Familiye (2017) Movie Script

Dani, they've got MoMo!
Marco has sold us out to Ciwan.
He's waiting in the old garage for you.
He wants his money.
Where's your weapon?
Everything is a gamble in this place.
Your life plays out like a game of poker.
First, the small blind, the minimum bet
which everyone has to pay here.
Your life.
Nancy, where's my damn coke, fucker?
This machine is rigged.
I've been playing two euros for two hours.
It gives nothing back.
Just swallows my money.
Here. Shut up and play.
What's this, bro? Two euro?
Give me a proper chance.
I haven't got any more change, that's it.
You still owe me 400 euros.
Brothers don't have debts with each other.
What's wrong with you?
No debts between brothers.
-Hey, Hako, look here!
-One thousand seven-hundred?
I was winning 3,060, I'm down to 40. 20!
There. Stop. Stop it, buddy.
Fuck. Yes.
Shut your mouth.
Bro, we're gonna fuck a whore today.
Go on. Open up, motherfucker.
Once! No, open up, you.
Where's my money?
Where's my money, dumbass?
I haven't got it yet.
Man, you'll get your money.
You'll get your money!
Two weeks, or we'll have your balls.
But for most,
what they have is not enough.
You have to raise.
Raise the stakes.
The ones with money like to raise,
so all the others have to go up, too.
And those with nothing, except hunger,
are always greedy.
But don't expect anyone to help.
Here, everyone gambles alone.
MoMo, get dressed.
Mr. Mais will be here soon.
Put this on. Mr. Mais will be here soon.
I swear you're doing it on purpose,
you little wanker!
Shut up. Put on that shirt.
Mr. Mais will be here soon.
Put this shit on now.
I told you, put it on!
Come on, get dressed.
Yes, that looks good. Go on.
Where are my smokes, MoMo.
Have you seen them?
Got my lighter,
but not the fucking smokes.
Great, come on.
Just your jacket, then you're done.
Open the door, it's Mr. Mais.
Are you deaf? Open the fucking door!
Muhammed. And... how are you?
Let's have a look.
You're looking good.
Do you know what I've got? Yes, as usual.
We'll do something with that, soon.
-Can you wait a minute?
Hello, Mr. Mais.
I'm very worried about Muhammed.
He's put on weight again.
His legs are swollen.
You have to take better care of him.
I can only be here once a week.
Without your help,
I won't get the permit for the office.
And all the applications
for social services are lying around.
I filled them out for you,
and you don't send them out.
Muhammed's file is with my supervisor now.
Do you know what that means?
They'll take him and put him in a home.
Neither of us wants that.
Okay, Mr. Mais. I'll find the stuff
and you'll have it next week.
It doesn't work like that.
You will have to bring them in person.
My supervisor wants to meet you.
Yes, of course. I'll get the stuff
and bring it to your boss. It's fine.
And close the door.
Thank you.
What's happening?
Shut up, loser.
What's happening? Have a smoke.
Take your hands away, dick.
-It's okay.
-I spit on you.
Do you want both of us to get beat up?
Isn't one of us enough?
Come on, hit me.
Don't fuck with my head.
Don't smoke that whole joint.
What's wrong with you?
All day. Yeah, I know, bro.
I'll just say one thing.
Do you want to be punched in the face
your whole life?
Do you?
Because with that attitude,
you'll get it in the teeth all the time.
Buddy, they've got you by the balls.
You owe them 20,000 euro.
-How are you gonna pay that?
-Don't fuck with me.
With the slots?
Dream on.
Shut up, man.
That connection, that money.
Those guys are tough.
We'll have to work for them.
Don't fuck with me. You know what
Danyal will do to me when he gets out?
He'll kill me. Don't you understand?
-How will he find out?
-Shut up, loser.
Undercover, bro.
Who have we got here,
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?
Miko! Hako!
Put that joint out.
Throw the joint on the ground! Get up!
-Get up!
-Get up!
Empty each other's pockets.
Your hand in his pocket.
Your hand in his pocket.
What are you waiting for?
In his pockets, I said!
-That one, too!
-He hasn't got anything.
There's nothing.
There is something.
There's nothing?
You taking a piss?
What's this?
Fucking pricks. Whats this?
What's this? Bag it.
The bank collects.
Sit down!
-Shoes off.
Take your shoes off!
Are you deaf?
-Give them to me.
-Nothing in there.
Besides the stench, nothing, dude.
Where did you get that wad?
Unemployment back pay.
-Back pay? A wad like that?
They paid nothing for four months.
They made a mistake.
You're up to something. But I'll find out.
And I know you well.
Don't fuck with us.
What are you doing here?
-We got a small--
-What are you doing here?
-We smoked a joint. That's all.
-Does this park belong to you?
-Is this your park? Who's is it?
-I can't hear you.
What? Yours? I can't hear you.
By law, they can't take
our stuff away like this.
-You know that, don't you?
-Shut up, man.
Why shut up?
They're allowed to convict us,
but nothing else.
Our money is gone.
Shoes are gone.
Pot's gone, no coke, no booze.
The money's also gone. What do we do?
What do you mean the money's gone?
My money's gone! My shoes are gone.
At least I'm free for my brother,
What are you babbling on about?
Whatever. I'm off.
See you.
Game center today.
There's a Juventus game.
Be quick.
Mr. Wendlanz! Please, you really
don't need to repeat everything.
We were all present.
I have to confess that I don't know
why I should grant the request.
The likelihood that your client
will re-offend is very high,
as the prosecution has shown.
We've previously informed you
that we're convinced
that the young man has put away more than
half a million euros while he was out.
What do you think he'll do with the money?
We may not have proved it completely--
What is not fully proved
is not proved at all.
We have to confine ourselves
to the facts in court.
This is about his release.
It's not about my client's past,
it's about his future.
So, here we are, Muhammed, okay?
Now come on.
Hey, Muhammed, don't dig around
in other people's glove compartments.
Come on.
Now, listen.
I'll give you five euros, okay?
You take that with you,
and you give it to the assistant, okay?
And what do you say?
Play, exactly!
That's what we'll do. Okay?
-Now get out.
Oh, man.
He doesn't mean it like that!
We're getting a bit pissed off here.
Hello, Benjamin Block. Narcotics unit.
LKA, Paco Rau. So, what have we got?
Silla Morgenstern, 23 years old.
Admitted herself four months ago,
and fled an hour ago with no warning.
Dr. Johann saw Ms. Morgenstern
running off in that direction.
Where is your brother?
Watch out.
This Miko, he's getting on my nerves.
I'll take him down.
-He hasn't paid rent for four months.
I'm always taking it from my own pocket.
Yes, asshole.
What do I do now?
How should you know?
There's a lunatic out there today
who escaped from the mental hospital.
-It's very dangerous outside, stay home.
Do you understand?
Does anyone else live here?
Is this your brother?
In the meantime, a lot of time has passed.
Time during which my client has changed
into a completely new person.
His day to day life is planned,
he's even found work.
He won't depend on benefits.
He'll be able to look after himself
and his brothers.
You know the area has been designated as
a high crime area for more than ten years.
What do you think he'll do
when he goes back there?
What do you think?
Mr. Danyal Tanis began his criminal
activities in that area eight years ago.
It's only a matter of time
before he re-offends.
There are no real signs
that Mr. Tanis has changed.
I think that's a bit loud.
Your brother let me in.
Does this look like social services?
Or a refugee home?
Why did you let her in?
Why did you let her in?
I've got enough problems with you.
I don't want trouble.
If you want me to leave, I'll leave.
You want to crash here, or what?
I'll even pay for the shopping.
You can stay.
There were three, four,
no five people on Piskopak.
He punched them away, bang.
All at the same time.
Then he grabbed one
and bit him in the neck.
Dude, I still see it. I'm still shaking.
-Salaam alaikum.
-Alaikum salaam.
Shit, Danyal!
Boss, come quickly.
You'll never believe who's here.
-Danyal is here.
I hope your eyes
are better than your hands.
Look, Danyal is here.
Fuck me.
-Killer, he's out.
How are you, bro?
What are you up to?
Are you sick?
You're eyes are all red.
I don't smoke in my room.
We smoke in the kitchen.
I've got some.
Do you have a brother?
How old?
Sister? Parents?
Do they live in Berlin?
And you? Do you work?
Do you work? What are you doing?
Chilling? Are you unemployed?
Relax. I have to change
Muhammed's fucking diaper.
I'll call you right back.
Yes. Yes, Hako.
Yes, Hako. Bye.
Pain in the ass.
Oh, no.
Hello, Mr. Mais.
Mr. Mais, stop.
The applications, exactly.
I'm just filling them out.
Yes, I'm in the youth club.
I'm filling them out,
and I'll bring them over.
Yes, okay.
All right.
Do your parents live in Berlin?
Are they still alive?
I might as well talk to the wall.
All right, you can stay here, but...
I'm taking the TV with me.
When you've finished smoking,
bring the remote and my games over.
Oh, and I want to go shopping later.
Leave me some money there.
And now in with it.
Now we'll add the bananas.
Do you want to help us?
You're doing great, Muhammed.
Come, we'll put them in now.
-One, two... Do you want to put all in?
There you are.
Where's Miko? Where's Muhammed?
-Who are you?
-Who are you?
Danyal, bro, what are you doing here?
Why are you standing around? Come here!
Are you cheeky now, or what?
Did you grow some balls
now that Danyal is back?
What are you saying?
Wait. Muhammed.
He's become cheeky.
-How are you doing?
-Is everything all right?
You're looking great.
Have you lost weight?
What have you been doing?
What should I be doing, bro?
Who is that woman?
No idea. Muhammed let her in.
You let her in?
But I told you not to let her in.
We sat here and I said not to let her in?
You can sort that with him now.
Do you remember when we sat here?
Muhammed. Why did you let her in?
Do you know what else? He started smoking.
-I swear, he started smoking.
Why are you lying?
Who lit a cigarette the other day?
What can I do? He's older than me.
I can't forbid him to smoke.
The other day I saw...
Hako and I put out cigarettes.
Hako forgot his here.
He puts out a cigarette
and he starts smoking.
She can't stay here.
Muhammed let her in. It's not my problem.
She can't stay here.
Throw her out, understand?
-Miko, will you put the cake on the table?
-Do it yourself.
Do I look like a waiter or something?
Do you want one, too?
Where are my letters?
What letters?
Where are Muhammed's letters?
I've already given those to Mr. Mais.
-Are you working?
-Here and there.
You know how it is. Nothing proper.
Is Ceren here?
Can I help you?
-Can I have a Marlboro?
Without additives.
Yeah, that one.
-Can you do it for six?
I need a job.
-Tell him to call me.
What a dick.
Did you see how they started?
They play dirty.
I've lost a whole note.
Who was there?
Some idiot.
-Hold that.
Nothing. Ceren will call me.
That hustler talks shit.
There's a different guy there every day.
-Salaam alaikum.
-Alaikum salaam.
A cigarette?
Chelsea are handicapped, huh?
What's that?
I'll take a look.
Hold that.
We'll look again tomorrow, okay?
Brother. Raised it. I just cracked it.
-How much?
-One hundred forty.
No way!
Come, let's go in!
There's this psychopath, you know?
That's why I jumped, you know?
He's always in with bookies.
Barcelona, Madrid.
Brother, I wanted to see
if you've got a job for me.
-A job? Are you looking for a job?
-You can work for me.
-When can I start?
Straight away.
Your Miko, here in my shop?
No way.
Miko owes everyone around here money.
You really want to work here?
Parole conditions, and all that shit.
I can register you.
I have to be a role model for Miko.
You want to be a role model for Miko?
Do you know what that wanker did?
He came by with a guy,
said he was one
of Muhammed's social workers.
-Mr. Mais?
-Mr. Mais? No, a gambling buddy of his.
And you gave him all my money?
All of it.
How could you give him all the money?
What was I supposed to do?
He said he needed this and that.
He said they'd put Muhammed into a home.
Thirty fucking grand?
All of it.
I know that he means a lot to you.
What a fucking wanker.
Can he work here?
-You can't be serious.
-I am.
You can punch him.
He's your brother. It's up to you.
But I'd punch him once or twice.
I have to risk it.
Try your luck.
Do you think it'll work like it used to?
No idea. Let's try.
Amazing. How did he do that?
You have no idea what he does
when you stroke his feet.
You'll laugh your ass off.
I'll show you later.
If he knew that I was stroking him,
he'd wake up right away.
Stop it.
As long as he's asleep.
I got a receipt for it.
I'm not asking you for money.
You don't owe me anything.
But you have to know.
That's not an invoice.
There's no invoice between us.
Why did you give that idiot so much money?
Don't you know that he's a gambler?
He's a gambler.
I know, I should have talked to you.
Yes, you should have.
It's not easy for him.
You left a massive hole.
Five fucking years you were gone.
Five fucking years.
Hey, listen to me.
Listen. Look at me.
Berlin is no longer the same.
Are you listening?
Do you know whose wedding cars those are?
-Rashid is getting married!
That little boy?
The little boy. Five fucking years.
You were gone for five fucking long years.
He's become a man.
The money's laying on the streets, man.
I can't look at those ugly mugs anymore.
Look at those ugly mugs.
Hey, I'm not going up.
-Go up.
I went last time, now it's your turn.
Pass me the fucking bag.
There you go.
Zwiebel. It's me, buddy. Your uncle.
Take a seat.
The shit you brought me last time,
that was a C minus.
I couldn't sleep for four days.
I could have died.
You're already dead.
Here, try that. It's new.
Try it.
Will that kill me now?
We'll see.
Point nine!
That stuff's amazing!
You can cut that to no end!
They'll still get high.
Thank you, man!
-See ya.
-Yeah, all right. See you soon.
Where have you been, man?
-Point nine.
-Shall we go eat something?
I want meat.
Sure thing.
That was sweet of you.
Miko, you're a playboy.
Pretty hot, but yummy.
I got it from my mom.
Miko, going well!
I'll be at the casino later. Come by.
Cooking? No, my mother couldn't cook!
My dad always cooked for us at home.
My mom made everything so hot,
you couldn't tell what it tasted like.
That was her trick.
Cool woman. Looks like it worked.
You look a little bit like her.
Who are you running away from?
What do you mean?
And you?
From no one.
Are you mad?
Be quiet down there!
You idiots!
Muhammed was being cheeky again today.
I laughed my ass off.
-Did you hear what the woman said?
-What woman?
She said, "I speak German."
Today? You're joking!
It's true.
Do you want a coke?
No, I'll drink milk.
Oh, milk.
I'll get it. Can I have a pack of L&M?
-Blue or red?
-Five or six?
-The big one.
-A pack of Luckies, please.
-Blue or red?
Thank you.
And the magazine with the headlines.
For you $8.90 and for you $10.20.
I'll pay for both.
Shit happens.
Posit called me because of his shop.
Did he? Why?
It's not going well. He can't pay.
And now?
He wants us to help him.
And what do you want to do?
Take bets?
There's bookies on every corner, man.
There's one around the corner.
We feed him a little, he can't pay.
And then we'll take it all.
A bookie. I bet it won't work.
-I bet it will.
-All good?
-Yeah. You?
I think the corner's great.
It's all right.
Being a bookie is not my thing.
A bookie?
-It'll bring headaches.
But it's a great corner.
Still, it's a big headache.
What's up?
You all right?
Money troubles.
And you?
Got something for you.
Point nine.
That's what you said last time.
It was shit.
We've had it tested.
Zwiebel says hi.
Fuck his ass.
He misses you.
You can go and see him yourself.
I sent him.
I'll get it tested myself.
If it's point nine,
then I'll take eight kilos.
Sure thing.
One of these days.
Give me a week.
A week's too long.
I can't wait.
Give me three days.
Plus or minus one day.
Or two or four.
Folks don't wait anymore.
They come three, four times a day.
Then you'll make more money.
How do I make money
if I ain't got anything?
-Cut the shit.
-How much more do you want me to cut it?
As much as necessary.
They're only taking powder.
Better than nothing.
Hurry up!
Don't put on such a fucking face, okay?
Wait here. I'll be right back. Okay?
You must be Michael, no?
Miko, Buddy!
Behave, all right?
How's he talking to me?
All is good, okay? Calm down.
Go on. Hello?
Go on.
Go away, Danyal.
Hello. Welcome to Car Royal.
Yes, thank you.
Which package did you want?
Tiara Plus, please.
Tiara Plus. That's $23.50, please.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
No, thank you.
That's all right. Thank you.
-That's very kind, thanks.
-You're welcome.
As long as the car will be clean.
Welcome to Car Royal.
What package did you want?
And two packs of Marlboro.
Bro! I'll get it.
Another monkey.
Don't be so rude.
Have you got nothing better to do
than standing around watching?
Go work, you idiot.
Stop it!
-Oh, my God!
-What do you know, wanker!
-Stay here!
-What do you know, wanker?
-Come here!
-Stop it!
Come here, you dick!
Let go of him, you wanker!
Let go of him, you wanker!
Dick! Come here!
-Was that all?
-Stop it!
Calm down!
Was that all?
Are you mad?
What was that about?
What was that about just now?
Who's that wanker
that you should get him cigarettes?
Fuck that bastard!
Fuck him?
You can't fuck the whole word!
I've waited five years for you and not to
do a shit job for five euros per hour!
I'm here now, you're out.
Let's start something.
I'm here, too.
The most important thing is
that nothing happens to Muhammed.
We'll sort out the rest.
When's the fucking bus coming?
I don't want her to go.
Please don't send her away.
Hey, did you start without me?
Okay. Was it nice?
Do you want to eat something else?
Maybe bread?
You and your children!
They're always playing here.
What should I do with my children?
Look at your children!
At least mine are going to school.
Yours play in the street all day.
Stop it. Look at that garbage over there.
It still hasn't been removed.
Ali, man! Turn the music down!
Listen to me.
Come here. Did you hear
that Maria was raped?
There's a psychopath around here.
Oh, my God.
Gunda said that.
Pass me the sugar.
Salaam alaikum.
Oh, Danyal!
-Congratulations. Did you just get out?
-Good, good.
-You are looking good.
-I am good.
Danyal... we have a little work.
-You owe rent. How can we sort it out?
-How much is it?
-Four months, brother.
Is three or four days enough?
-I can't sort it out in three, four days.
-Okay. I'll talk to the landlord.
-I hope we can sort it out.
-I promise.
Okay, I trust you.
Thank you.
The bearded guys were here asking for you.
Ciwan and Ille.
-An hour ago.
Danyal is back in the country.
Back on the street?
What's up?
Calm down.
Suspected possession of firearms.
-You're talking shit, bro.
-I'm not your fucking bro. On your knees.
-I'm not kneeling.
-Calm down.
On your knees.
I'm not kneeling down.
I said, get down on your knees!
I'm not kneeling down!
So you want to play the hero.
Come on, hit me. Hit me!
Come on!
Danyal! Hit me. Come on.
Yes, good boy.
Good boy.
You're back, are you?
You're up to something, aren't you?
Hey! What are you doing, man?
Weapon's drawn!
-You're out of your mind, man!
-Fuck off!
Or this will become
your problem real quick.
Fuck them, man.
Fuck those wankers. Fuck them.
See you later!
Yes. And?
In front of my door?
You know why.
I only just got out yesterday.
Your brother owes us money.
How much?
Thirty plus 20 interest.
That was the deal.
If we don't get our money...
we'll make him our slave.
Nobody will make my brother their slave.
From today on,
I'm the one who owes the money.
I'll need three weeks.
You'll get 30...
and no interest.
If not...
you'll have a problem with us.
Bro... you'll get wet when it rains.
We all get wet when it rains.
I don't need it anymore.
You can't show up with a weapon here.
I need 3,000 euros.
What for?
He'll give you a headache.
Here's five for now.
Five thousand euros, for one goal, bro.
What's up?
No money? Broke?
Do you want me to lend you some?
No, dude, I'm off.
Where to?
Bro, I'll roll one.
What do you think?
Galatasaray or Fenerbahe?
You never say a word, man!
Pocket full of money, but no tip for me.
I went to see Ciwan.
You should have punched him in the face.
Did you hear what he did?
He pulled me across the road by my hair
and kicked me half to death.
And I saw Haizam.
How can you allow someone to beat me up?
My honor is your honor. We're brothers.
That's what you taught me.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here!
What are you feeling?
What are we for you?
What are we for you?
You talk about honor...
you smoke pot...
you drink...
you gamble...
you lie!
Pass me the fucking hammer.
Tanis, Muhammed.
Neglected, obese.
Extreme educational needs.
This boy should be cared for in a home.
You do know...
that you can be prosecuted
for this offense?
This is imminent danger.
This boy has to be picked up today,
brought to the Matthias Home.
But... Mr. Lutz.
He's not at home.
He's visiting some relatives
with his brothers.
You are going to arrange space for him
in the Matthias Home.
You are going to see to it that this boy
is picked up tomorrow morning.
At the very latest, tomorrow morning.
You... are going to organize
police protection for this.
Hey, Paco.
What's up?
Thanks for coming.
Sure thing.
Do you see the bridge over there?
That's where we'll snatch Ciwan,
the bearded guy.
A boat with eight kilograms of coke
will be docking over there soon.
He wants to sell it to Silvan.
We'll snatch the wanker
and sell it to Silvan ourselves.
We'll go into business.
Okay. What about your partner?
Benny? He's a disloyal cunt.
They transferred him to Hamburg.
All right, so 50-50.
-I'm in.
By the way, we'll also cash in
the money for the eight kilograms.
You also want to pull one over
on the supplier?
Don't worry about that.
-Good evening.
-Shut up.
Tell Silvan to come out.
Boss! Someone wants to see you.
Who's there?
It's me.
Come in and turn the light on.
Do you know where Miko is?
You two were together last night.
We weren't.
Okay, go back to sleep.
You're fucking with my head.
What's the matter with you?
What's up with you, Danyal?
I get depressed when I look at you.
Bro, what can I do?
Where shall I start?
What do you mean start?
Here, Danyal. We'll start here.
We'll start here.
Come on over, buddy. Come.
Don't talk about
being in prison for five years.
Brother, this is prison.
These delicacies are my prison.
My father locks me up in the morning
and won't let me out until the evening.
That's prison.
At least you could insult your mother.
Which mother can I insult?
Everything's in here.
Everything's in here, Danyal.
Bro, you've got a sick voice.
Where I come from,
they used to talk about my voice.
In my village, when people see me,
they say, "Assalamu alaikum".
-Just because of your voice?
-I swear.
In with it. Now push. Push.
Okay. Now back.
Muhammed, man.
What's up?
Who are you?
I'm Muhammed's brother.
My name is Tanis.
Here are your forms.
We've already organized everything.
Your family will receive help.
What have you organized and with whom?
Your brother will be transferred
to the Matthias Home.
What are you talking about?
Listen, Mr. Lutz.
Nobody is taking my brother away from us.
Do you understand?
Are you threatening me?
The Matthias Home is our best institution.
I can walk on my own!
Take your hands off me!
Take your hands off me!
We're going home.
We're going home.
Come on, we're going home.
I can walk on my own!
Let's go for a ride.
Paco came to see me the other day.
That wanker?
Yes, that wanker.
What did he want?
He's got Ciwan's supplier.
Why are they doing it?
He wants to rip him off.
He made me a good offer.
-How much?
-Eight kilos for him. The money's for us.
For both of us.
Can we trust him?
If not, he'll get a bullet in his brain.
You can trust me, I trust you.
That's it.
You don't have to do it.
Think about it.
And let me know.
Fifteen minutes exactly.
-Fifteen minutes to relax.
Shut the door.
So it'll stay warm in there.
Shut it.
Man, your brother.
Miko, yes.
We'll bring him upstairs so he can sleep.
Take a seat.
have a cigarette.
We baked this bread today.
What I want to say is...
is life.
People kill people
in this world for bread.
Do you accept this?
That means bread equals life.
Now tell me what comes next?
Greed comes next.
Greed is not this bread.
Greed are the olives.
The cheese.
The wine.
Under the starry sky.
And that's the difference.
We're here...
to live a better life.
The rest of the world...
wants to survive.
What does it do to me?
I've got a brother who's not moving.
How does this help me?
A wise man once said...
"There are people who aren't flexible,
people who are flexible,
and people who move."
And what are you?
Bro, to be honest with you,
I want to move, but only a little bit.
Who said that?
What? Socrates-mocrates.
Brother, here, have some more bread.
No idea who said that.
What shall I do with that bum?
Look at him.
the root...
of patience is bitter...
but the fruit is sweet.
Remember this. Patience.
Well said, brother.
I like that.
I like that a lot.
I have to be patient.
Help me move this bum.
Come on.
Wake up.
Miko, get up.
Get up.
Man, what are you doing?
Look, a new girl.
One pack of Luckies.
What is she wearing?
She's not from here.
What's up with you?
-Maybe she'd be something for you.
-Do you think?
You fucking wanker!
A gambling addict
barely differs from an alcoholic.
Both deny their addiction.
But those that bet on love...
can hope to be healed.
Hey, you faggot.
You're letting a woman fuck you?
Take your hands off me!
Take your hands off me!
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at, dumbass?
Fuck off! You twat!
What are you looking at?
What's going on here?
-How did we end up here?
-Take your hands off me!
The eldest brother
was in jail for five years.
Yes, I read that.
-Listen, we won't go in there on our own.
If the police aren't here in five minutes
or so, we'll just leave.
Apologies for the delay.
-Hello, are you from social services?
-What's going on?
-Picking someone up due to neglect.
All right. Good.
That's the third time this week.
Did you get the money?
I won.
Me too. 200, bro. With Barce.
Give me 50.
Do you know who's crazy?
Your cunt, man!
What cunt?
Silla! They just--
Danyal, they took Muhammed.
-They took Muhammed!
Where's Muhammed?
Where's Silla?
Silla? You wanker!
Where's Muhammed?
Take your hands off me, you asshole!
What did I tell you?
Where's Muhammed?
Where's Muhammed?
You wanker!
What did I tell you? Where's Muhammed?
I told you!
I told you!
Where's Muhammed?
Where's Muhammed?
Where's Muhammed?
I want to talk.
I want to talk.
Those noises all the time.
In the morning, evening,
when I got to sleep.
I always hear these noises.
I have to put money in it!
I need it. I hate it.
I don't know what it is.
It's like an illness, man!
You left us 50,000 euros.
What did you think I'd do with it?
Go to the bank?
Suddenly, I was someone.
I had friends.
I was more than just your little brother.
Mo... bro!
Where were you?
I can't put off my colleague any longer.
I told them that you took Muhammed
to visit some relatives.
That'll buy you some time
to sort out the forms.
I was looking for it.
My Omega.
I wondered if I forgot it here.
No, you didn't, Mr. Mais.
I took it from your jacket.
Thank you for not selling it.
To be honest, nobody wanted it.
What is it even worth?
When you get dealt an unbeatable card...
something that never happens around here
or if you bluff, like most do,
then you risk all you've got.
You call that family.
-I'll do it.
-We're at the harbor.
Can I have it back?
That was a joke, Mr. Mais.
You put all of your eggs into one basket.
Because you have no choice.
How are things at home?
Bad, really bad.
It's bad everywhere.
In countries abroad like Ukraine,
Lebanon, Israel...
everyone's in a bad place.
War means money.
How long are you here for?
A few days.
If you've got time,
you can be my guest tonight.
I'd love that.
Where's my cake?
Your cake's here.
I added some more for you.
But we'll talk next time.
Looks good.
Everything's in there.
As we said, we'll do it.
Let's go get that wanker.
Ciwan. Where's my money?
Down at the dock.
Come on, you wanker.
I'll be there in a sec.
Hands on the steering wheel!
-What's up, man?
-Hands on the steering wheel!
-I said hands on the steering wheel!
-Do you know what I'll do with you?
-You'll see what we're doing with you.
-Put the weapon down.
-Shut up.
-Put the weapon down.
-Shut up. Jackpot.
Let's see if you've still got
such a big mouth.
Have a look at what I want to show you.
Where's my cake?
Your cake's here. I added more for you.
But we'll talk next time.
Your speechless?
Looks good.
Everything's in there.
Listen. Here are your options.
We'll either turn this
into a win-win situation,
or you'll pack your beard softener
and go to prison.
We're partners now. 60-40.
Sixty-forty or beard softener.
Your choice.
And by the way...
if you're interested...
Danyal has the money.
We'll get that, too.
-Exactly, Danyal.
Go on, shoot!
You're not a man!
Dani, they've got MoMo!
I can't hear you. I'm on a scooter.
They've got Muhammed.
What? What's happened?
Where's Muhammed?
Do you have a girlfriend?
How many?
I don't believe you.
-Ciwan has got Muhammed.
-Ciwan has got Muhammed!
Another one?
All right, one more.
One more.
Paco sold us out to them.
He's waiting for you in the old garage.
He wants his money.
His money!
What a wanker!
Ciwan, Danyal is on his way.
Send him in.
Here's your fucking money.
Where's the weapon?
We all get wet when it rains.
They say blood's thicker than water.
A long time ago, one had to bleed
for other people's sins.
Fucking shit, man!
Go get help!
Muhammed, go get help! Please get help!
Shit, man!
What? Paco, that rat?
He's got to go.
I've still got an axe to grind with him.
His partner's gone.
I see.
He's losing it.
They also say pride comes before a fall.
One day, even the greatest of bluffers
will have to show his cards.
Woe to those who push their luck.
May God have mercy on them.
You're looking good, too.
You can give them to her.
Whatever. I tried.
Dude, I'm off.
-See ya.
-See ya.
In gambling, there's always one player
who loses on purpose.
This happens when he's got an axe to grind
with one of the other players.
This type of player
is gambling for the moment.
Far away from reality.
Not for the win, but for revenge.
Gambling debts are debts of honor.
Those who can't settle them will die.
A wolf with no teeth.
Let's roll the dice.
And the game never ends.