Family Dinner (2022) Movie Script

Hello? Anybody home?
-Simi. Hello.
-Aunt Claudia ...
-We didn't expect you until tonight.
-No problem.
Nice to have you here.
We've had this house so long
and we've still not finished renovating.
But Stefan wants to do everything himself.
And that takes time.
You're only here at weekends
and for holidays, right?
At the moment, we're here all the time.
There's so much to do.
I hope you don't mind sharing
the room with Filipp.
No, not at all.
Don't worry, you'll get the good bed.
-But I don't want to be a bother.
-Not at all. You're our guest.
CUNWhy did you want to visit us
during the Easter holidays?
Well, I haven't seen you
since you and Uncle Max got divorced.
Well ...
It's normal for your mum
to stick by her brother.
How much did you pack
for a four-day trip?
Four days? I thought
I could stay until Easter Monday.
No. We agreed on Good Friday
with your mum.
You can't stay that long.
Is it a problem that I'm here?
No, not at all.
It's just that... Easter
is a private family celebration for us.
It'd be weird if you were there.
I'm really happy that you're here.
-Hi, Simi.
-Hi, Mum.
-How are you?
-It's a bit chilly here.
But otherwise, everything's fine.
-Did you pack warm jumpers?
Listen, Mum...
Can I come back on Friday after all?
Of course, darling.
Is everything all right?
Yes, everything's fine.
I just got something mixed up.
Oh my.
Didn't Aunt Claudia want to help you?
I haven't asked her yet.
Hey, I told you
that it's not such a good idea.
I know, Mum.
-Bye, darling.
Our guest first.
Everything's organic and from the region.
-Just take as much as you like.
-It's okay.
Help yourself if you want some more.
Wait a bit, it's too hot for you.
Thanks, Mum.
Enjoy your meal, Simi.
Enjoy your meal.
What about you?
We're not eating anything.
Before Easter comes Lent.
Are you religious?
Well, not in the traditional way.
-Why are you staring?
-I'm not.
-Does it make you horny?
You never get picked up, right?
It's no surprise.
Here, your water.
Your mobile, please.
Tuck yourself in
or you'll get sick again.
-Good night, my darling.
-Good night.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
-Good morning.
It seems I'm not the only one
exercising so early in the morning.
Want some breakfast?
Take whatever you like.
I'll have something later.
Don't tell Claudia. We're fasting.
What's that pile of wood in the forest?
It's for the Easter bonfire.
We wanted to have one this year.
Come on, help yourself. Otherwise
Claudia will notice I've eaten something.
I need to take a shower first.
Aunt Claudia?
I've made some room for you here.
But I can do that myself.
You've really studied this, haven't you?
Well, I read it.
Did you come here
so I could help you lose weight?
-No, no.
I'm very busy right now and you need
lots of time to do this properly.
You understand, right?
Of course.
But I can point you
in the right direction.
-Simi, have you seen Filipp anywhere?
-Filipp has disappeared.
Yes. I've looked everywhere,
but he's not there.
Maybe he went into town?
He knows that he can't go alone.
-Something must have happened to him.
-You think so?
It's getting dark outside.
We have to search for him.
He can't spend the night out there alone.
We need to call the police.
I think I know where he might be.
-Found him.
He was playing and when it got dark,
he couldn't find his way back home.
If something had happened to him...
Oh God.
I changed my mind.
Maybe I can help you lose some weight.
-Well, only if you want me to.
Yes, I'd love to.
Thank you, Aunt Claudia.
You should stay until Sunday.
-So we have enough time.
It'll get you warmed up again, darling.
-Am I getting something else?
Nothing at all?
We need to detox your body.
Enjoy your meal.
And for how long?
Until Sunday.
-Until Sunday?
-That long?
And when you've been detoxified,
we'll put you on a low-calorie diet.
Come on, don't be shy.
Pull them down a bit.
Very good.
You are my pupil now.
I expect you to pull this through.
I don't help just anybody.
If I notice you're not taking
this seriously, I'll quit.
Can I sleep somewhere else?
But why?
These things happen in the country.
Did you do that?
If you want, you can sleep
in the living room.
How's it going with the diet?
You know...
You don't have to lose weight.
You're a pretty young woman
just the way you are.
Anyway. You know better
if it's worth the hassle.
-Good night.
-Good night.
It's so good.
-Can I have another one, Mum?
-Of course, Filippi.
Simi, come here for a second.
Can you explain this? What's this?
Do you know how many
additives are in this?
Trans fats. E322!
What you eat becomes part of you.
Do you want this in your body?
-That's not mine.
-Then how did it get in your bag?
Filipp must've put it there.
Maybe it was a mistake to let you stay.
I told you I'd quit
if you didn't take this seriously.
No, please, Aunt Claudia.
I take this seriously. Really.
Please, let me stay.
Everybody makes a mistake.
But this is too much.
-I thought you wanted to be my pupil.
-I'll do whatever you say.
This can't happen again.
Okay. Hold it like this for half an hour,
and it'll stop hurting.
What happened?
He was clumsy and fell.
I told you not to play so wildly,
didn't I, darling?
But here's your favourite dish
to make up for the pain.
There you go.
Thanks, Mum.
Ouch! No violence, okay?
But joking aside:
we don't have be so strict.
Simone has had enough, too. Right?
No. No, I'm fine. I'm not hungry.
Aunt Claudia?
Is it possible that Filipp didn't fall?
What do you mean?
-That Stefan...
I know it doesn't always show,
but Stefan really likes Filipp a lot.
And it's only the first day.
I've got something for you.
It gives you strength.
Whenever you touch it,
the feeling of hunger will go away.
You can do this.
I believe in you.
Simi, time to put the mouse incident
behind us, don't you agree?
-But I...
-You can't sleep here tonight.
I have to work.
Are you working on your new book?
We'll see.
I haven't found a publisher yet.
But why?
All your books have been a success.
The success is in the past.
The more complex the topics,
the less people understand them.
What is it about?
About food in ancient cultures
and what we can learn from them.
There's a universal knowledge
that you can find in all ancient cultures.
Can I read it?
I'm sure you want to sleep
in a proper bed tonight, no?
-Good night.
-Good night.
-What are you doing here?
-I... I wanted...
You can't restrain yourself, can you?
I can understand.
I can't restrain myself either.
Well... I tried.
It's not enough. Right?
You're a pretty young woman.
A very pretty young woman.
Everything's alright.
-Morning, Simi.
-Good morning.
-You look tired.
-I didn't sleep well.
It's a good sign.
It means your body is working
and has started burning fat.
Morning, Simone. Did you sleep well?
-I'm going hunting.
-Hold on a second.
I'd like Filipp to go with you.
Please not.
You've spent
so little time together lately.
And I'd like you to have
a good relationship with him.
Specially now.
All right.
Be ready in 10 minutes.
Or there'll be a hunting accident.
Did you hear?
Do I really have to go?
It'll be fun. And he'll be glad.
Just the two of you. A real boys' day.
-I don't want to be alone with Stefan.
-You're going anyway.
End of story.
Can I go with them?
With Stefan and Filipp?
Okay... Well, I don't see why not.
It's a good idea for Simi to join you.
Right, darling?
Hold your breath.
Not too bad.
What are you looking at? Come.
Don't let it suffer.
You have to make a quick cut.
Did you hear me?
Go on.
Go on, do it!
Put the knife here and then like this.
Let's go.
Can you please put this poor animal
out of its misery at last?
Don't look at me!
And, are you proud of yourself?
Get lost.
-And you can come with me.
-Where to?
You have to finish what you started.
I never thought you'd be capable of this.
But... still waters run deep. Right?
Maybe Claudia
was right about you, after all.
Hold this.
Hold this!
You don't like Filipp, right?
You can't let an animal suffer.
If it has no chance of surviving...
... it has to die.
That's the law of nature.
Is this for Easter Sunday?
You're staying until Sunday,
so you'll see.
Throw that away, will you.
And Simone?
Well done.
Fuck off, you fat cow!
I just wanted to help.
Great help you were.
You know, if Stefan was my stepfather,
I'd try to run away, too.
Stefan is an arsehole
and he treats me like shit.
But I wouldn't run away because of him.
Why then?
Because of Mum.
Because of Aunt Claudia?
I think she's going to do me harm.
Something terrible.
You're crazy.
Whenever I find friends at school,
I have to change school.
And now we're out here all the time.
She's a psychopath.
You're totally crazy.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
-After all, you're her new darling.
-You know what?
You're an idiot.
You don't want to admit that I'm right,
because you want her to make you thin.
Fuck you!
Your bone structure is perfect.
With an ideal body weight,
you'll have a sexy body.
What's wrong?
You look preoccupied.
No, everything's fine.
Filipp told me something,
but it's just nonsense.
What did he tell you?
He said that he...
that he's scared of you.
Because you want to do him harm.
Aunt Claudia?
Filipp isn't quite well, Simi.
He has a mixed personality disorder.
What's that?
I'm sure you've noticed
his aggressive behaviour.
That's due to the disorder.
And the paranoia, too.
It's been getting worse
in the past few years.
We've seen
who knows how many doctors.
I had to take him out of school
a few times because of this.
He told me you did it to isolate him.
His teachers asked me to do it,
I didn't want to.
And it's not the first time
he tried to run away.
I don't know what to do.
He's the most important thing to me.
I love him so much.
I didn't want to tell you anything.
I didn't want to upset you.
But it was stupid of me.
We should trust each other.
Thank you.
Here, your water.
Your mobile, please.
-Good night, my darling. I love you.
-Good night.
I love you, Mum.
-You see? I told you.
-She hates me.
-She doesn't hate you.
If she threatens me,
I'll stab her to death.
Have you lost it?
You're teaming up with her!
What's she going to do to me?
-Filipp, put the knife away.
-Did she tell you anything?
No. No. I swear.
-I swear.
-Fucking idiot!
Filipp, I... I...
You don't understand.
Yes, Claudia always was a bit esoteric.
But it's harmless.
Do you feel uncomfortable there?
Do you want to come back home?
Well, I think it'd be best.
-I can pick you up, okay?
-Who are you talking to?
-Shall I pick you up? Simi?
-With my Mum.
I'll call you later
and we'll arrange it then.
And, what did she say?
Nothing special.
Really? You sounded so serious.
-You'd tell me if something was up?
Hi, Simi.
Would you like to give me a hand?
There's still so much to do before Easter.
Aunt Claudia, have you seen my mobile?
Did you look in your room?
I saw you with it there.
I did, but it's not there.
These things happen
if you're not careful.
-Get changed and wash your hands.
-What do you want from me now?
I was just wondering
if you were planning to run away again.
If so, I'd like to join you.
-Did Mum send you?
-Fuck off.
-You rat on me and now I should trust you?
-But Filipp...
And anyway... they're so strict
I wouldn't be able to get away now.
Good Friday is actually a day of fasting,
but we'll make an exception for Filipp.
Hunted by Filipp himself.
Well, he had help from Simone.
Take as much as you like.
Aunt Claudia?
I want to quit the diet.
Excuse me?
I can't go on anymore. I'm so hungry.
But why, Simi?
I have to eat something.
Simi, I know how difficult this is.
-You have to stick it out.
What are you doing?
You can have some.
Oh, I see what's going on here.
Take it back. Now!
Filipp, you don't have to.
Your stupid rules.
You just make them up to suit you.
That's why your books
don't sell so well anymore.
Because they're full of bullshit.
Take back your plate.
Do as your mother says!
Take back your plate.
Filipp, please, you really don't have to.
Take back your plate.
Take back your plate.
Filipp, please take back your plate.
I don't want your food.
Leave me alone. Please.
Take your fucking plate!
And now, eat.
Filipp almost managed
to ruin everything for us.
Believe me, it hurts me more than him.
That's his disorder.
He manipulates us
and destroys all the love in this family.
But I promise,
soon everything will be fine with Filipp.
We will be united as a family
on Easter Sunday again.
And you'll be part of the family, right?
It's maybe hard to understand,
but don't think badly of me.
Everything is going to be all right.
Everything I do,
I only do it because I love you.
I promise.
I love you, darling.
I love you, too, Mum.
Good night.
-Good night, Simi.
-Good night.
The first train to Vienna
leaves at 7:55 a.m.
It'll take about 90 minutes
to walk to the train station.
I'd say we leave at 6.
Why do you want to lose weight so badly?
Maybe you should try
to like your body the way it is.
Maybe you should stop telling me
how I should feel about my body.
I just talked to Filipp's dad.
Filipp is with him in Vienna.
I don't know where he got the key from.
-Did you notice anything?
Never mind. He's all right.
-Uncle Stefan?
Can I ask you something?
Make it quick. I have things to do.
I just wondered if you...
Could you take me home, please?
-To Vienna.
-To Vienna?
Where's this come from?
I miss my mum.
-And you'd rather spend Easter with her?
-Okay. Too bad.
It would've been nice to have you here.
-Go and pack your things.
Aunt Claudia?
Are you very sad
that Filipp isn't here anymore?
Maybe it's better this way.
I'm so sorry for what I did yesterday.
It's inexcusable.
A mother must not treat her son like that.
No matter what happens.
But things just escalated
over the past few days.
You haven't had
a very nice time here, have you?
I have.
I owe you an apology.
I'm very happy that you're here.
about your diet...
if it's too hard for you...
then of course I understand.
Maybe I expected too much of you.
You need a lot of strength
to pull this off
and you must know your limits.
Well, I...
No, I'm not forcing you to do something
you don't want.
Are you ready?
We can leave now.
Actually, I'd like to stay.
I changed my mind.
-Are you sure?
Maybe it'd be better
if I took you back to your mum.
I'd like to pull this through.
You do know you'll have
to take part in all the Easter hokum?
Okay. If you're going to stay,
you have to take it seriously.
I don't believe in these things,
but they're important to Aunt Claudia.
And if it's important to her,
it's important to me too.
You will be beautiful.
I left a blouse on your bed.
I think it'll fit you.
Thank you.
I'm so happy that you're with us.
The wheel of the year
has come full circle.
Spring approaches.
A new beginning.
Death and rebirth.
Our ancestors knew about the power
of this special day.
We have cleansed our bodies.
We are ready.
We take this food into our bodies,
so it becomes one with us.
We cherish this food
and feel its essence in us.
We think of those
who cannot be here with us now,
but will always be a part of us.
And now, let's eat.
Today, you can eat
as much as you like, Simi.
I hope you appreciate the exceptional
honour of sharing this food with us.
There you go.
Simi, aren't you hungry?
And? Is it good?
This was beautiful.
Thanks for being with us.
I'll take you to Vienna
tomorrow afternoon.
But if you like, I can ask your mum
if you can stay a few more days.
No, I have to go to school.
But you'll visit us again soon?
-Good night.
-Good night.
Sleep tight.
Filipp? Are you here?
Everything's okay.
Everything's okay.
Why did you have to come in here?
You knew it already.
You knew perfectly well
what we were eating.
Look at me. Look at me!
You wanted to stay, didn't you?
-Yes, you did. Because you're strong.
Of course not. No.
You know what?
I'll call the police tomorrow.
And I'll tell them
that Filipp has run away again. Okay?
Then I'll take you back to Vienna,
to your mum,
and you'll never have
to think about it again. Okay?
All right. Come on, let's go.
I'm sorry.
Let's go to bed. Come.
Everything's okay.
You bastard!
Stop her!
Simi, where are you?
Simi. Simi.
Simi, come out.
You don't have to be scared.
What we did was beautiful.
Filipp... Now he'll always be with us.
He'll live on forever within us.
Don't you feel him inside your body?
Simi, you said you understood me.
You're my pupil.
I trusted you.
I trusted you so much
that I shared the most important thing
I ever had with you!
Simi, come on. Come out!
Please don't.