False Pretenses (2004) Movie Script

Do you mind if I steal one?
- No go ahead, have one.
- Thanks.
- Hey! - Oh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Sure you are.
Hey, I wasn't the one who...
Who was watching
where he was going?
Oh well, that's me.
A regular one-man roadblock.
Oh, you think you're going to
charm your way out of this?
This? What?
Misdemeanour sidewalk blocking?
Felony produce endangerment?
Are you making a citizen's
arrest here?
You're no farmer, are you?
I could be.
I don't think so. Silk shirt,
Italian jeans, Rolex.
Well, there's good money in
peaches you know.
How'd you like to get out
of those clothes,
mister peach farmer?
My wife might have something
to say about that.
So might my husband.
[ Laughter ]
So, what does my wife
have to say?
About your way with words?
No, about my boyish charm.
Charming defenseless women
in the street?
Ha-ha. Hey! It's just...
It's just a phase, it'll pass.
Not if I've got anything
to do with it, it won't.
[ Cell phone rings ]
- Oh!
- Don't you answer that.
- I've got to!
- No, no!
- I have got to.
- You are not indispensable.
- Come on.
You're not indispensable.
Not to them.
Luckily they have not figured
that out yet.
Hey Nabil.
Oh, not much. Just meeting with
a very important client.
[Whispering]: Very important.
No, I won't be back
in the office today.
I will tell you about it tonight
at the party.
Nabil, just relax, okay?
We've been through this. I...
yeah, well just trust me.
I've got us covered.
I will, tonight.
Yeah, I'll see you then.
Hmmph! It looks like
I am indispensable.
You've been so stressed lately.
That's why I get paid the big
bucks, don't you know.
Could we just go away
somewhere, just the two of us,
away from all the office
politics and pressure,
and never come back?
Please! Please, please,
please, please!
How would I support you in the manner
to which you have become accustomed?
We could support each other.
- Uh-huh.
- We could open our own little B & B.
- Uh-huh.
- Roll up our sleeves,
get our hands all dirty and
spend a little time together.
That's what we're doing.
You know what I mean.
I want to give you everything.
I've got everything.
Uh-uh. I want to make you proud.
Oh ho! I am proud.
Really proud.
I am really proud.
[Whispering]: I love you.
Oh, we're going to be late.
We can't be late.
It's our own party.
You tell that to the caterers.
Chandra! Nabil!
Glad you could make it.
- Diane. - Nabil.
So, what do you think.
Diane did an amazing
job or what?
- Very nice.
- Thank you.
So, our major distributor goes belly
up and my CFO decides to have a party.
Charity fundraiser.
Besides, I already told you,
I got us covered. Our reserve
fund is parked in a...
High yield, low risk,
short term...
- Investment. - Yeah.
- It's totally liquid.
Thanks. So, how come the half
million dollars didn't show up
in the corporate account this morning,
or yesterday, or the day before?
It'll be there tonight.
- Tonight?
- Uh-huh.
- Who does business at 8pm on a Friday?
- I swear it.
That's Rand's boss.
Chandra's his wife.
All these big financial types. I
cannot believe they all came.
Vulture capitalists.
Anything for charity
and an open bar.
Oh my, God. Hey, how are you?
Relax, kiddo. You did good.
Really? For the new kid
on the block.
For any kid on any block.
Great food, great music,
cute waiters.
You've got a great eye, Diane.
Finding the good ones early
is a real gift.
Excuse me ladies.
I can see why you and Rand haven't
gotten around to having kids.
[Diane]: Oh, we're
working on it.
And who can blame you.
[Speaking softly]: If I
thought for a second this deal
would jeopardize our friendship.
I never would have...
Come on.
So, can you get me out?
It's a short term investment,
Rand, but it's not that short.
- I thought you said you could get it.
- I said I'd try.
I've got to get this money back
on the company books.
When you didn't call me back,
I had to tell my boss.
You know, my ass is really on
the line here, Mitchell.
Come on.
You got the
running instructions?
Do you got someone
to buy me out?
No, but I can't leave you
hanging out like this.
I'm going to cover you out of my operating
account until I find another investor.
I so owe you.
Hey, a guaranteed 100% return.
How hard could it be?
The funds will go through now,
they'll be waiting there when
the bank opens on Monday.
Thank you.
Bye, Glen.
- Feeling better?
- Yeah, I am better.
- Hmm.
- I am better than better.
Hmm. Who was that man you were
talking to before?
Mission accomplished.
Really? Show me.
Well, everything's under
control, so, trust me.
Show me.
Hey, you're the boss.
We'll be right back.
No people skills.
Even in college.
Back in a flash.
Thank you.
- I don't see it buddy.
- It's got to be here, okay.
It's kind of hard to miss a half
million dollar electronic deposit.
Well, I watched him
make it myself.
He said when the bank opens on
Monday it would be there.
Monday? Two days from now?
You're kidding, right?
Rand? Honey?
Mitchell Thompson, he's about
my age, dark hair.
He was driving a Silver Lexus convertible.
Do you know where he is?
Oh yeah, yeah. He was parked
over there, but he's long gone.
- Where, where?! There?!
- Yeah, right there.
- Honey, talk to me.
- He's gone. He's gone. - Who?
The transfer was not a mistake.
It was...
He was giving himself
a head start.
The weekend.
What are you talking about?
- Oh, God.
- Rand?
He called for months with no
charge stock...
no charge stock tips.
Never once tried to push
anything on me. Infallible.
Checked him out with his
other clients.
His rate of return on investment
was... it was amazing.
I trusted him.
You know, he was...
he was my friend.
I don't understand, Rand.
He had a once in
a lifetime deal.
I invested a million dollars.
Do we even have that kind
of money?
[ Slam ]
No, I leveraged everything I...
took a second on the house,
our savings and my 401K,
it was only $500,000.
So I just borrowed
the rest from the company
reserve fund.
You borrowed?
Oh, it was just sitting there in short
terms CD's, earning next to nothing.
A couple of months I could have
put it all back with interest.
No harm, no felony.
We would have been set,
so freaking set!
But why?
Diane, we're drowning.
Rand, this house,
the cars, your job.
We're not drowning, Rand.
You play in the bigs, you
know, you gotta look the part.
Oh yeah, sure, Nabil,
he pays himself huge.
The rest of us?
This was my chance.
This was our chance.
Why didn't you tell me?
I wanted you planning parties,
raising our kids,
buying art.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[ Quiet sobbing ]
Nabil is your friend.
He's your friend.
You were college buddies.
Rand, you borrowed the money.
It's going to be okay.
You borrowed it.
The state opposes bail in this
case your honour.
Given the hundreds of thousands
of dollars involved,
the defendant is a serious
flight risk.
Your honour, my client
is a victim here,
like dozens of others who were
taken in by Mitchell Thompson's
fraudulent investment schemes.
As the court is aware, Mr.
Thompson has disappeared
along with millions of dollars,
but Randall Ackers is here
before you today, taking full
responsibility for his actions.
He's lost five-hundred thousand
dollars of his own money.
He's cooperating fully with the
district attorney and has
already signed over the deed to
his home as partial restitution.
Your honour, I can assure you my
client isn't going anywhere.
He can't afford to.
Bail is set for $150,000.
[ Gavel ]
The rug goes in the rental,
and the big screen TV
and all the other furniture goes
to the consignment house.
Be very careful.
[ Sigh ]
We're going to get through this.
It's only furniture.
I'm going to go do
a quick walk through.
We will get through this.
Oh, I'll take that. Thanks.
[ Gunshot ]
I know you, Diane.
You're not a quitter.
Laura, the Art gallery was
pretty much my last hope.
I guess it's time my folks found out that
their only daughter's an instant widow.
Broke, and apparently with
no marketable skills.
You haven't told them
about Rand?
I didn't have the heart to
tell them on the phone.
I thought it was better to tell
them in person.
Are you sure this thing will
make it California?
It's got to.
Please, take it.
Oh, Laura.
You're a true friend.
Thank you.
I will call you if
I need anything.
You're a survivor,
you know that?
Well, I hope so.
Your card, they declined
the charge.
Parts and labour $872.46.
Did you want to call them?
No. Do you take cheques?
Okay, just give me a sec.
Mom? Hey.
It's good to hear your
voice too.
How's dad?
Oh God, really?
Will you tell him my fingers
are crossed for him?
No, oh no, nothing. I just...
well, nothing that
can't wait. I...
I just called to say I'll
see you soon.
Yeah. Okay.
Yeah. Love you.
Bye. Bye.
Are you sure you can't
take a cheque.
Would you?
Whatever happened to that
friendly West Texas attitude?
The interstate,
Enron, Jerry Springer.
We can't work something out?
Pay what you owe and you're on your way.
It's as simple as that.
- And if I can't?
- The car just sits there.
Unless you can find it
in your heart
to trust somebody other than God
for a week or so until
I get the money to pay for you
parts and labour.
I swear, I won't leave town
until you've got every cent.
I swear.
Don't you make me sorry.
Thank you.
Hard to find good help these days,
especially when you need it.
Cerise, this here is
Dee Dee Martin.
Show her the ropes, okay?
Break her in easy please.
Hi. [ Cerise giggles ]
What? What's the matter?
First thing, get yourself out of that
fancy footwear and into some real shoes.
Ah! These are real shoes.
All right.
Second thing, just because I'm wearing
a name tag, don't make me stupid.
Eight hours hustling tables in
those toe jammers
and you'll be crippled for life,
and no way I'm working this
whole room my own self
because you fast talked old
into thinking that you'd ever
seen the back side
of a restaurant in your whole
please-and-thank-you life.
I really need this job,
just for a while.
So, if you could just please...
that'd be great.
Carry your own weight,
I got no cause.
I'm a quick study, you'll see.
All right, all right. Just save the
sorority girl stuff for the customers.
First break, hustle your butt on
down to the store,
get yourself some sneakers with
the thickest soles you can find.
Sorry. Oh! Pasta, pizza.
Pizza, pasta, sorry.
That's right.
[ Humming ]
[ Sigh ]
- Good morning, Dee Dee.
- Deputy.
Fernando. Everybody around
here calls me Nando.
Are you one of
Cerise's regulars?
Yeah, you know, I was feeling a
little bit adventurous today.
Oh, looking for something new
and different.
Well, I guess you'll need
one of these.
[ Whistling ]
I always thought Cerise was
the name of a colour.
Is there a reason a colour
can't be somebody's name?
No, of course not.
What kind of cutesy, college
girl name is Dee Dee anyhow?
Well, they didn't have
a Diane in that drawer.
He wouldn't shell out
for a new nametag?
I guess he wasn't sure I'd be
worth the investment.
Cheap bastard.
Right, left
and up from the bottom.
Anyways, it's cherry red with a
little burnt orange
to kick it up a notch.
Excuse me, what?
The colour of the sun just
before it sets.
My momma's favourite time of day.
We'd just...
just stop whatever we was
doing and just watch.
"That's you, Cerise."
"A blaze of summer glory."
Anyway, my summer glory just
turned 10 last month,
it's all I can do to keep her in
clean socks and out of trouble.
Whoa, this can't be right.
FICA, withholding,
group medical.
Where you been girl?
And we're supposed to live
on what's left?
Unless you got an offshore tax
shelter somewhere.
See, used to be you could live
of your hourly bank of tips,
but now Uncle Sam takes a piece
of that too.
But I've got car repairs.
And I got a daughter who needs
a laptop for school.
How do you do it?
Double coops.
There you go darling. Enjoy.
Yesterday's special.
Just because the Board of Health
won't let us serve leftovers
don't mean they got
to go to waste.
Nando. When are you going to start calling
me Nando like everybody else does?
Kind of late to be giving out
parking tickets, Nando.
I just want to make sure everybody gets
home safe, if that's okay with you.
Since this is such a
high crime area.
Listen, new in town does not
mean that a person
is not entitled to full
protection under the law.
New in town's just
passing through.
You know, you stand back far enough,
we're all just passing through, Dee Dee.
Look, let me get that for you.
You know we seem to have gotten off
on the wrong foot the other day,
and I was just hoping if...
maybe we could have
a fresh start?
You should know that
I'm newly single
and I plan to stay that way.
Okay, fair enough.
But if you change your mind, I mean
about me seeing you home sometime.
I'll keep that in mind.
Can I go?
[ She starts up the car ]
Oh hey there. I was about to think that
maybe you'd gone and left town on us.
We made a deal.
Oh, it wouldn't be
the first time.
It's not much, but I'll be
back next week.
It all adds up. Thank you.
Your beef, sir, and your
barbeque Miss Seagle,
with extra sauce,
the way you like it.
Ha-ha. You know the leading
cause of death my friend?
Getting out of bed
in the morning.
Sign right over there.
Thank you very much.
Oh, that's my pen. Thanks.
Hello? You need to send a cop
to "The Cash Cow" immediately.
Yes, it's an emergency.
No, no, no. It's immediate...
No, no, the man who killed my husband
is sitting in the restaurant...
No, he didn't exactly...
Could you just...
just send someone.
Are you sure it was even him?
You said that you never
even met the men, just saw him
once at a party.
How long ago was that?
Sir, my husband is dead
because of him.
I know what he looks like.
I'm sorry for your loss, m'am,
but Midland County's got enough
on its plate without trying
to clean up after some jurisdiction
halfway across country.
Now, if there was an
outstanding warrant...
He disappeared before we could
file charges against him.
As I said before, his name may not even
be Mitchell Thompson, but he's here.
There must be something
you can do.
Our hands are pretty much tied.
Without a name, there's really
nothing we can do.
If we were talking
Enron here, sure.
But we're not.
[ Sigh ]
[ Clunk ]
- Your iced tea.
- Perfect, thank you darling.
Had a chance to look at your...
Menu? What's good today.
Well, we're famous for our ribs.
It brings in the
City Hall crowd.
Well, ribs it is.
Top it off with a slice of our
homemade apple pie.
A scoop of French vanilla?
You working on commission,
Dee Dee...
Martin. Dee Dee Martin.
Dee Dee Martin from Casey, Mo.
Your customers must all be the
size of Volkswagens.
Wholesome food and
friendly service.
We leave the calorie counting to
Richard Simmons.
Well, if you ever need
bean counting,
I'm your guy.
Mark Taylor, estate planning,
asset management.
I make money for people.
Usually a lot of money.
Mark Taylor.
Well you need to, just to
afford these.
I'm a certified
investment counsellor.
Do you know anybody
in the market?
And I'll be passing this along
out of the goodness of my heart?
Referral fee.
The goodness of my heart.
Ah, the profit motive.
What made this country great.
And here I thought it was
honesty, hard work, fair play.
That too.
You don't sound like you're
from around here.
Neither do you.
New in town. I'll tell you my
story if you tell me yours.
- Some other time.
- How about tonight?
I really don't think so.
Hey, what happened to that
friendly service?
Come on, we could trade life
stories over some real food.
This is real food.
If that'll be all.
Why not have somebody wait
on you for a change?
I won't bite, if that's what
you're afraid of.
A gentleman never bites.
We'll go for drinks anyway.
Fair enough, drinks it is.
Carmen's? 9-ish?
Big tipper.
He can afford it.
Hey, what's up?
We pretty much got the place
to ourselves.
And I'm on break.
Oh, what? No pie and coffee?
How'd you like that
coffee to go?
This guy really put you
through the ringer, huh?
Not exactly the best
6 months of my life.
Well, look.
The good news is
he doesn't remember you.
Well, I never really met him
and he certainly doesn't know
Dee Dee Martin.
Martin's my maiden name.
It's what I gave him.
You know, a guy like that,
it's just business.
He's working your husband and
you're just background.
Wallpaper. Anyways,
look, 6 months,
1,500 miles later he lands
in your lap.
You know, when I saw him
just sitting there,
I didn't know what to do.
I just wanted to...
You've got his name, his
number, his address.
I mean, you've got
a dinner date.
I just wanted to keep him
talking. I thought maybe drinks,
I could get him to tell me
some more, or...
You did good, Dee Dee...
How about I go pay Mr. Taylor
a little visit.
You know, put the fear
of God in him?
He'll just run.
Yeah, he would just run.
Print up some more business cards,
start someplace else in a week.
I feel like I'm at the bottom
of a pit, you know,
and up above there is
fresh air and sunlight,
people living their lives,
and him.
And you want out of that pit.
I want him in it.
- Hi. - Hey. Wow.
Have you been waiting long?
No, that's
the thing about owning a
company. If I don't do it...
It doesn't get done.
Wow, amazing view.
Tell me. You clean up nice.
I could say the same
thing about you.
No, really. You belong in West
Texas about as much as I do.
So, what are we both
doing here then?
Making money, lots of it.
I'm glad one of us is.
Me too. What a waste.
What's a nice girl like me
doing working in "The Cash Cow"?
College? Husband?
Let's just say sometimes things just
don't work out the way you planned.
Did thing work out the
way he planned?
He's no longer in the picture.
That's it? That's all I get?
No sad tale of marital meltdown,
no who's been sleeping
in my bed?
Sorry. Just me,
starting over.
All right then.
To starting over.
My turn.
Why Midland, Texas?
Why not?
Ranchers and oil barons, they
need investment counselling too.
But developing a client
base: Cold calls,
seminars, get-acquainted
cocktail parties.
It sounds very social.
All I ever meet are middle aged business
prospects and myself coming and going.
You must have help, you know,
in your office.
People doing things to... What?
A little secretary with a
bible belt diploma
and a dress size to
pick out for her?
No, I need somebody who
can carry on
an actual conversation,
make an impression.
- It's mostly evenings?
- Yeah, it's odd hours.
Too much to be part-time, not enough
to be fulltime. I'm usually finished
by the afternoons.
I have been known to carry on an
actual conversation, now and then.
You'd be interested? Really?
- It depends.
- On what?
The pay.
Ah-ha, the profit motive.
Of course, it's what made this
country great, or so I'm told.
Well, I'll think about it.
Maybe once we get to know
each other better.
Isn't that what we're
doing right now?
The good news is the market
always come back.
Long term, they offer the
highest return.
Better than bonds,
gold, commodities
and even better than
real estate.
Now, the really good news is
that these historic lows
offer us a once in a lifetime
opportunity to buy into
a highly discounted market,
positioning the smart investor
to make amazing gains when
it takes off again.
If you know what to buy.
LBOs, IPOs, small caps,
large caps, foreign or
emerging markets.
It's enough to make
your head spin.
Which of course is
where I come in.
[ Laughter ] Everybody,
this is Dee,
my research associate.
Dee helps me track market
trends, separate the winners
from the world coms. Smile
for the people, Dee.
Thank you sir, thank
you for coming.
Do you guys have one
of my cards?
If you have any questions, any at
all, please feel free to call.
I also have a website.
Research associate.
Moonlighting waitress might
not set quite the right tone.
And I help separate the
winners from the world coms,
how exactly?
Not yet, but you will.
I'll show you how to download
this stuff off a dozen websites.
There's nothing to it.
[Tape recording]: But you will, I'll
show you how to download this stuff off
a dozen websites. There's
nothing to it.
It's not exactly a
confession, is it?
Did you think you were going to
hit the bulls eye first time out?
Look, just keep him talking,
let Memorex do the rest.
Am I close enough?
To what, get a signal?
- Yeah.
- Let me worry about those things.
Just keep doing what you're doing,
give it a little more time.
Time. He could be gone tomorrow.
Nah, not when
the money's coming in.
I appreciate this.
It's our little secret, okay?
Besides, the department doesn't
know we're using their gear.
- You don't take credit for this?
- For what?
Going behind Wallace's back?
Uh, warrentless surveillance,
misuse of government property.
This isn't about due
process, Diane.
What have you got?
Corporate tax cuts?
And you, sir.
The equity in your home, if you sell
it where are you going to live?
The Social Security benefit
that seems to get
smaller and farther
away every year.
But it's not too late.
There's still time to make the
system work for you.
[ Applause ]
Now, what's the one thing you should
always ask your investment counsellor?
What have you done for
me lately?
Well tonight, we have your
quarterly distribution cheques,
and for those of you rolling
over your profits,
quarterly earning statements
detailing the returns
you're earning on your returns.
And for you first timers...
Mr. Klein Schmidt... and opportunity,
a chance to profit from your
neighbour's experience.
That seemed to go well.
Practically a feeding frenzy.
Even in this economy you make is
seem so easy, so right.
Well, that is the idea.
- But retirement money, their kids' college funds.
- And your point?
Have you thought about what
would happen if they don't turn
a profit, if they can't get
their money back?
Have they?
Do you always answer a
question with a question?
Do you?
Look even
in the best of times, if they
can't afford to take a hit,
well, they shouldn't be sitting
at the table.
What's really on your mind, Dee?
Can we go to jail
for this, Mark?
- For what?
- What we're doing.
I mean, the returns these people
are getting are...
What? Incredible?
Impossible? You've seen
the cheques.
I know, it's just how could
you be the only person offering
these amazing returns.
It just...
It all seems a little bit too
good to be true.
Well, if it's too good
to be true,
you're dealing with an amateur.
But if it's too good to pass up,
well then maybe he's a pro.
That's you. A pro.
Buy you a drink?
Out of the army all I could
find were low pay,
dead end jobs, and now
I average 500K,
tax free, new car every year,
I travel where
I want, when I want.
- Nobody tells me joe.
- How so?
I'm good at what I do?
Investment counselling.
You know why people don't look
a gift horse in the mouth?
They might not like
what they see.
And are they looking?
Is anybody looking?
I don't get it.
What's great about this country:
It's all about marketing.
You don't really have to
produce anything.
If the package looks good enough,
nobody even bothers to read the label.
So, what are you saying?
It's all just sales. Churn.
Money changing
hands. Let the buyer beware.
The sizzle, not the steak.
So, that's what we're
selling. Sizzle.
Is that a problem?
Is that an offer?
Would you like it to be?
No one wants to be a research
associate forever.
All right then.
Now here's the deal.
Well, well, well!
If it isn't Mark Taylor!
Long time, no see. Hmmph!
I might have known you'd
be sitting with
the pretties girl in the room.
Well, where are your manners
boy? Come on. What?
Cat got that silver tongue
of yours?
Dee, this is Chason Boggs.
His favourite investor.
Not that he's been acting
like it lately,
but I'm surely pleased to make
your acquaintance darling.
Dee Martin, my partner.
Mr. Boggs.
Call me Chase.
Well this here's one closed
mouthed son of a bitch.
Never even let on he had a
partner, let alone such a
good looking one.
I'm a silent partner.
Ah, well. Darling,
don't you ever be silent
on my account.
Thank you, Mr. Boggs. Chase.
There you go.
That's more like it.
Waiter! Waiter, my friends are running
dry over here, and keep 'em coming!
I do kind of lay it on kind of
thick, huh? Well, when in Rome.
Just a lonely exile, Dee.
Stranger in a strange land.
But, we're about to change all
of that aren't we son?
As soon as I get you up there
to meet the family.
The family?
- Chicago.
- The windy city.
How would you know? The
closest you ever got was
buying a ticket and never even
got on the plane. Stood me up.
- Chason, I couldn't help it.
- Twice! Nobody does that to me.
Do you know how that
made me look?
Huh? Like I belong out here in
this pissant prairie.
- All right then. Look, if it's that big a deal.
- Hey,
you'll go? Huh?
When? Whenever. Just set it up.
All right.
I will, again.
But it's really got to happen
this time, for both our sakes.
All right then.
All right. All right. Yee haw!
I'll drink to that! Ha-ha-ha!
Waiter! Come on now!
We're celebrating here!
Huh? Ha-ha!
Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
[ Slurring now ]
What's a guy got to do to get
a drink around here?
All right, all right.
We're going to get you home there cowboy.
All right, steady. It looks
like I'm his designated driver.
Here, take my car, partner.
We'll catch up with you tomorrow.
Okay, okay.
- Say goodnight Chason.
- Good night, Chason.
Oh, excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey, what're you doing here?
Hi. You got last night's tape?
Yeah, they're in my locker
with all the rest, but...
- Do you think Wallace is here yet?
- Whoa, Diane.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. We are not ready
You heard him,
he admitted... his payouts
are too good
to be true. Sizzle, not
steak? Come on.
But we need proof.
That's not proof.
There is enough on that tape to
at least get Wallace interested.
- Okay, he's not going anywhere.
- We don't know that. - He just made you his partner.
That's what he does. He makes
promises and then he's gone.
Look, Diane, I don't think
it's a good idea to see Wallace.
You need to have hard evidence.
Hey, I am telling you.
Detective Wallace,
the man that I told you...
- How did you get in here?
- The man I told you about...
You're supposed to check in
at the front desk,
get a visitor's I.D.
He calls himself Mark Taylor.
I thought I explained to you
about jurisdiction.
He is running a phoney investment
scheme right here in your town.
Detective please,
I have proof. Just listen to this tape.
That's all I'm asking.
Make it quick.
[ Tape is blank ]
[ Tape is blank ]
I don't understand why
it's not working.
What happened?
Uh, it's blank.
Murdoch, what is this
doing here?!
This is the Sheriff's department.
They should have been safe.
But how could they all be blank?
That thing on the counter, it's a
degausser, a powerful electromagnet.
We use it to bulk erase
surveillance tapes. Erase?
It belongs in the evidence room,
not sitting next to my locker.
- Erased?!
- Diane, listen, I'm sorry.
I... Somebody... Diane, I will
go to Wallace myself, okay?
I will go to him, I'll explain everything.
I'll tell him what was on the tapes.
Listen to me. He's going to
listen to me. I will tell him.
[ Phone ringing ]
"Cash Cow".
Table for 6...
uh... yeah, I think we can make
that happen Miss. Seagle.
Can I get a number?
Great. See you then.
A guy picks up an envelope
off the street.
It's practically right
under your nose.
A thousand bucks inside.
It's just luck.
You could have picked
it up as easy.
So, he'll split it with you
if can prove you're a solid
citizen yourself.
You put up 500 of
your own money,
so you seal the envelop
just to be sure,
go down to your ATM,
withdraw the cash
and trade him your five hundred
for the envelope with a thousand.
Congratulations, you've
just made $500
for being in the right place
at the right time.
But, when you go back to
deposit the envelope.
There's nothing inside but
blank pieces of paper.
How did you do that?
The mother of all cons.
Just a pigeon drop.
All you need is the pigeon
himself, a good line of patter,
preferable a partner to distract
him while you make the switch
and of course,
the all important seed money.
So, that's what a partner's
for. Distraction.
Why don't you ask old Boggs
once he sobers up.
Sounds like a game.
Real life Survivor.
Out think, out manoeuvre
the other guy.
But, if you lose, you better have a
dream team of lawyers standing by.
And if you win?
You can afford to double
down the next time.
More seed money, bigger pot,
higher stakes, bigger winnings.
So, what's the game we're
playing now?
Musical chairs. The money
goes round and round.
You pay the early investor
a fat return
out of the new investors'
you bank the rest, replenish
your seed money.
And when the music stops?
We get Texas in our rear
view mirror.
So, when do I quit my day job?
After you get back your
seed money?
It's not about the money.
Oh, it's about the money.
- Okay, it's about the money.
- Yeah.
But it's also a way
to keep score.
It's all about being faster,
smarter, better.
So, are you in?
And my seed money, partner?
- 20% of the take.
- 40.
Hey, it's my con.
You're coming late.
Yeah, but will you still
respect me in the morning.
Well, it looks like I've
created a monster.
You still got my keys?
So, tonight profit cheques came
out of last week's investments.
Did I say that?
Didn't you?
And next week's profit cheques
will come out of tonight's take.
Take. That's such an ugly word.
And what's left over, where
does that go?
Operating expenses. Seed money.
Mark, if I'm going to be your partner I
really need to understand how this works.
- Give me the briefcase.
- Aaah!! - Hand it over.
All right, all right. You
really don't want to do this.
Come on. Don't make
me ask you again!
All right, all right, take it easy.
There's a lady here. There you go.
You okay?
Yeah, you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Robert Tawn, does
it ring a bell?
No, no. Shouldn't we call 9-1-1?
You're smarter than
that, all right?
This only works if we stay
under the radar.
No police reports, no photos
in the paper, and
when we leave...
No loose ends.
Just Texas in our
rear view mirror.
A $500 case, ruined!
$1,500 suit.
Oh my God.
92nd... Airborne. Desert storm.
So that's where you learned
to fight like that?
That's where I learned
a lot of things.
Whoa, guys with knives?
Fist fights?
If you ask me, you're getting
mighty deep here.
He ruined my life.
Okay, I respect that, I do,
but sometimes...
sometimes we've just got to tell
ourselves little lies, you know?
Just to get through the day.
Like mine used to be
that Dennel's daddy's
coming back someday.
Maybe yours... maybe yours is
Rand and the gun thing.
- Cerise.
- No, no.
I know what humped and dumped feels
like, all right? I've been there.
And if this was all about
just this Mark guy
then you'd be out a nice house and all that
money, but you'd still have a husband.
- He killed my husband.
- No!
Ain't nobody pulled that trigger
but Rand.
What he did, he did for him,
not for you.
[ Locker slams shut ]
You have no right.
You don't know anything
about my life.
Well, I know...
I know he made this mess all by
himself and left you to clean it up.
I know that you don't owe him.
He left you.
Are you listening to me?
[Mark]: Thank you. Excellent.
I'm ready.
Hey there.
Did somebody rob a bank?
Not me.
Looks like you're going to be paying off
that head gasket for the rest of your life.
- Yeah, it feels like it.
- For whatever it's worth,
your credit's real good around
here, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Dee, isn't it? Dee Martin.
Chason Boggs, we met
the other night.
Yes, of course.
Yeah. Not one of my finer
moments if I recall.
Perhaps I can make amends
with a little libation.
Oh well, thanks, but I've really
got to get to the laundry.
I just need a minute
of your time, Dee.
- Oh, Mr. Boggs, maybe...
- Ah, Chase, please.
Dee, I don't mind telling
you that I am
more than just a
little concerned.
Mark. That boy's already stood
me up, twice.
I like you, Dee. I truly do.
But I can't afford another last
minute snafu.
Not this time, and you being
his partner and all,
I want to impress upon you just
how important it is
that if there's anything
I should know
about that boy's
elusive behaviour,
this'd be a mighty good time
to share it.
Mr. Boggs.
Is that your car parked over
there in a handicapped zone?
If I can afford
that car, Deputy,
I can surely afford a
parking citation.
I'm sure you can, but I don't
think that impound driver
knows the right way to
hook up a Caddy.
Nice visiting with you, darling.
You give some thought
to what I said.
- See ya' cowboy.
- Deputy.
Hey! Hell, what are you doing?!
[Whispering]: He had a gun.
This is Texas,
everybody has a gun.
- [Whispering]: He threatened me with that gun.
- Relax, it's okay, calm down.
- [Whispering]: He threatened me!
- Relax, relax. It's okay.
Look, I'm really sorry
about the tapes.
Yeah, I am too.
It wasn't your fault, I just
really wanted to get him.
We will, okay?
I'm not going to let you down
this time, I swear.
Come here, I want to show
you something.
A place where I like to go
when I'm off duty.
Carl's ice house 2.
Back in the days before
air conditioning,
people used to come to
places like this,
get ice for their ice boxes and
well, just cool off.
How do they stay in business?
Well, mostly they don't.
AM/PMs, Win Dixies
sprouting up all over.
The last of a dying breed. This one
kind of fell through the cracks.
[Speaking spanish]: Hola.
Qu tal?
[Speaking spanish]:
Muy bien, gracias.
Vamos a tomar dos cervezas,
tacos, enchiladas
y un plato de guacamole.
Feels good, huh?
Being home with your own.
These are my roots, chica.
Wish you'd recorded what he
told me the other day.
What was that?
How the scam works,
what a partner does.
Pretty much everything.
Well, then it's not too late.
I will not let you down, Diane.
Not this time.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Salute. [ Clink ]
[ Salsa music ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
You're doing very well.
Well, gracias seniora... senior.
[Speaking spanish]: Senior.
Yo soy senior!
My Spanish is...
Out, out.
good, good.
[ Romantic music ]
Would you like to dance?
[ Laughter ]
You're okay?
[ Sigh ]
It's just...
It's been awhile.
[ Lovemaking ]
Thank you.
You look nice.
All the comforts of home.
Its freshly squeezed.
I have a tree out back.
Thank you.
So breakfast. I have eggs,
bacon or sausage...
How long have you known
Nando, Cerise?
I've been serving him
breakfast for 5 years now.
Did you know he's got a
tattoo? A howling eagle.
Just like Mark's.
I mean, it's identical. I
mean, why would you have a
92nd Airborne tattoo if you weren't
part of the 92nd Airborne?
No, the question is why would you be
jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.
Okay, sorry.
Same tattoo, same unit?
So, you're thinking
Mark knows Nando.
Well, I'm thinking there's a lot more to
this than them just knowing each other.
Nando? Hello?
[ Sigh ]
[ Phone ringing ]
Ah, I'm at home. I forgot
my damn cell.
I guess I was a
little distracted last night.
Come on, remember, I'm
her knight in shining armour.
Mr. Policeman, protecting
her against Boggs
and hey, I'm helping
her nail you.
no, no, no. I don't
kiss and tell.
Okay, I do.
Yeah, listen buddy, by tomorrow we are going
to have Texas in our rear view mirror.
Yeah, yours truly is going to
be behind... far behind.
Back to the station.
[ Car starting and
driving away ]
Partners, they're
in this together.
Oh my God. But why?
500K, tax free, a new
car every year.
- I still don't...
- Mark talks a great game.
Nando helps his old army buddy
out to get established.
The money starts rolling in and he just
loves that pay hike, until I show up.
No, because you said that he
never even met you.
Well, they work it out.
And now they need to
keep me quite or
discredit me while Mark
finishes his scam.
So, Nando volunteers to help me
play detective.
All right, so you call the
sheriff with this.
And accuse one of their own?
After my little blank
tape fiasco?
I'm going to need a
lot more than this.
Just getting off that plane with just
a cheque in my hand won't cut in son.
Well, then I'll wire the funds.
They'll be there waiting
in the morning.
Money talks, Michael.
It's psychological
and we've got ourselves an
impression to make.
Chason, $750,000 is a lot of
cash to be carrying around.
In Chicago, I want to see the
look on their faces when
we open that case and show them
all of that green.
It's your money.
You bet.
[Softly]: Password.
Howling eagle.
You'll need to sign an
authorization so I can
withdraw the cash out of your
client trust account.
What are you doing here?
I thought maybe you could use
some help, partner.
Everything's under control, but a
buyer sees you in that outfit.
That's why I came in the back.
Your briefcase.
- I picked up a new one at Niemans.
- Oh.
Looks just like the other one.
That's why they call
it mass production.
What's that?
It's paperwork. Everything's
got to look good for Boggs.
For some reason
he doesn't trust me.
Imagine that.
He seems to like you
well enough though.
Come out to the airport
this afternoon.
See us off. Remind him we're
all on the same team.
Mark! Mark, I haven't
got all day!
Shouldn't you get going?
Pan Western, 5:30 flight.
Okay. Well, I may as well
address some envelopes, take out
the trash while I'm here.
Be there by 5.
What was I thinking?
That I was going to beat
him at his own game?
He's so far ahead of me that I
don't even know what the game is.
Whatever it is, him and
Nando sure went to
a whole lot of trouble
to suck you into it.
[ Sigh ]
What are you going to do?
What can I do?
What can I do?
The only proof I've got
is locked up
in that office.
And you know who's going to
end up holding the bag on this?
Yeah, his partner.
He figures you're onto him.
You know what I'd do if I
was in your shoes?
I'd put Texas in my rear
view mirror p-d-q.
Cerise, I'm not a quitter.
But you ain't no Texas
ranger neither.
But he wins.
He always wins.
He always wins.
Come on.
[ Knock at door ]
They'll never let you in the first
class lounge dressed like that.
Get changed and we'll drive up
to the airport together.
Oh, you don't really
need me to do you?
Well, you wouldn't want to
disappoint old Boggs,
plus if you keep my car overnight,
think of what we'll save on parking.
Mark, I've had a headache all afternoon.
I think I'm coming down with something.
Ooh, careful.
- You feel fine.
- It's viral. I think it could be catching.
Let's go, we don't have
time for this.
[ Snapping fingers ]
[Mark]: I don't want to miss
that flight, partner.
Dee Martin, my partner.
So, that's what a partner's for?
Mark, your briefcase.
I picked up a new one
at Neimans.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hello?
- Cerise, I figured out the game.
What game?
His game. He's not letting go
of 750 grand.
I need your help. We don't have
a lot of time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you got it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's this? Bomb threat?
- Nah, it's just routine.
Yeah, I thought that was
homeland security.
Me too. I'm going to need you
to clear out the lounge
while I check things out, okay?
Looks like this is it for me.
Tell Boggs I'm sorry I missed
him. Car keys?
I got you covered, e-ticket.
You'll cash in when you
pick me up tomorrow.
Hmm, you think of everything.
I try.
- Everything okay?
- [Spanish]: Si todo bien.
You can start letting
people back in.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
I am still keeping
your car overnight?
[Annoncer]: Your attention
please, the flight number 214
for Washington is
now boarding...
Looks like we're early.
Control the room.
Control the table.
Control the game.
That's it.
That's what it's all about.
No thanks.
We drink, he drinks.
Scotch, rocks.
And for the lady...
Scotch please. Water back.
Have you ever lost control?
It hasn't happened yet.
You're good.
- Dee.
- Chase.
Looks like I had nothing to
worry about after all.
Glad you could see us
off, darling.
Well, looks like you got a head
start on me.
Plenty of time to catch up.
Your finest Kentucky
bourbon, darling.
Straight up, keep 'em
coming, hmm?
Okay, now what are we taking to Chicago
besides a change of underwear?
[ Laughter ]
Oh! I can't wait till
I see their faces.
[ Cell phone ]
Excuse me a minute.
This is Mark.
Well, I have a meeting in
Chicago, Frank,
and I'm already at the airport.
Yes, I understand but...
okay, all right.
Look, let me see what I can do.
All right, I'm going to have to
let you know.
Frank Garfield.
Frank. How's Frank doing?
He's talking about investing,
a million and a half.
When you're hot,
you're hot, huh?
Well, it's a big first time number,
even for somebody like him.
He needs a little hand holding.
Chason, I don't even
know how to ask...
Been there son, done that.
I can't afford to lose an investor
this big, and neither can the fund.
You owe me.
I promised the guys they were
going to meet Mr. Wizard, twice.
I understand, but he wants
to talk now.
Now, if I can meet with him
I can close him,
but this guy gets cold
feet overnight.
Look I don't...
What if... What if Dee
went with you?
What? Instead?
Well, I know it's a lot to ask
but she is my partner
and you already have a ticket.
That I do.
Besides, the important thing
is what's in here:
750K of pure profit.
Well, it beats cancelling,
again and she is your partner.
Silent partner.
Mark, I am really...
I'm sorry, Dee,
but stuff happens and
we're a team right.
Just show the flag, I'll do the
heavy lifting the next trip.
Here, get whatever you
need in Chicago,
I'll take care of anything else
when you get back.
Thanks, partner.
[Announcer]: This is a 1st
boarding call
for Pan Western flight
308 to Chicago.
Here's to our flight. - [Cerise]:
You call this a drink?!
I ordered a Bloody Mary, not some cheap ass
Shirley Temple! Where's the manager?! Now!
All in good time, Dee.
All in good time.
[ Laughter ]
They let anybody fly today.
You know, if you'll excuse me,
I'd like to use the ladies room.
Don't be long.
I guess I don't need to tell
you what would have happened
if we had had a problem with
that money? Huh?
After two false starts.
Well, these Chicago guys, they
have this reputation
for shooting the
messenger. Literally.
Clockwork, Chason.
Trust me, it's all going
like clockwork.
Vanity thy name is woman.
[ Phone ringing ]
Here, darling.
Go on.
Go on and tell moneybags Garfield
you're going to come hold his hand.
Not that I don't trust you.
I'll call you back.
- [Nando]: Hey, we've
got a big problem.
You're telling me.
I'll get back to you
when I find her.
[Nando]: Okay, there's no
time. We're just outside.
Did you round her up? We've
got to make tracks.
Dee's not feeling well, Chason.
On second thought, I'm going to
join you in Chicago.
Well, there you go.
Detective Dwight Wallace,
Midland County Sherrif's
Department. We got a call
about a suspicious package.
Well, we're just having a
drink waiting for our flight.
Then you won't mind showing
what's in the briefcase.
- Under the table.
- Detective,
I think you need a warrant
don't you?
You want to dot the Is and cross
the Ts, we gotta go downtown,
find a judge. You'll miss your
flight. It's up to you.
It's all right, Chase.
Now the other one.
Other one? What other one?
Nothing suspicious
here detective,
just good old American...
See, that's the problem with
anonymous phonecalls, sir.
Are we done here?
Sorry for the inconvenience.
You gentlemen have a
good flight.
After we've had a closer
look at the goods.
Paige Seagle, Midland
County, DA.
A closer look? What exactly
are you looking for?
Financial records. An
unlicensed investment fund.
Possible ponzi scheme.
Ponzi scheme.
You slimey son of a bitch.
I'll break your skull!
Get him off me!
We'll be taking those
into custody.
Wait, wait, you can't just come in
here and start seizing private papers.
Exigent circumstances. You can debate
the fine points at your arraingment.
You're a dead man, Taylor!
You hear me?! Dead!
Nando. Nando.
I don't know you pal.
Wait a minute.
Nice phone. You mind?
Would it matter if I did?
Listent... listen to me. It's probably
some kind of cell phone glitch.
You know, I've had trouble with that phone.
It goes off, wrong number.
Who put that there? That's
not my case.
- Then you won't mind if we open it.
- Come on.
- Okay, Dwight, this is a set up.
- How did she know this?
You set me up! You set me up you
son of a... Where is she?!
Where the hell is she?!
Your personal
identification number,
up to 10 letters and numbers.
The pin is "seed money",
not that you'll need it
with a court order.
Safe deposit box 1056.
How do you know so
much about this?
He told me. Little by
little, everything.
And all those
identical briefcases?
[Dee on speakerphone]: He
loved the audience.
Someone to appreciate
how smart he was.
I just listened. I had
some help.
Here's to our flight.
You call this a drink?!
I ordered a Bloody Mary, not
some cheap ass Shirley Temple!
Where's the manager.
I want to see the manager now!
All in good time, Dee.
All in good time.
They'll let anybody fly today.
Excuse me, I'd like to
use the ladies room.
Don't be long.
Those financial records,
all the people
he's been defrauding here. Where
did they come from?
One man's trash is another
man's treasure.
I could offer you immunity from
prosecution for your testimony.
You've got all the
evidence you need.
A dozen aliases,
hundreds of victims. Millions in
fraud, maybe so, but still.
All I want is restitution.
Sometimes I wonder if there
really is such a thing.
You never get your life back.
But there are compensations.
If you hadn't of called
here that night.
How did you get my private
number anyway?
- You gave it to me.
- I did?
- I know you?
- I wouldn't expect
- you to remember.
- What are you,
some kind of
ponzi scheme vigilante?
Miss Seagle, I did what
I had to do.
- You were one of his victims.
- Not anymore.
What did he do to you?
What did he take?
More than you could possibly
imagine. But that's the past.
I could be having this call
traced you know.
And I could be on a cell phone
right down the street.
Or I could have Texas in my
rear view mirror.
Closed captioning: Technicolor,
Creative Services - Montreal