Family Pack (2022) Movie Script

Ee Sogasada Sanje
(Dr. Rajkumar's song from the movie "Devatha Manushya")
[Bell Rings]
[Humming continues]
Shes here!
Did I stop it?
So confusing.
Ee Sogasada Sanje
Hi Deepu!
Did you entered with your right leg, correct?
I anticipated a fabulous greeting.
Come in soon.
Just look at this house.
How amazing is this place!
Doesnt look like a rented house.
Its fully furnished.
Yeah, the owner had planned
it for himself.
Unfortunately, he couldn't
pay back the loan.
I have been awaiting you, my love.
Hey, whats that way?
Theres a room..
Is it?
Yellinda Aarambhavo
(Puneeth Rajkumar's song from the movie "Appu")
Let me turn off this TV which isn't needed!
Chinnada Mallige Hoove
(Dr. Rajkumar's song from the movie
"Huliya Haalina Mevu")
Dont kill me..
You need a woman?
Do you call a forlorn lady to your bed?
Do you think a woman is a banana eat and toss off the peel?
Im not gonna spare you!
[Evil laughter]
You hang out with your futile friends
each night at the club
..and come home so late.
Don't you have any shame?
Learn from your brother.
He cares so much about
his kids and family.
Yeah, Ive seen.
You got me married to your
wayward son.
Please don't think so, my dear.
Im struggling here.
Its my fate.
What fate?
Am I not listening to you people?
I visit the factory regularly.
Sometimes when Im worn out,
I visit my companions in bars or clubs.
Is that a big thing?
You talk as though I'm fleeing
with some lady.
Thank god, you havent done that.
He might have done that as well.
He gets home late after 12 PM.
Whats the assurance that he has no affair?
Who knows where he goes
..and whom he spends time with?
Dont just blabber, you idiot!
You please calm down. A woman
must have abundant patience.
What are you up to?
You always keep on playing.
Now youre operating a small car,
later when you grow up,
buy a bigger car
..and kill someone on the road.
Whats wrong with you dad?
Hes a kid.
Why do you talk ill about him?
You have no sense, and
you're lecturing me?
He's become just like you.
It's obvious for my son to
have my qualities. Not your's!
If you had any of my characteristics,
this family would be running great.
What happened, Abhi?
Grandpa scolded me.
He's always harsh on me.
Thats it, huh?
Grandpa never scolds you.
Abhi, he scolds me too.
But I dont weep like you.
What do you do then?
I cant reveal it.
Please tell me.
Because I don't want him
to be harsh on me.
Okay, I shall tell you.
But, you shouldn't tell to anybody.
I know a magic trick!
Whenever he scolds me,
I disappear and go hit him.
Why do you think Granddad
always gets neck aches?
Don't know.
Do you think Ill be quiet if he scolds?
Teach me this trick.
Sure, I will.
But don't say this to anyone.
Now you'll disappear..
It's gonna work only for 10 minutes.
Where are you Abhi?
Bro, Im right here.
No, youre not.
Remember, the trick works
only for 10 minutes.
Do whatever you want to, right now!
Okay, brother.
At least now you need to learn.
Never make a woman cry.
It's not a good omen for you
and this house too.
Why are you hitting my dad?
-Am I visible now?
-Are you out of your mind?
Youre going to get trashed now.
Dad, what happened?
Just how the bird isn't responsible
for the ruptured twig..
Similarly, my son isn't responsible
for your dad's demise.
If you were sensible,
we wouldn't have to get counseling
for our only son in a hospital.
Hey, mind it.
Are you perfect?
You always keep wandering to
..these gatherings, conventions,
and parties.
Have I ever questioned you?
We wouldn't be here if you
were rational.
Oh, am I so imperfect?
And what about you?
You loaf around every day and
return home so late.
Is that good with you?
If I do the same, it's unacceptable.
Even my father never questioned me.
Who are you to point at me?
Im done with you.
Yeah, go away.
Who can tolerate you?
Just go away.
Did you just ask me to go away?
Is this your final decision?
Yes, final.
Okay, I shall leave.
Never show me your face too.
Im filing a divorce against you.
[Phone ringing]
Have you ever visited the pooja room?
Ever prayed or lit a lamp there?
Yes, it's upma.
Even yesterday it was upma.
And you repeated the same today as well?
Yesterday it was coarse upma.
Today, it's thick layered upma.
Both are the same.
Look, I'm not running an
Udupi Bhavan hotel maintain a menu card.
You can employ chefs if you need that.
Here, I do all the stuff from cooking,
cleaning, and tending.
What did I say now?
Youve been yelling like a Radio Jockey.
Yes, Im the jockey to this crazy family.
But not a Radio Jockey.
Cant you differentiate between
the types of upma!
Not all are same..
Every day it's the same.
Friendship and love, grilled down to zero
Being around everybody, still forlorn
No prologue to friendship
No experience of adoration
No use asking myself these questions
Running far towards love
The wings of this bird become so heavy
Loneliness is tormenting me
Seeking for a warm spot at
the core of the heart
Need the lap of adoration
Need the form of love
Oh dear, my neck!
How is it?
It has come out really good.
This is gonna be viral.
Thats superb.
My videos are supposed to be
jaw-dropping and startling.
Let us check it out.
[Sighs in relief]
Thanks, Bhushan.
Can you forward me a copy too?
I want to show it to my friends and family.
Of course, Bhushan..
[Festive drums playing]
[Everybody cheering]
You might be an old soul but,
very youthful for your age.
Wanna know how you are looking?
Yeah, how am I looking?
You look exactly like Ananth Nag
when he was 25.
-Did you listen?
Heroines might change from
Lakshmi, Geetha to Ambika.
But Ananth Nag will remain the same.
-Young and energetic like you are
Hes Raghu, a baby with a beard.
Hes my nephew.
[Greeting each other]
Grab some drinks and have fun.
Uncle, you wanna have some?
Im the groom, no booze for me today!
Look, Abhi is right there.
You guys have fun.
Im very sorry, Abhi.
What's up, Abhinandan?
A fabulous ceremony for\
your dads third wedding.
A perfect arrangement.
The third wedding cant be too basic.
Its obvious, isnt it?
Even then, your new mother
from Kashmir looks stunning.
Have you met her yet?
Or shall I introduce you?
Not sure if theyve met yet.
He is in anger. Sad..
Abhi is angry.
Lets get drunk.
Why are you having a beer? Have this.
Irritating fellow!
[Storms out]
Hey Abhi, come here. Chill!
Get out of my way!
Okay anyways, it's my uncle's wedding.
Have it.. Cheers guys!
Hi Abhi.
Thank god, you are here.
I assumed you wouldn't show up
since you weren't picking any calls.
Good that you came.
Saved my face in front of everyone.
What respect do you have to lose?
What happened now?
What more has to happen?
Looks like youre on a wedding binge.
What more do you expect?
A wife is the best thing that
has happened to a man.
What say, baby?
-Yes, baby.
If thats so, why did you abandon mom?
I couldnt tolerate your mother at home.
She fights over trivial things.
I value peace of mind, isn't it baby?
Feed all these lies to your new spouse,
and not to your son.
Parent's love must be like an investment,
and not installment to the kids.
6 months here, and the rest over there.
It's annoying!
Okay, here's something.
You were supposed to stay
with me from the next week.
Dont worry..
Im referring to the shared custody.
Yeah, I know. So what?
Why wait a week?
You come right now.
Try to understand.
Were planning a honeymoon
to the Maldives.
The weather's great.
We are staying there for 15 days.
You join us.
Ill make the bookings right away.
Dad, what are you saying?
Its your third marriage and
..youre still longing for a honeymoon.
You don't speak sensibly.
Abhi, listen to me. Wait..
Look, you go where ever you want.
Just don't disturb me, let me be.
No, he wont join us.
All right, what shall I buy for
you in the Maldives?
Conch Shells?
Never rode on my father's shoulders
Neither got my tears wiped,
when I tumbled off a swing
I'm the Ambassador of my lonely life
Feels nothing even when Ive everything
Drifting on this streaming river, but still
could never reach the ocean of love
Reaching my hands to the sky
Spreading my hands to embrace somebody tight
Let the hailstorm of love begin
Ive come to meet my people
Need a lap of adoration
Need the form of love
What did you gift the new couple?
Be quiet, Im already depressed now.
Dont mock me more.
Okay, I shall be quiet.
Your father did this too.
Always wanted me to be hush up.
No wonder, you possess your
dad's qualities.
Hes extravagantly lavish,
and you are reckless.
My heads going to explode now.
Yeah, why not. Your head
always explodes.
Clarify this.
Whom do you call out for
when you are hurt?
Mom or Dad?
I shout out slang.
With his company,
youll throw slangs at me too.
Youll be with him the coming week.
You won't remember at all.
So, hows your third mother?
Youve no control over your mouth
..and he has no control over his desires.
Ive become a football in between you two.
Im done with both of you.
That person literally invited me
to his honeymoon.
You on the other hand,
always fight with me day and night.
You guys have no adoration for me.
Six months here and the rest over there.
I'm burnt out on living this
paying guest life.
Okay, lets do this.
Ill rent a house.
If you guys really love me,
you both stay with me.
Yeah, go away.
Go wherever you want.
I'm happy if you don't stay with him.
No, Im Abhi.
I called you enquiring about a house.
Yeah, thats me. I'm Broker Ramesh.
Please come.
The customer is god.
God is great!
What kind of house are you looking for?
Ill get you a palace.
Come lets go.
Are you married?
I wont rent it out to a bachelor.
Should he ruin his life by
getting married for a house?
I dont care, I won't rent it out
to a bachelor.
Look, your husband is calling you.
Lets scoot!
We are looking to rent a house.
I shall rent it out to bachelors.
But non-vegetarians aren't allowed.
You won't find any mess of
the meat around. So relax!
We won't allow non-vegetarians.
You rent this house for vegetarians alone.
What are you blabbering!
Get out!
Go get a life! Just go away.
Did you like the house?
Yes, I did. But, wheres the restroom?
Wheres the toilet?
We have a shared toilet.
[In disgust]
No need!
What if its a shared toilet?
Not everyone uses it simultaneously.
Quit gabbing. Let's check out
some other options.
Do one thing.
Change the board from TO-LET to TOILET,
and make some money.
Yeah spare some cash,
Ill build it right away.
Why the hell should I?
Lets keep going.
This is an amazing house.
Suits your budget as well.
Sir, please have a look.
Please go..
Arent you coming?
Today is an auspicious day of
Guru Raghavendra!
I won't climb any steps.
You carry on.
Carry on..
Have you informed him of everything?
Yes, I have.
He insisted on this house after knowing.
Look, you take your money
and Ill take my share.
Ramesh, any problem?
Sir, no problem.
He wants rent, electricity bill, water bill
to be paid online.
He doesn't accept cash.
Such an honest guy.
Okay, you can finalize this house.
Sure, please pay the advance
so you get the keys.
Dont forget my commission. Please..
Hey, it's Baby Boo.
She has posted a new picture.
Chanda Chanda Chanda Chanda
Nan Hendthi!
(Puneeth Rajkumar's song from the movie
Shall we shoot another video
with the skeleton there?
Yeah sure.
Look at him!
He's following them like a train bogie.
Call him. Let's mock!
Come here.
What is it? I need to rush.
I have work to do.
Heard your parents went on a honeymoon.
It seems, they called him too.
But he didn't go.
I I had joined them,
it would be a family trip.
She might be my father's third wife,
but she's still my mom.
Can't expect you to understand this.
Greetings everyone!
-This is your princess Baby Boo..
-Who is she?
Her names Bhoomika.
She looks out for free spots
like colleges and malls,
and starts shooting videos.
Look what Im gonna do!
Thank you so much..
My name's Raghu.
Im a big fan of yours.
The moment my mother
knows you study here,
she might come here looking for you.
Didn't I say that I attract
family audience a lot?
Okay tell me, so many people
shoot videos,
why do you like me?
There might be thousand lights,
but moonshine is priceless.
A picture?
This is good. -Yeah.
You're an expert!
Look at the camera.
A lot of disturbance in the background.
Unwanted materials!
That's okay..
Boo, youre really cute.
Thank you.
I shall leave.
Tag me on Instagram.
It's Baby Boo.
-Boo, I'll follow you.
Ill follow you.
-Sure, thank you. Bye!
Do you know her?
Yes, I know her.
You just know her, but
I own her from now on.
Ive just started with small talks.
Ill end it with a blast. Keep watching.
Wear this as well.
Look properly.
Im your elder brother.
So always, I'm first and
you are the next. Okay?
Baby Boo..
Tell me.
Do you know something?
What's that?
I watched your recent reel video.
Your kiss in "Coma Coma" song so unimaginable.
I can do anything for my fans.
Okay, thats fine.
But you kissed that dwarf.
Can I get a kiss like that?
Anything for you Raghu.
Is this dream?!
Before it turns into reality,
I need to propose to her.
Ta dhang!
Abhi, I actually thought
I would require two days.
But considering her pace..
Her pace?
One day was sufficient.
Ill take a leave.
Whos he?
What are you doing?
You think so much to die?
Are you gonna jump now?
Or shall I kick you down?
Let me in. You coward!
Didn't I ask you to jump?
[In fear]
Woke up now?
Who are you?
Why have you come to my home?
Go away from here.
Which is your house?
It's my home.
I was the first tenant to this house.
Later you moved in.
What are you saying?
Oh, you require a detailed explanation.
Keep looking at me.
There's a flash behind you.
Im taking you to a flashback.
Keep watching.
Hey, Sunil..
Hey, look shes here.
She looks amazing, isn't it?
You are like an angel from heaven
Showering lightning bolts of love
I'm in love with you
This girl is just as pure as milk.
But her dad, he's a buffalo.
I mean a bull.
He's Hunter Kannappa.
He was working as a manager in a
coffee estate in Chikamagaluru.
Hes mad and crazy about hunting.
But, when he was told that
hunting was illegal,
he shot at the forest officer.
Run away!
Unfortunately, the forest officer died.
That was a huge case.
So they fled from their village overnight.
And then they settled here with a
provision store for a living.
What do you want?
Why are you signaling like a traffic cop?
[Acting dumb]
Oh, you cant speak!
Cant you say that loud?
Okay, take it.
You don't need money?
What else do you need?
Oh, do you want to work?
So you dont need money!
God snatched away your voice,
but not your self-respect.
[In Pride]
Okay, what work do you know?
Oh, you cant speak.
You can communicate in gestures.
Ill understand.
[Starts gesturing]
You would manage all the
housekeeping work!
And also youll look after me really well?
Oh, you look like a fine man.
(Kharjura - pet name of Manja)
Start working from today.
Okay carry these bags.
Lets go home.
[Calls his daughter]
Dad, I'm coming.
Help him put the bags down.
Dad, who is this?
He cant speak.
Cant speak, is it?
He approached me in our
store seeking work.
He seemed like a fine man,
so brought him home.
Hey Kharjura, she is my daughter.
She is my daughter!
Keep your eyes down.
Hey, go near the stores.
She has fallen in love
Hey cut it!
I request you to skip the song.
We can't bear all these.
This is a situational song.
Got it tuned especially from Gurukiran.
Who will listen to your songs?
Come to the point!
Okay, will stop.
[Sign language]
You look beautiful.
Can you speak?
I know lot more than just talking.
I love you from bottom of my heart.
Why did you act like you couldnt talk?
I was terrified by your father.
Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his love.
This is the least I could do for my love.
Consider this as a test assigned to me.
Consider it as a proposal.
You can choose between
sugar candy and a betel leaf.
If you agree, pick the candy.
If not, chew the leaf and spit it on me.
Okay not on me, spit it away.
I never anticipated your presence in my life.
I wish to lead a happy life with you.
Youre the boon Ive received
without any penance.
God has blessed me with good fortune.
Ill offer him sweets.
What did you like about me?
Your romantic eyes, chubby cheeks,
luscious lips, it mesmerized me.
Okay, let it be..
What did you like about me?
Even though you knew that
you wouldn't be alive,
you still loved me.
Why will I die?
[Yelling angrily]
You are in your briefs.
You acted dumb,
just to seek my daughter?
Sir, its not my fault.
Your daughter threatened to
kill me if I dont come.
I'll shoot you down!
Dad, dont do this. Listen to me.
Hey, go away..
Sir, who are you?
Is it your naming ceremony at this age?
Or pre-wedding shoot?
Sir, whats all this? Who are you?
Im the Supreme being.
God, eh?
Stop kidding.
You fool!
You worship countless versions of me.
But you people dont believe
..when I appear in front of you.
You died in a car accident.
Try to remember.
Sunitha.. Sunitha..
Cant you guys see me?
Where are the residents of this house?
-Do you remember that old man
Hunter Kannappa? -Hmm..
He tried to shoot his helper boy.
Yeah, that poor guy lost his life
..colliding with a car when
trying to escape.
Is he a stray dog to bump into a car?
In fear of getting arrested,
the old man and his daughter
..fled the city overnight.
Where did they go?
Tell me where she went?
Where did Sunitha go?
Tell me..
Am I dead?
Am I a wandering soul?
Oh almighty!
Sorry, I couldn't recognize you.
Im sorry.
Havent I offered you my prayers, fasts,
performed rituals and substantially more?
Is it fair to take away my life?
Is this fair?
Picking stones from the
rice bag is acceptable.
But you've picked up the entire bag.
You lustful moron!
Do you have any common sense?
Did I ask you to roam around
on your briefs?
Some vehicle came in.
You crashed into it and died.
What can I do about that?
My situation was dire.
What situation?
The situation was caused by my true love.
It's not true love, it's lust!
This is all because of your lust,
excitement, and stupidity.
You'll know only when someone
chases you pointing a gun.
You had the chance to live a life.
You died because of the consequences
of your own actions.
Dont be so judgmental.
Now, are you going to take me away?
Im here to talk about that.
Oh, dear lord.
You can't just enter heaven like
how you squander on Earth.
There's a specific time,
and one can get in only at that time.
Until then, you cannot come
there nor stay here,
youll remain a wandering soul.
Youll be able to see everyone.
When its your time,
I shall call out for you.
Please do come.
Oh almighty!
I need a boon from you.
That I should see Sunitha.
I need that boon.
You just got blessed holding the sacred flute.
Thank you, my dear lord!
Give it back.
-I'm blessed, my lord!
You can choose a person who can see you.
But theres a twist here.
If that person isnt happy and
utters the word bittaku" thrice,
you won't be visible to anyone around.
Think about it.
Okay, Im sure Sunitha will never
ask me to leave.
We shall meet again.
Yeah, need to take you back.
Let's see..
You play the flute really well.
Can you play it again?
Okay, why did you choose
me instead of her?
I begged for this boon so
she could see me.
Its been so many years,
I covered each and every inch of Karnataka.
Couldnt find her anywhere.
I just wish well for her, wherever she is.
What else do I do?
My offer stays valid for
the next 6 months only.
It would get wasted.
Im observing you for two days.
I feel pity for you.
That's why I choose you.
Thats okay, how can you help me?
Youre a cute guy.
Thats okay, how can you help me?
Youre a cute guy.
You dont seem to have any foul habits.
But, the only thing you lack is confidence.
You have no confidence, that's the problem.
You attempted suicide just because of that girl.
Are you out of your mind?
Ill help you impress her.
I didn't have a single penny,
I still impressed my girl.
You have to agree to this.
Why another?
That's okay, have one more.
Look, the one distributing sweets,
she's my girl.
Bhoomika aka Baby Boo.
What's the occasion?
Fathers day!
She looks alluring!
A lifetime isn't enough to spend with her.
A couple of lifetimes might be
needed for sure.
Don't say such things, she's my girl.
Huh? You're a lucky fellow.
My father is my hero and my inspiration.
What does he do?
Hes a self-made scientist.
But hes not with us.
[Drone propelling in Indo-Pak border]
After continuous efforts,
finally I made it fly.
I made it fly..!
Does it fly?
It can fly across the border.
Across the border?
I dont think so.
When something great is being accomplished,
people doubt a lot more than cheering.
[Person mocks]
Let me show you.
You crossed the border, flying that kite?
It's not a kite.
It's a drone.
Im a self-made scientist.
Let me go..
So where is your dad now?
He is imprisoned in Pakistan.
Steadfast as a solitary snake among
a large number of mongoose.
Her dad crossed the border and got caught.
And you're here with nothing!
If you want that girl,
you must initially dazzle at least four girls.
Ill train you for that.
Four girls?
Yes, lets train.
You'll definitely impress her.
Let's take it as challenge!
"Raatri Rahasya!"
(Title of an adult movie)
"Yelakki Baale Hannu"
(Title of an adult movie)
"Mysuru Mallige"
(Title of an adult movie)
Whats all this?
Education opens the eyes of society,
where as sex education
..expanses knowledge of the universe.
Thats okay, but theres no rating
or reviews for these.
There are no ratings for these.
Just watch and enjoy.
Ive already seen this in my teenage.
Are these even movies?
There are around nine movies
with the same title.
Patience is a virtue, just watch it!
A person must have confidence.
One can achieve anything with confidence.
You have very low confidence.
Would you get confidence
wearing colorful garments, shoes,
and with different hairdos?
No! An impression will be made.
Confidence is something within you.
Wake up the Romeo inside you.
Just go to her and talk.
How would you feel if someone's
staring at you for long?
I feel disgusted.
Similarly girls dislike someone
staring at them for long.
You really need to go there and speak.
Just talk.
Stalking is bad!
Look, there!
I dont feel this is right.
What if my girl feels bad?
Look, I know how this works.
Won't you listen to my words?
At any cost, dont look at you girl.
Maintain eye contact.
Hi, Im Abhi. And you are?
Im Rashmi.
Hi Rashmi, can I buy you a drink?
But why?
Well, theres a lot to talk about.
I dont want your lips to go dry.
-Bro, a glass of wine, please..
Sure sir.
-Come, let's go!
-What happened?
-I'll tell you later.
-Where are we heading?
Come, I'll tell you.
At least this time, impress the girl.
Do something!
What does it mean?
Why do think I showed you those movies?
So that you do something!
Since you made me watch that,
I spoke to her.
That is all I can do.
We need perfection,
else youll get rejected.
All I can do is friendship.
Nothing more than that.
Seems like you are enjoying
this more than me.
My dear kiddo!
Pointless if you sit here, all dressed up.
You need to socialize and begin
intriguing girls out there!
I asked you to impress four girls.
Three is an odd number. Make it even.
Look, all this is old school.
We are the young generation.
We make kids over the phone now.
[Bell rings]
Home delivery!
If youre done impressing over the phone,
try impressing her directly.
Do something manly.
Just go away.
Do whatever you want!
Hey, you won!
You naughty!
I asked you to find girls,
not this old man.
Lets find my girl.
What use is this coma patient for us?
Is he in a coma?
Can someone go to coma
in this expression?
Who is he?
Hes our house owner.
Do you mean our owner?
Hes a role model to all the house owners.
Never asked rent.
The same expression always.
Students, lets examine the next patient.
Hes been in a stage of coma for 20 years.
He doesnt respond to bright light or pricks.
You're done with the training.
Now start impressing your girl.
It's time.
-Let me prick again.
-Face new challenges!
After all that pointless training,
now youre asking me to
go talk to her.
How is that possible?
Okay lets move to the next patient.
[Snaps fingers]
What happened?
Sir, he called out for me.
He winked too, didnt he?
Yeah, how did you know that?
Youve been frantically shooting
videos everywhere,
and think everyone around is your fan.
-Sir, please listen to me
-This patient is in a coma for 20 years.
Calm down and let's move to the next!
Dont talk rubbish.
The next visit is to a dead body.
She might say it got a re-birth.
He is in a deep coma. Its impossible.
I swear on you.
He winked at me.
Called out, and held my hand too.
Let me see.
Yes, I did see him call you out.
Look, he has seen it.
Why dont you believe me?!
He is in a deep coma for 20 years.
How is it possible?
You dumbo! You wont get it.
Yeah, how is that possible?
Thats because of reflex.
Oh, reflex huh?
Yes, sometimes even a scrap guitar
plays spontaneously.
Even a ceased clock rings it's bell.
You are really great!
Why so?
You got in energy reflex into a coma patient.
You foxy!
What could you possibly
do to youngsters like us?
Thank you..
Whats your name?
Im Abhi.
Im Bhoomika.
I know very well.
Baby Boo..
What happened?
I have a pain in my leg.
-Excuse me.
Hi ma'am.
Please move aside.
Can I take a selfie?
-Shall I?
Can you click one for me?
Dude, move a bit.
The girl I was longing for
finally fell for me
The girl I was longing for
finally fell for me
My girl has fell in love with me
As easy as a cakewalk
Such an effortless endeavour
Within a snap
As smooth as butter
In a breeze, she fell in love!
Eventually, she is in love
Finally, she is into me
She is in love
Baby Boo, you are so dull since morning.
What happened?
My friend and I, both began making
these videos simultaneously.
She's getting more likes and comments.
My videos arent going viral.
I have an idea.
Yes, tell me.
Just expose.
Dont listen to all these stupid ideas.
You need better likes and comments,
isnt it?
Ill take you to a movie set.
Loves is just like..
Adoration has led to sleepless romantic nights
Freckles of love brings lot of smiles
She's my sweet heart for times to come
Longing for planning a romantic get-away
Teachers are whining on my
negligence during lectures
As I'm drowned in her thoughts
I'm constantly tortured by college routine
The mystery in our chemistry bound together
Finally, she is into me
Love is like entering a reality contest
It's just a fanatic colourful game
Dancing to the whims of love
Such a lovely and pleasant feeling
Through all ups and downs,
love still prevails
Love is loaded with happiness
and some spiciness
In a breeze, she fell in love!
Finally, she is into me
Your hairstyle is good.
Have this in all your videos.
I know right!
-Hi Abhi..
Guys, say hi..
Hi Abhi..
Baby Boo..
Wow! What a wonderful car?
Look at this..
Dude, it's superb!
I feel like writing something here.
What do I write?
[In chorus]
Baby Boo, but I dont like you.
I like writing it on your Benz
than on the benches.
What are you up to?
Why do you care?
Dont look at me.
I'm not helping you.
Come here..
How long will you tolerate this trashing?
Even the girls revolt when taunted.
Cant you do it?
A pawn bounces back itself on striking,
can't you?
Arent you losing your temper?
Don't you want to remain
steadfast before the
..people who have provoked you?
Dont spare them!
Go, beat them up!
They should get shattered!
You can do it.
I thought so..
-Go ahead..
Your delinquents are harming the
imported car rather than him.
Abhi, what a show!
He deserved it.
Ive recorded this.
Should have trashed him even more.
He said you are his girlfriend
to everybody around.
Yuck! No way..
He was about to kiss me the
other day in the lab.
I slapped him hard and he left immediately.
Oh, it's a misunderstanding!
You were about to die,
all due to a misunderstanding?
Furthermore, I showed up
before you for this!
The proverb stands right.
"Even when something's obvious,
examine it"
Why did you thrash him?
You think I can spare someone
irritating my girlfriend?
Girlfriend ah?
Any doubt?
Do you need a song now?
You had skipped my song earlier.
Now you aren't permitted to!
That's impossible. Come back.
My dear Abhi, you are looking delighted!
Even though my body hurts due to the
fight with my brother,
but I still feel real happy, Manjanna.
Youve got her now.
Youll be on cloud nine from now on.
Its all because of your blessings.
May you get hitched soon.
Manjanna, why were you driving away
all the tenants?
I never tortured anyone.
I observe them for two days,
so that I could show myself.
By then, they would escape out of fear.
so that I could show myself.
By then, they would escape out of fear.
Why so?
Theres a small flashback.
Another flashback huh?
Look there.
Hello, namaste!
Im Manjunath.
Im an old occupant of this house.
Ive been so bored off late
..staying here alone.
Now that youre here.
I can talk to you.
What an irresponsible person!
Left the tap open,
in-spite of water crisis at it's peak.
Learn from the farmers
..on how to utilize water.
[Bell rings]
Did I stop it?
It's so confusing.
He went to attend the door and
..forgot to turn this lights off as well.
Hi Deepu!
You entered with your right leg, correct?
I anticipated a fabulous greeting.
Just look at this house.
Wow! How amazing is this place?!
You lusty idiot!
Do you expect a traditional entry?
Its fully furnished.
Oh, you want to date her..
You scoundrel!
Im not bothered. Do as you wish.
I'm not gonna do this.
[Indistinct chatters]
Tum Paas Aayee
(Song from the movie "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai")
[Humming continues]
You moron! How dare you to
stop a Kannada movie?
See, what I'm gonna do to you!
You traitor!
[Wicked laugh]
Its Baby Boo.
Carry on.
Hi Baby Boo.
What are you doing?
I was awaiting your call.
I had planned a romantic
proposal yesterday.
I couldn't, because of the fight.
I want to take you to an
exceptional place.
Will you take me to any place
that I wish to?
Then, Ill share a location with you.
Tomorrow you have to be there.
Theres a big surprise for you.
Sure, Baby Boo.
Why did you stop?
Lets go in!
What happened?
There are a lot of ghosts troubling
gods in temples,
questioning on why they
were made that way?
So god came up with
some strict rules.
Saying evils arent supposed
to visit him.
So I'm following that.
You carry on..
Okay, wait near this piller.
Ill meet my girl and will be back.
Dont defile this holy place.
Done seeking the blessings?
And meeting the goddess too?
Are you happy now?
You didn't say much about yourself.
Whom do you reside with?
I stay alone.
Oh Sorry, are you an orphan?
My parents got divorced when I was young.
My dad recently got married
for the third time.
I didnt want to shift here and
there every six months.
So I stay alone separately.
Even if they are separated,
they never had another child.
Not necessary they must adore you
with kisses and hugs.
I don't even know how my dad looks.
At least youve got them.
You need to stay happy.
I told you about a surprise,
do you remember?
You never asked about it.
Whats the surprise?
Today my entire family is here.
I wanted to introduce them to you.
Hows the surprise?
-Superb idea! Come let's go.
(Pet name of Bhoomika)
Hi Grandpa!
Who are you?
How dare you hug my daughter?
Ill shoot you.
Grandpa relax, why are you yelling?
Look Godambi..
How dare he hug Badami?
(Pet name of Sunitha)
Who are you?
She's Sunitha!
Who are you?
She's Sunitha!
He's an aggrieved old man.
Dont tell him youre her boyfriend.
Hell shoot you down.
Bluff something and escape.
Else he'll shoot you!
Who are you?
-Im a fan.
That doesnt mean you can hug my daughter?
Ill shoot you.
Dad please,
can you lower your gun?
Poor guy is terrified.
I'm backing down because of you.
Dear Godambi, is he your fan?
Yes grandpa, he is my fan.
Okay, let this go.
I just got excited about meeting you all.
So I gave a tight hug.
Please forgive me.
Okay fine.
Even a fan must not cross the limits.
Lets leave.
We shouldn't be lenient.
You dont feel bad.
What happened?
The old man killed me and got her
hitched to someone else.
Look at her,
so content with kids and family.
Maintaining her physique with
diet and makeovers.
She doesnt remember me.
She has forgotten me.
Whats wrong with you now?
Your love story will change
to a revenge story!
Just watch! What Ill do!
Preethi Maadu Thappenilla
(A song from the movie "Halli Meshtru")
[Song continues]
Oh dear, Baby Boo!
Master, what's this?
Looking at your pace,
thought the old man
would be dead by now.
Yeah, just when I was about to..
My girl was..
What? Which girl?
My love, Sunitha hasnt aged a bit.
Shes the same.
At the point when I was
about to choke her,
she smirked like a baby.
I was delighted to look at that.
I just sat there looking at her.
I was mesmerized.
Manjanna, aren't you ashamed to
pry on others' wives?
It wasnt lustful, it was out of love.
She might be someones wife now.
But she was my lover back then.
Why this attire?
Whats up with you?
I was very inspired by your
flashback story.
Thats why Im here as a
pizza delivery guy.
Also wanted to tell her about you and
..that whole love training stuff.
Please don't do that.
As per the boon, I should
be visible to you alone.
In case you tell her about me,
I can never see Sunitha again.
Please, dont tell anyone.
Master, I cant jeopardize my
love story to save yours.
-I cant..
Dont you understand?
Whom are you speaking to?
No one. I was rehearsing the
best way to convince you.
Why are you unhappy?
What did I do?
Tell it on my face if you aren't interested.
Dont just pretend.
Grandpa had a heart issue because of you.
You prick with your words,
while your grandpa with his gun.
Dont touch me.
I thought acquainting you
with them may help our future.
But what did you do?
You havent hugged me even once.
How dare you hug my mom?
Upon that, you lied about being my fan.
I hate you. Just get out.
I was terrified with his gun pointing at me.
Thats why I lied.
Abhi, shut up!
Ive seen all your flirtatious chronicles.
You have numerous girls on your contact list.
Look, what you saw was real,
yet theyre just my friends.
Oh, friends huh? What kind of friends?
You girls make guys work for
your necessities,
and quickly friend zone them
once they develop feelings.
If a guy does the same, then he's
tagged characterless and a flirt!
Yes, I did move around with those girls.
I dont have any feelings for them.
If I had, why would I put up
with your grandpa?
Or come here like a pizza delivery guy?
After all this, Im still behind you,
so understand my adoration for you.
How dare you come here?
Im just here to deliver the pizza.
I didnt know you stay here.
You were a fan before,
now a delivery guy.
Whats happening?
Grandpa, it's not like that.
I didn't cooked up these stories.
Grandpa, dont worry.
Hes just my fan.
Is there anything left to deliver?
Then leave!
Yeah, slow and steady..
-Hi Grandpa..
-What are you doing here?
Are you here to deliver that coat?
No, I work here.
Oh, are you a compounder?
No, I'm a doctor here.
At first he was a fan,
later a delivery guy
..and now a compounder.
-Grandpa, please come.
How many roles does he play!
We need to get you scanned.
Please change to this gown.
Changing room is that way.
Hey nurse, come here.
No, Im not of that kind!
Same here.
Just come here for a minute.
No, I've my marriage fixed
down the line.
Grandpa, what are you up to?
Itll be an issue.
Not up to anything bad.
I cant find my dress.
Thats why I called you.
Oh is it, everythings right there!
You are so mischievous.
You're so naughty!
How did it appear now?
Grandpa, I got tensed seeing
you in your briefs.
Just go in and get it changed.
No, it wasnt there before.
-Please go..
[Evil Laughter]
Anger, revenge and hatred!
He made me run on my briefs.
I did the same.
Even revenge needs to have
some standards.
This is so lame.
Is it?
Then, I'll make him walk around without briefs.
Nobody can look.
-You are sick!
Its your fate, so let it be.
Whom are you speaking to?
No one.
Its useless talking to you.
Do whatever you want.
Baby Boo..
Please listen to me.
Baby Boo..
Your grandpa just popped
out of nowhere today.
So I couldnt speak to you.
No Abhi, youve changed.
Earlier you waited for me
consistently in college.
Even organized a film set to
shoot videos as well.
You protected me when someone
taunted me.
You've been so occupied
since you proposed to me.
Nothing as such.
You don't have time to talk to me.
But you'll be busy talking to yourself.
I dont think you like me anymore.
It's nothing like the way you think.
I was so involved in considering
ways of persuading your family.
Couldnt spare time for you.
It wont happen again.
Im sorry.
Okay, Im sorry too.
I rushed you to meet my family.
Dont worry.
Well make this happen together.
Okay, Baby Boo.
What are you looking at?
Were good now.
Give me a hug!
What, here?
In the hospital?
Hey, Alugadde Samosa..!
(Pet name of Abhi)
You were pretending to be a fan,
a delivery boy, and
a compounder for this?
I'm so raged up!
I wanna shoot you down!
Tragically, I don't have my gun now.
Godambi, whats all this?
I was waiting for the perfect
opportunity to admit our love.
Do you love him?
Im not as bad as u think.
Dont even utter a word!
You are flirting with her.
Ill shoot you down!
How dare you?
Why are you shouting?
This is a hospital.
Weve just got you scanned now.
At least stay alive till the reports arrive.
Sorry, please stay calm.
If I stay calm, he'll impregnate
your daughter.
What are you blabbering?
I dont care. He's hugging her in public.
What will people think?
Look, well visit your house tomorrow.
Lets talk to your parents and
get you both hitched.
Is it okay?
Badami, do you agree to this?
Mom, please..
As you say, dad.
Why would I deny it?
Who here is the first and third wife?
Dad, please. Keep quiet.
Is this your own bungalow?
Yeah, it is.
I have a couple of bungalows,
I have kept them for weekend getaways.
Consider this as your place.
As you wish.
Dad, do face this side as well and talk.
Now, you are all aware of the
ongoing romantic tale.
We must get them married at the right age.
Else, they might slip away.
They have to be controlled.
-We have to!
Here, even elders are prone
to make blunders!
Yes, it's evident.
Let me get some tea.
-Serve it hot! Quick.
We have agreed to get her
married to your son.
We too have no objections.
Godambi, what do you say?
Grandpa, I need to talk to
Abhi in private.
Look, your dads eyes are gazing
at Sunitha behind those glasses.
If this continues, Ill possess him
..and drown him in the pool.
We shall discuss the formalities,
get their engagement done
and followed by marriage.
There are no formalities.
We are glad to get your
girl hitched to our son.
I have few conditions if you
were to marry me.
You need to agree to that.
Whats that?
My man must ride a white horse
to the wedding like a prince.
[Horse neighing]
But I cant ride a horse.
Learn how to..
You decide on an auspicious date.
Ill handle all the arrangements.
By all means..
Let him handle the arrangements.
Hes an expert handling
wedding arrangements.
Right from catering to decorations,
hes got them all on speed dial.
If they both keep wandering this way,
people might take lenience and talk awful.
-So, its good to get them married soon.
What say?
I'm okay with any decisions
taken by her.
Come here..
You were lecturing me on
prying at other's wives.
Check out your playboy father.
Staring like a dog looking at the bone.
If he doesnt stop now,
Ill teach him a lesson.
You're focused just here..
My dad has a sprained neck.
Oh is it?
-I thought he is squint.
-Yes, last night I had a sprain in the neck.
Look, my family takes a lot of
pride in regard and respect.
Aware of my son-in-law?
He was serving in border..
Yeah, Im aware.
He built a drone out of waste and it flew
..across the border to Pakistan.
Thats the one, right?
I know it too..
I'm aware too..
-Me too.. -Oh!
Even I'm aware.
I also know.
Godambi, everyone here knows
about you father. Great!
-How's that!
-So cute!
Please have some tea.
Dont pick it.
Put it back.
But I want it.
Just put it back!
Please take it.
Who the heck are you? Go away!
Thank you.
-Masala tea?
-Please, have it.
-Thank you.
Have it..
Hello, why don't you have some tea?
Ill just have dry fruits.
The key to my strength!
Even in this age..!
Please have some.
Dry fruits?
Hoping for good!
Well let you know about the date.
Lets go.
Are you leaving?
Ill call you.
Seek their blessings.
No, thats okay.
Have this.
No, I dont eat it.
Shes fit and healthy.
No thanks.
Are you on WhatsApp?
-God bless you, my dear.
What happened?
-Whats wrong with you?
-Let it go.
Seems Abhi is excited about the marriage.
Even I thought the same.
Whats up with you?
Why are you behaving like your dad?
Okay. Lets leave..
Let me drop you in my car.
Is this the car?
Don't hesitate, its my dads favorite car.
He only offers it to people he likes.
You are denying to discuss the
dowry formalities,
thats so kind of you.
But we insist, you accept gifts
from our end.
Hes your son-in-law,
feel free to gift him.
-Okay then..
Scrap this junk!
Let me get you a luxurious car.
Car huh?
Gift anything, except a car.
Please, dont reject it.
Of course, cant deny when it
comes from you.
A driver along with the car
would be helpful.
What's all this?
Will anyone demand driver along
a car as dowry?
What kind of a strange request is this?
Your son drives a car well.
Indeed he does!
When he was a kid, he has driven
many big cars sitting on my lap.
Then why are you requesting for a driver?
The thing is..
One day he was driving while
sitting on my lap.
Some insane guy wearing briefs
bumped into us and died.
Since then, he doesnt drive.
Oh, is it?
Oh, you sinners!
Who all killed me are now
trying to become a family?
How have I wronged you all?
Doing injustice to the soul is
equal to doing injustice to god.
Listen, I have done
no wrong to anyone.
You killed me unjustly.
Im so dumb, being a guiding beacon the one who put me off.
Standing by you even when
you are actually guilty.
What have I done now?
Youre a killer.
Take your words back.
You dug your own grave.
So I'm not responsible for that.
Dont talk like a KEB lineman.
How dare you?
A small kid still nibbling his thumb,
riding a car without a license.
Isnt that wrong?
Boss, who asked you to run into
the middle of the road?
I'm so agitated right now!
Feel like possessing you and
jumping off this building.
[Bell rings]
Let's go inside..
Is there anyone else in the house?
Nope. Who are you?
Listen, Sunitha..
It wasnt he who hugged you.
I had possessed him.
One moment..
Shes locking the door.
You youngsters dont spare anyone!
Dear god, did you leave me here
to witness all these?
One moment, please come.
Stop holding her hand!
Be careful.
Any specific reason that you're
here at this time?
Wanted to talk about incident
which happened in the morning.
Ill tell you what happened!
Everyone who killed me are trying
to become a family.
I hugged you by mistake.
No, I haven't misunderstood that.
Yeah, youre here at this time,
obviously you wouldn't mind.
Its true that you hugged me.
However, it felt like a hug from
someone who I truly loved.
I didnt get you.
I need to confess something.
I was mesmerized for a moment
when you hugged me.
Later, I realized that made me
remember my love back then.
Confession about someone you love?
Look, Abhi..
Truth must be the foundation of
any new relationship.
I dont want to deceive you with lies.
I loved someone when I was young.
He truly loved me as well.
We were inseparable.
In a strong belief that we would get hitched,
we had crossed the limit.
His name was Manjunath.
But fate had other plans.
He passed away as a result of
my dads outrage.
He died in front of my own eyes.
When you hugged me this morning,
I felt like it was him.
Manjunath? I didn't get you.
He passed away.
But his love had sprouted in my womb.
Bhoomika is his daughter.
She looks alluring!
Then what about the story of drone?
I wanted to confess this many times.
Yet, my father made up a story
and topped off her mind.
Repeating the same lie
numerous times made it real.
Our family is not brimming with
reputation, pride, or honour.
I wanted to convey this to you.
Its not a big deal.
We arent a royal family too.
Every family has it's own
history and mysteries.
Does that mean youre fine with
marrying my daughter?
Theres no way this marriage
is going to be canceled.
By the way, why would I cancel it?
Youve just gained my respect
considerably more at this point.
You have a good heart.
I feel relieved now after
sharing this with you.
I shall leave now.
Bhoomika is my little girl!
Stop it. Who is your father-in-law?
Dont call me that.
Manjanna, I'm calling you.
Youre my father-in-law, arent you?
No, dont say that.
My daughter is an angel.
I'll never get her married to you.
This is not your dialogue at all.
Youre already dead.
Abhi, dont trigger me. Stop it!
Why have you switched sides now?
I havent turned.
Just forget my daughter.
Why would I forget her?
Is that a social media password?
Are you all even a family?
Your dad lures around marrying
every other woman.
Your mom, so talkative.
Always picks a fight.
And you here are a coward.
You even attempted suicide.
I wouldve stayed happy with her.
You people ran a car over and killed me.
Cant let my daughter marry you.
Better, you cancel it.
There is no chance I'll let this happen.
Are you perfect?
You made me impress four girls
for the sake of training.
Is it fair if it is with others?
But unfair if it happens to you.
What an amazing logic!
Abhi, youre crossing your limits.
She is the gift of my sacred love.
Not a gift, its a curse!
You impregnated her before
marrying her.
Shes lying to everyone about
her dads story .
No, Abhi..
Look, this is your final warning.
Look, theres no way Im canceling it.
Do whatever you can.
Uncle, stop this!
Enough of your tricks.
You aren't canceling it?
Nope, I won't.
Uncle, don't do this to me.
Where have you brought me?
I'll say "Bittaku" thrice.
[Weird laughs]
[Panting in fear]
Godambi, theres something fishy here.
I couldnt sleep the entire night.
My own gun was pointed at me.
For sure, theres something
paranormal here.
Dad, its a new place.
Its usual to feel this.
Take this.
Dont scare her by saying all these.
Badami, listen to me.
(Pet name of Sunitha)
For sure theres something unusual here.
For every sin you committed,
witness how your gun moves tonight.
Grandpa, you're correct.
Certainly theres something here.
Bhoomi told me that you
were frightened.
Ive got something to drive it away.
Tie this yantra, and the ghosts
shall stay away from you.
Is it?
Will it drive them away?
Im very much sure. Please get it tied.
Okay, let me take one.
Help me tie it.
Grandpa, lets take a selfie.
You please step back.
I'll stand in front.
Okay, #twinningwithholythread.
(Hash tag)
Not a holy thread,
even god cant stop me.
Hey, this is your last chance.
Last chance!
Oh,is it?
Cancel the marriage.
-Is it?
If not?
Once more!
Your trick isnt working, right?
My game has just begun.
My game has just begun.
Keep watching!
Keep watching!
Ninnantha Appa illa
Baby Boo..
(Dr. Rajkumar's song from "Devatha Manushya")
[Song playing in the background]
Thank god! Uncle isn't here.
You and your dad are
tormenting me this way?
Ill not spare your dad too.
Please don't mind.
Dont ever call me uncle!
Yes, mom.
It's urgent, can you come home?
What happened?
I broke up.
Break up?
The woman I loved, has kicked me out.
I never get anything I love.
Even your third wife kicked you out?
At least now, did you realize?
No one can tolerate this man.
Mom, keep quiet.
Why is your face swollen?
Does it look like swollen?
I just returned home after
partying with friends.
She started a fight for
not taking her along.
By the time I could convince her,
her relatives trashed me.
I've helped them out at every point.
She still drove me out of the house.
Everyones a cheat.
Lets go.
Please, don't do that!
Padmaja, you talk some sense at least.
Open the door.
You cant go in.
Abhi, come here.
Hes blabbering something.
Translate it for me.
Call my wife, I need to speak with her.
Call my wife.
Whose wife?
Call his wife.
Call her out.
She cant come out now.
Shes busy.
What did he say?
Seems she is busy and cant come out.
I know something.
Shes my wife and this is my house.
Who are you to permit us?
Ill talk even if you deny it.
Call her out!
What is this "budda" (old man) saying?
"Budda", eh?
How dare you call me "budda"?
Your dad is a "budda".
Ill punch on you face!
Get out from here!
What are you looking at?
Wait here for sometime.
Ill teach them a lesson.
Take care..
Guys, catch hold of him!
So now you can speak Kannada?
Bless me, grandpa!
Some action is up there too.
Keep walking.
Will you ditch me?
I was scared of losing my dads
house to her.
Girls always cheat.
Whats the point of spilling tears now?
You never valued any relationship.
You changed relationships like clothes.
You must be preaching to me at this age,
instead it's the other way.
At least change yourself now.
Astrology, black magic, rituals..
[Advertisement playing on TV]
Why you staring at me?
Nothing, chuck it.
Let go?
You avenged my dad,
is my mom next in the line?
Oh, you realized that it was me?
Yes, so what?
So what?
Are you even a family?
You, your dad, and mom are split up.
In-between all this,
you want to marry my daughter?
I can never agree to that.
Theres always problems within a family,
doesn't mean you push everyone away.
Everything will be fine sooner or later.
What then?
I dont believe.
Whatever it may be,
youre not marrying her.
I don't need you. Go away!
I dont believe you.
For problems with black magic,
evil spirits or hypnosis,
immediately contact Shri. Mangoli Baba.
Get rid of all your problems by
reaching out to Babaji.
Babaji, please come.
Who is this?
He looks like a street merchant
with Rudrakshi & Saligrama.
Who is he?
Babaji, theres a ghost in here.
I can see it.
I can see him.
Can you see me?
Is he visible to you?
Where did you come from?
I hail from Mongolia,
from behind mount Kailasa.
I told Id meet you soon.
Meet me?
How is Sunitha?
Whats all this, my lord?
You have changed your outfit.
I have thousand of forms.
This is one among them.
Is this fair?
You granted me a boon.
Within no time, I met Sunitha.
Later, you set a validity for that.
By then, I met my daughter.
Leave that, his family ran the
car over and killed me.
And youre making me a
part of this alliance.
Is this fair?
All this is a part of my creation.
Its my handiwork.
There's mystery too. And this is
as a result of your deeds.
What do I do?
Okay chuck that!
Whats your plan now?
The boy is smart and the girl likes him too.
Im here to get them hitched and
unite them as family.
Thats the conflict here.
At no cost, Ill let that happen.
Babaji, his arrogance hasnt
descended a bit.
Remain silent!
I too have the privilege to
make this decision.
Am I not her father?
You relinquished the relations of
father, mother, loved ones,
friends, family, and worldly pleasures.
Even your body.
Manja, but why are you clinging
on to your arrogance
..and tormenting this guy?
I dont agree to this alliance.
I have very little time.
Yes, Babaji.
Change of plans. Let's move forward.
Why are you here spinning around?
Whats the plan?
Here you go.
Dont let him out.
Sure, Babaji.
I'll get him after the expiry of his validity.
I cant tolerate individuals torturing anyone.
Ill hunt them down.
So many people have pinged me.
Youll be happy to know
the reason Im live today.
You already know how private
Im about my personal life.
But, today Id like to
share something significant.
He's my fiance!
Face the camera..
Okay, leave.
Were getting married soon.
And Ill mention the date in my bio.
Heres an invite to my wedding.
You must be present there for three days.
Sure. Congratulations!
Thanks Bhushan.
He looked depressed after
looking at the invitation.
I feel pity for him.
Ill not pay you a penny.
Take it back. Else Ill shoot you.
Stop it. Whats the issue?
Look at this horse owner..
We requested for a white horse.
But hes got a brown one.
Many weddings are happening.
All of a sudden,
how can I get a white horse?
Dont utter a word, Ill shoot you!
Why are you always threatening
to shoot everyone?
Whats the big deal if its
brown or white?
What matters is the horse. Ride on it!
Why are you crying?
It's not tears of sorrow,
it's tears of joy.
Joyful flowers!
Its not flowers, it's tears.
Yes, the same.
Hey, it's Baby Boo.
Hi Abhi.
Hi Baby Boo.
How do I look?
You look handsome!
Is the horse ready?
Just like you wanted it.
Keep watching..
The best medicine to
wash away my sorrow.
Hows the attire?
It fits so well.
Super cool attire!
Okay, Ill see you soon.
[Festive drums playing]
Come here.
Are all the arrangements in place?
Take this.
Get some crackers & fireworks.
Okay, sir. I'll get it.
Let me give it one last try.
You look really beautiful.
Thanks mom.
Look, my son is here.
Riding the horse.
Its empty.
Its true that the witch never stops haunting.
You trapped me in a bottle..
Try restraining the horse, if you really can!
Why would I control the horse?
[Horse neighing]
[Horse neighing]
Did you trap me in a bottle!?
The game is on!
Keep watching.
Make way!
Watch out guys!
[Indistinct warnings]
Run away..!
[Mob dispersing in fear]
[Horse neighing]
Uncle, please stop this.
The horse is here..
Lower your gun old man.
[Celebrated cheers]
Just missed the shot.
I'm enjoying this!
Are you okay?
What did you miss?
You shot at a close range
and still missed.
Youve been acting crazy since morning.
What if the bullet hit my son?
Dont you have any sense?
I asked for a white horse.
But youve got a brown horse.
It had to be shot down.
-Grandpa, stay calm.
Uncle, you please tell him.
Dad, please. Keep quiet.
No..! Look at him..
Could everyone keep silent?
What are you up to?
Dont you have any sense?
Why do you listen to everyone
around you?
Why are you behaving like your dad?
He also goes crazy upon
seeing any women.
I dont listen to anyone.
Im the horse.
I don't need any comparision.
Did you listen?
Hes calling himself a horse.
I warned you not to pursue it
further with this family.
Theres something wrong with
this family. [Arguments in the background]
Whats the problem?
-What problem?
-Dont you have any issues?
Keep quiet!
You and your wife are divorced.
-And you're on a wedding binge.
Your third wife has abandoned you.
What if your son abandons
my granddaughter?
Whom should we rely upon?
Like father, like son!
This day wouldn't have come if
my husband was perfect.
Have you seen enough?
Do you still need this marriage?
Look, how crazy this
old chap's talks are!
Hey, who's old chap?
Please, stay calm.
Im the Hunter Kannapa.
Stop yelling dad, please.
You expect us to stay here
even after all these?
Just get up son. Get up!
Not required.
You relax dear,
Ill find you another guy.
Just call it off!
[Indistinct arguments]
Everyone. please stop!
Who decided to cancel this marriage?
Did anyone consult with me?
Just because you're married thrice,
do I need to?
Mom, you need to calm me down.
Whereas its the other way round here.
You quarrel with everyone around you,
resulting in you staying alone at home.
Ive never had a happy family
since I was a kid.
Grandpa, as a result of your outrage,
both your daughter and
granddaughter are suffering.
What do you mean?
What did I do?
Ive done everything right.
Can you tell this in your
daughter's face?
Abhi, please.
Abhi, what are you saying?
Your dad's story about being
in a jail is a lie.
I did not have an option.
If I had told you about this,
would you still be this
happy with grandpa?
Youre his only symbol of my love.
But the society cannot accept this.
Theyll taunt about the kid being
born before marriage.
Yes I lied, but I was helpless.
Your happiness contemplating
your dad being alive..
So this lie didnt seem huge.
Your mother suffered her entire life
because of my mistake.
I never permitted her to come clean.
No other intentions.
Godambi, please forgive me.
Forgive me for being rude.
You too, please forgive me.
What are your thoughts about
the marriage?
We agree to this.
Are you happy?
How come you know this secret?
Tell them, Im alive.
But you arent alive.
Do you want me to wander around forlorn?
Please, tell them.
You tried to stop this marriage.
Now, that everyone has agreed.
Ill wait for the right time to tell them.
What are you talking
about with the horse?
Im again suspicious about this.
You wont torture me again, right?
After all this why would I?
Are you sure?
Look, my dear..
You can marry my daughter.
Tell them that Im here.
Theres a flashback story I need to share.
Whats that?
His Spirit!
Is he here?
Yeah, he is.
Only I can see him.
Hey, Aloogadde Samosa..
How long do you want to
talk with spirit of Kharjura?
Now that we are together as a
Family Pack..
Lets finish up the formalities.