Fan chan (My Girl) (2003) Movie Script

Why be single? True Love is having
someone to kiss,
someone to take care of you...
...someone to have kids with
...that's true love.
Hey! It's 7 o'clock already!
How are you gonna get there
in time to help for?
If you get there before me,
ask for what I have to do to help.
The reception's at the hotel
in the evening.
The Chinese ceremony's in the morning.
Yeah, everything's set.
What? Do I have to do that too?
We all figured he was gay. Who'd
have thought he would be the first to marry?
- So this is the groom?
- Yeah.
When's it your turn to tie the knot?
Still looking.
But she'll have to be as pretty as you.
You can do better than me!
Just a moment, please.
I'm at the tailor's!
Well I gotta look good at your wedding.
Who knows?
I might meet my future wife there.
Where are you?
I'm on my way.
I'm getting on the expressway.
I'll be there shortly.
What do you mean you're not free
for the wedding?
You don't work weekends.
Win has come all the way up
from Surat Thani for it.
Whatever. It's up to you.
No, I won't. You tell him yourself!
Can I call you back?
My hand's not free, I'm pissing.
Oh. It's you, Mom.
I can't come home this weekend.
I gotta go to Nakhon Sawan.
Why? What's up?
Huh? Noi Nah?
Yes, I remember her.
I can't make it, Mom.
I'm going to another wedding.
Are you going?
You have to.
Well then give my best to Noi Nah.
I've never really forgotten what happened.
I've tucked it away somewhere
in my memory.
If I'm not reminded,
I don't think about it.
But all it takes is a song from that era...
...and the memories come flooding back.
Knock knock knock! Open the door!
See who's knocking at your door!
Open the door to your heart.
Jeab! Wake up! Wake up!
Time to get up.
Get up and get dressed. Let's go play.
All the others are waiting.
Her name was Noi Nah.
We'd been friends since birth.
Jeab! Sit next to Noi Nah.
We were born around the same time.
She was born in the Year of the Tiger.
The Year of the Rabbit.
We lived in an area known
as Chinese temple.
Most of the kids in the area were girls.
Not like around the market...
Noi Nah was the only girl my age.
But she was bigger than me.
Would you care to have dinner with me?
I had to do everything she ordered.
Otherwise I'd have nobody to play with.
Let me freshen up first.
I'll wait here.
No peeking!
Who'd want to peek at you?
She was good at everything. Like
elastics. Nobody could beat her.
She was known as the Queen
of the Elastics.
My father had a barber's shop.
He'd been a barber for 10 years.
At least half the men around
the market,
young and old,
had their hair cut by my father.
Noi Nah's father was a barber, too.
I'm hungry. Anything to eat?
You're always hungry after play.
Come on.
Noi Nah's father used to be an artist.
The other half of the market
have their hair cut by him.
My dad had his own cutting style.
He used a comb and shears.
Noi Nah's dad took
a more artistic approach.
He needed time to contemplate.
He used a comb and scissors.
Now you're done.
Even though they had different
cutting styles...
One Coke, please.
...I couldn't tell the difference.
One Pepsi, please.
The funny thing was,
the shops were only two doors apart.
They weren't friends.
They were always fighting over
who was the better barber.
Hey Charn, give me a haircut.
It's grown so quickly.
Didn't you get your hair cut over
there last time?
I don't like working
in the shadow of someone else.
My father would get upset if his
customers went over to Noi Nah's father.
Noi Nah's father was the same.
The usual
A bit less off the back.
Sorry. I'm not in the mood today.
My mother couldn't understand the fuss.
She said they were cutting hair,
not throats.
Hair would always grow back, and people
would need it cut again. Why argue?
Gone to get a haircut. Back at 4.
Take me into town.
Our fathers may not have been talking,
but our mothers were very close.
What's up? You look tired.
It's my husband.
I didn't sleep a wink last night.
Still trying for a second child?
Nothing like that!
He kept me up all night.
Everyone said my mother
was kind-hearted...
Jeab! The water's for showering,
not for playing! why was she such a nag?
She was always complaining.
About everything.
Where are you off to?
I'm going to play with Noi Nah.
The park's just there. Why don't
you walk. And don't cross the road!
There are lots of cars.
Just last week Daeng's nephew
was hit by a car.
Are you listening?
If you get into an accident...
I'll belt the living
daylights out of you!
You're just like your father...
never wrong.
You never listen to me.
I'd never crossed the road to
the market before.
But the more my mother forbade me,
the more I wanted to go.
Oh no! There's been an accident!
A kid's been hit!
After that incident,
I was too afraid to go.
Juk's got a new toy.
Tomorrow we can play
with it after school.
Juk's bought it already?
Yeah. We'll see it tomorrow.
Mom! Open the door!
See you.
Bye bye.
Every time I came home late,
my mother was waiting
with a cane in hand.
You're late!
Take that! Take that!
I used to wonder why she'd hit me
for such a small thing.
Jeab! Wake up!
The bus is here!
I'm going.
You still not up, Jeab?
What time did you plan on getting up?
Quick Dad, we'll never make it!
Hey! Do you only pay half the fare?
Is that why you get on half way?
It was a 10 km bus ride to
the local government school.
Most kids lived closer than that.
As a result,
I didn't have many friends.
Hey! Let's play Rubber Bands today.
I got heaps of 'em!
Who wants to play with me?
We'll meet at the usual place.
Yesterday I beat this Grade 6 kid!
Jack lived at the market.
I won all his rubber bands off him!
When I was in Grade 2,
Jack was in Grade 4.
When I was in Grade 3,
Jack was still in Grade 4.
Now we're in the same class.
He never stopped eating.
He was the biggest,
so he was the leader of the gang.
You're the best, Jack!
That's Prik. He was in my year,
and Jack's best friend.
Prik wanted to be a singer.
He knew the words to every song
Jack! I'd say you're ready to
play the high school kids.
This is Manote.
He was in Grade 3.
He was good at schoolwork,
good at sport...
but no good at expressing himself.
That's Dtee. He'd been
cute ever since he was a baby.
His dad owned the ice works.
He had to help him every day.
Get a move on!
And this little guy is Boy.
Hey fatso! Give it back!
His mother owned the market.
Good morning, ma'am.
Hello. What are you buying today?
Good morning, ma'am.
Hello. Good morning.
Boy always had some new toy to show us.
Let me play too!
Back off!
But it's mine! If you don't let me see it,
I won't let you play.
Why? What are you so worried about?
Give it back. You hit me.
You're not playing with it.
What's your problem?
Son of a bitch!
You calling my mother a bitch?
You think you're tough coz
you're so big.
Right! You're in for it!
- See you at lunchtime.
- OK.
It's 8 a.m.
(national anthem)
OK. Jump!
Let's play for real.
Ha! Take that! Ha!
This time I'm serious.
You're dead meat, Jack.
Nearly... Hooray! I won!
Can I play?
You got any rubber bands?
Use mine. Pay me back next time.
He's not playing.
But Boy's got no-one to play with.
I got it!
Jeez! You're annoying!
You make us late for school.
I said you're not playing!
Let's play some other place.
Hey! Where are my rubber bands, Jack?
You're on the end!
What's that over there?
I don't see anything.
Jack! Take it! I don't want it now.
You don't want it? Then I'll eat it.
What are we going to play today?
Let's play Rubber Bands again.
No... let's play elastics.
Let's play Chinese swordfights!
Prik, you'll be the villain.
Dtee, you're the emperor.
I'm the best looking
so I'll be the hero.
Every time we play, you always win!
Can't we play mothers and fathers
instead? We haven't played for ages.
I look the most Chinese.
I should be the hero.
Whatever. But I'll be the mother.
I want to be mother, too!
Who has two mothers, Ngor??
Then... I'll be the mistress!
I want to be the mistress, too!
No way! No way! Nobody's the hero
...except for me.
Because I'm the only one
who has a sword.
If I can't be the mother
I'm not playing.
Ngor, let's make cupcakes at your place.
Let's do that then.
Are we going to pretend to make them,
or make them for real?
Mom won't let us make them for real.
She'll hit me.
Idiot! Take that! Idiot!
See you later.
Sorry won't bring my ice-cream back.
Come on, Noi Nah. Let's go.
Hey! What about my ice-cream?
I said sorry. What else do you
want me to do, Fatty?
Who's Fatty? This isn't fat!
They call this pleasantly plump.
Anyway who's asking, big tits?
Your mother has big tits.
Watch it, Noi Nah!
Hurry on over.
- Hi Dad, hi Mom.
- Hi.
See you, Mom.
What about your homework?
I'll do it when I get back.
If you don't do your homework
and your teacher hits you...
I know, you'll hit me twice over.
What's so funny?
- Where are you going?
- To get an ice-cream.
- Let's check out the girls there.
- Come on. We'll come too.
Who's that?
What are you doing around here?
I brought my rubber bands.
I want to play.
We don't play with sissies.
Go play with the girls.
Let's go some other place.
What shall we cook today, children?
Clear soup and a herbal curry.
Hold on.
Jeab, why are you so late?
I was riding my bike.
Children! Your father's home.
Daddy... can we have
grilled chicken for dinner?
If you eat too much chicken
you'll get fat.
No I won't. I like chicken.
I like it too. Me too.
Let's make cupcakes, Jeab.
Are we making them for real?
I don't know. We'll have to ask Mom.
What about the others?
Never mind. If they don't play...
you have to eat all the cupcakes.
Thanks Jeab.
Bye bye.
You're all sweaty.
Into the shower. It's late.
Mind your own business.
Let me take you inside.
Late again. You're so late
the soapies have started.
I have to hit you every day.
Why can't you be like other children?
Why can't you be like other mothers?
Noi Nah's mother never hits her.
Good morning, teacher.
Sit down. I have to attend a meeting
about Children's Day.
Sit quietly and get your books out.
Jack, write down the names of anybody
who talks
I'll be back shortly.
Yes, Miss.
Remember to keep quiet.
Gimme your new Doraemon comic.
Me first!
Our minds are in sync,
brand new love.
Head over heels in love
I give you my heart
I wouldn't be myself
without you around.
You make me feel so warm
secret rendezvous at 6 a.m.,
it's such a wondrous
feeling every time.
You're more beautiful than a goddess,
as lovely as the moon.
You probably see me as a hero.
Our minds are in sync,
brand new love.
Head over heels in love
I give you my heart
I wouldn't be myself without you around.
You make me feel so warm.
A secret rendezvous at 6 a.m.,
it's such a wondrous feeling every time.
You're more beautiful than a goddess,
as lovely as the moon.
You probably see me as a hero.
Thanapol Traiyen, a Grade One student,
please meet your parents
at the Administration Block.
How do I look?
Very handsome.
Prime Minister Prem is making the opening
address for National Children's Day.
I'd like to invite all parents
and students into the auditorium.
The show is about to begin!
Why were you pouting yesterday?
Why the long face?
Who made you angry? Who did it?
I'll set him straight.
Oh... was it me? When did I upset you?
Is this just revenge?
Tell me the truth, or must I guess?
Are you mad coz I'm sincere
...loyal to you?
Well yes it's true.
Anyone in love is like that.
Your son is very cute.
Thank you.
Love is not a twinkling star,
nor hot like the sun's rays...
Love isn't a high mountain.
Why do we look for love?
Sometimes love makes us sad,
sometimes it makes us happy.
Every night I dream,
love is like the moon, like the sun,
like a hot burning flame.
Didn't you bring this rose for Noi Nah?
When are you going to give it to her?
Wait till she gets offstage.
I'm too embarrassed to give it to her now.
Why did you even bring it then?
You give it to her.
I'm not game either. She's our daughter.
You should do it.
I know. Let's get Jeab to give it to her.
Good idea.
Jeab... give this to Noi Nah.
Noi Nah. This is from your mother.
It's nice to have a day off.
Where are you taking Jeab tomorrow?
Hua Hin. Jeab wants to take the train.
His father's coming, too.
What about you?
Not sure yet.
I'll have to ask my husband.
Why don't you come with us?
My husband would never agree to it.
Mommy... Daddy... I want some cakes.
What do you want me to do?
Nothing. I'll make it.
Father, I brought you a new tie.
It's beautiful!
Do I look handsome?
Very handsome! Yuck.
Sorry. Just kidding.
Don't forget your lunch. Here it is.
I'm off to work.
I don't want to be late.
Hurry to work and hurry home, Father!
Off to school, children.
Don't forget your lunch, darling.
Hurry Father.
Or we'll be late for school!
Hurry to work and hurry home, Father!
Yes, sweetheart.
I'll rush back to be by your side.
Oh I'm so embarrassed!
Everybody's watching me!
Fat as a pig. Black as mud.
And now you're acting like a woman.
My wife might be fat and ugly,
but I still love her!
Yes. My mother might be fat and ugly,
but I still love her.
Fat and ugly! Fat and ugly!
Fat and ugly! Fat and ugly!
Where are you going, Father?
You live over there.
What are you doing on this side?
That's right...
go and make up with your husband!
And now, please welcome Sao Sao Sao!
Our love is like a dream come true.
Was Cupid joking around?
I'm stingy,
and you're no oil painting.
I like salted crab,
you like clear soup.
We'll probably love each other
forever coz crab goes well with soup!
We're in love, we're a couple,
we argue, we differ,
yet we love each other.
Our hearts overflow with joy,
it makes others wonder,
how can we be lovers?
Jeab! Wait! Where are you going?
Jeab! Wait! Jeab!
What did you do that for?
I was watching that!
Jeab, Noi Nah's not coming to play today.
She's not allowed out of the house.
Lice head! Lice head!
Watch out!
The lice will fall into your food.
Look at the trouble you cause.
Head lice!
Ouch! That hurts!
How else can we get rid of them?
What's so difficult about that?
Ngor! Have your lice cleared up?
Almost. Mom's using a fine-toothed
comb to get them out.
You need liquid gas to
really get rid of them.
No way! That would stink!
Then you need to do what Ole's done.
You're the only one in my heart.
I'm not looking for anyone else.
You're the only one in my heart.
I won't change my mind.
The world could end but you'd
still be the only one for me.
I don't care if the world ends.
I won't disappoint you.
You're the only one in my heart.
I'm not looking for anyone else.
You're the only one in my heart.
I won't change my mind.
The world could end but you'd
still be the only one for me.
Hey! You guys wanna play a game
of football for money?
Okay... but there's 6 of us
and only 5 of you.
Doesn't matter.
We'll take you on with 5.
First team to kick 3 goals
gets 20 Baht.
What the hell are you doing?
Get him!
Prik, kick it here! Dtee, kick it!
Dtee! Manote, get him! Damn!
Yay! Boy, what the hell are you doing?
Protect the goals!
They're kicking it really hard.
You guys are just as bad.
Idiot! You're too slow to save it.
Manote, you're just as hopeless.
And what about you, Prik?
I was covering Petch!
Me too. I was covering Ta.
Damn it. How can you let them
score so easily?
We've got less men.
Yeah. They're outnumbering us.
It's true. And I don't understand
how such pipsqueaks can play so well.
Hey Jack!
What now?
Lice head!
What about Lice head?
He's over there.
Lice head. Help us out here
and play defense.
You better play well.
Let's start.
Chili! Here! Here! Foul!
It's yours, Lice head.
Prik get the ball!
Don't let 'em get the ball.
Manote, what are you doing?
Prik! Here!
Yay! 2-all!
You're really good, Jeab.
Manote. Kick it here.
Kick it here.
Lice head! Prik! Manote!
Hey Lice head! You're a good player.
His name's Jeab, not Lice head.
Hey Ta. Anytime you want to play,
just let us know.
If I hadn't kicked the ball to Jeab,
we wouldn't have scored.
Look at Ta's gang. They're such losers.
Hey Jeab! Come with us.
We're gonna get something to eat.
Come on.
Let's go.
The rice stalks were watching us,
the crabs were too,
the palm trees were our speakers,
The field was our stage,
the stage was our field,
the banana stalks our guitars...
The twigs were our microphones.
Some people danced,
their numbers swelled,
some banged coconut
shells to the beat,
Some banged coconut
shells to the beat,
the wild flowers were our garlands,
Somchai beat the drums,
Sompong was his brother,
lots of singers, lots of speakers.
What fun! What fun!
Come on everybody!
There's song and dance, singers and
melody, step right up, no need to pay,
You in the pink shirt! Come and listen!
There's a trumpet playing.
See you tomorrow.
I'm home, Mom. Open the door.
Some more off the side.
I'm off now.
Where are you going so early?
I'm going to play with my friends.
On school days you never
get up this early.
When he gets up late, you nag him.
When he gets up early, you nag him.
You're not the one who has
to wake him on school days.
No, but I have to drive him to
the bus every morning.
Some more off this side.
It's lopsided.
Listen, I'm not a barber.
I'm a barber's wife.
Surely that's good enough.
Good morning!
Good morning!
I'm his mother.
If I don't keep him in line, who will?
You have to discipline him.
Otherwise what's he going
to be like when he grows up?
That's not what I mean.
I'm not saying don't teach him.
But sleeping out isn't hurting anybody.
Cut him some slack. He's a boy.
I nag him because he is a boy.
Where's Jeab?
He's left already. He's not with you?
How are your lice? Have they cleared up?
All gone.
Mom. What's there to eat?
Jeab! Come and play!
Hey! Jack.
Stop. Where's Jeab?
Where's he gone?
Park... you must choose between her or me.
If you choose her,
I'll have nothing to do with you.
Hey! Jack!
Jeab! Come and play!
Jeab. It was just a fluke.
You won't score again.
When is my love coming?
When he does, tell him to
get rid of her. I hate her.
Here are your drinks.
Here you are.
Grudge match. 30 baht. Winner takes all.
This time we have more players.
So what? I'm not afraid.
Yes you are. You're chicken.
OK. 40 baht.
Fang... we're leaving now.
Good luck, Pakkard. Good luck.
Me too. I wish you the best.
Time to go.
I got out of the way.
Manote let it through!
What do you mean?
It was all Boy's fault.
He didn't stop a single ball.
And what about you? Blame me.
You weren't playing so well.
Can you all just cut it out?
Ta's team are already planning
what to do with the prize money.
Damn! What a waste of money.
I'm pissed off.
Hey guys.
Where the hell have you been?
You made us lose money.
I've been watching TV.
Bloody TV! You've been with the girls.
I bet you he's been watching
the soap operas with Noi Nah.
I thought as much. Watching TV with your
girlfriend... the one with the big tits!
She's not my girlfriend.
If she's not your girlfriend,
what is she?
She's his wife! Big tits! Big tits!
Jeab? Have you been bitten by a dog?
If you're getting into
this much trouble now,
who knows what you'll be like
when you grow up.
Ouch! That hurts!
I bet you didn't carry on like this
when you were fighting.
Never mind. He's a boy!
Don't put that on. It stings!
Keep still.
Don't put that on!
How will it heal if I don't?
No! Don't!
Jeab! Come and play!
Jack. Don't you think you're
going a bit too far?
No. You have to discipline them
when they're young.
Otherwise they won't remember.
If I don't hit him, he won't learn.
You've got to teach them a lesson.
Ow! Go lightly!
From now on, nobody is allowed to
have anything to do with Jeab.
Anybody who disobeys...
is out of the gang!
How about this... today we'll pretend
I'm a police officer...
...tracking down a terrible murderer!
I'll be... Sergeant Noi Nah!
Who's gonna be the terrible murderer? Ngor!
I don't care what others think,
what they say about you.
Only I understand you,
Nobody knows.
Nobody sees your kindness.
Who could understand?
They may think otherwise,
they may look down on you,
It's OK
but who understands you like I do?
We understand each other.
Nobody is more important than you.
Aren't you having fun?
No, I'm just tired.
Jeab. Can I ask you something.
Why did you fight Jack?
Don't know.
Give me back my ball.
I want to play too.
If you want to play,
go play with the girls.
You want to play with us?
Then you have to prove
you're really a man.
First test: Ride a BMX with no hands.
Wow! Fantastic!
You passed.
Second test: Dive into the water
from the bridge.
Go ahead. Jump.
Jump! Jump!
You passed.
Third test.
Jeab's here. Come and play with us!
What did you do that for?
Why? Why did you do that?
See you tomorrow, Jeab, same time.
Football match.
Hey Jeab. My Dad says women
get angry easily,
but they get over it quickly too
She'll be okay tomorrow.
Hey Jeab! Jeab!
Jeab. Come and sit with us if you like.
Boy. Go and sit with Dtee.
Can I sit here?
You sit with us every day now.
Hey Prik. I'm gonna study real hard
to get into 5th Grade.
My mother will be so proud of me.
See you this evening, honey.
A bottle of milk.
What's wrong with you today?
You never drink milk.
No need to be startled.
It's just me. Is your mom in?
We're getting our hair done together.
She's in.
Noi Nah's at home. I'm off.
Can you buy me something to eat?
Sure. Let's go.
You here to see Noi Nah?
No. I've come to get a haircut.
OK! I'll make you look great. Kids
these days are into the American style... I'll show you.
Not many customers today, eh? Oh!
Isn't that the son of your competitor?
He's not my competitor.
How could he be?
I'm just a small fish.
He's bigger than I am.
Here. I'll make you look so handsome,
Noi Nah will be proud of you
when you play together.
My heart shatters like glass,
broken because of you,
bruised and battered,
will you nurse me in my hour of need?
Words just make me feel worse,
cruel words from you,
I love you with all my heart,
Are you happy now?
You tricked me into loving you,
trapped me like a caged bird.
Jeab! What the hell have
you done to yourself?
Cut it really short this time.
Weather's hot.
Hey Samai! You're out of line
doing this to my son.
I'm a barber. Customers come.
I cut their hair.
You know what I mean.
He's my son.
If he doesn't want his own father
cutting his hair,
it's none of my business.
Jeab. Go home.
See you tomorrow.
Have you heard the news?
I was studying when he called me
into the classroom.
It was so funny; the teacher
got really angry with him.
Let's find something to eat.
Yeah. Let's go.
What about you, Jeab?
I'm not going.
Then let's go.
Let's go!
Has Noi Nah told you yet?
They're moving away.
About this short?
I'll play with you.
Do I have to do everything around here?
Get lost.
Damn it!
Let's go find some other kids to beat.
Goodbye. Noi Nah, say goodbye.
Mom! Why didn't you wake me?
I feel terrible too,
Jeab. Be careful of the traffic.
Jeab? What's the rush?
I gotta catch up with Noi Nah!
She's moving away!
Who took my toy?
I've no idea. I didn't take it.
If you tell me who took it,
you can be the next to play with it.
Prik! He took it. Jeab!
Where are you going?
Jack! Go straight ahead
then turn left!
Careful. There's a hill ahead.
It's broken down.
What's wrong with it?
Start it up!
Oh... it's way out of reach now.
Dtee! Why is your cart so slow?
My bicycle's faster!
Get on. Quick!
Noi Nah! Noi Nah! Pull over!
Noi Nah! Noi Nah!
It's broken down again.
It won't start.
Get off and push it.
Noi Nah! Noi Nah!
Run, Jeab. Run!
Noi Nah! Noi Nah!
Noi Nah!
Noi Nah!
Noi Nah!
Noi Nah!
Noi Nah!
Jeab. Wake up!
Come and play ball.
Wake up.
Let's go, Jeab.
I didn't feel down for too long.
Jack and I went riding.
Every day brought new experiences.
New thoughts, new ideas.
New ways of having fun.
Come on. Let's get on down the back.
I'm going to Bangkok with my friends.
I'm free today. Nothing to do.
Hurry Jack!
You know? I've secretly loved you
for a long time.
We're so close, and yet so far apart.
I don't know what to do.
We're like the earth and the sky.
It's better to forget.
After a while my memories
of Noi Nah began to fade.
Hurry up Jeab.
We used to be such good friends,
we got on so well,
we knew each other, so close.
True friendship.
Then suddenly we parted,
rarely to meet,
but when we did we were so happy.
We chatted all day.
One day we met, and you had a new friend,
beside you all the time
and my heart was broken.
I smiled weakly at your friend,
feeling sad inside, realizing
it was too late,
knowing we would never be together,
never happy together, what a pity!
I am crying inside, crying a river,
what a pity!
Jeab! When did you arrive?
Why didn't you wake me?
Sorry, Mom?
I asked you what time you arrived.
About 3 a.m.
Why aren't you resting?
You can go through your things later.
I'm gonna find something to eat.
Take a nap.
I'll have something delicious
for you to eat when you wake up.
Your mother said you weren't
going to come.
I changed my mind, Dad.
No need to touch the fringe.
What about here?
Just down to my ears.
Jeab's family.
Noi nah and Anont
I'm going to the market.
You need anything?
No. Have a good time.
Hello? I'm in Phetchaburi.
Some urgent business came up.
No, really, it's important.
Look, I won't be at your wedding
but you can probably still get married
without me. See you and good luck.
Hi. Please sign here.
A souvenir of the wedding. Thanks.
This trip back home made me realize
how much things had changed.
The place... the people...
I couldn't recognize anyone or anything.
For me, there was only one thing
frozen in time...
That little girl with the pigtails...
hose rosy cheeks...
she was just as I remembered her.
And always will be
I was secretly watching you,
when you looked my way,
it was love at first sight.
Two hearts beating together,
your eyes told me you loved me too,
love was born from that first meeting.
All I can think of is you,
love calls out,
I dream of that first moment,
I want to tell you,
it's my first love.
Since that day, there's nothing left,
just memories in my heart
just memories in my heart.
You were my first love and it was
so strange. Will time make me forget?
Maybe, but you'll always be
in my heart.
Love was born from that first meeting.
All I can think of is you,
love calls out,
I dream of that first moment,
I want to tell you,
it's my first love.
Since that day, there's nothing left,
just memories in my heart
just memories in my heart.
You were my first love and it was
so strange. Will time make me forget?
Maybe, but you'll always
be in my heart.
Love was born from
that first meeting.
All I can think of is you,
love calls out,
I dream of that first moment,
I want to tell you,
it's my first love.
Congratulations Noi nah... Jeab