Family Practice (2018) Movie Script

This is what my life looks like
without my parents.
I havent seen them in 6 months.
And now ... my father
is turning 60.
Fabienne is curious.
I cant avoid them forever.
So nows the time.
Youre finally here.
Youre Fabienne? Welcome!
Shabbat is the celebration of Shechina,
the bride and the divine mother.
She is the source of life ... Hello!
And thats why we thank
the housewife on the day of Shabbat
for her work during the week.
So much for our distribution of roles
in this household.
Its also tradition
that on Shabbat the husband and wife
nurture their relationship
and focus on their love ...
You of all people.
Be kind to one another.
Well thats how its written!
I dont do this just like that!
- No, its okay.
- Yes?
- What? No, he studied art.
- Freddy, I draw.
- Why?
- I draw, Im an illustrator.
- And what do you draw?
- Comics.
So you didnt study medicine?
- One semester, 5 years ago.
- Nothings getting any cheaper.
Thats true! Dont you want to
go back to studying medicine?
Karl you also combine your practice
and your writing work.
True. But he doesnt want a safety net.
I think its great, its brave!
And its another generation, you know.
- Thank God!
- Dont give up hope just yet.
Simons one of the finalists
in a well-known comics festival.
No, really? Is that true?
Yeah, but Im just one of 40.
Do the math.
Hey, so what? You can win.
Youre going to win. Youll do it!
Hell be more famous than his dad.
I've always said it!
- Doesnt anyone smoke here?
- I gave it up 3 years ago.
- Oh great!
- Theyre real artists!
Theres always something going on!
The images that were created there!
For me as a hypochondriac ...
Wait! Wait a sec!
It runs in the family!
Would it bother Fabienne if you
came home once in a while?
- Are you earning any money?
- No, not really.
But are you managing with
what we give you?
- But it cant be enough.
- It is.
I have an idea. You could ...
Thank you, thanks.
You could transcribe Karls book.
Arent you doing that?
We have to go to Cielle, the book has
to be done in 2 months, the lectures ...
No, I really cant!
Fabienne is waiting for my drawings!
- What do you think of her?
- Its too early to say.
- A first impression?
- Yeah, shes nice.
- Is she a little nervous?
- What? Why?
Ah, this fish!
She likes a drink.
- Its a party!
- If she doesnt make a habit of it!
Shall I bring this out?
Yeah. Wait. Those are the other plates.
Who's the woman
in the white blouse?
Around 40.
- Sonja, our new secretary?
- What? At the practice?
Yeah. You havent met her?
Life begins at 60!
You said it!
Do you want to go home?
What happened?
Whats wrong, Mommy?!
- Mommy?
- Water on her forehead!
- What happened? Simon ...
- Is it happening again?
Please, let me.
What is it? Okay.
Lie down! Please lie down.
- Can I help?
- Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Stay calm. Lie down.
Everythings okay.
Its her circulation. Itll be fine.
What happened?
What are you doing?
You silly head!
Has this happened before?
Its been a while.
- Shall I still come to yours?
- Why not?
Is that the essence of tonight?
- What do you mean?
- Your family has so much to offer!
- Do you think you can ignore them?
- Shall I draw Mom in a puddle of blood?
Hands off!
You know exactly.
Youre bringing them today! Okay?
- More of the animal series?
- No, its a new one.
We agreed on something totally different.
- I dont really like the other idea.
- And youre telling me this now?
- Yes?
- The infrastructure
in no way meets todays standards.
- Why not?
- Whats wrong?
- It all has to be replaced.
- What?
- The switchboard panel is asbestos.
- Itll have to go!
- Did you bring the old sketches?
It all has to go. And the
wires running into the other room ...
its all ... falling apart.
The cables are broken.
This ones powerful.
Dont you think?
Because there are people in it
and it seems more relevant?
Itd be something new for you, and
would fit perfectly into the exhibition.
So this is where youre hiding!
Wow, this is impressive!
- Hello. Oh God!
- Not worth mentioning!
Was there a furniture restorer in
here before? Can you smell that?
Amyl acetate. The smell doesnt fade.
Do you have a second?
What for?
I talked to your Dad.
Well pay you 50 francs an hour
for the transcription. So in a week ...
- Mom I dont have time!
- Dont let yourself be exploited!
- Im not!
Doesn't she have a family?
She'll understand!
Do you have to go
on holiday right now?
Listen, Karl and I, we ...
need some time for each other.
Cant someone else do it?
No, no one else can do it.
If you dont do it, Ill have to.
And hell go on holiday with Sonja.
Yeah, so now you know.
But if you need the money, hell let
you do it and I can go away with him.
I'm not getting involved.
This is your business.
- Dont you be exploited. Set boundaries.
- Thats why I want to go away with him.
- So we can sort things out there.
- Why cant you sort things here?
- Forget it!
- No!
No! Forget it! I wont go anywhere,
and Ill do it myself. Yes!
Shes the only thing on his mind.
Hes under her spell.
If they go to Cielle together ...
I dont know what else will happen.
What should I do?
Oh, Mom!
Were opening in three weeks!
- Ill manage!
- Never!
- Dad is screwing his secretary.
- Whats new about that?
He brings her into the house
and to Shabbat ...
- Is that sacrilegious or what?
- He never dared to before!
- The one in the black skirt?
- Yes.
- Are you responsible for your mother?
- Shes going crazy. Dont you get it?
Well, maybe she will finally get it.
- Should I find a replacement for you?
- No, Ill manage.
Its just a week.
Just follow the numbers,
its really simple.
Sometimes I added one, like here, 2B,
but other than that theyre in order.
- And if theyre not in order, youll notice.
- Why are the cassettes numbered?
These numbers match those numbers,
thats the book.
- Everything you babble on there I have to ...
- Exactly. Those are my lectures,
Q&As, interviews ...
- You dont have a manuscript?
Simon, its not a problem! Dont worry.
Its all in High German.
And I already wrote down
the time codes, all here.
Just follow them. Watch out,
the VHS have two sets of time codes:
one at the top and one at the bottom.
Follow the top one.
That's at least a months work.
Thats two weeks if you focus.
Three weeks tops. Yes?
Doctor? About the prescription ...
Oh, yes. Oh God, no! Of course.
Right, sorry.
- '53.
- 1953, right.
What did we say? 200 mg, yes?
Thats it.
- All the best.
- Thank you. Goodbye!
See you.
Sonja comes in three times a week.
You know that, right?
I cant let Fabienne
wait that long.
Whats this with Fabienne?
We have a project.
- An art project?
- Yeah, an art project.
Cool. Did you see
your cow by the way?
If you dont want to, then say so.
Ill talk to Mom and ...
No, its fine. Ill do it.
Here's a suggestion:
you do the VHS cassettes
and then Sonja can carry on.
Dont tell Mom youre not doing it all.
What do you think of her by the way?
Shes been in a bad mood
recently, she stopped smoking.
You know, me and her ...
I know.
Ive never met such a great woman.
I feel like I'm 30.
- So the text files ...
- And you and Fabienne?
Is it serious?
Yeah, I think so.
I think its really great youre
transcribing these texts now.
- Youll do a great job.
- Thank you.
- So, should I e-mail you the chapters ...
- No, give them to Sonja.
- Shell give them to me.
- Why?
Why? Because I think its good
if someone rereads them.
Here's the flash drive.
I dont know how I'll manage,
a whole month without her.
- Mom didn't want her in Cielle.
- Moms so cruel, huh?
If the organizer or the publisher call,
give them my mobile number.
And if you have any questions
about the text call me,
not your Dad.
- And be careful ...
- Yes?
I dont want her in our apartment.
Make sure you always lock up.
Take care.
Enjoy! And have a good time!
Its hard to make a living
drawing comics.
A scholarship makes it possible
to focus on a book project.
They wouldve let me know.
- If Id won, they wouldve let me know.
- They said you should come.
Let's hear who the winners are.
They said everyone should come
who entered the competition.
And for the first prize, please put your
hands together for Maximilian Locher.
Theyve got no idea.
- Is this your first time at Fumetto?
- Yes. I was here as a visitor once,
but I guess that doesn't count.
- No ...
Our own exhibition is coming up.
Bring me your sketches tomorrow?
This book is about the
number 1 human topic:
love and relationships.
Love that isnt restrictive,
but liberating and meaningful.
Becoming deeper and stronger over
time because its lived in honesty.
I hope the moneys
for something essential.
What money?
The money youre making
and so desperately need.
How do you mean?
Because of your money problems
I couldnt go away on holiday.
I wouldnt have expected
too much from that holiday.
Do you know what Cielle is?
Whos there?
- You know Karls history, dont you?
- What history?
His relationship history.
You think you know anything
about my relationship with Karl?
What we tell each other?
- Not so tight. Couldn't open it last time.
- Stupid crappy tap!
- 7 litres a day, he said.
- What?
If it drips every 3 seconds.
Now hes starting to drool.
Come on!
Just think about it.
Do you think Ill be woman number 15
waiting in a hotel room
for you to come by
once a day for an hour?
Im sick of wasting my time.
Well, my dear, you have a house,
a career, a family.
I do?
Its always the same!
Hi! Everything okay?
- Normal.
- And at the practice?
Did you talk to Sonja?
Yeah, she hinted that
you talked about my past.
- Briefly, yeah.
Yeah? About what?
Your exes.
Simon Id rather you didnt
talk about stuff like that.
I do talk to her about that kind
of stuff of course but ...
shes a lot more fragile
than youd think ...
at first.
Ill do it at my pace, okay?
- Just leave her in peace.
- Hmm.
Id say relationships nowadays
call for a radical approach.
Radical honesty,
radical trust,
radical compromise.
Romantic relationships and honesty
can coexist ... must coexist.
You cant have one without the other.
And how far does this
radical honesty go?
I listen to my gut.
I dont know how you can spend
all day staring at that screen!
And you, what are you doing?
Patient reports.
- For every session?
- After 40.
For you, or what?
Aha, health insurance companies,
so they keep paying?
Right. Thats why I have
to embellish things a bit.
"The patient is very ill,
needs a lot more therapy."
The insurance companies are getting worse,
with all the things they want to know!
Kathrin calls me a pen-pusher sometimes.
How is she doing actually?
Why didnt she come
to Dads party?
Ever since the thing with Sonja,
shes kept her distance from your father.
Well, you know ...
an ex-patient as an employee ...
But shes doing a good job, so...
Excuse me, you work here, dont you?
- Yeah, sort of, yeah.
- Im in group therapy with Dr Graf.
and Id like to try a private session
with Dr Kaufmann.
Well, Mrs Brunner is responsible for that.
Here she is.
- Id like an appointment with Dr Kaufmann.
- Hes fully booked.
He told me that.
But at his lecture last week he said
I should make an appointment.
Do you want to see his schedule?
Hes really booked solid.
Im leaving now.
I need the flash drive.
Never mind, Ill e-mail it to you.
Maybe I have another one somewhere.
- Why do I have to correct these texts?
- I dont get it either.
Does he think I dont have anything
better to do than to read his book?
I know exactly what you mean.
Just because Karl lost his texts
I have to transcribe the videos!
I mean ...
For Gods sake where are they?!
Im sure itll be fine.
Dont worry.
9 percent.
- What a rip-off!
- Too late.
- You signed already?
- Yes.
- Do you have 15 grand lying around?
- Cant you talk to the electrician?
I have to start tomorrow, or
we won't make it by the 26th.
What are you doing now?
Well, I'm going home to draw.
Can I come to yours?
- Coffee?
- No thanks.
Here you go.
- Here, I found another flash drive.
- Oh, thanks.
About yesterday ...
I mean, if for you it's not ...
And about Karl ...
We wont tell him, okay?
I told him already.
Well, of course not that
it was with you.
I do not believe it is a coincidence.
Are you coming? We're going
to Hirschen for lunch.
Young couples often won't even look
into each other's eyes during lovemaking.
Dont forget to take a break!
See you later.
Sometimes more than appropriate.
Manipulative ...
Pathological lying, as exemplified
by Thomas Manns character ...
- Is Sonja Brunner here?
- No, shes not here.
Can I leave this here?
Or I also have another address.
Plattenstrasse 6.
- Mr Kaufmann said ...
- Its okay. Ill take it.
Have a good one.
Fabienne Schmid,
please leave a message.
Hey, its me.
Do you want to have lunch?
Ive decided to knock off early. Bye.
Hey! What are you doing here?
- Taking some time off.
- Really?
- And what are you guys doing?
- Do you remember Max?
Of course! Hi!
- Hi, how are you?
- Were just talking.
- He might do something for the exhibition.
- Cool.
Were going over later.
You coming?
- Ive got stuff to do.
- Okay.
- Okay ...
- Okay. Hey ...
- Bye.
- Bye.
Do you know how hes doing?
You let him live off you!
At that age?
Where are they?
- The roses?
- Roses?
...that in Hebrew the word
for 'making love'
is also the word for
'knowing each other'.
Why did you give him that job
even though Im here?
Do I just have to accept it?
No, but maybe ...
just look at his drawings.
- They show his mental state...
- How do you mean?
Emotionally, Simon is a child.
He draws animals like a 5-year-old,
working through his traumas.
So what?
Considering how damaged he is,
hes coping well with life.
- Are you defending him now?
- Agnes used to be even more hysterical.
- With a mother like that ...
- Whats that got to do with me?
Simons not like other people.
Its an unconscious thing.
Unfortunately, he thinks
hes an artist.
Just a sec, Ill call you back.
What do you think youre doing?
You brought it on yourself.
- Im sure he has a great analysis of you.
- Yeah, yeah!
How do you think he evaluated
you as a patient?
How great and mentally fit you are?
- With those horns. Good idea.
- Youre taking it to ...
Youre almost done, right?
- Youre going to that edge?
- Im just wondering if we could ...
carry on with one or both of them
over here, so that ...
my landscape can continue
into here and something from your...
Totally! Near the horn or so?
- What?
- Sonja says you want to quit?
But why all of a sudden?
- Did I miss something?
- You have three guesses!
Is it because of Fabienne?
Just forget it!
Is it about the house?
- No, no.
- What is it then?
- He doesnt want to work anymore.
- What?
- Why not?
- I dont know. You talk to him.
Simon, whats going on?
This lying shitty book!
I cant do this another minute!
Stop talking like that! Is that clear?
- I just wont do it!
- For once I ask you for something!
- And you let me down!
- I just cant do it anymore.
Listen, you promised.
Its got nothing to do with you, Mom.
Of course it does! Because well come
straight home if you dont carry on.
Im finally starting
to sleep again. Im at my limit!
- Hey, hi!
- Hey!
Did you hire him?
- That was fast.
- What?
Replacing me.
Now youre drinking in the daytime?
- Dont you think you ...
- Do we have a problem?
Crazy how soon
you found someone else!
Were opening in 2 weeks ...
Maybe it suits you just fine.
Simon, you know exactly
what I think of your drawings.
Yeah. Not really relevant,
too many animals.
It was just about you drawing
something new, and evolving.
- Im not evolving.
- And take a stand!
I dont take a stand, either.
So! Just tell me! You want me gone so
you and that guy can ...?
Yes, exactly.
What's the rush?
Ill show you how to transcribe.
- Wheres the key?
- Which one?
I don't know.
Can we do this now?
I dont have all day.
- I dont have all day!
- Wheres the key?
Do you really want to read that now?
Okay. But go out for a minute.
I want the whole file.
A quick question.
Half a pill in the morning
makes me feel nauseous.
- Can I take a whole one in the evening ...?
- If you like!
Okay. Good.
My husband thinks
I'm a lot slower and ...
a bit listless now.
Hes doesnt really agree with it.
But I am feeling better.
- Whats the question?
- Should I keep taking it?
What does your gut tell you?
Your husband has to compromise.
Are you going to be a
psychiatrist like your father?
Of course!
Like so many of your tribe, right?
Interesting, huh?
- I could sue you for this.
- For what?
- For reading it.
- I didnt.
Ill put it back.
Let's go downstairs.
- Did you reach Signer?
- Ah, no!
I need the list of participants for
the weekend. You know the one I mean.
- Okay.
- Is everything else okay?
Yeah yeah.
- Dr Graf?
- Mrs Jankovich, yes exactly, 10 minutes!
No, no! Come to me! Come here!
Im going home.
Will you come and visit me sometime?
Are you coming tonight?
- Where?
- The Thai bar.
Is it Friday already?
How are things at the gallery?
Were hanging the pictures,
trying things out.
Its good.
And this guy Max?
Whats he like?
Hes cool.
And ...
Fabienne is really working
with him now?
Yeah, totally.
Why arent you doing anything?
Dont know. Dont feel like it.
What do you mean?
No idea. Its just ...
such a grind, you know what I mean.
Drawing ...
New stuff all the time. I don't know.
Maybe Ill stop altogether.
And at home? Your family?
- What about it?
- Everything okay?
Same madhouse as always.
The usual.
Nothing worth talking about.
Always you!
The dreamy sound of your voice!
In the middle of a July night,
this is serious, Im delirious.
Nothings the same anymore.
Thursday, the day to say
"I love you" and be true.
My eighth and ninth love
that's you!
When you gently take me
in your arms.
One day without you
leaves me lost for what to do!
My tenth love thats you!
Only ever you!
Nothings the same anymore.
Neither places nor thoughts,
neither things nor people.
Neither places nor thoughts
or words
nothings the same anymore.
In the middle of a July night,
this is serious, I am delirious.
Thursday, the day to say
"I love you" and be true.
I slept with Sonja.
Where are you going?
What do you want?
Cant we talk about it?
Do you have anything to tell me?
I ... can't think ...
of anything.
So where do we go from here?
Sonja Brunner: Is that you?
- This thing really works.
- What does?
This chat thing. It's Friday night.
Youre not out with friends at your age?
You don't go out on Shabbat.
You can celebrate Shabbat
at my place, too.
Come in.
I want you inside me.
I dont have a goblet,
and only regular bread.
Is that a problem?
Does it even have to be challah?
No, its not a problem.
Sorry, I only have his.
Theres no breakfast in the house.
Gone shopping, back soon. S.
Is Sonja around as well?
I ... wanted to pick up something.
Uh, I ...
Why are you here?
Its actually my apartment.
Sonja wants a baby.
You know that, right?
It was one of the reasons
why we were having problems.
Were back.
I just wanted to come by quickly
to talk about how we should ...
Did you sleep well?
Simon. Please talk to your mother.
For her this whole thing is ...
not so easy.
- Stop talking such bullshit.
Okay, Ill leave you to it.
Was he here for long?
- What did you tell him?
- Looks like you told him already.
Yeah, but he was so weird.
- Should we talk to him?
- For you it's all about him.
And for you?
Shut up!
- Yes?
- What are you doing?
- Does she really want to kill herself?
- Simon wouldn't know that!
- Sorry. Sonja is ...
- Can you just be quiet please?
- Shes threatening your father.
- Agnes! Sonjas been suicidal before.
This is a serious threat.
Simon doesnt know that.
- But you know it, right?
- Yes, of course.
Listen, Simon,
is she playing one of her games?
- I dont know what youre ...
- I'm going to her.
- If you leave now I'm gone for good.
- Agnes, please!
No drama. Ill be held responsible
if she goes through with it.
- Mommy?
- Simon?
What did you do!?
Somehow its all falling apart.
Listen ...
You have reached ...
You can leave again right now.
No, don't touch me!
I'm sorry.
We need some distance from each other.
This isnt healthy any more.
I left home when I was 17.
And youre still here.
- You always want me to come!
- No.
We just worry
about you sometimes.
But youre an adult now.
So you dont actually want me to come?
Do you even know how Im doing?
Come to me! Come here.
Yes, come here!
You know what?
I give him so much freedom
but he still lies to me.
Do you even love me?
- But these are better anyway.
- I need another 6.
Ill hang them the way I was thinking.
Then you can tell me
if I should change anything.
Im so sorry.
You were right.
Get out!
- Please Fa, can we talk?
- No.
Ill be outside.
It was damn mistake, okay?
- It didnt mean anything. I only want you.
- Didn't mean anything?
With your Dads lover?
I know.
- You dont know shit.
- Yes, I do now!
- Youve got no clue what's up with you.
- You did it with Max, too!
What did I do?
Is that what you think? Huh?
- Are you serious?
- You didnt?
Youre such a baby!
Fabienne, please!
- Get away from me! Leave me alone!
- Please!
I dont want anything to do with
you anymore! Leave me alone!
The question is, what does it mean?
He just woke up. Okay.
See you later!
Good morning!
How are you?
Are your ears better?
So the Seroquel is working, then?
Last year I was
lying up there when I had
the infection after the surgery.
When I had my vasectomy.
Im sorry I didnt come sooner.
My life is in total chaos.
But you had visitors,
the nurse said.
Who came?
How is she?
Where did she spend the night?
Did she say anything about me?
I can't just be with her.
Sonja needs me, too.
Maybe you can tell her that.
She listens to you.
She has only suffered.
- How do you mean?
- Because of you!
No way!
Do you really think so?
She ... wants so little closeness.
And I'm not a monk.
But shell always be
my number 1! Always!
Shes the mother of my son!
"Just because man has never
been able to cultivate this
incomprehensible thing called
love for any length of time.
Too much fear and too little
courage inhibit them.
If they could cultivate love,
laws and patterns would become
Unconditional trust, affectionate
sharing and togetherness,
these would be the dominant
traits of coexistence.
Relationships would also
no longer need a form.
But what does a relationship
without form look like?
This youll find out in chapter 4.
That was a first impression.
Thank you all very much.
You came after all.
Do you think itll do you good?
Hows university?
Are you dissecting frogs? A different
crowd than human medicine, right?
Simon, what's up?
I would like to thank two people.
For one, Agnes Kaufmann.
Agnes, come up here.
No, no.
As always a great help.
Thank you.
And ... Sonja Brunner!
Sonja, with her tough,
skeptical questions, always ...
- Do you think it's easy for me to watch?
You don't have to.
Will you make sure that kid
grows up properly?
And the lecture series starts
next month in Altenburg.
- Is that right, Agnes? Altenburg?
- Yes!
In Altenburg, yes.
Well, then let me just say,
lets start living this real utopia.
Your Mom said you werent
sure about your studies.
If you ever have one of those little guys,
youll see it was the right decision.
- Simon, come on!
- Yes, come on!
And cheese!
To Karl!
Translation: Joanne Glttli