Fame at a Deadly Cost (2020) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)

Which way?
It's down that path,
you get to the
ocean, can't miss it.
I'll come with you.
It's not far at all.

-Keep going? -Yeah.
It's just further up here.
Right down that way,
right up here to the left.

Just around the bend.

Yep, right down there.
Isn't that beautiful?
Right there, can't miss
it, right to the right.

That's the house right
there, you see it?

-(grunt) -(scream)
(somber music)

(peaceful music)

(Michelle) Honey, hurry
up, we're gonna be late.
(birds chirping)
(indistinct chatter)
(Blake) Hey Mom, guess what?
I found it.
I found the decorations.
They were in the attic,
behind all the Christmas stuff.
You just had to look for
it, though.
(Michelle) Thank you, sweetie.
(Blake) All right.
(Michelle) Try it,
what do you think?
-What do you think, good?
-Mmm, it's really good, yeah.
(Michelle) I hope they like it.
Oh, look at the time,
we've got to go.
Morning, everything okay?
(Michelle) Well, the delivery truck
was 30 minutes late and I have
to get her to school or she's
gonna miss first period.
(Sal) I am parked behind
you but I can take her.
(Blake) Can I drive?
(Sal) Come on.
-Zoink! -Bye, Mom.
-Love you. -I love you, bye.
-Have a good day. -Uh-huh.
(Michelle) Sal, thank you.
(soft music)

(car radio playing)

(Sal) Oh, I love D.C.
Conway, turn it up.
(Blake and Sal)
Tonight you're mine
So come inside
If you're feeling
dizzy look at me
It's just your
body breaking free
Baby, we're finding
Heaven on the dance floor
We're finding Heaven
on the dance floor

Do you sing at school?
Sal, I'm trying to make
friends, not lose them.
(Sal) I know, but you're good.
I'm just saying.
(school bell rings)
(upbeat music)

(Blake) Thanks for the ride.

-Hey. -Hey.
(Mason) Five
hundred bucks to go.
(Blake) You're so close.
How long is that going to take?
(Mason) Three more
weeks at Lucio's Pizza,
two extra weekend shifts,
and next month,
I can drive you to school.
(Blake) I like walking most
days, it's not far.
(Mason) No self-respecting
senior walks to school.

You can bet Christa never walks.
(Blake) I wish I was like her--
popular, beautiful.
(Mason) You've got way
more to offer than her.
-You're kind,
smart-- -And a loser.
(Mason) No, you've got brains
and beauty and a big voice.
When you sing, that is.
(Blake) You're so biased,
Mason, but I love it.
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
(Sal) Wow, Michelle,
those look good.
(Michelle) Yeah, wanted to try
something new--peach apple prosciutto.
(male speaker)
Hello, this is Mike.
(Sal) Hi,
can I speak with Accounts?
-Outstanding invoices.
-May I tell them who's calling?
(Sal) Uh-huh,
this is LA All-Star Catering.
(male speaker) You mind holding?
(Sal) Sure, I'll hold.
Hey, do you think that
Blake's got a couple of, like,
hidden tattoos somewhere that
she's not telling us about?
-What? -Well, I mean,
she's, like,
the most well-behaved teen ever,
so I figure there's gotta be
something she's keeping from us.
I am only joking.
But it did get me
thinking, you have done
such a good job raising her.
Especially on your own.
Can you believe it's been
nearly 10 years since Ryan died?
Well, as Supermom,
I was thinking maybe
you can just over for this
little one and then I'll
come back in say, like,
18 years for all the fun.
(male speaker) Hi,
Sherry says the check's in the mail.
That's absolutely
fine, we can accept
a three week late payment,
but there's going to be a 5
percent late payment charge.
(male speaker) I understand.
(Sal) I'll check
our account later.
-All right, thanks. -Thank you.
(Sal) Oh, you know.
(soft music)
(crickets chirping)


Okay, um, so this is
a little song that I wrote.
I hope you like it.
(picking guitar softly)

You're smiling
But you're lying to me
'Cause you're hurting
And you can't
seem to break free

You can't deny
that what's inside
Is eating you alive
It's eating you alive
You're beautiful
but you can't seem
To break these walls down
That are holding you
Back from the world
You're beautiful
but you can't
Seem to shake this feeling
That you're not good enough
But soon you'll see
That you're good
enough for me
I hope you like it.
(school bell ringing)
(teacher) Good morning, class.
I've got your tests
from yesterday.
Some of you did okay,
and some of you need to
study a little bit more.
(soft music)

Here you are, Christa.

(Christa) I'll get it.
(teacher) Lauren...

-There you go. -Brad.
(Christa, coughing) Nerd.
(teacher) Okay, everybody,
let's settle down.
(notification tones)
(Michelle) Do you
need to get that?
It can wait.
(notification tones)
Maybe I should.
(Michelle) Mason
missing you already?
-Um-- -What is it, honey?
My video--I recorded a song.
Mason must have posted it
on everyone's social
media at school.
Even Christa's,
this is so embarrassing.
(Michelle) Let me see.
Honey, these comments--
"I didn't even know
you could sing."
"Babe, your voice is," skip that
word, "amazing."
This is so exciting.
(Blake) Can I...?
(Michelle) Yes, go ahead.
I'll finish your ice cream.
(Blake) No, you won't.
(upbeat music)

Oh my God!

What did you do, Mason?
(Mason) You can't be mad at
me, it was pretty good, huh?
I told you I wasn't biased.
(Christa) Hey, Blake.
(Mason) See? Now who's the
most popular nerd in school?
(serene music)
(Blake) Mom, Mom,
I got a message from a talent agent.
"Hi, do you have
representation yet?
Would love to meet
with you tomorrow."
-An agent?
-Someone called Rachel Reeves?
Please, it's just a meeting,
please, please, please?

(Rachel) Let me be perfectly
honest with you, Michelle.
She's a natural star.
-You think so? -Yes, with a bit
of guidance,
molding-- that's where I come in--
she's the perfect age
to make it as a singer.
(Michelle) After college.
Blake is a smart girl.
Don't you believe she's
got something special?
(Michelle) Sure, she's gifted,
I know that.
I just don't think she
should limit herself
to just singing at this point.
(Rachel) Of course,
and I respect her studies.
But a career doesn't
happen overnight,
it takes time.
So first, we work around school.
But if I'm right,
her future will be decided
for her very shortly.
(Michelle) What kind of
work is involved, exactly?
(Rachel) Okay, what I do
is I shape my artists to
get them industry-ready.
That's their image,
their publicity,
getting people
talking about them.
I invest a lot of my
own time and money,
and then I get a cut of the
checks when they come in.
(Michelle) Okay, okay.
(Rachel) Okay okay, all right.
So tomorrow is the Tracks party,
it's a young people's
mentor program where
the bigwigs get to meet
the hot new things.
-And I've already sent a clip--
-You know what, I'm sorry,
I've got an event tomorrow, so.
(Rachel) Oh, that's okay,
you don't have to be there.
I'll pick her up, drop her home.
I am very protective
of my girls.
(soft music)
Please, Mom, I really want this.

(upbeat music)

(Rachel) Okay, here we go.

(female singer) I never
felt a love before like this
(Blake) Everyone's so pretty.
(Rachel) All I see is
them looking at you.
(female singer) I never
had passion until your kiss
(Rachel) D.C.!

Time slows in your caress...
-Hey. -You look well.
-Thank you. -This is who
I've been raving about.
(D.C.) Blake, I saw your video,
and I love your voice.
(Rachel) Excuse me, I gotta grab
Ludo, he never answers my emails.
See you in a bit.
Neither do I.
Dan Charles Conway.
But everybody calls me D.C.
(Blake) I know who you are,
I listen to all your songs.
(D.C.) Really? A young fan?
I'm--I'm surprised,
my critics say you don't exist.
Tonight, Blake, you and I,
we proved them wrong, didn't we?
-Yup. -Yeah.
Tell me, Blake,
what are we going to do with you next?

(Rachel) Photo, photo,
we need to get a photo.
We just need to get
somebody to take the photo.
Would you take a photo for us?
(woman) Of course.
Ready--three, two, one.
(Blake) I like control
Maybe I like you better
Don't be so cold
I'll make you take
off that sweater
You know you want
to shed that skin
Slither underneath my cover
Come on and pull me in
I'll let you tell me you're
forever, whenever
Look in my eyes,
not tryna pretend
I won't say this again
I'm not gonna beg,
I'm not gonna bend
I'm not asking for a friend
I only wanna be
your damn girl
Only wanna make you crazy
Let me crawl into your world
Whatever's on your
mind, just say it
I'm not waiting for my turn
I only wanna be,
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
your damn girl

I only wanna be
your damn girl
Only wanna make you crazy
Let me crawl into your world
Whatever's on your
mind just say it
I'm not waiting for my turn
I only wanna be,
I only wanna be
I only wanna be
your damn girl

(Mason) As we agreed,
it's all there.
My girlfriend's going to love
it, thank you.
(woman) You're welcome.
(ambient music)
(exhaling deeply)

(Blake) Such an angel
But your wings
are made of wax
So invincible
-But you think...
-(notification tones)
(D.C.) Did you need to get that?
No, it can wait.
-Start from the top, all right?
-All right, so, um--
You're such an angel
(tense music)


So invincible
(notification tones)


You good?
Um, yeah, sorry, I thought, um--
Where were we? Sorry.
You know what?
I think we have enough.
-I wanna lay a track down.
-I think you got it. -Okay.
I think we could work with this
-Okay, okay. -Let's lay it down.
-I love it, all right?
-Okay, cool, okay.
(ominous music)

(Jax) We've missed you, Malia.
You're my in my world now, girl.
(muffled screaming)
(train whistle blares)
(ominous music)

(Blake) Thank you.

(phone ringing)

(phone vibrating)
(indistinct chatter)
(thumping dance music)

(Christa) Looks like
you changed your mind.
(Blake) Last minute
change of plans.
Oh, hang on,
I'm gonna catch up with you inside.


(Mason) Blake!
(Blake) Mason,
what are you doing here?
(Mason) I was gonna
ask you the same thing.
(Blake) Are you following me?
(Mason) Following you?
No, I'm worried about you.
Are you using a fake ID now?
These aren't your real friends.
(Blake) You're just jealous
because now I actually
have friends beside you.
(Mason) Jealous, of them?
(Blake) I'm sorry,
I forgot you deliberately like
being weird for attention.
(Mason) What's happened to you?
I posted that video to show
everyone how amazing you are.
Not how you could be.
Now, don't go in there.
You're doing it just
to be like them.
You don't know what's good for
me, okay?
Yeah, clearly I don't.

Gotta back off.

You're such an angel
Your wings are made of wax
So invincible
When you dance
around the truth
So howl all you want
But I'll roar back louder
I'm the queen of the jungle
You're just a paper
tiger, oh

Paper tiger, oh

Paper tiger, oh
(D.C.) Do me a favor,
give us the room, will ya?
(Blake) What, did I blow it?
(D.C.) You blew it all right.
You blew us away.
Oh my God, thank you.
(D.C.) I've got some
huge news for you.
I got you to record an EP
with one of the hottest
producers in town,
and it's gonna be on my label.
Think you can handle that?
I mean, sure.
(D.C.) Well, the only question
now is how do you want your money?
-Really? -Yeah.
Rachel will sort all that out.
We do need to work on your
social media presence.
-Oh, yeah. -Yeah.
Gotta get you more followers.
I have, like, 2,000.
(D.C.) Oh, "I
have, like, 2,000."
Can you work on
her social media?
-I'll get right on that.
-Thank you.
She'll take care of everything,
she's a wizard at this.
-Login? -Yeah, give her
your login info,
she'll set up all the social media posts.
Now all you have to do is pack
your bathing suit
and your passport.
What? Where are we going?
(Rachel) D.C.
has a recording studio
at his luxury island getaway.
I can't--I can't believe
this is happening.
(D.C.) So we leave in a day
and a half for three nights,
so get your stuff
together, okay?
You got this.
Let's get started.
(soft music)
(Blake) Um, Rachel,
did you give my number
to someone named Malia?
(Rachel) Yeah, she was one of
D.C.'s earlier discoveries, why?
(Blake) Oh, no reason-- she's
not answering her phone.
(Rachel) Huh.
I think we should use that.
-Isn't that awesome?
-I like that.
-Yeah, you look great.
-I like that a lot.
(dogs barking)

(ominous music)

Where did she--

Mom, I've got the
most amazing news.
Have you used this?
Anyone can see this is fake.
I know.
-I'm getting rid of it. -Why?
I don't use it to
drink, just to get in.
To get in?
To where, exactly, a bar?
(Blake) Just...in.
For once,
girls wanna hang out with me.
It's not a big deal,
Christa's mom doesn't even care.
(Michelle) Since when does Christa
and her mom's opinion even matter?
I don't like what's
happening here.
-What? -You're coming home
later and later,
your attitude has changed
ever since you started singing.
I don't think you're
ready for this.
Ready? Yes, I'm ready.
Rachel says I'm
ready, so does D.C..
(Michelle) They don't know
what's best for you, I do.
I think you need to take
a break from singing.
And do what instead,
be like you?
Out every night,
organizing everyone else's fun?
And what about college?
Are you just going
to throw that away?
Mom, I wanna be somebody.
Be somebody?
Blake, you are my daughter.
Beautiful, brilliant student
with her whole life ahead of her
and I don't like
what you're becoming.
(Blake) Why are you
always on my case, Mom?
(Michelle) On your case?
All right, that's it, you are grounded,
and it's not to punish
you, it's to protect you.
I am taking this and your
ID and your passport away.
-You can't do that. -Watch me.
(Blake) God.
(school bell ringing)
-What do you want, Mason?
(Mason) I'm sorry
about the other night.
-You're not sorry.
-Look, Blake, I care about you,
I just don't want you doing
-anything stupid. -So that's why
you told my mom
about my fake ID?
-What? No! -Someone told her
-about my fake ID.
-That wasn't me.
I swear.
(Blake) Just don't talk to
me, okay?
Don't message me ever again
and don't go calling my
mom, either.
(dialing phone)
(phone ringing)
-Hello? -Hi, Rachel?
-Yes? -Yeah, it's Blake.
-What's up? -My mom grounded me.
(Rachel) You're leaving
for Bora Besa tomorrow.
I can't even if I wanted
to, I don't--
She took my passport away.
(Rachel) Oh my God.
All right, I'll call D.C.
(tense music)

(phone vibrating)
(male speaker) There's a
problem with Blake Stevens.
Now what?

(door opening)
(Michelle) I've been working
far too much recently.
You're right,
I spend too much time organizing
other people's fun and that's
all gonna change after tonight.
Why don't we do takeout and
a chick flick this weekend?
Girls' night in,
what do you say?
Nope, got homework.

(door shuts, engine starts)

(phone vibrates)


(glass shattering)

(music playing faintly)

(tense music)


(indistinct police
radio chatter)
(officer) Okay,
now start at the top.
Where were you when
this all happened?
-Blake! -I was--
(Michelle) I came
as soon as I could.
(officer) You're Ms. Stevens?
You have a very brave daughter.
(Blake) I was so scared, Mom.
(Michelle) What happened?
(officer) Someone broke
in, smashed a window.
Your daughter didn't hear.
(Blake) I was wearing ear buds.
When I came
downstairs I saw him.
-Him? -Yeah.
I hid in the closet
and he opened the door,
he was wearing a mask.
(Michelle) Oh my God.
(officer) Look, we've had a
bunch of robberies in the area
over the past few months,
same M.O.--break a window,
usually looking for
cash and jewelry.
They're in and out
in five minutes.
Looks like this time
they didn't find what
they were looking
for, so they left.
-Do you think they'll come back?
-Probably not,
but just to be safe,
I'd arrange for your
daughter to stay with friends
next time you're working late.

(Michelle) Oh my God,
honey, I'm so sorry.

(phone vibrating)
(D.C.) Hey,
I'm outside down the street.
(D.C.) You packed and ready?
(D.C.) Bring your bag, let's go.

-Hey! -Hey there.
(Blake) Um, about my passport.
(D.C.) Don't worry about
it, get in.

-Ready to roll? -Yeah.
(D.C.) Let's do it.
(ominous music)

(engine starting)

(car engine accelerating)

Two years ago, there were around
261,000 cases of
missing females.
Many of these disappearances
were never investigated
by the police.
It turns out,
if you're over the age of 18,
you have the right to disappear.
(phone ringing)
-Is this Mrs. Stevens?
-Yes, speaking.
(male speaker) Uh,
Blake hasn't shown up at school today.
What do you mean
she's not at school?
-She's not here.
-She left over an hour ago.
(male speaker) Any
idea where she is?
I don't know, um...
We had a break-in last night,
she was a little shaken up.
Maybe she's...I don't know.
Look, I'm, I-- I'll find
her, thank you.
(suspenseful music)

(car engine starting)

(school bell ringing)
(indistinct chatter)
-Bye. -Bye, see ya.
Hi, excuse me, are you Christa?
-Hi. -I'm Blake's mom,
I recognize you
from social media.
(Christa) Oh, yeah, hi,
it's nice to meet you.
(Michelle) I know that you've been
spending time with my daughter,
I'm wondering if you've
seen her at all today?
Even if she's mad at me,
I just need to know she's okay.
(Christa) No,
she wasn't in class all day.
I figured she was at home
recovering or something.
I heard about the break-in.
(Michelle) So she's been
in contact with you?
(Christa) She messaged me
saying she was pretty shaken up.
(Michelle) Yeah, she was.
You don't know where she is?
(Christa) No,
I figured she'd be with Mason,
seeing as he wasn't in
school today either.
Which is odd,
because he never misses.
(Michelle) He hasn't
been in school either?
(Christa) No.
I'm sorry I can't help you.
Thank you!
(ominous music)

Mason? Blake?


(dialing phone)

(car engine running)


Blake, are you in there?



-(she gasps) -Mrs. Stevens?
-What are you doing here?
I'm looking for Blake.
So you broke into my garage?
I heard the car
running, I saw smoke.
I've been fixing it up.
I just closed the door
when I went across the road
to get some tools,
I needed the engine hot.
Did you drive this car
by the house earlier?
Answer me, Mason.
I need to know what's going on.
Yeah, I came by to
give her some flowers
and show her my new car.
She doesn't care.
When I came by the house,
she was getting in
some flashy sports car.
Do you know who it belonged to?
I could guess.

(dialing phone)
-Hello? -Hi, is this
D.C. Conway's manager?
Yeah, speaking.
(Michelle) I'm
looking for Mr. Conway
and this is the only
number I have for him.
Uh, well what do you need,
maybe I can help you.
(Michelle) I believe that my
daughter, Blake Stevens, is with him.
-Blake Stevens, yes.
-Do you know about this?
Yeah, she's recording a
demo, I believe.
Why don't you call this
number, 310-555-3271.
That puts you in touch.
-Thank you. -You got it.
(Rachel) Hi, this is Rachel
Reeves, please leave a message.

(engine starts)

(engine starts)

Excuse me.
How did you get in here?
Has Blake been in
here with you today?
Did you make an appointment?
My daughter has
not been in school.
You promised me
this would not interfere
with her education.
Blake's not here.
I haven't seen her today at all.
She's been neglecting
her schoolwork,
-her college prep,
and now-- -You know,
other mothers would be thrilled
about what she's doing.
Why are you holding
her back like this?
I'm not trying to hold her back,
I just--I don't want her
rushing into this career
before she's even
finished school.
Wow, huh.
You're not even remotely
grateful, are you?
I've worked my butt off
to get her this far.
I'm not trying to be ungrateful.
This is all just
happening way too fast.
You know what I think?
I think she needs
a break from you.
How dare you!
Quite frankly, I can see why.
Look, Michelle, I have dozens
of moms chasing me right now
to work with their
daughters, I don't need this.
So you can tell Blake I'm out.
(tense music)

(Michelle) She made me
feel like I'm some sort of
crazy, overprotective mom or
something, I don't know.
Sal, am I messing
things up for her?
(Sal) No,
you're acting like a concerned mom
who is scared stiff
for her daughter.
Because I am.
(Sal) You keep doing
what you gotta do.
She needs you.
Thank you for the pep talk,
I really appreciate it.
-I needed it.
-Of course, I got you.
Thanks, bye.
(Bill) Didn't mean to scare you.
-Oh my God.
-My name's Bill Wyatt.
An investigative journalist.
Wait, I've seen you on TV.
-The missing girls.
-That's right.
Does a pop singer named D.C.
mean anything to you?
My daughter was introduced
to him at a party.
Rachel Reeves?
I just need five minutes.

Her name's Malia, my
niece, she got recruited
by this Rachel Reeves,
and started hanging out
at the studio with D.C.
He has a way with young women.
The charm, the
lifestyle, the money,
it completely changed her.
She stopped listening to
her friends and family,
became obsessed with him.
When was this?
Two years ago.
I sent messages,
but nothing gets through,
but I heard she was back in L.A.
So D.C.
won't let you talk to her?
(Bill) No, said Malia told
him her mother abused her
and wanted nothing
to do with us.
Wouldn't even pass
on the address
of where she was staying,
busy making music.
Haven't heard a record she's
made, that's for sure.
So she fell for this D.C.?
To me it was a simple case of
him taking advantage of her.
He's an older guy, flattered
her, bought her things
said, "Stick with me
and you'll be somebody,"
but they're being softened
up for other things,
and I think it's for
sexual exploitation.
No, Blake would never,
ever get involved with
anything like that.
Once they get under
his influence,
once he starts throwing money at
'em, things change.
Here, look at this.
When I saw Blake that day,
-I decided to follow her home.
-Did you talk to her?
No, I figured if Blake is
as starstruck over this D.C.
as Malia was,
then she won't rat on him.
But I'm hoping you
would, being her mom.
I found this on a
fan page for D.C.
I think this is
where he takes 'em.
(Michelle) Where is this?
(Bill) Golden View Cove Resort.
It's an island off of Baja,
Mexico called Bora Besa.
Three hour flight from L.A.
She left with him this morning.
Then she could already be there.
(suspenseful music)

(D.C.) Welcome to
Golden View Cove Resort.
Hey, hey, don't worry,
everything's gonna be okay.
All right?
-Here, Jax is gonna take this.
(D.C.) It's fine,
the only screen you need out here
is sunscreen, all right?
Hey, look, it doesn't even work out
here, there's no service,
and I only want you to
worry about one thing,
it's music, all right?
-Okay, let's have some fun.
Check it out,
look how beautiful this place is.
Right over here.
(mellow music)

-It's so beautiful here.
-I know.

-So crazy.
-Sure, maybe next time.

(D.C.) Blake.
(girl) There she is.
(D.C.) Come on, right
here, got a seat for you.
It was getting cold.

(Blake) I didn't realize
there'd be so many people here.
(D.C.) That's the allure
of Golden View Cove Resort,
they come for the weekend,
and I can't get rid of 'em.
(Blake) How long have
they all been here for?
(D.C.) Why,
because you want me all to yourself?
(Blake) Are they all singers?
(D.C.) Well,
everybody's here, right?
Ladies, please welcome
Blake to our island.
-Hi. -Welcome.
-Welcome. -Welcome, Blake.
(in unison) Cheers.
(ominous music)


(sea gulls cawing)
(soft piano music)

This place is incredible.
-This is my party room. -Party?
that's what I like to call it--
living room, sitting room,
drawing room, whatever.
-What would you like to call it?
-Family room?
Ooh, I like that, family room,
yeah, we're all family here.
I had no idea you had this
many number one songs.
(D.C.) You will too one day.
-Really? -Trust me.
But first, the boring part.
It just says you're
exclusive to me.
It's not all play,
you have to do some work too.
Hey, go ahead, right here.
Just sign right there.
(suspenseful music)

(Blake) That's it?
That's it.
(distant hollering)
Go ahead, enjoy yourself.

(Michelle) Thank you.

Sal, it's Michelle.
-Where are you? -Bora Besa.
(Sal) Bora Besa,
what are you doing there?
(Michelle) It's a long story--
look, can you just handle
my bookings and cancel
my appointments, please?
Sure, but you have to
tell me what's going on.
D.C. Conway talked
Blake into coming here.
Did you call the local police?
It's the first call I made.
(Sal) And? What did they say?
They won't do anything.
She's an adult,
they can't get involved.
The usual stuff--
I feel so helpless.
I'm sorry,
I'm just trying to hold it together.
(Sal) Listen, you've got this,
and I am here if you need
me, okay?
Thank you, Sal.

(Rachel) Blake's mom is livid.
She's threatening everything
to get her daughter back.
I mean,
if you need to record the EP,
why not bring her
back here and do it?
-Nah, I wouldn't do that.
-You have to take this seriously
Have you read these?
She's already in Bora Besa,
posting from the
Bora Besa Hotel.
Ugh, I know she's trouble,
and I don't need any
more trouble in my life.
(suspenseful music)

(Jax) Blake's mom
is on the island.

(D.C.) Take care of it.

(male voice) Front
desk, can I help you?
Yes, I would like to order
a car service for the day.
Please make sure it's someone
who knows the
island really well.
-You got it. -Thank you.

Ms. Stevens?
(Michelle) Are you
the car I ordered?
That I am.
(Michelle) Got here a lot
quicker than I thought.
We aim to please.
Where can I take you?

(Michelle) You know this place?
(Jax) Oh, that could be one of
a hundred mansions around here.
Does the name D.C.
Conway mean anything to you?
D.C. Conway...hmm.
Yeah, I think I've
heard of that guy, yeah.
It's his place, he calls it
the Golden View Cove
Resort, I believe.
(Jax) Well let's hop in,
see if we can find him.

-So you know this D.C. guy? -No.
(Jax) He's got heavy security,
I might not be able to get you
through the front gate, but,
you up for a little exercise?
(Michelle) What do you mean?
(Jax) Well, I might be able to
get you through the back way,
he's got a private
beach entrance,
but it's like a quarter
mile hike to the house.
(Michelle) Sure, I can do that.

Over here?
(Jax) Yep, just around the bend.

Isn't that beautiful?
Right there, can't miss
it, right to the right.
That's the house right
there, you see it?

-(grunt) -(scream)

(ominous music)

(waves crashing)


(Rhett) Hey!
Hey, you're trespassing!
This is private property!
Hey, wait a minute.
Hey, hey, hey, stop!
You okay?
Where did you come from?
(soft music)
How's that?
(Michelle) It's a little sore.
(Rhett) Yeah, it's a little
swollen, maybe a minor sprain.
Should have a
doctor check it out.
No, it's okay, I'm fine, really.
How did you get here?
I was up on the
cliff and I slipped.
No, I wasn't trying
to kill myself.
You sure?
You know what I really need is
to get to the Bora Besa Inn.
Can I borrow your
phone, call a cab?
(Rhett) I'd be
happy to drive you.
Heading that way myself.

I insist.


(suspenseful music)

(Rhett) Oh,
I'm just dropping off.
Oh hey, here's my card,
call me if you need to talk.
Thanks, but my phone's at
the bottom of the ocean.
There's always the hotel phone.
Good Samaritans are
very sympathetic.
Thanks for the lift.
(dance music)

(girl) You're in Malia's chair.
(Blake) Oh, I'm sorry.
(girl) But considering
that she's gone now,
I guess it's officially yours.
(Blake) What happened to Malia?
(girl) You gonna open your gift?

(haunting music)

(phone ringing)
-Hello. -Mrs. Stevens,
there's a gentleman
downstairs asking for you.
(Rhett) Found it on the beach.
(Michelle) Thanks,
not gonna do me much good now though.
(Rhett) Where ya headed?
(Michelle) Going for a hike.
-On a bum ankle?
-Doesn't hurt anymore.
(Rhett) You know,
I know the island pretty well,
been here most of my life,
I could recommend
some hiking trails.
Have you heard of the
Golden View Cove Resort?
-Yeah. -Where is it?
(Rhett) It's private,
no one gets in there.
We'll see about that.
(Rhett) You're gonna get
yourself in a whole lot
of trouble for nothing.
For nothing?
I'm trying to save my daughter.
Let me help.
(ominous music)

(male singer) Like a bass
(backup singers) Bring it on
(upbeat dance music)

Bring it on
(female singer) I'm ready for
something, something new
I'm ready to show the
world what I can do
It's gonna be rocking,
that's all I can say
(Blake) D.C.?
(D.C.) Blake, you're wearing it.
Let's see the rest.

-You like it? -I love it.
(D.C.) Good,
yeah the other one was a bit plain.
More gifts to come, you know.
Yeah, anything you want.
Can I get the internet?
The internet, why,
am I boring you?
No, no, of course not.
Good, that's a relief.
Look, the internet, I think it
distracts creatively
from writing music.
So, when are we gonna
start writing music?
Hey, sit down, relax.
Come on, and just take a seat.

So just, just chill.
Here, lay down.
Yeah, chill.
Turn over, it's all right, yeah.

-D.C.? -Yes?
I'm supposed to be
flying home tomorrow.
(D.C.) You're supposed to
be flying home tomorrow?

So, when am I gonna
start making music?
(D.C.) Well, that depends.
Depends on what?
Depends on when a
studio's available.
When will that be?
We have a mixing board that's
just not working right now,
so it's not usable
at the moment.
So what does that mean?
Well that means, if you leave
Sunday, you won't have time
to record the record,
which also means you have to
come back here,
which can be hard to accommodate.
Or, you stay a bit longer.
(dark music)
How much longer?
As long as you'd like.
How long do you think I need?
Well, Blake, that all depends...

...on how well you do.
-Okay? -Okay.
-All right, are you happy? -Yep.
(D.C.) Good, you're happy,
I'm happy, everybody's happy.
That's the way I like it.
Enjoy, look at that view!
(suspenseful music)

(Rhett) So these are the
social media updates?
(Michelle) I know
they're not her.
This message here,
"Please don't post on my page."
It's not like her.
This D.C. guy,
he's got control over her, I know it.
-Wouldn't surprise me.
-You sound like you know him.
(Rhett) Yeah, I know him--
we're fighting over that
beach you washed up on.
-Really? -Yeah, my grandfather
willed it to me,
but one of D.C.'s lawyers tricked him
into signing a piece of
paper before he died,
deeding the property to D.C.
He wants to build
some kind of resort,
ruin the natural
beauty of the place.
(Michelle) I'm
sorry to hear that.
(Rhett) It's been tied up
in court for two years.
He's got the money to keep
fighting, unlike me.
I don't know where he
gets his money from,
I mean, he hasn't had
a hit record for years.
(Michelle) The guy is awful,
he needs to be arrested.
-Cops won't get involved?
-Not unless I can prove
that she's being held
against her will.
I mean the place
is like Fort Knox,
top security,
you'll never get in.
I know a guy who
caters his parties.
Maybe I can get you on
one of his catering crews.
If I could just see Blake,
talk to her for one minute.
Leave it with me,
I'll see what I can do.
(male voice) Sir.
(Michelle) Who is that guy?
(man) Thanks.
(Rhett) No clue, it's the type
we get on Bora Besa all the time.
(Michelle) I know I've
seen him somewhere before.
(electronic dance music)

-Hey. -Got some good news.
What news?
You're on later tonight.
The studio?
Well no,
even better-- that producer
I was telling you about,
he's coming in tonight.
I'm so nervous.
Don't be nervous,
he's gonna love you.

Oh, oh, okay.
Take it easy,
I'll see you later, okay.
Get ready.
-Give me a back massage, D.C.?
-Not right now.
(dark music)

(rhythmic music)
(D.C.) All right.
Gentlemen, what's going on?
-Welcome. -Hey, D.C., long time.
(girl) A lot of big time
producers coming to this one.
And there's Jake from
Azure Bay Records.
-Yeah, I've seen him on TV.
-Yeah, he comes here a lot.
(D.C.) Hey, great to see you, man.
Good to see you.
What's going on?
Welcome to my island.
(girl) Better hope you don't
end up with him tonight.
(Blake) Why?
(girl) Let's just say last
time got a little rough.
He doesn't play by the
rules, but it's not our call.
Gotta do what D.C. says.
(D.C.) Right this way,
got the suite ready for you.
After you, sir.
(upbeat dance music)

(D.C.) Blake, this is Marty.
This is the young lady
I was telling you about.
(Marty) Oh, hi there, it's nice to
meet you, heard a lot about you.
(Blake) Nice to meet you.
(Marty) Is there a quieter
place that we can go?
(D.C.) Oh yeah,
I reserved a private spot
just for you both.
-Excellent. -Right up there.

(Marty) Here we are.

-Wow. -Nice space, huh?
-Yeah. -So D.C.'s told me
-so much about you. -Oh, has he?
(Marty) Yeah,
I'm excited to see what you've got.
So, what do you got for me?
(Blake) Um, well,
I write a lot of my own stuff,
but I've actually been working
on something with D.C.,
if you wanna hear that?
Yeah, sure, if you
want, go ahead.
Dear heart,
why do we fall in love so easy
Dear heart,
why do they make it so--
(Marty) Whoa, whoa,
whoa, your voice is sexy.
But I think you should
relax your diaphragm.
Make your voice even stronger,
right there, free and easy.
All right, go again.
-Um. -Go ahead.
Dear heart,
why do we fall in love so easy
(Marty) Good, good, keep going.
(Blake) Dear heart,
why do they make it so hard
I make you nervous?
-Ugh, no.
-You know what, turn around.
-What? -Just turn around.
That way you won't
be so self-conscious.
-Really? -Yeah, turn.
(ominous music)

Now sing.

(Blake) Dear heart,
why do we fall in love so easy
Dear heart,
why do they make it so hard
(Marty) You are so tense,
you gotta loosen up.
-What are you doing?
-I'm just trying to help you
relax your diaphragm to
make your voice stronger.
Um, you don't like my voice?
Sure, sure, I like your voice.
(Blake) I'm gonna get
us some champagne.
(Marty) Uhh.

(girl) I thought you
said that I was ready.
(D.C.) You have
to wait your turn.
(girl) You always say that,
I have done everything that you've asked.
(D.C.) No you haven't.
-I'm out of here. -Hey.
I will get you blacklisted.
(girl) Then I'll go to the
press, tell them what's really
going on here,
what happened with Malia.
You think that we don't know?
(D.C.) You threaten me
again, it's over.
You understand?
(dance music)




(dark music)

Sacha! Sacha, wake up! Sacha!
(shrill screaming)

(phone ringing)
-Hello? -I have been calling you
all night,
I've been worried sick.
Oh my God, I've called
every hotel on this island
trying to hunt you down.
I got thrown off a cliff,
I don't have a phone.
-You were what?
-I know, it sounds crazy,
but D.C.'s people
know that I'm here,
and they won't let me
anywhere near Blake.
(Sal) Okay, well there's
something that you should know,
that journalist that
you told me about,
he came by the house.
He's investigating a huge sex
trafficking racket in L.A.
and someone in
Bora Besa wants in.
He thinks it's D.C.
Whoever it is already
runs sex parties
for a $20,000 membership.
Apparently they wanna buy more
land to expand their enterprise.
Oh my God.
(Sal) Michelle,
you have to be careful.
Sal, I have to go.
Call me later.
(dark music)

Who's there?
(Rhett) It's Rhett.
Can I come in?
-Come in. -Okay.
(Rhett) So there's another
party at Golden View today,
and my caterer friend says
he could use some help.
-I'm in.
-Okay, and that guy you saw
outside the hotel yesterday,
that's Denny Adams,
he's a famous film director.
-I knew I had seen him before.
-Yeah, he's not the only one.
Whole lot of big wigs on
the island for this one.
-That makes perfect sense.
D.C. doesn't make his
money selling records,
he sells women at
these sex parties.
Get dressed,
I'll get you to the caterer's,
they'll take you to Golden
View in one of their vans.
And don't worry,
I'll be right outside the gate
in case you need me.
-Bring me a cell phone.
-Of course.
(suspenseful music)

(silverware clinking)

(dance music)

(Jax) This is Blake.
Blake, this is Denny Adams,
close friend of D.C.'s.
Denny is a film director,
he's doing a musical...
-Nice to meet you.
-...and Blake is a singer.
(Denny) I'd love to
have you sing for me.

(ominous music)

(Blake) There's
a girl somewhere
And she's scared
for tomorrow
There's a place
where she goes
In her heart, in her
mind, in her soul
She calls it home
She calls it home
(dance music)

(Michelle) I've been asked to
bring catering to Denny Adams.
Which room?
(security guard) Upstairs,
the third room on the left.

(Blake) Welcome home--
(Michelle) Room service.
(Blake) Mom?
Great shots, famous,
married movie director
with 18-year-old
high school student.
What's going on?
(Michelle) I bet your wife
would love to see these,
or the media maybe.
I was just listening
to her sing.
(Michelle) In the bedroom?
I think you've got
this all wrong.
(Blake) No, she doesn't!

(security guard)
Everything okay?
(Jax) You know what,
tell the boys not to let anybody leave,
-you understand? -Yes, sir.
-Front gate, check in. -Check.
Lock it down.

(Denny) I can make
this up to you.
(Michelle) Yes, you can,
but not with your money.
You're gonna help
us get out of here,
and if you don't, I post.
These are already in the cloud.

(Denny) Hello?
(Jax) Is everything okay?
We're just checking.
-We're fine.
-Beautiful, thank you.
Sorry to disturb you.

(Michelle) Let's go.

(Jax) Where are you going, sir?
I needed some fresh air.
Let's go, Mom!
(ominous music)
(Jax) Well, management prefers
that you...stay in the house.
(Denny) Well,
I didn't pay all this money to be told
where I can and can't go.
(Jax) I understand, I don't make the
rules, I just enforce them.
Please enjoy the
rest of your day.
(sea gulls cawing)

(Blake) Mom, come on!


Mom, let's go.


(D.C.) Blake.
This is how you
repay my kindness?
After everything
I've done for you.
You embarrass me in
front of my friends.
That's not acceptable.
You have to learn how
to play by the rules.
(Blake) I never agreed to those
rules, neither did Malia or Sacha.
Who killed her,
one of your friends?
(D.C.) I am so
disappointed in you,
asking all of these
insensitive questions.
Get in the house,
and do your job!

Who are you?
I'm her mother,
you piece of garbage.
Blake, are you okay, sweetie?
All right, give me the
keys, we gotta go.
(Jax) Drop the gun!

Drop the gun, Blake, right now.
I think I'm a much better shot than
you, little girl.
Put the gun down.
Drop it, or I'll kill your
mama right where she stands.
Put it down.
Put it down!

I want you to turn
around, get in the tunnel.
Move, move, move!
To the tunnel now, move, now!
Go, go, move, now, go!
Go, go, move, now, go,
go, to the tunnel, now!
Go, now, go, go, go!
(grunting and panting)
Give me the keys.
(Blake) Do you know this guy?
(Michelle) Yes, let's
go, get in the car.
(Rhett) Get in.

(tender music)

(news reporter) And now it's
time for the morning news at 10,
here's Bill Wyatt.
(Bill) After being injured in a
fight, recording artist D.C. Conway
was arrested today on charges
including murder for hire,
sexual grooming,
and sexual harassment
of staff on his private island.
The pop singer also lost
his court case against
local businessman Rhett
Connell in a dispute over
beachfront property
worth $15 million.
Folks, this is more than
just a story for me.
Police are still searching for my
niece, believed murdered
in L.A. before she could
tell us exactly what went on
behind the gates of
this exclusive resort.
(somber music)

(Mason) It's nothing big.
(Blake) Mason,
you didn't have to get me anything.
Just showing up was enough.
It's beautiful, thank you.

(Mason) We should catch a
movie together sometime.
(Blake) I'd really like that.
I got you something too.

(Mason) Wow, Blake and Mason.
For that wreck of a car.
(Blake) I wouldn't go out
with you in anything else.
(Sal) Coming through,
coming through.
(Michelle) Here we go.
(Rhett) I can
vouch for the cake.
(Michelle) He had his
finger in the frosting
and thinks I didn't see.
(Sal) We both saw.
It looks great, mom.
I couldn't be more proud of you.
And your father would be too.
Happy graduation.
(uplifting music)
(Sal) Um, what are we waiting
for, let us cut this cake.
-Let's dig in.
-I'm eating for two.
-Who's up? -Me, twice!
(Blake) I get the first
slice, I get the first slice.