Family Star (2024) Movie Script

What is it, lady?
I've been noticing you...
Are you surrounded by books.
DO you have an upcoming exam?
Yes, I wrote...
But I failed.
Why are you feeling sad
about failing the exam?
You can give it another try.
This exam comes once in a lifetime.
I've already taken the exam,
but unfortunately, I didn't pass.
What dear?
You're saying it comes only once
a lifetime, and you've already failed.
Why did you choose
such a difficult subject?
What does that subject entail?
The subject is filled with
madness and excitement,
unlike anything else on earth.
- Govardhan! Bye!
- Bye!
Hey, Govardhan, be careful.
Hey, Govardhan, what's this?
Uncle, the stock hasn't run out, has it?
It has. They just started.
The government should start giving
vegetables along with onions too.
The prices are beyond our capacity.
- Suvarna aunty...
- Yes.
I asked for two ridge gourds
on my way back from the office,
to make chutney, it was priced at Rs.130.
How can we afford that?
We should stop preparing chutney it seems.
why didn't you come to buy milk packets?
I'm not getting enough
butter in the packaged milk.
That's why I am getting milk
directly from the diary.
Hey, Govi...
It's too sunny. You will get sunburns.
You go and sit there,
and I'll stand in line for you.
No, thank you.
I'll stand in my place
and you stand in yours.
- Uncle, I'll call you later.
- Okay.
Get me good ones, preferably huge ones.
- Hello, mister...
- Get some from there.
Hello, I'm speaking to you.
Are these Aadhar cards or playing cards?
You brought so many cards.
Tell me the truth,
you are going to sell all these onions
in the black market, aren't you?
What are you talking about, sir?
Do you have any idea how many
onions a family uses in a week?
Black market it seems...
Guys, are you ready?
[together]: We are ready, uncle.
- Sister-in-law...
- Yes.
What's with this batter?
The kids asked for Dosas.
I got it,
but why do you put so much batter?
I can understand your
concern as their mother
but if you feed so much carbs to the
children, they'll doze off in the class.
Move aside, I'll prepare...
[together]: Uncle, no... no... no...
[together]: Oh no!
Firstly, you have to pour three dots,
at a distance from each other...
and then start making a
shape by joining them.
That's it, healthy and
crispy dosas are ready.
We must feed kids with concepts along
with food, then they'll enjoy the food.
For Khushi baby, a circle.
For Honey dear, a rectangle.
Oh my God!
The whole family has got the timing now.
Next concept...
Mom, listen to me. My teacher has asked me
not to enter the class without new shoes.
Then don't go. Better, take a bottle and
roam all around the town like your father.
Stop crying.
If you don't, I'll have to slap you.
What's this, sister-in-law?
Why are you
venting somebody else's anger on the kids?
If I don't direct my frustration to
anyone, I might have my head exploded.
Hey, stop crying.
I'll get you new ones in the evening.
At what time of night did he come?
Don't know.
I waited until 1 am for him...
But he hadn't come by then.
He will change...
habits do not change immediately.
We have to give him some time.
You come, it's getting late for school.
Window seat is mine. Window seat is mine.
Listen. Beware with your things!
I don't want anything missing.
- Okay.
- Study well. Careful.
- Bye, mummy... Okay.
- Eat well.
What's up, Govardhan!
Why is your sister-in-law so hyper today?
Is it about your drunkard brother?
I too heard a lot of noises
from your room yesterday night.
Did I ask you about them?
Ew! Moron!
It's my mistake that I spoke to you.
As if I was dying to speak to you...
It has become a habit to
peep into others' lives.
Why are you flapping your shoulders?
Me? When did I do that?
Then what's this?
Flapping her shoulders to me.
- We will close it this week.
- Good morning.
Good morning. I'll call you later.
You remember about the packaging industry?
We got all the approvals.
All our friends have
invested their shares,
we are the only ones left.
Ask them to wait for three more
days. I'll arrange it somehow.
What are you drinking
so early in the morning?
Good, you have tons of
coffee with sugar in it every day.
How will your diabetics be under control?
You don't go running,
you are not interested in gym,
nor will you do yoga asanas.
You are the elder of this family.
Our happiness lies in your
happiness. Please understand.
Okay, I'm leaving for the office.
Why do you do this every day?
To ward the evil eye off you.
Son, now please get
married while I'm still alive.
How long will you carry the
burden of your brothers' families?
You too should have a life for yourself.
It's easy for you to talk about all this.
The elders have not settled in
their lives yet, let them settle first.
I will marry later as I
still have a lot of time.
Moreover, both daughters-in-law of our
house are, fortunately, good people.
Now we need to find such girl, right?
- But listen to me-
- Stop...
I'll stab you if you bring
differences among us.
Aren't my nieces and
nephews like my own children?
Stay blessed!
And you'll always be.
Sexy girl!
"Let me,
let me tell you about him, listen"
"He is a bit weak when it comes to family"
"He surrendered to the surname"
"He is a new window to the virtue"
"Hide and never mess with his people"
"Bones will break if he hits in anger,
know it"
"When he plans budget, it is a shock"
"Project has to shake
if he makes the plan"
"Learn every subject from him"
Hello... Rs 23 Petrol... come here.
- Good morning, bro.
- Hey...
How many times should I tell
you to not call me by that name?
Why are you shaking it so vigorously?
There's only so much fuel for Rs.23.
Just wait and watch,
someday I'll come here with attitude
and ask you for a full tank of fuel.
I'll be waiting here.
"I was born in Punarvasu hour"
"I am an ardent follower
of Bhagwan Sri Ram"
- "I am different in my commitment."
- What's up, Naresh?
Sir, why don't you use the lift...
instead of walking all the
way up and stressing yourself?
Cardio, Naresh. Cardio!
We must push the Diabetes
and BP as far as possible.
If we take lifts for granted,
smoke cigarettes
for pleasure and have drinks for leisure,
our health will deteriorate very soon.
Keep practising, Naresh. Keep practising.
Good morning, sir.
- Sir, come here.
- What is it?
Hold it up like this.
What's this Govardhan?
Hold it up.
I have designed a triple bedroom in the
600 sq/ft sanctioned for middle-class
and poor people under your
government housing scheme.
A triple bedroom in 600 sq/ft?
Hall is 330 sq/ft,
since the kitchen should be wide,
I've left 120 sq/ft for that.
80 sq. ft for the kid's bedroom.
Then I have squeezed two bedrooms
in the remaining 70 sq/ft.
Two bedrooms in 70 sq/ft...
Won't it be too congested?
It would hold only one bed.
Bedrooms should accommodate only beds.
What else do you want?
No. I mean there's no
space to roam around.
But why do we have to go to
the bedroom to roam around?
We have roads and parks for that purpose.
We must go to the bedroom to fulfil its
purpose and get out once done. That's it.
Won't they reprimand us for
making it too congested?
No chance.
The ones who are psychologically
happy at this place...
would never complain about
the size of the house,
because a man always feels ashamed
to tell that he stays in a 1 BHK,
feels awkward to tell
that he stays in a 2 BHK.
But feels proud to tell
that he stays in a 3 BHK.
And he'll vote unapologetically
to your government...
for being the cause of his pride.
When will you send us the designs?
When will you pay us our advance?
Come to the office,
we'll finish all the formalities.
- Thank you sir.
- The project is yours.
- Good work.
- Thank you, sir.
You will always make us feel proud.
Do you know how big an
order this is for us?
Tell me, Govardhan. What do you want?
Your signature on this application.
What's this?
Bank guarantee.
My brother is starting
a packaging industry.
All banks are asking for the
guarantor's signature to approve the loan.
I thought you'd ask
something for yourself.
This is for myself, sir.
I'll sign it.
I'm asking you very seriously...
I have been proposing to
you for three years now.
Why aren't you accepting?
Who would be foolish
enough to say no to you?
You are so beautiful.
Being a woman, you still work
instead of choosing to stay at home.
Moreover, you like me.
Everything's fine but I don't like the
conditions that you have put forth.
Anjana, get me the plan of tower B for me.
Okay sir.
Do you like him?
Of course.
Would you get married to him?
[speaks in Malayalam] God!
He lives with his mom, brother, and their
wife, and their children, grandparents...
What about me?
He looks like a warden to a hostel.
She means you are managing a hostel.
Why are you taking on so many
responsibilities at such a young age?
You're always caught up
in your family's problems.
Girls appreciate a guy
who lives for everyone,
but she only wants a
boy who lives for herself.
Everyone, go to hell.
I think there was a buy one get one
offer on this chilli powder last month?
We have revoked that offer this month,
We have it during some months
and some, we don't. That's it.
Sir, if you shop for Rs. 400 more,
you'll get a bucket for free.
Where should I keep that?
We have many buckets at home,
I won't fall for such stupid tactics.
Get me the bill.
Should I add a carry bag?
"Every family man who shoulders the
responsibilities of his family..."
"is akin to God Krishna,
who carries the weight of the universe."
"In terms of the
responsibility he undertakes..."
"how can he be any less
than Lord Hanuman?"
"If we praise Lord Ram for
crossing one ocean for his wife,"
"What should we call the man who crosses
several oceans everyday for his family."
"I go to any extent for
my people, let it be..."
"I carry any burden for
my family, let it be..."
"You prostrate to the entire world but
why are you egoistic at home, let it be"
"Hundreds of names labelled on you, your
surname is your ultimate logo, let it be."
[English rap]
What's going on with that boy?
Why is he still
carrying on like that nowadays?
True, he doesn't adhere
to typical male actions.
What should a MAN do?
Should he always bend an iron
rod to prove his masculinity?
So far only your site has been taken away.
If the Corporator finds this
out, you shall lose your life too.
Moreover, who is that big guy
who can bargain a settlement with us?
[mobile ringing]
Him? Is Govardhan settling the issue?
What a fine joke!
Hello, brother.
Congratulations! I heard you
won the tender for a wine shop.
Good morning.
Hi, uncle.
What Govardhan?
What are you up to?
Don't you want to live?
Stop kidding me, brother.
Uncle asked me for a plan
for construction on this site,
he promised me Rs. 50,000 as a fee.
After completion,
he's not picking up my calls.
I got to know that you are on the
site, that's why I called you.
Get me the documents, uncle.
Uncle, according to our survey
numbers, the 80 yards...
A 30 feet road is on the
left side of the site, so...
That's the north-east,
So the south-west is on that side.
You've got a good deal, Uncle.
Do you think settlement is as
simple as buying onions from a shop...
or helping your kids get ready?
Your words make no sense to me, brother.
If someone buys onions, isn't he a human?
If someone helps his kids get ready,
isn't he not a man any more?
Should he always bend an iron
rod to prove his masculinity?
Hey, the kitchen should be
in the south-east corner.
Why did you place the stove here then?
This is against Vasthu principles.
We should adhere to Vasthu principles.
It's too spicy.
Good lord!
This is the Northeast corner.
It should have a sump or
any kind of water flow.
Darn it!
Someone's been cursing me.
Darn it!
Someone's been cursing me strongly.
Southwest, Uncle.
Bedroom, the place of Goddess Lakshmi.
Hey, who is that idiot who is
cooking chicken in front of the gate?
This is East, Uncle. Entrance point.
Let's install an entrance gate here.
The 4'x8' measurement... enough.
Actually, today's an auspicious day,
it's Ekadashi. We can fix the muhurat.
Sorry, Uncle.
I forgot to get the coconut.
That's why I cracked his head.
Uncle, the ground floor's done.
Now coming to the first floor...
You just finished the ground floor, right?
What's the hurry about the first floor?
Take some time. Don't be impatient
during construction. Take it easy.
Guys, let's go.
We are disturbing them.
Stop it, Uncle.
I grew up amidst financial troubles,
how can I not help someone
else in similar troubles?
Here, take this.
Sorry, uncle.
I'm in need,
I can't let go of my earnings.
Walk faster.
Why are you walking at a snail's pace?
You should get drenched in sweat.
Where do you want to go in such a hurry?
Where would I go? Stupid question.
I'm going to my space.
Let me sleep peacefully in my world.
I'll see you later tomorrow morning.
Hey... Your space has been rented out.
What the...
Who gave you permission to rent that out?
By the way, who's that rascal?
I'll throw him out immediately.
Hey, who the hell are you?
G... G... G... Govardhan.
House owner.
Oh, so that's you.
Can you hand over that photo, please?
Thank you.
Hi... Indu.
I've been waiting for you since evening.
I'm so sorry. This is your room, right?
Your granny told me.
By the way, you are so blessed,
so lucky, such a lovely family.
Your family members respect you a lot.
They are completely dependent on you.
I've been hearing only
about you since this morning.
The tap is not working,
Govardhan will take care of it.
Lights are flickering,
Govardhan will take care.
Any problem that occurs,
Govardhan will take care of it.
Oh my God. I'm impressed by you.
Sorry, don't get me wrong.
I'm impressed by your family.
I like them a lot.
Henceforth, I too will call for...
Govardhan for any problem that comes
across, just like your family member.
Do you like me?
I mean, have I kept your room well?
Thank you.
Excuse me...
Good night.
Good night.
You said you will throw her out...
You will ruin everything.
Reserve some space for me, I'll come back.
Do you like her?
I made her stay at your house.
What do you mean?
Who is that girl?
My name is Indu.
I'm studying at Central University.
I want to rent a room in this colony.
we don't have any rooms for rent.
Do one thing, fill in your details there,
if I find any vacant
house I'll inform you.
Please, don't say that.
I don't mind even a single room.
I can adjust but I want
one in this colony itself.
That Govardhan has a
penthouse which he seldom uses.
But you can't adjust over there.
Kids disturbing,
joint family, it's chaotic.
I like such an environment.
It will be a pleasure to
become one amongst their family.
You won't have any
issues but he won't let you.
He hates such people who
intrude in his private space.
He will rebuke you if you
ever disturb him or his family.
Had it been me, I would have thrashed.
What's wrong with it?
It's not about right or wrong.
He's a cranky fellow.
He is too fickle-minded to be handled.
Sir, please try for me.
I asked the granny if we could
rent away Govardhan's creative space.
At first, she rejected...
but when I told her that the girl
was beautiful, then she agreed to it.
But I have my doubts about that
girl. She has an eye on you it seems.
Stop it.
Why would she have an eye on me?
Then what? Is there a
shortage of housing in Hyderabad?
She is okay with every
negative aspect of yours.
I'm sure, she's interested in you.
I don't know what she saw or
where she connected with you.
[together]: I want Biryani...
Hey, everyone come here
immediately and eat your food...
or I'd have to take a stick in my hands.
Hey, why are you guys crying?
The new tenant has
ordered a biryani for herself.
Since then they too have
been crying for biryani.
Hey! When do we eat biryani?
Every fourth Sunday
afternoon of every month.
How can we get biryani in
the middle of the month?
Sir, ice cream.
Ice cream!
We are not that lucky, are we?
I think that's for the
tenant who lives upstairs.
Oh! Sorry.
Our lives don't deserve
biryanis and ice creams.
We want biryani...
Hey, what's your problem?
I will slap you...
- Hey!
- Eat...
Have you guys not stopped
your demand for biryani yet?
She ordered a Pongal and Pesarattu.
I'll kick her out of this place.
Good morning, Mr.Govardhan.
You can't keep ordering food for
yourself every once in a while.
There are kids downstairs.
They'll ask for everything that they see.
How can you not think about this?
Please cook for
yourself or go out and dine.
Excuse me, I'm talking to you.
Why are you shouting at me?
If the kids demand
something, get them that.
Or tell me what they
want, and I'll order it.
I said, tell me what the kids
want, and I'll order it for them.
Are you out of your mind?
Why would you order for us?
Do you think we can't afford it?
We follow a discipline
and we have a timetable.
Before speaking about us,
please do a thorough research on us.
We can get food from
the Taj if we want to.
Now what should I do?
Should I eat or starve myself like you?
Who is starving here?
Are you in your senses or not?
Sorry, mister. I didn't mean it.
It's the first day, I'm still organising
my stuff. That's why I ordered food.
Going forward, neither you nor
your kids will be hurt due to me.
Okay? Good day.
Good day.
Excuse me...
Oh God!
My clothes are not pressed,
I'm getting late for college.
Can I borrow your Iron box?
That girl... asked for the iron box.
Why do you have to give it?
- Can't you send one of the kids?
- They are studying.
[kids playing]
I mean, they are playing...
Go... Go inside
You are not feeling awkward, are you?
I'm not.
But you must learn this.
Irrespective of gender, everyone
should learn to do the basic chores.
It will be helpful in our daily life.
Okay. I'll learn. Thank you.
Who is she?
It seems someone took
your penthouse on rent.
I heard she's pretty.
I saw her at night,
she looked good.
I saw her in the morning,
she was gorgeous.
Have you fallen for her?
[speaks in Malayalam] God! Her mother,
father, brother, his wife and kids...
Grandmother, grandfather...
What about me?
[mobile ringing]
Dude, tell me.
Dude, your brother is been fighting
with someone at the wine shop.
Get lost. Our
business is getting affected.
Give the phone to Brother Shekhar.
- Govardhan!
- Brother...
Give him what he wants,
I'll send you the amount.
What is this nonsense Govardhan?
How long must we endure his behaviour?
I'm keeping my calm just because of you.
Had it been anyone else, I would
have thrashed him while tied to a pole.
Why don't you take him to some asylum?
I'll crack your skull open, !
You are selling liquor, stick to
that. Don't sell your advice...
Serve him whatever he
asks for till evening.
Dude, stay with him.-Yes?
Once he's done, drop him off at home.
Govardhan, it's your responsibility.
Do whatever it takes but convince him.
You know, that site also
belongs to the owner of this mall.
Don't fret yourself, sir.
He would automatically get
convinced once he sees our designs.
[granny singing song]
Party! Party!
- Hey, guys!
- Sir,
you carry on, I'll join
you in two minutes.
- Come fast. Okay, let's go..
- Okay sir.
[indistinct voices]
[mobile ringing]
[kids shouting]
- Why is he calling?-[dialer
tone]: Is currently busy.
[mobile rings]
Switch it off.
[dialer tone]: Is currently switched off.
- Party! Party!
- There's no backing down!
Hey, careful. Come.
Kids, Hurry up uncle will come.
Granny, careful.
- Granny, we enjoyed a lot, didn't we?
- Absolutely.
Let's go to the circus next week.
And then water world,
and then shopping. Okay?
Let's visit all the places.
See you tomorrow.
Okay, granny. Good night. Love you.
I love you too.
Good night.
Hey, hi!
You asked me to go out
and dine, didn't you?
I didn't feel like going out alone, so
I asked the kids if they wanted to come,
they said they'll come,
so I took them along.
They were very excited.
But Granny was unbelievable.
She was more mischievous than the kids.
Take her out once in a while.
She saw the escalator in the mall and
wondered at that engineering marvel!
She's crazy.
Okay then, good night. Bye.
Stop right there.
What's happening here?
A stranger invites you to go out and all
of you follow her like a herd of sheep?
The girl asked us to come out several
times, so we reluctantly went with her.
We will go reluctantly,
but people don't think so.
Tell me what else you have told her.
Heard you were very excited to
see the escalator in the mall.
Moreover, how can you all get so
close to that girl in a matter of days?
These are tactics to get
into the family circle,
once they get in, they start
breaking the family from within.
You are in front of the TV
the whole day, aren't you?
Don't you see such
things happening around us?
They tell us not to trust strangers
and don't fall for their sweet talks.
Enough is enough!
Stop our friendships and
outings with immediate effect.
That girl shouldn't come to our house
and you all shouldn't go to her house.
Promise me!
I promise, uncle. I won't repeat this.
- I promise, uncle. I won't repeat this.
- Promise, uncle.
I promise, uncle.
Go to sleep now.
- When did she come?
- Long back.
Why didn't you tell me?
You didn't give me the opportunity to.
Excuse me, hello.
Hello, excuse me... wait a minute.
Hello! Please stop.
Please listen to me... Don't walk away.
Excuse me.
I prepared it for you specially.
Actually yesterday night we
were discussing about you.
Ms. Indu!
I think this courier belongs to you.
- Granny must have taken it accidentally.
- Auto!
I saw it unexpectedly this morning...
I am waiting here for
you to give this courier.
- It says important.
- Central University?
OK, ma'am.
Ms. Indu, forgive me for yesterday night.
- Let's go.
- Listen to me...
I'm on my way to the
office... Sir, I'll call you later.
Madam, please don't walk away like
that. Just stand there for a moment.
Why are you making me follow you?
We tell a lot of stories about
everyone to children while we are at home,
because there's privacy, it's private!
You barged in without intimating.
But when you heard we
were talking about you,
you should have left the place, right?
You shouldn't eavesdrop.
Don't stare at me.
I wasn't wrong in my place,
it's your fault that you heard.
Aside from whose fault it is,
I'm chasing you because I feel
sorry that unknowingly I hurt a girl.
Okay, leave it.
God knows my intentions.
Don't we warn our families of strangers?
- Is it wrong?
- Excuse me...
My God!
I need to go to college. Can you drop me?
Central University, right?
If I drop you at college and then go to
office, I'll need to travel extra 40 km.
If you would buy me a litre of
petrol, I'd certainly drop you.
I can sense your demeaning look,
but I work on a very tight budget.
I can't help it.
Okay, let's go.
Sir, who is she? She is so beautiful.
Is she your lover?
No... no!
Nothing like that. Just a friend.
I can guess by your blushing face.
You are truly admirable, sir.
You love a girl even in poverty.
Who lives in poverty? Did I tell you?
You are a wealthy man, aren't you?
You and your impoverished face.
- The college will be finished by 5 pm.
- Okay.
"Silent words have woven tales untold..."
"Whispers of the heart,
no instructions to unfold."
"She brushed my soul with a tender grace."
"A breathless enchantment,
a delicate embrace."
"It's her enchantment, a magic unknown."
"Silent words have woven tales untold..."
Go and play.
I'll ask your mom to send the food here.
Go kids, she is like our family member.
No uncle, we made a promise to you...
If we go in it can be dangerous to you.
- [kids] Let's go.
- Stop kids, I'll be alright.
[voices muted]
"Questions asked without a spoken word"
"Questions asked without a spoken word"
"She's aloof with me
yet remains my friend."
"She's the restless slumber and a
haunting dream that never leaves me."
"She's the magic that engulfed me.
Engulfed me completely!"
"Silent words have woven tales untold..."
- Daddy! Daddy, happy father's day.
- Thank you.
Daddy! Daddy! Wake up...
Happy father's day, daddy.
Happy father's day, uncle!
"Majestic as a bride,
before me she stands"
"Majestic as a bride,
before me she stands"
"As warriors wield the bow,
my heart dances as she commands."
"She's a heavenly essence,
coming from across the world."
"She stands at my threshold,
wiping away all my void."
"What more could I seek in this life!"
"What more could I ask for..."
"Silent words have woven tales untold..."
"Whispers of the heart,
no instructions to unfold."
"She brushed my soul
with a tender grace..."
"A breathless enchantment,
a delicate embrace."
"It's her enchantment, a magic unknown."
Write here, okay.
Hey, who are you?
Who are you?
I am talking to you. Who are you?
I'm hungry, madam. I can't afford to
eat outside as I don't have money.
Your elder grand son took all
my money and drank all of it.
8 lakhs,
without any security or assurance.
He kept asking, I kept giving.
Now when I'm asking him to return,
he won't lift my call.
He's avoiding me.
By the way, I'm not angry at him.
He is addicted to alcohol,
I can understand his pain.
I urge you to understand my pain.
I saw you a couple of times.
Mallesh will get his
auto here in one hour.
If you have money, ask your husband
to get in... Or else you get in.
You see this granite, we specially import
this from Italy...
- It's perfect for your pool area.
- Okay.
- Manju...
- Yes sir.
- Take care of this one.
- Okay, sir.
- Manju will take care of you.
- Sure.
- Hello..
- Hello..
Sit down.
- What are you doing?
- It's alright, be seated.
You don't have to attend
school or tuition for the day.
All cancelled.
Your uncle will teach you a lesson now.
This won't be taught to
you in any class or books.
If someone troubles our
family or ladies in the family,
I'll teach you what you should do
and how to face that situation.
You must watch and learn,
and whenever a similar situation arises,
you must implement these learnings.
Okay, Uncle.
- Okay, Uncle.
- Okay, Uncle.
I heard you came home this afternoon...
and told them that you would send an
auto and ladies should get in that.
Only women are enough
or do you want men too?
I've heard your family is
quite reticent, though.
You have to handle these
kinds of things very discreetly.
When a girl places her trust in us,
believing that she will be safe
and protected within our family,
she is not just a daughter-in-law. She
becomes the rightful owner of our home.
Uncle! Uncle!
You should not get scared.
Hey! We asked you for our money,
why are you resorting to violence?
Did you only ask for money?
Bloody scoundrels!
Did you only ask for money?
If you try this again,
remember that we have
men in our family too...
and you have women in your family.
Although unlike you, we don't have
to rely on pickup and drop service.
We are fine with open fields,
grasslands, godowns, sheds,
buses, trains, trucks, cars,
practically anything.
Come... let's go.
I need to talk to you.
Don't walk away from me.
I need to talk to you.
What is your problem?
Why are you drinking so much?
I have never seen our Dad.
You have been the father figure
to me since my childhood.
I like you so much.
To pay for your children's education,
and help my sister-in-law financially
has never been a burden to me.
If I do that, it's just my
responsibility towards them.
But if you do it, that's love!
Now enough is enough, brother. Stop it.
It doesn't look good.
It doesn't look good.
Nor is it good for our family.
I can't see you self-destructing yourself.
Tell me, who are you angry with?
With me?
Come hit me, if it satiates your anger.
I just want you to become normal again.
Get back to your books.
What happened between them, granny?
What's all this?
We are humans, right?
We tend to forget.
A hundred good memories won't
be remembered by people...
but one mistake becomes unforgivable.
Dear! What happened to your interview?
No. The panel members are
asking all irrelevant questions.
I'll try again next year.
Uncle, when did you come?
How many next attempts will you give?
Is it your arrogance
that you are intelligent?
Or have you become overconfident that
you are clearing the exams each time?
Why should you bother
about their questions?
You only want a job.
Again next attempt it seems...
You would have understood if it
was your back put to a grindstone.
You would understand the pain if you paid
your fees and bought your books yourself.
- Hey, Govardhan.
- Don't stop me.
He would never realise
his responsibilities.
That night he entered the shop
and never came back.
He never recovered from the intoxication.
For none of his faults,
my younger one leads a life of guilt in
front of his sister-in-law and her kids.
He is scared...
that his sister-in-law would
blame him for her husband's addiction,
or that his niece or nephew would
blame him for their father's condition.
If at all the kids say that,
he won't breathe his next breath.
How many are there?
I mean, how many leaves
did you count on the tree?
Weren't you counting?
What? Are you upset?
For what?
For what happened last night.
I'm happy.
He looked at me for the first
time in the last one year.
He too would have been relieved.
One interview was not such a big deal.
He knows better how to crack that.
It was my mistake that I
embarrassed him in front of everyone.
Idiot. Why are you so upset?
The one who takes responsibility
even has the right to reprimand.
There's nothing wrong with it.
- What is this?
- Money.
Take it and pay the loan.
I saved it for my fees.
Pay the due.
Are you mad?
This doesn't concern
you, I'll take care of it.
He came and created a nuisance,
you went and thrashed him up.
Again, he will come and do something else.
Why take that risk? Go and clear it.
Are you scared of that?
You know what I'm scared of?
I can't repay this money anytime soon.
Instead, fighting with him and
stalling the time is easy for me.
I'll kill you!
If you talk about
returning this money to me.
You are there to take care of your
family, who would take care of you?
Someone should take that
responsibility, right?
What do you mean?
What do you mean by that?
- What did you say?
- What are you doing? Leave.
Will you take care of me all my life?
I have many responsibilities.
I will share your responsibilities.
All my time is spent
catering to my family,
you won't have any time left.
I'm also a part of the family, aren't I?
I am very stubborn.
A man should be stubborn.
Listen to me...
I'll take care of you.
Why did you kiss him like that?
People are irresistibly drawn to him,
often seeking a kiss upon seeing him.
What did I ask for and what
did you do? Where is the photo?
Always incomplete jobs!
But take money.
Why did you spend so much?
Stop worrying about
the budget all the time.
It's your first time falling in love,
we'll take care of it, you go inside.
- Okay.
- Take it.
Hey, stop it.
Today is a special day for all of us.
Indu will be back very soon.
You should twist this firmly
and make them all blast.
As soon as the confetti blasts,
you all must shout loudly saying
'Welcome Indu Aunty!'
- Okay?
- Why?
Isn't Indu our sister and not Aunty?
Who said that?
Did I tell you all to call her sister?
Don't change the
relationship for your convenience.
What will you call Indu as?
[together]: Aunty!
- Very good. Practise that. Okay?
- [kids]: Okay, uncle.
Hey, can't you see?
Why are you in such a rush?
Sorry, Govardhan.
The girl who stays on the
top portion of your house
had asked for the binding of a book,
she said it was urgent... that's why...
Look, you spoilt the rangoli...
Give it here.
She's not a tenant any more,
today onwards she's our family member.
Go and spread the word in the colony.
Drive properly.
- Chintu, take this in.
- Yes, uncle?
Are the crackers ready?
Everything is ready and we're
eagerly awaiting her entrance.
Give it here.
Oh gosh!
Doesn't she love you?
Did she pretend to love you in
order to write a thesis about you?
I am looking for Indu final year M.A.
- Go to the 1st floor.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
Indu M. A from anthropology.
Who are you?
Her friend.
She's there.
You did a great job, Indu.
Thank you, ma'am.
You can't believe, ma'am.
Indu deserves all the Best Actor awards
in the world for her performance.
Stop it now.
They didn't doubt her.
She managed it so perfectly,
she became a part of their
family to complete her thesis.
What are you doing here?
What happened? Is everything okay?
What is this?
- I'll explain. Let's go to the canteen.
- What is this?
Hello, why are you shouting?
This is a library, not a vegetable market.
She's writing a thesis
on a middle-class family,
she met you randomly.
Actually, Govardhan...
Do you have any sense?
How can you enter into someone else's
family without their permission...
and make their private things
public without their consent?
When we go to a stranger's home, we ask
their permission even to drink water.
But you...
What will you get by
writing a thesis on us?
A doctorate and a stipend of Rs.40,000.
What did you write about us?
A family burdened with poverty.
Are we burdened with poverty?
Did I tell you that?
- Listen to me.
- Don't open your mouth.
That's not poverty,
it's a behaviour to be
content with what we have.
A brother addicted to alcohol...
What do you know about him?
He is an All India topper in the
civils exam thrice! Do you know that?
Kids from middle-class families...
have to compromise on every aspect...
from clothes to education and food too.
This is the thesis?
This is the thesis you have
written about us, is it?
This is not a thesis,
this is your judgement
on me and my family.
- Hey, you are getting me wrong.
- Don't dare to touch me.
You even kissed me for this bloody thing!
Characterless woman!
A family burdened with poverty.
Kids from middle-class families...
have to compromise on every aspect...
from clothes to education and food too.
- Get the final designs to my table.
- Sir...
Sir, morning sir.
Sir, did you recognize me?
On my college graduation day...
How can I forget you?
I offered you a job in my
company and you rejected it.
Not like that, sir.
I liked your presentation and
your POV about architecture...
That's why I offered you a well-paying job
and a share in the US project's profits.
But you rejected it...
No, sir. At that time, I couldn't leave
Hyderabad due to my family circumstances.
But you tell me now, sir.
I'll do whatever you say.
I eagerly want to work with you, sir.
If you agree, I'll leave everything
and join your company immediately,
Please, sir.
- Murthy...
- Yes, sir.
- Take care of his appointment formalities.
- Okay, sir.
[indistinct chatter]
Sir, may I... come in?
Sir, please don't mind me asking...
Could you provide me with the salary
for the next two years in advance?
Please don't ask me the reason.
But I'll work for this company
with all my blood and soul.
Please sir...
[mobile ringing]
This is the latest and
costliest phone in the market.
On page 6, you wrote that Govardhan is
using an old phone with a broken screen.
Change that to he is using
a limited-edition phone.
I'll make you change your entire thesis
within a week, just wait and watch.
- Please Govardhan.
- Hey shut up...
On page 13,
you wrote that Govardhan is using
a 25-year-old bike and struggling with it.
Tear it down.
Don't incite the ego of a middle-class
man, you can't bear its consequences.
Write it down.
- Bye uncle... bye.
- Bye, Chintu.
- Bye uncle..
- Bye.
Did you see?
I've taken the kids out of the government
school and admitted them into 'Chirec',
one of the top corporate
school in twin cities...
which provides AC bus for their pick up.
They provide breakfast and
lunch. Write about this,
if you don't,
I'll join them in a posh Ooty school.
- Okay, I will. But please listen to me...
- Hey, stop. I am very busy. Hang up.
Hello! I don't remember the page number...
but you have mentioned
somewhere about my sister-in-law...
that they doesn't have a
proper jewellery to wear.
This is 15 lakhs.
This is 12 lakhs.
Don't get jealous.
Look at Granny's emerald necklace!
You are rich. But listen to me.
My foot!
Crazy fellow!
Look at this with your eyes wide open!
You wrote that Govardhan is working
in a small 1200 sq. ft. office.
Look! Here there is...
1,20,000 sq.ft. office,
single bit, financial district,
this is not the T-hub.
This is the lobby, this is the ambience.
- Morning sir...
- Morning!
Look! Beautiful girls.
You believed I wasn't capable or didn't
have the chance to grow, correct?
This is the opportunity that I got
two years ago in the campus placement.
I know all these...
please listen to me once.
My foot!
On page no 46, you have written that...
Govardhan works day and night for a
monthly salary of a mere one lakh.
Tear that. Change it to
Govardhan in a rich man.
- Okay, I will. But listen to me once...
- Hey...
Last but not least, this is the last
phone call I'll be making to you...
Henceforth, if you want any news
about me, search the Forbes magazines.
Good Bye!
May I come in sir?
Hi, Govardhan.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- All good, sir.
He is Govardhan.
He is handling our US project.
Govardhan, she is Indu, my daughter.
And the CEO of this company.
You took 1 crore as advance
and used it all up to show-off,
now what do you plan to do?
who knew that she would
be the daughter of MD?
Even if she is,
I still stand by my word, she is wrong!
What will they do to me?
They'll ask me to return
the money, that's it, right?
I'll mortgage our house and
give them their money back.
How many times will you mortgage it?
And who will take it again?
That's not a White House,
it's just a small house.
[mobile ringing]
Mr. Govardhan, I'm Ramesh from
Indu infra's accounts department.
Mr.Ramesh! Hi...-Tell me.
I was just talking about our
transaction with my friends.
If you could take two
weeks of time from the MD,
I'll arrange that money and pay him back.
Which money? I didn't call you about that.
You have got a Visa slot in the US
consulate tomorrow morning at 11.
Oh! Is it!-Next week,
you have to be in America.
All the best, brother!
That is Govardhan's talent.
Even that girl knows that it was her fault
that's why she didn't inform her father.
Had she told him,
he would have rebuked her.
Now I'll show.
I'll put in maximum efforts and
make the project successful.
Later I'll come to India
and start my own company.
I need to change the
standards of my family.
Nobody should look down upon my family.
Take care.
Okay, I'll get it for you all.
I promise.
- All the best!
- Bye, take care.
- Bye uncle..
- Bye.
Bye, take care.
Excuse me.
Please come here, ma'am.
- Your boarding pass, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Happy journey.
- Thank you.
Mr.Ramesh?-Hi, bro. Did you reach?
Yeah, I reached.-So nice.
But why is this girl here?-Girl?
Is she coming along with me?
Who? Our Indu madam?
She is not coming along with
you. You are going with her!
She is the CEO of this
company. Did you meet her?
Happy journey, brother.
Happy for what? Who's happy here?
Okay look,
don't keep our seats together...
or try to create
unnecessary chemistry between us.
Not at all.
Madam will be travelling in first
class and you are travelling in economy.
Why would she sit beside you?
Are you mocking me?
Mr.Ramesh, I'm not getting on
this flight. I'm coming back.
Hey! Wait, brother.
Why did you get so serious?
Let's clear this confusion
of 1st class and economy.
No, no, no.
People are waiting there in the US.
No, it's okay.-Listen...
Okay! What do you want now?
You want a business class ticket, right?
Give me five minutes, I will upgrade it.
Welcome, sir.
[mobile ringing]
- Hey, Govardhan!
- This is the first-class cabin.
Hey, Manju, check out that plane...
it's so luxurious.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Absolutely magnificent...
Moving forward, wherever our family is
we will travel in such cabins only.
That's our range.
Where's granny?
Granny, do you see this?
This isn't a chair. This is a bed.
With a push of a button, it'll become
a bed. We can comfortably sleep on it.
Look how big it is!
You've become great!
This is nothing.
Let this project complete,
we will buy one such flight for ourselves.
Uncle, isn't Indu sister
on the same flight as you?
- Give the phone to her, let me speak.
- Idiot!
How many times did he tell you...
that you shouldn't call her
as sister, call her as Aunt?
Listen, today onwards
we don't have any Aunt.
Every girl on this planet is a sister.
Study well.
I told him so many times to not get me a
seat beside her but he still did the same,
The whole world is a cheat!
Excuse me..
Are you married?
I expected.
I was awaiting this question from you.
It's not just you, everyone who
meets me asks me the same question.
If I'm not wrong,
you have a daughter who
is of marriage age...
or some other girl in your circle
who's looking for an alliance, right?
You are looking for a match for me, right?
You seem to be very innocent,
whenever you marry, marry a fierce woman.
Only then you can survive.
Don't give unwanted advice.
People are in a hurry to pass judgments
and rub philosophies on your face!
Plan for tomorrow is to visit the site...
And there are other meetings
scheduled for tomorrow.
- See you.
- I'll keep you posted, ma'am.
You can carry on madam,
I'll take care of the rest.
Will it come back?
No. Our ride is waiting there.
Why? Why does she get
that car and I get this car?
That car is for the owners and this car
is for the employees. It's Damn clear.
By the way, I'm Samarth.
Get your luggage.
Damn it!
Mr. Samarth,
this looks exactly like Gachibowli.
These buildings resemble the ones in
the Gachibowli financial district.
My ill fate!
- Samarth!
- It's damn heavy.
The room is too small, isn't it?
Small? This costs 70 dollars.
What about the girl? Can she adjust?
How will she manage in such a room?
- Are you talking about our madam?
- Yes.
Are you kidding?
She owns a lavish mansion. She's
already reached. This room is for you.
Samarth, have you settled?
Arrange some Indian food for him.
It's new for him,
he will take time to accommodate.
He might be homesick,
you stay with him for another 3-4 days.
You are so considerate about him
but he is being cranky over here.
What happened?
He packed his luggage
and is sitting outside.
He says he didn't like the hotel,
he wants to go back to India.
Go near him and put the phone on speaker.
Okay madam.
ask him to shut up and use the allocated
room and finish the assigned task.
Egos and self-respect
can be taken care of later.
This is a big opportunity,
it would be beneficial if utilised well.
Did you understand?
He got it ma'am.
Mr. Govardhan,
the property starts from here.
Total 1000 acres.
If you select the place for model unit,
we will make the necessary arrangements.
Hi, Guys. This is the project
manager, Mr. Govardhan.
[music mutes voices]
"Don't hurt my pride... Don't judge me."
"He's just going down."
- "He is going down."
- "He's just going down."
"For real."
"Don't judge me. Don't hurt my pride."
"Don't judge me."
Good morning.
"He is just a man with the game,
oh, damn he is going down"
"This is unstoppable, I like the feeling"
"Keeping it up and
close, this is the season"
Samarth, the wash rooms in
the Motel are so unhygienic.
One can't step into it.
Give me one minute, I'll change and come.
Samarth, I need to go to the work site.
But my clothes are not pressed.
If you have an iron box, can I lend it?
I'll arrange it.
From now on,
whenever I need any assistance,
I'll just call you out, 'Samarth!
Samarth!', just like your family members.
"This is unstoppable, I like the feeling"
"Keeping it up and
close, this is the season"
Sir... Sir!
Why are you sleeping in the office?
Hey, shut up.
What am I supposed to do? You have
arranged a motel which is so far away...
What's the time?
- It's past 9.
- Oh damn!
"Don't judge me. Don't hurt my pride."
- You please go madam.
- "Don't judge me."
- "Don't judge me."
- "No."
Nancy, keep the blueprints
ready. I'll be back in 10 minutes.
- Ma'am, your dinner is ready.
- Thank you.
"Let's go, come on!"
Sir, your dinner is ready.
Brilliant Samarth!
Did you like it? Indian food...
I go crazy smelling the pulihora.
Just pulihora?
You have potato fry, lentil curry,
drumsticks, sambhar, rasam, and chutney.
What happened, sir?
What do you think of me?
Do you think I eat this simple
home-cooked food to survive?
Sir, madam sent this for you.
Madam? What did your madam tell you?
That they cook this food at their house,
this should be enough for him Is it?
Then what do you want for dinner, sir?
What is she having?
Some kind of burger, sir.
I want the same kind of burger.
Listen, we have a meeting with FHA.
Can I get this presentation?
You'll find everything in that folder.
Give her what she wants.
Is this the folder?
Don't call me with that word.
Listen, honey, baby, puppy,
there's no space for that in my life.
[music mutes voices]
"Don't judge me. Don't hurt my pride."
- "Don't judge me."
- "Okay."
Madam, if we leave him like this,
he will turn our office into a bus stand.
It's time to take a call seriously.
"Baby can you take it far? Bring
back that light that win the dark."
"This time we won in other way, bring
back for life we never stepped out"
Get down.
"Let's go"
"He is just a man with the
game, oh, damn he is going down"
"He is just going down...
He is just going down"
"He is going down"
These rich and affluent people constantly
try to insult us middle-class people.
They fix a place for us thinking
this is more than enough for us.
But... God knows.
God knows who deserves what
and who should be given what.
Last but not the least, Samarth.
Once you deserve the place
that you are meant for...
nobody can stop you with their
deceits and conspiracies.
Sir... Sir!
Hey guys. What is the plan?
Here, madam.
Most of the Indian communities
are expected at this expo.
We have to give our best at any cost.
It's time. Let's go, guys.
Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.
You all must be familiar
with the Indu group.
We are one of the largest
construction companies in India,
but for the first time,
we are launching a prestigious project
in the United States of America.
Before making promises to you...
about what our project will offer to you
or what services we will offer to you,
I would like to speak a few words.
For the current global dominance of India,
the responsible entities are not just
our people, officials and politicians,
but also our NRI community.
That's my strong belief.
This idea stemmed from the thought that...
what can we do for a community
that has done so much for us?
If you become a part of our project,
your every morning alarm will
be the pleasant Suprabhatam;
Every house will have a rangoli
along with a small Tulasi plant;
And a cow in the lawn...
a Common sitting place
for everyone to gather;
a beautiful community where
residents are like family to each other.
The next generation will grow up while
imbibing our culture and our way of life.
Because if we live in the right place,
we don't have to worry about
raising our children right,
that place will take care of that.
Now onwards,
you might be far away from India...
but India won't be far away from you all.
Thank you.
Hey, Samarth.
Send that video of applause to our MD.
He will be happy.
I'll send.
What happened?
Did everyone applaud us, right?
- Tell me if I did something wrong?
- Please leave me alone... I don't know.
Samarth, I want all the information about
what everyone thinks about this project.
Keep the discussions open.
I'm not a client or a customer
to find things along with others.
There will be no one-man show here!
I am not a sheep to blindly follow him...
I am the CEO of this company.
She is jealous, Samarth.
Not just her,
every wealthy person is like that.
They can't tolerate the recognition
of middle-class people like us.
Damn it!
They want all the claps for themselves and
every praise should go in their pockets.
Couldn't she say, Good job, Govardhan?!
Have you ever seen her walk?
Sir, sir, don't do that please...
People with that walk
are dangerous, Samarth.
Sir, don't mind me asking.
You have been at loggerheads with my
madam from the time you came here.
What happened between you both?
Stop it.
I don't want to discuss about that crap.
I'm just recovering from that.
First, tell it to me,
I'll decide whether it's crappy or not.
Samarth, suppose you are very tired and
you went home to have a refreshing bath.
While you are
undressed and doing your job,
if somebody is peeking into the bathroom
and observing you, how would you feel?
Now tell me how you would feel if
they wrote a book while describing you.
You mean to say... madam?
I would have not minded if it was only
me, but it happened to my whole family.
Who asked her to stand like a spectator?
Cheap, ethics less, women
That's right.
We have to get this done by tomorrow.
Really appreciate your contribution.
- Sure.
- Ma'am, have a look.
I don't think it should take so long.
Yes, sir. Please come in.
- OK, get this verified before you go.
- OK. Thank you, ma'am.
- May I?
- Please sit.
Thank you.
Is there anything that
I can help you with?
Yeah, actually I'm here with my friend...
so I just want to know a
little bit about the project.
Oh, sure.
Please have a look at this.
We are designing this for
the Indian community.
This one here?
Have you already started
taking booking for this project?
It will be up on the market very soon.
We always prefer to offer
the best to our customers.
- And we working towards it.
- Yeah.
- So nice.
- We will be done very soon.
- I hope you like it.
- Yes, of course.
She looks like a Telugu girl.
I must ask my grandfather to send
a marriage proposal to her family.
Just her sight made me
sober. How beautiful she is!
Hey, are you blind or what?
Do you know who I am?
Why are you beating us?
Hey, brother. Give me that phone.
What's this video?
Hey, I like her. I wanted to marry her,
that's why I took her video.
What's your problem with that?
You want to marry her?
- Stop... Stop... Stop.
- How dare you say that?
Forgive me for saying that.
Please marry her. She's a good girl.
Marry her, elope her or kidnap
her, do whatever you want,
but why did you take my video?
I didn't take your video.
Then why else would I fight with you?
Look here. I'm standing behind her.
I'm standing behind her. Did you get it?
Please get my consent before taking
my videos or writing books about me.
Am I an animal in the zoo?
I'm a human, you know!
I get hurt.
- Move... Move... Fast... Fast. Let's go.
- Go... Fast!
Madam, the client...
[voices muted]
I'm sure, he thrashed them
because he took your video.
But he is not admitting
that due to his ego.
He has some feelings for you, that I know.
But shouldn't have ruined it
by peeking into his bathroom.
Who peeked into whose bathroom?
I can understand your desperation.
You saw him,
it's okay because that's out of love...
Why did you watch the whole family though?
Such childish behaviour!
If you like him, you should propose him...
later you can do it everywhere in
the bathroom, bedroom or living room.
I'll kill you, if you talk nonsense.
- Didn't you peek into his bathroom?
- I said shut up.
He said that you peeked.
I wrote a book on him,
that's why he is hurt.
A book? About him?
He seems like just another ordinary man.
What's so special about him
that you wrote a book on him?
He's a common man.
Who said that?
He is not a common man.
Give it here.
I'll give, sir.
If you don't drink,
serve the one who is drinking.
[mobile chimes]
Thank God! Salary credited.
- Samarth... have a look.
- Sir.
Does it read thirty
thousand or three lakhs?
Correct sir, thirty thousand rupees.
They discussed 300k,
but why was only 30k deposited
Hi, brother. How are you?
Yes. I received the salary message.
Oh, congratulations.
But we agreed upon 300k
but it shows only 30k.
Oh, about that...?
Remember, you asked for an upgrade on
economy class while travelling to the US?
Those two lakhs seventy thousand must
have been deducted from your salary.
But I asked you to book that.
Brother, our company does not provide a
business class for the employees...
Only economy.
What happened, sir?
Accounts Ramesh misunderstood my words.
How can I pay...
EMI's and fees?
Sir, madam.
Ask madam to make a phone
call to Accounts Ramesh once. Go.
There was a
miscommunication with accounts Ramesh...
My salary got deducted.
If you could make a phone call,
I'll pay you back along with interest.
Are you out of your mind?
Who would help you if you
ask with this attitude?
How should one ask for
help from the owner!?
Madam, there was an issue, a small error
happened, and my salary got deducted,
I have a few EMI's to take
care of, in the coming month...
So should I beg in front of her?
I'd rather have my neck slit.
But this... never!
Okay. Do as you wish. Why do I care!?
Samarth, come here.
I've seen in many movies,
that whenever the hero
is in financial trouble,
he starts with meagre jobs
and within no time he gets rich.
Do we have any such scheme in America?
There might be one, but that is not...
- Samarth, why is she sniffing me?
- Come on... Come on.
- This type of scheme here.
- Come here.
- Hey...
- You look handsome.
What about this?
Just forget who you are for one night,
and all your problems will be resolved.
One night...
- Ma'am, sorry ma'am.
- Hey, cool! Come on.
I'm not that type. I'm not a decent man.
- I'm a family man.
- We paid for you. Come on...
Hey, Samarth! Where are you?
Did you leave me stranded on the road?
You'll come home...
I'll deal with you there.
Come... You'll come home, right?
I'll deal with you then.
Samarth! I'm sending my WhatsApp
location. Please pick me up from here.
- Get in the car.
- Ma'am.
Get in the car.
I'm not that type of man.
Hey! Didn't we pay for you?
So, get in the frickng car.
- Why are you shouting in the public?
- Get in the car.
Did you give cash to me? No, right?
You gave it to him, go and ask him. Go.
You go.
I've seen many such people
in India. Do not shout at me.
- Hey, come on man..
- What is this? Leave me.
Excuse me, madam, no. Madam, madam...
Please. Excuse me... Please... Please.
Get in the car. We already paid for you.
- Indu... Indu!
- Come... listen to us.
- Listen, Indu...
- No... no... no...
- Girls... look, she is my girlfriend.
- What?
Wait, we are getting married soon.
We are here to shop for a ring.
- No... no... please... Leave me.
- Hey stop... come... Catch him.
Thank God! Indu.
I'm telling you, she is my girlfriend.
We are getting married soon.
We're here for some shopping.
- If I do it, she'll kill me.
- What is this?
- Come on, just get in to the car.
- He is lying.
You stupid girl...
I'm not getting in your
car or on you. Leave me.
She will feel bad,
I am telling you, right?
Indu, please tell them something.
Hey girl, is he your boyfriend?
Indu, please say yes.
- Indu, please say yes.
- Hey, come.. pull him...
Hey, she's my girlfriend.
- Indu, they are taking me. She'll feel bad
- Come on cute boy.
Indu, it is now or never. Please save me.
Come on, get into the car.
- We came from India for shopping.
- Hey!
- No.
- Listen to me.
He's my man. Leave him.
- What?
- What?
Get lost from here.
- Just seeing the boys is enough...
- Come on, girls, let's go.
Thank you for saving me
even if you don't love me...
These girls are a bit wild.
- Damn you, Samarth.
- Why are you blaming me...
The success of this project is
paramount for me and my family.
Focus on the work at hand.
Post the completion of the project,
I don't care if he is in prostitution
or becomes Gender reassignment.
Look here,
I've been getting calls from home.
They can't help me out but are ready
to criticise me at every point.
Tell me, brother.
Somebody from your office
has come with money.
They asked me to call
you for confirmation.
Hello, Mr. Govardhan?
I just called you for confirmation.
I'm handing the call to your brother, sir.
- Sir, do count them.
- Okay, thank you.
Sorry, bro.
I disappointed all of you a lot.
Stop it already.
Don't think about this.
Okay. The notification has
arrived, I'm leaving for Delhi.
I'll clear it this time at any cost.
Don't take too much
stress. Just give your best.
- Okay.
- I know you'll do it.
Take care.-Okay.
Sir, you received a call from home
confirming the money received?
Not only this month,
Your family's financial stability will be
secured until the project is completed.
Madam called me.
you should not have any disturbances.
She wants you to be successful.
Come in.
Actually... My brother called me.
Thank you.
"Like the swaying peacock feather,
like the rain-soaked clouds."
"The restless heart danced in delight."
"Like the vibrant butterfly that flutters,
like the books that capture poetry,"
"Such is the beauty of this joyous girl"
"The beauty of seasons merged into one,
exceeding the wonder of the 7 wonders."
"New melodies bloomed in this heart..."
"The divine dance of Krishna,
brought ecstatic joy to Radha's life."
"Isn't life sweet with every
step that I walk with you..."
"The untold story that belongs to us,
etched in our ecstatic hearts..."
"I am just the body,
you are the life of it."
"Be it rebuking, protesting or
whining, you are the essence of it all."
"Like the swaying peacock feather,
like the rain-soaked clouds."
"The restless heart danced in delight."
"Like the vibrant butterfly that flutters,
like the books that capture poetry,"
"Such is the beauty of this joyous girl"
"The beauty of seasons merged into one,
exceeding the wonder of the 7 wonders."
"New melodies bloomed in this heart..."
"The divine dance of Krishna, brought
ecstatic joy to Radha's life."
"Isn't life sweet with every
step that I walk with you..."
"The untold story that belongs to us,
etched in our ecstatic hearts..."
[music mutes voices]
"Some music in the heart,
so much joy in those fleeting moments..."
"The illusions that once vanished,
now returning as the laughter of life"
"A hint sweet melody, awakened me..."
"I looked back assuming you came back..."
"I will permit none to take your name"
"I will punish even the
breeze if caresses you"
"I'll caution even your shadow
to keep its distance from you."
"Every moment,
I plead with the moon to let you be."
"You belong to me alone."
Hey, Indu.
Look, Indu.
- Granny!
- Indu!
How are you?
How are you?
- Warm welcome.
- Thank you.
Welcome, sir.
- He's super excited to see you...
- He always good at work.
Also the project has worked out.
He has made sure to put his
blood, sweat, and everything into it.
This is our model house..
90% of our plots are sold out.
Our project is a huge success.
Dad, it's all Govardhan.
With just one presentation is won
the heart of Indian community here.
- Good job.
- Thank you, sir.
Very impressive!
Every inch of this house
echoes the rich heritage of India.
Be it the chandelier or the tiles,
he imported them exclusively
from India for our clients.
Importing from India?
Yes sir, we made that
promise to the customers.
Wow! Very impressive.
Hello, everybody.
I have an announcement.
I'm very happy today.
And I'm very confident...
That our success streak is going
to continue in the US also.
The reason for my happiness is...
that one person whom I trusted
and handed over this project to.
That person is none other than...
My daughter, Indu!
Indu, come forward.
- What are you waiting for? Come Indu.
- Indu, go ahead. He's calling you. Go.
- Come...
- Go.
Yeah, my daughter.
Everybody give her a great applause.
She is my girl. My princess.
Cheers. Cheers, everybody.
Hi guys, chilling?
- Sir!
- What Govardhan?
don't bother about what happened before.
It's common in every industry.
What are you saying sir?
You are absolutely right.
Everyone ought to provide
support to their children like this.
We solely attributed
all credit to our Indu.
She deserves it.
I'm very happy.
Sir, I'll be back in a moment.
I need to make a phone call.
- Samarth!
- Ma'am.
I told you, didn't I?
Once he considers someone his own,
he showers them with abundant love.
"Does the ocean sulk over
the disturbing waves?"
"Whether the clouds
punish the parting drops?"
"Is there a footstep that never falters?"
"Can you hug me and console
me, even amid my mistakes?"
"Will you listen to my plea and
forgive me, my dearest one?"
"Isn't life sweet with every
step that I walk with you..."
"The untold story that belongs to us,
etched in our ecstatic hearts..."
He mellowed down so quickly?
I thought the same.
I thought of making
him a part of our family.
I took him along to our
relative's wedding as well.
- Samarth!
- Sir!
What is that?
We are going for the wedding, right?
So, madam has sent this for you.
"Like the vibrant butterfly that flutters,
like the books that capture poetry,"
"Such is the beauty of this joyous girl"
"The beauty of seasons blended into one,
surpassing the marvel of the 7 wonders."
"New melodies bloomed in this heart..."
"The divine dance of Krishna with his
flute, brought joy to Radha's life."
[music mutes voices]
"Some music in the heart,
so much joy in those fleeting moments..."
"the illusions that once vanished,
now returning as the laughter of life"
"A hint sweet melody, awakened me..."
"I looked back assuming you came back..."
Come... come... come. Sit down.
Have you finished your meal?
Have you not quit drinking alcohol yet?
Aunty, I will only take it occasionally.
Why are you staring at me?
Are you both in love?
Which both?
I saw everything.
Why did you get that doubt?
For my age, I don't have doubts,
I have only confirmations.
You both look very good together.
What does the phrase "I
love you" mean, Aunty?
Whenever we like someone,
we say "I love you" to them.
"I love you"
is not only said to a person...
but also to a family, Aunty.
"I love you" does not just
mean that I'm in love with you,
It means I love your family.
I know how she respects me and my family,
I also know her opinions on our
status based on her writings.
We can give shelter to a criminal,
we can be alert all the time.
We can give shelter to an addict,
we can take care of them.
But we shouldn't let those who backstab
us for their personal accomplishments
to even roam near our residence.
They'll destroy the family.
I can understand why you
think like that about us.
we just have a professional
relationship between us, that's it.
I have to make this US project a success.
Later, I need to settle in my
career, take good care of my family.
She wants the success of this project too,
because she wants to launch
their company in the US markets.
For that, we need to have a friendly
relationship with mutual understanding.
I'm doing the same.
Apart from my family,
she is the only person I love dearly.
Aunty, for the deceit that she did to me,
she deserves to marry a
cripple or a paraplegic.
Keep it in mind.
- Give it to me.
- It's okay.
No, give it to me,
I'll keep it in its place.
I'll take care. Thank you.
[music mutes voices]
Indu, wait.
You seem so disconnected
for the last 3-4 days.
What happened? What's the problem?
What do you think?
What problem could I have?
Would I have financial problems?
Would I have career problems?
Me entering your life is a problem.
Writing a thesis on you is a problem.
You know what's my biggest problem?
I didn't know that...
I had to be related to you by blood or be
a part of your family to earn your love.
Unaware of this I took
birth somewhere far.
That is my problem.
I can't change your perception of me.
But as a girl,
I would like to tell you one thing.
I didn't kiss you because I
had to write a thesis on you,
I kissed you because I had
written the thesis on you.
[indistinct chatter]
I have stood by you through your
struggles and hurdles all these days,
it's not right for all of you
to become silent like this, sir.
There is nothing we can do about it.
It would be better if
you also left this topic.
I received the cheque, sir.
I don't know how to thank you.
I never thought that I would see
this big an amount in my life.
But you offered me 10
crore rupees as an advance.
I'm unable to discern
whether it's a dream or reality.
This is not just a cheque, sir.
This is the confidence
that you showed upon me.
These days, people mostly
talk about success and money.
To gain love or trust from anyone,
we must either be successful or rich.
Only when either of the
conditions is satisfied,
does our love and honesty get recognized.
Else, we are taken for granted
and we get judged for who we are.
Despite everything,
you believed in someone like me from the
middle class and offered me so much help.
My family and I will
forever be indebted to you, sir.
I'll take your leave, sir.
You are talking about Indu, right?
I know that you are hurt because
she wrote a thesis about, right?
But do you know what
exactly she wrote in that thesis?
Just see the topic she has chosen, The
middle-class peoples and their lifestyles.
I'd like you to come here and say
a few words about your thesis.
I apologise for taking a
few minutes from you all,
as I want to share an
incredible story with you all.
A common man!
But he's a superhero.
He treats his brother's kids as his kids,
and his sisters-in-law as his own sisters.
He would bow down before
anyone for their well-being,
and if necessary,
he would confront anyone for their safety.
But he would protect them at all cost.
He lives his life for his family, he
would die for them too. He's that naive.
A selfless kid!
A man, as strong as the mighty Hanuman,
who bears the entire responsibility
of his family on his shoulders.
He is a 25-year-old sage who
has sacrificed all his happiness,
and selfish desires for
his family's well-being.
For some, his over protectiveness
might look like his authoritative nature,
his patience might be
perceived as an adjustment in life,
and his lifestyle might seem ridiculous,
but only those who
are close to him know...
that his family is the happiest
set of people one would ever find.
His sight is a security.
His presence is reassuring.
His love feeds courage.
The greatness of such a family shouldn't
be contained to their close circle,
everyone should know about it.
Either due to lack of
time or due to selfishness,
this generation takes the institute of
family to be granted and neglects them,
each one of them should
study about Govardhan,
learn from him, and follow him.
Every family has one star
out of all the generations,
he will financially
strengthen the family's circumstances.
With their hard work
that family stabilises,
with their love that family reaches
the pinnacle of the social hierarchy,
but they don't demand any
recognition for themselves.
This thesis is
dedicated to all such people.
That is why, this thesis on Govardhan...
has been named 'The Man'.
And I'm proud to say, I've found my man.
If he feels I've disrespected
him, I'll apologise to him.
If he understands my point and accepts me,
I would believe that I'm
the luckiest girl alive.
But till my last breath, I'll worship him.
For the man who respects our
Indian family system so much...
and has dedicated his life to that,
I think, applause is not enough.
He deserves a humble standing ovation.
Her phone doesn't work.
That phone is not working.
I entered politics back in 1975,
I won MLA seats 13 times and was
part of the cabinet for 7 terms.
I wanted to pass on the
baton to my grandson,
I got my grandson a ticket for the next
election by talking to the high command.
He said, Grandpa, I would get busy
like you once I join politics,
that's why I'll have a US trip
with my friends before that.
He returned disabled.
Every possible treatment has failed.
They have confirmed that he
will be limited to the bed
I wanted to hire a nurse.
I couldn't find a trustworthy person.
My wife's health is not
conducive enough to serve him.
Only a wife would take care
of him with responsibility.
I informed this to the CM,
he appreciated my decision.
I informed it to the DGP,
He asked that I inform him of the wedding
date so he could arrange for security.
If you stay calm,
your daughter will get married.
She'll become my granddaughter and
the heir to my political legacy.
If you try to oppose...
I don't know if it is
fear or faith towards me,
I won't be able to save your daughter
from the men in this district.
Usually, people carry weapons
along with them in such situations.
But why are you carrying
books along with you?
Shut up and keep quiet.
Despite my abstaining,
you still hopped in the car.
All this is happening because of you...
What? What did I do?
It's you who got me involved with her.
Here, give these to everyone.
- Why these books?
- Shut up and do as I say.
What is this?
Shut up and take it.
That's what I know. Just take it.
Take this..
Hey, who are you?
Why are you sitting in the guest seats?
I'm the senior marriage facilitator.
I heard one of my family
members is getting married today.
I'm here to witness that.
Dear, Indu!
Call her out.
Indu, dear!
Indu, dear!
Hey! Give me the books that Indu wrote.
If you want to know why I'm here...
and to what extreme I would go
if I don't get what I want...
You must read these books
and find it for yourself...
Because she has written
well about me in her book.
Read them, guys.
I said, please read them.
Hey, you read. Start reading.
a completely responsible family person.
Self respect, pride, jealousy and hatred,
these doesn't exist in his heart.
[indistinct chatter]
Govardhan is an egoistic person...
Hey... have you already read the book?
- Yeah.
- When?
- Long ago.
- Why didn't you tell me?
You didn't give me an opportunity to tell.
[voice muted]
Hey, why did you stop? Read.
His anger fades,
but his love remains eternal.
If he got upset, he is a kid.
If we understand,
he is indeed a gentleman.
Did you skip the fight?
There are kids around, I thought we should
not we talk about fights in front of them,
that's why I skipped that portion.
Darn you! That is the most important part.
She wrote so beautifully about the fights,
you should read them aloud.
Keep fighting.
Keep fighting.
People from two districts will come here
to fight you. You should keep on fighting.
Keep fighting.
I'll stab you right now.
Should I?
Tell me, should I?
I don't care how many men will come.
I'll keep fighting for
Indu till my last breath.
What's your problem?
That, who will take care
of your grandson, right?
Sir, send him with me. I'll
take care of him, lifelong!
I have two brothers, I will
consider him to be my third brother.
Send him along with me, sir.
I too feel the pain, sir.
He's facing too big a
punishment for his mistake.
But what can she, or you, or me,
or even him do to reverse this?
Do we stand with our loved ones
only when they are hale and healthy?
This is the time when we should
show our love towards them.
Send him with me, sir. Send
him. I'll take care of him.
Tell him...
Tell him that I'll take good care of him.
Tie the knot.
- Indu...
- Don't touch me.
What are you doing?
Didn't you curse me that I'll be married
to some cripple or paraplegic man?
Here he is.
Didn't you tell me that
you'll take care of me?
Is this how you do that?
Misunderstandings, arguments,
forgiveness, consoling...
What can I do?
I can only marry you and take
good care of you for a lifetime.
Who are you angry at?
At me?
If it helps you then hit
me as much as you want.
That's it.
Flights do happen in every family.
Hey, come here.
Dear, Indu...
He is a little impatient but
he is basically a good guy.
Nobody knows him better than you.
Will you just leave him on his own?
Who will look after him?
Go, you idiot!
Will you take care of me lifelong?
I will.
You won't take me for granted and
handle me as you wish, will you?
I'm very stubborn.
Girls should be stubborn.
- You made me cry a lot.
- Hey...
- I said, I will.
- No...
Even in the library...
- you don't listen to me.
- It's alright.
But for the rest of my life,
I try to talk to so-many times but..
Crazy fellow!
"Kalyani, here I come.
I've come with the auspicious news."
"Let the ride begin with a bang!"
"I am ready, rock the concert now!"
"The sleepless beauty is
snapping her fingers."
"You give your hand to her and she'll
never leave you for life..."
Since a long time,
from number of poachers..."
"I've been saving this precious artefact,
I gift to you now."
"Kalyani, here I come.
I've come with the auspicious news."
"I give my hands to you.
Come, ride the elephant along with me."
"Here is the bride, there comes the groom.
Their wait finally comes to an end."
"Let's decorate the stage,
start the festivities,"
"call the guests,
and start the celebration of their love."
"I have placed everything
before you today,"
"All those things that may be ruled over,
and you may invade and ransack."
"Every time I step into the ring,
I'll give my all to win for you."
"Even during adversities, I'll not
give up and come looking for you."
"The phase of bickering is now behind us.
Our bond shall ever remain unbroken."
"Kalyani, here I come.
I've come with the auspicious news."
"I give my hands to you.
Come, ride the elephant along with me."
"Kalyani, here I come.
I've come with the auspicious news."
"I give my hands to you.
Come, ride the elephant along with me."