Family of Two (A Mother and Son's Story) (2023) Movie Script

You're wrong!
Mom, what you're used to doing
isn't always right.
It's not logical. It should be put down.
No. You're wrong, Matty.
It should be put down.
And what law says that?
Mom, I found on Google that it's
more hygienic to cover the toilet seat
to trap the germs when flushing.
The Internet doesn't pee!
And that cover can't trap germs!
See, what if men pee
and it splatters? Yuck!
First of all, Mom,
I'm a sharpshooter when I pee.
And is it too much to put
the seat down before you use it?
Oh, gosh, Matty!
You have no idea of the time
when I couldn't hold my pee
and made a mess 'cause the seat was down!
Don't you dare to put it down!
Mateo Alfredo!
She's so stubborn!
- Ma!
- Yes?
Where are you? I'm running late.
I'm in the kitchen. Hold on.
Come on, our house isn't that big.
I'm in the kitchen!
I can't hear you.
Take a ride going here then.
- As if our house is big.
- Ma!
- Mom, where are you?
- Come here!
- Silly boy. Come here.
- Ma.
- You're so silly.
- Whoa!
That looks like a feast!
Of course, for lunch,
you should have rice and a viand.
Plus snacks and dessert. Here you go.
There you go. Here.
Mom, I can always buy food
or have it delivered.
You're not even sure
if that food is clean.
You could even get hepatitis.
Mom, why would I order unsanitary food?
Come on, let me be.
I'm happy doing this. Just let me be.
Mom, all I want is for you
to enjoy your life.
But I enjoy taking care of you.
Okay. I have to go.
You shouldn't skip breakfast.
I'm running late. My car is coding today,
- Do you have your phone with you?
- Yes.
- Your ID? Driver's license?
- I got them.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. Check!
Drive carefully.
There are crazy drivers on the road.
Yes, Mom.
You know why?
Because they all skipped breakfast.
Fine, Mom. I'll eat.
- For five minutes.
- Let's go!
- Five minutes? Come quickly, then.
- Just five.
Hurry up.
I already had two traffic violations.
It's tedious to claim the license
at their office.
Then you better hurry.
You're the one eating.
Okay. Hold on.
See? I cooked so much for you.
How could you just go?
Wow! Looks yummy!
There... Wait.
- Okay.
- Let's go!
Didn't I tell you?
You should eat like a king for breakfast.
- Yes, Mom.
- A king.
What do you want for dinner?
Dinner on my first bite?
It's breakfast.
I need to prepare. Come on.
Mom, don't make feeding me a hobby.
This is so good.
Your hobby should be going out
with friends. Do Zumba or play badminton.
If you only let me work.
Mom, you're done with that.
I got you covered, okay?
I'm already 28 years old.
Enjoy life, Mom.
I enjoy taking care of you.
I know, but that can't last forever.
At one point, I should take care of you.
- For now, this is my last bite.
- What do you...
My boss will be mad again
if I come in late.
- You might get indigestion, Matty.
- It's fine.
- Okay, Mom.
- Chew well before swallowing...
Come on.
This is for real.
I really have to go.
Are you sure?
- Mateo!
- Yes.
Why not put all these
stuff in one luggage?
- Carry-on.
- These are just food you make me bring.
That's given so bring
a carry-on for convenience.
- Mom, my laptop.
- Oh, wait!
- So much stuff.
- Thank you.
Son, as usual, be careful.
If there's a holdupper...
Yes, Mom.
- Give them everything.
- Holdupper?
Let them be. Don't try to fight back.
- Cellphone, car, money...
- Yes.
Give it all...
can be replaced,
but life is irreplaceable.
- Okay?
- Yes.
And always pray for protection.
- Always. And this is a...
- Recording.
Very good. Okay, see you later.
- Love you, bye!
- Okay.
- I love you, son.
- Thank you, Mom.
He's waiting for someone...
- Hey!
- Hi, pretty boy!
- Morning.
- Waiting?
- You...
- Let's go. Hurry up.
Oh, yeah?
What did the client say?
Then call the manager.
It's common sense to contact the manager.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Don't you think your plants are now dizzy?
You plant them. Uproot them.
Plant again. Uproot again.
Let my plants be,
they're not bothering you.
Have it approved by the client today.
ASAP. All right?
Yes, ma'am.
You didn't have to consult me.
You could have made a decision.
Don't be stressed?
You started my day with that.
You're tongue-tied, again?
Not a single word from you.
I told you, you need an icebreaker.
Send her a text.
That's how it works now. Online.
Send her something like...
- "What are you wearing?"
- Hey.
There will be a Zumba class at the hall.
Let's go. Come with me.
I can't. Let's do it next time, I'm busy.
Busy with what?
Gardening and cooking.
It's just the two of you.
Just order a burger.
No, thanks, I prefer home-cooked meals.
Fine. You're ignoring me already.
- I'll just go.
- Bye.
- All right! The highlight of the day!
- My food is plain.
- My lunch is so ordinary.
- What's up?
Okay, let's open it?
- You're more excited than me.
- Of course.
Matty, enjoy your lunch.
Preheat it for about 30 seconds,
medium-high in the microwave, okay? Mama.
- Why?
- You're more persistent.
- Hey, can you check...
- Don't you touch my food.
- You always eat my food first.
- You're just like me!
Let's have lunch.
No, thank you. I'm good with coffee.
Ms. Zari, Matty brought a lot.
- I'm good, thank you!
- Have a seat.
- We have a lot.
- Are you sure, ma'am?
You know what? I don't think my boss eats.
She gets by with coffee the whole day.
But she doesn't get hungry.
She's too workaholic. Why don't she...
And her food...
That's because
she doesn't have a love life.
Oh, please, Paeng. As if you have one.
I do!
- How many?
- Really?
- Ask me who.
- Who?
- Who?
- How many?
Depends on the day!
Wow! Feeling handsome.
You're on lunch break?
Yes, Mom.
Why are you at your desk?
You should eat properly.
Why did you call, Mom?
Oh, please. I'm just checking on you.
Do you have a boyfriend now?
When will you visit me?
The weather is nice.
It's springtime, come here.
I still have work to do.
I have to go, Mom. Bye.
Too low, huh?
You're so happy even
if you haven't drunk yet.
We sound like a networking group.
Bro! Your friends are here. Come on.
Good thing, your mom allowed you.
- You fool!
- True.
Stop picking on him.
Good thing he is hanging out with us.
I was just asking...
He's very sweet to his mom.
Do you have parents?
Whoa! Harsh!
You're asking me? How long
have we been working together?
- Just kidding.
- Paeng...
Of course, I have parents.
You think I popped up like a mushroom?
Didn't you?
- That's so high.
- You're too much.
- That's too much.
- What about it?
- How many have you had?
- A lot.
- I really thought you did...
- Let's cheers!
Hey, Darnelo!
- Is your boss coming?
- Ah, Darnelo, huh?
- She said, she'll follow.
- Cheers.
She said that?
Good evening, ma'am! It's late.
- Yeah.
- Let's eat.
Looks delicious.
It's from Sir Mateo.
- Be safe, ma'am.
- Thank you.
My boss can't come anymore.
- She's occupied.
- What?
- Oh...
- She said she'll follow.
- Come on, it's not...
- No...
Matty, my son...
don't stay too late. Drive safely.
It's payday.
Lots of drunkards are on the road.
Good, you're here.
I'm so hungry that my head hurts.
- Mom, why did you have to wait for me?
- Huh?
It's just the two of us.
We should eat together.
I'm full. I had appetizers.
Oh, okay.
I'll save this for your lunch tomorrow.
Those were just appetizers.
I have room for dinner.
Thank you, son.
This is delicious.
Yes. Here, Mom...
Did you get some for yourself?
Yes, I do.
This is for you. Your budget.
Thank you.
My gosh, God is so nice to me.
God is nicer to me,
He gave me a mother like you.
Come on, now. This is special.
I used native chicken, try it.
I'll say it again.
I appreciate all of these.
But I want you to enjoy your life.
It's not like I don't enjoy
taking care of you, come on!
Have some rice.
What time did you wrap up last night?
- Around 10:30 p.m.
- Really?
I'm not sure about them.
Wow! I wasn't able to make it.
This is still confidential.
They had an issue
with their current agency.
Is there any additional
brief for this campaign, sir?
Best if you can manage it between you two.
Okay, get on it. Thanks.
Let's go.
I haven't checked my email yet.
With all the coffee shops
in Hong Kong or Singapore,
I think consumers,
especially coffee addicts,
The question is, how will
we keep them coming back?
We need to create a loyal customer base.
The market recognizes
coffee as an artisanal product.
But they already have
local coffee preferences.
That's true. But the way I see it...
For the adrenaline rush.
We'll go ahead.
- Take care.
- Bro.
We're going ahead.
I'm not really a coffee addict.
I can't substitute
coffee for a meal like you.
You're judgmental.
That's just because I have work to do.
Okay. Let's do it this way.
Can we position
Kape Place as a work buddy?
Work buddy? That can work.
Do you have a better suggestion?
I mean, out of the ordinary
coffee experience, right?
What's the most unique coffee
you've tried?
Isn't that just...
Coffee with egg
that fell off from the bread?
That happened to my mom.
Why is your packed lunch so famous?
You're a good son, huh?
My mom didn't finish college
because they were working students.
She sacrificed a lot for me.
She juggled three jobs
and we even stayed with relatives.
So, it's payback time.
Enough now or you'll cry.
Silly. Why should I?
- This way, ma'am.
- He's still here?
They're still here.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Thank God.
- Mom!
I thought something happened to you.
You weren't picking up my calls.
I lost track of time. We've been working.
You couldn't even send me a text?
Come here!
I was so worried. Where's my kiss?
That seems cold.
And who are you? You're pretty.
Pleased to meet you, ma'am.
I brought some food. Have you eaten?
This is what you had?
- We're almost done. We're wrapping up.
- Huh?
No, I'm hungry. I'm hungry, ma'am.
Good to know because I cooked this.
Here's mechado.
- I'll get plates.
- Okay. Let me help.
Thank goodness! There are plates.
I really got worried about you, son.
Baby boy, huh?
- Here, ma'am.
- Oh, there!
I have fried spring rolls.
Oh, complete meal. Let's eat.
Go ahead, eat. Here's the dessert.
Mom, this is a lot.
- Dessert.
- Not used to it?
What's with the act?
Just in time. I'm hungry.
Thank you so much for the food.
Here, son!
That is my specialty.
The sauce alone is a viand.
Mom, you're making Zari conscious.
- Are you?
- No.
She's not. You're making it an issue.
I was just being...
Mom, I got this!
Embarrassed? As if
I didn't breastfeed you for two years.
I breastfed him for two years.
That is why he is healthy!
You have a sweet smile.
Are your parents kind?
You know, we're not rich.
They might be snobs.
- My mom doesn't interfere.
- What?
Mom, Zari just agreed to eat.
Your interrogation might traumatize her.
I was just asking...
Why isn't her mom taking care of her?
It's too personal. I don't even ask that.
Go on then and ask her.
Go ahead, eat.
- The food is delicious.
- Thank you.
With your looks, do you have a boyfriend?
- Is he courting you?
- Mom!
Ouch! Why did you pinch me?
Why are you so sensitive today?
Your office is nice.
Let's wrap up in ten minutes?
Let's go home.
Wait. This place is nice.
Enclosed with a glass window
but without any window.
Are you able to breathe in here?
That might be the problem.
Your brains lack oxygen here.
That is why your meetings take all night.
Maybe, it's better to have your meetings
in our house.
I will serve you home-cooked food.
You have natural air.
And we also have a small garden.
I'm okay with that, ma'am.
- Really?
- Yes.
- You know...
- You?
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- I'll count on that.
- Yes, ma'am.
What's the matter with you, son?
You're acting weird.
You look good together.
Don't be silly, Mom.
Why are you grumpy? I was just saying...
What is your project all about?
It's confidential.
Don't be silly, I'm your mom.
I won't gossip.
Go on, spill.
A coffee shop!
That's good because
coffee is our constant companion.
You have coffee in the morning.
You have coffee at night.
You chit-chat with friends over coffee.
Even in funerals, coffee is served.
- But it's not for children.
- Why?
I don't know, our elders just said so.
I have an idea!
You go ahead.
That's it!
All right. That's all. Bye.
- Mom!
- What?
Mom, you're amazing.
You're so great!
You are the solution we're looking for.
Be quiet, I'm sleepy.
Okay. Good night, Mom.
Good night, I love you.
It's a miracle. Boss Zari is not here.
- I know, right?
- Right.
And so is Matty.
I love that!
- Really?
- Wait.
Admit it.
Visual impact of early morning gossip?
- Hi!
- I'm going to take my coffee.
- We're not gossiping.
- Yeah.
Go ask her.
No need. Let's just take her video.
- She might get mad.
- Don't worry.
If you need anything,
just let me know. Okay?
- Ma...
- Yes?
What is it?
Can we take a video of you?
What for?
Visuals for our presentation.
Oh, my!
That might go viral. It's embarrassing.
Mom, it's just for us.
Is that so? Okay. Okay. No problem.
Ma'am, just do your normal routine.
- No need to act.
- Yes, normal.
I don't rely on recipes. I do it by feel.
I learned to cook
by helping in my mom's restaurant.
I did all kinds of work to earn a living.
I even collected food scraps
for animal feed.
The only job I didn't attempt
was to be a bar girl because I'm not sexy.
But what was your work back then?
I hit the jackpot when I took over
a cafeteria in an office building.
I was able to send Matty to school
and buy property.
Mom, what did you want to be?
I just wanted to finish college.
Too bad, I couldn't support
myself with just a year to go.
I have no regrets, though.
- After this, we'll eat.
- This is delicious.
Before gardening became popular,
I was already into it.
Oh, you have a green thumb.
Oh, yes, but not green-minded.
You know, my dream is to have a farm.
Okay, ma'am.
So, where is your family?
I'm alone, ma'am.
- Huh? When did you become an orphan?
- Ma?
- I was just asking.
- It's okay.
My mom went to work in US.
She met someone and left us.
Maybe because of heartbreak.
Don't worry.
From now on, I will adopt you.
- I think I'll put it here.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Hi, Odette! My officemate, Zari.
- Oh, hey!
Wow, she's pretty!
- They look good together, right?
- Yes.
- Friend.
- Yes?
Let's join Zumba!
I'm busy. Maybe next time.
You always say next time.
You know what, your plants are dizzy
from moving them around.
Stop picking on my plants.
They're not bothering you.
Mateo, help me convince your mom
to join our Zumba.
Oh, wow!
Do you want me to go Zumba
so you can film it?
- Smile ma'am.
- Smile, Mom.
Ms. Odette, you smile, too.
You are part of the video.
You're right!
Are you okay?
This is the only time I joined.
Are you asking me out on a date?
Hope so.
Coffee is bad for children. Right?
Coffee is bad for us,
Let's have coffee.
Let's have coffee.
Let's have coffee.
At our age, we know what we want.
We have goals.
Before we move forward,
I want to be upfront.
Just so you know.
I have no problem with any place or time.
Even on Mars, I can go anytime.
Honestly, I haven't thought about it yet.
All right. I guess we're
exclusively dating right now?
They were so pleased with our pitch, Mom.
You're my lucky charm.
Congratulations, son.
- Here.
- For you.
Thank you.
Mom, I just want to ask.
If I was offered a job abroad,
would you let me?
I will be sad.
But I will not deprive you
of the opportunity.
Would you come with me?
Mateo, remember I have
chronic cardiac arrhythmia?
I can't get on plane rides.
How about dating, Mom?
What? You want me to marry again?
I just said dating, not marriage.
At this point, I am not interested.
No one can replace your father.
Just eat. You're starving.
Mateo, what is this?
An ad.
What do you mean an ad?
I was working on it.
I wanted to get your approval.
Delete that!
Didn't we talk about this?
You're disrespecting me!
Mom, I'm going to work.
Take care.
No packed lunch?
None. For a change.
You don't have food?
It's a miracle.
No lunch with notes?
I said none!
- Want some?
- Is he okay?
I just asked...
where are you going?
I don't know.
Is there a problem?
I feel bad.
- No. I'm really mad. I'm furious!
- Oh, then... then...
Let's talk, tell me about it.
I don't want to.
And I don't want to see my son!
Hey! Where are you going?
Oh, my! She even left her gate open.
Why are you sulking? I'm not used to it.
I'm frustrated with Mom.
If you were in her place,
I'm sure you'd react the same way.
She's not familiar with online dating.
It's only natural that she's shocked.
You have a point.
Online dating may be acceptable now,
but for the older generation,
it's embarrassing.
It looks like Mom has a lawyer now.
Our son treated me like
pre-loved shoes and clothes.
Selling me online.
I'm deeply hurt.
I miss you, my love.
Maybe if you were here,
this wouldn't happen.
Our son will be free to do as he wants.
You would have
understood each other better.
Then I won't be a burden to Matty.
I don't know. Am I wrong, honey?
It's so hard without you.
Ms. Odette?
- Where is...
- Your mom ran away!
What did she say?
She was crying. She rode a car.
Where is she going?
She didn't say.
Tell me the truth.
I swear I don't know.
If she told me, she knew I would tell you.
But whatever you're thinking, that's it!
She even left the door open,
She left without her keys.
How can I lock this?
I'll handle it.
Please let me know if she calls you.
But I don't have your number.
- Here.
- Okay, thank you.
Here. Kindly wash this for me.
Okay, bye.
- I'll come back. Your son is coming.
- Mom!
- Mom, can we talk?
- What?
I don't want to talk. Leave me alone!
How can we understand each other,
if we don't talk?
I understand you.
I'm not stupid.
I never thought of you that way.
But what you did make me feel like one.
When you were young,
we were best of friends.
What happened?
Maybe because I am too focused on you.
That's all I did.
I had nothing.
My world revolved around you,
around what you eat...
what you will wear,
or what time you'll come home.
Whether you're hungry or tired.
But you didn't ask for all that from me.
I did it because I am your mother.
Because I love you.
I appreciate everything.
You know, when your dad passed away...
I never thought I'd be able to carry on.
But I had no choice because you needed me.
I did my best to fill the void he left.
You're my only reason left for living.
Yes, I'm paranoid.
I can be exaggerated sometimes.
But you know, since you were a child...
Every time you leave the house...
I'm so scared of anything
bad happening to you.
I fear that I cannot pull through.
Because you're the only one I have left.
I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't know...
Mom, I'll just... Mom, wait!
I'll just get the car. Wait for me!
I'm sorry about the video, Mom.
I was going to show it to you
for approval.
It's okay.
Mom, it's not okay...
I hurt you.
I hurt your feelings.
I'm not sure if...
Hurt is the best word for how I feel.
I left so I could clear my mind.
I asked myself if I was overly sensitive
or too old-fashioned.
You know, Matty...
what's normal for your generation,
is all new to me.
All I know is it hurt me,
like someone stabbed my back.
Mom, I'm sorry.
It won't happen again, Mom.
Sorry, Mom.
you do not have to find me a man,
so you would not feel guilty
if you had other plans.
I only want to see you happy.
You're not obligated to me.
Mom, you've always been part of my plans.
And besides...
I will only be happy
if you play a part in my life.
You've always been there for me.
I want to repay you for that.
Not because it's an obligation,
but because I love you so much.
I love you so much, Mom.
Mom, I'll go ahead.
Take care.
Hi, friend.
How are you doing?
You told Matty where I went, huh?
I felt bad for your son.
No. I don't want to go Zumba!
My joints are aching.
I wasn't going to invite you to Zumba.
I just wanted to say your son is so sweet.
What are you saying?
He uploaded something online.
What post?
I'm going to introduce you...
to the best mom in the world.
- Mom, come here!
- What is it, Matty?
We're making a video...
This is my mom.
- Is this live?
- I love my mom so much.
- Mom, it's not live.
- Oh... okay.
I love my mom so much.
She's so kind. She's the best cook.
She's caring. Because of her,
I've memorized all the precautions.
- Matty, my son.
- Mom...
- What is it?
- My Matty...
You posted a video of me...
I'm sorry, Mom.
I failed to explain it to you.
I should have talked to you
about it first.
I'm sorry.
I might have been too sensitive.
What did you eat?
I didn't pack lunch for you.
Mom, it's okay.
I give my consent, son.
To what?
For you to upload my video
in the online dating thing.
Are you sure about it?
You won't feel like I'm peddling you?
I'm good with it.
But show it to me first, okay?
'Cause there's one photo
where my flabby arm is seen.
I had my arms on you, it's embarrassing.
We can delete it, Mom.
- I love you, Mom.
- I love you, my baby.
I'm sorry again...
Let me see!
I just uploaded it last night.
Let's give it more time.
There are three responses.
Please let me see it, love?
Okay... there you go.
Oh, my gosh! They look like criminals.
There will be decent ones.
You'll find some that you'll like.
Here's where you reply.
Input here and you can start chatting.
Okay, it's easy...
But don't just give out any
personal information. It's dangerous.
Get to know them well.
Your mom is too paranoid to be reckless.
I will only lurk.
- I'll wait for you before I reply.
- That's good.
What's going on?
You should know.
Why would you know?
Why does she look happy?
I can see the happiness on her face.
- Go on, ask her!
- I really don't know.
I think you should discuss it with her.
- Ask him...
- Later. I'll try to ask later.
Look, there he is.
- What's the news?
- Huh?
You're just going around it.
I said, nothing.
What do you mean, nothing?
What? What?
Matty, son... come here.
I received a lot of messages. Look at it.
Hurry. Look at this.
He seems kind. He has a gentle face.
- He seems nice.
- Hey!
I'll just change my clothes.
- Let's eat after, okay?
- Yes, Mom.
Wait! Slow down.
I thought you wanted to relax?
This feels like an Amazing Race.
What's on your mind?
You can talk about anything you want.
Don't hold back,
otherwise you might rupture a vein.
Did you accept the offer?
Not yet.
But will you?
I would have wanted to work
with a different company overseas.
But this might be the opportunity.
The company will sponsor
all working requirements.
And I only need to sign a contract.
What about you?
You know it's not easy for me.
What about us?
I have two children.
One is in New Zealand
and one is in Canada.
What about you? Are you still working?
Not anymore. My son doesn't want me to.
He wants me to enjoy retirement.
How nice. You're fortunate.
Don't panic, we'll just have coffee.
You can bring a chaperone.
Have you seen
the new layout for Kape Place?
Not yet, but I'll check.
Send me all the pending and for signature.
Working on it.
You're already here, my son.
What time is it?
It's 7 p.m. Traffic was light.
Oh, no.
I'm so sorry. This won't take long.
Mom, take it easy. I'm not yet hungry.
- I'm sorry, son.
- I'm not hungry.
I'm sorry, son.
I enjoyed chatting too much.
It's okay, mom. But you're just...
Getting to know them, right?
Of course.
I talked with a widower, a retiree,
and a lawyer, but seems arrogant.
And someone wants to meet up.
Of course you said no, right?
Should I have said no?
I already said "yes" to two guys.
With Tony and Roger.
They both seem nice and polite.
Mom, we agreed that you would consult me
before you decide on anything.
I haven't even scrutinized them.
I'm sorry, son.
Mom, in matters like these,
you follow my lead.
Yes, sir.
Don't decide on your own.
Noted, sir.
I'll go ahead, Mom.
Okay, son. Drive safely.
- I love you, Mom.
- I love you.
I'll text you later.
- Okay, son.
- And, Mom...
Be careful with the guys
you're chatting with.
Don't give away too much details,
especially where we live.
He can be a lunatic and kill us.
Son? You sound like...
Like you. Right?
- Right. No one else but me.
- Yeah.
I'll lock up the gate.
Go ahead and continue your chatting.
Go ahead.
- Thank you. I love you, Matty.
- I love you.
With all due respect, sir, it took
us a while to acquire that account.
You're abandoning the execution?
Are we still talking about
the turning over of accounts here?
Mom, we agreed on this.
I said, before you go on a date,
you have to let me know first.
- It's dangerous.
- Matty!
Hey, Matty!
Where are you going?
Boss called for an emergency meeting.
I also have an emergency.
What kind of emergency?
It's urgent. That's why it's called
an emergency meeting.
Hey, Matty, what are you doing here?
Aren't you supposed to be at work?
I told you I would make the plans.
Why did you agree to go out on a date?
Date? I'm only having coffee.
Coffee? You don't even know who Tony is.
It's not Tony. It's Roger.
Who's Roger?
Mom, you're being reckless
to have given out our address.
What if that person is crazy
and he'll kill us both?
You made this complicated.
He won't pick me up, I'm fetching a cab.
Let's go!
Go where?
I'm going with you.
Don't give out too much information.
How will we get to know each other?
Just don't share too much
and be careful with your drink.
You know about date drug.
Let's just go home.
I don't want any coffee. I'm nervous.
No, Mom. We're already here.
I'll just... I'll accompany you.
- You're going with me?
- Yes.
Okay, wait.
I'm not a bad person.
It's my son who is making me nervous.
Is this your first time?
What about you?
It's my third time.
What happened to them?
You know how it is
when you finally meet in person...
You'll know if you both will get along.
That's right.
I'm just curious...
Why did you choose to meet me?
You're the most persistent.
I thought I was the most handsome.
I already have one grandchild.
My source of happiness.
What about you?
None yet.
I don't think my son
is ready to start a family.
Nowadays, they don't marry early.
Yes, they seem to prioritize
their careers.
Wait, there's dirt.
- Oh.
- It's a speck. A tiny...
Let me...
Thank you.
I'll just go to the restroom. Excuse me.
Me too.
Hello, Zari. Yes.
- Hello.
- Sorry about this morning.
My mom is okay. Can we talk later?
Excuse me, miss...
Did you notice the couple on those seats?
No, I didn't.
Sir, did you notice the couple here?
No, sir, I didn't notice.
Excuse me, sorry.
Did you see the couple at this table?
- No, sorry.
- Okay, thank you.
Okay, thank you.
- Mom!
- Son!
Where were you?
I just went to the restroom. Why?
Your stalker?
My son, Matty.
- Thank you. But, no thanks.
- Why?
We need...
- We need to go.
- Huh? Matty!
Matty! Roger. Roger, I'm sorry.
Mateo! What are you doing?
What's your problem?
I thought you left with him.
Is that what you think of me?
You don't trust me?
I trust you, but not that guy.
He has a name.
His name is Mr. Roger Sandoval.
You're defending him now?
That guy is a maniac.
No, he's not. He is very respectful.
Respectful? He was touching your arm!
You have a dirty mind.
Besides, who forced me
to do this online dating thing?
Tell me, who?
I did. But not like that.
I am so tired of arguing with you!
This is pointless!
I'm tired. I'm starving.
You make me go on dates
but don't let me eat.
Damn it! Let's go home.
Thank you.
So, you ruined your mom's date?
A bit.
You told her to go on a date, right?
That's what she said.
So, what's with you?
You're just angry?
So you're picking a fight?
I'm angry with you.
Why am I to be blamed?
I'm mad at you
because it's so easy for you to leave.
I'm angry at you
because it's difficult for you to leave.
Mateo, I know you like me.
I don't understand why it took you
so long to make a move.
Until the last minute.
I was mustering all my guts.
While you were mustering all your guts...
My car is coding today.
- Here's your food, eat well.
- Yes, Mom.
By the way, I'm fine with Roger.
He seems decent,
next time, I will trust your instincts.
But let me know about your second date.
There's no more second date.
Was it because of me?
No, son.
He has dirty nails. It's a turn-off!
So disgusting.
You're so judgmental.
Maybe he's into gardening too?
I do gardening.
Have you seen my nails get that dirty?
- Go! You'll be late.
- Yes, Mom.
Matty just left. You still can catch him.
Oh, it's okay.
- Are you sure?
- Hello.
- Hello. Are you sure?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Come inside. It's too hot out here.
- Okay.
- Come in.
- I'll get this.
- Come inside. It's too hot.
- Yes, it is.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
What's the matter?
I came to say goodbye.
To say goodbye? Why?
Are you leaving?
What about you and Matty?
We'll see how it will go.
That can't be.
I don't want to force him to come with me.
I understand him.
Is it because of me?
He has other considerations.
Like what?
Let's take a photo with Boss Zari.
We'll miss her workaholism.
Why don't you go
with me if you'll miss me?
- Actually, we'll be fine here.
- You're fine.
- Let's just chat.
- Let me see.
Can I see?
- Wow, look.
- Whoa.
Send me the photos.
You keep staring. What's your plan?
I'm not kidding.
I'm serious. LDR is difficult.
If she meets someone else,
what will happen?
What is your plan?
Yeah, what about your relationship?
Sir, please advise him.
It's complicated.
- You're complicated.
- Bulls-eye!
I've given you all the chances.
But you don't have that killer instinct.
You have no work issues.
But when it comes to this,
you're hopeless.
I have an obligation towards my mom, sir.
But reconsider the opportunity
you are turning down.
Think about it.
Thank you, sir.
Don't you have work?
I'm on leave, Mom.
Are you sick?
No, forced leave.
Since it's not convertible to cash.
That's good so you can rest.
You want coffee? Come here.
And besides...
I will go with you on your dates.
It's up to you.
But if you don't like it, don't force it.
Just let me know.
Son, I'm fine with it.
Thank you, Mom.
Oh, you love coffee?
- And no croutons.
- Okay, sir.
Your steamed fish, where is it from?
Isn't it from the sea?
I mean, there's a possibility
of having cyanotoxins.
I'll get what you're having.
Let's take a pic while looking fresh.
Wait. I'll do a quick re-touch.
So where are we going after?
Later? Oh... I have...
Sorry. Someone's on the phone.
Okay, see you.
Sorry? What were you saying?
Mom, who did you like the best?
No one. I don't know.
Can we eat or drive-thru first?
I'm still hungry.
Among them, who did you like?
I told you, none of them!
My mom is very choosy.
For heaven's sake,
your dad is my standard.
Son, can you carry me?
My knees are hurting.
- Here!
- Wait...
Wait for me.
I'll follow.
I will not expect.
But if you come, I will be happy.
I worked in a bank for 35 years,
but every day,
I was looking forward to living in a farm.
- Oh!
- You see, I prefer rural life.
Me too. I'd like to live in the province.
Not a single one of my children
is interested in farming.
I don't impose. They have their own lives.
That's true. We don't own our children.
We are here to support and guide them.
It's been 15 years
since my wife passed away.
What about you?
Twenty-three years ago.
I only started dating last year.
It feels new to me.
It's hard to start dating when you're old.
That's true because we've reached
a stage when we have our own mindset.
So there is some discomfort
because of what others might think.
My son wanted me to.
So, we're the same.
- Really?
- Yup.
Why don't we ask your son to join us?
You don't mind?
- It's awkward.
- Yes, sure.
Matty, son...
Come join us.
You can sit beside your mom.
Thank you. This is embarrassing.
I noticed he's watching over you.
He just accompanied me.
I can see that you're
very protective of your mom.
You know what,
if my children will do the same,
it would make me happy.
Hold on. Waiter!
Got all the herbs you need?
Yes, I have more than enough.
Thank you so much.
- Good morning, sir.
- Nelson, good morning.
- How are you?
- I'm fine, sir.
Oh! This has beautiful flowers.
I love the colors.
That's Torenia.
- Don't post that immediately.
- Come on, Mom.
So you use this as garnish?
It can be a garnish or mixed with salad.
- Can I taste it without washing?
- Yeah, sure. I'll eat one as well.
It's like a vegetable.
Well, on the right side...
We raise native chicken.
They're free-range.
But it's more for our consumption.
I'm still trying to use
chicken manure as fertilizer.
- Wow! That's awesome.
- Oh, Maricar...
Go and harvest some lettuce.
- Really?
- Bryan, help her out.
Oh, thank you, Ed!
- Go ahead. Get some.
- Matty and I love this!
- Good for salad.
- Hello!
- This is impressive, sir.
- So pretty.
- They have their own ecosystem.
- What's it called?
Thanks for inviting us.
Your mom told me
about your life's journey.
I'm inspired by how you take care
of each other.
Isn't it the way it should be?
Mateo, I just want to tell you this.
I'm already old.
I'm not looking to pass the time.
I'm serious.
I'm looking for...
someone to spend the rest of my life with.
My intentions are pure for your mom.
What do you like about my mom?
That's a tough question.
I like everything about her.
Perhaps I can answer
with another question.
How can anyone not love
someone like Maricar?
All I want for her is to be happy.
If she agrees...
that's also what I desire.
Matty, look!
Zari needs all the help.
Give me all your turnover plans
for all your pending projects.
Does your mom know already?
Yes, I know about it.
Ma'am, how are you?
I'm okay with his decision.
At least I can go on dates
without someone pestering me.
Just come visit us here, ma'am.
You should come home here. How are you?
I'm good. Busy with work.
Take care of yourself.
Of course, ma'am. You, too.
I will miss you, Mom.
Me too.
Okay. I'll leave you two.
All right, ma'am. Thank you!
Do you need anything from me?
Tell me right away,
I might take time looking for it.
I already sent you a checklist
for the requirements.
- Okay, what else?
- It also says there...
Lord, I entrust to you my son.
Guide him in his new job.
- Let's eat.
- We haven't said "amen" yet.
Go eat.
This time, tomorrow...
we won't be together anymore.
Are you sure
you haven't forgotten anything?
I think I have everything.
Did you check your list?
- Do you have a list?
- Yes.
Check it thoroughly.
Don't forget your cellphone.
You have to call me. What are those?
I had it canned. Viand.
You might miss my cooking.
Mom, I might not get through Immigration.
They might think I'm smuggling.
That's why I had it canned.
If you don't want, give it to Zari.
Am I really not going
to the airport with you?
No need, Mom.
I don't want you getting stuck in traffic
when you get home on rush hour.
And you might make a scene at the airport.
Of course not.
- Promise?
- Yes.
So, what are you wiping there?
I'm happy, because...
You're achieving your dreams
even if it means missing you.
Just come home
on my birthday and Christmas.
That's for sure.
I'll remember that.
I promise you that.
Son, be careful out there.
Yes. You've already said that.
Don't allow yourself to go hungry.
Don't throw your trash anywhere.
Don't chew gum. It's prohibited. Okay?
Yes, Mom.
Never forget to pray, son.
And, son, drive carefully.
There are crazy guys on the road.
Things can be replaced,
but life is irreplaceable.
- Want to come with me instead?
- Stop it.
You better get going.
I love you, son.
Go now... you might be late.
I love you, take care.
- Bye-bye!
- Bye-bye, son.
I'll call you at the airport.
Mom, if you see this note
it means you have a runny nose.
And your tears are already causing
a level three flood alert.
I love you, Mom.
Thank you for letting me do this.
Oh, Matty!
I miss you, son.
See how easy it is to lift the cover?
I hope you didn't make a mess.
Mom, you no longer have
to fight me over the cover.
You can always leave it up
so you'll be happy.
When she cooks for me,
I'm always filled with love.
Whenever she says goodbye,
I don't want to leave anymore.
Many times she's stubborn, she's annoying,
but if she's not, I miss it.
When my mom does her gardening,
her routine is to plant,
uproot, then transfer the plant.
She repeats the same cycle.
It's her pastime.
Mom, if you are watching this,
no one compares to my mom.
I can't believe
that you really pushed through.
Mom cooked this and had it canned for you.
What's the matter?
I can feel how much your mom
sacrificed for you.
Matty, don't be sad. I'm okay.
Eat well. Mom.
Are you available to visit the farm
next weekend?
I want you to meet my children.
Let's see...
Also, I have a request...
If it's okay with you?
What is it?
Last night, I already deleted my account.
It might be too much to ask from you.
But could you also delete your account?
What account?
On the dating app.
I don't even know if it's still there,
it's been a while since I opened it.
Matty handles the account.
So, we're in the same boat?
You're off the market too?
Is there something wrong?
No. There's no problem.
I've noticed...
You changed after your son left.
I'm sorry.
Perhaps when Matty was still here...
I wanted him to see that I was happy,
that I'll be okay even if he leaves.
I feel guilty.
Because I might have...
I might have used you?
You really don't like me?
I like you.
Among all the guys I met,
I like you the most. That's the truth.
I think...
I'm not looking for a boyfriend
or a partner at this time.
I don't think
it's what would make me happy.
Am I making sense?
Maybe what you're looking for
is self-worth.
Maybe you're looking for your value.
I hope you see your value.
I hope you'll see how I see you.
Watch the video he created again.
It's who you are.
Thank you for dinner and the ride.
Take care on your way home. Drive safely.
Ed, this is Odette.
- I'll go ahead.
- Thank you again. Take care.
Stop it. What?
- Friend.
- What?
Your son just went abroad,
now you're acting like a teen!
And you? Why do you come home late?
Come on. Don't keep secrets.
Where have you been?
I'm studying.
- What? Zumba at night?
- Ah.
No, ALS. Alternative Learning System.
What's that?
We always tell our children to study hard...
- Yes.
- ...and graduate.
I also want a diploma so my children
and grandchildren will be proud of me.
Wait, Odette. Is this college?
Yes. Highschool and college.
- I want that too.
- Really?
- Yes, I want to!
- Oh, sure. Why not?
Oh, thank you!
- Promise?
- Sure!
We need a business plan.
How do we go about it?
Let's throw in ideas...
I was thinking what's booming now
is food business.
What about online businesses?
Sounds great.
Are you okay? If you have
something in mind, just share it with us.
I just want to ask
what can be our original idea?
If it's not original, what could be new
in an old product or service?
Is there an existing product
that we can improve?
We can conduct surveys among our friends,
To identify any gap in the market.
- How do you know that?
- Huh?
How can you not know that
when our major is business administration.
- Mommy Maricar, you're our leader now!
- Okay.
- Are you sure about that?
- Who votes for Mommy Maricar?
- Me!
- Me!
Okay, go. See you.
Bye-bye. You all take care.
How do you do this?
I'm here, son.
What's happening with you?
Why aren't you updating me?
I was really going to,
but we never had the chance to talk.
You're no longer with Sir Ed?
Oh, about that?
Tell me the truth...
did he do something bad?
Don't you lie to me.
Whenever you have issues,
- you don't tell me directly.
- Wait wait, wait!
Can we do it one by one?
First, how can Ed and I break up?
We were never together.
Besides, I was waiting
for the weekend to call you.
And Ed didn't do anything wrong.
What do you mean weekend?
You can call me every day,
anytime, anywhere. You know that.
For emergencies,
I should be the first to know.
Why are you so high-strung? I'm also busy.
Busy with what? Wait.
Where are you?
I went back to school.
Studying? Why didn't you tell me about it?
I'm telling you now. I'm sharing...
Hey, you're wearing me down.
And you are overreacting.
What's up with you?
But, seriously, Mom.
That's good to hear.
Why did you decide to go back to school?
This is all your fault.
It's because of you.
Mom, whenever you need me,
Just let me know.
Okay. Son, just let me be for now.
Let you be with what?
I still don't know.
I'm still discovering what I want.
What would make me happy
apart from my son.
For now, my happy place is here.
I'll support you.
I'm just here.
Oh, what's the matter with you?
Don't cry, son.
Son... Thank you.
Don't cry anymore, okay?
I'll call you again, okay?
I will embarrass you
if I also start crying.
That's enough. I love you, son.
I'll call you again...
Always take care.
Stuff can be replaced. You know that.
- I love you, bye.
- Okay, I love you. Take care.
Your love for me... your love for your mom.
That's enough. Enough!
Please pull over!
Get me off the car, please.
I said get me off!
I said, let me get out of the car.
I'm having a headache. I'm dizzy.
- Thank you!
- I'll park the car.
- Till tomorrow?
- Okay!
- You all right?
- I won't join you again.
I'm not sure if that was an earthquake
or a bump car.
You wanted to drive around.
I'm having vertigo.
- Can you manage? Go straight.
- Yes, I can.
- You're not going to have Zumba.
- Bye!
we got a grade of 1,0
for our business plan presentation.
You think only you can present well, huh?
Thank you, son.
- Oh wait, are you still at work?
- It's okay. I'm heading home now.
I told you, you can call me anytime.
I've been computing my grades
this semester.
I might make it to the dean's list.
Good job, Mom.
You can do it.
Thank you!
I know I still have one semester to go.
But, I was thinking...
You think I can get a master's degree?
That's no doubt, Mom. It's in our blood.
That's my mom!
Thank you, son.
Always take care of yourself.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, son.
- I love you.
- I love you. Be safe.
Today is Maricar's graduation,
the Wonder Mom of Barangay Kalayaan.
But she's still retouching.
Let's wait for her.
Hold on for a bit.
She's coming.
She's wearing something
- from the department store.
- Here I am...
- Here she is!
- I'm here.
Say hello to Matty and Zari.
They're watching.
Hi, Matty! Hi, Zari!
I'm going to graduate, my son!
This is exciting.
But I have to sign off for now.
She will be driving.
I'll feel dizzy again.
- You're exaggerating.
- No, I'm not.
I can drive well now.
- You're too much.
- I'm just making sure.
Just hold on and secure your seatbelt.
- Okay?
- Then it's the same thing.
- Are you ready?
- Yes. Oh, my gosh. I have to buckle up.
Let's hurry. We'll be late.
Not really, we're just on time.
Let's have a snap.
- This is how it feels to wear a toga!
- Yes!
There you go.
- Are you all set?
- Okay.
Hey wait, wait! My son is watching.
Hi, Matty! They're my classmates, son.
Look, Matty! I'm wearing a toga.
Oh, what happened?
My son went offline. Odette. Odette.
Oh, we lost him.
Perhaps the signal is weak.
I thought after my son graduated,
my obligation ended.
But I still have an obligation to myself.
Thank you for having
the adult education program
that helps complete
what's unfinished for people like me.
This is for those who were forced
to stop studying
to work and survive.
I always say that,
I am the proudest being a mom.
It still is my best
and greatest achievement.
But this?
This brings me joy and fulfillment.
As they say,
education is not exclusive
to a particular age,
because fulfilling one's dream
has no deadline.
Thank you.
And long live to each and every one of us.
That's my mom!
That's my mom!
That's my son.
My son... Matty.
My son...
My son...
I missed you so much.
How do you eat back there?
Does Zari cook for you?
We have food, but not like your cooking.
I missed you.
And by the way, I have a surprise for you.
What is it?
Zari and I decided
to finish our contracts in Singapore,
and we'll come home for good.
- Mom... Are you okay?
- My son!
- Maricar? Where's your mom?
- Oh!
Right here.
She's here.
What happened? Why are you crying?
You always say,
it's just the two of us
and we should always eat together.
My son...
We won't be away from each other now.
Oh, my son...
I missed you so much.
I'm proud of you.
Hey, wait.
I'll take a picture of the two of you.
We're still having a moment,
- Come on, don't be a killjoy.
- Let's take a pic.
Come on, Mom.