Familia (2023) Movie Script

I'm cold.
You should bring your clothes over.
I made some space for you in the closet.
Let me!
- I was gonna do this.
- No!
No, don't do that, Benny.
You told me I could set the table
with Teresa. You said so.
Yeah, but I didn't want to wake you.
You had to want to wake me.
I can't set it if I'm asleep.
Come on.
Okay. One, two, three.
Higher, Benny.
- Hi!
- How's my little monkey?
Mommy, they're here!
- Hi.
- Hey there.
Hi, Erica.
Let's go!
I'm taking my car.
Why? We can come back whenever you want.
I want to stay there for a few days.
I'm sick of Tijuana.
Whatever. Where's my brother-in-law?
He's not coming.
I'm riding with Julia,
she's taking her car.
Hand me my purse, will you?
Toms found a condom in my purse.
Why are you carrying condoms around
in your purse?
Because I'm a grown-ass bitch
in charge of my own protection.
Of course.
You think that finding a condom
in your wife's purse
would be a conversation starter?
No, he grabbed his backpack and left.
- Just like that.
- Why was he going through your purse?
I asked him to hand me my phone.
Why did you ask him to do that, Julia?
Because the subconscious is the strongest
force in the universe, Rebeca.
Didn't you know?
Is that what you're wearing?
If you're going to hassle me,
I'll climb back into my cozy bed.
You're going to be cold.
It's not the first time he catches me.
Oh, Julia.
What? Should I wear a slut sign
on my forehead to go out?
I've only cheated on him
a couple of times.
He found out one time, and let it slide,
but with this one, he's had enough.
With Nati Botella's husband.
Come on, Julia. Why?
And it isn't really cheating, like
They're trysts that make me feel
that I'm still made of flesh and bone,
and that there's still someone
who can spark my interest
and make me forget that I've been
with the same guy since I was 16.
You've never had an affair?
Don't do it. The gringo is awesome.
- Did Amandita find out?
- No!
I'm a shitty wife but a good mother.
She thinks her daddy is on a work trip.
The dude is adamant
that he's never cheated on me.
He probably doesnt need to.
Get divorced, Julia.
Come on.
Let's go, okay?
Do you know why
we're getting together one week early?
I hate it.
I don't know, but I love these gatherings,
and you do too.
Some things you have to adore
whether you like them or not, period.
That's how it is.
You're driving.
Damn it.
Did you tell your family that I'm coming?
No. It's not like it's a wedding.
We can bring whoever we want.
Or whoever agrees to come.
And how will you introduce me?
As your friend who is visiting
from Mexico City?
- The city girl?
- Well, I hadn't thought about it.
Can't you admit that you're crazy for me?
Yeah, right.
Well, it's always interesting
to barge in on a whole family this way.
I might even discover the real you.
You'll fit right in,
we're not complicated.
Did your mom work?
Yes. She was a writer.
She had just won an award
for her first novel.
An important award.
Here we say "sick."
That's sick, yeah.
- That's sick.
- That's sick.
How did the accident happen?
- Do you mind me asking?
- No.
It was the stupidest thing.
A boy on a skateboard crashed into her.
It wasn't very hard, but she fell
and hit her head on the sidewalk.
- No way.
- Never woke up again.
It's been almost six years.
It's incredible
how someone can vanish like that
as if they never existed.
Good morning.
- Good morning. How are you?
- Good morning, boss. Fine.
All we need is some wine and cheese.
Good morning, Benny.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Come in, Mr. Leo.
- Am I interrupting?
- No, not at all.
I had never seen Teresa here.
She's been coming over.
All right, then.
I spoke with the lawyer.
He said they're fine with the two years.
Thanks, Mr. Leo. I owe you.
I owe you a shitload.
No, it's they who come out winning
by keeping you on.
So, you and Teresa
How about it? I was surprised too.
I'm running around looking,
and she's here right under my nose.
That's how it goes when it happens.
How are the twins?
Shit, they want everything,
and they want it now.
And dont you dare ask
for anything in return
'cause they're saving the planet,
but ask them to take out the trash,
and it's
And Alan,
Alan jacks off all the time.
I almost caught him in the bathroom.
He spends hours there.
Males are nothing
but fucking cavemen pigs.
Erica probably masturbates
all the time too.
- Don't be naive.
- I'm not.
I heard her talking about contraceptives
with her friends.
When I asked her about it,
you know what she said?
She said to me, "Mind your own business!"
And the way she looks at me,
like I'm a thing
that just popped out of a pig's ass.
It hurts, you know.
We were the same at that age,
Mom would get so frustrated.
- No way.
- Yes way!
We were very lucky to have that mother.
- And that dad too.
- Yes, Beca, but they were no saints.
Mom even had an affair
with that painter, Charlie Vargas.
- Well
- That really screwed Dad up.
Why do you have bring that up?
It's totally irrelevant.
Because I'm a bitch.
"Bitch." I hate it when women
call themselves that. I hate it.
What about Clara?
What do you think of her? Really?
- What?
- Speaking of bitches?
- No, stupid.
- No.
I like her.
- I mean
- What is it that she researches?
The biodiversity of marine species.
I hope it lasts.
You know how Dad
is very romantic at first, and then
Oh no.
Love lasts as long as an erection.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What a belly!
So beautiful!
This is Mnica. This is Teresa,
the real boss of the house.
- Pleased to meet you.
- You too.
- I wish.
- I need to pee.
This is Eva. She's working with us now.
Don't forget the oil this time!
- Nice to meet you.
- No, I promise.
- Have you been here a long time?
- Yes, a very long time.
I was Mariana's nanny, and then Benny's.
Now I'm in charge of the kitchen
for get-togethers.
- Hello.
- What's up, Eva, Teresa?
Hi, how are you? Mnica.
Clara. How are you?
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Look who's here,
the moody man of the house.
- I missed you.
- You did? But you saw me last night.
- Hi.
- Hi. Mnica.
Mariana invited me. Nice to meet you.
Leo. Welcome to the corral.
- Friend or girlfriend?
- Thanks.
- What's your opinion?
- What do you think?
- Girlfriend, for sure.
- Why?
- Are you a magician?
- I am not.
I remember everything.
Do you want some wine?
- Yes, thanks.
- I'll get the glasses.
Sorry, I didn't understand why you think
I am Mariana's girlfriend.
- Tell her.
- What?
- Tell her!
- What do you want me to tell her?
In your own words, Benny.
You look the same as the other girls
who have been Mariana's girlfriends.
- Okay.
- Hello.
Hi, Dad.
Dad, what's the matter?
You are crying.
Are you sure?
Men are allowed to cry.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Right?
- Of course.
What can I get for you, Marianita?
For Teresa.
How are you?
- I was told
- What's up with Dad?
I don't know.
He's been very sensitive lately.
Dad, are you having cramps or what?
- I think so.
- Do you prefer pads or tampons?
You get on, huh?
I think he uses a cup.
- What is a cup?
- "What is a cup?" See?
Your dad is a troglodyte.
What is that?
- A man from a different era, honey.
- Like me?
You? You're from this era.
- Did you feel that?
- Oh, yes.
It'll be a boy.
No, it'll be a girl. I am never wrong.
- Will you tell us who the dad is now?
- Oh Dad, how annoying. Who cares?
You mean fathers don't matter?
Yes, but not too much.
- No, don't shut me up.
- I'm not.
I'm just stopping you
before you say some bullshit
about how little you value fathers.
You have the same face you had
when you came out of your mom's pussy.
Really, Dad?
- The pussy.
- Come on.
A toast to pussies.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
What's going on with you?
Last night,
you were talking in your sleep.
- Nonstop.
- What did I say?
Wait, what did he say?
- Don't talk about me, okay?
- No.
- Don't talk about me.
- Who is he?
- My brother.
- No.
I promise.
Well, let's say that Dad and I
will go camping tonight.
Just the two of us.
- Do you guys still do that?
- Yes. Benny loves it.
Liar. You like it more than I do.
I do believe that.
We saw the worst accident ever.
- Where?
- Driving by the mission.
How did it happen?
- This is Eva.
- It was like
There was a woman lying there.
They pressed her chest with both hands.
- There was blood.
- Hi.
Her car rolled over,
and she flew out of the
- Out of the windscreen.
- Windshield.
That woman had passed us before.
I remembered
because I saw her dog through the window.
The dog was still there,
inside the rolled over car,
as if nothing had happened.
The woman's head was covered with a sheet.
Why do they do that?
They do that with dead people.
How is everyone?
- Fine!
- That's great, Teresita.
- Right?
- But why was the dog okay?
- Force equals mass times acceleration.
- Hello, my little angel.
It was a small dog,
so it didn't crash hard against anything.
And I bet the lady
wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
Hey, stop eating.
- We'll eat soon.
- Now I can't even eat.
- Where's your mom?
- Good.
- She's coming with Rebeca.
- How is life, gorgeous?
Grandpa, you always ask me the same thing
with the same words.
What's wrong with that?
Then I always answer the same thing,
and nothing means anything.
It's like, "Have a nice day."
I get it.
But if something goes wrong,
will you tell me even if I don't ask?
- Yes?
- Did you make the fried octopus I like?
I'm on it if you let me cook.
How are you, Mr. Benny?
How is the olive business?
My dad is the olive superhero.
Benny says that I look
like Mariana's other girlfriends.
I was shocked.
- Hey! Just a bit.
- Watch out
- How is work going, Dan?
- Well. Very well.
Erica, what a pretty dress.
Oh, your dad.
I love how he looks at you
and the things he tells you.
He really knows how to have that effect.
He's a charming, hypocritical wolf.
Are you his favorite?
Rabbit, how are your love affairs going?
The other day, I kissed a girl at a party.
But I didn't feel anything special.
Maybe she wasn't the one, right?
No, it's me.
How did you two meet?
Go on, tell her.
Well, my mom sells a lot of the jewelry
that your aunt makes,
and they dated last year.
We didn't date, we hooked up.
You stole your mom's girlfriend?
- No.
- Yes.
Nobody can say no to your aunt.
Mariana, you have no boundaries.
What did she say?
She didn't even notice.
- She has a long waiting list, and
- Her mom is very modern.
- No, modern
- Look who is coming.
My mom.
- Hi!
- Hello, tribe.
- What's up?
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?
- Hi.
Hi. How are you, Teresa?
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Come and give Dad a big hug.
- Did you see the accident?
- No, what accident?
- A woman got killed.
Fuck, stop it.
We've already talked about it.
I wasn't the one who started.
What got into you?
Did you check your blood pressure?
My blood pressure is fine.
Can't I be in a bad mood occasionally?
I wish it were only occasionally.
- Look who's talking, Miss Moody.
- Nice to meet you, Rebeca.
- Grandpa.
- Yes?
I'm learning tap dancing.
Wanna see? I brought my shoes.
- Yes, put them on.
- Okay.
Please take two each morning.
Saltines. Binge on them.
They're great for water retention too.
What's up, Dad?
How are you?
Benny, come here.
- Vitamin B12.
- Stop it!
- Tell me everything
- Which is your favorite?
Alan, what's up?
Aren't you going to greet me?
Do I have to make an appointment?
First you yell at me,
and now you want me to greet you.
Stop it, please.
Can't you put that phone down
five minutes?
- The world won't end without you.
- It just might, you know.
- Enough.
- He loves playing stupid with me.
Why do you have to be
the rudest grandfather?
You two, Spanish. Only Spanish.
You two, Spanish.
Stop frowning, Rebeca.
You'll get more wrinkles.
- You'll see.
- Just wait until I get my hands on you.
Are you mad because I treated you
like a baby in front of your girlfriend?
It's the least you've done
in the last five minutes.
I apologize.
Listen up, Dad is apologizing!
Rebeca. Dad is apologizing!
Miracles do happen!
Cut the shit.
I do apologize, don't I, Clara?
I wish you didn't have to do it so often.
Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Stop it!
Let me cook!
You heard, everybody outside right now!
Let's go!
- I won't be able to finish the meal. Go!
- Dan.
Ready, Granddad.
Stop, wait.
Come dance in the patio.
It sounds better on the kitchen floor.
- Oh, please.
- Dan, help me.
- Yes, but
- Don't exaggerate.
- Play some music.
- Here?
- Pay attention.
- Shake it, cousin!
Let's see.
How long have you had this ranch?
My grandfather inherited it from his dad,
who was this Quixotic Spaniard.
A terrible businessman.
A closeted gay, according to Mariana.
He almost bankrupted the ranch,
so my dad took over when he was young.
I barely remember my grandparents.
I have a few scattered images.
They were stern,
they were quite stern.
Too much information is my favorite thing.
In that case,
you'll feel right at home here.
What the hell, that's how we interact.
It's true.
I wish you could inherit
the talent for a good marriage.
How's your writing coming along?
I haven't done anything in months.
I think it's time for me
to set that aside.
I'm not a writer, I'm not. Period.
Giving up on your marriage
and on writing
Hell of a week.
I'm not chastising myself
thinking I'm not talented.
I am.
But I don't have the discipline
to overcome my insecurity
and self-sabotaging, which I'm so good at.
Why do artists always think
their work is the hardest thing on earth?
Because we expose ourselves.
Everybody exposes themselves.
That's called living.
Sometimes I think I pretend to be a poet
just to impress Mom.
You just now realized this?
Is it that obvious?
I could tell when you were nine.
I'm going to have to reinvent myself.
We'll see about that.
Thanks for the support.
I can always say, "Yes,
you can free yourself from your chains."
You'll do it or you won't.
We'll see.
I could move back and help you.
I can do my translation work from here.
I know lots about olives.
You wouldn't last a month.
I'm going to water this tree.
Don't let Benny see you.
I have an idea.
You wanna hear it?
I love hearing the ideas
of a man holding his dick.
Why don't you write
about your mom's death?
How do you know I haven't?
Women's intuition.
A writer has to go where it hurts.
Remember your mother used to say that?
Hey, you stud.
- Give me back my girlfriend.
- Who? Him or me?
- You.
- Are you talking to him or to me?
The Phantom of the Opera? You?
Face the consequences.
What Phantom of the Opera?
That's him.
- What? What's up with you?
- What?
Are you gonna keep yelling at me?
I have my reasons.
Maybe because
you only get along with women, right?
You stepped on poop.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
He gets on my nerves.
Everything he says annoys me.
He's such a gringuito.
He's the only one who doesn't bow to you.
- Alpha males always clash.
- I'm not an alpha male.
- Really?
- Really.
My universe spins around women,
and around Benny.
Thanks for taking such good care of him.
You know I'm fond of him. Don't say that.
And of me?
Are you competing with Benny?
Over you, with anyone.
Wow! The lion roars.
This tableware is beautiful.
- My mom made it.
- Really?
- Who made these?
- My braids?
- Yeah
- Mom.
They're ugly.
- No, they're pret... Ouch!
- Undo them.
Are you hungry?
Your mom can't braid.
- Thank you!
- Look how delicious!
- Wow!
- Teresa!
- Their favorite.
- Oh!
What a suck-up!
I always make the same thing.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Wow, that seafood platter looks
Family! Hey!
There's an important thing
I want to tell you.
Well, two important things.
Don't start crying again, Dad.
So what if I do?
You're scared to see that I'm human?
The lion is sharp.
Alan, my only male son
made me see that I mistreat him
for no logical reason.
And he's right,
I'm constantly screwing with you.
I react violently to everything you do.
And I don't do that
with the women of the family.
Not that they don't do anything
to get on my nerves. On the contrary.
But I promise I'll stop.
I will try to understand why I do it.
Please accept my sincere apology.
You're a good young boy,
it takes balls
or ovaries,
to confront the person who attacks you.
You have my respect. To Alan.
Cheers, Grandpa.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Why are you so apologetic? Are you dying?
We are all dying.
Are we dying?
No, he's joking. We're not dying.
- Enjoy.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy.
I want
to pray.
He must have seen it on TV.
Or someone teach him?
If that's what Benny wants, we can.
Stop talking about me like I'm not here.
I saw it on TikTok.
O angel of God,
my holy guardian,
thank you for this table full of food.
Don't let anything bad happen to anyone.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Well done, filthy little rat.
- Thanks.
- Poisonous snake.
- That's it!
Here's the shrimp.
What was the other thing
you wanted to tell us?
Do you want shrimp?
We got an offer from RT Foods
for the whole hog.
What whole hog?
The land, the olive groves,
the mill, the bottling, everything.
They already bought the Colios' vineyard,
the Rovirosas' farm.
Only the Lagos Family
and Memo Betancourt refuse to sell.
He's doing well with his new products
and exporting them.
That bastard has a genius for business.
Some bastards are lucky.
RT Foods is a huge Chinese company.
- Are we up for sale?
- No.
We're not up for sale.
Then I'll tell them we're not interested,
and that's it.
- What's the offer?
- No. Listen
We agreed we don't want to sell,
especially not to a foreign company.
Since when do you dislike
foreigners so much?
I don't think we'll do it
if you disagree, Beca. Will we?
Who else knows about this?
I was waiting
until the offer was a fact.
- I already knew.
- Well, he heard me.
I was talking on the phone.
I told him a bit.
- I can keep a secret.
- Right.
- So it was a secret.
- Relax, Beca. Don't get hysterical.
I was waiting
until I could gather all the information.
- There's that tone.
- Yes.
I know that tone. You are manipulating us.
Yes, she's right. You are manipulating us.
What fucking tone?
"What fucking tone?"
What tone do you want me to use?
Are we going to be rich?
We already are.
No, we are not.
Well, not compared
to your friends in Coronado.
But compared to most people in the world
Listen, who owns everything?
Leonardo. The Lion.
What's the offer?
let me explain this clearly.
And it's not that I'm manipulating you,
but you need to know
the whole scenario, okay?
We've almost completely paid off
the loans we requested
during the pandemic.
In about five years,
we'll pay off the mortgage on the land
I used as guarantee.
We have very high operating expenses,
monthly payments for the machinery.
We'd have to pay
taxes from the sale, back utilities,
permits, lawyers, and one or two bribes,
but above all,
pay the company what I owe to it.
Why do you owe money to it?
Because of the remodeling
your mom did on the house, for example.
The big kitchen.
Helping Rebeca pay for her medical school
in the States.
The down payment on your house.
- Your poetry book.
- That wasn't so much.
A new car for Mariana, which she crashed
after the insurance,
which she didn't pay, expired.
- Another down payment for a new car.
- I'll pay back everything.
The weddings.
Well, but
Didn't you say that the business
made good profits?
Yes, but it is never enough.
Now I feel guilty.
One day, you will do worse things
for your children, believe me.
Things you won't even dare admit to.
what about the horses?
I hadn't thought about that.
We'll see. I don't know.
- How much is the offer?
- Yes, spit it out.
Around $220,000 dollars each.
Divided among five.
I'll manage Benny's share.
I have a share.
That's ridiculous.
All of this is worth much more.
- Don't you agree, Dan?
- It depends.
- Do you have other offers?
- Yes.
What the hell? Why didn't you say so?
Because I hadn't even considered them
until RT Foods agreed to my conditions.
Controlling the layoffs.
Otoniel will remain as foreman
for at least two years.
There were other offers.
Your mother wanted to sell
when Mariana finished high school.
Mom wanted to sell?
"Extra virgin olive oil."
Sounds nice, doesn't it?
Like artisanal wines
and signature cuisine.
We produce things
for people to come to the valley
and spend a luxurious weekend.
But there's no luxury for us.
It's a shitload of hard work.
That's why none of you stayed on.
And I don't blame you, okay?
I'm sick
of always being two bad harvests away
from bankruptcy.
What will you do with your life?
Well, I have a couple of ideas
for a new business.
what do you think?
You didn't know about this?
- First time hearing about it.
- I don't want to decide without you.
Leo, I know you like to talk openly,
like in an auditorium,
but I'd rather talk
about our matters privately. No offense.
Can we keep coming
even if the trees are no longer ours?
The offer includes the house.
They're going to tear it down.
They're planting vineyards
in this whole area.
Did you like the seafood, Mnica?
Yes, it's delicious, thank you.
It's one of the best oils
we've produced yet.
Light but...
spicy too.
If our votes count for anything,
I vote not to sell.
Does our vote count?
Of course it does.
We'll only sell if we all agree.
Well, we don't.
Can't we sell everything but the house?
I can ask.
We could keep it
as a vacation home for all of us.
You expect Teresa to wait here
like a statue for us to come visit?
Her ceviche truck is doing very well.
She's looking for a bigger place.
Oh, and besides
She should tell you herself.
I'd like to spend the summer here
with Amanda.
With Daddy.
Of course.
If we accept, we have 90 days
to hand over everything, so that
That wouldn't be possible.
Discuss it among yourselves.
We have until Wednesday to decide.
Oh Dad.
What? Well, it is what it is.
If we keep only the house,
we'd have to keep paying property taxes,
which just increased, water, electricity
We'd need to find someone
to look after it.
I can't afford all that.
Not even if we shared the cost.
So we can vote,
but we really have no choice.
- No.
- Yes.
We can keep everything
and I continue managing the business,
but keeping just the house is a luxury.
What luxury?
You were born in this house.
We grew up in this house.
I married Dan here,
we made the twins here.
That's gross.
Hey, how do you make twins?
We scattered Mom's ashes
on the 300-year-old olive tree.
Mom isn't there anymore.
Rain mixed Mom's ashes with the soil,
and the trees sucked them up
and they became olives.
would you come over the weekend
with your friends?
No. This place puts everyone
in a bad mood.
- That isn't true.
- You complain on the way back.
- Everything is always about Grandma.
- We don't talk about her all the time.
Why talk about her? She's a ghost...
My mom is not a ghost!
Dan, what do you think?
given the scenario,
selling the ranch wouldn't be crazy.
Don't you complain about coming here?
Sometimes it isn't easy.
you do like coming here, right?
Yes, I do. I love it.
So explain it to me, Dad.
Does this house give you a bad vibe now,
is that it?
Well, yes.
The fact is, at my age,
I'm haunted everywhere.
What do you mean?
I am 65.
Just hearing that number stuns me.
And I know that the 60s are the new 50s,
and the 70s are the new 60s.
But no matter how hard I try
to live in the present,
everything pulls me back to the past.
Every day I catch myself
lost deep in thought
about my parents.
I think about them
about their impact on my life.
About the impressive towers
they were for me.
For better and for worse.
I recall them as two giants
when they were 20 years
younger than I am now.
I understand them better than ever.
I love them more than ever.
And I forgive them more than ever.
What do you forgive them for?
For everything
parents have to be forgiven.
Their contradictions,
their impatience,
their deafness.
Their sorrows.
I have nothing to forgive you for, Dad.
I am just saying that things happen,
and we should let them happen.
I want to live in the present.
So, the answer to your question is yes.
This house is history.
I think it's great
that you want to live in the present.
Maybe you will finally
stop showing everyone those photos
of when we were little.
- It's not the same thing.
- No?
- Isn't that living in the past?
- No. It's not the same thing.
Your faces when you were little
give me uncomplicated pleasure.
A pleasure that asks nothing in return.
What pleasure do we bring you now?
I want to know that too.
Stop it. I think Clara and Mnica
have had enough, right?
I don't doubt it.
Look at him.
I see the best and the worst
of your mother and of myself in you girls.
Charming and complicated.
Sensible and dramatic.
Your life choices have been,
generally speaking, admirable,
although, at times, horrific.
In any case,
your faces are still to me,
the perfect landscape.
What a poet.
Clara, do you have children?
No. I chose not to.
Why does everybody get so tense
when a woman says
she never wanted to have children?
Aren't we really liberal here? Like
Did you get the residency
at the research center?
- That way you could live in Mexico, right?
- I'm working on it.
That's great.
Hey, I think there is more ceviche
in the kitchen.
- I'll get it.
- Will you?
Thanks, Benny.
Me too. I love you.
Thanks, Benny.
Bring some tostadas.
Dad, haven't you thought
that leaving the house
would be very hard for Benjamn?
He has all his routines here.
Yes, Ive considered it,
and it worries me.
But I think he will adapt.
Ask him. See what he says.
This will cause him another sense of loss.
Listen, the plan is
to have Eva come with us.
She's been here for several weeks.
Benny likes her,
doesn't he?
All right.
You've given us
very logical arguments to sell.
- But something's weird. I feel...
- What?
I feel you're confronting us because...
- All I'm doing
- But it seems like...
Let me speak, damn it!
Don't yell at me!
- Calm down, Dad.
- For fuck's sake!
What more do you want from me?!
Tell me!
Tell me how you want me to be
so I don't upset the ladies!
How do you want me to be?
What more do you want from me? Tell me!
Tell me!
Tell me how to tell you nicely
that our only choice
is to toss all we have into the crapper!
But if there's something we can do...
Yeah? And who is going to do it? You?
Because it won't be me.
Will you fucking grow up?
That was really ugly, Leonardo.
Really ugly.
Leave me alone.
Erica, come here.
Come on, it's all right.
Relax, Grandpa.
Otherwise, you'll have a heart attack,
and we'll have to bury you here,
and then we really won't be able
to sell the ranch.
What a screamer!
What do you do? Tell us about yourself.
What would you like to know?
Anything you want.
Whatever you want to share.
I'm a photographer.
I'm preparing my first solo show,
and I'm completely in love
with your daughter.
- That's great.
- Isn't it?
And I'd never been with a pregnant woman.
So now it's your fetish?
What's a fetish?
It's when someone falls in love
with something of a person,
a part of their body.
Dad says you have pretty hands.
That's why he's always kissing them.
Just like the four of you.
From wild animal to sweet dove.
I thought Mom was the drama queen.
What's it like, Clara?
To be with such a strange creature?
Strange creatures are my expertise,
but as far as your dad
I'm still studying him.
Leo isn't strange.
He's passionate.
Well, Dan.
- Thank you very much.
- I've learned a lot from you.
Like how to roar like a beast?
No, I mean, I didn't have a mom or dad,
so I never knew how parents
handle their children,
and how children handle parents.
For your daughters,
everything you say is very important.
Even if they're all adults.
But that has helped me with my children.
How and when to be firm with them.
You didn't have parents growing up?
My mother was a teenage addict.
And my Dad, we never knew who he was.
You're a fantastic father.
- Amazing.
- Sometimes.
- Yes.
- Hey!
And I think
that selling this house
would be sad for me.
I've felt something here
that I'd never felt before.
- Belonging.
- Belonging.
Now, I am a part of this
- This package.
- Package.
It all began with a girl I met
in a hospital elevator.
The love of my life.
My mom and I are leaving. Bye!
Don't go.
I'm leaving you alone.
Amanda, let me talk to your mom, okay?
No, we're leaving.
Will you let me tell you something?
I screwed up.
I exploded.
This is too much for me too.
If you two go,
the whole day will be worth shit.
Stay, please.
You exhaust me, Leo.
I believe you.
I exhaust myself too.
I don't want to go.
Okay, then.
Just one more thing, between you and I.
Do you girls like Clara?
- Wow.
- What?
You never ask if we like your girlfriends.
I am asking now.
We like her a lot.
The important thing
is for her to like you,
and to keep liking you.
And that takes a real woman.
- Amanda.
- Yes?
- Sit with your grandpa.
- Okay.
- What did I miss?
- Nothing.
I was asking Benny what he thought
about selling the house.
I want to be wherever Dad is.
You don't care
if we lose the house forever?
I'm staying with Dad.
- Yes, but what would happen if...
- He's already answered you.
How is school going, Benny?
Is there a pretty girl around?
Do you have a secret girlfriend?
Spill the beans, Clara!
Spill the beans!
I'm spending summer
at a really cool school with cabins.
- Where is it?
- In Tecate.
Was it your idea, Dad?
No, it was my idea.
I want to be independent.
All right.
Dad, may I go play Roblox?
Amanda, I bet you your dessert.
Not the dessert.
You're losing it one way or another.
May I?
- But not the dessert.
- Hey, you two!
We have rules at the table.
Put those down.
All right, you can check your online life.
But come back for dessert.
- Your plate, monkey.
- What am I doing?
Rabbit, give me a kiss here.
Come. Come here.
Mariana, why did you ask
if the new school was my idea?
Just because.
I thought it was part of the theory
where I make all the decisions alone.
And don't you?
- Wow.
- What?
Such prejudice.
Let's talk about prejudice.
What's your problem
with me having this baby on my own?
I don't have a problem with it.
You can't stand
that the dad isn't in the movie.
I watched the movie up to the part
where you said
you didn't want to date men.
what do you think
about the mysterious pregnancy?
Stop it.
- I'm intrigued.
- Stop it.
I like to think that fathers matter,
but fine, I'll shut up.
This father wants nothing to do with it.
Who the hell
wouldn't want to belong to this tribe?
There's something else bothering you.
What's that?
You hate having to be the paternal figure
to yet another person,
especially at this stage of your life.
I finally left you speechless.
- And what's your dad like, Clara?
- Ugh.
He's an absent father.
And suddenly,
And suddenly, absurdly generous.
But you couldn't allow yourself
to hate him.
After each let-down, he always came back
with something wonderful.
He's old now. He has Alzheimer's.
When I visit him in Madrid
he doesn't recognize me but
he stares at me long and deep,
as if my face brings him
some kind of memory.
At first, that used to get on my nerves,
but not anymore.
I see him,
and I get lost in his blue eyes.
Time stops, and I don't know
who the father is and who the daughter is.
It's just the two of us, floating.
When it's time for me to go,
he grabs my arm.
As if
As if he suddenly
knew who I was.
He doesn't. He says, "Don't go."
I think it is his instinct yelling,
"Don't abandon me. Don't forget me."
How about your mom?
Mine is indestructible too.
And she is her own world.
Yes, come on over.
- What was that?
- You'll see.
You're scaring me.
No, it's good news,
but it's not my place to tell you.
About what? Your sale of the house?
My sale?
The three of you have to discuss it.
What if we can't agree?
If the majority wants to sell, we'll sell.
But if it is two against two,
with Benny and I voting together,
then we won't sell.
Danny boy!
Bring the champagne bottles
that are in the fridge, please.
And glasses. Ask Eva.
If we sell,
what would you do with the money?
Just out of curiosity.
It's a lot of money,
but not enough to change our lives.
For me, it would be enough
to reset myself.
Reset from what?
I don't want to save my marriage.
I've hurt Toms enough.
I shouldn't have married him
to begin with.
Anyway, I'm getting a divorce
and that money will come in handy.
What about you?
Little chicken?
Hello? I'll be a single mom.
I have a shitload of things
to use the money on.
Well, I
With this surprising news
about the house sale, I hadn't
Let's see
I applied to become the head
of the Anesthesiology Department
at Saint Francis Hospital in Chicago.
I got it.
The good news is
that Dan can continue handling
his company's investments remotely.
Well, the twins aren't thrilled
about the idea, but
it's Chicago.
It's great.
- Wow.
- The fact is
No, we don't really need the money
right now.
- I don't know.
- Beca!
In August.
Rebeca, but how often will you come?
Chicago is very far away.
Every month, month and a half.
Like we always do for our lunches.
- That's unrealistic.
- Where there's a will, there's a way.
Congratulations, honey.
They're here.
What is this?
- What's up with you two?
- No, Teresa!
No! Teresa!
You know Otoniel.
He asked me to marry him.
And I said, "Okay."
Everybody was keeping secrets today.
He had been charming me,
and then it dawned on me.
Isn't my Otoniel handsome?
Don't even answer that.
Hey, what happened?
Teresa is marrying Otoniel!
- Yes!
- Thanks.
- Show me the ring.
- Finally.
You must wear a suit.
Show us your dress.
- Awesome.
- Congratulations, Otoniel.
Oh, I'm so happy.
I'll design
some really cool earrings for you.
Hey, pass the glasses around.
This occasion calls for a good toast.
- Congratulations.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Teresa.
Every couple is a miracle.
Two strangers
that find each other among millions.
You're meant for me,
I'm meant for you.
And we often wonder,
"How did you meet?"
"What was the first thing you felt
when you met him?"
"How did you know
that she would marry you?" Right?
We never get bored of those stories.
Because they're reflections of a desire,
the desire to share a life together.
The desire to plant
your own trees together.
you've known my daughters
since they were kids.
They have always loved you.
And they've always felt loved by you.
For them, you have been much more than
Do you remember when Rebeca asked you
what oral sex was?
- No, Dad!
- Yes.
- Don't say what
- Dad.
- What would you know?
- Sorry!
- You can't even talk, Benjamn.
- Okay.
Yes, sure.
With respect to Benny, well
What can I say?
Thank you.
Otoniel, you are honest,
you're hardworking.
And you are very patient,
which is very useful around here.
Love is a prayer.
I hope yours is heard.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Thank you very much, Mr. Leo. Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Congratulations. Cheers.
My back.
Where's your girl?
She's over there
reading one of Mom's books.
Is she your girlfriend
or just your current fling?
What's the difference?
You're unbelievable!
Pretty secretive about your new job.
Will you be here
when the alien is born, bitch?
Of course I will.
I didn't want to say anything
until things were a fact.
That's exactly what Leo said.
Did you notice?
There's Benny.
He's still the same old Benny.
Has Dad said anything about
when he's unable to take care of him?
It will happen.
I'll take over.
- From Chicago?
- I'll take him with us.
To Chicago or wherever I am.
- You didn't think of asking us?
- Would it rather be you?
Because with the money you have,
you can't support his needs
for the rest of his life.
I'll do it, if Benny wants me to.
Although I rather not.
I'm fucking selfish.
- You're right about that.
- Asshole.
What about you?
Yes, I'd jump in and take over,
if Benny wants me to.
But I'm the one
he's been around the least.
She's already backpedaling.
Why don't you hand him over
to Mother Clara?
- He already loves her more than us.
- That's bullshit.
When Benny was born, I was already
married and pregnant with the twins.
- I didn't live here either.
- Well, I did.
That's how I know what its like.
Benny is great, I adore him,
but he's a huge responsibility.
- All children are.
- No, Rebeca.
- No, Rebeca.
- Yes, they are.
Benny is a constant weight on your chest.
Mom had a hard time dealing with it.
No she didn't! Mom was all in for Benny.
She drooled over him.
She drooled over him.
You always act like you're the one
with the clearest vision of things, Juli.
Saying "always" and "never"
deflates affirmations.
- Really?
- There she is.
That's Mom talking. Right?
You can't hear Mom
She's dead.
- What did I say?
- Give me some.
- And buckle your seatbelts.
- Leave me alone!
Remember when we got totally wasted
at Papa's & Beer in Rosarito,
and Rebeca flashed her boobs
at the bouncer?
And the dude went,
"That's not necessary. Come on in."
No way, he loved it.
I had great boobs back then.
Look at her now, Lady Boobs in the States.
I'm the boss, dude.
I'm going to have to handle
some huge egos.
Sometimes when I see a patient,
as they fall asleep with the anesthesia,
I feel so envious.
To go under like that,
in peace.
Just one day, man.
A single day,
with nobody hassling me.
Don't let the twins see me like this.
No, don't let them see me like this.
Now I'm the Head of Anesthesiology.
Remember Pili Vildsola?
The lawyer?
I ran into her the other day
at the supermarket.
She walked up to me and hugged me,
like we were kindergarten friends.
The first thing she said: "How's Leo?"
- No, she didn't.
- Yes.
Show us now.
Show us.
"So how's Leo?"
Every time she said "Leo,"
her face lit up. He fucked her. I'm sure.
Come on!
Dad leant me the car once,
and I found a photo of that broad
between the seat and the hand brake.
I was going to ask him,
but it was obvious.
And? What did you do with the photo?
I left it on Mom's pillow.
- No!
- What?
- I ripped it up, of course, dumbass.
- Asshole.
That doesn't mean he fucked her.
You're jumping to conclusions.
- That is bullshit.
- No.
Right. Maybe she only sucked him off.
I'm sure our parents
were getting a divorce.
Nonsense, they adored each other.
- You idealize them.
- No.
- You idealize them.
- Not at all.
My children are my gods.
My parents are more like
a cult.
So I told Leo,
"I ran into Pili Vildsola."
Just to see his face.
He didn't say a word. He seemed sad.
And then he said
"She's a great woman."
That Pili Vildsola woman
showed up at Mom's funeral
wearing a low neckline,
and her boobs hanging out.
Remember? That bitch.
- That damn bitch.
- Why didn't he stay with her?
Can't you see
that he's still in love with Mom?
Poor Clara.
Oh, yeah. Whatever.
What about you? Seriously.
How are you doing?
I'm scared to death.
First I have to figure out
how I'm gonna get this melon out.
Without bursting my cooch.
I dreamed that I forgot to feed the baby.
And then I remembered and ran to the crib,
which I haven't bought yet,
and it was still alive.
But it was just a lump of flesh and bones
covered by ants devouring it.
Instead of being pissed off
and wailing over my abandonment,
it looked at me and smiled as if I were
the most beautiful thing ever.
Which made me feel even shittier.
One step at a time.
If it's hungry, you feed it.
If it's sleepy, you rock it to sleep.
If it shits, you change the diaper,
and so on.
And then you lock yourself up
in the bathroom to cry.
Chicken Little.
- Tell us who the father is.
- The Holy Spirit! Stop it!
Memo Betancourt.
You fucking bitch.
That's they way things go when they go.
You can't deny the geezer is hot.
He's Dad's biggest competitor,
even if he denies it.
He hates him, and you know it!
- How old is he?
- 61.
Holy shit, Mariana!
- That's gross.
- But he fucks like a 30-year-old.
- Is he married?
- No.
He's not married,
and I'm nobody's mistress. No offense.
Does he have kids?
He's three times divorced with six kids.
- He has six kids?
- Yes, Rebeca, he has six kids!
- Does he take care of them?
- Yes, he takes care of them, Rebeca.
That jerk doesn't want
to take care of this one.
Oh, Mariana. Shit.
Sis, I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
You're such an idiot.
You haven't told him you're pregnant.
You haven't said anything?
Shit. What are you doing?
Whatever the fuck I feel like!
That's what I'm doing!
Aren't I the owner of my own body?!
All I've ever wanted in life
were two things!
Dad's approval,
and not needing Dad's approval.
- My dad's approval...
- That's enough!
I'm terrified about what will happen
when he finds out.
You should be.
Even worse, about
how I'll react at his reaction.
I'm glad!
- I'm terrified of myself.
- I thought you didn't like men.
Not for life partners,
but they're okay for a fuck.
- That's what you call a fuck?
- He texted me, Rebeca!
He was very bold, I liked it,
and it happened. And
- and it happened.
- Fuck!
Here comes your chick.
Am I interrupting?
No. We're only killing each other here.
Just kidding.
Listen, your mother
is an incredible writer.
Are you crying?
It's the hormones.
I read this story
- Which one?
- "Losses."
- It's the best one.
- It rattled me.
My favorite is "The Wolves."
Listen to this
"Loss like a mind-blowing shriek
which never stops,
and hope like a maddening and
debilitating addiction."
I get goose bumps.
I should re-read all her work.
Why are writers so obsessed with death?
Not with death, with loss.
She had happy stories too.
- Not if you read them carefully.
- Stop it, Julia!
You're always explaining
our parents to us.
- Try explaining yourself.
- I'm not explaining anything.
Rebeca's the one who holds
the official version of Mom and Leo.
"Leo." He's not your buddy. He's your dad.
Mom hated it too
when you called him by his name.
Really? Did she tell you that
on her deathbed?
Why does the truth
frighten you so much?
I don't mind the truth, I mind your truth.
It makes me feel like shit.
You've made us feel like shit
since forever.
Enough! That's it!
Why are you fighting?
We're not fighting.
- You were yelling.
- Yes. We were fighting.
It's normal not to agree sometimes
and get angry.
You and I fight sometimes
and it's all right.
But not like this. This yelling
was more like you and Dad.
Where's Granddad?
Listening to his music and smoking.
What song is he listening to today?
It goes,
I need to know
So, where did you leave your brother?
With Benny.
- You're sick of us, aren't you?
- Almost.
Do you think Dad won't sell
if all of us don't agree?
Well, I think your father
is a man of his word.
What's he like as a boyfriend?
- You don't have to answer that.
- But I beg you to do it.
All right.
At first,
that thing your father does
of overprotecting and treating me
as if I were made of porcelain,
it got on my nerves a bit.
But then I got to understand him.
He respects the way I am
and the way I think.
My obsession with my job.
Also, my insufferable tantrums,
proper of a single child,
a spoiled brat.
He tries with all his soul
for me to feel loved.
And he achieves it.
What's he like as far as
conversations go?
No, don't.
- Why not?
- Don't.
What's wrong with me asking Clara
what Dad is like in conservation?
Grandfather has very good conversations.
Doesn't he?
- Or what were you talking about?
- About that.
About that your grandfather has
very vigorous conversations.
Yes, I could even say he's very creative.
It runs in the family.
Hey, I remembered more lyrics.
"It's nighttime, and I need to know"
Oh, let's go.
Party's over.
Let's go, Chimis.
We're leaving.
Come on, Mom.
Granddad! We're leaving.
I'm coming!
- Go to the bathroom first.
- Don't forget your tablet.
Take care, little monkey.
I'm very proud of you.
Really. I'll ask for
I feel like a traitor for going away.
Children betray their parents
in order to survive.
Captain, next weekend
I have to come to Tijuana.
I'll drop by so we can have
a few mezcals, just you and me.
Just the two of us?
- See you soon, Captain.
- Goodbye.
- Erica.
- Please take care of my dad.
Erica, when will you bring a boyfriend
so I can scare him off with my shotgun?
I'll bring two
and keep the one you don't like.
I'll keep the other one.
Listen. Remember what we said?
If anything is wrong, you'll let me know?
Thank you.
- It was a pleasure.
- Everything was great.
- Thanks for everything.
- No, thank you.
See you, Leo.
Youre gonna call me by my name too!
Okay, stop. I give up, I give up.
Why don't you spend
your summer holiday here before Chicago?
For the harvest, you have a good palate.
- I can't, Grandfather.
- Why not?
I'm taking flying lessons.
Flying lessons?
I want to be a pilot.
Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Tiny dancer, when will I see you again?
Mom and I are spending
the night here, Grandpa.
- Beat it, then.
- Leo.
Thank you for everything.
I loved meeting you.
Everything, your home, your olives
That sounded strange. Really
Thank you very much.
Youre welcome here over anytime.
I mean it.
What's this old wolf saying to you?
- I'm not telling you.
- Youre two of a kind.
I'll talk to my sisters
and call you on Tuesday night.
- Never at night.
- Come on, Dad.
- Let's go, little grasshopper.
- Let's.
- Bye!
- Where's my kiss?
It's a boy, and I'm naming him Leo.
- Your Uber is here, sir.
- I'm not leaving.
- It was so nice of you to come.
- I said I'm staying.
- I'm not going anywhere!
- You can get into your Uber now.
- You can get in your
- Leo.
I'm kidding, son.
That's it. Ladies, time to rest.
It's been a very long day.
I gave you Eva's pay, right?
Yes, it's all covered. Thank you.
Thank both of you.
It was a pleasure.
Look, you're learning Spanish
from listening to us.
- A bit more.
- Take this food with you, Eva.
Thank you so much, Teresa.
Thanks for the toast.
We love both of you.
You want a ride to the shelter?
Otoniel and I are taking her.
Everything all right?
You remind me of my dad.
He must be a very handsome man, then.
- No.
- No?!
He was a union leader.
He loved his country.
He was murdered.
I'm so sorry.
- See you tomorrow, Mr. Leo.
- See you tomorrow.
Thank you.
We're here.
That was quick.
It was strange when you and your dad said
you would talk,
and he said, "Never at night."
Because he doesn't like to make decisions
after the sun goes down.
He says that in the morning light
you can see everything more clearly.
He's never selling the ranch.
And you?
Will you be with me
when this baby is born?
Do you want me to be with you?
And then, what?
I don't know. I can't tell the future.
I don't care about the future.
I care about you in the present.
What do you want?
Are you proposing
that we live as a family?
Or what?
My sisters exasperate me.
I miss them and I adore them,
but after a while with them
Mariana isn't well.
I'm worried about her.
She cant handle the
And then Julia.
She's not getting a divorce. Ever.
She keeps Amandita
in a constant state of anguish
not knowing if her dad is going
to be home when she gets there.
It's pathetic.
She wants to be a writer,
but without the rigor,
without the sweat or criticism.
And when she's okay,
she can be the most charming person
on the planet.
Fuckin' Julia.
She was Mom's favorite.
Your dad
Im gonna miss the ranch.
Thanks for putting up with my tribe.
It's a great tribe.
With them, there's no peace of mind.
What worries you the most?
That their lives may not turn out right.
That's not in your hands, Leo.
By thinking everything will go wrong,
later I can be surprised
at how well things turn out.
You know I'm a corny optimist.
What's wrong?
Let's take some time off
and we'll talk afterwards, okay?
What's this about?
Are you breaking up with me?
I really don't know.
I don't know.
So, what happened?
Tell me, I can take it.
Your world is precious,
and I am truly envious.
But sometimes I also feel like
it's a bit overwhelming.
I'm just asking for some time.
All right?
Sleep in this bed. That one's too small.
No, we can fit here!
I call dibs on Grandpas side.
You know your mom used to climb
into this bed every night
- until she turned nine?
- Really?
Yes, and she kicked us all night
in her asleep.
That's not true.
Then she stopped doing it.
It was sad.
See you at breakfast.
- Waffles!
- Waffles!
It's your dad.
Hi, Daddy.
Hi, pretty girl.
When are you coming home?
I don't know.
I'll tell you on Monday, okay?
Hey, how was the get-together?
Did everybody go?
Yes, and Mariana brought a new girlfriend.
Guess what.
Grandfather wants to sell the ranch,
the house, the trees. Everything.
Yeah, it's crazy.
Mom said we could go to Europe
with the money
- No, Amanda stop.
- and do things we've never done before.
That's cool.
I love you to infinity and beyond, Daddy.
I love you too, my pretty girl.
Daddy wants to talk to you.
I want to say something,
but I feel bad about saying it.
You better say it and get it off your mind
or you won't be able to sleep.
Sometimes I feel like my sisters
aren't my sisters.
They're my aunts,
and I don't like it.
We'll get together with them more often,
maybe that will change.
- What do you say?
- Okay.
You're not going to leave me, are you?
We're an equation.
Subtitle translation by: Mara C. Delgado