Fallo! (2003) Movie Script

Already up?
You know it never sleeps!
- But I'm still sleepy...
- Come on, Cinzia... please.
Touch me if you like.
I have told you to
touch me, not to fuck me.
God, Cinzia... That's heaven!
Enough, Gianni. You'll embarrass me
if you look at me that way.
If I do, huh? What if the doctor does?
- Which doctor?
- You know what I mean!
Come on little slut, tell me about
that time at the gynaecologists.
Gianni, you're really obsessed!
- Okay! You can look at me if you want!
- Wait, I have a better idea.
No, not the tooth brush!
Come on, spread your legs.
- You're tickling me.
- Do you like it, slut?
- A little...
- If you don't like it, I'll stop.
- Please, don't...
- Then tell me about doctor Marin.
- No, Gianni, please.
- Alright, as you wish!
Well... if you insist!
Come on little slut. Tell me.
I had stockings and garters on.
and those panties you like so much.
- And the panties?
- Should I take them off?
I think so.
- Also the stockings and the garters?
- No, you can keep those.
Get on the couch please.
- Like this, doctor Marin?
- Lie down and put your legs on the supports.
- Am I hurting you?
- A little.
It needs lubricating.
Here... relax now.
Let yourself go... Does it still hurt?
No, on the contrary!
And then?
Did he fuck you? Say
he put it inside you!
Yes... yes! We came together!
How? I want the details!
Tell me, how did he fuck you?
I was on the couch and he
was standing in front of me!
Like this?
No, like this... I was on top!
I want it all, let's
move heaven and earth!
Do you like it, slut? A
cock in front and one behind!
Yes, one in front and one behind!
One in front and one behind!
You wish it was a
black man's, don't you?
What are you saying? A
black man's dick in my arse?
Say it, slut! Say you would like it!
- Say it!
- Yes, a black man's dick in my arse!
Oh, boy! A black man's dick in my arse...
Room 113.
Breakfast for two. Yes... Thanks.
- Who is it?
- Who should it be? A black man?
I'm cold... Wrap me up a little.
May I come in?
Thanks. What's your name?
- Ali... I speak Italian, monsieur.
- That's good.
- Thanks, also from my lady.
- Not at all, sir. Enjoy your breakfast.
Wake up, sleepy-head!
Breakfast's ready.
- Nice black guy.
- Who, Ali?
How you do to know his
name? Weren't you sleeping?
Who, me? I was... It was so to speak!
Around here they're
all named Ali or Baba!
I'd like to watch you fuck with him.
- Me, but are you crazy?
- Come on, I know you like him!
He's nice, handsome, polite...
and I'm sure he has a huge cock.
- Stop it, Gianni!
- Sorry, but the idea makes me wild.
- You're a real pig!
- And what are you?
Ten minutes ago you were uncontrollable!
That's different... In certain
moments one says anything!
But they're only words... ''When
it comes to sex, everything's permitted''.
- "In sex veritas"!
- Arsehole!
Love, we're here in Morocco for the
seventh anniversary of our marriage.
You know it's the most difficult
year, let's begin it well.
- Having another man fuck me?
- We are 2.000 kms away from home.
No one will ever know!
And then it's a normal thing.
- Everyone does it, even the Zanins.
- They do what?
- They swing.
- The Zanins who sell tractors?!
- Exactly!
- But they go to church!
- That's where they meet the other swingers!
- Come on!
However, when the African guy
got in you liked to show him your arse.
You see double, I was sleeping!
Sure... and moving in your
sleep you showed him your body.
I see, you need an alibi.
His name's Ali, not alibi!!
And that all happens by chance.
To go with him would be as going
with some of the black guys who work
in our factory!
- Forget the factory Cinzia.
Forgets about Italy, forget everything!
We're in Casablanca,
Let's just think about us!
You won't let him mistake
me for a bitch, will you?
Don't worry, it will seem natural.
Spontaneous, simple and not pre-made.
You'll only have to let yourself go.
If that's what you really want...
- Good morning, monsieur.
- Good morning.
- Can I help you?
- I'd like a refreshing drink.
- A gin fizz, maybe.
- It's hot, isn't it?
- In my country it's winter!
- Where's your lady?
She's in our room, I
think she's a little bored.
How can it be? With
such a beach and the sea...
Dear Ali, you don't understand women.
Sometimes a holiday is not
enough. They need something more.
Something which makes
them feel special and wanted.
- A gift, maybe.
- Exactly, a gift.
We've been married for seven years,
we're here to celebrate our anniversary.
- I thought it would be enough.
- But?
But it wasn't. After 7 years,
couples go through a crisis.
A special gift is needed.
- Maybe I can help you?
- You can! You'll be the gift.
I bed your pardon, monsieur?
Don't you understand?
I'm offering you a night with my wife.
And madam agrees?
Dear Ali, I told you.
You don't really understand women.
When they say no, they mean yes!
I have understood that Cinzia
wouldn't mind some spicy meeting.
That would be spicy indeed!
However. My wife is not a bitch.
Everything has to look
spontaneous and natural.
You can count on me. I'm
going to work till two a.m.
When I order some champagne,
that'll be your signal.
- I'll be ready.
- Alright... How much is it?
The gin fizz is 2.00 Euros... As for the
champagne, at your convenience.
Fucking Italians...
- Champagne's over!
- Hurray to our marriage!
I'll order another bottle.
The bar please.
A bottle of champagne. Room 113.
You like to watch? Then watch!
That's heaven...
Show me how you touch yourself.
That's the alibi, honey. Don't
worry and happy anniversary.
Turn around, get on your knees.
Many happy returns of the day, dear!
How many? I want way
many, Gianni, maaany!
One in front and one behind!
My God! An African dick in my arse!
- 40-0.
- That's not fair.
- Why?
- Foul play.
- What have I done?
- Wrong suit!
That's regulation suit.
But if you wear it, it's deadly!
Adversaries get distracted.
Sorry, it's not my fault. 2-0.
I'll accept it only
if we play doubles!
Do you like the way I play?
I like your ass! If we play doubles
I'll always have it in front of my eyes!
But we wouldn't win any game!
On the other hand, I'd
have a permanent hard- on.
Silly! By the way, how
come Erica isn't here?
My wifey had a bellyache. She
went to the gynaecologists.
- How about your husband?
- You know he's always late!
It's mine!
That sucks, Luigi, you said you
would! I see, the new programme.
You're on a meeting with whom?
Bruno, Erica's husband?
But who is it? Your husband?
Of course. If you really
can't, don't worry.
I'll have his wife take me.
Yes, I'm playing with her.
See you tonight, bye.
Because my husband fucks
with a few sluts? No problem.
- She is playing tennis with you.
- I hope she won't beat me.
I hope your husband isn't screwing her!
''Candid Camera'' airs
on a different TV channel.
At least I don't have to pick
her up, she said you will.
I can't, I have told Bruno I
had to go to the gynaecologists.
Please, then. Mrs., make
yourself comfortable.
I'll visit you at once!
They're wet. There must be
something wrong with you.
- Let me see.
- Stop!
You still haven't told me if
I'll present the new program.
- Everything in due time.
- Exactly, now.
Bruno is the director,
I have to ask him.
Who decides, the network
manager or the director?
If the director does, I'll go
back to play the good wifey!
The director doesn't count.
I do, but a tryout is needed!
- I've had enough of playing.
- Me too.
Tennis, at least.
Looks like my husband is discussing
the new programme with you.
That's good to know!
If I'm on a meeting with
him, I can't harass his wife!
Come on, let's go change clothes.
Show me what you can do.
Turn around, get to the window.
Come back.
Kneel down...
Stick out the microphone.
Then? Am I any good?
You're a complete showgirl!
- Then I passed the test!
- Slow down... It's just the beginning!
Stick a finger in my ass!
Then it's true! Directors
are all perverse!
Our bosses gave us that habit.
If they stop fucking us, we get impotent!
Never let it be!
- You do it all the time, don't you?
- All the time!
That's what the couch is for.
The famous "Producer's Couch".
It's for testing the
talent of the candidates.
- Pig!
- Pig? What are you saying?
It's showbiz, baby!
Marilyn also did it. Do
you know how many girls...
are out there, ready to
steal the job from you?
Come on, get going!
Like that, that's good!
Speak to it!
Apply yourself, applicant!
Apply yourself!
If want to fulfil your aspirations!
The taste of success!
Now it's my turn!
Next season, I want to host
the evening's programme!
Luigi takes such decisions, you know it!
Don't tell me you don't know
how to handle your husband!
I do, but I'm begging
you now! Make me come!
Please, make me come!
- Love, where are you?
- Here, in the kitchen!
Wow, what a surprise! Spaghetti!
Yes, spaghetti "puttanesca"!
I haven't had time for shopping.
No problem, darling!
What did the doctor say?
- The doctor?
- The gynaecologist.
Oh, the gynaecologist! Nothing serious.
He has prescribed me some pills.
I have to see him again next week.
- That's good!
- I have played tennis with Stefania.
Cunning women! They enjoy themselves
while their husbands work!
What's the special occasion?
Your upgrade as a presenter!
Don't tell me! I won't
be an assistant anymore!
Love... I had lost all hope.
But how do you know that?
How do I know?
Well, I was at today's
meeting for the new programme.
Bruno... It's fantastic!
Fantastic, but obvious. You've
worked hard to get there.
You deserved it.
You know what? You're right.
I really deserved it!
- How was your game with Erica?
- Oh, the game...
She's not that good with rackets!
But she's good with microphones!
I thought about letting her host
the new programme in the morning.
- What do you think?
- Why not?
After all, hosts are all the same.
There's also her husband.
I think he's wasted.
Don't you think he would
deserve to be on in the evening?
Well, he's experienced for sure!
- And we'd pay him less than other people.
- And he's a friend too, which isn't bad.
No doubt.
I trust Bruno blindly!
TWO HEARTS IN A HU That's the Mountain Chain of the
Sella and that's the Sasso Lungo,
here's the Val Badia...
What a beautiful view!
- Wonderful!
- Pig!
How you call?
Catarina, madam.
Well, Catarina, we take room.
Now however take off my boots.
As you wish, madam.
Bravo, bravo... Bravo, Catarina.
- Otto!
- Yes!
I am Frauberta. When I call, you come.
I want only you, understand?
As you wish, Frauberta. I'll leave
a message at the reception.
- Wonderful!
- Pig!
How disgusting, Ciro!
It stinks of onion!
Yes... It stinks of onion!
but you know what I'm going
to do my love? I'll perfume it!
Loose woman, aren't you wearing panties?
- Of course, they're out of fashion!
- Out of fashion?
And who said that?
I have learned that from
Frauberta, a new client.
I have seen it in her room
when I took off her boots.
Actually, to tell the truth,
she directly showed it to me.
- For a 300 Euros tip!
- What the hell! 300 Euros?
I swear!
- Are you making fun of me?
- It's true.
It's alright. I believe you, my love.
And don't you like that?
On the contrary, I
really like it. Very much!
How fresh!
Now it's fragrant with pussy!
- I wish more clients were like that!
- Indeed, my love!
In a couple of years, we'd
be able to have our own hotel!
Me in the kitchen and you
in the rooms, my love!
Come in!
- You wanted to see me, madam?
- Yes.
- You prepare tub for me.
- Yes, madam.
- And hurry, okay?
- Wonderful!
Good, Catarina. Now you wash my body.
And so she left 500 more Euros!
500 more Euros... wow!
But in change for fornication?
Are you crazy? Frauberta
would never allow that!
She treats him like a dog!
What if she changes her mind?
What do you think? Do
you want our hotel or not?
- Yes or no?
- You're right my love.
As the proverb says: if you want
to find your place in this world,
replace your heart with a toad!
In short you have to be kind.
But not too much, ok? Just a little!
Now, you lick!
You lick! Lick!
It hurt a little, but Flauberta left me
a 1.000 Euros tip this time.
1.000 Euros? My dear God!
And what did
she give to her husband?
- Tell me I was good!
- So and so.
After all, Otto just
entered from the back door!
You were really good!
A few more sacrifices
and we can start thinking
of the name for our hotel!
But don't let the back door
become the garage's front door!
- I thought of the name!
- What is it?
- Two hearts in a hut.
- That's too obvious!
We need something more
original like a trademark.
- Such as?
- Such as...
Two nuts in a butt!
Cover yourself up.
Cover yourself up!
- Cover yourself up!
- Ooh, Ugo. What the hell!
Why didn't you come here naked?
Don't say you don't like
for others to look at me!
Cheeky girl!
I got it: it's time for the daily fight!
- With you it's always the right time.
- Ugo, what's wrong with you?
- Never mind, okay?
- No, because you'll start again in a while!
Therefore spit it out now and
tell me what's in your mind!
- Malaga.
- Malaga?
- It was before we got married.
- Yes, but we were already engaged.
- Then?
- Then!
You went with all the
clients of the hotel!
- Only those on my floor.
- And the waiters.
You know what I think!
I was on holiday...
You weren't there... If I had gone
with just one man, I would have felt guilty.
It would have been betrayal!
With so many instead...
They just made my spirits high!
- You made a cuckold of me!
- I would have, had I not told you.
But I've always told you everything.
It's not true, you didn't
tell me about Pablo.
- Pablo... the organiser?
- I don't know, I wasn't in Malaga.
Come on, Ugo. That meant nothing!
If he was the organiser, he wasn't
either a client or a waiter...
- Yet you went with him too!
- It's not true! And then you knew it!
- I told you before!
- I want the details!
- Masochist!
- Bitch!
If you insist...
It was August holiday...
There was a treasure hunt...
My eye fell on Pablo
and his eye fell on me.
Wait, where are you going?
I know where the treasure is. If
you give me a kiss I'll tell you!
No, the treasure first!
It's here. Here it is.
"Among the grass of the lawn
on the Garden of Eden
"lies a forbidden fruit, sour in
winter and sweet in summer."
Mine is just a flowerbed.
Yours is a sweet lawn
where I would like to sleep.
It's a fresh stream
from which I would like to drink.
- Here's the garden of the Eden.
- And that's the forbidden fruit.
Bravo, Michele! Sour in
winter and sweet in summer!
Come on, Maricia. Let's pick it up
before the others arrive!
Yes, let them die with envy!
- They have found the treasure!
- Then you'll get no prize!
- I found the treasure before them!
- But they've picked it up.
Are you sure?
Then what is this?
What a grapefruit!
That's the forbidden fruit!
Sour in winter
and sweet in summer!
- But did you swallow?
- How do I know!
- It was so long ago... Maybe I did.
- Bitch!
- But why did you do it?
- I told you!
I was on holiday, you weren't
there... And I wanted to tease Maricia!
She went around saying
she had gone with Pablo!
However, I see that you liked my story.
Listen, I'm going to swim.
Are you coming as well?
Come on!
Raffaella, you make me crazy!
Good husband who gets
excited by my stories!
- Tell me about your high spirits again!
- Do you believe everything I say?
Of course! I know what a slut you are.
- Come on, tell me!
- What? You know all!
Maybe something more recent,
something you did after we got married.
- And you won't go wild?
- Wilder than this?
It was about one year ago, the
National Railroad Company was on strike.
Maricia and Fabio, my colleagues
on the Eurostar from Rome to Milan,
were going with me for a drink
at chief conductor Giorgio's place.
What would you looking for?
An after work gang-bang?
Don't argue, nasty girl.
Aren't I your chief?
- I have to inspect the inspector.
- We're not alone.
And Fabio is a friend of my husband's.
I'm a friend of Maricia's husband's
too, but I won't tell him anything!
Come on slut, we are
all on the same boat.
On the same train!
Take off those panties, so you won't
have to do it in front of the others.
And who tells you I'd take them off?
- Sooner or later you'll have to.
- Then take them off for me.
You're naughty! You'll be punished
for wearing an improper suit.
- And then?
- And then, enough!
What the fuck! End your story!
I can't believe it ended that way!
And then... we have changed the subject.
We spoke about switches!
All aboard! Let's go!
Service work. Switching in progress!
Come on, Giorgio, the train is late!
- Let me punch the ticket!
- Coming on the second track!
The Eurostar 971 is coming too!
- The 7:30 express is getting in!
- Death to the strike-breakers!
Long live the strike!
Who works won't fuck!
An inspection is needed, see
you at my place this afternoon?
Not today Giorgio, I'll call you back.
- What was it about?
- Routine work.
Work my ass! It wasn't
a fantasy but an affair.
- It's not how it seems!
- High spirits she said!
- That's deception.
- No, Ugo. Let me explain.
I did it for you, to refresh the repertoire.
Otherwise what should I tell you?
And then, after all, deception,
isn't that bad, if you think about it!
Slut, cow, bitch!
Oh, yeah! My love... yeah, Raffaella!
Say you did it for me!
For you, to make you happy!
That's how I like you.
- Cuckolded and happy!
- Whore!
Bitch, slut... Raffaella,
promise me you'll do it again!
- Swear that you'll always betray me!
- I'll betray you whenever I want!
Raffaella, thanks... Thanks
of for your high spirits!
That's good...
Have you seen that guy
jerking off among the dunes?
Lift your arm, show me your armpit.
That's good... Hands on your tits.
Not like that, like Sabrina Ferilli,
when she pretends to cover them.
- Like this?
- Yes. You are very good!
I like you so much!
And how about that woman who
realized he was masturbating on her
and did the same for him? Do it as well!
Put your feet there...
- Like that... Spread your legs. More.
- Is that alright?
Yes. Raise your tummy. Right there!
Now slide two fingers
in your pussy, honey.
Yes, good... My God, you make me crazy!
Good, move them a little.
And how about the cock of that man who
was smearing his wife's arse with cream?
Yeah, like that... They both
knew they were being watched.
He caressed her cheeks
to show he owned them.
She offered her ass
not only to her husband,
but also to all those who watched them!
Move your fingers from pussy to mouth.
Come on, suck them well!
You like it, don't you?
Say you like your own juice!
Is it sweet, is it
salty? What's its taste?
Or you'd rather have
a strawberry ice cream,
as the one sucked
by that shaved up blonde...
What a piece of butt
she had! Turn around!
On your knees!
Not like that, doggy style!
Doggy style, come on, turn around!
- Put your head down.
- Like this?
Put three pillows under your belly.
- Now arch your back.
- But are you sure?
Absolutely sure, but go down!
That's, perfect, lift up your
cheeks. Spread the buttocks!
We'll make a calendar out of it! Much
better than Anna Falchi and Monica Bellucci!
Delightful! As perfumed
as tortellini's filling!
So tasty! As sweet as
grandmother's cakes!
As spicy as seasoned cheese!
Love, I can't resist!
- Don't even think about it!
- Give it to me, I want it!
No, I said no! What are
you going to do, rape me?
Shit! We agreed we'd
do it sooner or later!
But it isn't sooner or later yet.
We're on holiday, if not now, then when?
- After our wedding, okay?
- You'll make me go crazy!
Come on Franco, please...
Please... Just fuck me now.
I ask you for heaven and
you give me purgatory!
Why aren't you ever satisfied?
I don't understand, what's
wrong with ass-fucking?
It hurts... You're too well hung.
I've never met any woman
who complained about that...
Alright, stick a finger in it...
I know you like it, slut!
- Say you like it!
- My God, love...
Yes, I like it...
When we are married I'll give it
to you whenever you want it!
- Does it remind you of something?
- Hell yes!
Of the wedding gift you have promised me.
Very nice. My congratulations.
Nice arse.
Thanks to the model.
- She's really gifted
- Thanks.
from two friends of mine too.
What has he said?
He said congratulations
from two friends of his too.
- I'm becoming famous.
- Of course.
I hope he won't hang me in his shop!
Those two people are
keen on such things.
- I told them it's a new trend.
- There's no problem.
And what have they said, exactly?
They asked me to give you this.
You know, they're English.
They like intrigued situation,
they always have.
They asked me to invite you
to tonight's party at their place.
How much is it?
You won't be charged for that.
It's all on Mr. Noel.
Okay, that's right.
- Thanks.
- See you.
Put on something nice!
I'm sure we'll have a good time!
- I don't know what to wear!
- Anything provocative.
- Pantyhose or suspender belt?
- You don't even have to ask.
How about these ones?
- Why don't you come without any?
- But what are you doing?
- We have to get dressed!
- You know I can't resist your arse.
- Franco, stop it. We'll be late.
- It won't take long.
I said no, how many
times should I repeat it?
What the fuck! I'm dying with desire!
I'm not, not now at least!
Hurry up, they're waiting for us.
Don't screw with the
English though, understood?
Of course, and neither do you.
But you can use your
hands and tongue, in case.
I know how to behave, don't worry.
- Promised?
- Promised.
- Do you think we should quit?
- What?
- Going to see the English!
- No, let's go.
Why should we?
It was so to speak.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- How long are you staying here?
- Two or three more days.
To your stay then.
That's nothing, just
champagne. It brings luck.
Yes, it brings luck.
Congratulations on your
pictures, they're wonderful!
- Have you seen them?
- Absolutely
Follow me, I'll show you my pictures.
- Have a seat. Do you smoke?
- Sometimes.
In the box in front of you
there are some Havana cigars.
- Please help yourself?
- With pleasure.
They're all hotels!
That's exactly our hobby.
To take pictures of my wife's arse
in all the hotels of the world.
Delicious souvenir.
Better than any postcard.
Gotta pee.
Yes, it's of a good vintage!
Here's the sailors series.
soldiers... They all
have to do with water and birds.
Prostitutes, in short!
It took you so long!
It's not my fault! The
T-shirt took long to dry up.
Have you taken me here
to dance with me?
You are very sexy.
I want to take some pictures of you.
as those your boyfriend took.
That way?
What have you done?
Did you have a good time
with the lady in the bath?
- And you in the porch?
- That bitch knows her business!
- What do you mean?
- She took advantage of me.
As her husband did with me!
- What do you mean?
- He knows his business too.
- What business?
- Whatever.
Did he show it to you?
Of course!
Does it look like mine?
and smaller, but very hard!
What a whore! That wasn't the deal!
But you fucked her too!
- Did he fuck you well, at least?
- We didn't fuck.
Technically we did something else.
- No!
- Yes.
- Did he put it in your arse?
- It was sudden.
When I realized it it was too late.
What a bitch! I can't do it but he can!
I told you it was smaller than yours.
Don't worry, I'll keep my promise.
When we are married I'll give it
to you whenever you want, okay?
Fuck off!
I won't talk to a woman
with a deflowered ass!
I LIKE THA Yes, sir. We saw the bell tower's clock.
How's things at the factory?
Did the Germans show up?
Look at you! Those are two
threshing machines and four tractors!
I'll take care of that.
Let's say tomorrow morning!
No post-dated checks!
Money first, then the
machines! Are you crazy?
Money first.
I really needed a bath!
Alright, see you tomorrow. Yes, bye.
Work, always work!
Even on honeymoon!
Sorry but the Germans
aren't sending the money.
I couldn't imagine that
it was so warm in London!
What are you doing? They
could be watching you.
Who should be watching
me? There is nobody!
The British go to bed
early. My God what a sirocco!
Smell me!
What a nice smell! You smell of soap.
Do you like it? It's the bubble bath,
it also has to be an aphrodisiac.
- I want you, little whore...
- Me too... Get undressed.
It's not the weather. It's
the English teacher who's hot!
If your students saw you...
Leave my students out.
Aren't we on honeymoon?
What's wrong with to playing a little?
Nothing, you're right. Turn
around, I'll kiss that butt!
- What have you said?
- That you're a pig!
Me a pig? I'm only
fulfilling my marital duties.
Oh yeah, Oscar...
Come on, lick it... Make me come.
Do you like it? Tell me you like it.
I like it like crazy!
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Yes, no... Sorry, love.
I was getting cold.
Cold? You're kidding me!
It's so hot in here!
Come on open the curtain...
- Should I open it?
- Yes, open it!
And come back
here, I want you!
Put it in me, what are you waiting for?
Your students must be jerking
off like crazy watching your arse!
If they do I'll fail them!
They'll get corns in
their hands stroking it!
London's air did you well!
It isn't London, it is your blessed ass!
Virgin Mary, what's that? My God!
It'd make me stay hard for three days!
You pig! Why did you bring me here?
I know why, let me do my job.
- What do you want?
- He asked for what we want.
Something like that.
- Have you seen?
- What?
- She touched my breasts!
- It was just to measure them!
It that a local habit?
We're in London, the great
metropolis. Not in Montagnana!
You can go, I'll make a
phone call to the Germans.
- Love, have you finished?
- Yes, I'll be right there!
- Then I can come in.
- Of course, come and see!
- Do you like it?
- I got a hard- on, see.
I don't know what it is, but
I know I got a hard-on!
Get dressed. I'll go to pay.
I want to get back to the hotel.
- What should I wear?
- Whatever you want.
If my colleagues in Montagnana saw me!
Who knows how many times
they imagine you like that.
- Oscar, what are you saying?
- What am I saying? Don't worry...
Oscar! I like it like crazy!
Enough, I can't resist!
- Wait...
- For what?
I want to be on top!
Call me a bitch, I like that!
Come on! Louder! Say it again!
Come on, louder, come on!
Say it, say it! Call
me a bitch, I like that!
Bitch, yes! Bitch!
Do you like it, pig?
Do you like to watch?
- Then you already knew it?
- I didn't know it!
But yesterday I liked
to feel his eyes on me,
to know I was desired by
two men and not only by one.
You know what? You're a real bitch!
Perhaps that's why I married you!
Who is it?
Was it him?
What did he want?
- Congratulate on your cock.
- What? A faggot?
So it seems! He wasn't watching me,
but that snake you
have between your legs!
- Let's draw the curtain then!
- Let me work on this cock...
Then I'll turn off the light.
- Let's turn it on!
- Let's turn it off.
- Let's turn it on.
- Let's turn it off.
- Let's turn it on.
- Let's turn it off, I said!
Oscar, you're such a bore!
Shh... look who the pig is!