Fanney Khan (2018) Movie Script

Fanney Khan.
This name means many things...
Artist. Performer.
Singer. Magician.
Or even an idiot.
Anyone, with whom
you have a great time,
is a Fanney Khan.
This is the story
of one such Fanney Khan,
who changed the very
meaning of this name.
Performing for you tonight
is the star of Jhankar orchestra,
Prashant Sharma...alias...
Fanney Khan!
Fanney Khan! Fanney Khan!
Fanney Khan! Fanney Khan!
Fanney Khan! Fanney Khan!
Clad in stars, my darling,
Where are you off to?
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
Clad in stars, my darling,
Where are you off to?
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
Fanney Khan!
Dressing up is fun,
When Fanney is there
To admire you,
Your beauty goes waste.
Clad in stars, my darling,
Where are you off to?
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
Clad in stars, my darling,
Where are you off to?
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
If you come closer,
I shall find peace.
Your wife has been
taken to the hospital... the hospital!
Our daughter...
Even her crying is so melodic!
She's going to be like you Fanney.
I could not become a famous singer...
...but I will surely
make you Lata.
'What's my name?'
'My name is Sheila.'
'Hot babe Sheila.'
'I'm too sexy for you.'
'You can't have me.'
'No, no...'
'Ain't nobody got a body like Sheila.'
Hey fatso!
Well done, Lata.
Thank you so much.
Keep it there.
That was one heavy-duty
performance, guys.
Thank you so much, Lata.
Coming up are the Jhin Jhin girls.
Give them a big round of applause.
Have this.
Don't worry, my dear.
There will be many
more shows.
I think she chose the wrong song.
Let her sing whatever she wants.
Audiences must also like it, right?
Her song said "what's my name?"
Sounded like an interview, not a song
Oh really?
What should I have sung?
One of Lataji's evergreen songs.
The audience would have loved it.
Her songs are a 100 years old!
But I love them.
That's because you're a 100 as well.
If I sing her songs...
...they'll call me an
Aunty and not just a fatso.
And why did you come there?
I didn't see Rhea today?
Please, Ma... please!
Why the hell did you have to come?
Every time this happens.
Driver, please play some good music.
She sings so well...
All she needs is a good break
to prove how talented she is.
Imagine, Kavita...
A big stage...
Lata on it singing...
Smoke all around...
Some dancers...
Audience cheering...
I don't see it.
Why is there smoke on stage?
You know nothing.
A star needs these things.
Does she need to become a star?
Yes, Kavita.
One day our Lata will be famous.
Prashant, are you dreaming?
Oh, sorry.
Be careful, it might hurt someone.
Come on come on, a little further.
Bring it lower.
Yes, I'm on it.
- Okay?
- Easy!
Hey Adhir!
Let's go.
Further up.
This is delicious.
I hate eggplants.
But I love how you've
made it with noodles.
Prashant, how was Lata's show?
She was great.
That is great.
Come on, louder.
So the wage cut for your
leave was worth it, huh?
Mr. Gupta...
Have you ever done that for someone?
I am talking to Prashant.
So, when do we seen Lata on T.V?
Soon, Mr. Gupta.
I'm making a hit album for her.
I suggest you give
her a hit song and make her a star.
Like Baby Singh.
Baby Singh!
I bring to you,
I bring to you, once again
Come here!
I'll make you forget
what innocence is.
A taste of my mischief...
And your shyness will go.
Here's my beauty, like a treasure
I woo you once more.
It's young love! Get the hint.
No one survives alone.
It's young love! Get the hint.
No one survives alone.
It's the body first,
Which gets all the love.
No one knows
Where we're headed.
Reaching the soul is hard,
It's pointless anyways
As souls cannot be embraced.
Come and embrace me, my love
You won't find such beauty anywhere.
It's young love! Get the hint.
No one survives alone.
It's young love! Get the hint.
No one survives alone.
What a singer Baby is!
Forget her singing, Lata.
Look at her clothes!
Her hairstyle!
Make up!
It's all so sexy!
That's why she is number one!
Please, no!
For a singer, the singing comes first.
Baby Singh is the best
singer in the whole world.
Oh please!
It's all about attitude and styling.
What do you mean?
I mean this...
First get a dress just like
Baby's for Taal n Talent show.
Like Baby Singh?
Yes. I'll do your hair and makeup.
You'll surely win.
I can see it clearly.
First I'll win Taal n Talent show.
Then, Voice of India.
And I'll become the
biggest singing superstar!
Just like Baby Singh.
It's not that easy
to become number 1.
What do you mean?
You think these superstars are on the
top just because they were talented?
Who knows how many music
directors and judges they had to...
You know what I mean.
- Really?
- Of course.
Those perverted ugly-type judges.
Seen their paunches?
And sweaty.
Yuck, stop!
Hairy ears!
I don't want to hear this.
Tell me, Lata.
If a music director
Agrees to give you a chance but...
Only if you know, you sleep...
Just a minute, Rhea.
What are you saying?
Lata, don't listen to this nonsense.
Don't you dare even think like this.
Think what?
Great thoughts happening here!
Go on, make her a star. I...
What's wrong?
Mr. Vikas...
Baby wants to redo the 2nd stanza.
She's unhappy with it.
Our rivals now have a porn star
dancing for their show.
And we are chasing 'art'.
If we don't come up with something
sensational for our finale...
This will be the last
show of your career.
Sensational! Like what?
Like a wardrobe malfunction
in a fashion show.
Unintentional, of course.
No, Mr. Vikas.
Baby will never agree to this.
You're the manager.
It's your job to convince her.
Get to work.
Hi, Baby.
Looking good.
I was just telling Kakkad...
You look hot in the new video.
We'll do something big for the finale,
break the internet.
It'll go viral.
Baby, we need to talk.
At the recording, tomorrow.
Is the recording studio booked?
Baby, do you have any idea
how television rating works?
The pressures...?
I'm sick of these shows, appearances,
award functions, inaugurations...
Weddings, birthdays, fake smiles...
I'm fed up!
But this is the price of stardom.
This is how you've become a star...
Baby Singh!
You know what?
I need a break.
What break?
Break! As in a holiday...
One I haven't taken
in the last five years.
A break isn't what Mr.
Vikas is paying you for.
We've signed a contract with him.
You don't appreciate all this.
I want to take a
break... from Baby Singh.
The rhythm goes like this.
This is great, man.
How do you do this?
Adhir, when I'm happy,
it comes spontaneously to me.
Why are you stuck in this rut?
You are an artist.
Stop flattering me.
Let's get back to work.
I'm going to sing this tune
to Kavita and Lata.
They'll love it.
I think so too.
Okay, bye.
Good morning.
Good morning!
Good morning!
You seem excited.
Has Lata left?
Not yet.
Breakfast is ready.
Ladies and gentlemen!
At your breakfast table today...
Along with your
favourite butter and jam...
We present to you the delightful
creation of Fanney Khan!
Your friendly
neighbourhood sensation...
I didn't get the time to write
the lyrics, so please enjoy the tune.
And the trumpet!
The guitar!
This is the rhythm.
Did you like it?
Isn't it great?
It needs some more work.
You must sing this song, my dear.
It's perfect for you.
Let her be.
I want to hear it.
But mom-in-law,
I've got so much love in this house.
And Arjun is so caring.
He keeps me so happy, mom-in-law.
What's wrong, Jinal?
Why are you crying?
What happened?
- God I am so late for my audition.
- Jinal?
Always late!
Sorry, there was
traffic near Prashant's.
He's a big bore.
He's made you his driver.
I am a driver for all who I love
Cute! Take a right.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Rohan...
Lata, sing a song.
For me, it's my birthday.
Sing! Sing!
Which one?
I can't hear you properly.
I'll sing all of them, okay?
Ooh la la...
Ooh la la...
Ooh la la...
Ooh la la...
Sheila is young and beautiful,
Munni is infamous.
Gulabo's perfume was enticing,
The beautiful ladies
Were so charming.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Mogambo laughed ha ha...
It's impossible to catch Don.
How many men were there,
K K K Kiran?
It's love I fear, not violence.
I will punch a million holes into you.
This guy is crazy in love, sister,
He calls me sweetheart...sweetheart.
The spinning wheel turns.
Wandering, away from home.
I lost my heart...
See how bravely Mary Kom fights,
Beware, Tiger is still alive.
Nobody could take on Bahubali.
Hum a few lines in
the middle of all this.
You my
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Wonder what stole Mastani's heart.
The girls wrestled bravely in Dangal.
Why should Babydoll be made of gold?
Run Milkha, run.
Wonder why...
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Come on lady! Let's dance!
Poor Heer was down with flu.
Congrats Fanney,
the song is fully ready.
Whats up?
It's all over.
Broke off with her?
That's good.
She was using you.
The factory has shut down, Prashant.
Which one?
Our factory!
The owner cheated the
banks and fled to London.
What are you saying?
Go read the notice
How does this bank notice affect us?
It does.
If the factory shuts down,
We lose our jobs.
It's over.
How's that possible?
Let's go talk to the owner.
How will you do that?
He's escaped the law
and is in London now.
How can he just leave?
He can't shut it down
without an advance notice!
What the hell!
He committed a fraud,
why do we have to suffer?
This can't be.
We won't sit back.
We'll set fire to the factory,
destroy it.
Have you lost your mind?
Set fire to the factory!
Go and sit there, quietly.
I won't be quiet!
I'll go to London and kill him.
You bootlicker,
I'll break your head too!
Go and tell him this.
Prashant, let's go outside.
I won't spare anyone.
Let's go.
Your Baby wears weird clothes!
Mom! You know nothing.
It's all styling.
Things have changed now.
This is why Baby Singh is at the top.
That's true.
You know, she gets 3
million for every appearance!
Just to cut one ribbon.
3 million?
What nonsense!
It's true.
I read it on the internet.
And ten times more for shows.
That's bullshit.
It's impossible.
Tens of millions.
Why isn't it possible?
It is how it is.
You don't know a damn thing
So no point in talking to you.
What did I say wrong?
Why don't you keep quiet
and stick to cleaning your trumped?
She's so upset.
What do you want?
I wanted to say good night.
Good night.
When are your exams?
I'm sleepy, dad. Please...
I'll manage.
What's this?
Dress for Taal n Talent auditions.
How much was it?
Don't you ever get tired?
It's on EMI
You have to pay
800/- per month.
But do you need it so bad?
Yes, I do.
The dress and a father
who is not stingy with money.
Okay? Good night.
Anything else?
We can't tell the family.
That we've lost our jobs,
the factory's shut down.
And definitely not to Lata.
Brother, we are jobless now.
We are ruined.
Don't worry.
We'll get a job.
And we'll make Lata's album as well.
Okay, respected and learned Sir...
How will you pay for Lata's album?
By selling a kidney?
Nothing can stop Latas album.
I'll find a way.
I will.
Hey Fanney!
What brings you to my grand palace?
Hello, Kader-bhai.
Hello, my dear.
You're not your usual cheerful self.
Sit down.
This depressing tune
does not suit my dear friend.
Life has dulled this tune.
What nonsense are you saying?
What is your problem?
I'm there for you.
I need a job, Kader-bhai.
The factory has shut down.
I have a job that is sexy...
You'll drive a taxi again,
after all these years?
You have a job.
Have some tea?
Yes, Kader-bhai.
But please keep this a secret.
What, the tea?
No, the taxi.
Don't worry, my friend.
Thank you, O Lord
For covering me,
Though sometimes I'm left bare.
When do I see my happy days?
When do I see my happy days?
The food
And clothing
Fall short sometimes.
When do I see my happy days?
When do I see my happy days?
I remain empty
And lost...
I remain empty
And lost...
When do I see my happy days?
When do I see my happy days?
Are these sleeping pills?
Yes, they are.
Take just one or it might be fatal.
Thank you.
My song is one of sorrow
Which I sing everyday.
I carry my dreams
Which remain unfulfilled.
It's a difficult time for me,
As desires remain
And broken into pieces.
When do I see my happy days?
When do I see my happy days?
Happy days....
Happy days...
Happy days...
Happy days...
When do I see them again?
What are you doing?
Nothing, just calculating.
Calculating what?
I have an idea, Kavita.
What if we produced
Latas album ourselves?
How much would it cost?
Around 1.5 million.
Some more, for promotions.
We barely manage to
save 500 rupees a month.
So in the next 30 years
we should have 1.5 million.
So when Lata is 50 years old,
we'll record her album.
I'm serious.
We can apply for a loan.
Have you gone mad?
Who will give us one?
And how will we ever repay it?
Stop chasing these impossible dreams.
It's dreams that keep me alive.
How can I give them up?
What time is your shift tomorrow?
What time, Prashant?
So now I'm plain old Prashant to you,
not Fanney?
I am aware... of reality.
Reality is that you
have to go to work tomorrow.
Go to bed.
I'm sleeping.
What is it?
I was saying,
this acting workshop in Goa... you have to go?
I've told you earlier, I will
return your money once I'm a star.
It's not about the money Jinal...I...
What's it about then?
Isn't a 3 week workshop too long...
Do I complain, about your
stupid factory. Do I ask questions?
You're lying there all day.
Do you know anything about my acting?
Or my workshop? Do you?
Alright, go to sleep. Sorry.
You wanted a break, right?
You're going to Europe.
For three weeks.
Why did you buy the tickets?
Not me, Mr. Vikas has sent them.
He'll pay for your trip.
I can afford to pay for my holiday.
Yes, but it's a gift from him.
Mr. Vikas said that we
need something sensational...
To boost the ratings of our finale.
Come to the point, Kakkad.
He suggested...
With your costume...
Like at fashion shows...
We could have a wardrobe malfunction.
A trip to Europe...
I don't want to see you from tomorrow.
Baby, wait!
I had refused.
I didn't mean it.
Come on, Baby.
Listen to me.
I rejected his idea!
There's no way you'd...
Bandra, please.
Madam, are you Baby Singh?
Bandra, Waterfield Road.
Please stop at a shop.
I want some water.
Okay, madam.
I'll get it.
A bottle of water, please.
How much?
20 rupees.
Yes, they are sleeping pills.
Take just one or it might be fatal.
- Prashant, can I call you back?
- Come to the factory quickly!
No, it's urgent.
Just come.
At the factory? Why?
Just come right now!
- Prashant, I...
- Come quick.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Who will help me pack?
Your packing is done.
No, it's not. There's so much left.
I'll help you when I'm back.
I'll be back soon.
Don't leave. I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
What happened?
What's the urgency?
I had told you that
I'll figure out something.
I've figured out a way.
Go look, who's in the taxi.
Who is this?
Look carefully.
"Love is young"
Baby Singh!
What is she doing in your taxi?
I've brought her.
She's come with you?
No, I've kidnapped her.
Be serious, tell me.
I am.
I've kidnapped Baby Singh.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you doing?
My mind is finally working.
That rascal left us jobless
and ruined our lives.
Now he's enjoying his life in London.
How is it her fault?
What has she done?
How is it our fault either?
Our problem is we don't have money.
And she has lots of it.
Do you know how much
she charges to cut ribbons?
How would I know?
A few thousand, maybe?
Not thousands, but millions.
And many millions for live shows.
What are you thinking about?
If we take some of her money,
it won't make any difference to her.
Listen to me.
You have to help me.
I can't do this alone.
What are you doing, Prashant?
Both of us will get into trouble.
I can't do this.
Leave me.
I won't.
Aren't you my friend?
I am, but...
I can't help you with this.
I don't want the money.
Yes, baby.
- To hell with your baby!
- I'll be there soon.
See you in a few minutes.
Forget her and think about this Baby.
Both of us will get into trouble,
This is wrong.
Don't do this.
Alright, so you're not my friend?
I am, but...
I'm so tired.
I don't have a job, I'll be 50 soon.
I have no money.
Nobody respects me at home.
Everything's a mess.
I have to do this.
I can't help you with this.
Go, be with your Jinal.
It's so hot here,
Goa will be worse.
Babe, you look so hot.
- Really?
- Come here.
Come here.
I'm so excited about Goa.
Ya, me too.
Thank you.
Keep the bags, okay?
Adhir, this is Jai Walia,
the lead actor of that famous show...
'Babul Ka Angna.'
This is Adhir, he works in a factory.
Bombay Metals.
Just keep the bags.
I like your t-shirt.
Thanks babe.
You're looking so hot!
Stop staring at him.
Such a loser.
Don't worry, brother.
I'll take care of her.
Take care, Jinal.
Yes, Adhir... my purse.
Should we leave?
Where is she?
She's inside.
How did you open the door?
I broke it open.
Prashant, you've tied up Baby Singh?
Is she dead?
No! Come, she's sleeping.
I think the sleeping
pills were too strong.
Hope nobody saw you.
What's all this?
We might have to
stay here for some time.
I've got some of
Jinal's clothes for her.
Do want to set up home?
Plan to marry her?
Fine, I'm leaving. Do this yourself.
Please don't be angry.
We have a problem.
Now that I've kidnapped her,
whom do I ask for the money?
How will I know?
You have kidnapped her.
You should have a plan.
I haven't done this before.
I'm an artist not a criminal.
You were an artist, Prashant.
Now, you're a criminal, a kidnapper.
She's waking up.
Now what?
Why are you covering her eyes?
I don't want her to see my face.
Madam, please don't shout.
Somebody... hello!
What are you doing?
So that she doesn't shout.
Ask her.
Who all are there at home?
Tell me!
She can talk now.
I asked you about your family members.
Take off the blindfold
and I'll tell you.
What am I asking you?
Tell me about your family!
Take this off and I'll tell you.
Mr. Driver,
I've seen your face already.
Why did you show her your face?
Come on!
One minute.
Behave like a goon and scare her.
Ms. Baby Singh, quickly
tell me about your family or else...
Or else what?
You know who I am, right?
Don't you know you'll get caught?
Hello, madam.
Big fan.
Don't get scared, madam.
Untie my hands and I'll show you.
Madam, actually...
We're good people.
Not the criminal types
to chop off your fingers or rape you.
Or threaten to kill you.
What are you saying?
She needs to trust us.
Madam, now that we have kidnapped you,
who do we call, for the money?
How much?
Whatever you think fit.
Come with me.
Are you are a kidnapper or a porter?
Asking for a donation.
Make a demand.
50 thousand?
50 thousand?
3 million at least.
It's too much.
3 million?
3 million?
Tell me, who do I call?
The police.
No madam, please.
Don't call the police.
We're... honest people.
We can reduce the amount.
You can give me your debit card,
I'll withdraw the money.
See who it is.
- Who is it?
- Manager.
Some Kakkad.
Answer it.
Got disconnected.
Call him back.
You have to show the face.
Madam, I can't show you my face.
Show my face to the phone.
It's unlocked.
It's unlocked.
What are you staring at, Kakkad?
This is not a joke.
I'm not joking, darling.
I'm not your darling, Kakkad.
- Here it is.
- Please.
Hey Baby, where are you?
You have to wait.
Who the hell is this?
He's asking who I am.
What do I say?
This is her kidnapper.
These people...
What do you want?
Wait for my call.
Don't call the police.
Don't contact the police.
Or else Baby Singh...
Else I'll chop off Baby Singh's
head and hand it over to you.
- No, but... hello?
- Bye!
Big fan.
Yeah, right!
Nice phone.
What happened?
What's wrong? Why the drama?
It's too much now.
Just get her from wherever she is!
I have to leave now.
You stay and look after her.
Can you?
Don't get too familiar.
Just don't talk to her.
- But...
- Give her some food.
Be back soon.
I'll be back soon.
Excuse me?
Do you have a restroom here?
You can rest here.
No one will bother you.
I mean... a bathroom.
Friends, next on Taal n Talent
is contestant number 17!
Give it up for Junior Baby Singh.
I bring to you,
I bring to you, once again
Give Baby a glass of water!
I think fatty is tired.
Come here!
I'll make you forget
what innocence is.
A taste of my mischief...
And your shyness will go.
Poor man's Baby Singh!, like a treasure
I woo you once more.
Look at the baby elephant dance.
It's young love! Get...
Stop the music!
Is this a joke?
What's your name?
Just because your parents
named you after a famous singer,
doesn't mean you can sing.
They should've named
her after an athlete.
At least that would
have made this fatty run.
Have you ever seen
yourself in the mirror?
Forget about holding a tune.
Do you even deserve to hold
a mike and stand on the stage?
You could've done
something else, dear.
You don't have to sing.
Don't you get it?
Now please leave.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Baby aunty.
Well done.
Try next year.
And now my friends.
I'll go...
Our next contestant
is Junior Yo Yo.
The water's blue-blue.
And the day's sunny-sunny.
Let's get on the beach and take a pic
It will be your bad luck
If you don't listen to me
The water's blue-blue.
And the day's sunny-sunny.
Let's get on the beach and take a pic
Where's that girl who
just got off the stage?
Is this any way to talk?
Who are these judges?
I would slap them if I could.
They're right.
It's the biggest size they had.
That's what I am... a whale.
I am...
Don't feel bad about
what they have said.
This place is terrible.
You sing so well back home.
I've heard you.
My daughter sings so well.
I will remain an obscure Fanney Khan,
just like dad.
Next year,
we'll take you for 'India Ki Aawaz'.
No. I won't sing anymore.
I can't do it.
That's it.
Don't give up.
My baby.
Here it is.
This is the kidnapper.
Tell me, what do you want, sir?
Not over the phone.
Sassoon dock, at 6pm.
- Come alone.
- Okay.
Or else I'll chop off Baby Singh's
head and hand it over to you.
I'll come alone.
Kakkad, give him what he wants.
Baby is crucial for the finale show.
Don't try to be smart.
How much do you want?
Listen to something
on this pendrive.
What have you done to Baby?
The trumpet comes in here.
Now the guitar.
And the rhythm.
How do you like it?
How did you like the tune?
Er... sir, it's nice, very nice.
I don't understand?
Do you want Baby to sing this?
How long will it take for
you to make this into a proper song?
I don't know.
It might be done in a day.
Sometimes it takes one month.
You don't have a month's time.
You have a week.
The sooner you make this into a song,
the sooner you'll get Baby back.
I'll be leaving now.
Excuse me, sir?
But, why do you need to make this?
You make a grand entrance anyways.
That's why...
Madam, your food.
Open your mouth.
- Nah.
- Come on.
You need to eat.
We haven't brought
you here to torture you.
Come on, open up.
You know what?
Everybody says I'm a great cook.
- Want some?
- Now what have you put in this?
Want to know my recipe?
It's a secret.
Give me some.
How is it?
I just try...
Must be hungry.
He's alone at home.
Okay, I can call
him and tell him to eat.
And that you'll be back soon.
My dog is called Master!
Oh, I thought...
Please take me to him.
Give me your house
keys and I'll get him here.
Do I look stupid to you?
That I'll give my house
keys to a kidnapper!
Master, my baby.
Oh, please don't cry.
If you don't stop,
I'll start crying as well.
You promise to get him here?
Of course.
You won't hurt him, right?
You think that's what I do?
Torture poor dogs?
I love dogs.
I'll get him.
Trust me.
How can I trust
someone I haven't seen?
Please, open the blindfold.
But madam, the blindfold...
Yes, take it off.
- Sure you won't tell anyone about me?
- No, I promise.
Please, take this off.
What's your name?
Adhir, can you please untie my hands?
It's hurting me.
What if you escape?
I trust you. Don't you trust me?
But my friend has entrusted you to me.
I can't let him down.
Choose, your hands or your dog?
Listen, come here.
How will he know that I've sent you?
He will recognise my scent.
Hey there,
where do you think you're going?
Where to?
Come here.
Where are you headed?
To Baby Singh's house.
But madam isn't at home.
I know. Her dog needs to be fed.
I haven't seen you before.
Nor have I.
I've always been here.
I work at the pet store.
Do you have a dog?
That's why you haven't seen me.
He must be very hungry.
Write your name here.
Madam knows me.
India's number one singing
superstar Baby Singh...
- Kidnapped!
- Mom!
Come quick!
Baby Singh has been kidnapped!
These guys are professionals.
I have no idea when
she was kidnapped and how.
I'm waiting for their call.
For them to get in touch.
I am waiting.
Yes, you heard it right.
The darling of the nation...
What are you looking for?
Has been kidnapped.
- Another piece of shocking news.
- My phone.
Listen to the news!
Baby Singh's pet dog
was kidnapped as well.
There you go!
I got hold of him but he was armed.
He was carrying a gun in his hand.
The rascal managed
to run away with the dog.
These kidnappers are such animals!
- They even picked up her poor dog.
- Baby Singh's phone is being tracked.
As soon as it is done,
the police will find out her location.
These kidnappers will probably
torture Baby Singh's dog.
Just to harass her.
Hello, brother.
See, we still have cable television.
I had given you one job.
Just one.
What's wrong?
Why the hell have
you picked up her dog?
That's his name.
The dog is called Master?
Prashant, Sumi was so sad.
Who is Sumi now?
Her real name is Sumitra.
Now that you're so close,
are you getting married?
I'll play the trumpet at your wedding.
And what is this?
Are you on a holiday?
Why are you cutting a papaya?
Sumi madam said it's
very good for the skin.
Why are you so upset?
Your antics from last
night are all over the news.
Let me show you.
You're the one who got him.
How close are you to Baby Singh?
I can't explain, how
important she is to me.
We may not be able to see her again.
I just want to tell Baby Singh's fans,
to pray for her wellbeing.
Please pray.
Mr. Vikas, what is your opinion?
Baby Singh is a gifted singer.
Such talent is born
once in a lifetime.
With a heavy heart,
we launch her new video today.
Her last song is available
exclusively on
Please download it.
And please pray for Baby Singh.
Breaking News!
The cops have successfully
tracked Baby Singh's phone.
These kidnappers are very smart.
They left Baby Singh's phone at
her residence to confuse the police.
The police have got a lead
on the kidnapper's motorbike.
Investigation is on.
See what you've done!
Go and hide your motorbike.
I'll tie her up.
I am the kidnapper.
I decide.
You go!
Come on, get up madam.
Get up!
A sympathy wave has taken
the entire nation by storm.
Baby Singh's latest song
has become the most downloaded video,
in the history of India.
Baby madam,
may I ask you something?
In your struggling days,
did you have to?
With a music director or a producer...
Have to what?
Untie my hands and I'll teach
you a lesson you'll never forget.
- Sorry if I've offended you.
- Compromise!
It's your thoughts
that are compromised.
Just because I am dressed
glamorously in music videos,
doesn't mean I am easy.
Ready for anything.
If she's beautiful there's
no way she's talented.
Since she's a successful star,
she must've compromised at some point.
No girl can succeed,
solely because of her talent.
Times have changed,
but your perceptions
about women haven't.
So it's just your talent
that has made you so successful.
That means, you've never...
Somebody just slap him.
I mean...
There's someone I know.
She aspires to be like you,
Baby Singh.
Tell her to work very hard,
to hone her skills,
if she wants to sing like Baby Singh.
She is good.
Better than you, in fact.
Practises regularly.
She's my neighbour, got a great voice.
I'm not just saying this.
She really is very good.
- So she's talented...
- Yes!
- and hard working?
- Definitely!
Then there's no stopping her.
She can be more successful
than Baby Singh.
All she needs,
is an opportunity.
I had told you not
to inform the police.
Why did you inform them?
Yes, but I haven't.
You're the one who gave
it away when you stole the dog.
I haven't told the police anything.
Because I know
how dangerous you are.
Yes I am.
Sir, I have some good news for you.
Your tune, everybody loves it.
They said it's a super hit song!
When will this song be ready?
It is ready now.
Do you want to hear it?
Yes, I do.
That's what I want.
Should we meet, at the same place?
Yes, at the same place.
Smartass, we'll meet somewhere else.
I'll tell you where.
And don't get the
police with you or else...
I know.
You'll chop off Baby Singh's
head and hand it over to me.
What do you think?
Didn't you like it?
It's... very good.
It's the first time
I am hearing my composition...
Arranged with music...
I am happy. I can't believe it.
These are the lyrics.
So when do you want to
come and record it at the studio?
I won't.
There's a girl...
Who is waiting to be
discovered by the world.
She's a very talented singer.
Please meet her once, Kakkad sir.
Since you're speaking so respectfully,
I have to.
Just take what you're
getting and don't push me.
Write down.
Her phone number.
Tell me.
Call her up tomorrow morning.
At 9 sharp.
Why are you touching my phone?
I'm just checking
if it's on silent mode.
So that you don't miss any calls.
What's your problem?
What's wrong?
He's taking my phone.
Mom, I'm telling you, if he...
Yes, this is Lata Sharma.
You're Baby Singh's manager?
Thank you!
Baby Singh's manager just called me.
Karan Kakkad!
He wants to meet and audition me!
For a new song!
I can't believe it! Baby Singh!
Isn't that amazing?
So when do you have to meet him?
Both of us will go with you.
No... I'll manage.
Let her go.
How will she go alone, Fanney?
It's for a recording. It's alright.
Give it your best shot.
- All the best to you, my dear.
- I need clothes!
What should I wear?
Sir, I can't hear you.
So Lata Sharma...
Yes, sir.
Give it your best shot.
Should we start?
Sumi madam...
What about your work?
Aren't you losing out on work?
Recordings, dress rehearsals,
photo shoots, dance rehearsals...
It's my break from all of that!
Do you like my songs?
Yes, very much.
Big fan.
Which one's your favourite?
That one... in which you're
wearing a white gown.
White gown...
The long one.
Sing it for me.
In front of you?
It's your favourite, right?
Sing it.
Don't laugh.
You, you are mine...
Me, I am yours...
You, you are mine...
Me, I am yours...
Our love...
I knew you'd laugh.
But this isn't my song.
Likes my songs.
White gown...
So, whose is it then?
Your original song.
All songs are similar these days.
I don't know...
Mind blowing!
Mind blowing!
Sir, should I sing it again?
Why? You were so good.
Super hit!
You sang well.
It was wonderful...
Could you wait outside
for a bit, please?
- Okay.
- I'll be there.
Seriously Kakkad,
stop wasting my time.
What was this?
Emotion... it's lacking emotion.
Don't you have a software
that can add the emotion?
Get it ready.
This place is awesome.
It's a good hotel.
It's a restaurant.
A restaurant is where we go to eat.
A hotel, is where people stay over...
Can I say something?
Please don't laugh at me.
Of course not.
I've never been to such
a nice ho... sorry, restaurant.
We just go to local cafes.
So sweet.
Lata, show me your hand.
It's nice and soft.
You seem to be very lucky.
No, not really.
If you do as I say,
everything will change.
When somebody becomes a star,
everything in his life changes.
Yes, you.
Now this is a hotel.
Is this your first
time in such a place?
Yes, sir.
First time in my life.
Who all are there at home?
Just my parents.
So who taught you music?
Your mother or your father?
My father... but he's useless.
He records these silly tunes
on his phone and asks me to sing them.
As if I will.
Plus he behaves so weirdly.
He calls himself Fanney Khan.
He's a failure.
He thinks I'm going to sing his songs.
He doesn't get it that I want
to be someone like Baby Singh!
I want to be like her.
Number one.
My friend Rhea tells me that
it's not easy to become Baby Singh.
You know, all those...
No sir, I can't do this.
Do what?
- Sir please, can I go?
- Relax.
Just relax.
Sit down.
Sir, I...
I can't do it.
I just told you to relax.
Don't worry.
Let me tell you something.
Everybody gets that one chance,
at some point of time.
So will you.
Can I go?
Yes, good night.
Where have you been?
I've been calling you!
The phone...
It's 11 o'clock!
Where were you?
Mr. Kakkad introduced
me to the music director.
And the recording?
We finished recording.
Then we went to a Chinese restaurant.
Which song?
It's a new one.
And he liked my voice.
Look Lata...
Mom... I'm tired, I'm going to bed.
Good night.
Good night, my dear.
Did you see?
I knew it.
Knew what?
I am going to bed.
Master isn't usually so affectionate.
Oh really?
Does he take after his name?
Hey, don't you say anything about him.
He's my best friend.
He? Your best friend?
In fact...
My only true friend.
Are you serious?
I thought stars have a lot of friends.
A lot of acquaintances.
See, everyone wants
to meet Baby Singh.
No one really knows Sumitra.
And... boyfriend?
I've been so busy with
work all these years that...
I can't even hold
anyone's hand without...
It's dusty.
My desires well up
at the sight of you.
You intoxicate me...
Let us never be apart,
You intoxicate me.
This light headed feeling,
The first throes of love
Is my obsession.
Is this love or an obsession?
I surrender and
Lose myself in you.
This light headed feeling,
The first throes of love.
Your beauty is your pride.
It is my fault.
I surrender and
Lose myself in you.
You're special in every way,
You are what I desire.
Your sweetness
You are what I desire.
This light headed feeling,
The first throes of love
Is my obsession.
Is this love or an obsession?
I surrender and
Lose myself in you.
This light headed feeling,
The first throes of love.
I surrender and
Lose myself in you.
And drown in
The pools of your eyes.
I lose myself.
I learnt music at the
church in the orphanage.
I won India Ki Aawaz.
And from Sumitra I became,
Baby Singh.
I wanted to be a cricketer.
But Kashmir was very unstable.
So my mother sent
me here when I was young.
To my uncle.
My mother still lives in Kashmir.
I have no idea if my father,
has been killed or...
I don't know.
I don't even know what
my parents looked like.
What's written here?
- This?
- Yes.
It's a saying in Sanskrit.
What does it mean?
Whatever happens,
happens for a reason.
And this eight?
Your birthday?
It's not an eight.
The mall?
- Infinity mall.
- No, not Infinity mall.
Free, forever.
I got this done when I
was free to do what I want to.
You're still free.
You can do whatever you want to.
Isn't it, Sumitra?
Let's send a reporter,
we'll go live...
Vikas sir, listen to me.
TRP ratings will shoot up!
It's only for this one night,
how's the plan?
That's a great plan Kakkad.
But will it work?
Why not, sir?
You rogue!
You'll make a good producer one day.
I've learnt from the best, sir.
It's going to be
a super hit.
I had told you, Mr. Kakkad.
This girl is very talented.
Yes, your daughter sings well.
Who told you she's my daughter?
I know everything about you,
Prashant Sharma,
alias Fanney Khan.
- I haven't told the police.
- Why?
Do you know, tonight at the grand
finale of India Ki Aawaz,
who is going to perform
instead of Baby Singh?
Who will sing?
Fanney Khan's Lata!
- Yes.
- Is it true?
Is it possible?
Of course, it is.
If you want it.
You just need to
take care of Baby
Singh for one more night.
Then Lata can get this chance.
There's no one else
in this with you, right?
I have a friend, Adhir.
He's with Baby Singh now.
Do you trust him?
More than I trust myself.
You don't worry.
I have your phone number.
I'll get in touch with you.
Thank you, Mr. Kakkad.
So my superstar,
Fanney Khan!
Hello, how are you?
Oh no!
What are you doing?
It's okay.
Yes, I am Lata Sharma.
Okay, yes.
Thank you.
What happened?
I'm singing at the grand
finale of India Ki Aawaz tonight!
At the grand finale of India Ki Aawaz,
instead of Baby Singh,
Lata is going to sing tonight.
Sumitra madam?
Good luck, Lata.
All the best.
Come on!
Do you like it?
Why have you made her wear this?
Ma'am, you don't
know the latest fashion.
I know more than you do, alright?
What are you saying, mom?
Lata, isn't this happening too fast?
What do you mean?
Just come here.
Come here.
What's wrong?
I just...
Just sit down.
Tell me what's wrong.
What's wrong, mom?
What happened that night, with Kakkad?
That he's so eager
to give you a chance.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Swear on me.
Mom, I haven't done
anything of the sort.
Please trust me.
What do you mean,
two of them have escaped?
Not two, three of them.
Master is also missing.
Shut up!
You said you could trust him.
I did.
I don't understand.
I'm trying to call them
but they're not answering.
That bitch...
Hope they haven't gone to the police.
I would've known by now.
Don't worry about that.
Have you told anyone about this?
Listen, do something.
Carry on pretending
that Baby is with you.
Acting? Me?
But why?
Don't you want Lata to be a star?
Yes, I do.
Then do as I tell you.
Stay there.
And don't do anything.
Wait for my call.
Mr. Kakkad?
Hello, where are you?
I've been trying to call you.
What happened?
Why have you been calling me?
We're at the studio.
Lata has got an opportunity to
sing at the finale of India Ki Aawaz.
A chance to sing in India Ki Aawaz?
Is it true?
This is why I've
been trying to call you!
Where are you?
Come here, she's nervous.
So am I.
Tell her not to be nervous.
I am... busy...
I'll be there as
soon as I finish work.
Is she nearby?
Give the phone to Lata.
I want to wish her good luck.
Yes mom?
Lata, it's dad.
He wants to wish you luck.
I'm getting my makeup done.
Tell him to come here.
She's getting her makeup done.
Her star tantrums
have started already.
It's alright, don't disturb her.
She has to sing on stage.
It's a live show.
Your Lata will be a star soon.
It's you who believed in
her talent from the beginning.
I thought you were
chasing impossible dreams.
But these very dreams
will come true today.
You were right, Fanney.
We need to see our dreams,
to make them come true.
I love you.
You just said love you
and Fanney in one sentence.
What more could I ask for?
I love you very much, my darling.
You can sing the
rest of it later, okay?
Come quickly.
- Yes.
- I'm sending you the address.
You look good.
Let's go.
We're going live.
Do you understand?
Everything will happen live.
Sing from the heart.
Where's your father?
Fanney Khan!
- Where's dad?
- He is on his way.
Go there.
You... stay.
Stay here.
Lata, all the best.
In the entertainment industry,
any crap, packaged well, sells.
Sing well. Don't worry,
I'm here.
Hello and welcome to the
grand finale of Voice of India.
This is Pooja Bhamra and we're
coming to you live on Hindustan TV.
A lot has happened in the past week.
The special guest of this show,
India's superstar, Baby Singh...
The entire nation is
praying for her wellbeing.
But, like they say,
the show must go on.
Kakkad sir, I have reached.
Right, sir. Okay.
Tonight's grand finale
show is going to be one of the
biggest shows in the
history of television.
Because before the
final round tonight,
we will present to you,
a special mystery guest.
Now this special mystery guest,
is going to make tonight's
grand finale most entertaining,
most exciting and
the most memorable show
that you've ever seen!
Now who is our special mystery guest?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we present to you a surprise,
a sensation, a...
Sorry, wait a second.
Friends, we have just got a major breakthrough
in the Baby Singh kidnapping case.
Let's find out more from
our special correspondent Vinod.
Yes, we are at the very factory
where Baby Singh was
kidnapped and held hostage.
This factory is situated
in Bhandup, Bombay.
It has been shut down for 20 days now.
Like you can see,
the factory has been sealed.
We don't see any
guards or workers here.
There is this taxi parked behind me.
Let's go and see.
License plate number, 2355.
As you can see, the lights
inside have just been switched off.
That means,
the kidnappers are still inside.
The question here is
if Baby Singh is alright!
Is she even alive?
There are news reporters outside.
Baby isn't there.
What's happening?
I don't understand.
I'll go outside and
tell them everything.
Are you crazy?
Don't worry.
Just follow my instructions.
What do you mean don't worry?
Fanney, your daughter
is about to become a star.
Fanney Khan's daughter, Lata, a star.
What are you worried about?
Nothing will happen to you.
Don't worry, Kakkad's there.
And wait for my call.
Okay, bye.
We have a situation here.
As you can see, the police are here.
The police have surrounded the area.
We have just received news,
that we now know the
name and identity of the kidnapper.
The kidnapper is Prashant Sharma.
This Prashant Sharma
alias Fanney Khan,
a singer in a band from the 90s,
used to work in this factory.
He's the one who kidnapped Baby Singh
and demanded a ransom
from her manager.
We have with us, the supervisor
of this factory, Mr. Gupta
who knows Prashant Sharma very well.
Mr. Gupta...
He created a ruckus the
day the factory shut down.
He threatened to
burn down the factory.
Destroy it.
I tried to reason with him.
Didn't I?
But he had lost his mind.
As you heard, Prashant's intentions
seem very dangerous.
Welcome back to the grand
finale of Voice of India.
As we wait for more updates on this,
let us continue with the show.
Now let us meet the special mystery
guest of tonight's grand finale
live only on Hindustan TV.
We'll be back after the break.
Be back in a minute.
Welcome back to the grand
finale of Voice of India.
Let me introduce you to a special,
new and unique talent.
Please put your hands together
for our special mystery guest,
Junior Baby Singh!
Sorry to interrupt
the live presentation.
We have just got an update
on the Baby Singh kidnapping case.
Please let Lata sing before I die.
Hello... Kakkad?
Do you want to see Lata sing on stage?
Of course,
that's why I am doing all this.
Then go, open the window,
tell the reporters outside, if they
don't let Junior Baby Singh perform,
then you will shoot
the original Baby Singh.
Shoot her?
You just have to say that.
But you know Baby Singh isn't here.
They don't.
Understand this.
Kakkad, what have you got me into?
If you don't do this, Fanney,
your daughter won't become a star,
Do this for your daughter, for Lata.
What are you doing?
Come on, I said do it.
Baby Singh's life might be in danger.
Listen to me, carefully.
He's saying something, let's go.
If Junior Baby Singh is not allowed
to perform in tonight's show...
I will shoot the original Baby Singh.
Don't come closer, please.
Or I will really shoot her!
I want to speak to the
news reporter.
What are your demands?
That girl, Junior Baby Singh,
please let her sing.
Are you her fan?
I'm her father.
But she has nothing to do with this.
It's not her fault.
Did you hear that shocking news?
The kidnapper is Junior
Baby Singh's father.
Do you want to say
something to your daughter?
Yes, but she's on stage right now.
This is a live show,
being telecast on Voice of India.
- Is there a TV inside?
- Yes.
Take this, speak to your daughter.
I'll put you on.
Go quickly.
Your daughter is watching you.
Speak to her.
Please... quickly.
Split screen.
Dad, what's all this?
Are you ready to sing?
Why did you do this?
For you.
You sing this song.
It's perfect for you.
How do you know?
I've written it
especially for you.
For me?
Yes, my dear.
There can only be two
outcomes of your dreams.
They either get
fulfilled or shattered.
As for my dreams,
when you were born, they changed.
I wished for you what
I wanted for myself.
Anyway, forget that.
You just sing this song.
Dad, I'm scared.
Get rid of your fear.
You are the best.
No one can stop you.
Sing well... from your heart.
And let the world know who you are.
Lata, my daughter.
And music.
This world drives us crazy
Judging us every minute.
Look beyond our bodies
And understand what we say.
So much of us,
Remains unseen
And undiscovered
By the world.
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I...
Why should anyone
Be like us?
You are unique
So am I.
The smiles
Are fake.
False affections
Offer no solace.
Why do we pretend
To laugh and cry?
What's stopping us
From being ourselves?
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I...
Why should anyone
Be like us?
You are unique
So am I.
Dreams are what
Keep us alive.
Why worry about
This fake world?
Always remember,
You are blessed
You are special.
Always be true
And your patience will be rewarded.
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I...
Why should anyone
Be like us?
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I...
Why should anyone
Be like us?
You are unique
So am I.
Breaking news! Baby Singh has
just posted a video on social media!
Hi guys, do I look kidnapped to you?
I am on leave for the last
week, on a holiday, with my Adhir.
From Kashmir, Baby Singh and her boyfriend
Adhir have sent a message for Lata Sharma.
Hey Lata, we heard your song,
you're amazing! Truly!
In fact, I want to tell all the young
Latas in India to believe in themselves.
Baby has ruined your
gameplan, isn't it?
True talent will shine, work
hard and stride ahead,
you will achieve success, no
one can stop you, ok?
Lata, big fan!
We both are huge fans!
- I have to admire and praise your creator
- Oh God, please no! Stop! Cut!
I have to admire...
bye Lata!
The most sensational story
in the history of reality television,
has come to a glorious end today.
Prashant Sharma,
has been acquitted of all charges.
Lata Sharma's song, 'Tere Jaisa Tu'
has hit 50 million views.
My wishes..
Have come true.
Please don't...
Stop the joys.
Let my dreams soar new skies.
My lucky days are here again
My lucky days are here again
This is how Prashant Sharma changed
the stories of all Fanney Khans.
Now Fanney Khan is a
glorious example, not a joke.
Friends, the next contestant
on Taal n Talent is
Junior Lata Sharma.
This world drives us crazy
Judging us every minute.
Look beyond our bodies
And understand what we say.
So much of us,
Remains unseen
And undiscovered
By the world.
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I...
Why should anyone
Be like us?
You are unique
So am I.
The smiles
Are fake.
False affections
Offer no solace.
Why do we pretend
To laugh and cry?
What's stopping us
From being ourselves?
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I...
Why should anyone
Be like us?
You are unique
So am I.
Dreams are what
Keep us alive.
Why worry about
This fake world?
Always remember,
You are blessed
You are special.
Always be true
And your patience will be rewarded.
You are unique
So am I.
You are unique
So am I.
Why should anyone
Be like us?
You are unique
So am I.