Fallet G (Case G) (2006) Movie Script

We'll bring in
the woman for questioning.
Naturally, we won't
tell her what this is all about.
So don't worry about that.
Well, Munster and Moreno...
What do you think?
Is that Jaan G. Hennan?
- How long have you been married?
- A little over three years now.
- Where did your husband grow up?
- In Ockfener.
- What's his line of business?
- Imports.
Objets de'art. Souvenir items
and native African and Asian art.
And you've been in business together
during your time in Kaalbringen?
Has your husband been married before?
Based on a novel by Hakan Nesser
Have you ever met his ex-wife?
- Why do you ask?
- Please answer the question.
No, I've never met her.
She remarried and moved to Berlin.
Don't understand
why you're asking me all this?
Are you sure that your husband's
name is Frank Kellerman
and that he grew up in Ockfener?
Have you ever had any doubts?
Hi there.
Has he ever
been evasive about his past?
Well, we've talked about the past...
Hello. - Hello.
So, what have we got?
Have you ever met anyone who
could confirm his roots? Relatives...
Barbara Hennan. Her husband
found her around midnight.
He father is dead, but met
his mother, at a nursing home.
- There's no water in the pool.
- Was she blind?
met her that first spring
and she died that summer.
Her blood alcohol level was 0.17
percent, no sign of any violence.
Why did you leave Germany?
- Any trace evidence?
- Just from her husband.
We were tired of our jobs.
came into some money.
Has she been moved?
She could have been pushed.
So we left. We had vacationed
in Kaalbringen and we like it here.
- It could be suicide.
- Wearing a bathing suit?
Does the name Jaan G. Hennan
mean anything to you?
- One girl wore a wedding dress...
- Thanks.
Hennan? No.
- Anyone talk to the husband?
- Just briefly.
Who is he?
But ran a check on him.
His name is Jaan G. Hennan.
He served two years
in prison on a drugs charge.
No further questions.
He moved to the US and
he returned home two months ago.
This is a very delicate case
His wife, Barbara, is American.
We must ask you not
to disclose what took place here.
Let's wait for Van Veeteren.
Not even to your husband,
just to ensure his safety.
DeKlerkk is a fool.
- The police academy made a mistake.
- Let's see what the Germans have.
Elise Kellerman
will tell her husband everything.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
has to put him under surveillance.
May come in? won't stay long,
just long enough for a coffee.
Someone has to talk to DeKlerkk
or I'll do it myself...
We can't tail Kellerman simply because
Veerlangen took his picture.
Has your mother called?
- Anyone can tell that this is G.
- I'm not convinced.
She called to see
if her gift had arrived.
Elise's testimony was very credible
- What did she send?
- A watch.
She obviously doesn't
know who her husband is.
A nice one?
Don't you trust my judgment?
- Moreno?
- Where are the towels?
- I'll be right with you.
That's not the issue here.
Munster... asked you
a straightforward question.
Why don't you
bring her along to dinner tonight?
I've always had faith in your
judgment, but this time I'm not sure.
What do you mean?
I'll call...
mean, I'll see you tonight.
It feels like it's personal,
that you hate G.
Why wasn't interviewed earlier?
I've had to stay up all night,
and considering the circumstances...
- I'm very sorry for your loss
- Hello, I'm Munster.
that your situation is difficult,
so maybe it's just as well
to cut to the chase.
I'd like to ask you something:
Was Barbara aware
What did Veerlangen see?
that the pool was to be drained?
We talked about it yesterday morning,
but she must have forgotten.
But she must have noticed it
when she was on the diving board?
It was pitch black. turned on
the lights when found her.
Apologise for the early hour, but
do you know where this street is?
It still seems a bit odd, though...
diving into the dark like that.
Seem to be lost.
Hang on.
- People don't do that.
- Barbara could.
She liked mountain climbing and sky-
diving. She enjoyed taking risks.
- Are you sure this is the right area?
- No.
So, where were you when your wife
decided to go swimming?
I'm sorry, don't know where this is.
At a restaurant, the Coloseum.
got there... right before eight.
- Anything else can do for you?
- No. Sony about waking you up.
- left around 1 pm.
- Alone?
The place was crowded,
but, no, there was no one with me.
- Why wasn't your wife with you?
- wanted to be alone.
Do you know
whether she had any visitors?
We've only lived here for two months.
We moved here from the States.
The Germans have gotten back to us
and they confirm...
- How long have you been married?
- Four years.
...Elise Kellerman's stony.
The people on Veerlangen's pictures
are Frank and Elise Kellerman.
Did you love your wife?
- That's not true.
- So why did he take pictures of them?
guess could put on
a grieving-husband act
Maybe he made a mistake.
...But for the past year all I've
felt was boredom, irritation.
Like Van Veeteren, who refuses
to believe the man's not Hennan.
And, frankly, a sense of disgust.
We're talking about
an established fact.
Would her death
benefit you in any way?
- What do you mean?
- went to see Kellerman.
might as well
tell you this straight off:
Barbara... took out
a life insurance policy for Barbara.
Obtained a set of his fingerprints
and took them to Maardam.
For two million.
Our technician checked to see if they
were a match for Jaan G. Hennan.
But that doesn't mean killed her.
He found more than 50 shared
characteristics. Have a look.
So it's pretty certain.
- Did you socialise?
- They had us over for dinner.
- Did you see Kellerman?
- Yes.
They didn't plan to stay on.
Did he recognise you?
They rented the house,
so there was no reason to socialise.
Possibly. He probably did.
- What was their relationship like?
- really couldn't say.
She had a migraine and went to bed.
- Anything gone down?
- Want some?
- Did you notice anything else?
- She had a tattoo.
- It's been in the car for two weeks.
- It's fine.
All right...
- Are you ready to have a look?
- Yes.
It's eleven minutes past three.
Elise Kellerman is back.
- What about G?
- He's kept out of sight.
Yes, that's her...
Thank you very much
Look at this picture.
What does it tell us?
If anything should come to mind,
please let me know...
What are we missing
that Veerlangen saw?
Oh, a tan car
was parked nearby their house.
Well, there is a possibility that
Hennan told Veerlangen something...
- What make was it?
- don't remember.
Hennan would never reveal
anything to a man like Veerlangen.
Saw it Thursday morning.
A man was sitting behind the wheel.
- Could you describe him?
- I'm sorry. didn't look closely.
He was roughly your age.
Maybe a few years older...
...or maybe he just drank more.
He chain-smoked.
Bloody hell...
There he is... Maarten Veerlangen.
- Why is he on record?
- He's been a police officer.
Munster here, we have an apparent
suicide at Wacherstraat 34.
What were you doing
over at Hennan's house?
Was working.
- Who was your client?
- Hennan.
- What did he want?
- worked for Mrs. Hennan.
The one who died. She wanted me to
shadow him, so was on his tail 24-7.
Why did he do it?
- How long had you been doing that?
- Since last Friday.
Do you know anything about it?
- Was he cheating on her?
- Not that could tell.
Did you tell him
you were questioned by the police?
Then why would she
want someone to tail him?
Did he tell you the police were here?
Did he mention a man
by the name of Van Veeteren? Did he?
She didn't say. But she paid me well
enough, so didn't ask, either.
- Don't understand a thing.
- That's enough. Your timing is off.
did get the impression
that she was afraid of him, though.
- Have to know!
- Later. Back off for now.
Leitner, could you
spare me a minute?
- Hello.
- Didn't Veerlangen work here?
Yes, what do you want to know?
How he screwed over his associates?
Give me the condensed version.
He decided to take good money
for looking the other way
when cocaine was brought in.
Only he didn't know
we had an agent under cover.
Was he a part of the Hennan drug bust?
Report to me.
want to hear every last detail
- No.
- Thanks.
You're welcome...
First, he popped a couple of Imovans.
The house is squeaky clean. The only
prints are from G and his wife.
Then he poured himself a large whisky.
So, there was evidence
that had to be hidden.
Then he neatly slit his wrists
with a razor blade. Lengthwise.
Take a closer look at the bathroom.
According to the post-mortem,
he was dead within 15 minutes.
Go back there.
Hennan has been married before,
to a woman named Clarissa,
- Did he leave any sort of message?
- No.
who disappeared on a hike in Denver
and was declared dead.
- No explanation at all?
- No, there wasn't a trace of one.
Hennan cashed in 400,000 dollars
in life insurance.
He took his secret with him to hell.
Damn him!
- Was there an inquiry?
- The case was dismissed.
ll would have been better
if had killed him myself.
They never found her.
- Are you drunk?
- Of course.
- And his wife?
- She's still in shock.
But she insists that she didn't
tell her husband anything.
- Found anything?
- Drain cleaner. Ever use it?
Yes, on occasion...
He recognised me, could tell.
Someone's done a very thorough
cleaning job. It's spotless.
Tried to provoke him, make him
nervous, make him slip up...
The gases created by the drain cleaner
will corrode aluminium parts
Maybe that's why he killed himself.
Unless the metal
is protected by grease
just can't figure out
if he was a coward...
like from fingerprints...
...or if this
was the best he could do.
It doesn't matter if you wipe it off,
the print is etched into the metal.
So... what do you think?
- Could it be an old print?
- No older than 24 hours.
At first glance, the print doesn't
seem to belong to Hennan or his wife.
Is it good enough
to run through our files?
It was a confession.
Barbara, the wife in America,
and God knows how many others...
Give me a few hours.
And we'll never know why.
It wouldn't surprise me if he knew...
This place
is as sanitized as a hospital.
...That was waiting out front
when he slit his wrists.
My wife was fastidious.
Still, it's a bit Odd...
...that the only fingerprints we could
find belong to you and your wife.
No trace of any visitors,
Good night.
Or the people
you lease the house from.
- have found a thumb, though.
- A what?
We've recovered a print that doesn't
belong to you or your wife.
Someone was here last night
when your wife met with her accident.
Someone who did a thorough clean-up.
- Only they missed a thumbprint.
- Who could it be?
- Don't you know?
- No, I'm just as curious as you are.
You meet a woman...
You make her believe
that you love her, and then she dies.
You did it in the States,
and now you've done it again.
- Two million.
- You're jumping to conclusions.
You have no right to call me a killer.
Unless you can prove it.
Can you prove it?
I'd like to apologise
for my behaviour yesterday.
Jaan G. Hennan plans to kill his wife
Do you really believe your husband
would commit suicide
and he's confident
he will pull it off.
Without leaving some kind
of explanation behind?
Barbara senses something and hires
Veerlangen, a private detective,
Do you think you could talk to me?
To keep tabs on her husband.
G finds out. He decides to move ahead
with a modified plan.
One that uses Veerlangen as an alibi.
- Would you like some?
- No, thank you. I'm driving.
However, this would entail
the use of an accomplice.
We couldn't get a match
for the print we found.
Realise that we do not share
the same picture of Frank Kellerman.
From the shower? What we need
is a print from the diving platform.
But still...
The entire house was scrubbed down,
want to know who did it.
Both of us want answers, so maybe
we could put our heads together?
Munster, bring Veerlangen in
and show him our photos.
Right now have
no idea who my husband was.
- Need to go home, Synn has...
- Check the phone records.
I'm convinced that the man knew...
wouldn't have considered suicide.
The home number and Hennan's mobile.
Did you know him so well?
And put him under surveillance.
Around the clock.
In my line of work,
you learn to see through people.
Have a pleasant evening.
What's his problem?
Are you certain
that you didn't tell him
The girl you're seeing...
about your encounter with the police?
- What's her name?
- Silje.
- Yes.
- Why didn't you?
Is it serious?
Couldn't. was...
guess didn't want him...
Did you meet her at the university?
What does she do?
Maybe didn't want to know.
She works in a store,
a convenience store.
- And he didn't tell you came here?
- No.
Could we order something to drink?
I'm convinced that he recognised me,
and that he knew I'd recognised him.
- How's your mother doing?
- Fine...
- Is that it?
- She's doing great.
If this is really true,
I'd like to order two beers,
one vodka, a double...
if he actually was someone else...
- Or shall we have two vodkas?
- Beer is fine for me.
- Have you made your mind up?
- No...
- How's school going?
- All right...
that it's difficult to accept
that Jaan changed his identity
in order to leave his past behind...
Sony, what subject are you taking...?
Dad, you're not working right now.
I'm just interested
in what's going on in your life.
Jaan G. Hennan.
- Erich...
- Let's just eat.
- don't understand...
- Barbara.
- Why do we have to get all heavy?
- Heavy?
Then maybe
you could tell me something?
- Who was the woman in your pool?
- That's enough.
What subjects aren't "heavy"?
We can't talk about you,
that's too heavy.
How about the weather?
Would that be all right, Erich?
If take my experience as a police
officer and my knowledge of you,
and add your attitude to the equation,
- Did he say when he'd be here?
- No, but he had just checked out.
there's only one conclusion
can reach:
You're back on drugs.
Are you, or are you not?
- Should we give him a call?
- All right...
Get up.
Check please...
Take your jacket off. Slowly.
Turn around.
Excuse me, are you Erich Van Veeteren?
Good. Now sit down again.
- Where are your car keys?
- In my coat.
wonder what ever happened
to the real Frank Kellerman?
- He's dead, or living abroad.
- Hennan was smart.
Adopting someone ease's identity
is the best policy.
That's Ziegler and that's DeWylde.
So Hennan killed Veerlangen.
Are you going to look for the gun?
No, haven't seen them with Hennan.
Neither of them.
It's the prosecutor's call, but
everything's fairly straightforward
So you've had him under surveillance
for two weeks.
- We'll keep in touch.
- Give my best to Van Veeteren.
And he didn't see anyone but his wife.
get the chance to say goodbye.
- As far as could tell.
- All right. Thank you.
ran the prints
from the Kellerman house.
Agree with you... He did it.
And something unexpected came up.
He was at that restaurant all night.
Mrs. Kellerman's prints
were present at Hennan's house.
He must have hired someone.
- The shower drain...
- Elise did the clean-up job.
You could be on his payroll.
You confirmed his alibi.
Otherwise there would be openings.
Accepted kickbacks once, and it was
the biggest mistake ever made.
It cost me my job. Everything
was good at my job.
You can ask anyone around here.
Hang on...
recognise that guy.
The one in the background.
- Did you see him with G?
- No.
He parked his car
not far from G's office.
Take it.
His name is Jochen Keymer.
At least, that's what we think.
No record.
- Any connection to Hennan?
- Not as far as we know.
He's into drugs,
possibly a small-time dealer as well.
He's smart enough
to keep a low profile.
- Where would you start looking?
- Well... haven't the faintest.
- May take it with me?
- Just remember where it belongs.
Do you think
Keymer would kill for money?
See you.
- It's been switched off.
- Tn] his home number.
Hi, Ulrike, this is Ewa Moreno...
see. Tell him to call as soon
as he gets in. Thanks. Bye.
- She's been trying to reach him too.
- He wouldn't want to miss this.
Her car is here.
Unless she suspects something,
she'll be back.
Could you call in a report?
We've put out a public alert
for both Kellerman and Van Veeteren.
Here's a tip: Twin Garden Hotel,
Vollerim Park.
- What about the chopper?
- We need to know where to go first.
You'll find Jochen Keymer there.
This will do.
- What if refuse?
- I'll shoot you and dig your grave.
Go on.
I'm an old man.
I'll go on digging
if you tell me everything.
Who was she? The woman
we found at the bottom of the pool?
- Some whore from Hamburg.
- What was her name?
- What did you offer her, money?
- A part in a porno movie.
have enough.
- That was for old time's sake.
- really appreciate it.
No questions asked and lots of money.
- What had the young man done?
- Nothing.
- No addresses were exchanged...
- Of course not.
His father is annoying.
So when she went missing,
there was nothing...
...to connect her to you.
You found a whore who looked like you.
Then you moved to Maardam...
But by then
you had changed your hair and all...
Jaan had taken pictures of her.
even copied her tattoo.
What were you
doing in that hotel room?
- Then what?
- What?
Did someone...?
After you had cleaned up,
she moved around the house,
having drinks
Did you buy stuff for yourself,
or are you back to dealing drugs?
And scattering her prints.
While Jaan went out to eat,
tailed by Veerlangen.
It was as simple as that, then...
If hadn't taken things for granted,
want to help you.
If had asked myself
who she really was...
- Then...
- But you didn't.
You behaved according to plan.
Bothering Jaan and not asking
the right questions. Go on digging.
Lippman speaking.
that you took the time to come.
A beige Peugeot
passed through Linden an hour ago.
- What do you want?
- How is he doing... your son?
That's enough.
Said, that's enough!
It's painful to see the people
you love ruin their lives.
It makes you wonder whose fault it is.
Is it your fault?
No, no one would blame the father
You know, I'd like to see...
...a bird while die.
When the son drifts into
drug abuse and a life of crime.
Could you wait until one flies by?
No one has the right to say that.
They have no evidence to support it.
Isn't that strange?
You, on the other hand,
can claim that killed my wife.
That's all right, it's your job.
Was that it?
Or did you have
something important to say?
Was simply sorry
that your son was in trouble
That's all wanted to say.
Damn you!
Oh, hello...
I'm sorry can't ask you in,
we're on our way.
- Is it time?
- Yes, it started last night.
But the contractions stopped...
You know all about
how the first baby takes it's time.
Have a seat.
- How is she?
- Fine. What brings you here?
Listen to me.
If you help us out,
your prison sentence will be reduced.
- No police stuff, hope.
- How did you know she was Barbara?
- Two or seven years, who cares?
- Come on! Give me something.
Christ... It was a hunch.
Had this... gut feeling
So can put those bastards away.
Went to see her
on the strength of a hunch.
If it hadn't been for you...
- want to help you.
- don't think you can.
Well, you never know.
Now where is she?
- You don't know what the problem is.
- So, tell me...
- How are you?
- Fine...
What is the problem?
- Here. - What's that?
- A camera.
That's a pair of binoculars.
I'm unhappy...
We don't have time, let's go!
Don't like life, Dad.
You can't do much about that.
M - Yes? ay Speak to Y Cu?
Erich... love you.
Never forget that.
We've lost Hennan.
Excuse me, are you Van Veeteren?
I'm Belle Vargas. You know
my father, Maarten Veerlangen.
- See. How can help you?
- He disappeared a week ago.
People usually come back.
Have you talked to the police?
They say the same thing you did. Only
think something's happened to him.
He was digging into an old case,
Jaan G. Hennan.
- You worked on that case together.
- Not exactly.
He told me he would contact you
once he had more to go on.
In that case,
he'd better contact the police.
This is what do nowadays...
He'll turn up, you'll see.
Here's is my number.
In case you change your mind.
Good luck.
Case G
Van Veeteren here.
Hi there. Oh, did startle you?
- Have you forgotten?
- No...
Yes, age will do it to you.
No, it's a characteristic of yours.
Were you going anywhere?
Is it my fault
that Erich can't sign this himself?
Absolutely not. It's not your fault.
But why didn't realise
that he was involved with those jerks,
that he was in danger?
It's so strange...
The pain is intolerable...
But somehow you manage anyway.
Hello, Marlene. I'm Marthe. I'm in
charge of the paternity hearing.
We're running a bit late...
That's all right.
When was the last time
you spoke to him?
He called a week ago,
wanting to borrow money.
- Did he mention Jaan G. Hennan?
- Yes.
He was incoherent. told him
to call back when he was sober.
He never did.
- Does this happen often?
- No, absolutely not.
He calls several times a week
and sees a lot of my son.
Think hard, didn't
he say anything else at all?
What did he say...?
"Now know how he did it."
- What?
- "Now know how he did it."
- And he was going to tell you.
- Any more details?
I'd really like to talk to him.
Well, hello. Look who's here.
Listen, could you help me out?
I'd like to have a list
of incoming calls to this number
on the 18th, around 6 pm to midnight.
- What's this about?
- A friend is concerned about her dad.
And there's one more thing...
- What do you make of this?
- "14.42"?
- It's hardly a biblical reference.
- You never know.
- A departure time.
- Or an arrival.
- Train, bus, airline...?
- Flights depart on even fives.
At least, that's what they try to do
Could you help me out?
Was thinking on a nationwide scale.
Will do.
Yesterday had some contractions
and figured it was time...
But they went away.
How do you know when it's for real?
Well, you just do.
if he's going to look like Erich.
- Do you have his baby pictures?
- No, don't.
- Where are you?
- I'm coming...
I've got it.
- Marlene's leaving.
- Oh...
Do you have
any baby pictures of Erich?
I'll get some for her.
Here you go...
We'll make copies
of the ones you like.
- Would you like me to call a cab?
- No, thank you.
A walk would do me good.
I'd like to ask you something...
- It feels silly...
- Fire away!
was wondering if could stay here
for a while after the baby is born.
- Just for a while.
- Is there something wrong?
just don't want to be alone.
Would be
very happy to have you here
You're part of the family.
Thank you.
You're so sweet.
Bye! - Bye.
Marlene thinks I'm sweet.
Her frame of reference is different.
She doesn't have my expectations,
or the same needs...
It's an old case: Case G.
Jaan G. Hennan... and his wife.
Someone pushed her off a high dive.
She was found at the bottom of
an empty pool. Her skull was crushed.
Remember reading about that case.
Did he do it?
Think so.
We had a lot of circumstantial
evidence, but not much hard stuff.
So the case was dismissed.
Why are you
involved with the case now?
Hennan tried to get at me
by using Erich.
One of his associates got Erich
to come up to a hotel room.
That was what put him in prison,
so have a hard time letting it go.
And now some new information
has come to light.
Figured was going to explore it.
If find anything,
I'll hand it over to the police.
- Of course.
- Without a doubt.
"Arrivals, 2:42 pm"...
There are quite a few.
Armstadt, Karpatz...
- ...Kaalbringen.
- ran a check on Belle Vargas.
It seems her maiden name
was Veerlangen.
Is our Veerlangen involved?
Is this about "Case G"?
Good. Thanks. - Two calls to
Vargas, one from someone in Borsten...
Hang on.
Borsten... No.
One from a pay phone
on the outskirts of Kaalbringen.
- Well, well...
- Here's the number.
What do you know? guess a few
of those Grey cells are still alive.
You didn't answer me:
Does this concern Jaan G. Hennan?
I'll call you when know more.
Take the train, we're expecting
snow this afternoon.
May ask you a question?
- Are you a cop?
- No, I'm trying to help a friend.
Maarten Veerlangen. His daughter
thought he might be here.
- Do you recognise him?
- Yes, he owes me money.
- haven't seen him for two weeks.
- He'll be back.
- Where did he stay?
- In the caravan that burned down.
- Burned down? When was that?
- A few days after he left.
Did you report it to the police?
Do you know what started the fire?
We don't ask a lot of questions here.
Things happen.
All right if take a look?
- Did you ever talk to him?
- He treated me to a drink once.
- Why do you think he'll be back?
- He seemed the type.
- What type?
- The decent type.
He left this envelope.
It's in Geraldine's office.
Strange... Writing a letter
to yourself like that, isn't it?
Thank you.
We'll search his ?at and I'll send
someone to talk to his daughter.
- That's all we can do right now.
- don't think you'll find anything.
But you can try to locate G
if he's still in the Kaalbringen area.
Wonder what kind
of evidence Veerlangen found...
How did he figure out how it was done?
What did he find out? Well...
You know how to pursue this.
I've done my bit.
- Still enjoy that shop of yours?
- My bookshop? Absolutely.
Give my best to Ulrike.
Call me,
if there are any developments.
- Why are you still up?
- What?
- Well...
- You can't get it out of your head.
Right... It's...
can't deny that it keeps popping up.
can't let go...
- Come to bed, I'm cold.
- In a minute.
Veerlangen is dead. A shot
to the head, he was taken out.
Veerlangen left an envelope
with some negatives in the safe.
Had copies made, and I've studied
them for hours on end.
It looks like a cafe.
There are eight people involved,
five men and three women.
None of them look like Hennan,
but it's hard to tell,
since they were shot at a distance.
- Are you certain G is involved?
- Are you joking?
Veerlangen was an alcoholic
with financial problems.
- Maybe he...
- All right.
So Veerlangen lied to his daughter
about a breakthrough in Case G?
He went to that camping place
in Kaalbringen to hide out
and evade debt collectors.
And he just happened
to get his brains blown out
by someone who didn't like his face.
Is that it?
- I'll keep these.
- Go ahead, have copies.
It can't do any harm
if mull over the case as well?
- What's next?
- Moreno and will go to Kaalbringen.
DeKlerkk wants us
to help him outwith the inquiry.
Well, aren't you lucky?
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
don't know
how many days this will take.
Marlene's baby is due any day now.
You know how it is with the first
baby, they never arrive on time.
- So I'll make it.
- We're talking about your grandchild.
Erich's son. And all you can think
about is that blasted case!
- Munster needs me.
- Marlene need you!
Munster will be fine on his own.
- That's not the issue here, is it?
- You're right.
- You want revenge.
- Maybe.
This was my case originally,
and want to close it.
Want to see Jaan G. Hennan in court.
We're talking about justice,
not revenge.
You made a promise to Marlene.
She'll think you're letting her down.
Am supposed to let Erich down?
- Won't be much good at a birth.
- That's not the issue...
People are good at different things.
I'll call you when get there.
Look who's here. I've heard
you have a stake in this case.
So you're welcome to be an observer.
- But only an observer.
- Thank you.
- What do we have?
- A dead man. Shot.
No obvious suspects.
A full investigation is required.
We'll map out the last 24 hours
of the victim's life.
We'll keep our options open,
there is no single line of inquiry.
- No... Our options are open.
- Right.
The man they found...
- Was it the guy who stayed here?
- Veerlangen? Yes.
guess can kiss my money goodbye.
- Could the police possibly...
- He only stayed a few nights.
- lent him a grand.
- What for?
thought he was good for it.
He was going to buy a zoom lens.
For something important.
- What did he need a zoom for?
- Birds.
- What shop did he go to?
- There's only the one. Photo...
How about a trip into town?
If you can spare the time, that is.
To check out the camera shop.
- Maybe you should come along.
- Why not?
Hello. We're police officers.
Do you recognise this man?
Yes, he bought a 100-300 zoom.
Is there a problem?
- Did he buy film as well?
- Yes, and left a film for processing.
- Did you see the pictures?
- We use a machine developer.
But why don't you have a look?
He hasn't picked them up yet.
Every shot shows a white brick house
and a man and a woman.
He used a zoom and shot from a
distance of approximately 25 meters.
- Too bad they're slightly fuzzy.
- Anyone recognise the location?
- It doesn't have to be Kaalbringen.
- Oh, we're being stupid.
bet Veerlangen
went to Kaalbringen to develop
pictures from his holiday
in Sebastopol back in 1988.
We'll have to conduct a random search.
- A postman might know.
- Check it out.
Then we might know the address
by tomorrow. - Come with me.
This is my position:
You are not working this case.
You are not to follow up on leads.
Munster suggested the camera shop.
just tagged along.
Stay in the background
or will have to send you home.
Hi there, it's me. How are you doing?
Haven't had time to call, I've been
swamped. Is Marlene all right?
She's there? Please put her on.
Hang on. Ulrike...
love you.
May speak to Marlene now?
Well, hello. just wanted
to tell you I'll be back soon
hope you're doing fine.
Take care, and I'll see you soon.