Family Blood (2018) Movie Script

Mom? Bobby?
Where are they?
Don't open the door, Kristen.
I love them, like I love you.
I really wish
That I could bring them back.
I could have
but I couldn't
help myself.
And I tried this time. I really did try.
This doesn't work.
And I wish that it did.
Uh, no.
You should go before it's too late.
I'm sorry.
I've roared through my family,
so they don't want me around no more.
My friends,
they don't want me around no more.
Shit, there are times
when I don't want me around no more.
I've lived in alleyways,
under bridges, and then
I found this this cool park
so big that I can get lost in it
when I want to.
Then one day,
I saw these weirdos walking
into the building across the street.
I saw it through this tunnel,
like it was magical and shit.
I wanted to know
what was going on in there,
and if there was any food
or maybe drugs.
So, here I am.
I wasn't expecting any of this.
But, um, maybe this is some of that
act of God type shit,
that I found this place
and all of you people
and all that food over there.
My name is Eddie, and I'm an addict.
Thank you.
Thanks, Eddie.
My name is Ellie, and I'm an addict.
Welcome, Ellie.
Hi, Ellie.
Sorry, I've, um
It's hard doing this all over again
in a new place.
It's okay.
It's just that I just moved here.
So here goes. Um
It started with one drink.
And then that one went into another,
and then a whole hell of a lot more.
I was an addict, but I thought,
It's no big deal. Everyone is, kind of.
But, um
I thought, This is
I can handle this. This is easy.
But then I I hurt my back.
And they gave me these pills,
these goddamn pills.
And they took the edge off
like nothing else.
Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to say
what drug, sorry.
But they took the life out of life,
which was exactly what I wanted.
my husband left me
which, to be honest,
wasn't such a bad thing.
But I lost my kids.
And, uh
at first, I didn't really care,
because I wanted the pills
more than I wanted them.
I can't believe I'm saying that right now.
Anyway, I got my kids back.
And we have a new home
and hopefully some new friends.
My Lola don't like the smell of smoke
inside the house.
We just moved here.
I heard all the noise.
There's been a lot around here lately.
Screws, nails, sharp edges.
And they say they're trying
to make this neighborhood safer.
I'm not leaving.
You're not buying me out.
We're just renting.
We just moved into our new house.
It's huge.
It's not in the best of neighborhoods.
Little sketchy.
Um, I just wanted to tell you
thank you so much for this opportunity.
I I couldn't No, I really couldn't
have done it without you.
I really appreciate it.
Yeah, the kids are doing well.
Up. Come on. Hurry.
Come on. There could be a fire.
There's no fire.
It's just my stupid brother.
I called your mother.
This has been
a pretty eventful first few days, Kyle.
You got into a fight
defaced school property,
and then another fight.
Do you have anything to say for yourself?
I didn't tag the bulletin board.
In order to stay here,
you have to want to be here.
I don't wanna be here.
Well, you won't be.
Not this week.
Wait outside for your mother.
Meegan, get in here.
You get suspended?
Yeah. Yeah.
He's an asshole.
He's a huge asshole.
The second fight wasn't really a fight.
It was just you getting the shit
beat out of you type of thing.
What'd you do?
Tagged a bulletin board.
I like your work.
Can I see?
Ah, come on. You saw my work.
Wow like they suck wow, or wow what?
Wow like you might be
a serial killer, Kyle.
In a good way.
Mom? Kyle?
Mom? Kyle?
Have you talked to Dad yet?
He's gonna be so pissed.
I tried to call a few times
since we've gotten here,
but he hasn't answered.
He's traveling.
He's always traveling.
For work.
Why haven't you unpacked yet?
You know,
you can at least try cheering up a bit.
Kyle, you're being a child.
Can you just get the hell out of my room?
Look, I know
you don't ever want to listen to me,
and I know I don't deserve
to say anything to you,
but please don't screw up your life
because you're mad at me.
I promise this time it'll be different.
You say that every time.
I'm going for a run.
You don't have to call it that.
I know.
Why do you always go for a run so late?
It's not that late.
Kyle said it's a bad neighborhood.
It's not bad.
Maybe it once was,
but it's being gentrified, which means
I know what it means.
Rich white people move in
and kick everyone else out.
You're my little girl.
Mom, I'm 13.
I'm gonna be 14 in two months.
I know, I know. Don't remind me.
So, first off,
is there anyone
who's at their first meeting
or from out of town?
Uh, yeah.
I don't know whether to sit or stand,
but they always stand in the movies, so
You can do
whatever makes you feel comfortable.
Thanks. Um
I'm Christopher,
and I'm not sure what I am.
Welcome, Christopher.
Hello, Christopher.
Thank you for being so welcoming.
Yeah, I guess I am an addict. I just
I never thought about it that way.
And I've
I've just torn through so many people
and I can't stop myself.
So I guess that is an addiction.
And I need help.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
Thanks, Christopher.
Thanks, Christopher.
My name is Ellie, and I'm an addict.
Hi, Ellie.
I got a new job.
My friend, she's a tenured professor.
She's my age, and she got me it.
But sometimes it's a little hard, because
I should be where she is right now.
But anyway, I'm not supposed to be
thinking about stuff like that, right? So
Shit, I'm really trying, but
I swear to God, I'm trying.
My name's Ellie, and I'm an addict.
Thanks, Ellie.
Thanks, Ellie.
Eddie. You weren't at the meeting.
Are you okay? You need anything?
Okay, well, uh
I'll see you at the next meeting, okay?
You take care of yourself.
Do you need anything?
In there. You said that you do pills.
I said I used to.
Fuck you.
This is better
than your suburban housewife shit.
Come on, Mom. Time to go.
I'm up. I'm up, baby.
Just go get ready for school.
I am ready to go to school.
What happened to your head?
I, uh
I tripped while walking to the car.
Can I see?
Okay, well,
it's not as bad as it looks, right?
I don't see anything.
I guess I didn't hurt myself
as bad as I thought.
It was dark.
I used to watch this with my mom.
Admit to God, ourselves,
and others our wrongs.
Ready for God to remove
defects of character.
Ask him to remove our shortcomings.
Made a list of harmed
and willing to make amends.
Then make amends.
Be accountable and admit when wrong.
Pray for the knowledge of his will
and the power to carry it out.
Then be awakened through these steps,
and practice them
throughout everything in our lives.
My name is Ellie, and I'm an addict.
Hi, Ellie.
I don't deserve this.
Careful. Mug's hot.
Anything else?
No, we're good. Thanks.
Thanks for getting coffee with me.
I don't think I'm the best person
to talk to about this.
You might be the only person
to talk to about this.
I don't know,
I just needed somebody to talk to whose
life is only slightly less screwed up
than mine.
I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
I mean, I don't know.
I probably wouldn't have
believed you otherwise.
Well, the program works
and people fall.
But you just keep getting up again.
Sometimes you just wish
that there was one thing in the world
that you didn't have to put
all of your effort into controlling.
And that would make all the difference.
I hope you find it.
That one thing.
Cheers to that, right?
You all right?
Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry.
No, don't be sorry.
Did I get you?
No, I'm fine.
How many did you take?
It's not the pills, baby.
Did you find anything?
Just go get ready for school.
You know, you didn't find any pills.
So maybe that means
She can get them from anywhere, Amy.
So, what? You've just given up on her?
Look, Amy,
I'm not going through this shit again.
You know what I like about your sketches?
They make me feel like I'm at home
no matter where we live.
You didn't come to the meeting.
I got worried.
I know what you're going through.
No, you don't understand.
I know exactly what you're going through.
When I saw you on that swing in the park,
you looked so peaceful
but troubled.
I just wanted to protect you.
I made sure that no one can ever hurt you.
Because I turned you
into whatever it is that I am.
It gets easier,
but you don't want to do it alone.
Do you want to invite me inside
so we can talk about this?
I want you to leave me alone.
It's too late.
She's so screwed up
she can't say anything about it.
You ever thought that maybe
it was something else other than drugs?
Like what?
I would take the El
and come here with my mom.
She was the art history teacher
at the college,
so whenever she got done with class,
she'd come find me, and she'd get me out.
And we'd sit here and look at it,
try to figure it out.
Well, you know
it says right next to it, right?
We never read it. It felt like cheating.
Well, you know, a little help never hurts.
She never told us she was sick.
I guess she thought
she could handle it on her own
without worrying us about it.
And I-I knew. I knew something was wrong.
I would ask her
if she wanted to talk about it.
And we'd just sit here,
talking about this instead.
You know, and
I wish I pushed her
till she told me what it was.
And by the time she told us,
it was too late.
Just do yourself a favor
and talk to her while you still can.
You want me to tell you what it says?
I want to keep guessing
until you tell me I'm right,
no matter how many times
we have to come back here.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to tell the difference.
Accepting hardships
as the pathway to peace,
living one day at a time,
enjoying one moment at a time.
What's the matter?
I heard something.
Where's Mom?
I don't know.
Go to your room.
Uh, wha
I'm fine. I just
I just need a moment to myself, okay?
Let me help you.
No, just, I'm fine, all right?
Just-Just leave me alone for a bit.
I don't need your help.
Mom, I'm not going anywhere
until you tell me what's wrong.
You can't help me!
Mom? Mom, where are you?
Get in the car.
Where are we going?
To Dad's.
What do you want?
Have you seen Lola?
She hasn't come back all night.
She always comes back.
No, I haven't.
Can I check your basement?
Lola. Lola, where are you?
Come on, baby. Come on. Come on, sugar.
What the hell's wrong with you?
A lot.
Are you feeling all right?
I told you he's not home.
He isn't traveling.
He just says that because
he doesn't want to deal with the shit.
So we're part of the shit?
She's never gonna get better, is she?
It's Dad.
Told you.
At least Mom wants us.
I'm going back.
Go upstairs.
Turn it off, Kyle.
Please. I don't want you to see.
See what?
Just turn it off!
Mom, why did you kill her?
For her blood.
Someone turned me into this.
I don't know what he was.
You should leave right now.
That knife's not gonna help you.
Just call the police. Do whatever it is
you need to do, but do it now.
Did you kill anyone else?
Did you call the police yet?
Not yet.
Maybe you should.
Can I help you?
Yeah. I'm a friend of your mother's
from her meetings. Christopher.
Look, now's not really a good time.
Why? Is everything all right?
You can let him in.
He's the one, Kyle.
If you let me inside,
we can talk about this.
You're a Shh.
No. Don't say it. It's made up anyway.
Are you gonna let me inside?
You can only come in if I invite you in.
No, I was just being polite.
Let him go!
Why would you do this to her?
Because I care about her, Kyle.
Is it curable?
Is it?
It's just like any other addiction.
It's manageable.
But this part will pass.
God! Just go!
Kyle Leave!
No, it's okay. It's all right.
Sit down, Kyle.
Ten Ways to Kill a Vampire. That's cute.
No. No.
Yes, but no. No.
Your mother wants me to stay.
That was on the list, by the way.
It's all gonna be okay.
You stayed.
She's sleeping, Kyle.
She's tired.
We all are.
The daylight is just another myth.
Just give her some time.
She'll seem more normal
maybe even better than before.
You know those pills
that tore apart your family?
She'll never use them again.
She can't.
You know, I saw that gargoyle
in your sketchbook.
Did you know that people
put gargoyles above their entrances
to keep out the evil?
What first appears as a monster
is only there to keep you safe.
There's a lot of bad in the world.
I'm talking about real evil.
For future reference, Kyle, the knife
doesn't work.
Kyle, where are you going?
I don't have time to talk right now.
What happened? What happened?
Don't worry about me.
Is this because you talked to her?
I have to go.
I'm sorry, okay? It was bad advice.
I have to go.
Hey, baby.
What are you doing here?
I've come to take you home.
Does Dad know you're here?
I'm gonna be right outside the door.
Hi, you've reached Tom.
We can't come to the phone right now.
Leave a message. I'll call you back.
Don't open this door,
no matter what you hear, okay?
Amy. AMY: Okay.
Stay away from my son.
Kyle, leave us alone.
Christopher and I need to talk.
Please leave us alone.
Close the door.
It doesn't get easier.
No. It doesn't.
But at least we're together.
A stake works.
Where's Kyle?
Kyle? You okay?
Meegan, go.
Mom, please.
Please don't hurt her. Please. Stop.
Please. No!
I can save her, but she'll,
she'll be like me.
What do you want me to do?
No one should be like this.
I called the police.
Let's go. Let's go. Go.
Go to the basement.
Kyle, go!
Go to the basement. I said go.
Go. Go. Go.
Don't leave me.
You're my little girl.
Please just get in the basement. Please.
Get in the basement.
We have blood.
I'll check downstairs.
Got it.
Go. Come on.
I don't think I can fit. What do I do?
Amy, push.
I'm trying.
Hey, we got blood up here.
No bodies.
I'm gonna radio dispatch.
Amy, run.
Kyle, I don't want to leave you.
Go. Amy, run.
Run, Amy!
Where's Amy?
She's gone.
Maybe you should go too.
I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna stay.
Here, with you.
No matter what. I love you.
I love you.
I love you too.
Please let go of me.
Let Mom?
No, no, no, no.
Oh, my God.
Do it, Kyle!
Here. Here. Have it.
No, no.
Oh, my God, Kyle. Kyle.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
No. Please. Don't go away too.
Oh, my God.
Let me help.
No! Just go away!
Just leave!
Please don't leave me.
Please. Kyle, I need you.
Please stay.
I hit rock bottom.
I thought I hit it many times, but
then when I finally did, I knew.
'Cause all I had to do was look up
from the hole I dug.
And I could barely see my kids from there.
They were so small.
And now with every day that goes by,
they're getting bigger and bigger.
And I just
I hope that one day I can bring
our family back together again.
My name is Christine, and I'm an addict.