige] So so fabulous.
I like it.
H my God. You know
what, I really, really
love the dcor.
-This is so chic.
-I like it.
[Paige] I love it.
[Paige] Oh my God, I'm
so happy to be here finally.
I really needed this.
There goes this one.
You do know it's free, right?
You don't have to steal it.
That's even better.
Okay you guys, come on, let's
get freshened up and change
because we're about to turn up.
-Yeah, coz we're
about to get lit.
-Big sis, I might gotta
sleep with you tonight.
I don't know if my brother
told you but I got
environmental phobia.
I get nervous when I'm
in new environments.
What the hell
is environmental phobia?
I just told you, it's when
you're nervous in new
It's common for
young black America.
Young? Keke, you are
not that young.
No, you are not sleeping
in my room, okay?
We're all grown ass women.
Stop it. We're all sleeping in
our own rooms tonight, okay?
Don't even think about it.
Welcome back, Mrs. Wellington.
Good to see you again.
It's good to see you, Andy.
How's the wife?
She's doing well.
Tell her I said hello.
-Sure thing, Mrs. Wellington.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-Hey, Jerome.
Hi, Chris.
We have you in your usual
room, Mrs. Wellington.
Excellent. Have my
guests arrived yet?
They've already
been taken care of.
Okay. I want this to be a
spectacular weekend for them.
Why don't you have a seat
and relax? We'll get you
a glass of champagne.
We're getting your villa ready
now and we'll have the
cart up in just a moment.
-Thank you so much.
-And let me take your
jacket for you.
-Thank you.
Ah, it's so good to be home.
-Well, you're like family
to us, Mrs. Wellington.
-Thank you
Hi there.
Thank you.
Can you please get
Mrs. Wellington's cart
out here immediately?
-No problem.
-Thank you.
-[man] Mrs. Wellington.
-Hello there, handsome.
-Nice to have you today.
-Thank you.
-And you'll get my things?
Tonight it's going down
We're about to get it now
[Simone] Tomorrow
the deal is going to close.
Wellington is going to be
sold and I'm going
to be all yours.
Are you sure I'm making
the right decision, Henry?
Because I don't want
to feel like I'm being selfish.
I may be ready for retirement
but everybody might not be.
Oh my God. We're about
to turn up tonight,
it's going to be so lit.
Oh wait, wait. Keke,
can you wait for me
in the car please?
I'll introduce you to
someone at the club, okay?
Just wait for me at the car.
I'll be out in a second, just
two seconds, two seconds.
Alright, I'll talk to you
tomorrow. Bye.
[knocking on door]
-Hello, ladies.
-Get in here.
-Oh you look gorgeous.
-[Paige] Oh, thank you.
-Are you ready to party?
Hey, I'm going to put on
a little red number.
You guys have some wine.
And we're going to have a night
that we don't tell our husbands.
-Shh. Ready for anything.
-Yes, ready for anything.
Wooh. This is nice.
Let's start drinking.
[talking gibberish]
What are you doing?
I'm about to party
like my college days.
Oh, Keke, you know you
did not go to college, girl.
True. About to turn up
like my high school days.
Paige, who is this woman?
Sorry boss, this is
my sister-in-law, Keke.
I hope you don't mind, she's
going to be joining us tonight.
No, more the merrier.
Get in here, big stuff. Come
right over here. [laughing]
I like her.
-[Keke] Okay, Paige.
Hey Lexy, come join us.
Yeah, come join us.
Excuse me.
Look at you. Wow.
Hey girl, how you doing?
Not right now, Gooch.
Can't you see I'm with my
friends? Please, be gone.
[all laughing]
More shots.
Just in time.
-Put that on my tab.
-Oh, no, no ,no, Simone,
I got this. I insist.
Oh why, thank you Lexy. No,
I got it. I'll take care of it.
-I just said I got it.
-I got it.
No, big sis got it. Aye, aye,
aye, big sis got it, okay?
She's got that new promo.
She's got that new promo.
She's bowling right now.
Ain't that right, big sis?
-Okay, sh.
You're doing too much.
-Look, this trip
is our little secret.
What happens in Vegas
stays in Vegas.
I know, Keke, but this is San
Francisco, it's not Vegas.
It doesn't matter where
we are or what we do,
no one will never know.
You know what? Good point.
Hey, drinks up, drinks up!
-Okay, well, here it goes
for me and my new promotion.
-[Keke] To you.
And to you, Simone,
of course on your new journey
after the company sells.
Yes. But to a night
we shall never forget.
-[Keke] Never!
[all] Yeah!
-Drink! Drink! Cheers!
Cheers! Cheers!
[Keke] Alright, go.
Heather, more drinks!
-[Tyra] Come on.
-[Simone] Let's go.
[laughing and cheering]
Oh, we're going to dance.
I wanna dance too!
Come on. Let's go.
[Paige] Ey!
I'm gonna take you home
Now that's what
I'm gonna do
I'm gonna take you home
I'm gonna take you home
Now that's what
I'm gonna do
I'm gonna take you home
Take you home
Take you home
Now that's what
I'm gonna do
I'm gonna take you home
Gonna take you home
Take you home
That's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna take you home
Now that's what
I'm gonna do
I'm gonna take you home
[screaming and cheering]
Hey, I wanna admit,
this has been real.
This is the most fun
I've ever had in my life!
Oh, hey, hey!
[Paige] Lex, time with you!
Wait a second. Wait a second.
You guys are acting
like this night is over.
The party has just begun.
Listen boss lady,
I do not do powder.
Come on, one little.
Little. Little. Little.
Hey, hey, that's
white people stuff.
I am a white person.
I'm black and I'd do it.
Look at you, little...
Come on, do it.
We already had lots of drinks.
Okay, okay.
-You want one?
-It'll be fun.
[Paige] You got
a long tongue, girl.
Get your ass up.
Never say no to the boss.
What's the worst
that can happen?
[Tyra] Yeah!
[Tyra] Whoo!
[birds chirping]
Oh God, 11:00 a.m.?
How late did we
party last night?
Oh, damn.
Oh, God.
Oh, damn it!
Oh, my bad, Simone.
Damn, all this time I thought
that was your real hair.
That's a bomb lace front.
[laughs] I'll see you.
Wait a second.
How did you lose
your lace front anyways?
Oh, we must have
been late last night.
Simone, wake up.
Girl, stop playing.
Eh, wake up.
Boss lady, eh.
This is not funny. Simone?
Simone. Boss lady.
This is not funny.
I don't like this.
Boss lady. Simone.
Oh, my God. This is not funny.
Simone? Eh, come on.
Girl, why are you
acting so confused?
-What's wrong?
I think she's dead.
[in Spanish] Oh, my God.
-You think she's what?
-I think we killed our boss.
Well, check her pulse.
I ain't touching no dead body.
Well, neither am I.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God. [crying]
The hell?
Can somebody please
shut that baby up?
[Paige gibbering]
-It's not a baby, it's Paige.
-[Paige weeping]
That figures.
[Paige in Spanish]
Oh, my God. What
are we going to do?
What? Why don't you tell
me what's going on?
Would you be quiet?
I need to think.
Why is Simone on the floor?
Why is she not in her bed?
I think she's... dead.
Mm. Simone is not dead.
She's probably just asleep.
We had a lot to drink last
night. Come on, Simone. Simone.
[Tyra] What?
[gasps] I think you're right.
Simone is dead.
-I'm calling 911.
-No, no, no, don't, don't
Don't do that yet, okay?
We-- just-- think about it.
It's three African-American
women in a hotel room
with one of the most richest,
most powerful white women dead.
Hey, just think
about how that'll look.
I think Lexy's right. What if
somebody killed her and now they
are trying to frame us for it?
That's life in prison.
I can't go to jail, Ty--
Nobody is going to jail.
No one is going to jail. We
don't even know what happened.
She could have had a stroke
or a heart attack or something.
-Yeah. Yeah, we was popping
a lot of pills last night.
-Right. Yeah.
-And drinking.
And she's old.
Wait. What about if somebody
ran up in here while we were
sleeping and killed her or--
or-- or maybe we roughed
her up too much and knocked
her out by accident?
All I'm saying
is Simone is dead.
Whether she got killed
or she OD'ed or the bitch
just died of natural causes,
how is that going to look
if somebody finds out?
[in Spanish] My God.
Why? I didn't do
anything to this woman.
I didn't kill her.
-[knocking on the door]
-[Ty gasping]
Oh my God, it's the police.
[in Spanish] The police is
here, they're here. They are
going to take me. I know it.
[Lexy] No, no, no, no.
You guys just grab the
body. Move the body.
I ain't touching no dead body.
-Come on, grab the body.
-[knocking on the door]
-[Lexy] One, two,
three. Come.
-[Paige] Up.
[both] One, two, three, go.
-Okay. Okay. Come.
-Okay, okay.
Okay, let's go. Let's go.
-[Ty] Who is this?
Who is it?
-Open up, it's Keke.
It's Keke. She'll say something.
Just act natural, okay?
[Lexy] Natural.
Hi. Hi, Keke. Welcome.
How are you doing?
How is my favorite
sister-in-law this morning, huh?
-Big sis, you okay?
I went to your room.
I figured you was in here.
We was lit last night.
what did you all do
after I left?
Looks like a lot.
Actually-- actually you kind of
got lost after the party buzz.
Remember Ted?
Linda's assistant?
I stayed with him last night.
Wait, Ted? When
did you meet Ted?
Well, when I bumped
into Linda in the lobby,
after I bumped into Ted
in the bathroom.
Wait, how long were you
in the lobby before you
went to the room?
Twenty minutes,
but it was instant, it was
like love at first sight,
Romeo and Juliet,
only the black version because
I'm black mixed with white
because he's white, so now
it's like we are mixing and--
-Okay, we get it, Keke.
-Keke, where's Ted now?
-Why the twenty-one
questions? What the hell?
-[Paige] Oh, Keke.
-Whose foot is that?
- Keke, Keke, listen,
brace yourself, okay?
We're about to tell you
something really,
really, really bad.
Remember when I told you
whatever happens between
us stays between us?
Of course, big sis.
Okay. Well,
okay, Simone Wellington is--
Is dead!
Oh, my gosh!
-Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God.
-You're going to draw attention.
Oh, my God! I got to call 911.
-No, no, no,
not yet, not yet. Okay?
-[Paige] Relax.
-Not yet.
-No, no, no, listen.
Lexy thought it would
look suspicious, you know?
White woman dead,
black women alive, jail.
I ain't going to jail.
What are we going to do?
Who else knows about this?
Of course nobody knows.
We just found her this morning.
Keke, you're a genius.
She is?
Wait, why am I a genius?
No one knows she's dead.
What the hell are you
getting at, Paige?
No one has to know she's dead.
Like chopping up her body
and feeding it to the pigs?
No, Keke, that's not what
I'm saying. You need to stop
playing so many video games.
-What are you saying?
-What I'm saying is
if we contact the police,
we don't know what's
going to happen.
But if we pretend
she's still alive,
then we can find out what
happened and then go to the
police with the answers.
-You know what?
That's a good idea.
-[Paige] Yes.
Wait a minute. I don't know if
that's going to work, you guys.
We might go to jail for
tampering with evidence
and then covering up a murder.
Y'all crazy. You know,
I'm calling 911.
-[Paige] No, no, no.
-[Lexy] Wait, wait.
If it was a murder,
we don't even know that yet.
And I think Paige
is onto something.
This might just work.
Of course it's going to work
'cause I thought of it.
Well the only way
the idea will really work
is if we figure out what her
schedule is for the day.
What do we need for that?
Lexy, you know what?
That might work.
You're actually brilliant.
Wait a second.
I came up with the plan
and she said something
about some schedule
and all of a sudden she's
brilliant? How does that happen?
Because if we have her schedule
then we can stick to the plan
and we can keep her schedule.
Right. No one will
get suspicious.
-I'm down. Let's do it.
-[Lexy] Totally agree.
-Alright. You guys,
let's find her phone.
I'm sure her assistant
sent her schedule to her phone.
Great idea.
-Come on.
-Got it. Got it. Alright.
-[Tyra] Got it?
Open it.
-Open it.
-It's locked.
Okay, give it to me.
[Paige] Did it work?
Yes. Here we go.
12:00 p.m., meet Linda
at the bar and grill.
Wait, how are we supposed
to convince her partner?
-Oh no. we got to cancel.
-No, no, no, no.
If we cancel, that's going
to make us look suspicious.
We got to find out
what happened to our boss.
So how do we do it?
First... Okay, okay, okay, wait,
we got to get her changed.
Wait, y'all just playing, right?
One of y'all got to give
up your lace front.
Well, give her yours.
-This was your idea.
This is cut and shaped
to my head. I mean what
am I going to wear?
Well, one of us has to do it.
what happens in Vegas...
[all] Stays in Vegas.
But we're in San Francisco.
[all laughing]
Okay, well, just-- just keep
smiling, okay. We'll be okay.
Right, smile, look normal
and no one will--
Act normal
and no one will stare.
Of course they are going to
stare, we are with the boss.
What do you think?
It looks like someone's
staring already.
Hey Simone. Oh, hey. I've been
trying to call you all morning.
-Oh, what happened
to your foot?
Sshhh. Simone is in her power
nap time. She doesn't
want to be disturbed.
Oh, oh, okay. Um,
okay, it's really important
though, it's about
the speech tonight.
Well, I'm sure Simone
has your number, Miss...
-Paula. I've been
calling all morning.
-Okay, Paula.
Well, we will make sure
that she calls you, okay?
-So lovely to meet you.
-Okay, alright. Okay.
-See you later.
-Yeah. It's such a good
look on her, you know.
-[Tyra] Yeah.
-See you later.
-[Paige] Okay, bye.
Nice to meet you.
-That's an interesting
look on her.
See you later.
-[Tyra] My gosh.
-Close call.
-Okay. I can't be
[Tyra] Guys, I just spoke with
T, I think Linda is going
to be a no show.
[Lexy] Which is strange
because Linda's never late.
-[Paige] Keke, call
her assistant. Yeah.
-Good idea.
Hey Big T, it's me Keke.
What's up, Keke,
my little brown sugar?
[Tyra] Okay.
Your boss Linda was scheduled
to have a meeting with Simone
Wellington at 12:00.
We are all just sitting here
and she never showed up.
Wait. Are you sure?
I just spoke to Linda
this morning. She said
she was going to be there.
And why are you with Simone?
I told you my big sis got
invited personally by Simone
to hang out this weekend.
We chilling at this fancy
restaurant and stuff.
So Simone is with you
guys right now?
Yeah, she's right here.
Oh God, Simone hates to be
stood up. I got to call Linda.
Um, can I speak with Simone?
You want to talk to Simone?
Not right now. She's busy.
Okay, okay, alright. I'll call
you right back. Alright?
[hangs up]
Oh, Keke, I see you.
I must admit I'm a little
impressed, you know.
You know what? People are still
staring at us, you guys. Look.
Yeah, I know, but we're
four average black women
with one of the most powerful
white women in America.
You would be staring too.
So just act natural. Keke, leave
that woman's braid alone.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Ted.
Hey, so you missed your meeting
with Miss Wellington at 12:00.
Apparently she's at the
restaurant waiting--
What? No, I didn't. She
rescheduled late last night.
Well, I just got a call from one
of Miss Wellington's associates
who said that she was waiting
on you at the restaurant.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, I am.
Look, I know how you
always told me Mrs. Wellington
never likes to be stood up.
Would you like me
to reschedule?
Uh, no, that's okay.
I'll handle it. Thank you.
[hangs up]
Hi, Luther. How are you?
Is Mrs. Wellington in your
restaurant right now?
Well, yeah she is,
right over at table five.
She's with a couple of ladies.
They seem to be all
having a good time.
Didn't you have a reservation
set for this afternoon as well?
You know what? I apologize,
it totally slipped my mind.
I was trying to reschedule.
My apologies.
No one called
to cancel the reservations.
Okay, alright. Thank you
so much. See you soon.
[hangs up]
We have a problem.
Wellington is still alive.
Mrs. Simone's going to golf
with investors at 2:00 p.m.
How are we going to do that?
I can't golf, you can't golf.
We-- we have to go.
How the hell are we supposed
to do that, Tyra?
Simone can't golf.
Uh, news flash, Simone is dead.
And how are we supposed
to convince the investors that
she's alive but not talking?
I don't know Paige, you
were the one with this bright
idea. You tell me, huh?
-You figure it out.
-Oh, no, no, no, no.
Don't come for me, Tyra.
Don't act like any
of this was my fault. You
better not talk to me like that.
Listen, would you
two cut it out?
-Listen, we are in public,
so act like such.
Okay, okay.
[Linda] Oh yes, now
that was a massage.
[man] Look like you needed it.
Have a seat, gentlemen.
Excuse us. Thank you so much.
You know,
I thought I made myself
specifically clear.
Kill Wellington.
Very simple.
I don't understand.
We did everything that
you asked us to do.
We planted the drugs
in the room, gave Simone
the lethal dose.
We even checked
her pulse. Nothing.
Then why is she still alive?
Let me tell you something.
If this company sells,
I don't get anything.
And as long as Simone is alive,
the company will sell.
Hmm. I just had a massage.
I'm going to calm down.
If you can't get this done,
I'll have to do it myself.
What are we supposed to do?
Do you want it to get messy?
'Cause we can get messy.
No mess.
And nothing that can
lead back to me either.
What about those women?
Ooh, now you're concerned
about the women.
[laughing] The four women
in the photos.
Keep an eye on them
for now...
until I can figure
out a better plan.
And please help us all out.
Try not to do anything stupid.
Got it?
Got it.
You're still here because?
Get out!
[sighing] Relax.
[Paige] Hold her!
Make sure she don't fall.
-Hi guys.
-[Keke] Hi, guys.
Hey! Thank you. Thank you.
[Paige] Hey, make sure
she looks alive.
Make her say yes
and no or something
like you're talking to her.
-[Keke] How she gonna
say yes or no?
-I don't know.
-[Paige] Say no. Say no.
-[Keke] How she goes say
yes or no? She is dead.
-[Tyra] Listen, I'm trying
to make something--
-[Paige] Let her wave.
-[Paige] Hold her!
Make sure she don't fall.
-[Tyra] Okay.
[Paige] Fix her hair.
[Paige] I don't even know
how all of this happened.
This was supposed to be
the best weekend ever.
-No, this is the worst
weekend ever.
[Lexy] Listen, it's all going to
be good. We're going to find out
what happened to Simone
and then everything
will be back to normal.
You guys, what about
if we really did kill her?
Would you stop it with all that?
We don't even know if
she was murdered, first of all.
And second of all,
none of us are even
capable of killing anybody.
-Well, except for maybe Keke.
-Not me.
[phone ringing]
Well, you were with us so we
won't even get into that.
Wait, wait, wait. It's my
husband Marques.
-Oh, my God.
-Answer it.
-What do I do?
-Answer it.
Answer and act normal, Paige.
Okay, okay, okay.
Hello. Hi, baby.
How you doing?
Don't "baby" me
like it's all good.
Marques, why are
you yelling at me?
You trying to play me like
I'm stupid. Well, I'm not
stupid, Paige Davis.
Wait, what are you talking
about? You need to lower your
voice, tone and delivery, okay?
Ooh, that girl right now.
She don't know what
you're talking about.
She's trying to tell me to lower
my voice in my own h--
lower my voice, I ain't
going to-- you know
what you need to do?
You need to explain to me
why I wake up in the morning
to a video message
from you from a strip club.
-What's up with that? You don't
even like strippers, Paige.
-Apparently she do.
What are you talking about? I
would never go to a strip club.
Lies, brother, lies, lies.
Let her know--
let her know now.
You need to check your phone.
You sent me a video message.
Go ahead, check it!
Let me give you all these
quarters, all these quarters.
My guy. Whoo!
I wish you were here,
big head. I'm doing it
for the both of us.
Oh my God. Girls, I sent him
a video of us at the
strip club last night.
Okay, fine, you caught me.
[Tyra] Oh shit, she fell!
Oh, God. Oh, my god. She fell.
-Oh, my toes.
-It was an accident.
Hurry up, grab her.
I'm sorry. I'm gonna
call you right back.
I'm gonna call you back.
Don't you break up, Paige,
don't you-- don't you
hang up this phone on me.
-[Tyra] It was accident.
-[Paige] Just grab her.
Pick her up.
-[Lexy] Okay, ready?
-[Keke] Get my wig.
-[Paige] Just grab
her arms. Grab her legs.
-[Keke] She's killing my wig.
Ready? I'm going to get
her from the middle.
Ready, one, two, three.
-[Tyra] I got her arms.
I got her arms.
-[Paige] Girl body!
-[Tyra] Come on.
-[Paige] One, two, three.
This is one of my best wigs.
Girl, ain't nobody paying
attention to your wig.
-We are going
to San Francisco.
-Are we?
Yeah. We are going
to San Francisco.
I got eyes on them right now.
Simone's still alive.
She is with the same ladies that
she was with earlier at lunch.
You know we all will get
into a lot of trouble for this.
I know. I'm sorry. I'm just
having a moment...
[gibbering in Spanish]
Keke, what's that thing
you always say?
What happens in Vegas...
[all] Stays in Vegas.
Okay, come on, we got to go
make sure she's okay.
Okay. Keke.
-Come on, Paige,
pull it together.
Alright, let's go.
[Lexy] Guys, take
the rope off of her.
-[Keke] This?
-[Lexy] Yeah.
-[Paige] Fix her hair. Okay.
-[Lexy] Right, right.
-[Tyra] Oh, here
they are coming.
-[Paige] She's good.
-Okay. They are coming. Ready?
-[Paige] Okay.
[Paige] Yeah.
-[Lexy] You guys stay here.
-[Paige] Okay.
-Hi. You must be Randy
Haussmann and Alfred Tanner.
Such a pleasure to meet you.
Simone has told us
all about you two.
Hope so. We're the two guys
who're going to be buying
Wellington Tech.
Oh, yes. Wonderful.
Simone. As punctual as ever.
But no golf today?
No, she's resting today.
Okay, we're going to be playing
the silent treatment now,
huh, Simone?
[girls laughing]
Well, Alfred and I have
parsed this deal over and...
one billion dollars.
-One billion dollars, oh my!
-[Paige] Keke.
-[Keke] Oh my God.
-[Paige] Focus.
-[Paige] Oh gosh.
A billion dollars.
You're right, Simone.
She's too smart.
We can't lowball this one.
Pick it up.
Two billion. How
does that sound?
Wonderful. Gentlemen,
let's go this way.
Let's go, shall we?
Hi. My name is Paige Davis.
How are you? Yes.
Okay. Well, I am the president
of sales and-- Tyra, Tyra, yeah.
-Tyra is the head
of programming, okay.
-And Keke over there,
she is the head of lab security.
-[Tyra] Yes.
So, what is it that
you gentlemen said
you were offering?
we're offering enough that,
well, quite frankly we'd like
to speak directly to Simone.
-I mean no
offense, ladies.
-[Lexy] Yeah.
I have to tell you this is all--
all a bit strange.
We received a call
yesterday from Linda, it was,
-who said that this deal was--
this meeting was over.
-[Paige] Mm-hmm.
-And then we got a call today
that said it was back on.
-And as I said, I'd really
like to speak to Simone.
-No, no.
-You see, Simone is--
Yeah, because--
What happened is that
Simone is in a deep stage
of meditation right now
and she said that--
that I could speak for her.
Oh boy. Well, we know
when Simone doesn't talk
that she means business.
-You know her very well.
We do?
-I'll tell you what,
let's not do this here.
Uh, how about dinner
tonight at eight right
after the conference?
-You know what? Let me
just check her schedule.
-[Paige] Yeah.
Simone, pass me the phone.
What's that? Uh-huh. Yeah.
Eight o'clock sounds great.
-Simone would like
to talk to you.
One sec. Okay.
Okay, oh.
What? You said what? No?
-What's she saying?
-Hey, I do whatever you say.
You know, you're the boss.
You're the boss lady.
Um, yeah, Simone says that
if you do a whole full business
proposal by tonight,
bam, you've got a deal.
Well, yeah, I guess
-eight o'clock will work.
-[Lexy] Great.
-Okay, yeah, fantastic.
-[Lexy] Wonderful.
Sorry to bother you, Simone.
See you tonight?
-[Paige] Okay, see you later.
-[Lexy] Okay.
Yeah. Bye. Thank you, guys.
Simone said don't be late.
-She did?
Right, Simone?
-See, I heard it.
-[Lexy laughing]
-[Paige] Bye. See you.
Thank you. See you tonight.
-[Keke] Bye.
So I guess we can mark Alfred
and Randy off the list because
they can't be suspects.
They wouldn't offer
that much money if they
were going to kill her.
Right. You're right
about that, Lexy.
We don't have a lot of time
to figure this out.
Well, now start
looking for clues,
you know, maybe things that are,
you know, put out of place
or something, I don't know.
Maybe we can go back
to the hotel and find something
that was missing.
-Good idea.
Don't hotels have
security cameras?
So, all we need to do is look
at the hallway footage.
This is a lot, seriously.
I don't even know how
we're going to do this.
Good job on the
security uniform.
I got the security
schedule from Greg.
Okay. How'd you manage
to do that, Lex?
I have my ways. But listen,
we got about thirty minutes
before the lunch break is over.
Within that thirty minutes
no one is guarding the
security room, okay?
But it's not easy to get in to.
Okay. Okay. I already got this.
I've already checked out the
hotel, I know the system.
It doesn't seem like it's going
to be that hard to crack.
Perfect. Then you know
what to do as soon as you get
in the main security room.
I'm going to go speak to the
staff, see what I can get from
Paige, you stay
here with Simone.
No, no, no, wait a minute.
Why do I have to stay here
and babysit Simone?
Why can't Keke do it?
Why can't I just go with Tyra?
No offense, Paige,
but you just don't seem
like the security type.
-Why not?
-You're just not security
material. That's all.
Okay look, Paige, if you want
to, you and I can switch.
-All you have to do is
hack into the system.
You have to steal
the footage in the mainframe,
reprogram the system
and then wipe the hard drive
so it looks like we were
never there. It's easy.
Yeah, yeah. Okay, I think
you're right, I'm going
to stay here with Simone.
What I'm doing?
-You're going to be on lookout.
-Once Tyra gets inside
and does her thing,
you're going to watch the door.
But what if I got to pee and
then somebody comes to the door?
Okay. Okay, Keke,
remember when you told me
about your big moment in life?
Like being a superhero one
day and saving the world?
Yeah, exactly. Just like that.
Well, this is that moment.
That's not saving the world.
I'm not like disarming a bomb
that's supposed to go off
and kill a bunch of people
like in the movies.
Okay, Keke. Okay, Keke,
um, that's never going
to happen, okay?
So, I need you to think
smaller. Think small.
Can you do that
for me Keke, please?
I could do that, big sis.
Okay, good. So, all we need
you to do is stay and watch.
I got you.
Alright, great. Everybody know
what they need to do? Good.
We got less than two hours
before Simone's speech.
Let's go. I'll be right back.
[Keke] Okay, so. Okay.
[Keke] Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on. Hold on.
[panting] Oh, oh...
Girl, what was that?
You're going to hurt yourself.
Too late. I didn't do
that since high school.
Okay, give me the keypad.
[faster beeping]
Alright, we got twenty minutes
before lunch is over.
All I need is ten.
-If anyone comes,
you know what to do, right?
-Yeah. Whodohoo!
Girl. Mm-hmm.
It's about to be lit tonight.
Wait, this is ridiculous.
What the hell do I look like
talking to my dead boss?
Wait, no, no, no. You know what?
I really wish things would
have been different but,
hey, at least we have
one-- at least we had
one hell of a night.
You know what I'm saying?
A night to die for.
You got it?
[Paige screams]
Y'all don't know how to knock?
You scared the hell out of me.
-[Paige] Oh...
-Paige, what are you doing here?
With the body,
what are you doing?
What does it look
like I'm doing?
I'm doing her makeup
for tonight's speech.
Wait, did you get the footage?
Yeah, it's right here.
We got it.
[Keke] Get it in.
Can you fast-forward?
[Lexy] Wait, right there,
right there. Zoom in.
-[Tyra] Two guys coming
out of the room.
-[Lexy] Two guys.
We need to figure out who
these two guys are and
turn them in to the police.
Yeah. Who would
want to kill Simone?
Probably someone who didn't
want the company to sell
because they'd get cut
out of the deal, like Lexy.
No offense, Lexy.
What? I watch "True
Crime" on the ID channel.
Besides Lexy, who wouldn't
want the company to sell?
Can we just keep my name
out of it please?
Right. Lexy
couldn't kill a fly.
[Lexy] Thank you.
Then who?
Linda's the only one that
stands to lose something if
the company sells to investors.
I mean who knows what's going
to happen if the company sells.
Linda could lose her
position like that.
I mean I could too but I'm not
as old as Linda is and I don't
have that much invested.
Technically you guys
can lose your jobs too
but that's not the point.
The point is
if Simone dies
before the company sells,
Linda inherits everything.
Keke, you're a genius.
I am?
Yep, I am a genius.
Oh my God, guys. Oh, my God.
Linda must have had
Simone killed before
the company got sold.
We kind of just figured
that out, Paige.
Right, right.
And now we're going
to take the fall for it.
So, what we're going
to do now, ladies?
As long as they think Simone's
alive, we're in danger.
But if we let them know
she's dead, then we
could take the fall for it.
Yeah, but we don't know who
these two guys are and we don't
even know if they're still here.
You know, we should all go
to the event as planned
and just support Simone
and act like nothing's wrong.
Didn't y'all say Simone
got a speech tonight?
Don't worry about that.
Keke, I have an idea.
Okay, so I need you to stay
in this room with Simone
and under no circumstance
allow anyone to come in this
room. Can you do that?
You already know I got you.
Thank you, Keke.
I'm really glad you came.
Little sis.
I'm glad I came too, big sis.
[Marques panting]
Where in the hell are they?
I can smell her.
I know she's in here.
I smell the cocoa butter
and smell that Chanel No. 5.
I know she's in there.
They're here all upon
that home wrecker.
All upon and I mean
Saturday night special
all upon. I mean Beyonc--
Wait, no. You're here for me.
My bad, brother.
You know, I'm sorry.
I can't right now. Get out of my
[clearing his throat]
Hi, how are you doing?
I'm looking for my wife,
Paige Davis.
Could you please give me
the information to her room?
Sir, I do apologize but
we can't give information
on our guests.
You don't understand.
I'm her husband.
We've-- we've traveled
far to get here.
Man, that's probably
like an hour. It wasn't
really that long.
Not like that.
I understand, but we can't give
information on our guests.
You don't understand. I need you
to get my wife, Paige Davis.
I'm her husband Marques Davis.
You don't know who
you're messing with.
Somebody in here is
going to catch a body! Whoo!
I'm just saying, woman.
Listen sir, I'm going to have
to ask you to leave or I will
have security escort you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no.
Oh, you don't know me.
-We don't know. He don't know
you. He don't know you. Sh.
-I don't care who you are.
I'm sorry, what did you
say your name was?
Samantha. And I'm going
to need you to get your boy.
-Oh, oh.
He's fine. It's just been
a really long day.
You have to understand like
we came all the way down here
to surprise his wife
for their anniversary
and to be honest,
we've-- we've just got
the runaround. So,
if you could just help us
find Paige Davis,
that'd really be awesome.
Hold on, give me a second.
Mr. Johnson, can you please
come to the front desk?
What can I help you with?
This gentleman says
he's Mrs. Davis's husband.
-Hi sir, you're
Mrs. Davis's husband?
-Yes, I am.
Okay. Can I see
some identification please?
Thank you.
And who's she a guest of?
Mrs. Wellington.
It does look like he's the
husband. But we have
a banquet going on, correct?
Yes, we do.
Sir, we currently have a banquet
going on in the east villas
and I do believe she's there.
So, what I can do for you,
I don't normally do this,
but if you want to take
a seat in the lobby,
once it's done I'll give her
a call and have her come out.
-Thank you.
-Sound good? Yes.
-I appreciate you.
-All right. Great.
You're the man.
The lobby is right
over here, gentlemen.
Oh no, we just got
to go to the car and--
-Real quick.
-get something out
of it real quick.
-[Marques] But we're going
to come right back and--
-Thank you Mr. Johnson.
Appreciate it.
-You got it.
-What do you mean we got it?
-I'm just kidding.
Since I am partner now,
I think we should work together.
I think we make a great team.
Do you not agree?
You just have nothing to say?
You got to believe it.
Let me just cut to the chase.
I want in. Twenty-five percent
or I sing like a pop star.
Sit down, get comfortable.
Let me pour you some wine.
Come on. Come on.
-[Linda laughs]
I like you, Lexy.
I've always liked you.
And I like your style.
Thank you.
But in this instance
I don't think I know what
you're talking about.
You know exactly
what I'm talking about.
If Simone sells this company
being sole owner of Wellington
Tech, she retires a billionaire.
But you,
you, the woman
who built this company,
walks away with nothing.
Still having to work
for new bosses.
That's if they decide
to keep you on.
Come on, Linda.
We want the same thing.
Simone dead.
And what do I
need you for again?
Because I'm getting the
feeling that you think I can't
handle this on my own.
Well apparently not
because I know your first
attempt to kill Simone didn't
work because she's still alive.
And the two guys you hired,
they're ready to talk.
You also have three
other witnesses who
can't wait to turn you in.
[clears her throat]
-What do you want?
-Like I said,
twenty-five percent.
I kill Simone for real this
time, make sure it's done right.
You get your guys
to look like it's them,
I get my girls to develop
a serious case of amnesia.
Twenty percent.
Lucky and Dino
will take the hit.
And you and your friends
can be very rich women.
One more thing.
Tyra and Paige keep their
position in the company.
Do we have a deal?
Lexy, we're partners.
And around here we toast.
-[Marques] He said
it's on the inside.
-Yeah, inside.
Party got to be here. Come on.
No. They can't stop me.
You can't stop me.
[Tyra's husband]
Right there, boom.
[Marques] What's going on?
Are they having a party?
I know they are having a party.
That's right baby,
I'm coming for you, baby.
Man, don't do that.
-What's happening? Bro!
-I don't know. I'm scared.
I'm-- I'm scared.
-[Tyra's husband] I can't.
-[Marques] I got you.
Marques, I'm stuck.
Oh, I'm stuck.
-You okay? Come on.
-Help me out.
Man, you -- let's go
find our wives, bro.
That's right. 'Cause she got
some explaining to do.
Your wife being with her
got some explaining to do.
-[Tyra's husband]
You got me jumping.
-I'm not that, nigga. I told her
I want that nigga.
[mumbling] Get there, bitch.
Stop. Where are you going?
Excuse me sir,
my wife is in there.
My wife-- my wife is in there.
-Are you guys
on the list tonight?
-I'm on the list.
We're on the list. That's right,
we are on the list. Davis.
-Look at that.
-What's your first name, sir?
Sorry brother, I don't see
you on the list anywhere.
So, unfortunately,
I'm not going to be able
to let you in tonight.
I'm sick of this, man! I'm going
to shut this shit down.
You're not going to keep
me from my wife, man.
You're not going to keep me
from my partner, brother.
My wife is the president
and I am the first man which--
anyway, she will care how
you're treating me out here
and that's not--
Look bro, I don't care
who your wife is or isn't.
I'm overworked, I'm underpaid,
I make a minimum wage here.
So, forgive me if I'm not as
nice as you'd like me to be.
-Now take your midget
homie right here--
Oh, I'm not his boy.
Call me no midget.
-Boy, you got a problem?
-No, you just got some dust
on your shoulder, I was just--
-I think we're good.
-[Marques panting]
You're too tall for that,
brother. You're
wasting your life.
Yeah, that, yeah.
[Marques] That's a big ass.
You should play some football.
[people clapping]
[Lexy] Thank you, thank you.
Good evening, everyone,
and welcome to the sixteenth
annual Wellington Tech
Conference of America.
I'm so happy you
could make it tonight.
I know you're all expecting
to hear from Simone this evening
but unfortunately she had
an accident and she
will not be joining us.
-[all] Oh...
-But don't worry.
Here speaking
on Simone's behalf,
I have the President
of Sales, Miss Paige Davis.
[Paige] Alright. Okay.
[clearing her throat]
What is technology?
[laughing] Um...
Simone Willington
wanted me to tell you
guys that she--
that she-- she's--
-Read this.
[clearing her throat]
okay. She wanted me to read
you guys this so here I go.
"I cannot even begin
to take credit for this
incredible company.
My business partner, Linda,
you have been there
by my side since day one.
I couldn't have accomplished
this without you.
And my team, my amazing team,
you guys give a hundred
and ten percent every day.
So, at this time I'd like
to announce the new President
of Sales, Mrs. Paige Davis.
That's me.
I'm Paige Davis. Okay.
Simone is a visionary,
a woman of many talents,
someone we can all learn from.
No matter how hard
we try to stay alive,
sometimes we die.
But that's just
the circle of life.
You know?
Well, we all know
Simone's slogan,
"I can do it." Come on guys,
say it "I can do it."
"I can do it."
[all] "I can do it."
Yes, you can!
Yes, you can.
Yes we can.
Oh, my God.
You can only imagine
the pain she felt when she
knew she couldn't make it.
But when she asked me,
the new President of Sales,
to do it, guess what I said.
-"Yes, I can."
-[man] Whoo!
-Can everyone say
"Yes, I can"? Yes, I can!
-Yes, I can.
[Paige] Yes.
Yes, okay.
Yes, you can.
are meant to be set
and records
are meant to be broken.
So, when you tell yourself
"I can do it" you damn well
better believe you can.
-[man] Yeah.
Paige? What's Paige doing?
She got stage fright.
She ain't got it tonight.
Do you dare to dream? Where
are my dreamers at tonight?
-[Tyra] Yeah.
-Come on. Don't be shy.
Where are my dreamers
at? I see you.
Yes. I know right there.
You know what?
Martin had a dream.
Kendrick had a dream.
And I have a dream.
So, we can all dream
together. Let's dream.
We can all have a dream.
[laughing] As long
as it ain't a wet dream.
What? Man, are you-- you're
always talking so much, you say
so much, you got a nasty mind--
Can I hear you say
"I can dream"?
-I can dream. I can dream, yes!
-[all] I can dream. I can dream.
I can dream. I can dream.
I can dream. I can dream.
So, to all the dreamers
here tonight and to all
the little people like me
that didn't have anything
growing up and the only thing
they had was their dream,
never give up.
-Never give up no matter
what anybody tells you.
-[Tyra] Yes.
-Believe in yourself.
-[woman] Yes.
-Believe in your dreams.
-[woman] There you go.
Because one day
they'll become true.
[woman] Yeah.
-[woman] Alright.
-[woman] Yeah.
[Paige] Yeah!
Thank you. Goodnight.
-How did I do?
-You did good.
I did good?
-I like that girl.
-I see why Simone picked her.
So, what do you say
I fire up the jet later on?
I'm sitting here wondering
why this isn't done.
We'll get it done.
[Keke] It was good.
-[Lexy] I must admit
I was impressed.
-[knocking at the door]
What was that?
Gentlemen, come right in,
you're right on time. Let's
get down to business.
All right. Simone, you
remember Lucky, Dino?
[Paige] Lexy? Yeah.
-You know these guys?
-[Lexy] Yeah, you remember?
These are the two guys I was
telling you about from earlier.
Lexy, the only two guys
that you told us about was
the guys who killed Simon--
Oh! Those guys--
-I'm kind of scared now. I'm--
-What? Get it together!
Where's Linda?
Like, where is she at?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on, wait a minute, guys.
Put your guns down, okay?
They don't know anything.
My girls don't know anything.
-Get in there!
-Yeah, yeah.
-And I got his back.
Marques, you shouldn't be here.
-Be here? I know-- oh so you--
you rocking with the white boy?
-[Paige] No, no.
-You doing the swirl?
You're swirling here. You got my
sister here. That's what we
are, we are swirling?
Get over there.
We got college degrees.
We ain't messing with that.
We've got college degrees.
[Paige] Someone please tell me
what the hell is going on here.
I'll tell you what's
going on here.
About a billion of my dollars
that I'll never get to see
if Simone sells this company.
The new owners aren't
going to give a damn
about what I helped build.
The women power that Simone
and I always talked about,
they're just going
to get rid of the company
to some old bore guys
and there goes
my future as well.
And why are you not dead?
Lexy, I thought that you were
going to take care of this.
Well, Simone isn't
that easy to kill,
especially with these idiots
with her the entire time.
Teddy Bear, what
are you doing here?
He's with me.
What is she talking about?
We had sex.
You said it was sweet
like brown sugar.
[man] Okay, that's too
much information.
Now, Lucky, this is how
it's going to go down.
[Paige screaming]
I guess if you want something
done, you got to do it
yourself, huh, Lexy?
Listen, we can still go through
with the plan, alright?
You don't have
to kill anybody else.
Please don't kill us. Please
don't kill us. Listen, we are
not going to tell anybody.
We promise. We didn't
see anything, right y'all?
[Keke] I didn't see
anything. I didn't see.
[Marques] I-- I see
nothing, I'm legally blind.
-[Tyra] You're not going
to get away with this.
-Oh yeah, says who?
Linda, remember the deal.
My girls said they
didn't see anything.
You were here meeting
Simone, her killers burst
through the door,
they tried to rob her,
they shot her,
-you shot them in self-defense.
We're all witnesses.
-[Paige] Yes.
-You get to walk away scot-free.
-[Keke] Yeah, yeah.
That's what happened.
Okay. That sounds good to me.
I think I have a better plan.
[Linda] Get off!
-I'm losing blood.
I'm losing blood.
-I'm losing blood.
-Keke, you're not shot.
You're not shot.
-What do we have here?
You're welcome, Simone.
Simone, you're alive? How?
Wait, then who is that?
That is me too, a fake me.
Actually an exact replica.
It's a new technology that we
use just like a real person,
only it doesn't breathe.
Top-of-the-line, very expensive
but worth every penny.
She's just sitting
there with my wig.
-[Paige] Well, she really
had me fooled.
-My wig.
See, I knew what Linda was
planning, so I set her up along
with Agent Hopkins here.
That's right, Agent
Christine Hopkins, FBI.
When we found out that Linda was
trying to kill Simone, we set
up this whole sting operation.
See, Simone always knew
she could trust you ladies,
along with Lexy, of course.
Okay. So, what if things
wouldn't have gone
as planned, Lexy?
What if we would have
got shot? Paige and I
didn't have a vest.
Yeah, that's some bull.
I should have definitely
gotten a vest.
You guys were never
in any danger.
We had all eyes on you
the whole time.
Who eyes?
I watched the whole
thing go down.
So, wait a minute, you mean
to tell me that my plan
wasn't a real plan?
That my plan was already part
of a planned plan? Wait, what?
As crazy as it sounds, yes.
But you ladies did good.
We got the bad guys and Simone
gets to retire as planned.
not before I offer you the
position of CEO at Wellington.
-[Marques] What?
-Oh, my--
[Simone] No one deserves it
more than you, Paige Davis.
Oh, my God. Thank you.
Oh, thank you. Simone, thank
you so much. Thank you.
And Tyra, come here, baby girl.
We're going to be developing
a new smartphone
to compete with Apple
with the chip that you created.
Someone needs
to run that department.
Thank you. [laughing]
I appreciate that.
-[Simone] You girls
are going to do very well.
-[phone ringing]
Excuse me.
Yes, Simone here.
Yeah, Alfred,
I'll be right down.
I'll meet you in the lobby.
It's time to go close this deal.
[Tyra] Okay.
-You ladies want
to come with me?
-[Keke] Why are you crying?
Hey. You know,
I really had a fun trip.
-You know what?
We make a great team.
Actually, yes, we do.
-I'm good.
-Where's Keke?
Keke, come here.
You know, there's
an opening at the Bureau.
I'd love for you to come
and train. I think you'll
make a hell of an agent.
Secret agent? Like SHIELD?
No, more like a regular
agent, but yeah.
Either way I want it.
Count me in.
-Well, on that note I'll say
goodbye. See you later.
-Bye, Lex.
Agent Melvin Carter.
Nice to meet you, Keke.
No way, you're FBI too?
I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you.
I thought we had something.
We did.
So, what do you say we
get out of here and do
a little something again?
What do I call you?
Well, my name is Melvin
but right now why don't
you just call me Teddy Bear?
[Keke] Ooh.
I'm so sorry I accused
you of cheating.
Baby, I know
you're a good woman.
Marques, you're
everything I need
and I don't ever have
to go anywhere else, okay?
I love you.
Miss CEO.
And I love you, Mr. CEO.
[clearing her throat]
Tyra. Tyra.
Okay, okay Tyra,
come here. Keke,
come here.
Hey, listen. Well,
the night is still young, so...
why not go have some fun?
Hey, y'all want
to do it again all over?
As long as we don't kill nobody.
What happens in Vegas...
Stays in Vegas!
Take a risk and then
You're homeward bound
Just don't look over
It's a long way down
Don't need
To look no further
'Cause I'm knocking
At your door
Just got to look over
Baby, we can take the floor
And you know you
Need to be awake
And see some major look
If you try
If you try
To notice me
[song ends]