Family Romance, LLC (2019) Movie Script

You're Mahiro, aren't you?
I'm your father.
You were so young,
you probably don't remember.
I knew it was you right away.
Do you know me?
- You're Mahiro, right?
- Yes.
Let's go see the cherry blossom.
Let's go.
The cherry blossom peaked yesterday.
Little by little,
the petals have started to fall.
After you were born...
when you were about 16 months old...
back when I was with you...
your mother and I...
we got in a fight.
Unfortunately, we got divorced.
I have another family now.
you were my first child.
The truth is...
I wanted to contact you every day.
because I have another family now...
they told me not to contact you.
And now...
you've turned 12.
What do you think, now that I'm back?
I'm happy that you came back.
You're happy?
You look like me.
Around here you look like me.
Did by any chance...
at school or wherever...
The fact I'm not around...
Did your friends or anyone
say anything about that?
That always worried me.
It's okay.
You're good at that.
Should I bring it closer for you?
That's amazing!
Mahiro, take a picture of me.
How is it?
- Good.
- You got it?
Take a look.
That's nice!
Oh, this is good!
Okay. I got it.
Mahiro, over here.
I'm taking it.
That's a good one.
We captured the cherry blossom.
Oh, that's good!
Looks like I'm wearing a flower scarf.
Let me take one of you.
No, no.
I want lots of pictures of the flowers.
My mom likes cherry blossom.
How about over here?
Look straight up!
- Do you get along with your mom?
- Yes.
- No fighting, right?
- Right.
Were you nervous about meeting me?
- Not really.
- You weren't?
Maybe a little.
But I've been looking forward to it.
The fact that you were...
brave enough to come alone...
Really, that was...
Given that we haven't seen each other
for ten years...
I didn't expect you to come here
all by yourself.
When I was standing there,
you took a picture of me
with your phone, didn't you?
I knew right away.
So that's how it is.
They're amazing!
Have you been to Yoyogi Park before?
I don't remember.
You spend a lot of time outdoors, right?
No, I mostly stay home.
The weather feels great.
Quite a lot of action in Yoyogi Park.
Good afternoon.
Mr. Ishii, how nice to meet you again.
- Do come in.
- Thank you.
Please take a seat.
Thank you.
How did things go with my daughter?
was shy at first, you know?
Of course.
But then we went to look
at the cherry blossom,
we walked around,
took some pictures...
Some guys there were juggling.
I think she had a lot of fun.
Oh, I'm glad.
May I look at the order form?
Go ahead.
Ah, her father used to play horse
all the time.
Did she remember that?
I asked Mahiro about it
but she didn't remember.
Oh, I see.
She used to ride on his shoulders.
How about that?
I asked her about that
but she didn't remember.
Mahiro's real father has an eye twitch.
I was sure she'd remember that.
Infants really look into the eyes
of their parents.
Yes, I see. Like this?
I know we ask you
to provide many details.
But our policy
at Family Romance
is that we can only do
what we really are.
for example,
if I were to twitch my eyes for Mahiro,
it would look like
I was putting on an act.
That was my opinion.
So I didn't want to fake it.
Thank you so much, Mr. Ishii.
Please accept this check.
Thank you.
I've added extra for expenses.
I have the receipts
for food and sundries.
I may bring more receipts in the future.
Thank you very much for today.
Thank you very much.
Until next time.
So Mrs. Nakatani.
This is the official contract
between you,
Hikari Nakatani,
and Family Romance, LLC.
The truth is...
my husband is ill, and his body is weak.
He often stays home from work
and sleeps.
The fact is, my husband has epilepsy.
Please. Help us.
Mrs. Nakatani...
This will be your stand-in husband.
He's really sick.
this time...
he said he desperately wanted
to be present somehow.
That's why we wanted
to rent a father from you.
Please, help us.
Would you tell him
the name of your husband
so that he can rehearse?
Nakatani Takashi.
His date of birth?
October 29th, 1972.
What is your husband called at home?
Do you have any pets?
May I have the pet's name?
We have a dog named Chocolate.
Chocolate often talks to him.
She always knows how he feels.
Shall I rent her to you?
Thank you very much.
Mr. Nakatani.
Please take care
to keep all of this in mind.
I'm going to meet the bride now.
Wow, aren't you
the most beautiful bride!
Thank you very much.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm an employee of Family Romance.
I'll be your father today.
- Glad to make your acquaintance.
- Glad to make yours.
This is purely coincidence but...
I have the same name as your father.
Your father's name is Takashi, right?
Yes, it is.
So is mine.
Since we're about to be
father and daughter,
we should avoid formal language.
I actually just heard from your mother
that your father suffers from epilepsy.
That must be awful for you.
Actually, that's not true.
He's really an alcoholic.
Is that so?
It's really embarrassing.
He couldn't make it to the wedding
because he gets so drunk?
- Yes, that's it.
- I see.
It's really embarrassing.
That must be why your mother lied.
I believe so.
But it doesn't matter
what the reason is.
I'll take care
of being your father today.
I'm so glad we rented a father.
It's no problem at all. I'll do my best.
- Thank you.
- Rest assured, it'll be fine.
I'll be waiting over there.
When you're done, come over.
We'll get to know each other more.
Thank you very much.
See you soon.
What's wrong?
Aren't you happy to see your father?
What's wrong?
Don't look so sad.
How about a boat ride?
Okay, let's go.
Isn't that nice.
You're not scared, are you?
It looks like we're going to drown.
No, it won't happen.
Worst case scenario, we'll swim.
I can't swim.
You can't swim?
I can swim, but not in dirty water.
Oh, I see.
Anyway your legs would get tired.
I kind of want to get off.
Just keep paddling!
Our time is nearly up.
Should we get a fortune?
Is it gonna be a good one?
Should I read it for you?
What's it gonna be?
Oh, nice!
You got the best fortune!
"Your fortune will improve."
"Progress will be
how you envisioned it."
Oh, that's amazing!
"You will meet someone special."
"It will be a lasting relationship."
This is about us!
So many lonesome people.
They tie them here
to have happiness for a year.
Should we do it together?
Let's put it right here.
Say cheese!
Okay, last shot!
Thank you.
Whoops, sorry!
Thank you very much!
That was amazing.
He took pictures too!
It's true, he did.
That was really fun!
What a surprise!
Did Mahiro realize I was acting for you?
She definitely didn't.
Did you see her smile?
She looked so happy.
The fact that I paid you...
to surprise her...
It went flawlessly.
Your pantomiming was terrific.
Amazing, it went perfectly.
What brings you here?
I want to divorce my husband
but he won't let me go.
I heard this is a good place
to invoke change.
The Fox has the power to alter reality.
I know.
People say I'm a bit of a chameleon.
Every day...
I must play many different roles.
Sometimes I wonder
if I'm doing the right thing.
I worry about getting caught.
Every day, I feel uneasy.
I see.
I wish I were more like the Fox.
Of course.
Good luck.
Who's the kid?
This is Airi.
The other kids won't hang out with her
so she often joins me.
- Is that so, Airi?
- Yeah.
May I sit with you?
Who picked this out for you?
My mom.
Your mom?
The flowers are really cute.
- How about these?
- My mom got them.
They match your dress!
What do you want to be
when you grow up?
A bunny, Rapunzel and a fire fighter.
Is that right?
You can be anything you want.
The other kids bully her,
saying she's been burned in a fire
because she's dark-skinned.
As the other kids are mean to her,
I take her around with me.
Why don't we check out the Sky Tree?
Shall we?
That's a really tall one over there!
Oh yeah!
It's a tall building alright!
Look, there's a train coming!
What color train is that?
That's right.
Look this way.
There's a helicopter platform.
Over there, can you see it?
Airi wants you to give her a hug.
Shall we hug?
Are you shy?
You're not?
Can I have a hug too?
Make a wish.
So, how much did you win?
Twenty million yen ($180,000).
Twenty million yen!
That's incredible.
You won that much?
That's unbelievable.
Twenty million yen!
So, what happened before you won?
Up until then...
nothing good ever really happened to me.
That was the single most amazing moment
in my entire life.
What happened when you won?
Someone came to my door.
I was asked for my identification.
When I showed them my ID,
I found out I was a winner
for the first time in my life.
I was shocked.
I turned white.
I would imagine so.
I had no idea that's how it works.
Is there anything I can do to help you?
after I won,
I felt like I wanted
to have that feeling again.
So I've been buying hundreds,
thousands of tickets.
I might not win again in my lifetime
but I always hope luck may return to me.
It might take 100 years
but I keep buying tickets.
Is that so?
If that's the case...
I think I can help you.
It will be a total surprise.
How does that sound?
Yes, please.
Shall we do it?
Okay then.
The National Train System.
I'm sorry.
You realize what you did to it?
You understand, don't you?
If a train is more than 50 seconds late,
it has a knock-on effect
on the entire system.
But you released the train
20 seconds early.
What do you think happened?
If the train is a little late,
we're still okay.
In reality, an early departure
is far worse.
You let the train leave
20 seconds early.
How could you allow that?
When that happened...
There were children on that train.
They got trapped inside.
Parents went out to load their luggage
and the train took off
with the kids alone!
Is that not a problem?
This monumental mistake
led us to publishing
a full-page apology in every newspaper.
We had to issue a formal apology!
What the hell were you thinking?
What were you thinking?
Alright? From now on,
you need to take your fucking job
more seriously!
Don't be such a moron!
That's enough.
I'm watching you.
Ishii, thank you so much.
You saved me.
You really took the blame for me.
Should I have said more?
You were fine.
Thanks to you, I'll be okay.
You're welcome.
With me taking the blame,
I think they'll let you off for this.
Really, thank you so much.
It's okay.
Good thing they let you
get away with it.
He was really mad, wasn't he?
This was really important to my family.
Your school uniform looks great.
Thank you very much.
We bought it brand new.
I'm going to wear it from now on.
Mahiro, you're really growing up.
It looks really good on you.
Thank you.
It's a little bit big, but...
Could it be...
that you're wearing it just to show me?
Thank you.
Look, I made this for you.
That's great!
I'll take good care of it.
It's delicate, so be careful.
Also, I draw pictures.
This is an old one.
I wanted to capture movement.
That's so detailed!
Do you have pictures
from when you were little?
I do!
Could I see?
Like this?
Wow, that's cute!
How old were you?
About three.
You're so fashionable.
My mom bought it all for me.
Any others?
Um, what about this?
It's at a local cafe.
You look like a model.
That's a yoga pose!
It's really beautiful.
- Where was it taken?
- Bali.
At a beach in Bali.
It was beautiful.
Really? The ocean's so beautiful there.
The weather was nice too.
Except it was hot, I got sunburned.
I'm jealous, such a beautiful place.
Did Mahiro say anything about me?
Anything important I should know about?
Mahiro has an Instagram account,
doesn't she?
She really wants control
of her own Instagram.
But you said it wasn't okay.
I think you could give her more freedom.
But she's only 12 years old.
There are lots of dangerous people
on the Internet.
As a single mother,
I have to protect my child more.
Earlier she showed me her Instagram.
For example...
where she's doing a yoga pose,
like this, in Bali.
Yes, Bali.
I just don't see the problem
with her posting pictures like that.
But we've never been to Bali.
But she said she posed...
like this on a beach in Bali.
I remember that beach
but it was just a local beach.
- Local?
- Yeah.
I've never taken her to Bali.
I took that picture of her
but it was just at a nearby beach.
Is that what she said?
Mahiro did say it was in Bali.
Why would she say something like that?
I see.
Mahiro wanted to show her father
that her life was interesting.
I'm lying to Mahiro.
But Mahiro is also lying to me.
We're both lying to each other.
And that's that.
Good afternoon,
I'm with the electric company.
Sorry to bother you.
Do you have a moment?
We're doing some work in the area,
installing fiber optics.
For more information,
you can look through this document.
If you agree to it,
we just need your signature
at the bottom.
Right here.
If you please.
Can you repeat your name for me?
Kiyohara Nagiko.
Again, a little louder.
Kiyohara Nagiko.
Kiyohara Nagiko?
Kiyohara Nagiko?
Did you say Kiyohara Nagiko?
You really did it! You won!
It's true, you won 20,000,000 yen!
You did it, you won!
You did it!
You won 20,000,000 yen!
You did it!
It's not a dream, you really won!
What are you going to spend it on?
You're so lucky!
You did it!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
This is Sweetie Pie.
He's cute!
Let me tell you
how to handle a hedgehog.
Hedgehogs have very soft bellies.
This is the side that won't hurt you.
If you massage Sweetie Pie like this,
he's very cute.
You use these tweezers to feed him.
If you're brave enough,
you can also use your hands.
Mr. Ishii, thank you so much
for gathering everyone here today.
We look like pros.
You really look like nerds.
If today's photos are a hit,
I'll become so famous.
I'll be a star!
My future is in your hands.
When everyone sees all the paparazzi,
I'll go viral on social media.
I want you to capture my good side,
the left.
Make sure I look cute, alright?
And you, Ishii,
I want you to shoot video from behind.
Okay, Sumi.
Make sure the paparazzi are in the shot.
I'll look like a celebrity.
- Very important.
- Exactly.
I won't let you down.
Make me look good.
- Let's do this!
- Okay, let's go!
It's cooler in the shade.
There are turtles over there.
Do you want to go look?
What's wrong?
Is something bothering you?
Do you want to try telling me?
You can whisper it if you want.
In my class...
there's a boy I like.
But he doesn't notice me at all.
It's like I don't even exist.
It's hard to take.
So there's a boy at school you like?
are slow to notice how girls feel.
They're too busy playing.
That's all they think about.
You know what I mean?
When I met your mother...
at first, I didn't notice
her feelings at all.
She was really upset.
in the end...
I married your mother.
It's going to be okay.
Mahiro, you're only 12.
You're coming to an age...
where from now on
you're going to experience
a lot of heartache.
Sometimes, we are all invisible.
Welcome to the Henn Na hotel.
Welcome to the Henn Na hotel.
Please use the touch panel
to select your language.
- Nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you too.
My business is called Family Romance.
We specialize in hiring out
family members,
hiring out friends,
whichever the client prefers.
Basically, we provide people
to fulfill the client's wishes.
That's the type of company I run.
But I'm interested in your robot hotel
to see if we can use, to some degree,
robotics in our own business.
I wanted to hear about
how you started the robot hotel.
The purpose of robots
is to enhance customer experience.
They're not just to assist people,
it's also about creating a world
of entertainment for the customer.
That's the concept of this hotel.
It's the case for the human robots
but we also have fish robots.
The fish robots are here purely
to entertain our customers.
In the future,
do you think they will have dreams?
It is impossible to know
what is in their minds.
Press the button and say your name.
Ishii Yuichi.
Good afternoon, how are you today?
Good afternoon, how are you today?
Good afternoon, how are you today?
Press the button and say your name.
Ju-kun, my friend.
I haven't been able to sleep lately.
A while ago, I was at the park,
where samurai were practicing
with swords.
- Oh, like a performance?
- Yeah, exactly.
In my dream, though,
they didn't have swords
but were committing ritual suicide.
So in your dream,
people are committing seppuku
but have no swords?
And still dying.
Originally, they had fake swords
but in my nightmare,
there are no swords at all.
This is quite spacious.
Yes, this is our larger room
but depending on the number of mourners,
we can change the size.
We can arrange
for a small group as well.
We also have this smaller one,
if you prefer.
As for the altar back here,
we have this large one.
May I see this coffin?
Yes, over here.
How large is it?
This coffin is 180cm long.
I'll need 185cm.
We have sizes up to 210cm.
Would this one be too tight
for a 185cm tall male?
If a body was breathing,
would anyone be able to notice?
That doesn't usually happen.
people have been seeking the experience
of being dead without dying.
It's almost becoming a trend.
Would you be able to see
someone crying in here?
Deep in there,
your emotions would be hidden.
Is it possible to get inside?
Yes, we can prepare it for you.
Would you like to try it out?
Yes, absolutely.
In that case,
I'll have it set up for you.
Please take off your shoes,
if you don't mind.
May I?
It's very quiet in here.
In your grave, it's all silence.
Thank you for coming with me
to see the Oracle.
I was feeling lonesome by myself,
so I'm glad to have
a friend I can trust.
It's what you're paying for.
Don't worry about it.
I have a feeling that Mahiro
has a boyfriend.
Have you heard anything?
- Mahiro?
- Yeah.
I don't think so.
I've heard nothing about that.
Are you able to invoke the spirit
of my previous husband?
What's his name?
My husband's name was Taiichi.
Are you living alone?
I have a daughter.
Oh, that's good.
From now on,
you must be strong...
for someone important to you.
On your spiritual voyage,
forge ahead
and find your true happiness.
As for your child...
she should live somewhere overseas.
I know you would rather
she lived somewhere close to you.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
In the span of a year,
even if only once
during the Festival of the Dead...
During that time,
you should pray to your ancestors.
Pray for the things you need
and that you are grateful for.
Reaching for the Netherworld,
I hope you have lots
of meaningful moments,
and gratitude.
It has been a pleasure.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This concludes our session.
Did you speak with someone dead?
I tried instead to reach someone alive.
A living person?
Mahiro, let's ride that one!
It looks like fun!
I'm begging you!
Ride it alone.
Why? Your dad wants to ride it!
You should come along!
It looks like so much fun!
It'll be fine!
Not a chance.
I'll throw up.
You can be scared.
I'm not scared!
But I'll throw up.
Recently, Mahiro has been saying
that she loves me.
The other day,
Mahiro and I took pictures in a booth.
Look at all these hearts.
Mahiro said...
she wants to be with me forever.
On the weekends,
she wants to stay with me.
She says she'd barely take up
any space.
We need to face facts.
This is going too far, isn't it?
If we carry on...
At Family Romance...
we are not allowed to love
or to be loved.
I need to be more careful.
Can't you just come live with us?
I'm happy to hear that...
but that I cannot do.
This is the living room.
Over there, the kitchen.
You can use it all.
That's a lovely offer...
but I really shouldn't.
There's a pool here too.
It would be nice to swim together.
I think we could become a real family.
This is what Mahiro's room looks like.
So tidy.
This is my room.
You can use anything you like in here.
Why don't you see
what it would feel like?
I think...
we shouldn't continue this.
Wouldn't it be better...
if I died?
The other day, I visited a funeral home.
this time...
you should rent a death.
I'm really sorry.
I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for everything.
What can I say?
I think the work you're doing
is really great.
You're making a lot of people
really happy.
Family Romance is admirable.
I think it's an incredible company.
You create illusions
to make the lives
of your clients better.
That should make you feel good.
That's really praiseworthy, isn't it?
You know...
sometimes, I wonder...
whether my own family...
might have been hired by someone.
What if they are just...
actors playing roles?
Werner, thank you so much for joining us
after the screening to discuss the film.