Familieweekend (2016) Movie Script

Darling children.
I'm writing, as there is something
I urgently need to discuss.
We haven't spoken much
since my heart attack.
That's not all that surprising, of course.
You are all very busy people.
Green most definitely is the future.
Roderick, who is trying to combine his
family life with his successful business.
And that's great for your purse.
Benjamin, who spends his days and nights
searching for inspiration for...
his art.
And Fleur, who is searching equally hard...
for herself.
Anyway, I can't really blame any of you.
Since your mother died,
I haven't been a very attentive father.
That's one of my deepest regrets,
and it's something I wish to change.
So I'm inviting you
to a long weekend at the estate.
Our estate.
I have an announcement
that concerns all of you, my children.
With warm greetings,
your father, Pieter Severijn.
It was interesting, Roderick. Truly.
Green is the future.
-Yes, so you said.
I'll be happy to send you
further details.
No need. The presentation
was clear enough.
We can discuss the details.
Prices aren't set in stone.
I get that. But, if you don't
mind... Right then.
This is going to be the big one, Julian.
-Let's hope so.
Smile, we need to be positive.
-We need to pay the bills.
I know.
-We've had two extensions.
The bank won't do it again.
-I know. It'll be fine, trust me.
Go hard or go broke.
This will solve everything.
And you'll pocket a nice bonus.
A great one.
How was it?
Really? So they're
going ahead with it?
Well, they have to consult the board and
all that, but they were very interested.
Green is the future.
Hey, you two.
-Hello, dad.
Your father will be pleased to hear it.
-What do you mean?
The family weekend, remember?
I can't possibly.
-Why not? We hardly ever see your family.
I need the weekend to prepare.
They need more figures.
And Kate is not feeling well.
-That was three weeks ago.
You still look pale, love.
We'll call and cancel.
Too bad. I was curious
about the big announcement.
What do you mean?
-Haven't you read the invitation?
What do you think? Should I go?
Yes. After all, they are your family.
And family is important.
Master Rawandandan,
this is my family now.
So sweet of you to say that.
We are one big family.
And yet... Aren't you curious to hear
what your father wants to tell you?
No, not really.
It must be about the inheritance.
It's always about money.
But I've left all that behind. I've let go
of the matter, as you taught me.
I'm so grateful.
It is admirable that you've done that.
It is, after all, why we are here.
Dear Salinda.
Still, we need to welcome
the gifts people wish to share.
Emotional, spiritual, financial.
Think of the gifts for the water well.
The leprosy project.
-it's just a matter of letting go.
Daring to let go. That's something
all of us have gotten good at.
What could be better than your father...
letting go of his matter here with us?
Wes? Mo? What are you guys doing here?
-We're not here for a chat, mate.
If the mountain won't come to Wesley,
Bennie, Wesley will come to the mountain.
What's he on about?
I'm working on it.
-Yes, I can tell.
I have to go, Benjamin. I'll call you.
-Sure, love. Talk soon.
Snorting our stuff without coughing up
our dough. That's not nice.
Just a few days, I'll get it for you.
-And how will you manage that?
Family weekend.
Did he say family weekend?
My clad. He'll help me out.
I have a family weekend coming up.
You mean renting a cottage
and having a barbecue?
Yes. Something like that.
Sunday. And not a day later.
Come over to this side, okay?
Are we all packed?
-Clothes, toys, chargers.
Didn't they do a drawing?
-No. We're bringing a gift, remember?
Do you have all your stuff?
There's granddad.
I'll come down.
Come on, let's go.
Will it take long?
Good to see you, son. How are you?
-Great, great.
And your rooftop gardens?
-Green insulation.
That's what I meant. Is it going well?
-Sure. Green is the future.
Well, what do you know.
A true Severijn, that much is clear.
Marloes, you look ravishing, as ever.
-Thank you, Pieter.
And look who we have here.
Kids, say hello to granddad.
They're a bit shy, lately.
-They've made you a lovely drawing.
That's not bad, guys.
Fleur, my love. So nice to see you.
-Salinda, dad. It's Salinda.
Yes, of course. Salinda.
Mum, is she a homeless person?
-No dear, she's your aunt.
My darling big brother.
Are you okay?
-Yes, why do you ask?
No reason, I just sensed some tension.
You're breathing way up high.
-I'm just happy to see you.
So am I. So am I.
You're just a bit peaky.
So, how are you now? How's your heart?
-Much better.
Sorry we didn't stop by more often.
Work was a madhouse and Kate got sick.
It was intense.
-Yes, intense.
I've sent lots of positive energy,
I'm sure you received it.
Stop it, I mean it. Bygones.
There have been times
when I wasn't there for you, right?
Well, I...
-Let's not look back.
This weekend is all about the future.
-A fresh start.
What about Benjamin?
Have you heard from him at all?
You know Ben.
He's probably sniffing a sculpture.
Anyway, we're here.
That's worth something, right? Right?
Yes, of course. That's wonderful.
Little sis. You haven't changed a bit.
Well, just a little bit.
And R0, my big bro.
-Let's go, there's plenty of time to chat.
So, made anything good lately?
-Yes, lots.
I have a big show coming up.
'Made anything good?' 200 grand in debt
and a bastard child, perhaps.
Leave him be. Your father is just excited.
Did you hear?
'How are the rooftop gardens?'
Unbelievable. I work my arse off
and Benjamin just has his hand out.
Darling, relax. It's just one weekend.
And it so happens that I'm incredibly proud
of your rooftop gardens.
Do you mean that?
-Of course.
Well? Has it changed much?
The staff has certainly improved.
Did old Bertus die,
or did dad finally let him go?
No, my father retired last year.
-Hello, Benjamin.
My god, Fr. You've certainly... changed.
-Little girls grow up.
I've brought you a little something.
Look, dad. Mind your head.
It's a Green Egg,
the Rolls Royce among barbecues.
The genuine article. The grilling area,
the rack, all stainless steel.
All ceramic. It's ideal for slow cooking.
There was a smaller version,
but I figured, you only have one dad.
My doctor doesn't like me to eat meat.
You can grill fish on it, or veggies.
I brought you a little something, too.
It's a wind chime.
It protects against evil spirits
and negative energy.
It was made by the children
at our leper colony at Gorakhpur.
And it shows.
That's so thoughtful, love.
I feel safer already.
I'm still working on a gift, I was
a bit swamped. With the show coming up.
I don't mind.
Having you here is the best gift.
If only I'd known.
Thank you all. For the gifts, of course,
but most of all for being here.
Of course, dad. Anything for you.
We are curious about your announcement.
-Yes, dad, what's the big deal?
Two more minutes, and then you'll find out.
Well, you keep us in suspense.
Is it big news?
You bet it is.
I'm sure we'll be happy about it.
-I think so, too.
Here we go.
Good things come to those who wait.
Legal advice. Of course. These things
have to be done right. So silly of me.
Everyone, may I introduce: Bonnie.
Bonnie, these are my children.
I guess you must be Roderick.
Aren't you too young to be a solicitor?
I'm not a solicitor, silly.
This is the big news
that I wanted to share with you.
Bonnie and I are engaged.
We are getting married.
This weekend.
What the fuck? Did you know?
-Of course not.
What sort of insights?
-You regress to your very core.
Why not? You talk to him, right?
-Ben, I have a company to run.
And a family.
It's not like you stop by.
When do you get the dot on your forehead?
Getting married. At his age.
What did you think the news would be?
-I don't know.
You thought he was going to divide
the inheritance, right?
What's it made of? Lipstick?
Or something else?
No, it's henna.
-Right. Henna.
Gentleman, dinner is served.
Ladies, please join us.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
Pieter has told me lots about you.
That's funny.
He never said a word about you.
Yes dad, that's right.
You haven't told us how you two met.
That's actually a great story.
Would you like to tell it?
At the hospital.
-Oh, so you're a nurse.
Patient. Bonnie was in the next ward over.
I'd seen him pass by,
they had to help him to the bathroom.
And I thought to myself, wow,
he's handsome. But that was it.
I'd seen her pass by, too, but there I was,
hooked up to lots of stuff.
And so I noticed he didn't have
many visitors, which was a bit sad...
and I decided to stop by his bed.
We wanted to come by,
but who wants to bother the doctors?
It's okay, Ben.
I would have never met Bonnie otherwise.
So we got to talking
and one thing led to another.
No, not that, naughty.
No, we fell in love.
And then he gave me this.
Pretty, right?
-That's a beautiful story.
Don't you think? Lovely, right?
Love is the best medicine.
-That's so sweet.
Did everyone enjoy their meal?
-it was just delicious.
There's no need for that.
-it's no bother.
So? What do you think?
-She seems really sweet, dad.
A lovely energy.
-Yes. Nice girl.
Very nice.
-Bonnie is a sweetheart, truly.
With a heart of gold.
-Not just a heart.
Pardon? Right, the ring.
You only get married once.
Well, for the second time.
I do think it's all a bit fast, dad.
What are you trying to say?
-Nothing. Just...
She's pretty young.
Love knows no age.
Said the priest to the altar boy.
What's wrong?
Nothing, I was just saying
that all I want is to grow old with you.
Oh sweetie. Aren't you old already?
Check out the beard.
Tobias? Kate?
Come along, off to bed. Come on.
To bed with you, it's late.
You can play some more in bed.
Say good night to granddad, alright?
Good night.
-Sleep well, my loves.
We're getting an early night.
Lots to do, this weekend.
Good night, children.
-Good night.
Yes, good night. Children.
-Alright then. Good night.
The old man did well.
-Does she really think we don't see it?
She's shamelessly stealing our money.
Our money?
-Dad's money.
He's just had a heart attack.
He's vulnerable. She's like a predator.
I thought they were sweet together.
The way he hugged and kissed her.
I've never seen him like that.
No, thank god.
-Maybe she really loves him.
Why couldn't she? Not all of us
are as materialistic as you.
Me? Materialistic?
You should open yourself to love. Be
genuinely open, not just thinking of money.
Like you, I suppose?
-Exactly. Like me.
Since joining Rawandandan, I've learned
to leave the material for the spiritual.
We've noticed.
-I've really changed, I'm different.
I've let go of the past
that was weighing me down.
Always working to be seen. Going all out at
school and field hockey and piano lessons.
Never anyone to hug me.
Or to compliment me and say I was
doing well, or that I was special.
Rawandandan helped me move on
and I feel relieved.
Soon we'll all be relieved.
Of our inheritance.
Relax, Ro. it won't come to that.
-You think?
Children are entitled to a share.
-A share of what?
She's fleecing him.
Didn't you see the ring?
Pretend you don't care,
but when did you last sell a piece?
I don't bow to commerce.
-Of course not.
Let me tell you, this thing with Bonnie
is not love. She's a gold digger.
If we don't act, we can kiss it goodbye.
Me, you, and your precious Rawandandan.
What does she want?
To give him another heart attack?
Leave them be. They're in love.
Don't you start as well.
When we first met,
we couldn't get enough. Remember?
Oh, Mr Severijn. Anything I can do for you?
-Loes. Please don't.
Sleep well.
Oops... No results
Here we are. Good morning, ladies.
How many eggs today?
And this one goes to...
Good morning. Sleep well?
-Not as well as you, I'm afraid.
We wanted to stop by the church,
to discuss some details for Sunday.
Maybe you'd like to come along?
-Yes, please.
I still have some work.
But you should go.
Sorry, the business never stops.
-Trust me, I used to be far worse.
Hi, sorry, I have a strange question.
My wife was in here, and I need
some details for the insurance company.
The insurance company?
She wanted to stop by herself,
but she's not up to it yet.
It's going to be just like
William and Kate's, all white.
White flowers, white candles,
white doves, white ribbons.
Very serene. I like it.
Yes, even the band will be in white.
I'm sure you know them. LA The Voices.
Can't say that I do.
Classical music. Pieter loves it.
And your wife's name?
-Bonnie. Bonnie Meijer.
Date of birth?
-I always forget.
I keep forgetting her birthday.
Lousy husband. Some time in June... July.
It's not really like my father,
a church wedding.
No, that was my idea.
Not that I'm religious, me.
But I do feel that there's more.
I guess I'm quite...
God, what's the word?
-Yes, right, spiri...
Year of birth?
-1981, I think. 1982, that's it.
Can I tell you something silly?
When I was in hospital,
I thought I might die.
And then I prayed,
for everything to turn out okay.
And then I met Pieter.
That just can't be a coincidence.
Or does that sound silly?
No, I think it's beautiful.
-Oh great. You're a very good listener.
Congratulations, dad.
You did well for yourself.
Bonnie. She's a babe.
I'm almost jealous.
Now now, that's your future stepmother.
I've been meaning to ask,
but yesterday, with Bonnie and all...
I wondered, could I borrow some cash?
Not much. A few thousand, is all.
-Can't it wait until your show?
That's the thing. I need to buy materials.
Go big, make a bang.
Could I see some ID, Mr Meijer?
I'm just going to...
Hey, mister.
Mr Severijn.
-We'll talk about this later.
Hello, Father.
-So nice to see you.
And you. Beautiful little church.
-Yes, I'm rather pleased with it.
Meijer, you said?
-Yes, Bonnie Meijer.
No, nothing.
-I just gave you 100 euros.
There's no Bonnie Meijer.
Just an Els Meijer, but she's 85.
And some guys. But no Bonnie.
She doesn't exist.
Bonnie doesn't exist. I've been by
the hospital and they'd never heard of her.
At the hospital?
-I told you something didn't add up.
Maybe she changed her name.
Like how I'm Salinda.
She's a con artist. She read that dad
was ill and thought: I'll have that.
Roderick? What are you doing?
You can't touch her stuff.
-She's touching ours.
If she were that ill,
she'd have some medication, right?
Here, this is medication.
-That's nothing.
How would you know?
-it's not even labelled.
What's going on?
What are you doing with my case?
Your son has decided
to go through my stuff.
What the hell are you doing?
She's conning you.
Oh, she was so sick, remember?
At the hospital? Poor Bonnie.
She met you, by sheer stroke of luck,
a wealthy older man with heart problems.
So she took some pills,
since she was so very ill.
Bonnie, I'm sorry.
I went to the hospital.
And guess what? No Bonnie Meijer
has ever been admitted there.
And these pills?
Multi-vitamins. I'd know them anywhere.
Bonnie was admitted.
-Really? So why is there no record of her?
I had it erased.
Oh really?
-Yes, really.
There was a problem with her insurance.
She didn't have any.
So I rang the administrator. We play
golf together. And he took care of it.
Okay, but...
-No buts. You listen to me.
If you have a problem with this marriage,
just tell me. Don't vilify Bonnie.
And as for those pills...
Those are mine.
And they are not vitamins.
Searching through people's things.
I'm so embarrassed.
How was I to know?
If only you'd shown some interest
instead of trying to sniff out trouble.
The poor man.
He's just had a heart attack, and now this.
He's not that poor.
-I want you to apologize.
I'm sorry.
-Not to me. To your dad and to Bonnie.
And I want you to mean it.
Don't just do it for me. Seriously, Ro.
What a mess.
It's in my sock.
Oh, sorry, I didn't know anyone was here.
-Well, I'm here.
I was just looking around.
It's been a while.
I almost forgot the good stuff we have.
Do you still paint?
I'm in this phase
where I'm trying to find a new style.
So I guess this is my white phase.
You once drew me something.
The carriage house.
I still have it.
You could model for me, if you want.
Why not? I think you're a beautiful woman.
On canvas.
Are the rooms ready?
They can arrive any time now.
I just need to finish
the one for your aunt.
Thanks, love.
You know where to put it, right?
Here comes inspector Clouseau.
Dad, I know what you're thinking,
but believe me, I didn't mean it like that.
I just wanted to protect you.
You hear these stories.
What stories?
You know. About young women
and older men. And it being...
Well. Girls just being out for money,
is all.
It seems to me like you're out for money.
-Me? Of course not.
I just need to get used to the idea.
My dad, with a new wife.
I get that. I feel the same.
Honestly, I never thought I'd be happy
with a woman other than your mother.
But now I am. And you know
what would make me so very happy?
If you all accepted Bonnie.
-But I do, dad. Truly.
I was wrong, I know. And I'm sorry.
Now's a good time to show it.
Here's Bonnie's family.
I trust you to make sure they feel welcome.
-Mum. It's so good to have you here.
Nice hut.
Right, Wim? Isn't it amazing?
Must be on maximum benefits
to pay for all that.
Oh, and look.
-I'd almost bite your finger off.
No, don't.
Mrs Meijer, it's an honour to meet you.
Get me one of those.
I'll treat you even better than she does.
These are my parents.
-Call me dad.
That's Uncle Bob, Aunt Nancy, Jerry,
Desly, Natasha...
My nephew Dylan, how are you, love?
And Kimberly, his wife and the kids,
Sharona and Ritchie. And that's Thumper.
Not his real name, obviously.
So good that all of you could be here.
This is my family.
Benjamin, the youngest.
And Fleur.
-Pretty, isn't it?
And this is Roderick, the eldest.
Who's had his paws all over my little sis?
Boy, it's the old geezer.
That's right. But I love her. Truly.
Fuck me, this guy. 'I love her.'
Seriously, though. If you hurt her,
I'll head butt your skull into two pieces.
Right then. Are we going in?
I'll show you the inside. Check it out.
Bugger me sideways, Bon.
My god, have you hit the jackpot.
Nice, right?
The decorations were all my idea.
Look at the little roses.
-it's fit for a queen.
Better than Buckingham Palace. How did
you get all this? Nothing illegal, right?
We've had the estate
for several generations.
Just like our flat,
but that's a different kettle of fish.
If you like,
Roderick could give you a tour.
Yes, sure.
-He'll show you your rooms.
Mum, I have to show you something upstairs.
Come along.
-Cool it. Hands off.
Can you imagine?
And there will be a veil as well.
And a lovely necklace, bracelets, earrings.
-To me, you're just like a princess.
Or a queen, one of those.
-And then...
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
I'll come back.
No need, silly.
I was just showing mum the dress.
I'd better go see where your dad is.
-Try the wine cellar first.
Well? What do you think?
-Pretty. Very pretty.
Bonnie, I wanted to say that I'm sorry.
No need.
-I mean it.
I don't want you to think
that I'm like Roderick.
I understand how it looks.
Your dad and me.
If it were up to me,
we wouldn't have to get married.
But it makes him happy. If there's anything
I can do to make him happy, I will.
His happiness comes first, for me.
For me as well.
What will you be wearing?
-At the wedding?
Something festive, I hope.
Do you like animals?
This is the portrait gallery.
Nice tits.
Right. That's my mum.
Sadly, she died.
-Bloody hell.
It was an infection of the liver.
-Oh, right.
Shall we go on?
Did he hit those with his Bentley, or what?
No, my dad loves to hunt.
He manages the game on our property.
So I see.
Don't tell me
these belong to your dead mum.
Your money or your life.
Nice stuff, mate. Got any shells?
If you need some make-up, for your lips,
or a mascara, feel free, okay?
That looks great on you.
So much better than that burlap sack.
Don't you like it?
-I do.
It needs something more.
You need a necklace. Wait there.
This makes me feel like we're sisters.
Don't you think?
Yes, sure.
I'll get that necklace.
Get a little closer, why don't you.
Shut your gob, I can't focus.
-Yeah, that's it. Here.
R0? A word?
-Not now.
It's about Bonnie.
-I know I was wrong, Fleur.
Do you need an apology, too?
-That's not it.
That's how it's done.
She's a hooker.
She's an escort. I knew it.
-From Bonnie's make-up bag.
And you banging on about true love.
What's the plan?
-Go to dad. Once he hears this...
There's no point. You've seen him.
He's besotted with her.
Dreamgirls Escort, hello.
This is Benjamin Se...venhuizen.
I wondered, does Bonnie still work there?
Who, did you say?
Bonnie quit recently.
But we have lots of ladies
of the same type, for the same fee.
No, no need.
-Wait. ls there nothing you can do?
I can offer you a discount.
-No need for that.
We have this client, from China. A major
client that we want to keep happy.
Yes, I understand.
-He only wants Bonnie, no-one else will do.
Yes, but Bonnie...
-it's just for one night.
It would be worth a lot to us.
He's very important.
Alright. Come to the hotel Royal,
room number 310.
Alright, people, ready?
-Stick it in the right hole.
Darling, isn't this just wow?
-Certainly. Very wow.
It's just like Disneyland.
Hello, Cinderella.
Which fairy godmother enchanted you?
That was no fairy godmother,
it was the evil stepmother.
Excuse me, I have to take this.
So, what do you think?
-Very festive.
-It just puts a smile on your face.
Excuse me.
-I'd like a bite out of that.
And I don't mean the food.
Sorry, they're a bit lively.
Bad news?
-Yes, sorry. I have to step out for a bit.
-Yes. It's important.
A friend. She's having trouble
with her boyfriend.
I asked her to meet up some other time,
but she sounded so desperate.
Do you mind?
-I can share you for one night.
You know, I thought
we could step out for a bit, too.
I was talking to Benjamin, and we feel it's
the tradition on the eve of your wedding.
Thumper, did you get that? Bachelor party.
It was meant to be family only.
Are you saying we're not family?
I don't think you meant that.
That's right.
Tonight, you are getting shitfaced.
Bachelor party.
Good evening.
-Good evening.
Julian? Can you repeat that?
-He'll take care of it.
Yes, a party. With my family. That's right.
Look at the arse on that.
Need some binoculars, captain?
No news is good news, trust me.
They'll definitely go for it.
Stay positive. Go hard or...
Exactly. I'll talk to you on Monday.
Sir? You forgot something.
Did Fleur call?
How long could it take?
It'll be okay.
-Easy for you to say.
Hey, brother. Got any more cash for me?
-I just gave you some.
For the old man. For a lap dance.
-He's just had a heart attack.
If he can handle Bonnie,
this should be fine too.
I've missed this so much.
-We were hoping you'd enjoy yourself.
I mean us. Together. That's what I missed.
Us too, dad.
-You mean it?
Of course.
I want you to know
that I'm here for you now.
I think your mother would be so happy
if she could see us now.
It never ends, does it?
R0, there's something I wanted to ask you.
Bit of a strange time to do this,
but I need a best man.
Would you be my best man?
-But... What about Benjamin?
I love my children equally, but I wouldn't
trust Ben with my stamp collection.
You're the eldest.
That means you're always the favourite.
You have a strange way of showing it.
I'm hard on you because I believe in you.
I don't expect as much from Benjamin.
I see myself in you.
Maybe more than I'd care to admit.
Well? Is she there?
-Yes, I think so.
What do you mean? You followed her, right?
-Yes, she's here.
What do you say, dad?
Shall we call it a night?
Come on. The party's just begun.
He's right, we should go.
Tomorrow is a big day.
You're welcome to stay.
I may have some cash.
No, we went out together,
we'll go home together.
Bye, Debbie. Let's go.
If my cardiologist had seen me,
his heart would stop on the spot.
R0, we're going straight home now, right?
Well, dad. We need to make one more stop.
Guys, this is just too much.
It's like I told you.
You are getting shitfaced tonight.
I don't know what you've got planned,
but I'm sleeping at home.
-Salinda, dad.
What are you doing here?
-Come along.
Dad, you know that whatever happens,
we'll be here for you, right?
What's this?
-You should know something. About Bonnie.
What do you mean? What's wrong?
-She isn't who she claims to be.
-She's a hooker.
Oi, that's my fucking sister.
I thought you were going to stop this.
-It's true. She works at an escort service.
See for yourself. She's here.
Go on.
You're not Bonnie.
-I'm whoever you want me to be.
We asked for Bonnie.
-Sorry, love. No Bonnie at our agency.
God dammit, Roderick.
-She does work there.
Fleur saw her go in. Right?
-Well, I felt that she was here, but...
I knew you were capable of a lot, but this?
Any name is fine with me.
Listen, she is an escort.
Look, she had this on her.
Listen up, motherfucker. If you call my sis
a whore one more time, you lose your teeth.
What's his deal? God.
You're back early. Didn't you have fun?
No, it was great.
How about you? How's your friend?
Well, that guy is just an arsehole.
I'm so lucky to have a sweet man like you.
Go on upstairs, love. I'll be right up.
Take care.
I wanted a fresh start, for all of us.
Instead of being happy for me,
you only care about yourselves.
That's not true.
You say Bonnie is a gold digger,
but the real gold diggers are you people.
I want you to leave. All of you.
Come on, dad.
-But we're family.
Not from what I've seen.
Where's the rest?
-We're staying. For the wedding.
So we'll be out of your hair.
I thought you were on a family weekend?
-Well, work comes first, right?
I thought I'd send them some more info.
-No need.
No? You think they'll do it anyway?
They called. They're not interested.
-The deal. It's off.
What's this?
I'm getting out, R0.
That's a letter from my legal advisor.
He's going to reclaim my investment
on the grounds of mismanagement.
Well, I don't accept.
-it's not a resignation.
I thought: Severijn, I can't go wrong.
Jesus, was I wrong.
Go hard or go broke... Julian.
Hello, I'm here to see Mr Capteijn.
-Sorry. Mister not home.
Party little Anneke.
Yes, but I come for the party.
My kids are waiting.
I forgot where it is.
How did it go?
It was hard, but in the end, I passed.
What are you on about?
The test.
I understand now. You were testing me.
And to be honest, I almost didn't make it.
Fell for the material, I almost went back
to my old, empty existence.
But I didn't. I made it.
I said no to the inheritance. I don't want
the money. And I feel free, thanks to you.
My god, Fleur.
What do I tell the people
from the leper colony?
God dammit. I was going to build them
a new hospital.
Can't you explain it to them?
About matter and all that?
Mr Capteijn?
-Roderick? What are you doing here?
Listen, I'll take half off. You'll lead.
You can't pass up on that.
It's the weekend. My daughter's birthday.
-I know.
Here. Does she like colouring? Mr Capteijn.
-Come on, love.
Get lost.
Mr Capteijn.
-I can't do this now. Some other time.
I'll give you a controlling interest.
I don't want it. Leave me alone.
Mr Capteijn, wait.
Listen, Hidde. Can I call you Hidde?
-Not now.
I have kids, too. What will I tell them?
Can't you speak to your board?
I can't help you.
Sorry. I apologize. I'm sorry.
Sorry. I didn't mean to do that.
Well, Mr Severijn.
Animal cruelty, child abuse.
That's quite a list.
-I'm sorry, truly.
I didn't push that little girl, no way.
The guy, well. You saw him.
He just wouldn't listen.
So then you just start a brawl?
-No, of course not. I know.
I'm sorry.
-Fortunately, they're not pressing charges.
But you're banned from the play castle.
-I promise I won't go there.
Hey Bennie. How was your family weekend?
Yeah, it was alright.
-Oh, was it?
Which colour was it again?
-Black. Size seven and a half.
Yes, that's lovely, great.
I'll explain one more time, okay?
Once the marriage certificate
has been signed, you come in, right?
Capisce? Okay, now get lost, ladies.
Good god. How hard can it be?
Is that it?
-I think so.
What about that?
Yeah, take it.
Hey, Bennie. Nice job, mate.
Jesus, what happened?
-I think I sold a painting.
Listen, we have to go back.
-We were right. They're con artists.
His name isn't even Boy.
He has a record as long as my arm.
Check it out.
Hello, mister pope.
That's a lot of people. Bonnie's friends?
-Friends, relatives. Some old flames.
Hi. Exciting.
Good afternoon.
Where's Fleur?
-Right here.
We need to go see dad.
Salinda. If you leave now,
don't bother coming back.
Fleur. My name is Fleur.
-Get a move on.
Hey Rob, old mate. How are you?
I didn't know you were out.
-Yes, and straight on to church.
-Yes, Rob usually works on Sundays.
You're not nervous, are you?
-No, just healthy excitement.
Don't you dare get cold feet.
-No worries.
I just want it to be a great day.
That's all.
Relax, mate. It's all taken care of.
Flowers, music, doves.
All you have to do is say yes.
That should work, right?
I can't hear you.
See? Sounds great. Listen, geezer.
This is a day you won't soon forget.
One big set-up.
The hospital, the wedding, all of it.
They're not even brother and sister.
Straight ahead at the roundabout.
Hey, wake up. Look. No, not at me.
Fucking hell,
she's such a hot piece of ass.
Yes, she looks very pretty.
Come on, now.
The card. She must have left it
for you to find.
Okay, slow down.
Please hold each other's right hand.
Do you Bonnie Meijer...
take Petrus, Hubertus, Cornelis,
Hendricus, Franciscus, Antonius...
Lucas, Valentijn...
Maria Severijn.
To be your lawfully wedded husband?
Please answer.
I do.
This number is out of service.
Please hang up.
See? The escort service doesn't exist.
Turn left.
Do you, Petrus, Cornelis, Hubertus,
Hendricus, Franciscus...
His name is Pieter, weirdo.
Get a move on.
Severijn ...
Take Bonnie Meijer
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Please answer.
-Don't do it, dad.
She doesn't love you. No way.
I thought I'd made myself clear.
-He's right, they're conning you.
They're not related.
Boy is her boyfriend.
Don't listen. They're doing everything to
destroy our love, you know that, right?
Dad, it was all a sham. The hospital,
you two meeting, the weekend.
Is that true, Bonnie?
-ls Boy not your brother?
Boy is like my brother.
But all the things you said.
All those nights.
The way you held me.
The way we made love.
Was none of it real?
It was, it was all real. Please believe me.
He said yes. He said yes, right?
-Loud and clear.
You belong with us, not with them.
Steady on, old man.
Where are we going?
You're not backing out, are you?
Why not?
He hasn't signed yet.
-Then you'd better get a move on.
Here you go.
Unless you want your head
mounted next to the boar.
Boy. Steady on. Listen.
Piece of shit. You've had my girl in
the sack for six months. That's not free.
Sign it. Now.
You give me wings
every time we kiss
my heart beats like a drum
Shut your gob. Shut it.
Come on, run.
-God dammit.
-They're running.
Guys, over here.
Are you okay?
Never better.
Boy, don't.
-What the fuck.
Slow down.
Look at the old man.
How nice. All the family, back together.
So sweet.
Stop messing about. We want cash.
-What do you mean?
Just like I said. You'll pay me, or else:
eeny, meeny, miney, dead.
I'm sorry.
-We don't mind.
Give it to them, end this.
-That's the thing. I don't have any.
Stop shitting me. You've got millions.
Not anymore.
I'm broke.
It's the truth. You can check my accounts.
I'll go to the bank with you.
There's nothing left.
-You know what they say, R0.
Go hard or go broke.
A few bad choices, the financial crisis
and the heart attack.
And a wedding is not exactly cheap.
I'm sorry. It's all gone.
I have to sell the estate
to settle my debts.
I have some bad news, geezer.
Let's figure this out. Here you go.
That's worth 500 euros easily.
This is very special, from Gorakhpur.
Hand made. And also...
This necklace. Charmed by hand.
These are energy beads. They aren't
worth much, but they perk you up.
And you can have my shoes.
-Stop it.
How about you?
Your colleagues beat you to it.
Hang on.
I won't be needing this.
Come on, guys. We're leaving.
Fucking shambles.
Why haven't you told us?
-You could have said you were bankrupt.
Well, lthought... I mean...
I was afraid that you
might only be interested in my money.
Of course not.
65 bottles of beer on the wall
we've almost made it
Bring his present.
Mind granddad's heart.
Hello, alright, dear?
-Hello, Loes.
Such a nice place.
-Hard to find?
We know our way in the area.
-Come on in, it's freezing.
Any good?
-I don't know. It was on sale.
Look who it is.
Frderique, what a nice surprise.
Fleur? Would you like a meatball?
-Go on.
Are you sure? That's just so nice.
Great, Ben.
-Do you really like it?
-Let's have a look.
Is work going well?
-Yes, I have a show coming up.
That's great.
-He's sold some pieces.
-And how are you?
I'm working on something amazing.
It's going to be big.
Let's not talk about business, love.
This weekend is about family.
It is all about family.
I'm working with dad.
That's great.
-Go hard or go broke.
None for me, thanks.
It's very early.
If it's a girl, we'll call her Salinda.
A toast. To the new life.
And to family.
Oh, that's right.
There's something I need to tell you.
Hello. I'm back.