Family Reunion (1989) Movie Script

Don't be afraid, Matthew.
It's almost Christmas.
You're about to receive
a wonderful gift.
What is it, Tom?
- Just a dream.
- What dream?
The same one.
Always the same one.
It's never been this intense though.
- What was it about?
- It was a sort of...
- some sort of Devil worship.
- Devil worship?
- You've been dreaming this far long?
- A once a year.
But this time
it was the longest I can remember.
What's the verdict, doc?
I'm only a medical doctor and only
I can say that you don't have a fever.
I better should've married
a shrink then, huh?
- Why haven't you ever mentioned this before?
- Cops are suppose to have nightmares.
Are you sure you feel well to go tomorrow?
Don't worry.
I'm really ok.
I love you, sweetheart.
What's wrong, dad?
Billy mentioned something
about stopping in Sutterville.
I promised him we'd stop there
on our way to Silver Springs.
You know I love ghost towns.
- But it's out of the way, isn't it?
- Yeah, 15 or 20 miles. We'll make it up.
Besides Kathy's clan isn't expecting us
till tomorrow afternoon.
- Dad, is everything okay?
- Long flight. Just tired.
Glad you came, dad.
Did I scare you?
You want you grandpa
to croak with a heart attack?
Billy, get a rag and wipe it up.
I just waxed it.
It's only a water.
- Billy!
- Oh, dad.
- Aren't you a bit old for that?
- It's water, pea-brain!
Hi, grandfather.
Hello, Erin.
- How was your flight?
- Long.
- When are we leaving?
- Since your mother's ready.
God. We may as well
open our presents now.
Billy, grow up!
- Okay, request time.
- How about "Like a virgin"?
- Like a what?
- A virgin.
- As in Virgin Mary?
- No, dad! As in Madonna.
- Madonna...
- Get with it.
- Did I scare you again, grandpa?
- I swear, Billy...!
- One more of those and I'm likely to drop.
- Billy, what have I told you about that thing?
You said to keep it away from you.
You didn't say anything about grandpa.
Ok. Well, enough of the jokes
for the rest of the trip.
- All right?
- Oh, mom.
Grow up, juvenile.
Is everything okay back there?
- Maybe a little carsick.
- Oh, here, let me give you one of these.
- I'll be okay, honey. Thank you.
- We'll be stopping at Sutterville.
We'll get out
and breath some fresh air.
You haven't you forgotten
your heart pills?
Is Stutterville a real ghost town
with real ghosts?
It's Sutterville,
and there's no such thing as ghosts.
- How do you know?
- Because unlike you, little one,
I was born with a device that enables me to
differentiate between fact and fantasy.
- What device?
- A brain.
- Oh no!
- What?
- Guess what I forgot.
- The camera!
Pick up a cheap one in Sutterville.
It's a ghost town, dad.
We'll buy one from a ghost.
All right, bozo,
get up nice and slow.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Now, put your hands behind your head.
Is this some kind of trick?
Oh shit!
What the hell happened, Charlie?
Against the wall.
- You're smiling, son of a bitch!
- Charlie!
Charlie! Hold it! Hold it!
It's enough! I don't know what the hell happened here,
but it's all right.
You're okay?
All right, I'm gonna cuff him.
- I'm okay.
- Put the stick aways.
I don't know who you are,
but you give me one,
just one small little excuse
and I put your ass
in a goddamn swing.
You know what I mean, boy?
Come on, let's go.
Charlie, you might need it.
If there is no such thing as ghost,
why they call it "ghost town"?
It's figure of speech, Billy.
- What's a figure of speech?
- It means no one lives there anymore.
No one except ghosts.
Right, grandpa?
No ghosts, Billy.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thanks. What can I do for you?
- That's the road to Sutterville?
- Yep, two miles. Can't miss it.
- Anything there we're seeing?
- Nothing but old buildings.
What's so funny, clown?
You stay where I can see you.
Don't be moving around back there.
- You're okay, pal?
- Yeah. Yeah, fine.
Fine? You look like you just saw a ghost.
- Hello.
- Ma'am.
The kids are going restless, Tom.
Why don't we just head stright to Silver Springs?
Silver Springs is that way.
I know. I promised my son
we'd check up the ghost town.
You'll have the whole town to yourselves.
No one stops there anymore.
- Why is that?
- Vagrants scare the tourists away.
But they do help
keep the history alive.
What history?
About forty years ago, that's according to
who's telling the story,
town folk were involved in some sort of
voodoo or black magic.
You know, that occult stuff.
Someone got pissed off... Excuse me, ma'am.
Blew them away. Thirteen and all.
It happened right around Christmas Eve.
Today is Christmas Eve.
So it is.
What a coincidence.
- Well, thanks, officer.
- My pleasure.
I wouldn't be caught in that town
after nightfall.
Some people believe
the history has a way of repeat itself.
- Did they arrest that man?
- Yes, they did, son.
- What for?
- Vagrancy.
- What's that?
- It's not having a place to live.
Is that against the law?
What they actually gonna do, son,
is feed and close him for the night,
most likely let him go tomorrow.
- Doesn't he have a family?
- I don't know, son, I didn't talk to him.
Please, Kathy,
let's not stop in Sutterville.
- What is it, dad?
- I don't feel very good.
You promised, dad.
Stop smoking so much
you feel a whole lot better.
Easy, Tom.
We'll stop here another time, Billy.
Henry's not well.
- So let's turn around.
- Please, dad.
Okay, you're the doctor.
Another time, Billy.
Oh mom, I want to go!
- What are you doing?
- Slow down, dad!
I can't.
The accelerator got stuck.
- You got the brakes.
- They don't work!
- What's happening?
- Hold on!
We're gonna crash!
- What happened?
- I don't know.
- What happened?
- I don't know, Billy!
- What happened, dad?
- For the third and the final time, I don't know!
God! Bite my head off!
I'm sorry, honey.
- This is Stutterville?
- Sutterville.
You're all right?
You've been here before, grandpa?
- What are you doing?
- Making sure everything works.
Erin, don't go in there.
- It's probably not safe.
- It looks safe to me.
- Please, hurry, Tom.
- Come on, dad, What do you expect me to do?
Work miracles?
What's the matter with you?
It's as if my head's on fire.
Okay, just say so
I'll get you some aspirin.
You don't have to take it out on us.
Hey, Bronson.
Where do you want this stuff?
Under the tree!
How are you doing, Lou?
I told my old lady
I'd take her to dinner tonight.
The captain just informed me that
I will spend Christmas Eve here.
Want to hear what happens
when I lie to my old lady?
- What's this guy story?
- Vagrancy.
Assaulting a police officer.
And anything else I can come up with.
Come on, Mel,
I'm gonna lock this dude up.
Drop it it there.
You'll never note the difference.
Come on, let's go.
That's 211 suspect?
No, that's the son of a bitch
that jumped me over at the Sutterville hotel.
That place is busier now
than it was 40 years ago.
Well he's got no ID,
got no money.
This clown doesn't exist.
Hey captain, Bronson just fell off a ladder.
I think she broke her neck.
Meow kitty kitty.
Cute, Billy.
Real cute.
Will you grow up?
DECEMBER 24st, 1948
You butthead!
Oh, grandpa, don't do that!
Are you all right, honey?
It's about time to find out
who you are.
Let's go.
I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.
Where is Billy?
Billy, where are you?
Billy, please answer!
Damn it! I told him to stay still put.
Wherever he is,
he can't hear us.
Well his butt's gonna hear me.
- Dad, you and Erin look for him down there.
- Okay.
We'll go this way.
Something moved up there.
I saw someone up in that window.
Damn it, answer me.
- I don't think he'd be in here.
- Has to be.
No one else here.
I don't think the phone bills've
been paid in years, Tom.
I forgot where we are.
Billy, come down here.
Billy, where are you?
Boys, he gonna get it.
With the mood dad's been in lately
I wouldn't be surprised if he kills Billy when he finds him.
- Don't say that.
- Come on, grandpa, I was just kidding.
Certain things you shouldn't kid about, Erin.
Yeah well, you have to admit
he's been acting kind of weird lately.
- He's so uptight.
- Under the circumstances I don't think I can blame him.
- Grandpa!
- Billy!
I don't think the electric bills
have been paid either, Tom.
Billy, is that you?
It's not Billy.
It sounds like a girl.
Open it.
Whoever it was,
he was standing right here.
Well, they're not here now.
What is it?
She was standing right there.
- She?
- Yes, it was a woman.
Kathy, there's no one here.
Of course.
Relax, Kathy.
Just relax.
Up against the wall.
Put your heels towards the back of the wall
and toes behind the line.
- Hold that to your chest.
- Put your head up.
Turn to the left.
The left!
Put the board on your right shoulder.
Turn to the right.
Stand up straight.
Now face me.
Okay, that's it.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, dad. I didn't know
you were looking for me.
It's okay, Billy.
Where were you?
- Down the street.
- What happened?
- Shut up, Erin.
- I didn't even say anything! God!
- Go ahead, Billy.
- Promise you won't laugh at me?
- Like her!
- I'm not in laughing mood, Billy, now please.
Tell me what happened.
- I saw a girl.
- Okay, saw a girl.
Well, I said hi to her.
She didn't answer.
She wanted me to follow her.
I was scared, dad,
but something made me go over there.
- Go over where?
- To some old church.
- Where is this church?
- Down there, at the end of the street.
- And then what?
- She wanted me to go in the church with her.
- Did you?
- I heard grandpa call me,
so I told her I had to leave.
- That's all?
- No.
What else?
She smiled kind of funny at me.
Her teeth were all yellow.
Then she talked to me.
She did?
What did she say?
She said grandpa was to blame.
- Blame me? For what?
- I don't know. She never finished.
- Why, honey?
- Because she disappeared!
You're safe now.
What's that in your hand, sweetheart?
- Where did you get this, Billy?
- She gave it to me. She wanted me to wear it.
- What is it?
- Some sort of religious artefact.
Hey, that's cute.
Can I wear it?
- No!
- Why not?
- It's evil!
- That's got to be worth something.
- What are you gonna do with it?
- I'm gonna bury it, Erin.
God, what a waste.
I'd look real cool in that.
- Do ya have about a smoke, dude?
- After you're released.
- When you suppose that'll be?
- As soon as someone posts bail.
- How much?
- $ 250.
$ 250? I only ripped 20!
Hell, I'll rot here, dude!
Ain't life a bitch, dude?
Life's a bitch, dude!
You spare any change?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
You got any dough?
Are you deaf or something?
Read my lips.
You got any dough?
He moves.
Well now, we're getting somewhere.
How bout any smokes?
You got any butts?
You're totally useless, dude!
Rats! Rats!
Rats! Rats!
Damn it, I got Mr. Potts!
Do you ever seen Rat's Ass in concert?
You ever heard of Rat's Ass?
You ain't got no dough, you don't smoke,
you never heard of Rat's Ass!
What planet are you from?
Not totally useless.
He moves.
I wonder if I can make him talk.
Forget the dough, man.
What are you doing?
Hey, man! Put down!
How are you doing, Rachel?
Long time no see.
- I thought you got married.
- I did.
So you're out Christmas shopping?
Yeah, I was looking for a
partridge in a pear tree.
No kidding.
Funny man.
Funny man. All you cops are funny!
As a hemorrhoids.
What's you guys hook in?
You just never let go, do you?
- I think I hear a complaint coming on.
- You're goddamn right, asshole!
Well, it stayts here you were observed
approaching several males
over a period of 20 minutes.
I forgot my watch.
I was trying to keep track of time.
I believe you, I do.
I believe you.
Now all you have to do
is prove it to the judge.
Just a minute.
1925? No way man.
This guy's 25, 28 maybe.
That's right, Sutterville.
Yeah, thanks.
Keep the seat warm.
- So?
- Guess who that is.
Well the brother of Howard Hughes?
What do I care?
It's a guy we got in the holding tank.
The one we brought in
from Sutterville.
Suspect's name:
Clarence McLoughlin.
Date of birth:
July 19th, 1925
Place of birth:
Sutterville, Nevada
Slow, wait a second.
Date of death: December 25th, 1948?
Well, judging by the fact that he
appears to be warm and breathing,
I'd say we're dealing with computer errors.
- Run it by records again.
- I did, twice.
Three time's a charm, right?
Stay tuned
for more informations.
Hey, I'm trying to.
You mean you're marrird to Jack
for five years and you never told me?
I couldn't. I know that Jack killed
Evelyn after he divorced me.
Christ! she was married to Jack
after he divorced Evelyn?
This is crazy
- There's something else.
- What?
- He's my stepfather.
- Jack Thompson?
- What did you do, dad?
- I got rid of that thing.
- What for?
- I do not know, Tom.
It just seemed like the right thing to do.
You know the history of this town?
Do you? Remember those dreams
I used to get when I was a kid?
- The ones I used to wake up screaming after.
- No, I don't remember.
Why did you give me this?
For protection.
You get nightmares too, dad?
Why are you wearing the same thing?
It's just a good thing to have, Tom.
Please Tom, put it back on.
Not until you tell me
why it's so damn important!
I told you:
for protection.
- This is for my protection.
- You need God's protection, Tom.
What do you mean God?
You never even let us go to church.
You wear it.
This is the only protection I need.
That's correct. Clarence McLoughlin.
You dumpshit. They all hire
anybody these days.
What's the deal?
Look, how many Clarence McLoughlins
do you have with the same side of print?
Okay, all right.
I know.
All you know is what it says there.
But I got this McLoughlin
in custody and I might add...
he looks pretty damn fit
for a dead man!
Right, I'll do that.
And a Merry Christmas to you too.
You asshole.
- All right. Take his prints again.
- What for?
We can't go down in the history books.
The only cops known to man,
they have two suspects with the same prints
and the same name.
- What the hell are you eating?
- Slo-Poke.
Get them right.
I'm trying this again.
- What is it, Tom?
- I can't get rid of this damn headache.
- I'll get you some more aspirin.
- Don't you have anything stronger?
I'm a doctor, Tom,
not a drugstore.
What the hell kind of doctor are you?
The one that treats her family like human beings.
What the hell kind of father are you?
- Where is the luggage?
- Why do you mean: where is the luggage?
- Didn't you take it into the hotel?
- What'd I do that for?
Do we have reservations?
God, I don't believe this.
- A ghost took it.
- Shut up.
Get in the car, Billy.
- Oh mom, do I have to?
- Get in the car!
Dad, I forgot my truck.
- Where is it?
- By the church.
Why is it down there, huh?
Is that why I buy you things
so you can just leave them?
Well, you're just bad egg, kid.
That's two months allowance!
Let that all teach you
to hold on to things!
It's all right, Billy.
We'll drive down and get it.
Oh my God!
- Can I see?
- Get away, Billy.
Hold on, Erin.
Hold on, Erin.
Daddy, please.
Let's go home.
We are home.
- Eh?
- What was that?
- What was what?
- What you just said.
- I didn't say anything.
- Dad, you did.
Billy, shut up! Do you hear me?
I said shut up.
What's the matter with you people?
Just leave me alone!
All right?
Tom, honey, just get in the car.
We're going home.
I'll drive, you can rest.
No, we're going to your folks.
Okay, we'll go.
Just get in the car.
I'm okay.
I'm here. I can drive.
- I'd rather you let me ...
- I'm okay, Kathy. Trust me.
So long, Stutterville.
Damn it!
Now what's wrong?
Damn it to hell!
Go away.
Leave me alone.
What is it, Tom?
Where are you going?
To find the son of a bitch
who took the battery.
Then what?
Please, take this with you, Tom.
See if you just start the car with it.
Good God!
Go back and open this door!
Charlie? Charlie, I got 124413!
Hey! Where the hell
do you think you're going?
Show time.
All right.
Come on, boy.
I have a joker.
Jesus had nothing to do with it.
Move one inch clown and I'll feed
your liver of my cat.
Now put your hands behind your head.
Do it!
Turn around.
Now lay down.
Do it, clown!
Get that concrete, stupid.
I will count to three.
show time.
Hey, Houdini.
That's it.
Get out of this place.
- Did anyone see Mel?
- Yeah, I think he's down in cell 13.
Open the damn door.
- Christ! What happened?
- You just asked the $ 64,000 question.
Forget it.
He's history.
Where are you?
- Will we sleep here?
- If we have to.
- But where, mom?
- Anywhere you like, Erin.
Dibs on this beanbag.
- I'm hungry.
- Me too.
There's some fruit
and crackers in the car.
Could you get them, dad?
I don't want fruit.
I want a hamburger.
Sorry, Billy, we're gonna have to
do with what we have.
- Dad.
- Yes?
- The food, from the car.
- Okay.
You might want to put a note on the car too.
Tell him where we are.
- Is grandpa all right?
- He's very tired.
Had a long day.
Billy, you're down there?
Hold on, son.
Billy, you're down here?
Billy, if you're down here you better answer
if you know what's good for you.
Hello, Brother Matthew.
Stay there.
- Who is the little girl I saw?
- Probably somebody who lived here.
Lived where?
I don't know!
If she wasn't a ghost
then why'd she disappear?
Are you doing drugs?
How the snake got in the car?
And who took our luggage?
Thirteen people were gunned down
last night, during where appears to have been
a bizarre Christmas Eve Mass.
Police reported that the church
might have been used
as a meeting place for a some
form of satanic ritual.
There were no survivors.
Put it on.
Put it on.
Listen, you wouldn't happen to know
what happened to our car battery, would you?
It isn't important.
You won't be needing it.
- I beg your pardon?
- There's no need for you to go.
Sutterville is a fine place
to raise a family.
I hate to disagree with you, but
I prefer a coastal climate.
- Your children are very beautiful.
- Thanks.
- Did you meet them?
- I've seen them.
- They look a lot like my son.
- That's nice.
He's finally come home.
Soon we will be together.
Tonight, he will join us.
Listen, honey, I don't know who
you really are or what you really want,
but I can refer you to a good therapist
who can help you figure it out.
And if you'll excuse me,
I have better things to do than ...
- Where is she?
- Where is who?
The woman I was just talking with upstairs.
There's no one here but us, mom.
- Where is Henry?
- Well, he still hasn't come back yet.
I thought grandpa buried that.
- It's not the same one.
- Can I have that one?
- I don't think so.
- Now why not?
Cos I don't think
it's meant to bring good luck,
and right now
we could use a bunch of it.
I have to go out to the car to get
some matches to light the lantern.
- Stay put.
- Don't worry, we will.
Kathy, I'm afraid my worst nightmare
has upon me.
I must face this now, while there's still
hope of preventing a terrible tragedy.
There's a lot to explain,
but no time.
Please pray for Tom.
He is innocent.
Do not leave the children.
- Did you see grandpa?
- No, Erin.
What is it?
Billy ...
Can you tell me anything more
about that little girl you saw?
Did she say something else?
No, mom, she's just just real weird.
Listen kids,
something's happening here
that I don't quite understand.
I think your father and grandfather
are in some kind of trouble.
That has to be why
they've been behaving like this.
- What kind of trouble, mom?
- I wish I knew.
It's very confusing.
What are we gonna do?
All I know now
is that we must stay together.
I'm scared, mom.
It's all right, Billy.
It's okay to be scared.
I'm a little scared too.
Does this town
has something to do with it?
I don't know.
Maybe it's dad.
He's finally come home.
Soon we will be together.
Tonight he will join us.
Who was it, mom?
No one.
- I don't want to stay here.
- Neither do I.
We have to.
If help doesn't arrive by morning
we'll walk back to the highway.
Let's go now.
It's too dark and windy.
We'd lose our way.
What's happened to you?
I've come to take you home.
Please, Tom, put that gun down.
Stop, dad!
Good God, no!
Who are you, people?
You're not real.
You don't exist.
They exist,
as surely as I exist,
as surely as you exist.
Welcome home,
my true and only son.
Now you are beginning
to see through the veil.
Now, my son,
you are starting to understand.
I'm not your son.
I'm his son.
I am your father.
He was my sanctimonious brother,
your uncle.
Now resting
with those he belongs with.
Wait a minute.
I know you.
You're the one in the police car.
In my dreams. You and these people.
This place. Everything!
My family.
Hold your voice, Matthew.
All this has been foretold.
No, this is a dream.
This isn't real, you're not real.
- This is a nightmare.
- Time draws near, Matthew.
- I'm not Matthew, damn you!
- Listen to me, my son, look at me.
Bring the young boy here.
Bring him to me, Matthew.
Bring him to join his true family.
Highway patrol, local police
and the FBI are joining in.
Now remember: caution,
don't go blasting away in somebody
you think fits this guy's description.
Maybe we should get a copy
of his mug shot.
Oh sure, and maybe we can find his mother.
She could ID this freak.
Here, and don't ask any questions.
- Okay, now ...
- I know him.
Not now, Cliff,
now come on.
Name of McPhee ... no, McLeod ...
no, McLaughlin.
Clarence McLaughlin.
Yeah, I used to live there,
in the Sutterville, you know.
So did he.
How the hell could he have lived there
40 years ago, you old coot?
There's characters in his 20s
All I'm saying is he lived there
40 years ago.
I ain't offer any explanation,
I'm just stating a fact.
- Steve.
- What?
Dispatch. They're getting reports
of flash floods and storms coming in.
- So what?
- All them within four miles of Sutterville.
Nowhere else.
Okay let's head out.
Oh Tom.
Thank God you're back.
Where were you?
We were worried about you.
- Looking for the battery.
- Is Henry with you?
- Yeah, he's waiting for us.
- Where?
Outside, in the car.
He left me this note, Tom.
What does that mean?
Not now. We found the battery.
Let's go.
All right!
Kathy, you better check on Henry.
He's not feeling well.
Maybe it's heart.
Yes, right away.
- Come with me, Billy.
- Where?
- Nevermind. Do as I say.
- You're hurting me, dad.
Just come with me.
Place the child in a circle.
- No, dad, let me go!
- Welcome blood of our blood.
Spawn of our spawn.
Henry is not ...
What's going on, mom?
Where did he take Billy?
It's really happening.
Let me go, dad!
The time approaches.
With the spilling of the child's blood
we shall complete our appointed task
and bring forth he
who shall lead us into battle.
Okay, Tom.
You told me I might have to use
one of these one of these days.
Check and make sure it's loaded.
It's loaded.
Oh I wish I was.
Hammer back.
Hammer back.
The body of the Beast.
We call upon thee,
we ask you to listen to our plea.
Don't be afraid, Billy, it's almost Christmas.
You're about to receive a wonderful gift.
Continue this ceremony
before it's too late.
We call upon the all-powerful master in Hell
to make thy presence known to us,
thy servants.
The Blood of the Beast
to awaken him.
The body of the Beast
to give him substance.
And the blood of innocents
to give him life.
Take it.
- Take it.
- No, dad!
- He's my son.
- Take it now, before it's too late.
I can't.
You have seen this in your dreams
a hundred times. Do it now!
Strike now!
- No, Tom!
- Mom, help!
- Kathy ...
- Kill her.
- Don't come any closer.
- She cannot harm you.
Satan protects you!
Help me, mom!
Let Billy go, Tom.
Let Billy go, Tom!
Give me the child.
Bullets cannot harm me.
I have been chosen.
He has been chosen.
Now, give me the child.
Run, Billy, run!
Kathy, get out of here!
What took you so long?
For more than 40 years I have watched
and waited for my son to return.
Tonight was to be the reunion ...
the family.
And now, because of you, it's too late.
The time has passed.
A few hours ago I could have destroy you,
this building, everything!
But now my power has left me.
I have failed my master.
He is punishing me.
But I can tell you one thing:
When I leave to join him
in Hell ...
You will be with me!
Run, Kathy!
- Matthew, listen to me ...
- I'm not Matthew!
- The boy! Matthew, give the boy!
- No!
For you, dad.
- Thanks, dad.
- I thought you'd like that.
- Did you keep the receipt?
- Yeah, why?
No offense but
I'm not really into this anymore.
- I love you, doc.
- I love you more.
It's beautiful!
- God! Is it real?
- Erin.
Ask my checkbook.
- It's nice, dad.
- Thanks.
For all you've done,
especially this last year.
You really helped me, Doc.
- Who's that from?
- What is it, honey?
Who is it from?
- Dad, this is mine.
- What do you mean, Billy?
This is my old truck,
the one I left in Stutterville.
Merry Christmas to you all.
We've missed you.
Hope you haven't forgotten about us.
We haven't forgotten about you.
We're hard at work planning
the next family reunion.
We'll be expecting you.