Fallen Ones, The (2005) Movie Script

Since the dawn of man,
he has known pain
and suffering.
War has plagued him
and death.
Giants, too,
walked the land.
Man feared them.
And god despised them.
He would wipe them
from the face
of the earth...
until now.
Enter, lord Ammon,
for this is your house.
Where is my son?
He returned
last night.
He is safe, lord,
for now.
The god of the Hebrews
I may no longer
be in his grace,
but I will not allow
your insolence.
How dare you imply the
existence of another god.
I meant no disrespect,
my lord.
Wages of sin, priest.
Tell me this news
from my father.
Yahweh has judged men
and Nephilim alike.
We will all be destroyed
by a great deluge
of water.
And my brothers?
The fallen angels, too,
shall churn in the waters,
such is the word
of Yahweh.
I should have expected
no mercy.
They chose to walk
the earth
and know the daughters of
his favorite creature... man.
And he cannot abide
our offspring.
Hello, father.
Aramis, in
the coming days,
there will be
a great flood,
every living thing.
I have refuge for myself,
some great sacrifice.
I will fight.
I will survive.
His will shall be done.
You will die.
When the hand of man
reveals your tomb,
there will be a new era
of the Nephilim,
and once again
they will know
the wrath
of the fallen ones.
We are nearing readiness,
my lord.
The slaves are being prepared
to travel with him
to the next world.
And Aramis?
He's dead.
By dawn we...
You said he was dead.
It's your presence. Your
power is reanimating him.
Why is he like this?
He is but a shell,
my lord.
The poisons used to kill him
have destroyed his mind.
I wanted my son preserved,
not a simpleton!
It's not time for you
to walk again, Aramis.
I'm sorry.
Sleep, my son.
What are you doing
down there?
You all right?
Ladder broke.
Give me a hand, will you?
Huh, a little mummy.
I'll be damned.
Oh, jeez. Sorry, buddy.
Here, grab on.
I wonder how
this little guy
got so well preserved.
Bone dry,
perfect burial tomb.
Funny though,
doesn't look tribal.
See, took the brain out,
probably the other organs.
It's a ritual mummification.
Not even the Anasazi
took this kind of care.
Maybe something the Mayan
could have done.
There's no record
the Mayans ever traveled
this far north,
professor Fletcher.
Well, who knows?
Find a couple of pots and a bone
or two and we think we know it all.
If this is Mayan,
we could be rewriting
a few history books.
This little guy
could be the big thing
we've been looking for.
I'm going to get a crew
down there ASAP.
Not without helmets
and not without gear.
I was down there
myself, Joseph.
It's safe.
That hole wasn't
there three days ago.
We're two miles
from the fault line.
How can you say
it's safe?
Our blasting opened
up that crack,
not a quake.
I just figured you might have
learned something in Mexico.
Joseph, you jerk.
You want to take care
of that, jenny? Thanks.
So what was that whole
Mexico thing about?
Oh, god.
He's the kind of guy
that would offer
to put some salt
on a paper cut.
The Mexico thing was,
a couple of years ago,
matt was down
there with a crew.
They were looking
into a cave,
out in the
middle of a rain forest.
He discovered a passageway
under the water,
and without going
back to get some scuba gear
or to let anybody
know where they were going,
they just dove in,
The water was deeper
and went farther
than he had imagined.
And there were tide pools.
Five guys went in.
Matt's the only guy
who came out.
What do you think of that?
Professor Fletcher!
Get Morton on the radio.
This is big.
Really big.
I gave explicit instructions that
this site was to be left alone.
I understand that, sir.
But, Mr. Morton...
but what? Who moved this? I did.
Are you matt?
Oh, yeah, Charles
told me about you.
I didn't expect you this
early. Barstow, right?
Angela Barstow. I'm the
structural engineer in charge.
I hate to be the one
to tell you this,
but Im
in charge here.
This is my dig.
Morton is not going to
appreciate you wasting my time.
I'm the archeologist
around here.
The way he told me,
you fell in a hole
and got lucky.
Nice digging, chief.
Let's settle this now.
We've hit a snag on site 17,
so we're switching gears.
We're going to have to
dig around it for now,
which means that we're going to have
to reroute about 2000 feet of pipe.
Now Gus has new plans
and maps
for the department heads.
I want to be able to break
through to that reservoir
by the end of the month.
All right?
Now get going. We've got
a lot of work to do.
Charles, do you want to explain
a few things to this gal?
I'm all ears, but you need to
explain to Indiana Jones here
that people stopped using the
word "gal" sometime around 1955.
Glad to see
you two met.
You know, she acts like
she runs the place.
You and I agreed,
this is my dig.
Fletcher is in charge
of the dig site.
Damn straight.
Now, hold on. When you
called me to come down here...
let me finish.
After that fiasco in Utah,
with the Indian artifacts, I
hired him to take an advanced look
to be sure we weren't
digging up something
that was going to bite us
in the ass later on.
He's a little hotheaded,
but he's one of the best
diggers in the business.
That's what he tells me.
And, as for Angela,
she's in charge
of how you dig.
Oh, for crying
out loud, Charles.
We have a lot of earth to move
and maintain structural integrity.
That's Angelas forte.
We don't want to wake up and
look at the big guy covered
with a couple
of hundred tons of clay.
Treat her right.
Three goats.
No, sheep.
Three sheep, ah.
And the milk of one goat,
in exchange
for oatmeal cookies.
Am I smelling oatmeal
You still like a little coffee
with your milk, professor?
Matthew, sit down.
So nice of you to visit.
Oh, you must be psychic.
The cafeteria,
they have coffee,
but they don't make
mocha latte,
and their idea of
grande is not so grande.
what, mister big shot,
You slumming, huh?
You know, most of us
have to beg
and plead to get grants
that last six months.
How long have you been
with Morton?
Two years.
Why don't you go
back to school?
They don't start
construction on an area
until I confirm that there's
nothing of archeological value.
We're extremely careful.
Why wouldnt you be?
I just wanted you to know
that we're not taking
any needless risks.
Matthew, are you sure
you're not a little
Jewish up here, huh?
You carry your guilt
like a pro.
I was on the review board.
The only one that blamed you
for the accident was you.
I want you to do a little
translating for me, Eli.
That's all I do here.
are like this.
Receipts. Here...
"how many goats a man traded
for a woman.
"Who did the well
belong to. "
Lawyers, accountants,
even back then, Matthew,
they were running things.
Why don't you take
a look at this?
A man's limb.
a hand.
It's a hand of a man.
This is very old.
Older than old.
The sentence structure
is just like
the old tribes.
Where did you find this?
Let me show you.
Seik, hah, no.
you have a package.
Thank you, my dear.
I keep the battery companies
in business,
forgetting to turn
this thing off.
They make them that turn off
when you stop talking.
Yeah, well, who trusts
technology, huh?
Ah, perfect timing.
You know, I have
a confession to make.
I know Sumerian symbols
like what I had
for breakfast.
But when it comes
to ancient Hebrew,
to say Im rusty
is being kind.
"And the great flood shall
destroy them. "
You getting
anything yet, doc?
Something, Mickey.
Looks like that movie with the three
kids that get lost in the woods.
Wouldn't his guts
be all dried up?
His guts, for the most
part anyway,
are in those oversized
Canopic jars over there.
They probably replaced
all of his organs
with herbs, maybe leaves
or talismans.
That's the fascinating thing
about this mummy.
It's more like
an Egyptian mummy
than anything ever found
on this continent.
That's the fascinating
not that it's the size
of a truck?
Yeah, that, too.
Wait a second!
Mickey, go back, slowly.
Hang on, it's stuck.
All right, let me focus.
Oh, my god.
Are those people?
The camera is too low
to be in his stomach.
I'm assuming we're not
looking at his last meal.
Pharaohs often had
servants buried with them
in their tombs.
It looks like
these are posed.
Mickey, where are we
in relationship to his organs?
I'm guessing probably
around his right kidney.
That's what I thought.
It looks like they're actually
positioned as the kidneys themselves.
I think youll find more bodies
in the lungs and the heart.
As I read the letter
that you sent me
I realize
I love you so
but I know...
I'm goin' away now...
Why, oh, why can't
you see I miss you?
I'm not in the mood
to play around here.
I said, Im not gonna
screw around!
Ugly s. o. b., isn't he?
I don't know.
I'd say when he was alive
he was pretty good-looking.
Most Acromegalics
have distorted features.
The bones keep growing
while the rest of them stops.
This guy's
pretty proportionate.
Most what?
people who suffer
from gigantism.
Eli, why do you think
no one ever
came across one
of these things?
Is your grandmother alive?
Your grandmother, I assume
she's passed on, yes?
Yeah, when I was a kid.
Well, if,
and I mean no offense,
if you were
to exhume her body now,
from her nice
do you think you would
find much of her left?
Well, our friend here has
been buried in the ground
for over 50 centuries,
not to mention,
he seems to be
on the wrong continent.
I'm surprised we found
one at all.
Excuse me, Mr. Morton.
Gus has got a couple of guys
from each drill team ready.
They're just outside if
you want to talk to them.
I'll be right there.
Eli, you made a good point
about my granny,
but Ive seen dinosaur bones
closer to
What do you say
to that?
I was hoping you
wouldn't think of that.
What's going on?
Joseph is missing.
I don't know.
He left his house wide
open. Lights are on.
They found his knife
about 30 feet
from the front door
by that new mustang.
Listen up, we're
running out of daylight.
Joseph wasn't the kind
of guy
who would go off
in a drunk and disappear.
Maybe he got sick
or something
or disoriented.
These hills are honeycombed
with all sorts of caves
and tunnels.
Stay on your toes.
If you spot something,
radio back to Gus.
I'm going with jerry up
in the 'copter.
Never seen them
move so fast.
They must really be
worried about Joseph.
No, whoever finds him first
gets a case of beer.
He's their friend.
Come on, matt.
That's Joseph.
He's probably the best friend
any of them ever had.
That's why
I didn't offer a keg.
Mickey, we'll help
you look for him.
Oh, I didn't know
you were a drinker.
Where are the police?
Why arent they out here?
Well, you have to go
to find somebody who wasn't
a part-time sheriff.
Morton likes to keep everything
in the family, anyway.
He's probably just worried
about Joseph mouthing off,
even after he gave him
a little bonus.
What bonus?
I paid off a couple of guys
to keep their traps shut,
so they wouldnt be yakking
about jumbo.
He trusts us so we
didn't get squat.
There's a ravine up here.
It's the remnants
of the old Ohio stone quarry.
I doubt Joseph came
out this far.
But we oughta
keep looking.
Matt. Matt.
I was just trying
to tell you to slow down.
Gus, come in, Gus.
Andy, Gus here.
Go ahead.
Trouble. Me and Pete was checking
out these caves over at site 3.
He's gone now.
Gone? What do
you mean, gone?
I went to take a leak,
and I heard Pete shouting.
By the time I was back
at the truck, he was gone.
I can be there in a couple of
minutes. Tell him to sit tight.
You shouldn't have
been taking a leak.
Hang on. Pete may
show up anytime.
We'll be right there.
Somebody else was here
besides Pete and Andy.
Looks like Andys radio.
Guess Joseph wasn't
the only one
who walked away.
Is this some kind
of protest group or something?
Who knows? Morton's made a
lot of enemies along the way.
Could be some rival
construction company, too.
Hey, guys!
Hey, guys!
Quit moving around!
Yeah, I knew growing up
with older sisters
would pay off some day.
I'm afraid I might have
nicked up your tire iron.
Hope we don't get a flat
on the way back.
this is Gus here.
Did you find Joseph?
As a matter of fact, another
two of them went missing.
What, missing?
Well, we got a situation
here, Charles.
Damn it. I'll get some men
out there right away. Out.
All right, out.
Didn't sound too happy.
I don't think thats
our biggest problem.
Oh, yeah!
Matt, they took Mickey.
You look like hell.
We were attacked out there.
Then they just vanished while
we were looking for Mickey.
This is way too big for us
to handle by ourselves.
I agree. What's this?
It's my resignation,
and a copy of what
Im telling the police
about what happened
with Mickey and the others.
I've already called in someone
to take care of this.
He's number one
in the security business.
He'll be here
tomorrow morning.
We don't need the police.
We don't need the police?
Four people are missing,
I've been down
that road before.
I'm not risking anybody
else's life for anything.
Well, the police wouldn't
do anything
that we're not doing,
except shut us down.
Is that what this is about,
the project?
What do you think's
going to happen
when the bureau of land
management guys come down here
to talk about our 42-foot
mummy that's under wraps?
You haven't told
them yet, have you?
You told me you'd call them so that
I could do a proper study this time.
I've got ten years in
negotiating the land rights
for this resort
and two years
with architectural planning.
this resort
is worth millions.
Think of how many jobs we'll
provide. Look at Las Vegas.
It's not worth it.
We don't know if Mickey
and Joseph are even alive.
Give me the weekend.
You can keep looking for them.
If we haven't
found the men,
Ill go to the police
with you.
Charles, if it was
anybody else,
Id tell them
to shove the whole thing,
but you've always
been square with me.
You got till Monday,
but we gotta find them.
In essence, this tablet
confirms my thoughts.
This mummy is one
of the Nephilim,
the fallen ones.
They were the offspring
of fallen angels
and human women.
That had to be
one hard pregnancy.
This one's father was
a leader of his kind,
a destroyer.
I have not been able
to decipher his name as yet,
but he is one of the angels
that god sent to destroy Sodom,
the wicked city of sin that
sprang up in the desert.
I thought you might
reconsider, Mr. Morton.
Sounds to me as if you have two
security issues to contend with.
Your missing workers
and the discovery you eluded to.
My price would reflect that.
Good. As long
as that's understood.
I'll be there tomorrow.
The tablet also
depicts a prophecy.
It shows the return
of the destroyer.
We're hitting granite.
Should we get another bit?
No, thanks, we're done.
Mickey's skinny, but I don't
think he'd fit in there.
I'm just trying to get some handle
on the stability of this ground.
That cave you showed me didn't
go more than ten feet back.
If those guys appeared and
disappeared like you said...
what do you mean "if"?
They have to have
gone somewhere.
Maybe there's a cave
or a tunnel,
and we're just
not finding it.
Or they could just
be magic.
If we're hitting rock this
dense at this shallow depth,
we're not going to
find any tunnels.
I'll get some sonar imaging
gear out here tomorrow.
Can you help me with it
in the morning?
It's like you said,
We should get out of here.
It's not safe.
I'm not home.
That's a pretty horse.
My dad gave him to me.
You still want me to help
you with that sonar gear?
When you weren't here at 7:00,
I just went for my ride.
I thought you said...
that's right... you
did say 7:00. I'm sorry.
No biggie.
Just give me a sec.
Look, I, uh...
I wanted to
say I was sorry
for the way I acted
the other day.
I, um...
I felt like I
was losing control.
I usually show up
on time, too.
It's okay. It's your turn
to be scatterbrained.
You're a cancer.
You know...
your sign.
How did you know
I was a cancer?
I looked at your file.
Made it a hobby.
Look, astrology.
June 24th, cancer...
you're governed by the moon
and since it's gonna do a little
peek-a-boo show day after tomorrow,
it's your turn
to be a flake.
There's going to be
a lunar eclipse?
Yup, time for crazies
to get crazier,
would-be suicides to jump
and cancers to go
a little gaga.
If my aunt were here,
she'd pray for your soul.
Pentecostals don't go in
for the divining.
Good thing I left my Ouija
board and tea leaves inside.
It could be worse. I could
have been raised Baptist.
No card playing,
and they believe that
pre-marital sex will lead
to drinking beer
and dancing.
Well, I do drink beer
every now and then.
And Ive always wanted
to learn how to dance.
I thought you were going to
be up here a little bit earlier.
Sorry, Gus, I got
the time wrong.
No problem. I know how it is
with you cancers around this time.
So who all did you tell about
this flaky cancer thing?
Nobody, I swear.
The transmit button was on
on the radio.
Anybody listening on channel 2
got all the early morning chitchat,
and by the way, when are you
taking that girl dancing?
You want to give me a hand?
Matt! Matt!
Was this in my fortune?
How could this have happened?
Nobody walked passed me,
miss Barstow, I swear.
For crying out loud,
it's not like he walked out
the front door.
Nobody's blaming you
for anything, Dennis.
None of these markings were
on any of the cover stones.
Oh, my god.
We just found out.
This is not good,
Morton is going to
be pissed.
Not good at all.
I'm Raphael Ammon.
Angela Barstow,
structural engineer.
Are you all right,
miss Barstow?
I'm... Im fine.
She's fine.
She's a little dehydrated.
She went horseback riding
today. Matt Fletcher.
The archeologist.
You must be
the super rent-a-cop.
My team is already deployed
in the hills
surrounding the valley.
Mr. Ammon insisted on coming here
before we even took him to his quarters.
He's on it, matt.
'Cause there's
somebody else missing.
There, try it now.
Same thing.
The tone only goes down
about eight feet,
and the sonar shows a solid mass
of rock for at least another five.
Hoping the rock
was an illusion?
Your spit would
pass through solid stone?
Trying to hit a spider.
So how did a 42-foot tall,
of here with nobody noticing?
You left out, dead.
A dead giant mummy.
Somebody had to take him.
You've had the time you requested.
Mr. Ammon wants you out so
we can make our inspection.
You can tell Ammon to wait.
We're not finished.
You can tell me yourself,
Mr. Fletcher.
My response
would be the same.
Please leave... now.
What's your deal, mister?
You push us around.
You've been here all day,
and I don't think
your people are looking
for any of our missing men.
Matthew, don't.
Listen to the old man.
You listen to me.
Don't push.
I know these kind.
They push back hard.
Something doesn't
smell right.
I'm sorry, miss Barstow,
but we need to do
our own assessment.
Your crew can
come back tomorrow.
Of course.
I'm sorry about matt.
He's just worried
about the workers.
No harm done.
I assure you.
Thank you, thank you,
my lord.
Yours is the honor.
My son hasn't eaten
in Avery,
very long time.
But you healed me.
My son is a hunter.
He wouldn't eat
wounded prey.
He has
to kill it himself.
I'm sorry, sir,
there's no admittance.
Oh, I understand that
rules exist for a reason,
but I left
my Tallith inside.
it's a prayer shawl,
and a rabbi
without a prayer shawl
is just a Schmendrick
in a funny hat, huh?
Oh, not a sharp
young fellow
with a hat like yours.
Nice hat.
Go ahead.
Rabbi, make it quick.
Thank you.
I had to reconfirm
what I had seen this morning.
Matthew was right.
These markings are different.
They give the time
of the prophecy's
"When the hand of man
reveals the Nephilim
"from the earth,
"and the moon
has been eclipsed,
"the fallen angel
"who spawned this creature
"will return,
"and his name is Ammon. "
You're really
quite good, rabbi.
I doubt there are half
a dozen men alive
who could translate
this text.
It is what I do.
Raphael Ammon?
So you are...
the same.
Ammon the destroyer,
The angel of death.
Yeah, I know
who you are,
and frankly,
it scares the hell
out of me.
You won't feel a thing.
You're going to
kill me then?
Would you grant me
one request?
Rabbi, if you're going to
ask me not to kill you...
oh, no, no, it's not...
I- I thought of that,
but no.
Tell me how you
fell from grace.
You're serious.
Because god chose
you over us.
I was prideful.
He forbid our mating
with the daughters of man.
Once, I loved a woman.
God destroyed the world
by flood,
killing my brothers
and our offspring.
But you hid one
of them here.
Four were buried,
spread to the four
corners of the earth,
out of reach of god's
earthly followers.
How did you survive?
I left.
There was a place
in hell for me,
sanctuary in the pit
of darkness.
When I returned,
I wanted god's favor.
I sought out the most
sinful city in the land,
and I burned it
to the ground.
And he scoffed,
named me
the "penitent angel. "
In my anger,
I corrupted the daughters
of one
of his most righteous.
You remind me
of lot, rabbi.
He knew not
to push me as well.
Not like his foolish wife.
As they hid in a
cave while Sodom burned,
I convinced his daughters
to get him drunk
and sleep with him,
to carry on the line.
God hates incest.
I also knew his youngest
daughter, Rachel, that night,
in the biblical sense.
But her son was human.
Prophecy bound me.
No more giants,
until one of you
dug up my son.
I will mate
with Angela,
on the site
and we will begin anew.
Why not some harlot
in an alley,
or a nun in a convent?
It was her
in a cave outside Sodom
and will be again tonight.
Her soul?
Her essence.
Humankind will serve
my children.
Out of order
will come chaos.
From chaos, death
and the end of mankind.
Oh, forgive me.
I am by no means
an expert
on the
book of revelations,
but I have often thought
that the Christians
had something right
when they depicted
the end of the world.
There is nothing
that you described in there.
You are going to fail.
But, I have to try,
It's what I do.
Fletcher. Get up.
I didn't know
it was you.
The lights are out
all over the camp.
Even the backup
generators are down.
I know. Something's not right.
It's loaded.
Whatever's happening
isn't normal.
Put this around the barrel
of your gun with this tape.
If we're lucky,
the batteries are still going.
We gotta
call the police.
I already tried.
Our phones are dead. Blackout
must have taken out our cell tower.
Radio's are still
working now.
It's Friday night.
Most of the men are in town
drinking up their paychecks.
Everyone else is going to
be in their trailers.
You ready?
Okay, let's go.
What about Angela?
She'll be fine.
I told her the same thing.
Her trailer's probably
the safest place she could be.
I'm sorry.
I was about to knock.
You scared the hell out
of me.
I wanted to check on you... with
the lights out and everything.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
Did you find out what
happened to the power?
My men are working with
your crew investigating.
It shouldn't be long now.
Do you mind if I come in
and check your generator?
It's dead.
I tried it.
If you wouldn't mind.
Still dead, Im afraid.
How could you see anything?
I have exceptional
night vision.
I spend a lot of time
in the dark.
Well, thanks
for checking on me.
I'll radio you
if I have any problems.
You're very beautiful,
I think you should go.
The moon will be
eclipsed soon.
Let me show you
the night.
This is not the way for a woman
to treat her new husband.
Where the hell
are Ammon's men?
They were here earlier.
They wouldnt let me in.
don't you ever
quit working?
I'm sorry, matt.
If I hadn't brought
him here,
he'd still be alive.
It's not your fault.
Tomorrow we bring
in the cops,
the FBI, the whole damned
army if we have to.
It's Elis tape recorder.
It's still recording.
But I have to
try, rabbi. It's what I...
This can't be happening.
It is.
Giant mummies,
fallen angels, all of it.
Oh, my god. Angela.
She's not here.
She left her radio
on the table.
Her horse is all
saddled up
like she's ready
to go for a ride.
We'll find her.
I'm going to try to find Gus
and some of the other guys.
I'll meet you back here.
Ammon said he has to perform
the ritual during the eclipse.
That gives us some time.
Try to stay out of trouble.
Tell me Im not seeing
what I think Im seeing.
It's alive.
It's an effigy. They're
mimicking the thing they worship.
Doctor... Fletcher.
Hold on, I almost
got you loose.
Where are the others...
Joseph, Andy and Pete?
They were sacrificed.
What do you mean?
They were eaten.
Come on.
Any more of our men
on that thing?
No, the rest are all
Ammons followers.
That's all I need
to know. Stay down.
No problem.
Hey, over here,
over here!
Come on, come on.
Come on! Come on!
Fletcher, Mickey filled
me in on what happened.
I see you managed
to stay out of trouble.
I couldn't find Gus
or anyone else.
We gotta find Angela.
I know where
Ammons keeping her.
I can show you.
Okay, you see that?
It looks like the cave
dead ends right there.
But those rocks
are just shells.
They pull those things out and climb
over and pull them in behind them.
It opens up to a series
of tunnels.
So that's how they were able
to appear and disappear so fast.
The reservoir is less than
a half a mile over this hill.
It's a wonder we didn't cause a
cave-in when we were blasting.
Oh, oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
What is it?
Get your gun.
I hit it.
Did you hear it scream?
I think
you pissed it off.
Let's see how well he runs
after I blow off his damn leg.
This is nothing.
I heard them talking.
He won't be fully restored until
Ammon consummates the ritual.
Mickey's right.
The mummy's only
going to get stronger.
It's Ammon we have to stop.
He's still chasing us,
so Im going to keep firing,
if it's all right with you.
Where the hell
did he go?
What do you mean where did he
go? He's a 42-foot tall mummy.
This guy doesn't give up.
Hey, there's Josephs trailer.
I got an idea.
You'd think the son
of a bitch would leave
an extra set of keys
before he up and left town.
Hey, watch where
you're goin'!
Your lights are out,
you idiot!
That's my guy.
Hey, hey, hey, over here.
Yeah, come on.
I don't believe it.
I knew that worked
in cartoons, but, man!
I'll tell you what...
that was pretty slick.
I don't know. Yosemite
Sam always gets back up.
You did good kid.
Yeah, I remembered Joseph had dynamite
in his trailer, so I went for it.
Guys... when you
came running out of that trailer
with that stick
of dynamite lit,
I thought you were
going to blow us all up.
I didn't even think about
that. Wouldn't that have been great?
What is it, Mickey?
What's it doing?
I hadn't gotten
to shoot anything yet.
You used all the bullets!
Give me that thing.
You gotta learn
a new way to fight.
You're telling me.
Stop messing
with that thing.
I'm not messing around.
Nice driving.
Get in.
Soon, you will have
Avery special place
in the world, Rachel.
I'm not, Rachel.
You were robbed of it
so long ago.
Forced to bear me
a human son.
That's why there are cycles...
to give you another chance.
You can't.
When it's all over,
you will remember
And we will be
together again.
We can't have you ruining
this moment.
Can we?
All right,
we'll get Angela out,
then we'll blow
the tunnel.
I've got enough
explosives in here
to bring the whole thing
down around Ammon's ears.
Wait, it won't work.
Think about
what he told Eli.
It's the great flood he feared
would have destroyed him.
The lake.
If we blast the top
of the dam,
the whole thing
will collapse.
I'll blow it.
Flood the tunnels.
After we get Angela out.
You did a good job playing
catch with that giant.
But what we need here is someone
who can lay a charge and set a timer.
I'll do it.
Clock's ticking, guys.
What if I can't get her out
before you flood the tunnels?
If she's unconscious...
nobody could have saved
those men in Mexico, matt.
You'll be fine.
Radio me when you get
Angela out of there.
It's pretty cool,
huh, doc?
How much further?
I don't know. I was
drugged most of the time.
I think were close.
You won't change
a thing tonight.
I have to try.
I know.
Okay, don't let him
touch you.
I heard his priest talking.
Until the eclipse is over, he cannot
hurt you unless he touches you.
I should have fed you
to my son.
Im at the reservoir.
She will make
a beautiful mother.
Don't you think?
You'll never know.
You're a persistent race.
I give you that.
I used to think you
were simply stupid.
Oh, we're that, too.
You can go to hell.
No, thanks,
Ive been there.
Mickey, lookout.
Hey, you stole our gear.
You should have listened
to your rabbi friend,
when he told you not
to push me, little man.
I will burn your soul,
I was going to save you
for later,
but Im tired
of playing games.
You knew to stay out
of my reach.
Mickey, come on,
you gotta get up.
You okay? Can you walk?
Run, run.
Now, Charles,
blow the dam.
Charles, do you read me?
Blow the dam.
Come on, move.
Charles, blow the
damn. Angela is clear.
Oh, oh, no, no, no.
Keep moving.
Come on, come on.
Come on!
No, what are you doing?
You're going to die.
There's not much more
I can do here.
If there's anything you need,
just give me a call.
Take care.
We'll follow up
on this Ammon and his crew.
But it looks pretty
obvious to me.
It does?
Well, there were more
than a few companies
that could benefit if this
resort project failed.
My guess is one of those
companies hired Ammon
to shake things up,
flood the works.
Could have been some
tree hugger outfit.
They had a nut
up in Washington...
shot three construction
workers last year.
He said he was
protecting an owl.
I hadn't thought
of that.
You would be surprised at some
of the crazy stuff in this world.
Hey, we'll be out here working
with you people for a few days
to account for everybody,
so try to get some rest.
Okay, thanks.
I'm leaning more toward
the tree hugger theory.
It was everything I could do not
to laugh in their faces.
Did you talk to Gus?
Yeah, he said
there must have been
quite a little cleanup
crew out there last night.
Ammon's followers, I guess.
What do you mean?
Well, you'd never know there
was a rampaging giant mummy
trashing the camp,
for one thing.
He's gone.
So are the little guys.
The rest of the damage looks like it
happened when the helicopter crashed,
and they're blaming that
on the blackout.
What about the caves?
Well, there's a few million gallons
of water in the caves right now,
including where we found
the mummy in the first place.
That whole dig
is underwater.
It's too much.
I didn't know you guys
knew each other that long.
Pretty much since
the day I was born.
He was my father.
Why didn't he ever
say anything?
Because I told him not to.
'Cause I wanted
to make it on my own,
not as the boss's daughter.
Barstow was
my mom's maiden name.
Gus knew...
and a few others.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
Daddy knew exactly
what he was doing.
He always did.
If I thought it
would bring him back,
or any of the others,
Id tell the cops
everything I know.
I know.
if we told
them the truth,
we'd wind up
in matching padded cells.
Let's get some air.
It'll take at least a year to get
the dam back to where we had it.
You're going to rebuild it?
What about you?
I've been thinking.
Ammon said they buried four
of the giants in the ground,
spread to the four corners
of the earth.
Scholars differ as to where
the mythical four corners are.
I'd like to find them.
Sounds like work.
We'd have to find them and destroy
them before anybody else did.
Now if a fella wanted
to excavate, find
and destroy them,
he'd need a pretty good...
engineer working
with him.
Gus could run
the show here.
Sounds like dangerous work.
Well, I wouldn't want you to
do anything you didn't want to.
I'm not saying
I don't want to.
I'm just saying
we might need
to drink a few beers
and dance a little just
to break things up.
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