Fandry (2013) Movie Script

There you are, you.
You haven't finished working.
Where were you?
At Pirya, for the
tomorrow homework.
Fiches duty.
Who will help me dig?
I have already missed 3 days of school.
An extra day,
it won't hurt you.
Now, file.
Mom, I won't go
to work tomorrow.
I'm already late in class.
Your father needs you, tomorrow.
And you can buy yourself clothes.
Frankly? You already said that
the last time.
- Are you kidding!
- See that with your father.
And stop bothering me.
Piraji, your friend is here.
Come in. He doesn't feel well,
he has been sleeping for 2 days.
You neither, didn't go to school.
I was counting on you
for the homework.
Ask Kulkarni, after
that you will tell me.
I went to the woods.
I saw the Black Sparrow.
This bird of misfortune
not stay in one place.
It flies in all directions.
I chased it for hours.
But without success.
We will surely find one
near the haunted tombs.
We will go when I get better.
Get up and have some tea.
Is Vedant here?
Vedant! The son of untouchable is here.
Hey Vedant, pass me the remote control.
Hi, Jabya.
What is homework for tomorrow?
Two lessons from English.
The poem from Saint Chokhamela.
And we have to finish the assignment.
You finished it, you?
That's all.
- Who is here?
- Do not worry, it's me.
It's late!
What's this fuss?
I need gas.
To do what? Go back to bed.
Hurry up, Jabya.
You don't have time.
Wait a second.
Hurry up!
The poor boy is waiting for you.
- What can I do?
- The poor child.
Thank God,
you don't have a clear skin.
- Are they my hair?
- Yes.
You're more manic
than a movie star.
Pirya, you think this belongs
to the Black Sparrow?
Too big.
It's more like a pigeon feather.
No, I think this is coming
from the Black Sparrow.
I am not sure
that this feather suffices.
No idea.
It's a pigeon feather,
It's certain.
Jabya, another bird,
do you think that will be okay?
No, it doesn't work like
that with the Black Sparrow.
It's difficult.
Hurry up! It's yours.
It's mine?
Find a hold.
The plateau is wobbly.
Pass me the rubber.
Its good?
- Get up.
- Hold on!
- I won't have red.
- Why?
I have my trembling hand.
I'm getting nervous.
If you don't take it,
he will have it.
Try it.
As usual.
I warned you that
I won't have it.
- Don't you have school?
- Of course, yes.
So, you should go there.
- Vedant Ramakrishna Kulkarni?
- Present.
- Jambuwant Kacharu Mane?
- Present.
Who hasn't done their homework?
Yes, Mr. Patil?
Your studies aren't
your priority?
Marriage of God Khandoba
- Can I express myself?
- Yes, of course.
Respected Mr. Sangram.
You don't need to study?
Your father wins
pretty well in his life.
Try to bring me back
your father tomorrow.
Sit down.
Sir, I'm going to sit in the back.
Stay there!
What's happening?
He calls me nabot.
Hey, scoundrel!
Why are you making fun of him?
I didn't laugh, Sir.
He's talking bullshit.
I will slap you if you do it again.
He's typing me if I touch it.
Alright, go sit down at the back.
Saint Chokhamela.
A verse from Saint Chokhamela.
Things aren't same when they seem.
We will study this poem, today.
Appearances, caste or religion
don't reflect a personality.
Their qualities will reflect it.
The saint explains it well
in his poem
using various examples.
He uses a series of
prose sentences.
We will study them.
It's a beautiful poem.
We'll begin from the beginning.
The juice of sugar cane
doesn't look like the plant.
But we judge things based
on their appearance.
The arc is curved,
but not the arrow.
But we judge things based
on their appearance.
Let's learn now
the saint's poem.
Mane, your mother is here.
The river meanders
but not its waters.
But we judge things based
on their appearance.
Chokha, himself,
is an untouchable.
Look here.
What are you laughing about?
Chokha is untouchable,
but not his feelings.
But we judge things based
on their appearance.
Different examples
and perspectives
are used by the saint to explain
the importance of values
and virtues.
A sugar cane is curved,
but it's juice too?
In the same way,
the bow is curved,
but doesn't he shoot
straight arrows?
Why did you come to school?
To learn.
I want to be educated
and have a job.
- Why is he screaming?
- It's nothing.
I was collecting wood
around the school.
I went to see him in the class.
If you come back,
I won't go to school.
No, your majesty.
Promised, I won't come anymore.
You didn't go to Mumbai
to see the cricket matches?
I'm going there next week.
It seems that women in there,
they do massages.
It's wrong.
If you want to soothe your body,
go to Mumbai.
For my head,
it's you I come to see.
- You are too funny.
- The farm.
Hey Kachrya?
Pigs become troublesome.
My knee hurts me.
- I can't run.
- It's boring.
- They annoy us seriously.
- That is true.
Ghorpade was bitten
at the buttock.
Try to get rid of it.
- When was he bitten?
- When he relieved himself.
- Catch her.
- Catch her.
Which notebook am I going to ask??
How important is it?
Will she give it to me?
- Hey, wait.
- Come on.
- Wait.
- Back.
- Hold on.
- What...
- It's mine.
- Wait.
- Get up!
- Do not touch her.
The pig touched her.
You got hurt?
Get up.
Sir, may I come in?
- Enter.
- Come.
Come in, Rani.
Sir, can I take her back?
What happened?
A pig touched her.
Why are you playing with pigs?
It's the pig that attacked her.
Wash your feet to the head.
I'm going to water your clothes with
cow urine to purify them.
Water me too.
What are you doing up there?
- Why are you destroying the nest?
- That's not we are doing.
I am checking that is it one
of the Black Sparrow.
What can it do! Come down.
This bird is as a Brahmin.
If you touch it,
others will ban it.
They will kill you.
Come down.
What are you looking at?
Do you want a lesson?
Come down.
- Jabya, what are you doing?
- Going down.
Jabya, how do I do to get down?
Just do the opposite way.
- I am dizzy.
- Jumped up.
You think?
- Wait for me, Jabya.
- Come down or stay up there.
- Hold.
- Yes.
Yes, Kachru?
What's this meeting for?
For the village festival.
It's coming.
We had the pay?
Yes, we got it.
A claimant
will come to see Surkhi.
We'll buy you some pants
at the village festival.
You already said that
before Diwali.
- We'll buy you some pants.
- He adds some.
Grandpa, what do you know
about the Black Sparrow?
The Black Sparrow?
The bird that doesn't
hold in one place.
It flies everywhere.
It's tail looks like a kite.
I probably saw it.
What's special about it?
What do you know about it?
Son, I don't understand
what are you talking about?
Just tell me directly.
What will happen
when we burn it?
What do you mean?
It becomes ashes. What else?
Give me that.
Mom, she took my sunglasses.
Don't make fuss.
Give it to me.
Did you read the book?
Yes. Here it is.
The Art of Hypnosis.
You read it?
- Hey.
- Jabya!
Is it you, Jabya?
Come here.
- Come here.
- Go see what he wants.
The piglet is stuck.
Get it out of here.
I'm asking you to get it out.
I won't do it.
Listen to me, boy!
What does he think about him?
Any problem, Jabya?
What's going on?
Go quickly!
Get out!
What is it?
Get out.
Or I dig your grave.
Hey, Kachrya!
Hey, Kachrya!!
Don't you hear me?
Are you deaf or what?
Mr. Patil asks you to come to his place.
Idiot! Who throws stones
over my chickens?
Take that away from here.
I will take it to my home.
Your son has a big head.
He was insolent.
He is not like you.
It is dishonorable.
He's just a kid.
If he was married,
he could be a father.
Kachrya empties the sewage
- and clean the tank.
- Yes.
Here you are again?
Did you hang around enough?
Why did you disobey to Mr. Patil?
Don't be rude with people.
I don't want to be banned.
Don't strut like a rich kid.
The guests are here.
Take some water.
What do you say?
Speak Marathi,
we want to understand.
I said we have
some difficulties,
but thanks to Heaven,
we are getting there.
I have two daughters and a son.
Are you going to school?
Yes, I'm in fifth.
The children are ashamed
to speak their language.
I have to talk to them Marathi,
even at home.
We are the only ones
untouchable in this village.
There are pigs here...
- Hold it.
- We do not raise them.
Everything is ready?
Cover your head.
- Is she ready?
- In a minute.
Go ahead.
What's your name?
- Surekha.
- Your full name.
Surekha Kachru Mane.
- Where do you come from?
- From here.
That's it to say?
Tell them the name
from our village.
You do not know it?
Tell them it's Akolner.
Of course she knows it.
She is a little nervous.
Don't be nervous.
Speak boldly!
You have questions?
Looks good, Vilas.
You won't complain later.
Go back inside.
A tea?
- Hold.
- Please.
A dowry of Rs. 50,000 then a
ring worth of 10 grams of gold.
You will finance the wedding.
- Does that suit you?
- Yes.
I ain't so easy to afford, Sir.
What do you propose?
You can express yourself.
I don't know what to say.
We are listening to you.
We will tell you if we accept.
It doesn't cost anything to talk.
I am poor.
The life of my elder daughter
is already ruined.
We aspired to give better
for my younger daughter.
A dowry of 20,000
and I will do as much
as for the wedding.
Is it acceptable?
We accept.
Let's start the rituals.
Listen to all.
We crush the areca nuts?
- Go for it.
- Yes.
The piglet is trapped.
Let it go.
- Don't touch her!
- Jabya.
A pig touched her.
Don't touch her.
Free it and let it go.
- A pig touched her.
- Jabya.
Damn bird!
This bird has thrown us a type.
That's why we didn't
catch the Black Sparrow.
What can there be?
It's a bad omen for us.
Your lock of hair
Fall before your eyes
Your perfect face
Your luscious lips
It's not an exaggeration to say
that you are the most beautiful
As the wind blows
in your fluid dress
As the wind blows
in your fluid dress
My friend Jabya is crazy of Shalu
My friend Jabya is crazy of Shalu
The farm, moron.
My friend Jabya is crazy of Shalu
My friend Jabya is crazy of Shalu
You shouldn't offered them Rs. 20,000.
The suitor was fond of Surkhi.
They would have accepted
without dot.
What if they refused?
Pick up.
Pick up!
Pick up!!
Mr. Sheikh, you didn't participate
in the last time.
Don't worry.
You will have it this time.
Listen to all.
My friends!
Let's increase a little participation.
Let's go to Rs. 100 instead of Rs. 50.
These Rs. 100 are mandatory.
- Of course.
- It must.
Everyone pays,
without exception.
The toilet working people
have fallen behind.
We will be able to use
their participation.
The tea is ready?
- Yes.
- Quick.
Kachru, serve tea.
Give him.
Jabya, help your father
for a few days.
Impossible, I will
have my exams soon.
You can buy yourself trousers.
He wants jeans.
He will be able to buy
what he wants.
It is very expensive.
Who is there?
You are stealing my wood?
- That rascal is back.
- Hey!
Stop stealing.
This isn't your father's home.
It bores us that one.
Quick, gather the wood.
- Hey, you don't...
- Let's go.
I warned you.
You don't understand?
They took my wood
as it was like their fathers.
- Run!
- Are you idiots?
- Run!
- Surkhi!
Chenapans! Rogue!
Don't come back.
Damn you!
Pirya, take the letter.
Give it to me.
You have a beautiful writing, Jabya.
You don't know.
Maybe Shalu will like it.
You think Shalu will love me?
Who knows?
She comes from a higher caste
and she is rich.
We must catch the Black Sparrow.
Why can't we do it?
It's a wonderful bird.
Come on, let's go home.
I have ice cream for sale.
Can I come with you?
Of course.
Where are we going to sell them?
In the village, of course.
Not in ours.
Can we sell them elsewhere?
Of course.
Go! Quick! The Sparrow.
Ice cream! Who wants ice cream?
Ice cream! Buy my ice cream!
Buy my ice cream!!
Hey, stop yourself.
Ice cream!
Buy my ice cream!!
You have two free days.
You will go with your father.
I don't want.
I will give you two days salary.
Will you pay me?
He sells ice cream.
How much did you earn yourself?
It doesn't concern you.
You will have two days pay.
How is it?
I will buy jeans with the rest.
Jeans, my foot!
Can I have an advance?
Impossible, I don't even
have a work to offer you.
Cane sugar sells
at a good price.
- How much did you sell?
- About 5 tons.
It must be a celebration.
You surprise me.
Sir, can you lend me Rs. 5,000?
Your timing is perfect.
Give me a hundred rupees.
- There is at least 1000 rupees.
- Thank you sir!
- And then this examination?
- The one of geometry?
She's looking at you.
I'm sure, she's looking at you.
We will go ourselves on the other side.
What makes you nervous?
You are talking about me?
Even a blind man
would realize it.
She really looks at me?
We will get behind.
Let's see if she turns around.
It was nice, no?
- Only one?
- Of course.
What did he say?
Get up, tanned.
I already told you
not to come here.
- Don't call me like that.
- And what will you do?
You don't deserve to be here.
How dare you to watch Shalu!
If you do it again, you're screwed!
Disgusting pig.
Hold on.
As the wind blows
in your fluid dress
As the wind blows
in your fluid dress
Your hips are swaying
at the beat of the drum
As the wind blows
in your fluid dress
Your hips...
Shut up!
That's why, that sparrow flees.
Look Jabya, the sparrow.
Grab it.
It was your father who
taught you to shout?
Missed to a hair.
You almost got it.
Missed to a hair!
Shut your mouth!
Chankya is a funny man.
No wonder the villagers fear him.
It's better to wear a T-shirt
or a shirt with jeans?
- Get up.
- Why?
Do it.
A T-shirt would be better with jeans.
Yes, I believe too.
Why don't we arrive early
to catch that bird?
It's been days.
It's really not easy.
If only we had a weapon.
If only.
It must be past noon.
Pirya, you like Rani, not true?
- Not at all.
- On your mother's head?
I swear, I don't like her.
Who is roaming around her?
It has nothing to do.
What is wrong with you
all day, then?
- You know?
- What?
Sangram and Shalu found themselves
in secret on the terrace.
You, don't worry.
It was Vedant who said it.
Sangram may have asked
to Vedant to spread the rumor.
He looks stupid
but he is clever.
Who is it?
Hanya's grandma had hiccups.
This isn't serious.
So much so that it took
bing him to the hospital.
She's a niggard.
Here's another one.
He is drunk.
Leave it alone.
- Not today.
- He's too drunk.
Let him go.
Hey Kachrya!
Did you get drunk at the picket?
Who is in interest
of what am I worth?
Go home, Kachrya.
Go back.
Go to bed.
- At the picket!
- There you go.
At the picket! At the picket!
At the picket!!
- At the picket!!
- Oh dear.
- Bravo, Kachrya!
- Go!
What a failure!
He got drunk at the piquette.
Shall I serve you dinner?
What is it?
I saw your brother.
He can't lend me the money.
He promised to help.
Money for the dowry.
How we are going to do this?
Pirya, wait.
Look for the Black Sparrow.
It's too expensive.
Excuse me.
- Do you sell sparrows?
- Yes, see you later.
- Do you have a black one?
- A Black Sparrow?
With a tail like a shape of kite.
Mine aren't like that.
Look at these fish.
He doesn't have a Black Sparrow.
No chance.
I must.
It's clear.
This isn't your bike?
Hey, driver, look behind you.
We should better go from here.
Forget that.
Don't cry.
Take him with you.
- Hail, Ram! Ram!!
- Hail, Ram! Ram!!
Do you have any work for me?
Not at this moment.
Call me, if you needed.
No problem.
Tell me...
- Can I have that manure?
- Yes.
You owe me another Rs. 100.
Can I pay later?
Did you get the Black Sparrow?
How much can I have for the bike?
About Rs. 200.
What is it?
Why are you crying?
Shalu sent you to graze?
Her father discovered it?
So why are you crying?
A truck crashed my
bike and ice cream.
It is not serious.
Don't repay me.
Why are you crying?
Get up.
Don't repay me.
Take a seat.
We are going to play.
Did you find the Black Sparrow?
No, but I found a feather.
It doesn't work.
We need the Sparrow.
That is true?
Don't you believe it?
- Yes.
- It works if you believe it.
- How many?
- Rs. 10.
What are you doing here?
Your mother doesn't feel well.
Go to the market, replace it.
Come on stand up!
Go.. Go.. Go...
- What's up?
- Nothing special.
Why are you hanging out
with this good-for-nothing Chankya?
He is a scum.
He has scammed the cleverest.
If I see you again with him,
I'll break your legs.
Go to the market.
Send your mother home.
Fifty paisa for the candies.
Do not get scammed.
Buy my sweets. They are good.
They are worth 50 paisa.
Don't buy them for 1 rupee.
Sir, buy my candy.
How much for the basket?
- Hundred rupees.
- Hundred?
It is very expensive.
- I'll give you sixty.
- No.
Sixty is good.
The equipment already costs
200 rupees.
Make an effort.
Seventy, that's okay.
Never mind.
Where did he go?
Where is this boy?
Surely gone looking for
some water.
He was right there.
Baskets for sale.
Excuse me, madam.
You want this basket?
A beautiful wedding.
The village festival starts tomorrow.
I know.
This will be the opportunity to launch
ashes to Shalu.
- I don't know.
- Nobody will know anything.
I know.
Pirya, my father told me not
to hang out with Chankya.
They take it all for an original.
Do you think Chankya is right?
We can hypnotize someone
with Moineau's ashes?
Who knows?
Look, you knew that the
Chankya wife was beautiful?
How such a pretty girl
could have fallen in love with him?
She is from of a Pune family.
One day her brother abducted her.
They reduced Chankya to mush.
From that point,
he began to drink.
Whatever you say, Pirya.
Chankya is an extraordinary guy.
He would not lie to me.
He refused the money
that I owed him.
He told me that I looked like him.
Chankya likes you.
Dear Shalu, I do not know
why I love you so much.
I may not be handsome.
Don't leave hanging
your Business.
Look, I have new clothes.
Do you like them?
You still have to iron
your pants.
Hurry up.
Here you are at last.
You will go back there.
Listen to me.
Buy rope for 50 rupees.
We must go to the temple.
Why don't we go later?
Praised be the carriage of God!
My Dear Shalu, I don't have the words
to express how much I love you.
I know I'm poor and from
another caste than you.
But honestly,
nobody loves you so
much, like I love you.
Not even your parents.
I'm ready for anything
to win your love.
A word from you
and I would be ready
to sacrifice myself.
I swear by you.
I think of you night and day.
You can believe me.
Shalu, if you don't love me,
rips this letter
and throw it away.
I'll accept it.
But don't talk about it
to your parents.
Don't show it to anyone
and don't bother about me.
And if you love me too,
answer this letter.
Or when you come
at school tomorrow,
make two mats.
I will understand
that you love me back.
I'm waiting for your answer
with impatience.
I'm all yours,
Go, file, you.
Move, niggas.
- You heard?
- I am going.
Get away, niggas!
Get out!
Two ice creams.
We'll buy you a shirt.
We'll buy you the pants later.
Don't bother.
Come on, Pirya.
Come on, Son.
Let's go.
Give it to me.
- Yes, Kachrya?
- A shirt for the boy.
- Show me the cheapest.
- Okay.
About 150 rupees.
Which one do you prefer?
- This one?
- It looks better for you?
You take another one?
Here is a nice shirt.
Looks like you're
leaving on a mission.
Where are you going?
We came to see you.
You could lend me
your drum for the procession?
Drums of Kem didn't
play well already?
- Yes.
- Yes, you can have it.
But we must play well.
You must insure!
You will see.
You'll have it.
Go ahead. I'm joining you.
- Are you really coming?
- I'm coming very soon.
We aren't ready to see him again.
He looks...
That is true.
Praised be the carriage of God!
Praised be the carriage of God!
Jabya, you have to dance
and impress Shalu.
The cart fell.
Fucking pig! He brushed my leg!
Go quickly.
Get up!
It's a bad omen.
I know. Never mind.
Don't make fuss.
Send me, Kachrya.
Continue the procession.
You know what happened
at the procession?
- No sir.
- A pig has made havoc.
It struck the chariot of God.
Get rid of those filthy pigs tomorrow.
My daughter is getting
married in two days.
Two days?
It's not a problem.
We have a wrestling tournament
Kill the pigs before it causes
another trouble.
Alone, it's impossible.
I beg you, Kachrya.
Take your wife
and your children with you.
Take money from the budget
of the party, if necessary.
Kill the pigs before people
go to relieve themselves.
Or they will cause further trouble.
Jabya! Jabya!! Wake up!
Wake up!! Wake up!!
Show me.
Henna looks darker.
Put oil on it to darken well.
Here. Hurry up!
Mom. I beg you, talk to dad.
He wants to kill them on Sunday.
Why Sunday?
The school is closed on Sunday.
He is ashamed to hunt pigs
in front of his friends.
You think your father will listen to us?
Follow me.
Stay up there to watch.
Where do you think?
Jabya, it's you
who hold the collar.
Dhurpa, go through this side.
Take the pigs over here.
I found the pig!
Jabya's family is hunting pigs.
Hey, look there!
Jabya! Grab it!
Use the collar!
It runs away.
It's time for school.
Go with them if you
want to do like them.
Let's go.
Where did you go?
Where are you?
- Where is Jabya?
- No idea.
- Where were you?
- I went to pee.
You have chosen your moment badly.
Don't look at me like that.
If you disappear again,
I make you to shit in your pants.
With Dhurpa, we will attract
the pigs on the other side.
- Trap them when they arrive.
- Okay.
What's funny?
Nothing. What's your problem?
Is it in there?
Be alert.
Throw stones over the pig.
I know what to do.
Shut up, then.
Jabya! The pig comes
towards you.
Jabya, the pig is
trying to come around.
The pig is coming!
Trap and catch it, Jabya!
Your attention!
The National Anthem of India.
Thou art, the ruler of the
minds, of all people,
The dispenser of
Indias destiny.
Thy name rouses the heart of
Punjab, Sind, Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida and
Orissa and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of
the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
and mingles in the music
of Yamuna and Ganges
and is chanted by the
waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for thy blessings
and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people
waits in thy hand,
Thou art, the ruler of the
minds, of all people,
The dispenser of
Indias destiny.
Victory, victory,
victory to thee.
Victory, victory,
victory, victory to thee.
Long live our
motherland, India!
- This way.
- Greetings, Mother India!
Hello, Mr. Kachru.
I greeted you, sir.
Excuse me. I didn't see you.
What is the concern?
We would like to rest.
Do you need something?
- Sorry sir?
- You would not understand.
Hunt the pig! Run after it.
The pig is running away.
Follow it.
Dhurpa, What are you looking at?
Don't play the insolent.
Mind your own business.
Strip of good for nothing.
Do you find that funny?
We treat us for nothing.
You have more value?
I encourage you and
you get upset.
You don't hear
the girls pompoms?
You don't look cricket matches?
Mom, don't worry about them.
Go ahead!
Jabya, I found them.
Grab it! The pig runs away.
Who is here?
You leave the pigs, go home!
[Over P.A.]
Children from 6 to 14 years old
not having access
to education must register.
Amma, can I have water?
Didn't you come to catch the pig?
- Of course.
- Are you sure?
[Over P.A.]
Blind or disabled. Boy or girl.
Everyone will be educated.
- It does not matter what your name is.
- Remember.
Jabya, I found them.
- What happened to the match?
- No electricity.
The pig will go back into the hole.
Block the other entrance.
Hey Jabya.
Catch the pigs.
Your father works alone.
What do you want?
Marriage of God Khandoba
Hello. Yes I'm coming.
Praised be the carriage of God!
Praised be the carriage of God!
Come on, scream.
Did you swallow your tongue?
Whoever doesn't repeat
has more than one father!
Praised be the carriage of God!
Praised be the carriage of God!
Praised be the carriage of God!
Warning! The peacock rose.
See, who is there running away?
Your towel is slipping, man.
Hey man.
- Who is this clown?
- Vikya, the barber.
Dhurpa saw me without my pants.
What did Dhurpa say?
- Where is Jabya?
- I don't know.
- Jabya, come back.
- What do you mean?
Where are you, Jabya?
Jabya, kind of good for nothing.
Praised be the carriage of God!
Jabya, where are you hiding?
Where did you go?
You were hiding here, rascal!
What are you doing?
Are you fishing here?
Move! Move!!
I shouted like breaking my voice!
- Move!
- Jabya.
Jabya, get out of there.
Jabya, where are you hiding?
How dare you hide!
He caught him instead of that pig.
Who do you think you are?
Your father is not rich.
Hey, pigs.
You think yourself as a hero?
Why are you hitting him?
Why? It's you
who spoils him like that.
Should I venerate him?
You'll see a little.
- You did not block the exit.
- Pigs!
- Good-for-nothing.
- Please.
Take the collar.
Take the collar.
- Take the collar.
- Stop.
Get that pig out of there.
Dirty rascal.
Hurry up!
Go! Go!
- Let's go.
- We're not in a hurry.
Good for nothing!
Jabya, good for nothing.
Catch the pig, Jabya.
Use the collar.
Praised be the carriage of God!
Dhurpa is moving
like the athlete 'P.T. Usha'
Circle the pig!
Dhurpa, pass me the collar.
- It is the same.
- What?
The pig that bite Ghorpade.
- How do you know?
- He was black too.
- And that surprises you?
- I am leaving.
Take a seat.
Praised be the carriage of God!
Dhurpa, help him.
Dhurpa! Help him.
- Give it to me.
- Come on, Jabya!
Jabya, use the collar!
He caught it!
- Go!
- Hold it.
Praised be the carriage of God!
Do not let him go.
Pull it harder!
Jabya's mother fell down.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Surkhi, give me the rope.
It killed us.
Gag it.
It was very hard to catch.
Lets' go.
Lets' go.
We had fun.
Not bad, Kachrya.
Good game!
- Pig!
- Pig!
Come on. Come on.
We'll have a little fun.
Get ready!
Kachru's army arrives.
These guys stink!
Hold on, Dhurpa!
Or the pig will spin.
The farm, scum.
Mind your own business.
Hey, stop!
Idiot! Who do you think you are?
That makes you laugh?
Hold your tongue.
Or we'll turn you, dirty pig!
What? Vaurien!
Hey Jabya!
- What are you saying?
- Go away!
- Go ahead, Jabya!
- You will have them.
- Jabya!
- What are you doing?
How dare you?
Have you gone mad?
- Hey!
- I will not miss them!
- Stop, Jabya!
- Go ahead, plug us at the door.
Get the hell out of here!
- Jabya!
- Course!
- Jabya!
- They will see what we are doing.
Jabya! Bloody fool!
- Stop! What are you doing?
- Stop!
Leave me!
Why are you throwing rocks towards them?
- Let go of me.
- Come.
Let them go.
- Leave it alone.
- Vaurien.
Leave me alone!
- Brother.
- Brother.
Leave me.
Bloody Vaurien!!!