Falling Inn Love (2019) Movie Script

[upbeat music plays]
Oh, I love the country.
Gabriela. Great workout.
Today's affirmation is:
flow easily with new challenges.
["Unbreakable" plays]
So what you got
Better give your all
'Cause baby, I'm unbreakable
Give it your best shot
I won't crawl
'Cause you know I'm unshrinkable
And if you want to take...
-[man] Here you go, Gabby.
Simon, I swear you're psychic.
[cell phone chimes]
'Cause I'm unbreakable...
[phone rings in the background]
[phone rings in the background]
[Gabriela] "Win an Inn."
[siren wails in the distance]
[man] You could be the proud owner
of this bucolic bed and breakfast...
So I said, "Well, hey,
I'm not paying those taxes!"
[all laugh]
Ah. Hey, guys.
Half-day? It's 10:30.
Diaz, didn't you check Slack?
There's a change of schedule,
bumping your pitch to next week.
[chuckles] Chad, I've...
I've had a triple-shot latte.
I'm amped.
I'm ready to blow minds with affordable,
100% solar-powered green housing.
Kyle had a killer one-liner,
board's Skyping in to hear it.
His dad's one of our big investors...
[whispers] ...so my hands are tied.
But my finished pitch
has the cost savings
-our investors--
-Look, next week. I promise.
And, uh, stay amped, Diaz.
-Loving the enthusiasm. Yeah?
-[phone chimes]
Hey, Chad here.
Yeah, Chad and his buddies
are like a free-range bachelor party.
[inhales] Ugh.
Just keep at it, Gabz.
You'll get your shot.
I'm starved. Can we get a menu?
I had my assistant preorder for us.
Oh. Okay. Thanks. Um...
What comfort carbs
am I gonna bury my emotions in?
Mmm, that raw kale salad you love so much.
-No bread, thank you.
Well, while I'm not getting
to dazzle my boss
-with my big ideas...
I instead will dazzle you...
Yeah? With what?
A closet makeover.
Ooh. That's not where
I thought this was going.
Listen, you never leave your stuff
at my place.
Let's fix that.
Okay, check this out.
-We lose the coat rack.
-All right.
And put in recycled cedar shelves.
You know, natural moth-repellent
for your wool suits.
[Gabriela] Mm-hmm.
But see, once you start home renovations,
love just goes poof!
It's gone!
Half of my divorce cases
start with a remodel.
And besides, I got a deposition in LA
on Saturday,
but how about...
a nice weekend away when I get back.
One of those old inns you love?
Sounds lovely.
[Dean] Mmm.
Ugh, I swear, sometimes Dean
just gets me so angry.
I just don't know what to do with him.
I hear ya.
Please turn and transition
into upward dog.
[Gabriela sighs]
Deep, cleansing breaths.
I offered him a closet shelf.
I've seen deer in actual headlights
look less panicked.
-Clear the mind and soul of all...
-Ouch. That puts a dent in your chi.
Jump into a tree pose.
Nice jumping.
You want my advice?
[sighs] Let me guess.
Compassion. Love.
-Deep thoughts from a yoga T-shirt.
A rock or you walk.
It's how I got Mike to propose.
Descend into a seated position
and prepare to silently...
take lotus.
She's mean.
See, I don't want to force things.
But what happened
to shared goals and dreams?
Shared goals and dreams are a fantasy.
It's been two and a half years.
Trust me, girl.
[sighs] You know what?
If it's meant to be,
the universe will show me.
We'll see.
Ugh, I thought yoga was supposed
to be relaxing.
[hissing] Well, it would be
if you would stop talking.
-[woman] Anyone called security yet?
I'm locked out of the building.
[scoffs] Well, maybe it takes
a woman's touch.
That's weird.
Oh, it's all over Twitter.
[message alerts chiming]
enVirona-Tech's gone belly-up!
Investors have bailed.
Including Kyle's dad.
-[woman] This is unbelievable!
-[man] I just got this job.
Hi. Uh, Paul, please?
Hey, Chad here.
Okay, well, that many applicants?
I-I did. I sent in my resume. Yes.
I'd have to move where?
Oh, Syria.
Yes. Spanish and English.
Oh, Turkish.
Wait, so why would I need to cut my hair?
I know I'm overqualified,
but, eh, nobody needs to know.
[chuckles] You know what I mean?
-[line disconnects]
Okay. I know today sucked.
But the day is not over yet.
You've got a date with Dean,
and you're gonna give him an ultimatum.
You're gonna turn this negative
into a positive.
-You got me, sister?
Maybe this is a sign.
I need to strike out on my own.
Whoo, yes.
There's your get-up-and-go spirit.
What can I do to help?
Well, I was thinking,
um, if we move in together,
I can establish a home office,
-go freelance, find my own investors...
-[Dean sighs]
...fund my own eco-friendly
gray water recycling--
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [chuckles]
Uh, just...
Back it up. Just rewind two seconds.
Move in together?
It's been two and a half years.
Yeah, baby,
but it feels like yesterday still
because I'm so happy
with the way things are.
Look, Gabz.
You know I love you.
But when I'm home, I need my own space
to decompress.
Can we just keep this as is?
I am such an idiot.
What? [scoffs]
If you can't commit to a closet shelf,
how can you commit to me?
I'm done.
-Gabz. Come on.
What just happened?
[whines] My phone.
[cell phone chimes]
[man] New Zealand.
-New Zealand.
Your dream life awaits you in New Zealand.
Imagine yourself as the owner
of this idyllic, charming inn
located in New Zealand.
And the price?
Just a 400-word essay
on why you deserve this lovely treasure.
Oh, wow.
[man] Along with a small entrance fee.
And your dream life awaits you...
in New Zealand.
Last day to enter.
Mm. Mm.
"As a kid, I imagined my dream home.
You know, a fantasy mansion
with a water slide
and in-home ice cream parlor."
Ooh, yeah, that's good.
"But those kind of dreams fade
as you get busy running
on the corporate hamster wheel.
I'm ready for four walls and a roof
where I callall the shots.
As the saying goes...
'Leap and the net will appear.'
Well, I'm leaping."
[woman] You've won an inn!
-Bellbird Valley Farm.
Located in picturesque
Beechwood Downs, New Zealand!
[gasps and screams]
I'm officially the owner of an inn,
which is adorable.
But it's not like I'm gonna, like,
move to New Zealand.
I mean, that would be insane.
But... maybe the place runs itself.
Yeah. Then I can use the income
and put it towards my projects back here.
Get my real life back on track.
Real life. Right.
Channeling rage into self-care
and trying to convince yourself
everything's just fine.
Is everything okay with you and Mike?
Mike and I have couples therapy at 3:00,
which is when we pay a lot of money
and get to yell at each other.
Take these.
Use my place
as your own meditative retreat.
Oh, you're the best!
Thirteen-hour flight to Auckland
and three bus rides.
Wish me luck.
I'll light a candle
in meditation class for you.
Here we go...
[upbeat music plays]
[inhales deeply, exhales]
Didn't think I'd make the light
Didn't think
I'd ever shine so bright
You tried to break my bones
But I survived
The sticks and stones...
-[man] Hi.
-Gabriela Diaz.
We all know who they are
They never get too far
And I won't let nobody break me down
Nobody steal my smile
Nobody turn me around...
[Gabriela] You guys going
to Beechwood Downs?
Their words won't make me break
'Cause baby, I'm here to stay
[dog barks]
-[cow lows]
-[goat bleating]
[cows lows]
Where the hell is this town?
Oh. Oh, no.
No, no. No, no, no, no. Nuh-uh.
Just give me one bar.
Come on.[groans] Come on.
Please? [grunts]
One bar!
-Ooh, yes!
-[horn honks]
Ah! No!
[crying] No! Oh! My shoes, my--
Oh, my clothes!
Oh, my face mask.
You got a license to have that out
in the open road?
I'm so sorry.
-You ought to put a leash on that thing.
-I will pay for any of the damages.
Well, this did...
put a big dent in my ute.
Ha, ha.
No need to be inappropriate.
Ute. Utility vehicle.
Okay, Crocodile Dundee.
Yeah, that's another country.
Hey, are you lost?
Because Wellington,
that's still a ways down the road.
Is this Beechwood Downs?
Yeah. That town's a kilometer away.
Okay. Well, then, I'm exactly
where I need to be.
Why do you ask?
Oh, you're not the usual type
we get around here.
We're more of a work boots type of town.
These are work boots.
Italian leather.
Oh, maybe so, but that Italian leather,
that won't last ten minutes out here
in the wop-wops.
The what-whats?
The countryside.
If you'll excuse me, uh, me and my...
inappropriate footwear
are gonna order a Lyft.
Well, I can give you a lift.
Uh, not that kind of lift.
Like, Lyft with a "Y."
Yeah, it's like a taxi.
Yeah. No, there's no taxi with a "Y" here,
but I can still give you a lift.
I don't take rides from strangers.
Like Lyft drivers.
All right, bye!
-It was great meeting you.
Oh, hey, wait. You...
You forgot this.
Thank you.
No worries. What man doesn't love
swooping in and saving the day?
The thing is, I don't need saving.
Thanks all the same.
That was interesting.
Uh... Ooh!
[groans] Oh!
Kia ora.
Just off the bus, eh?
It's that obvious?
Well, you've got the dazed look
that comes after hours on a land waka.
Also, we only get one bus a day.
Well, I desperately need coffee.
Short black, long black, or flat white?
I have no idea what you're talking about,
but it all sounds amazing.
[Gabriela chuckles]
In from America, eh?
What's going on with the Kardashians?
Ignore my husband, Peter. He's nosy.
Long way from home
and dressed to the nines?
I bet there's an intriguing story
to your arrival.
[chuckles] Now, now, Peter.
Here you go, love.
What else can we get you?
Directions to Bellbird Valley Farm.
I'm the new owner.
-[man exclaims]
-[plate smashes]
Ooh, all right. Uh...
It's all right, love.
Take yourself to the end of the street,
make two rights, then a left.
Um, what do I owe you?
Oh, on the house. Our treat.
Thank you for the coffee.
Hi. [nervous chuckle]
Fix that.
Ah, my inn!
Yeah! [laughs]
[laughs] It's lovely!
What the dumpster?
Come on.
[thudding continues]
[both scream]
[both gasp]
You look like you've seen a ghost.
Gilbert. He's a wily fella.
Thinks this place is his.
[Gilbert bleats]
Though local legend has it
a ghost does inhabit this inn.
Charlotte Wadsworth.
Gabriela Diaz.
Come in.
I heard the new Bellbird Valley Farm
owner arrived,
an American, no less,
so I had to cut some welcome roses
and come and see for myself.
I am the proprietor of the Tea Rose House.
It's the only B&B in town.
Isn't this also a B&B?
[Charlotte scoffs]
In theory, but, well, look around.
Yeah, never assume anything
on the internet
matches its profile picture.
-Those photos
were from when old Mabel Browning
ran the inn.
She passed ages ago,
and the place fell into disrepair.
It was her great-grandson
that orchestrated the "Win an Inn" scam.
-Dumping this place
on some unsuspecting muppet.
Ooh, the kitchen.
Do you know where I can find
this great-grandson?
Denmark, last I heard. Good luck.
So, do you have heaps of experience
running an historic inn?
Well, not a lot to currently run,
but I do love a good DIY project.
Well, when you finally realize,
"DIY am I doing this?"...
-[Charlotte giggles]
...give me a call.
I think I might be able to help you.
I'll see myself out.
Ta-ta, Gabriela.
[Gilbert bleats]
What the...
[Gabriela shivers]
Light for me.
No. No!
[thunder crashes]
[thunder rumbles]
[clock ticking]
[clock ticking]
[rooster crows]
["Good Day" plays]
Sun coming up
behind the glass skyscraper
Cup of coffee with the paper
Moving on
Moving on
Seems like we get stuck
in such a rut sometimes...
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
That can't be right.
Oh, no. Oh!
Ah! Oh, my God!
I need a good day
So bad, I need a good day
- So bad, I need a good day
- Don't you know?
Don't you know?
Whoa, whoa...
[tires squealing]
-[Gabriela screams]
[man] Wrong side of the road!
[Gabriela] Sorry!
I need a good day...
-[Gabriela] I'm sorry!
- So bad, I need a good day
- Don't you know...
[tires squeal]
Whoa, whoa...
She's a right beaut.
Excuse me?
Yeah. Sweet as, I mean.
I can help you restore her
to her original glory.
Thank you, but I have zero intention
of restoring this relic.
Uh, it's not a relic.
Yes, it is.
And I'm replacing it
with a contemporary functioning faucet.
May I?
-So, this is hand-finished brass.
-They don't make 'em like that anymore.
-[Gabriela] Mm-hmm.
Just a new washer
and she's right as.
Why are you everywhere that I am?
Well, Beechwood Downs is a small town.
Maybe you're everywhere I am.
-Clean-up, aisle three.
-It's all right, Jo. I've got it.
-Thanks. Sorry.
-Thank you.
-[Gabriela groans]
-You gotta go easy on these old drawers.
I know how to open a drawer... usually.
-I only meant--
-What, that you know better than I do?
Whoa, relax. Just cool your jets.
Okay. Let me tell you something, buddy.
After losing both my boyfriend and my job
in the span of a week,
I travel across the world to find out
that I'm the new owner of a money pit.
-I'm already at the end
of a really short rope,
so I will cool my jets
when and where I choose. Okay?
Yep. Yeah, got it.
[clears throat]
You relax on your own schedule.
I will.
Hey, cool your jets.
[man] No. No, she did not.
Well, wait for this.
Annabelle caused a hell of a ruckus
at last month's book club.
She brought along a raspberry jelly whip,
and as you might guess,
that sent Sheila off.
She picks up her jelly whip
and storms off. Oh.
Customer waiting.
Stay tuned.
-[phone clatters]
-Oh. [chuckles]
You got that?
Now, you must be the American
that's fixing up Bellbird.
Name's Norman.
It's nice to meet you, Norm.
If it's okay to call you Norm?
Just don't call me late for dinner.
[chuckles] That was funny.
Oh, trouble with the old tap?
Well, you know the old adage:
every great journey
starts with a plumbing disaster.
Can you add this in?
It seems like this inn is
more of a challenge than I expected.
Um, do you know anybody in town
that does renovations?
Ah, well, as a matter of fact,
the best contractor on the North Island
lives right here in town.
Name's Jake Taylor.
I love it. Can I have his phone number?
Hey, Jake. What's your phone number?
-Who's asking?
-She is.
No, I didn't.
You just asked me for his phone number.
-Actually I did, but I--
-Why do you want my number?
-I don't.
-She's the new owner of Bellbird,
and she wants your number.
You know what? On second thought,
I don't need a contractor, but thank you.
Keep the change. Bye.
What a strange girl.
She called me Norm.
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
[woman] Be there in a flash, dear!
[woman sighs]
Are you okay?
Oh, crap!
[Gabriela] Oh, whoa, whoa.
I've got it. Don't worry.
Thank you, Hana.
I appreciate that.
[stammers] Here you go.
[Hana sighs]
That wasn't so hard to find.
No, this one wasn't too bad.
Oh, Hana.
These are amazing.
Bellbird Valley Farm
was quite the prize showcase in her day.
Nobody ran an inn
quite like old Mabel Browning.
Until the tragedy, that is.
No need to talk about such things.
-[stammers] I need that.
-[Hana] Oh.
Thank you, Hana.
I brought you another flat white
-and a slice for dessert.
A slice of?
Peter's Ginger Crunch.
-Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm!
-Oh, I like that sound.
Heaven confirmed.
Peter's fluent in pastry.
-It's an international language of love.
-So, you're gonna fix up Bellbird, eh?
-[man] That's exciting!
[Gabriela] I've been brainstorming.
Maybe, just maybe,
Bellbird Valley Farm is my chance
to make the zero-net energy green home
I've always dreamed of!
-[Gabriela] Thank you, Alan.
-Excuse me?
I applied for my entrepreneur visa.
-And... yes!
This project will be crazy hard.
-And yes!
I'm gonna max out all my credit cards.
But it's time to show the world
what Gabriela Diaz
-is truly capable of.
-[door chimes open]
-[Gabriela] And a good day to you, sir!
-[Gabriela] Ah...
I forgot my stuff.
Okay, Norm.
All right. So, I need
a few rolls of hemp insulation,
and one case of, uh,
sustainable bamboo floor tiles.
[Norm exhales]
This'll have to be shipped
from Australia.
It won't be cheap.
I'll give you a 90-day tab.
Ninety days?
That's how we do things around here.
you gave me a nickname.
I've never had a nickname before.
Always wanted one.
Well, 90 days sounds
incredibly impractical,
but also very much appreciated, Norm.
You'll pay me
once Bellbird's up and running.
I'm curious to see how it all turns out.
Eh, yeah. Me too.
You fellas call me Norm from now on. Norm.
[both] Norm!
Well, my plan was to be here
for a week tops, but...
[inhales] ...renovating this inn
could take about two or three months.
I didn't even get to see you
before you left.
Because we're broken up.
Oh, that.
Why don't we say, for now,
that we're friends?
And we can talk more about it
when I get back? How's that?
Um, awful. [chuckles]
-Gabz, you know how much I--
-[cell phone rings]
Oh.Shoot, baby,
this is Dominique, my facialist.
I gotta take this.
I'll call you back, all right? Dominique!
[call disconnects]
[thudding and whispering]
Listen here, Mabel.
You are more than welcome
to haunt this place, but...
you stay in your part of the house,
I'll stay in mine. Deal?
I'll take that as a yes.
[nervous chuckle]
["Peer Gynt: Morning Mood" plays]
Gabriela Diaz.
I was wondering when you'd pop by.
Ugh, it feels like everybody met
the new Bellbird owner before me.
Sorry to keep you in suspense.
No, sorry, I'm Shelley. I'm the owner here
at Shoots and Sprouts.
-Thank you.
[Shelley laughs]
So, did you really come all this way
out to New Zealand by yourself?
Of course, no, I am sure
you're a very strong, independent woman.
It's just, it gets really lonely out here
in the countryside.
It's very rural.
It's incredibly... quiet.
Yes, it's... it's just me.
Well, me, an ornery goat,
and the Bellbird ghost.
But fortunately,
the ghost and I came to a truce.
I explained that I just went through
a breakup and I need my space.
I'm in a long-term relationship
with plants.
Well, then, I guess I'm dating an inn.
[both laugh]
Modern romance can be
so complicated, right?
So complicated. [laughs]
Well, I thought I would start
this relationship with something easy:
-Ah, yes!
Fennel and spearmint, both tasty
and attracts beneficial insects.
Oh, I like where you're going there.
Hey, so how about this?
This is a kawakawa tree.
It's native to New Zealand.
It's sacred to the Maori,
who use the leaves for medicine.
And the berries attract the kereru,
which is our wild wood pigeon--
Ooh, I love it, I love it, I love it.
I'll take two.
Ah! You hear that, boys?
-You've got a new home!
-[Charlotte] There you are!
Where's my special-order fertilizer?
Oh. It's you.
I heard you decided to stay on
and do up the Bellbird yourself.
The local gossip chain
is remarkably accurate.
I also heard you turned down
Jake Taylor's offer to help.
Is everyone's business in this town
everyone's business?
[chuckles] Got that right.
I want to hear all about your progress.
Tea, Sunday, at mine?
Sure. Sounds good. I'll see you there.
[with Spanish accent]
My name is Gabriela Diaz.
You killed my father.
Prepare to die.
-Oh, Gilbert.
-[bells jingling]
[Gilbert bleats]
[gasps] Oh, hi, Gilbert.
[shouts in pain]
-[Gabriela groans]
It's just a collar!
- Whoo!
- Right now, get up
- Whoo!
- Right now, get up
All right. [exhales]
-[glass shatters]
-Come on!
[rooster crows]
["Peer Gynt: Morning Mood" plays]
[inhales deeply]
[clock ticking]
[birds chirping]
[collar jangling]
I am not loving that goat.
Hey, Norm. Here's another item to add
to the list of things I need to pay for
but I can't afford to pay for.
Oh, you again.
Well, well, well,
if it isn't Little Miss Sunshine.
What, do you work here?
Not technically, no, but I do like
to help out Norman when I can.
If that's for the Bellbird kitchen sink,
you might have better luck
with a 5/8 flare wrench.
Just what I was missing,
more mansplaining.
No, thank you.
-I'll keep my wrench.
-Who needs a wrench?
-She does, for the Bellbird kitchen sink.
-Well, not that wrench.
-She needs a 5/8 flare wrench.
-I told her.
Gotta be a 5/8.
-See? Norman's been there.
-Won't go there without a flare.
She doesn't listen.
You're gonna waste your money.
-[Gabriela] That's enough!
As much as I would love to join
your comedy duo,
I have a date at the Tea Rose House.
So, if you'll excuse me.
[whispers] Thank you. Love you. Bye.
She is a little bit strange, that one.
[tires squeal]
-[chatting indistinctly]
-[brakes squeal]
Charlotte! [squeals]
I'm so sorry!
My roses! Back up!
My roses!
[tires squeal]
I got it.
[piano playing]
-Well, that was fun.
I'm so sorry about the tea rose bush.
I'll replace it.
That particular hybrid won Best in Show.
It's irreplaceable.
Make yourself at home.
[piano continues]
Ooh. Creepy.
This place is like
a giant antique dollhouse.
What a nice compliment.
Here, let me take that.
Please take a seat.
I'll just pop Lady Millicent
over with Mr. Pat.
Hmm. My guests love the tradition
of a high tea.
Personally, I'm in the mood
for something stronger.
Ooh, okay. Wine o'clock.
That's my favorite hour.
-Yep, regardless of any time zone.
-[cell phone chimes]
-Do you need to get that?
Oh, let me see.
Oh, no, it's...
it's just a text my friend.
What a lovely name.
My husband's a Navy Commander,
currently deployed in Antarctica.
We text all the time.
The modern love letter, eh?
You must miss him.
So, tell me how the renovations
are coming along.
Oh, well, it's been a bumpy road.
Seems I can't fix a simple kitchen sink,
much less realize my dreams
of an eco-friendly solar-powered inn.
[chuckles politely]
In my experience, B&B guests
come to get away from modernity.
They want a true old-fashioned escape.
-I'll cut to the chase.
I have loved the Bellbird
since I was a little girl.
Mabel Browning's great-grandson
promised it to me.
-Owning both the inns in town
has always been my dream.
My own mini-inn-pire. [chuckles]
And then he realized
he could clean up with this...
"Win an Inn" scam,
and he robbed me of my dream.
Now that you've experienced
the extensive and expensive work
that the inn needs,
I'm sure you'll find my offer fair.
[Mr. Pat snores]
-[Gabriela chuckles]
-Clearly someone back home misses you.
Pocket the cash,
be done with this little misadventure,
and go back to America and your real life.
Can I think about it?
[Mr. Pat snores]
Of course.
[indistinct chattering]
-I can't believe I murdered her roses.
-Oh, look, accidents happen.
You know, Charlotte says
they're irreplaceable,
-but, you know, I have to at least try.
-Well, it's very good of you.
I'm just gonna sort out
the delivery for these.
-One sec.
Hey, Shell, you're out of mulch.
-[Gabriela yelps]
-Guess who's here?
She was right there, I swear.
-Uh, hang on. I'll be back in a sec.
-Uh, hey.
Who are you, uh, hiding from?
I, uh...
was reading the sign.
Very informative.
Uh-huh. So, how's the old Bellbird?
Okay, what did you guys even gossip about
before I got here?
You know what?
I reckon we'd run out of topics.
Yeah, your arrival really
livened things up in that department.
I'm glad to be of service
to the community.
Jake, uh, your mulch is out the front.
Ah, thanks, Shell.
All right, I'll see you around.
Happy reading.
Thank you.
I do believe that, uh, Beechwood Downs'
most eligible bachelor
might be keen on you.
[scoffs] Yeah. Doubtful.
Every time I see him,
I am a complete disaster.
That's why I'm trying to avoid him.
I've known Jake Taylor my whole life.
He is lovely.
If he's so desirable,
then why is he still single, hm?
How come you're not dating him?
No, look. I mean, I had a crush on him
when we were younger, we all did,
but, uh, Jake had a...
a long-time girlfriend.
High school sweethearts.
She passed away three years ago.
Oh, wow, that's awful.
He hasn't taken a chance on love
since then.
This little flirt
over the fertilizer, though,
says that could all be changing.
Uh, me? No, I'm pretty sure--
Oh, hey, Corey.
I'll, uh, just be with you in one sec.
No rush. I'd, uh, wait for you all day,
Shelley. [nervous chuckle]
Uh, sorry. [stammering] I've got this...
-No, it's fine. It's fine.
Well, that's Doc Harrison.
He's our town physician.
And top customer here.
He clearly likes you.
What? Corey?
[scoffs] No.
No, no, no. He just really loves plants.
That's the only reason he comes in here
all the time when he...
doesn't really have a section of land.
[Gabriela] Yeah. Mm-hmm.
If he's too shy to ask,
I say take the lead, girl.
[stammering] No.
I mean, I couldn't do that. I'd...
[stammering] Wh--
[cell phone rings]
-Uh, Chad? What--
-Two words.
Chinese investors.
I'm starting my own firm.
You got a gig yet?
Uh, no. Actually, I'm in--
I have always dug your energy,
so I can make a job happen for you.
Just stay put and stay tuned. Yeah?
-I gotta go. Bye.
-[line disconnects]
-Did you just hang up--
[cell phone rings]
Come on in.
-Are you guys closed?
-It's rugby night.
Uh, what's rugby night?
[shouting] Yeah!
Alan rolled the TV over from the office.
[stammers] Alan has an office?
Look, I'll just order
and get out of your way.
No, stay!
Take the night off. Enjoy the footie
and we'll get you some wine.
There's no use in protesting. I learned
early on that Peter always gets his way.
We're chocka, so mind sharing a table?
Sure. I don't mind.
[both laugh]
-Just can't keep away from me, can you?
You just keep dreaming, don't you?
Just pretend I'm not here. Like usual.
All right. We've got some specials.
The coconut curry mussels,
the kmara gnocchi, the lamb chops, or...
you go for the works.
Oh, uh, you know,
I should probably just have a salad.
Salad? Mm-mm.
Isn't a real dinner. Nope.
[chuckles] Fair enough.
What are you getting?
Uh, everything you listed before
sounds good to me.
So, what you're saying is "get the works"?
You lead the way, I'll follow.
Hmm. I like the way you approach a menu.
[chuckles] All right, let's do it.
Get the works.
Thank you.
I've always been more of a city girl.
Actually, I went camping once
for like a week, yeah.
And it rained, so we stayed in the car.
Come on, a little rain won't melt you.
And besides, New Zealand,
it has a way of winning over
even the biggest nature-haters.
I am being won over,
despite the deafening cicada symphony.
That's their mating love sound.
No wonder they're still single.
[laughs] Yeah.
Hated everything, I see.
[Gabriela giggles]
Ka pai to kai.
That means "your food is good," right?
You just called my mother a prostitute.
-What? Oh, no, I didn't--
-[both] Kidding!
[imitates explosion]
You're still sticking with that one?
-The two of you.
-[all] Bless you.
-Are you coming down with something?
-No. I'm good.
-Mmm. What is that?
-It's all good. I've got it.
You can get it next time.
What makes you think
there's gonna be a next time?
You keep following me all around town.
[giggles] You keep telling yourself that.
But thank you.
You're welcome.
Ladies first.
What about you?
Beechwood Downs your whole life?
Oh, I did an OE.
An overseas experience.
I lived in London for a year,
and then spent a few years
at uni in Australia.
Ah, there's more to this provincial chippy
than the lady suspected, huh?
Ah, no, I was... You know what?
I'm gonna stop before I step in it.
But I missed the country.
Fresh air, open spaces.
-Listen, I was-- [sneezes]
-Bless you.
You sure you're not getting sick?
I'm fine. I never get sick.
Can't believe I'm sick.
-It's open.
[sighs] I brought Dr. Corey
on a house call.
Well, how'd you guys
even know I was sick?
Peter and Manaaki told me
you were coming down with something,
and then when you were a no-show
at the farmer's market, I...
Why do you not have a hot cup of tea
in your hand,
and why is that not on the stove?
Well, it turns out
I can't fix a simple kitchen sink.
-I was about to fill it in the tub.
I'm here to fix this.
-[Gabriela] Mmm.
And give me a nice big "aah."
Ah, just as I suspected.
Ah, what do you suspect?
The common cold.
Your immune system is run down.
Bed-rest and fluids
are the only cure, I'm afraid.
[Gabriela] Mmm.
-Kia ora.
Oh, love.
-Is it a cold?
-Yeah, afraid so.
Drink this.
[sighs] Okay.
[slurps] Mmm.
Mmm! Mmm.
Oh, this... Wow.
Yeah, I called in a prescription
for Peter's kmara curry soup.
-Spice is the trick to knock out the cold.
-Yeah, a little spicy.
[Jake] G'day!
Mm, Jake.
Did you guys come in a clown car?
Kitchen sink's still munted, eh?
Who ever could have told you that?
And a little something for your tea.
Helps with a sore throat. From my bees.
-Your bees?
-Like buzzing bees?
-Uh, yeah, bees.
I'm gonna have a squiz
at your kitchen sink.
Fever dream.
Oh, Jake, wait.
[sighs] You guys...
I'm running low on cash.
Gabriela, love, no.
Yeah, I'm not here on a job. It's okay.
We're here because we're your mates.
As long as you're here, youre whnau.
One of us.
And we look after our own.
Now, off to bed, young lady.
Come on.
He's so cute when he talks sternly.
[both giggle]
[rooster crows]
[rooster crows]
[inhales deeply]
[chanting in Mori]
[Gabriela] That was so good.
Tino pai.
Kia ora.
-I said it right, right?
-Yeah, you did.
Okay, good.
-They're so cute.
-Thank you.
Oh, Gabriela!
Did you care to buy a raffle ticket?
Oh, uh, let me see.
Oh, do you have change for a twenty?
No, I don't,
but it's for a worthy cause,
so there you go.
-Okay, thanks.
-Anytime. Hey...
have you given any thought to my offer?
I spoke to my husband,
and we could wire some money through.
Charlotte, I'm...
I'm gonna turn it down.
Come again?
I'm just not willing
to give up on my dream.
At least not yet.
Can we still be friends?
Don't give it a moment's thought.
Oh! Sorry.
Is that a yes?
[Jake] Let's go. Oh!
Come on, Tim! I've coached you
for five seasons, man.
What do they teach you
in that fancy university, huh?
Well, well, well,
if it isn't the American.
You care to test your skills?
Just wanted to say thank you for helping
fix my sink and my window, Jake.
Around here, I go by Chief Taylor.
You're a fireman?
A volunteer firefighter. Yeah, we all are.
Okay, Chief Taylor.
Um, I was hoping to talk to you
about a proposition?
[Jake] A proposition?
As you can see,
I'm a little preoccupied at the moment,
but if you care to make a donation,
I might be able to give you a minute.
If not, I might schedule you in next week.
Next week?
You're looking for trouble, aren't you?
Trouble from who?
A girl who can't work a clutch
to save her--
-[man 1] Whoa!
-[man 2] Oh, my God.
-[Jake] Oh. That was pretty good.
-[man 3] Nice shot.
Where'd you learn to throw like that?
Well, I was the pitcher
for my high school softball team.
Full of surprises.
Yeah, well, if you think
that's a surprise, try this.
[Jake] Mm-hmm.
How would you like to collaborate
on the Bellbird?
Thank you.
What's made you change your mind?
[clears throat] I'm learning
that there is a difference
between someone thinking I'm helpless
and someone genuinely offering me help.
-Go ahead. All right, say it.
"Told you so."
Ah, yeah. No. I've...
I've learned the hard way
that you don't like being told what to do.
[Gabriela] Mmm.
And besides...
it'd start this partnership off
on the wrong foot.
Wait, so...
So that means you'll do it?
So, how do we make this partnership work?
Well, what's your plan?
To stay?
Or go back to San Francisco
when the Bellbird's back on her feet?
Well, I do have my real life
to get back to.
Oh, your real life.
Okay, got it.
Okay, we'll do the work 50/50,
split the costs 50/50,
and split the profit 50/50
when we sell it.
Sounds good to me, partner.
You cannot get rid of this stove.
This is not Little House on the Prairie.
We need a modern kitchen.
This is a work of art, princess.
All right?
It's a Waterford Stanley wood burner
from Ireland.
That's nearly 400 kgs of steel.
Four-hundred... Whatever.
I don't do the metric system.
Listen, like your kitchen sink,
just because something's munted...
-...it doesn't mean it can't be fixed.
You've gotta work with what you have here
in New Zealand. Don't touch--
["Forever" plays]
You see? Broken.
The fireplace is pure,
original craftsmanship.
The woodwork alone, it tells a story.
Yeah, a story that says,
"Replace me. I'm old and a fire hazard."
-It's time to drag Bellbird Valley...
-Going swimmingly so far, I see.
I can't quite make out if they're meant
to fall in love or kill each other.
Maybe both.
How exciting.
[Jake] Solar panels?
That'll ruin the inn's original charm.
Drink this in.
Glorious sunshine.
Ah, yes.
I want to fuel the inn with the warmth
and the power of the sun.
What's more soulful than that?
[Gabriela grunting]
Ooh! [laughs]
should be the new self-care.
It's pretty therapeutic. Good job.
-Wait, wait, wait! Stop!
It looks like...
old letters.
Well, they're... love letters.
But what are they doing
stuffed inside a wall?
Uh, old custom.
Concealing or burying items
in the structure of the house.
enlighten me.
Well, it's called immurement.
So the ancient Egyptians would...
leave artifacts entombed
in the pyramid walls with the pharaohs.
Some say it's superstition.
Some say it's good luck.
But I say it's a thread...
linking the past to the future.
A house...
A house remembers everyone
who ever lived in it.
You were gazing.
No, I wasn't.
Yeah, you were.
[softly] I don't do wistfully.
[whispers] Yes, you do.
Do you need a moment?
I can get you some tissues.
You're having fun with this, aren't you?
Do you think it's snooping
because we were looking at these letters?
Oh, okay. So now someone's getting
a soft spot for dusty, old history, eh?
LEDs are 80% more energy efficient.
[giggles] Sweet as.
-Oh, look at you, adopting the lingo, eh?
-[chuckles] Yeah, I'm trying.
Also, wait. When we redo
the sink and the counter...
...can we reinstall...
this? Ta-da!
What about your fancy, new faucet?
Oh, it'll take all of five minutes
to swap it out for this beaut.
[Jake] Man...
Wow, you really like your faucets,
don't you?
Shelley, where's my fertilizer?
I already checked out the back.
It seems I'm sold out,
but I will rush-order you in some more.
Out? It's my special-order fertilizer.
Who else buys it?
[Charlotte gasps]
I have known you since kindergarten.
We're Beechwood Downs, born and raised.
Gabriela is an outsider, an interloper,
and you just...
You give her my fertilizer?
It's brand-name poop, love.
There's enough to go around.
Those two look very cozy. I thought
she had a bloke back in the States.
Oh, Dean?
No, no, they're splitsville.
I mean, they're still in touch,
and, you know, she could be pining
just a little bit,
but I don't think that's gonna...
No, I know that look. Charlotte.
Don't go stirring up trouble.
[Jake] It's starting to come together.
[Gabriela] These tiles match perfectly.
They're manufactured from the same era.
I got 'em online at Trade Me.
Huh, look at you, embracing technology.
All right. There's hope for you yet.
Want to help a girl grout?
Because I cannot smooth this out.
No, you've gotta go... So, just go...
Yeah, this way.
-[Gabriela] Oh.
-[Jake] Like that.
And then, just... that's it.
[Jake] Yeah.
Like that.
You're right.
She's a beaut.
She sure is.
[Gabriela sighs]
What's that?
My gray water recycler.
Yeah, it treats and reuses
the dishwasher water
as drip irrigation for our new garden.
Ugh, that's disgusting.
Wouldn't you want clean water
for your veggies? Come on.
Uh, that's the point.
The recycler cleans the water.
You're messing with me, aren't you?
Easy target.
No, the gray water recycler...
I'm into it.
Good. Me too. It's not going anywhere.
Ah, it seems Gilbert's into it, too.
[Jake chuckles]
[woman speaking indistinctly on radio]
[Gabriela] Where are we going?
[Jake] To my place.
We need to get some tools.
Be there in another ten.
[woman on radio] ...in the hive
by collecting a sample.
There are two methods...
What is this?
"Buzzworthy." Beekeeping news.
It's very informative.
So much information on there.
Okay, can I cha-- I'm changing it.
[radio crackling]
-[hip hop plays]
-[Jake] Oh.
Oh, gosh.
I put my hand upon your hip
When I dip, you dip, we dip...
You can turn it.
Hey, you...
It's your car, I told you.
-This is the best thing I could find.
-You didn't look very hard.
Y'all remember that down low
Just put a little dip with it
Now roll those hips with it
Pop it, push it, rock it, roll it
Can't control it?
I can hold it
It's all in fun so take a chance
Just get on the floor
and do that dance
I know you like it, so
Don't try to fight it
Turn around, baby
Let me see it from the back
Damn, I like it like that
Get up now, roll those hips
Drop down, double up on those dips
Freak Nasty wanna see
if y'all doin' it right
I put my hand upon your hip
When I dip, you dip, we dip
You put your hand upon my hip
When you dip, I dip, we dip
I put my hand upon your hip
When I dip, you dip, we dip
- You put your
- Hand upon my
And we can dip down low...
[Jake] Wow, that's a happening song,
and I like it.
-[Gabriela] It's my jam now.
-It's your jam now?
-[Gabriela] Yes!
-Thought you didn't like it.
[tires squeal]
[engine turns off]
All righty.
This is it.
[Gabriela] Wow.
This is great.
Yeah, my gran built it in the '60s.
You know, you remind me a bit of my gran.
Is it because of my pioneer woman spirit?
Because you're both impossible. Come on.
Home sweet home.
[Gabriela exhales]
Is that a... stuffed possum,
or is there something
I need to worry about, Jake?
[Jake chuckles]
My gran had one vendetta, possums.
And that fella right there
ate all of her avocados, so... [chuckles]
Well, she trapped him,
and she got her revenge.
Well, you definitely
made this place a home.
I moved out here after Megan passed.
It's okay. I'm pretty confident
someone in town spilled the beans.
Uh, Megan...
She didn't like the rural life. It was...
It was too far out for her.
So we'd been renting a place in town.
But after she died, I just...
came back.
Yeah, I was in the mood
to be alone for a while.
I'm really sorry.
Yeah, me too.
I'm guessing the universe
has its own plans for things, eh?
Yes, it does.
Anyway. [clears throat]
Right. This is it.
-Let's do it.
When you said solar panels,
I kept imagining huge and ugly.
[Gabriela chuckles]
Well, the best thing about technology
is it's ever-evolving. Mm-hmm.
These panels will help power the inn
and they won't compromise curb appeal.
I've gotta admit, it's pretty cool.
Wait, what was that?
-Was that you admitting defeat?
[groans] How is gracious acceptance
considered defeat?
-Ooh, yeah.
-Settle down.
-[Gabriela chuckles]
-All right, I'll give Norman a call up
so he and his boys
can haul away this junk.
Ooh, FYI, he goes by Norm now.
-Yeah, of course he does.
-[chuckles] Get it right.
[continues screaming]
-[Jake grunts]
Are you okay?
-Hey, you all right?
-It was, um...
It was...
It was a snake.
A snake...
Y-You mean that snake?
Yeah, fun fact about New Zealand,
there are no snakes.
Thanks for breaking my fall.
[Gilbert bleating]
-I'll go check on that railing.
[Gabriela grunts]
I thought we were friends, mate.
Hey, hey! Ah, ah, ah!
No fly zone.
This is my area
of total artistic expression.
-[Gabriela chuckles]
All right, go ahead.
-Go ahead.
-Let your inner Picasso out.
Thank you.
You know what?
What do you reckon?
Finished for the day?
[sighs] I reckon we've earned a beer.
-[Gabriela grunts]
-Yeah, me too.
Thank you.
[whispering] Wow.
-[Gabriela clears throat]
[Jake grunts]
-[Gabriela] Here you go.
[Gabriela] So...
-Your place.
-[Jake] Yeah.
What's with you and the, uh...
the old houses, huh?
Is that like your thing?
Well, I always took to building
since I was a little fella.
You know, creating something from nothing.
And after...
Megan was gone, and after I finished
the reno at gran's place, I, uh...
I found I liked fixing broken things
the most.
You know, the buildings others gave up on.
It's hard yakka, but...
Yeah, it makes me feel
a little, uh, less...
A little less broken?
Something like that.
Go on.
I spilled my guts. It's your turn.
Well, as I'm sure you've probably
pieced together,
things weren't so stellar
back in San Francisco.
[inhales deeply]
I had a low point, by which I mean...
days of me laying on my couch in pajamas,
drowning my sorrows in pralines and cream
and way too much wine.
I entered a "Win an Inn" contest.
[both laugh]
And as you would say,
it's been hard yakka.
No, seriously.
This place has really grown on me.
I'm gonna miss it.
You know what?
Clearly, New Zealand hasn't done her job
convincing you to stay, but...
but we can fix that,
so I'm declaring tomorrow a holiday.
A day off.
What, you don't have those in America?
No, we do, it's just
we don't really take them,
you know, with the whole
career hamster wheel and all.
Right. Well, I'll pick you up early.
Wear your togs, okay?
-Yeah, your togs.
And get some real boots,
not those fashion ones.
Ones you can tramp in.
So, is this like a date with Jake?
[giggles] I'm not sure,
but we're tramping.
Whatever that means.
-But what about you?
How's everything with the doc?
Okay, so I took your advice,
and I was about to ask him out,
but then he beat me to it.
He's taking me to this blues club
that's a few towns over,
uh, tomorrow night.
Ooh, I've got a good feeling about this.
It's just so weird to think
that this whole time
-he was right there under my nose.
-[Gabriela] That's why you didn't see it.
[Shelley] And that is exactly why
we're going to stop talking about it
because I'm going to jinx it otherwise.
[both laugh]
Now, I have signed up to be the chair
of the Beechwood Downs Harvest Festival.
Please tell me that you will come
and be on the committee with me.
Oh, right.
Right, of course.
No, you'll be long gone by then.
[Gabriela] Yeah, the inn will be done
by then.
You know, it's funny.
The more I think about leaving,
the more I want to stay.
Please! I would be so stoked
if you stayed.
I mean, everybody would be.
I'll tell you who wouldn't be stoked.
-[Shelley] Eh.
I think I've crushed her dream
of lording over a B&B empire.
You know, she'd pack a sad,
but that's Charlotte.
And then she'd get over it.
They look great!
[Gabriela giggles]
Oh, you need a hot, new pair of sunnies
to go with this look.
Come with me.
Look, right here.
[Gabriela] This looks so funny. [laughs]
[Shelley] Yeah, but how good
would these look?
See? They have super cute ones.
Let's see.
Oh, gosh, I think I might need these.
[Gabriela] These are kind of cute.
-[Shelley] Oh, how about them?
-[gasps] I love those.
-[Shelley] Yeah, you need those.
-[Gabriela laughs]
-[Gabriela] I might need another option.
-[Shelley] Wait. What about...
[Shelley] Yeah, okay sure.
[Gabriela] I like it.
[Shelley] What about both, then?
-[Gabriela] Okay.
-[Shelley] Yes.
-[Shelley] Those are so cute.
[Shelley] They're amazing!
["Many's The Time" plays]
Be careful, a shark!
[Gabriela grunts]
-The water's like an inch--
-Don't do that!
How would there be a shark in there?
The water's an inch deep.
-I don't know. You just scared me.
-How did you fall for that?
[Gabriela] So, how is this all
in the same place?
'Cause it's New Zealand.
Look at that.
...I would feel to be wrong
I was only trying too hard...
[Gabriela] Wow.
Just to belong...
This is amazing.
Yeah, I thought you'd like it.
Come on. This way.
Bonfire burning high
You took me in your arms
And told me I could cry
I didn't want to hurt you...
Since your one and only camping trip
was a wash,
-I figured we'd rough it with a picnic.
Let me show you what's in this chilly bin.
Wait, chilly bin?
You know, sometimes I think you make up
these adorable New Zealand terms
just to tease me.
It's all real. You ready for this?
Go for it. [giggles]
Vegemite sammie.
-Oh, yummy.
-Look how good that looks.
Anzac biscuits.
Uh... L&P soda.
-And last but not least...
-Show me.
Hokey-Pokey ice cream.
All right, let's just cut to the chase
and get to the good stuff.
All right, I like the way
you approach a picnic.
All right. Oh, I also brought something.
Love letters.
I thought you were worried about snooping.
I may face punishment
from Mabel Browning's ghost,
but I feel like it's a risk worth taking.
Let's take it together.
"September 12, 1916.
My unit has been deployed
to the front lines.
The men's spirits remain high.
I vow to make you proud,
my bright Firefly.
To fight with honor
and to keep you with me in my heart...
to give me the courage
to do what's needed.
Love, Lion."
[Gabriela] "May 1st, 1917.
My brave Lion,
my mother has again pressed me
to accept Reverend Williams' proposal,
but I do not love him.
I will never waver in my promise
to stay true to you.
Love and prayers, your Firefly."
[Jake] "October 20, 1917.
An eternity has passed in the trenches
with no relief in sight.
I treasure your letters
and carry them next to my heart.
In my darkest hours,
the only light that shines
is the memory of your face.
Yours forever, Lion."
[Gabriela] "December 4th, 1918.
Brave Lion,
it's been months since your last letter.
I contacted officials
in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force,
but there is no news of survivors.
I pray morning, noon, and night
that you are safe,
that I remain a beacon of light
guiding you in the darkness.
Come home to me.
Love and prayers, your Firefly."
-Wait, where's the next one?
-That's it.
This can't be the last letter. Jake...
Did he... Did he get back from the war?
Did she kick Reverend Williams
to the curb?
How did these even get in the wall?
They don't use their proper names.
The address is the inn.
The Brownings owned that farm for decades.
[Gabriela sighs]
We could pull up historical records,
the letters could just be a guest's.
I'd rather not know.
I'd like to imagine a fairy-tale ending.
World War I...
it was pretty chaotic toward the end.
He definitely could have made it home.
Thanks for playing along.
[Gabriela exhales]
You know, working on the inn...
-with you...
it's made me really happy.
It's, uh...
It's made me happy, too.
It's the happiest I've been
in a long time.
Wasn't expecting that.
You sure?
Let's go swimming.
-Right now?
-Come on!
- Right here, right now
-[Gabriela laughs]
It's what I'm waiting for
Now I can say
This is the best day of my life...
[laughs] Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
I'm gonna win!
I win!
-Beat you, anyways.
-[Jake] Come on.
-[Jake laughs]
If I could stop the hourglass
The grains of sand before they pass
No future and no past
If my dreams could come to life
And all my wishes realized
I would only wish
to make this moment last...
-[Jake] No.
-[laughing] Yes!
[Jake laughs]
do you want to stay... for a beer?
You don't have to ask me twice.
Thank you.
-[cell phone rings]
Oh, uh, sorry.
Uh... I have to take this. Sorry.
-Hey, Chad.
-Diaz, guess what?
You secured the Chinese funding.
You're supposed to say, "What?"
and then I tell you that. Yes.
You know that, um,
gray water recycling stuff you love?
Well, my Chinese investors love it, too.
Now's your shot to put it in action!
And I can offer you EVP. Full benefits.
Starts in two weeks.
What do you say?
Wow, really?
Chad, I'm in New Zealand.
I'm rehabbing an old country inn here.
Okay, uh, well,
finish up your Habitat for Hobbits
and get on a plane.
Chad, I need to think about it.
Okay. You got 72 hours, Diaz,
and then I'll take it as a pass
and I'll offer this job to Kyle.
[line disconnects]
Why would you want to work
for a jerk like that?
Yeah, he's a jerk, but I mean,
he's a jerk offering me
an awesome opportunity.
Right, so...
That's it?
Back to America, back to...
the hamster wheel,
working for some soulless corporation.
Remember, I came on a temporary visa.
I wasn't planning on staying.
Our deal was a 50/50 split.
We flip the inn, and then we sell it.
I thought you'd discovered something here
in New Zealand, you know?
Maybe something about yourself.
But it's all about
the bottom line with you, huh?
And that's soulless.
Look, you're calling me soulless,
when you're the one who's put up a wall
between you and the world
so that you don't have to care
about anything or anyone?
You know what I care about?
Finishing this inn.
So let's just get it done, eh?
You're only leaving
because you know I'm right.
[door shuts]
You're asking me questions
I don't wanna answer
It's really confusing
All the ways you're asking
what you're asking me
If you're really leaving
Do you think I'll be happy?
Would you listen to the words
I need to say?
And I need to say
I don't want to make up my mind
It's too soon
I need time
The truth is
this could take quite a while
If it means
I don't wanna make up my mind...
Every moment is precious
So let's think it over
Before we get older
Let's rediscover
how it all was meant to be
It still can be
I don't wanna make up my mind
It's too soon...
Well, that's the last of it.
Yeah. The Bellbird is ready.
I'll see you
at the open house party, right?
If it means...
The sooner we sell this place,
the better, right?
I don't wanna...
I thought so.
[Jake clears throat]
'Cause in this life
Love takes time
To get it right
I don't wanna...
This is where these letters belong.
So do you, Mabel.
Guard them.
You think I'm making a huge mistake,
don't you?
["Best Day Of My Life" plays]
This is gonna be
the best day of my life...
[Shelley laughs]
-[camera shutter clicking]
-[Gilbert bleats]
Lamb burgers with fennel and mint aioli
coming right up.
The fennel and mint, freshly cut
from the Bellbird Valley Farm garden.
-Well done.
-Thank you.
Great job, darling.
Oh, thanks a lot. Thank you.
-[Gabriela exhales]
-[Norm] Hey, Gabriela.
-Great job, mate.
You are the man. Thank you.
You wouldn't happen to have a TV
to watch the game, would you?
-I see.
[Norm chuckles]
[chuckles] I'll be back.
-Honey, congratulations!
-This is amazing.
-Thank you.
Shelley can't stop talking about
how you've turned this place around.
I can't stop talking, period.
-One of your loveliest traits.
[both giggle]
Okay. So, how's it really going?
Well, smiling on the outside.
[Gabriela chuckles]
He's over there.
Give me a sec.
Good luck.
Cheers, mate.
Big day today.
-So, I've been meaning to ask.
Whatever happened to those love letters?
I put 'em back inside the wall.
Like a talisman to watch over the house.
I like that.
We created something special here, eh?
Yes, we did.
-Look, Jake, I really want to talk--
Surprise, babe.
[Dean grunts]
I've really missed you.
[stammers] What are you doing here?
What do you think I'm doing here?
I'm here to support you.
And this amazing renovation
you pulled off.
-Ah, and this must be the contractor.
Yeah, he definitely
looks like a contractor.
No, um, um, uh...
Jake, this is Dean.
Yeah, nice to meet you.
Ah, g'day, mate.
He's not the contractor.
He's my business partner.
Hmm, right.
We went 50/50 on the renovations.
All right. So you're like a regular
Chip and Joanna Gaines, huh?
Do I hear another American accent?
Are the Yanks invading? [laughs]
I'm Charlotte Wadsworth.
-You must be Gabriela's boyfriend!
Dean Conner. I just flew in
from San Francisco.
That is too cute for words.
[laughs] Coming to take our little...
Gabby-Gab home.
-We're gonna miss her!
Well, I'm sure you two
must need to get reacquainted.
Jake can take me on a tour of the inn.
I might not be able to afford top dollar,
but I'm sure we can work something out.
Well, you might actually
have some competition.
-[Charlotte] Sorry?
I come bearing gifts.
-I arranged for a buyer.
-You what?
What was that?
A partner in my law firm
does real estate deals all over the world.
He made an introductory phone call,
and voil.
-Olive Flyger.
Representing Melbourne Land Holdings.
Melbourne? An Aussie?
Olive, this is Gabriela Diaz,
who I've been telling you all about,
-and her contractor, Jack.
Jake. Melbourne Land Holdings
owns dozens of B&Bs all over Australia.
We're looking to expand into New Zealand.
B&Bs can't be corporate.
Let's get this show on the road, shall we?
-[Gabriela sighs] Yeah, good idea.
Oh, this is a nightmare!
Jake, I had no idea Dean was coming here.
Not my business...
Welcome to the new and improved
Bellbird Valley Farm.
A zero-net energy, solar powered B&B.
All due to Gabriela's solar flower.
It rotates, uh, collecting
the sun's energy all day long. Um...
Just watch.
-[Charlotte] Ugh, God.
-[Dean] Ooh, flower?
[Olive and Dean] Ooh.
The inn's electrical is all run
through this same tablet.
Everything from the lights
to the air conditioner,
to the automatic door locks
can all be controlled right here.
-Can even sync it to your mobile phones.
-Yes, yes, the modern touch. Bravo.
Let's get inside already.
[Charlotte gasps]
Just a precaution to keep out
unwanted possums and the like.
[Charlotte giggles]
-It's perfect.
-Hm. [chuckles]
It's even more perfect inside.
Please join me.
[Olive] Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Welcome to our kitchen.
The refrigerator-freezer is
an energy-efficient top-bottom model.
And the dishwasher only uses
15 liters of water per cycle
instead of the standard 50.
It's not as impressive
as Gabriela's gray water recycler.
It reuses the dish water
to irrigate the garden,
-and sometimes it waters Gilbert.
Who's Gilbert?
[both] Our goat.
[Jake chuckles]
Hilarious. Hey, baby,
is that an ice cream maker
I see over there?
Yes, an eco-friendly model.
Childhood dream home detail. Check.
I love ice cream.
Fascinating! We all love ice cream!
The real test of a bed and breakfast
are the guest rooms.
[Dean] Hmm.
-To the guest rooms.
And this is our premier guest bedroom.
[Jake] Eco-friendly, non-toxic paint.
It turns out you can actually eat it.
But don't.
What, no TV?
The house does have high-speed internet.
And we'll provide iPads upon request
for streaming.
who needs a TV with that view?
Yeah, but I'm sure you could
add a TV later if you wanted.
Well, you could.
Living room!
The inn's original fireplace.
Handcrafted wood and vintage tiles.
I wanted to replace this fireplace
with a modern gas one,
but Jake convinced me
to fix up this beauty and restore it.
Jake taught me
that just because something's broken,
you don't throw it away.
I've learned that the kiwi way of life
is about fixing up what's not working
and treasuring what's worth saving.
And I credit Gabriela
for restoring this old inn's soul.
[Olive] Sounds like
it was a labor of love.
Well, this inn definitely tells a story.
I think it is just brilliant.
I am authorized to make an offer
right here on the spot.
I can meet you tomorrow at the bank
with all the official papers. But...
How does this...
look to you?
-Well, shoot, let's break out the bubbly.
Jake and I need to discuss something.
Discuss what?
So, what do you think?
You always said the deal
was to flip and sell the inn.
Should we take the offer?
[Dean] Yo. Uh...
-The suspense is killing us.
-Come on, this is a no-brainer.
-We have a deal.
[Dean] Yes! Oh!
-[Dean laughs]
Baby, congratulations!
[Dean] Mmm!
Jake, where are you going?
We sold the inn. I'm finished here.
Come on, mate.
Cut the crap with me.
I don't know why you're letting her go.
It seems like that's what she wants.
Does it?
'Cause it seems to me...
you haven't told her
how you actually feel.
You're right.
[cell phones beeping]
-[man] What's this? Do you have it, too?
-It's the Tea Rose House.
-[man] Let's go, boys.
-[Jake] Let's go.
[man] Get in the truck!
-Where's Charlotte?
Peter, what's going on?
-[siren wailing]
-[horn honking]
All right, unit.
Right, set up your hoses.
[indistinct chatter]
-Is there anything to report?
-Are all persons accounted for?
-All but one, Chief. I can't find him.
It's Mr. Patton.
Take over.
[fire crackling]
Hello! Is anyone up there?
The other way, guys! The other way!
Car coming through! Car coming through!
[screaming] No!
-It's not safe!
-I have to go in!
-Charlotte, it's not-- Charlotte!
-[man] Keep running it, mate!
-[Charlotte] Oh!
-[Charlotte coughing] Oh!
[Gabriela] Charlotte!
[coughs] These were my mum's!
-We've gotta go. I'm sorry.
[man] Yeah, let's get any,
uh, additional...
-Take her. Take her.
-[Charlotte coughing]
-Chief Taylor, do you copy?
-Where's Jake?
-[glass shatters]
-[all gasp]
Jake, come in.
Jake, do you copy?
Well, I'm just glad everyone's safe.
Did you call Jake?
No, we haven't talked.
We're supposed to meet with Olive
at the bank this afternoon.
Let me know how it all goes.
Thank you for everything, Shelley.
You've got this. And just pop by
if you need anything.
Mmm. Morning, rich girl.
-[Gabriela] Mmm!
Nothing like an inn
to sleep like a log, huh?
Yes, okay.
Well, as Bellbird's first guest,
-I'm glad you had a good lie-in.
But I'm afraid
you're gonna have to check out.
-Check out?
I appreciate you...
trying to help.
But these last few months
in New Zealand, I realized...
we both want different things.
I think that you're a great person,
but you're just not my person.
-[Dean scoffs]
-I'm not yours.
I wish you luck, Gabz.
Thank you.
Although, I don't think I need it.
I got this... on my own.
Yeah, you do.
[birds chirping]
Melbourne Land Holdings
is ready to close the deal.
We've prepared all the paperwork.
Have you brought the deed?
Yes, I have the deed.
Gabriela, you and Jake
will both have to sign it.
You two sure you wanna
go through with this?
-[man] You can't go in there.
-[Charlotte] I don't care. I'm going in!
-Oh, great. She's back.
You can't sell the Bellbird to her.
This is all my fault.
I'm the one who...
took your phone and texted Dean...
pretending to be you.
And brought Melbourne Land Holdings
into our lives.
inns are about home and...
community and...
connecting with guests
on a personal level.
I could use the fire insurance money
and buy the Bellbird
and fix up the Tea Rose House later.
You don't have to do that.
This isn't about me winning... your inn.
It's about not giving up on what you love.
It's all about love.
I'm not selling Bellbird Valley Farm.
To anyone.
Look, I've been ignoring all the signs
that I should stay here.
And... after yesterday's fire, it was...
it was like the universe
shook me by my shoulders.
[Gabriela sighs]
My real life...
isn't in San Francisco.
It's here.
With Gilbert,
and the cafe,
and... and waking up every morning
in a house...
that is my dream home.
That was beautiful.
I knew New Zealand
would be a waste of time.
You're one of us now.
The Bellbird's in safe hands. Oh!
-Thank you.
-Oh, hugging. [shudders]
I'm not very good with hugging.
Oh, Jake.
We are partnered 50/50 on the inn.
You want to tell me your terms?
I'll let you know.
[birds chirping]
[Shelley] I can't believe
you're finally the owner of the Bellbird!
And I'm sure that Jake will come around.
Everything happens for a reason.
And you know that I'm here for you, okay?
We'll talk soon.
Are you mad about earlier?
Oh, yeah. You mean the part where
you turned down a massive pay day
for the two of us...
and then asked my terms?
I did do that, didn't I?
It's no worries.
Hey, I, uh...
I wanted to show you something
Hana dug up in the council offices.
They have a record of marriages
going back over a hundred years.
This is them.
Hazel "Firefly" McGibbons and...
Thomas "Lion" Leonard.
Married July 28, 1919.
They got their fairy-tale ending.
You wrote me a letter?
Seems to be what you do
when you want to make history.
"Dear Gabriela,
as promised, I have thought about
my terms for the inn.
They are as follows:
there will always be ice cream
in a picnic-ready chilly bin,
a stuffed possum guarding the fireplace,
and a rascally goat
who has the run of the farm.
Bellbird is your dream home,
and it turns out it's mine, too.
I'm thinking
the tradition of letter writing
is something we can keep up...
when we are running the inn...
With all my heart, Jake."
I'm hoping that this is a love letter
and not a... not a business agreement.
It's definitely a love letter.
Then I guess I might get
my fairy-tale ending, too.
[Gilbert bleats]
[both laugh]
We'll get back to him later.
Finally, we agree on something.
Am gonna change it up
- And that's all right
Doin' all right
And I
Am gonna find love
And everything, and that's all right
It's all right
I believe
I believe it means something
'Cause I try to be something good
I can see
I can see how easily
You've been misunderstood
And I may not move a mountain
Or solve the whole world's problems
But if I can help you solve
just one today
That's okay
I believe, I believe in what I see
when I look in the mirror
What I've become
There in the mirror
There in the mirror
I believe, I believe, I believe in me
Finally, I like what I see
There in the mirror
There in the mirror
There in the mirror
There in the mirror
I believe, I believe in what I see
when I look in the mirror
What I've become
There in the mirror
There in the mirror
I believe, I believe, I believe in me
Finally, I like what I see
There in the mirror
I believe, I believe, I believe in me
Finally, I like what I see
There in the mirror
[upbeat instrumental music plays]