Family Possessions (2016) Movie Script

Farid Morocco
Bad dreams?
You could say that.
Well, it's not much
but it-- it's getting there.
You know,
your father has worked really...
-hard the last couple of weeks.
-It looks like a haunted house.
-Is it haunted, Mom?
-No, honey, it's not haunted.
Oh, there he is.
Your father really
has worked hard the last couple
of weeks, Rachel, so please
show a little appreciation.
-Hey, sport.
-Dad, I want to see my room.
-Hey, honey.
-How is she?
-Mm, I think she'll come around.
-Hey, Rach.
-RACHEL: Hi, Dad.
-How was the drive?
-It was okay.
Well, this is the house... um...
I grew up running up and down
those stairs.
Actually I'm kinda tired.
I just wanna go to my room.
Yeah, sure. Uh, it's upstairs.
It's the best room upstairs.
Don't tell your mother
I said that.
All right. Thanks, Dad.
Everything's gonna change now.
I found that in the attic.
Lots of memories up there.
-You scared me.
-Huh, sorry.
-Can I have this?
-Yeah, of course.
Your grandmother would have
wanted you to have it.
Oh. I mean-- Well, I don't have
to take it if he wants--
No, no, it's yours.
-Okay... thanks.
Hey, no balls
in the house.
-No balls?
-No balls.
Well... what about deez nuts?
That's your boy,
that's your boy.
We are ready for you.
Okay, this is the part
that pertains to you...
your daughter.
"It is my wish
to leave my estate,
which includes my house
and all its contents,
to my granddaughter,
Rachel Dunn.
The remainder of my estate
will be put into a trust
and also awarded to Rachel
on her 21st birthday."
I-- I don't understand.
So there's nothing
for her-- her only child?
LAWYER: She also left this
for you.
Now, there's a special
contingency I must read you.
"As long as Rachel lives
in the Dunn house,
she will not have to pay
for the house, taxes, utilities
or any expenses associated
with the property
as they will be paid
by the estate.
However, if she chooses not
to reside in the property,
then the entire estate
will be liquidated
and all proceeds donated
to the charities
I have listed below."
Then the list of charity
organizations goes on.
Mom... why would she leave
the house to me?
Ms. Dunn, uh...
she was an eccentric lady,
but these instructions are
to be followed.
She was very clear on that.
But I grew up in the house.
Why would she not leave me
She's trying to get back at me
for moving so far away from her.
-Did you finish unpacking?
-Uh, almost.
- Looks good, honey.
-Thank you,
I thought,
our first official dinner
in this house, I would try
to do something special.
Andy, get your elbows
off the table.
-And sit up straight.
Well, I was thinking about going
into town tomorrow to see
-if I can find a part-time job.
-STEVE: Oh, good.
Um, I'm actually going into town
to apply for a few jobs,
so I could give you a ride,
drop you off.
Oh no, it's okay, I can walk.
You know, maybe the university
offers night classes.
Could help you get a head start.
You still planning to go
to school next semester?
yeah, I guess.
You know, honestly, I don't--
I don't know where I want
to go to school next semester.
Honey, part of the condition
of us living in this house
is you have to live here too.
You decide to go
to an out-of-town school--
Yeah, I know the conditions,
You've made them quite clear.
You know, you-- you also have
a scholarship.
Do you want to throw that away?
Who says I'm throwing
anything away?
There's a few places
you could try downtown, um...
try Crave, it's a coffeehouse.
They hire a lot
of part-time help.
Yeah, I'll check it out
Look, Mom, I...
I know we're in a tough
financial situation right now.
I do, but...
I also know I can't live
with you guys forever.
I'll do what I have to do
for this family
until we get back on our feet,
but my life can't revolve around
what happens to this house.
You can't keep me here forever.
She's right, you know.
Oh, I know...
I also know it was your mother
who put us in this situation
and now we are all looking
to you to bring things back
to normal.
I'm doing the best that I can.
I-- I have three interviews
lined up for tomorrow.
Well, let's hope one of them
works out.
Can I have some more bread?
Hey, Dad, sorry.
Oh, it's okay, Rach, um,
I'm all done.
You going to bed now?
Uh, yeah, I was just going
to brush my teeth first.
Well, get a good night's sleep
and good luck on the job hunt
Okay, thanks Dad.
Honey... I can't find them.
Oh, I found them,
I found them.
Hey, uh, you sure
you don't need a ride somewhere?
Oh, uh, no, I'm just gonna go
into town
and check out a few places.
-Good morning, Rachel.
Are you off too?
-Did you sleep okay?
Uh, yeah, I guess.
You guess?
Oh well, my closet door
wouldn't stay shut and--
and I heard some noises but it--
it's fine.
These old houses, you know,
sometimes they settle
and the door frames warp.
I'll look at it for you.
Oh, no, no. It's okay.
I'm fine, I promise.
-Okay... well, wish me luck.
-Good luck, honey.
- Yeah, you'll be great.
Well, I guess I'm gonna head out
-Well, be careful and good luck.
Oh, look who decided
to grace us with their presence.
-Where's she going?
-To find a job.
ANDY: I want to find a job too.
Oh, maybe you could find one
unpacking your room.
Oh, god...
-you scared me.
-I'm so sorry--
No, no, no... it's fine.
Hi, I'm Maggie.
Hey, Maggie, I'm Rachel.
Is this your house?
Oh, yeah, I live here
with my mom.
Oh, cool. I actually live
just down the street.
Yeah in the old Dunn house.
Yeah, how did you know?
Oh, I've been watching
your dad fix up the place
-over the past two weeks.
-Oh, okay.
Yeah, um... Miss Dunn was pretty
well known in these parts.
Oh, well that's my grandmother.
I'm Rachel Dunn.
-Miss Dunn was your grandmother?
I inherited the house
and pretty much everything in it
so my family moved here.
-Yeah, I know, it's kinda weird.
Uh, so I have never
really seen you around town.
Did you not visit
your grandmother
-because she was--
-Because she was what?
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm rude. Tell me
to stop talking.
-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
-No, no, no, it's fine. Um...
do you know where Crave is?
Oh, yeah. It's not far
from here.
Okay, I'm trying to get
a part-time job
and my dad said
I should apply there.
Well, I can take you there
if you want.
-Yeah, definitely.
-Come with me,
-I'll show you where it is.
-Okay, come on.
It's so pretty
around here.
Good morning.
Just keep walking.
Skinny caramel latte
with almond milk.
Uh, are you sure
that's almond milk?
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah. Can I get
an application?
Um, okay but we're pretty much
at capacity.
Oh. Really?
Um, yeah. It is the place
to work in this town, so...
Um, okay. Well, can I just get
an application anyway
and fill one out
in case something opens up?
Right. Tyson!
-What, girl?
-Can I get an application for--
-And one for your friend.
-Oh, this is Maggie.
-Oh, I'm sorry. Saggie?
Maggie. No, I don't need one.
-We're pretty much at capacity.
-I was just explaining that,
but she wants
to play application lotto.
Okay, thanks. I'll bring
this right back.
I don't know why she acts
like she doesn't know who I am.
We've gone to school together
for years.
I wouldn't worry about her.
She doesn't seem like the kind
of person you'd want
to be friends with anyway.
She wouldn't be too fun to work
with either.
Yeah, I guess.
Hi, I'm, uh... I'm Kevin.
-Rachel, this is Maggie.
-Yeah, I've seen you around.
And I want to keep
my employment options open,
even if it means I have to work
with a vapid bitch.
I run the club next door. Splat.
I'm not 21.
Mm, no, it's--
it's an all-ages establishment.
My dad owns these buildings.
-Can I get an application?
No, no. You don't-- you don't
need a stinking application.
-You're funny.
So you just moved to town?
Uh, yeah, I'm planning
on attending the university
next semester.
Oh, so you moved here
for school?
Uh, not exactly.
Why'd you move here then?
Um, my grandmother was
in a nursing home here.
She passed a few months back.
So, my family moved
into her house.
She left it to me in her will.
Hmm, that's kinda strange,
isn't it?
She didn't have a husband
to leave it to or kids?
-Which would be your--
-Oh, my dad. My dad's her son...
and I don't-- I don't think
they got along very well.
And then my grandfather died
when my dad was just a baby,
You know, honestly,
I don't remember that much
about my grandmother.
I just remember my parents
had me write her letters
when she was
in the nursing home.
Where's your new house?
-Oh, it's, um--
Rachel, do you want me to get us
a couple coffees?
No, thanks. I'm-- I'm good.
It's a good thing you wrote
those letters [CHUCKLES]
'cause you just won
the showcase showdown.
A new house.
Yeah, I didn't really do it
to get in her will or anything.
At first I just did it
because my parents made me,
but after a while it became
like a therapy or going
to confessional or something.
What do you mean?
I could write to her
about anything.
I told her things I've
never told anybody before...
and then as I got older
I realized how lonely
she must be, so I just did it
to give her something
to look forward to.
You know, we lived so far away
and didn't really have
much money to travel,
otherwise we could have
visited more, I guess.
Would you want to go next door,
check out the club?
Yeah, why not?
Have you finished
that application yet?
-Yeah, here you go--
-I'll take that.
I'll take that.
Don't snatch, snatch.
-Rachel Dunn.
And this is your address,
the old Dunn house?
Yeah, my grandmother
was Albertha Dunn.
This makes perfect sense now.
No wonder you're hanging out
with a loser like Saggie.
Come on, Rachel. Let's get out
of here.
-Let's get out of here.
-RACHEL: No, what?
This is classic. I am dead.
Maggie! Maggie, what the fuck?
I just had to get you out
of there before she said--
-Before she said what?
-About your grandmother.
What about my grandmother?
I assumed you knew
but after what you said
about writing her those letters.
Okay, okay, listen. You have got
to tell me what's going on.
Come to my house. We need
to talk.
Okay, so this is strange.
How do I begin?
RACHEL: Just talk.
What's going on?
You know how in scary movies
there's always
like the town crazy?
You know, like, the one person
that people always try to avoid
or parents tell their kids not
to talk to?
-Uh, yeah, I guess.
-Well... here in Horse Creek,
the town crazy was your
grandmother, Albertha Dunn.
Excuse me?
Well, ever since I was a kid,
my mom would tell me not
to go near her house, you know,
like "Stay away or she might
put you in the oven," she'd say.
Okay, so you're--
you're telling me that everyone
in this town picked
on my grandmother for no reason.
She was bullied and it
just stuck all these years.
No, there was a reason people
said all those things about her.
Okay, what was the reason?
They say she was a witch.
Okay, yeah because that makes
perfect sense.
Rachel, your grandmother wasn't
in a nursing home...
she was in an asylum.
Well, when I heard you talking
about writing her those letters
in the nursing home,
I figured you didn't know
all the details,
so I had to get you out of there
so I could explain.
No, no, but...
but I sent her letters.
I have the address right here.
I have it.
I have the address in here
Here it is.
Go to the address. You'll see.
Why would she be in an asylum?
About ten years ago,
she got caught with some corpses
in her house.
Down the street
at the old cemetery,
there were several graves
that had been dug up
and no one knew who was doing it
until they set up surveillance
and they caught her coming back
to dig up another body.
Why would she be digging
up graves?
They went to her house
and they found
the missing bodies
and she had been doing some type
of ritual on them.
That's why she was sent
to the asylum.
Everyone in this freaking town
is going to think
we're the Mansons.
-No, I'm sure they don't.
-I gotta go.
No, no, wait.
Rachel, wait.
-Oh, my-- Jesus!
I'm sorry, I gotta go.
-Who the hell was that?
-That was Rachel.
She sure was in a hurry.
What'd you do,
show her your book collection?
No, Mother, she just moved
to town
-and she hasn't met anyone yet.
-Well, she sure was in a hurry.
She lives just down the street.
She inherited
her grandmother's old house.
-They just moved in this week.
-What old house?
-The Dunn house.
-You're joking, right?
No, Miss Dunn
was her grandmother.
Let me tell you something.
You keep that witchcraft out
of here, you got me?
I don't want no evil in here.
-Keep it far, far away from me.
You know,
I don't understand you.
I mean, everybody
in this town's talking about me,
how I'm a single mother
raising a child.
I don't need them talking
about me like I'm
in some devil cult.
Who cares what people
in this town think, Mom?
I don't get you.
Why-- why can't you
just dress nicely
and have nice friends,
be popular?
Look, she just moved to town,
and I thought it would be nice.
You know, I'm sorry. Okay.
I know you are a sweet soul.
You have such a good heart...
and such a tiny brain just
like your stupid-ass father.
Because he took in every stray
that he encountered too
and that's why he left us for
that skank-ass bitch stripper.
You know, I heard she
had a blue waffle.
You should google it!
What did I tell you
about rough housing inside?
-There's something in my room.
It's on the other side
of my bed. It was a...
-A something.
-Well, if it comes back,
maybe you can have it unpack
your room.
-But Mom--
-No, no moms, no buts,
no "deez nuts". I'm not kidding,
you're not leaving this room
until it's unpacked.
I want all
of these boxes put away.
Rachel, your grandmother
wasn't in a nursing home.
She was in an asylum.
Go to the address, you'll see.
Hey honey, how did it go?
-With the job search.
Oh, um, yeah, it went fine.
I put an application
in at Crave.
-God damn it.
You know, I told your brother
about playing ball
in this house.
You go up there
and tell him
that if I hear one more thing
hit the floor,
he is gonna be the next thing
to hit the floor.
Andy, you little roach,
what did Mom tell you
about playing with that ball
in the house?
Yeah, he was, uh,
really impressed
with what I had to say.
I don't know if it's for sure,
but... I think I might be
the one.
Yeah? That sounds great, honey.
You are the smartest accountant
I know. Right, guys?
Well, once I get on
with this firm,
everything's gonna change
for us.
It's a great opportunity
and I can only move up
once I get on.
That sounds great.
Finally, some good news
for once.
Yeah, Dad, that's really great.
Thanks, Rach.
So, um...
Rachel put an application
in at Crave today.
Oh really? Well, maybe
if I get this job,
I can help you get a car.
I-- I know only having one's
been hard on you guys, so...
Yeah, Dad,
that would be amazing!
And do you know what else
you can help me with?
-Oh and Mom, you can help me
-with this too.
-Yeah, okay, what?
You two can help me understand
why grandmother was actually
in a mental asylum
instead of a nursing home
like you've told me
all these years.
Rachel, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Did you not think it would
eventually come out
considering everyone
in this damn town
thinks she was a witch?
-Grandma was a witch?
-No, Andy, of course not.
So, all these years,
I was writing her letters
thinking they were going
to a nursing home
but really they were going
to an insane asylum.
-I mean, why even have me
write her letters
in the first place?
Was this like some ploy
or some shit for me to stay
in her will so she would
leave me this house?
Of course not.
Then why wouldn't you
tell me?
What did you expect us to do?
You were a kid. Hell,
Andy wasn't even born yet.
Oh yeah, honey, I'm sorry,
your grandmother's
in a mental asylum.
Do you know what that is?
-No, oh and she's insane too,
but be a lamb
and write her some letters
so she doesn't feel so lonely.
Did you two have something to do
with her being put in there?
Is that why she let you out
of the will?
It wasn't my fault
she was put there.
Andy, go up to your room.
I'm scared to.
You know everyone
in this town thinks I'm crazy
because my grandmother
was apparently a witch?
Today some girl at Crave laughed
at me when she found out
where I live.
Do you think that you're
the only one who gets the looks?
People walk by
this house staring,
We know what it's like too.
-Rachel, stop.
My mother,
your grandmother was not well.
She did things and said things
that were not normal.
Yes, she thought she was a witch
but there's no such thing
as witches.
I don't believe in it.
She was put in that asylum
because she needed help.
Yeah, okay. Well, Maggie said
she kept corpses in the house.
Yeah, she did.
God, I love how you say
that so casually.
-"Yeah, she did."
since we're being honest here,
let's just be honest.
-Yeah, she had bodies
in the house and sometimes
she would... cut off some ears
-and some noses and some--
-SARAH: Steve, no. Honey, no.
And then she was caught
and that was the last straw.
Okay. The authorities gave me
the option of coming to get her
-or placing her somewhere.
-So you put her away?
I didn't know what
she might do...
It was out of my hands.
Why do you think I moved out
so far away from her
in the first place?
I wanted out, I didn't want
to go back
and I didn't want her around
my family.
Honey, we thought it was best
if you didn't know the details.
And once she was moved
into the facility,
the nurses reached out to us
and they thought, you know,
maybe if she has some contact
with her only granddaughter,
it would do her some good.
So, yeah, we had you write her
some letters.
Seeing her was out
of the question.
But I didn't see the problem
with you writing her.
Hell, I thought it might help
her, maybe snap her
out of this dark place
that she was in.
Wh-- why didn't you ask me
to write her letters?
Honey, we didn't even want
to tell her you were born.
So why did she leave me
the house?
I don't know... maybe she
just wanted you to have it.
Maybe she wanted
to make things right
-with the family.
-By forcing me to live here?
How is that going
to make things right?
Considering our
financial situation,
leaving you the house was a gift
for us, Rachel.
And once we're back
on our feet...
once everything's back
to normal...
we can move, you can move.
This is a chance... for you
to do something for your family.
You have to know how hard it is
for me as a man...
as your father to ask you
for help.
Okay, um...
Well, she may have just thought
she was a witch
and you might not believe
in witches...
but there's been some weird
stuff going on in this house.
I-- I don't understand
like what-- what?
Noises, banging,
seeing things one second
and not the next,
doors opening--
That thing in my room.
Andy, there was nothing
in your room and Rachel,
this could all just be
in your head.
You just moved into a new house.
It's a new town.
You just found out
about your grandmother.
I told you I'd fix that door,
didn't I?
Your grandmother
was a sick woman
who had some problems...
but she wasn't a witch,
I promise.
It's a small town, people talk
and gossip.
But we all know the truth.
She just had problems... okay?
-Honey, where are you going?
-RACHEL: I need some air.
-Nice house.
Hey look, if you're here
to make fun of me or something--
Why would I do that?
Because everyone in this town
thinks my grandmother--
Who cares what anyone
in this shit-hole town thinks?
So this is your house now, huh?
-Yep, that's it.
You got to admit,
we could host a pretty
-wicked Halloween party here.
-Yeah, you know, like a wicked--
-Yeah, I know, I know.
I'm just messing with you.
So, hey, when are you gonna come
by the club, Splat?
-Um... I don't know, tomorrow?
-Okay, how about noon?
-Yeah, sounds good.
-All right,
-I'll see you then.
Okay, what's wrong?
I hope she understands
why we kept this from her.
Oh... she's a smart girl...
and once she calms down
she'll realize that we had
to do what was best
for the family.
I just feel like a failure.
I'm supposed to take care
of the family.
I am supposed to be
the breadwinner of the family...
and I'm relying on my daughter
to get us
through this hard time.
You are not a failure.
Losing your job was
just bad luck.
But things will get better...
and once you get this new job--
-If I get this new job.
When you get this new job,
things will really start
to turn around.
You know, getting this house,
it really was a gift.
It gave us a place to live.
Even if the whole neighborhood
thinks my mom is an old,
evil witch that lives in a big,
scary house.
Steven, your mother
was not a witch.
I know it and you know it.
I don't know what I know
You know it was Alzheimer's,
I just never thought I'd end up
in this place ever again.
It-- it won't be for long.
I hope so.
Hey... your mom let me in.
-Is this a bad time?
No, no, no, I'm actually just
about to meet Kevin at Crave.
Oh, you're meeting Kevin?
Oh, yeah, um...
you know, he just wanted
to show me around
and I still need a job.
I just wanted to make sure
you weren't mad
about the other day at my house.
Oh, no, no, of course not.
Um, it's just a lot to take in.
Your mom probably thinks
I'm so rude. [LAUGHS]
She looks really young
by the way.
Oh, well she had me when she was
like 16, so...
-My grandparents kicked her out
when they found out and...
she needed a job
to support herself and...
there were no reality cable
TV shows
that exploited teen moms
back then.
So, she dropped out of school
and became a waitress.
Yeah, she's been a waitress
ever since.
She did eventually marry my dad,
but he left us a few years ago
for a stripper.
I'm sorry.
God, I thought my family
had problems.
Oh yeah, did you talk
to your parents
about the whole asylum thing?
We had a big old family fight
about it last night.
Oh no.
You know, it's fine,
it was bound to come out.
What's that?
Um, you know what, I don't know,
I just found it.
It's like an old journal
or something.
Was this your grandmother's?
Yeah, Albertha Dunn,
right on the front page.
This is her Book of Shadows.
Her what?
Book of Shadows, all witches
have them. It has,
like, their spells and stuff
like that in it.
Where'd you read that,
-No, I'm serious.
-Maggie, listen...
I know everyone in this town
thought she was a witch, okay
but really she was just sick.
It was like Alzheimer's
or something.
-My parents told me.
-Can I borrow this?
Uh, yeah.
I'll-- I'll get it back
to you later.
Where the hell
have you been?
Why are you home?
Oh, I'm sorry, I-- I took a day
off. Is that okay?
Is it all right if I take a day
or should I be working every day
of the god damn week
so I can keep a roof
over your head?
I was just wondering.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Just hanging out
with some friends.
What friends?
Oh god, the girl
in the witch house?
Yep, that one.
What did I tell you?
I said do not hang out--
I don't care, okay. She
and her family are nice people.
Mm... no they're not,
they're evil sinners!
Sinners, really?
And who are you, Mother Theresa?
You better watch your mouth,
young lady.
If your father was here--
Well guess what, Mom,
he's not here.
He's not here
and he's not coming back...
so deal with it.
Why would he come back?
I'm going to my room...
have another drink, Mom.
Don't mind if I do.
So you're back?
Table for one?
No, I'm meeting Kevin.
Kevin! Why are you meeting
Oh, well, it's because--
Actually, no. It's none
of your business.
Look, new girl.
Your grandmother may have been
the town witch,
-but I'm the town bitch, okay?
-It's true.
And you're not gonna sashay
in here and take over.
Oh, is that what I'm doing,
taking over?
Kevin is not interested in you.
Look, waitress person.
She went there.
I'm not about to play your
high school games, okay?
I do not want to fight you
for some guy.
It's 'cause you know
I'd beat your ass.
-Guys, what's up?
-Hey, Kevin.
Come on, I'll show you around.
Kevin, when are you going
to call me?
Tristen, I've just been
so busy trying
to get this club off the ground.
Well, if you need any help,
you know I'd do anything
for you.
Cool. Uh, you know,
we do have a rat problem
in the basement...
do you think you could set
some traps?
-I have a customer.
-It's a good one.
-Come on.
Wish me luck, second interview.
Oh, honey, I don't think
you need any luck.
They must like you
if they called you back already.
We'll see.
-Bye, sport.
-Bye, Dad.
-These are the last two.
-Wow, honey, good job.
Where do you want me
to put them?
Um, just take them down
to the basement and put them
with the others.
-Th-- the basement?
-Yeah, go on.
Hey, what did I tell you
about rough housing inside?
And shut the door!
So what do you think,
do you want a job
or do I need to keep trying
to impress you?
No, you've impressed me enough.
When do I start?
Well, right now we're only open
Friday and Saturday nights.
So you can start this Friday
if you want.
What would I be doing?
Working the door,
checking coats, getting tips.
-So, I'll see you on Friday?
-Friday it is.
Thanks for giving me
a job.
Well, I mean it was
either hire you
or risk having your grandmother
come after me.
-Shut up
Hey, Rach!
Hey, Rach. Hold up.
-Uh, I have some stuff I have
-to show you.
-Uh, okay. Let's go to my room.
-Hey, girls.
-Oh hey, Mom.
Hey, Mrs. Dunn.
Oh, look at me, I'm a witch.
Oh, I'll get you,
my little pretty!
So, I've been reading this thing
all day.
Oh, yeah?
-So, what do you think?
-[GASPS] Mom.
Found it in the attic. I think
it belonged to your father.
Oh, really?
Thought maybe you'd like
to have it.
Okay.Yeah, thanks.
-Well, I'll leave you two be.
-RACHEL: Okay.
So, I think
I know why your grandmother
was keeping corpses
in her house.
-Um, okay.
-It's a ritual.
It's here in her Book
of Shadows.
The five points of the pentagram
represent the five senses,
sight, hearing, smell, taste
and touch. You offer a sacrifice
of each sense to the spirit
of Lumiru.
Those who practice, believe
that offering sacrifices
will allow you
to not only possess another body
when you die but become
that person
and take over their spirit.
It's called transfixication.
Wait, wasn't this that movie
with Sarah Jessica Parker
-and Bette Midler?
-No, Rachel, I'm serious.
When your grandmother had
those bodies in her house,
she cut off the ear of one
and hand of the other.
She was trying to complete
the ritual.
The only problem was it has
to be performed
on living sacrifices.
It won't work otherwise.
Okay, so-- so this is getting
a little ridic.
Wh-- what is the point
of the ritual?
It's sort of like reincarnation,
except you get
to choose who you become.
Okay. Well, if she really
believed this
that in fact does prove
that she was sick
and she needed mental help.
No, Rachel, this is a ritual
that has been recorded
for years and years.
It's not something some
crazy woman made up
because she had Alzheimer's.
Another door
that won't stay closed.
What? Does that happen
a lot here?
Have you been experiencing
paranormal phenomena
in this house?
Well, yeah
but just stupid stuff...
like my closet door won't
stay closed and...
I keep hearing noises
in the house.
And there was this rocking horse
in the attic
that was rocking right before
a chair slid across the floor.
I keep seeing visions of witches
popping up everywhere but...
you know, it's--
it's just normal stuff.
OMG, Rachel, she's coming
for you.
No, it makes sense,
you said yourself
you don't know why she left you
this house.
She wanted you here
when she died.
look, I'm not saying
that couldn't be a possibility,
but I'm really just trying
to help out my family right now.
You know,
my dad just lost his job
and I'm trying to stay strong
by staying here.
I don't wanna make things
worse by telling them
I'm seeing ghosts.
Yeah, I can understand that.
Besides, you'd need some sort
of flare anyway for her
to be able to enter your body.
So you should be safe.
A flare?
Yeah. See, it's here
in the book.
In order for the spirit
to possess another body,
the living has
to be wearing some sort
of flare from the deceased,
like an heirloom or something,
like a broach, a ring--
A necklace?
-She did not leave you that too.
They gave it to me
at the reading of her will.
Flare is, sort of, like, a
paranormal GPS tracking system.
So she can find you
when she needs you.
Well, um, I guess
as long as dead people
don't start turning up
with missing body parts,
I should be okay.
so my grandmother was a witch
and she wants to possess
my body... awesome.
You know,
maybe I better take this off.
Just to be safe.
Doesn't really go
with anything I wear.
-That was awkward, wasn't it?
God, why would he kiss her?
I mean, what could he
possibly see in her?
I don't know, Tristen,
maybe he...
maybe he just likes her.
Just likes her?
Why would he settle for that
when he could have this?
Look, you know
that's like looking at an elbow
-for me, right?
Look, forget about her.
What are we gonna do tonight?
Um, I think me
and the girls are gonna go
to a real bar and proceed
to get shit hammered.
That sounds like a lot of fun.
I'll buy the first drink.
Sorry, Tyson,
only real girls allowed.
No queens on tonight.
Now, can you go lock up
while I finish changing?
Sure, great.
Tristen? Tristen!
I want to have a little talk
with you.
Oh my god.
Who's there?
Who is that?
Mom? Dad?
What's going on?
Jesus, Maggie.
-Oh my god, Rachel, it's my mom.
-What's going on?
I went home after I left here
and I didn't think
anyone was there at the house,
-it was so dark.
-Maggie, what happened?
I found my mom. Sh-- she's dead.
Someone killed her.
She was bleeding everywhere
and her ear was cut off.
It was just like the ritual.
Oh my god, Maggie, come on.
Let's go, we have to get help,
come on.
Okay. So, look, my parents
aren't here.
I was looking for them
before you came over.
-What are we gonna do?
Mom, are you down here?
-Rachel, it's Kevin.
Yeah, it's Tyson
and Tristen.
-They've been killed.
-Wait, what happened?
I-- I don't know.
I was coming by Crave
and I saw them.
Oh my god.
Yeah, I'm waiting on the cops
and my dad to get here.
Kevin. Kevin, listen to me.
Maggie's here. She said
-her mom's been killed too.
-KEVIN: What?
And I can't find
my family either.
Rachel, you need
to get out--
What is it?
It's Tristen and Tyson.
They're dead.
Oh my god, we have to get
out of here, let's go.
What is that?
-Rachel, don't.
-It's fine, come on.
This can't be real.
It's the ritual to Lumiru.
It's Kevin.
-What's going on?
-What are you doing?
-Oh, thank god you're here.
M-- Mr. Dunn, we need your help.
My mom--
Did you touch anything?
What? Uh...
No. Why?
It took me awhile
to get this all set just right.
It's almost done...
except for one small piece.
All I need now is a nose...
and the puzzle will be complete.
Dad, what is this about?
What is this?
You detectives should
already know, right?
Know what?
That your friend there,
that's the one that gave you
all the detes on the ritual,
-In grandmother's book?
-Yes, in grandmother's book.
See, I told you I was
gonna fix your closet door.
You said that it wouldn't close
at dinner and I told you
that I would fix it.
Well, I went up to your room
but you and your friend
were sitting on the bed
having this little chat
about some ritual
in the Book of Shadows.
She was trying
to complete the ritual.
The only problem was it has
to be performed
-on living sacrifices.
I was listening a little
too intently
because I almost gave myself
away when I leaned in too clos.
Dad, what is this all about?
It's about the perfect plan.
Albertha, your grandmother,
my mother didn't leave me
anything in the will,
absolutely nothing.
You got it all, money,
the house, the estate.
She gave it all to you...
and then I heard Angela Lansbury
here talking about this ritual
and I had an idea of how
to get everything back.
Mr. Dunn.
Picture it, if you will,
poor little bug-eyed outcast
girl Maggie... has no friends.
She hates her life.
She hates her mom.
She wants to be someone else.
Along comes new girl Rachel.
She's awesome
and her family's great
and she has a cool new
OMG, Maggie is just totes jelly
of Rachel.
So, she gets
this witchcraft book
and discovers this ritual,
how to take over
someone else's body.
So she needs five victims
to make it work.
So, what does she do?
She kills her mother
for an ear, slice,
and then she kills
the two coffee shop employees
that were picking on her
for a hand, chop,
and a tongue, slice,
and then she kills
her friend's mother
for an eye, chop.
And now she just needs
one last piece
to complete the ritual.
A nose.
So... she decides to kill Rachel
for her nose.
I mean, it's a cute nose.
Am I right? [CHUCKLES]
So how does this end?
Well, Rachel's father
was working really late.
You see, he just got
this brand-new job
and is trying to make a good
impression with the boss.
So, he comes home and discovers
bug-eyed crazy girl
has killed his wife
and daughter...
and has this witchcraft thing
set up in the basement
for some ritual.
They struggle
and he stabs her...
in self-defense...
and he gets his
daughter's inheritance.
Why? Because it's the law
and it's the one loophole
that old Albertha didn't think
about and now he's the only one
that's alive.
What about Andy?
Well, someone has to carry
on the Dunn name.
Dad, please. Take the house,
take the money, anything.
I don't want it,
you can have it.
Eh... it's too late for that,
Look at all these body parts.
What was that?
Who's under there?
Is that you, sport?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Come on out.
Come out, come out.
Wherever you are.
Come on out.
I'm not gonna hurt you,
you know that, right?
It's the fifth sacrifice.
-It's complete, Rachel.
The ritual is complete.
-Rachel. You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, I... I just need
to get out of here.
Rachel, I was stuck
in there.
Oh my god, what were you doing
in there?
I was hiding and I got stuck.
-I was so scared, Rachel.
-Oh, come here.
You sure you want to leave?
You never started your job.
Yeah. I, um, put in my notice.
-What are you gonna do now?
Hey, Rachel,
this is the last one.
I'm really gonna miss you.
So clich, right?
Me too.
What is it?
You know, I know
that my dad killed those people
and... I know why he did it,
I experienced things...
I saw things in that house
that I...
I know wasn't him.
I just feel like there's more
to the story.
Maybe, it's better not to know.
You're probably right.
Well... I better go.
Don't be a stranger. I mean,
stranger than you already are.
She needs a little work
but she's a beauty
and the bones are all there.
Oh, it has such character.
I can't believe the price
-and what a cute little town.
-Yes, it is.
Now remember, everything's
included in the house,
the furniture, the appliances.
Everything you see, it's yours.
Wow. All right,
where's the kitchen?
Right around the corner.
I can tell you it won't last
too long, not at this price.
Okay. Well, I definitely want
to put an offer in.
Could we do it right now?
Of course, I'll go to my car
and get the paperwork.
Honey, are you upstairs?
Are you up there?
There you are,
didn't you hear me calling you?
Honey, what are you doing
in there?
Farid Morocco