Fanatic (2019) Movie Script

They said a kid like me
from the ghetto wasn't gonna be nothin'.
Wasn't gonna do nothin' with my life.
Millions of albums sold.
I love you!
Thank y'all!
Yeah! DMV!
I love you out there!
Hey, you see ole girl right there?
- Yeah.
- Red dress, big tits?
That's my woman, bro.
Hey, yo, yo.
Red dress, what up?
Hey, come inside.
Dom wanna meet you.
- Me?
- Yeah. He wanna meet you.
Come on.
Just come on.
No games tonight
I ain't here to play
Hope you brought your appetite
Go on in.
- By myself?
- Yeah. Go ahead. Yeah.
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
I'm tired of makin' love
I want it rough
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Boy, you better show me
Somethin' else now
Break the bed,
Go harder
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Oh, my God.
It's really you.
Yeah, yeah, you really got me out here
looking like an ass.
Where you going?
I'm sorry. I just--
I freaked out, I just wanted to go.
What you worried about?
There's a lot of people down there.
Them people don't mean nothin'.
It's all about you.
Come back with me.
Come on.
I'll make it worth your while, a'ight?
Trust me. Hmm?
- Okay.
- Okay?
So, you came to my show by yourself?
I'm your biggest fan.
All the way from Clarksville, Maryland.
- Clarksville, Maryland?
- Mm-hmm.
I've never heard
of Clarksville, Maryland before.
It's about an hour and a half from D.C.
So you're a small-town girl, huh?
Something like that.
Nothing wrong with being a
small-town girl. I like small-town girls.
I'm just surprised you came
to my show by yourself.
You shouldn't be.
Your skin is so beautiful.
So, what?
You like a model or something?
Your skin is so soft.
I'm in, uh, nursing school.
- Nursing school?
- Mm-hmm.
Brains and beauty.
That's dope.
Why do you keep looking at me like that?
What? I'm just...
I'm surprised you couldn't find no man
to bring you to my show, that's all.
No. I wasn't looking for one.
I'm where I want to be.
I've never done this before.
Done what?
What you mean?
Like, I'm-- I'm not a ho.
Come on, now.
You think I don't know
that you ain't a ho, huh?
Nah, you more like wifey material, babe.
You're so full of shit.
Nah, I'm serious.
I'm trying to make you wifey
for tonight, okay?
This right here,
I don't do this, all right?
This is like...
This is honeymoon shit right here.
I mean, truthfully speaking,
I'm actually kind of pissed
that I'm only in town for tonight.
What? Why you--
I mean, I'm actually--
My hand's sweatin'.
You makin' me nervous right now.
- You are such a liar.
- I'm not lyin' to you.
- What's my name?
- Names is just labels.
Don't mean nothin'.
- Wifey for the night, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, you like that?
Can I tell you something?
You can tell me
whatever you want to tell me.
I have never given
myself to someone before.
I know.
Okay. Mr. Thomas.
Tonight, only at Sylvester's,
Dom D in the house.
Ladies get in free before 10:00 p.m.
Drink specials all night long,
and the V.I.P. section
is guaranteed to be popping.
Yo, Quan, drop Z off at the hotel,
then we'll head out to the club.
All right, cool. I got you.
Baby, you sure you don't wanna go
with us?
You already know I do not want to go
with you to no funky club.
I'm just gonna call my editor
and finish this article.
You're always workin'.
So, how do you feel, bein' back here?
It's just... it's different.
Everything is different
since you got here.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
Excuse me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Get this bitch outta here.
Hey. Yo, yo, yo.
You gotta go.
What? Why? I know him.
You can't come in here.
You gotta go.
- Quan, it's me-- Lexi.
- I don't know you. You gotta bounce.
Are you serious? Dom!
Go! Hey, yo.
Get your hands off me!
Don't touch me!
It's okay.
Girl, I told you,
this is a waste of time.
We've been here all night.
I'm ready to go, so...
Can we leave now?
This is lame.
He ain't even gonna perform.
Girl, yes, he is.
They always do.
You just gotta give it time.
No. I'm ready to go.
It's more bitches in here than dudes.
Duh. It's Dom D.
What did you expect?
It looks like he don't
even wanna be in here, so...
I'm gonna do him, okay?
I'm gonna have this man's baby.
- Are you serious?
- Girl, yeah!
Somebody gotta do it.
It might as well be me.
Girl, I ain't even mad.
Do... you...
No, us.
I need the both of us to do this.
That man can get ass anywhere.
We gotta make him remember us.
This might be our chance to get paid.
If we put it on his ass good,
get on his roster, girl...
- Money!
- Okay?
Yeah, I got you.
Mm-hmm, I knew you would.
Well, my girls is acting up,
so I'ma go ahead and fix them
and I'll meet you out there in a minute.
Girl, you crazy.
Girl, I'm high as hell, that's what I am.
Yo, dawg, I'm about to be out, man.
It's gettin' late.
Hold up.
You have to excuse me for a second.
Go to the bathroom.
Hey, make yourself even prettier,
if that's possible.
Quan, Quan, Quan,
help her, pretty please?
Thank you, thank you.
Dude... they paying you 20 stacks
just to sit here.
Bro, this club...
This is as good
as this is gonna get, a'ight?
We been here two hours.
- You don't trust me?
- My time is up, dawg.
I feel you.
Who got you your new deal, right?
Who got you on all these features?
Who got you
your own reality show?
I mean, who the hell else gonna
make you a mogul but me?
I make myself a mogul, dawg.
And I'm tired of having this conversation
with you, man.
You focus on building the business.
- I focus on what I do--
- I am focused, okay?
Look, the ink ain't even dry yet
on those contracts.
This is what we gotta do
until the checks come in.
Look, you see people looking
and you smile, so don't think you--
You know what I'm saying?
You don't trust me?
- You know I'm right, right?
- Yeah.
All right? Chill.
That one right there--
What's this? Oh.
Man, move over. Hey!
Aren't you?
- You know you're my boy, right?
- Of course.
And I appreciate you getting me out
of that bad deal.
I Jesus Christ you.
- Straight resurrected.
- Much appreciated, my brother.
Much appreciated.
But that being said,
I'm about to bounce.
Zo's waiting for me at the hotel.
Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.
That's cool, really.
Let me ask you a question though.
How come she always come on tour,
but she never come to the shows?
She does come to the shows, all right?
She just fall back 'cause she know
I need my space, all right?
She let me be out here on the streets
and have this persona.
No big deal.
Have this what?
She changing your ass already.
Man, come on, bro. Look...
This bitch is packed.
Ain't no more money to be made in here.
It's wall-to-wall chicks, a'ight?
I'm out.
Let me know if y'all ready
'cause I'm going to the car.
Bring Mrs. D.R.
Come on, Quan. Let's go.
Spoilsport over here.
Damn. You see... Yo, shorty!
Man, come on, y'all.
- You ain't seen shorty?
- No, man. Let's go.
Oh, yo, Quan, you should go inside, man.
Get them drinks from off the table.
- Shit, a'ight. What you want?
- I don't know. A plethora of stuff.
- Man, a what?
- A Henny, vodka.
- Yo, anything else?
- Hurry up, dawg.
Keys, genius.
You gonna just leave us out here?
Thank you.
You look like a Puerto Rican Rock.
Man, whatever.
Fire him.
Open the door, man.
Come on.
- Who you calling?
- That's my business.
Zo... damn.
We can't go out one night and have fun?
She is my fun, bro.
Come on. Let's go.
Should have never let you get married,
especially to a good girl.
Messing up my game.
Bro, I'm not doing this
with you tonight, man.
Look at all these hoes out here.
And you lock yourself down?
It's an oasis of hoes
in every city we go to.
- Pfft!
- I'm not about that life, man.
That's all you. Have fun.
- Open the door and let's go.
- Dude, we men.
We don't stop until we dead.
We could be renting bitches,
but you buyin' hoes.
Buying a what, man?
I'm not calling Zo...
a ho.
Come on, man, stop. Man, that's baby sis.
You know what it is.
Come on, man, open the door.
Let's go.
I'm not doing this with you tonight, man.
'Cause that ho got your ass on lock.
- Man, I'm telling you--
- Like you on house arrest.
Hey, babe.
Hey, juicy.
I miss you, baby.
- What's up?
- Can't wait to see you.
I'm just sorry I gotta keep doin'
these things, you know?
Hold on. I know that tone.
you're a great provider,
and you out there doing what you gotta do,
and I love you for that.
Don't allow yourself to feel like
you're anything less than a great man.
You're taking care of your business,
and you're doing what you gotta do.
Man, you always know what to say, huh?
I love you so much.
I know.
I love you, too, Dom.
I don't deserve you, either,
and I know that.
You don't, but you'll keep
earning me every day.
I'll make sure of it.
You a trip.
- So, you good?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah. I'm all right.
Oh! Bitch!
Okay. Yeah.
All right. Bye.
Yo. Ah!
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Baby, are you okay?
Uh, let's see.
There you are.
So, Dom, it's been a while.
I don't know.
I tried calling you a few times,
but, for some reason,
we could just not reconnect.
But that's in the past,
'cause I got you now, baby.
All right. Buckle up.
I have missed you so much.
What's happening?
- Where am I?
- Shh.
Who are you?
Where are we?
You're home now.
I can't feel my arms.
And my hands are tied.
Get off me.
Oh, I've been waiting for this
for a really long time.
What are you doing?
Yo, come on!
- Stop!
- Feels like you want me.
I want you to get off me.
Oh, I get it.
You're playing hard-to-get.
Okay. I'll play along.
You are really killing my vibe
right now.
Yo, where are my folks at?
Where are we? Huh?
Don't worry.
I'll make you feel better.
What are you doing?
No. Come on. Stop. Stop!
I'll be back soon.
Welcome home.
What's going on?
Are you guys okay?
- What's wrong? What?
- Uh, come here.
They won't let us see Sosa,
and I ain't heard a word from Dom.
Have you heard from Dom at all?
No. He's not picking up his phone,
and I don't know where he is.
Shit ain't looking good
right now for Sosa,
and I don't know what to do.
Okay. I'm gonna figure something out,
Let me know.
Just let me know, a'ight?
All right.
Hi. Excuse me.
What room is Sosa in?
One moment. Room 102.
Do you have any updates on my husband?
- Who?
- Dom D. He and Sosa were together.
Yeah, I'm Sheriff Hardaway.
And I'm sorry, right now,
we don't currently have any information
on his whereabouts.
What do you mean?
Well, right now,
we're actually just looking
into the assault of this young man.
Okay, but he's missing.
We don't know that.
I mean, my report simply has him fleeing
the crime scene in his SUV.
Right, okay, um... can you track it?
- The tracking chip has been disabled.
- The cameras in the club.
Sylvester's is a raggedy warehouse.
Okay, so basically,
you can't help me.
No, no, I'm not sayin' that.
All I'm sayin' is we don't have
any information currently.
But what I can tell you
is that your husband
could possibly be a person of interest.
Excuse me?
Yes, Mr. Dominic,
or Dom D's Security Detail
actually returned to the parking lot
behind Sylvester's
where they found Mr. Taylor here
on the ground
after being assaulted.
Okay, but...
Dom was taken.
Dom wouldn't just leave.
No, that doesn't mean that.
There's no evidence of that, ma'am.
What I can tell you is that
there were several witnesses in the club
who saw both men in a heated argument
- and Mr. Driver stormed off--
- I don't care who said they saw what.
That's not even what happened.
I don't know what to tell you
other than that there are only
two people who can attest to that.
And one of them is here in a coma,
and the other is unaccounted for.
I'm just trying to find my husband.
I understand.
And all I can tell you is,
when I know more,
I promise, you'll know more.
I need to see Sosa.
Sorry, ma'am,
I can't let you go in there.
No one but hospital personnel
is allowed in this room.
All right, one minute.
One minute, all right?
Damn it, Sosa.
Where the hell is Dom?
Thank you.
If you have any updates on Sosa,
can you notify me?
We're family.
The Star, huh?
Yeah, it's an online entertainment blog.
Please call me if you hear anything, okay?
Yeah, will do.
You're awake.
Now, if I take this off of you,
you're going to have to be quiet, okay?
- Do you like your room?
- Who the hell are you, huh?
Oh, Dom. You're so silly.
Stop! Take these chains off me, bitch!
You're just confused.
It's gonna be okay.
I said don't touch me!
Take these chains off me, you crazy bitch!
You don't talk to me like that!
You don't speak to women that way.
This is for you, babe.
- It's better, right?
- Mm-hmm.
If I take it off, will you be quiet?
I ca-- I can't feel my legs.
You're gonna work yourself up,
and you need to relax.
Why are you doing this to me?
You forgot about me, Dom,
and you lost your way.
Now look at your career.
It's pathetic.
You should be thanking me, Dom.
I saved you.
I saved you from continuing down
this destructive path that you were on,
and I saved you
from the slutty girls at the bar.
You should be thanking me.
I saved you, baby.
You have the most honest eyes
I've ever seen.
"It's funny how a hit song
can change your career.
At one moment I was a battle rapper
with a hot mix tape,
and after 'Wifey for the Night',
I went from an emcee with a little buzz
to headlining the Grammys overnight."
What the hell are you talking about?
Your Rolling Stone magazine
article, silly.
That was your most revealing interview.
That's what you said, word for word.
I read all of your interviews.
Okay. All done.
Let's get some of this.
You get some rest.
And I'll be back real soon.
Okay. Well, if you see any activity
on his bank cards,
will you please let me know?
Thank you.
- What did you find out?
- Nothing. Nobody saw nothing.
I can't believe this.
- Look, we'll find him. When Sosa--
- What if he doesn't wake up?
He's the only person that can
lead us to whoever has Dom.
Excuse me.
Dr. Savage,
you're needed in the main lobby.
Dr. Savage,
I need you to come to the main lobby.
I'll be right back.
Who's the bitch now?
He's flatlined. Get Dr. Robinson.
Get the crash cart.
What's going on?
Dr. Gilbert,
Dr. Stanley Gilbert,
please call emergency.
You know we could have done this
at your place.
Yeah, I know.
But, uh, it's a beautiful day out.
Why spend it in my big-ass crib?
Oh, you're very different
from what I thought.
And so are you.
- What do you mean?
- I read your stuff.
What big celebrities you interview.
And I gotta be honest with you.
After our first meeting...
I couldn't get you out of my mind.
Couldn't get me off your mind?
- Uh...
- Ah, are you pushing up on me right now?
'Cause I thought this was
a follow-up interview.
- What's going on?
- It is a follow-up interview,
except you're interviewing me
in a different way now.
Oh. So kind of like the live version
of online dating?
- Is that what you're doing?
- That's good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Except you get to view
my profile in person.
And what if I don't like what I see
in person?
What if you love what you see?
Ah, well, I don't date any rappers
or celebrities of any kind.
Rhyming is just what I do.
It's not who I am.
There's a lot more to me.
Like what?
Come on, now.
You're gonna put me on the spot?
Yeah! I mean,
you talk about wifeys for the night.
- Who's the wifey?
- It's a metaphor.
- For what?
- Life.
- So, you want one wifey for one night?
- Of course.
- Okay.
- I was raised right.
Let me take you back to the hotel.
No, no.
You go ahead.
I'm gonna wait
for the official cause of death.
For what?
'Cause none of this is making sense, Quan.
Sosa's dead.
Dom nowhere to be found.
They can't find the SUV.
The tracker was turned off.
You, do you--
I just-- does any of this shit
make sense to you?
- Maybe somebody stole it.
- With him in it?
- Yeah, you're right, but...
- You know what?
- How 'bout you just go back to L.A.?
- I'm not leaving you here by yourself.
Just go back, handle the business.
Make sure the record company is cool.
Make sure nobody knows he's missing.
All right. I got you.
Hey, look, before you go,
I need something from you.
- Okay.
- I'll meet you back at the hotel.
I just wanted to come and say
I'm really sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
- Was that your husband?
- No, just a friend.
Um, the person who died--
he's Dom D's manager, right?
- Yeah.
- Did he have a show here?
- He did.
- Oh, man, I missed it.
Whew! Girl, that man.
- Mm.
- Excuse me?
I'm sorry. He's...
he's one of my favorite rappers.
I'm just a really big fan.
If there's anything I can do to help,
please let me know.
Can I help you?
Yeah. Um, I'm Zoe Driver.
Just wondering if you were here
the night Dom D--
Some big ol' boy already been here,
asked me about Dom D.
- I don't know nothing.
- Right. Yeah, I understand.
Do you recall anything out
of the ordinary?
- Like what?
- Anything.
Well, I know he left
before he was supposed to.
And some girl bust her damn head open
in the bathroom,
people knockin' themselves out
in the parking lot.
Go back.
What girl?
Her name's Amy.
She's always in here thirsty,
tryin' to find a baby daddy.
Lives in some building up off Rainier.
Did you call the police?
There's always some chicken heads
in here acting stupid, fighting.
And it's always in the bathroom.
You know, I'm gonna put a damn camera
in the bathroom.
Catch every one of them
stupid chicken heads.
Got it. Thank you.
You have a good one.
What's wrong, Dom?
Ah! Die, you bitch!
You stabbed me! Please!
I'm sorry.
Hi. Amy?
Hey. I am Zoe Driver with The Star.
I'd love to talk to you for a second.
The Star?
I love that site.
Uh, yeah, sure.
Come in.
Hey. Had a wild night, huh?
Oh, uh... Roommate is kind of messy.
Um, sit, please.
I'm-- I'm good.
Um, so...
can I, uh, ask what this is for?
Yeah. Uh, were you in a fight
last night at Club Sylvester?
It was nothing, really.
It doesn't look like it was nothing.
Was it your boyfriend?
Were you in trouble?
I'm sorry.
I just don't understand
why you would be at my house
asking me about a fight in the club.
I mean, I'm sure you have a lot more
exciting things to be looking into.
So it was a fight?
With who?
I-- I'm sorry.
I just really don't know why you're here.
The person who did that,
they're pressing charges.
What? That bitch hit me!
- I ain't do nothing!
- What bitch?
If you don't want me
to make your life a living hell,
I'm gonna need you to start talking.
Are we clear?
Yeah. We're clear.
Clear that information costs.
So, what you got?
Alexis Carrigan.
But I haven't seen her
since senior year in high school.
- Do you know why?
- 'Cause she's psycho.
And she actually said that I hit her?
She just straight attacked me
out of nowhere.
- And you didn't call the police?
- Look, I was drunk and high, okay?
I thought I would get in trouble, too.
I panicked.
Besides, that bitch Alexis
is really crazy.
What do you mean by "crazy"?
She showed up in the middle of senior year
of high school, out of nowhere.
Pretty girl, new girl,
but just weird.
- Weird like how?
- Like stalker weird.
She always had some crazy look
in her eye.
She was super clingy.
She was "fan-girling" all the celebrities
and totally got clowned for it,
but she didn't even care.
She went as far as telling everybody
she dated all these famous people.
Oh, and Dom D?
Said he got her pregnant.
Um... she's... she was pregnant?
I don't know.
That's just what she said.
So when I saw the bitch in the club,
I should have known
that she was gonna do something crazy.
Bitch, just wait till I find that girl.
I'm gonna make her pay...
I, I'm sorry.
Did she have the baby?
Girl, I told you, I don't know.
I don't talk to that ho.
You got a picture?
I think I have my yearbook.
Let me see.
That's her?
There go the psycho bitch right there.
Thank you.
I used to have to push my father
around in a chair just like this...
after he got so weak,
he couldn't do it for himself.
So I'm used to it.
Don't feel sorry for me.
Oh! Sorry.
This place is a mess.
Dad was always working on projects.
You know, he taught me so much about cars.
At one point, I really thought
that he wanted me to be a mechanic.
Isn't that funny?
In there.
All right.
You're on there.
Well, you'll be more comfortable here
and less tempted to act up.
All right.
I'll be back.
Hey, Timothy.
Hey, it's Zoe.
Um, I just need a really big favor.
Can you get me information
on an Alexis Carrigan from Maryland?
Just anything you can get.
All right.
Thank you.
Hey. What's up?
You got it?
I don't know about this.
Something's not right.
You and I both know this.
Look, just be careful, all right?
I know how to handle this better than you.
Trust me.
Oh, good.
You're awake.
Okay, I was thinking,
and I was just hoping
that we could put the past behind us
and focus on getting you better.
Can we do that?
I'm sorry.
It's the only thing I could think of
to keep you from hurting yourself.
Gotta eat.
My folks are gonna be looking
for me, okay?
I gotta get back to S-Sosa.
Baby, you gotta eat.
The only thing you need now is food.
These are the best fries in town.
Come on.
Dom, baby, what's wrong?
You know you need food
for strength, right?
Dom, do you want me
to put the I.V. back in?
You know what's wrong with me!
You got me down here caged up
like an animal!
Soon as I get out of here, I'ma kill you,
I promise you that.
No, you're not.
You love me too much to hurt me.
if this is gonna work,
we have to work on communicating
a lot better than we have
over the past few years, okay?
I know what's gonna make you feel better.
Some of your things.
I'll be right back.
"We Run It," "High Life,"
"When I'm Gone," "Gun Play,"
"Hoes Be Life"?
"Wifey for Life"?
"Choice been easy.
Even though we on different sides,
we ride.
We got the same drive.
In sync, we walk with the same stride,
and with pride.
I'm claiming you..."
"...wifey for life."
Hmph. Stupid.
You got this bitch all up in your phone!
Let go!
I saw you on social media
on your wedding day.
That was supposed to be me!
That was supposed to be me, Dom!
You think you can just smash
and forget about me?
You will remember me!
- Yeah?
- Hello, ma'am.
This is Sheriff Hardaway
from the hospital.
I just wanted to call and offer
my most sincere condolences
- regarding the loss of your friend.
- Thank you.
By chance, have you spoken
with your husband at all?
No. I'm-- I'm driving around now,
trying to find him.
Is he okay?
Do you have any leads?
No, I don't, but I can tell you
he's definitely a person of interest
regarding this assault.
That's ridiculous.
Well, the fact of the matter is, ma'am,
is there's a man dead.
And your husband was the only
other person there.
Dom's not a killer.
He's the one that's in trouble.
You should be looking for him.
Okay. Well, ma'am, if you hear from him,
I need you to contact me immediately.
Thank you.
You have a nice day.
You like?
Damn, you're fine.
I am?
You really think so?
All this time, I've been trying to...
trying to get from
being locked down here, and...
everything I need is right here.
It is?
Of course.
I mean, I've just been in a lot of pain.
My arm feels like it's broken,
and probably my ribs or somethin'.
Baby, I've been trying to put your arm
into a sling, but you won't let me.
I need some pain medicine.
It'll help me to relax.
- Really?
- Yeah. Anything, yo.
Wait. What is that?
Don't worry.
It feels good.
do you remember me?
How could I forget?
I mean, that night was magical, right?
And then you wrote that song about me.
That's how I knew this was real.
There's a lot more songs to be written.
Just let me out of the chair, baby.
I called you, Dom.
I called you so many times.
I mean, look,
my phone number changes all the time.
I called Quan, too.
He took me home that night.
You remember that?
Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah.
So, um...
What do you remember the most?
About that night?
Come on, sillyhead.
I want details.
Uh, just remember how beautiful you were,
you know?
What was I wearing?
I don't really remember,
it was so long ago, you know?
I'm just like...
- You don't remember, do you?
- No. No, I, I do.
You're lying.
- I do.
- Liar!
No, really. I, I, I remember.
I do. I do.
I remember.
No, listen. I remember.
Wait. Look. Listen.
Lexi, I, I, I remember.
I, I do. I remember.
Trust me. I remember. I remember.
You're the type that like
to tatt your women up, too, right?
No, I'm not into that.
Let's see how you like this shit.
No. Listen-- No! No!
You will remember me.
Damn it!
- Yo, it's Quan.
- Hey.
I was hoping it was Dom.
Yeah, about that.
Yo, Zo, what's going on?
I thought you said you'd keep me posted.
- What are you talking about?
- So you haven't heard from Dom?
No. I mean, I would call you if I had.
What's going on?
Yo, I got a text from him
saying everything was cool.
He sent you a text?
He said he needed to go out west
and work on his album
you know, after all that shit
that happened last night.
- Zo!
- My God, this isn't making sense to me.
I've been calling and texting him all day.
He sent you a text?
Yeah, he tweetin' and everything.
Yo, you sure y'all cool?
No, this isn't makin' sense.
I know he wouldn't leave me.
It sounds like he did.
Maybe we should just leave
and meet him in L.A.
- Work it out out there.
- No. No. Where are you?
I'm on my way to the airport.
Yo, Quan, you know Dom.
Would he really leave me?
Nah. Nah, he wouldn't.
People get their phones hacked
all the time,
even their social media.
Maybe somebody got his phone.
We're gonna have to figure this out,
'cause something's going on,
and I need your help.
All right. Bet.
I'm turning around right now.
What the hell?
Hey. I'm sending you a packet
with everything I have on Alexis Carrigan.
Tell me you got something.
Oh, yeah.
This is a very disturbed young woman.
You got an address?
- Yep.
- Thanks, Tim.
Thank you so much. I owe you.
All right.
God, you look like you're in so much pain.
I hate seeing you like this.
Don't touch me.
You can't keep me down here forever.
People are gonna be looking for me.
How is it that you never say
the right thing?
I just don't get it, Dom.
You have a poet's soul...
with an asshole tongue, hmm?
And, FYI, I can keep you down here
for as long as I want.
It's gonna be cold tonight.
Let's make sure that we use the blanket
so that you can stay warm.
Yo, you are batshit crazy, chick.
What do you want from me, huh?
Dom, baby,
when are you gonna get it?
I want a family with you.
I want to spend my life with you.
I want to wake up next to you
every morning.
I want to share your days with you.
I want to laugh with you.
I want to fight.
Well, fighting. We kind of got that
down pat, don't we?
Dom, I'm doing my part.
It's time you do yours, okay?
I have a beautiful wife...
that I wake up next to
every single morning who loves me,
and I love her.
And that'll never be you.
I love you!
She doesn't love you like I love you, Dom.
You know what?
I have something for that bitch.
Don't you touch my wife!
For the last time,
she's not your wife. I am!
Hi. I'm Zoe Driver from The Star.
- Can we talk?
- The Star?
What about?
Hold up. I remember you.
You're the nurse from the hospital, right?
Yeah, how can I help you?
I'm following up on a missing person.
- Okay.
- My husband...
Dom D...
the rapper.
You're familiar.
You're not at all what I pictured.
I mean,
I pictured a strong, brassy woman,
not some insecure, jealous girlfriend
hunting down her man.
Okay. To put your mind at ease,
Dom's not here.
He was, but he's gone now.
Something about going back to Los Angeles.
In case you were wondering...
yes, he made love to me.
You look mad.
Wait, you want to fight me, Zoe?
I mean, I would just think it would
be beneath two intelligent women
to sit out here and fight.
Alexis, right?
That's your name?
You know my name.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
Well, listen, I don't know what game
you're playing right now,
but playtime is up.
Oh, no, sweetheart.
It's just getting started.
See, I know what Dom is.
He's a man.
And I've forgiven him
for all of his indiscretions.
So he's home now,
- and we're good.
- He's here?
- What?
- Move.
- Have you lost your damn mind?
- Dom!
- Get out of my house!
- Dom!
Where is he? Dom!
Where is he?
I already told you.
We had a little fun, and then he left.
And now it's time for you to leave!
Just relax.
I just want to know, where is Dom?
Get out of my house
or I'm calling the police!
So call them.
I know you're lying.
And I know you know where he is.
Get out!
She's not even that pretty.
Dom, baby?
Don't be mad.
Please let me go.
I won't tell anybody who you are.
Or what you did. Please.
Who I am?
But you don't remember me, right?
You just used me.
You just left me on the curb
like yesterday's trash.
You stained my soul, Dom.
And then, poof.
You just disappeared
just as fast as you came.
Look, um...
I realize...
what I did-- I hurt you.
I'm really sorry about that.
That's fine.
All I want is for us to be a family.
We're going to be a family.
I'm gonna have your baby.
One last time, I promise.
Sheriff Hardaway?
I need to talk to you.
About what?
do you want to talk inside?
Alright, we got a call
about a disturbance.
She called the police on me?
She was pretty upset.
She said that you threatened her,
broke into her home,
and vandalized her things.
I can't believe this.
Now, I understand
that this has been pretty tough on you.
Do you?
Yeah, but what I don't understand
is why would you be harassing
Mrs. Carrigan?
What does she have to do with any of this?
She was at the club
the night Dom disappeared.
Okay. Well, so were a lot of women.
She assaulted a woman
in the bathroom.
She's clearly unstable.
Do you know she was in a mental institute?
Well, that was a long time ago.
This is a good Christian woman
we're talking about.
- She's a nurse, isn't she?
- What does that even mean?
What does any of this mean?
It's all speculation.
Well, I found his shirt in her bedroom.
How you gonna explain that?
- Was he there when you found it?
- No, but--
Then what makes you think
he's being held against his will?
Because that's my husband,
and I know.
All right, look, I had some
of my guys at the station look into this,
and based on their professional research,
he's back in L.A.
I don't believe that.
The question is, why would he leave
when his friend is still in the hospital,
laid up in a coma?
Because he didn't leave.
She knows more than what she's saying.
So we could just get out of here
and stop talking--
No, we can't get out of here.
We're not going anywhere!
Now, you're lucky I don't arrest you.
You need to get on a plane tonight...
and go home.
I'm not going anywhere
until I find my husband.
I'm telling you this for your own good.
Now, that poor woman
has been through enough.
If I decide to move forward
with this complaint,
it's gonna be all bad for you, lady.
You done?
No, I'm not done, Mrs. Driver!
I'm urging you to stay away
from the Carrigan house.
Get on a plane.
Go home tonight.
Now, safe travels.
Have a good evening.
Did you look at the packet yet?
No. There's just a lot going
on here right now.
- What's up?
- Well, you need to look at it.
You know she was institutionalized
after her father died?
That's not the only reason
she was put in there.
What happened?
Some real bad shit.
Her father died,
a stroke in his living room.
It was called in by a mailman
who noticed Carrigan through the window.
Okay, so her father died.
Yes, we know.
Well, when the police arrived,
Mr. Carrigan was slumped over
in his wheelchair.
What have we got?
Better call it in.
When the police searched the house,
they found Alexis on the floor
in a pool of blood.
Apparently, she was pregnant,
but hid it from her father.
I guess the strain
of finding her father dead
led to her miscarriage.
You all right?
Joe, call 911.
- All right. I got it.
- Well, there's more.
The reason she hadn't told
her father about the baby...
What are you doing?
Why are you doing this?
...was because, uh...
Why are you doing this?
Please, don't do this.
No, no, please don't--
Please, don't do this! Please!
...she was brutally gang-raped,
on prom night, no less.
No, please don't, leave me!
Please don't, leave me! Please, please!
Why are you doing this?
Please don't!
Okay. Well, did they find out who did it?
She wouldn't even make a statement.
After her father died,
a video surfaced of the rape
on the dark web,
but the police never identified
the assailants
or where the video came from.
How could that never have come out?
Oh, it did, but it was buried.
She was a minor at the time.
They put her in a foster home
until she turned 18.
Her foster parents tried to make
her stay as normal as possible, I guess.
Also, there's a picture of her father
in the wheelchair
in the front room of the house.
Mm. Yeah, yeah.
I know this room.
I saw it, but I didn't check it.
Oh, hey, one more thing,
and don't ask me how I got this,
but she's been hospitalized many times.
For what?
By the looks of the medicine
used to treat her, miscarriages.
I gotta go. Thank you.
All right.
I think I know where Dom is.
I'm about to text you the address.
It's actually beautiful
if you think about it...
It doesn't just cleanse your soul
and your body.
It cleanses your mind.
But it's not your fault, Dom.
We were all born to sin.
Your sin just caught up to you.
Come on, Quan. Only one?
This is really a lot harder for me
than it looks, Dom.
I really wish
that we had more time together.
You know...
many great loves end before their prime.
Romeo and Juliet.
Tristan and Isolde.
Paolo and Francesca.
Bonnie and Clyde.
Listen... please...
whatever I did to hurt you,
however I hurt you,
I am, I'm so sorry.
You have to hear me, okay?
Listen, I was a...
I was a different man back then.
Okay? I'm sorry.
People don't change, Dom.
And you know that I know that.
I've given you chances,
but it doesn't even matter.
I can change, I promise you.
Please, give me another chance.
Let me show you, please.
I can change.
Let me go, please. Please.
I really wish I could believe you.
I really do.
My daddy warned me
about men like you, Dom.
But I never listened.
Man, I was just always attracted
to the glitz and the fame.
Captain of the football team,
famous rappers and actors.
I didn't listen. I was rebellious.
And then, when he died...
I got a new family.
And they were supposed to love me,
and protect me like he did,
but they didn't.
I'm sorry.
Please, let me go.
When I have our child,
you won't have a thing to worry about,
'cause I'll protect him,
and I'll make you so proud of me.
I'm sorry, I know somebody hurt you,
and I understand.
You don't understand shit, Dom!
What are you doing?
Why are you doing this?
What is this?
Please don't do-- Wait!
Please don't do this.
You know...
I was thinking
about giving you this little cocktail
to help you sleep through your baptism.
Then I decided I wanted you
to experience the fullness of it.
So this...
will help you from squirming too much.
Please don't.
This is gonna be so beautiful.
And then you can watch over us
from Heaven.
No, you don't have to do this, please.
It's okay.
Miss Driver.
I thought I told you to stay away.
What are you doing here? Huh?
I would ask you the same thing,
but we both know why you're here.
Well, see, the difference between...
me and you is...
you're trespassing.
And that's against the law.
You know that, right?
You shouldn't be watching this.
You shouldn't be here!
I don't know what twisted shit
y'all got going on right now....
It's real easy to judge
what you don't understand, isn't it?
Move your hand.
Let me see your hands.
And to think, I tried to help you!
I, I-- I gave you an out.
You could have got away.
But you still brought
your black ass right back here, huh?
You damn reporters.
Are you...?
Turn that off.
Turn it off now!
Hands. Now.
That was a long time ago.
I made a mistake.
I didn't want to do that.
It doesn't look like that to me.
I don't give a good
God damn what you think.
I hate myself for what I did to her.
I loved Lexi.
I loved her then.
I love her now.
Which is why you kill for her, and abduct?
Don't try to act
like you understand me.
You don't know me!
Whatever it takes to make up
for the hell that I put her through.
- You love her.
- Yes. I love her.
I will do anything.
I love her, but--
but she don't love me back.
- And it's okay.
- It's okay.
That's why I keep trying to prove to her--
Nah. Now-- now, see,
I'm gonna need you to take that gun
and put it on the floor.
Put it on the floor!
I will shoot you.
Kick it over.
Thank you. Yeah.
Listen, please just let me go.
I won't say anything to the press.
I'm just trying to find Dom.
That was good.
That was real good.
I mean, I--
I mean, I, I felt it.
Did you-- you obviously-- you...
You meant that, maybe, huh?
I mean, I really wish I could.
But it's way too late for that.
I mean, come on, now.
This is just way too juicy,
anyway, for you to forget about.
You know you want to put this all up
on Facebook and Instagram.
You gonna-- huh?
Can't forget about your little blog.
No, I don't.
You know, she would have never known
it was me.
She would have never known.
And her prom date
is the one who set it up.
It was him.
She was so innocent, so trusting.
I had to confess to her.
I confessed to her.
On my own!
I really don't care about any of this.
Can you just let me go?
You ain't gonna say nothing to nobody?
You promise?
Not a big-time,
award-winning journalist like you.
So what? You just gonna kill me now?
Oh, no.
Kill a pretty black woman like you?
I ain't gonna kill you.
Lexi's gonna do that.
I mean, look at what you did.
Let me break it down for you.
You-- you harassed this poor woman,
you broke into her home,
I mean, it's understandable,
especially after you guys
shared the same lover, right?
Me, I'm--
I'm just gonna do the paperwork.
And what about Dom?
What about Dom?
What is it with you ladies and this Dom?
Well, sweetie, you don't ever have
to worry about Dom again.
'Cause ain't nobody ever gonna find him.
What you thinking now, huh?
You thinking how can you get away?
Make a run, break for it?
You gonna hit me with one of these lamps
like they do in the movies, right?
Huh? Yeah.
For so many...
it's what you all think about.
Once it's too late.
For me or for you?
Excuse me?
I got your entire confession
of you raping Alexis all on my phone.
Stop playing with me.
What, do I look like
I'm stupid to you, huh?
You know, and I was wondering why
you wouldn't help me find Dom.
All those times you were at the hospital,
you'd seen Alexis.
You just wanting to get me out of here.
The only black boy in a mask.
The SUV disappearing.
It didn't take me long to figure it out.
I knew she needed help.
Give me your phone.
Give me the phone!
I've already sent it to my editor,
He'll be distributing it
to your Internal Affairs Division.
Look at you.
You are a smart one, after all, huh?
I guess we just gonna have
to do this a different way, huh?
Turn around and put your hands
on your head.
Turn around and put your hands
on your head!
Look at what you made me do.
I'm gonna have to waste all this
pretty-black-girl magic.
I just wanna talk.
I know you don't understand, Zoe.
But you will.
I know you love him.
We can both love him.
You can help us raise our child.
Stay or I'll shoot you!
Okay, Alexis...
I can handle anything but a lie.
So tell me the truth.
For once, tell me the truth!
You're jealous of me, right?
Yeah, I've just been too embarrassed
to admit it.
You should be.
Why didn't you just leave us alone?
I should have.
I should have just...
went home.
But, I mean, he loved you, not me--
No! No, no, no.
The girl from tour a few years ago...
in the red dress.
That was you, right?
He remembered my name?
Of course.
No. No!
What did he call me?
- Lies! You're lying!
- Okay. Okay.
Everybody keeps lying to me!
Okay. I saw the DVD.
Alexis, I saw what they did to you.
How you suffered.
I saw it all.
I tried to tell,
but nobody believed me.
I believe you.
They all lied.
Even with the video.
They said I asked for it.
But I didn't.
But that's what men do!
They forget about you like you're nothing!
But not Dom.
He remembered me.
He wrote a song about me.
"Wifey for the Night."
That's about me.
Look, you can put the gun down.
I know.
You were robbed... of everything.
Even love.
Somebody should be in jail
for what they did to you,
and we're gonna figure this out.
I'm gonna help you figure this out, okay?
Here, give me the gun, okay?
All right. I'm on my way.
Is he-- is he gonna be okay?
He been through a lot.
A concussion.
Internal bleeding.
He broke his arm and leg.
Not to mention all the drugs he's on.
Guess you tough, huh?
That ain't hurt.
I love you.
I love you, too, baby.
No question, you the best one
Your affection, my obsession
Shorty's so good,
She got me so addicted
Want her here forever,
But I'm still about my fitness
No question, you the best one
Your affection, my obsession
Shorty's so real,
She got me so addicted
Yeah, she got me focused,
But I'm still about my fitness
Yeah, baby,
I know why you in love with me
Ha! You the only one I wanna see
The only one up in this situation here,
Truth, why the hell
Would I wanna leave?
Hey, babe.
I know you're on a plane right now,
but I just wanted to call
to say that I love you.
Um, I wish you were here,
but, you know, I get it, and I understand.
Have an amazing show tonight.
We will be here when you get back.
All right.
Call me when you land. Later.
Who is this?
Bitch. I'm wifey.
Excuse me--
Hello-- who is this?