Fancy Dance (2023) Movie Script

Pull here...
and you won't kill the plant.
Hop up there.
I'll give you 40 for the
gold and three for the bait.
I was thinking 50.
I was thinking five.
I'll do 45 and 3.50. Tops.
That's fine.
- That's fine.
- And the boost?
Parked in the back.
Wait here.
Who can find the corn?
Who can find the corn?
Who can find the corn?
Who can find the corn?
Which one? Can
you find the corn?
That one.
Is it?
Who can find the corn?
- Hello.
- Do you have any more of that red clover?
Heard anything
from the troopers?
Can't get the feds
on the phone neither.
I got ahold of Nawi-Yago.
Says he can get you that
construction job up in Tulsa.
He can hook you up with
a room and everything.
I appreciate the offer and all,
but I can't be taking off
till my sister gets back.
I just don't want you
slipping on something stupid
and ending up back in court.
Here's them chops from
that buck Cecil shot.
Throw them in a Crock-Pot with
a can of beer. You'll thank me.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Who can find the corn?
plus eighteen equals...
Fifty-four, 55.
Better not be
cheating me in there.
I know how to count, Auntie.
That ain't what
I'm worried about.
- I'm still $45 short.
- For what?
Entry fee for me and
Mom. For the powwow.
She won't miss it, will she?
Your mom ever missed a powwow?
Can I help you?
I'm looking for Jax Goodiron.
I'm with the Oklahoma
Department of Human Services.
Well, it says Child
Protective Services.
Yes. I'm here to talk
to you about your niece.
I understand you've been taking care of
Roki since her mother left two weeks ago?
Well, with her gone, it's my
job to make sure Roki is safe
and assign custody
to a proper guardian.
How long has Roki been
residing at this residence?
Her whole life.
- And her father?
- No.
No, there ain't no father.
It's just three of us here.
Here's an application you need to
fill out for temporary guardianship.
You can mail it to the
address on my card.
Feel free to call my cell
if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Who was it?
Some white woman
asking for directions.
Add that to your powwow fund.
You know you don't
have to pay me.
I do have to pay you.
I just mean this
ain't work for me.
To dance for you like this.
To be with you.
I give you this money
'cause I respect you.
It makes my intentions clear.
I'm sorry I didn't make it
out to the search party.
It's just I've been covering your sister's
shifts, and Cricket's knocked up again.
No. Don't worry about it.
Could do me one favor though.
Just keep an ear out.
Tell me if you hear
anything about Tawi.
Sure. I can do that.
I appreciate it.
You're the only person that tips me
more money when I have my clothes on.
Any of y'all seen this
woman around anywhere?
Is that your girlfriend
or something?
It's my sister.
Yeah, I seen her.
You have? Where?
Posters like these
all around town.
Can't miss her.
This bitch is everywhere.
You could have just said, "No."
Ain't you on duty?
Dale's going to be pissed if he finds
you in here with them posters again.
Tribal PD ain't doing shit.
Ain't our jurisdiction, Jax.
Feds got the tip line up, and they'll
follow any lead that comes in.
Any chance Tawi made it up
to Montana, hit up Rocky Boy?
Wouldn't be the first time she
took off for powwow season.
Hey, you wouldn't know about a truck
gone missing up on Fifth Line, would you?
Nope. I sure haven't.
I'll make sure and call
the tip line if I do.
Fair enough.
Weecha! All right, all right!
Next up, we got a real treat.
The mother and daughter dance.
Everybody to the arena! Let's go!
- Oh, shit.
- All right.
- Oh, shit.
- Okay, I got you.
All right.
All right. You're good. Come on.
I got it.
There. You're good.
Hey, Uncle.
Hey. Don't stay up too late.
Jesus fucking Christ, Roki.
Can't you just go outside?
Play like a normal kid.
I can't.
The powwow's next weekend.
I'm making Mom a new shawl.
This is Jax Goodiron again.
Yeah, I'm calling
about my sister's case.
I needed to speak to
Agent Hollis, please.
No, I did.
I did speak to the sheriff's.
No, they said the rez
is federal jurisdiction.
I needed to call you to get
her listed as a missing person.
Yeah, I did leave a message.
Yeah, please.
Yeah, tell him it's
very important.
Place looks good.
Coming in, I saw where they tore
down the old burger bar out on 60.
Your father tells me they made
a great bacon cheeseburger.
That place been gone for
three years at least.
Roki, you really are
growing up so fast.
How old are you now?
Wow. Thirteen. And
already sewing.
What kinda costume
you working up?
It's not really a costume.
It's called regalia, babe.
Tawi and Roki, they
dance at the big powwow
down in Oklahoma
City every year.
They're the reigning
mother-daughter champs.
That is great.
I used to do a bit of theater
myself back in high school.
Your mom must've been
a very good dancer.
Yeah, she is.
Jax was a great dancer too.
She and her mom used to compete
when she was just about Roki's age.
- Ain't that right?
- What is it that you're doing here?
We just... We thought it'd be a good
idea to come in and check in on you.
We did try calling.
Frank, we should get the...
Oh, yeah.
Your grandpa and I
saw this at the mall,
and we thought
you might like it.
But no worries if you
don't. We can take it back.
No worries at all, Roki.
No. No, I like it.
- Good. That's great.
- Yeah.
Any updates on Tawi?
You should know.
What's that supposed to mean?
Means what it means.
Look, can we not do this?
I didn't come all the
way out here to fight.
Why did you come?
Well, obviously, I'm
worried about your sister.
You ain't been at
any of the searches.
Well, I'm here now
and I'm trying.
Well, I could use your help
putting some pressure on the FBI.
- They ain't doing shit.
- What's your brother say?
Tribal PD don't have pull on a
case like this. It's all federal.
I don't know what makes you
think they'll listen to me.
Well, you calling ain't the
same thing as me calling.
Because I'm white.
Always punishing me for
this thing I didn't choose.
Oh, bullshit. You
chose not to be here.
I lived out here for 15 years 'cause
that's what your mother wanted.
So she dies, the job's done?
No. I had to move on
with my life, Jax.
I tried to take you and your sister
with me, but you chose to stay here.
Yeah, why would
we leave our home?
You really think she's
in trouble this time?
Ain't no other way
I can figure it.
All right.
I'll call.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Take care, Lillie.
- You too.
- One for me and one for you.
- Fat chance.
Come on. Haven't you ever
heard of a trust relationship?
Relationships are earned.
You're gonna trip.
Am not.
I didn't know you dance?
I don't dance.
Grandpa said you used to
go to powwow with Grandma.
I quit going a long time ago.
I guess I didn't
want to dance anymore
if Grandma wasn't
going to be there.
Does Grandpa have
any other grandkids?
I think he and Nancy tried to get
pregnant but it didn't work out that way.
Just you.
Uncle JJ has kids.
Frank ain't JJ's dad.
How come Grandpa doesn't
talk to Mom anymore?
It's her that don't talk to him.
Because he left with
Nancy when Grandma died?
Yeah, I think
that's probably it.
- Wadatawi!
- Wadatawi!
- Wadatawi!
- Wadatawi!
- Wadatawi!
- Wadatawi!
- Wadatawi!
- I got you.
You should be calling out
your sister's name.
If you call out for her,
she will hear you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What do you think about getting
Village Pizza for dinner tonight?
- Yeah.
- All right.
JJ! What is it?
Did they find Tawi?
No, it's not that.
Good afternoon, Miss Goodiron.
This is my colleague, Emily
Martin, with Indian Child Welfare.
And you must be Roki.
Why don't you go and show
Emily and your uncle your room?
What... What's going on here?
I understand that our presence here
is coming to you as a surprise.
This morning, I filed a petition
to remove Roki from this residence
and place her with
a new guardian.
You can't do that.
No. You told me I had two
weeks on this application.
It's... Look, it's right here.
I just need to get
to the notary is all.
I was hopeful that Roki could
remain here in your care,
but we ran your background check
and unfortunately, you do not meet
the standards for foster placement.
I had no choice but to find
a more suitable situation.
You can't do this.
You can't do this.
There's laws against taking Indian kids.
You gotta put 'em with family first.
Yes. Roki is to be temporarily placed
with her grandfather, Frank Harris.
A custody hearing will be
marked for two weeks from today.
A judge will make the
final determination then.
There's gotta be something
else I can do. Please.
- No, she doesn't even know Frank.
- Auntie?
- No, Roki... Roki, it's all right, it's...
- I'm going to Grandpa's?
No. Let me t... Just let me
talk to her for a minute!
Couldn't fucking warn
me they were coming?
There's a court order from the
state. There's nothing I could do.
Roki! Roki!
The state has removed Roki from your
care on account of your criminal record.
I haven't ran dope in years.
Tawi's only been gone two weeks.
Either way, they found marijuana
and alcohol in the home
and have temporarily decided that
Roki is safer with your father.
He ain't seen Roki but
ten times her whole life.
There's a custody
hearing set for the 18th.
What do I do?
I'm not an expert in family law,
but my recommendation
is you go off rez
and find someone who can
navigate the custody courts.
How much is that gonna cost?
I'd guess around
5,000 to start with.
I'm working to save $50.
How am I gonna get 5,000?
My advice?
Go make nice with your father.
Thank you.
Hope the bus ride
wasn't too bad.
- No.
- I'd have come picked you up.
No, it was fine.
We're really glad you made it.
We wanna make these
dinners a regular thing.
When Mom gets back,
I'm coming home, right?
Yeah, for sure.
Of course.
And while you're here,
we know how important it is to you
to stay connected to your culture.
It's a big priority for us.
Does that mean I can still go
to the powwow this weekend?
No, not this year, sweetheart.
Well, we've got a lot to do around
the house to get you settled in.
I can take her to the powwow.
Lots of folks going up from the rez,
and I'm sure I could get us a ride.
I don't know. I don't know,
maybe we can talk about it later?
Honey, the social worker
told us she can't.
I know.
We actually aren't allowed to
let you see Roki unsupervised.
I am sure it is just a formality
here in the early days,
but it's what they told us.
We already agreed,
to tell the judge that you should
have visitation rights with her.
Unsupervised, of course, Jax.
Of course.
What are they talking about?
What about the powwow?
I can't take you.
But you said Mom would be there.
Maybe next year, okay?
You ain't been out to the club.
Yeah. Shit's been crazy.
Yeah, I heard about Roki.
But I've been keeping my ear
out for Tawi, like you asked.
Well, I don't know
if it means nothing,
but Dee Dee was running
her mouth the other night
saying she saw your sister
out at the camps a few times
before she went missing.
The man camps?
Yeah, those RVs
out at Third Line?
The oil workers' stay.
Oh, shit.
I've never known your sister to
take her business off the stage,
so seemed kind of weird to me.
She say anything else?
Dee Dee?
Shit, that bitch could talk about
a recipe for, like, an hour.
It's all she said about Tawi.
Thought you'd wanna know.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Can I come in?
How you getting along in here?
Okay, I guess.
I have a surprise for you.
I thought you could
use some cheering up.
My mother gave me those
when I was your age.
I've been holding on
to 'em all this time
'cause I didn't have
anyone to give 'em to.
But now, I want you to have 'em.
I don't know how to do ballet.
That's the surprise.
Your grandpa and I wanna sign
you up for dance classes.
Like what? To
replace the powwow?
No. No. I know we
can't replace it.
Maybe while you're here you
could learn a new dance.
Powwow's not just about
the dancing though.
What do you mean?
It's a way to be
together. And like...
Everybody shows up and we dance.
It's not like you take
a class or something.
How do you learn the moves?
I don't know. I've just
been doing it forever.
My mom dances next
to me, and it's...
It's like a connection
or something.
I guess some ratty old ballet
slippers can't compete with that.
Lights out.
Hey, maybe tomorrow
we could go shopping,
and you could show
me what you do like.
Shit. I knew you wasn't gonna last
long with that straitlaced shit.
Here. Go hit up south
camp, trailer seven.
Just like riding a bike.
Charge 200, bring me back 150.
Hey, you ever heard any rumors about
my sister working out at the camps?
I ain't no pimp.
She ever come looking to score?
What's with all the questions?
If she don't come back soon,
state's gonna take Roki.
- Just trying to find her.
- So, what you gonna do?
You go over there asking them kind
of questions, you won't come back.
Hey, don't fuck
around and find out.
You Boo's girl?
She's got the shit.
Let's see what you got.
I gotta see the money first.
Who are you?
Boo sent me.
Did he?
Straight up. I ain't
looking for no trouble.
I got the shit if you want it,
but I gotta see the money first.
All right, princess.
You wanna stay
and party with us?
There's some extra
cash in it for you.
I'm good.
I am wondering though...
Any of y'all seen this girl?
What are you, some
sort of fucking narc?
No. Just looking.
You wearing a fucking wire?
Check that bitch's pockets.
You're lucky I don't fuck
with this voodoo shit,
or I'd kill you right here.
And get the fuck out of here!
- Hey, stop a second.
- You back the fuck off!
No, man, it's not like
that. I've seen that girl.
Her name's Tawi, right?
Where'd you see her?
Here and around.
But she wasn't no hooker
or nothing like that.
She was up here with
dope. Same as you.
You sure?
She was selling?
Yeah. Boo always sent her.
Sometimes we'd get to talking.
She'd tell me stories about her kid.
I liked her.
When did you last see her?
It's been a couple weeks now.
She say anything
about going somewhere?
No. Just stopped coming round.
Thank you.
I hope you find her.
What do you want?
- Danny saw you up at the camp.
- So what?
Bet you didn't know Tawi
was slinging dope for Boo.
Who told you that?
You did know.
You found out she was dealing,
and you didn't tell me?
It's an open investigation.
I didn't tell you 'cause I knew
you'd do some stupid shit like this.
Well, what's your move?
Seriously, JJ, what's
your fucking move?
Far as I can tell, I'm the
only one out there looking.
You always do this.
You take something that's happening to
everybody, and you make it about yourself.
If you keep going on like this,
then it don't end well for you.
And it don't end well for Roki.
Wake up!
Yeah. Over here.
What are you doing?
Turn this off.
- Hey. Grab your stuff.
- Really?
Got your regalia in here. Thought
we could hit up the powwow.
Hey, I need you to go
out to the living room,
find your grandpa's
keys for me, okay?
Here, go.
Won't Grandpa be mad at
you for taking his car?
No. We're just borrowing it.
Then why are we whispering?
I'm not whispering.
I'm not whispering!
I'm not whispering!
I'm not whispering.
Is she answering?
What do we do now?
Do we call the police?
No, we don't need
to call the police.
It says here we're
obligated to, Frank.
She stole the car,
kidnapped Roki...
Ain't nobody kidnapped, Nancy.
She just needs a few
more days, she said.
Honey, we can't let this slide.
That little girl is
never gonna bond with us
unless we remove all
this crazy from her life.
The courts chose
us for a reason.
We love her, right?
Need anything?
Yeah, get me some papers.
Where's your bag?
Right there.
Perfect place to get it stolen.
Always keep it on ya.
Something wrong?
Did you get the papers?
They're out.
Why are you acting weird?
I'm not weird.
You sure?
God, just drive.
You're the weird one.
We should get something
for Mom on the way.
No, not that one.
Too orange.
Do you remember
anything about the name?
No. I just know that it comes
in a tube that looks like that.
This color.
That's a beautiful color.
Let's try this.
- Is that it?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go in the back and
get you guys a fresh tube.
Thank you.
- What do you want?
- Jax. Where the hell are you?
You gotta get Roki
back here right now.
- We'll be back in a couple of days.
- You're not understanding me.
Your dad reported Roki missing.
There's an Amber Alert
out for the two of you.
You're wanted for kidnapping
and child endangerment.
He called the cops on me?
Got the whole
fucking cavalry out.
Staties, municipal, FBI. Where
are you? I'll come get you.
If everybody's out looking for
me, who's looking for Tawi?
Tawi ain't gonna be nobody's
priority until they get Roki back.
Priority. Tawi is the one
who's fucking missing.
She could be anywhere.
If you come back now, we just chalk
this all up to a misunderstanding.
Just tell me where you are. We'll
put the real pressure on them, Jax.
You put the pressure on 'em now.
Frank, can I have a minute?
Have you really thought
this thing through?
Jax is fitting to do some serious
time if this thing escalates.
Well, what would
you have me do, JJ?
I made it clear to the
agency Jax is family.
But she should not have fucking
put us in this situation.
I tried calling her for two hours
before I let them file that report,
but she don't listen
to me. She never did.
I understand your position, but
they got armed militia after her.
Think I don't know that?
We followed the protocol
that was in that foster
contract that we signed.
But it's Jax.
I don't know what you
want me to do, JJ.
Mr. Harris.
We just deployed a unit
out on the reservation
to check with
neighbors and friends.
We're hoping that Jax may have
told somebody about her plans.
All right.
Would it make sense for your
agents to follow up on Tawi's case
while they're up
there on the rez?
I've been waiting for a
task force to be assigned.
Right now, the focus is to get Roki
back with her grandparents safely.
Let's not let ourselves
get distracted, okay?
Get her keys.
Excuse me. Do you have
this in any other colors?
I think so. Here.
Let's take a look.
I like this color too. Do
you have it in my size?
Okay. Wait here a minute.
I ain't coming back.
You remember Ricky?
Boo's mom?
Word is, the feds saw Tawi
up at her place in
Tulsa a few weeks ago.
How long have you known this?
I couldn't say.
What are you doing?
This way.
- What's going on?
- We need to make a stop in Tulsa.
- How far is that?
- Would you just get in the car?
Wait here.
I don't wanna wait.
What am I, a dog?
It's just for a couple minutes.
It's Jax. Tawi's sister.
What's this all about?
- I'm looking for my sister.
- Shit.
If I knew where she
was, I'd tag her myself.
Bitch is in five deep.
Don't know nothing about that.
Just trying to find her.
Phaya. Take her to your room.
Tawi ain't been here in weeks.
But you know that already.
Why do I know that?
If you thought she was here,
you'd have had the feds
raiding my shit weeks ago.
But now they got a big search
going on for you and Tawi's girl,
and I'm none too appreciative
of you showing up like this.
Ain't nobody following us.
I'm just here looking for Tawi.
I feel for your
situation. I really do.
But I ain't seen her.
Now I need you to
get up out of here.
You said she ain't
been here in weeks.
That's about how long
she's been missing.
Are you accusing
me of something?
I know you wanna
protect your son,
but Roki needs her mother too.
Now, I liked your mama.
And I've shown you
some hospitality,
but I'm losing my patience.
Your sister's long gone, honey.
Never to return.
You'd best leave it at that,
and keep Tawi's girl out of it.
You knew my mama. You know
we ain't the quitting type.
I really need to know what
happened to my sister.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Look, I don't know
a name or nothing,
but Tawi used to come by
with some guy in a red truck.
Who was it?
I never laid eyes on
him. He stayed outside.
Well, what kind of truck was it?
I don't know nothing about
different kinds of trucks.
All I know, it was red.
Now you gotta get the fuck out of
here before she gets real pissed.
What's going on?
We gotta get off the
road for a few hours.
But you said we were going
to the powwow to meet my mom.
Shit, Roki. It's
only a couple hours.
I'm sorry.
Look, I just need a little time.
Promise I'll get you there.
Wait here.
All they got is cookie dough.
This is JJ.
You're looking for a red truck.
Jax. Hello?
She hung up?
That's it?
Don't take long to say
"fuck you" in the language.
You can trace it, right?
Yes, ma'am. It'll
take a few hours,
but we should be able to get
a ping off the cell towers.
I thought rich people were
supposed to have lots of stuff.
This house is for sale.
They bring fake stuff in.
Helps rich people imagine
what their things would look
like if they lived here.
What is it?
I got my moon.
Your first one?
Here you go.
Wrap that sticky part
around your underwear.
Got it?
Yeah, I think so.
What are you doing?
We need hardwood.
Afternoon, ladies. What
can I get started for ya?
I'll take a coffee, black,
and a ham and cheese omelet.
There's so much good stuff.
You can have whatever you want.
- Really?
- Really.
Okay. I'll take the strawberry
pancakes, the strawberry waffles,
the strawberry blintzes
and whatever that one is.
- Strawberry crepes?
- Yeah, strawberry crepes.
All right.
And do you have anything like cake
or pie or dessert or something
for when you're
celebrating a big event?
Is it your birthday?
No, it's for my period.
Well, I ain't never celebrated
that a day in my life,
but I'll see what I can do.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Which ones do we get?
Those'll do.
What're you doing?
We need to save cash.
Not here.
Okay, it's alright.
That happens sometimes.
Come on.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I'm with the Department
of Homeland Security.
I need to ask you a few questions
about your immigration status.
What kind of questions?
Well, for starters,
what's your name?
Hi, Stacy. Would you mind
having a seat right over here
while I ask her a few
questions, please?
I'm your mother.
This won't take long.
You need me to call
a translator for you?
No, I'm good.
You got any
identification on you?
Yeah, it's in my backpack.
It's not a problem. Go
and retrieve it for me.
Your name's Wadatawi?
You can call me Tawi.
Is this a Seneca-Cayuga
Nation tribal card?
That was Seneca
you were speaking.
- Cayuga.
- Makes sense.
Sit tight, Tawi.
Stacy, thanks for your patience.
You doing okay in here?
That's a mighty sweet
jacket you got there.
I just gotta ask you
a couple questions.
Can you tell me how this
woman is related to you?
She's my mom.
Where are y'all headed?
To the powwow.
Where do you live?
On the rez.
- What's that?
- This is an MDT.
Allows me to look people
up in different databases.
Make sure that everyone is
where they're supposed to be.
Looks like everything
checks out.
You two are free to go.
Have a nice day.
What were you trying
to pull in there?
You steal from a place like
this, you're gonna get caught.
We stole from the mall
and the gas station.
Just no more, okay?
Hey, Auntie?
I bled all over that cop's car.
You did?
Yeah. Totally.
Now we turn to the
story out of Grove,
where a family is
searching for answers
in the disappearance of
13-year-old Roki Goodiron.
Her grandparents spoke with
News 12 this afternoon.
We just want Roki
home safe and sound,
so we can put this
whole thing behind us.
- This is JJ.
- Is this line clear?
- Yeah, you're good.
- What the fuck is going on back there?
I mean, are you even looking
for the red fucking truck?
You know how many red trucks
are in the state of Oklahoma?
Why'd you even
send me to Ricky's
if you ain't gonna follow
up and do something?
It ain't that simple. My hands are
tied by the feds. I'm only one person.
I'm only one fucking person!
You always leave it to me.
Who took care of Mom?
Who helped Tawi keep the
house all those years?
Who's taking care of Roki?
She's out here thinking her mom's
gonna show up to some fucking powwow.
You and I both know Tawi ain't
never showing up again, JJ.
Roki deserves the truth.
You need to get it for her.
Buy me a drink?
Shit. You're the one that
looks like you need a drink.
Two Jamesons.
You know it's a sad day when you got
a stripper buying drinks for your ass.
Let me guess. It's your sister.
Is it that obvious?
She leaves her mark.
I'll drink to that.
Hey. You seen anyone in
a red truck around here?
Red truck?
I don't think so.
Actually, there was
a guy in a red truck.
He used to party out at the point
with Boo and some of the girls.
It's been a while though.
The lake?
Thanks for the drink.
No problem.
Let me get a can of
that Grizzly Long Cut.
You hear from Jax at all?
Shit, no.
It's crazy though.
Heard they're hunting
her pretty hard.
You hear anything,
you let me know, okay?
Will do, chief.
Hey, you still got
that old bass boat?
Yeah. She's out back.
You mind if I take
her out tomorrow?
I'll pay gas and hourly.
Why don't you go hit the
bathroom? Get us some snacks.
You think my mom's still
coming to the powwow?
Yeah, she'll be there.
Yeah, this is Rick Thayer at
the Tall Chief out in Shawnee.
I think I got a situation here.
Put the phone down!
Put it down.
- What happened?
- I didn't mean to.
- Shit!
- I was trying to scare him,
- and it just went off.
- Where did you get the gun?
He was calling the cops!
Shit. Okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
- I swear I didn't mean to.
- It's just his shoulder. It's okay.
I'm at a gas station on Highway
54. Send an ambulance now.
Roki. Hey. You
okay? We need to go.
This way. This way. Come on.
Okay. Okay. Don't go
that way. Come on.
This way.
- We have to go back.
- What?
We have to go back.
- Why?
- My bag.
You left it? I told
you not to take it off.
- We have to go back to get it.
- No, Roki.
We can't go back there. The cops
are coming to help that guy.
The cops are coming
because you kidnapped me.
We have to keep moving.
Not going with you.
You lied to me.
I didn't lie.
You said my mom would
be at the powwow.
Roki, we don't
have time for this.
How do you say "mother"
in the language?
- Mother.
- How do you say "aunt"?
- Roki, please.
- How do you say it?
- What does it mean?
- It means "aunt."
No, what does it really mean?
Means "small mother." It
means your "other mother."
That's what you're
supposed to be for me,
but you're just a liar.
And now my mom's dead,
and they're coming to
take you away from me too.
No, not if we keep moving.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Roki. Roki? Roki, come back!
Roki! Roki!
Roki. Roki?
- Guys, I got something over here.
- Wait for authorities.
No, thank you.
They found her.
Hey, it's me.
I really need you to
get back here, Jax.
What do you mean?
I fucked it all up, didn't I?
It wasn't just you.
They found her.
They found Tawi.
They found her.
And I don't know what to do.
JJ, he found some truck
at the salvage yard.
Belonged to a man who
worked down on the rigs.
The FBI, they sent divers
in this morning and...
they found her in the lake.
She's gone, Jax.
Frank? Frank?
Where's Roki?
Let me talk to her.
What do you mean?
Roki is with you.
No, she went with
the cops in Shawnee.
What are you talking about?
Roki, she left with the
cops at the gas station.
Gas station?
What're you talking about?
Take care.
Enjoy. Twenty dollars.
Get it boy! Get it!
Hey, chahoo! Good job, boys.
Welcome, welcome to the
Grand Nation's Powwow.
All right. At this time, we're gonna
have the mother-daughter dance.
So, ladies, if you could
please enter the arena.
Enter the arena at this time.
'Cause you don't
want to miss this.
All right, all right. Looks
like our women are ready to go.
We're gonna go out to our
center drum to Otter Trail.
All the way from
Wyandotte, Oklahoma.
Boys, go ahead and take it away!
Take it away. Sing a good one!
All right, all right.
Let's give it up for our
mothers and daughters,
the powerful backbone
of our community.
Without you, we would not have
your strength and leadership,
your courage and love.
We appreciate you.
Next up, we have our annual Missing
and Murdered Memorial Dance.
At this time, can I get all dancers
to make your way towards the arena.
All dancers.
Every year, we commemorate our
missing and murdered relatives.
We dance for justice,
and we dance for closure.
We dance to honor
those taken too soon.
Otter Trail, take it away.
Sing us a song of feeling.