Family Viewing (1988) Movie Script

...the introduction of firearms
in the arctic hunting community
turned the tables
on this dangerous predator.
Here, hundreds are seen
preparing to skin a bear...
...its favourite prey is the seal
which it stalks
with cunning and stealth.
Where no snowbanks provide cover,
the bear will crawl on its belly
until near enough to pounce.
It can crush a seal's skull
with one blow of its great paw.
When seal-hunting is poor,
he'll attack
baby walruses, foxes,
sea birds and even men.
Such are the laws in
the harsh arctic boundaries...
-Well, I'd like to say,
on behalf of our--
FemaIe voice:
No. It's very easy--
many times.
Yes. With more than once.
[ doorbeII ]
How do you like it?
A little lower.
That's nice.
-Somebody wants a French accent.
-Are any of the rooms free?
-Try number three.
But only until five. Make
the rest of the calls from home.
FemaIe voice:
In the dark.
Turn off the light.
That's better.
Very nice.
Very nice.
Do you really?
No. I wouldn't mind.
Now turn on the light.
What do you see?
[ ringing ]
[ ringing ]
TV announcer:
Announcing the arrival
of his royal highness,
son of the king of the state
of the new levinstraussenem,
Duke of the greater
and lesser moravia,
nephew of the lady in waiting
to the dowager king of Albania,
heir of baron to the barony
of lowenbrau,
second cousin four-times removed
from the deaconess of boolington,
great-stepson to the deposed
king of Kensington,
would you all rise to welcome
the arrival of the prince, uh...
The prince, uh... prince...
-Call me that more often
and you'll think I'm a dog.
-I'm sorry,
I've forgotten your name.
-I'll make an exception in your case.
I'll forget your name as well.
[ cIearing throat ]
Hear ye. Hear ye.
Announcing the arrival
of his royal highness,
son of the king, once removed--
-was that our phone?
-I didn't hear anything.
-Of course you didn't,
with the TV so loud.
Why do you always
turn off the lights?
-It helps me to concentrate.
[ TV: appIause ]
-Why would you want to do that?
[ TV: Iaughing ]
How's school?
-What did you learn?
-Not much.
-Did you miss me?
-I missed you.
-That's nice.
-I was thinking
about you all day.
[ TV: Iaughing ]
[ appIause ]
TV announcer:
in the primate world.
He alone can analyze his past
and contemplate his future.
This gives man
a tremendous advantage.
Yet, we still have much to learn
from our primate cousins.
Studies of monkeys and apes
in the past few decades
have helped us come to a clearer
understanding of ourselves.
Laboratory experiments
on monkeys, for example,
have given us a number of
conclusions about motherhood.
-Oh. You could have waited
till I got here.
-I can wind it back.
-That's okay.
-You sure?
-Just give me an idea of
what's happened so far.
-Well, that man you see on
the left has just robbed a bank.
-Did he get away?
-Was anybody hurt?
-Not seriously.
-What do you mean, not seriously?
-A guard was shot
but it just grazed his leg.
-So he's all right now.
-As far as I know.
-As far as you know?
-Well, we haven't really seen
what happened to him
after he was shot.
-Then, how do you know
it only grazed his leg?
[ gunshot ]
Would you like some beer, van?
-He can have some of mine.
-That's not the point.
-One sip won't hurt.
-Maybe you should ask van
if he'd like some beer.
-I just did.
-And what did he say?
-He didn't answer.
-Would you like some beer, van?
-No, thanks.
-Good boy.
[ phone ringing ]
I'll GET IT.
[ gunshot ]
[ phone ringing ]
[ phone ringing ]
[ phone ringing ]
Can you call back later?
Around eleven.
[ gunshot ]
[ gunshot ]
-No problem at all.
Just lie back.
And say what comes to mind.
Nothing you can do can shock me.
[ Iaughing ]
-Who was that?
-Wrong number.
Did I miss anything?
-Yes. The guard just died.
[ TV: fighting noise ]
-Excuse me...
I was wondering
if you wouldn't mind
not pacing around so much.
You're blocking her view.
-You think she cares?
But you'd like
to believe she does.
-I guess.
Is she your grandmother?
-She's my mother.
-My name is van, by the way.
-I'm aline.
Is this van? How are you?
It's Monique.
All right then. How about...
Sophie? Okay.
Sophie's a nice name.
I'm from Paris.
Montreal? Sure.
Anything you want.
I already have them off.
-How's it going?
-What's it on?
-What part?
-The world war.
-Which one?
-The second.
-Do you need any help?
-What sort of help?
-Any type.
-I think I'm okay.
-My dad fought in that war.
-He used to tell us stories.
-Like what?
-I can't remember.
-Too bad.
-Maybe Stan could tell you stories.
-He was too young to fight.
-He was just a boy.
-That's right.
-Like you.
Why don't you take a break?
-It... it bothers me, sometimes.
-Since when?
Just been thinking about it.
-Then don't.
-There are two ways of looking
at a place like this.
One is as a charity.
And the other as a business.
Now, the charity side of me
would love to keep
your mother here for free.
But the business side
wouldn't agree.
In fact, the business side
is wondering
why you haven't given us a payment
in the last three months.
-This is a bad time.
-For all of us.
We have a long waiting list.
I could show it to you.
-I understand.
-Then, what do you plan
to do about it?
-I'll pay.
-Uh-huh. When?
-How long could
your charity side wait?
-A week.
Two at the most.
-All right.
[ Sandra is humming ]
-It's strange to think
we still have nails.
-What's that, Stan?
We haven't used them
for so long.
I was thinking about that
while I was watching
that nature show last night.
There was a time we needed them.
For climbing trees.
-I can't hear you.
-They would have worn away
by scratching at the ground
or attacking our enemies.
-What enemies?
-I don't know.... tigers.
It makes you wonder
if there isn't some use for them
we're missing out on.
-Today is armen's birthday.
[ Sandra is humming ]
-Is it?
-Can you visit her?
[ stiII humming ]
-She wouldn't want to see me.
-Sure, she would.
You wouldn't have to stay long.
Take her some flowers.
-It's not that simple.
-Why not?
-Sunny side up, Stan?
-No. I think I'll have
them scrambled.
-She doesn't like me.
-Why do you say that?
-Because I put her there.
-But you had no choice.
-She could have stayed here.
-Then, why didn't she?
She needed attention.
-Now, she does.
You've been visiting her.
-Would I recognize her?
-She's changed.
-She doesn't speak much.
-Does she say anything?
-Not really.
-Nothing about me.
I'll go after work.
-But I won't stay long.
-You don't have to.
-Here we are.
Over easy,
and scrambled.
-Get on your knees.
Right now.
Bite your shoulder.
All right, your arm then.
Are you biting hard?
Now, nose to the floor.
The floor!
Rub it in the carpet.
Into the wood then!
Of course, it hurts.
I want it to hurt.
You deserve it. Harder!
Then, let it bleed!
She was moved out
of this room last year.
Look who's here.
Look who's come to wish you
a happy birthday.
[ screaming ]
TV: Although this attack
has occurred in daylight,
owls can locate a mouse in light
10 to 100 times dimmer than
that needed by the human eye.
Here, we see an exotic owl
tracking down and attacking
a rabbit in pitch black.
-What's wrong?
-I've been feeling
kind of weird lately.
-What do you mean?
-Everything I do feels like
I could be doing it... or not.
And it wouldn't
matter either way.
-That's normal.
-Are you sure?
-How old are you now? 16?
-Almost 18.
-It's part of the age.
-In what way?
-Well, you're finishing school,
facing adulthood. That sort of thing.
-What sort of thing?
-Making decisions.
-About my future?
When you're not feeling connected,
and someone ties you into something,
that person is good for you.
-I think it depends.
-On what?
-On what that person
ties you into.
-If they...
Tie you into feeling good.
-About what?
-Good about yourself.
What was the question?
-I think that armen
is good for me.
-That's easy to say.
-I don't think so.
I mean, I've thought about it
a lot lately.
That's why I've started spending
so much time with her.
-You're spending too much time
with her. It's not healthy.
-I don't think she's very happy
at that place.
-Who's happy at any place?
-She was happy when
we were living at the house.
-That was then.
-I think we should
bring her here.
-We could try it.
-She needs care.
-I could give it to her.
Now I'm finishing school.
-You've got better things to do.
-Like what?
-Getting settled.
-I want to help her.
-She gets all the help
she needs.
Van, she's my problem.
One day, I'll be yours.
-Hello, boys!
-What happened to your face?
-I had an accident.
TV: ...Killing him instantly.
-That guy from Montreal
called again.
-What about?
-Some sort of convention,
next weekend.
He wants someone to pretend
she's his wife.
-But he's never seen me.
-He likes the way you put things.
-I thought this wasn't
an escort service.
-It's not.
You do it on your own.
He says payment in cash.
Anyhow, call him back today.
-Are any of the rooms free?
-Try number three.
I don't see what you have
against calling from home.
-It's easier for me
to concentrate if I'm here.
-Why would you want
to concentrate?
-So I can do a better job.
-It's better if you're distracted.
-Is that right?
-Makes things less predictable.
TV: This is Jerry budford
with another edition
of on the count of day.
I have an exciting line-up
for you
and we're just starting off
right now with--
-Good morning.
-I was having a dream.
-About me?
-I had my last one yesterday.
-How did you know?
-You haven't washed
all the answers off.
-Are you a kept woman?
-I'm a lover.
-Can't lovers be kept?
-Not against their will.
-What would you think of
armen staying with us?
-Doesn't she need attention?
-We'd give it to her.
-I'm not here all day.
-You could be.
-Why would I want...
-...want to.
-To do something.
-About what?
-About changing things.
-Why would we want to do that?
-Because things change.
-I'll think about it.
-Of course I trust you.
I'm just curious to know
why you would go to the trouble
of inviting me out there.
Aren't there any escort services
in Montreal?
How do you know you wouldn't
have anything to say to them?
[ Sandra is humming ]
[ shower is running ]
[ Sandra is humming ]
-Good one. Right to me.
Come a little closer.
Little closer.
[ Armenian ]
[ singing in Armenian ]
Can you sing daddy
an English song?
-I can't do it anymore.
That's three days.
-What are you doing?
-He's taping over everything.
-Is that you?
[ Armenian ]
-I'm sorry, van.
I had no idea.
It's a thing he has.
He likes to record.
-And erase.
He prefers to erase.
[ Armenian ]
-All she does is watch
that stupid thing.
[ Armenian ]
I thought it'd be nice to put on
something she can relate to.
-Who's that?
-And beside her?
-My mother.
-I've never seen her visiting.
-We're out of touch.
I haven't seen her for a while.
She ran away a few years ago.
-I'm not sure.
My dad says she deserted us.
-Did he shoot all this?
-He works for the company
that distributes the machines.
So he had all the equipment
when it first came out.
He records everything.
-He must have a good job.
Then, why does he keep her here?
-I don't know.
-Can't he afford
a private nurse?
-Can't you?
-Of course not.
-Why don't you look after her?
-Keep her at home.
-I work.
-Is it a good job?
-Not good enough.
-So wouldn't you be saving money
by keeping her with you?
-It's not that simple.
-Why not?
She's your mother, isn't she?
I'm sorry.
-I've decided to live alone.
TV: Could you hypnotize me now?
Right here on television?
While the show is rolling,
could you hypnotize me?
Well Jerry, it would depend
on your attention span...
-I'm in here.
TV: ...I could zoom in
on you right now
and perhaps we might
get somewhere. Yes.
But I would not promise anything.
If you want me
to be able to hypnotize you.
Do you understand me?
-What are you doing now?
-I'm switching the tapes.
-So I can save them.
-But he'll know.
-He won't. I'm keeping the same
covers. They look identical.
-What if he looks?
-Does he ever check
his recordings?
I didn't think so.
I thought a lot about what
we discussed yesterday.
-And you decided it wouldn't
be such a good idea.
-It's not that simple.
-Seems pretty simple to me.
I know she means a lot to you.
I just couldn't feel comfortable
having her here.
She's a part of your lives
I have nothing to do with.
-That's how you must
have felt about me.
It's certainly how
I felt when you moved in.
-That's different.
-We learned to accommodate
each other.
-Why are you being so difficult?
-Because I'm letting it
get the better of me.
-Because it matters.
-Don't I matter?
I'm not sure.
-I need you.
-Yes. I received your ticket.
I would like the payment beforehand.
Don't you believe
that I would stay?
[ whispering ]
Yeah. It's better in the dark.
-All right.
The end of next week.
Of course I'm looking
forward to meeting you.
You sound like
a very nice person.
-Very nice... nice.
-Room 2219.
All right.
I'll meet you there.
-Now John,
turn the lights on.
In the light.
-I was waiting for you.
-Where are you going?
-What for?
-I might get a job.
-Doing what?
-I'll tell you if I get it.
Oh shit!
-How long will you be gone?
-A week.
-For an interview?
-It's a long process.
Look. I have to ask you for a favour.
-Can you look after my mother?
-What do you want me to do?
-Just spend some time with her.
Make sure that she's eating.
She thinks I'm deserting her.
-Doesn't she believe
you're coming back?
-Should I?
-That's up to you.
-But what if you don't?
-Then she's all yours.
TV: This unusual migration
would have gone unnoticed
if biologists didn't have a way
of tracking the polar bear.
TV: Here we see a dart
with an immobilizing drug
loaded into a rifle.
This is then fired
to the unsuspecting bear.
[ rifIe shot ]
While the bear
appears to be dead,
he's actually fast asleep,
allowing the biologist
to rig it with a small
bugging device.
The tranquillizer is very stiff.
Though accidents do occur,
this is definitely not a job
for the faint-hearted.
[ HeIicopter ]
Now, with antenna
and portable receiver,
scientists can pinpoint
the animals' exact location.
Several times a day,
if necessary.
[ NationaI anthem ]
[ end of show tone ]
-We'll call it a natural death.
-Is that what it was?
-Well, it makes things
less complicated.
-For who?
-For everyone.
Your father will understand.
-My father has
nothing to do with this.
She's my grandmother.
-She's here under his name.
-He's given me permission
to look after this.
You can call him if you want.
-So we'll...
Proceed with an inquest.
-I thought it was
a natural death.
-Where have you been?
-You never go out.
-That's where I was.
-You're avoiding me.
-That's right.
-I've got other things
on my mind.
-Like what?
-Getting settled.
-What are you talking about?
I have to sleep.
I'm really tired.
-I need to talk.
-Not now.
[ phone ringing ]
[ phone ringing ]
Stan: YEAH.
I see.
When did this happen?
Okay then, thank you.
Give me about an hour
and I'll call you back.
No, that's fine.
Thank you very much.
Right. I certainly
suspected it, yes.
No. I don't think
that will be necessary.
Thank you all the same.
Yes. I understand that.
Don't worry about it,
things will be taken care of.
I'll call you back
in about an hour, okay?
Your... grandmother
just passed away.
-Let me look after her now.
TV: Good morning.
This is cqrt, channel 79.
We're signing on now
for another broadcast day.
65,000 watts audio power.
197 watts video.
We hope you enjoy
our broadcast day
this morning.
It's a pleasure to serve you.
-An unmarked grave.
-It's what she wanted.
-How do you know?
-She told me.
-I thought she couldn't speak.
-She wanted it... to be known.
-Then she knew
she was gonna die.
How would I know?
-All right. We'll give her
what she wanted;
an unmarked grave.
-There was something else...
She didn't want you
at the funeral.
-I really have no idea
what to wear.
I've never been to a funeral.
-That's all right.
We're not invited.
-You just want to check
the machine with your own tape?
Can you leave us alone
for a moment?
We'd like to discuss this.
I thought you'd like to see it.
That's why I recorded it.
I couldn't get
the sound to work.
It was a pretty simple eulogy.
I didn't know
that much about her.
It was better than making
something up, wasn't it?
You're wondering
why I didn't wait?
I thought I was
doing you a favour.
-A favour.
-That was my mother.
-I left the stone blank.
You can put down
whatever you want.
-You're sick.
-I would have called you.
But you didn't leave a number.
[ phone ringing ]
It was a good funeral, aline.
Believe me.
You wouldn't have done it
any differently.
-I would have been there.
-But you weren't.
You were out of town.
And now, you're watching it.
-On television.
You're just not
in the right mood.
But when you are,
you can play it.
Anytime you want.
TV: From the scorching heat and
the feverish storms of the mohave,
we travel to the south pole.
Like the buzzard,
penguins usually mate for life.
No mean feat in this day of age.
-I was just about to make
a sandwich. Would you like one?
-That's okay.
-A beer?
-No, thanks.
-Where's Sandra?
-She's sleeping.
-So early?
-She hasn't been feeling well.
-What do you mean?
-She's been depressed.
-About what?
-I don't know.
-Haven't you talked
with her about it?
-If she had something
to tell me, she would.
TV: Though he can't fly,
the penguin has
a strongly-keeled breast bone
and powerful tight muscles.
His wings have evolved
into flippers.
-Do you love her?
TV: As we can see,
these curious creatures
can actually fly above water...
-That's a funny question.
-I'm just asking.
-I don't know.
-I... appreciate her simplicity.
I'm tired of complications.
-Do you think she's simple?
-Well, she's not exactly a burden.
-And that's what
you're looking for.
-I want things to be
comfortable. Yes.
-Then, you're happy
that armen's gone.
-I wouldn't exactly
say I was happy.
-But she must
have been a burden.
-Did you find a job yet?
-I... could give you a franchise.
-I don't think so.
-Oh, you want
to start at the bottom.
Feel you've earned your way.
-I can understand that.
What about a hotel, then?
I have some friends
in the hotel business.
You could start
as low as you want.
-That might be okay.
-I'll talk to them
in the morning.
-Why don't you come
and watch TV with me?
TV: And it usually provides the
requirements of any good home.
-Now, there are two ways
of looking at a place like this.
One is as a charity;
And the other is as a business.
Now the charity side of me
would like to keep
your mother here for free.
The charity side is...
Also moved by your, uh,
concern for her well-being.
Specially in the light
of your on recent tragedy.
But, uh...
The business side is...
-I'll look after the business side.
-What do you mean?
-I'll pay any money she owes you.
-Uh-huh. How?
-I've finished school.
I've got a job.
I'll be making money.
-Why would you do that?
-Because she's a friend.
-But, uh...
-It's my charity side.
Did you decide what you wanted
on the tombstone?
-No dates?
-Place of birth?
A simple epitaph?
I got a job, working at a hotel.
I'm gonna take armen out
of the nursing home.
I'll pay for a private nurse.
My father won't help me.
Will you?
-I don't have the authority
to take her out.
She's there under...
My father's name.
-He won't give you permission?
-Even if you pay?
-Why not?
-He likes to have control.
-Then how do you plan to do it?
-I stole these from
the nursing home.
There your mother's
identification tags.
I found them beside her.
I'll place these
on my grandmother's bed.
-You can't.
They know she's dead.
What do you mean?
-I... I told them
it was my grandmother.
It was the only way I could go
ahead with the funeral.
That's why I left
the stone unmarked.
-You're joking.
Is this my mother's grave?
-Of course, it is.
Now... I'd like you to help me
get armen out of there.
All you have to do is take her away.
It's that simple.
They think she's your mother.
I'd like to keep her
at your place.
She'd be happy there.
We could look after her.
[ phone ringing ]
How are you?
-I'm fine.
A bit lonely but fine.
-I had a strange day.
Funny things happened.
-Funny things happen all the time.
-Yes. I suppose so.
-So, what does a girl like you do
when she's lonely?
-She lets her... mind wander.
-To what?
-Of what?
-Dreams of being...
With a man like you.
-You like my type, do you?
-Oh yes.
-And... what do you dream
of doing to a man like me?
-You don't want to know.
-Yes, I do.
-Are you sure?
-Well, first of all,
I'd run my tongue over your chest.
-That would feel good.
-That's good.
-And... what would you be doing
to yourself
while you were running
your tongue over my chest?
-I'd be...
Playing with my breast.
-Which one?
-The right one.
[ diaI tone ]
[ crying ]
-This is great.
-I mean it.
-I made an extra set of keys.
-Thanks. How much do I owe you?
-It's okay.
-No really.
-As long as we share the rent.
-These must have cost something.
-They're a gift.
-I'm moving out of the condo.
-It's time.
-Can you afford it?
-If I move in here.
-Are you serious?
-Sure. Why not?
-It wasn't part of the agreement.
-I'll sleep on this side
of the room. Beside armen.
-I wouldn't think so.
-I'll pay you extra. For rent.
-I'll pay all the rent.
-Then, why don't you move
somewhere else?
-Because I'd like
to stay with you.
-Why am I doing this?
-As a favour.
She likes it here.
-Why don't you take
the one in the living room?
-This one's better.
-But it's his.
-There's lots more where it came from.
-Did you ask?
-Of course not.
-Can we talk about this?
-Why not?
-Because it's decided.
-I want you to stay.
-I don't want to.
-You won't miss me?
-I hope not.
-What if you do?
-I'll live with it.
People live with
all sorts of things.
-I mean, there are two ways
of looking at this job.
One is, you're here
to help people.
Which is fine. That's fine.
The other is, you're out there
to make a buck.
Now personally,
my attitude has always been...
See this?
This likes to be protected.
Now, this whole section of the hotel
was closed for the winter.
So we're using it to store
cots and stuff. Okay?
So, down here,
those are the executive suites.
[ Armenian ]
[ Iaughter ]
-Give me a kiss now, okay?
-Baba, black sheep out on the moon.
[ Armenian ]
[ He's singing ]
Yes sir yes sir
one for my master
and one for my game
one for my little girl
Edith was her name
baba black sheep out there
in the moon
yes sir yes sir
-good boy. Good boy.
When did you teach him that?
[ Armenian ]
-They're all blank.
-Maybe it's the new machine.
-Maybe it doesn't take
this kind of tape.
-That's not possible.
Turn it on.
[ Armenian ]
-They could have been anyone's.
Kids switch flowers
around all the time.
As a joke.
There's nothing to worry about.
-Maybe she forgot.
Why don't we do it without her?
What are you thinking about?
-He stole the tapes.
-Why would he do that?
-I'm sure you can find out.
-How did you know I was here?
-Your father told me.
-What do you want?
-He found out about the tapes.
-You told him?
-I wouldn't do that.
He saw someone
at your grandmother's grave.
-What do you mean?
-A young woman.
-Who is she?
-How would I know?
What was he doing there?
-Paying his respects.
-It's a little late for that.
-He hasn't been himself.
-Then, who has he been?
-He's seeing a private detective.
-What for?
-To find out.
-To find out what?
-He won't tell me.
He's just very suspicious.
-That's his problem.
-I thought you should know.
-Do you need any help?
-There's two ways of approaching
a task like this.
One is a straight 9-to-5 approach.
Which is fine.
It'll get the job done...
Now the second approach is for me
to devote myself with as much...
Drive and obsession
as you're displaying right now.
The second approach will cost
a little more.
-That's fine.
So you're sure of everything
you've told me so far?
-And you're positive that's
where you've seen her,
at the nursing home?
-Was she working there?
A nurse might visit
the grave of a deceased patient.
-I don't think she was a nurse.
-Then who is she?
-That's what I'm paying you
to find out.
-What's going on?
-We've got to move armen.
-My father saw you.
-At the graveyard.
-What was he doing there?
-I don't know.
-You said he wouldn't go.
-Where are her gloves?
-Does he know that she's here?
-He'll find out.
-He knows where I work.
I could be followed.
-So where are you taking her now?
-There's a section of the hotel
closed for the winter.
-I can keep her in one of the rooms.
-For how long?
-Till spring.
-And then?
-I don't know.
-Maybe you should think about it.
You can't keep moving her around.
-We don't have a choice.
-We can put her back.
-Would you really want to do that?
-She took her out
of the nursing home
a few days after your
mother-in-law passed away.
Now she didn't have
a permanent address
but we tracked her down
to this building.
It appears that your son
and her are living together.
This stuff was shot
a couple of hours ago.
-Are they keeping someone there?
-I was gonna check
on that tomorrow.
-No. I'll go a little later.
May I come in for a moment?
You must be wondering who I am.
I am van's father.
He is living here, isn't he?
Actually, we've met
at the nursing home.
You had your mother there.
But I've been told
that you took her out.
A few days after
my mother-in-law passed on.
I saw you at the cemetery.
You were putting flowers
on her grave.
You must have been quite close.
Where is your mother?
Are you keeping her somewhere?
It wasn't a very good nursing home.
I can understand why
you'd want to move her.
Bring her here maybe.
Well, these things can be clarified.
-Do you know what I dream
of doing to a man like you?
-They both work full-time
at the hotel.
She leaves the apartment
at 6:30 in the morning,
comes back at 4:00.
He leaves at 3:00,
comes back around midnight.
-What does she do?
-Works as a maid.
She got the job a few days ago.
-So, is there any other place
that they visit?
-Not regularly.
Now we've checked all the guests
registered at the hotel,
as well as everyone
in the apartment building.
Now there is this wing
of the hotel
that they closed for the winter.
I suppose I'd keep an eye out
for any unusual activity there.
-All right.
[ door opening ]
-You scared me.
-Sorry. I'm a bit early.
-What's the matter?
-They're opening up this wing,
next week.
-You said they won't until April.
-There's a convention coming in.
-So what do we do?
-There's that storage area
across the hall.
Where they keep all those cots.
If we put her in there,
I could report that I found
someone sleeping.
I mean, I'd have
to make her up a bit.
-I don't understand.
-They'd think she was a bag lady.
They'd take her away.
-But she needs care.
-They'd see that.
She'd be put some place.
-A home?
-Of some sort.
-So she wouldn't end up
where she started.
-But we'll find her.
-Track her down.
Look at every possible place
that they could put her.
-You know how much time
that would take?
-We have time.
-This was recorded
a few hours ago.
Room 2326. North wing.
Stan: GOOD.
Stan: SURE.
-Yes sir. What can I do for you?
-I'd like a room.
-Certainly. Will that
be single accommodation?
-I'd like room 2326,
in the north wing.
-I'm sorry, sir, but the north
wing is closed for the winter.
-I'll tell you what
the situation is.
That's the room that my wife
and I spent our honeymoon in.
It's very important that I
see it... for personal reasons.
I won't spend the night.
I just want to have a look at it
for a few minutes.
Memories. These things possess
you at the strangest times.
-I'd like to accommodate you, sir,
but the section is closed.
-Very important memories.
-All right.
As long as you promise
to come right back.
The elevator is locked.
-I'll take the stairs.
-Yes. Is this hotel security?
I just found an old woman
in one of the storage areas.
Yes. I work here.
In the north wing.
She was just sleeping there.
She... doesn't look very well.
[ panting ]
[ heavy breathing ]
[ sobbing ]
Captioning by cnst, Montreal