Fanny (1961) Movie Script

Full steam ahead!
Enough, idiot!
You're using up all the steam!
Glad to have had you aboard.
Good morning, Panisse.
Beautiful sardines!
Isn't anybody hungry today?
Morning, ladies.
Hi, Miquel.
Are you going to buy
something, or just stand there?
These oysters are very
small, aren't they?
If it's monsters you
want, go the aquarium.
Two dozen, please.
Morning, Honorine.
Morning, Escartifique.
Where is
your beautiful daughter?
It's Fanny's day off.
It's all right, Cesar.
It's me, Escartifique.
Is your son tending bar?
Marius, I am here.
My glass of wine, please.
Thank you, Marius.
Bum bum bum bum bum bum
bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum.
Ha, ha!
Ahoy, there, mate,
what time is it?
Ho, ho!
Hey, Marius!
Uh, Marius!
Oh, Marius, she's do
in any minute, Marius.
You want the whole
world to know?
It's your big chance.
Will you be ready?
Come here.
Hurry up!
Ho, ho.
Already packed, huh?
And your papers?
Oh, ho, ho.
You'll get away!
Oh, ho!
Oh, what a beautiful sound, eh?
That's the Saigon.
She wants a pilot.
It's whistling, Marius.
Yes, it's the Saigon.
It is the percolator!
Is that coffee for him?
Want a cup?
Why not?
Because if we drink
everything free,
There will be nothing
left for the customers.
If you meant to insult
me, you succeeded.
What insult?
Hey, if at the age of 20 I
can't offer a cup of coffee
To a friend, what am I, huh?
You're barely 19 in 2 months.
Now don't be in
such a hurry to 20.
Oh, we have an
appointment later, right?
Uh, I don't know.
Ship ahoy!
Aha, ha, ha, ha.
Oh, ha, ha, ha.
I congratulate you on
your choice of friends.
A half crazy...
The Admiral is
completely crazy.
But is my friend.
Hot today, isn't it?
Ha, ha.
Well, isn't somebody
going to say something?
Your poor mother will allow
you to sell fish in, uh, that?
I sell no fish today.
It's my birthday.
Oh, of course.
Heartfelt congratulations.
Ha, ha, ha.
Thank you, Cesar.
Here, inhale.
It's not sardine.
It's perfume!
Is it very expensive?
Of course not.
But is perfume.
Mama give it to me.
She said, uh, today,
daughter, you are a woman.
I'm still not married.
Ha, ha, a woman!
Marius, how long ago was it
that you and Fanny were playing
On the floor together, with
both your noses running?
A cup of coffee, please.
Marius, don't you think
it's nice to be 18?
Not particularly.
It's so, well, in between.
I mean, at 17 one is
young, at 19 a man.
But 18...
Well, I have no
desire to be a man.
Have another whiff.
Fanny, don't pay any
attention to my son.
You're beautiful.
Soon you'll get married
and have children,
So they can poison
your existence.
Oh, now I poison his existence!
I do half your work.
Half my work?
Ha, ha!
Whenever you're needed,
you're not here.
You're a dreamer,
that's what you are.
You were born right
upstairs and you can't even
Learn how to proportion a
decent lemon pecan coureso.
You don't make two
of them the same!
Well, since the customer's
drink only one at a time,
They can't compare them.
What have you got to
answer to that, Cesar?
Now, you keep out of this.
You're only 18.
Now what's so
difficult about this?
Now look, one third
coureso... now pay attention!
Yes, sir.
A little fare.
Ah, and one third lemon.
I see.
Now, a good third pecan.
And now, add a
big fare of water.
That makes four thirds.
A glass only
holds three thirds.
It depends on the
size of the thirds!
Well, the... that's
not arithmetic!
And a drop on the bottleneck,
is that arithmetic, too?
Now look!
You should pour it like this.
And push the last
drop back with a cork.
Cesar, hurry!
It's time for the hunt.
I'm really for this!
Quickly, quickly!
Come on, hurry!
They always hide
it under the hat.
Ha, ha.
Look at them!
Grown men!
Hey, there is one.
We didn't hurt you, sir?
Good morning.
A lovely day.
Uh-oh, look.
Good morning.
Oh, no!
Nice to see everyone
out this morning.
Why weren't you at
the dance last night?
Well, I can live
without dancing.
I danced practically
every dance with Victor.
A very good dancer.
Very polite and clever, too.
Is he that little boy
with the large pimples?
Oh, the pimples are all gone.
I'm glad to hear it.
They've given way to boils.
Not too bad a fight.
Ha, ha.
Should I tell Victor that I
can't go with him next Sunday
Why should you tell him that?
I thought you might
want to take me.
Don't disappoint Victor.
I might ruin what's
left of his complexion.
You're dense.
Or hopeless!
Or both!
Still playing the same
imbecilic game, I see.
Why, it's Monsieur Brun.
Yes, aha!
Welcome back from
Paris, Monsieur Brun.
Thank you.
It's easy to see
you're an Englishman,
You didn't kick the hat.
Now we can have our
card games again!
Aha, ha, ha!
Sit down.
Sit down.
We'll drink to your homecoming.
Oh, thank you.
Marius, another glass!
Fanny, it's lunch time.
A plate of delicious
muscles, hm?
Ha, ha, ha.
Not for me.
Where did he go
in such a hurry?
To get dressed.
Today is Monday.
Is Monday something special?
Don't you remember?
On Monday's at 12:30 my father
lunches with his girlfriend.
Oh, yes, of course.
Tell me, is it still the same,
um, uh, voluptuous Dutch lady?
There's a new one.
She is Spanish.
And monumental!
Oh, hoo, hoo, hoo.
That will be four francs each.
Four francs for that?
My mother
says four francs.
And from that high
court, there's no appeal.
Ha, ha.
Ah, to you.
Why don't you have
lunch with me, Fanny?
There's enough for two.
Why, I'd be delighted.
Marius, two anisettes.
It is not often that
a lonely old widower
Gets to have lunch with
such a pretty girl.
And it isn't often I'm told
I'm such a pretty girl.
Ah, I see you are still wearing
your mourning band, Panisse.
It will be four months tomorrow.
Poor Felicity.
On Friday, she ate an enormous
dish of bouillabaisse.
And on Sunday, ptt!
Oh, don't, Panisse, don't.
Such memories hurt.
Don't talk about her.
No, no, no.
No, no.
On the contrary, I
enjoy talking about it.
How soft your hand is.
And how cool.
Hm, mm.
Oh, why is
that remarkable?
Your hand must be
just as... ah, no.
As a matter of fact,
it's quite warm.
Marius, two more anisettes.
If you're going
to drink, I suggest
That your free your hands.
We'll manage, you pour.
Atta boy, atta boy.
Fill our glasses.
They're full.
What did you say?
Careful, you're spilling it.
He is a little nervous today.
What manners!
Such a pretty hand.
Papa Panisse.
You have already
praised my hand.
Your right hand.
I am now referring
to your left hand.
Oh, so delicate.
What an agreeable sample of what
the rest of you must be like.
Oh, ho, ho.
Ha, ha.
What the devil are you doing?
Oh, I think it's quite obvious.
I'm cleaning the table.
Do you always clean tables while
customers are sitting them?
You must excuse
Marius, Papa Panisse.
He is young, probably in love.
on being in love.
I must confess that
from time to time
I have even thought to remarry.
Does that shock you?
I mean, it's only
been four months.
My conscience
would be clear.
Phew, I have cried more
in four months than other
In... in five years.
And... and... and...
And tears of that big.
Not only quantity but quality.
How understanding you
are for a young girl.
Fanny, your mother is calling.
I did not hear her.
Did you, Panisse?
I doubt if I could
hear anything right now.
Her hands have been
fully discussed,
Everybody is agreed
they're beautiful!
I was admiring this ring.
Is it gold?
Oh, no.
Barely copper.
Oh, but this necklace,
though, is practically silver.
Hm, hm.
It was a gift from Mon Zuey
for my first communion.
Oh, it looks a lot
like silver from here.
And it gets shinier, ha, ha,
and shinier, and... and... Oh.
What are you up to,
you old billy goat?
Oh, my ears, Marius.
Remember to whom
you're talking.
I'm talking to a
70-year-old lecher!
I'm a young 54.
The truth is
somewhere in between.
And now don't
argue with embryos.
If I chopped your nose
it would run milk.
There's my nose.
Try it!
Hold my hat.
Marius, Panisse, please!
Well, I'm ready.
Well, me too!
Poor thing.
You talk, you talk,
but you start anything.
Nor do you.
I'm controlling myself.
Oh, Marius, be consistent.
He can't be both.
Debaucher of young girls!
That is the last straw!
May I ask just what
you have in mind?
Choking a boy one
third your age?
Your son is a lout!
And with or without
your permission,
I intend to kick
him in the behind!
Just you try, and
I kick you so hard
That all your teeth... front
and back, real or false...
Will rattle!
What's going on here?
If you touch Marius,
you will wake up
Tomorrow morning in a hospital.
If I'm in the hospital,
I'll be visiting you!
Then you'll find
yourself in a cemetery!
Yes, putting flowers
on your grave!
Panisse, you have a customer!
I'm busy!
He wants a full set of
stays for a racing sloop.
I know what money means to you!
All right, I'll leave.
But it goes without
saying that I'm not
Setting foot in
this place again.
Your word is good
enough for me.
I don't ask for
anything in writing.
Fanny, I'll be speaking
to you very soon.
Now just a minute.
What about our card game?
Oh, I'll be back for that.
What has one thing
to do with another?
Four anisettes.
Here are 10 francs.
Keep the change, waiter!
Honorine, Honorine.
Uh, I have a very important
customer to attend to.
After that, I'd
like to talk to you
About a matter very
crucial to both of us.
Why of course, Panisse.
Any time.
Any time!
Are you just a little
ashamed of yourself?
Leading that poor
old man on that way.
Don't you realize, you
could have killed him?
When he looked down that...
That skimpy dress of yours,
He went red as a beet root!
You were redder.
Oh, she's coming in, Marius!
She's coming in!
Hey, you, get the cases put
away then take care of the bar.
I'll be back in 20 minutes.
Ah, ha, ha!
Beautiful sardines!
Oh, Fanny!
Come here.
Where were you running
in such a hurry?
Oh, I don't know.
I was just, uh, curious as to
Marius was off to, and, uh...
Do you want the
whole port to know
You're chasing that
good-for-nothing bartender?
The whole port's known
it for a long time.
Only Marius is in the dark.
You watch your
step, young lady.
Oh, uh, just a few
minutes ago, Panisse
Asked for the honor
of speaking to me
On a very crucial subject.
You can guess what it's about?
Yes, I can guess.
When he does come
to speak to me,
I think I should be
wearing something
A little more...
Kee-kee... seductive.
Also, I'd like to do a little
something with my hair.
So you watch the store.
Oh, but this is my birthday.
You said I could have
the whole day off.
How was I to know
Panisse would be pick
Your birthday to
propose marriage to me?
Mama, are you sure this
is what he has in mind?
It's what I have in mind.
Hm, hm.
So what chance has poor Panisse?
Mm, hm.
This time I saw that
look in his eye.
It was as close
to passion as you
Can expect from
a man of his age.
Never too late,
too late for love!
Never too late for love!
A square rigger!
Look at the cut of her sails!
What's it being used
for now, a training ship?
She's going on a
scientific expedition.
A sailing boat?
Oh, yes.
It has to be, to
study winds and tides.
She's coming slowly
around the world.
Think of it.
Five years under sail.
Five years, Dunkirk,
The isles beneath the winds.
The isles
beneath the wind!
Has he really been
to those places?
His mother didn't want her
little boy to go to sea.
And look at the result.
You will meet the
first mate tonight.
The sailors will do anything
for me, if they meet some girls.
I want to be on that ship.
I want to be on that ship.
You will, Marius.
You will.
You'll get away from here!
Honorine, Panisse is here!
Come on up.
Come on up!
Oh, Panisse, come in.
Come in!
Could I offer you
a glass of wine?
You could.
Ha, ha.
I just concluded a deal
for a full set of sails
At an outrageous price.
And I'd like to drink a
toast to my shrewdness.
That calls for two toasts!
One, to your genius.
And one to our great
happiness to together.
Ha, ha.
You said, to our great
happiness together?
By that, do you mean that
you intend to come and live
With Fanny and me,
after we are married?
You would be... you
would be welcome, of course.
You mean, it's not me you want?
It's Fanny?
Um, well, she's 40
years younger than you.
Well, yes, but that
is not my fault.
Oh, I admit, um, I
am no spring chicken.
But I also admit that,
uh, I have 600,000 francs.
My poor Panisse.
Nightgowns have no pockets.
I'm speaking for your own good.
Have you ever thought about
what sometimes happens when
An old man marries a young girl?
And you would be worse off than
the usual deceived husband,
Because Fanny will tell you.
But if I don't ask her,
she won't have to tell me.
Well... well, it's a
fine match for Fanny.
If she says yes, hm, hm.
Mm, I say yes, too.
Oh, ha, ha, ha.
Ah, ha, ha.
I'll bring her to the table.
Do that.
Do that!
First mate, second
mate, Marius.
Gentlemen, Sarodi.
Sit down, Sarodi.
No, I'd like to dance.
You are not dancing?
Mm, not yet.
Well, I'm not bashful.
Come on, Sarodi.
Here we go.
Chief, what do you say?
Is there a berth for my friend?
Mm, well, we have a
Corsican practically signed,
But he wants more money.
In the meantime, just in case,
are your papers in order?
Show him your papers.
Oh, yes, uh, my papers.
Pardon me.
We're going to win this game.
We're going to win this game.
Bum, bum, bum, Oh ho, oh ho.
Bum bum bum bum bum.
Well, lead.
And now let me see.
Should I lead a
spade or a heart?
What's the matter?
Oh, it's all right.
I... I had a slight, um,
clutching at my heart.
You know, like you do
when you eat too much.
A flutter of the heart.
They are cheating.
Do you accuse me of cheating?
Not you, stupid!
You haven't got the brains.
Brun, you watch this counter
figure, I'll cover Cesar.
Are you implying
that I am a cheat?
I, your childhood friend?
Thank you, very much.
Oh, ho, ho.
Clumsy of me.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
I've hurt his feelings.
Oh, ho, ho, ho.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
Hurt my feelings?
Aha, ha, ha.
It practically breaks my heart.
Ha, ha, ha.
Isn't that true, Escartifique?
He breaks our hearts!
Ah, yes.
And he breaks our...
I'm stupid!
Ha, ha, ha.
This game does not count!
Look into to your own
heart, and you'll see why.
Oh, you must take
me for a fool, no?
I thought it was very
clever, the way he did it.
What's the matter?
The Melody sails
right after dawn,
But you don't see
terribly excited.
Are you afraid to
tell your father, huh?
Or is it Fanny?
Knock on my window, I told you.
I'll be ready.
Tomorrow, you...
I'll be ready.
Goodbye, Mama.
Oh, I'll be back tomorrow
by the noon train!
Goodbye, darling.
Sleep late!
You know, Marius, I think it's
about time you got married.
Oh, now, Marius.
Don't take me for an idiot.
I know you love Fanny.
Who told you?
My little finger.
But that little finger
is not so bright.
If you don't, why did you go
for Panisse like a wild beast
This morning?
I needed the exercise.
Ah, you're lying.
You love Fanny
and you can't bear
To see another man want her.
And yet, you... Listen,
is there another woman?
Is it one of the
young Millers girls?
No, it's not any girl.
It's... it's nothing
I can talk about now.
Nothing you can talk about now.
All right.
We'll discuss it in the morning.
In the morning.
I plan to think
about it all night.
Aw, how can you think
when you yawn so much?
Good night.
Papa, Papa, I
like you very much.
What did you say?
I... I like it very
much, you know?
Well, me too.
I... I like you very much.
What did you say that to me?
Well, I... I don't know.
see you think of me,
You... you worry over me.
And it reminds me that
I like you very much.
That's all.
Ha, ha, ha.
Of course.
You idiot.
I mean, good night, Papa.
Good night.
Good night, my son.
You know, ha, sometimes
I say that you make
My life miserable,
but it's not true.
I must speak to, Marius.
Who is there?
No one.
Lock up, then, and go to bed!
Now what is it?
Oh, Marius!
Check the beer barrel.
I don't think I've turned
the tap tight enough.
All right, Papa.
Um, me... meet
me at the pontoon, huh?
What are you doing up this late?
Does your mother know you're
running all over town?
My mother is spending the night
at my Aunt Rodina's... attacks.
Do you know where
I've just come from?
I told him I could
not marry him.
Are you sure you
did the right thing?
After all, he is rich.
And you know know how your
mother feels about money.
Now listen to me,
Fanny, I... I want
To talk to you like a
brother to a sister.
Well, you're not my brother,
and I'm not your sister.
Oh, Fanny, what's the matter.
Oh, Marius!
Marius, it's you I love.
It's you I want.
Now that I've said
it, please have
The decency not to look at me.
Well, who else can I look at?
Oh, you don't love me?
Oh, yes, Marius, I know you do.
I know.
What's the difference
if I love you or not?
I can't marry.
Do you dislike me then?
Do you hate me?
Am I something ugly to you?
I'm gonna go away.
I have to.
I'm trapped here among people
who maybe love me too much.
Look at this
harbor, these boats.
Every man who walks across
one of those gangplanks
Is a freer man than I am.
And it... it's driven
me almost crazy.
Once, when I was a little
boy, the Admiral and I
Watched a strange ship
come into the harbor.
We went aboard and we met
an old sailor with a beard
Like a snow storm.
He told us about the
isle beneath the wind,
Where black trees grow.
And when you cut them,
they are gold inside
And smell of camphor and pepper.
That's when it happened, this
deep painful wish I have.
Whenever I see a boat
steaming out of the harbor,
It makes me dizzy,
as though I were
Falling forward...
Always to the sea.
I would wait for you, Marius.
Five years?
Five years?
You see the Malazee?
She's leaving In the
morning and I'll be on it.
Oh, in the morning?
You're young.
You'll forget me.
Forget you?
Me forget you?
How can I?
I've always loved you,
even when I was a child.
Oh, when I saw you
talking to a little girl,
I'd wish she were dead.
I couldn't wait to grow
up to become your wife.
Every morning, I'd wake up and
I'd think, today he'll ask me.
I know you do love me.
I know you do.
The reason I haven't
gone before was you.
Here we are!
Here we are... oops!
Ha, ha.
Thank you so much
for the lovely ride.
Lucky we met in the square.
Lucky for me.
That train takes hours.
Fanny will be so surprised.
Well, goodbye.
Goodbye, yeah?
Goodbye, and thanks again.
Oh, my.
Oh, my god.
My god, my god!
My god!
Mm, hm.
It's his belt all right.
We must get them
married at once!
She's 18, Cesar, 18!
Ah, don't cry, Honorine.
Everything will be all right.
Have something.
A little wine.
It's annoying, but
things will work out.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Don't cry into the rolls.
No, they're salty enough.
Now drink up, and we'll
decide what to do.
I've decided!
I'll beat her till
she's black and blue!
Aw, stop it, Honorine.
It's Marius climbing
back through the window.
Oh, I'll tear him apart!
Oh, no you won't.
You'll go home and
bring Fanny here.
I give you my word, they'll
be married in two weeks.
Oh, beautiful hat, Norine.
Now you go.
Ha, ha.
Marius, are you up yet?
Good morning, Papa.
You overslept this
morning, didn't you?
Yeah, I read rather
late last night.
I've told you 20 times
not to read late in bed.
Oh, your eyes look tired.
Must be a very exhausting book.
You know, if I hadn't seen
you come from your room,
I'd wonder where you had been.
Losing your trousers?
Maybe I'm getting thinner.
You should wear a belt.
Oh, all right.
I'll buy one.
You have a good appetite.
Not bad.
Your reading makes
you hungry, huh?
You know, Marius, a woman's
honor is like a match.
You can use it once.
There, a little present
from Fanny's mother.
It will save you the trouble
and expense of buying a new one.
Come on.
Come on!
Oh, no.
Don't, Mama, don't.
Here is the good woman now.
You can thank her in person.
Oh, Marius!
There they are Cesar!
Romeo and Juliet.
You will ask her to marry you
right now, or I get a pistol
And kill you.
Oh, Mama, don't.
Madame, if I ask your
daughter to marry me,
It won't be because
of your threats,
But because I love her.
What do you mean if?
Don't worry, Honorine.
He's just saving face.
I'll help him out.
Madame Cabernice, may I ask for
the hand of your daughter Fanny
For my son Marius?
I'll have to think it over.
Perfectly understandable.
You'll want to do a little
face-saving, yourself.
Fine with me.
Well, Sit down, Honorine.
I'll get some
paper, pen, and ink.
What for?
Well, the dowry.
The dowry you're
giving your daughter.
We'll want everything in
black and white, won't we?
well, pen and ink.
And while you're at
it, a bottle of wine!
We'll drink to it, too!
He's a scoundrel, your son.
Ha, ha.
Quite a reader, too.
You haven't got much time.
She's going to sail.
I'm not going.
Not going?
Now, what are you
giving your child?
All the shellfish in the shop.
If she looks after
it, she can make
As much as 40 francs
a day, net profit.
And you?
What will give them?
Well, uh, Marius can help
me in the bar until I retire.
After I die, Marius will have
this bar all for himself.
Ha, ha, ha.
By that time, he
should be able to make
A decent lemon pecan coureso.
They'll have a
wonderful life, Norine.
I've been very happy
behind this bar.
And Marius will have a
fine life behind it, too.
If you don't sail
on the Malazee,
You will be stuck here
the rest of your life.
We're going to have a show!
Oh, how exciting.
Oh, thank you.
Go back a little more.
Look it!
Think what you're giving up!
Hey, Marius!
I'm going to see that ship sail.
You take care of the bar.
The scoundrel!
Come on!
How long do you think
you will keep him?
He will clean baths, wash
bottles, breed children,
And grow to hate the woman
who tied him to this life.
He will never hate me.
You wait and see.
Monsieur the Captain,
distinguished scientists,
Ladies and gentlemen...
Some scientists.
We are
all here today...
Ha, ha.
Not one a day over 35.
No beards!
Not even eyeglasses!
It is going on
the scientific expedition
To the far corners of the earth.
We will stay here in
our humble surroundings
And spell out our
hum-drum lives,
While you sail the seven seas,
smell the perfumes of Arabia,
Plunders depths
of the Coral Seas.
What's the matter?
I saw your face when my
mother and your father
Were planning your life.
Why talk about it?
It's settled.
Do you really want
to marry me that much?
Marriage is for ones
who love, you know?
I know that.
Are you sure you
love me enough?
Look, there's the Malazee.
All you have to do
is cross the cape.
Don't tempt me, Fanny!
You heard what I told
the Admiral, I'm staying.
For how long?
If you help me, forever.
Marius, I don't
want you to stay
Because you think you have to.
You don't owe me anything.
I ran after you.
What are you trying
to do, force me to go?
I just want you to be happy.
I want you to do what
you really want to do.
I don't understand you, Fanny.
If you really, really loved me,
you would try to hold me back
With every ounce of your
strength, wouldn't you?
What's changed you since last?
Do... don't tell me
you're... you're sorry
Now you said no to Panisse?
Are you?
Are you sorry?
Marius, while Cesar are my
mother were planning your life,
They were planning mine, too.
And I couldn't help it.
A different sort of life
was flashing before my eyes.
A beautiful home, not to
belong behind a bar and a maid
And dresses and everything.
Then it's true.
You are sorry you
said no to Panisse.
And I wasn't just
thinking of myself.
My mother is getting
old and tired.
There are other things to
life than love, aren't there?
Are there?
Last night meant nothing to you?
Were you lying to me last night.
Oh, no.
I wasn't lying to
you last night.
Well, Th... then
you're lying to me now.
Oh, god help me!
Help you?
Help you?
Help me make you understand.
Last night there was
moonlight on the water,
There was... there was music
from the boats... there
Was the fresh
scent from the sea.
Today... today,
there's only the smell
Of... of dishwater
and fish stalls.
The smell of money, you mean!
Oh, Marius, go, before we say
things to each other that...
When I was... when I was
struggling with myself,
You were only thinking
of all the things
That go with Panisse!
Marius, go!
Leave me alone, will you?
Fanny, only you can stop me.
Now tell me that you
love me, and tell me now.
Marius, I tell you,
you are free to go.
All right, then it's settled!
Each to his love.
You marry Panisse's money,
and I will marry the sea!
Ha, ha!
will profit
by this important mission.
Gentlemen, we salute you.
We wish you well.
Come back when your noble
mission is accomplished.
Cesar, can I speak
to you a minute?
Of course.
Ha, ha, ha.
Fanny, my daughter-in-law.
Ha, ha.
Ah, it's happened.
Now, what is it you wanted
to talk to me about?
Marius, oh please, hurry!
Marius and I will
have to find an apartment.
What do you mean?
You... you will
both live with me.
I don't to live alone.
So long now.
Have you seen my
big room upstairs?
Ah, come!
I'll show it to you.
Just a little money, and some
taste, it can be fixed up.
Brum brum bum bum
bum bum bum bum bum
Brrum brum brump
a bum bum bum bum.
Brump a bum, brump a bum.
Brum brum
brum bum bum bum
Brump a bum brum bum brum brum.
Quite a view from that window.
Ha, ha.
I'll take Marius' room, and
you two can have this one.
I'm here.
I'm up here.
Listen, Fanny, uh,
just one thing.
Leave the bed where it is.
Marius was born there and
his mother died there.
Well, what is it?
The Malazee's sailing.
Did you know that...
Is that what you
ran all the way for?
Now, look, Fanny.
You see this little door?
It leads to a little room.
Ah, if you like... ha, ha,
ha, it would please me...
You could put a
little bed in there.
Oh, not a very big bed.
You know, a tiny one.
In fact... Fanny!
Marius, Marius!
My god, where is he?
I'll get some rags.
Marius, where are you?
Kick it!
Kick it!
A tourist.
How many times have I pounded
it into your thick skull?
One third lemon.
No more, no less!
Now, watch me.
Since Marius left, there's
been no living with him.
Poor Cesar.
I think he's going crazy.
Is it possible?
In 10 weeks?
I knew someone that, he had
a softening of the brain,
You see?
It... it... it just
melted away in... inside.
And at the end, when he would
shake his head to say no,
One would hear, gulm, gulm.
It was splashing!
Waiting for the postman.
It's hard to believe, Marius
hasn't written to him once.
Oh, Cesar.
You are waiting for someone?
Why should I be
waiting for someone?
Why are you spying on
me, Monsieur Panisse?
Who pays you?
Cesar, I'm not spying on you.
Then why do you fix
your beady eyes on me
And asked me if I'm
waiting for someone?
May I have the
honor to inform you
That I don't give two
snaps of the finger?
Cesar, forgive me.
I have the feeling that you
are waiting for the postman.
That's enough!
I forbid you to meddle
in my private affairs!
Do I ask you if your
wife is deceiving you
With the president of
Chamber of Commerce?
You're not asking
me, you're telling me.
All you gentlemen together.
That will save me
a bit of travel.
Ha, ha.
Monsieur Escartifique, three
for you, nothing but bills.
A postcard from your bother
Louie, Monsieur Panisse, sir.
All is well.
I'm afraid I have nothing
for you, Monsieur Brun.
Hey, uh, uh, today is the
day for my Bartenders Journal,
Is it not?
Uh, oh, yes, uh, here it is.
And... and a letter, too.
Let's see, Port Said.
Oh, I was never there, but I'm
told I'm not missing anything.
Ha, ha.
Oh, Cesar, are
you trying to make
Us believe that you
don't love your son?
I never said that.
I worship him.
But after what he's done
to me, it's finished.
And actually, what has he done?
What has he done?
He deserted me,
that's what he's done!
Cesar, with all due respect,
you are a big egotist.
I mean, if a boy wants
to sail, let him.
He can sail where ever he
likes, but not on the sea!
else can he sail?
Well, he can sail like
you, in the harbor!
Good lord, does he have
to sail for a living?
Does Monsieur Panisse sail?
Ha, ha, ha.
Oh, no.
He's not so stupid.
He makes sails.
Yes, so that the wind can take
away other people's children!
Grown men playing this silly,
childish, asinine game!
I heard you got a
letter from Marius today.
Did you?
How is he?
Happy, I think.
You read it to me.
Every time I read it I get
first so angry, and then so sad.
I can't make head or tail of it.
I was having a first taste.
No more service.
We're closed.
But why?
Because all the
bottles are poisoned.
Go ahead, Fanny.
My dear Father, please
forgive me for the pain I
Have caused you.
I want you to know that I
think of you every evening.
Ha, ha!
Thinks of me every evening!
But I'm stupid enough to think
of him all day long, too.
Go on.
At first, they made
me assistant cook.
Ha, ha.
Assistant cook!
But after several
days they replaced me.
They were all starving to death!
Ha, ha, ha!
A crew of skeletons!
At Port Said...
Oh, yes, yes.
Terrible here.
A sailor got some
mysterious illness.
They thought it was the plague.
The plague!
When his schoolmates
had the measles,
I kept Marius home a month!
And now, he's on a
boat with the plague!
The Black Death!
The neck swells up,
the eyes pop out,
The tongue hangs out like a
beef tongue, and the navel...
But they found out
it wasn't the plague.
All right, then say
so at once, you stupid!
We are now engaged
in measuring...
Oh, yes, it, uh, it
gets scientific here.
In measuring the
depths of the Indian Ocean.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Oh, this boy... this
boy who couldn't even
Measure a lemon pecan coureso.
He's now measuring an ocean.
Please don't worry
about me, Father.
I'm as happy as a fish in water.
I embrace you with all my heart.
Your son, Marius.
Your son, Marius.
Uh, there is a
postscript, is there not?
Please write me
about Fanny, how
She is, and about her marriage...
Her marriage to Panisse.
Oh, yes.
This, um, this confuses me.
Why does Marius think that
you are marrying Panisse?
Because I told him so.
I lied to him.
You lied?
Ha, ha, ha.
Ah, I don't believe it.
You're lying to me now.
What's the difference anyway?
He's as happy as a fish
in water, isn't he?
He'll write to
you soon, I'm sure.
Mother, forgive me.
And forgive my sin,
but I love him so.
Oh, please let him return to
give me his name for his child.
Give me courage,
Holy Mother, to live,
And strength to tell my mother.
Fanny, what is it?
What are you doing back here?
Where have you been?
What is it, Fanny?
Mama, I'm going to have a baby.
It's true, Mama.
Oh, no!
I am not going to scream
here, on the boat.
I am going to the house
where no one can hear me!
Dear God!
Dear God!
Don't come into my house!
Or I'll lock the
door in your face!
Mama, beat me, do anything,
but let me stay with you.
Walk the street!
Walk the streets!
Oh, Mama.
No, Mam... Mama, Mama!
I said, get out!
Get out!
Fanny, Fanny.
Fanny, my darling girl,
oh, don't die my baby!
I forgive you anything.
Just don't die.
Are you all right, my baby?
Well, who was it,
you wicked girl?
Marius, I suppose.
That Marius with
his dreamy eyes!
Now we know what he
was dreaming about.
Well, when can we
expect this disgrace?
In March.
The month of March
hails in lunatics!
Oh, Mama, what am I to do?
Marry Panisse.
He asks for you every day.
Oh, couldn't I go
on earning my living
And... and... and
not marry anyone?
Raise my baby with... with
the money I can put aside?
Listen, Fanny.
If you refuse
Panisse, we would have
To move away... the disgrace!
The disgrace!
Oh, good God help me.
But would he still want me?
Well, fortunately, he
doesn't know about the baby.
Oh, well, you mean,
I shouldn't tell him?
Don't bother Panisse
with details like that.
Oh, oh, no.
I must tell him.
It would be criminal not to.
Are you even sure it's true?
Oh, it's true, all right.
Dr. Venelle said so.
Dr. Venelle, that idiot!
He's at least 70 years old.
Well, then if it
isn't true, I don't
Have to get married, do I?
You can get married
without being pregnant.
Lots of girls do it!
On an expensive hat
like this, couldn't you
Have used, at least,
a... a... a fresh orange?
I'm sorry, Sir Panisse, but
I took you for an American.
An American?
From behind.
All right.
It's quite possible,
but in the future,
When you see an American,
make sure it is not me, eh?
Panisse, can I talk
to you a minute?
Certainly, Fanny.
Come in, please.
You must excuse the
way I'm dressed.
I've just come from the
wedding of a friend.
Lunch, everybody.
Monsieur Panisse, we
have already had lunch.
Well, Fanny?
Monsieur Panisse, my
mother tells me that
You've come several
times to ask her...
Fanny, you haven't
come to say that...
Yes, except...
Except that you hesitate.
Because of you and Marius?
Fanny, the morning
Marius sailed,
I was up in front
of my shop early.
I saw him coming
out of your house.
Don't feel bad about it.
Fanny, w-w-wuh when a man of my
age marries a... a young girl,
The... the scales are not
quite in... in balance.
But if the young girl has
been discreetly indiscreet,
Well, it restores a
little the balance.
Oh, Panisse, how good you are.
I would work like a
slave to make you happy.
I would be a servant to you.
I'm not asking you
to be my servant.
I'm asking you to be my wife.
I accept you, Panisse.
Fanny, I'll devote myself
to you for completely.
I'll be so tender,
so considerate,
And make you so happy you'll
forget all about Marius.
I can't marry you, Panisse.
I'm very sorry I said I could.
Why not?
I haven't even the
right to kill myself.
Is it a baby?
Are you sure?
The doctor told you?
Is that why you look so pale?
Oh, Panisse, please don't
tell my mother that you know,
And that's why you refused me.
You'll give me the baby?
He'll have my name?
Monsieur Panisse, do you mean,
do mean you still want me now?
Oh, come with me, Fanny.
Look up there.
Henri Panisse.
You notice how... how the
letters are squeezed together
On the left, and on the
right side, nothing?
Do you know why?
Come with me.
Now, now, now,
uh, uh, now, I... I
Will show you what
it would spell.
Thirty years!
For thirty years they have
been on this shelf, see?
Ha, ha, on this shelf, and...
And... and now they will...
They will go up
where they belong.
Look, look!
Panisse and son!
And son!
Aha, ha, ha!
Does anyone else know
your... your... your secret?
The doctor knows.
Well, doctors don't talk
because they're doctors.
And mothers can't talk
because they're mothers.
Anyone else?
No one, I swear.
Fine, fine!
A very good day!
Ah, ha, ha.
And now, uh, now when
is my little one due?
In March.
The month of geniuses!
Ha, ha!
A seven month baby.
That rather makes me out to
be, ha, ha, a rake, you know?
Ha, ha!
Panisse, are you sure
you won't regret this?
L-I-listen, Fanny.
There hasn't been a... a
baby in the Panisse family
For 50 years.
They were all counting on me.
My poor wife, it was impossible
for her to... to have a child.
Oh, ho!
The doctors we saw!
Ha, ha!
All the... the mineral waters
we drank...
The candles we... we lit, the...
The calisthenics we... we tried.
Ha, ha.
And now, now blessed mother,
everything is changed.
A wife and a son of my very own.
Oh, ho, ho.
Fanny, we'll give
him everything!
But if it's a girl?
We'll give her
almost everything.
And besides, it's very unlikely.
There are only
boys in my family.
Panisse, I want to
show you something.
A picture of Marius he
sent me from Madagascar.
Doesn't it... well,
I'm sorry, Fanny.
I didn't see you.
It's all right, Cesar.
You can mention Marius
in front of me now.
Panisse and I are
going to be married.
I don't believe it.
I believe it.
It's your mother!
Ha, ha!
Your mother loves
Panisse's money.
And she has sold you like a...
Like a little African slave!
No, it's not my mother's
decisions, it's mine!
Well, it's my decision
that this marriage
Will not take place!
And who's going to stop it?
I am!
I'll see you in church.
And my first word to you will
be, have a blow to your skull!
I'll come right up to
the altar, and I grab you
By your stiff collar,
and I'll scatter you
All over the Rhone
Valley, do you hear?
Don't you bully me.
Or I'll tell you something that
would shut your mouth forever!
Your bullying days
are over, Cesar!
This is my shop!
My name is Panisse!
And Fanny's going to
be Madame Panisse.
And what's more, you
extinct rooster...
Panisse, be careful
of what you're saying.
What's more, we are
going to have a baby!
And what's more, it's
going to be a 7 months baby!
Panisse, please!
And do you know whose baby
we're going to do have?
Panisse, be quiet!
We're going to
have Marius' baby!
That's whose baby
we're going to have!
You're a mad dog, and
you ought to be shot.
This is the gun, shoot!
Put that gun down.
But before you pull
the trigger, know this.
When you shoot me, your shooting
the father of your grandchild!
You're shooting the husband of
your poor grandchild's mother!
Now shoot!
At least you've murdered
that poor fellow.
Let that be a lesson to you.
Fanny, you're not
going to do this.
Oh, Cesar, if I have a
child without a husband,
My family will be dishonored.
My mother will die of shame.
I'll write to Marius.
He'll come back.
- He won't come back, Cesar.
- Of course he will.
Why not?
He's as happy as a
fish in water, isn't he?
That boy's crazy, measuring
the depth of the Indian Ocean!
He's written to you twice,
he sends you photographs.
Not a word to me.
He's forgotten me.
Wh-wh-when... when people
ask me how much I'm worth,
I usually lie to them.
I tell them 600,000 francs.
Ah, ha.
Actually, uh, am I worth
one million and a half.
Uh, I only bring this
up now because, uh, it
Seems to fit into
the conversation.
Well, it doesn't fit me!
I don't care if you
have a billion francs.
I'm not selling you my grandson!
Now come, Fanny.
Let's go.
Can you guarantee that
Marius will come back in time?
Can you guarantee
the winds and tides?
And be very careful,
Cesar, what fate
You decide for your grandson.
The child of Fanny Cabernice
will be an illegitimate child,
A shame and a disgrace
to her family,
But the child of
Madame Panisse will
Be born in a wonderful old bed,
covered with fine linen sheets.
And the child,
Cesar, the child will
Be enthroned on top
of a family tree,
Like a cross on
a church steeple.
Is that position too high
for your grandson, Cesar?
No position is too
high for my grandson.
But the son of Madame Panisse
will not be my grandson!
Well, I couldn't
even brag about him.
I would have to smuggle
myself in here at night,
Pretending to be a
casual acquaintance!
Why couldn't the
child's godfather
Come and visit him
any time he liked?
Take him strolling
to the park, alone,
Sport him around on
his shoulder, hm?
Mm, would, um, the
godfather be able to choose
The child's name?
If he has a... a knack
for choosing names.
How would you like
the name Marius?
Marius Panisse.
It has a certain ring to it.
Uh, not much.
I have a better idea.
An important man should
have three names.
Now couldn't we put a
third name in front?
For instance, Cesar.
Cesar Marius Panisse.
As a nickname, we... we
could call him Cesario.
Now wait a minute, how about
that million and a half?
Would my godson
inherit all of it?
He'd be my son.
Well, with my bar
thrown in, it would
Come to almost two million!
Why, when our boy
will be 20 years old,
He could smoke cigars
as long as your arm!
Ha, ha, ha.
Of course, he would go
to the very best schools.
Oh, not only the
best, the most expensive!
Ah, ha, ha, ha.
Hurry, Honorine.
Thank you, my dear.
Honorine looks beautiful!
To the bride!
Hey, come at once!
Cesar Marius Panisse
is getting himself born!
Oh you can stop running.
They won't let us
anywhere near her yet.
Is everything well?
The doctor says, yes.
Dawn's breaking, Cesar.
The day and my child are
being born at the same time.
The beautifulest morning.
Cesario will arrive
to the sound of bells!
Ah, ha, ha, ha!
Ah, ha, ha, oh!
Oh, no, no, no.
She must have quiet.
Otherwise, I won't
be responsible.
Doctor, I am Luique Anais
owner of the Cassius Lines,
Honorine's brother, and
the eldest in the family.
I... I would like to see
her for just one second.
Yes, doctor.
He must, he's our eldest.
Oh, yes, please
Please, Doctor, please?
He's beautiful.
I've seen you but
once before, and that
Was on your wedding day.
Yet I talk to you as
one of the family.
It is an honest
family, and a rich one,
But it is a little sad, because
none of us had any children.
We would have all day taking
our name with us, but for you.
So I, the oldest, in the
name of all our relatives...
Even those who are
dead and gone...
Drove all night to tell you
of our inexpressible joy.
It's a boy!
Thank you, dear sister-in-law.
Thank you.
There we are.
To Cesario!
To Cesario!
He's teething.
Off to bed, it's about time.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No one carried him
but his father.
Ah, ha, ha.
Good night Cesario!
Who would have thought such a
quiet gentleman like Panisse
Would have produced
such a child?
Must have tucked away a
little energy, some place.
I propose another toast.
Oh, no, Panisse!
Not again?
You're going to miss that train.
Uh, uh, Fanny will take
his temperature every hour.
If it... if it goes
up, I'll come back.
Incidentally, it's a
disgrace for Panisse
To rush off to Paris
on Cesario's birthday!
Here, here!
Just a minute!
I certainly think it's
no disgrace for Panisse
To get that motorcar agency
for the whole of Rhone Valley.
That's right!
As Panisse's mother-in-law,
I say, it's a disgrace!
As bookkeeper for
Panisse & Son, ha, I say,
Don't miss that train!
Hurry, hurry.
Oh, ho.
You look good in this suit!
Oh, Papa.
Goodbye, Panisse.
Take these flowers to my wife.
You take these
flowers to my wife.
And tell her...
Tell her I miss her already.
Tell her!
And tell her I miss her already.
Long live Panisse & Son.
What is it?
It's me, Fanny.
Don't be afraid.
It's Marius.
So it's you.
I... I... I...
Don't bother.
Uh, sit down.
Will you have a... a
little glass of something?
Yes, if you and your
husband will join me.
Oh, my husband is...
My husband is asleep.
Are you back for good?
No, only for a few hours.
The Malazee is in
dry dock in Sydney.
A French cruiser
brought three of us
Back with some
scientific instruments
That can only be
repaired in Paris.
I asked to be one to
three men in charge.
You were homesick?
Yes, for my... for my father,
for Marseilles, for everyone.
You're not happy at sea?
If I said,
no I were not,
I'd look silly now, wouldn't I?
I'm quite happy.
Did you see the isles
beneath the wind?
What were they like?
Volcanic ash.
And you?
Are you happy?
I have a good husband,
and a fine home.
And a fine child.
Yes, a fine... who told you?
Oh, no.
The Admiral had to tell me.
Funny my father never
wrote me about it.
How old is your baby?
10 months.
What else did the Admiral
say, about my child, I mean?
What else should he say?
Is you son such a wonder that
every one must talk about him?
Well, certainly he's a wonder.
He's walking by himself now.
At 10 months?
Do babies walk at 10 months?
Precocious babies do.
All turned out
for the best, huh?
Well, goodbye, Fanny.
Goodbye, Marius.
On your way back
from Paris, will
You be coming
through here again?
We'll be leaving from
Cherbourg by a British boat.
They're fast, those
British boats.
Yes, they're fast.
My regards to your husband.
I... I don't want to
disturb him, though.
Oh, lady!
Beautiful lady!
Beautiful lady!
We have beautiful instructions
from your beautiful husband.
Before he stepped onto the
train for Paris he said to us,
Take these beautiful flowers
to my beautiful wife,
And tell her that
I miss her already.
Thank you, very much.
So Panisse is on
his way to Paris.
Why didn't you tell me?
Are you afraid of me?
No, Marius.
I'm not afraid of you.
Why didn't you write me?
You didn't write me.
I wrote five or six letters,
but I tore them all up.
Because you were happily
married to Panisse.
And that didn't
take long, did it?
Two months after I sailed.
Marius, why don't you go now.
Whatever you can say
now can be of no use.
Why did you marry
Panisse so quickly?
Why didn't my father write
to me that you had a son?
And how is it that
Panisse was never
Able to have a child
with his first wife?
Go away, Marius!
I bet that this
child was born less
Than seven months
after your marriage!
How do you know that?
I left you with a child.
Forgive me, Fanny.
I forgave you long ago.
You know, at first I
didn't think of your often.
I was angry with you.
I thought it was all
over with us, finished.
And then, little
by little it began.
At night in my hammock I
started thinking about you.
I saw you standing by
your shellfish stall
In your little straw hat.
I could smell the scent of you.
Oh, Marius, stop.
I saw you everywhere.
You only said you wanted to
marry Panisse to make me go.
Oh, Marius, no.
You love me, Fanny,
as I love you.
Yes, you love me.
You love me, don't you?
Now, Marius, now my
children, don't do this.
Not here.
Panisse is a decent human being.
Don't make him look
ridiculous in his own home.
Why didn't you tell
me the baby was mine?
The baby?
He knows, Cesar.
Oh, that baby.
Listen, Papa, I
like you very much.
But right now, I can do
very well without you.
How well you say
that, Marius, Now one
Can see that, uh, you are a man.
You no longer
respect you father.
But in the absence
of Fanny's husband,
You have no right to be
with Madame Henri Panisse.
You missed that train again?
No, but in the sleeper
I met Dr. Sigarond.
He tells me, point
blank, that there's
A whooping cough
epidemic in town.
So... well...
You see, we have some visitors.
Ha, ha, yes.
Good evening, Marius.
Good evening, Monsieur Panisse.
Fanny, don't you ought to
take Cesario's temperature?
Oh, he's all right.
I just took his temperature.
So you're home now, eh?
Only in transit.
Uh, a leave.
A long leave?
That depends upon
you and Fanny.
I don't quite understand.
Fanny is my wife, and
the mother or my son.
It's not your son, Panisse.
For a long time
now, I've been trying
To go to Paris on business.
I've missed every train.
Every time I put my foot on
the platform I would say,
This is the night
Marius is coming back.
What if he tries to
take everything from me?
For two years, I've been
preparing my answer.
And now that I see you standing
there so young and lean,
I forget what I
was going to say.
Perhaps I'm in the way?
No, Panisse.
Yes, yes.
Perhaps I'm in the way, and
the most gracious thing for me
To do would be to go out and
drown myself by accident.
Ho, ho, ho.
Only, if
I'm dead, I won't
See the little one anymore.
And so I absolutely
refuse to drown myself.
Nobody asked you to.
I asked myself.
And I refuse!
Fanny, if you want to
leave me and go away
With this young fellow, I
won't stand in your way.
And what happens to the child?
The child?
The child?
But wh-why don't you
ask me for my eyes,
My heart, my liver, my spleen?
No, no, Marius.
You will never get
the little one.
Marius, you are young.
You are able to
have other children.
But this child,
it's my first child.
My last child.
You see, Marius, if... if... if
he were just an ordinary child,
Like those children
you see in the park,
But this child is so unique!
Cesar, tell him!
He's right about that, Marius.
Uh, mind you, you were
a beautiful child,
But, uh, this one...
He coughed!
He coughed?
I didn't hear anything.
No, no.
No one hears him.
But I hear him!
He's a clever
man, that Panisse.
A very generous and
clever man, who says,
I might give up the woman,
but I keep the child.
Knowing that without the
child, the woman won't go.
But it's my child.
I'm his father!
No, Marius.
Before he was born,
you were his father.
But since his birth,
Panisse is his father.
Why, when this child
came into the world,
He weighed eight pounds
of his mother flesh.
Now he weighs 23.
You know what those
extra 15 pounds are?
Love doesn't weigh very much.
It's like cigarette smoke,
it takes a lot of love
To make 15 pounds.
I gave my share, and Fanny, too.
But the big weight, the
bulk, Panisse gave it.
And what have you given?
Dogs give life, too.
And bulls give life.
Besides, you were not
looking to give life.
You were looking for pleasure.
And while you had your pleasure,
the baby took life from you.
Who is the father, then?
The one who gives life, or
the one who buys the bibs?
The father is
the one who loves.
Fanny, tell him.
No, Marius.
You were the father of
an illegitimate child.
A disaster to a family.
But that child does
not exist anymore.
My child was born in a big,
fine bed, on old linen,
Attended by his grandmother,
his aunts, his uncle.
And you won't have
that child, Marius.
He's enthroned in my
family... Panisse's family.
So you're against me too?
Oh, Marius.
Since your father is
here to protect me,
I can tell you I love you.
Perhaps more than I ever did.
Every morning I see your
face in the smile of my son.
Oh, when I saw you
in that window,
I felt as if I were
falling towards you.
As you used to feel you were
falling towards the sea.
But there's Panisse.
The night the child was
born, before the doctor came,
I held his hand and
dug my nails into him.
And he said, bite me,
scratch me, the more you
Hurt me, the more the
baby will be mine.
He still has the marks.
So Marius, please go away.
If it's any comfort to
you, remember that there's
A woman who thinks
about you every night,
And would like to lie
beside you and fall
Asleep in the
warmth of your body.
And wake in the morning
with your arms around her.
Papa, what would
you want me to do?
I want not to miss your train.
It's your child who
is sending you away.
Don't you like me anymore?
Of course!
I like you, very much.
Ha, you idiot.
Only you're big,
and he's so small.
Say goodbye to Madame Panisse.
Goodbye, Fanny.
Goodbye, Marius.
I'll never love anyone but you.
I never did love
anyone but you, Marius.
Cesario, where are you?
Cesario, did you
hear what I said?
Yes, Grandmama.
All right,
what did I say?
You asked me if I
heard what you said.
Hello, Cesar.
How is the?
Oh, always full.
But always empty.
Ah, come on, now.
Now... now, forget it.
Now we've got to make some
plans for our boys, today.
What's outside that
window that's so special?
Papa and Cesar are
planning something.
Oh, I know.
It's a birthday party
for me, isn't It?
But you're not supposed to know.
It's to be a surprise.
I wanted to go to the
circus for my birthday.
He wanted to go to the
circus for his birthday.
So naturally, you
bring the circus to him.
Yes, with clowns, a
magician, and acrobats.
Oh, now, now.
Now let... let's go.
Would it make you
feel any better
If I gave you
birthday present now?
What is it?
Oh, for me?
A... a telescope.
Can we see the
waterfront with it?
Well, if we can't, I am
asking for my money back.
Oh, wonderful!
Oh, the waterfront!
My beautiful,
wonderful waterfront.
Why do we live so far away?
Ask your father.
Cesario, darling.
Honorine, how are you?
Why... why don't you take Cesario
to the park for a few hours?
Or maybe she has
some shopping to do?
Please, Father, may we go
to the waterfront, instead?
Why not?
I've never seen
Cesar's place, or where
My Grandma used to sell fish.
I'd like to go there, myself.
Oh, no, the... the
waterfront is...
Is no place for a... for
a well brought up boy.
It was all right for
Cesar's boy, wasn't it?
What do you know about my son?
Not much, except
that he went to sea,
And that every time
his name comes up
Everybody sneezes, or
coughs, or something.
Did Marius do something bad?
My son ran away from me.
Are you still angry with him?
I believe so.
I think it's how I'm
able to live without him.
Did you know him, Father?
Yes, I knew him.
Didn't you like him?
Yes, I rather did like him.
Did you know him, Mama?
Of course.
I used to sell fish
next to Cesar's bar.
Marius and I grew up together.
Did you like him.
Very much.
Well, if you all
like him so much,
Why can't we invite
him to come and see us?
Well, uh, we don't
know where he is.
If I went to sea, would
everybody be angry with me?
Because that's all I want to do.
We'll tell you what you
want to do, young man, when
The time comes and we
are good and ready.
In the meantime, you
are going to the park
With your grandmother, eh?
Come on.
Oh, ho, ho.
Oh, the waterfront!
Come on!
Oh, ho!
Remember that house there?
The house where I was born?
Yes, Panisse's shop!
Now, come, come.
Come here.
Mama used to sell fish here?
you like the fish?
Well, it's the
best that we have.
I'm very sorry.
What kind of a way
is this to sell fish?
Oh, what a beautiful
hat and belt!
Oh, you darling, what sheik!
You're a vision!
Oh, Dorene, you've got
to insult customers,
Or they won't respect you.
Mm, look.
What's wrong with it?
It's too small.
Well, massaging it won't
make it any bigger.
Ha, I'll take two.
You see?
Give me that apron.
I'll show you how to sell fish!
Ah, ha, ha!
Mm, how I've missed this
filthy, smelly waterfront.
Muscles, beautiful sardines.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Oysters, muscles,
beautiful sardines!
That's right.
From the bottom of the sea?
Hello there.
Who is this young
able-bodied seaman?
Cesario Panisse!
Yes, sir.
How do you know my name?
Hang on.
All hands on deck!
I am your Admiral.
Follow me, march!
Brr rum pa ta bum bum bum.
Brr rum pa ta bum
pa ta bum bum bum.
Brr rum pa ta bum
pa ta bum pa ta bum.
Brr rum pa ta bum pa ta bum!
Brrum halt!
There she is.
She's not much,
but, uh, she's mine.
You've got a boat?
Would you like to
take a little sail?
Oh, I'd love to!
Only they're giving this
party for me tonight.
Oh, we'll be back
before the party.
Come on, matey.
I'll pipe you aboard.
Toodle doodle
doodle doodle dude.
Ha, ha.
Ha, ha, ha.
Now... now we've got to
shove off, like this.
Ha, ha, ha.
Yes, now... oh, man the oars!
We're going through!
Ship ahoy!
Ship ahoy!
You want one pound
or two pounds?
You want two pounds.
Ha, ha. ha.
Ship ahoy!
Heave ho, my hearty!
Heave ho!
Ha, ha!
Ha, ha, ha.
Lighthouse to port, ahoy there!
What is it?
What's the matter?
What's wrong with the old...
Oh, Panisse!
What's she crying about?
Forgive me, Panisse!
I took him to the
waterfront and...
The waterfront?
Where is he?
Oh, Panisse, he is lost.
He is lost.
Call the doctor!
A relation of mine went to sea.
A relation?
Yes, Marius, my
godfather's son.
You know him?
But yes.
I see him every week.
Bring him news from Marseilles.
I'm his newspaper, ha, ha.
Wouldn't you invite
him to my party?
Look, look!
There's a garage up
there where Marius works.
Hm, you can
invite him yourself, huh?
Hey, Monsieur.
Do you know Afique Wasou?
The Admiral?
I saw his crazy sail
in the bay an hour ago.
He was heading west.
Was there a little
boy with him?
Could you tell?
Hey, Marius!
Ha, ha!
Ha, ha, ha.
Hello, Admiral!
I've brought you a visitor.
I hope you don't mind.
Cesario Panisse, Marius.
Cesar's Marius?
Aren't you going to
shake hands or something?
Yes, of... of course.
Oh, excuse me.
It... it's just
that I haven't seen
Anyone from home in so long.
Is that it?
The one with the star?
Let's go, quickly.
He's here all right.
Why don't you come back
to Marseilles with us?
They're giving me
a party tonight.
Oh, I'd love to.
But... but I'm... I'm going
to America tomorrow morning.
To America?
Would you take me with you?
Take you?
Oh, yes.
I want to go to
sea, like you did.
You could teach me
all about the sea.
Listen, once you leave home,
you'll never have another one.
But you love the
sea, and I do too.
I love the sea.
But what happened?
Chief cook and bottle washer
sea at sea, jack of all trades,
A stretch in the army, a
third-rate prize fighter.
No, nothing lasted.
How would you like
a life like that?
It sounds wonderful!
Take me with you.
Please, please!
Take me with you.
Will you?
Oh will you?
Panisse is dying.
Come on, I've got a car.
Remember, five
years ago the doctor
Told him he was finished.
He got so mad, he
got right out of bed.
Now, how can we
make him mad enough
To get out of bed this time?
Um, uh...
What if we asked him to
make a last confession.
That should make him furious.
Yes, yes.
Speak up!
It adds considerably
to the strain
Of dying to try and
hear what you're saying.
Who is dying?
Ha, ha, ha.
Who's dying?
Who's dying?
It's not dying I mind, it's
giving up life that annoys me.
You know what I'll miss most?
The little pleasures of life.
Lunch, dinner, looking
out over the old port.
Keep talking!
When you keep quiet
like that, uh, we
Don't know what to expect.
Don't expect me to die yet.
Because I've not decided when.
It's not up to you!
You're not the one who's dying.
I'll go when it's time to
go, and not a moment sooner.
All right.
All right.
He's mad as hell.
Tell him about the confession.
The confession.
Oh, um, ahem, uh, just to
be on the safe side, ha, ha,
What a word or
two with a priest?
No last confession.
But you've got to
make a last confession!
Otherwise, the fat will
be in the fire for good.
That remark was in
extremely poor taste.
Well, I'm sorry.
But it was funny.
What would the priest ask me?
The Ten Commandments,
that sort of thing.
All right, I'll do it.
How do they go?
Thou shalt not kill.
I'm in wonderful
shape on that one.
When I think of
all of the times I
Wanted to kill you and didn't.
Oh, I ought to get an
extra credit on that one.
Yes, we'll both get
promoted on that one.
And what's another one?
Thou shalt not steal.
Oh, now, these priests
have got to understand
That wh-when a man
is in business...
Ha, ha.
Oh, oh.
Aren't we getting close to
the one about, uh, hm, hm, hm?
How are your on
that one, Panisse?
Honorine, would you
mind leaving the room?
Oh, just when we were
getting somewhere!
Now, don't make
light, huh, of this.
Fanny has always
been very fond of me.
But as for, uh, passion,
she never felt that for me.
And so, of course, I... I
respected her feelings.
And I have been very
undemanding, so to speak.
And so?
Ah, the devil... the
devil found in me
A good customer, if...
If you follow me.
He tempted you, you mean?
You might put it that way.
Excuse me, but, um, what
form did this temptation take?
The form of one of
my lady employees.
Which one?
A car!
He's back!
Ha, ha!
Cesario and Fanny and... ho!
Will you go to
bed, you old fool?
You want to kill yourself?
What's the matter with him?
Oh, I didn't know you were sick.
I wasn't really
going to run away.
Thank god, you're safe!
Oh, Papa, I went on
a lovely boat ride.
Do you know who's here?
Don't worry, Fanny.
I know.
It's Marius.
Papa, could we ask Marius
to stay for the party?
Oh, no!
I mean, your father's
not well enough.
There won't be any party.
Of course, Cesario
will have his party.
Fanny, please, invite
him for me, will you?
Please, Mama.
I like him, so much.
Now, you go around the bed
and help me go on the balcony.
But, Papa, you mustn't.
Please, please, help me.
All these years
not even a postcard
To ask about my health!
How do you know I didn't
ask about your health?
I had news through Pierre.
Oh, you know, the one
with the squinty eye.
Oh, Pierre.
Each time he would sail
a customer to Marseilles
He had a drink in your place.
He used to look at me so much,
we called him The Watcher.
When he'd come back at
night I used to ask him,
How many customers
did my father shout
At in a period of five minutes?
And we had answered
three or four,
Then I knew that all
was well with you.
Panisse knows you are here,
and he wants you to stay
Our son's... for Cesario's party.
Oh, no, I couldn't do that.
Oh, but he wants you to.
Listen, I... I don't
resent Panisse.
Just looking at the
boy makes me know
How much he's done for him.
Well, then, stay.
All right.
For a while.
But I don't want to
hear a word from anybody
About the sacrifice he made.
What are you trying to do?
Who are you trying to hurt!
Your father?
I haven't any time
left to hurt anybody,
You... I'm leaving
for America tomorrow.
I'm sick of living in exile,
on the outskirts of my life.
And no man can say that I'm
putting on Panisse's slippers
While they're still warm!
Now listen, you!
You're still...
No, no, Cesar.
Let him have his bitterness.
We took everything
else away from him.
Oh, Marius, when
I sent you to sea,
I thought I was being
noble and unselfish.
But the truth is, I thought you
would turn at the gang plank
And coming back to me.
But you didn't.
So then later,
Cesar, when we really
Should have sent for him, you
were angry, but I was too.
And I took my revenge.
That's what I did.
I revenged myself!
Mama, Papa wants to see
you and Cesar, quickly.
Would you like to
come and see the clown?
Oh, Panisse!
Panisse, what are
you doing out here?
Stop, Cesario!
One, two, jumpy, oh!
Ha, ha, ha.
One, two.
Ha, they look well together.
Ha, ha, ha.
Fanny, I want to
write a letter.
Will you take it down for me?
Yes, of course, but...
Dear Marius... go ahead, write.
This is a proposal of marriage.
Will you do me the
honor to marry my wife?
She will be free soon...
Oh, no, Panisse.
And I recommend
her very highly.
Oh, Panisse.
I cannot write this.
I can.
Go ahead, Panisse.
I will rest easier knowing
that she has someone
To care for her,
especially if it's
The one she has always loved.
I also feel that
my son should have
A father, even
though it's his own.
Ha, ha.
Ha, ha, ha, that's
good, he'll like that.
I hope you will
agree and not be
Stubborn like that old
rhinoceros, your father.
Why aren't you
putting that down?
I cannot spell rhinoceros!
All right.
All right.
Uh, leave it out.
But it, uh, it kills the
style of the whole letter.
Go on.
Hastily, yours.
Now, let me sign it, quick.
Will you promise to send it
the moment the time comes?
You mustn't speak this way.
I love you, Panisse.
About the boy,
Cesar, will you mind
If you grandson keeps
the name Panisse?
Of course not.
Thanks to you, there
will be others.
Well, welcome!
Welcome, welcome!
Welcome, welcome!
Ho, ho, Marius!